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Established In 1828.
There is n>ore Catarrh in thin noc t'on
of the country than all other diseases put
together, and until the Inst few years
w«8 supposed to bo incurable. For a gnat
11 any years doctorri pronounced it a local
disease and prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly failing to cure with
local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to he a coi>
stitutional di>e'nse aJul therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by 1\ J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo,. Ohio, is the only constitu
tional our© on the market. It is taken
internally in does fr in 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfneesiof the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any ease it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and testi
Address: F. J. CHENEY it CO., Toledo..
Hold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Tills for constipa
Sunbury, Pa., Oct. 10.—-Simon P.
Wolverton, Jr., and Miss Anna Cud
wallader were married at the home of
the bride at ihx.u today TJie Cad
wallader Wane wn*\'.beautifully deco
rated with autumn flowers, plants and
ferns and a select orchestra furnished
the music. The Rev. 0. ,G. Morton,
pastor of the First Presbyterian
Church, officiated.
Miss 15es»s Keller, of Sunbury, was
bridi suiaid, and Benjamin Cummiuge,
of Pottsville, served as groomsman.
The bridcgrguin is the only son of ex-
Congressman Wolverton, and the
bride is the daughter of General
George Cadwallader. One hundred
and fifty guests were present. The
pair will speud their honeymoon tour
ing the South and East. Both parties
are well known in this city.
Friday evening last a hack load of
young ladies and gentlemen, of Sun
bury, drove to this place and spent
the evening very pleasantly as the
guests of the editor and family. They
entertained us with choice vocal and
instrumental music and amused us
greatly with their games —not "pick
ing cherries," "spinning the bottle,"
and those good old-fashioned games
we used to indulge in, but new,
modern games that requires an exer
cising of one's wit aud is instructive
as well as funny. No, sir, Danville
docs not have all the best looking
'girls in this section, for we were al
ways accredited with having a good
eye for the fair opposites, and we
must say that this crowd, as a whole,
compared favorably with any we have
ever inspected. The young men were
a gentlemanly well-behaved crowd,
too, and in all and nil, we must say
that this was an interesting party, and
of which Sunbury can feel justly
proud of. Come again.
Where He Made Ilia Money.
Years n;;j a gentleiuau settled ill tlio
•outil of England ami became, very
popular In the neighborhood. The coun
ty families could never discover how
lie had made his money, but were sat
isfied by his solemn assurance that It
was not In trade. Nothing could ex
ceed the ordinary gravity of his de
meanor. which. Indeed, caused htin to
lie placed ou the commission of peace,
but now and then, without any appar
ent provocation, he would burst Into
•uch a laugh as no one ever heard be
fore except In one place.
Wliere they could have heard It puz
«led the for five and
twenty years, iJut at last he was be
frayed unconsciously by his own grand
child, who after a visit ton traveling
circus Innocently exclaimed, "Why,
grandpa laughs Just like the elownl"
—.lames Payn.
famous Prflierip
tiou permanently cure* I 'mi.tipMion, Bilious-
Don., Sick llcadacbe. Price 25 Cent..
Seen With the Unaided Eye.
AVhcn any one with normal eye
sight stands at right angles to a ray
of sun-light it is easy to see floating
dust particles which are not discover
able with the aid of the strongest mi
croscope. What is seen by the un
aided eye is not the particle of solid
matter, but the cone of light reflect
from it and occupying a much greater
"Keep Your Head Cool,"
your conscience clear and your bowels
open.'' There is a ton of connnon
eense in it. Constipation is death in
life. The intestines are clogged with
matter. You must move it or be
sick—fever possibly. Take I)r. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy until the
bowels are clear and natural. Write
Dr. David Kennedy's Sons, Rond
out, N. Y., for a free sample bottle.
Large bottles SI.OO, all druggists.
Calendars for 1907.
The Intelligencer office has received
a full and complete line of samples of
fine art ealeudittrs, and we are ready
to take your orders for 1907. Be
sure to call and learn our jjrices be
fore placing your order. Designs of
every description to select from.
Kemember, we lead and others fol
Trespass notices for sale at this
office. Two for sc, or 25c a dozen.
The mast attractive sale bills print
ed anywhere are those that come from
this office, and ti»e prices compare
with any of the other offices. At this
office we print everything but money.
