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The Largeit Circulation oj
any Paper in the, County,
0. E? ANDERSON, Editor
WEI>l* T ESI>Air«BEPT. 18,J8#7.
4?"" Liberty and Union, How and Forever, On*
and •neepereDle,"—D. Web titr.
Union Republican State Ticket.
Hon, Henry TV. Williams,
Of Allegheny County.
Union Republican County Ticket.
Honor** to (Jon. Klcklw.
The Union Central Committeo in New
York are making arrangements to givo
Gen. Sickles a fitting reception at Cooper
Institute. This is right. The General
lias done his duty well, and is a victim—
whom even General Grant could not save
—to the desperation of Andrew John
son. At a meeting of the Committee
Monday evening, a large committee was
appointed to execute this purpose, with
Charles S. Spencer at the head. Hav
ing done this the Committee waited on
General Sickles at the Brevoort Houso,
and were introduced, thereupon Mr. Spen
cer stated the object of the visit. lie
concluded liis brief speech as follows :
We ask you to address the people at
the Cooper Institute at such time as you
shall select. As friends of yours, we do
not expect, and shall not ask you to speak
as an exponent of our peculiar political
views; but merely in vindication of your
administration and policy as the Com
mander of the Second Military District
of the South.
Gen sickles replied •
Gentlemen —I need not assure you of
the pleasure I feel in receiving you, and
the gratification I derive "in the assurance
you give me that my course has met with
yonr approbation. I will prepare to take
into consideration the polite offer you
have made mo to meet my fellow-citizens,
it is not possible for me at this moment
to signify MY formal acceptance of this
offer. 1 have taken pains to ascertain
from tlie Government the particular
grounds ef accusation which have promp
ted MP TCMOVAL. Pending the formal an
swer to my communication, it would not
be proper for me to discuss (in public as
semblage) the measures of my adminis
tration. But I presume, at an early day,
it will bo in my power to name a timo
when I can meet my fellow-citizens to
discuss before them questions that most
interest the country at this time. As
soon as it is in my power to do so I will
communicate with you further.
The officers and soldiers of the Excel
sior Brigade are also making arrange
ments to give their old commander a fit«
ting reception. But General Sickles de
sires to avoid all public display at pres
ent. His rank in the regular army is
that of a Colonel in the Forty-Socond
SHAME. —We had thought that our
neighbor of the " Herald" had more re
spect for truth and character than to
give utterance to language like the fol
The Governor of this State. John IT.
Geary , has been over at Washington
City to see Grant about disloyal Mary
land. He had better stay at home and
jsave what little reputation is left to him.
He never held a situation in his life
ihat he did not prove a failure.
A man who did his duty so well and
faithfully as Gen. John W. Geary, du*
ring the severe ordeal through which our
Country passed in the late struggle,
which was brought about by t Democratic
tukrule and intrigue, to be stigmatized
as a "failure" and of "litile reputaion"
is stooping very low. If he had remain
ed in the ranks of the Democratic
party, and subscribed to the bogus Dem
ocratic principles, and consented to have
been their candidate, he would have
been all right, but because he fought
against Rebels and their sympathizers,
anJ was elected Governor by the loyal
voters <pf Pennsylvania, and is honest in
the execui.' 00 °' 'he ' aws au d uses his
influence fo»' the good of our whole
Country, he is a "failure" and of
"little reputation. O, shame, where is
thy blush '!
NEW GOODS. —Our will notice
by our advrtiseing column that Dunlap
Lukcr and Co., 136 Federal street, Al
legheny City, have just received a
and splendid assortment of Dry Goods,
which they will sell, wholesale or retail
at reduced prices. Our Country mer
chants and others visiting the city will
do well to give them a call. Read their
advertisement. I
''SCHNAPPS."; —Since the Court refused
to grant License, several parsons in the
Borough are subject to cramps, colics
and other diseaes, which according to
their ideas are curable only by the use
of Hoffman's Schnapps, Stomach, Bitters
of various kinds, or anything that smells
or tastes of whiskey or alcohol. In fact
if madam rumor be correct, mechanics
who are compelled to use alcohol in their
trades must take the precaution to keep
the same under lock and key for fear
these sick individuals take too much.
