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Butler, Pa. Wednesday, May 8, 1367.
IF©® rsmrao A jm.
But lei, April IH, 1667. J
this office up t. >1 iv *2oth, I*W7, for the building
of a new Jail, to bo built in Hull' r. IVr-nn* wi»hing to
bid can see the plan arid specifications in this office, any
lime after the 27th of April. The Mason and Carpenter
work will be given in different contractu.
no. 18-3w. J. W. Bit AN DON. J
Us*" Circulars, witli tickets enclosed,
in one of the Masonic Asylum Fund of'
New Yoik—piomisiug a distribution of
piizes from 822,000 down at the Mason
ic Hall, Philadelphia, are being circula
ted through the l'ost Office among the
Masonic fraternity. It is expected that
the recipient will send the money for the
enclosed tickets at one dollar ench. We
find this concern classed among the hum
bugs exposed by the American Agricul
turist, and we deem it our duty to wain
the craft, of the deception. It is a swin
dle on its face, and we hope that not a
dollar from Butler county will find its
way into the pocket? of these unra'tig*
ted scoundrel-.
I caused an advertisement of the Ham*
ilton Gold and Silver Mining Company,
of Nevada, to bo published in the ja
pcrs of this county, but refused to dis
pose of the Stock until the Superintend
cnt, who had been sent to Npvada to as
certain the productiveness of the mine=.
should return, lie has now returned
and the ore having been teste I, and prov
ing to be as rich as that of the best mine*
in that State, the Company, t>t its In-1
meeting in Philadelphia, c< ncludc ! r■' t
to sell Stock,but to ksuo bon is with ecu
pons attached bearing ten per cent inter
est, payable in coin. The bonds are re
dcetnablo in five years from <1 ;te. ami
'nay. within that time at the opti m ol
the holder, bo converted int.i 11
those poisons who desired to l ike itock.
wish to have bonds, they c 11 signify
their intention hv application to J .OIK- I
'J'. M'JUNKIN. Ksij of Butler.
J Zlioi.i It. See y & Treas. I
February 20th, '67—tf
HfTlvnit MAItKKTM.
BIJTTKH— Kr.-h 11..1, 2.S ci'ntli i Br I.ohiji]
JIKANB—'W lilte, lu'.iO par Im 1,-1.
DANI.KV—H| rin- IK)
BEESWA X—!V> -nts p««r poind.
EGGS —1- "cnt* perdoz«ui
FLOUR- « v hpi». $7,. Vi to 7.75 perlitind.; Ryu 4,0".
Burkweeat. SI,IK) pT hnn ..
FKU IT—Dr. ; Appb . S eta. per lb; Dried Peacher. |
•2-S cents \\ lb.
FKATIIKItSI—7S rent* p™r pound
GltAfN—Wheat SJ,6O per hush I Uy« .l,ro Oats. &TV i
Orn 70. HucUwhe tl, 7Oc.
GROCI.RI LS—< Ydlce, Kio, 30 pi-r pound: .lava, 4* I
Brown Sugar I ) t o'l-. d .1 ». W dte, 21. N.O . M<da- 1
e<» jl.'jo conU por gallon; Syrup 1 Ouau-l $1 !
HIDES—7 reals per | un*i..
LAUD —12' . cent* pri pound.
NAlLS—s*"»> per k«v.
PUTAT«>KS—r,k- p c , ! ii,!:. 1
PORK—Shoulder*, 10; 11 th. 12; Ilu ui, .fic pei
H AMP—4fPilts per pound.
KlCK—lft cents «. r j and.
BALT—pe 1 • i
TA LLOW-—l'J ••enf* p poind.
Wl);)I,—10 cent |.er pnn <1
I'iTT.inunnn, May 7, 1807. |
Gil AIN--WlMter r.l. No tsp »igl lnofedat !
5- 86 and No oats •r, - «; O1 .' l • : Rte,sl '• I
Corn. Barle-. V : -p•* I' .
KLOVH- P1 rti N\\ heat. *!4 0; Wirt* Wheat •'
Jlye Flour 9D 00; lit wheat. $4 . ewt.
I'liOV I l * lo.\,S—li;»f 11. h'Mi! |i in.l >c; :*r Cured
II .in*. 1.-* . : l.nrd >
IH'TTKR—Fresh U•! 1.3 Cc
EGtiS~loc per d.i/.eis
II AY—Haled. i.•. T« n.
SEEDS—Flaxseed s.\ •>;»; Jim thy.:: .'lover.!'.! • •
DRIED Fl'.l'lT—Peaches, quailns, 17, halvei li) ct
fierlb; Apples; 8 , !i. .
IM ITATOI.S— P«»<-h Blows, 90 cents per bmhol. .
APPLES—fn 26
PEA N 7 r > 11"r bit 1 <>\
OlL—l'rtide, 7 1 7 'tjT '• 4 ; Rellncd. CO cent* /allon *.
l«ard Oil, b"! to Oti for No 2. nnd $1 1 ' r»r N 1
TUTE FOR CALOM3L.— Pilh «.r rmnp<«cd
of T.\riont roatj?, hnviiij the powur to relax the m<- «• ,
tionH of the liter H* promptly un I mMy bin - :
pill or mercury, an I without p' idti-in» . ny tho«o
didiigrceable or ITo ts win-ii of u.i 112 .11 iw th«- '
use of the bitter.
In ell bilinuH dw ir>icru tlieee PilU miy bo im»d with 1 tti
tti tht*y pronioi th 1 of vitiate*! !
idle, and remove thoeo ob«tr»Kti >:i-t i'r.m the liter find
biliary ducts, which are the bilious ufT. r iious in
nche, an«l all di<*Ordeni oftho Liver, indicate Ib , sallow
•• kin, coated tongue, cjutiveu drovsiuesH, and u ,
general fueling of woarin'Mi and latitude, showing tlint
the liver is in a torpid or obstructed condition.
In nhort. theso Pill* may be usoJ wit a advantix - * i n
all caaof when a pargativoor alio.-itivo nu'Lcina ia r »-
a»»k for " Dr. Schenek'o >fandrs»ke Pills.'" an i
obserro that th 9 tw »llkeoessti --f riio D >rtor »re on rh
Government stamp—on.* W!ip.l in tie lit »t of Con- i
emnption, and the other in hie present henlth.
St ld by all and de tiers. Price.2">cents pei
box. Principal ofllee, No 16 Nuth Cth Street, Pi. bi
deipl*ii, Pa.
Cicnural Wholesalo Agents - Barnes A Co.. 2!
