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JImJ. W. J. fykes was In town tlila waek.
(apt. W. 1. Bthel has returned from
jxiuisiaua, where lie had been for rral
J. Mr. L.T.Webb, a merchaut of 'ahvill
called uu us last Tuesday.
lr. W.F. Southern, of Mernphla, on of
tii.-leading lights of the dental pref8ion,
is in uurtown until Mardl tiras calla him
buck to Memphis.
Mr. J. B. Mi-Meen, of Hprinflld, AIo.,
passed through here last week, on his way
ba.-k from Mississippi to his adopted houit.
lie is a native of Maury, and lia great mult)
Parties having claims against thellaa
Ai,i;ottlce will please file them at onc with
11. 1'. Kiguers.
The buildiug committee of the Metho
dist Church d.tiiie to coiumenoe work with
the opening of spring. In order to do thh-,
will expect the subscribers to, make liberal
payments when call d upon. If It eau pos
nibly be done, the commute) waut to get
all the brick work done and covered In be
lore next winter. This worK is of deep ln
test not only to Methodists, but to every
citiz-ii of this community. Every church
erected is a lower of strength reared In de
fence .r morality and religion, and a fortress
against crime. Influences of churches have
a money as well u-ia moral value, iet our
people realize this fact, and the Methodists
will have no sort of difllculty In raising
funds to re-build their church.
Nat Ih.luiaii keeps a very fine art lcle of
tally-randy, oranges, pine-apples, etc. Tast
ing is believing.
Hugh took met with a very painful ac
cident last Monday evening about dark. One
ol Lis 1 holly Hill friends had given him a
pistol to take rare ot for him until he came
bark to Columbia, and Hugh forgot It was
on his person. While rciuovlugsome of his
garments, and not thinking of the pistol,
it fell outon a roek and struck the cock, flr
initoll. The bail went through his right
vi isi, leariug away one ol the bones. It 1
a jiaii.iul wound, and may greatly Impair,
if not destroy, :lie strength of his arm.
I-ust Kuday morning on asplendld train
ol twenty-tour cars, old John Robinson's
ircus. Museum, Aviary, Egyptian Caravan
and K .man Hipjodroine, pawed through
our town direct Irom New Orleans hound
tor Cincinnati, to prepare lor the coming
o-jn iiis ason. We noticed some ofthefln-t-st
hoi ses we ever beheld, amono, them a
ieai curiosity in the shape of a woolly
horse. Jhcie were some twenty-five or
hii ly dean of u lid animals, and three very
line chariots mill baud wagons. They stole
a march on the troys, by passing through
nlxnit daylight.
1 he eii-:i. n ol a Magistrate, to supply
the vaucaiiey occasioned by the death ot
John - llinsley, in tills district, occurs to
morrow. A iiuiuUt of competent geutle
lie li have expressed their willingness to
herve Ihe county iu this capacity, and are
canvassing zealously.
V. t . tioidoii and K. A. Burke, Esl's,
lire in.-only candidates yet mentioned for
haii niuii of t he County Com t, to fill the
acai-y inane by the death of John ti.
Jlorslcy. They arc both competent to fill
the place with eJ cii t to t hemsel ves and sat
isfaction to the people.
i iii-it-was a general light on the square
l.tst Monday, in which Messrs. K. II., Iave
un.l !-.'.iu. Wat kins took part on tho one
id. ; and M--s-i. (iarrett and Milton Voor
liies, .1 1 ., ami i islx.rm- Nicholson on the oth
er. It l -Mai. '1 that the dllliculty grew out
t.l the char.- maile by tiarrett Voorhles
t bat Mr. 1-' r.-d. II. Watkins had votd lor
ii.e.,es in the August election, which
-Inline Mr. Watkins denies. Nothing be
yond some heavy blows with sticks, rocks
and iMix-n regular old time affair. The
m porali. in is twenty dollars richer since
the J i 1 1 1 .
-'I'h.. riv er was very considerably swollen
lasl 1 iiil.iy. Some large rafts came down.
A I.ii-n.-one li ft here Sunday morning dee
lin. d lor Louis. The water was In the
;irt of Ashtou's mills. Messrs. Mc-
;.tw and Ashion took the precaution to tie
the inii! wUh ropes.
While Scott Stephens was talking to a
C. ir. .-man on tin- public Square last Satur
day, M ii-h ii!, a colored school-teacher,
came by and made such insulting and en
tire. y uitpi-tvoki-.l remarks, that Mr. K.
,n,r -ktd him do.vn and gave him a good
l.eatiurf. , ,-have heard many commend
) he deed as a i igiitcous act, and nay that
Marshad takes advantage of bis lameneea
t jiisiiit white g.-utlt-weii in the grossest
manner wilhoul the slightest provocation.
.Mr. Jauien.I. Elaui and Mis Jjuru Mc
t.,v w.ie married in the Presbyterian
t iiui. ii last Tuesday night by Ir. Mitchell.
Alliii.ucii it was raining at the piointeJ
liour, mute a largecrowil assembled In the
chinch ! witn-ss the ceremony. They
lell on the Hani two hours afterward, to
visit tin- biidee,.j,, iii's home in Virginia,
and wait on his brother -vim Elam, who
v ill niirry on the lllh. Mr, James Ham
lias i.e. n living bete for nearly ten years,
an 1 ha-.. tal:i-hed a good character as a
man ot probity and integrity, aud a sterl
ing business iii.ui. MisslJiura is a daughter
o Mr. John P. Mctjuw, one of our most t
. elieiit citii-n-;and she is herself a hand
Kouie lady, and a woman of unliable quall
t,,,, ;i:i.l v.-iy intelligent and agreeable
withal. The fact that it is a love affair of
Inn.; sl.iiidinz. is c Idriiee enough toeusure
! h;U their union will be a hHppy and pros
perous one. Their numerous friends wish
tii. in a i..i:g and pleasant lift.
J. .i.n TnuU r Woods and Henry Cave
ns piloted a picket
raft from our
v 1 1 -ii I ve-to-r.lay morning
to the locK-anu-
Aunt Kilty White, col., i.ncd Ui years,
.lied :n tin-city Wednesday last.
-Tii-Mori; Trial will take place at the
lie Hall next Friday night, -1st Inst.,
-.1 ; j.ci.M k-JuditL? Wright presiding. Ad
mission ,'ai cents.
.laiuo.ll. Jamison, ol this plure, had a
a voo I mm lyiugue.irtht! bridge, contain-in-about
Iwcniy-tive cards, and on Satur
tl.iv li ;ht lad it biokc Its cable aud Iloated
out into t he i i er.
i. i-t s-atuniay nihta fale alarm of fire
was s.. an. led Irom Hie towu bell. The
i in s ' and "J"os" were out promptly.
u,!y lluv aud Tom tCNell on last Sat
uidav cv. piiim, cabled up their big raft
above the bridge, and Sunday morning "cut
!....-. ':. i. l started tor St. Iouis. The rait
. oiii.,,!ie,l s.iiare cedar timber.
Allien luieh. a well known horse traiu
, r. is no.i t kik. )ii Black Moore's livery
'The . t-lebrat. d clunu t.-l
Miss I'eggy
n i i itteiid. n. is now taking le
ns un-
l. i ( in Maishul White in the
i.u--" .HI he .-tie, I
seven other jersoiis
,v. ;. a'-o in I... -ameclavs. Their vta-atlon
VkUl t nd I si -bout two weeks.froiu now.
- lurk lt.iiii. il aiu pulls the strings of
;. i. U A Mi"rr s l. is. He Is a good man,
juid a., experienced and skillful driver.
- r...h i.u. -t. th. "conductor" of Tucker
i ma s bread w e,ui, uses his fist .for whip.
l i luitaerparticuhu. -bake hands with
linn. ,
Sun. 1. iv I.
's amp a
s ...untynieu were tit...
y the police lor visiting tlie
I-" in "Paradise 11." They
t ;.-. uch in the city in-ai.uij'
t he pi IV lle-e.
