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The Frontier Wedding.
One day iu early wintei uiy husband
received a summons to Burke a settle
moiit to u «it« a. couple in ihe bonds ol
wedlock. It was requeued
that h s wife i-hould ni-f-couipauy him., as
wo shuuld be requested to remain all
o.'iiht and part'rke of thfc leilivities.
It was twenty miles to the jettlemeni
and we reached the log house of Mr
liuiki , thefath r of thees.pcctiutl.i l ,
uuQVt noon A dozeu tow haired ch di
re n Were at the Jo i waiting oui :iri\*l.
They telegraph?'! tho lic.Wd lust .u-lj
'•Harm ! tnarm ! litre's tho elder
and his woman ! They're nothing
but folks! She's got a intw.'s hat on
and a turkey's wing in front of it,;,
bis nose 'S just like did s, crooked
jas a cowliorn squa di."
Alas for Mr. Morrison's nqniiine
liOff, o? which he was a little \ain !
"Sam!" cried a shrill female
voice from tho interior ot the c toi i,
'•run out and grab the rooster, an 1
I'll clap him in the pot! Sal. you
/pit that churn r.nd hwi'op the floor.
Kick that corn-dodger under the be '.
IL-11, you wipe that ohccr for the
minister's wife, and be pry about :t.
J'urtUev rcri ai kt were cat snort by
our c.itrariec.
Mrs. iluike, ir. calico short gown,
blue pattienat and bare feet, cam' I
forward, wiping her face onhernpr o, .
"How do you do, elder? llow
d'ye do, rnnrm ? Mii«t excuse my
head, fiaJn't had r.o chance to Comb
it since last week. \V ork must be
ilid, you know. Powerful sharp air.
hain't it ? £?Th»q tli?re ! J? ill, drive
ihat turkey out of the bread trough.
Sal, take the 'lady's, thitig'. Set
light up to the fire, inarm. Hands
cold ? We'll, just run'cm through
JJiil's hair—keep it long a purpose."
l'iil presented l is shaggy hair, b. t
I declined with an involuntary shud-,
" laws, if sh • ai lit actually s-hiv
erin'g !" cri d Mrs. Burke. " Bring
in so'J.e more wood' li re, tnarin.
take thii hot corn dodger inter y.:ir
Tip—it's as good t; ;i so.-it.t ri.
A fi-at fill -1 jll ''l d t'i • -\ !
ocuti.ui oft".
afterward he "a- ■' ' • ■ o: i
a four quart t i :; 1 ;
fire. Snl rt ! ui i»v 1 i- fcjttl j
the extraordin;'. , i .. . »*>
made her e n h< I ~ - '•> • ,
concern and butter and
A'l-iit swiruVingoeei the tin 01.o 1 . ''
the ladle, Bill," cil I Mr-. !»
"and help dip it up. T k k--
don't put the sti.irl of hair i:
Stratf 1i«»w (ok- will '■so i a t
Die' , r d >' yU 1. 112 tI"
the buWei li ' : : .> 't
the pig- v.it t ii . a
l>r ve that )u ■ on. .• q»tr k.
• picked np a p(«t -if. I !.o,- t a'.roiidy. |
There, Sal, <1 • try :;»:d < h;!rii ■ !ii' ,
more kevrful. ll you . vin t
lie spliced to- trsotr ->v. Y.i; is"- .-it.
rn crazy about i'
"1 advise you tu dry up rt -
marked the bri-' ... c% tlm-upiut
away at the churn.
By thi tine 1 got fairly win tired j
dinner was ready, and you i av. hi
bhure 1 (I'd l.' t i>jurc myself by over
Night eatne on early, ind after a j
social chnt about the events of to
morrow, I signified my desire tore
Sal lighted a pitch knot an<l
climbed a lt-dder in one corner of
'the room. 1 hesitat'l.
"Come 011," said she, "'o.i't be
afraid. Sam, and Bill, and l)ick,
.md all the rest of ye, duck your
.heads while the elder's wife goes up.
Lookout' for loose boards, unarm;
and mind or you'll smash your brains
out against that beam. Take keer '
of the'hole where the chimney comes
ller warning came too late. I
caught my 112 ot in the end of a board,
and fell headlofig through
what seemed interminable space, but
it was only to the room I had just
left, where I was saved from destruc
tion by Bill, who caught mo in his
arms and set me ouniy feet, remark
ing cooly:
. " What made you come that way ?
Wo generally nso tho "lndder."
