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_ —OF THE —
1 OR
3d, 4th, & sth of October, 1886.
Thi Entry Books will be opened on the
15th day of September, and continue
open until tho evening of tlie 3rd day of
October, at which time they will be
.Idml*4lon to tljo Gronnda,
Tickets dijring the JJair, 81 OC
Single Admission Tickets, 25 cent?,
Or live for One Dollar.
Children under 10 years old, Free.
FREmr.il i,INT.
CLA&k £—Gram, rfr.
l?o*t 2 acres or more of wheat, ?'•") 00
Second best " " '•'> 00
best 2 acres or more of rye 2 00
second " t " " 100
best 2 acres or more of corn, 5 00
second " 11 ■ " 3 00
best 2 acres or more of oats, 2 00
second best " 1 00
1 c.-t 2 acres or more of barley 2 00
second best " " 1 00
best 2 acres or more of buckwheat, 2 00
becond best ' " .1 00
best 2 acras ojr more of hay, 2 00
second best " " 1 00
best J acre of potatoes, 2 00
second best " 1 00
best } acre of broom corn, 2 00
The following are the rules under
which competitors for premiums in the
above class must be governed :
Ist. To have the grounds accurately
measured by not less than two disinter
ested persons, whose statements must he
verified by affidavit. A statement of the
kind and e&nflitiofi of the soil, the vari
ety and quality of the seed planted or
sown, and the mode and expense of cnl»
tivatior* roust be presented in writing be
fore a premium will bo awarded.
2d. The whole amount of roots, grain
or grass produced on the amount of land
spucified, must be measured or weighed ;
root crops divested of their tops and es
timated oy their weight—sixty pounds
to le considered a bushel—and grain
crops to be weighed or measured accord
ing to the usual standard.
CLASS 7?— Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits
umt Flotcers.
liest bushel of white wheat, SI 00
best bushel of red wheat, 1_ 00
best bushel of corn in the car, 50
best bushel of oats, 25
best busliel of buckwheat, 50
best bushel of barley, 50
best bushel of fla-xsecd • 50
best .bushel o>f timothy seed, 1 00
best bushel clover seed, , 1 00
best busjicl of sow beans", . 50
best bushel millet seed, 50
best'bushel of potatoes, 50
best bushel of onions, 50
best bushel of turnips, 25
best bushel rutabaga turnips, 50
best bushel of tomatoes, 50
best bushel of parsnips, 50
best bushel of carrots, 50
best bushel of beets, . 50
best bushel of sweet potatoes, 1 fiO
best bushel of summer apples. , 50
best bushel of winter apples, 50
best bushel ot pears, 50
best bushel of peaches, 50
best bushel of quinces, 50
best half doceti of cabbago heads, 50
best half dozen of common pumpkins 50
best half dozen sweet " 50
best hjilt dozen of squashes, 50
bcst'specinion of grapes, 1 00
best display, variety and quality of
flowers, 1 00
best floral display of living plants, 1 00
best floral ornaments, 1 00
best pair boqucts, 1 00
best arranged basket of flowers, 100
best display of cucumbeis, 50
best display of radishes, 50
best water mellons, 50
besf n.psk " 50
b'brl SS *( '.'—Stallions, Trotters, d'f.
Hcst blooded Stallion over 3 yrs, 820 00
2d best'" " " 10 00
best " " 2 500
best common " over 3 " 8 00
2d best " " 2 11 400
best draught horse or marc over 3 yrs, 500
best trotting horse, mare or geld
ing, of any ago, '0 00
(. fas'! D—lf ones. Mares, Colts <{• Mules.
IJest psir heavy draught hortes or
mares, s,"> 00
2d best " " ' 3 00
best jwiir carriage horses or mures, 5 00
2d best " ' " 3 00
best horse or mare, .or r.-.Jdle or
Uarness. 5 00
best saddle horse or mare, 5 00
best brood mare and colt, 5 00
2d best " " " 300
best horse qr mare over 3 years
old, 5 00
best colt 2 years old 5 00
2nd best " " 3 00
besf norsc colt 1 year OTO, 5 00
2nd best " " 300
(JLA§S E—Jlloti'.liil Cattle.
Host blooded bull 3 years old, 810 00
best blooded bull 2 years old 8 00
best blooded bull 1 yenr old 5 00
best blooded bull calf, 3 00
beat .blooded cow 3 years old or over. 8 00
best blooded heifer 2 years old, 5 00
bett blooded heifer 1 year old, 4 00
bcsfbloodcd heifer calf, 2 ('0
| ".nsp If —j.W • citttk ii . ■ '/• •• a
Villi So 00
2 years .old, 8 00
in>s'witiynAxill 1-year old 2 00
hctTtt»f*fe jw!f, ' 1 CO
best jt>t» 3 years old or over, 5 00
best itative<beiler-2 yoarsold, 3.U0
iJeet T>at"i,Y c heifer 1 yvar old, 2 00
best yoke of oxen 4 years old, 5 OC
' best yoke of oxen 3 years old, 3 U'
Ctast G.— Sheep and Wool.
Best blooded buck, #ls 00
best 3 blooded ewes, ]0 00
best Spanish merino buck, 5 00
best saxon buek ; , 8 00
best french merino buck, 3 00
' best leicester buck, 3 00
best common buck, 8 00
best 3 Spanish merino ewes, 5 00
best 3 saxon ewes, 3 00
best 3 french merino ewes, 3 00
best 8 leicester ewes, 3 00
best 3 common ewes, 3 00
best 3 Spanish lambs, 5 00
best 3 saxon lambs, 3 00
best 3 french lambs, 3 00
best 3 fleeces of wool, 1 00
(Hast ll.—Swine.
