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The herald and mail. [volume] (Columbia, Tenn.) 1873-188?, September 24, 1875, SUPPLEMENT, Image 6

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rKiDAV. siir; km !;;:!: m, is7.
op;u:i.t if. .1 i . rj t ! t!aa mus-
COIir ;.; v.i; j v.-.:tl .i . ' rou ; d, ill :.o.:., i
wo:. I ; bi t; ul io a; p;y one mo i: i d
all loothi;.-, !: 4-q-uTi imp .; be
llU 4 l-Vo ui' i.ioic ilt &o .biiia as iu a,.
"lit of the .M .-il 111' lie il v; of o..e piae.
Ibut ;!:, i.'jp.-r ..-n id eve v-ii i;-t i i a.
a glance whet d .-y .-si:.t:i uf po.'.ds aa.,
hatching hoiss-v oe in-.-.r IVii-i.)'-.!, ;,u
the successful, and above all, iLc ee-m
omic ii worki' .-; t.f s..m J . . , . i. . ...
jociivii of w::4t': ::; -' . . i,.r-. ", ,
lance as a "fish farm, ir :s .-;:.... ii.v,k"
i,l,l. i.l oli. r ;, I,.,.
pOlrdtPeliU l.lij-t !,;; elil'tio
ova-. S,tv ii :.; a is i s.
5: r.
I.vatj V. i" !!-
,1 : :t.p
:i, vv
i'oill ib!Il':'l
set ves renr-Less ot i'ii.t.u;.:. l...j"e
they were ..i'-'-u juada fit tix Ii dis i . '.. id ii.
wor ',"t i.ure but i
ih-- i :
I . ,.f l!
o:!!:in s estate, i
many attractions oi a i:u!
Otlds tlltPt s i ',' , ;.:i ; ; blob
c-iaiiy !i.i:.,ks, vyou-i. const duie lis
princ: pie wow and chiei c.'.pens- of 'in
work of preparation it. tin: edablisbinen
' a hsb lar:n
l't.r .shoce .psfui ii-ii e.iliiire. niid w'ti. :
T.ew to
eo coinincicini jjwi-:. --, il.irt- .:,:, J-
fMf.-liiil.i. )i SlK.pill ;.,;. II a, I T J
''' "i.-'t .oiv.-:i:c-i!!;iv.;l, .:.;,.. .'. t!,-,ii I
the w.i". r 'y, vu.-iii. r i; i,.--
ir i nii'i ii. w ri:..s: xi.irut- , .;...: I
.uo situutvi hi rf-r.-tu-t.- to iiui.t .1. I
lii-i i.iri-is ai.'l !i.i'.;i.:!i liuiisc- to !..
j'-.ff.-I. K...tr ('.-.-t i .:a-t fall cotii.n,i:t
vi Kh ti,.. tjutnoution of w u'tr tbrouti U-
I-'.;. at ..jl'.il.i, I':i;,:,j!v c:ni;.'n , k, i ;. j.
ti;u w;ttcr i'l most uisuw,! of t:.-m
!:! ii;al;h cf tht- li.ii
S..-5-t lv Soul",
t ;m ; i Z ; ; : ". i ti"iwi;i"
'ii an Ti. ri s I y Hun, .J. Jiftiii y, n
l.-n kn i.i". jtt M;ir Vi:lc, T lni.. Alls!. .
I ii-iV.- s.ii'l li.a! !y laiioi", su ji;.l:-!ii--riti-.;
wi'h tl-,c :r:i:cs ( ti ua'ity n'i f coo!.)
my, v in ty iict-Mii!.; rich. 'I his is not
in.Tf opinion ii:isiipnor!i-(l fy fit;;y
'u'.r kn.m-i-i.lU'.' of ,Sin;i.-t'slal men
l.:!i.-in-s l tie j r. position, ns rcaroi per
sons. As to coiinnunitit-s, it i.-i proveii
by tatit'n-s.
c havi- sera that Massachusetts uu.I
Co i; tiro icu'Jllioilo Is'a'i'l and 2s ew Yoik,
an- : cli a:i t tliat we mi: poor. i his un
i ipi it.-i distribution of wealth is nt-t the
re -ail t. oi (.iiancc. The Crparor h s 1. !!
no, li.aU to i,'n:iti'. !iis ovornment in
the inorai an l social, as in the physic. t!
'.vim !, I, is a i;ov rninent of law. All is
ri'uuiur a!i o'i,'il."ico to His wii!. As
wi- coaf r,u to that will un 1 su! j--i-' oar
selves In i lis la'A s, wu i:av e tie riht to
Imik f t . he rev'arls that He oilers to
Kow, ti:e rich eoniniutiities of which I
nave spoir n i.ave not n m, .re Kotnai sari
nor in: re fertile sods nor moro abun
dant min. -i-nl deposits than we ei joy, ia
dee.J, nature lias not been to thei.i so
k:n 1 as to us. Their men have not jrn lit
er strenuth nor natural catiieities oi any
kind. ' .
What '.s the cnu-f for tliis disparity
'J 'In; i-.-nsus rerurus to which I have rc-I'ei-ied
utl'.irl ma h curious and iutereat
inu iiilormntion i 'i regard to our people.
Am-niu oilier things they tell us who jv
at Mrk and who ar idle; who, rnd ho.v
many, are creating wealth, and how m.my
are dr jm-.s ill the busy iiive o! imlustiy.
l'V,n:i tin s.; returns we iiud that in Rhode
is,':.., id til p t cent, of her population,
in Massachusetts "'J per cent., in 'oi.
ncet.eiit p.-r cent., and in New Ji'ork
( p.-remt., were enslaved in 1-70 in
liii'u! ..cciipatioiis. while only ''. per
cent (, the j .!e i, 'l'i niiessec were so
cnuaU' d. In oti.er words, in every IOOi
ln'i's in; we nave ei'-veu more i.li. r- i
than they have in llliode Idand, ten more ---
than in M issactiiiv-'.ts, seven more that, 'ttse
in C ,:.n. c:ic it, live tuoie than in Nov i
York. We have only 2- persons in every j
tub or. to !;.- ,x u-t numbers, 3'7,:t." :
at worlc. and '.'ijt.'.'i who are i-tle. 1U-A ' : be ? e. o-.J '.ton.1.,! v io i
ll.i - lar.'-r number i ndndes the i.ire.i and j s
iiitirin the w, iineu ;'.nd ei.ililn n. j V
Kai not aien ' .:. p!iy.slc::l shi. iiaV- We j !
dis .bi ye l the Lev .,f our heuiu ,
ma, ie in:. n in h; . v:, iniae, ".i.d by . . .
d. .inu it.iv ! j f ie, "t oniy mora! hut i:i- j
teilee-1; d I o ;:',' a mind tv, oo.-erv. .
e. l,:ieil J.. -.":. -n.-i iutel! -lltly t- i
Itfect hi-; ..' : i.. -- to ; eomm i.id, '.';;.u.e., ry C.,ur'. a.ii -oi a.
. ,!- l,y the :- at ! bis ', r,;.v he :l:,iil ; viii.; on S !!;: !-, eV'.".iJ'VC !
