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American citizen. [volume] (Butler, Butler County, Pa.) 1863-1872, October 31, 1866, Image 4

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\ili »r-»i
Mr, (iffl'w peih'-ly, on > *'\c 1
of hit? visit to fan n*:i»e ti*4jpO!(Ui Pa i
vers, Massachusetts, recently, addressed
tho Mshaol-ehildrpn, who aneembled to
meet bitn at «Ko Veabody Institute, a*
ftTlrttr* :
"My dear young friends : Near!* two
generations libtc pa«s -d away aince T left
tbi«, my native lo#a with probably loin
eduea'inn tfisn even aroone i
j.- Urnse 1 now address, nnd with no prospeet \
nf niecesi in life beyond (bat of
any boy nhw before me who possesses
gord b"a!tin indasirv ao<f perseverance,
with o heart and mind determined to make
principles Ma cuide. iMy course is wel] j
krtnwti, Ind I fear too much appreciated
by onr w ole country ; hut praise, ovan j
hjit jprlipliy deserved, tends to stimulate
to .cUra exertion, both physically and
the yonne, and I
hope, and pray that every one who i« row
within the sound of mv voice ni'v ospe- |
ricDce, as 1 Lave, tho trnth of those ro
marks, and deserve the priilo and «a'i«
faction whjeb are to attend nil tho*" who ,
conscientiously strive to do right and to :
bereft' tli"tr 112. Ili.w men.
of you, mv venn? friend", should
situ at a high Ynark in tlvs re«- e». and
undnttlitcdlv ninny if vonr rinmV>«-r of both (
stakes, will arrive at distinction in sooiriv,
but neither mv reonrd for irnMi nor pis'
experience will jmtifv me in nrnni : « ; "r»
»ny one of yon ths' greit sneec-« which
baa c#hr attended til" Senreelv on> 112
an np» attains to it, and T f""' most s>nsi.
bly thai it is otilv by th« "nidanee and
blessings of my Ilravot'lv Father, flom ,
mv early life to niv present advanced iw,
tha' 1 have been enabled to accomplish
S(l'infu«h fctr ihe r nrpose of lay ne the
foundations for the phvsical comforts of
tl»e ttfedv, and the promotion if knowl.
edge and morality for the present and fu
ture £<*ner*t?nn». As voii advance in.life
yon will find that venr* will appear short
(n enmparison with those occupied hv
yen* iMmlies at the present time. This is
mv second visit to my native land, for
thirty years and the period appears brief
to me. Time ncl generations pass gout
Ten vans ago last week, on a bean,
tifiil atifnmn il day, I a 1 dressed 112 nm thn
front of this Institute the scholars of the
Panvcrs schools, numberinp. 1 think, over
■evon teen hundred, nml 1 then snid to
them : ' 1 would hid y*u remember that
lilt a
will ocettpv thn lame positing towardi
oWf) children which your parents
no# hold towards you. The training you
are no<» Wcelving, therefore,'is a precious
talen'. for -U*e "*e or a luse of vhijh < a h
»'!« will, on a fn'nre day, be tailed upon 1
to fiv an arc unt.' This latgtißp", ni\
yoking fr:ends, I wMi equally to apply to
yovi now, as 1 then applied it to tie ui
Where ia now flat assemblage of near
two thousand scholars! In this short
ipaee of time, I doubt whether fifty of i
thcul cectipv Wie plnoc of schidars hi re
to.d.ir. Many of them have become hus
bands and wires, and nearly all have en
tered upon the dtries, the cares nnd the •nxietirt
•nxietirt of more mature life. You have
taken the place which they occupied in
1851, and ly the pre»t centennial cele
bration of the birth of our plorious I'nion,
fn 1878, they, yonr fathers, mothers,
btothera atid «!ster«, will have taken an.
ctber atep forward on the atape of life,
and yon will take the places th»y now fill.
He prepared for that important change
while yonr present hiph priri lepra of learn,
ing remain oren to yon.
•> On the J*th of October, 1S ; 0, 1 did
BOt Mtioipata the pleasure of being hrre
at thia tiiiie; but God has per
miiled Wiy lirinp beyond the allotted
years and ten, to retnrd nnd
• «»er wjTon the reahaition of hopes and
j;lanl wticb I have enteriaiOi ii for tu ny
yeara, and to andeavor to klu'W ui> prati
tijde for ilia foodie as and Wttchfu! care,
by takuj further and wider action in ex
tendroy o tba iahabiiania of my natiVe
tewn, of titj nativa Slate, my native
•ourjtry, dot only Inr tba present pen* ra
tion, but f>r tho»« who will appear sod
act spon the *t»ge of existence iu fu'ure'
apea, tba meant of culture a: I
Bjoral uuprot oicnt.