- l;eii Brid-.-forth has retired from
1 .-1 l.llsi II. S.S. He mvs he will not
Wtst " but intends tin nlng lirauger
j inner, lie w ill make a g.nxloue.
-r Vtsev.on Monday last, broke out
u. si,. selling his Mountain Balm Llul
.... nt." A great many were of the opinion
tllat it v
t iTe t il . !
JoUnwju "swinging aro.iuu
troo, thenoiwi that he kept up.
Mr. Ma run
i I aims, of Nashville, wno is
,. ..i n b!e-v aid man, is now
in our cuy o-
r.l.is. He wilt erect overthe grave
i ...,i ,... ..I
- lv .nnoii a Sf.mi.Uu mouunieut
l,a"sVer. ivcd orders to the amount of ll,OU
-in. e roiinng here.
- Some little boys of this place have form-
. d ;i society uudcr the name of
A. C.
Their meeting are held in Jo.
.sub's co;t..n-holise.
,-. f .,i to utteud'.the Mock
Trial. It
a .:i l e i i' h atlsir.
-Jim n..vnes,polireman, carrle.1 an Hm-
,,,.,, in the Asylum Saturday. He
,; v .-, v noisy and troublesome, and it
..;, edJimtoget him there. The negro
.n.c from Mt. Pleasant, and had been in
id three weeks.
I he missing link ot the Darwinian the
.., v ..a- been discovered. For information
-,. il illlinrnA Or
1 i
li.e -ubiet t apply lO Hill li""'"-
i!,U llelll.loll.
i h. was a liekens party at the Atbe
a:ii ia-t Id hi ay night. Those who t-
i, n.ted say it was au elegant anair.
1 r. liariii.-n is one of the beoit temper
juice lecturers, iu the country. His hearers
v -r.-nil '! liv:hu-d.
On Saturday last, Policeman James
Hay lies arrested Tony Ixing, col., charged
wun stealing money from M. Weaver, ol
If , X. I . -v, .
MirMuu juu put a nice piece of jew
elry manufactured by Marion Ham, around
the wrists of Tony, he promising to return
the money If carried back to Mt. Pleasant.
Haynea then procured a buggy, and went
with Tony to his home, where they receiv
ed only seventy of the one hundred and fif
ty dollars that he had stolen.
1 here are a number of papers at With
eiipoon 4 Sander's lor the several Granges
in th county.
One of the"Pion er Slump Pullers
was taken to John P. Brown' woods,
over the river from town, last Tuesday,
and put to work. It pulled them to the
satiatacliou of Sain. Butler and others
Twenty pounds of bran will make
lour pounds of nice white starch, worth
forty cents, and the remainder of the
bran is just as much relished by the
cowa as it do starch had been extracted
o says Mrs. Richard Oilvio, a noted
housekeeper aud a model Granger.
Mr. tugs. P. Eskow's wife recently
obtained, in the Nashvillo court, a di-
vor from her husband, on the ground
ot druukenntss and bad treatment.
I his is the second divorce she has oh
tained for the same cause.
The paternal grandfather of Mr.
John Ballam'ant, ot Cullooka, who was
the father of lite late Mrs. M. J. Johnson,
was a Frenchman, and came over to
America with Gen. Lafayette, during
the Revolutionary War, when that no
ble patriot ctmo to assist Washington
and the btrufrgling col mists, It would
thus appear that Mr. Itallanfaut comes
rery properly in possession of that qual
ity which makes him demand what is
right and fair for others as well as for
himself since his ancestor came all the
way from France to help a sinking
cause, just because he hated oppression
and injustice.
There are twenty persons iu the
Poor House, eleven whites and nine
blacks. Old Warren W. Jordiu, aged
about 84, fell on his head recently, and
has been somewhat duraned eversirce.
Two policemen are now stationed
at the depot on the arrival and depar
ture of the trains, to protect them from
being robbed. It is done at the request
of tho railroad company, which agrees
to pay the corporation lifty dollars a
year for the services thus rendered,
The furnace in the Presbyterian
charch did not work well, and Mr. M.
E. Turner, agent tor Murray ct It agau
carried it back to Nashville.
If the city authorities would have a
lamp at the C. P. corner, it would ren
der valuable service.
An Italian mockingbird imitator
le!t our towc very hurriedly recently
to capture his wife, who had eloped
with another man from Nashyille.
...Lawse White is making us a very
flieient Town Constable. He is now
working the streets with culprits who
could not pay the liit'-s assessed by the
The negroes recently h:id a "gerinan"
at the Uatnncr Hall.
Ojr esteemed Iriend James F. McKw
en, is staying at the Alhambra.
Dick Heavans and Melville Iiutts
have opened a tamily grocery aud bar,
at the river bridge, iu the Brown house,
.steavy's silver band in improving very
fat, and winning golden opiuious fro
all those who hear its nightly serenades.
A week or two ago the Maury Lodge
of Good Templars held nil election ol
officers, with the following result: Rev.
II. A. Joues, W. C T; Josh G. IUiley.
W. V. T.; Eph I-:. Urwin, W. F. S.; Joe
B. WoodsiiK W. T.; I). C. Helm, P. W.
C. T.; M. L. E Jdy, W. t; Dive T. Goad,
XV. M.; Wm. Shirley, W. G. G.; David
Gee, W. I. .; Joo B. Woodside, Lodge
Deputy. Wednesday night is the regu
lar meeting night.
When Dr. W. H. Brown fixed up the
pavement on his sou' hern side, and
ntndo it the b'-st one in town, tho old
pump which stood righi iu tin middle
ol the pavement in trout ol J. 1,. Mc
Gaw's lot bee ime an eyes-ire and a nui
sance, and the Town Constable took it
away a week or so ago.
Governor Porter has appointed Gen.
B. F. Cheat h u ii Sti erinteudent ot the
Penitentia-; and II. F. Cummins, ol
West Tenn., Warden. Jack Porter was
a candidate for thn latter appointment;
and had some high recommend it-ions,
from our bast citizens. Wo suppose the
Governor refused to give him the place
on account of his ki nsmauship.
Dr. John W. lUrmon, of Xaw Oiloins,
preached at the Masonic H ill Sundiy
bight, to a very attentive audience, irom
the 4th chapter of Proverbs, 7th aud S"h
verses, '"Wisdom is tho principle thing,
therefore get wisdom: and with all thy
getting get miderst tndiug. Ex-ilt her
and she shall bring thee to honor when
thou dost embrace her " The first divi
sion ol the lext win to delitto what wis
dom was. Wisdom and religion were
synonomous, and as such he would con
sider them. True religion is to love the
Lord thj' God with all th' might, soul
and strength, and thy neighbor as thy
self: on these hang all the law and the
prophets. He said that wealth, lame,
honor, accomplishments, position, could
not bring true happiness. Ho th&u re
ferred to the mystic order, and sud a
man might get upon his knees at the
sacred altar, with his hands upon the
holy bible, square f.nd compass, and
take another obligation to square his
conduct and live up to it j and yet how
few good Masons thc-ro we.-e! Von
would se them iu the htreet drunk, and
profaning the namo of God by swearing.
Such men ought not to ho recognized
as Masons, and no man could be a good
Mason unless he was a Christian. Odd
Fellowship, Morality: none of these
would bring true happiness. He said,
where is there a household iu this broad
land ol ours that has not a skeleton to
mar its pleasurt ? Who ot you lias not
been angry because some plan has been
defeated ? What hot'.sewile has not
been angry liecuise the servant refused
to obey her or had the misfortune to
break the favorit China dish," the heir
loom of her graiulf liher? He said man
might achieve 1! tho honor that could
be bestowed upon him, and after all
this, he finds himseit wretched. Au
drew Jackson, President, utter return
ing from Washington and retiring to
private life, sent for a .minister to come
and bring his bible and fray with him,
"lor," said he, "after trying the world
iu all the different t.heres of lite, 1 find
it a bootless che.U." o of Presideut
Polkj after ho had vacated the Presiden
tial chair and came home, ho fesut lor
John B. McFerrin and said to him, "Af
ter filling the highest ollice in the gift of
the American people, 1 am constrained
to say, it is all a btx.tless cheat. No
true happiness save in tho Cros ol
Christ; pray for me." lr. Ilarmou said
that it Daniel Webster had lived in the
days of Homer and Virgil, he would have
been the Ajax of that age, and yet when
this man of giant mind was asked what
was the greatest thought his miud had
ever grappled with, replied, "My re
nponibillty to my God " Military
fme will not bring true happiness.