"..uru: .re.,d No.v a :-i!iil.:e consider ! !.. I. M v:-r ,. Jo,!- , A. M. M:;i-.i
Aii .lr.. ; i ! ! -, i !! : i
i.--is-s l.riO. .v , '.
Lfl:.. - e I,', ..,,,,, -"IO!
l. lie ;.., v i I :
i-' be i'.v i,, i Uj.co i i.
I'iOx ;.t I ..e i,. , ; H.;: : . ;
:b.-u H.:,e i i.ji'.ii : eii WI,'.!--i:t oi.L i,v
:,-l' ;e ' . 1 : i, ; t l . ' I ' Ml.v.il'i in a : eil I ,
, airs is a 'u. i :y l.iiitl. i Ii, ii : :.o !oi :. ! (;,-. 1.-
4 j.i-'.s vi . .v l.e.le .'- - ie.o. t: e.,.iei
' 1 tie -: 'i , . :-.,, , ; : ', ' b':
ilOl-e, tllul-e are e.;i ,:1 f,-i:,:-
e.uiiy ,ti: I uramlui: lo e. . lOeii. e
!lir.li.-ll, ::-;!'.; .1.1 t- jit.-u b. 1,1. IV ,;:
11 A Til, : w. a. latta: i. v. chai'tell. .ioiin i'. hauiy;
yes!..- hituils, toe i"est:u-tlon ef life ty
ic:-;.-eii o;i is iiuleed app itlius;. it is
es! i .ii.. ; . i.a t i i ere are ill use su ctiiiiiriiietl
ii lib il l, i i f IiiIenii.eiatK".; as to liear T J
tie '.a i ,.' a.uniii.ros, Lo im. Ue ail army ; HCW faftVI W H'fj
I.S lip
-a o i : i . :
! ei',M"J, I llie-fcC'.-' UiiKia.ty lia
Mill ,! .- j t, lilting tlis'iouoivil ;;iiive, vix
vvt'i 1, ;i:,ii. no:eii uu.I unsung.
'i'lius -,v see, my Irieie.ts, tliat Intemper- i
nee is ti. i ii ii: Ii t list fiiree that elosis I a .
p. tigress ef U ;:m.I, Jti whatever piuisei: I
be ii will, sbeia. uiui-al, iiiteiieeti:ul or r, - i
:ii;iiiis; t.o sum it up then, we lin!, t!mt i j
,. ; , oas i -. ri toe sfiory vl neaiin irom :
elicek, .-.aii pln'--ii t i.ere til.-re.iitisli line er :
..... 'ie v.ineeub. it iia.stnU.-n til.- UiMtn irons '
o,,,v .. til.- t .. e, an.'l m-ete it dun and htoodshot; i; )
i.e,,'., , lias ij.en tieau iy an.t t:iuiie iness iioio iJ.e i
i'!a'.--i:, " ''e, Mni ieii it ill siiapen itie.l hlont oil. 3f. .? ' ,
p, e.w I a Ken strt-uatli fioni t t;e J in.t'S, a ;i-k ft
j,, ; i;, . ; in-iae iii-;.i wenk tin-l t Itviin,-,. It has fi- j -.
':el. v i : i i l ! Irotil ihe liloo.i, Mini til It-li Ii. I
v,llll .,,;,.M -11, ;l 11,1 .seiits oi Uisea-.- alititliaM . ;
i: :i..s l.i-iij.-o fie toiijitie lo luaiiuei-s un : i
'irsi.-..-, i: ios tr.rii'-d tlie liunds from
'i-eiis oi iiseiu I lo ss, to become illsUuiueu'.- j
el lirtratily and muiiler. it has biokt,D lio
! es ol ii ieiiilslii ;,, ami planieil seeus ef en- j
- it l-i-moii:-, ui.i: r.t e., t- p (e.ei.s tip nuiy. 1 1 mis niac.e a K mu md'iiirent. mu er
1 1 w,- v.-( ,ii. intiiffiii,. i.l u.e wori.i. Tie s ' ru e,aim a tyraut. Ana, new m.v irienu, j
-pec.ua; or, iu senieii U.r more oi treu,-- i is inereu.i iicip tor us. irom luis Kreut luuui.
i lu. , 1 eili-e . r I ,,i si ::-. s wiii'-ii i, !'.,; 'he ' xo.. -V Hill" ,! wml ooiiics up noiu utw
! -mien iliw, ii,m i.n; seimiig met;,!- .i,i,l : a! e t 1 , oi a es, hrokeii hearts, cius ii ed liojie.-.
j a- ...i.is thaiiiatuic t.j;.-s ii.-r eu.s.ia.: ie- i n" 1 s-'iuanu". l-eb lortune-s all over the luini,
i ,v . ,11 iiie, a isi siii i iie-y i.o e.tlj with it. tat-re is lMruon the bre-z3 the
j woulii !oi..- vo'i'lh, mei'.-i iri eiisiliia- ' --spairi i cry " is t iiert no help (or us".
I I .:,-. .ii.o , I. - ,ne the eieve. ion of iie'tii i (! I i'l.ank lo day there seems a tlispositiou
,.l ;. i . . . .,,.,. i.n-i t! eii- e i . : ' iu e i iiie el.v, . mi liHsie in toe r- sent
,111, Wm l UUT, fcUf4tiKMB ! !
. 1 1 .
ei in
Year Cohtmlna'.
reek ritiie d
. l!,e v 1 1,0 . i.i.
i rainetiie mltl tun . p;i-i u: i .s,; ie. vaiiey. ,
' sii" ; n'o'.ii.ii.imj alet tue stre(.-lit...
ee .alls, tliat wnieii w '.I, :e I i very
" i.iii . a nO lo-ier his w i 1.1, ;i m I ; i ion. T;;e
el Vibi: in i r .,,,;i? s .,;i io i.e .',' i.e.i en,.-.-
f" ". jti' sirs "- i
li iiirll'riiiI!iHii
CALL AT 'N( i: on
io art;iici-l pioductio.i ol fish j : '"S(oQ''n "k.,.
el.ii- I. el, -,i ,;, i
le.'.e, t
i :. en mv iViemls com..' with lis, we invite
, i ii.ty. v.e l.e you 10 join us. For our order
! i'. '.lis eii lee rock of Teini.er.inre. nut of
-1 V H' 5
-;o: -
ir"b:.b'i-i i 4--VeViii ".iVs'ii- i vviiich e-.e ii rystal streams. I ts sides are
.',..'''.;; 'j e'' iei ii. ' O iiii.iu.-d vvilii the emblems of trntii,
iliilie of,
. - b f , ,;.ei. f o 1 . . ,' :.. :-
: 1 1- Jliiie; ei a i'e,(t i:. b I
1 .le.s, wills ill: Oi the.-ie liO'i
,1. -, I .ii.it veie i''- -lb ii lo I
. i u r a i.d ... to-r, we y.-t
t V, - .el ! ' - ;4 1 1 :i,i liii.'i i , . . ii i t .1 l '. . j . y oii ftee
oi'b:.,.' ! tue iUAy l:;h!e,the blest honk ofWort.-Krom
j . , . ; : i l-'.tiies come oi:r priueipies ami ourdu-
1 1-
!-. ili; i :.:y
riiveii eo'iOi-
la.i.' !ii:ui..i(i'.t
iui, lo eo.il.'