" At »y advanced ap» 1 einno'
to oaael yon af*ia e.oll«oti»elv and it i<
to in#» »»ddoniup thought, for though'
lißce I a idrea ed y«-i r pret'ec tsu at ihc
t'B.» 1 hav£ uunt ci ed, 1 hfcve mi t uisnv
asanmblagea of ohildren, and ty sotne 1
bare apokeu—founded on a lonp experi
ence— wordaofainiple advice and cun'iotr,
jot ia nout, on -either side of the Ailan-
Tln, can I fo«sl ao deep an interest as in
«*a childrrn of South Panw< r.s. They
atem iu imalt 'lf tkaooiited with thought*
of Hi J childhood and early yon'h ; thev
take th» mim teaaora :• they oceupv my
pJ»y-grounda, and tUeir feet tread the
mmr oaer wLich I once trudged to
fchoul. With kuob feelings, therefore, I
earaeatly egtiort you, niy dear young
tapea 4o pr. pare yourself,.* for a life of
uaaf«Ui«») mi tba teapouaiblo positions
•bieb yo« are to ill; to honor, am! if
Ptaaoaary, protect and aooport your pa
rcate; to «?ver dipart froui the path of
korfw and integrity; and, above all, • Re
■e»bar your Creator ia the daya of your
-• <joutb,and when you ara uld Il> will never
foraaka yo«.' Farewell, farewell,"
,IDT"Tba Bt*ios I'rmjucripi tella au
aicaaiag atur/al a y. aog gviui. uao who,
• aifeiu# a* IL4 Cofcitnot »112 ■ eftniuga
aiaer, aama ia aautoct wttb a uarmon going
»a tba appaatta duacUou. piotb
gikad ati 4 Walked au. A uiouent afier
tb« yoatg |eaiUui*u miaacd LU watch,
and tare tag, ran after tbe individual
nho» ba had juai uat. He auou o»cr-
K>ot ' fch», tod drawing kia revolver,
plated it at kia head, and demanded tbat
ha akQnl)! inatanUy giT« ap tbat watcb. |
The man, terribly frightened, obeyed,and
took his departure lios tbat vicinity
with the greatest posaiblt eip«#ttion.—'
Tbe yopng geatleuiau wool bouie and re
Jatad tba to tis aiutbar,
. Vbo.bfrtt lota a iaagli, aud UdU iiiui tbat
kirftwa watch waa iu bia room, and tba!
he bad beea tfca robber aud not tbe
A \\ ooD-cutipi tu is a vjry polite man, j
for when ba wat:ta wood be Mi'us nnd uJL.it
*r «r ■
i V i«, 1 . . . ... -
PVtt Vt*y rlsro or I»ftrtT Tutsi!.—ln
1 t Uh filll frtfti trees, ibe pear, apple I
aiid eh -i ry i&vanalily d» better fAll-f hint- \
ed tban when deferred till spring nortbof
i'biliidelphta. Tbe peach plum and apri
eot sh iuid not be planted till spring, if
} ftot dbnc before heavy frost. All frail
i trcaa when ast oat ahoald ka vigoroasly
ahortencd in. Trees ahoald est
ed deep—no deeper than they grew before
removal. It Is be.ter to draw a monnd of
soil about them for tbe winter, to be te-
I moved early in tbe spring; it preserves
1 from frost and throws off superabundant
moisture. Dwarf pears must bu aot W
low the quince atoek—and in seleoting
these, eboosa tbost that are bndded near
the ground—where a long-legged quince
stock has to bo buried so deep, the tree
nnkes but a poor growth for soma seasons
| afterwards, and is in other respeota injur-
I od. In severe climates, cherries of very
I luxuriant growth arc liable to be winter
killed. To obviate this, the weaker grow'
ing kinds, as t!je Duke and Mi re lc, and
! the Mahableb, arc tised for «tock» to
' them nit This checks their vigor, end
' rtndars them hardier. It, however, al
! w iys k-eps tbein dwarfed—and fuperior 1
i six'd fruit so prohibit). Wh jti
'flatottr of winter-killing exists, these
strong growing kinds should not have a
I hipb y ui inured soil, ami where they gr w
j rigorous when y> uog, they may he root
' pruned as already deneri'ied. Iftneycan
b" fc' thtouph the first ten ye irs of tlieij
liie, t 11 thoy .1 .so thoir youthful viporj
thay will not gaff i in severe wiu'.er.s afte;-
wards-. Cnrdrner'i Munikly.
ERED. —rtr Lowt, O -t. 1 .—t apt. Har
; low, of G n. tiheriiian's staff, uiriv.d
here yesterdny from Fort Dodge, where
I f far. two white girls, nnund Doyeo,
one seveutiiCu slid the other ihipeen yeais
old wl fi had been ransomed Iroiu , the
Kiowa Indians. Tito girls Male that on
the 17th ofAugu t the Kiow.is attacked
their hoiue in northwesieru Texas, killed,
scalped and I r.rnsd their father;
fcoivo- and ihftir mother, and »i«ior, eigln
i years old were parried into captivity and
, treated i;i the uroelent and in m| revolting
manner. On arriving ai iho Indian camp,
jthoeapiives were knocked about w'|th
: clubs, and bru'ally abused. On hearing
their couditiou the O immauding offi .• •r nt
Fori Dodge, not having sufficient foroe to
rescue them, effected their ransom, and
will s.tid them to ibeir friends in Texas
n« soon ».< they recover from their terrible
stiff'ting*. Win in the Indian cauip, the
officer sent to atrange their ransom *nw
the oaptiys knoeked down three times
and \ lolatud.
