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Butler, Pa. Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1866
All correspondence on business con
nected with this office, should be addres
sed to tho ''CITIZEN, Butler Pu "
All communications on matters of gen
eral or local subjects should be addressed
*s ahote. Tliey .thuuld also be accom
panied by the name ot' the author, and if
in the judgement of the Editor they are
of sufficient interest to the public, are
chaste and legibly written, they will be
published, if not, on request they w'li be
Remittances either for subscription,
advertising or job printing can be made
by mail «t our risk.
All business connected with the office
will receive prompt attention by Mr. 11
I). Ri'ey. wh» will receipt in my name
for ail moneys received kc. All kinds
of Job Printing—«urds, vendue bills ic.
promptly and neatly executed.
Committkb Mkktiko. —Thememberi
•of the Republican county committee, are
requested to meet in the Arbitration
room in Butler, on Morei-iv tho 29th inst
at 1 o'clock p. in., for the purpose of'fix
ingthe time tor tho holding of a county
convention, to choose delegates to repre
vent this county in the t'onveiitiou.
0. E. An m.RsciN,
*«&_ The Union State Convention to
putin nomination a candidate for Gover
nor is called to meet on the 7th of
Iftjy* As the Governor litis returned j
home, we suppose l/egislation will now yo I
on in carnct-t As yet, little of general im
portance has been done.
ttj*"- Maiitkh'S Monthly for February
is received ; ns usual it is very interest
ing. Send 84,00 to Warper & Bro's,
Franklin Square, New York, and you
will receive it for 186(5.
Military r.Maliltslniicnt.
France lias 404,192 men at a cost of
sßo,ooo,'ioo annually. Russia, 1,000,000
men at a cost of 8100,000,000; England
150,000 men at a <• st of $75,000,000.
Ha>~Mrs. Grinder expinted her crime
on the gallows in Pittsburgh, on Friday
last. She confessed her guilt in the cas ;
of Mrs. Cruthers, and also in the case ot
Miss Buchanan.
Ifcfc-'BivAiiLKK Monthly for February is
received. It is a highly interesting mag
azine, always full of the best lite-ature.
Every person should have one. Those
wishing to procure this magazine for
1866—will address Bkadi.k & Co., 118
William st. New Ymk. with 83,00.
(tor Rumors are quite prevalent to the
effect that arrangements are being made
to reßcuc Jeff. Davis. In consequence
of this the Government has promptly i
discharged all the employees about For
tress Monroe whose loyalty is suspected
and particularly persons from the South.
Wi?" The engineer corps of which we
spoke last week have reached this place
•nd are stopping at Mr Zimmerman's
Hotel. A'c have nut been in conversa
tion wi>h them but suppose they will
examine the oM route from this place to
Free, pot t.
Ml* Wo woul i refer our readers to
the new advertisement in to-days paper j
of Gilmore Liebler & o<>., harness aud |
saddle makers, No. lJtt, Wood st., Pitts- !
burgh. I'er-ons froui Butler county J
wishing to purchase utiyth nin til ir n«
would do We;! T.i si| '.n iheiu.
toy I'ltrrwii'n Nat;i i,a Ilia.: -I
szine tor Frbiuary - mi oui tabl< —i .h
one ot the etioaix. s ,:< i ' in • :• n-s
in the ciiautry. t eont#in« lie latest |
fashions, heautiiu. engraving-. ..ti i üboieft i
literature, Send your address wall 82
to Charlss J. Peterson .8 6. Chestnut st . i
Philadelphia. I'a . and in return you will |
receive tin' ttia:: i..r one vimi 1
DK he Set.ale t nin'.lttee have re
ported in fat.>r of irtviag the seat of j
the Ninct en It i);- riet to Mr Met' n
aughey. Mr, [-nnean wis tlierelore oust
cil, on ihegr unds that he was elected
bythe v«tee ot 'it-eners It isun lerstisul
this decision of ihe Senate w s reached 1
under the adviue of the Attorney Gcnei I
The foil owing named persons wercolec
ted Directors >1 the Butler County Mu- '
tual Fiie Insurance Go., for the en-tuing
year: S. G. Purvis, W. Campbell, E. j
M'Junkiu, \V S. Boyd, John Berg, I. J
Cumuiings, H. C. Heiiumau, A.I). Wier, j
fiam'l Marshall, W- J. Campbell, Abr'm
Moyer, E. K'"it»hurry.
H. C. H KINK MAN, Suc'j.
.Connnqurnruiny \aUru R. R. Cnmp<iny\
'I he subsisribers to tho Capital Stock
of the Cennoqueuest-ing Valley Railroad
Company are hereby notified that a meet- j
ingfor the purp.we of electing olfieers aud
organizing the Company according to ,
law, will be held at the ' Bastian House," |
in Zelieuople, Butler co . Pa., on Thurs
day, the Ist of February, A. D., 1866, at
11 o'clock, A. M-
Coif MISSION KHB.—A. Zi«tjler, J. G
Campbell, E. McJutikin, Thomas Rob
inson, J. G. Muutz, John N Purviancu,
Johu Levis, VVui. Irviq. A |jus)t. R. C.
Al' Aboy.
The M«son Hamlin ( abln* ( Org*Nl>
112 »rty difl«*r«m styhw. a<Liptel in wed and sNnUnr mu
sic, t>x%i FWiMfaXK HOI 4» or SIL
VER MKPALS, or orher first premium* awarded them.
1 lluetrated CaleWgnga free. A Airs**, blkA'iS A HAM
F«T. It, »— lt .
"Great oak*from little acorn»'/row.'
The worst disease known to the hu
man race spring from causes so small
as to a'most defy detection. The
volums of scientific lore that fill the
tables and shelves of the medical fra
ternity only goto prove and elabo
rate these facts.
Then gutird yourselves while you
may. The smallest pimple on the
skin is a tell-tale and indicator of
! disease. It may fade and die away
from the surface of the body," hut it
will re«ch the vitals, perhaps at last,
and death be the result and final
close. Maggikl's Billious, Dvspep
tic and Diarkhea Pills cure where j
| all others fail. While for Burns, '■
Soalils, Chilblains, Cuts, and all abra
| sions of the skin, Mauuiel's Salve j
jis infallible. Sold by J. Maogiel. |
! 34 Fulton street, New York, and all j
| Druggists, at 25 cent per bo*.
M a R it i EP.
On tin- 17th in*t., by Rev. Jas. 1 I :k«*y, Mr. Johu R M -
Jtinli*t) to Mini Amann-i Clark the fnmrof i utler co.
ami the liit.*rof V'eiuuifo Cwwford co.
a i„ \ O I H I N.
of theClTizrx. />ur Sir: With your por ]
' million 1 wl»h !•» «\y t-. the reud.-rs »112 yonr pnp«r, that ,
11 will I»y rftnrn mail, to al 1 who ,«i-h it. itree! * j
I Kpcij "*, with full 'Urecti .ti'f r ni »kniK «n«l u-fn« a«im ■
• pie Wtretablo tialm. th it will «f!Vtutlly leniovo. in ten j
day*. I'imp leu. 111 tche*. T»n, ami all Impurl
' tieei'f tli« fkiu, mavint; thf same soft, clear, nmo«Jt!i ami
I beNtitifnl.
| I will also mail free to thnw h vinp RaM 7/ea»ls. «»r
W'h'niter.-«, or .ton-<tache. m letn than thirty 'lays |
All %ppl mm im-wrred by return mail without
charge. I epectfully yours.