Washington, the Father of his Country;
Stonewall Jackson sud Robert E. Lie,
were pious men; aud here the custom
falis. Men in the counting-room think
it, essential to lie, in order to be suceess
ful.in business; heuco religion is ignor
ed by them. The scientists, Huxley,
Tyndall, Darwin, with all theirscienlific
definitions, have failed to And anything
that would bring true happiness;
Col. Wm. Wallace, ot Hopkinsville
Ky.,and son-in-law of Col. Boiling Gor
don, died Monday night.
Last Saturday nighi, soon after the
northern train came iu, a stranger call
ed aside Mr. Mays, one of the gentle-
mauly proprietors of the Nelson House,
and told him a long story, the short of
which is that he had determined to
move Irom Canada to Pulaski, Tenn.;
that he bad just 6uoutrh money to bend
his family on the train, and walk him-
sell; that he had walked here, and hap
pened to get here just as the train did;
that he was tired, without money, aud
would like to get a free 1 xlging. Mr.
Mays replied that if he were convinced
that the stranger's story was true he
would rather take care of him for noth
ing than not. The stranger insisted on
his story being true, and finally Mr.
Mays consented to take care of him, and
sent him up to one of his best rooms.
V hen Mr. Mays returned lo the lire, he
got in conversation with Mr. Jake Orr,
of Mt. Pleasont, who came in on the
night train. Mr. Orr told him he saw
the stranger on the cars, and borrowed
bis Now York Tribune, and returned i
Mr. Mays went upstairs and asked the
stranger to let him see the paper he h id
in his side pocket, and the stranger
brought forth the N. Y. Tribune. Thor
oughly convinced that the stranger had
lied to him, Mr. Mays made him leave
the hotel immediately.
young man passed here Wednes
day who had walked all the way from
New Orleans. He is a printer and said
ho had but two dollars since he left
Vicksburg. It was always a strange
thing to us that men would refuse to
do any and al1 kinds ol work, simply
because they are printers.
Several negroes have been lodged in
j-til at Franklin, for trying to poison the
Herbert family.
Tin Chappell interviewed Riddleburg.
er the other day an obtained these inter
esting (acts: He is51 years old; weighs
2".ti pounds; the most he ever weighed
was oil pounds; he fattened 160 pounds
in the year l.S51; at one time came near
RittTocating with corpulency, and the
d-K-tors reduced his weight 17-1 pounds
in live days, during which time he was
unconscious. He said he ws always
hungry, but did not eat but twice a day,
and chewed tobacco incessantly.
Volney Cyrus and Wesley Smith, on
Wednesday last, started for North Mis
sissippi with thirty-live mules.
Our hunter friends W. H. Bennett, O.
Goad and C. Inman ran a deer into Obi
on river last Tuesday, and the ice being
too thin to hold its weight up, it
w.iscaught by the dogs w hilestruggling
to get out ol tho ice and water. Obion
V' -mt I ii A'eun.
4wmI Templars.
Asllev. Mr. Smith s prayer meeting
is on Monday night we have changed
our regular meeting nights to every
Tuesday night, all members are re
quested to meet promptly on next Tues
day right aa our regular installations
will take place, and also several initia
tions are to be ready for that night. By
order of G. S. Deputy.
Dr. J. W. Harmon, Grand Worthy
Prima e of the Vnited Friends of Tem
perance and authorised Lecturer by the
Kxecutive Committee, will deliver pub
ic addresses on the subject of temper
ance at the following times aud places:
Pulaski Giles County the and 7iust,
at. night. Hurric .lie Switch Maury couu-
t v the th and KUh at nigrit. iseeiey s
School Ibitiso, 11th;
Culleoka, bi'.h and 11th.
A I.lely ,Heenl Xeelj'i
A lew days ago, B-m and Dave, two
butchers, bought a yearling be-M Irom
Milton Neely. Itsee.ns that they have
two modes of catching beeves when in
au open field; one is by the lasso, and
the other is by setting two large dogs
after the beef. They tried the bitter
mode on the above mentioned cilf. As
soon as the yearling found whit was to
pay, he dashed oil at full spend arou i d
the open lot above the mill, the dogs
closely pres.iui: behind. $ The yearling
linding that this would uot do, directed
his course toward the creek, which was
very much swollen by the late rains,
and as the last alternative plunged
headlong in'o thn turbid waters. One
of the dogs immediately followed and
seized the calf by the ear, and struggled
hordto bring the yearling to bank; but
the swift current was too strong for
him, and in another second they were
borne over the high dam, with a terrible
splash, down to the angry boils, resem
bling some lare log we have seen, com
ing up only to be driven back by the
roaring torrcut thit pours down upon
it. The faithful dog concluded, it seems
that life has enough of ups and downs
without this kind of churning, aud re
linquished his hold. Strange to say,
when they thus pirted the calf was the
first to get out. On reaching the bank,
the calf seemed much more docile than
before, and in this condition was easily
slaughtered. We don't supposed a
more thoroughly washed piece of beef
ever entered our market.
An old Incident.
A prominent citizen and mercumt. of
this place tells this joke on himself :
Nearly a half century ago, when he
was a young man about eighteen years
of age, he was a clerk in the house now
occupied by C. N. Walker. One Sun
d ly morning, not feeling very devotion
al, he took a novel, reclined upon his
bed, and began to read. Becoming
drowsy he unconsciously lell asleep. Iu
a short time two robbers entered tho
room, armed with heavy clubs. They
came up towards the foot of the bed,
aud passed towards tho head. So terri
bly was be alarmed that ho became, as
it were, spell-bound, and could not
move for some minutes, which period
seemed au ago to him, as he expected
each second to have his brains knocked
out. As soon as he got control of him
self sufficiently, he sprang into the mid
dle of the floor, and seized a chair. He
soon discarded this weapon and picked
up a large billet of wood. By this time
the robbers had disappeared, and as he
thought gone into the sales-room.
Cau.iously approaching the door club
in hand he stood for some miuutcs.
From the front transum sutlicient light
was admitted for him to see that tiie
robbers were not in that room. Turn
ing around his eyes fell upon the cellar
door, st anding half ajar. As a lion or
tiger springs upon its prey, so he sprang
to the door, and quick as a flash turned
the key. He had them, sale. He then
weut to the door leading to the street,
and waited an hour before he could see
anj' one to help him secure his pris
oners. It being Sundiy morniug, but
few ieople were upon the streets. Fi
nally, he saw two men aud called for
help. He stated the whole circumstance
to them. Being thoroughly armed
the trio began todescend the ceiiargteps
slowly and cautiously, our hero iu the
the van. The cellar was dark, and full
of barrels, boxes and debris. The search
was continued for some time but with
out success. Each moment the search
ers expected the robbers would spring
from their hiding places, and a deadly
contest would ensue. Our hero broke
the deathlike silence. Turning quicks
ly back towards his assistants, he said
in tremulous tones, for his throat was
husky Irom excitement ,"the robbers
are the two men raised clubs and
awaited breathlessly but the fearful
dream, which had so terribly impressed
him that he could not lealize but that it
was a fact.
t'Ol'XTT t'OlBT.
February Term , 175.
first Day.
lustie-e Gordon offered on behalf of all the
Magistrates of the county, the followiug res
oluMons :
Wiikkkas, It has pleased Almighty God
iu His wisdom to remove by death our es
teemed brother, Joiik li. Hokslky; therefore
he it
Unsolved, That, in his death our court has
not only lost its presiding officer-elect, but
also one of its most efficient aud exemplary
members; that the community has lost one
of her best citizens and the church one of
its brighest lights.
