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The Issue la Pennsylvania.
During the rebellion certain Dem
ocratic politicians at the North—par
ticularly in Pennsylvania—were in
activS syfnpathv with it, omitted no
opportunity to rentier it assistance,
were even hopeful of its success, and
no doubt were in some way or other in
constant communication with Jefferson
Davis and other public enimies.—
Conspicuous among this class was Jer.
S. Black,, the leading spirit of the
Democratic party in Pennsylvania,
and at present the chief adviser of
Mr. Johiwon, and principal instiga
tor cf his alarming proceedings.—
Were we to attempt to characterize
thepresent actions of Mr. Johnson,we
could in no way do it so fittingly as
by declaring that, having submitted
him self to the advisement of such
men as B1 ok, he is acting up to the
Standard of Penn ylvania Democracy
of whom Judge Sharswood is the
chosen favorite and standard bearer
in the present canvass. Black and
sharswood belong to the same school
of politics, and it should be enough for
the loyal people of Pennsylvania to
know that the Democratic candidate,
were he to speak now, would appro
bate, warmly the course of Andrew
Johnson and stimulate him to further
steps in the same direction. But for
the encouragement derived from this
school of politicians in the North, the
rebellion would have been put down at
least three years before it was. And
now, as then, true to their instincts
and sympathies, they have in a sense,
organized anew, with Mr. Johnson
at their head. We see, therefore,
that the old issue of Loyalty and
Freedom has been thrust on tho peo
ple of Pennsylvania. All of a sud
den, through this unholy combination
and the desporate actions and still
more desperate intentions of the Pre
si lent, which naturally result there
from, other issues have been cast in
to the shade and measurably set
aside. This has been the peculiar
work of Pennsylvania Democracy,led
by Black with isharswod for standard
barer. Of the latter's sympathy—in
common with the Democratic party
in the North—with the cause of the
South throughout the war, of hi 3 sup
port of the peace at any price doctrine
and tne candidates standing on that
platform, there is no shadow of doubt.
I Lis contribution to the cause was the
opinion which he volunteered, with
no motive but the damaging effect it
might have on the loyal cause. That
he is now, as he was then, in perfect
accord with Black & Co.' is indispu
table; and hereby becomes the repre
sentative of the ideas and purposes
of Mr. Johnson in his present desper
ate attempt to prevent tho perfect res
toration of the country. The strong
indictment framed by Grant against
Andrew Johnson applies equally to the
tribe of Black, Sharswood & Co. By
them no word of alarm is spoken, no
note of warning is sounded although
?ro have reached one of tho grave t
periods in onr history. No intellis
gent man can fail to perceive that
the Democratic party in Pciinsylva*.
nta and the desperate cause of An
drew Johnson are so intimately con
nctcd tbi.t support of the one is in
dorse ment of the other. — Pittsburgh
ilrnnt'H Indictment of Hie Pres
The Detroit Post regards the letter of
General Grant as t'-o grand indictment
on which An lieu Johnson "will be tried
and convicted, and removed from office
In the language of G rant, he is charged
with an "offorc to defeat the laws of Con
gress," for granting "a triumph" to the
"unreconstt uetcd element in the South —
those who did all they could to break up
this Government by arms and now wish
to be the only element consulted as to the
method of restoring order," lor "cmbold
ening them to renewed opposition to tho
witi of the loyai masses, believing that
they had the Executive with them for
removing General Sheridan, though "lie
had performed his civil duties faithfully
and intellgontly," lor disregarding Gen
eraral Thomas's services in battling for
the Union, and assigning him to relieve
General Sheridan against his earnest pro«
test ; for removing General Hancock
when the public interests demanded his
services in a "complicated department
for disregarding "military interests,
pecuniary interests for defying "the
expressed wish of the country thai Gen
eral Sheridan should not be removed,"
and the earnest remonstrance of tho Gen
eral of the Army, who protested, in vain
against it,"in the name of a patriotic
pooplc who have sacrificed hundreds of
thousands flf lives and thousinds or mil
lions of treasure to preserve the integrity
aud union of this country.
TniT FOROEKT, —The old saying that a
falsehood will travel evor so many leagues
while truth is putting on its boots is being
illustrated anew in the case of the forgery
paraded in all tho Democratic papers in this
State. It consists in a pretended extract
from the Salem, Massachusetts, Journal,cal
culated, wherever believed, to prejudice the
pnople of Pennsylvania against Judge Wil
liams. Although it has been shown that
there is no such paper in existence as the
one named, and although the foigery has
been fastened upon a vilo copperhead sheet
at the Capitol, is still travels by everv de
scription of Democratic conveyance and no
doubt isdestinel to travel in those benighted
regions where the 'ruth seldom penetrate--,
mid where. a-< a consequesee, the Democratic
vote is heaviest. But anion* the enlight
od portions of that party, such a coinage
will not only have no effect adverse to our
candidate,but willgnin him strength. With
candid and decent men lying and forgery are
not eafere lianee wherewith to achieve » good
purposo; but it can lie relied onto bring con
fusion upon the heads of thoto against whom
it is pr ived. And so it will be in this ins'ance
the forgery will work tbc greatest fn jury
to the prepetratore.
Camp Meeting.
A Camp Meeting will commence, on
Thursday September 12th near the Pitts
burgh ami Harmony plank Road, on'the
larm of brother Jo<eph Swurti, about, two
miles South-east of Harmony Cutler Co. Pa.
We expect to have a large eneaaipmen
nnrl a good meeting, and therefore earnest ,
ly and cordially invite both the Pastors and
members of tho adjoining charges both in
the Allegheny and Pittsburgh Districts to
come with their flocks and tents and share
with u# in its labors and triumphs.
There will be ono good Boarding Tent
kept by brothers. J. Swartx snd John
M'Lure who will provide well for the com
fort and wants of their Boarders at 00 cents
per inenl or $6.00 for the whole time ; and
who will either stable or pasture horses at
reasonable rates. Some of the tent holders
Itaye already engaged their boarding rather
than board themselves, and very likely
many others will do the same.