Tlesf, boar over G months old, $5 00
best brood sow, 5 00
best litter of pigs not less thpn 5, 3 00
Cij.iSS J—Poultry & Dairy Product*.
Host pair of turkeys, 50
do pair of ducks, do
do pair of geese, do
do pair of black Spanish chickens, do
do pair of cross breed chickens, do
do pair cochin china chickens, do
do pair dorking chickens, do
do pair shanghai chickens, do
do pair bautam chickens, do
do pair poland chickens, do
do pair game chickens, do
do 5 pounds of butter, SI 00
do box of honey, 1 00
do 5 pounds of maple sui;nr, 1 00
do 3 loaves of bread, wheat, 1 00
do 3 " " rye, 1 00
do cheese not lc«s than 10 lbs. do
do gallon of apple butter, 50
do " pencil " 50
do quart of sugar-eane molasses 100
do six jars of tomatoes, do
do exhibit 3 kinds of pickles, >
do exhibit of preserved fruits, do
do cured ham and mauncr of
curing: do
Chins K Agricultural Implement.».
Best harrow, §1 00
best fanning mill, 1 00
best corn sheller, ] 00
best horse rake, 1 00
best corn cultivator, 1 00
best grain cradle, 1 00
bost threshing Hi clcaningmaehinc, 5 00
best straw cutter, 1 00
best half dozen hoes, 1 00
best half dozen hay rakes, 1 00
best Held roller, 1 00
best stump extractor, 1 00
best two horse plow, 1 0 A
best seed drill, 2 00
best corn planter, 2 00
Class L.—Mechanical Arts.
Best two horse wagon 8 I 00
best two horse carriage 5 00
best top buggy, 5 00
best open buggy ii 00
best double set ol wagon harness 200
best double set carriage harness 3 00
best single set harness 2 00
best lady's saddle 1 00
best mau's saddle, 1 00
best bridle and martingale 1 00
best calf skin 1 00
best side of harness leather 1 4)0
best side of upper leather , 100
best side of Kip leather 1 00
best co k FCOVO 2 00
best parlor stove 1 00
be-t i omraon stove 1 00
best exhibit of photographs 1 00
best pair of men's boots 1 00
best pair of lady's boots 1 00
lwst gent's coat, panti and vost 3 00
best rocking chair 1 OIJ
best set of "chairs 1 00
best dressing bureau 3 00
beetitone ware I 00
best earthen ware V 00
best tin waro 1 Ofl
best rifle gun 1 in)
best blacksmith work 1 0U
best marble work 1 mi
best penmanship l"O0
lie-t thwi*aitd oak shingles I ill)
'best leather trunk 1 00
best book printing 1 00
best card printing 1 OO
best portrait painting X ()(j
best clothes horse I 00
best mattock _ 1 00
best washing machine 1 00
best dog power for churn 1 00
Class M.—Domestic, ami other Manufac
[•est 10 yards of eassimere S2 00
" " " " satinet 100
" " " barred flannel 100
" " " " ran carpet 100
" " " " woolen carpet 100
" " " " tlax linen 100
" pair of blankets 2 00
" pair gent's woolen hose SO
" pair ladie's woolen hose f>o
" pair cent's woolen mittens 50
" 5 pounds of wool yarn ] 00
" barrel when! flour 2 00
" best half-dozen linnen bags ] 00
linnen thread 50
' pairof linnen table cloths 1 tH)
Class A'— Ornamental and Needle Work.
Best gfnt's shirt SI 00
'• lady's bouneit 112 00
" lady's head dress ] 00
" lady's cdlar 1 01)
" ornamental work 1 00
" tabic Cover ] 00
" stand eover 1 00
" ottoman cover 1 00
'• pateh work 1 00
" patch work quilt, quilting to be
considered, 1 00
Best crotchet work, 1 00
" cruel work, ] 00
" artificial flowers, in wax, 1 00
" artificial fruits, in wax, 1 00
" embroidery on silk, 1 00
" embroidery on lace, 1 00
" embroidery on muslin, 1 00
" embroidered lamp mat, 1 00
" embroidered slippers, 1 00
" fancy chair work, 1 00
" ormimeutal shell work, 1 oO
" ornamental leather work, 1 00
ornamental pillow-slip, 1 00
" fancy basket, 1 00
" pair worked under blecves. 1 00
" tidy, 1 00
" bed spread, ] 0 )
" cradle quilt, I 00
We invite the attention of- the public
to our premium list. It has been teviscd
with great care, and with direct reference
to the liberal encouragement of all class
es ef industry and commendable enter
prise. Look over the list at your leisure;
note the premium you wish to jiraw and
see to it that some of your neighbors
don't go ahead of you.
A good band of music will occupy a
' prbroinent'stand on the grounds during
I the fair. *
Professor .1. ty. Brugh will deliver an
address, on the subject of Agriculture.
* P» *• *?«»■* «i
will be furnißhed with single tickets of
adn\ission at any of tjie ticket offices for
twenty five cents, or fire for one dollar.
Children under ten years old, free. The«e
tickets must be delivered to the gate
keepers as you pass in.
Directions to Competitors.
Competitors are requested to enter all
articles for exhibition in tlic Secretary's
bnoks on or before the evening of the
first day of the fair. Cards will be given
to. each competitor, which tnu-t be at
tached to the animal or article you may
wish to exhibit.
A committee will direot you as to the
location and arrangement of anything you
may have to exhibit.
There is an abundance of water conve
nient to the gi < uud— hay and pisture will
be furnished 1 TO of charge—other feed
to be provided by the owners of stock.