Park Row, New Yoik S. S. II men, Caltlm >re c t
Baltimore, Md.: John D Park. N. ! ■< r i tli i.n I
Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio; Walker XT i\ lor 1:'. an
136 Wabash Avenue, Chi.ug>, III; ColliiH I'.r Vt-
S. W. corner of Second and Vine SM , St 1. ' is >L».
[4th k otb w, ea mo ly.] ;
- A. Y. Sl.—Sntler Lodge.\»> 9A.1 M%
\S\ / hold* its Htateil niHetill>r» in the i «tl.i Fell'i'-.,
JC Nell, fti Mai 1 Street nthi
Wednesday "112 »• '< ii month Ii ♦•»h. n I in
\fy' iiietor aie rettpectfully invi.cd to at
tend . P.v <»rder of the W . M.
Ci>NS..«l-K.\t.«MM. LOU.il-:.
Main at., Hutl»»!. i'**nu«>lVHlHH
meucing at 0 o'clock. Brethren from sister I**lge« are
respectfully invited to attend. By order ef the N . (I.
Cholera, Diarrhoea, and Dysentery 1
A CUftg ih w.vutuNTtii by I>K. TOtilAo cKubR t1 kd
VENETIAN LINIMENT, if used when tir»»t taken by
P«*ra«>ns of temperate habits. This medicine ha* eon ,
kuown In the United BtuNovsi 2 ' year*. Ttiouaaniis i
liave used it, and round it never failed to cure any cum- :
plaint for which it wa* recommended, an,l nil those who !
«ttr*t tried It, are now never without it in the 1 hol'.i a,
of 184 R. Dr. Tobias attended 4u ca*e.s and lost 4, being
called in !«><• late to do any Koo( t
DIHECTIOVB—Take ** tea-<poonfnl in a wlne-glneaof .
-era erv half hour f»t tsohl ours, and rub the abdo
men and extremities well with tb« Liniment. To »liav
the thirst, take a lump of ice in the nviutlt. about tlte
eize of a marble every ten minntos It ii w u ranted per
fectly innocent to take Internally. Bub I by ell «li u x
gists, price 4<> and So cents lb-pot. st. Couriiaad a
Mew \ork
A Single Box of BRA.* OtlETrlS L Conain
more vegetable extrat live matter tlian twenty b. x. ~ o i
dipihda any where in the world beside*; fifty tiv 0
nylsnre physician* nee them in their practice t » tl.s
excluHion of othor purgative*. The first letter <»t their !
valueis yetecarcely When they aie bet
ter known, a sudden death and continued *ickne*« w||l
be of the past. Lt«t thone who know theiu speak right
cot In their !a«'or. It is a duty which will »ave life.
Our race are subject ton redundancy of vitiated bile
at this season. tt is dangeron* »* i' is pre\nlant
but Hraudreth's Pill* afford an invaluable and elllciei.t
protection. their oecaaional use we preveo* ' »
collection of those impurities which, when insnO cient
quantities, cause so mnch danger to the Inuiy's IHM.I, .
They soon cure Liver t omplaiiit. Dysp**p"ia, L- --sot Ap
petite, in the Head. Heartburn, Pain in Lrea sit
Bone, Sudden Paintnes* and ('ustiveuoej. Void bye all
respectable Dealers in Medic,no.
i a!civ
I'O It S U.K.
m!IK snlwrlber offnr* for ►tie 5 of g.iod tlhi' le
I l .nd situate one mile West of Prospect. In Afudd -
I creek township, on the main r«nd Teaming from Prospect
Ito Poi tersville A house and -table tht- «'o:i erected; a
giH 'l weli of water, and nl/'»»:t thirty bearing fruit trees.
I F»r f»uthar particulars iuqnire of W. W. D>dd«. Esq.
of pi osp'-ct. or theantwcrlber living two miles North
. a-t . 112 Butler, I'.t. JAB. M. LOWE,
may 8, 'B7, 4r.
Hot tee.
XN T the matter of the final account of Christian Flee
(rer. a lunatic. •
P No. 27 .Tune Term, IWljsndnow to wit • April
21th. I*o7. account presented and directed t • be filed,
and publication ordered to be made according to rule
of Court and law. By the Court.
JJuHer county, ss.
Certified fr -m the Record this 30th day of Xpril, 180"
may. n021.3t*.) ,T. B* CLARK, Proth'y.
Notice to De'in-uent Collectors
ALL delinquent Collectors 'if County nnd State taxes
are he; ebv notified tliat they are :< quired to settle
the r old accounts with t'ie Treasurer of Itu'ler c<mnty,
on or before »hc next Junei'onrt, »s we need money by
that tiui« to in ike a payment on the New Jail
Collectors will sive co<t« by idvi this enrly atten
tion H" order of th« ' "jntn-'e-loners.
. Butler, April 27,1M7—St. Clork.
Adiiiiiii^rotor'w IVotire.
Estate of John, ton deed.
>fOTICK Is hereby Riven, that Letters of Admtnlstra
\ ti«m 011 tlie ite ol dohu t>n Will am-" » ire 112
d/iddle-ox township.dec d. have this day. l ilfay 4th.
ISfIT,) been uranted by the P.eg'ster to the tnder«ignei|;
therefore, all j iTHOus knowing; themselves indebted to
sail est-U-, will make Immediate payment, and th«f
having claim? will proscut tha sauio properly authenti
cated for settlement J Oil N PROW \
may 8, no. 21.3t* Administrator. |
Orphuiss Court."sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of But
ler county. I'a., the uodersl rnsd Administrator of
the (-tite 112 V-rthi 3f:llis dtv'il. will offer for sale
at public vendue on the premises, on
Saturday, the \stday of June next
a» oneoYlock, p. m . "112 s ti«l day, a rertaitrmesmge and
lot of jrrou 1 » tuato in the ho uugh of Prospoct coun
ty and State af-resald, bounded on then »rth by an al
ley, on tl by - treat, - n thesonth by a street,and
i n the went l>v an allay, e>' OHM ilundre 1 and
Twenty feet in front. a-.<l < Hundred and Twenty
f«-et to tho alley,and ou wiiichh erected a dwelling
In u-e.
TKP CS Of SALE—One-tldrd 112 lhep» rchase money
to be j aid on tho confirmation of sale by the « urt, and
tho balance in two equal anuutl payments therealter
with interest fr m said coatinii.it on
may,no.2l.] JOHN GREER, Adm'r.
mmi Mio iftl
\LPO, rainier'* and Common Betwe Hay Elevators
and Rakei.
AL« ». Cult valors, IRON and Wood.
\LBO, Double Shared Plows, Iron.
ALSO. Cutting Boxes nnd.Com Phellcrs.
* ALS , Pi 1 \vs u? i Point*,all kinds.
AbftO. Co 1. Sivves( Wui.d .r coal), on hand and for
Kalsatourold stu'id.