There will be no tent, booth, wagon or
nything of the kind, for the sa'.e of uny ar
ticles allowed to come within three niles of
the griund, without being prosecuted at
Tuesday Sept. 3d at 10 o'elock A. M.
we will me»t on the ground, to do some
public work, and take up locations fir tent"
when all desiring ground fur tenls should
be there.
Harmony, August, 15th 1867, 3-t.
A bushel of sweet vernal grass wefglis
only eight pounds.
18th, 19th & 20th days of Sept., 1867.
FIRST DAT.— General preparations,JJentry
and arrangement of articles.
SECOND DAV. —General exhibition and ex
amination of Stock and Couuty trotting
and Pacing Horses.
THIRD DAT. —Trotting and Pacing JHorses
lrom any where. Report of Judges.
Entries may bo mabe after the First .ind
until the night of the 18th of September.
For further information sec "Notice to Com
ADMISSION". Single,'2s c. nr 5 ticket- for
SI.OO. Tickets go;id during tho Fair 50c
or 5 for $2.00. Children under 10 years
or age, Fit EE.
A Good Band of Music wili be eugagefi.
duiiug the Fair.
Special Prizes.
Purses aro now being raised to enable the
Society to pay for
Fastest Trotting llorse, Mare or
Ge ding, from any whei-3 under
saddle or in harness, ?100 00
Fastest Pacing, ditto, ditto, §IOO 00
Mile heats —Be-t 3 ino—Eutiy fee 10 pr. c.
Class "A".—Horses
Best blooded Stallion four years old
and upwards,* §lO 00
second be.it. ' - 8 00
best blooded Stallion two years old
And under four. 6 00
second Lest. 3 00
best common stallion from four year
old and upwards, 0 00
second be.it, 3 00
best common stallion two years old
on d under four, 4 00
second bent, 2 00
best pr, heavy draught horses or mares 5 00
second best, 3 00
best pair light draught, or carriage
horses or mares, 5 00
second beet, 3 00
best heavy draught horse or mare 3 00
sccondbe.it, 2 00
bo.-t light draught, or buggy, horse
or mare, 3 00
second best, 2 00
best Baildle horse or mare, 5 00
second best, 2 00
be-t brood mare and oolt, 5 00
second best, i 3 00
best three year old horse colt, 4 00
second best, 2 00
best two year old horse colt, 3 00
second best, 2 00
best two year old mare colt, 2 00
second best, 1 00
best yearling horse or mare colt, 3 00
second best, 2 00
best spring horse or mare, 3 00
second best. 2 00
best trotting horse, mare, or gelding
under saildleor in harness, 10 00
best pacing horse, mare, or gelding
under saddle or in harness, 10 00
Judges— Col. Alex. Lowry, Harvey Osborn
and Joseph Douthett.
Class H B".— Cattle.
Best blooded bull three years old and
ii upwards, $lO 00
second best. 0 00
best blooded bull under 3 years old 8 00
second best, 4 00
best blooded bull calf, 3 (TO
second be9t, 1 00
best blooded cow three years old nnd
upwards, fi 00
second best, 4 00
best bl'»ded hctfer two years old, 4 00
second best. 2 00
best blooded heifor one yenr old, 3 00
second best. 2 00
best blooded heifer calf, 2 00
second best. 1 00
best native bull 2 years old or over, GOO
secoud best. 3 00
best native bull 2 years old. 3 00
second best. 2 00
best native bull I year old, 2 00
seeand best. 1 00
best native cow three years old or oyer 5 00
second best. 4 0u
best native heifer two years old, 3 00
second best. 2 00
best native heifer 1 year old, 3 00
second best. 1 00
best native calf, 2 00
second best. 1 00
best yoke of oxen, 4 00
second best. 2 00
Judges— W. O. Drackeoridjje, Wjn. SfoAps,
; \Vw. S. Wible.
Class "C."—Sheep.
Best blooded buck. SIOOO
second best. 5 00
best three blooded ewes, 0 00
second beat. 3 00
best three blooded inmbs, 5 00 ;
second best. 3 Op j
best ewe nnd lamb, 3 00
second best. 2 00
best common buck, 3 00
second best. 2 00
best three common ewes, 3 00
second best. • 2 00
best throe fleeces fine wool, 2 00
best three fleeces common wool. I 00
Judoes. —Henry Buhl, Itubt. Stevenson (of
Summit), Josiah M. Thompson.
Class "D."—Hogs.
Best b"nr two years old undover, 55 00
second best. 3.00
best boar under 2 years and over six
months . 4 00
second be-t, 2 00
best breeding sow one year and over, 4 00
second best. 2 00
best sow under one year and over six
months, 3 00
seconi best. 2 00
be-t litter of pigs, not less than five, 400
second best. 2 00
Judges.— John R. M'Juukin, Michael By
eriv, William LITISIT.
Class "E."—l'uultrij.
3"st turkey, $1 00
best pair ducks, 1 00
best pair geese, 1 00
best pair shanghai chickens, 1 00
best pair poland chickens, 1 00
best pair common chickens. 1 00
Judges —Col. J. M. Thompson, John L.
Maxwell, Jacob Meuhling.
Class "F—Seeds Vegetables and Fruit
Best bushel White Wheat, ?2 00
best bushel red wheat, 1 00
best bushel rye, 1 00
best bushel barley, 1 00
best bushel oats, 1 00
best bushel buckwheat, 1 00
best bushel ear corn, 1 00
best bushel clover seed, 2 00
best bushel timothy seed, 1 00
best bushel Ajx seed, 1 00
sest bushel millet seed, 1 00
best bushel potatoes, 1 00
best bushel ruta bagns, 1 00
best bushel turnips, 1 00
best bushel carrots, 1 00
best bushel beets, 1 00
best bushel onions. 1 00
best bushel parsnips, 1 00
best bushll tomatoes, 100
best i bushel sow beans, 1 00
best half dozen heads cabbage, 1 00
best hnll dozen squashes, 1 00
beat half dozen sweat pumpkins, 1 00 j
best half dozen common pumpkins, 100
best exhibit of radishes, 1 00
best exhibit of cucumbers, 1 0q
best exhibit of water melons, 1 00
best exhibit of musk melons, 1 00
best exhibit of grapes, 1 00
best half bushei peaches, 1 00
best half bushel ;jears, 1 00
best half bushel quinces, 1 00
best hn'f bushel apples, i 00
best half bushel winter apples. 1 00
Judges- John Dough?rtv, 11. J. Berg, Isaac
Class I G."—Tlouscmfe Department.
