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V. S. S.
nnvBmuB mors.
Tlu Senate, in executive f
ilon 'J'ln.r-.hiy, confirmed the SENATORS I'L.VTT AM)
nomination ol Stanley alatuiowi
as Associate Justice mi the Su
promt Bonoh f the Dnltod States
by a vote of IS to 'J J.
The (ieoraia l'ivi A-xiciation
at Rome the other day ptated a
resolution reauirins each mem
lier to st ii'l liis paper to the State
Lanatio Aaylnm fora year, free
of charge, for the benefit of the
nnfortonate Inmates.
tLu aeninaiimi of KoUrUon w
Hftioe'i dwUrajjon of w..r against
ihe ruling element of tho K nuUiian
nertr in N.-w Y irL Tl,. I. ....
known that Kobertaon wu ailnled
tti i i llkli l . fk L-1 i ri . ur.il rl.a...... LI. I. I
i ........ m.. ni. . i iin 1. 1 rj Jil l - .. - -
il . i . . . i .fit .
muwv ii ti-,,. 'Hi, v hvl JuiR. oi i oiinmtiiKT a. W . Www
A Oeorf(a man ) taw) by JiN
, niece for l.reacli of promJae of
I marriage, fleargea their blood
Nfa?i!1 American; The crop ' , 1 ',' I? ?,?MnM
- , niu j.iou.iiiiiiiy u.at lie wouM Of
. . " ui. nil- nyji in- will'. lic iv
i iyaiepeli or CMaimtaaloaoi
Haw Mils Mikij Report,
The East Tenn., Va. &
Georgia R. R.
(U.i. VVs I- . '
uonira l m gu ne.Uealr ,. ,
l. r. J.. ., My, IVaihlaajn f i V .i
Vfho blamei the Indian lor not
wanting a railroad run through
his reservation.' He has no cor
ner lots or town sites for sale. It
ruins his bunting ground and In
terfere! with his righti and com
fort It we had been a Cherokee
WO would have done just as they
did make the surveyor! get up
and dust.
Probably nothing that baa ever
I tie PlgM Ou r UotirriMM.-s
roBSnamlloai iba itsaoi
Waiiin;tox, May VI- The
Vice President laid before the
j Senate the fallowing communica
: don:
v Awnrorov, 1). c.
May 10th. 1SM.
"To the Hon. 0, A. Arthur. Vice
'Sin: Will you please an
nounce to the Senate that my n
lenation. as Senator of lli tint.
led States from the State of New
York, has been forwarded to the
governor of the state.'
1 have the honor to lie. with
great respect, your obedient ser-
(Signed) RoaooK Ooxkuvq."
Thia communioation was re
ceived with great sensation. which
was Heightened when the Vice
Vi'i-vlliinrr fli.iv ..ml. I Lr. - ,1.;.. L ..I I .. . . .
-. - r. - i ..... , ,v- 1,1:1,111 (,( Acricui-1 r i
Wlwwarin t io IK-iMiMi. u, party. ti: re. Statistics and Vine, for pUi Ult ,M0 PPOaed union WM
lOSSrSll1. Ar,l, will. v ,ZT.. ittrepg.tto b,, bua
kh .hi .n j m nvw iort ixunid , . - " "lliewai rich in, I iumI.i ., i
iluiii. lfll1l...mi:r;,,...iL decrease in the acr.M.m f ,.l, V V m " ,in'1 lWitteilt, -he
ei . , ...
uwntij puuaeuieu. .)ie want.
J I . 1 1 , vi U 19 I " O " " ''"111
' i il. .ii iii v.. m..l 1 ...t. . i I HA tf i.a....' .. Ill . a Mm . . I
,.. mwn niiji Kiricu ,''" i" per ceni. l.otton ! mm i
I ... I ... .-i ... . n... . I. r ; i . - I. '.t KN hi mi
iif i rrsMMQi mn-1 ''aiein iv inciea.-eii luit not ' '-
C. to lull II to illiV MI.IhiI. f,.r tant. real I V. Tllia 'i n.m.,.,1 I... il...
........... . ,. ... ,,,,,
ci lo lUlrli to UHV alli'aU fi.r I re a V. I In- i-. in.-..,l I... .1..