J. CJ. A. Wm t'nmiibell.
Butb r, m i.v n.,21,J.n
A]i|iraißtisient (Lists.
milß following nppralsemrnl I -is of property re-
I taine l undei the th Section of tho Act • 112 Assem
blv of 14th M April. Itfal, have been preeented and
bl«d in tli* Clerk of Orphans Court, in and far
the County «.f Jiutler, to wit:
O C., No 1 \l.f,*h t#-in, I'dr , Mrs. Nancy S owart,
widow of Jt n Stt-w 11 ft, dei'd person! 1 property
* U 1 r Stewart and John M. Dunn, Adm f re.
•» C., No. 2 Mvch term, H7; Mrs Mary Bllnn
widow 1.1 Philip I.linn, deed; personal proper . v nn unt
ing t. |jj i «j- Isaac It 111? Adm'r.
O ( ,No 6, Hareh term, X? 6?; Mrs. Graham, widow
of En - Graham, dee'd; personal property antounting
O. C , No. •'. March term, ,r 7 . Mr . W. If Wid w
of J..,ej !, Wolf. d. d . i'.e.l •"t it'* .11 , iiint iug »o fl
Patrick Hamilton, Ex r.
O. C.. No. 7 March term IV7 ; Mr*. KK/.abrth hit?.
simnn 11 . wid. w oi w m . 1 on- .1 ed; l»onl cs
1,00 ain i:iii:ii|{ 5". . John Martin, idm'r
1). C No 27 Mll eh term, 18(17: Mrs Jau Haslett,
willow If rd(,i Unset;, oe.-il; Per* 111.1 property
am niitlng to i ' 1 22 John M. Ha-lo't, Adm'r.
0 C No. 70 March t rm. I-6T; Mrs Phobe lAvton,
widow of Th 0,.,.'. Lay ton, de< d; Iteal catnie ••in nut
in/to|:.o'. PLebe Layton, Adm'x.
'if which the credit' f*. heirs, legatee-*, distributees,
and otlo.ts inteiesled, ill tnke i • nnd uppearat our
Orphan*' Cout, to 1m held at itntler, on tho First Mon
day of June ii \t. it beirg tho 3d div of s«id month,
t.. sh »w ea •->• ii auV :h h »VP, why the * >id apprai-e
--nn nt 1 lots should not he confirmed »l -010 ely.
N ll.—Anpral «'-meiit Lists %vi 11 n>t be presented
112 reoiifbn a? i->n ntil the publication ll*ea are p ti'l. 1
March no 21,4t.
T.iO Most Exciting uad latorcsting
Book Ever Published.
T H 31!
rJ so IOH Y
8 v 'J S
L« (J 11 y Wi-1 1 i LIU lo
R S B 13 L L I O M,
Lute iVorosl Mar th all and Chief Detective of the
War Department.
nuns work embraces an authentic andofllchl aee.»nnl
1 if the hitherto fu,'p;ts td fac's an I inf rmati- n i
oSlain'idby tieuernl UAKduring hi« five years -er
vice aa Chief of the National Detective Police. It was '
announced more than a year ago. but ow ing to the at- I
tempts ot the Oi'Veminent to nuppreso it. its pnblica
ti.oi wis delayed It will now be issued, I NALTEKKD
an I IN A Hill b-i El), END UK the SLPKR VISION ot
Ul N EH A L RUi Kit.
The author'■< well known confidential and intima e
relation with .Vr Liv* H.N an I his a bin t and his
numerous personal ad ventures, have mado Im-> name us
familiar to the American pei.p'.o. iu those of our most j
diatii uished JVilitary Heroes The liillo inf-nnation
nnd nii-agre acciuoti of his operattons d*rived fi -in the j
uv« ■•papers ol the day.have onlyjswakened a more in- I
ten»e desire in the ••ondsof t!.n
of sti 1 of the mysteries heretofore hiJd 11 Ly '
the curtain of 018-dvlen v Un •
Tnis book effectually lifis tiie veil «»f secr.isy and la\s
bare tho-»e inwitid reeene-a to the inspection and criti- ■
ciini of the world
The mo.al»of the National Capital ar» thoroughly
ventilated, and there are woiue strni.g •re vela'i .na con
eetnliig ben:a of d**ptrtments, members of
femtlo paidon brokers, and distt»guished military ,
For tbr.lilng and %vonde:ful adventures, this
book eclipses the famous experiences of toiciiK and 1
VIIHH'U. and poaseeaes the rare merit 112 trutli for lis rec
ommendation, bei. K attested by official authority. Now |
that the war IH over and the plea ot ••military nece&ai- ;
ty'* can n longer be uraed as an excuse f.»r w itbhtdding
the important tacts revealed by these d sclosurea. it is 1
b >th tiitiiiK and Just that the peoj>lo who epent their (
tieaaure and shed their ldo.nl for th« preservati n of;
the Union should have the inner history preeented lo
thum by our Author, the official and aole custodian of j
the archives of the Nation's Seivice.
The work will be printed from a beautiful, cloar. new
type, on line paper, nmde expressly for this work, and I
l»e coinpriaetl inoui large volume of over ?0U pages,
embellished aud illur>tiMte«l with numuroua fine en
gravings. It will be furnished t«i cuhscribers. in neat 1
and substantial binding, at the following prices, paya
ble on delivery:
In Fine Cloth, at $5.00 per copy.
la Leather. (Library Style,) - at 6 0J Per cory.
Tins work wdl be sold hy aubsc iptlon mly and cau
r.«t be had except through our regularly authorised
traveling Ageui.«
P. OAURETT k CO, PvruMHKft*.
No 704 Chestnut Street. CbUadelpoia.
may,no2l, l8 H 7,lui.
M Y wife, Mary, h:us left my bed and board, without
. just cause. I thercluro. hereby warn and uotify
at' persous n »t tohaibor her or give her credit on mj
account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting
May 1, IM»7—uV JOHN WIKJS.
rpHE unpaid armnnts of Dr. W 8. Hnseiton are in
I our hands for coll c*i »n Persons kn »wi:.g theiu
reive* to be indebted to him will s,ive co«ts by calling
w th ns within one m nth, ai our office . n M«iu street,
Butler, Pa . and pay tug up.
May 1,1067-I*. " BLACK & fLEfiOZE.
j Incorporated by Act of Assembly of the Common
j wealtn of Pennsylvania, March 0 1867.
Board of Supervisors appointed by the above
I Corporation to carry out the objects of the act of
incorporation, respectfully announce to the puhlic that
t'ie I egistature of Penney Ivania has anthoriced the rais
ing of funds fur th«- erection, establishment, and nia»n
tena-ices of a» Aavlnm for Invalid Soldiers of the late
1 war, to be built on the B ittloilell d (lettyslnrg. and
1 n.s an Induct-ment to patriotic citizens t»> c u.tribute t.»