MAN WANTKD ! somewhere near
Danville, to assiat us in showing and
selling properties. 'No experience neces
sary, if willing to let us teach you the
real estate business. .Salary SOO.OO a
month, to honest man, willing to devote
part of his time to this biiHiness. Co
operative Land Co.. Andrns lildg., Min
neapolis, Minn.
Miss Susan Leisenring, of North
umberland, Mrs. Chas. L. Leisenring,
of Sunbury, and Mr. Jos. R. Leisen
ring, of Mexico, wero recent visitors
at the Leisenring homestead. The
latter left this city fifty-one years ago,
and this was his first return visit.
When he left tlie&e parts there stood
a school building on the sight now oc
cupied by the Intelligencer office. Mr.
| Leisenring is a coffee merchant, and
' while his interests called him to the
state of Penn'a, he entertained ade
•ire to vis t tl:e scenes of his birth ai d
List of Popular Demandi Refused and
of Vicious Bills Pa9Bed.
A brief list ot some of the delin
quencies of omission and commission
in the last regular session of the stato
legislature should help to guide voters
in choosing their candidates for state
representatives and senators at tha
November election. That session wafc
absolutely controlled by the Republi
can leaders who have nominator the
Stuart state ticket, and re-nominated
more than 50 of the worst members
of the house at Harrisburg. The fol
lowing is part of what was done in
that session:
Bills Killed.
I—Employers'l—Employers' liability.
2 —Trolley freight.
3 Personal registration.
4—Primary election reform.
s—-General election law amendments.
6—Senatorial re-apportionment.
7 —Representative re-apportionment.
B—EightB—Eight hours for day's work.
10 —Creasy's State Grange tai re
11—Anti-school book trust.
12—Normal and industrial school for
colored youths.
13 —Herbst nrobe Into white slavery.
14—To qatch rich tax dodgers.
15. —Creasy's anti-railroad rebate res
16—Resolution to Investigate corpora
ate magnates paying off Quay's old
promissory notes in return for naming
United States senator.
17—Local option. The offeuse in this
case bears not upon the question of
merit in the bill, but upon the sneaking
way of killing It by strangling it in
the committee room.
Outrageous Bills Passed.
I —Trespass on private property. This
Is a law under which arbitrary em
ployers, corporations, etc., can nab,
fine and imprison employes who In time
of strike or other trouble leave their
own door step to get a breath of fresh
2—Constabulary bill, containing
some outrageous provisions against the
liberty guaranteed by the constitution.
3—Puhl bill, to protect the speak
fnsies vice dens, white slave dealers,
gambling hells, etc.
4—Ehrhardt (three of them) 'bills,
having precisely the same object as the
Puhl bills, but on different lines.
s—Quays—Quay monument.
6 —Philadelphia ripper, cause of the
state's political upheaval.
7 —Passenger railway franchise
"steals," supplemental to those of 1901.
B—Public8 —Public grounds and buildings
"grab," trebling the number of offices
and employes under the board which
has surreptitiously abstracted $9,000,000
for "furnishings" for the new capltol.
Even in the late extra session tha
"reform" bills were largely perverted
so that they must be amended by an
honest legislature. One of the extra
session laws, the state treasury meas
ure, is so framed as to tie State Treas
urer Berry's hands in important par
Let the miners and laboring people
generally consider the sufferings im
posed upon them by the "gang" legis
lature through only one of their many |
vicious measures—the trespass bill —
which became a law. In fact, only
the vice-den bills and the public
grounds and buildings '.'grab," out of
• the list specified, failed to get on the
statute books. The "trespass" law,
under a penalty which can reach $lO
tine and ten days In Jail, with costs
of prosecution, provides:
"That from and after the passage ot
this act it shall bo unlawful for tiny
person willfully to enter upon any land
within the limits of this commonwealth
where the owner or owners of said laud j
has caused to be prominently posted
upon said land printed notices that the
said land is private property and warn
ing all persons from trespassing there
on under the penalties provided in this
This is the trap laid by monopolies
and corporations, particularly the coal
operators, to practically paralyze the
employes who may clash with the em
ployers over the pay system or other
differences. Such an employe may
only intend to step out for a little
quiet smoke, or to sun himself, sitting
on a log, and neither harming nor
Intending to harm anybody. Tut the
property owner, revengefully desirous
of punishing strikers or trouble-mak
ers, can clap that poor fellow into Jail
and fine him to boot.