(J*ju. viti rmio arrlrol at ho u i
j the iCth. ,
A MtiQNs;tucK .Monaucu.— King
le iiis ol liaviria.ia rop'otiid to be ttioou.
struoH. I uviug entirely gi*m tip the direc
ti- ti of puldie flairs to indulge various
cceentr cities, the chief of which is to ha k
in ihe moonlight, lie.has a swau-ahaped
' hot't in which lie floats about ou Ihe wa
-1 ter, and so greatly is h? enam tured of
the mo nliglit, that he has fixed in his
si -tp ng apartments an apparatus borrow
t d from a theatre, ithich creates an artifi
cial moonlight. Tlime follies are very
absurd, but they are at tHe sania rim)
very iunoer.nt, and King Louts n > douhi
can be spared from undergoing the cares
of state m K iroji ), which, even without
him is too inu h gov rrned
S:m 'i' rcM. Pti.ra z-'-1 hit 1 * w tia iey is a
Kay t y v I el. it,:, y j-ftii. anenti.iuue int
ur pr aotis ii ol i.lu.sh .iibc".
T a iirnndy lir.in Nth ios-S"fa'l li re
\vh c iinio' KOvern their iippetitc.
That wine enu e- inauyu tot ike ,n Ur iul
jiili way hi.e e.
'I t t | in. J. is I c cause • m ny unfriend
ty (ifihelics
Tha tn w-s many n'l g-; while beer
toiiiir* mat y to tin hi< r
Ih i eh inj ug.ie i< the cause of ninti}
reap» ns.
'I h it gin-slinks have ' slewed" more than
; the slinks of ol't.
\ EAtT.— Boil twe|\c pood sized pota
|li t» sntt liuti tbfiu ihrouub a colander:
add ntn quiirt ot boiling nati r, mid one
I oT" eold; one lesspi>oiifuT"*or sail; on<'
nip o* white e. tiee-»ui ar: oae pint of
goofl r »sl. win u blood warm Set iu
• wmui place to I iae, atmui »i« hours.
' ork lightly, ci d keep in a cool place.
i Set a ►(singe; use a teacuplull for two
j loavea.
I , *
A I.t.WHiT for tiifr cure oft' e hollow
burn or hofn ail in caitlr i» t • dts-i Ire
; a table spoonful of coporas in w inn wa
iter, an ' ut'X ii with, the cieatuiu's aness,
; if it is not "lain g: it it is» it nh >uld
be poured di • it. 'I lisdi ss willseldoui
lieed t<i be gi»en more Itmu ( See. It lias
been our reuiedy tor tuany years, in a
large dairy.
Abs' I jup r »ays bat a hasty i mi
ding, wh eh ae he> n e out to co d ne
luiruiii. ii. tl at ei > wk- tiiken to the «t.i
tn I oi.si tj a p ie msii on u ebarpe o*
►aiok rp in the Mr e - a | no tie w hi h i|
n' tt» mitt'O in tin. My I ttlee ty.
Drugs ! Drugs' Drugs !
H, A imrr! .-e»J Um Imj voti>'i«crn tij i» i.
lv It. U/I-. 111&iu)ii• ■ ii. i! i fiitrv t>o bu
» Ui'na .'o all i:« «:.-j>uiu»«us«, u Hird't Bl«» I
I m 'in Ptieef ItuUtrv P«. \Vf- Imw cuiiitftutly c'U lift i
• liU f>r Nai« n pure qtiulit * oj
' UKL'IjH CllinHi'AUand i AJ.NTs
Dye-Stuffs, Glass and Putty,
I'C i.ti .\ilNt, INDII/lili iL.
«»»'. >POX«ES I LA it I'M,
I't'litUUuUM) at-lUM Ac.lt.il.
«• 1 vat-Mar if
IV 11'uuiei y k Toilet Articles.
VIB4I *iml fcir MMJou (trpoMl. Winea fir
•an nmrnul u-f, inrni-»t« u at cv*». fbjtMmaa pre
cripttoui* car*fullT t xiiipoamif^l.
i'.iw pttlilK'.M I en|M-c;ftflly tiiVtftxl tl. Cikitntli! Mttnfn'
j or Kbxk, Ui>»t •WH'k.t rea*.>a%b!»
® ■•iftiUitr **'iniiliriitittfut ii; the «->uuly.
, \uv. 2.' I**.; ly. t r .
ED fr« ui tL» of tii«»ub« rriber in Too
O tp . uv.it Ptter-itmrtf, a WHiic Übiua
Lo««r, l*u vent* oU. aiutui 2jii p<>utuU; i.u
nmtk». e*c<»|ft otiimpUil Auv ritunuu it-twutii- ruld
j uiituidt ttt tliv uwi.ei, or giving Liui thr iieceewrv inlur- I
r m-ii ' u wheia i«r may If Xvuiul 112 aiiai' b« ItbwnUly i«. I
' -UUMI *. tHi*l.Ufc, 4
Ornamental, plain, Fancy, card Book
Btsiim m ?raraß,
'nthe .Arbitration ror»m In fh« Court
Bill lleails, jJoobi, Drug.-jist 'jabcb. l'ru
gritnitnw, UollßrrtuHon&,'ttiecks, Notca,
Drafts. Blanks." Btisiuefs Oatdr, Visitioa
Cards, UhowiCards. Pamphlets, I'ojter.s,
Bills of I':hv, Order i>• ft)or 112! >
Billets, Saia Bids. iVr.
•eiwo rpioißßKH wini
The Moat Approved Hand Presses
, ANtll '
, i Type, ItfrdeM. (IrnamtMi'i Ylui|i, tutt, 4c.,
IN Til K ((UNIV.