I was duly commis"rnted, nun at
last got to bed. The less said iib-ut
'that night the better. Bill and Drck
ivnd th'e o hd Bsl p' i>i thesauie ro mi
with us, and made the air vical with
their snoring. I fell asleep and
dr-am d 1 was j :st brnng-sh t from
; u j*lf- .j4uriii»vtt,- wUy'-jii
I'lP* »trnAy.e *'« cwttfkn -i+Auc
a,.d S'iMi «**.<•!
| u4«d p.. tad »■ r
~t ;n*v • ci: .uliat tu! f->ur inttitba
iar-ier than fel>" rest of her tppaivl,
u while with red blue
stockings, a yellow neck ribbon, and
white cotton gloves. lief reddish
hair wnß fastened inn plug behind,
and well adorned with the tail feath
ers of the defunct rooster before
When it was announced that L*tn
Lord, the groom, was coming, Sally
dived behind.a coverlet, which had
been hung across one corner of the
'•oo'ii to eo»fC >al sundry: pots and
kettles, and refuse 1 to corrie forth.
Mr. Lir l lifted one corner of the
curtain and peeped in, hut quickly
retreated with a stew pin and a few
words from Sally, advising him to
initid his own business
Lemuel wes ilreKHcd in ' lue with
bright but long. Tins etiti r«t suit had
b. ju ma le, for Lis prriwtdfather on ;i
similar occasion. His hair wis well
grinned wi h tallow, and his huge
fe<H ceased in skin pumps.
Very s or. the co ripntiy began to
gather, and 'he room Was well filled.
'" Now, tiler," cried the groom,
"drive ahead! I want it done up
nice; I'm able to pay for the job ;
lo you hear ! C me, l-'uther jßurfce,
trot out your gal !"
But Sally refused to be trotted'.
She would be married where she was,
or riot at all. Wp urged and coaxed,
but she was firm, and it was finally
concluded to let her have her owj
Mr. Morrison stood ; the happy
couple joint d bands tjjrough a rent
in the qover of, nnd the ceremony
proccfdid. Just as Mr. Mor.-is-iU
was asl'i»« I.eoiii'd"Will you have
this woman," etc., down .came the
coverlet, enveloping bridegroom and
pastor, and filling the house with
d.i-t. Dick ha<l been up in th loft
and cut the tilings which held it.
Mr. Morrison era", led ont, locking
■sheepi li, and Sally wgs obliged to be
married openly. To the tnonvjito'fis
question Lemuel responded, "To be
Snr.\ wl.at else did I come li rc for?"
and Sal y r plied, ' Yaas, if you
must kn >w."
"Solute your bride." caid Mr.
Morrison, " lien nil was over.
"I'm rc uiy to do anything, elder,"
-ai 1 Lemu -1* ' but skin me if 1 kni\v
a' oil! tint, sir. Just show mc how.
a tl i' i do it if it kills inc."
Vv litixhand drew back, but Sally
,'! -I ~cel. threw hr arms around bis
•od hi'n a kiss that tn'tde
•, • v:d ." s clatter.
•1 i : I don't do ditto !" cried
L mti >l, ■ -i i J sril-y taking a huge
I.ire fro of nitif lc su^mi
v hich lo < i'i no 1 iis poukct, mad"
a dash at lof i r ' e o \ waJe.li guard
.io . , i, i:v
i |.i i vg a
I'-ii at ■ ' oo'tijpa:.' . '
r .. I'li-'liaSiVu,
;/ 1 ■ -
'! • r' ■ .
LiMrrn^}lft> to ':i Y'l't'" of i'ttr
•■Th- '. 1 ld-' r ." -ai I bv. "t'i t'f
a t.ie--.- "112 inu-k-i'it -kin; hnil out
'h-re in the #h 'a<l is t tt '-> hraij .ot
'.-•thbugj.',a ilyonr wi.-ic Uii* to the
*>!' .it" --, 1
My husloiud lxi>i il bis t?r. k-, aT.d
?")ie young peopb- went to dancing,
Mrs Bulk;' \»111 to getting break fust
iiti'd at rrty vai'tVesr request,' Mr. Mor
ri* n got Otlr horse and wo hnde
them all adieu. I tn-ver could have
lived through another meal in that
I have since heard that Mr. Lord
said it It" had s. eii tjie cider's v>ite
before ohc was mnrrjed, Sally might
have iron to the dr kens.
"Alas," it tnight lmve been!"
Between Kenosha nnd Milwuttice, an
HpsUt tfl .he Travelers' Insurance Cuui
piny of llartl'ord, entered the ear, aud
having issued tickets to several pas-en
approached an elderly la-ly who. it ufler
terWarda appeared was denl
".\jjiJu»ie. Would jou like to insure
against aeeiiiiLUis?" iuipiiiod (lie
ui tbc pauie tiuie ex/bib liuj» his tickets.
••I gotuiy ticket down to Kenosha."