,1 e! ';o..i.e,,
; .ex.) e! ;,i :
l.iilbiiiity eob-
',,1 eiil -e Ul
so-.ipti oi the ponds has a very uuinipor
' ir;t ariiiii lipoii thesuctcss of ii.-h ra;:-
" j.. eouie p: leir iuiurisi" avvr ;;,.i, 'i;e
I' . i 1. 1 e i ii , . ,.,i,o ,:iui.iu ; i , b . I i .
'A'iiile others advise them to lie pyr. ;',,;:.; i ,'
or pear chape. Th'-re 'ilijjht suen e.e,- .',
i': iiiatio'i . 1 the .surf-tc uf , h-s ', o i a - i r'
,ie:n ii.'i o il r s'lji."!. loii, ;,a-!-b v
a el ii 'ep, r 1'her t', M wide an! sh.d'.-.vv
in o ptii. Air. S.'tii -ii-ei,!, wo .so j !,
.lent iu ail piscieuifi.-:)! :i; iticrs is mi'iior
i'v, s.iVi- "I is better i iinv on-' wi .;.
' H raisiit l.re nuaiber of ii-h lo j
tiave seee. a.! eries ijl' jioieis thin to ai- j
. a(i tiusii'u a. lai'ber nuiuee!' uy mcr
t'U th.j size of iiie poiiJs. r;.,h do
ie.-I so v, II iu iarue p Mi.i , , are not
-iiiiy take-i cure of, ami -:-.t ;..-!: o
more '
.W'srriiise of Kote, ;
th. A' lit,,,- ufttit II, r il l and MiU-t '-.
j On Wednesday ovo the lotb last , I
wi; ib-ssf-i! the marriage cereiuoiiy t f -i
.ween Mis- Mo; lie V. Kins near Mt.
i i iesiit. f.f tfii-i IManrvi ( 'im i'.t v. aiol
l, '':?..' vel v' ::e;uV ! a Mr. t'ojie ui Kuoxviilo, bot h nnits.
e ceiT" !i--.'!iy v, as p.-rtoriiioij Dy Kev.
, : o J
Ilbi,' eibi l,ol
til .1 t i
: .'.e,' - 1 . a I'l. '..111, 1 : . 1 i 1 1 , 1 1 ,''
e., :;;:-i'e. ; mi
t.V sui'i lee lei..'
ei.re.M ami i'i,-st iui .'.r biioii -. Tiiisi;!- J. S. I-'rier-of., who had the interrogato-
1 1 ibo-.-'i. i is i.i- . ,,.s i. u-e;-.e N' rit' out, an, 1 aiter read
, i. d, alia ,j.e el.i V L'.eopali
Oe-iOiv-eii ;l .';',: o'.s lb ... i
...i ; lii'.u.k ita!,,.!.: ,,i ... i , bb ; ;.,i-',ni, who woitet iead, look at the
sai lae.e. v.ii'V i.. ! ou.i inii;;-:!-., Hon Llli'-Ku their BekllowitMlg
:.',:!. -ie ia-ii-.-i'i. v:,-ie,::.; i 11,1 ! ib- . i. ! f . , .,r,.r..n.
ii to i-i and v, i:-, iiit-.i- '.vl;i :h lie
: ': b'iu.i tij. ;,, ii ei: vh!cU be Lad
Wheat and Corn!
4 $ A 4 & $ & $ &
e st a
Giistom Grindim?
Cpposito tio Sliest I'ou.c, Smth. Haia Street,
j FOR Till: LATHS r AND W ST i'(i'UL. 1 -1 V i i:s or
FID STABLE 111 disss mm i
cvn' Vehicles of all kinds for hire. Uncle Touimie 1 iu n'ass wi", he on hand to drive the
"Old UelinbteOmniiiu:-" to and from ail trains. a- FiitS'r'K.tM.S XVl.fJJ.K A Nil
ISABSiK'i JiU-si:N. mayM-7'j-ly.
Virc :ue olUriiig tnir larjjo a.-siu tnicitt of ( in-pmlim
.nm.,. l-lill-j '..,. ,..'.i II r I' it
, 'iv.- i,,i v .i.'ii iiiiiuiu.si vi v , i ;
-July KlLli. l75,-tf.
, Li.n ii-, i'tiiitcs ttiul
J. L. Dl'NL Si CO.
.I()S1 (J. JiATLKY.
lm. dMUiu u lu
i .
;Ki;i ab-ii l j the asxetnbly, lie
:: ti i i -i tbei'.i to the bride ih!
i ; a l
' el I
1 ,on-i'.:i.
-: 'b, it i
( 1KI
'. 1 ,'
.el ,j;
; it io
1 il .
d ill, im
. I l, .1. e ;-.;, -bat 1 1, ,i..selii ; -iii.e.
r : .ill. t ...as 1 e u (j .: - 1. -...
;.-ss ni, .on;, ;,i!il Hi. .-jeep
i . v : ., at e , iu the
III'.:;; names with her
wa . tue inut impressive, if
. :e j'e ,
u .- , e
eels ' very lOOllttl, o l ' b s..,: ,,. ;
.,1 ly. 'i'te'i 1 lail i.s - i' o : I uver
Olli.'e. At tb" t.oxt nie-.ii.i;'
-.b'o r, - ie;
'N. .v il !i
O-.L-r .-.it'.- I
i t i it or oil r j..' ,;ie tre- -i-oi-":-:1
i;i eii its fie ii ie.
:'is "i vi. .; !!.,: o'titie':! -.viii 1 '
;.' i- .lib.. .,-,' thv. :) ,y. !e
;i. :ile r ,1 ! (.nitty Hr ii:l--i
it. j;." a. ib.bi;:;
an Jivii vs i tii .m v
r Ue o. 1.
. : . .ii.. i i ,i
is. b i. i
or ii.re
i,.n ! ;,i;i v ii'i'.ii as lie rehearsed.
'i he e -.in .' over, congratulations
.vere eii .: '.!, ibo br i"d.' i o C r. ouuciug: her
i'iObls, l
coi. em ei,i3 i.e.iat liiij e'oretiiony tuat i
have ever Keen. A handsome supper
v,;s if; rfiditiss, ..ml it is useless to say
tliat it received S;ooiI uttoiitiun Ju.sl
two '.v. eKs before t hi! marriage above
reiat-i, it oroiher ot Mr. I'ope'.s, who
A iis also n iiium, v. as married to a mute
:i ar Ktii.xt il'e. .. M. '
er '.utile era
ation -i
w.u.t- ef man as he exists ,n ti. 1 no o j , oi iiie ( ...m
eiviii-;i soeii-v. w.il milk- pi:on io n , '. ' ' ' ' I
! '- ' - 1 t ike !.-S::;H:S,rJ:,,e;:.