- ii I T . ui i ne
and harmony. OookUoa and riatt faekthat (n lower Kaat Tenneaaee
Ia n apyeatod lo Sepablieaa Stnatora four or live coontles, last e ir
to unite with tbemmaaviog the Be-1 tried cotton as a money crop!
pnbucui party m N.-w York from ltiU holding on to their grains
aiwrgnabuUioa, to help ibeni to enra I and crattee, and succeeded so
lllf Mate- III tin-cc inin.' nluniinn l.i ' Well lleil I In. -.i-...i I.-.. ILL
, , , ...i.vu Ilil.T U. . ii-nr
Iu-iuliiiL-un St.-iiiiti.ru, too manv of
them, preferred to stick to the tide
HIIKU ennuis III.' Kltrohftii'. mill
...... null 1 V III
been increased two, three .and
.our tohl. Thus the percentage
in ino.-e conn lies makes .in ..
lur j.uironni-, oiki " iiiww i-oiiinies maKes an app.ir
Mr. Uoukliog deterudoed that belent increase all over the State
.1 ..i.l.l ..... .::.. . i. a . ...l.:i.. . i. .. . . . '
1,.,.. l ... il. - ..i i i v
1UII 'I 'I'll l J II I III" I. Mill I..II t U I I I a i
, , . 1 4. 1 resilient laid the fonowios hi
lias caused such a sensation over .'V,.-,. ii,.. i...
, . v. v - . ) llll I I .
the country as the unlooked for
resignations of Senators Conklhtg
and Piatt, of New York. It is
generally conceded however that
"Shuts Chambeb, May 10, 18$
"To the Hon. (J. A. Arthur. Vice
t i v ii. . i
hi i iiiive lurwitrueu o I oe
t. i I . . i in i i
would nut hit in the Senate and set 1 While their actual acreage i
oca an otnrsge pat upon the party aigntncanl in comparison with
la- has soably organised and brilliant-1 litt. of the regular cotton conn
ly led in New York. Mr. Piatt agmed , tlea. The acreage of wheat has
inth Idea, and they have resigned, diminished. owing to the severe
ies, no aonot th.-y will appeal to weather last fall preventing prep
their party for tbeapproral or di.s.ij. laratioti of the ground and sowine.
i r : i ' 1 ' :
ennui oi ui. ir couise, ami nny man
oho knows anything; about toe Re
publican party of New Yolk will tell
you that Dooming end Piatt will bo
....I. ..... .1 .. I. .. o . p
swwiini "mi ii mn. Duma oi ii...
,8twte of Teansiiee, Chaneery Court of
Jamci ( lounty.
i. J'. Parker, sdm. of A. B. Chuilan.
dr., vs. KllutmhCbastlaii, i t .d.
Itappearliifffroiu tlio allfgationi oi
eorapraliiaiiubill thai OwrjuCata ami
wire, BaltleCale, an.) ,v. B. baker sud
wire, Georgia Baker, arc iioii.rwhleuti
oft ieauteof Teuncaaee, ( Hist llw
ordlnarjr proccw .-i law can not Iwaerv-
mi ii"in nieoi. It la Uioroforo ordered
Hial pubik-atfon be Dtadefor rolir iuc-
1 IVe Wrwkl in the Vmr. v II,
,i,(,."'i!-M,"'r lb'WieJ in Cleveland!
..... , ..in 1 1 v , iciiii,. noticrliic i. i
iruuTwueiH aereiiuaiiu to appear at
tin-co, Ht lionte in OolteWsh, hi t1(.
run' iiay.n iieinc tlio lt Uonilai
'inc. imn, ,,,!;,. Oefonim . k.ti;i
-Tilir wine m 111 Imi taken for oop-
...i-e lll.-i' m of Ijeill lllir cv-
parteai to iheoi.
April H, last.
T. it.
Roddy, C, it M.
pr Ire ."
.a. . w;.. .... ... .... ... 1 1 . i .. .1 i.i ... .. . .
iwui oeaauin win oe enuurotsu jnivemor oi me Slate 01 .Ni'W
by their State and returned to the j rk my resignation as Senator
Senate. The breach between the : yHei Stales for the Slate
i -i . in ii- i ' New York. i you oleosa
I resident and OonkUng's friends announce tUfl fac, t() gj gPJ
widens, and there is no telling "With great reapect, your obe
where it. Will Stop. Such a state 'dient servant,
of affairs is very damaging to tlu-1 (Signed) T. (.'. Piatt."
a hum oi astonishment follow
ed the reading of the communi
cation, and Mr. Hill, of Georgia,
StlffCested fSOttO voce) that this
would be a good time to elect the
officers of the Senate.
.Mr. Burnside, chairman of the
committee on foreign relations.