'-.Nut u ralroad ticket, uiadcui; .1 warn
lu know il you w iuIU like toiusure yuu>'
lite against accident."
"I'm going to OnUkoeh t<> visit my
darliug darter, ivho'a marriud up tliere,
and lias just got a baby."
i'hn ageut raised liis voice n little.
"Would yuu like to insure your life
against uccidout?''
"She's Oeeu warned two,years aud a
half, and tlia'.'s the tii-st child. It's a
gal..- . . . ■ a ;
AjX.ii stiil i'luder.
• i !«■ n - i .ucc agent, maduui.—
i . tve
■i • ... .11 u:e your lile against
••Mw'Sw. r.. .i.-' r iiC. lirt is "So'iif."
f'fl'fi-( J btf *• nitrrtcdr
•mS -i "li.-, i 4 in.i- uiy
is I live live uiiioe iroui
" Let us have Faith that Right makes Might; and to that Faith let us, to the end, dare to do our rtjty as we understand it".—A.- Lincoln
Eema'kable Escape of Eminent
Some years ago a young man, holding a
subordinate position in the East India
service tniice nttempte 1 to deprive him
self of life by snapping a loaded pistol
at his heid. Each time tlie pistol misl
ed fire. A friend entered the room short
ly afterwards, h; requested him to it
out ti e window, it then went off without
auy d flicultv. Satisfiod thus that the
weapon had been dii'v primed and load
ed th • young man epran • up exoluimaig.
■ I in.St (e p-cs mid for something
_'ivat." and from that ronmont gave up
•die ilea of suicide, which fir sine time
previous had been uppermost in his that's
TI at young man afterward bccune Lord
Tiro brothers wore, on one occasion,
walking togelhor, when a violent storm
thunder and lightning, overtook them.
One was struak dead on the spot, tho
other was spared, else would the name of
the j;reit reformer. Martin Luther have
teeu unknown to uutfkiod.
Bacon, the sculpjor. when a tender
boy of five years old, fell iuto the pit of
a soap boiler and must hu*e porisbed,
had not a workingmari, just entering the
yard, observed his head and delivered
| l:iui.
When Olivet Cromwell was an inf. Nt,
a monkey snatched him from his cradle,
leaped with him through a parrot win
dow, aud raa along the leads of the
the hou*o. The utmost &larm was cxci
ted anion-' t{i« inmates, and various wero
the devicos med to rescue -lie cliil 1 from
the guardianship of hi uewly found pro
tector. All were unavailing; his would
be rc cuerS had lont c mrace, and wore in
despaif, of ever seeiog the baby alive
again, when (ho- monkey quietly re'racod
his stoics, and deposited burden safely
on the bed, Oa is i' sequent occasion
ll o waters ha 1 veil nigh quenehed his
insatiable ambition, do fell into a pond;
from drowning in which a clergyman
named Johrfson was the sole instrument
of bis rescue.
At the s:e:ro of Li • ester. k young s >'
lior, ft bout seventeen years nf nre, was
drawn out lor son!r «t»»»v- Oue <if hi#
CUUPiidcs Wl- very «•:>•• >.)« I . tavcl.is
place. No ibjhe *i : and ih'-
uiin went II" »'4» !'•••> ' id v.li io on
uu.ird. 't'ii. . n.au. li> t .liu.v.-i a!
ttJMVai •b; ai: :. 1 ut!• ■«■• o' ■- in -
I d;- d e ''- wli'iti lori «M.« r-ouklj
[ u .la th-u.ho wa3 bolievipjl ly ho tUW
. \.. .. :■ ;• -t ■ -<.iW
|«m •> _ •! v . 11.1.3'. j'ill-- tlio le lite
a .-...v. ir <iu w 1. • <}Mm
. • (i . ill .1 .Hi ml' ai;;t
iHJUI. cll'-t -n Jj: l:jj 10 tilt
.• 11.. a', when a child, was only
jii-t j . .Vi tl !.:• ~i, file. Al'iu-t tibv
m.inicut after liv Was leaeuol, tile roof ot
tii r hull 1 vylu'i • Ii iia I be.'u feil in. Oi
l'uilip ifen y a similar eir<:u:: stauce 1*
John Knox, tho'noi iwni'i Scot oh ro
former, was always) ontVu'sit at trie head,
il the table H'iiii his back toth.* wiml<>w.
Oil out particular uv't'u'nin. however, w :li
out ijcinable t » acu.iuni iiil" it, lie w ;uld
ueittar liiuisclf, nor permit any ouc else,
t) occupy his pla 0 That very uijfht a
bullet was shot in at the window, pur—
ti-scly to kill him. it _:raz.' 1 ilia ehair in
which he sat, ami tiiaiie a hole iu the can
dlestick mi the table.