Will the people who want to see
great, good things come out of the
approaching legislative session, vote
for the candidates for the same old
bosses who stand Indicted in the fore
going list of outrages perpetrated by
them against the commonwealth?
Am m Country Paraon and a« a Pcaet* .
niaklnic MagUtrnte.
For twenty,,years Sydney Smith re- j
mained In Yorkshire, and, though his
Ideas of clerical duty were not those
of today, yet it will not be denied that
he was a vigorous country parson, en
tering into the pursuits and the dally
life of his humble neighbors and doing
lifs utmost to Improve their lot- Ills
descriptions of his life and surround
ings at Foston are among the most de
lightful of his humorous writings. Ev
ery one hns heard of Annie Kay, tha
little country girl, "made like a mile
stone," who, christened Bunch, "bo
came the best butler In the county;"
of tbe rawboned riding horse Calamity,
which "flung me over his head into a
neighboring parish as if I had been a
shuttlecock, and I feel grateful that It
was not Into a neighboring planet;" of
the ancient green chariot uamed the
Immortal, "at which the village boys
cheered and the village dogs barked;"
of his four draft oxen—Tug and Lug,
Haul and Crawl—of which "Tug and
I.ug took to fainting and required
buckets of sal volatile and Haul and,
Crawl to He down In the mud." As a
magistrate Sydney Smith became fa
mous for making up local quarrels and
for dealing gently with poachers. Tha
game laws, like a good Whig, he could
not üblde, and It stirred Ills honest
wrath to reflect that "for every ten
pheasants which fluttered In the wood
one English peasant was rotting In
Jail." Like Charles Kingsley at Evers
ley in after years, he refrained from
shooting, 'ilf you shoot," he said, "the
squire and the poacher will both con
sider you as their natural enemies, and
I thought It more clerical to be at peace
with both."—Rev. Canon Vaughan In
Lonsmau's w ~
▲ Ctrluai Name Combination.
"What Is In a name?" has been a
question sufficiently unanswered to still
remain a subject for discussion, but
what is in two names should hove o
double interest. If you don't think so,
take two names as well known us any
tn American history and look at them.
They are the names of Lincoln anc
Hamlin. Of course there Is nothing
peculiar about them as they stand, but
•et them differently and observe the
result. For an instance, place them
this wise:
Read tip and down and then serosa.
There is something in that. Isn't there?
Now. again;
Can you (lnd two other names of two
I other men whose official Uvea and
Munaa combine aa thane dot
The Genuine
Spoons, Forks, Knives, etc. W
] have all the qualities in design, work- sjf
F$ manship and finish of the best ster- ||
j ling silver, at one-fourth to one-eighth ]
the cost. I
Much of the sterling now on the j
JRgjjvNj. market is entirely too thin and light t a
for practical use. and is far in- Jyf
ferior in every way to "Silver
U Ask your dealer for " 1847 ROGERS rfr A
BROS." Avoid substitutes. Our full 112 A I
| trade-mark is " 1847 ROGERS BROS." t 1,/) |V V\ I
look for it. Sold by leading dealers \l\ll /J /
I everywhere. Before baying write far \ J
Mr. and Mrs. 1). K. Wald, of „ M ," Ge "- WaU m , Bnd so "' of
. if .to »ily, cave us a pleasant call on
iJulmaliu, arrived last evening on the g a turd»v
5:50 Penn'a train, to visit at I). A. ' Q llite flurry of snow swept over
Lutz e and take in the Bloom fair. this city yesterday morning.
Stylish Winter Coats
For Ladies, Misses and
A suprisingly big Coat stock is the sight that greets every visitor, a
variety that can not but please the most exacfing. Every garment allows
a carefulness in the tailoring that makes it possible to lit all forms to a per
fect neatness.
Styles.all point to long Coats with loose or Hemi-titting backs and a mark
ed neatness in the trimmings, composed largely of strappings checks and
Plaids are uppermost though there's plenty of plain colors too.
Ladies' Coats from 5.5<>, 10.00. 12.00, 13.00, 15.00, Iti 90, 18.00, 20.00
to 25.00.