1CS. . :e,b , h , u-ee,v. I':i"re wi ,? too r . i iv e
;:en oaiv r- .pib. s ! . .1 tnr the b,,- j :; ,, ,i ,.
tlvbaitbii! ; ti,,- tun.!; aiel, M.perad j ... ., p.. . i . .tier-.- , ;-s !
di-d .. i -j t h'-i'in : to pp.l t j i-i - ei i:, e : , ,-, v -,v, ,-.. ,,.
l.ini in.-", :!;-e,!d ot'v.iii.r fite.l ii. r t . -jf,..;. i a
; ' i . y i ' !i:i - : eliie e . . ie ; , .: o i: . I :
j b -i e 1 v Ii - i be 1 , i ., I u : e ail i ii e e: - j
111 .ii . ill. I
. i - eo ; . ' e i . o i tv n . v.
; j A', il -Ii,, ,. ,1, ! t....,f M i i bi.vs'bi- " d
1 i i-'-be io t.lko eb ir'e ef rbie ', lb 't';e-v
icli ';. .1 ;' d ie.! prodiu e, be m'l-t j dM. ;;ii!.-; I. . .wHb!i-h .1 iirst-elii--
.'i.';.'. :.i I .-N-.'.mers am! loeouio- , 1., . i . 1 i im-e, r; !,1 re im-i. proe1.!:-
. , t 1,1 :.re ie ' i -l'. e' l b ; ., i . ,e . ; , , 'e
j i.b. . .-; o.
thl nay i ,i
Hi! ilbl,
i !."!:
nai , i .
i.i : generous -Ii
is v.-a -it.-, ie- :,
imp!, ii) ',' - 1 ;
, li iie '.Vbll
beast -
-, in:
i... i.
not cons. line and buy tea
t v -.- u.
iv I...- o.eiv vv, i,ts, a
., ! ...1
lered m !'
ilbiilb . , o , i - v !. i
i,b Ii tbe .;!. dilbd .s t v.beeb be
.... a eb ! f bbih that the ei-iel... a
, - ; , i . ids ,l,e '..'ii b" . ..bited ii!
j.ia. v:ier.' tb .' ; ;' ' '" '"'' !,;-;
line: t 1 -. -'! is
t iti..'.. ;' I ee ,:il,,
t:tl, ! 1- i-.e e e.b a-
jiels I e.v. y - ft
liilll. J ei , l-S .-id.
t'OStS ri .f 1.1
war.'. 1 a ... - . la
labor u'i: ov.ii '.. i
; i k 1 1 ; ; ; i
i Tim so
! ' vv ; ai
i .; ',1 v-rs
' 1 -v er .- ! ,
: I
r . i ' oi.
d. !i if ' .
I lid -v j -ei i
,;:., I i i -u-'-i
ni b is Mr.'i
A ii-o;n r- oi
le! ::ee
( On,
' t
X'ti'' to !.ilii;iiiils.
I t'.ni ' id. re, i liy the Chiincclloi- to rive
.iiie 'hiit in order to expedite the btisi-
s f ibis Court, a pvrijuiptory call of
e iloeket vviii be iii.bli: at t!ie eusuiliu
bob;-: lerm, said cal! ctitauteiieing at
, beuiii'iirts of said docket, ami in all
-en p.ii-iii'.s eomimiire; wid be taxed
.'i the Cobis, ai;d vv'tien continued by
: i te, e-e-ii vv.i! be (i'vide'l, aiH iii
;., -r ee- :b s iits continue. I wi 1 be
.:-se.i :e 'b"- ''be"! : ,,f the docket.
!. Jb Cooi-Kii, C. &M.
We would respeotfully infuim our eusiium't'.: ami inildic I'du rnlly iliat
Mrs. Kryaut law just retiiriui frin New York with -i Lu-tV tnal c:m.tilJv
sc-loctetl stock of
Bank of Columbia. SlQrill
FUNJ), -
I,. I. MVfiKS,
40,000 Woods, Nevk TIe9 Eod
( uslsiiT
ni f. :
General Bankiu Business Transacted.
,-iuu wiMw.i ia viiii-cei-y, . ...
OOLUMRIA - - TFXXKSSFK hich wo Vvillsel! as cheap sis atiytiiii'. r rcsyeci i'dliy solicit an cani
feU?-75-tV mitioii of our stock. We still koci) oil Iniiid ami innk e on -ii.,iic-L mdin
. .
mmh ?eEXii!iiiTiiRS.
V t , nbic-rimr e.r thfi ttanr-i ivf i 'ireittors of
iif) Maury 1 etuity A uri- utrural, Mcehfinical,
' i .-ri u; ruriii ami Live rHai-k i .ci'r'y, .on
b.ii.l.iy. the nth inst., 'iie followinit preirii-;!!i-
wbu'b wi'rst'.teider.t.ilSy ..mi'-tci in thn
;' ecititnt eft' 'i l'reiniuin Li-: f.;c ls"5,-fr
oil', iiii .;.-. ;. i I.K. wcTr. iixed, and ?re hereby
T- s;-eetf j'-!..' -i.hmi. led to tie.; y.utilie fur the
!.,::,( lit . ! cxh ' lier :
a :':.J over t en
,. 7 ,"-J
, 5 1 .1
. 5 ha
lei treier th
l v,i, ir ...Li .oi.'. uau r two
hers " lleifer cm!!
' '' ! Very Itosi.r-ctfiiUy,
liliij. OlIILddlKS.
Secret .ry.
-ea the y.- j
Us ..'' til !
re ebaux '. I
:i i-.t - .o - ai l v !. a ti;.- i ,
mi- i! e .' article, t ., o:
li.i.. t.'.i'i-poi t at ; : -nri :eo
;i:';-t have .'s i- '!'r"
;;I pibdm-'io., tb. i ;v
.1 ce.l- 3 ; s ....
o save
. 1
is eo..;, to provide io.- coin
forts of life as li-.p'y as p. is.-'.hie, every
comnieni'v ubl, as fur as practicable.
in.tk-' wi :; ;: . t;m the br -nd no !
j!ii' liii-.'t, tb- li.i'- ami ooois fid cioio-
sue; ;.,..! c.r.ibi.b r,;i.!..,
f rV Ot eVerV i- , ii i.
Jiy :.i. ore c.,-i,. ,b
We ij.scover that .' e ie
.ir.,rt : .j ;'.'. o.ir
devoied .esisei
ill a. ( . 1 1
made i.ne
i.ir w ,bl- We !, .v.-
to.; ewlii-uvmv lb i
r-d.vn n;
. , d - ,1 !,.-.-;, i
, ; '. '. i i ir on -.
',.'."..'".'.'.... .ii
t nil' ex; : lo
! : be i i .:. 1 ;, ' s
.,1, ...
i b e, ,-
v. i ,
."' ''!.
is iiirte r I, .- !
:l; A iii U bill tb
:,; ;:ii,bod and j
a e a;:d ; I
Estate Azmw.
b ',:,-,! : t: ,: Aitf uev
..;.! v.bli ncii-eiate iu .'i-dases
1:,! est ,r , in tii.. tnvn and
iie: o a! Ob id to rent nisi the
You Travc-
Mash villa,
fiT5 M A Y T A J f f A
w a a s a n j c m ur ji g
C'llTi1T Tb .1 1 .iii.mtTte, . . r - ,
iiiwuun, and will isiViUl' or I MAlv witn loooioiiicss nm- orders ex
tended to us. o have also on liaml a Inrpist ! ci' lem's il.tls ami (Jem's
Undeawear and Boy's Clothing, wliiidi we wi!! -eii :d f-.-L, as wo i amed litui-
oiieit ;id exainiiia-
tion of our stock.
esc W ALjli S
cffice, orrosrn: .i:i.s- nor.- ;:,
Representing the Following Fin.t Cia-j Companies
vKJ'XA LIFE, . . :4, .e
! AL, i f faverpuol. - -
IXSl'RAXCE r().((.fXith AiiuTicii, - -
( OXTiXKXTAL.ofXiW Voile, - .