M'.usy yc«ra have mw elapsed since,
three subalterns might huvc been seen
struggling iu tfae water off St. Helena,
one 0' them, j.e<mliartr helpless, was,
•irccunibih|;.' He was saved to live' as
Author Wellesly, Duko of Wellington.
The life of JVun »i'uWtoD is but the
history of marvellous dejivcriioce. A-:
a youth, he had agreed to accompany
some friends 011 buard of a maD-of war
He arrived too late, the boat in wh'd)
his frien d had gone was capsized, ahj
all iu) occupants drowaed. On another
occasion when the.tide surveyor in the
port of Livcrypol, some business ha 1 de
tained h m, so that he cause much later
than u-'ual, to the great surprise of those
who were iu the habit of ob-er»ing bis
uudoviating punctuality. He went out
iu a boat, as heretofore, to in
spect a ship which blew up before ho
reached her Had be left the shore !»
tew itriuincs sooner, he must have p.-r
ished'with t ie rest on b>>«r j
IvIFE. —W't bnug luto tln»worid «jih
us a poor, ueecy. uncertain life, short at
the longo-it, and iiueert.uu at the best
All the imagination ot' thc.w,tty and the
wise have been pe pcually busy to Gnd '
out tho way how to rt-vive it with ploae
ores, or reiicf'.t i' w ih Jfverstoiis—how
'to donip'osjj iV ■<* • i i, . • . *
nali,ty, i.>. i . .•• ■ '
fluid \ i;ii :Uc iU!-: t -o wi ,•
cit.ravagancc'< Cf voiup'o .oi uieii \i! I
she v.'mid is perpt.flally fit work -.u w
nothing ei*e. S.ux inly thai ooj j *.* s iu 11 j
t 1 hv«« pass tl»e easier and happier r j
that little time wo thoiu. or «!-« I
end the better when we lose them. j
Who was Jonah's tutor? Tho
whale who brought him up.
Another war with Turkey is at haul
wert Thanksgiving diy.
—AVatts, the Reason?— SVhy do "birds
in their little nests agree?" Because
they'd 112 .ll out if they didn't.
—Air. Coleridge was once asked which
of Wads worth's works he considered t lie
prettiest, when he promptly replied, • -1 1:»
daughter Dora."
Lovers' J.ogic.— Ediviti: "You see
dearest, a led r.v can't exist wiihoul his
heart, an las y>u happan to have rtiiuv,
of course I can't exist without you."
Angelina: "Oil you absurd crei'.ure."
—To the Would-be Author—
If thou wou'd'st lain be thought a sage.
Think a v Ju no, write a page,
And from every page of thiue,
Publish ou'. a single line.
—A pretty young Atu >i\eano-s, whose
Christian name is An if a, on re joining u
cigar from a young gentleman who had
not-pluoic ea)ii;h to say hj wishel to
marry her, twirlea it playfully beneath
her liosc, and, locking archly at bim,
jMjpped the question thus "Huve-Anna?''
—" Here is your money, dolt, and teil
mo wdiy your riiifbtilly master wrote me
eighteen letters about that contemptible
sum ?"■ "I'm sure I can't tell; but il
you will excase me, sir. I j_u—s it
became seventeen didn't fetch it."
The city dailies published a telegram
from Europe last week, ntinounciug the
death of l'olii Thuuib's infant daughter.
We think the news of such small moment
as to be unworthy of telegraphic recog
—' iv ill extend no increy to you,"
said a prince to a jester, who, for a fault,
was condemned to death, "except per
mitting you to choose what kind of a
death y>u may die. Dcqide imme'.Ua'cly
for 1 will be obeyed," "I adore your
'd.'mcocy," answered the jester; '1 choose
to die of old age."
— A worn hi being enjoined to try the
eff-.t of kindit"** on her husband, and
li -'o.; lo'd that if would heap ceals fire
"i bis I- : . re I'" I that she had tried
1 bi'iti w iter." ah I if didn't d i a bit ol
giol. Sin wis taMier doubtful about
the . ffie-jt"- of • owls.''
- \ • u l .ll V'l'-t rpi iel fervently for
•■tin t'u: "■ a s-'ve ■ Liouh which 10.
•an ':i fall id t . "V'nV j nst as the services
clo-'l, wlieri't lift ("tra,els walking home
og. th r "were gen awfully tiot, and
one rein rrked to the oilier: -'The parson
d ie.» rriv itit!, a i "><l unction " "Yon.
replied the other, but h>? lacks judgment."
■ —A dandy stratiin^'about »i tavern
t-iok up a [-air of gracr Spectacles which
lay on the tabic, put (hern on his nose,
nd turninir to the ooking glass, said—
"Landlord, how do these become me ?