Hmuh-fd, That we tender our most heart
felt sympathy to his beteft family and
Rnolvt'l, That these resolutions be spread
upon the minutes of the court, and that a
copy be forwarded by the clerk of the Court
in his official capacity to the family of the
leceased as au evidence of the high esteem
entertained by each member of the court of
the great worth, upright and just example
jt us by the deceasvd during our associa
tiou together as a court, aud that the Her-
a !.n and Mail be furnished with a copy of
;he same for publication.
li. Allen,
M. Andrew.
Thos. C Hardisou,
I... G. .lohnsou,
K. A. McKay,
W. It. McKennou,
J. V. Morton,
J. C. Moore,
W. H. Morrison,
Tyree Noles,
C. G. R. Nichols,
',. G. Pogue,
A. L,. l'rewett,
J. W. Page,
It. Puckett,
It. A. Itountree,
M. M. Russell,
K. I). Kicketts,
ii. T. Hussell,
J. S. Hen fro,
W. M. Sullivan,
Jno. A. I Hcribner,
J. V. Howell,
J. J. Savage,
Jas. A. Sanders,
.1 no. T. Sparkman,
G. W. Stockard,
Alvis Williams,
J. M. Withersjioou,
.1. M. liillinirton.
It.. I. liausjus.
S. H. Uratton,
A. 1). Itryant,
r. A. Burke,
harles Clear.
H. 'i.Chalin.
.) F.I to well.
11. ii. Dai in wood.
Fielding Kdwards,
i.eon 1- rierson,
W. 1 1. 1 Fordon,
I. M. Gardner.
li. A. Glenn,
li. It. Gillespie,
. 1. Gray,
lames L Guest.
II. 1.. Holiiian.
1! -nj. Harrison,
N. H. Hol.leii,
I lavis K. Hayes,
lames 1 . Hunt.
li uikl'. Wells,
1. F. Walker,
-ale of land ordered in the case of W.J.
' 'aunhraii et al.. vs. Heirs of Samuel f:anh-
r:ui. x
Clerk's report in case of Reed vs. Cheat
ham, received aud confirmed, except house
ami in! in Culleoka; bids receivable for 20
Petition of Ij. D. Myers aud others lor Ju
ry of View, grauted. C. O. Nichols and oth
el s appointed.
I'etitiou iii case of W. L. J. Wilkes et al
vs. .1 aiue.s H. ( ouuer, et al., grauted.
Order revived in rase of Lockridge and
McKay vs. ('. Merritt, ail in r.
Settlement of Alex. Wisener, administra-
rot' Jno. W. Wisener, confirmed.
The following settlements were confirm
. 1". Alexander, guardian of Thomas Es
I es.
Henry llariis, guardian ot Naucy I'ilklu
lolin liallanlaut, administrator of It. M
1 ,l!;utl.
lolin M. Allen, administrator of It. C. A
M.Ii. Tomliuson, gave John Bullanfant
additional security as administrator of
A. P. Hughes.
lf. Fleming gave additional security as
Huniinistrator of James Kaiinou.
1'he Clerk was ordered to makedeed to W
1 1. Forms.
The following parties gave bond and qual
iil.-d as administrators:
W.T. McClain of W. P.Stockard.dec'd; W
II. Wilkes of Mary J. Johnson; 1). Gregory of
Henry Osborne: A. Kniniersou of Cat ha
l arter;.Iohii K. Walker ot Wm. M. Walker
Mrs. Mattie Horsley of John G. Horslcy.
1 lie following guardian bonds were ap-
pi uvi-u:
Villis U. FriiTson of Addie ioodloe et al
N it haii Tiinlall of Margaret Anderson et al
. li. Kerr of K. Hudson; James M. Andrew
til l.eiiora Parks et al.
1 runes (.'. Thompson was apprenticed to
1. I. liinliam.
lo'nn M. Mickey . former clerk, was order-
. .1 to pay over to the present clerk the funds
in iii.s h.iu.ls in the case of S. C Cavender et
a!., vs. Hoe. lmdlyetal.
Geo. K. Irvine was appointed overseer in
the place of John G. Horsley. dee'd.
John M. Mickey ordered to pay over the
funds in his hands in the case of J.J. Miller
vs. F. 1 1. Heech.
John Allen, administrator, ordered to sell
ti e insolv ent claims due K. C. A. Ilaugus.
Sale of land in case of S. W.Staulield et al
vs. W, M. Dooley et al , continued.
S. M. Arnell having tailed to suggest a
suitable successor, was ordered lo continue
us overseer.
Keciiu'l It.ty.
I ic-crec allowing attorney's fee in cause of
K.-edetat., vs. Cheatham, and John M
1 1 it-key, f. inner cle- k, ordered to settle with
pieseiit clerk, and pay over to him the as-
se's in his hands belonging to said estate.
Hubert l. Allen, administrator, ordered
tost'll insolvent claims iu case of William
Ko in .
1!. F. Parks appointed guardiau of Os-
hu me N ieholson.
Jas. A. Irvine appointed guardian ofCal-
iu Gla.ss.
An 5 iilortiin.ale l-aniily.
We mentioned so ne w.'.-ks since that M r
William Grigsby, who removed Irom this
county, a year ago last fall, to tin; neighbor
hood of ( 'oi sicana, Texas, had lost three of
this chilili-.-n, .Mary, Lizzie aud Charles, all
grown, and now we have to announce the
death ol Mr. Grigsby himself, who died on
the 'id of last month. They died of malarial
f.-ver. Several other members of the family
had the disease, though in a comparatively
mild form, and recovered from its effects.
Mr. Grigsby was a quiet, uno'itrmlve citi
zen, esteemed by all who kuew him for his
sterling integrity of character, and his
death, aud that of hischildren, will be sin
cerely regretted by his many friends In
Maury and Williamson, whose deepestsym-
iiathv will attend the surviving members of
his family in their sad bereavements.
The Young Mm'ii Christian Associa
Owing to tho temperance lecture last
Monday night. The Young Meu's Chris
tian Association ad journed till to-night
at which time they will organize and
elect officers. All those enrolled are earn
estly requested to bo present, as well as
eyery other person who feels au interest
in this work.
Rock prill sr.
We have had au abundauce of rain
during the past week. The river was
very high last Friday, but not as full as
it, was last spring. A groat many rafts
run this tide; our esteemed friend, T, S.
Lei'twich, started down the river with
his large timber raft, which contained
about 100,000 feet of hewn timber, last
Siturday. Maybe land safe, aud meet
with ready sale, for his timber, which
ho doubtless will, as he has the exper
ienced navigator, A. J. Huey, with him.
There was an oyster supper at Joel S.
Rieves'onthe night of the 22ud; they
had a nice supper. The soup was splen
did, and redacted great credit on those
who mailo it. The young folks had
quite a lively time; they chased the
glowing hours with flying fleet until
morning. There were some slight ol
hand performances some time during the
niht; W. A. Barker lost his hat, sad
dle and blanket. His s bile was chang
ed through mistake, but he could find
no trace of his hat as there was no hat
left; it is evident there was no exchange
made. Willie says he doesn't like that
way of swapping not getting any thing
in return.
Mr. Littlejohn is putting up a nice
dwelling ou tho farm he purchased of
J. P. Andrews. He will complete it
antl move very soon.
We wili have several weddings soon;
some ol the young people are already
attacked, ami their symptoms indicate
matrimony, and not likely to recover,
unless they can get a prescription from
Nick Akin. Louis.
Kally Hill.
Rally Hill, Feb. 1, 1S75.
Jo th? Editors uj the Culumhia Herald.
In the last Rally Hill Items, I see the
printer, through mistake, left out part
of the announcement of Mr. Sam Rog
ers' marriage notice. The part left out
was: "On the 1-Uh inst., Mr. Samuel
llogors brought home his intellectual
and accomplished wife." Mr. Rogers is
one ot the first citizens on Flat Creek.
The frionds of Mr. John G. Horsley ex
tend to you their sympathy. He pos
sess"d the warmest feelings of respect
and tho unbounded confidence of bis
friends in this portiou of the county,
and his loss is looked upon in this com
intinitv as a loss to the county at large.