THv'S. F t'/ZAi'MAA*, Chemist,
M«»v . —."m. Rrondway, Niw York
rpiil'l nil i-reinned wi-lie< to inform t public tliat
1 nlie «-< hr nue!it •»! the celebrated " WHKKLKK A j
WILS »\. hew.nfc inn. hint-. f..i this county, and in tmw I
prepared 1 fu»ni*hthin celel>-ato«l machine, with nil j
itn in-rtler itiiiirovenieriix. to al' de*irinj? t<> puicha-<ea .
tlrft clan >• machine. Bhe ha.-» constantly on bands ma- I
chine oil nee.rb-s. thieail'iler«. Ae. Aii'iagent f»r |)r. I
Martin * Mr*. M imrroved mode in zur cutting ;
dret« -<«, Mu«.ks, Ac. fclie solicit- the patron u'«* of tlie
public. Mm. Dr. T.J. LOW MA*, j
It utler Dee 2rt. 1^65.
49"T0 C'oNst'vnvßs.—The undersigned having been
restored to health in a few week-* by n very tdmp'e reme- j
dv, after having auffei-ed aeveral yeaia, with a aeve»e j
lung :»ff»H*tion. and that drea«l disease. *'• nrfumption—is i
anxi 'UH to make kuowit t<» hiHfi-ilow aubererH the means :
To all who desire It, he will nend a copy of the pres
cription use.l, , free oft 'ii it ge . with the direct! in for
preparing and Hame, which thoy will find twure
cure for' O.SM'MM'VS, AtTIIMA. I.K. n'i HiltM, (dr IIH,
Colds, etc Ttieonly object >■! the advertiser in sending
the prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and spread in
fnrmatlon which he conceive** to bo invaluable, mid he
hopes every eutTerer will try hU remedy, as it c »st them
nothing, and may prove a Messing.
Parties wishing the pre* ; iption. will please address
R .v. t DNV A ! I) A. \\ ILBON,
W i lUumsburg, Kings fount y,
JVbv, 29, »oft—lm .v ew Y<>rk .
X liW Ait t I. H I INKMK.Vr.' .
(lAMF. to the tipidence if the mb«criber living in !
j HnfTvlo tp., llutler connty, i'a..on or almnt the 16th •
of .Tauuary, one bay Horse three years old next
aprlug; oito white foot The owner in requested to
coim forward, prove property, pay chargera-id take him
away, otheiwfoo he willffcp sp 'sed of acconlingto law,
.lan 24. '«A—Stt) OKOKOK TRL'IIY.
Fublie Male «»f (teal I.ktale.
fIIHK undersigned will offer at ptiblie sale in /farmo
1, ny, llutler county, I'a.,on
Tuesday, February 20th, 1866,
at 10o'clock, a rn., of said day the fdl iwing propejty.
all of which is nitnated in Jackson township. Butler co.,
and near the town of Harmony.
more or Irs-, t*-,, hundred of wl-.ich are cleared, in a
go si state of cultivation The balance fs goiid timber
Besides this tlie improvementscousintfl of a two story
S/'ttif //mi!-' ([• « large Jinvlc Ham.
70 l»y 60 feet: 160 bearing apple and 2. r i peach trees, all
of Mdecied quality Thiafatm U of tin best quality,
and well adapted to gtain and stock raiding; it is also ;
well watered, there being a fine spring in the cell\r I j
the house. A Kailroatl has been lately surveys*! through ,
the land.
No. », contains 32 ACHES OF OtX'D LAND, eigh
teen - 112 which arc cleared and cultivated: it has a young ;
orchard of 100 appJe trees of good fruit, tw«» aptings of
good water, and is within one luilu of the village of <
Zelir nople.
N..;v illllKK FOURTHS OF AN At UK. on iheZel
lenopie and f'erryvtlle I'hink Koad, cleared, fenced and
near Zciienople gate
I, Is a lime t lot containing TWO aCKKS, j
on H'aakueck, und tia- b*.ds of the best quality of j
These several piece-of land are all undo; goal fence |
except iu| iY" 4 which is n»t en<doae«l. They wiil be
s >ld altogether or in partsa.s*purch.wei s may desh»—
This property was owned by Andrew II /dugier, late
dec'il, and i*« n w ofTeted for salt* by hi« heirs.
The title is indisputable ami will h»* given frae from ■
incniubtancea, arrangetnenta have be. n made by which ;
the widow will rel-a/o all claims to tlie property,
The terms ace easy and w.u lie ni nl.* kn->wn >n day
of »ab« Furtiier putuMil» scan be hid by a<idres«ing j
any • 112 the aubncrioers at Ze temple, or our Attorney, t
J. M. Th )mpn *n.ai llutler.
John Xiegier. Samuel Wise. Henry Royer, John .
Peffer, Jacob V. Ziegier, Jac .b k. \\ ise
Jan 24, ts—3l.
Valuable Real tor |
\B UT twenty acre* of prime meal w hn l adj-in
ing the B<»ro ..f Butler will l»e divided Hit • loi«
I live '<i rm i' m-re to suit pa> ch t-ers. Price one hitn
d*ed d o• r • pet acre. A I. 'O one lot in the tmro. of ».ut- ,
ler,i«djoli)ing the Martin Tannery, pi ice S4OO
Inquire of
Jauuarv 21. -".t. Butler I'a.
rjl!lundersigned pr"p"et..,> of • RURAL HILT. NUR
1 Si RV" WMMes t . inform the pnldi'- that they hafr
now on hands at the : rlinrscy. hrated about two and ;
one hair miles nth west of the l» r« u-!i 112 Bt.tler, the
lie-t and large-1 vari. Tv off. nil C. ees ever offered t - the
public i this c flinty.
Theii f.n t trees consist of the
Thee»t nrr» nnquestiouablv the largest as they are alio
the be-t eve- offered in to's se« ton 'I heir va
riety of .-lliir^llt.oY iaalso large. Tiny would tbeie
fore a- licit a liberal patronage th* coming spring Now
ia tlie tine to aeleet thegr >und and make v ur orders
which v II be promptly lillcd. The trees can be hat! at
the nursery or delivered where onlered t«» suit purchti
s«rs. livery farm should havA g<i;id orchard.
January 17,1^06,
ax i:u M.iaiuD« i Hi: • oit
fllii those who think and reflect. Now my brother, sis
ter or ftiend,ne the case may be.all tnar I a«k of you
is, that with a elear mind, ami a pure heart—a |»>ve for
truth, aud a williugnesß to accept it. you read the fol
lowing :
1 am curing quite a number of eves of Rheumatism
every year, ami now I intend to make it kn »a u geueral
ly through the medium of newspapers. 1 have con
fined my medicine principally to my own neifchborlnxai .
for a considerable length of time, in order *o tes: its j
merits thoroughly, and now I can ofler it to the public .