We have even been informed that prin
ters sometimes use alcohol mechanically
not, we presume to clean the type but to
wash down the Cobwebs that sometimes
get into the throat.
Ex-Printers are especially hard up for
Schnapps when they are compelled to
employ persons who are laboring under
the effects of fighting whit key or some
other poisonous drug, to visit the Drug
Stores to procure the same, and thus, be
instrumental in getting up a general row
because they were refused the Schapps.
Lovers of Schnapps are not the kind of
Representatives that the peopeple of
Butler County intend to send to the
DISGRACEFUL. —On Saturday evening
that part of our quiet town, on Main
Street between Sykes' Photograph Carr
and Charles Weisemaa's Jewelry and
Shoe Store was very much annoyed by
the bad Conduct and profano language
of a young man who was laboring under
the effects of fighting Whiskey. So
fully was he under its effects that he
considered himself insulted by every
body that could not and would not com
ply with his requests, and was for pitch
ing into everything in the shape of a man
old or young, and was only saved from
getting whipped because he was in
toxicated. It is but justice to say that
when not intoxicated he is one of the
most civil and inoffensive young men in
our Borough. It is a pity that he drinks
and a Bhame for any man to give him
drink. Our advice is, Taste not, Touch
not, Handle not, the unclean thing.
CORRECTION. —In publishing tho pre
ceedings of the County Executive Com
mittee last week, the closing paragraph
was a part of the article entitled, "Meet
ing of Union Republican State Central
Committee," and should have been at
tached thereto, but was not noticed in
time to make the change. No doubt the
County Committee would have been glad
to visit our distinguished candidate, but
the distance and the mode of traveling
were barriers in the way; and although
they did not visit him, they will see to
it, that each of the distriota represen ted
by them does its duty at tho coming
THE Hon. Mr. Boutwell, member of
the Housfc of Representatives from Mas
sachusetts, spoko in Boston, on Friday
evening. As one of the foremost men
in Congress, his lauguage has some sig
nificance. He said :
The times, Mr. Boutwell declared, wero
as critical as in 1861. The question of
Mr. Johnson's impeachment must come
before the House of Representatives.—
There was no escape from it. This coun
try could not remain passive and subinis
sive, while every patriot in the land tho't
there was danger from the man who oc
cupies the chair of Washington and Lin
coln, and who, it was so generally be>
lieved, was endeavoring to restore the
" lost cause" to power. All subordinate
interest should be laid on the altar of the
country. The President's conduct should
be investigated, and if guilty ho should
be punished. The grounds for the accu
sation against him would soon be laid
before the country. If innocent he
would be acquitted ; if guilty he would
be convicted ; and if convicted, tho coun
try would acquiesce, and won!d pass
through the trial safely, and would yet
goon in a prosperous, free, united and
happy career.
DEBT STATEMENT. —Secretary Mci
Culloch has issued a corrected state
ment, which shows that the debt, less
cash in the Treasury, has decreased in
the last'month 818,523,000 96, instead
of less than six millions as shown in the
erronons statement. The corrected state
ment also shows that the debt has been
reduced since the Ist of September, 1865,
$264,806,206 38. If this rate of reduc
tion could be kept up, the entire debt
would be paid off by July 1,1867.
THE year seems to be favorable to
Copperheads. To the horde already in
the field, Judge Woodward is now added
he having been nominated by theShars
wood Democracy in the Luzerne district.
His nominatien is the latost illustration
of the fitness of things. During the res
bellion he was on the side of Jeff. Davis.
As Judge he declared the draft uncon
stitutional, and did his best to assist the
rebels. He is, therefore, the most fit
man in the world to be the candidate of
the Johnson«Sharswood Democracy.
"Now is the moment for Mr. John
son to seize fortune at the flood. The
reaction is earning. Let him resign and
lead it." So said the Herald lately.
This allusion to the flood is mysterious.