We will execute eVeryining in the line ot
NEATLY, jpttMPrir, 4*» AT RUHHIU Rar»j.t>.
u a style to excel tiij >t : Mishit - 112 •
home, an«l commie \r? ff> n\ '. j
Kiiint.fc;* K v» 112:
\ro till| >V "ye I in yp • . , l»
and we tn ■ ■■
wants "112 tlio crtuniun y, a '•
tain the honorable diaii.if>tni:i •• >• ;
been atrgkdj ponced*?'' .'ln
nen.t, for
TAWTIJ t> r if» *.
nU'ttJiiliw In I'rcs-i WovU,
In all ihec «oiitiaU of < T ho.*t;• l'nu;iu
U'mkl Paper, Ta*fc**£ol4*«hi»|l<Hll • *ll i• }>t!nn
tifal Pfeflfl \York. Htid thfiK* *'*n« we «n
vifce col pa lis: in.from «jor»•: '« ii,, {
■ vj' a staple liue *ri iiluatinutt 1 ' I «>^r<»
or h woi'J> of any nawl m *♦ i !>;
The American Citron..
IS I'llliUfeW «*## el%ff!n| W. fill'|. I 11, I lojvtr:
hy 11 »* hi tie *rl t t ! -i iflm in the
rr.»;Mß:—s:• O© * year. If pal-lin a-'v.io t
■it-Uint tii>;l id* m.-nflim «»r tlfiu if n .t p • • I •.! .■
i\f aspiration o the flint *i* iti »:
\« tgi'ved'itpou by the rwbiuhet* a dPiu|Miet)r» . I il «
But If i i'apura.
Oneiqmire. Uno !iirfurUuu..*. - -....1' »
4«.fulbt!i Crlfx 111 'III 111 . •
c Itlufli *-rflt ut'4ith< • 112 y ■
Irr>htt»n tor«j£ hi '... ' ih
.column for oni year
lie »lmun lot on* j fat.,.,
i c iiiiiiiu r..» on. >«.» v,
Prof -ional un i liii&Pi«**.i Card*, nut extc «!h»/ fc
• *et iitor sAdiiiiiil*»ti"Hti.r»afid \ij«!itor'h uotii ' vo
Ap|)lM'ittluli»fi»r o»i!.h .. V
t ipfclonv I VIAV. Nwti. n:.- 'liltuMi, A Dot
ID hues )l Moiijiarotl,orh««quivttler.t, will mukeuitiuwr
j » , tK.
eli'ct hiwiil-bHIf fiO cop'oe »il c.-n ..*!-• f'
u i o
Full V " " 6 •
K«-I ><nvl"|t"Jfty up#pr 5 quires, tl 9U per «|uire; on nl
thirt, i IW-»«»U!ime rt-e!iirff>n will be muih*
liU ;«*.:•» cardA.
*1 6o: each -wi'.it hmui! pncK, lit l cfi
• T'H aL XOTtCW.
Mco'itM"' l ' ' ; »K f "f iim'iliv'ii.
1 5 TJI Ai 0* ||<Q j * .
wiijTic -4t i" lhf tlir '1 i»6t Axcee
hfi-ie; |W» * M. Ii ®l «tioiiMwi«<*» In*riinr^'Ml.
A Ivc. ii'c.m-ii'?. u' o. Ux6<-n|.Mfi, A>l intnlrftnt
tom.a'i i Aii'luor'i n tin-*; Utiny.-, DhM I'ttlon of I'tu l
ii<M\iiip.CiiiUioiH, (in,l ill tiuu.ieiit a Ifcrtinomcutti ..itsi
« t- ' *l!i rt nn.l /'i-mtrff-fn . r j»•
"ttutlcr 112, lier-'liy « ;iCP t>» '• Icily •» ll«me i> J •
»In»*o noheiliilp «if in :i«itil fir tl.vt no-lco.
MM. r. lii I. t Ami nan
( L\KK *\ 11.> ' ' Hcnil.l.
lIOIiI.NSO \ X A nt icii. CM' « ■.
July 13 I 04
4t ft* s.
I■* V III* I 'i-» I
It In iii.vle on ill.- !.*hj i■ >*>' ! ' 1 & ■ ■' • t ..
«I of 80U0 PIiATKS. NO j.ir 1- in Illicit. .<• » iih ih.
luimotiy yf in wt:kl hi I ii-- »ti « ciiii dim
-1_« it* i..;»cJiiQW> I'iivc im» ie and fii 'lii-J
Ir. muhlmrv ifn.f t - « 'J?>. jm w,! h«
r«- »r, elf.; «.I !• 'tfo p- r
Tliew.itphU what all pviifini-.-n 'i ••••: • I, —\< « i
HATH; >Wn.», ST HO.. (I AM) -» M' 1..-
x«.'c}>t j<"tiic liiii'i sr.iilfj, t"o f'vti.V f»V «. 0ue..»l •.