1 this benevolent object, hate empowered the t'orporn
t oii to di. tribute amonspit the subscribe s "uch articles
of value and interest, from association with the late
war. or anv ni'.r.evs, effect-, propel ty «»r estate, real
or personal, whatever, In this Mate or elsewhere, ot
such times }>r .ipon such terms, and in such way aud
manner what-Ot-ver. a- to them shall seem tit, any laws
ot this Commonwealth to the contrary notwithstanding
The enterprise Is cordially recommended by the fol
lowing named well known gentlemen :
M ij r-'ltnetal GEORGE G. MEADE,
Maj r General E. M.OItL«iORY.
Major General JOHN It BIt»M)KE,
Major Ofiieral CIIABLES H. T. COLLIfI,
Major General 11. Y .» M ADILL.
Maj»»r "eueral J AS. L fiKLFHLDGK,
Pi tg-ulier General J A.MKP A BKaYER,
Brigadier tie i.eral 11 OKA HOG SH K ELS.
Brigadier (iemral JOSEPH F. KNIPis,
Br'.galier General \V M.J BOLTON.
Brigadier General BAM ZCLICK.
I i-igndier General JOHN K. MI BPIIY,
Hi :iead:er General JOHN F. BALLIER.
llri- idler General T. F. M'COY.
Brigadier tieneral ft. E. WINSLOW.
Brig idiei'Oeneral II EX It Y PLEA3ANT3,
Brii: idler General J P. S. GOBIN,
Frigadier General J. M CAMPBELL,
Brigadier General Tiloß. M. WALKER,
Brigadier General H M. COOPER TALLEY,
Brigudlor General D M M GREGG,
Colonel F. 6. STI'MBAI'GII.
The site for the Institution thl• ty acres) has alrea.h
been purchaaed. and it is hoped that the good woi km »y
commence before mid-umuier.
Subscriptions will be received at theofliceof the As
ftOclation. No. 1126 Chestnut street, I'll iladelphia, ou
and after Monday, the6th diy of lf»»y, I*o7
For each subMcrlptlon <>f five dollars a certificate will
be issued, which will entitle the holder to such article
of value aa may be awarded to if* number.
Tho first distribution of awaida will be made Imme
diately upon the receipt of 80,000 subacrij:lions, of
The dj-'i i but ion w ill bp public, anl under the direct
supervision of the Corporators.
Persons at a distance are requested to remit their
subscriptions (when >tacticeblei by Post office money
onler, or registered letter, to insure prompt delivery.
Direct all letters to
J D. HOPi'jlfAN,
SeCHETAT. V HotRDoF Sll'l RV ISonfl,
Box 1481. p ()., Philadelphia.
The following is a schedule of tho awards to be mado
under the first dlstributi u. The items oT Dirtnond
nnd other 1 r-ej usst<>n«s wer-jpurei 1 ( . ( | t: ~i citizens
of the Houth during the war, and their genninenees is
cert lli I'd toby .l/ecsrs lletile A Bros .the nio.-t exten- !
slve din 11 ontl imp* rtei> in tin- country, and by J. ilt-r
--niann, diamoud setter, New Y »rk.
Incorporated hy Act of As-omldy of the Common
weal th ot Pennsylvania, J/archo IHH7
Office 1 ( II EST NUT Straet. Philadelphia.
Eighty Thousand Subscribers at Five' D lla;s Each.
1— 1 Diamond Necklace,43 Brilliants
valued at 130,000
2 1 Dian .< .ud Cluster Brooch and Ear
Rings ift,OHO
2 l Award 10--40 Government Bonds 10,000
•1— I Diamond I'ross, set in Silver 7,"u<)
6 I Diamond Clout or Brooch 5,000
0— 1 A waid 10 -10 Government Bonds 6,L>00
7 1 Diamond Single Mi ne Ring 4.f»00
ft— I DUmoudt lus «-r Bracelet 4 000
9 1 Diamond Single St- ne >carf Pin ,)
10— 1 Dinniond Cluster Brooch 4,t>00
11— 1 Dianmnd Cluster Bracelet .. 4,0u »
l'i— 1 Pair Single Stone Diatrond Ear
Rings 3.510
1.l 1 Diamond fluster Hrooch :<.l) 0
14— 1 Award !• -40 Government Bonds 3.<00
U— 1 Dianioiid Single Stone Pin 3.0J0
Ifl— 1 Diamond Single 9 tone Stud. 3, 00
17— I Diamond (luster Br« och 3,ft00
18— 1 Diamond Single Stone 'J ..no
10— I Diamond and Emerald 11 00c1i... 2 5-u
2"— 1 Diain* i d Single Stone Ring 2,« 0J
iil— 1 Diamond Cluster Ring I,£oo
i.V— 1 Long India Camel's Hair Shawl. 1..V0
23 — 1 « h»■ •• Kmei aid Stud 1,600
24 1 Single fctone Diamond Ring 1,000
25 to U4— 10 Av.;iiih of lo—4o Government
Bonds, each 1,000
36 1 Thiee-store Di.un »nd and Ruby,
I alf.lio- poking 800
;i»— 1 Diani'r.d Single sti ue Ear Knobs 800
*i7— 1 Fall Dtattwud Cluster Studs ... <OO
3v— 1 Dinnund Single-stone Bing. atar
% sett n.-. 600
.19— 1 Diamond Single *t.me Tin o
40— I Diamond Cluster Bracelet 600
41 to 60— lo A wauls of 10—10 Government
Bvnds, each &ot»
£i 1 Lady « lnanioud-Kct Watch 4UO
I lnauiond Sii K'e Stone Itiiig .... .160
'.'t— I I iarnon l nnd <'pal « Itiale Ring 260
64 1 DINUe-ud .5.114111 Stone ..itia; 2JO
o— 1 Pair Emerald .-carf Pins 20>^
:■— I Id.tmoud Hngio Stone Mud 160
57 1 Diamond Cluster pin 100
68— 1 Lameo nnd Pearl Brooch and
Ear Kings 100 '
69 to 16S—100 Awards 10—40 Govern! B'-uids,
each 100
169 to 268—100 Awards, Government Legal Ten
deiu, each 60 '
3.C00 Awards, Government Legal Ten- 1
dois. each 6
The distribution of the above rewards will be maile
in public a« soon ns the Mibecription is full, of wlik-i.
due ivoice will be givi n through the papers on and
a'ter .Vay tith the ldamoiids will bo on exbibltiun at th»-
ofllci of .In* Association
The j übllc can confidently rely on everything being
c .uduet. d m tli» in.-st t<. n 1 able md fair mauticr AH
the awar.l-. will he banded to ceitincate holders, inuuw
dtati ly aftei the tlistiibu'iou, free of all cost, at the
office..t the Company, No. 112* CHESTNUT Streci.
We hereby certify that we have examined the Bla
mond (ii.oi!*, Pearls, Fmnralds, Rubies, and other
Piecioiis Stones, as described in tiie above list, and find
Ihtm all genuine
11ENLE BPwO.'S D'nmond Importers,
•4p» A/A I DEN t ANE. >ew York
J IIKHJ/ANN. Diamoud Setter,
3D* LhoOJfE St., New York.