KepubllCan parly in the empire
State of the L'nion.
We learn from the correspon
dents that the Tost office Depart
inent has a proposition under cou
rideration for a new stamp to "ex-
1 . VVH...1.V.VW .... IU1VIH 1 ! .1 ' i . I - .
pedite" the delivery of letters in reported back favorably from
cities where the free delivery KUaJ committee, the resolution
system is in operation. The pro- ffiLT a m , i"10, 1 ni'
. , ' . - lk tea States Government to be a
posed stamp, to cost five cents, condition precedent to the con
will, when placed upon a letter, struct ion of ship canals or other
send it within a few minutes af '. ways for the transportation oi
terits reception at the post office efloing Vessels across the Itli
. , , ,. I- i- i , mus connecting Worth and South
to i s ( os linn inn ion hvn soeen I . . - , .
. . . , T America, and also to tl
I. , . . r .
ll COIiUlUOn. however. i -,..-,-
Muul .....1 1 1 I. . J . . .. ol
...... i jiopeci Ol a I ,j
Kwwj i jp. i ne acreage oi clover
and the passe has largely in I
creased. Mini 1 1... , ;. i,.., ,.i- ,i. '
v ...x .imimih.MI ui me
K.i'l.llli li rili S.'tinti.ru t,tA l - ..i...i... I.... ..I .1
-T'-1 ' '" wh wh luey witc "'f iw uwv me average, oor
too much sun. rise 1 to evi.ri.ua nnv L'huni acrciiro Um i.i..
opinion on the subject. The Demo, decreased, In the fruits there u
I cratic Senators were delighted at the good prospect for a large apple
jactionof the New York Senators', crop, and there are many sec
j J hey made no effort to conceal their t ions where the peaches are not
gratification. Some of them said it ! at all hurt.
woald wjden the breach in the lie- J The severe w inter all over the
publican party. As to the action of State ha-caused the general con-
till' I i I ii. mlAm .i 4.l.. . .. .li,i..n ..1' . I 1. 1 l
...'. iv jhu iej oiiei '..i.v'.i vi Moei lo oe poor, cspec-
euquired of the Senators who control 'ally in this the case with milch
that, side: Tin v uill in, ..).,.... mwi ,.,,1 ,.i I,.... ...... i.. ...i..- .
j iiyu. uvwi viMvi iiii.ii WHICH are
with the executive business, and will I allowed to go at large, exposed
ad journ as noon as the President ha-' to the weather. The average of
Uotbiog more for them to do. Eu- damage from want of shelter for
mors of a reorganisation of the com- this stock may safely put at 24
mittees were pronounced as ground Percent, of its value., and it will
less and al.sinb l.v the D.-inmrOj lie far in I In. si. in.,,,.!. kotVt.k
,.i, -I, , J , .r , 7 V , : -- vvivm ii1 .1. ... i ...'. tr 1 1 . i i.-nniv i ourt Ii) I
J- Hon leaders state tli.it enilmwr .a' -itainlnri ,,: ,.,,..i;i.. ,.r I'l, ,c m....: ..
., .. , .... , , r. - -. ijuiiniv Ol I " ' . 1iiiii"iiii- roiiniv 111
toe kind Will be thought of; that they last tall is reached. There is a j 'nr"te I" ocoeilangi in said county I
will not attempt to call up the reso- hick of work oxen. Unira nm w- uwlnl8tr.ator or creditors of su
( Olll'l
t -r v u... ..j. vua rew- v ii ni n uacJIi 11I1KS OrO l'C-
lution to elect the Senate officers for ported as scarce, on account of
the purpose of laying: it on the table; the large sales lost fall and the
that, they will not do anything with it winter killing a large number of
unless the Republicans should bring hist fall's pigs.
carrier, without waiting for regu
lar carrier trips, it is thought
that such stamps would be well
received by the public. They
will be known as ''instant deliv
ery stamps,
Tl U ellT II- -"" v -ociwcii i 111011.111 voi
lhe Spnn-dld Ivepubhcaii nre ; wai,ted to consider the other res
.1...1 n 1 .... .1.1.
uiuia mat tosiiuasiei -ueuerui oiuiion
James' real trouble will begin
ie i'ii in
and regulations under which otll
nations shall part icipate in tlie
use of such canals er other w ays.
Mr. Burnside gavu'not ice that he
would call it up to-morrow.
air. Dawes moved to go into ex
I ecutive session.
air. t ockroll 1 thouarht von
when Congress meets. It. adds:
"Every route he has discontinued
or on which he has decreased
service and pay means money to
some Congressman's constituent.