Rules and Instructionsfor
«' .idges,
Ist. You arc respectfully requested to
report yourselves to the manager's tent on
the first day of the fair it' possible, aud
in no evcut later than 10 o'clock of the
sccohd day.
2d. At 10 o'clock of the second day
■yjur names will be called at the mana
ger's tent, and all vacancies will then be
Bd. Yon will receive your class books
and enter upon the discharge of your du
ties immediately. The class books will
refer you to the number affixed to thedit
fie lent animals or artie'es submitted for
.yonr examination. In these books you
will also write out your repoit.
4:h. You will not be permitted to serve
on a Committee in any class in which you
may be competing for a premium.
sth. You will in no ease where there
is no competition, award premiums to ar
ticles or Animals that are not meritorious.
6th. l\v no attention to animals or
articles that have not a numbered card
and class attached.
7th. You will take into consideration
the symmetry, early maturing, size, age,
feeding, and other circumstances connec
ted with the animal you may judge, but
give no encouragement to over-feeding.
Bth. A majority of the members on
each committee will constitute a quorum
Oth. Permit no "fersons to interfere
with your examinations oV to be present
at jour deliberations.
10th. Each member of the Hoard of
Directors will have the supervision of a
particular department on the - rounds—
and to this member you will apply for
any instruction or information you may
IST. Inch Competitor for premiums
must pay one dohar, which will entitle
him loan admission ticket, good during
the fair, and when the premium competed
for exceeds one dollar, ten per cent, of the
premium additional to be paid as an entry
fee at the time of cntariug.
2i>. All persons wishing to ride on
horseback, i r drive a buggy or carriage
on the fair ground, can do so, by paying
an entry fee of Twenty-five cents for each
time they cuter the grounds.
3d. All animals placed in competition |
for premiums must be owned in the county
by persons offering the same, or by mem- |
bers ol their family under twenty years j
of age; and all articles competed for
premiums must be products of ihe coun
ty, or manufactured within the same
-Ith. On the entry of animals or ar
ticles cards will be furuishud by the See
retary with tlip number and class as en
tered i.t the office, which must be attached
to the animals, or articles,'otherwise the
judges will pay no attention to them.
oth. Competitors must exhibit to the
Secretary tickets good durinp- the fair be
fore ho will make any eutry fur compe
tiiii n
fith. Stock of all kinds entered for
competition must remain in the stalls
until called for by the marshal.
7th. Premiums must be called for
within three months after the fair, or they
will be forfeited to the society.
Bth. The Hoard of Managers will take
every precaution in their power for the
safety of the s'otk aud articles on ex
hibition. but will not be responsible for
any lo«8 or damage that may occur.
Oth, Intoxicating drinks of all kinds
are strictly prohibited on the fair grounds.
10th. Disorderly conduct of every
kind is forbidden ; those indulging there
in will forfeit their right to remain longer
on the fair grounds and will be promptly
11th. No person w ill lie permitted to
engage in any kind of business on the
fairgrounds without a written permit from
the Secretary and Treasurer. "
Order of Arrangement.
Fin ST DAY. —Gencril preparations, en -
tries arid arrangements of animals and
SFCOM> DAY. —General exhibition and
examination of,stock, &c.
THIRD DAY. —Trotting and pacing
horses, address, and report of .Judges.
J I ':•, !! y North of the !■<».-
ron jrh <>f Butler. where Stores, PI ont ■«
H,, ' , ot * ,(>r c**tinp» are made on shor uo
j \"\l ml ware-room In on Main > reel
II -i door -North of Jftrk'n Hotel, where you wilif.nl a>ve»
fullsfsosand patrons: They also keep on hand.. lar>re
to *k of Ploughs, which they sell a" cheap as they can be
at imy other e*tubli-hiucnt in the cotinty.
Executor's Xotiec.
LETTERS testamentary on the Estateof John Yonnp.
late of Lancaster township, decM,haro been isfued
o the ufldcrHigned. Therefore, *ll persons knowing
ilicmsolve* indebted to said eetale. nre requested to iuak«*
immediate payment; and fbnse having claims ap:*in-<t
e same will present them properly authenticated for
tt lenient. FRANCIS SCOTT,
JnijilV.o.Ci* Executor.
pHF. nud.-r hnv.u K g,m,. Jni„ panucrjhlp, In
J_ BOOT and SHOE Maiuilacturiuir butiiue-f, JJoyd'a
twu diKM-s Suirhof Wnudier * Truiuniiin'ri Store.
U.uil Street. Ei'thr, Pa., are prepared t , unJtu the nect
•st 800l ;i lit] Shot' and doth* Uvtj-jb work of any other
laitiblirliinent in the plare. Hating te ret»t . .no- in
he busing we cunuo. fail to filoase. Call and us
Ornamental, plain, Fancy, card Book
BEBSMI am !?}llBT3BB»
In the Arbitration room In the Court
BUI Heads, Hooks, Druggist Labels, Pro
grammes, Constitutions, Checks, Notes,
Drafts, Blanks. Business Cards, Visiting
Cards, Show Cards, l'nthphleta, Posters,
Bills of Fare, Order Books, Paper Books,
Billets, Pale Bills. Ke.
The Mo3t Approved Hand Presses
Type, Border*. Ornaments, Rules, Cuts, Ac.,
We will execute everything in the line of
in a style to excel any establishment at
home, and compete with any abroad.
Are employed in every branch of the
business, and we endeavor to meet the
wants of the community, and to re
tain the honorable distinction which has
been already conceded to this establish
ment, for
T;ifffnnoe In Press Worlt.