I'iKEXlX, i f New York, - - .
of New York,
AMKKU'AX CKNTItAh, of St. Loni , -TibNX.,
MAItlXE AM) FllUO.of Nadiville,
tjKoss Amou.nt Assunts JLi:i'kk.sk.ti i
I-i JTii.H.VI'K-,
-, isd.'idli.Od
i, i;."i,.'t:7 (HI
t.,c S'tlkl
Ion, lOi) 00
V,' lave in onronici- the Largest I n idrancc '.u poi.r i m ,n iuc woild. nd
can nice :;!! who favor us with llieir pal r.map. sure jndei.iiii! y. Mr. I'.iiley
of 1 in- ilt ni ins mi experieni't' of nine 'i4f s in !be I, u -in.--, uel li n never
iaded ti setHe IX Kll.l, ail losses, uudciii le, p. i mi -si.ii, r l," lo.iov and all
ol Id.- old policy holders cither of Life or Kin". !! -m.: .. .. .o !.... i.niin..
els. wlii'le. '.uir 'ii n!-
Jaii-i i, lS7d.-ly. r.AIlii i 7.'.' - , .-.-cats.
A.iri! 2d. 1875.
L. W. h!LA'K
wis y?r
W. .1. -dOtHM-:.
.Migu-.t 117, 'T.t-lru
o '
-, . o ,
. Ib'V
: - m i
the W W.V. IUr
s-1 - ; i . Tei.-.r tin- DeiMvt i'rel erty tliat
ii ;.i b,r i,s If in i.v yen-.--, in enterprise
: tein !-. at the i,ri( t- asiie ! fer it. For par-
:i '.r.-. i" ib'f en t'lo rc-rni-?
J. Mi N i'it'iCAML).
First Class Saddle and Harness Horses
Through Sleeping Cars S
To Meet Ml Trains
WS-aS Vta"bbtii. bi u
le.jiiin Tb-iy.
Tn ff r ir, os a a
jjj vv or u s-p o i i
Leave Nashville for Memphis daily nt
at .i p. m.,ai!ii ai aiviini at Mempliis rtii i a. in.
akintr close couneciious to all points, tor. LilrAl n 1 Oi. K.s v'
a x i) i ; i:s i'
i M i r. ! i . 'o
,t . 1 ,
la a.i ::
1-To. tb. iv
thoa- .. !
.-iv " ' Ij"
ii a .a , . : .'.'
pre be -r -
cere., ,
All Oti
- el.
....-I ! at cs t :,.-', . ',ven-. i e is ; i ,,io bt
ei ... iie bun.;;'. :! and fie !-s b.ieidoib
i:..V o .-.I. i exactly f.-s! .itveo's .
, ,-i bjelle.re.. i tiiis ! ' ii ii ': V e
,,.'0 1 ,. .- t . 1 .el l Ol t:," S Ml. ' ' I ' '
, , e . , . i a . i i , eo , i. ii i ;
. 1 ,'bb ! ot' ev rv i, il l, while ie j
,i. r-.. its that i-, in Iiie pto'es j
ind I
-it- n tt.it
. it i- '
x ie '. pr-,-to
be lbs:
V 1 - I
. . e : : I
. : ... j
flV-"5f .r ''I i: t J
of I-i--';: Hill
a ii: of Carter's
i :
: l ,
eioiis, in i.u in n a i
e.'in niei ee niei ! r l
(,,."iii.iaio, p.-r.- ee-.
Now. la t s-
Ken; 11
d nianulactiiro
b'l.iri: !;(: rev id .
;. 'a iiie 1 C IO" lit V- i'v
. S:V... ai.d -dvaa
111 t ,
i n,i tie. t iiriir ii 1 ;
;. re to lbiiiet ! Tt e Mlll.il .pi--..
i V Il ;t 'A' ! ' .1 ..
V, eo Mai nil i :! j.t taut time a total. ; ti.-it. J i r-iS t .'.'''
'hi ,.i'-!i.-i'. ti!. L. '.Yf0ii per- I i -b.s ;-a , tliinL.-) be
sons -;'. ,''i;:ll, I 11 I.i! 1 i be :;!', 111)11 .
iy Vj:;.(a!.t in idl other pursuits.
IJllt lb t1.. r. ib.li'eb-r ol' i .:. St.i'i-, 1.:
i lee a ,pei:i ; i',ii ot . i I i , on iy ii,--".
Ooo .... ,v ,,, 1 - s '. o-b ..'t:.ri-. : ;oi t
! ' . ,'' I
.o, bad. (,ca mi,' ru.-- ei.,.',,;,!- !. -.;!',
A Oil I - i- I'l'lil !,' ! -Lo p b Oi d 1 ' ; i '
1 111 ; I :,o.' !i !i
i .b.ii,:.- V pieeio r.
, :.-k its- ; n 's t :
i ei i : 1; . i . , . .
. :. ..-.'.
., !-. wi
lil 111) b
, it !
i i
i v ' -
111 :l--i
ibe 1'rii
. y-uirei
iiaiiy w .Mo
.-. ,i - .1 b
ii .a i i : '
. s , j : i , i i ; i -
, .ie. 0 v a '.
w i- s
tie- !.
,..oe.l ie, i. .
p; o .,.
wrii'i a p d 1
teel '. -:
..i ths ; ill..' 1
; !l ',t ",
ii.' ;.;:.
ir,; t.' o;,r S
fin I re.: we
C ei. in a."
tni nil'.', lb'. i
i--,n, 1 -..'!' w:
p b ii ill.ei , v.
bad , i.:.. TJ - !
..'ultare. I"': ',':.
iid .'. s.t.od- ; ;
Ne.v V..f . wi.
'''' lb ie :,.
had mil', i-7 . i
the .ea;':,;,: !, r
s ins a;. I d.ii
! .- a .
iv t ,',
I eiual
.tea t-i
1 io- ;
- ..-i.,n d i: e.-eiiii-i. ell ei led in-
I ' . '11-'' w.i''v- '..it. ..'id op. ell
. sbi'iid-l'iviiih. lsf,. .mder
,. , .,1' '.v m. Ab.icr;-,.!. with eoai-
i :. -
e.il '.' ;"! e..it,.,st!y s-rrive to train
r it-oftdaecs; t.i itpress umn the
,;,!,.,rt m -o of moral re.'titmlo,
e practical tell ilnrs instead of
,i ii
I i i ; .:
o I. !"i. ttl,
1 ei tbe ot1
iri. 1.
, . t , t . v . 1 - - e ' -
.:. 1 ill'd : l.-if .. p!