Willi a certainty of it* success, knowing that a trial will
recommend it. Ido n*»t recommend it t • cure auytim g
but KHM*>IATI£M —for which 1 linve tasted its merits
thoroughly, with satixfactiotn to myself and others I
can s«mi my compound by mail to any address: homo
recommendations, as to who lam 1 refer the public to i
8. Lowell aud P. Knouse of Uicbiand tp., Yeiuutgn ro ,
Pa.,C. C. Sloan, S Kims, and B. F. Camp, of htulentoi} ;
Mr.-. Breneinau, I larion ; Mrs. M. Louchner Saleiu: aud
Mrs. M'Oinnls, llichlatid tp., Clarion co., Pa., and'a boat .
of others who have been cuted by my vjigfjubie com- j
pound, A«ld. ees. with two 3 cent stamps, (
tt,f. BLAIK,
Venango co.,
Orpbau's Court Sale. j
BY VIRTUE of an order and decree of the Orphan's
Court, in and for the couusy of Butieiji tho under- ;
igntd Amiubtratrix of Betager Yanger, dee d \>*ili sell ;
ai public veutlue on the premises on .Saturday the 17th
day of February next, at one oVlock p.pi., of said <lay.
tigiit acrev-> auil oi.e buudrtsl and foirty-vine perches of
lanu,situated in Jeflei»ou tp..eald c <uuty, "oeing a niece
surveyed off the west end of a largQ ti act owned by »'«•-
doe'd. and ft>yoini!ig lskic Leteyer. ami others. Titio i
goo«t. Term* of "ale,one-third of tbe purchase niotjev
'o 1»« paiii ar tho cuuflrntaihe tif the s»Uc l»y the cun
and the buUucjt iji two e»{U.-»l ariliual paymsuts, thercaf
|er a'itb interest frojn saiil confirmation. i
Jan 17, 13tW. A dm'*.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni Exponas,
Alias Venditioni Exponas and Fieri Facia-issued out
of the Court of Common Plea* of Butlar couutv, and to
me directed, there will be exposed to public sale at the
Court House, in the borough of Butler, on tho Fourth
Monday of February, next, at one o'clock, p. n»., the
following describeu property, to wit:
.All the right, title Interest and claim of Jamas Bo
vard. of in and to fifty acres of land, more or less «itu
at»*d In Chert/ township, Butler sounty, Pa., bounded
north by W tabingotn Bevard; east by Bryan ; south
by D.iuble; west by Bovard. * Fifty actes cleared;
Frame House aud Baw-nilll thereon erected Seised
and taken in execution in tho property of James Bo
vard at the suit of Robert McCall.
A LftO,
All tbe right, title interest and claim uf'W. N." Smith,
ot in and tot vo hundred and two acres of land, more or
less, situated in Parker township, Butler county, I'a ,
bounded north by lands 112 rmerly of R. 8. Leonard : ea-t
by Thomas Conelly ; iv-uth by iands formerly of j..bn
Say: w-st bv Tutnas and David Kelly, with all the ap
pertinaneae belonging t a ere to, thereon erected. Seiz
od and taket. in execution as the property ot W. N.
Smith, at the auit of a. O. Meals
A LBt>,
All the right title interest and claim of Richard
James, of in and to sixty-two acres of land, more or leas,
j situated in Donegal township. Butler county, Penn a.,
i b. unded north by John ilriffin: east by R. Hnitou:
! s-outh by Win Ranaei; west bv James Bredin Foity
| acres cleared; Log House and Pr une Stibje theieon
or ( ted- Seized and tJkeu in executi n as the property
i of Kichard James, at the suit of E- Evans.
j All Ihe right, title, interest and claim of Adelhoad
' Loibcr, Ex'r of Fred l.oiber, dee'd, of, in and to one
hundred acres of land, more or leas, situate in Winfield
township, Butler couuty, Pa., bounded north by Sietz,
ea-t by Fisher, son'h by H >ck, went by JVa^ler; Forty
acres cleared Seized aud taken in execution as the
property of Adelhoad Loiber, Hx'rof Fred Loiber, dee'd,
at the suit of E. 11: Helmboid.
Sheriff's Office, Butler Jan. 15, 'tifl. %
tlr|)h»nN Court Male*
BY virtue of an order and decree of the Orphan's coqrt
112 llutler county, the undersigned, guardian ot" ths
I instate of Augustui Hays, minor son of »» ui. Hays late
' «.f Lancaster tp., dee'd, will offer for sale at public ven
' due ot) the premises on Satin day the :ilth day of Feb-
I rtiary uext. at one o'cl-ck p. in.of aaid day, one hund
; red andaeventy-five acre-, of land more or less situate
I in Mii-1 Lancaster tp.. Butler county, Pa. Bounded
I uortu l»y 1 mils of Geo Hays, on tho eist James and J«*i
ah Matthews and Proapect ro.nl, on tho south 1 y lands
j of Mrs. Klimefutter, an<l on the west by lands of Star
baugli Robert Hays, and others
1 tie interest of said minor in said land will be sold
subject to the payment of certain legacies charged upon
I it by said dee'd in his will probated and re-enacted iu
Butler and aiso subject to the donor of said minors
mother and grand-mother on the same.
'terms of sale, one third of purchase money to be paid
at the Confirmation ofsaleby the court aud the residue in
two equal annual paymenta thereafter with interest from.,
said continuation.
Jan 17 1X66. Guardian.
Writ of i*artiiiou.
I Butler county. 88.
Is tlie matter of tne Partition of the Heal Estate of
Watthia-s .i< huoebie.
in tbe >)rphau.s court of Butler county, No 42, June
| term., 18'»o. ihe i onimonwealth of Peiiusylviiiiia, to
the Heirs and 1 cgai Kepre»eniativca of Mat e*cbw<>e
ide, deed , to wit :—Maty cohwoeble, widow, and
i. a haritie Hush Schwobble, Maiy Hchwoeblo, Bernard
I Schwoeble. Llizabeth Schwoeble, Margaret Scliwoe'ilo.
Jno.hchoewhle.i'uter ftchwoobL an if huo.iiena tHrhwos-'
j ble. children of Matt iiias Sob wobble, Uec d.
You and each of you, are hereby cited to be, and ap
! pear before our judge* at an ■•rphau s v ouft. t> be he. :
I at liutler, in and lor the couuty of Butler, «-u the Itti
Monday of February next, it being ttio2oth day of sutd
in Mitb. to accept the said promises as valued an i ap
praised by the.iuryof inquest, or show cause wuy the
niiiue should not be sold. By the court,
W.J. YoUNU, Clk.
Clerks Office, Butler. Jan 17, '6ts.
U rit of l'm-tiliuii.
Jiutler count!/, s,<.
IN the matter of the Petition for Partition, of tbe
Heal Estate of r.d\Vard Kennedy, late ot Mud-iy
creek, tp., tffic d
iu tint Orphans Court of Butler county, No. Dec.
Tetiu, lht.b. 'i ho Commonwealth of i ennsylvaio a. to the
Heirs and Legal ltepreMsiitauves of iulwaid Kuiinety.
t« wit—Afra. Prudeucc Kennedy, widow, an • Klisabotu
11reer, (Kennedy; Mary S|>onsl -r. (Kennedy i MargUrei
Magee i tvenne.ly , Jane a. Brown. Kennedy / H »».
! itennedy, hdwan! Kennedy, Milton Kennedy, .Sewion
; Kennedy, James S. Kennedy, Eliza Kennedy, Emily
Kenuedv. Minerva Kennedy and Wui. k Kair, niiie r
children of J'<hn Kennedy, dee'd. for whom Mrs Pru
dence Kennotiy is Ouardian.
'the t«aiil Heal Estate consists of One Hundred and
Fifty A' 'es..f land, more qc kss, situate in Mu l-lycrei k
towuship, hutler county. I'a., bounded north by John
lieil, east by J. W . Foil ester ; south by bavid trailer ;
went by fcdwat-c. Iraz.er'h heirs, and John lie.l
\ ou. aud every oueof you are hereby cited to bo,and
appear, at an Orphan's Court, to be bob! at Bt tier. In
and for the county of tlutlur. on tho ith M «nday « 112
February next, to show cause, if any there be. why a
writ of I artition should not be awarde.l Bv t-io Court,
Jan. 17, '66. W.J. YoL>G* CI k.
<ii'|»ha!iC Court Hale.