In all the essentials of Cheap Printing,
Good Paper, Tasteful Composition, Beau
tiful Press Work, and DISPATCH, we in
vite comparison, from getting out a Card
(if a single line to an illuminated Poster,
or a work of any number of pages.
The American Citizen
13 published every Wo.hirudin In theborough fo Butler
by TIIOMVS l5on»:;-<>N in the Arbitration room in the
Court 110 i-f.
TKUMH:—S3 00 «i year, if paid in advance, c- within
the lir«t first six months; or 250 if not paid until after
the expiration o the fli nt six ni< nth*.
As e'ed upon by the Publishers and Proprietors r.f the
Butler Papers.
One square, one Insertion .fl o<i
Kacli subsequent Insertion 60
Vy column t -r six mouths 12 60
column for «lx months 20 0"
1 column for six month" 35
for one year 25 OH
Uj column lor one year 40 00
1 column for one year 70 00
Prof rt»iotial and Business Cards, not exceeding R
liut'i, one year R 00 !
Executors,Adwluistrators.ind Auditor's notices, each,3 00
Applications for License*, each 5y j
Cautious, Kstrays, Notice* of Dissolution, See., not
t'xceediug 1 «qunre, U insertions, each 2 00
10lines ol Nonpareil, or^tsequivalent, will makeasquare
sheet band-bill, 50 cojdes or less *1 5;
V? •• " " 2 50
* 00
Full •• " " 6 00
For any quantity under ft quires, $1 f.A per quire: on all
amounts over that, a reasonable reduction w ill l»e made
Single pack', each additional park, ftO cts.
lOoontsper line for each insertion.
will bopuhliahed gratis, where the same does not exceed
olim-s; 112 .reach additional line, 5 cts. will l>e charged.
Advertisements >»f O. (J. Sale, Executors, AdtmnMrn
t. - ..-. I Auditor's notices; KstiayN, Diss d«tion of Part
nei shin. Cautions. and all transient a lvertir»eineuts, MI ST
\\ ti.e undersigned, Publiahtrn and /V«prf«|or*ofthe
Butler pnpers, hereby agree t'i strictly adhere to the
above schedule of prices, until further notice.
\VM. MAS!,KIT. Butler American.
CI.AIIK WILSON, I'wion llerald.
liOBJNSON «fc AND Kit SON, American Citi/en.
July 13 1884.
j A7MVN?:™an\'"M7D.
rhyHlclnn unci Hurfffion*
! OfHce immediately oofJosite Walker's buildings
TBuI lev I*s».
I Dec.o, lS6H:!tf 4
r.EX.I. JACK, Proprietor.
Coiner of Main and .TefTeraon »lr««ti
IJnUfii Pa.
March 1«. I«f>4
Att oracy at Law F
OlTlrf u 11la Clin*. PPCsndlriit K»q.
Soutu He t coru r of • lie illain ou«l
imtirr PH.
M& Blß®&M>' • WitiMt»
Attorney at Law,
• one donr North ..f KINNKAK HOW
Attorney _at Law,
Ornrtc, N. K. corner of Diamond, Butler, Pa.
Feb. 3.lS»U::tf.
Claim Agent
T HE undersigned w >uld respectfully notify the public
ro that he has been regularly commissioned a*
for securing Mount}/ sir rear a of Pay and Prn
aionn, for soldiers, or If they are dead, for their legal
rsprenertatives. No charge will l»enmde for prosecuting
the claims of «ohliers, or their representative* until the
fame are collected. C. E. ANDERSON.
Butler, June -7, lfifift.
3. S. CLARK.
Attorney at Law,
I iwrOillco in the Court House.-^a
The extra Bounty allawed by set of Congress tf»
Soldier* or their representative* collected without un
noecMiary delay.
94rTK/tM.S:— sr». All letters promptly an-wered"«4
Butler, August Ist, tf.
Attorney at Law.
«: o :
: OSlco with "Lewis Z. Mitchell, Esq.,
North East Sid* of Diamond.
KC «■ fllri*, H • -
Aug 15-6mo>
(Lste of the U. 8. Army)
*J-ornr« In BariJ's Wock.n >f«iS(r#f( l»ntl«r Pa.
(Bold and
O O 3? .A. 2>T "V"
Organised under a Special Charter from the State ttf Pr
100.000 SHARES, $5 EACH.
Principal Office, 224, S. Fourth St
« jf JF * JK :■* m -
U. S. Senator from Minnesota.
Cashier Kaiional Hank of the J j u
St Piiul Minn.
Cor,. Jacob /iec.ler.
B tiller, /*(■««•«.
Wm. IJ. Oode.v, Esq.,
Chicagoi 111.
Isaac 11. Hileer, Ksq.,
Chicago, in. '
. Hon. Robert W. Hamilton,
George I? Presbury, Esq.,
IluUlmtre. Ml.
Frank Steele, Esq.,
Hon. Aefheii Uilmore,
I'hil idrtphia.
Cor,. Jolin M Wktiierii.i,
/■otlsv'V'.. fit.
K. ItF.ED MyER, Esq.,
Surveyor of the. I)irt % I'hili.
Hon. T. J. Coffey,
Hon. Geo. V\ . Woomvari,,
Chief Justice of /'c St'tie of J\nnsylvani i.
Mi\ & JHlvcv fining (£o
OF N 13 V I> A .
The property of this Compnny Kslttntel : m th » Mim
ninth nod North Union Nye County
Stat* of Nevada, and c<-mp * the I-il-wing n in:
ItUy» of filer r i-ear in q qtmvtt .
/. I.IK, h S l.\ MAMMOTH .1 HXI.ro !>"TR fCT.
The Winnebago Ledge Tweh-- hll 1•- ( f«-» t.