. i.i.ni-". ie io i e .;.' : t "
, i : i ' i ' i ;..,! a bo tralisp
vi., i 1 is a ' .;!!. v-
We t l'e i ,
i .r i.i "Joo.' eo, ;
'. e:- .j;. -.I'lii ilri- I ,.
..... ...ei e.rii.e ae.,1 to .- i ; ""-i '
a':,! :i-.i.sp...rtal'i ip i '' .
''SO, .lb--, el. W,i.-- J., f..u,
1. liM I'l - -vo'-bo b , ,
ill- Iv -
fi-.s :.! '
I i
,-e.i ii ;:i ee ! w',',: ee : oi'iue'e,! by Mb-s
: i ' st. i :, ii .in svid u.io every ciiort to trive
il ATiIS.
".di e n p.-r turra. viti.- i. c i',..'C mi :!7da.
; .'. ' a' ii-.r:ip;ei.r. -...',.i.
' itiusie. e .-'rei.-c.- c.ii'ii day, li'ce.
'r-.. vdi; 4- : !.'!".
i. er 1 i'i p.-iv .ie Leibiies. cmveriieiit to
:,,.,;. lie iieJiaL' va-!iiae'. ii-iits, etc, at
,t.-i'.-; r,; ie,-.
.niU'div th.n cx.'Vpt in ease of protracted
it i an leu! us ,i birta-s tin' I'rincii'iib or
,S. s. I'i ill 1 Kit,
'. .ic,--; ..--an. i'res't llnurii.
First Natonia! Bank
it illll.ttll.l. I I'llll
c i i;
' : : ,1 :
e, i' b
i el IV,.
, , y
li.ii b
s-.fi .
Me,,,, i bi
- e irre.-p i ; i ; i . - o! I ';.
l.r.o.st t b ,!;- '..leetil! t
l.-O.:- 1 ..
d He!.. .
..it. Ai '.p. "
nee be .. a .d b- ...' !..
is o , , i.i ' i.i -' s;
i'!lC" be: ' ! CM
is to -:.r i to !':' , b,
to tb- ::sere ...
tie- b e, ! v.-b-.re ! e
-i , o bio i'i - .) iar i
el .-.y .oil preieb -e
v iii a',..' I , y ar,1 i; ab
Ai'it , t ' , a "! b in i !
him .' week. l b
is I i i l p l. i.. :i,;d It
e.v t :
jo 10 p.
i : ;i '. licoo1
li open t
i '. 'i' ' i
Kev. !', e, :i
!or i'.'i sale;.! :'.. ...
in .!-: . . b. ,,t. i b i
. i i . . i I I .
'. ,: mo p I
e 1 b V Lav
:r .s..,.l . we, iv i
P., ,r i,.i il
j io i ma, ii :
( r.
i ;
KeV. 1.. i.
1 ;- in ( '
I ll .
West, oi
1 t-.:!
tor ,1 ! ,i .
.1 ill :cg il
eii p.'.e, u
lie., ;;. lb:
. vv l- bb ' :.
I , I ;p , . .;
v! . r ,' ....
A 1 r .-, ..
, ;. c 1 , . .
pi iii:- i ons.
! . p. I'l.lMr.-ss.
i iioiiias
Jolli, i'l'.er:
i". 1!. Kains,
i, ,). !!.
iiiiriiii and
eel and ip.v-
W est ami North-west.
This is the best rouie via c'lml tanooea to
a!! points South-east, the Virginia" and
other cclehrntcl springs.
June IS. ISTo.-Tiii. V. It. PANLEY.
These Mills have ample steam power to run
nil the time during low water. They are do
"iS" Grain cround hy watir f ir the 8th
by water an 1 steam combine t for tho
7th. Tlio highest miirkct vri'e pabi fur cm in
nt ill times. vMXL.lU.si i. Atiiilil.
June IS Iv.
iSouth Side PuhiieS,uare, Coium
bia, 'i'en nessee.
I'rompt attention paid to Pentistry in all
its llraiiches, and satistactio" unarimtecil.
Otlicc,! .-.eavy'sljallery. jtine-l-Ta-iy.
ft J t fiffV 57 7 'V 9? 1 eVr ft f, F?
We cn.il particulur attention to our L-tr-re i:td v.)l - !";'. I S o b: of ' i ) LD
AND SILVER WATCH I', of Svvi,s ...i i A n-.; i;i n, .v ' . -p. el did
rt.s.-iirttiielit f'f tb.e Iiesl CLOCKS iihv iys o i h i i l. t) :r i t : n-u.'i .per of
SPECTACLES enables us to suit uli ey -s, nil 1 v; 1 :' ; :u.i -'. ti i di prices.
Watches, Cioeks ami Jevelry reptirjii on tnj '.io.'t ; i aud
St d. 10, l.v-o.-Gm. J. H. JAE3SS& SOM.
W. H. FARIS. i CfliEST HOUS33,
AN :-
lift I
PtiP 1
On SI . i i,
'l ii"-.ii5biii.
-i. :'.- k r-es i .ii 'jisa-xl oc
".f.'mrti l. v-ufcT.
Siitt' 'tin tS!r"ft.
V I '
I '
'.at ttiev lev i
Stockholders' Xolicc.
'n Tuesday. Sept, i-'stli, !s7r,, the .retrulnr an
nnal in ee tint; of the t'uck Iviver Valley 11. li.
Company, will bo held 3t the County Court
r "nil, Ciduinhi ., Term., for the eurpose of
eloetinpr a heard of 1'ireetoi s far tho ensuin?
J ear. A full attendance of all the stockhol-i-ei
s is mm, -stlii requested. Very itcsp'y.
UKO. CHILPKi;ss, Sec'y.
Var.-hsll Gazette. Favettev i lie Fxpressand
Wavcrley -Journal, plcuse copy,
i'. C. V.eeil, v, i: fllpl "'liers, vs. Joel B.
H ockui'd, Aoniinislrate.r of Joiin Ciieur
tpim and olheis.
In tliis cause, it appearing from compbiin-a-,i;"sbill,
which is sworn to, that Lewis K.
( ii, athain, Thomas Cheatham, Jr., Andrew
.1. Cheat ham, Ar-liie V.'inn. I'oik Winn,
Velviile Cheatham, Jane Love, John h.
I'iieatliHm, Einina Cheathtini, John
Viinn. William Winn, and Hco. Menit
are non-residents of tile ptate 'of Ten-
the oniniiii'i' process ol law
eiton them; it i- tticielore or-
ivL piioiicatioa ne mane 101
i-,r coaseeiit. ve weeks m the ileraid anil
i Mail, a newstiaper pnliiished in Coiumhia,
I '.ioiry eoiiniy, Tennessee, rciiairim; said
j hoi. -residents to lie auu anpear heiore the
ii. ;:i County" court, on mo nrst muii
"2 I -2 '.''Trf"i-Sfcir3",rf l bS ". I d.iv in O.'t.. 1ST.;, and i.'ead, answer or de-
- -e - " - ; tmii to oiiiiiliiii'iH' liiil, or the same wiii
! he taken for confessed us to them, and set
for hearing: esparto.
Sept 10, 1S75. A. N. AKtX. ClerU.
H ie... a r.-j i eiiiittea tor on riuj
".i !;'! I' ltesol exclirtnae.