You Ladies' floats—they are sure to please every, miss f»«r styles
and fabrics are very similar to those for ladies sizes fnmrO up to 10 years
to those for ladies' sizes from 5 50 up to 12.00.
Children's Coat- - —liesides the wool fabrics there's a showy line of
Crushed Plush, Astrakan, ami Hear.Skin, prices range from 2.50 up to 8.50,
Red ford Cord Coats for little ones from 1.25 to 5. Oil.
LADIES'COAT SPECIAL. Um "Wooltex" Coat at 13.00, fine
blac'c Kersey Clotii, 48' inches long, black velvet cuffs and collars, each
trimmed with silk braid ami'satin lining to shoulders.
Another Special Lot Underskirts.
For Saturday and Monday, Oct.. 13 and 15, we will have two more lots to
11.00 Heatherbone Skirt, 1.2-1, exerv rescuib auce-of silL colors in brown*, light
blue and purple.
1.50 Black Mercerized Skirts, OSc, made of splendid quality and latest style.
Music Department Re-Opened.
Saturday, Oct. 13. lie. man V. Yeager w ill re -open the department of Music.
Come in during afternoon and evening and hear the latent piece* played.
Stylish Silks for Dresses;
A wider range of choice has never been opened in the store's history and i
with prices so linent tliar silk dress comes within the means of almost every lady. j
Fashion in Silks demands those of creamy ap;ieaiance and of such in:
Peau tie (Tvgne. at 50c., is a special b.f gain we offer in a full line of colors,
cardinal, Alice green, tan, white and black, a better quality in either white
or black at 75c.
Peau de Opera at 1.10 is very sinii'ar in weave to Peau de cygne but of very
much filter grade we have it in all colors.
Poplinette at 1.00 is a favorite in tho line of silk cloth like fabrics slightly
corded with a soft finish and clinging effe t and be.-ides will never break, all colors.
Taffetas are all the year round favor, it's in both black and colors, fully guar
anteed and 30 inches wide, others in ?.aine width but somewhat finer at 1.10, 1.25
and 1.50, every one guaranteed.
Silks and Satins for Linings.
Linings wanted for jackets, coats, capes, etc., either for old garment or new,
our new stock is a full supply in both silk or satiu.
Widths and qualities vary, the price from 10 inch at 39c and 50c to 30 inch at
75c and 1 .IK).
36 inch Satin make a very desireable lining comes in black, white, grey or
tan at 1.00 and 1.50 yard.
Herring bone Satins are quite new and attractive, price 1.00 yard. t .
November Delineator:—Winter Styles. -
This number portrays the styles that will reign during the winter, beautiful
colored plates. Extra literary feature 4, 15c copy, 1.00 year. Butterick Patterns
are always sure, good, safe, new ones at 10 and 15c more higher.
Novelties In Jewelry.
Prices not so high like in a jewelry store because we do not mark an exorbit
ant profit on the goods. In reliability we sell just as good a quality for we buy
from just as reliable manufacturer, frequently from same houses.
Beaded Collars and Necklaces are meeting with ready sale in the variety of
patterns and designs of pearl and turqoius at 30, 50, 75c, LOO, 1.50 and 1.75.
Gold Bead Chains, fee the children, there are various sizes and patterns at
25,50 c, 100 aud 1.25.
(iold Bracelets, sixes for children, neat and delicate workmanship new style
at 75c.
Ladies' Braclets„so, 75c and 1.00 and 1.25.
•• Extra Clasps for necklaces, sometimes they get loose or broken then cotne
and get a separate clasp for 10c.
Gold Seal Kings, children's sizes at 50c, just as good as those jewelry stores
charges 1.00 for only theirs are engraved—but the engraving only costs a few cents
Plaid and Cherk Ginghams.
With such an enormous call everywhere for plaids and checks makes it ex
tremely difficult to keep a supply on hand. We have just received a very satisfac
tory assortment of those fine Dress Ginghams to sell at yard. Small checks at
12i, 19 and 25c.
50c Wool Flannels, 39c.
Like finding money—a mill offering a part of an over production makes a
wonderful offering. They are especially adapted for making warm underskirts.
Heavy Lumt)ermau'H flannel is tbe name commonly known, 20 inches wide and
come in stripes and checks. Have usually been 50c but this purchase brings them
to ypu at 30c yard.
Rich Choosing in Carpets.