All over the South there are
steamboat lines whose profits
have been killed by the rail
roadsdependent on a star route
contract for their existence.
Those lines are a convenience to
the locality, a very great conven
ience to the men who own thoni.
and southwestern communities
are extremely apt to uae, a
member's success by the number
of routes he secures for his dis
trict just as a Northern constit
uency thinks a congressman is
not worth, much who does not see
that the local manufacture is tak
en care of in the tariff."
New York Star: "The Frcuch say
that the English have nni'.y mcate,
but only one sauce. The French
have many sauces, hut only one meat.
That is to say, all their meats taste
the same, though the saucea vary.
French cookery is nothing if not spi
cy and greasy. It is not so grcasv
as the Spanish; hut it. is too much 80
for a pure taste. A good American
000k allows each meat and fish and
vegetable to retain its own flavor; a
1-1 1 1 1 . . I SJ n
dtoucd cook is taugnt to mingle 11a
Mr. Dawes i had no irlon Kl
that the Senator would like to go
on with it. It is ju accordance
with a disposition which has been
shown from thfl hpcinninor
Mr. Hill, ol Georgia The Sen
ator said that the republic could
be subverted if the resolution was
not acted upon.
Mr. Dawes But the Senator
would never be convinced until
ne happened to nave a majority,
Mr. Hill Oh! we wont insist
upon having it considered.
Mr. Dawes An accident is an
eve onener to the Senate.
Mr. Hill turned nrntttirl anA on.
gestedto Mr. Dawes, of Illinois,
that there was nothing to prevent
the Senate from adjourning this
week. The Senate t hen. at 1-H)
p. m., went into executive ses
hen the doors u-nrn vnnnnnml
at 1:40 p. m., the Senate adjourn
ed until to-morrow.
The Republican caucus this after
noon, with oillv lour dissent inir untna
decided to bring the Robertson case
before the Senate for action forth
with, and to proceed an adjournment
of the Senate sine die this week.
The Star this evening says: When
the news of the resignation of Sena
tors Conkling atnd Piatt reached the
Treasury Department to day, great
excitement ensued and officials and
su lord i miles alike weie ionn oaihai.
ed in groups throughout the build
mgs discussing the situation and its
111 re riti . ...
it up. This, it flftn be antliorit.iliv.lv
stated, the Republicans will not do.
The almost universal opinion, as
far as expressed, was that Conkliog
and I'latt will both go before the leff-
isuuure ror re-election; that they will
regard their re election as a rebuke
to the Administration as well as an
approval of the course thev h ive ta
ken. Some of the Democrats spoke
of this action as a clantrn
that Messrs. Ojukllnff and Piatt
know, 111
' i tion'i waul that Staflr,"
U what a huly ol liusiou Mtltl to hci hus
band when ho brought home some nicO-
Icltietociiroliorof luk lieadaclie and
neuralaia u Ideh h id n,,,i,. 1,.... n,-
ble for tburtoairreara. At t Is Hrsi 1 1
tack thercflffcr, it wnandmltil-tsrod u
her with ruch good rpsults, tint she
, coutinucd its use until cured, and made
so eninuMsatiti In Its urale, thai sht
Induced twenty-two of the best fakiiliei
, in her circle toitdont it ni their reffiilat
nimlly medicine, riuit "atuff" is 11,.,,
Insoiveal Notice.
state of Tennessee, Chancery
of James count v.
J. 1. Parker, ndui'r of A. s. Cliastiau
VI blusabeth OlmsUaii el als.
In this cause Ii appearing froni the
allegations in ComplaluailtTi Kill thai
tin- lotolveucy of :lie esrate of A. s.
Chaaiian, dee'd, has been ruinresieti to
the 1 ounty Court, of James County and
thai the seine exceeds one thousand
dollars and Complainant prays that the
administration ami settlement X sakl
estate be transferred from' Uie County
Louri to the Chaticcry Court of said
It Is ordered flint the aduitulstratloti
iiinl settlement ol satd estate be trans-
rerreu trolie ( ouiftv Court 1..
estate he strictly oujolued.
it was further ordered that publics
tinu be made In tlio Cleveland IIkhali
rrquirliig nil creditors ol said A.s
Cliastiau to Ale their claims with tin
Clerk 4 If aster on or la-fore the tlrsi
day of tlio next term of (his court 01
they " ill p forever harred.
Apr. 15, 1881. T. U. ttonOY, C. A M
pr. fee 5.O0.