P.OS I .. s ,1,..
JU11 -1 t'illKltSOX.
.1. I!. I'll 1 Fd'UK.-v-s.
Vice- President,
isos;. Cashier.
- Mill V' V W I Xr (?T 'less,:,., SOthatt
-ill- to 1). 0. IlHLM,i
les; 'I'll 12 -
m-ti : .ein e , I il , ao'.ic
i; i, i v. . . , -a- 1,
ior, dr. li , ': :', on
tbe !b;r 1 Sbb ;:iV . .. S
li.iiii.i iii'in :,:'.
seeess 3 :i 1 :..
Weal 1 ivi, , -'V ., ;
Mil' ae ; n ' Pe
i.u -. 'To ;. - ;
Jin-.- : a- ii . .
-tint lie ; . . !'
h ! ill a' '.V : .' '
eelv, s. Wie '
Ill s ni l: . I t I e- I
1 i'b,nu at v pp .s
A tie
ib, irons siv ttis
i s.iv.. -Aifriiht.
week. it Vol. Atii r ei.-'ll, r
r.-.u '.: "I '-t; act i ' v io4 c -: d. ' ,'
,11 ;. :. ...j t i s'riv lei j ' e ve , ... .
See p.,:'..-; ' Mbb,'. '-'' ''.,"'- 1 '
i A. A. L.i" line ;
r-wav. it v un in.' , , , .
- , i . .'!', .!. : a i . .a , .
en o, ... i . ,- v- ,. ,
lis. ill SS, itl.lv . 11
.: : , na.b-riak. a
iiale'le ate tbi't
ie a
,b :. .. c i ; a .no.
. e pe. led j i O UiO Pi i
b, :a em i i b i c.
Ii ill ail h.,'i,-.
!'.!. K. McU
tv ii.io o; , s. .
b ,,id : !
North-West Corner l'luiiic :.p.t;ire.
'p5'st;;l.i;i. Tims..
i..td -CTl't !. :.V .-;' i 1"! I.-. ! i.e p-O i ...Cue ,e
i ee p" ee !- eboei-b - ,,: t .ie ';,i;i...-,
i.pi !.,- ; ;:,!,., :iii I1':,:! v, no iiinv ei.oos.
, o . .;. : . i ei t a ! o .s h i- .i i-l : 1 1 . i ; i i to
s- ., ei;, i.i !;'. My t,..i:.. '.;-f;i it.
-, ' i , , pp : ; ei'-iii, an.d "a- :i ,- ily, a;iii
e ,'i i .. k'' no nit i::-r i. j refuse
', i . e.e ,' :, M ei i ii Is : ee 1 'not .ee. 1 ir. 1).
p. :, .i .1! remain ,u tin- house to fid id!
;:tp..'i I liooe t,y -iiicl ai I-. efioii ' to ).;-s-.
;;;! i mav i.iebve yon at!,
;-:..-,.;. 1-71 CiiA.S. N. WALK Kit.
I will continue to tieep on liami a swi
assortment of
"KZS -3 trtr Z3f -&
k Sm ' .
And other styie vehicles that cannot he
beat in style and prices.
Mr. JOHN OAUTN l-'Ai will coniinne in
chariie. ol t lie
sLi.L'Aiiol I li tiurnit 1 tAu.U i j
And Mr. llor.'KI'.J' iPeTTl'itWOKTIt, ol
Nashville, in the
T,i.iffvra 7TTTTTT'k.'", TI C-'? rw?'T
V iil . , r 1 X 1 i c ! J i-'j it
til ''.-, P' '- ' -4 1 "-' s - i, ! A'"
ttltctl UIO laiUkUilUwill V
r. '
N 1
iS A L li .
We ;; re prepared to do ail kinds repc.i; -iiii?
at reduced prices; our motto leiii
piomprne.-s ami iibatiiess. Will keep on
hand Ufio-'d iis-:o' l incut ;
Harness at Low Figures !
We are aiso prepared to do r-'paii in;, on all
kinds of Farm im. dements arul Machine!;,
i'etsons .vi -liiii.; to buy or have work done,
will find il Lo their interest to
Jan.-'Ti-ly W. H. F A3 IS.
vbO'ifj'oSdTO AID 'iv.
; a . ei .
b I
r 13 A D U 1) f
Latest Styles, Largest Varioty, C-rades,
Very Cneap, from 10 etc. to 2 per It, at
WllEHE YOUiU.XGET l'H 'T r il ES . I. V '':, j;-
OF . ILL SIZES. LYD I'i; WES. an, I ,, ;-;:t,ls of
ALBUMS, KED, BLUE, BLaC cL K'iVO l';I."-'liG
INKS, SLATES. PENCILS, 11 AllBlAl. x C.'e,
TOYS, BALLS, CROQUET, arm c ci y
tiling very low for CASH.
A. i. J 'lSl i7;-.---.
'j bSii F
ib,-j il Bi y
Vfliile fjciirlil is low all pel'sous wihhin to 1 iy in :i supjily t'l' id n i l li -ili-r
do so in August and .Septeutlicr. I am prep irc'l to d: liver
At' the Lowest
Jm Jtm aUV
; i
.it. i.
I will Ip-ep on liailil :i full Hiipply for l.'etiiil Tiiide. 1 b o l, ..'n ; ! b i can net
t ho l)e.-i oi coal by call! lit; at my Oiliec N. M. Coi i,i i l iii ii S pi.;i ,. A .'Ux
t't.e lirst of.Septctiibcr ollii-e Will be reiiioved to Coal 'ald, n. ar fn. i'lck
rii d's AV'are J louse.
tuayl I-75-l f.
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b-1 m N ;! J UUU Hh 1:1 V. I
liuiiiii i on muwimi i
v a ai '.- f r k- -i . v it i
vjw I'll ab .Vil Vl7 jt 11 U V
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t av, k Le d.-.i I-
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ways j i
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aired, iie' -e'
bi,., el p a -
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i trodin . i V
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w , r .I .
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!i ii.., i ib
i'( ;o : i .' , .
: P- ' - t --b it
. '. i i . i h , i n
k . e . .i U tt-s
P. . OS- iMl
s iilile
'.y viitue c.f il morti;aiie or trust ti-i- I
oiaiie and execut.-d lo nie by .John Catron
o a tiie l.:,h day of January, isjj, and regis
er,-d .Innuiir.v i!id. in Hook lb, vol. li, iap'e
ii,i. will sell for cash mi the Kii n day of
' leioiM-r, ls7 i, at I he court-fiouse in t ,ie to v. n
: oiunihia. Ten ni.s-,.ie. t So- toil iwim, ile-;
s- rioeo tract ot fanii. ivinir in Maury coun
ty, 'iie n ii , on the noi l Ii side of Duck Kivcr.