A Fall stock that is superb in its completeess—the colors and shades to tone
up parlor, sitting, ordinary room or cheer up library, hall or l>ed room. Qualities
are same high standard that we alwavs have and prices are very little different—
though by Spring a much higher retail price will rule.
Tapestries at 75, 85, 00c and 1.00 with or without border.
Axminister and Velvets, soft and fine, 1.25 yard.
Body Brussels, special room patterns, at 1.35 and 1.50.
Extra Special 1.25 Velvets, 08c, 2 patterns with borders, choice designs but
patterns we are closing ont.
ltug Carpets from 30 t> 75c. Ingrain Carpets from 30 up to 1.00 yard.
KOgs— our fall shipment are in every size up to those 0 by 12 feet.
Kid Gloves at 50c Pair.
About 25 pairs that have liecome somewhat soiled in lisndlinj, nothing
more—the same qualities that we sell every day at 1.00, 1.50 and 1.75 pair. Sizes
5f to 7| in black and color, while they last at 50c pair.
Bargains in Men's Umbrellas.
A stock adjustment—find too many of certain stvles on hand, to reduce the
stock make these prices for this week, manv kinds of handles to pick from.
5.00 qualities for 3.00. 3.00 qnalities for 2.00. 2.00 qualities for 1.50.
, Grocery Specials Saturday and Monday, Oct. 13 and 15
50 I Its Good Holler Floor, 8!) c, or 2.) lbs. for 45c.
•SO lb*. Sehreyer'e (Jilt Kdije Flour, 9.">e, or 25 Ihs. for 49c.
Absolutely Pure Syrup. 35c gallon, 10c qt. (Bring Bucket).
15c cam covered Beef, half price, 2 for 15c.
CJood Loose Koasted Coffee, 2 lbs., 25c; Lion Coffee, 14}o Arbuckles lojc lb.
Extra quality Sweet Potatoes. l!)c peck, or for full large bar iris 1.00.
.(ello Ice ('ream Powder, all flavors, 10c.
New Corn Meal, New Buckwheat Flour, 10 I to. Buck >ta White Fish, verv
good, 45c bucket.
Schreyer Store 00.
i Fronl Si. -• MILTON, PA. - Elm St
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing In thli
- country most dangerous because so decep
\j| I II IjjjCfXft tivc - Many sudder
r7j|« deaths are caused by
it heart disease,
pneumonia, heart
or a P°P le *y
j k\tv • \ r~ are °^ en i^c resu^
VN \ \<j! kidney disease. If
/dfc-Tr (j IJ & kidney trouble is al
il \ k-J lowed to advance the
,«=-Ii |>Jl kiduey-poisoned
blood will attack the
. vital organs or the
kidneys themselves 6reak down and w«ste
away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles most always result from
a derangemer*. of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you arc feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing It, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all "druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized b'ottlcs. You may
have a sample bottle of gjjfliniHprtsSClu'ieab
,thi» wonderful new
covery and-a book that
tells all about it, both Home of Swam|>-Root.
sfent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmor & Co.
•Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't miik" any mistake, but remember the
n?i;ne Hwamp-Rnot, l»r. I Miner's Swnnip
K«M»U and the address, Binghamton, N. Y., on
every bottle.
Exchanqe Plck-Ups.
MR. EDITOR: II be .in* to look
like Autumn, although the fro-ts it e
staying off good, which is in favor < 112
the funnel's, who have their corn to
cut yet.
Our cilv linn a different appearance
sinee'tlie old shed on the corner lias
been' reijioved and the fine brick bank
hiY!(4[4g stands alone and in good
view, ijiuking the place have a pic
turesque appearance.
The jijeW hand, organized a few
weeks.;iig((, is doing well under the
good biMructions directed bv Prof.
Rishgl,'if Turbotville. Every person
is n lijVer of music and should help
along a good cause.
Frank Ellis, of Schuyler, has
broken ground here for a new house.
Wjii. Feiliour, of Ottowa, spent
Sunday with his cousin, Isaac Acor.
Mr. Montague and partner, Mr.
Koss, of Danville, installed tlie offic
ers of" I.(). of (). F. lodge last Satur
day evening.
Cider making is one of the most
importiiut'industries of the present
time iii'our city.