, feMUSSliSM llh ffsj pun-!
Ieatil p.
; Form the quickest and bsst Una lo all
OVTHBRV, IM vii uv af
ABO Tin:
Ii IndlspementS are:
Quick Time
CI033 Connections. :
Rmlxrsnts carried on misasnger trains.
For tati'v and other Information,
J. k. Ooniot, ;. p. a.. Rnoxvltls.
T, Dava.m. ;. , a.. Memphis.
Ba Kxtflnr, r. ., Selma.
s. V. B. Williams, Ticket Agt, l:rito. 1
W. (t, Kv.uu. Past. Aat.. Knozville.
c. C, Mc.Mii.i.ax, i. Agt, Chattasooga.
"d ILL
IK is a Ma
J 1 iMnStTtS
:' -. i:rs VAMj. ,r V 1
m.i i:-..v.v
ye and Ear bflrm&iy!
U Barat. 1 1 ft., Bahliaore, lid,
nBjrdfDlrecloralakelUs o; ,,.,,.
n;::. ..Ji,.f,,ri,,i:, tl.-j !. nu. Ztmtut
....... .mfim 01 ibU Ji,)uii,. ,t, ,,.,,,.
'; has ban N proration for Z
pwtUelro jrearf MS aceidraM, !.
.o doors baloVr ?. hud's rka.cli
'' Pjlli all arl I Bad sdmissjo. fn,0l
wt. l.v orderfaf I he Dward of Dm.
,OnIIM,.'--.')0,!,,IX- MwWt.
' '! w;il "';.J..ini If. B. LalroW, n. j
t'"...t. Morton Blcwsrt. Chrisllsa Ax D.
lino J "''"'J"; rw ipselsl ..,.'-'
Malion spplrto DB.OEO, ItKUl IKO
So. ,uj. MoaMsnmi St., (Mti Vcrsjoa
1 .a. sorason in rtuuve.
m 1 it nn
JAlLuH, Ever
mi mux AWASBcn
I 1 I r 11 M.iMi
- neat select line of floods
vli natlv
fllailarat barae oailv maite,
"-tilt in". ,i iross rrae ft I 0..
plho Louisville
, c , . ; l oiiov meuioine. linn
advance, prechWhskar the Bitters. Standard,
re stands, just how manv
y can (ret, and that thev arc ' ' ICTIMS Ol' t
votes thev can (ret. and that thev
in no dnnsrer of Iokiul' their 'v,.ii
Those who arc disjioscd to critioise to
any extents hold that the indorse
meot Messrs. Oonkling and Piatt will
get will not count for much, because
thev are assured of the result. That,
if they would wait and 20 before the
people, that course would be more
commendatory. After the Senate had
adjourned an admirer of Mr. Conk
liog expressed the belie! that he will
not ask his re-election from the leffis-
lat ne, but will po before the people
next tall and make a fight to elect
Fatal effect oft itn tsc ui fois
onena Cosmetic.
Xcw York special to the Cincinnati
Miss Fannie J. It I, inch a id, aged 24, a
native of Buffalo, died Tuesday, on
West Fifteenth street, from lead polS
oiling, theeffeot ejf cosmetics contain?
lug H-ltitelead. A diagnosis of the care
I was made by Dr. Win. A. Hammond,
I who pronounced the cause of death lead
I poisoning. While un tvlllinir to tall.- t,.
the leaislaturc. which will iv.pIp,. ,i 11 'I,li,J'io rejmrtcr about any case that
him. j involved his relation a.s a physician to
. a patient, he stated Iris views 011 the
It is understood J t the Post-Of- dangers of the use of cosmetics,
flee Department that the Preei- "Lead polsocing," he said "occurs
dent mid Postmaster-Geneal have I u1ore i",,"tl y than is generally
decided, since Mr. Qrier decHned , g . '"lL,lk' ,i"dy hm
...,.0,,,,. a,epi , om as ; Si s- ';,:;;-
swtant poattnaater-general not to attracts the attention of tbo public out
make the contemplated charges Uldo of the medical profession. The
in the oflSces of third assistant of nny kind of cosmetics, even if
postmaster-general and assistant nat nHMt"Hy ludulgcd in, is attended
' ...11. .1 . rati
wiui uimitiT. mere are wry lew. f
(A Bfeaielne, cot a Urink,)
And Tin: Triiuvr am. IlssTMrnii-ALQeAil-j
1 ... a a 1.1. UITTSM.