»• Vnion Ledge One t lib
• R.-.l Jacket l.i <1 -i", On.* thon-nnd 1 et.
" Wabashaw hedge Eighteen hundred feel
" Ojlbwa I e«lp.- 'lwelva bundled feet.
" Mammoth »" m-i .T< f.edge..Ei b? -. n hu.nlr,. 1 fIM
• Yell..w Jacket Ledge one thousand fe. t.
" l»i»C"»Hh Ledge, Twelve hun-be-l feet.
♦« Com. t Ledge.... one 1 I «112,
" Leviathan l.e.ige, Eighteen h«ti*d;< 1
" Km. )>• 11 Ledgo . 1 >nn tb'iUMiid fee
The Hi 1.1 ilt on »dv<- honor i fi o
•• Hamilton i.x Ledge, «....TwHve luudnd 1
" Ojibwa l.elu.- Twelve hnnd od ! «!
•' Pecotah (.edge, .Twelve huudnd I'er
• Ora/w Yidley Ex, l*dge Tw.-ivo lmndre l. -i
" I »is|.... ; I Ex. I.- k- .... Twelve bund-el feet
♦♦ F« rest Queen Ex I .edge Twelve hnndr. d fee
»* I'onv l-.x. Le.'ue.. .. Twelve him .rife
Overland Ex* l<cdge, Twelve hundred feet
The Olllcers nnd Bon.l .112 Directors • 112 the* »m ; .i'i\
pn sent the above combination of twenty rich 1 id v.ilu
il.le fculvei Ledges, < uiii|.i twenty-five I 1 ti-u'-
feet, which they confidently helldve «• nlu .i 1 pr. |1 ;
tv 1 >1 pr »ll»ulde silver mining n:ifnrp;«B-je I l»y un\ 01
ti.e Pacific cna|t>
1 hi.t jirojlerl v was f.tle t-<l and 1 112 I l»y prnli. 1
and evprr en. «-d miueiM, am iik the in Noitll I ir ■
and.M iniiuti h. whi.-li ;i?u JUKIIv i,tud«d t
bent silver minmir districts In tin- £tate. on nerount .
II . richness<ft theorem, the width .» i-iavi-ii. the I'm
timber on the motihtaln. and the ■> t I".dtiß uft I gr.i
ili the valleys. ,
Tlii* Compnny do not deslgri to set 112 »rlh statement
that will not he verified, and pru rr nnder-eritimatln
what they believe the iciulti will prove. Fuel i< 11
iteuud gr«-:it expen.»o in maiiv of the dtatiirt* 'I li
& Cutry, Opbfr. lavage, an ! other . < lehr.it A iiiiiie-. 1
Washoe, me paying Ir■•nil Aft<-en t . twentv dutl.ire | «-
cord for wo id. A twenty <>tuup mill will consume li
leen iv.rd "112 no >d per day. at #ls per e a I. unmuathii
t.. p"i- diy. I» the >Uaim ah an I .v-rth I ~
difitrictH it would be cimpty U»ecutting,f-1 porco"d. "rs'>
per day. Theie is 11 large .-avlngon thin it.an. In tli
e n.iiimptlunol *alt, which is I irg ly used in tniiiih;
opera!ions, thesnving would not he lcs< than* $ '.u pc
nay «>vc r many othei «lif»t 1 ids. In the-e two i .-m- tln-r
in nn advantage In r,>*t 112 running a twenty -itamp mil
in t•• sc d>tr:cts which would ui-iKe a hnu-l nie 3 earl,
proilt of itself.
It Is not t»»e intention nf the Company t« work alHhi
property at the present time, Inn to hold it in r--s'-n
for fuliuedl*p< -itioii. elthei t» form » j>ait of it i. it
de.-med exueiPent. A twenty gtantp ini'l near n nvll
selected loiie will pay a larn" dividend on the r.ap.t
the hi »t wo king \ i-ar. and leave a reserved fund in t t
treasury, to he lip pi e I t > the eieirti >n of another mill.
This Company intend to erect a llrsttrli-w mill n »
the WiiiUehngo lode, which in four i«nd oiie-h ill I ■«
wide, ttiiii U considered one of-the richest silver ledge
in .\evade, ami will atlorti an ample supply of tire 1.1
twentv-etauip mill
Profesnar Hiatchly, who is a scientific, Reliable, an
verycaini us (contleliuin, -aysof this lode:
•• This Is a strong weil detiuud vein, showing n>rr
indication of depth and ftermhnct/rr.. T>o or • it
great richness, and well diffused through-,at /..•> reiii
iitid all the. tire vi'l pay fir working from the »v, / nn
face This ix a vrry valuable mint: and can be I
pay from the beginning." A. UHTOHLY.
Mining Engineer,
it is more than doubtful if Professor hl.itchly ak
In these terms of any other mine in Nevada.
A twenty stamp mill can crush twenty t-n» per dty
hut s.-«y tli.it it crushes l.'i tons |>pr day, (ch h.-m -peri
mens from the Winnebago l-.de has a-»<n e«| rli;>.:p.-i
ton), It Is a I -w estiinat'* to nay that it will irlve Hfi iv
erage viehl of flfO per ton, tike ifhi- it con.". IVoiu tlx
vein. Fifteen tons per day woii'd yield 112 •ij i*. tue « \
penses of crii-hitig in these district- e-ill not ex« e.-dS i
per ton, or $450 for Ift tons | leading * net | a
for a working day, or a monthly profit ol ovu .'. i,t*x
for one mill.