Best patch work quiit, $2 00
second b- st.l 00
test ten yards couulry flannel, 100
best ten yards tag carpet, 1 00
bant ten yards flax linen, 1 00
best three linen bags, 1 00
best linen tabla cloth, 1 00
be-t linen thread, 1 00
best pair blankets, 1 00
best Woolen hose, 1 00
best woolen yarn five pounds, 1 00
be-t three loaves wheat 1 read 1 00
best throe haves ryo bread, 1 00
be-t one loaf corn bread, 1 00 !
best cured ham 1 00
best live pounds gutter,. 2 00
s 'cond best. I 00
best ten pounds cheese, 1 00
best fie pounds maple sugar, 100
best box honey, 1 00
"best gallon sugar enno molasses, 1 00
best gallon apple butter, 1 00
best gallon peach butter, 1 00
best exhibit of pickles, 1 00
best exhibit of canned tomatoes, 1 00
b st exhibit of preserved fruit, 1 00
b€*t exhibit of 11 wers, I 00
b at pair boqnets, 1 00
beet floral ornaments, 1 00
best arranged basket (lowers. 1- 00
Any ornamental or needle work exhibit
ed in this department, if meritorious, will
!)e awarded premiums by the Discretionary
Judges —William Campbell. Mrs. N. Bre
din, Mrs. J. N. Purviaricc.
Class "1]—Domestic Manufacturers.
Best exhibit of agricultural implc
mcnts, not less than ten, * S5 00
best two horse farm wagon, 3 00
best two horse carriage, • 2 00
best top boggy. 2 00
beet open l bggy„ 1 00
best set of wagon harness, 1 00
bent set of catr age ®r buggy hu-ncss 1 00
best man's saddle, 1 00
best lady's saddle, 1 00
best bridle, « 1 00
best dressed calf skin, 1 00
best side of harnc-* leather, 1 00>
best side kip leather, 1 00
best exhibit ol castings or holloware. 2 00
best side upper leather 1 00
best hollow ware, 2 00
best exhtbit of wagon makers work. 200
Judges Samuel Marsh >ll, Capt- E. L. Gil
lesoi'e. Sid. M. Wiehl.
Regular Press ium List.
Class A. Horses.
" 15. Cattle.
" O. Sheep.
" D. Hogs.
" E. Poultry.
" F- Seeds, Vegetables & Fruits
" G. Housewife's Department.
" 11. Domestic Manufactures.
Rntries of all articles and animals, com
peting for premiums, must be raatlo in the
Secretary's Book on or before the night of
tho first (Ist) day of the Fair, nnd ten per
cent of the premium competed for, p iid at
the time of entry. The Secretary will fur
nish the Exhibitor a card, giving class and
number, which card must be attached to the
nrtiele or animal, or it will not be noticed
by the Judges. Articlei and animals so
entered must be on tho grounds by 9 A. H..
of second dgy, and remain until 4 p. si., of
said day, to entitle them to premiums if
awarded. Stock must remain in the prop
er stalls until called for by the Mar-hall.
Animals must be owned in the County by
th 6 exhibitor or his family. and oth
er products must have been grown in the
County by the Exhibitor or his family.
Manufactured articles must have been made
in the County by the Exhibitor or his em
ployees or family.
JAMES BREDIX, President.
H. C. IIEINEUAK, Treasuier.
I IT. A. Lowry, Secretary.
, A. Y. M —Butter Lodge. No. 272, A. T M.
\xX/ holds its stated meetings in the Odd Fellows
Ha!!, nn Main Street, Butler, Pa., on the nr*t
v\ Wednesday of facb month. Brethren from
sister Lodges are respectfully Invited toot
tend By order of the W, M
No. 278,1. O. of O F., holds its
stat I'd meetings at the Hall, on
i*\jy Main St., Butler, Pennsylvania
ererv. MONDAY evening, com
morning at 0 o'clock. Brethren from sister Lodges are
respectfully invited to attend. By order ef the N O
TO CONSUMPTIVES.—The Advertiser, having
ooen restored tp health in a few weeks, by a very sim
ple remedy, after having suffered several years with a
severe lung affection, and that dread disease. Consump
tion—is anxious to make known to his fellow-sufferers
the means of cure.
To ail who dealre It, he Will send a copy of the pre
scription used, (free of charge) with the directions for
preparing and using the sam?, which they adnjjlwlv
The only object of the advertiser in sending the Pre
scription. Is to benefit the afflicted, »°d spread informa
tion which he conceives to be luvaluable; and he hopes
every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them
nothing, and may prove n blu«*kn%
Parties wishing the prerctiptlon, will pleaae address
Williamsburg, Kings county, New York.
Nov. 7, 1860, ly. .
Cholera, Diarrhoea, and Dysentery .
VENETIAN LINIMRNT, if used when first taken by
persons of temperate habits. This medicine lias een
known in the United States over 2o years. Thottaands
hare used it, and found it uever failed to cure any com
plaint for which It was recommended, and all those wfco
first tried It, are now never without It.in the Cholera;
o» Dr. Tobias attended 40 cades and lost 4, being
called in too late to do any good.
DIRECTIONS.—Take a tea«poonful in a wine-glass of
«*r.» cry half hoar fjt t\v oh # ours, and rub the abdo
men and extremities well with the I.iniment. To allay
tho thirst, take a lump of ice in the mouth, about tno
size of a marble every ten minutes It is warranted pci
fectly innoeont to take Internally. Sold by all drug
gists, price 40 and SO ceuts Depot, 66 Courtlaud S
New York
TORS are a medicinal preparation in the form of a
Lozenge, and are universally considered tho most pfea*-
ant, effectual and con vein'en t rtmed» In use, for Hoarse
ness, Coughs. Colds, Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, Dip
theria and ull Pulmonary Complaints. They are war
ranted to give quicker and more lasting benefit in the
above affections than any other remedy ; also to coutain
Do deleter'ous ingiQdtent. and not to oflend the weakest
and most sensitive stomach,
CO., Druggists, Butler, Pa., at 35 cts. per Box.