Flat Creek is profoundly pleased at the
election of Andrew Johnson-, as the one
great step towards Nationalizing the
Democratic party of the South. The
Democratic outlook is now certainly
most favorable. Flat Ckekk.
MFKIKU 11 1 I.I. li li t S,
The Rev. R. P. Ransom, Presiding
Elder of Franklin District, has been
I with us again, holding his second quar
terly meeting, and preaching with bis
accustomed acceptability. It is a 'la
mentable and noticeable lad that the
salaries of the preachers of the Method
ist Church are generally falling short.
It may be true of ministers of other dt
nominations also. It is greatly to be
regretted that whenever a pressure in
money matters is felt by the people,
the curtailment of expenses begins with
the preacher's salar'. This may be ac
counted for in part from the fact that hs
a general thing no legal pressure can be
brought to bear in the collection of
these claims. The people of this com
munity Lave ever been generous, libe
ral and just, in meeting the demaudsof
the gospel, aud it is devoutly to be hop
ed that this year will not prove an ex
ception, but that ail will come up with
their "tithes and offerings" and make
glad the hearts of God's servants and ot
their wives and littlo ones, and thus
''lay up for themselves treasures in
heaven.", Wheu the lamented John W,
Cheairs was a clerk in a store in Nash
ville, in his boyhood days, he was solic
ited by an old steward of the Methodist
Church to give something to the support
of the gospel. He replied, "not a mem
ber of the church." Then replied the
venerable steward, "Your giving to the
cause of God will be laying up treasure
in heaven." Then came the noble re
sponse, "I am not a Christian, but I
want to take stock up there." With
this came a liberal subscription, with
the cash. From that da y on, God bless
ed him with the ability to give, and no
man ever contributed more liberally
than did he, not only to the support of
the gospel, but to the various benevo
lent and charitable enterprises ol the
age. May all ol us emulate his exam
pie, and share with him the rich inheri
tance of treasures in heaven.
Mr. Robert W, McLemore, jr., has
been absent in Arkansas for several
weeks past, making his arrangements
for planting in the neighborhood of Hel
ena, the coming season. Mr. Jesse
Gant, who has two brothers iu the same
county, expects to go down aud attend
to the business of ihe farm lor Mr. Mc
Lemore, who will probibly remain a!
his beautiful little home near this place
Since writing the auove, we una it is
Bolivar county, Miss.
The rain of Wednesday night of last
week was the most destructive of any
we have had fors9veral years past. The
injury to tho open land is inc ticulable
Loosened up the late freezes, it was ea
sily swept off, just as if it had been
freshly plowed. It seems, however, to
have benefited the wheat crop, pressing
the earth more closely to the roots of
the plant, much of which had been par
tially "spewed" out of the ground by
thelreezes. Capt. H. P. Pointer says
this lreshet was less destructive to the
fencing, water-gaps, etc-, on hid place
than the flood ol 1S72, but on McCutch
en, Kuou, and Rutherford creeks the
damage was heavy.
John W. Cheairs ct Co. have secured
the services of Sammie CV.perton as clerk
aud salesman in their liberally patron
ized dry-goods store, while J. W- Alex
ander has James Odel in his house, and
Mr. Albeit Alexander has Don Molloy
as his clerk. Three nicer, better or
more moral young men than tho above
uamed clerks, cannot be found iu any
community. All our merchants seem
to be doiug a thriving business, and are
standing firm amid the pressure ol the
Mr. Alouzo McKissack, our druggist,
has a well ordered and handsome estab
lishment, which he manages with the
sangfroid of a master ot the profession.
Itideed, take our dry-goods aud grocery
merchants, together with our druggists,
physicians, mechanics and ali; they
will compare favorably with t'u3 same
classes to be found in any other com
munity in point of intelligence, moral
worth and all that it takes to make good
citizenship, while the surrouuding pop
ulation is unsurpassed.
Last week's Herald and M tii comes
to us in mourning, on account of the
death of John G. Hoksi.ky, Ksq. The
sad event is mentioned in words of ten
derness and affection by Mr. Figuers,
Juuior Proprietor ol the paper, which
meots a cordial response and touches a
sympathetic chord in the hearts of hu n
dreds of the friends of the deceased in
this county, where by his sterling moral
worth and sound practical sense he had
gained Ihe esteem and goodwill of all
who knew him, and at tho timg of his
doath was one ot most popular mon in
the county. In the vig-ir of manhood,
be is suddeuly cut oil by a 1113-sterious
Providence; and removod from a hold
of usefulness, which was steadily ex
panding, and iu which ho bid fair to be
one ol the brightest orna nents.
Though painful and unlookjil for was the
In this dnrk iflRton of his mortal ilav !
Be reconciled a holy trust reposing
lu Foirer oupreuis who gives aud takes
Spring Hill can now boast of two ex
cellent schools, one taught by Mrs.
Mooney, a lady of rare ability as an ed
ucator. We hope she will bo liberally
patronized. Prof. Middlelon, of Giles
county, opened a male school in the old
Male Academy last Monday. The Pros
fossor comes highly recommended, and
we sincerely trust he will succeed in
build a large and flourishing school.
Ewell Grange, at Spring Hill, is in a
flourishing condition. Mauy new mem
bers are joining.
There will bo a large crop of tobacco
planted around Spring Hill this season.
Before the war this was a fayorito crop.
The high price of the woed has induced
many old planters to resume planting it.
Capt. Ben. Rogers recently tapped
fifty sugar trees, on his beautiful little
farm, and made molasses and sugar out
of it. The trees furnish about a barrel
of sugar water every day, which pro
duces one gallon and a half of the best
molasses that ever rotted a boy's tooth.
Love's liranch has a trrocery at last :
aud the second district so long without
a garrison ol the army of Temperance, is
invaded by king Alcohol, whilst a lew
old discharged soldiers of Temperance
are busily at work prep-iritig to re
pel his agressions. They are collect
ing at Mt. Pennington Academy, a com
manding position whence a vigorous at
tack will be made, beginning at 2 o'clock
Al. 3rd Saturday in Feb. Ldder
James Williams will command on the
side of Temperance,
Mt. Pennington was visited by a show
this week; receipts fifty cts. Its a dull
time for the show business down here.
Thos. H. Treadway recently read an
able essay on Tobacco before Kettle
Gran are: describing minutely the props,
er method ol culture. He is an old Vir
ginia tobacco raiser and we think J. M.
Carsey, Son fe Co., could not make a bet
ter distribution of their seeds than to
back a package to Thomas H. Treads
way, Isem's store Tenn.,
J. M. Morton is teaching neignbors
hood school. He has a V9ry good school
for the winter weather.
Gooch. Kittrell tt Cathey are making
vigorous efforts to collect their acuouuts
for dry goods sold last year.
' uinmug cotton is over, except a tew
dirty remnants.
A large amount of wheat is sown; it
looks well.
At theColumbia Hotel in tl
:s place, bv
Rev. A. W. Smith. Mr. John Kobekson
Jenkins, of Mississippi, and MissFankie
K. White, of this place, and daughter of
St. ledger White.
John H. Smith and Naucy J. Marion.
Martin Brown and Margaret Young.
Jas. J. Elam and Laura McGaw.
A. H. Paugh and Fllen H. Puckett.
W. I Moore and S. II. Hines.
Allen and Matt ie Cloud.
Mr. George Letsinger died in the 17th
district, Monday of last week, of rheu
matism. She was a good neighbor and
wile. Rest in peace.
Henry Mason, col., of the bend, had a
bone ol the left arm broken sometime
Some persons recently called to soo a
I f riend near Cottage Hill, and when the
1 itter saw them he jumped into his bed
and eoveied up, and entertained them
from t hat position
There are two dusty, rusty, crusty
dilapidated and weather-beaten chim
neys left iu the very heart of the village
As our reporter was nearing a river
side cottage, not many days ago, he im
af,itied he heard sweet music. Hesoon
arrived at the door, and alighting went
in, where Le beheld a handsome young
lady spinning, and close by her was
auother young lady carding.