112 «rt
r 4ich wnt'.-li"* v»< I -r f< vcf7il ftn. (h>d p
■ofcww! ml tiviic i I_>;.ntii' i in-t . r<j .««ii 4.> -r«
j kc ptlo'm In«n>v kii. c> o. 1 Ai 1 " p
who liuve carried • •It-iilur,' mwl "I;4/»wli''
l'dtA4 I*» ve p< > leet* rj! h>v .U« i t'.et.v: not
th * -titMin nt
At !h» Ui«in 1 ofc ol -tir ■■ r»"-re i »t tet
tmm «a» r mi«ct v: •» tk 1 r>» : ', r i
10..-pi k ici«d waiuhi for tl mi Io • 1 'nf*
"he c h-rt _n i.i»|i(r> t , or. -r?.r . *« >« f< 1 « ♦
■ :«•—wlilc'i weri' . titrvi iv ; \ •
il •* wnll.wn have »'v. .iii.il * it' I ili • oaiV I.
from th-.- fti't, that »»•««.*? ■ » utMt> -I |»n
'ii «1. wtnov nuiLe MO».h Til As oN. HALF O AL
11E WAT<J,'ltfS>. 'I.Hi < THK I NIT..H S l'.\ ft:-( »n-l
I.; in I|"|« tv I divt.,l »((■ Ii nn;vf.«i(
ti «n V."l'ii«« l:ih'lcpart 11.T 112 P'l• tin lif • i«ctntia-t
»»ud **nb u>ciea94.-<i iiii"< «• • 1 rit,.. t r . v»e«i«- »it
• if'Hiit enicigxt tn the i-mo. t.i'tu e ol w i>f t!i»*
v«-v 11J011..51 0!t % f)| li\i*Nth UK N JNKTKY
»» .cq«iJi«d b) anytnim hit!,u. .]*• t.y
»r|>l QU»II | •* U"| h*' an. thU>f i.rt».lf fi 'p.- rid 112 r
•ii« |. II )H®. w.' !.,»V fl» •.•«•!<). . \<4, V-I. vf
rr rd Mit o. t» our uoitu bti lai .- e*i».t»»-W 112 r
this brancli of u l»u '.n«i h<* With the
l»wt w«»rkni"ii m <*irr « 112% c« uncii ti - tnd 1
*,.c«ai Utve hecu e> UrtTw v ; rfurio tir uwk ,
with coo«un.tn e ■!»•'..«**«■» :• d ex.'Clu*-«
- 1
•«'Ui;» c«»m riifcin bftwlM.ll th' era e.f .ur *. k ainl
tuo finvst IhijKirt.*! cbr,«n •ni-tiv I. '»V. dn.( jut n.'
tctMi. ui watciiv* fef I n. nrif tn 11 1 r -
Mil w« *U> <>Miert witli.iu fi-.r of nir «ii, ti'H t If'
ih* >a«ie Mumejf our jirodu' t i*_l*i. »u, th< r.
All our w.. ~ hw», of «lt.iiet>i grmje, «ie fhll) ftairarMwi
anil hia waWantiH* i- gn •«« at .11 times tgaii t . .• ;
ifd'tiU < n :l juni'if tho w-.rlcl.
I ALi J A« —rU# public 4it t ■ hu\ #olj|
(~ m ( .l.li- •:»- iicr \ j>« - 11 •. .:.i'. <• ifit.-rtc
will be pnjeccntcd
Aug.i.) «•<"., lm. *
Within One Mile of Butler
OO ft - K c ' rc * e * °* >a»'»abl« l.nud, one mile Vtrtt of
/C -CU th« tw>rous»J af ..flared t.r «»le at a
Very Moderate Price.
IO act-w aud 8. 1 ) pcrchee a«yoiin.iad XortU of the
Hutler aud New
Itr aii'l i wla-t t Kni,l,cau b« dlrldi-rt into Knialler
Utf» tj kUit pur. ha t'l j ,
Coal, Xiuiestjiie/fcoddtiiubcr aud water throughout
he whole.
Enquiic nt thtf nfflceUT the sutMcribpr, where accurate
iiaft» of thv preiui»e« cau bt- m-eu.
LfclViA Z.
Aug. 20 St Atturuej at law, butler P*.
Attorney at Law.
Office with Lewis Z MitclieU, Esq.,
Korils East Side of i lomomt.
•' * l i .* •jmc-1,1 1 l.v twiO *
g'-'Jimt- . r »■ .i. ~w- 1
I • ><>w i■ ■ -Ivift j and j..lii:> second Stuck of Fall and W inter Gootla, couslsiiug in part of
yf-fr jiiei'C-s f'nhi.< at from i-i to JU cents ppr yard. "
~J,<)O h[(•<.'('- iinnvri Muplifts at 10 cente and up wards.
Ot) jHcecw Delimm, »t 20 to «J0 cents Jterynrd.
pieces i weeds and Jeans at 20 cents and upwards. ' •
.4!wo. Si Fills Liav of French Ctffourgw
Sliawis, Hood*, Moots & Shoes,
CLOTHING, &c.. &c..
• .vitii marly anythiijin tin wiy of raim>ni ndaptod to this dim- and anitable for the
wai.U of mn;t. {October 17, 18GG::Gt.]
AM) 7H B
lasur-aa©© Gamiiooy
ASSETS, JOLY 1,1866.
<Muh on hand in bunk and with Agta t2s7 32 "> 01
United Stat .•« . i.vk 012.177 2 »
Rr."l o »ut«* r ,y..... r, o,3">j 05
State St«btpt ....„ 497,690 09
:e\v Yt.ik lark M . . 73 » !. J 00
llartr.nl liana I ck- .. .. 27<f.810^00
MibCull i!i« -iim Hank fk 129.00J o<*
!? ilifwtd stiK k, ri 273 lib" Mt
M. ft i; ■ ■ J,.»u»l«v c:t> c>>nr,o k 11. n MiJI.Mf. 0 J
TOTAf* •'».>
1.1 A BIM t 15 iM.
l<oa»<-s *j. 1 £xpei ae* for s.u:hj Ime . li, i.,' 491 :»
r#u' I *et j»:ij«) In fi .vrjjff.. ((■
r- * .d' ji»Vuid 112, ; i. t J I',
tioei ». t-. • ■ ; uihi
Jpty 'fth.j
• ■' 1 nl» ■ .1 no .•.<!( . ( ...