Does it mean that Mr. JOHNSON'S best
chance of fortune is to drown himself,
and to do it in a hurry* while he has a
chance!' The fortnight's history, em
bracing the IleraM,* railing at Mr. JOHN
SON. its flattering of Mr. JOHNSON and
it* finishing touch and climax, in advis
ing him resign, is equal to the per
formance of any "harlotry player," and
should be illu«»,»ted in some funny paper. I
IN a speech in Boston a few days since,
Hon. R. 11. Dana referred to the revolu
tionary designs of the President, and the
meditated coup d'etat. He did not be*
lieve, however, he could execute it while
Grant and others wero in the Cabinet.—
Mr. Dana said :
When Mr. Johnßon got rid of these
men, and began to gather a military force
a* out him, he could do it without obser
vation ; and force would be met by force.
The States furnished the men to protect
Washington during the war. The mili
tia of Massachusetts found their way to
Washington at once; they knew the mad ;
and if they were needed, they could find
their way there again. [.Applause.]
Tin New York Timet Bays, in regard to
the Amnesty Proclamation, tbat "the as
sertion by the President of his right to issue
such a proclamation at nil is the point which
most concerns the country." We suspect
the Times has hit the vital point and opened
up the question most threatening to the na
tion. Of course, the motive enters into the
discussion. No one can question what that
is—the vitalization, BO far as it can be done,
of tho "dead cause." The spirit at the bot
tom of the proceedings is the same as that
which animated Johnson in reinforcing
Beauregard at Bull Bun. And it is thus
hat the President is to be judged.
THE Democratic party this year pre
sents an anomalous appearance. So far
as its leaders exhibit it in Allegheny
county it has no important principles of
jts own to maintain and no general bene
fit to the community even to promise.—
Having nothing to defend' its strategy is
wholly aggressive, and, being without tho
slightest chance of success, is as reckless
as it IB hopeless. The party may be Baid
to have a tripod form. On its three legs
it stands, walks and staggers ; or, as the
late lamented Artemus might have ex
pressed it : " The pints of argument,
first and foremost and forever, the nigger;
secondly, the licker; third and lastly, the
JQT'The ancients proclaimed that Mer
maids, Nymphs, Naiads, and the Graces,
had long flowing tresses which made them
envied by their sisters of earth. But
thoy arose out of the sea foam or bathed
in fountains reaehed by no mortal hands
and kept their locks of dewy softness, dark
and lustrous, and thus had no need o'
Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia which is do*
ing the same thing for thousands of peo
ple in our day.
Music C.*C. *Mollor* NO. 81 Wood
street, Pittsburgh, is sole agent for Deck
or's celebrated Piano Forte. This in
strument is highly recommended by some
of the very best Musical Professors in
tho United States. Every instrument is
warranted for seven years. Wc are in re
ceipt of some splendid Sheet Music from
Mcllor's. Persons desirous of procuring
good Sheet Music can have the same gent
them by mail on receipt of 30 cents for
each copy or sheet.
Tin present (October) number closos tho
first year of this popular juvenile peri
odical, which in that short space of time
has won its way tothousands of children's
hearts. Its toys, and colored illustra
trations, its "puzzle" pictures, and other
quite original and attractive features,
render it unique among periodicals for
children ; and we would advise them to
lose no time in rencwiug their subscrip
tions. Something very novel and at
tractive is promised for the Christmas
holidays. Subscription price, 81.50,
with a microscope, book, pocket knfe
or other handsome premium.
473 Broadway, New York.
—The October number of this favorite
parlor periodica! comes to us rich as ever,
in that peculiar array of attractions which
render it so welcome in the family circle ;
and with additional recommendation to
the favor of ladies, in tho shape of an
extra fashion plate of largo size, which
gives the fashionable promenade dresses
for this season. This feature is to bo
continued, without any abatement of oth
er distinctive and popular features—an
evidence of enterprise on thfe part of the
publisher which is characteristic, and tells
the secret of success. Subscription price,
83, with valuable premium. Address,
W. Jennings Demorest, 473 Broadway,
New York.