Young lambs are seen in all directions
Poor stock of every grade greets the
eye iu this section. They were doing
very well until the sudden severe cold
. Mr. Jones, of the village, hd aj unex
pected scare one dark night not long
ago. He had occasion to go to his back
yard, and to his great horror there was
a furious attack made on his rear, caus
ing turn to make haste back to his cot
tuge, holding his hands behind. It was
an infuriated calf. Send its Lido to
Xack Wilson.
Tho graceful and winsome Miss M. E
Crosby, of the neighborhood of Colum
bia, was in this section last week.
The followiug constables, Bill Sellars
of tho HKh district, E. C. Thompson of
the 14th, and M. M. Harris ot the 17th
are making ihe fur fly. Lawsuit after
lawsuit, is all the rage.
David Ciaggett, col., of the Beud, had
his left -dakU crushed by a pole lalling
Irom a wagou Saturday evening.
Rumor sys there are four or five un
known graves on the farm of the late
Mrs. Jane U. Y. Greenfield, that no one
can account for. The graves were prob
ably made there during the war.
Died, of remittent lever, after an illness of
twelve days, at her residence on the IStli of
li'-eeniher, 1.S74, near McKeuzie Station,
West leniiessee, Mrs. Martha C. iscott,
wile of William Scott, dee'd, who was for
many years a citizen ol Maury county,
lenn., near Columbia.
She was born in Meckleuhurz county. Vir
ginia, 111 the year 17nii: and Was married in
ism, ami removed to iennessee In IKiO. Hhe
was 7S years ot aife. She leaves a lrs- fon-
nection and friends to mourn her loss. She
was a irood wife, a kind mother
sistenuand practical Christian. Many of
nei out acini uiitances will yet remember
ner acts of kindness and deeds of charitv
wlule she lived aiiioim them. She cms a
zealous member of the Misslonery Haptist
vi.meii. .-sue reuuesieu that herfiiiiem s
111011 lie preached from the Gospel of John,
Hill ehaptt rand pith verse: "Yet a little
wnlie and the world si-et h me 1... 1..,.
ye see me because I live ye shall live afso."
oi.-.sseu art- me ueuu which die in the Lord
from heucelorth, yea salth the 6plrit that
they nniy rest from their labors, and their
works flo follow them."
Ihy passing spirP gently fled,
Sustained by grace divine;
, may such grace on us be shed,
And make our end like thine.
.. , , ,. , , , Mrs. Dr. T C. Smith.
1 oluinhia, 1- eb. 1, 1.S70.
Business Notices.
All Ihe indications point to unusually
lie Sl'l- for lisllel-lllell I h ta GU.:.a.t.. .....1'?-
I!. I! illls ik Co.. have snnnlio.l fl.u'..,u.,iv.,.!
with the finest lot of Lines. Poles. Reels
llooiis. sn.i.nis, etc., we ever saw in Colum
bia. VV e l.oi.e our friends will iiu,.K- u....
elves at once, as we intend to wear the
haiiipion s belt this spring, aud we want
o one lo excuse his defeat by a want of
proper outlit. janH-ow.
To all whom it may concern: This is to
certify that I have ;td out my stock of
K'lods ami srroeeries iu Sw Dust Valley to
Lafayette Anderson and ttivenhim misses.
so ti; the business will in the future be cou-
viiu ieu oyilllll. J El HKtl AN'UITIKIIV
l-)lh, 1S7.3,
on the 17th between Scott Maye 'and
.1. ti. Hohbins', a tiold bracelet, with the en
fe'i avhii,' in sub--From Ma," the finder wiil
he lih.-rai.y rewarded bv lenvinir ft ot ti.o
Shoe Store of Dobbins & Brown. Columbia
jan. 2Wth, 1S75.
Your Attention.
Having a.ss.iciaU-il ourselves together for
the ptirposeo! conducting the Watch and
Jewelry business of Columbia on a more
extensive seal,-, we will be found nt the oid
stand ot J. H. James, where we Intend to
keep constantiyon h and a larije and well
selected assortment of Watches, flocks,
Jewelry, Silver and I'luted-ware, Spectacles,
a.-nl hi! articles usually kept In a first-class
Jewelry Store, all of which we intend to sell
in the lowest prices tor cash. Particular
attention paid to rpairim? Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, etc., at the lowest cash prices, us
in in al cases the tnst material, and giiar
teeiuj; the best workmanship.
-o-l 111. J. II. James & Son.
For Sale.
Particular Notice.
li lies indebted to us to come for-
To all 1
wind and mal
1 ilements and save costs,
he closed.
W.J. Dale A Sons.
Our business 11
Jo ice.
li 1st day of Jan. ISTo, we
is for Cash and not for
bted lo us will please
make, settlement by the
i. , or we will becom'pell-i-'Him
for collection. We
cor indulgence. Please
1 '. govern yourselves ac-
1 In and afle.
propose to st-i;
Credit. Th-e
come forward a
loth day ot J-i.,
ed to put ou;
cannot Kran; .
take due notice
Jan. 8,17 ).
For Sale.
I have for sale several horses on twelve
mouths time. A. M. HUGHES. Jb.
Dec. lii-tf.
Wheat Fan fo- Sale.
A "Universal Wheat Fan," the best that
is made, for sale. A pply to
Vaughn & Hakki.ev,
Sept. 2o-tf. Columbia, Tenu.
t OI.f.HIilA 91 A It K ET.
O.'Iice of K US ALL & McKivkn )
Feb., oth, l.STo. f
lt,i, on Shoulders, nets; sides, Li'cts; hams,
Iiulter1'i and -Cc.
liregwax dtic
Blacking "Se.ia I Oil doz
Cotton X to l.iets. Firm
( 'niton Sred'-MH- per lijo It.s.
fViivi 81 per bushel.
Oift'ee Zi to i");.- for Kio by Sack Laguira i
Java H-ic.
Codl (HI 175 test, iOcts. per gallon.
Cinf'-22!i-.ic.i It..
ifour Ji.oh per 100 tt.
dinner IWttt'Aic.
Hungarian UraissSeed l"o to 200. ri bushel.
I.nrd 17 cents.
Lime iVa.'j'ic. bushel.
Molnwen ami Surupn common, 70c.(tslOO; gol
den syrup, il:.l.ii.
Pea A'ufo si) tolw ct,s. Dull.
Piirpet J l(lc.
Nice 11 -H-'C.
Jiue$i:vt per bu.
Salt Sill o-'o. for 7 hu
Soto liii'idoe.
Jor 53 bushels, 82-50.
Snda lifil:.
iSwpfir New Orleans, 10( l.'Jc; Demerara, Ufa
loc; A sugar, I Jccrushed and granulated,
l!i,l 1c.
T-a -l.W.i,2.K) tllti.
7'i'ip-(ic. iH If..
Wool Hull at quotations. 20 toll).
H7i..f- V.x;.riSI.0O.
Wo arp authorized to announoeJOIIN W.
WITH KUspoo.N, as a candidate for Justice
of the Peace for the Mb. Civil District of
Maury county. janl9-td.
We ate nut horized to announce the
name of Prof. ( . H. P. BKN'XKTT. for the
ollice of Magistrate. jaui'J Ui.
We are authorized to announce the name
of 15. M. Oocki lilLLE-SPI b as a candidate
for magistrate iu the flth Civil District.
We are authorized to announce the name
of H.FRANK DAVIS, as a candidate for
Magistrate in the tfth Civil District.
liy special request of Mauy citizeus of Co
luiuhia, I announce myself as a candidat
for Magistrate of t te tuh Civil District
Election Saturday, February Oth.
t lie;i for esisli or on time to suit purchas
ers. Three lots areon Bennett Street, three
on . Spring street, one house and lot iu Yel
low Town, ten lots on the Pulaski Pike, ad
joining the corporation limits, fifteen lots in
Macedonia, near the north-west margin of
Culumhia. Terms tosuit purchasers. Call
at my otlice and see for vourself.
Dec. 4-tf. W. II. TIMM )X3.