Bocks cav be bad containing Twenty Certificates, •
All orJers for Certificates must be a<Ulre-ard »o
J. 1» lIoFFJ/\N. Secretary,
may,n <2l ,Cmos ] Box 1481, Post Offlre. Phiiad. Iphia.
rjPEACIIERS will be exa mined at the following pla
F «ii v,ew. April 29 A 30.
North Washington, May 1 a 2.
May 3 A 4
Harrisville. .M tv <'• A 7.
('«ntr«ville. May s A 9.
Prospect, May 10 A 11
Evansbnrg, .May 11 A I I.
Saxonhnrir. May 15 A 16.
Butler.May 17 v IH.
Applicants will be required to present tho Examiner I
Willi a written thesi«, of at lea«t five pages of foolscap,
on Ihe subject— 4 Qual.ties, Quailficaliotia and Duties of
the Teacher."
Each /pp'icaut murt al«o come prepnre«l b> exhibit
his or tioi method of 'I -caching ajd Gt-ve. nuient.
no. 17-A3w. Co Supt.
10 CONSUMPTIVES.— The Advertiser, having
oeeu tealored to health in a few weeks. I»y n very « ni
p.e remedy, after having sufTcied several years with a
severe IIIUK affection, and ttiat dread disease. Cou*uinp
tion—is anxivun to make known to his fellow sufferers
the means of cure.
To all who desire it.he will send a copy of the pre
scription used, free of charge; with the directions for
preparing and using tlia same, which they aaniylwlv
una u*!, run Co>>t MPHON. ASTHMA, l.a NCH.T:*-. Ac
The only «dije«'t of the advertiser in bending tli-Pre
scription. is to benefit the afflicted, and spread informa
tion which he conceives to be invaluable: and be hopes
every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them
nothing, ami may prove a blc*s.».g
Parties wishing the prercripttou. a ill plea-o address
RftV. EI'WARD A. w I !»Si)N,
Williamsburg, Kings county, New York.
Nov. 7, IS«J, ly.
Atfsissoa's Osrice, TNIERBU REVKM r, 33D DIST.. )
ALLECUENT CITT, PA . May (sth, >B'.7. /
N'OTICF. is herel y given to all persons interested, :
thai theliatsof Income lax, Licences. k- . for tho
2Jd District, Penu'a, will be open fore xauiin-.t'on at iny
office. No. 66 Water htrcet, Allegheny city, on the 21ai
am! 22d ds>sof May. lMW,at which time ami place I
will hear all appeals pre-* nted to me relative to any er
rone 11s r
-n-era ons made by tiie Assistant Asnoaaor'a for aaid
Ail 111 pe.'.ls must be made in writing, and must speci
fy thepa-ticm 1 cau.-e. mail>t or tiling respecting wnich
n d-c.« o «- rcqucnted. and s:.ali a.--* state the ground
or p iuciple of error complained of, A • No appeal
be alio a e t>> anv party after the list has been trans
mitted to tl e Collector. After the atmve date all per
s ns aubja. t lo t-i.x whobao' neglected to make returns,
will be subjected to the penalties provided by law.
I) E. NEv IN,
nr. 21-2t. U. S. Assessor, 23d Dist. Pa.
ALL persons intlebied to the firm of Sedwkk i
Beown. are hereby 11 tifleil that it i< do-irable
itiiii their accounts should be r< ttied without l'nrtner
The a>. ouuts of the ffrm are in 'he hands of P. P.
Hrowu. who is autboilfed to settle the *.« me
Mny Ist t '67, no*),Bt.) S&DWICK k BROWN.
Th«»re In a Btoro on Main Street,
Where nil the swains nnd maidens meet.
To help their "sole*" and »nve their foet,
Just three •li-or* of M'Aboy '* store,
Yon re snrelv b*en in their before.—
Lives UUS ELTON, up to ears in leather.
Ife sells liis ladle** g-iitor* at one dollar twenty ct". pair
And everv kind of loots A show of gents A la 'lee* ware,
And all at such low prices that none i.e»d barefoot 2",
\\ hile Hi'SELTQN and his leather are mskir.g such a show
Where you will find the largest and beat assort- 1 stock
of BOOTS and SHOES in town, Just purchased in the
My «-tock coo-ist* 1" part of (Women's Mines' chil
dren's) Lasting and glove kid Oaitrr*.
Polish and Oil Goat
Balmorcls, Tampico
and grained
Morocco Boots,
Also, complete stock of Mens'and Bjys' Waro, con
sisting in part of
(hand work warranted,)
Also MESS* PLOUGH SHOES, (only 12 60 p#r pair.)
Also, a complete etock of
My stock of leather and findings consists in part of
Kids and Moroccos of all kinds,
Koans of all colors,
French and Common Calf Skins,
Kip, Upper and Sale Leather.
Sole'eather consists of ORONOCO, CALIFORNI A at!
I!. A. Sole.
Also, Last', Thread Nulls, Boot-trees, .%<?. Ere
ry Milng a Shoemaker u es h>- ran find at P. i\ HITS EL
TON'.-, three doors North of M'Aboy Bros. Store, But
ler, Pennsylvania.
il ti -This stork you will find Is selected on the prin
ciples that a tailor would make H better c< at than a
blacksmith, so yon may expect to find a better quality
of BOOTS and SHOES at a Shoe fetore than at a dry
goods store.
To short time and «n*h buyers wo offer superior in
durein«Mits. Call andexamine my jptcck. No trouble
to -how goods.
Particular attention paid to orders.
15. Ill>»ELTO?,
no. SO. 9mos ) BI'TMSR, Pn-
FN thn matter of the petition of inhabitants of For-
I ward and Jaekson townships,for erection ci lndopend
cut School District.
Buffer county, it:
In the Court of Quarter Si salons of the Peace for said
county, held at Butler—of the Term of March, in the
year • 1 our L.i I. one thous ind eight hundred and sixty
n the twenty-third dai of Ipril, the Mid year,
the pet'tion of Frederick K. Bellus and twenty three oth
er i \ .11 inhabitants of the tnvn-diips of K\>rwardnnl
Ja< ksoii. iu ■■ iid county, preseu'ed, -.-ttiug forth that
said petitioners d< he the forniatiou ol t!. <• teffiton
up- n which thc\ reside. into :i separate and independ
ent Cou-rti -o School District, the bounds of Which said
prop. -«' d district ire as fill, w-: Beginning at a post on
the line dividing the laud of W iliiam lk-ggs n|d George
Ift, in Jackseu town-hip ; thence South seventy decrees
Hast two hundred and 112 rt.v perches ton post on the
lands ol Robert Kinno.tr, in Forward township; thence
South twenty degrees West three hundred perches to a
post on tho land of W S. Wihlron, In Forward town
ship; thence North seventy degrees, West two hundred
an I forty perches io a p .si on laud of Nicholas Miller,
iu Jackson township; the ce iVath twenty degrees
East, three hu dretl perches to the place of beginning.