Aro so called because of their pecu liar direct and effi
cient effect upon the Liver, Stomach, Blood and Ner- I
vous System. For inactivity of the Liver for the Btom
nch In derangement, or Dyspepsia, they will d-light
the patient with their mild and beneficial effect, espec
ially if. from long continued indigestion and ccstive
nesa. they are left with periodical returns of the Sick
Ileadnrlie. In case cf a severe Cold, producing Chills
and Fever, you can break it very soon liy using the Pills
as per direct loirwith each box.
for sale Ly SAMUEL GRAHAM and RED
ICK it CO., Butler, Pa.,at 25 cts- per Box.
June 12th. 1807—Qraos ) Pmpi tetors, Elmira, N. Y.
great medicine cured Dr. Scbeuuk, the Proprietor, of
Pulmonary Consumption, when it had aaa urned its mot
formidable aspect, and when speedy death appeared to
be inevitable. His physicians pronounced his case In
culpable, when he commenced jho use of tins simple bn
powerful remedy. Ills heaith was restorod in a very
short time, and no return of the disease has been appre
hended, for all thesymptoms quickly disappeared,and
his present weight is more than two hundred pounds.
Since his recovery, he has devoted hie attention ex
clusively to the cwi of Consumption and the disoascs
which are usually complicated with It, and the cures
effected by his niedicincj have beeu very numorou
and truly wonderful. Dr. Schonck makes profession**
visit! to several of the larger cities weekly, where ho
has a largo concourse of patients, and It Is truly aston
ishing to see poor consumptives that have to be lifted
out of their cnrriiigeß. and In a few months healthy, ro
crnlly all required in curing Consumpll n. Full direc
ions accompany each, so that any one can take them
without seeing Dr. Scbenck, but when It Is convenient
it l» be/-t to see him. He gives advice free,' but for a
thorough examination with his Rospircmctcr his fee is
three dollars.
Please observe. when purchasing, that the two like
nesses of the Doctor—one when in the last stngo u
Consumption, and tho other us he now is, in perfeCf
health—;*re on the Government stamp.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers. Prlc* $1.50 per
bottle, or $7.50 tho half dozen. Letters for advice should
always be directed to I)r. Schenck's Principal Office
North flth afreet, Philadelphia, Pa. Genera! Whole
*ale Agents: Demaa Barnes A Co.. N. Y., S. S. Ilance
Baltimore. Md.; John I>. Park, Cincinnati, Ohio;
Walker A Taylor, Chicago, 111 ; Collins Bros., Bt. Lou id
Missouri. [3d w ea. mo lyr.
Dr. W. H. Witmor.
HAS been in turcessful practice for a number of
years, with the experience of thw different Hos
pitals In Kill, pe and America Army and HorpiUl
Surgeon during the late American war, continues to at
tend to all professional cases at bis office.
No. 028 Filbert St., Philadelpaia.
No Patent Medicines are used or recommended; the
remedies administered are tho»e which will not break
down tho constitution, but renovato the system from all
irjuries it has sustained from mineral medicines, and
leavothe system in a healthy and perfectly cured con
that 1 {stressing disease and fell destr »yer of health and
happiness, undermining the constitution and yearly
carrying thousands to untimely graves, can most em
phaticilly l»e cured.
that state of alienation and weakness of the mind which
jende'* persons incapable of enjoying ihe pleasures or
performing the duties of life.
in any farm or condition, chronic or acute, warranted
or falling sickness, all chronic or stubborn cases of
radie.« ly removod; Salt Rheum and eveiy description of
ulcerations; Piles and scrofulous diseases which havo
bn filed all previous medical skill, can be cured by my
treatment; and I do say ail diseases, (yea Consumption)
can be cured by wearing my Medicated Jacket, which
is a protection to the 1-ngs against all changes of weath
er in all climates. Having investigated lor years tho
cause and character of intermittents (fever and ague) in
all parts of the United States, will cure permanently all
' chronic or acute cases of ague and nervous diseases in a
few days.
Cancer Cured Without the Knije, or Drawing Blood.
Tape Worm, that dread to the human family for years
can be removed with two or three doses of my newly
discovered remedy, warranted In all caaea. Consultation
in the English an t Germ *n I manage* Will maxo visits
any distance if desired. May be addressed by letter
(confidentially) and medicine sunt with proper direc
tions to any part of the country.
Office, No. 928 Liberty St.,
Aug. 28th, 1807—ly
S.O A A PER HOUR realized -gents. Fo
particulars enc,' -»p and
Address KEPIIA -« , CBIDEK A BRO .
Aug 21, ,07—St. * York, Pa.
Appraisement Lints.
fpIIE following Appraisement Lirta, of personal or
J[ Heal Estate retained hy widows nnder the Act cf
Assembly <»t llth of April* 1951. have been filed in the
office of Clerk of Orj bans' Court, in and for tho county
of Bntler, \iz:
O. C.. No. 75 March Term, 1807 : Mrs Nancy Wil
liamson, widow of Johnston Williamson, lute of Mid
dlesex township, dee'd. Personal property amounting
to $290 I*o John jßrown, Esq , Adm'r.
O.C , No. 32, March Term. I*o7 : Mrs. Nancy Rosina
. Knornschild, widow of John Gottlieb Knornsehlld, late
of Buffalo townuhip, dee'd. Personal property amount
ing to SOOO 00. Maiy Rosina Kuornachild. Adm'x.
O.C, No. 72, June Term. 1867: Mm. Rebecca Henr
widow of Samen Henry, late of Oakland township, dee'd
Personal property aincunting to S3OO 00.
Jobu L. Bart ley, Executor.