BASE BALI, —A match Game of Base
Ball, the second of a series of three
games, to be played betwen the Senior
Club of Centreville, and the Crescent of
llarrisville, was played on the field of
the latter in llarrisville, on the 11th
inst. with the following result:
O. R I O. R.
J. T. Black p 1 11 McCarnes c 4 6
Walker s s 19 Davis p 3 8
Bard 3 b 1 lOllays r 112 4 5
Winnail c 1 9 Ramsey 1 112 2 7
A. T. Black cf 4 7 Wm. Bird c 112 3 6
Kyle r 112 2 8, Riddle 1b 1 7
McGill 1 b 7 4 Sowash 2 b 1 8
Flemming 2 b 3 B'Thompson s s 2 6
McMillan 1 112 1 9A. T. Bard 3 b 1 7
21 75| 21 60
Fly matches, Crescent 6. Centreville
4. Home runs Crescent 2.
Umpire W. H. Harrison Jr. of Phil.,
Scorers—ll. S. Bingham Crescent;
J. A. Peters Centreville.
At the close of the 7th inning it was
agreed between the captains of the nines
owing to the lateness of the hour, to
conclude the game. As the Crescent
first game reported in your paper of the
17th of July, this concludes the series.
Fcr the Citizen.
Sabbath School Convention.
MR. EDITOR :—On tho 10th inst., ac
cording to previous arrangements, a Sab
bath School Convention of the following
M. E. Sabbath Schools was held in the
beautiful grove East of tho village of
North Washington, viz : West Sunbury,
Farmington, Maple Furnace, and North
Washington Schools. At an early hour
the different roads leading to the place
appointed for the Convention w ere throng
ed with wagons and carriages, loaded to
their utmost capacity ; while great num
bers were seen on horse back. Delega
tions of the North Washington School
were sent out un the different roads to
escort the visiting schools to the place of
meeting, and it was truly a grand sight
to see the different schools as they ar
rived. From the great number in attends
ance, one would havo supposed that the
whole surrounding country had turned
out en masse.
At 12 o'clock, M., *ll had arrived in
the Grove. Scats had been provided to
accommodate 1000 persons which were
closely packed, while a great number
were compelled to stand or sit upon the
Tho grounds were beautifully decora,
ted with Evergreens and wreaths. A
large stand was erected for the officers
and speakers, upon the right and left of
which two platforms wcje erected for the
music. Two large and excellent Martial:
Bands were present in full uniform, viz:
the West Sunbury and Clintonvillc, the
former upon the right and the latter on
the left of the Speaker's stand. Ever
rything being in perfect order the Con*
vedtion was organized by electing Joseph
Hamilton of Farmington School, Presi*
dent, and C. E. Anderson of Butler, Sec
retary. Tho exercises were opened with
prayer by the Rev. D. W. Wampler ; af
ter which tho Convention was favored
with a sweet Sabbath School song appro*
priate to the occasion by tho North
Washington S. S. Quire. Rev. A. II-
Domer then addressed the Convention,
Subject: ''To tho Parents." This was
followed by an address to the children by
Rev. J. Perry. Music by tho Bands.
During the time of the speaking a
committee of ladies and gentlemen had
been busily engaged in arranging the
table. Tho Convention now formed in
procession, preceded by the Martial
Bands, playijg, and marcliod in com
plete order and took position on the four
sides of a large square, four «ieop, and
the crowd being so much largor than was
anticipated the North Washington School
took position on the West side of the
square outside of the regular line. Tho
Divino blessing was then asked by the
Rev. E. Woodruff, of the Babtist Church.
The Committees who had been appointed
for the purpose, then served the large
gathering with the good things that had
been provided for the occasion. It was
truly astonishing and none the less grat
ifying to behold the vast amount and
graat variety of Sweet cakes, Light cakea,
Pies, and sweet meets that had been pro
vided for this occasion, and vast as it was
1 am not aware that many baskets full of
fragments wero gathered up after the
multitude had been fully satisfied.
Tho repast being over t he Convention
matched back to their respective places
in tho same order in which they had ap
proached tho table; and while the audi
ence were being seated tho martial bands
favored the audience Vith some excellent
music. Rev. Thos. Grahnm mad# a few
remarks to tho audience,on the "Sabbath
School Cause." Mr. Graham would have
extended his remarks to a much greater
length but time would not permit. Mu
sic by the Sunbury Band.