Ail ninsMsof tliflStomnch, liniTPis, riood
nivrr, niunrri.ana i.rii uryormus, Ser-
roBsasss, Hii'enliniiasMBnil otptclolli
r euiiili' CoiiiiiIkIuu.
$1000 IN GOLD.
I Will !" pad! fur A eiw tt.rv will not mrvn,
Lclp, ur fur tnytbllll liiipurc or Injurious
found lu tin in.
I A .It i nn. . mi.,., f ... niu . .
Sllicni UOfore j .ii ileep, Tnke nu Oilier.
ID. I C t. nn .il.oIi:!i'nnill: rpsl,Miiii..i,i.
uraakaaitM, ue ol onliuo, tobacco and
IMN. Ulll ..
Sn:.-n ron CuiOCrjLB. SMBMBSI
ilj I y mprl-u.
. K,
new mamas.
'diction adl frowinmrrk
Tan Umamui commfiu-ial, ;th
Uliily and we.kiy pUIUi.hh, for j ears pat
recoauized ? a leadli g pHp,r of th
routlj kij.i Hi-t-t, vhh enl)llBb(d In 1808
by a 1 umborof KmtncklatiS forthepcr
P?W Of dUsarntliatllig ttwe prlnol; ife of
Individual llbeny, cfvll ttjunlity, pnbllc
iioiiMty, and duvotlon to natlonr.l unity
MM, I 111 uilXF.muA.. nl a 1 a. a
nttnttoil on wl.icli ther bellvd tbe
w..lf.iri;of Ihj wlio e O'.untry to depend,
and wrhloh tbayMt tbat 11 w.s e.nep
lally lup.irtant hut Urn prr.p'o of Ken
tuosy and tt.e Soatbtrn States stould
C'jrd: illy aocopt and net upon. Tne
Psper has a:eadfsstly advocated and
dfMldad tho.o pilnopes dnilnir lt
Whplo ciirecr, ant Hill devot.R itself to
UilMii-liii,.)iH;i.-e. It I. aspect 1 frlerd
oi Hie devo.opmeut an i ptwpaitt) of the
S jnlli on l nt fOa idWlbB of jus lot tonll
ci ta the only aurc basis of nencaa
nanttrsnqn lltyund braltlifal trurets.
The Wkkki.y CMMEiiCiAi.is a larA-o.
thirty-six O'.lumn paper, alvlng every
we-'K one or in re coupeted storlefT,
selseilons of the bight, literary Char
Mter and of the tmisi gei cM Interest,
lull .'.id aceuraie mnrkor reports, a of.m
ptBhl Nknma f the lat st newH and well
WrttUa editorials On current toplca. It
is well-known as one of the brighten
end raost valnab'o family paper. In this
country, and from its full Kentucky
"M.bA'I'falbeir botnaata other stales.
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with the p per In which ih's ndvcrlhe
rueut ap.ejrB by wl.ieh s bf.crlh.rs enn
get to papers for 1 ttle more than tho
price ( f one.
Pnr'n '.rlrt!on ,crms (Postage free) arc:
edition, su p r annum. Weekly, with
AnrrierwnolMi soriousl.r ill itl .
ncali stomach or Inactive llvcror kiodevst
Ami aben liicto oncans aio ini.-o.il condi
tioa do ron m.l fled their possessor rnlov
ing good health, Parker's Ginger Tonffcal.
relates laiportaiilorfftBs, nnd newr
i fmii tomskethobloswJ rich and , n.r, Uir
to strengthen every paH nl'llveavW It
lmacflMh,,,leedaof despairing luvallds.
AU.voar arfglittoi' about it
Have pcrinniiently located In Cleveland
lespectfuily solicit lrtre or il.o
pstronagofrointlicniiljlle. Thev nledv
te'w PAlTHFiri.I.V joxfe.
i i ih all woi l. iutrtistetl to their vnn.
itRPEn by PRnmssio.v,
J. IS. Kih.x, Col. t . a. Mm, t. .i
Bovd, j, Knos vv. ii i;,v,,!,!s, .
; Uenegnr.Col. Have llaskins, I it
i . Motlittral,
tl il! ESAIE
no, mm
Printers, Binders
Weekly, without
vors in order to obtain au unnatural probabla effect, Tho theory wbioli
lids inTii a.lvaiu'Oil. that the StMiiitnrs
result. The foundnlion of French
cookery is t lie stock pot, into which
uro thrown all lOrtS of incut, the
seiMiis and bones of every dish; and
from this compound come Prorjoh
BOUpi and SaMlCCS. Kvery American
oui) is as distinct as a (lower. The
who resigned are quite confident of
being returned by the New York leg
Islatureis very generally accepted.