0. C , No. 73, June Term l8f»7 : Mrs. T mson Cratty
i widow of James Cratty, dee'd. Personal property
I amounting to 8-99 82. Hon. Adm'r
0. C., No. 74, June Term 1867: Mrs. Susan Hutchison
widow of Thomas Hntciiiscn, late of Centre township
dee'd. Personal property amounting to J3OO 00.
Daniel Fleeger, Adm'ri
O* C , No. Jume Term 1607. Mrs. Margaret Patton
widow of Wm Patton, late of Fairview township dee'd.
Pureonul property -mounting to S3OO 00.
M. S. Bay, Adm'r.
Mrs. Rosanna Flemining, widow of Patrick Fl«m>
niing, late of Cloarfleld township, dee'd. Real Estate
creditors, ar.d others interested, will take netice ; and
file exceptions. If any they may bavd, on or fcefcre
Wednesday, the 25th day of Teptember next; when
said Appraisement lista will ba presented to the Coort
112 r abaolute confirmatioo.
Aa t 21 •?T.) Cl-r*-f P T,
Sheriff's Sales.
BY virtue of sundry Writs of Vend. Ex.. Ac , issued
ont of the Court of Common Pleas of Butler coun
ty, and to me directed, thefe will be exposed to public
sale, at the Court Hon**) In the borongh of Butler, on
Monday, the 23d day of September, A D . IBP7, at one
o'clock, P. M., the following described property,to wit.
All the right, title, interest and claim of James S-
Kennedy,of, in and to One hundred and Fifty acres of
laud, more or less, situate In Muddycreek to«nsbip.
Butler county, Pa., bounded North by John Hell. East
by Jno. W. Forrester. South by David Fraxier. and West
l y Edward Frajtier; About Seventy-rfive acres cleared,
Thirty acre* meadow; Br.ck house large frame barn
and outbuildings thereon erected. Seized and taken
in execution »«|th.Jp ••operty of James 9. Kennedy at
the euit of Uarvey D.Thompson.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Bobatt F.
Christy,of; in and to Seventy teres of land, more or
less, situate in Cherry township, Butler county, Pa.,
bounded North by William Hoc ken berry. East by Sam
uel D. Christy, South by William Croth«is, and West by
Jsmes Hockenberry. acres cleared, Log
house and Frame Wagon tvaker thop thereon erected.—
Seized and taken Ir execution as the property of Roburt
F. Christy et the suit ol alien Wilson for use of James
Onasman, now for use of fi. M Junkin .
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jacob Hep<
ler, of, In and to Fifty-seven acres of land, more or less
situate In Fairview township. Roller county, Pa , boun
ded North by Amos Campbell, East by Ueorge Shake
lev, South by H. P. Shakeley, West by John rt. Jame
son et. al. Forty acres cleared; Frame bouse and Log
barn thereon erect-d. Seised and taken In execution as
the property of Jacob Hepler at the suit of Lewis Z
AH the right, title. Interest rnd claim of Joseph Qrlf
fln, Mary Onffin et. al., of, in and to Fifty acres of land
more or less, situate in Cherry township. Butler coun
tv, Pa., bounded North by Austin Ruajell, Ea*t by
Hugh Conways' heirs. South by Jamus Smith, and
West by Jacob Wolford. About Twenty aeree cleared;
Log bouse thereon erected. Seized aud taken in execu
tion as the property of J >seph, Mary, tliitabtftU and
liachol Orifiin at the suit of James Wilson.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Robert Spear,
of.in and to One Hundred acres of land, more or less,
situate in Washington township, Butler county, Penu a,
bounded North by Edward Frazter, East by Bernard
M'Caudless, South by Thomas OrnUnm. and West by
Thomas Hutchinson. About Thirty five acres cleared;
Log house and Log stable thereon erected. Seized and
taken In ex. cution as the property of Robert Spear at
the suit ol James Wilson.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of Samuel Mc-
Mnrry, of, in and to Elghty-tbree acres of land mere
or less, situate in Marion township, Butlsr county, Pa.,
bounded North by James Keir, East by Alex. M'.Mur
ry, South by Alex M'Mnrry and West by Alex. M'
Murry. Seventy-five ucres cleared. Forty of which is
meadow ; a good Saw *!ill and Gri*t Mill tbereon erec
ted. Seized and takep in Execution as the property ot
Samuel M'Murry, at the suit of Patrick Af'Bride.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of Edward
Higgins, 01, in and to Seventy five acres of land, more
or less, situate in Venango township, Butler county, Pa .
bounded North by Morris M Bride, East by John
llughei. Soutn by John M Cane and West by John Peo
ples. About Fifty-five acres cleared ; Orchard of bear
ing trees; Log house and Log barn tbereon erected
Seized aud taken in execution as the property of Ed
ward II Igglus at the suits of J. K. Smith aud W. A
| Thomp ou.
All the right, title, Interest und claim of William A
Robert Loguo, of.in and to Four Iluudred acres cf land
more or less, situate In Cherry township, Butler county,
Penn'a, bounded North by Blllingsley, East by
Williaui Liudney, John Caaon and J. Carnahan, South
by Joseph and Robert Armstrong and West I>y Jtirnoi
Thompson. Eighty acres cleared; Twenty acres
ow ; two Log houses and two Log stables thereon erec
ted. Seized and taken in execution as the property of
Robert and William Logue at the suit of John N. Pur
innce, Esq.
All the right, title, I iterest and claim of A. B Grant,
of, In and to One Hundred acres of land, more or less,
situate In Allegheny township. Butler county, Penn'a,
bounded North by Crawford et al.. East by Andrew
Bioan, South by William Orant and West by M'Ma
linn's heirs. About y eventy acres cleared; Orchard of
bearing trees ; double Log house and large Frame barn
thereon erected. Seized aud taken in execution nn the
property of A. B Orant al the suit of John S. M'Klu
ley for Use of S. C. Dodde
J. B. STOREY. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Oflce, Butler, Aug. 28, ISO 7
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the following Accounts
of Executors, Administrators and Guardians, have
been filed in the Register's office, according to law,
and will bo presented to the Court for confirmation and
ullowauce, Wednesday, Sept. 2jth,lßG7 •
1. Final account of Ohebe Lay ton, Adm'x of T. J.
Lavton, dee'd.