Don't you think ( hoy improve my looks?"
I think they do," ro' f liol the landlord;
they hide a part of your face."
—A certain judge was reprimanding
an attorney for bunging several email
suits into court. an 1 lem irke l that il
w i'jl 1 have been mucli hotter .fur all par
ties liad he pcrsu i lei his clients to leave
'heir cause to the arbitration of two or
three honest tuen ' Please your honor,"
the lawyer,, 'We iliJ not choose
to trouble honsst men with tfceai." The
Judge fainied.
A gentleman lately c mplimcntcd a
lady on her improved appearance. "You
are guilty of flattery, said the lady. 'Not
so,' replied the gentleman; lor I vow you
are as plump as a partridge." 'At fii.st,'
rejoined the lady, 'I thought you guilty
of flattery only, but now I find you actu
ally making game of me."
—' Well, Tom," said a blacksmith to
his apprentice, "yyu have been with me
now throe months, and have seen all the
different points in our trade. I wish to
j give you your choice of work for awhile.'
"Thauk'oc, sir." "Well, now, what part
of ihe business do you like bast?" "Shut
tin' up shop, and going to dinnor, sir."
A cobbler living iu lialtiuioro-thus
announces his calling: "Surgery perform
ed here on boots und shoes, by addiug
of the feet, making good legs, binding
the broken, healing the wounded, mend
ing the constitution, and supporting the
body with new soles. Advice gratia."
—A Hard One—Why should there
If- nft seats in a church ? Uecause
. ) u , . j. yi "■ i/oo'/ for nothing.
Jv i,i n,< ,y j* mistake, the
li •. ;C< nine: -tuwdusfc,
. I: v.•! .ii_' the
M . (112 'ibh..ie ■ ; : - lie old
i* ij ma lt them ia,t- liUe.-u }> »•>. She
! is»#n Mu« , omita("T!ftH"Hfi6 KTilTs'
! feet to them evfery winter, ku<l pj«w
I every other
A ThrtUing Story.
John Tayloi; '.vas licensed, when ayouih
of twenty one, to practice at the bar He
was poor, but well educated, and po:sesfe 1
extraordinary genins. He married a
beauty, who afterwards deserted him for
Oi> the 9th of April 1840, tho court
bouse in Clarksville, Texas, was crowded
tq overfl iwing. Au cxcitiug case wu« tii
l o tried. George llopkini, a wealthy
pi in-.er, had off red a gr >ss insult to Mary
Kllison. the young and beautiful wife of
i bis overseer. Tho husbin 1 threatened
to chastise him fir tho outrage, when
Hopkins went to Ellison's house and shot
him in his own door. The murderer was
arrested and bailed to answer the change
This occurrence produced great excite
ment, and Hopkins in order to turn the
tiile of popular indignation, had cirtula
ti'd reports i, gains, her character, and she
had sued him for slander, lluth suits
were pending—for murder and slander.
The interest bceatiic deeper when it
was known that Ashley and Pike, of Ar
kan«as and S. S Prentiss, of New Orleans,
bv enorui >uj fees lial boia retained to
defend Hopkins.
Ho; kins wis acquitted. Tho T< xa■>
lawyers we'o over.vhihue 1 by their op
pollen's It was a 6 Jit ol'a dwarf agninst
The sluh'lcr .«u'; Was for t'i; 9th nnd
the throng ol Spectators grew in numbers
as in exci'c nent. Public optn'oo Was
setting in f>r Hopkins; his money had
proeu.e 1 witnesses who served bis pow
<■ r!u 1 advocates. When tho lander case
was ea'led, Mary El ison w is loft without
an uttorndy—all h id withdi'aivu.
'•Have you nocoiii.self" iuquirei! Judg •
Mills, looking kindly at the plaintiff.
"No, sir; they have till deseite line
and I alii too poor to employ any more,"
replied the beautiful Mary, bursting into
"In such a case, will not some chival
rouuieuibor of the profession volunteer?"
said the Judge, glancing around the
The thirty lawyers were nilent.
'-I will, your honor," said a voice from
tho thickest part of the crowd, behind
the bar
At tho sound of that voice many stirt
e l—it wasso ualai thiy, s ve it all I m njrii
Tlie first 'si".- ition was Changed into
luigh'tci 1 when a tall, gaunt, sjiectral fig
ure elbowed his way through the crow 1,
alii placed him-dl'W thin the bar His
c oth 's looked so ,-lribby tint the court
li: n.ite lto let the :nse prooee 1 under
his i^itiagftuient.
"Has y .ur nniilo becn'cnterel on ilio
r dls ol' the Stale?" demanded the Judge.