Exercises closed with prayer and ben*
cdiction. We would not do justice to the
occasion to close this article withou'
noticing some of the banners and mottoes.
There were several, of which the
following, viz : "West Sunbury Sabbath
School ;" "Always at work;" "Search
the Scriptures;" "Those that seek Mo
early shall find me "0, how I love
Thy law;" On which were the portraits
of Asbury and Hfdding. 2d. "M. E.
Sabbath School;" "Tho world is my Par
ish,' Portrait of Wesley. "Never say
fail, for God is with us." 3d. "Farm
ington M. E. Sabbath School," decora*
ted with Eagle, Stars and Stripes. Mot
to : "Feed my Sheep." 4th. North
Washington M. E. S. S., "Youth is the
time to serve the Lord." sth. "North
Hope, O. K.," - 'E Pluribus Unum;" "In
God we trust."
These banners were all tastefully and
richly decorated. This to say the very
least, was one of the grandest, largest and
best conducted Sabbath School exhibibi
tions we ever had the pleasure of wit
nessing. By actual count we are told,
tk&t there were 590 officers, teachers and
scholars in procession ; and that there
was near 1500 persons in the convention.
This together with the expense incurred
in making the necessary arrangements
and provid ing the eatables and confec
tionaries is surely indicative of the in
terest taken in the Sabbath School cause.
The very best of order was observed
throughout the entire proceedings ; all
nppear«d well satisfied and even delight
ed. May the interest which has been
awakened in this good cause increase,
until every one, young and old Bhall be
fully aroused to duty and action.
C. E. ANDERSON, Sec'y.
Sabbath School Convention
In response to an invitation extended
by a committee, representing the U. P.
S. S. of Varnum, and the Lutherean
S. S. of North Washington. The Morn
ing of the 10th, saw the usually quiet
village of North Washington overflowing
with people, of all ages, and both sexes
enroutt to the appointed place of meeting
in Mifflin's Grove,where preparations had
been made for their reception. On as
sembling in the grove, the convention
was organized by calling J. W. Christy
Esq. of the West Sunbury U. P. S. S.
to the chair, supported by a Vice I'resi»
dent, form each of the other schools rep
resented, and appointing Chambers Scott
and Samuel Glenn, Scc'ys.
Tho meeting was opened with prayer
by the Rev. E. 11. Stevenson, returned
Missionary from India. The convention
was addressed by the Revs. Messrs.
Coulter, Brcdin, Shade, Marshall, Ste
venson and Jamison. Each school en
tered tho grove, led by persons bearing
beautiful banners, accompanied by bands
discoursing delightful music. The mot
toes of some of the banners were so ap
propriate to the occasion, that we cannot
forbear mentioning them. Tho German
Reformed banner of Fairview was ren
dered noticeable, by its contrast with
the others; the ground of the banner
being dark, lighted up with the short
sentence in bright letters "God is love."
The banuer of the U. I*. S. S. of Sun
bury was very beautiful, having various
oppropriate inscriptions, among which
were "Suffer littl* children to eomo unto
mo &e.," and "Lo children aro God's
heritago." The Annisville O. S. P. S.
S. had a tasty banner with this motto;
"They that seek me early shall find me."
The Concord O. S P. 8. 8., and the
North Washington Lutheran S. S. each
had a very neat banner with the motto;
"We are the hope of the church."
There was a very pretty banner borne by
the Mount Varnum S. S. with this mot
to, "In the name of our God, we will set
up our banner." With regard to the
Fairviow U. P. Banner, we can say noth.
ing as we have lost our notes.
The convention passed off pleasantly ;
this vast concourse of people, numbering
from 2,500 to 3,000, were sumptuously
feasted by the ladies connected with the
different schools. TIIO interest, mani
fested by such conventions as this, is an
evidence of tho waking up of the people
to the importance of the Sabbath School
cause. When we soe people leaving
their daily avocation and flocking by
the thousand, to the place of meeting
and spending time, and money, in bring
ing thither and entertaining, Sabbath
School children, we may cherish bright
hopes for the future.
J. W. CHRISTY, Pres.
C. SCOTT, ) O ,
For tbe Cftisen.