2. Final account of N. M. Klrkland, Ex'r of Adam
Peters, dee'd
3. Final Account of John Scott, Adm'r of Thomas
M'Leary. dee'd
4. Final account of Isaac Snttn, Adm'r of Christian
6. Final account "of Wa«hington Bovard and J. D. Ste
phenson, Ex'rs of A'm. Stephenson, dee'd.
P Final account of Jacob Rohrer, Ex'r of Philip Dll
llman, dee'd*
7. Final account of Philip Bickel and Geo. Walter-
Adm'isof Jacob Walter, dee'd.
8. Final accocnt of Robert Storey, Ex'r of Joeeph T
Robinson, dee'd.
9. Final account of M S. Esq., Adm'r of P. M.
Barnhart dee'd.
10. Fiual account of Bobert Scoft. Guardian of Mar
garet K, Wm.T. R S , and Lizvie Spronl
11. Kinal accoanf of J. J. Pisor.Guuarcian of E upho
mia Bto ugh ton
12. Final account of Jonithan Clutton, Guardian of Breedon.
13. Fiual account of Jonathan Clutton. Guatdian of
Ellen Breedon.*
14. Final account of Jonathan Clutton, Guaaidian of
Emma Breeden.
15 Finul account of Jonathan Clutton, Guardian of
Annie Breedon.
10. Final account of Jacck Laderer. Adm'r of Wm.
Buby, dee d.
17. Final account of George Brant, Guardian at Chas
P. Brant
18 Final account of Oeorge Brant, Guardian of I«a
be Ila G Br.int.
10 Final account of Goorge Brant, Guardian of no
race 11. Brant
20 Final account of Emelina Lemmon Adm'x of John
Lemmon,deed, filed by John L. Shannon.
8. NIXON, Beg'r.
Register's office, Aug. 21,1807—5t.
for September Term, 1807.
J. W. Forrester et al |vs Jacob Zeiglor.
Pusan flail, 'v-The School Dis of Oakland tp .
Emanuel Etnminger, vs The School Dis.of Oaklaud tp
Max K Moorhead, vs John N. Purviauce.
Wm. B Lemmon, vs Jacob Mechling.
Elizabeth M'Candless by
her next friend, vs Dr J. N. M Candloss.
Anderson, Ex'r, vs Mary Jane Allen
Saniuof Parks vs Samuel P Thumbson
James Cannon. va John Burns et al
Benjamin Douthett ts Robert Dodda
LydiaS M'Lure, Vs Mary B. Brown, et al
jJ. W. Forrester et al. vs Jacob Zeigler
1 Robert Logue vt Samuel J Th°irpson
John Cannon, Adm'r vn John M'Divit'
Robert Logue et al va Samuel J. Thompson et al
Peter 8. Weaver, vs Sainuei'M'Clelland terre t.
Jamea Gallabef Jr. vs J as" Gaiier a Adm'r 11 al
Kolh et al vs W .C. M'Candteaa
Harvey D. Thompson ts Isaac Sponsier etai
Andrew Norcrosa va Silas Christy
William Love. vs Robert Boyd
Thomas Kodgers v« Thomas llindman
J. II Perkins it School Dist Oikland tp.
Willihm livers, vs School Dist. Oakland tp
Sylvanus Cooper vs Zebulon Cooper
Oiiyan Hilliard k wife va t-ilaa Cbriety
Patton Kearns vs Georjce C- Roesalng
Patton Kearns vs George C. Boonsing
David O. Conner vs John Kerr et al
Owen Bar rot I vs Jamea Dibel et aj
Tne Commonwealth of Pa.
Hannah Col lander Fl'ff vs R. B Maxwell Adm'r eta
Jamu< Green for t»so vs Wm. C. M'Candless
Zebu lon Cooper vs W O Brackeundge
Samuel E. >ioorhca«l VS John Careon
John W F rrenter vs Jacob Zefgler
Patton Kearns vs Bernard Roessing'et al
Wilson K Potts, vs John N . Pugh
Samuel Miller vs Christopher Bright
Hmnah Hio.odhCad for tfae vs Samuel Critcbow
William Clark »si homas Wain
Allen Wilson vs John Campb .
J b CLARK Protn'y
Prothonotary's OJfiro. Butler. Pa. Aug. 21 ,IV*7.
ActuiiniNtrator'w Notice.
■ Estate of Thomas A. Hutchison, dee'd.
j T^TOTIC E is hereby given that Letters of A/ministra
I tion on the estate of Tho*. A Huteheson, -co of
I Centra tp.,Butler county, Pa , dee'd, have this day
i )August 10th. 1907,) oeen granted to tbo underKigned;
I therelore, all persons ku <wiMg themselves indebted to
I said estatH, will make immediate payment, and thone
having claims against tho utme Mill present thera
properly authenticated for settlement,
j Aug. 21. ISo7—4t.
Auditor's Notice.
IN the matter of the Petition of J. W Christy for Ci
tation on llfciah Wigton, to file and settle account as
I Guntlian of Wm* Morrow and D. II Morrow, minor
children of Hamilton Morrow, dee'd.]
Id the Orphans' Court of Butler county. No. 18, Sep.
i tember term, 18«7.
And now to wit March 11, 1807. we order fhat the
j within Petition of the Complainant be taken or confees-
I ed, there being no appearance or denial ol the respond-
I euta on file, and further direct a leference to Thomas
! Robinson, E«q .as an Auditor to take proof of the facts
and circumstances set forth in the Petition, and' to re
port thezn to the Court; and also to report an account
against said Delendant's Guardian if necessiry.
• By the court.
BuiUr courtly, at :
Certified from the Record this llth day of April, A. M
1867 P M. EASTMAN. Clerk of O. C.
[ Vntir* fo hereby given that I will attend to the du
Idea of the above appointment at the H«*le! ofW.G
Christley, fa CentreviPe, this county, on Tue*d »y, Sep
tember 17th, U67,at 10 o'clock, A. M\of ».dd dar.