• li is iinmltcrliil," a'fisworcd the siran
ecr.his thin, bloodldss lips curling up with
a sneeri "Herb is my jicctise from tin
highest triburi.il in A uerica ! ' an 1 he
ban-ted the-Jii Ige a broad parchment.-i
The trial went oil.
lie'sufforod tile Wltticiiffes to tell tlioir
own story, and lie allowed tho defense t >
lend off. V-hlcy up ke first, followed by
I'ikc and Prcuti:'s. The latter brouuhi
the hou e down in cheers in which the
jury jollied.
it was iIW tho >) anger's turn. He
rises before the ha:, in it Icllind it, and
to uear ihe won Icring jury that he might
i. u.h the foieuian with his Iriirg, bony
finger. As he proceeded to tear to jiipces
.he arjiu ujntj of Adiley, which incite i
mvay at his toiifch like fr ijt be ore a rfu i
be iiu; evaty <mo I > »ka i «a;-pri«o I A i
he came to the laxiling r/i< of the "poet
lawyer l'ike. 1 hon the curl ol bit. lip
row sharper, his 1 smo-ltll l ice begin to
kiuJh' up, and bis eyes to open, dim an l
dreary m> longer, but vivid us iLditn
rei as tire globes, and glar:nj; a- twin uk
tcors. The whule soul was in the eye i
the full heart streamed out of hi* face
Then, without bestowiug an allusion to
Prentiss, he turned chut nround on the
perjured witnesses of Hopkins, tore then
testinii ny into shreds, an'l hurled in their
faces snih terrible invectives that all
trembled lflte aspfcus, and two of them
fled from the conrt hoafce'. 'i'lie exfetti
rnent of the crowd was becoming tremeu
dons Their united life and soul seem.' i
to'hang up'id the burning tongue of t'hti
strangtrr. and he inspired ibeui wirh the
power of his passions. He teemed to
hare stolen nature's long hidden secret
of attraction. Hilt liU jrfiV'-! 'rut'if]
was to covne.'
Ills be*nn fo <u 112. t* • I
sin Hopkins, a hi-" 1 't<: • r 1 ,
assumed file sum. 112 . j.
med the wreteii w ' t 1
evidence and i.nj .<;.t.ah '
cutting off all hope > Ie e.t .
)icrt'e\uh'ihtnrta'r.*?wVs fci ; flit"' '*
j jenao:.. Mid held lip the tlai , .
JX ami vVuieoiyt« , yopul^B.,-
Hiviug thtts girt him übout liiui with a
circle of fire, lio stripped himself to the
work of massacre.
Oh ! theu it was a vision both glori
ous and dreadful to behold the orator,
liis actions became as itfipetuoui as the
motion of an oak in a hurrienuo. HU
• nice became a trumpet filled v. ith wild
whirlpool), dojfeaiug the car with the
cm-dies of power, and yet intermingled
all the while with a sweet undersong of
the softest ctt-leneo. II is fortheae glowed
like a hgnlcd furnace, his couutenai.ee
was haggard like that »( a ujaoiac, and
ever urid anon he flung his long an l
bony aims oli high as if grasping alter
Ilu drew a picture of murder in sucli
ppalling colors that iu comparison lieli
itself might seem beautiful; he painted
ttie(landererso black tliht the suri seemed
dffik at noinday, when shilling on scurfi
a monster. A'id then fixisg both por
traits i ri the tliriuking Hopkins, fastened
them (hero forever. The agitation of the
audience ani mated tihno t to madness.
All atonep tile speaker descended froui
tiie perilous high • v;oicc wai'ed mil
fir the uiurderod Dr. AD and LIVING — tlir
beau'itul Mury, mora beautiful evoiy
ni mailt as l:er tears flowed faster— ti).
m ' n wept nnd sobbed like children.
lie closed by a strange cxln rlatiili I
the j imy, ami through theiu to the by
standers; he advised the panel, alter ibt
-hmid ■ brill<» in a verdict for the phiut'l
not to 6 ffcr violence to th.o t defoudau',
however richly be desirvo ; r; ii
otjier w irds, "uot to lynch the (illain,
but leave his punishment with Ood j
i his w..» the most artful trick oi i
besi cjleulatod to injure veujlwuyjf.
Th jury ro rrrd a veidiet of Gtty
th oisa iI d nit • ;in 1 the night ufter
wanis llopkin w(i» inkeu out of his bed
by lyucbora and beaten übuoot to death
As the court adj' uincd. the strange;
said :
! J'lhn Taylor will preach here, this
evening, at early candle light."
lie did preach, au 1 tho house Was
crowded. I have listened to Chy, Web >
ster, and Culhoun-~to Dwigbt. Busi on |
and Beei-her—but never heard unytbio;
iu Iho for ui of subJi'ne words, oven np- .
proxiniating, to the eloijuinuo of
Taylor—massive as a mountain, and
wildly rudiing »s a cntaraet of fire.