This statement m*y h em large, but it is p nv, » 1.3
the reMiits of other mills in diHiricts lw»n lavomhly I ■
cated. We confidentlj believe there ist. - nthot lnv->|
ment will n:«y such large r-turns as silver pjopeity
when well located, nnd the mllle properly man I
The managing director i* au experienced wad practlca
silver ore worker in all its .letalls; he is in the pr tue*
life, of excellent habits, ami indomitable energy . L< hi
been long and favorably known to our l'r.->i o >it, <»••>
Kams^y, and to Mr. Krank fcteel, 011 oft ••• li .r-1.
IHrectois. and with whose good oplni e« 1 Mr IJaiuii
ton, the lion A. \V. Ilondall, First A»-i tau' »'o%tnm t 1
Ueneral, and Oov. Farwoll, of Wisc nisfn, also i >1 Bur
bank of Minnesota, fully concur 11-« >■* one ol i;,,*di
coverers of ibis property an I is argoiy inter.- t -d in it
ami will certainly take great pbde iu dis -hargiiig hii
duties promptly au<l economical , and 111 i*urii a man
uer an to make the Company a slyceHs which bears 1.1
A trustworthy and competent clerk go -s out with tin
ma lager ns flunncial agent.
The plan of organization of this Company offers pe
cnlhir advantages to the *ulm«-ribers. li >;iies thein >.
j enrity, iusurea them a large interest up-n iheii mn \
[ and pr ivides f»r itaretomurmiment inns, o t rime, le«iv
■ ing toein their interest in the *t .rk fe ■ >• > .
| Tne Oimpaiiv renerves 112 r .thwt.e-iwiry 01
70,00> 1 shares of and will ht ll 4 U»U • shares »t pm
value of fi.Oii. full paid. Tln efo.ty »ho mn I -hare
are preferred sto. k to bear 'i> pel cer.t. dividen d pet
| annum out of the first earnings «.f the i::i ■ s until «iu
1 par value is refunded. It also shores in dividea«i. wit;
, the common stick all profits of Itie mines over i*nd an.ai
j twenty-five the Coinjainy iwerv ngtheiighi
to re»teem this preferred wtoek at any tiiuo t»y the p.)
ment of the par value thereof, «ud tut . the pre
ferred stork after it shall have been pakj t.y divi<!.-u .'s. :
| iwcmy five per cent., or otherwise, to take grade wit 1
the common stock, will sharo all profits of the miner
This equitable plan is an evidence of the good faith «I
this iompany, and their confidence tu th« pro. • ty. u
guuianiee- te thesubeCriber thewh. h» prop-itv and in •
provenienta lor the payment of the praterie-i .-t-■ k ae.|
iusuroithe payment <if it at>eedily, leaving his iuuMe-<t
iu the ( oiupany without No other st.s k will h.
sold, axcepiing the until the Company',
mines pay dividends.
This i ompeoy have a liberal charter granted by *pe
cial act of the Legisiajuie of Pen irfylvania. The* ti b*
to thin property haa In-oti can-filly » \amiin-.l n i,| 1,1,-
no.jiici'.t portl The ptiMiu t «>f silver mines fc diff..a«:ut
fromlrou, oMl,n>pp.'r, '.i l-ii-l. »bic:i lue inll.i. i.ct.i
bv the ftunctuatioif of the lu.-rhet. The pre-lou»m.«-
ats are the stuudurd of vain.*, when once protlucod, they
have no market to seek. l>at make thU their ma ket
Jas T. McJuDkin, Esq., Traveling
The«e life giving remedies ar* new, fcr the flrat Mm«
given publicilv to the world. Forever a quarter ol h j
century of. private prartico the ingredients ill »ho»e
Have neen «sed with the greatest success. Their mlnnlc
Is not only t» prevent disease, but to euro. Th- v eearc t
out the various maladies by which tho patient H anile, 1
lng and re-invigorates the filling ay ft t em. To tho »•-••<! |
and Inflrm a few doiKHof these KILLS will provn ».» be .
For in every ca«e they ad I new llle and vitality, and re- I
waning energies t<» their prirtine To
the young and middle-aged, they will prove most Inval
uable, as a ready, specific, and etfe llhg medie.ine. Unfa
Is a dream realited- that Polk. i de-ieou xoiiuht f.r
three hundred yearsago. and nev 'r found. Il» looked
for a fountain that would restore tho old to vigor an 1
make youth evor
An Eternal Spring!
It was left for thl« day and hour to realise tire dream, i
and show, in one glorious f.ict, tho tncgic that made it
Cannot stay t!»<* fl'ghtof vears, hut they, can force h ck '
and bold aloof. disease that might trhimph over tin' j
aged an I the young. bet none honitat.> then, bur s.-izo
the lav.irahle opp M tunity that offers. When taken a«
Nothing can be more productive of cure than tbe-e i
Pills. Their almost music Influence i-. fit at one. id |
the urttial concomitants of this most .1 *'r,- - «!!-• <.•
are removed. The#" remedies are made from the pure-it j
Vegetable Compound*!,
They w ill nit harm the most delleate fem-iV, mid can
be given with goad effect in pre.-.-: ibed d .nes to the
yonng—t babe.
For Cutaneous Disorders
And ail e upt= n« of lha akin, the SAI.VP i« m >st In !
valnahle. It.l .»«1> -«t e*tehr«lly a! no I it ■ n t< -
w'*h the ini'nt ■ -.aching e Hoe Is to t'i* Very ro »i of the
ovil J
Invariably Cures tho Following
Diseases :
ih.wel Complaint*
Uhc*t m oases
Or., -v.
FeVe: ; \gi|- :
remain Conipl tint*
lie.id le'le
lu-». e*»i .n,
] nil ui/i,
Infi unatl »«,
Inward We s,
' i: ;T,'\ v
r i XeMcf v v"*t» ...i ti,.. i- l; vm|
trade mark round each p ».• b m.. -d l.v |i|f.