HV virtue of an order and decree cf tho <>rp)»atia'
Court in ami for the county of llut'e:'. the under
*>igm*d Administrator of Hobprt Allen, n 'tl. will • i!i-r
for sale at public vemftto, on tlie premi- • . on the IWV
t/ujf of Pebruary, A m D. % 1866, at one u ci« . I'. J/., of
said thty,
' Otto Hundred and Thirty Acies i.f Land,
J be the same more or loss, situate in Allegheny town
i ship, Putler connty, Penn'a. b-.un*'e Imi then irth bv
j land-* ■ 112 the heirs of Isaac ,Yorri*. njthe est by lunl--f
John Allen and James »la ron t,,.- si t'i by lands of
John Hesenberry, and on the west by Mr. Uould. Ti
; tl« tcood.
1 Terms of Sale:—One-thjrd of tho pan ht|se money to
i be paid on the confirmation of wile bv the >ai.l Couit,
and the balance iu two <>qnal annual paynn uls thereaf
ter with interest from saidcouhtmati< n.
8. K. ALLKV,
! Jan. 10, '66. Adm'r.
Or|tliiiiiK* I'uui't Male.
112 .V pursuance of ah order «-f the Orphans" CYurt of
I llutler county, I will ( fV«-r for sub* .it puhli • outcry,
on ihe premiaos, -'ti T iui\J.tif if Zbldi ,
' 1866, al 2 o'c/oc/, I\ J/..
Seventy Acres of Lnnil,
in Pern township, Butler Coin tv ad'< irilng lands of Wui
Wille. Hi Hartsell, Win .Yix •:•. ml »i h- lanlnofJa.
M'Oeo. dee'd. About 2o JnCivs i-le ired an I teticed. tho
! balance well timbere l. an-l all w li watered.
; TfcßMs«)iio thtrd'iu ban-!, the b»l t. in two equal
I annual payments Willi mi. >; ir hi time i f »i«|o.
Jan. 10, '3n.] Executors «-f Jas. M Ueo, dec d.
Every Body His Own Broom Miker.
(CLARK'S Mela lie Bnw.m Wrapper is t! e mot »i:<-
J. cesslul article . 112 the kind e» er iutrodnceil Into this
country. Patented May Ago its a«e making
sale Send for circular Audics J I
iKft.n- i c >.
jun ill, 'CO: 11..1 2l(i, Urn fa.
IliKviliiiior, cf t*artiser*ls)p.
rPHK pnrtuf reliip h«Mvt fre txisiinlt bi-t m-en the
1 Nubseriht-r i. under the name of Helmboid \ S n.
has thirdly be. n die dve.l bv mutual con-ent. 'J'be
Books of ihe I »t»* l.r.n, will be eottleil by Tho *dore
ll* Lnbold. Where nil. knowing themselves indebted,
will pleas call and make piyment.
Theotlore Ho!mb Id will continue the busineu as
berelot',»re. at the old staiel.
SuKonburx. JatHi try 1-t.
rpilK sill •*ioer« will --fT-r 1- vie. at \ iblie out. iv,
1 mi / ti y-i tytltt ' ' vf M ' ' • » W KJIBN
>■ \ T U;V. siruaU iu SUp:)eryns'k tov ii.->h p. B itlerco,
Pa The Pactoiy is a bu'ge, three story lunldiug with
»li Ihe'ncce.staty wppartenauce, »if a WooU n eMablish
lnent t igetherwiih _7 actesttf g«a-u laud. fcaU; t<<ooui
men at one o'cb el;, P M
| TormJ m tdoknown ou day of sal *.
jan To, 00—-6t*
Pro»ptsi»t, 18ntrier Co. l»u. |
(~y KY. J. J. KOTKWELL. Teacher:
V Term begins April '2 I—('loser Juno »tli. IS6O. I
The patronage d the public is aolicltod. Tuition as
fdio'.s: Cduiui >u branches. s♦•>). Algebra, j
A.it l h!I Mophy. Kh t.-ric. l.atin. Geek and Hook keep
ing, f> ci. *Y>a mal exerri-ee, for the iienelit of 'tswh
ers. Tuition requited in advance For farther pjrtic-i
ul.«rs, Address
! j#nlo,*6o ) Proapect, Butler Co. P». !
A go< d farm of I<H ncr»<nh nt i 5 acrer clean-1 the
I i est good timber tai.d, all of which is well wateied.
A l.tKt lloesK
and stable and a variety of L uit trees—the f»rm is silu
ated in Penn tp., Butler co Pa* Six miles south of
('•Qtlerand about Imlf a mile ra«t « 112 tho plAuk road.
, For further pariictlars iuqutre of the subscriber on thn
premises. M. F. DAVECI Jt\'l i.I.E,
Orphan's l«url Wale. .
BY virtue of ar order and decree of the Orphans'
Court of Butler connty. the nndersjgtifd K* ecu tor
j of John I). Cuoningham. dee'd, will ofler for s-ile at
| pnbi'e vendue, on the premises, on Monday the. 9 th rfsy >
of Ftbruary, A. D. t I8(i0, at ont o'clock, I'. U., tj' laid j
d " V * , ,
One llundrod and Twenty Acresof Land, j
I ni->re or.lpss, situ ite in Venango townahfp, county afore
said, and bonnded on tho north bv lands of James E. '
Miiiei. on tiio i.v lands of William Martin and oth
er*. on the south by lauds of Levi Kerr, and on ihe we«t .
b.vlamls of W. Lay ton and W. ilauliu, with tho Upper- j
! teuaiK'os,
Terms of Sal*:— One-third of the purchass mooey to
be paid on tho c >nflt m ition of sale by the Court, and the
balance in two equal annual payment** thereafter with
|iutcre»t liom confirmation. .
J«c. 10, *W. Eioo-tot.
These Life-giving rem.vttes e.ienow. f»r the Brst time,
* given |>ul>!icly to tho vrmM For ovor a ipisrter of a
' | century of private practice the Ingredients in theio
■ ! Have been used with th'* gmatest awn***. Their mission
it not only to pre* rut dlaaw*. but t«» cure. Thai* *juTh
out the various maladies l» v uhlchthe patient I* snfV-rlug
and re-invigorates the foiling system. To the spad «?i<l
■ | infirm a few doses of thww PILLS will prove to he
For In every cut they al In ■ v life and vitality, a*t\ re
. | store the waning en. rgies t.» their pristine state. To the
y»ung and middle-aged,they w?il pm%*e mmt Invilnib'e.
I as lUteady. specific, and sterling medicine. I |r»r«« |* *
I J dream realised, that Ponce-de-Leou nought for three
, hundred years a?o. and nevor f.uul lie baked f«»r a
, fountain that would reito: a :!:o olj to and make
youth ever
It was left for this «Sy and bur to ren'lze the dream,
[ and show, in one ;i!jriou* fa-.i, the magic that made it
Cannot staytfie flight • 112 yc,r*. I ut they ran fuircback
and hold aloof. di«exse that leight triumph over the
aged and the voting, l. -t n.-ur hesitate thuti, hut seize
the favorahhj opponuultv that oilers. Wlum t-ikon as
For Bilious Disorders
Nothing ran I* m<>re productive ef cure than tin#
Pills, Thuiralm *t magic is li lt at once: and
the usual r »n -o.n'tants of this 1 m »sc distressing di*e *lO
are removed, tlio-.c remedies are ma le from the pure it
Vegetable Compound*.
They will nit harm the most delicate female, and
can bo v n with »«l effect i:t pio>c. Ibod dji— in the
youni;ei»t babe.
For Cutaneous Disorders
And all eruptions 112 the skin. the SALVE IH m st In
valuable. It d >es not I eil externally aJjnn. hut pene
% 111 *s with t!ie 111 searching cSVcts to tLo very myt
# of ti e evil I
liiviuinWy Cure She Follon iug
Mil lilt.
livu ol ('omj dibits.
J Colds.
Chest Diiemi,
Cost i ivies*.