I!ut iii some quarters it is maintained
that on account of the legislature hav
ing heretofore endorsed the nomina
tion of Robertson to be collector of
tbe port of New York, it cannot con
attorney-general for tlio i'ost
fdlice Department Tho nomina
tion of General Hazen, to be as
sistant attorney-general for, the
department, will, it is understood
bo withdrawn, and lie will remain
in his present position. Jude-e
Freeman, whose resignation as
assistant attorney-general for Hie
department lias been tendered,
but not yet accepted by lhe
Postmaster-General, will, it is
stated, remain at the head of the
law office of the depa rtment.
French drown the flavor of fish in Isisteatl endorse tho
spiced sauces. In America tho fish
taste OS nature intended them. A
Frenchman prides himself upon cook
ing meats so that von will not know
wdmt vou are catini
prides himself upon the fact that vou
I i t I'!,, I I 1 -, t 111, ,V,I
can make as to what vou are ciiting, . ' ,,'V
,, i tonrrivo momentarily,
tetion of the
tWO .Senators in opposing it. This
course, liuwever, it is conceded by
prominent Republicans, can easily be
brought about. President Garfield
was nnnriaofl nf tin. ,.,,,,i. i,.,.l .i..,l
An American (gnatfoas Ibis morning, and remarked
loniroasurv umciai, short iv before
1-' 0 dock, that ho expected t he news
nor as to its exoellei ."
The New V'irk Mail gives a re
minder "Once tline id, the
ablest Senators we ever had
Webster, Olay and Oalhoua set
out tu destroy a President At
the end of the prolonged strug
gle tlio "triumvirate!' gained con
ui il i . rii 1.1a. i v rw . ri.. n w l,nt A i .
.. ' - ' ,' , .iii in ii' , .,i, a, ll
drew Jackson won the fighl ami
Jhe resignation of lhe two Sena
tors are the topics of conversation at
tlie hotels and other publio places,
and groups of men may be seen on
the street oorners discussing tbe affair
in an excited mauner,
The Star also publishes the follow
ing views of Senators concerning the
sensation: One Republican Senator
said: They will both be re elected
by the New York legislature. Anoth
er said that, whilo ha bad not hnnn
i ,i ' . . i i , 1 er said that, win e he bad not been
IifWllMii I In till nil iriist I'l'nli i.lit , . .... . ' ..in
.1 I .T.i i u inloinie. I ot tins step, Ins iiiniuon was
with the peop e thai had been ;. , , " ', ' '
, , f.,i .. that it was siniplv an a .in a to the
kiifiu n Mr I nniriiiifl. is noitnur I rr"
know n. Mr. 'onkliiiir is neithei
a Webster, a Clay nor a 'al
horjn, 1
Many lliclr beniity from the iiair
fallliiL' or fad in ir. Parker's llnlr Hal-
new lork legislature, now in session,
by Messrs, Conkling aad Piatt for
an endorsement of lhe position thev
bad (alien on the Robertson nomina,"
lion. A warm friend of Senator
( '.ilil.-lini. nu iil 1 1 lull,.,, rin.ii.
, Mvn.iiHi. nuiu, a i, uuiuin ill,. I' 1 h
,iieo!l.w iiei'cumii'v iiniii' Is uiienl. I Ii.,.. I m ,, t ...ill ., I... :
II I ,iM i. in. . nil. Hill iu.il ,u 1 II n 1, 1 1 1 . 4
prevent- tailing ami gruyiirss and is an ; and outraged by (his administration.
alcjniit dre.'.Mug. j They have known from the first that
In an after-dinner speech iriven
by the .New York chamber of
commerce Tuesday eveiling,Post-master-General
James said:
Speaking of the investigations
now in progress in the fostofflco
Department, by the direction of
the President, let me say that
they are aimed at a system, and
not at men; but it' this inmu'rv
Biiouia disclose trie fact that any
persons have been guilty of cor
ruption and fraud, thev' will be
nnnaea over to the nennHmotii
of justice, presided over by the
interpid. able and energetic At-toruev-uenera,
Wayne Mac
Veagh. Second. The count rv mav be
I assured thai no mail service nee
I e' sarv to the welfare of any com
munity shall be abolished or cur
tailed, while all unnocessarv and
wasteful expenditure shall be re
lenuessjy cut on. in otnerwordu
it is proposed thai the postal ser
vice shall be conducted and (lis
turbed with strict regard to actu
al public seqiiemerrta, and not
with a view to serving private
Interests, I w ill only add, In fur
ther reference to ihis subject,
mat il is the intention ol the
Pi esident, as embodied in his ox
plicil Instructions to myself and
the Attorney-General, to pursue
this investigation until there are
no more Tacts connected with it
to be ascertained.