*« " • *• '■ l Jt I l',» » I ri- t
-*h »•*.»»J .ll|| jr .j.H/.#),!;I. and
I FiM nu.ii i!. n « pf»t it| o •'• •• »•!- »• f|,,ui
but <duh;l\ exr«M*diuj( «>ui h;j • -t I . v jm.il a-i
1 'T t«f' n lu4 fy>,l • !(•<« 112 : »i C?>in .;i
ftoo,ooo a it.k
Tbenrc««i»y C.r in ut m4?c ».».« tl <■ . iuf,- i f %«. rtM
•:,0., R cn>p.i ,1 -•!, .i, i-;i»K di. .i . (I t»VVn« iI.V.
t! * M k i!murine* C? ... ; j .n »•> . . .1, . r >• i
<«»rtlua.f h*~ i iiopiii tiiou of .. -jo";—% - h uid-«*rie'v
"J '■!" >' "• . I ■ ' • t «r» !•■ I 1..
• d on'brw ► .!*!« b.» »»i r-Hi- •«. I .
■/..V.. "'-•.1.1.4 * »
1 -n i. j- • • Mdiiiu
n 112 . ■htMnvin-.f fi.»-, . .
lUli.i'wdH', tii*> rr.f igin 112 nr.- tl.it »*
•i. • I u U -in - flu «•.»; ..f , \ lit)
•I! C m.d KIU 11.,- J.ttiii 'f, fit «i t }• m
>H*ed |ii tcn:lrv » o*.•, !«-• • u d\\ fai
i.M« - I' kIV
ihrti r Sj+ > it.' - A*vnt.
IW'U'hD rf«pwifiillv nnifiinc* to the fuu r- ■
Unite cminl/, nut I am Ago ! »!«• r
• machine* 9
AUo tb« echibrAted
Excelsior Mower k lltttyei
uinuofactart-d bv CUlk k Quiglon, O.
Sharp's Steel-tooth Hay-Rake.
Altfo the great American Champion
Hay & Grain Eafe,e e
»"■. I. lIrSELTOPr, 11. u ..... SAXDiLOUIIK, >1
(Late of the V. 8. Army)
M-Orrtci >n B,jrd'« block .Main »lrrrt c I ll«r p.
rpu K n l.icriigiH-i having .tw into fttrtutfwhip, n th«
1 cSOO'l* and t<li' >K Mn ntUtrifii ij.jf nOj tt
bbickwlvo a >i'>r-
Hr«l. i.hM. p. im.. «r»» r- nrnke tl»» ?«• ;' r
**>: i'. • tail ftotifcr.tMtMtJul.) w^tk^Cfstrjr 6th « i
>huj*ka»e4i* H.tvu.L . -.t. Ai.» ii.!•■ . I
thtf to •!t» .• , a7 .j ~ !
jotiraii,-*ui*>k j * '
lIfMWRt? rav wffi-Catln-ftiM). ;•«« Ullmjr bed and
d .lishi.Mi }«< -iUi.e, I t!.«*iwr*-.-e wm ; a.J
p.*r n «, ii. if | nj. cfag Imr i r
la, ymt<*
j Qr,e Dwt S'Htfh ' < .V'-/< •/>' !
■' I
. : t j 'J; ■' >■ : /i -,
: .sunli v LA !. .i': i
r' ' ■
'.>» Y'V' : v"" 112 '
I j .CV, ' ?r ;. i' .-v, -.0
j\vj |n ; I \ . i.y. ;• ■ :».(■■
!I- >' i I ! ' ' \ • 1 v ,
•!. i' .'Ui- <V J . ■ I
jruijiit ui' u ' !
i >'(•;!. ret \ {K'sir.iitjf l.iuVni.s •
• Ti> "ihci wiili Hupcrier Stvl't ;
"l make of
Silk and Potilius
j 5-4 vv 00l Delaine ,
) Alpaccas, al 112 o or?,
* « V i:s ** 5 arwMiflt'.'tv
■ i!>«'li\iiis A .1 itit*i*i«-aii 1
| .Si ii ii tiit i «v. lii cf Ih'<l.
\»nl ti%:nvii ;vln'ctiii({s.
I Tivkiag, .
Giuyha n. .
Canton and Wool ! lannch,
&cp,, 6c 0., ,ScD. !
FliAI YixEWtSi
Red «tnd
Rob Roy,
And Copurg.
White and colored
Balmoral and Ilo.»p Skirls, '
German, and lOn rli.-h
Our stock embraces a
vaticiy ami all iiivekic.-.
A tirlratid '"implef!' 1 a ; --ovtTt)'ont. ■>
A Splendid Qfsplav «of
iHrr ft,
*»*. \\ * +%J m' .WICA*
DH. i.'i. AOGIESL'S.