Liar, linsa,
Dr .p-y.
iwver 4 Ague,
1 nil imati>n,
low ai d Weakness,
Liver Complaint,
i.i'W if* of Spirits, x
Salt Rheum,
Skin Diseases.
♦^•Notice —\on* genuine without the ung-iveil
t'-a le m irk around each pot « r hov, signed by lilt. J.
M A* Ml EL, Li, FilitonSt., New York, locouutei tolt which
in felony.
#t)-Sobl by all respectable Dealer* in Medicine*
thr< tin- L'uitod Mates and Canada*—ut cents
j W H a ll' dfc«6tf, M. D S «ML M. tiUAU VM, M. D.
j UUiSKLTON & GR All All.
(Lute ■ 112 l!i# U. 3. Army)
ta_Orr.CS In R- yd'-, block. M kin Street Lutler Pa.
Exocnliir'i Xullcc.
>TOTICK is that Letters tMtameytary. on the
t fstulr of J. D, I'unnlngham, lute of Venango Tp..
I liw'd have IKM.H unuiU-d to the uuder.igued, Th<'i< fore
nil poisons km w ng tii-pm lves indebted t" said estate
will make ImnieJi «t« payment, a id those h ums
1 iv virt the vime will uieieut theui properly vuthentW
I . Jr..' , for 111** 1,1 <_• ut. >N M MAUTIN.
l)ei- I t. ista. Lx'r
Vnlnublc Estate (Sr Stile.
1 I fOUSK and 1 d sitn »ted «-n n »rth east sido «112 dla
! I I in.'lid !ti tlie l>on» of Butler, now occupied by Mrs.
Aim ItreJin. J4I*O nineacresof landadjoinimr thutown
of Luilei «>n the Kittauning i«>a«l south id i »t now iccu
pied by Herman Herg. I>-| < • fiteacresof land on
old Franklin road near th« Fa'r giouud.
For price and terms on<|Uii n of
Y.. M JL' \K 1 -V. Ffc | Duller. Pa.,
or J AS. M. UKt;DiN, KMJ , Franklin. Fa.
Jan. .Id, '»M3—tf.
I HAMUI'L PVKKSJ having purchased the well known
I Photograph tlalleiy ot 11. t\ lluseUoii. situated on Main
File t, opposite the Bt-.ro of W« b.r k Trout man. w.»uhl ,
r« *.p> cifiillv iufjini the public that lie is prepaicd to j
j l 110T04.1t U'ilS,
and the new Albotype or PORCKI.AIN picture—all in
th latr*tt and mint approved styles. Per* >n« desiring
life I>k«r p'ciurfM will do well •«» nive him a rail
Plet 11 res taken in dark sveather as well a* in ciesr
weather t •-' all and examine speciint ♦
Die. 13, IS6O.
l'ile<*!ion of I>ir< k <*lor».
Deccm!»er 4th, iHfift. |
! * N elect lo,f ir NTNK DIUEfTOP.S of t}ii« Bank, to
j \ serve f.«r one vear, will l»e held at Uijj llaukiug
j Ifoi-e, on TFLSDAV, .IANLARV tftli. JKiiii. bet we. a
| (lie hours <•! Mod CK, A. 41.,and40V1 .-k, »• *1
| Dec. H. IP ft.'..—.lt. Cabliier. ;
(Oppojiie tits Gazette Building.)
PITT. ATI ..II i'os'n
V[ TII.L give prompt attention to aii huidness In the
V li.se of the l'r»»fe-f>ii»n, including the refaction i»l
(lie Uoviument for back Pny, bounty,
IYi.-i Prir.o money, Ac., Ae.
Nov. -'2, iStoM'an
OrpJinn's Court ?»atc
|)Y virtue of A*l order and decreo of the Orphans'
|*| Coin t "112 Butler county. Pa., tho u'ideisipned Ad-
of the of Alexa?n!er Bpeer, iale of
\Ya»bht»ttoutp , dee'd, will expine to -lie on tae prem
i-«-, <.n rtitasniY, T<!& l£T d\T ..r I F.UM i'.T. A l>.,
1 .Mit .l, ut nne oclock, ;#. m., of said the following
Ileal Kstate, situated in tp.. county and
State aforesaid, bounded and described ax f-dlows. Liz
Bounded on «he n«.rth by lands of Kobert Allen,
by Bvinai'd M'Candless, s.»uih by K >bert Speer—part cf
I sunn tract—'ind we*t by lands formerly owned by
. Tbum'w. (i-. ibani: containing forty acres, strict meaeure:
! iM'out tlfioeo wre* cleared, attd good wo.il land on the
{ remainder.
Tl'dlMS:—Ous-L'ilri in hand, and the balnm e ia two
equal annual psfini-ots withlntrrest, from the confir-
Oiatioii of »Ue. HI IIAMAII c^KKU.
| Jan. <l. •'«>. Adm'x.
Valuable Male,
rW!l.f sell twohnndred (2")0) acres of land* situate
in PCIJU tp., TON Thorneieck) spd a lji.ining the Al
| leghejiy «ud Butlrr Plank road.about half of which is
bottom buid. with ene of the bust mill M*»t* in the coun
ty. About Kixty acres cleared. The bottom land is be
• lie' ed to b»» gond oil territory.
I Time will l.« giveu ou part of the purchase moner «112
] desired. Also, sumo town lot* in the borough of But
Iler, anJ the viilage of Mount Cbe*tnut
Jen. S, 'CC—it.•
Putter Oiunty, *»: »
IN the matter of the Partition of the Real "Estste of
Jobu M Klnnii, dee d,
I In the orphan s Court ef Duller County, No. 0, March
I And now to-wlt: Dec. C ISCS, on motion of L.Z Mitch
! ell. Coin t spp>untU. \V. fTaegtr. a;< Auditor, to mar
shall an 1 distrihtJte the asiols a. Lung Iroin Sho sale of
the ileal Estate of John Mj'KinuU In pai titlun.
i Dv the Court,
! C. ♦llieJ from the record tiiii SOth day rf Dcceio
htr.W'o. W.J YOCVC r ,C!»vk. «
I wiil attend to the duties of the Mu-ve appoinUoent
ai the offl.-e of John M rhomp.sotl in Cutler, on Thurs
dav, t!io l<«t day of February, lbGd, at oue o'elock P. M.,j
1 wiiVa til pi-tlSj lnw.-.*t>tl # "■»«!
Cr. TT. TLfXCTER Auditor.
Furs, Cloaks & Shawls.
1 ff B have juit rreu'ved the !ar?o«t acd mist fpsn
picte stock of Frvuoh Ilarla^et,
evrr itTrrw 1 to the puldia, and as '-ur stork was pur
'.htsed on the recent pauie, we aieabUm .oil at t«iy
Furs! Furs!! Furs!!
I We have a very Lxrtre stopk >f Ladies Missfs A Childrens
1 Caps, Victoiinei. t'ollars. CnlTs and Mull's of allst>lt>4,
j :uid 'luality. •"Also a \ery flue ass •rtmeitl of
I "112 our f.wn 'Ma'iuficture. wh!Ji en\ble« us te sell at
j less prices th in parties who buy them east.
' \\ e have a very largo and cheap stock of
Reiaeuiber til cur g«odiby ike
«!inbl«l 'il to ,«U «t
W« woulii Cu!t tb# Ettonti.JU .112

t jtliis it -ck of Ooods. .
T'C NT, \ P 1 I-KETI A CO.
j Dec. A. l^ r 5. rnj.j
j WALL FiiF]3R ?