TIJ"M*A{? ROp!N?0?:, 4ut>«r
Aig ?i, —it *
Telegraph Institute
Coruer of Penu and St. Clair streets,
The Largest. Cheapest and Best
Actual Business College
In the United States.
During the past ten years, np wards of
Fifteen Thousand Students
Representing every State ID the Uunlon, bavo gradu
ated here.
A College of Aotual Business,
Supplied with Bnnks. Stores, Post Office, Commission
3rokers. Insurance, Rail Koad, Steamboat,
Telegraph Offices, <kc., com bluing
Students ere thoroughly Instructed in all the branches
of a
Practical Business Education,
Including Book-keeping, Penmanship, Arithmetic
Commercial Law, Political Economy, Business C'-fres*
pondence, the Art of Detecting Counterfeit Money,
Railroading, Steamboatlng, Telegraphing,
at any time, and complete a full course in from eight to
twelve weeks.
Pays all expenses for Tuition, books, Blanks uuJ Dl
> plouia.
For Penmanship, Steamboatlng, Railroading, Banking,
pr Diploma, AS in other Colleges. Free lessons dally in
Penmanship to all students lu tha Commercial Depart
for Circulars, giving full Information.
1 aud containing a complete outline of our system of
> Practical Business Education, together with
From Practical Ruslnoss Men. Merchants, Bankers
Book-keepers, Ac.,address the principals,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
. -FOR-
The Purifying of the Blood.
112 I>lt. J. W. POLAND'S
A Positive Remedy for all Kinds oi Humors,
It is very gratifying to pay of this, or of any other
medicine,' It Is the very best remedy known." It is
not always so easy t -1 prove it. Jt is. however, exceed
ingly-gratifying to the Pioprietor of this medicino, that
while he declares to the public that this Is a most won
dei ful and effective specific for Humors, as stated ab"ve.
he has abundant proof n hand 10 abstain his statement
For sixteen years the HnmorTToetor has been manu
factured and sold, and every year has Increased tho
value of its reputation and ibo amount of its sales.—-
In New Hampshire, where it originated, no remedy for
humors Is so highly prised. An eminent physician
(now an urmy surgeon; when practising In New Hamp
shire, purchased between fifty and sixty gallons of it
during some seven or eight years, and "used it in his
practice. He has since then ordered it for the Hospi
tal where he was strolled Other physicians have
ordered it, and have used it in practice with -grost suc
cess When the proprietor lived In New llami>shl>a at
Ooflstown Center, for the spneo of thirty or forty miles
around, and In Manchester particularly, thv Humor
Doctor was well kaown and highly valued lor the nu
merous and wonderful cures which it effected. Though
manufactured in large quant Hies the supply wis fre
quently exhausted, and purchasers had to wait far more
to be made. In that region some very severe cases oi
Krysipeias were treated with-—and they weio cured.—
En sipolas sores, or carbuncles, those ugly, painful ul
ce< s. were entirely removed wherever this medicine was
faithfully used. So it was with Scrofula and Salt Rheum.
The Humor Doctor cured them.
For the aalte ef showing what is thought of It, a few
testimonials are here Inserted:
Milton Gale, Esq., Iloston, ?I*b .
I hereby certify that I was portly afflicted witn b.»ils
foT Iwo years, developing themselves on my limbs and
other paits of my body. Tho sufferings which I en
dured fr«.m them are indescribable. Suffice it to say
that I faitbful'y tried several of the m<»»it popular hu
mor remedies, but without removing the affliction At
' Lngth, by the earnest request of an intimate friend, I
was Induced to try Dr. J \V. Poland's Ifnmor Doctor,
rand am very bappv to attest that ail my bolls were re
moved, and my health was restored by using Dr. Po
112 land's aforesaid medicine.
Boston, Jan. 14,1860. MILTON GALE.
A. C. W. fUq. t Manchester, N. H.
Da, J. W. Poland—Dear Sir.* I very cheerfully give
my testimony in fav.>r of your Humor Doctor as an ex
cellent remedy for humors. My numerous acquaint
ance in Manchester know how severely I was afflicted
with Bolls, and they know how perfectly good my lioalth
Is at present. Your Humor Doctor eurod me. Ple:uje
refer to me for particulars in my case.
Manchester, N. II .June 11, '£-8. A. C. WLLACE-
Mrs. IVhe tier, Stontham , Mais.
T very confidently and earnestly recommend Dr. J.
W. Poland's Humor Doctor as an excellent lamedyfor
humors, havieg been wonderfully remedied by it myself.
My own case was a very severe and obstinate one For
more than two years the nkin up>n the inside of both
my bands, and even down to my wrist, was constantly
cracked and broken np, so that 1 vns unable to une
my hands in any kinds of wnt work, and was
obliged to wear gloves in sewing to avoid getting blood
, Upon my work. The humor which ao afflicted me was
probably a combination of Erysipelas and Salt Rheum.
My general health was quite poor. Soon after I began
to use the Humor Doctor 1 ronld perceive signs of heal
ing. I continued to use the medicine till I was finally
cured My hands are now perfectly free from humors,
and to all appearances my whole system is clear of it,
and has be*'n for several months. I used eight bottles
bofere I felt aafo to give it up sntliely, but they cured
Stoneman, Mass., Julv 5, 1866.
Mrs. Itrtr.r, Dover, X. 11.
DOVER, N. H.July 2*2, ISM.
DR. I'OLSNI*. I received your letter enquiring as to
the effects of yonr medicine on sea-sickness. lam hap
py to say that I think it is " the medicine'' for that
dreadful sickness. I tried various prescription, but
found none that settled the stomach and cleared the
head like the Humor Doctor. I felt as though I could
hardly wait to get ashore, to entreat jou to intrduce it
into ship chandlery stores, that it may find its way to
those who snfl'*r upon the mighty deep fr.>m sea-sick
ness. If captains who take their families with them,
or carry passengers, should try it for once, they would
never be willing to voyage without it.
I h«v« used it for my family since its introduction to
the pnfdic for bilious habits, headache and humors
about my children, and have always found it a bure
I am not fond of having my name appear in public,
and would not consent to it on any other uccourrt but to
relieve the suffering ; but if the foregoing will be of any
service to you or the publie. yon can make use of it.