'ibsr civil district, and hounded as follow:
ii nuneiicini; at t lie corner of Mis. M. L.
e, ,t (.; 1 hence snutJi I) , iin", west al poles and
i.i liiiNs; thence west ln"i poj.s aud li links:
bone north ,S , ile'. wiist 5- p.ides and
1 P'ni.s; ii! npe east p,;:i p.oh s mid irtlink.-'"
i Pe 1, tfi'!i'l"K-eiiitaM'niu ni nine.. S roods
.ei Is po).-s, Ihmii: .loiiii v.rii roii 's int..';-' st
i . i he i i ml of A n ua liiokcr. dee'd, on the
di side ot Duck Kivcr. Ihe said land
v di lie ..old at iPe .d ove time and place,
t i from 1 he ritdi ! a n i ti,miv t) icie nip
t b , v. h " ii is ;,i i--ly eat oil' nun i-slui-tia'sh.
.1 io sa'd moi i - , tool sold t" mo :
t a ilea' MTliriil to IP 11 Walkmsiii sv,l
ee b-tb.i a-or t rusi need ,., ., ii.iedred
:.- i t'-y lloihil'S V'Clili leiel-e-l 111 tell pel
I -, ... i e ii Ji i. iiarv l.'.I h , Is; i
i H'l i. lit, 1S7P i-iiisivo.
KO.iT. M. MeK AY-
e,:,.,iiPiii, T, i,.i.
n. i Fi,;i; k k s
I i,r,',. ,'iy .. r, l.lvliu, 'Ii-Ull
.1 : a:-
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; . i " i-'.v-
, . '"it 1 : V i,
, J. ;odi i....
opt i.
i'i 1 il K
Hrli.iV Ar via I SISIS,
V.dll practice iu Maury and adjoiibiitf
co-nrics. l'roviipt at'culion given to husi
ii.'ss eutruste.i to tlioiu.
Oiriiie - VV hii.lhorr.c IHolk. ue-stairs.
Bank oi fonnossoo,
In this cause ii a pl'ea ri iii; from nnidavit
o; jdui m id that N. ii. i'iplnu is .iu-ily in
dehi i il i o li iie . ai d 1 iial sc id di l-'lidalii P t
lion li siderii ol li,'.' i'l.'ltii ,,!' Tun 'less.',', .-)
ihai tin- otdn.ary pieces? o! law i-aniiol ie-
MTi'oi mi hlllill!. is ther.dore oldlT'd t'V
Hie tlnit puhi i. :0 ion he made in the il. r ol
ami Mail, a l.tw-pepel plitp i.cil ill 1 ;.
iovvoot 'olcaiiea, .Men, v c i.iidv, Teitn.,
lor folii' . ub.-i t'u' i ve v,'e, lis, rcpiiii-i ti,'
suiuN. U. 1':: l-.ii, 'o ;i peiir I'Ci.ee ice on
: lie -Una v "i ...'etoocr, is,.,, to ei.sw'ir
t;v ua .e e-r
vi i-iei . oiia '
sets ol t io- I'ia
.'.'.sll i'i !!
inwe .i 1 1 1 i
et li o'e.n. i:.,
lions- ,1-..
f I;
e; .: l .
and I i .1 vi
M',--i- Oi
. i .
. l.i
v. ri i , or toe s.o
be ielieii ior cohlo--' '.
ni,.: set i
s, pi. ;
I.e.o iiijj cxparte.
)s7 5. W. K. McKENI-oX
! S
. d..:.
M, Hughes, Jr.,
-o -
171 NK Tii ACT OK L ND
"i ho iirei..i dL'ri(' 1 b"s fire hun J,- ,J acre.: of
land v. tddi he dc-ircsln - vlb i. a .nujOpl -i
Hi'-kt'iir'. i-,'.. -t b v.tiuir, tea ir.Ucc ef d-ie
Xu.-.ailii) ft 'i-i ivirrhwestTn ltn ilreioi, aiel
.S S ' ,
Ilasjlp 1 I'i ei I il til", red i 1 i si
hit, I ;-P k ol
V: '
bo f
4 r
V-Y - U
. i
f t ) J i I ?. T: i .1 "
l ' ...e. . '-..l fs
i i ? " ' i J -
'ill iie -i-i-nU i i'1'l oe. .-old and in 01 d. ; to ' d'e t I'iiii i.bj.-.-l p
,ui oor in u e,; , i uuii-i; id.V io.', lli.tt all c t'i 'iv. i.i in.-y by
s, -, i J , ,',
Side I'ubbi; Sipiare, Co!uiiio..i, l ean.
w . I. a v '
.(-.',, ii.
i gyyys Ms &!dfruudv yA3
- rKvr..i:3e'.fc3 xr r
1 :it ;;.
1 tie
V V,i
V. e 11
I ',
a vela
d. iio'.h
, c : in
inly ."'.ii hep.
At a "iccpii'.' ei ti.e .c.ia .,; J'-heetors v: J two mdc.j from bon A'jint prin-;?. onln
co -ni.oy v eeaev -i'r,ca'turil. ii,"il, 1 d' lvl b big ealna wit a Pt"
kyrU.IultUiai - ; sncerV, or. Mrt bet"-' .. v-
1 .vi.,n,liy, f-ept. 'dh, 1-, ., tlpi : olio wing or-H-i-1 ljh!a!ie finely tii!jv,r ,
was c:w..-e.j ; oak and ct." - ' "'J ','' w ,,;
"Orii-r-rod 1'S tho Tluiod, ttut 'iie Vi-e-l'r't"- ,.n t. - ,.,,ov'ii. 10 execi'ent yprn-.-
'ddeat o tlii. Assecintti.T.. I. nrd he id iioi-'" . . oi!. a ei'in.-i, in or.' inrcuci .-c..,ip
"'iv au'h,iri.o'iiand eiri..r.wo'. ,i ,. - i t :e centre el tee trpct .s decs, cu; f..e -.i,-.
.-peciai P'liiee. whoso klu" ..epoiM1 a
"niter and tbk- -.. . ". . - o. fhill be to lo. 1:
V'p; or .
!INTS. OILS AND V A Ii N IS! 1 1 :s, I'l 'iTY. j'
WINMSAND LUH'('1"! !'!S'; MI'DU'AL l.-L.
sii.tiMii! c;in ' :i . ..-pi, l-e.
l'."!1 cxhildtiiiri in tli' Flora' "ihili :
"u ;:'.ii!ii'ii- . ,r .ir,. , V ,1"" "" io i ue flora m
" ' ' I"' '- i V. i.iu i,V f f'ff r..ir,e.l throup-h tie
lUi;.s.j, itttiaUo.ua. (..v Kesp-ct fully,
Sept.lv, io7j.-td.
Vice .I'xeciileiit
etc., ui ,.n :t. i in. i...:e, r.'-ir Lie pop" '. ...
ti.y a ," r,t, a'.d ca ! j'ive iui ihcr iiiiei iii.; t e-n
Prire tl.-'n pT acre. -r i7-. ca-h f.n urii.dfv
titet, or -6'i.tHi time lb-re is u l-..,; i
ei enou' for xorno 'nnm' eoiin'y tnmi to buya
ii-o i l.'i.ii v Kiiria; iie i ;.rt i-eilub h'.y let n ot
ten, butt'-r, bvct, i euiii-v, iruit, -. ot Hon
Alia. O.A.MXOX.
j uly y, laTC. CtatrcvUic, Xcua. ,
7 -' ' ,,
o i- , o
! t. eti'i,
;.i iua, tknm -
s-Cviittaivj .

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