Ma eh. « lIEINRM AV
m MlTiul
JDur m '«t ' ar'«|o|is njrnggle having resulted
iri Jh• (ritinipb of Jine'ican Nationality, il.o mt r dls
• omnture and overthrow 01 Secea-iinu and Slavtry, Tu4
TntntHp, prof, nndly reji.iilug in this result, wiil ! il» »r
to c uisi'i »e the legitimate fruits <>f ihii urand, beui;;-
11 ant victmy by re 1 ! ring Liberty and O(.pot tuuity ti.e
romiiioti lihi itage of the whole American People now
Discountenancing all unmanly 'xnltatbii over or
lieedlefM ititliclloii of pailt 01 privatioh on the upholders
of the L»ht cause.lt will insist <<n the earliest po»Mible
i (mi- rati.»ll of tbe Southern States to their 112 i nici p w
or and luflueueein -ur Union on the b.ihis of All Bights
fi)V All their Pe.>| 1«.
It w ill l.tbor in h »pet » p"*>re that th- siibsf itnti »n "112
Free for Slave Uibor inii-t iuevitslfly and universally
condm-e t > the inere-i»e of fndudry. Thrift, Prosperity
and U ea'th.so that the South, within the nest ten years,
must b»>k back amazed on her long pershtancu 111 a
practice so baleful as the • hat e Li. K -f Mao,
It will lab >r for the il.Pu«i. n --l t iiitu u. school Kdu
c itioii Manufactures, the U-eful Arts. Ac., Ac , through
out the sections hithei to devoid of them, believing that
every g'*>d eudw.L tlie.eby b« subserved and the inter
est ofeveiy useful and worthy clues promoted.
It will urge the Protection ofLiume ludu<try by de
termluingdulieM on Foreign Products iiupoited. with
a ylow to drawing hither the most capable and skilful
urUHears and artisans and the tiaturelisiug on
our set I of many bianciieiHtf production hltheito ail
but c 'iitiued tc the Old Wot 1.1, while it would Mrength
eu and ext .-ud those whii ii hu\e already a fo ithold auiong
It wfill give careful attention to progress stni improve
n.ent in Ag iculture. dciug its best at onrc to iolug i*«fcr
kills to the doors of our farmer*, ai d teach tinm b .w to
make the nmst of the opportunities thus aflorded them
11 will devote constant atteutlon t » Markets, espe
cially for Agilculutural products, with intent to nave
hothprodn eraud coii-;;)uur from baing victimized by
the npecul «»ur and fin entailer
And. gif : ;ig ffcir scope to Current Literature, ti» the
nr«iect»djiigsof l ongri-ss, and to the general News of tl»f
l»ay, it ii 'p'" letain its old patrouj ani attraot many
nea to bear them company.
We rarely cmfd iy traveling agents, ss so many Im
post on* are h ibitunlly prowling io »he s-sutned capacity
1 112 solicit »rs 112 0 joiirtiHis. We piefe, th it oiir ni|bsprih
. r- shall pay their money t,. per ons ti.ey jtn wand ■ 112
\*ho«e inteorlty they are ait-uted. Ny frien I who,b"-
l.even ho will do go ni by Itit-ro e-ing (he elr'ill i< I>n of
| Tiik Tribl'SK is authorized to joiicit and receive enl>-
-rriotio iS Spociui'-a co,ties will be promptly! sent ,
wiihout c|»t. recpilrlng them, and trust
Hi illy l'rieud J will be uiovo to a-k 'heir and
uciiuaintaiß-es tojoin in making up th ir clubi.
The Great Family Newspaper.
is printed on a large double-medium making eight
pages of six c<. lutiius each. ItcontmiM all theimport
ant Editorials published in TIIK Dm* Taiui'Jtß, except
of merely local interest; also Liberty and Sclen
t(Jk Intefllgera e\ Reviewi of tbe m< at interesting an.l
important II a»ks; the I< tiers from our larjcec r>s
of corresp-'ii'ten's : the Intent *e*s received by tele
graph from Washington and all other 1 afts of the coun
try ; a Summary of .ill important intelligence in this
city and elsewhere; a Synopsis < 112 (lie pnicoedings of
Congress and Mate Legislature when in session; the
Forieni. news received by every Meinier, K*i lusive Ite
porta of the Proceedings of the Farinoi *s Club of the
A lio-i l. u:i|tuitiiiiie : lalk* aiiout trull and athrr lior
liciiUurnl aid Agiiculrnr.il iuf.riu.iHon evseiitirl t.
roil lit ry residents, :'tock. Kinanciui, Cattle, Dr> Gooils
and General dark-t llep.u-ts, making it both f.r variety
and coj|jplaieii"-s. altoge<lier the iuo-i %.tlu«bL% iuter
e-tirigand instructive WKiitt *N|VsririK publuhed
in the world.
The Full Reports of the American Institute Farmers-
Club, and the various Agr.cuituial Keporpls. ia each
number, are richly worjh a v ear's subscript ion.
Mail subscribers, single c -py, I yoar-2."> numhffs...
Mail subscribers, clubs of fire W 00
Ten c .pies, ad Iressedt.l names of svbscribors 17 .'el
Twei.tv c j i. * ai'drcc s*d to nauic.i al subsci ibets C 4 tri
Ten c. pies to oue address 30 OU
An extra copy will be aviit for each club of ten.
F- r clubs of twenty. tworxtM c pies, or OIIJI Copyof
the fit in week Iv. wilt e sent uralis-
F .r clubf. 112 filty, live Copies, or od* copy of the Daily
Tribune will be sent icrati* 112 r one yen .
Subsetibcrs in in CSinvJ 1 *nuet scud 2j Cents each in
addition, to pay C. S. pe tige.
putdi-hed every TfJFSDAY and FRIDAY, and con ai «
the Kdilotial articles, not merely local in character; nt 1
literary Reviews and Art Criticisms; Letters from our J
Isrire corps of Koreigh ami DnmpsUr Ccrrespomienls; j
Special and Associated Pro-# Tel -g-aphle ri-pardies: a
careful an I complete Summary ef V. eeign and 1> >mestic
News; Exclusive Rep a s< fih" Proceeditin• I the '. arm- t
erV Club ef the American Institute: I'aik* about k sai*« j
and other Horticultural and Agttculpira Informal'.>u
Stock, Financial. 1 attle. Dry Qiails and General Mark-t
Report-. w,cdi arc nr.MM.od iuTHK DAILY TRIHUVE*
THE SEMI-WEEKLY TKIHHXK also g.ves, iu the
counts of a year,three or Pair >.f the j |
bv livmc authors Thec »st«*f these alone, if lMiig.it I
In boi k f.»rni. w-u'd t** from *'* to eight dolhua. If!
purchased in the English Magazines from which they
carefully selected, lha cost would be three or four
tunes that t»um. Nowhere c's can so mu. h current
intelligence and permanent matter be ba<l wi
cheap a rate a«intlre Semi-weekly Trilmne. Thoa»- who
believe In the principles and approve, 112 the ch.rvtor «.f
The Tribune can lncrea-e its p .wer ami influence by
jiiiuini: with their pefgbt»»re in forming clubs to sub
scrioe f>i theSoini-weeklj e-litk>n. Ii will io tliat v.sy
be supplied to thaui the l->west price for which such
a paper C>»L. lie printed.
Mstl subscribfn, 1 enny. 1 tear— nnnibers $1 00
2 copies, do do 7fl »
»• ft copies, or over, fir each copy 3 fi
Oa "f 112 «rten copies, an extra copy will be
sent fix months. On receipt of S'.s for fiflcen copies
sn extra copy will be sent one year. For SIOO, we wiil
■end thirty-Jour copies, and at 4 Da;ly Tribtiae
e prepay United State* postage.
$lO per annum.
Subscribers lu Canada rau&t Rend II 20 in sdcLtion, to
prepay United S a;e .