M \(IO|KL, 4-i, l ultoi. v. V"ih I t itu;.. I,
is tel. my
thr ivle.nl the flit, i > and « :»:iaoa- .it ■_ s
p. r box ( , r pot.
Store. S ,!e A -e:,'t , i : v • .»
Till r; I II lel slgi,.-l -V . lid lid .no the p>|!.M<; •h .1 he l»
I prepH -dt. ell «. •■ nd. Keruiiv Si.lSiiiw M- \
chine • »• i- • • • -I '• !t ' I ».« -t n >'. • w il I
—I I . i-1 - I ' .I . :; d in lvij. , 1 K nil
;,..h,e wdMiot OI lv .1.. p'.al., vv , K Mich IV« . A--.
fill -ti'< ii If !; ,)! e in y, .... . t V
articles Anv on wMiftig to • 1.-ani ■m<v. \\ p;t
lifted lor cirri;:.':. Ad -- . i -a ..»> ,
li. I'. S\M 111 I, /. I..pie,
F.d» 14 v. t ••• 112 . iluf
r jp T'X TH
':ry "3 p T~%j a
jm £ rj A
AM) Yinc
rni -v
--yJSrj ii 1 <1
lusur;i'icc Q^fiilpLai
C i«h on h»n lin bank an 1 wllh A 112 - *257 3 r D
I'tilted still • . t I. k ii 12.777 25
He* e-1 > I»i,iuconj»i .1 00.3W (•)
Stale .-'I ii 1c - ) 00
Karlf rd Hank ft 2 1,813^00
Mlsceltauijons U'thk . t . k P. 9 00") C>'»
H liln.a I Mtock. et 273 I»'J7 112 O
j Hurt/ I'-io i- i ;t/r• m-.i'.V .. !. t: ...
TOTAL ..! t J,t'V r»3
liIAIUJ.I i 5 !>-».
j L .vses nn • Ijm-t «d and not -hie 221 .r/1 "r»
t 9 n3,HZ2 9 ZBi
(II ii .tuily lnc i.it ..r tiiy
j '. <>esand T'.Npenses for samo time..... I | r, l HO
Toti.MoHse. paid in *7 ye-.r ?1:»,J2T.41» « 0 I
j Via. Fir.-, $17,2AW10 Inland, $1,581,» > t»7
I Oove -nmei.tan l S?-.teTaxe< pakl SI7:M7 i r,j
July 4'fr,
The total amount covered bv A-'ina Poli< »es on ;-r..p
--| erty de.ui..\«'d or damaged ia $206.8*1, on wb eh • i- - !
| wiil be about ii pef eetif. (»ur total I■** wlil n> t . i j
j -nil '• : ..|.| i . 0,0 ... ;|.,d is lii iog pr .«up»ly lid;-.Med and
|••' pr por !:>n etjmil ton loss for a ciimiu, !
fiO «Mi a k ts.
Thi.nee..,;:rv f.r ?n<ur.inrear.7 tU vaTueof * iV v '
■ t:i»u_- co; p r.it on-, is I,..vii4v illiiM. » .d b/ this inc. 1
>ev..vd weik limil ane- es are fle.ar .ve.i _ j
I'urtl n l ha. a po .iiiatiim of »H):—was liand'i»me|<f j
| bnilt, ttwitlv li • brWkm •t .--- ■trnrtni --pi d. i-ti-1
; - d «»u three ni.les by water— Indeed. Ili' iaflv. aim i-t ,
ri.sing f.om the <s e.»a— and niib a c hh. nte ; ro flif de. !
! ailment. -t 1: h.i-fsl afi »
Vhi n Its people ir« I »st or. upje i—troin the very IrisiJ- 1
nifieaat camo' if <» eoiiUfmplb ie lire crark r.
KememlMT the triflingo. i.iu« 112 llre>tba; svre<i>awav
Ina 112. w h .111- 111 • eiiuin.-. 112 veils » ...i-idn v air
be t interests ;md give the J.tni »gent n call il yon |
iMtal propef inhiiranctf secu. itv I'oliehn issifd at fair i
terms. .1 .IML'-J T. MoJ |J n K 112 >, I
Au;nst B,IRfWJ,.It. Agent. 1
Auditors Notice.
Dutb'r count//, ft :
IN t!ie in itter of {lie 112. nal recount of Israel f'ookson ■
and J II ilman, H\e< utors of jaeoli Stout, la'-* .
of Cranberry t •wiiab ; p, dw'rt.
0(V Juue Term, I>-And
17 IKm On rnotiou of Mcf'iiri. 'b-ss, t'om t appointed
111 CM. Robinson, an Audi tor t» niuke d/siributi u.
Ny the Coanly. ;
f*ertifie»l from the rtMiord tlifiotst dav of July A. P. 1
I imj.i W ,1. YMJN u. i Jerk.
>fOTfCK I-bero'»v ,rlToh t*i »t r will art. nd \> th".