Am ug the ptisotiers taken by the
Ame;icauoai .he battle of Bennington,
was a plain farmer named Riihard Jack
sou, who redded in Hancock, in the coun* I
tv ol I'Cikfl.ire, iu M itsachus tts. lie!
conscientiously hud luken.tlie Bitinh side
in the Revolutionary eontest, nnd bcllov
el it to be his (Tftfy to'enter the service
of h V «iiver/> : Vrt' at the earliest opporto-
n■ tv Havltiu been iuformed that Col
■ in-1 Ijttim wm a lvnacing toward Ben
nffitton fcith a body of tto 'pg, he rose
c irly. Idled li s horse, and to de to
Iloosac. iuteadinj- io attach himself to
the corps- Here ha wis taken, in such
eirrnmstances as proved his intcnflon he-
Voiid any reasonable doubt, besides, lie
w ,s too honest "too decy it, but confessed
ih.it he believed bis duty, required him
to take up in in»!for liis aovereign.
Mr. J a'kxoii Wia delivered to General
F« Hows, tliorlff of tli« county at Great
'lV:irio)it"U. who rmS icd htm in juii—
Thin building was in such a condition,
,tba«. witliout aguard, no prisoner who
wistvei to escape, couli be kept to if.—
(snt to CSc.ipc did not accord with Jack
<on's itJca of what wai< light, and he had
.not the Icae! iiitcation of attempting it
\frrr remaining in prison .1 lew day*,-he
i|U?etlj told the >hpriff. rhit lie Wii» los
nt: his time, that doing not'.ing did uot
accord with hie notion ofr.gVt and d«iy,
hit he wished to he performing aonie
ti e. and requested to fx> set to work.—
The liheriff, who bad become acquainted
with his character, told him as Le could
uot supply him with work, ha mi'.-ht pi
mt into the town, ar.d find work, if he
would icturn to ihe prifem itery even
>ng 'ibis he did for n.o c thru six
u> nth.- 1 , (jetting constant employment.—
At |a»t the time catnc ihm be to Le
tried for hi jli treason.
The sheriff was ready to conduct him
to Spr llgfleld, whero ibo WM tn
t»l,e |.lacq« bu' Jjtkvin ass<u»d him tl*at"
j as wtll «.i alauc, aod if
wvulw luve liim th#>troablu tod cspaasc
of tlie , 'j'inri;fcy.
'im b'-lfii" !tfs.-iile-l -tflt iliis pryj-jbal.
»1. Jl v'kiua«ita>H»«ihO*'l-llis
4 * ' ■ * 112 Tyrirghfim. he was, over
1. :• i . Rt|w.lrd3,V.ll
, . .-.a v-iicro lis was
, sir, tlicri to be
r ZO~y~ 1i» an»w«r. .
:O OSAO i dirucijV'ty SpriagfielJ,
1 'Hie (tariff of'
.mjisUitf. «a.< tiicd, !'ouu I guihy, aad
conatwuwi K> die Tbc Council of Mas-
sachusotts was, at that time, the supreme
executive of the State. Application wag
made to them for a pardon. JJV. Ed
w aids was one of this board. The faotg
of ilio ease, and the sentence, were sta
le.!. end at first thoy all agreed, who
spike on the subject, that even the in
tention of treason B hould be punished
with death) but when Mr. Edward§ wai
to exptiws his views, be first gave an ac
count of .dr. Jacksou'a uniform bonegty
of purpose, niid of seeing him, as he wai
oil his way to Springfield, withoui a guard;
;i!l he know of Jaek.son'p character wag
related in a simplicity, which gave it
muoh force.
The conucil were soon uuauiuion* for
his pardon, and Jacksnu returned to big
family. The old and truo maxim, that
honesty, is the beat policy, was exempli
fied in this «a«e, though Jacksoji acted
Ironi a much higher motive; he was hon
est, bo cause »o loved honesty and the
right, it was a part cf bis life; the poliey
of being honest did not cuter big uiind.
\\ hen the war was over, Jackson wag
as devote ! to tbo interests of the Union,
as ho had before been to big king, and
hell in my ..(Boos of tr®*tund lienor,
Piianrw-», *TJS. o.
■ - ii m ,0,
Wanted—A Printer!