Til. -<• fi»!l>i! UT iilln mr 1,..*. f..| C r ,It-l t'm<
uit '• >»tUe w >r!d |<-i orrr n i|nurt«ir «»1 r
o.niurj u ~r.v .lr|»t.n tke Mtc in fne*-
flaw iHWn li ,11, i-.-v. TMrftiMl
Unr>t (iiilv |> (iravriK
« lit-lln- rnrinrft
f»i* n«id to nit ffot»lm «!• Will •«•':>» T«» ♦
and i Jirmii f«* il ~112 tI«H*PN.f,4 *lll | run, , . ),«•
* Ebt-ip i'VH") (
•t . 1* th«'(r |.rf-t:-6* »*r«itn. 'U
flirt yniiiiif mi | niiiklhMifrtHi, fliry -vlll | r,»vo mint fnvwl
. *• * r<- »•». i*-. » «!|i- I »;,• mi*
>1 ih\;Un' II .. !■». J ,*f „ unht 112, r
L '? _ "" >'• '>■ iii, i ,i.
%| "|T utifiii.'i tfmf w.-uIU K-jt'Hc t'lo out to tir ir I
unkc y.»«t i ever ' • •
An Eic^iaSi3pi?ingl
II v.-lt *;■ I i ,v It.-; 112 Nfl
Tr?E ; $F. Vinous aiarts^iEs
i.."; ;;,# , Li _\. iffiffijXt.
i i.tUi J.-xi.IOUS > 'I&Qil'M :l
i ■
. i ! (IIUJII iinK,
B-OX' C-it.!lV-OUfc Wv- ■ c
Alt I II • II '■ - <-f '■ ' \ I
«*l«l . •• ,1 i M <oh-- '« 1 'III' 1 ') * '«* I :
• ' 1 *'* \ vt r " *"
ub min\\- r , • iu(-
Invitri» ly iw Ft Vvtyiig
i)i , - ! carC"is! v » I
112 S
I . j
> I *4* I \»l. '
F«fu il* i-' tint* 1

l j'Hi - . i '
1. » ' i • '•(
liltit ;iv*»H4» ' '
!!!■* ;ir.i
Hen i 4>.
, ,s v !>*'• < --
t ♦ >'oilcr • ii 4■ wi.b- f| f ;h . #il *. ■
murkSi-fi .t« »• .v. .' .in.! |,v IMC. .1.
MA»i.JIW s t v , Pull.*UMt.,>.«•» V I'ik,('*foiitit«*il<ni whit ><
in f''l »!»% -* ■ : •
*?•* - 'A Ml .i»cr.*J»*i-H In Mftiiciiir
tri® i!tiil«n nil —uf i"» c.ntn
' Fup Pal* Ml i)rti IJK-IIA'T U Dr i g
Tf t h» I istlrt- ri*.
A M>
1 r " « ARTEII? on Mnin B»H*t, Ofipo* I* J», k -
i xiotel. IV Bul»*cribcT U exteonivtl/ » in
twine full? ptf*p«re»l t, mile* COFFINH of
ill IHvi'lt-Utli |»r.nijj»tlv U» oJ*r C«>f
lin-o: «li "Ufa I.m: ki »<!• re-vc • rnatUv, and ulvrajr* oq
Il«* li'ui a »<» procnri d *n entliny
Xew and >< «J Elcarsc;
"Ml* il:f: I -■ I
k H - «•» I i|» m'W" - f»«r h>
i'i v;i ,1 ix«if -ft idi'i'' - ' V
Jilt.. *'• >l. V I
i Mil*. " < *t»v.
o AtOxi
An OM Ssijga New Tune,
4'*l* nil 1- a»ichr>
Am 4 Wicf in/ f:nU\ ■
i . . . t .
I 4 15 year* r- ttblial}o<!lnK. V. <slty,» fc .
••' nly Hftll.tl 1 • remedies kw*n " : «i
• *'Fp:o fr m
M 1 N• it dftticferij&li tolli*i Tlnmnn l»n<lty.*"
"Ketec-u.e out of tlndr li >U>* t » Hie-.'*
I *'€ octar'a't Rat, Hoi.rli, Ae., t)x
11 a pi-ta— W>. ! fi'i* fiats 3/ J" lionets
/»•'••*•'. and I.'rtl, f-in/i, 4c.. Ac »,\c. Ac. *
I "Collar's' . Bed-Bug Exf.r.n!. ntor.
l*:t liquid or w.irfh—ii.« 1 t., d • truyl «n<J
* ! TV.L' f '• IVft-Uiijcs, Ac.
KLUniUr I''»Wi»;-:;; i Mi l\ft|Ts
t ;rA ■ I!-. |, 0 ,.,
{ hs'crlH . u I'tint |.>aU. .a&lmuiW. ic
**_"■ HR*»tv 112 :tl» vr
"• tfcut - t;o r \*v ■ itfufH* h 01! yarn n *ll«
8 •'•■( M -K Tjt 4 fry V ii bitv
fi-A'l •. IH'NRV U fO«TVII.
« ix Ur K\ «..l » • fcj. ,
i -i-. IViC.J, t.l .