I have this day associated with me in lm-sine-vs
my sou, A. S. James, for the purpose
of conducting the watch and jewelry bti'd
11. ss thoroughly in all its hrauches, uide
t he firm and style of J. H. James A !-Ui.
Thankful for the liberal iatronage I ha e"
heretofore receiveil, I solicit a contini ftu e
ofthe ssiine for the new firm, who will t .rfe
treat, pleasure in waiting on all ptr4ns
that may favor them with their patronage.
Respect fully, "
Jan. Sth, ISTj.-Iiii J. II. JAMh.
Formerly of the firm of (Jreen & Dagger
Practical ISaker
Would respectfully Inform the ladies of
iii.iuryanu surrounding counties, that he
has opened a first-class
South side Public Square, between J. M.
Larkins A I'o's, and Witherspoon A- Sanders'
where will always be found a large stock
of the best
Of iny own make. I will also keep on hand
a good assortment 01
of all kinds. A speciality iu supplying
Thankful for past favors, I respectfully
iskashareof the public, patronajie. My
Motto will be to l'LEASK.
Dee. VTI-tf. J-. H. (illKK.N,
irzg rrt rv.r
jm iSn
The iindersimied having purchased of
Mayes A Kodson their vvell-unown ami pop
ular livery stable iu Columbia, known as
the Mayes .t Hudson Livery Stable, take
plcasue iu an- ouncin this inst it ulioii not
only to equal its former 1 "putat ion, but if
possible, to excel to the hiyh- st ileiiree ol
excellence 1 11 every p.irtieutai ; and iu sodo-
Imr expect to spare licit her money nor at
tention to aeeorumoihite their customers
and the public trenerally who will favor
the in with their patronage.
UCI. 'i 1 1 I.V. l.AI I A J5KU1 It Kits.
Female Academy !
MKS. (Sl i; I'.
.. EV.
The spmiit term of this Institution
begin Mu.N DAY, KKIHU' AltY I t, 17").
TKIIMS P-r Session cil id Ww-ks.
Orthography, Heading, i!o Fourth Header)
jvlenlal Arithmetic and 1 iiniaiy tieo-ia-r-hy
Sl-2 INI
Written Al i! ii luetic, tieoiira phv, Ku-
OJish (Jramniar, History, 1'eiiiiiaii
shiiiand 1st 11 ink in Ala-hra Ill tat
Advanced course iu Kuttljsli Hi a inches.
Mat hein.-ti ics, L-ilin. Laiin etc -;u 1.11
Music 011 Piano and useoi nisi 1 unieiii, 2 ou
neideiiial Fee. in ndvaiiee 1 1111
Tuition pay able one-half in a.l sauce, the
a I since at t he close of the session.
Hoys a l mil I ed
Hoard iu in vi II lit -, il:' per 111-iiitli jms-tf
A I t J. F ISA- I. A ;
1.1 i:'.-..-ii:.lov au.l
'.ira.ir ,-i CliKi-.rci-.
Celliuiln :1, I etiI.tFit.tE
J.iL,'j. lti ly
Ill in c lilock.
VldilsoN CoOl'F.It,
Col limb:, TuuneHC
VM airii.l ail c.-iirtrt to be iiekU-u tor Al.tury aur
il.i"hiiii -uiu:h.
Office : Over I'ostuflicn. fob.8-74
liltO.v.N, Jr.,
Oolunibia, Tennessee,
npt a'tention (fi vc 11 to t tic ri'll.-ctioii of iIimc
Al l.ii.M.i AT I.UV,
and Solicitor in ''liiiircr. , I'-.n.
Iroiii.t Mi. uii- 11 yn.11 t" ul' ! kji
trusted to Lis rare, in M.uuy nod u !.
tie, tKlet-i;!ilv to e. Ilertm.
Office WUittbi.riic i:..-li, up stairs.
:il.ia, Tenn.
l.lt.s: llctd o
'...UlUg CO 11 11
and Public Atiiinistrator.
Nov. 20-.if.
Columbia, Tonn.
Saul Samuels,
and Solicitor fo Equit7,
Strict at tcntion isiven to all legal busitiesa
entrusted to his cure.
Office Whitthorne Block, up stairs.
OF ('Ol.P.Mld , TI N".
Capital, - - 6lO'VX
t. w. kek-ik, u. H. :! -.1 . r. 1. .:,:.
Towl.KIl, I.. KlUKllsoN, .1. It. I'h..'4aA
.lolls 1 ltll.H.M).V
Hcoeives ilei mi tn, di-a'.s 111 f. .n-U'a kv.u ioiafrt
exchuxit', K'lld, iuv.-r an.) i.rvcriiEt.eiit securltiea.
Collections nmje aud remitted f jr on day of y
oient at currtnt rut. of .xi liai.n
Itoveuue etanq for sale.
John ntiF.ii.soN,
Jas. U. Childbkss. Cashier.
W. 0. Sheppard,
C LlT V Ii! A, Ti'N.V.
OrncE FIptihuk'h low Mivk, Gordon strett,
nearly opposite tin1 frcnbytcriuii church.
1 keep cotiHtantly on Imu l a full M tick of tooth,
tajK'tfl, HitapH and lotions f r thf and jjnniB ;
ail rewituTiirndt'd by the United Nt.t'es dental ai0
ciation. Cill and mc ii.e.
South Jllniift Slrvt-I.
Board t tl itr Iay.
r f:itlite burses farntetioct at
i'l.licat 1011 to tlu1 jn
Columbia, Jnn.
Marble EVianufactory
All of tho bext ItalUu Murble.
AIho, I have tiie 'atent ntyles of Doeign.
EvJ" Ali work as -heap as caii )e done elise
(tliero. Jlainifactory on Wet Main ntret,
near tlio lnstittite. nili2;iyT
oy liKAl, ESTATE.
Ry virtue of a decree of tie- Chancery
Court at f'oluiiibi i. Tenn., rendered at its
lieeeinher term, 1--74. in t he cause of E. H.
Sellars, Et'r of Mary 11. I 'riersen, di e'd, vs.
Martha Nixnu, I will sell to the highest
bidder, nt t he court-! ,-m-ie ii.:or in the town
of Columbia, on Monday, Februarv hih,
1S7."), a tract or parcel ol ian.1, eoiitaininK (i-'i
acres, lying on Calh.-y's Creek, i,w mile
east of Hampshire, 011 the Hampshire and
Columbia I'oad, known as the Sain'l Finris
place, and hounded 011 the west bv Wm.
Ih.'He; north by Satu'l Far-is; soulli" by the
Hampshire :md Columbia road. S.iiil land
will be s-ii.l in a creiln 01 one au.i two
years, takinn bond and t wo ijood ml enl se
curities for tu1 purchase uionev, and notes
hem ing 1 nlei est from dale of sale. Sold flee
fio m the eijiiil v 01 n il. -in pi ion.
Jan. S, lsn. 1. Ji. COOPER, C. A M.
-: AN :
Man Sf ree.
1 will continue to keep on hand a
assortment of
And other style vehicles that cannot he
beat iiiMtyleand price.
Mr. JOHN UAHTNER will continue in
charge of the
Nashville, in the
We are prepared to do all kinds repair
ing at reduced prlcen; our motto helng
proniptneaa and neatness. Will keep on
Hand a gtod aaHOrtrneut of
Harness at Low Figures !
We are alno prepared to do repairing on all
kinds of Farm Iraplemeut and Machinery-
Persons wishing to buy or hav work done,
will And it to their Interest to
Give Mo l Onll.
Jan.875.ly W. H. FARIS.
Ilavinc thin dav nmra-sntad tha innlrnr- nf
1 nomas a. inouiison. dec d.,to th clerk of
iuo vuumy iuuri 01 .waurjr county, notice in
iiercoy pieil 10 an persona haunt claim
Rains' ra estate ti tile them duly authenti-
catei wun me ciern or end court, on or be
fore the lnt Monday in March, 117". for nro-
rata distribution, or the Sams will be forever
uarreu. A, w.niUt.KKLL,
Dec. 18, 1871, Administrator.