MR. EDITOR : —I have always been a
friend of education, and take delight in
seeing tbe cause advanced. And I have
frequently spoken a word in its favor,
and at all times endeavor to throw my
influence in such a direction as I think
will assist in rolling on the ball that has
been so long in motion. I have frequent
ly stepped into the common school house
on the road side, as I passed along on my
journey, to see and hear if perchance I
might learn something that I might put
to account. Once, as I was traveling in
an adjoining county, I stepped in a school
house by the wayside, for I was well ac
quainted with Mr. M., the teacher, and
was invited by him to remain and hoar
some of his classes recite. I complied
with his request, and saw and heard what>
perhaps, I will never forget. I distinct
ly recollect a little incident which occur,
red during my stay, and which I propose
here to relate. When the roll was call
ed, each scholar might respond by giving
a motto or sentiment, and some of these
were very good, but thero was one that
rather " took me." It was, " God speed
the man that steals, swears and lies." I
was astonished to think that any one
should be so lost to morality as to utter
such a sentiment in the school-room. I
cast my eye at the teacher to see what
effect it had upon him ; but instead of
frowning his disapproval, he sat with his
eyes cast downward while a faint smil*
playing upon his countenance. Did he
approve of such wicked language, know
ing that " ho that biddeth him God speed
is partaker of his evil deeds." Solemn
thought.' teacher and scholar traveling
j together in that road which leads to ever
lasting ruin.
It is inde ed a serious thought to the
Christian to seo so many who regard
neither the laws of God nor man. "Swear
not at all." "Thou shalt not steal."—
And oh ! what an awfu 1 doom is pronoun*
ced upon all liars. "Because of swear
ing the land mourneth."
The God of love, who reigns above,
A law to us hath given ;
And he who steals, and swears and lie»,
Shall never enter heaven.
And oh ! what a train of thoughts passed
through my mind while he was uttering
such an infamous sentiment.
But let ns return to the sublet. "God
speed the man thatjateals, swears and lies,''
and here he made a long pause, as if his
conscience was checking him and his
tongue refused to utter such revolting
language; but he at last proceeds some
what as follows : " God speed the man
that steals, swears and lies, —that steal 8
away from vicious, vain and idle compa
ny ; that swears the truth at all times, and
lies in his own bed at home, while otTi
ers spend their nights in revelry and de
baochery. I leave your readers to judge
how I got over my surprise. M.
Prospect, Sept. s th, 1867.
Judge NliurKwood on Legal
Extract from his Opinion la the C>»
•( Horle »•. Trott.
"On the whole, then, I am of opinion
that the provisions of the act of Congress
of February 25th, declaring the notes is\
eued in pursuance of thut act to be law
ful money, and a legal lender, is UNCON
"This renders it unnecessary that I
should consider the other question which
has been made, as to the effect of the
special agreement t) pay in lawful silver
money ot the United States. I am in
favur of entering judgment for the plain
tiff, but as a majority of the oourt are of
a different opinion, judgment for the de
fendant."— Copied from the Philadelphia
Age of 23 d oj February 1801, where the
opinion is published in full.
It may also be found in the Legal In
telligencer of March 18, 1864 page 92
In tho same copy of the Age is a care
ful prepared eulogy of tho judge and this
opinion, in which is the following:
" Judge Sn AB8WOOI) reasons upon and
decided the case as if he were some lofty
spirits sitting far above and out of the
contentsons and strifes of the world."
Will not the holdors of greenbacks and
Government bonds consider that judge as
quite too elevated and etherial for such
earthly honors as a seat on the Supreme
Bench ?
BUIII,—GRAHAM— On t1.«27 ntt,*l th« rontd.iir* iif
Malcolm Oralism, Esq., bv Rev Wm. 11. Jamison
Mr. Frederick liuhland Mis* Levlnia Uraham k botli
of Forward Tp. Butler Co Pa
ROTH—MARTIN—At the residence of Mr. Levi Ed
mundson, M'Keesport, Pa., by ' Rev. If. W. Roth, on
Tuesday, Sept. 10th, 18«7, Mr. C. David Roth and
Mis Susan Martin, both of Con nobleness! ng town
ship, Ilutler county, Pa.