Whti-eiipoii the f'otiitdo appoint N. M. Hint< r, Rob
ert iJuncau and M F. White Commissi n rs, to view tho
Yremise- and t<. inquire into the propriety of granting
tli" prayer of the petltl »u, to report t> the Court at
next lei in • being the tiisi Moirday of June next, tho
lines I tlie pi oj.o-ed in-v distilct, cither ai cordiugto
the boon > m t forth in the said petition as ub ve leci
ted, or to sucli other bounds as they shall.think more
advisable, together wiili their opioi non the e\p • lien
cy ot ts abl sbing or nt establishing the sune
Certified pom (lie record. April 2> th, Is- ;
F M. CAST MAN. Clerk.
The Commissioners w ill attend to the duties of thelr
appointmeut < n Mondai th® 27th day of May next, of
which all persons interested will please take n dice.
N M 6LAT -H. )
R')HEKt' DUNCAN. >Commissioners.
May 1,1917—3t.
Aii«9itor's HfotiCC.
IN tho matter of the Petition of.l. W Christy for Ci- '
tation on Isaiah Wigtoti, to file and settle account a«
Uuar.l an of Win. Morrow and I>. H. Morrow, nuuor
children of Hamilton Morrow, dee'd.
In the OrphaiiH Court uf Butler county, No. 18, Sep
tember Term, I SOfi.
And now to wit;— March 11,1867 • We order that tho
within Petition of the Complainant bo taken or confess
ed. there being no a ( pearanceor denial ot the leapotid
eutson file, and further direct a reference to I'hotnas
Koldnsou, K-q , as an Auditor to take proof of the facts
and circumstances set forth i.i the Petition, and to re
port them to the Court; and also to report an account
said Defendant's Guardian If necessary
By the Court.
Butler county, »t;
Certified from the Record this 11th day of April. A. D ,
l!Xi7. F. M EASTMAN, Cleric 112 O C
Notice is hereby given that I will attend t» the' duties
of tht above appointment at the Hotel of \V. U. Christ
ley in Centrevili*, this countv. on Thursday, th« doth
day of Ma*, IW7I THOMAB HOI9IN »
Butler. >ia\ 1.1 OiT— If. Auditor.
Aii«til<>r*s Police.
IN the mattrr the < 112 Petition of d. W. Christy, for
C'lation to Isaiah NVigton, GuirdUnof Porry M-r
In the Orphans' Court of Butler County, No. 11,
September Term, D6O.
A'nd now to wit: Mart h 11, l>o7 : We order that the
within Petiiion of the Complainant be taken and con
fessed. there being n appfitiM-jce or denial of trie res
pondent on file or presente I to us; and wo further di
rect a reference to Thomas K dun-on. Esq . as an Audi
tor to take proof of the facts and circumstances s-t forth
i the Petitiun and report there- nto the Court, mid
also t > report an account .agui list said Defendant's Guar
dian if necesst ry. By the Court.
Butler county, ss:
Cettitled from the Record this 10th day of April. A. D.,
18f'7. r M EASTMAN, Clerk ol O C
Notice is hereby giv«n that 1 will uttend to tho du
ties of the above app dntinent at the (lot* 1 of W. G.
cliristley. iu Centrevllle, this comity, on the 30th daj of
M,iv 15157. THOMAS HOB IN SON.
Hi.tier, May t, 1867—1t Auditor,
Jacob K. Kcunedy, l C. P., No. 11, November Term,
vs. \ 18fsi
Lalect Kennedy. j Petition for Divorce.
Having been appointed au examiner to tike testimo
ny in the above case. 1 will attend to tho duties of said
appointment ut the office of Ulack & Heeler, in Butler,
ou Thursday the *2dd da> ot May, A. I).. 167. between
the hour-* of 9 o'clock, A M..and 6 o'clock, P M., of
which all psrbons iuteiested w II take notice
May 1. lfi«">7—3t. Ex» miner.
JList ol Causes.
rpniAL list for Jane Term 1 67.
Peter S. Weaver vs. Sumuel Cleland, Tcrrt Tenaut.
Ib rnianJ vs. James llsll's Administrator,
Commonwealth, Hannah CalleuJer eug, as PI ff vs.
Thus Watson, Terrt Ten.
Patton Keurus *s. Bernard lUtessing at. al.
John < Bltirrin et al. vs. liyan ILinton et al.
lhauc Sponsler vs David Marshall.
J< hn Murrin'o t:xecutors vs Daniel Kelly.
i:icaiiv>r Hi ties VN Samuel Winter Jr , et al
William B. Leinmon vs Jacob Mecbling.
N\ illi.mi Clark vt dames Smith
John Murrin's EaVs vs Dauiel Kelly.
Lydia ft d'Luie v. May B. Brown el al.
J.-hn N«gley vs William Voxels/ et al.
J-iS Gall w.er jr. vs James Gallaher. sr.'s, Atlm'r etal.
Harvej l» 'lhumpx-u vs l*aac .-pon-ier el al.
Muttliev RuiUles i.x is li, J. Gre*g.
l'attou Kearns nc- 1 Koessing.
I'attou lve .r iH vs George C. R«>essiug.
Fiancis Kitu vs. Jacob Zeigler.
J B. CLARK. Proth y.
Prothonetary'i office, May Ist, wo. 20, dt.*
For Building the Semina y at Clarion.
S BALED PROPOSALS for buildiuKthe seminary at
C.arion, will bo received by ihe Sec retary of the
l.omd«; ti uatees, until 12 o'clock. M., Monday May
20th. 1v67l v 67
Tue ouilding to b« of brick, r.Oxlco fe -t. three stories
high PUns, ,-pe< itic.»tions. and detail drawings can be
m«u at the Fiitfl National BuuU of Clarion.
• a*. 30,«f. MILES BEATY, Sec'y.
Tho undersigned is now receiving and ofcninpr at hi* f torn (one dobr South of
John M 'i homj-son's f/nv office) in jlutlcr, a apiondid stuck of Sprin-' and Sum
mer Goods, consisting of °
OMfis, Gassloieres, S&tiaetts* Tweeds,
Jeans, Freucßi Meriaaes, Fop lint s,
Alpacas, (Marp, 4o et &c„
Motions, Roady Made Clothing, Gar.
pets. Oil Cloths, Srocarics,
ware, Hats.,
Caps, Boots & Shoes, Sote Leather, &q„.
And all such goods as (his market requires, which will be sold CHEAP. Call
and examine.
Highest Market Price Paid for all kiuds of Merchantable Produce.
April 24, 1867::tf. JOHN SCOTT.
— V :
Ila J. ■.PA P.E El 0s b
* Uoos* «»« ■«* 8 I»nn a BBila an n* ,
150 pieces of Brown and Bleached Sheeting,
112 rom SO (oSO <■(«. pcr'yard.