Much more might be said ia relation (o this medicine,
as contain#*! in testimonials, but it H needlfss. Ask
Manchester druggest* about it. especially E W. Blake,
at BarrV Inquire of Mr. IL-nry PHtmer,of Bedford,
whose wife was cured by It of Salt Rheum. Ask almost
i any person In Goffato*n, and they will declare its value
asa remedy, aa used in their otfn ensos or by their
Tha Humor Doctor was formerly sold at fifty cents
per bottle; but tho cost of ov«?ry ingredient composing
it has gone up so enormously, that the pricn has been
raismi to fifty cents only, and that by compulsion
The Humor D<>ctor is prepared at the New Kugliud
Botanic Depot, fn the proprietor, J. C. French-
Sold by Medicine DesUrs everywhere.
DEM AS BARNES A Co. Genera '.Agents, New York
Stray Cow.
( s Usts *o the residence of the Subscriber living in
) Murtddycreek T W about the 4th day of August, a
Stray Cow, about Pi of 14 years of age • a crop . ff the
left ear. red acd whits spotted, crumpled horned no
other visible n urks. Tho owner is requested to corue
forward pro*e property pa • ch irgos and tafce her away.
or she will tt uisposed of according to law
Aug Hlh ISs>—3t
Notice iu Divorce.
XN* tho matter of the petition of Peter Rroell, for a di- |
vorce from bed, board and alimony, Lorn bis wife i
Catharine Rroell.
In the Court of Common Plewtfpf Butler roaaty, Xo '
4, November Term,
' And now to wit: March lftb, IW7, nrt moil )u of Black
» & Fleecer. Eaq'rr, Attorneys for PetitioneV, Court -rant
proclamation aooordlnj to law. By the Court
Butler county, u :
Certified Com the Record this .'tb day of Ang;nfct,A.
D„ lfc*7. J. B CLARK, Proth y.
Catharine Broell, respondent-Xon arebe.eby notl
j fled to be and appear at our Court of Common Pi*ai, to
I bo held at BqtUf, in aad for the county of Butler.'on
the 4th Monday of September, A. D.. 1367, to abow
causo, if any you have, why a divorce from bed, board
and alimouy fciiOflW not bedcreed as prav»d for by j-our
• husband, Teter Droell, in the al»>ve o taied pt«titioa
Au-'J. ? \ I 5, tt Sb-nff
VECtETABLE ambrosia
Grny.liended People h*ve their
locks restored by it to tho dark, kutrvui,
rilken tresies of youth, and are happy I
Young People, with light, faded or red Hair,
have these unfashionable colors changed to
a beautiful auburn, anil rejoice I
People whose pleads are covered with
D.indrttff and Hitmors, use it, and have uleau
coats and clear and healthy soalps !
Bald-Headed Veterans hav«
their remaining locks tightened, and tha
bare spots covered with a luxuriant growth
of Hair, and dance for joy!
oung Gentlemen use it beoaufft it i m
richly perftimed!
Young Ladies use it be causa it k«ep»
their Hair in place!
Everybody mutt and i eiU uro It, t>ecans«
it is the cleanut and belt article In tt>«
For Sale by Druggists generally.
WHOLhSALii. AUiiiiNid:
Sellers & Van Gordor,
l'lTTSßunou, PA.
Dr. Saiuucl t.ruliani,
may ij, no. H-eo»-lj r. DUTLF.R, PA.
THE snbeeribers have on hand and are dally receiving
at tLalr Store-Room,opposite Peter Duffy • lu Butlsr
An Extensive Assortment
Drugs, iDje Sttilf*,
MetUciucs, |Pnt.Mediciae« 112
Oils, ITollet Soap,
Paints, iPerfumer},
© h O 112 G @ 8 t M Cf « O I* 8
for chemical unit medicinal purpowj. Also, all kind, ,112
Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully
aud Promptly Compounded.
In the Grocery Department
will bo f.dn:l Flour. Bico*.. Fish, Coffee, Teas, S"gur«
Canned Fn.lt of all luuds; in short unity a/liaU U
Famllv use. Also*
Queens ware, Hardware,
And a general nsaortuun*. of Tobicjo and Cigars.
Th« highest mxrket price piidfbrall kinds of ye
duce ia for Good*.
Roll & Dicffonbjichor.
Jun- 12, ISCT—Iy
The old, the young, tho middlo aged unite to pr&iee
It If an entirely new scientific discovery, cor jbtntng
many of,the most powerful and restorativo agent*
In tho vegetable kingdom.
Wo have such confidence in its merits, and nr*
•0 »uro it will do all we claim for it, that we offer
SI,OOO Reward
If the SICILIAN HAIR RENEXVER does not give sat
isfaction in all cases when used in strict accord-#
anee with our instructions.
Vegetable Sicilian Hair HenewGr
has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation
for the Hair ever otfared to tho public.
It is a vegetable compound, and contains no
Injurious properties whatever.
It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fill®
tho glands with new lifo and coloring matter.
It us ill keep tha Hair from falling out.
It cicansca tha Scalp, and mattes tha TlaW
No person, old or voting should fail to nse it.
Jt is recommended and used by tha FIRST AILD
HA IU RKMEWEU, and take uo othor.
Tho Proprietors offer the SICILIAN HAIR RE
NEWER to tho public, entirely confident that it will
bring back tho ha;r to its original color, promote ita
growth, and in nearly ali cases where it has fallen
off will restore it unless the person is very aged,
R. P. HAIX CO. Proprietors,
Xa»hua t y. U.
Sold by all Druggists.
July 17 ly.-.
Jfoliocj to Collector*.
THE Collectors of the wvnl township* of Butter
c nntyare hereby notified that wo aro under tb*
neres'ity of cs'l ng upon f.»r Immediate pavm»nr
of tuu in their to meet lbo demand* now upon
Pay tip or W- w :i be compelled to collect by legal
p OCedS.
W.M. DICK. > Or>qa rs,
J>*o W. BRANDON, 1
B*z:S3, Gcto're Ci>.

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