BEATON—LAUOALIN—On Sent. 10th, by Re*. W.
lllark. at his residence, Mr. Amos Seaton of Venau •
go tp , to Miss Mary,daughter a f r h.umuhl Laugh-
Iln, of Marlon township.
M'Cf.ELLAN—SLOAN—*»v He* J R. Conltar, Sept.
12th, Mr. John M'Clellan, of Mercer county to' Misa
Mary Ann B!oan,of Butler comity.
VOGtJS—JAMISON—On the same day thy the name,
Afr.Wm. Vogue, to Mrs.Sarah Jamison, both of the
▼icinity of Clintonville, Pa.
PI i : D*
HOGGS OnThnie4ey,Mb Inst*, Mary Irwin, dinghter
of K. I.and M. J. Hoggs, aged two years, seven
months and five daya.
SUM NY—On Sabbath morning, l*«pt. Bth inst., in Oak
land township, Elizabeth. inf.tnt daughter of John
and Angeliue Sumny, ag»d 11 months nod 12 day*.
pw mentis.
and Moat Complete Stock of
White & Colored Blankets.
Extremely Low Prices.
Ladies, Misses & Children's Furs,
of all kinda and qualities in which we are offering
in hct. everything uauaMjr k«pt in a Drjr Goods St ore
wmssus &
i •
Remember tlic Place,
Ho» 130 Federal Street,
4th Door Below Hnrket,
September 18, 'CT_'mJ ALLEGHENY CITY.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE I. hereby gITM, that loner, of Ariminlitri-
Hon on the esta eof Forester Brown, late of Penn
township, dee'd., have this day, (Sept. 11, 1867,) bam
granted to the undersigned: therefore, all peraona
knowing themselvea indebted to said eatate, will make
immediate payment, and those bavin* clalraa against
tne aame will preeent them properly authenticated for
Sept. 18, 188T—St.) Adm'x.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE ia hereby given that Letters of At mini.tra
tiotion the estate of I. 11. Drown, Hce of Merrer
township, Butler county, Pa., dee'd, have this day
(September I'l, 1867,) oeen granted to the nudemigned;
therefore, all persona knowing themselves indebted to
said estate, will make Immediate payment, and tho«*
having olaims against the same will present them
properly authenticated for settlement,
Sept. 18, 1867—4t. J Adm'r.
Executor's Notice.
WHEREAS, Letters, Testamentary to (be eatate of
Elisabeth Tuttle. late ot Centre towushfp, But
ler county. deed, h«ve this day v Sept. 14, 1867), been
granted tu the undersigned by tue .Register of said
county ; all poisons indebted to said estate, are here
by required to uiake Immediate payment, and all per
sons having rlaima or demands against the tame will •
present them duly- authenticated for settlement to the
aeptlß,—4t.e] n . O, TUTTLE, Ex'r,
Valuable Farm for Hale.
TITE underaigoed offers for sale, his VALUABLE
FARM, situate in Allegheny township, Ilutler county,
Pa-, consisting of
Two Hundred and Eighteen Acre•
of land. About One Hundred Acres Cleared, ami fenced
and in a good atato of cultivation ; tw » Dwelling houe*
es, Stable, Ac., thereou This Farm Is within three
miles of Kmlenton, and the All «gheny Vully Rail Roa
now being rapidly constructed, la Well watered ana
timbered, and will beaold cheep.
For Terms, inquire of the subscriber on the premises,
or of K. MMunkin, Esq., of Butler. Title indiaputahle,
sept 18, "67 —tf.) JAMES 11. M'MAHAN. *
Dr*. I<elgliner & Davis,
HAVE permanently located themselves in CENTRE
VLLLE, Itutler e<»unty, Pa., where they cau l»a
Found at all times, prepared to perform all operation In
either Surgical or mechanical Dentistry .
Bept ii IMf I)
Notiee to Builders.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the re-building of
Schoo! House No. 1, fir as it is commonly known
theTroutnmii School House iu Ponn township, wi.l be
given out, er sold, on Sntnrdny, the'jatli of Heptemher,
st 'J o'eloek. P. M„ en the premises, at which tune and
place atl interested are hereby notified to attend.