50 pieces of (■inghami*,
from 20 to 3) cetns per yard.
200 pieces Prints and Chintzs,
from 1© to SO rents per ,vnr«l.
150 pieces of Dress (iooch at nli prices.
80 pieces of DeLains & Armures from 18 to 25cts. pr. yd.
s*' Ca , CSc Cn } C. y
Bonnets, Hats, Flowers, Ribbons, Dress Trimmings,
And thousands of other Fancy and Useful articles.
tJCsr* For Prices and Variety, defy all competition,
April. No. 17.
. r / \'i -
iu my bus ne*s,nud a Winters labor in in selecting I
the best material, and constantovorsislit in the tuakiii ir
of the same, by
I have now on hand the largest and host lot of
SII. 84 E VS.
lV HiOXS, Ac.,
rjolh light and heavy. f>mr offcrod to tho pßople of
liutler county, ; which I will noil
TrFamily Carriages. Shifting T- p Bungles, Open and
ottinir Buugi'—nsh"it. 1 ti.i'oc I '-an furnish »|-
me t anything in the vehicle line, nr.r • ,112 t tit* !• t
Eastern timber. Springs and axles; an I finished in a !
manner not excelled ju citi Kast or West, and bettoi; i
adapted 112 r ■ nt 1- nd- than I', istsra work.
Shop and Ware-rom on Cunningham street, East of 1
and near Murdorf s Tanneiy, Butler, Pa.
We, the undersigned, take plaasuro in reeomtnending
to th*> public, thw werk of tiuo. I'. Rof«sing. We h;.ve
usee bis rnauufacture of Carriage*— they have given
satisfaction, arid are well adapted to our ro>:4s.
Da. STKPIU n BiiAUi-.v,
U. C M'Auor,
no. 17—TF. * M * A A G. HOT©.
For Sale.
the borough of Prospect, Butier County Pa. Good
striding foi twenty horses. 1 his is a des ralde property,
and is I cited on ibe Bui ler etui .-«w Castle roai.aiid 1
the PittHbiirgh and Kranklin road, and is well known t •
thu tra"eliug public. Terms ma-ie reasonable. For i
fuitlier information, euquire of tlie sub»criber, living on '
the premises Mrs. ANN BUEEDoN. J
[no 17-3tno.*J
Joseph B Bryson, ) C. P., No. 60, March Torm.
es. >IBO7.
Sarah Aun Bi>son. ) Petition for Divorce.
Having been appointed an examiner to take testimo
ny iu the above case, 1 will attend to the duties of »aid j
appointment at the office ef Bl*rk & Fleeger. in Bntler. |
Pa., on Friday the 24th day of May, A. D, 1567. between 1
the hours of 9 ••clock, A M., and 5 o'clock, P. M., of I
and day, of which all pors »us intere ted will take no
May 1. 1867—1t. Examiner.
Orphans' Court Sale of Valuable Real
I)Y virtue of an or er and decree of tho Orphans'
) Court of Butler county, I will offor for sale, on the
premises, en
Saturday, the lat day of JTune 112 18G7,
At 2 o'clock, p. M.,as the property of Sarah E. Long, |
minor child of Robert Long, dee'd, the follow ing des !
cribed tract or piece of land, situated partly in Mercer
Luwiisbip and,the borough of IBtrrisville, in thn co inty
of Butler, Pa , bounded on the Ea»t by lands of Win.
Brahatu and Km. Brown; on the North by lauds of W.
Brabatn; on tho West by lauds of Robert Long, tie d;
and on the Ncrtb by ar. Alley—containing IHacres and
| l2opeicht-s.
TERMS :—One-third of the purchase money in hand,
i i at time of confirmation cf sale., and the balance in two
equal annual iii«talluieute, with lawful interest from
uate of said coufiruiatioiy,f the sale by the Court.
| IlarrisvilLe, May 1,1867 -lit of .Striji Evu lAmg.
OrpliHiis* Court Kale.
D Y virtue of an order of the Orphans Court of But-
I) ler county, the undersigned Administrator of Dan
iel Kell v. dee d, will offer for sale, »t public vendue, On
I tho premises, at one o'clock P. M , of tho
30 th day of May next,
On>. hundred Aero, of Und, more or aitu.te In
liuffalo township, county aforesaid, bounded by at.d ad
joining lands of Jonathan Walker, Andrew Smith, Polly
Server and others, and on which William Martin now
TKRMS OF SALE • —Purchase money to bo paid en
confirmation of the M^le.
JOIIN KELLY, Administrator of
April 21,1867, ts. the Estate of Daniel Kelly, dee'd.
niltitiKD Lim
SeriouH rflrr.f lons for Voting Men, on
tltv Errors, A)tit«es aii«| ilih hms
Induct «l l»y Ignorsneo of
Nature'* buns.
A Fsrwn-1 Narrative of Missery, Despair, and Final
Restoration by Simple Means. Should be read by cv
•ry young man iu the country, fceut, for the benefit of
all, without money and without price. Sent ill a Sealed
Lnvelope to any address, tree ol A.ldress
Box 6197, General Post Office. New Vork < ity
AiliiiiiuMralor's Jo e.
Estate of Jacob Watford, /• «.
i licribjt jlveri that 1., tte / imlr.l.trm
j. x tif'ii on tiie e-tate of Jacob Wo' , io of Done
gal t vvp., dec d ; have this flay i Apri» ~een granted
by the hegiKter, to tiie undersigned; therefore, ali
persons having claims against said estate, will present
them propel |y HUthclitc ate<l for setlie"•Lilt, and th'»He
knowing them-elves ind*l led f.sio I will mike
imuie«l;.,te piynieiu EBENisZLh CHKISTY,
April 21, 1t67, 3t. Adminiatrator.
AiSniiiii>ilt*alor'.>i Sotlee.
Estate of Martha Milltaon, (tec'it.
j Mi i:US of Administration on'tiie estate'of Martha
I.J Mitlison, late of p. ospect, dee'd.. have'tbis day,
April 18th, ls»»7, been i--.i d ny the Register of Butler
couii'y t • the urid.'i . • « l -. ;;!l | i-t • -us hav
ing claims ayaim t sai«i estate will present them properly
authenticated fer settlement, an I t i -e ki.. wing them
selves iudebtc 1 to s.iid e tate, v ill make imme«liate pay
ment. JOHN GREER. Esq..
April 24, 1567. St. Admini-tiator.
Classical and rrormal School.
LOS R FITZKL, A M. A\|».r. D Roth, will open a
*/ ''la-sic ii end i :ual Scho lin Prospect, Butler Co.,
Penn'a, on TUESDAY. MAY FIRST, A I) H«7. Spe
cial ntrention given to persons wishing to prepare for
Tuition per term of2o (twenty) weeks, for l^atm,
Gr. »-k and Higher Mathematics S2O 00
Intermediate and Normal Class 16 no
Conimou Branches 13 oo
Tuition strictly iu advanco. Good boarding can be
had iu private fimilieaut ruusonaSle rates, t'upils will
admitted at *n.v time dining thi» t«:in.