Wehaveou hand a lari;e stock of eieijaiit
work, coiihlMtiug iu part of
?:Io Top,
Top and
Slide Scat
Jenny Iiinds,
Also, a large col loot ion oi
KauKing in rice from
To those contemplating buying, we say
a 1 1 1 i 1 i'I 1 l C 1 I ? J ;
Viir 'iSJ IS.'l. KU1IN A TUill'IN.
lyE worij) iNFoitM the farmerh
IT that we linve at. coiiNlderable outlay ol
money, mt Into operation a nrNt-closn
Flouring 7and Grist Mill!
With new and Improved michl nerv. har-
itii'tlie l.nra-rMt Holllnir tiiclllllrai and
most Improved and extensive Wheal
leanlntr .natrhlnory to he found In anv
mill in this section of the Konth; nnd hnv
iiiK seeure.1 an head miller Mr. A. J. Kuhn,
from the celebrated Ilaxall Mills, of Kich
mond, 'a.,ainl Granite .Mills, of Aumisla.
(a., are now prepared to do a II rst -class bu
siness, KuaraiiteeliibT full returns for all who
may favor us with their patroiiuife.
We doall custom KrindiiiK for any and ev
ery lardy who desire it. II1111K011 your corn
and wheat.
lt.Cl.ANT, E. Kill V,
Ageut. UuljTT-tf I'ren't.
flips, 0 ;U
A'car ( 'of ;t in Tjhf.
.u . '..ii
Gash. Paid
Corn !
Custom Grinding'
mew Fin::n
Hlid It l (.'i
1 emery
A Ml
., i. ol
we tin 1 1 vv
Which w.
Low riatos
Wedding and r.i'ty Orders
tin i 1;;, I 1' 1 '
Slior i X 1 1 i co
And :. 1 .-
1 1 1
i' I .III
A lid eve
1 J I i
II ill!'.
: 'li to
1 Hi r liaki
1 -
irive s it isi:iet 1
1 1
We -ii 11 lent ly
I I 1 1 1 1 ;
of t he com :u -1 11 .
Octolier lot h t :
A 1. IT'A.
r p
pi'BLir um
l.-.i pom .1 1 r .1
I'LL L DUAiV!.'r
To 27th F
1: 75;
CI), u
Tint f-hort I
ot II. iV 11 1 1 -I
I - ' , II tl. I
'III nil t Im
1 1 .- 1 .1 H llielj
I e I I ii.' llir
10 IL sliotll.l
nounee.l is p 1-1
ilrawin ; will
17: h of l--.-l.ni .,
n rleiln i.iii- .
chaHo jt no id I
sciii:mi; is m m:
tii'h mm) i u k
20,000 GIFTS.
Ine Oram! Cash 1 M ' tf i.il
One I In in I C'isi 1 1,;, 1 paiioi
One (trail. 1 Cash 1.1M 7
( Inc liriind Cash ( ! ..iii.i
One (iraiidt ash 1.': :' ..i
h Cash I i 1 1 1 : " 11, i . pi. 1 imn
lUCash 1,111,, II .. . . 1 i.i.n.i
." Cusli lint ., .. ., 1 .i.i.at
2nCii.sli i,itis, . i ., 1, p.iiao
'llilsll I 1 lis, I . . -1, I.MI.I..I
:ieCasi lulls, .. .. 11 '...mal
an Cash (Juts, u. .. .. 1, i.,iat
ImiCash (iilts, I.imii,,, , p..'i.M
2IU ash ( .1 't ii. ni j m'i.
Sii 'as'i ,:tt-, I -1 1 ..-ii 7.1'noo
1!!,IIUU Cash (Hits, .,) , .,, ,1 !la.'iM)
(Iraud Total l! 1 .- ( it r 1, all (-;
$ 2, SO O
o 00
i'j:.n;ii' i tru:
.... ..- (til
. . IH
. .. .'. tn
. .. . "i'.II M
.. . I.IHI IH
tlio fiflh
-l I... .r.
' V I 1 1 bi
a' II tliO
Whole 1 irkl-li
llalveH ...
Tenth, or i-:u-li I .miihui
II Hie.!.- I ,1
-'..1 li kib. I'.ir
The ivtin-i)t of L-iii.. - ..I I,.-.,,,
day alter tiiu ilrav n,:; . I 1. .. 1 . 1,,.
MMlted or Hi lit P. I.. .ii 1. l..ii
Ituililniu. Eon i s v ill.-, 1 . . ', :i: li
t-tken u: aiel Mti-I bv i'i-Ii 1 " ;
r'urnier-i luid lifi it. hi i. .,- .,1
Every In. I . 1 e k- 1 1, . . 1 . .
1 1
1. ki t.
p 1 !ii
r ttet
..-iH livarnik' tie- in. "i M .1 I'" 1.:, .1 I
1 tltrri-li.re, 11 t.-nt-i ! . 11 , . i,;,!l
hnlil'ir tln-ri:"' In hm: . . n 1 -i ,., n: ,
V hulc 'i'li'ki-t 111.1 vkiim
lur tn-ket aid ii.:.-a. . . . I . . 1 ; , .
'1 110. 1;. tc -i v -s a.i : 1 ;
A'.I.M .. ' . . ...
I'uhlii: Lii.r.iiy iluil l.nh-.
lie. K,
deelH li;li7-', .
III. If I.IIti: i r: ;
or 4i.v
Ile-ithof t;it. J.i . ul ii.
i ( II tl ff
ji.m at !
I 1 . m ma
I r llild'i. V Siii-i . ..s..i .
Ccrlain Iclaiin j i.e.
A t II ineel in (, 11, . ,
1'utilii; Liln.irv of Kent 1. ;, v ,
. -X ti. in,
M. Itiiu''H,
.. I iris i;.
I i V oil i II
ki ntiii-Uy,
1 to taklr
! ..till of
.-Oli-tlt, of
; . 'U i-oii-
n""i, it was r mil v -I i I11'. ( ' '
Kfw , who ninler In.. It.. II .
I tram let to was I ho re i I 1 ..i ,. ...
gerof tliri 1 r i t ; ,. -1 ,
aiilof the I'nl. ;c ,, , ,,,
Im anil lie U liereliy 111 hoii.-.
tho piano 111 (.1, 1 v i.- . 1' I. .- t
H liii 111 !i III let t '1, in I 01 Miuii
tlio atlirn ot tho tit: It I 1 1-
con, anil 1 11,11, l cm 1 ,
11. n t lor
"i'iu'Iv hii.I
1.1 that iliy
relirury, 1'7, 17 . sh
Utieii.iviM-ull y ttl.r 1
wii 110111 mii v inri ,-i-
i 1. i 1 .1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 or
li.re .r.
1 -i 1:1:1 :rr, I'ich.
lo .
drUy on any aee im
li I.
John S. Cain. s,.c-h
Hereafter u!l e inn..:
ing to the .,th (,.... t
dressed to tho 11 i...
I'ledge invMcir tint. th.
coniH oil' 1'idiru trv :'7i 't
paiil tor tickets sin 1, .
. M. KUIi.i.s,, a .
Room I I'iiII,,- 1.
IlllisV ille, Kv,
i. ad-
.ni 1
I. .oil I
. im- slelli
... I.
1 '1 111 iger.
I. uiMing,
I.yiii-4 one 'n
Of Ashley, 1 11
Hols Cent r;i I ,-i
t'lH II
- HU.
1 -'.-i 11
It. It,, iu; 1.1 1 1
I i'aet eoiit-i i us I .
U'lneh Is 1 1 1.1 1 . -1 1
tiason II a .... 1 ,
all iiee.'ssai v ou:
stable; N w.-ll . 1
Cisti-rilHoiii. ;.l I
stabb-; a sj.ici, , . j
In full hi in 1 1 ., 1
peaelies 11 1 1 . 1 , ,,,
fellee. A n j
net It b.-u,- .111. x
lily 1.1 N.i .1, v
For ii-i iini a.t l..
jaiis7- lliiK-i
I lie
n-l es
I 'll s.
i- M

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