Specifications may l>o seen at the CiTissst Office, and
also at the residence of Wm. Caldwtll, In Penn town
natiian brown, pres't.
Ron*RT 112) Rn.*Y,Bee'y. (sept 11/87—3t
Send for descriptive Circular, mailed free.
137 Liberty St., Pittsburgh.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Agricultural Implements Sl Seeds.'
A full stock af seasonahlag"Od«'alwav* on hand,anch
lIOX EB, etc., etc. (aug'2B, '67—2t.
Cholera, Diarrhoea, and Dysentery
A cuts is w tniujtTin by DR. TOBIAS' cklkhrat«d '
VENETIAN LINIMENT, if .u-ed when first taken by
peraona of temperiito habits. This medicine has een
Known in the United States over 20 years. Thousand#
have used it, and fottad it never failed to cure any com
plaint for which it was rev >mmende<l, and all those who '
first tried It, are now norar without It. In the Cholova;
of 1848, Dr. Tobias attended W oaaes and I oat 4, l<aiag
railed in too bite to do any Ko od.
DIRECTIONS—Take a te«*poonftol in a wine-glassof
t«ra ory half hour fu twobl ours, and rub the abdo
men and extremitiea well witli the Liniment. To allay
the thirst, take a lump of ice in the mooth, about the
size of a marble every ten minutes It is warranted per
fectly innocent to take internally. Sold by all drug
gists, price 40 and 80 ecnta Depot. 66 Courtland H
New York
V Single B 3 x of PiLL Cinain
more vegetable extractive matter tfian twenty boxeso
• lipihd* any wlier* in the world besides; flfty-IWe
nylsnre physicians use them in their practice to ths
exclusion of other purgatives. The first letter of their
value ia yet scarcely appreciated. When they are bet
ter known, a sudden death and continued sicknew will
be of the past. Let tho«e who know them speak right
out In their faeor. It is a duty which will save life.
Our race are subject to a redundancy of vitiated hi la
at this season. it is dangerous ea it Is prevalent
hut Ilrandreth's Pills afford an invaluable and efficient
protection. their orcasion.il use we prevent the
collection of those impurities which, when in sufficient
quantities, cause so much danger to the body's hfaitu.
They soon cure Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia. Lo«« of Ap
petite, Pain In the Head, Heartburn, Pain in Hrea stt
Hone. Sudden Paintness and Coetlvenes*. Sold by® all
respectable Dealer* In Merflclnek
Anderson, Penzold & Carson
48 Nt. Clair Btrfeet,
rjIAKK the liberty of informing their enstomer®, and
1 the public generally that they are now opening up
Seic iGood«
v. WOO LEWS, -
Ntftt which have been carefnlly'aelected from;the; Goods
N '" Engfatict & Franc©. G ~*'
New Goods
Our stock consists in part of all the finest
New and most desirable atylcs of Goods
N sw ! Goods
jm. lao.
| Goods
,v» MOSCOW, •Good.
A-.v' of *" " lo ™- Socd,
A%tw \ BLUE, Cnoda
Vsw BROWN, r .
ytw jtND DA LI A Goods
N~ rrood#
Neic beery and light weight, asilabia for
V«r nr en " re Uf!W *b>rk being bought for cash 1 r .
and a full determination tu do the y
" Largest Trade in the City,
Enable us to offer great inducements to ad 11
New thoee who may feel inclined to bo ]<f peda
fashionable. We flatter
New ourselves by gay- 112 Goods
ing. We
Nrw turn out nothing bit flrst class fits I Goods
and always the j
New I Good*
.vw I'ery Latest Tip of Fashion; Cwd ,
New all we ask of von now U to call and see Good*
for yourselves, and you will be cot*-
New vinced that the cyrtPMT&ud Good*
riaxsT stock or
Now ooooa. Good*
'are to be found at the Elegant Store Room of
3 A. P. &CARSOW, 12
• v,,r i 4 B ?T. CLAIB STEK*,Pni6»tl»*.
repffen»b«r 11,1MJT.

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