April e!7, 3w.
Auditor's Statement of Slippery
rock Township.
A J. Bard. Esq.. Treasuror of Bounty Fund for tho
Borouah of Ceiitieville, and township, for
the yeai Ihtit
To amount of JxtfA duplicates $6.*90 04
By total amount of Bond* f|,nf3 if)
By cash advauced ] 974 y.j
By exonerations *497 75
By amoint of outstanding Tax 115 00
By per centsge, (or fuss; 16175
By incidsntil eapensos 8 00
By cash on band 60 20
•0,820 96
We.the undersigned Auditors of Sllpporyrock town
ship, having aadited * rid examined the vouehvfs in Oie
foregoing account, do hereby certify the same to be
coriect Witness our hands.
HIRAM M.OILL, VAuditols.
May 1,1867—5t. 7
ATK meet Harrisburg on Monday, May 13th, prox.,
at two o'clock, P. M , to hold a S«-ssi. n fvr the investi
gation of the chargfs made against Rail Road Compa
nies for alleged ex tortionai charge* ttpou fre-ghts and
pasbeugers. l'ai ties inUre»te<l are notified to attend.
no 19, 2t. Chairman Commit lee
ARE, rtltnoUT KXCKPTIi Jl, '
The Most Extraordinary Medicine of
the Age.
Comprising, as do. Jttt.?AHKAW.« | TO .„
mrr goxtais
Ihcy are Vegolnblo.
stmptomi of ironiusi
i' r. ( !i.!.!«•, 111 *4 and palsy.
r•:ii«*i «oth.s,.:r^ t T&ir: tlcMl - ,rl - v wh * M ii,#,v "*•
SSI'KoSK,?" ,r ~' EC
men*! i""«cl." fl »'■««. worn
"i w '?tt • T " r '""
,''r "'-r> ?•« '"S&.ES?
Sir' ft
de |. v a V, 1 I "KHlrwt
A. II \vi - '»■».♦.. a ' u.id, the aii tlyrls of Dr. A.
Is aiiiu-xMl.' ' proving the above statement,
VI f. : '*KN3K« pro,, wed by
Meicurr anil >h ' • aii!fi:i<! that they ;t:o free from
Ul.n.J. rL LkTll# 1 ;? •"■liilit.'ral matter. These
taste SS, vl 2 pluesant to tho
uu m», aan , jet tone and tffectuul in their action
Respectfully, D ,
Assaj er to the Sbite of Mans.
S'fril)'m WORM «-<H«:™KS«ro prepared with
Tiiey i|J JuV hm e <-° n cont• ate«loxtriicfn..f two plants
«... '•" n "" xp "
RS lt fl l ß ,' "° RM ••'»ZKX<IK l»th»o»l. Worn.
Tho signati.ro or KKLLOWS .t 00. Is altaehod to each
genuine box.
Sohl by Medicine Dealers Generally.
Wew Kiiglnml ItafmnUOcpot
4 «-"' *«* >*
For Salo.
ONK-IIALK aore of gronnd, sitnato in the borough of
I rospecfc, on whiolt is erected a frame houso con
taming three rooms, will, a Kitchen attacliol. Also a
good (name Stable, 26 gmal beaiing fruit treos on thy
lot, and a wen of go >,l; »„rt water Ps.vnienls to suit
porcblu'jr. for further particulars, enoniro of
Middlesex Town-don, or
no. Irt flw.* JOUX BR, KH,
' Jrroupect
Universally acknowledged tlie Mod, I Parlor Magazine
of America , devoted t» Origins! i.-h, I'oem*. sketch
e*, Architecture and M .del Cotl:i"i* llus-hold Mnt
«erH Oernc of Th.,u f ht. And ul?r£-> OoUip
T"-!! Knrthi(in.-j). Inittruc.
tioiw on lleHlh.Uyrnr.astir, Kxeiciaen, Mu
j»e. Amuseinentn etc.: ail by the bent aolhom, ami pro
funvly ainl artisfically iilu«tr itml w iili coatiy Rfiirrav-
IngK ifiili «iz«), useful and reliable PaUerrn, Fwiibtuld
er,.M .n wirv, and a constant oitccennlon «>f
BOTulticj, With other awful and eiitertai iir» s '.iMratnro.
i oisPrnou of refinement, econotni«M| hmiMWifa. or la
«ljr of can to .Iwithout the Model Monthly.
copies, 80 <-..ntK; back nuuil>em, an sj.erirnon.i 10
cents ; eitb.r uiailed free. Yearly, 43, wit |, nvainaWe
preiiildin; two coniM, » 50| three copies, $7 60; livn
coptus, #l-, acd spli'iidi.l premium* foroliilij at f.'i each,
with the flntpremiums to eu-,h subscriber Address
No. 4~:\ llroadway. New Yi»rk.
s Monthly and Young America, together,f4.
with the premiums for each, looTly,3w.
A \ low prices. l'ur< haxere will find it to Uiwir Interest
to call bsforn buying elsewhere.
IVo Trouble to Hhow Qoods,
no Irt, Bmo. MiCln Butler, Pa.
MbP. J. ADLINOTON nnnonnres to tho public that
«he has opsiisd a Milliner} and Triinmii.g Store
threeNor'h of Sykes' Orocerv, wii«i«- *<lie
pay particular attention to Dress Making and nil kinds
of Family dewing.
Stamping, Braiding,
LA III!•:*' IIIIM rl IX,,
New Style Hoops and Corsets,
Ureaa Jinking and Family Hewing,
New Style Promenade & Party Skirts,
Gent's Caffs, Collars,&Neckties.
MRS. J. AI)I.n«TO.\,
»'■!. 4, no. 16-tf. Main Street, Bntler, Pa.
1 B 1, o w s.
"I «hat s.,m« pmin nr pw-son"
-.. - liavo been selling plows through"
out the county,representing them
an made by fl. A J. K. Moser. this in therefore to warn
names n BUch « aa •'! ploWn we make bare our
I'luws always on hand, and w<>rk warranted.
a. 4 J. K. MOBER.
no 9, U.m. Ilntler. Pa.
J. W. YOUNG, Surveyor.
Benzsnie, Benzie Co.,
April 81.
1 epectfully informed that the t»qder«iirUed has od»a
ed a whop on th* Kortheast Comer of Main .Street an*
the Diamond, where h*i<i prepared t«> repair
Watches, Clocks* Jewelry,
and all of Wks and sewing Machines. Ali work
| done, fO Wtteftcttoa. TKY" ME.
. U«s#, Bmo J.M. Joa\K3.

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