Terms, cash iu advance* -
Drafts on New Yotk. or Post offi?e oTdcts, payable td
the order of The Tribune, I elng safer, are to i
r. ny oth<* tuoie of icuiitt- uco. Address
4 TU2 Tl-IBUNB. j
Trfbirte lto&Xnj, Ke v Vork. J
HAS erec'e.l a v e* BulUlag »n Jofhrun street. op* J
I- aito tl»«- <'iTirß\ OlSltn, Where he is p replied, |
L with Mi ontlrelv VHT APPAUATU.S mi.' .V.t Tt [ITA L
112 */ th* VKHY BLii G&UlTl'und LA j LSI ST\ LKS, \
■ tu t:iko
our dervicea t > the public : mri pludgqouraulvetfto spare
no pali «or labort> accomodate »112! who may think
proj t*r to j;ive * Cttll. JuUN P. Oh 11.
Puller, «.«ct 4, I'fC: if.
Auditor's IVolii'c.
Uuthr C »i>l y, as,
I N the mattrr . 112 tho Account l Wn-. llt 2c and 11.
i I MoftlmiU. 4dm' of John MoKinids, dee d.
| In the Orphan* of Botßr Couuiy, No. 11. I> c. '
j ToMII, lS'iG
And n >w t dec. 6, VV3, on m rtloo of 1 .. T.
j Mitchell, Court u| ;»jiut CI. W. I l?egyr. an Auilitui tc
luirshall die aucuaitJ maksdUttilulkm.
By tho Court,
W. J T H.N'O.Cleik.
| Iw 1 attend t»the 'hit •• ■ 112 tlio :tb< in nppointment
j at the ortl -e.if J dip M. ThoU»p*< !1 ill Puller, • i 'l burg
oiv th*-1 -it day ot Vel». I*6 «.,r oct<» kP. 31 , y |
j which all patties intereste 1. will tnl:e notlos.
H. W. FI.EWIKK Auditor,
Mirny Mare.
('|lMEtot!ie r^-rtei.cp i-f t'ip »ul).eril,er, lltlnj ia
Ui'ix-rrTji.liK tier t> In. in.nil r.n> il:r 'liii fit--,
*'«.•«ii M u«, sl'|i;li'nj I Iw IS v.jrj ..1.1. <tilh
MUnr«lii|. H1...1 t tl,o l>- i.f HII.I If- k. rlmuwhfi i.'O
||W'»U|| t ■ rMiiu* f.irwtrl. |>r V pr -[■ -rty mi I I il.f h*r
nuuy, ulLri wise .he niil lit di.ji' n 1 112 nee lo
!««•' JAS. C I'ARKKK.
j /"i REE.V window blinds can be bud at tbo low yrica
«r. €• nsr HO Ax B£ .\a
Butler L'ri*enjber 20. laos.
Amenta Wanted I—To k»il pi ipo rvrtitk-nt'44»r ■
I SiLVi.it \V.\ ivir»>, Lilly. J«welry, Uh
m -ii i Ki'igd. I'ins. $j KACII, t -r r.nv utrirla
drawn. Kota.l P.kv frGin flo to allOcohn WAE-
V \NTCH <J»Nt isc. Piitfi of (t rtlti ite t.'out* ea« h.—
Lil.eml P'« iniuinn ait.l « inmissi uaii woJto Agauis
Sjtuple f\rt- fic- t"i ■<"( frtt
tor Ci."cului« mid iornui uJdrw,
llelsi . HAVWAItD & Pi>.,
Jan. S, 'CP—3mo». -JJJ I r. idwuy, X«» Vo: ic.
(>l>]ioklte Ho) U»i If at ft 1 «11 it
\\7 111 HK n? uru |iropur»*d t<> nmntifrtctura llootnand
\V SJi«»cs • 112 al^lt.nrl«. to order, «112 Iho host matcrml, I
in the Litcirt Ht vli-si and of the ftnent woj kioanHtiip.—<»n
tin* nl.ortMgt piifi-ihle notlre; und ut twi tensomtblM t%tl
Hit the tame qualitr c.tti ht' hud at any •sl.-r |
inetil. .1 A. MIAKUU * J. IIK'UM/ j
!Drugs ! Drugs! Drugs!i
n\ \ IMJ purchased tbo Prun Stoia tecMitly ownei
. bv Ur. 11. V. II iml'ton, will tarry < n the ln u<hu«i
--n -»H in all it- department*, at tba "id utand, it-*yd * bi- < k
Mihi Street Ihithr Pa. He buve couelauti/ vu Lak«i
nndfjr bale a I'ii. e i|uaiity ».f
LH UU 3 CllK'f ICA l#S and PA IN TS
01 LP V A UN fßll KS AM) ULASS,
Dye-Stxiift, Glass and Putty,
n >rn.KS. VIALS, A«YI>COI;Kf.
I'l liL Sl'Uxd Ac. Ac. k*
Al*oa dsnerel T.vriety i <t
Perfumery & Toilet Articles.
Win** and Uflu»r* fi>r purp< «e<. M in»?a 112 r
harrnniental n r. furniwhrjl nt co*t. l'lj>«ipian< i«rei
ci ij'tioiM c trefiiily romp >undvd.
Tlie j nblifit resprrtfully invited to ca'l and examine
our fttock, we aroc-uilident that we can a« roAkoquOl*
iks any himilar n-tablighnieiit in liie oouuly.
poa isss.
Fashion Magazine of tho World.
LITKKATURK, fine art*, and f.ishi nn. The mott !
maKiiith-enCstiul onuraviniff. Doublo fmliion pl:*ti«— |
\\ «khJ cngi nvin#c* on every Mibject that can ftiitc-; <• -t la :
die* Crotchet knitting, Notii- K Lml roidery Atiiflos ]
f.»r the toilet, fir tlm Parlor,tho Ikiuloir, an I the kitc'h
on Kverything, in fact, to inak« a oumpiete Lady's
The Ladies' Favorite for 36 Years- j
No Mnmxlns bt« CJinpcts wiiU it, Nona
attompt it.
codec's HKCEITTS.
or .v.r 7 4. r «r«m.n» :* « I>. r.1.1 '
112 worth tho price of the P »ok.
MODEL CQTTAUL'M (noothtr tnagaAinc gives thtro), I
wiih dia^rainn.
Qlhei spev-iaity with Uodcy.
OHICINAL .vr.'-vr, w. rt!i V, a ye : »r. Olii-r Mag» (
*i«e* | üblisli »U music ; but the auUeci ilim't
j t«. G< it. y K< tit hofure t!ie mu.ic *tore.
GAIiDhNINQ iOJi LADIES. Another pfetiliarty
wltli Oodity. *i;-
Fft'hloti* from Mwrv A. T. Stewart A Co. of N"r«r
York.the m'lii«»yare merchant', appear in Godey, the
only roagsxine ba4 them.
T..*ul«oa Bonnets. Wegise more <t thrm in • yesr
than any other tipi^azi'iw. In fnct, tho Li ly's li«>k uu- ,
bleu every Lady to be her own b< uuot m<ik> r.
Aut'irrr?* nt '• Al■•rxe. " "//iddfti Fuith," "Mott
"iVr-iLMu;* and -J/artam,"
wrrile* for flodey each month,and f>r noother maoar.lne.
, A new nond by l«c»r will l>e ptiblinlied in \\ e have
! also tvivt.sd ail our old am', fivorite cmitributors. ,
{From which th nt carves no teviatinn.)
! The following are the tonus ct ths Lady's Book for
OneeopT, one ee-«f fT ' A i
Two c .p.e«, one year .VI !