Stephen Meuges and wife culled 011
friends lieru Monday.
>(jsa-Mary Dildine, who has been
vistking in New York State, having
relumed, called on her brother at this
plaoe 'Mont lay.
;.M I'. (iMiim t, of Wiisliingtoii
villc|„-..jtr!M»Btt(Jted business in town
Tuesday. 1
I hi tfWtWtf Dr. Oiilnmn'ii Prouriptiuuli
: a guaranteed eure for Dyspepsia, Indigestion
and all Stomach trouble. Price 00 Cents.
White Hal!
Mr. and Mrs- Weldon Hitter and j
children, of Hughesville,. spent Sun
day with Mrs. Hitter's parents.
Misses Florence and Mary Dildine,
who were visiting friends in Geneva,
N. Y.,.have returned home.
The hunters report squirrels scarce i
tlnYseason, but plenty of rabbits.
Dj A t 0« is building a new wagon
shed. , ji
Mri. Di Wald is home again
•after a with her parents near
Pittsburjjj » ;
Mr. and-Mrs. Chas. Cox and Mr.
and Mrs. liutz, of Bloonisburg were
busiucpd* visitors in our burg last
week. ; .
Cider and apple butter making is
all the go now.
Win. Derr's corn cutting on Satur
day evening was a success.
Miss Gella Welliver, of Jersey town,
is teaching our school a few weeks for
our regular teacher, Mont Dorr, who
is working on tl.o Exchange bank
Quite a number of our people in
tend going to the Bloom fair.
-—-Mr. and Mrs. J. B. DeWald spent
Saturday and Sunday visi ing near
Mil rt'cy.
Dan aud Ramond Smith, of Ilngli
esviite, were'iu town Sunday.
~-An J. Crawford, of Minersville,
spent.: the last week in this vicinity
Bun ih. /> tha Kind You Hate Always Bought
Pottsgrove Items.
The farmers are busy gathering
their winter apples and husking corn.
There is very little com husked in
the country and all indications are
that there will be a good many cold
fingers before they all get their corn
J. Wv 'Adams, of Catawissa, trans
acted business in this place on Tues
day. . >
1 Edward Jleinbauch, of Williams
port, is vlsitlftg fiiends in this place.
Mrs. Edward Wolf, is quite sick at
her hone. :•
I'. J. Roberts, of Montandon,
transacted business in town on Mon
J. H, Bobbins lost a valuable horse
on Sunday.
Aaron Haunty is making improve
ments to his property by putting a
new piece to his house.
A number of people of this place
attended the Milton Fair last week,
John Kerr, of Sunbury, spent sev
eral days in town last week.
Here Is Relief for Women.
If you imve puiim hi the buck, Urinary
IllmltW.or Kidney trouble, and want acer
"tain, peasant herb eure for woman's Ills, try
Mother Groy'H Ai;*TK ALIAS- ' k\k. It Is a
, Halo a#id,nevci-fallinff monthly regulator. At
JDfugglSts or |-by mall .KV*. Sample pic kage
. FREE. Add ess, The Mother Gray Co., Le-
Creajy's Anti-Rebate Resoluticn Op
posed By Republicans
Now on Ticket.
Lewis Emery, Jr., recently referred
to the repudiation of President Roose
velt's Interstate commerce policy by
the present state house of represen
tatlies, which McNl.ihol, Durham and
Penfoss absolutely controlled in the
regular sent-:ion of 1905. At the very
moment when the president was a
guest within this state. Representative
William T. Creasy, now fusion nom
inee for auditor general, presented the
following resolution on the evening of
January 30:
Whereas, President Roosevelt has
announced his purpose to procure leg
islation by congress which will effec
tually stop the discrimination of freight
rates and the payment of rebates by
carrying corporations engaged in inter
state commerce; and,
Whereas. The enlargement of the
powers of the interstate commerce com
mission to the end that the travelling
public and shippers may have piompt
and adequate relief from those abuses
to which they are subject in the matter
of transportation is ossentio' to the ful
filment of this nurpose; therefore,
Resolved, by the house c: representa
tives of the general assembly of Penn
sylvania. That our senators in congress
bo Instructed, and our representatives
requested, to vote for such measure as
will give the interstate commerce com
mission larger nowers, to the end that
shippers may have prompt and ade
quate relief, and that rebates be pro
At first the house, seeing nothing but
justice as well as common sense in the
resolution, together with a deserved
tribute to Roosevelt, passed it unani
mously.' But presently the gangster*
learned that the Democratic chuckling
was over the fact that the wish of god
speed to Roosevelt was connected with
a clever abstract from the Democratic
When the gangsters recovered their
breath they prompted Shern, of Phila
delphia, to move for reconsideration of
the vote by which the resolution had
passed. He did so half an hour after
Creasy'B success. Huhn, of Philadel
phia. seconded Shern. Creasy, after
giving fair warning that the Republi
cans would slap their president in the
face if they adopted Shern's motion,
caused the resolution to be read again.