Vi a t 'd —ap i■ 11 e ," gayg a a tempor
ary wuntel —u mloftl guri .iity, with
1 brain an I I1*g»r«--a thiui tb it will Wl a*
many typos a day, —a inwabine lUat will
tllink ml u t bit rill a machine a being
wo undo take* liia most (ysteniatig and
MM I drud^er^. yet one the ingenai*
ly of aian has never gjpplau'ed lacgbani
• ilfji "that's printer.
A prlefer yet fo.- all hii s» aatiuu disgi
pnt-d and rci klos& hgbltg—a irorkai-, at all
tune-an-l bn* d y and n!<bt: sitting up
in u' I i-e and ntiWiO'.esifug oHo», whoa
u'ay crowds are hu r>'ne »i th theatres—
later H id, when ihag're'-t ratelasg are gong
and the # ty sleeps—iu t'lg I'r gb air ai mor
ning io tha tnad and gushing ganli^h"—•
some pr nting inuuhina is at his case, with
hig litan a', unvarying oli ik 1 click I
Click! cl uU ! t'ia poliniioJ into
T!IO stiuk-t'iM D»U « integer! 112 expreiilon
are nisnhelfl I i-no It ,uu I ruar.'h forth
us imin rt il print 0 k! and tie late*!
intelligence beomMi J—tin thought a
p uo.|d- -the id a a tiring teatiiueat,
f.oin £re>« lo £a>, itoui alWr
item a robbery, a uiur Ur. a b.l of e>aadal
a graecful ni:d glowing ih >ugh»-aw ia tur»
close.! by tb3 ui'ita uud inipreaive tngor*
of the ma hioc, a J «■« adrift q > iha as* of
thfbugbt. I)e Bin t not think of tic fature
nor re'nil the pas! —aiest not thioV
of kindred, of wife, or of babe—hi* work
lies bef>rs hira, aai thought ia chained te
hi* cuiiv.
Y a know h'mtv kia voikl, wfco rtad tin
paper" and an quiok at typographical er
ror»-~who«« c jn may M*t <>» tlreia Kate »t.
idon.-*» of caalosa tail ; eoxrfrtpoadnfat,
editori aid autbori, W'IO Cl'ora tb» aitgpla
medium of your fame, thinV ait that tHa
printer i* altitrr'her » tSiak not
he in Indifferent 'o fie »*i 112 wh'ah ha la
but t'.o latter- a no! tic tiv may paastrata
tba reca a«x of kia b ail ; of tlia luwca ba
ca:li«"6 tome 01:17 leave tl.tir ftajraaoe uy
on li'a toilsTora linger*. But wlwa yoa
«e.-k a friend, c >m;iani.jn, adti-e—wH«ny»«
\r. uld elevati ona »h > far lympathy may
'eprosenleith ror I —w aa yon Want
judjre* Le<;uWtor«, Gorarnora nai Prcal
i lenta—O, ye people, advaruaa : "Wnnto4
-a printer."
The Irish pap<r& contain • romaoti*
story, «übitantially i * follow* t
Ab iut twe!ve mooths geat'«ini»
who eesiis in county of tialwaj
dreamed that he had t« en inrtjnmaatal
in siviiig the tife of 1 lovely and MQU).
plished young 1 i<h, who woa'd hay* been
dirtied to pieces were ii n«tf«.Tkm timely
aid. The face of ti « fair one wa« •«
deeply engrav non l a n iod that when
he awoko. h. 'rig 1 toierabla good art'st,
his first vmpijl c MS to make a t'olch of
it, which he improved fro u d«y t«
day until it wai lui.deK-d at j>crf<Mrt at
po. sib To.
Oa a bitter cold night some months »nT>-
seowntly, white the drenaerwsi com*
fortably eusonced in an an tra ehait
before a blazing fire, he was ttartled by
the serta.ii of a female. In a moment
his overcoat T aß hurried on, and be
ihortly after arrived on the spot whence
the ln ln a deep ditch by
the side of the road, a horse wa» kicking
and plunging in a fearful mannor, atw
tached to a jaunting car, which was turn
ed up side down. Three psrsons wqr«
quickly rescued fro n bewsath It, and
'ouDveyel to the house, where they soon
recovered from the off cts of the
5 The gentlem Vn WB« had t.ave.l their
hMpbarM all at <j!icd «trttck with
ihe.-f urtyj ! « yo«:jgii lady, whom lie felt
C'Uuiu he h.id jiwa bst'ire. ,'i'Uo dro»m
wan VrnKSht forcibly to jtiis
and on entering auotlier upartmeijt bis
vtsiforf were more than astonished to
;■efcotva the f»drtrrtt ol on6 of tbertiseWei
ir.im the wall. Tto «ys*»ry
was soou explained, and in two months
from that dale the drcwuier *pd the fan
hjosog I*% wtsro marriod fts fin Win.

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