Threv eopie*, oar yi«ar 760 ,
Four copies, one year V> C H ) j
Fivecopioa on© yetr.aml .an extra <*opr tctiie
Eight copies, one ymr, and an extra c >py to
the npraoßfottmjg c|ii^ri,iHin^niue
copies. "|!l 00 j
Eh'tin r .piut, one >ear, an«r*n extra copy to
tiie pe.son getting up tho club, making
twd.o ciiic...-. ..:. .Vr. vso |
| <S-A !1 addrtioiia to cltdMi st elnb ratss
Av* G doy's lady's lkh.k aij.l a Uo.tne .Mapa- !
titie will he f.*nt «utrh »;w year, on r<H*rip.l '•( M ftO. 1
hass no r.tub with any otter jnsurizin* or ]
if FT • f'. nuitall b* ff.nl at out rim* for any of i
T\* C7M'-4. I
subscribers must ssnd . 1 cents additional
for such MibfCribor.
A(idro«»-< I> A. 00DEY.
y. 77. +r frxt* i an'l CUatnut Street,
! P*e. 13. 6xn
» ]
| Attorney at Law,
41s u
i Office witlt Cha». M'CamllcH, Esq.,
s>wui.h Wsit corn r «riU«dlK4idiid [
ouuor P«b |
i t
Bflfl l'i?fe Sl,of '
One door North of M'Aboy'a Store,
Clitldrcn'N Sluifs of «!1 Klnda.
I own maunfarJure, comtantly on linnd,nnd woik aiada to
oidar, of the ttr.M' STOCK and in the 9TYLB.
i A Ittiw;® an.) ftill aAiiiitn rnt <<f Knslviu Block, ut tlo
i I Vf.y mil. rinl anu wuikniiiiibliii).
. j All k.,.f
i French and Conation Calf skint,
iSvln aiui Upper Leather,
Morocco, Kips and Kid*.
Of all kind*.
\S o have the largest, best selected, and f«»r the times
the cheapest *u it over offered for sale In Hutler.
The pul^jicare invited to call and examine for the^t
Jali PriatlagQ/ffice!
Ornamental, Plain, Fancy, Card, Book
Corner of Mmlii anil JeflTeriott Slrrel,,
Ul>Voslt<! JiK'k's Hotel
Bi »n
Hill ilcads, Books, Druggist Ijabeln, I'ro
graim.'ics, Constitufinns, Notes,
I I'sufts, Tiusioess Cards, Visiting
j CnrJs, Show funis, l'ninjililets, Posters,
j Hills of Euro, Order Hooks, l'ttper Books,
j Billets, Sale Bills, Sic.
j Tho Most Approved Hapd Presset
Typt, Bordsrs, Ornsments, Rules, Cats, 4e.,
We will ciecute everything in tl»e line of
Mnu, FkOHrILT, nil u Knxxtsit K.tsi,
In a style to oxccl any establishment «|
Lome, and compete with any a\j-na<l■.
M Ha ana «>«■ .y a« ■>««
Are employed in every branch of th*
business, and we endeavor to meet th*
wants of the C'Jipmuuity, and to re
tain the honorable distinction which has
been already couceded to this establish
ment, for
AND 11l
lll I'rcnti Work.
lii all the essentials of Cheap Printing,
(lood Paper. Tasteful Composition, Beau
tiful Press Work, and DISPATCH, we ia
vitc comparison, frifln petting out a Car 4
of a single lino to an illuminated Poster,
or a work of any number of pages.
K.\ec(«s"s Notice,
JiTTK.RS lest.unculury on the la-t will and testament
j "1 Sitnn'.el linker, late of Centre Tp , Hitler Co. Pa.
der'd, bavin* boon infiied by tlie Hegiater of Rniler Co.
| t<» the undersigned, ail peraoiin knowing themteWea
i debted t-» snid estate, arc renneated to make payment*,
ami tIu MW having claims against the Kama will present
{ (hem propfily authenlicato'l with Mosea Thoinpaon-.
j KM|. when the undesigned will receive tliem fur nettle
i pient. J AS. II.O.OPHE, Kxncumr.
TOYS! TBYKllimit
; A General Assortment,
Wholesale & Retail
1 iixzimttm&Ns*
, Butler November 4J,::3in IBi}s.
History of the War
I milK WORK will printed 'rom a benutifui-, clear
I r,ow type, on due ealelidi«red paper, made expresaly
f«r this woik. be c-mtpri«ad in one \ety largo Tolutne of
nvor a |||<>US»IHI pa«"«,
I rod and P.fry portrait* of i-linuuish'-d offlcera and civ
lians, oiapadiagram*, and numerous fine steei engra
▼ inirs. exeen* ~n th'- blgheat style of Ilia art. It will
! bo furtn hed toaiibsrriM-rs in neat and Hub«tantial bind
j in?, at the following prices, payable on delivery.
(nfFh:nfl»th 50 per eopy
J In Fine 1.-ather (Library Style,). T.SU •
in Fine Lcatii«-r;(!eiman.' Library My!.-, 7«SO
n»U work hna no ri ,-al as a candid, lucid, complete
aii'hent!e atid r.-linhle history of tho "great conflict,"
In the selreti.m ei in if er tho author has confined
hlmaelf strictly to official d-ita, dorivop from tho report*
■of Northern and . w r.irho ii ticie iti-i. t:«o report of the
j Committee on 'hfl Conduct ot the Uar, National and
t lt»d el Arehivex. Ac.
If,, p.-,., rirefnUve.vdded the introduetlon of any mat
ter n't stiict'y r'Habit and facial, and has aueeeeded
in pe dnwnu what ii universally douuiiidod, a fair and
I impartial /lietorv of '.he War.
J, A. 311LLIXGCU, Asrettl.
I Nov. 29. l«rft.
rniiE foili M ing is tha li*t of Letters remaining in tbft.
! p.MtOfllce, Butler Pa. Jan Lit, IMG
j Airuer Gee»»a Kirk L. W.
. Aucuatine .'aocb Lhagerty Mra
{ Anderson H. Martin Sir. A
I Ijengi-r Uieiiard M ixweil J. B.
Krunner, Kaq. Fred. M ver Dr
| Burns Patc'ic.a. M Caudlar.s Kesia A. %
i Campbell Ah-X. M MillsJ.C.
j C d.kin MraOafolin# M'Candless Mr D
Clearer George M Lnunhiin Uuniap
, Burr Mr John Martin. Fxp, JOa,B
j Durst Wcstlep Lw Mover V. 'i
1 Duncan Wm. M't laarv Mit A. J.
Jonathan Bl'Dowell Weatley
! l>fTk<d»ay Patrick Nineli Thomas
Dollugf.r Fradk O'Oehe Jacob
| Dlek B. Plunkard Steplien,
UurrJbhn Bice Cyrus •
i ftiwards John t Rusaeli V+<] John
I Fresh Gonrg% Richmond Mra fiiiga.
1 Fair Simon Smith (ftjerge
j Hcegc* Miy Katf Smith J* M.
ttold'tein Mr. Starr E W.
{ Caeton J C. Bmilb Mise MarcarM
1 Hamilton Wm J. FtewartC. W.
I H«. 1 Ld-v.ird irbafui John 2
1 Haakius'.lolist Ptarr J. W.
j iiodii J. S. Sh iffor Nauor J
j HartemanJaoob Thatcr John M.
' liiini.ui Mrs. Mcrj. TbuUip* n Mil .-ieal
' James n David \y lan tell Fre»Uick
Knuff Miss M. Wfr v a>y A C.
I ICenneuy John IL Wakaco V. Orica
| Kcrber Petec Wusterstine lleury
' Persona calling fora,rty ofth® above lettera
, «»• U>«l W AURTRRT T W. J T
; Jao. •

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