Then "Farmer" Creasy pleaded:
Mr. Speaker, this resolution is In
the plain line of what the president
is trying to get through congress.
It is exactly what was published in
the newspapers of both political
parties during the last campaign,
and I think It is in line with what
every industry,except possibly a few
in Pennsylvania, want, and I can
not see why the vote should be re
considered when it is as plain as
this is. All the industries in this
state passed resolutions for several
years back asking for exactly what
this resolution and what the pres
ident of the United States today is
trying to get through congress, and
it seems to me that with the great
powers that are against the presi
dent (and this hou3e knows that),
we should give all the encourage
ment possible to the president, and
I nsk for the yeas nays.
But Shern frantically resumed:
Mr. Speaker, my reason for mak
ing a motion to reconsider is sim
ply because the members of this
house at the time did not have suf
ficient opportunity to consider the
resolution, and. furthermore. ! be
lieve that this house feels that the
president is fully able to cope with
the matter and that the members
in congress from Pennsylvania
should be uninstructed in a matter
of this kind because they know
what pertains to the manufacturing
industries of Pennsylvania better
than we do, in the form of the reso
lution offered by the Democratic
member from Columbia.
McNichol and colleagues In the mean
time had hurried into the house from
the senate upon an alarm call and the
vote to compliment Roosevelt was re
scinded through adoption of the Shern
motion by a vote, as announced by
| Speaker Walton and Clerk Garvin, of
| 100 to 31. Then a final vote on Creasy'*
resolution squarely defeated It by a
vote of 118 to 23.
Many of the Republican representa
tives who thus finally voted to repu
diate the president whom the Penrose
state platform professes to compli
ment. are now on the machine tickets
for re-election to the house that will
convene next January. Here are the
renominated members who put them
selves on record in favor of continuing
the discrimination of freight rates and
the payment of rebates, when they
slapped Roosevelt's face by voting to
kill Mr. Creasy's resolution:
Josiah M. Landis, John E. Rex. George
A. Wehja and Charles A. Ambler, of
Montgomery county; Edward E. Beldle
man and Frank B. Wickersham, Dau
phin; James Braun, Warren; Frank
Craven. Washington; Frank D. Coun
cilman Potter; A. D. Dunsmore and
A. D. Hitchcock, Tioga; Fred C. Ehr
hardt. Lackawanna; James W.Endsley,
Somerset; Roland Flack, Bucks; Jamea
L. Marsteller and Calvin S. Haines,
Lehigh; Frank B. McClain and John
G. Homsher, Lancaster; Josiah How
ard, Cameron; Edmund James, Cam
bria; Griffin E. Jones and George H.
Ross, Luzerne; Edgar R. Kress, Ly
coming; L. O. McLane, Crawford; Ga
briel H. Mover, Lebanon; S. Taylor
North. Jefferson; Charles A. Snyder
and lohn W. Woodward. Schuylkill;
William L. Wood. Fayette; John W.
Carson, Beaver; William H. Irwin,
Blair; and the following Phlladelphlans
whom the McNichol-Martln-Penrose
conventions have put upon the present
ticket*: Joseph Call. James Clarency,
Edwin H. Fahey, William H. Funston,
John R. Huhn, James A. Kennedy,
Frank G. Mumma, John H. Riebel,
Samuel Rlpp, John O. Sheatz and Rob
ert H. Smith.
Neither those candidates" for re-elec
tion to the house at Harrisburg, nor
their sponsors on the stump, can con
sistently appeal to the voters to sus
tain Roosevelt; nor can they claim to
be HA valiant as Lewis Emery, Jr., in
fighting to bring law-defying corpora
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