any, that (10 net contain white lead
This poison is used in the nmilufHOtlire
of face powders, face washes and hair
dies. A very distressing case came un
der my notice a few days ago i:i the
wife Of a governot of one of the West.
em States, .She had been in tho habit
Of using a certain hair dye I forget
the name at present w hich contained
White lead lit large proportions. She
hpcaine hopeless insane, and death en
sued finally. Another case was thill
of a young lady who nsed a so-called
"bloom Of youth," In this case paral
ysis preceded death.
"Ladies using count lies cannot be
warned enough of the danger which
tltey Incur by their use. They are at-
nn.ia injurious, an. i iney ore raroll
used with luiptllilty."
Abbeville Medium: "Prohibitory
laws are not what we want: temt.er-
ance organizations will not meet the
end desired) 'dry' elections will not
answer the purpose. Reform must
begin elsewhere, if we desire eflectu
ally to remove ibis eurje from the
land. We may be wrong, but it is
our firm conviction that unless pub
lic sentiment, be directed against this!
Hquotdriokingj unless it is frowned
down by our leaders, both iu Church
and State; unless the agitators in this
temperance question and those to
whom the great masses of the DOOdIo
look up, and follow us leaders; un
less these, we say, preach not only by
precept, but by example, all the pro
hibltory laws that forty Legislatures
could pass would be of no avail."
1023 Pcir-pc. 15000 Esrmvlnr-o
rovi: I'.iacs coloi;i:o PLdfES.
Coatalalgg n SUPPLEMENT of over
4G00 NEW W0ED3 r.nd Kcanhigs,
BiograpJiiczl DictiOaaaiy
of over 0700 NAMES.
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UlO aambor of word land tt :tra unnicil :
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Doller, r na 17 I'lmtnology, wL. .37
CiirMo, i. a? SI r.nvulln, p. Kim 14
Column, p. tea so Ships p. 1104, 1810. J10
Kyc, p. C8S 11 SteflUI I .i:lT,.. iio
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Dec, I Iv.
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efi i tut
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Mini II HI (Jo., I'll.
... i nikju 'nLi't'il ItTnaf
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of (lie ilna in, ami Iuiijjh, uao Couaaeii'a A 1 1 1 v.. i, .., . ,,,
Money 01 I ur, (In-ln-, ;iiil purest Ian,)- V' t, '"" ' 1 1 '.
POUUll nvor oirernl ,. nulilTr. Vluu e W ,tf XISlt
nira i.'tv itiiri i i. iiiiitniii.1,4 .. .i.i-,' I- " ' ..n.i.,1
fit, V. '' - T,;,yr.,.v,
J)l ' 1 ' 1 ti inl ut I ho
t; ' r r, .1 l iii,:t!on.
Hp vr64 (1 IJiid uinv.-.riln.
valuable remedy, bul it Imi do rival aa a
ready relief for dlaaaaA of rha m, .......
ami luiiss, bad cottla, nnd severe eougli
of ions standing. ITao Coussen'i Hon-
e.v i.l'Tnr nnd Ml rid of vour enugli or
hnarseuesi ami difficulty of brosthina
Price SO cents,
i'i ii,
iii mil
'..' . .1 , .'I'M t niltril
'to i i , , i , -t.i art n .Id t
l . .'. 'v, n. Ai'n.il, inl, ,
'r- jr di.ii 1, :niarn. Snn,l fnrl trial i I , Minn
ll,.Mrt, t , 11.T...L ..ill. i". ,...i ... namn.
J U, raliauu,Oll I . ( fro. , ti ..;, nf.
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" y&Si '"' rp I..,,.,',!.!, on ,'11 i !!i i :;T
Wlilcl. Uioy enn d W:il,.i.,t . ,Mv ii iid ii 1 1 1 1, ,1.1 i,i-i,.i. ,i. I,.., ......... . mi.iiv
'','"- it" . "in u wiiin in i mn U'V llll'l W 1 Mil If nr fit iW nl
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1 ' 1 I sm am B , rJi ma ne

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