; IS 6G- " "
I IN' i.i.Ay. HATW,—j', , 112 |
' I !>• •* 1 - Hull i«T| aii . I i. \ 1
will u> mhl «1 ■■< *|T I uiu no in, :hi-.u w :,j ■.>
'V ' '-i■• • •» fi ii iv • .in
l»o ■ .*pt down. t!u \ wHild t-irinAio mril f o <Al tuan
.> u! i -iHf.iiu ('.*•, u >0 Uuiii m
*. jr -Uo»t.ii > u!v rt -i:i«* ,t nb.iva
' P St;-'- rfi'xus nrif! ? - Vif.o««vir ft..:?*?** iti nWl'n;
.V' i u:ii'.'i cj (ifnil; \\ fun-vtTi.i«l- In rxtviiiiiim
t.ti> ly'tiii hi I:,- .. I . , HVjdiytild liko atuta one to
if u* iho l»«*n«*llt of tlielr'» V|»eri<-iirc in drlvlnjf mil
J fticir Ho iiccU (ltigs, rat-, mid
f,r t'.i-.!.0.iy , < .ySr,h',;. l!c J i irnr. til. A*. J',
'IWiIV »«i'\bl(tif» ii trf iftivn
u.v r : -n atjc
HniN'iu—!}i.- in ■< |.« >i •••( H.i | iilcatlori we
h\Ye »ver A<f"ijltK). f:»f .y ::i. tint c.<ti gel If. v
' l>r | wit I, will «wit it. Mid ovary i'.'i«\tlint >M> if yr«ll din
gem-rnliy iU fume |«I u r n* di-tutif :i< p fiom
Hln rw.t W I1 t ifcwi stone A/ir/t„ Mirror.
II.»U>l-Kri'.*'I;onl.!ofl iyith voruilii need be »'» no *
fi»iipi»r. if tiM-v w K.\!'i Hiin.tt r \\'t« lijv«
nne<l II b> 'H*.i iMtUfuctj-n : n ..I If h Ultx (OMtM $6, w..
Would b.*re it. We !• wj> !ifi «l j»-.»f.s y r. • but tbc.y i«iri*rt«-»1
n<tlihl<: tut "C'WtnV* Ui tirl<« k'i »< tii l':o out
• 4 ICiti. fl •.icbe», V f,l< l{t , d-l}ii..!«. <|iiirli«r tlimi
wo c-.m wrlft* If It i« In K' o '* 'loinind nil uvor the
t .. miti v.-.V r/iiKi rMri->,
' Hilvortino.'uctit abuvt*.
\ voin: from Tin: fa ;; \\ u.nx *»
1 '»■" Ui|f, IJo!*<'b, AiVt, 4o ; l"*<i>rf»i'ir«'^r<—*
xiii at'»;| jir.i« wi. iM .no d' «.<I
rtfid l»i-»it KiJpr.*'— l.t»et**frr tfi», H r-iltl.'
A#- : *■ * a';\b jvy.
VA n*MKKS? S t«1 3V.K I?givKi.?,-!ieubl rrndlort
lli.il liUD'lr«'(la «-f doltiu*' wurtlt if tir tin. I'rovlHbtfM.
&t\. M'i; fniinrtUy dti-liO\fd 3Jit *..y«i'»id«4i»-
■ r ht*rctttm -f\ nil n• • !» '< 112 '-n ld» pr»venial
by .1 U" •'•■ • '.V .»>l| of Vinty ' lilt, A lit,
tr,. !. :■ : ,;>!.» {».>l. I.in i:|.. , \ 112 '
tv -ii .v. '
r?,: j:i! u;b;r J'a., »... u!i <vn I D-n
J AN article cr REAL »L-;Ir.
Tf: 11 fins i irii trin) anil stood
tu■ {'■■■', not only in a,i vnu
uioii, ' c«w, hut in every ctrin
hlKl'ilif nh- t r It*, it it Uch btcu
prtni'Htnr. tl the Kttfrnt and Most
t'cllttblc remain ktiov'H for
It con fit ins nothinrj irri
tating t>r injirrtoWh to the
stomtH'.h, ttiul is mild out
prompt in. its <u:tion, and
J effects a permanent cure by
remoriiiff the cause of the
l complaint. Xo FA MIL £
\ tthould be without it, an the
cost, is trifling compared
with the suffering that may
be avoided, bn having it at
hand in ease of a midden
fair Try It, and judge for
J'repeireU otUy by
Agents for Butler County, Pa. •
Ap li'i, W-Craov
AiiminlKtratrix' Sotire.
N'OTK Ki» 1 fieby rWn tbnt. lfrr* vf Adminl-tra
ti.'n l»wve iMi»«J to tfio and«*r«iarwl, ot< fho
iHtattof * v bi Prior, UL#-o| Clay tp . *n I W*r«jt. itf Co.
O, lltb l>et P K. C.. «fc-c'd." All n«r*ms kn - taring
Aeninxt Ht»aio to ti » m pivperly an ieniic*-
tod for •ettleiaeot t< toe un>>rei«'nad.
Sf!S VN PRIOR, Adat'x
P«pt. fi, '««.} Oakland tp . JButler «n» .
Fa "in for Kale.
I 01 WiwiMii|.i»tit 'Viwy ii, j utier «s>hjutr t beitoy l«"
*r it* ,112 Imui I .lid: ' ixiy Ac^'tf yVicli aro
• I ' ce - I' •»:*»«', «d. Cn a. g->o«|
112 112 ' I • 'if •'
' I ' ' ' r • v • ■
„k x \ \ tfa l wa i huST"
I .. \
a.t».-ln« Km .< • , ;ntm, tw : un t , t-a .
1: ... •• cUctoiai. A
v.. V. H \Wh , L. , l ofioula,
F««U 14, *C3"i Agent fa. AjlHir COttuty,
Mf • • »

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