1 .11':. of 111.- Ib- ■>« ap|e.'i»tinelit nt the
< barias McCandl-ss. Ks.j . .»,i Thu-vl i.v, Che SUtU da;
j of at I o'clock, p. 11l- i.av.^
; Ang-1, vj), U. Auditor. , |
" SU.\KD»V Al'AjaV.
rpilK Fall term of the Pnnbury High cchoo'i '
lon the 1 th of August, an I etthtmne tweive •
week-. For tenns, Ac., addnes the Principal at Coul- , ,
torsville, Pa
DM ' r & l
That has been tried antl stood
the test, nut only in an occa
sional case, but in evct'ff com
munity ir/iere used it Art" been
jirououneed the safest find most
reliable rowed// l. noum for
It contains nothinfj irvf
tathitf or injurious to the
stomach, and is mild out
prompt in its action, arid
effects a permanent cure by
rcmovimf the cause of the
com plaint. jXo FAMILY
should be without it, as the
cosi is ti i/lintf compared
with the suffering that may
be avoided by having it at
htn ■' in case of a sudden
tit If • k.
i iry it, and judge for
at ■' -> '> > ' JUtuoaiSTS.
I': eftured only by
' j a. r : DICK & co,
Ac c::t3 for G .i!er County, Pa.
A'i Oui Go:i.i Set to a Mew Tune,
.i' k c3 s ss
. i i"t'M'' • i -t! Ifot.i,
!r .-I 1,/ t'lti.
•I . 11 In V.'V. rify w
* , , ■ i l.- r...... l e known '
• \ t • ?h • Ilnnnn ,
! .1- I- ill - I t'i ir h de» t'i die."'
• * " 'nf. I- Aic.y Ki ri'i,
i l Vi-*. Intel,** 1 -
* . .• i A.C.. Ac. Ac.
I' J'| Extermir.ntor.
•v, ' n>. |t » destroy, and
.J!. \ Ut liive fe 15. .l-ltUfrs, Ae.
1 : t ■ i:<• l» AV!»i:it K» : I\'SKCTB
. : ■ • |*i t - I 1...M lied buns,
' : nl<. Ai.iuuiln. Ac.
i ■ » « .rthle-slmitation*.
1.1...,- n.Dii e.u h lio.x. Itoitle
II i:\lt V V. COST Alt.
4--J |troa.lvvav, N. Y.
tii. Un r.ei. r-,
i.v 'I Prnu,lds mid llofailera
] i
x ' r : I! •I- Th • /' rmer* Cmettst Kn K .
■ ' . r Hp or of RAT£
A " ■ ' 1 Hits no less than 'ill.ooo
i' ' x 1 :«al •• this fill ll,.use fauiMy ean
' . . tin ■ _ n • I . ..nsiiiuu line o fo.id than
| 13.
J * -■ I-'tl'.' s" Whoever lu shooting
' I'U ! • .i * * i in in : Whoever aid* lu exlermlna-
I ■ I i,- v'. sti . lid like some one
112! i r w vpi . ieui-e In driviiiK out
i ' - ;hlie; l esiden eats, and
• ii-'-.- i r ,/i/lc American, A. )',
K . . . 'i .nU .-i I i J eaieut above
r V vr I'MItMINATOII U Snij.lj.inf..
J and sii —tl hi-.st peril*. - ! It.l I'-iliraiion meeting wa
i. I i K»eiy rat that can get it, prutieiiy
|.. ' i «'it it, and every one that »at« It will din
pl '. .S distant as p s-ildf from
■' ■ '! lii'?. Sunt Sf\'h M Mirror.
•' ' - - > id v-i n-ein.'tit aliove.
H " '• rii".T liouMed with vermin no no
1 H- ..'tJrV |-:xterminator. M'e hove
«.li»l'o li .ii an.| if a bojc toMfH i*'>, yce
W " !; 'vo 11 d pofs rtw4oit they effe^'ted
..-t'ir*« article knolls the breath out
: • • - '• ■!' and ipiirker than
'• "i It is in xreat (teniand all over the
1/ / >d '/ io. (7,i Telle.
V . wu'.- advertisement above.
A v-iT'VT 1 : )M Til*.'. FAU W F?!* -* fpeakinjc of
. ' flrr PftlrrmiiMtiiri ijmm
1 ; ■ 1 "'s are d -Irove I annually in Grant
\ miii ih HI would pav for tons of tlii* Rat
' 1,1 lb:-.' —/.l,ll'tir I IV*., /fernld.
** " ' -ai » ' advurtisfineut above.
! A • ii II«»i SJ:k KKPKHH, should rerollect
I ' Iti.ti I* I h'ila. •' \Miith . 112 Ui'niu, PpivinioUn.
• . I*iii i!l v de-ti o> ed l.v I: its. iniH.aiHlotli
r' • ' : '"d vermin,-.nl lid Mhieh .'nklw prevented
if"» d .11 li- V. .ish of **t .Stars*' LUF, KOIMIi, Ant,
. ..v ei niinai , bought and used freely.
% .; -fa. V-i advert is. inent abova.
'd in ItulW, Pa., by ail \)r and Doa-
April lr, 'Ofl..;Gmo.
Cj -J .1% i. Vf a-, t-i
IWnn,D re-*p..rtfully annoiinee to the Ihrmers of
Butl. i e..unty, that I am AKeiit for the gruitt l.d»of
, saving in irhino*
| Also tho ceKhrated
Mower k Reaper
1 111 uuf.etii' dby n irk k Qulglon, 0.
Tflß WOUbl) it KNOW VKD
Sharp's Steel-tooth Hay-Rake.
.\ sho great American Chaiiiplou
' y k (ijc-ain [email protected] e
■ • : (nr circulars of the different machine* All
o; r a he.-- d lo the ' ndemiKiied at Zeliuuople, Pa.
v Ih. • .nompt attention.
i :V i ison .s -hing Kiirveyiug done by the County
2\ .Surveyor, can tie accommodated bj leaving word
.r a.l.ir«esiiig.l. H.Clark, at the oftica of the Countv
surveyor in butler; or add reaaing N. M. 3la tor at Peter*
ville p,M«t Oflice, Hutler County Pa.
March 7th lMMitf.

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