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Willi Supplement;.
Friday .Vorninx, lec. 3, 1875.
iiKiti: r uvirvrs.
Judge Flippin.of I lie Memphis Criminal
Court, has sent his resignation to Governor
Porter, to take effect on the 1st day of Janu
ary, 'STG. Judge Flippln has mode an envia
ble reputation as an ablo and efficient Judge.
He was formerly a citizen of Columbia,
The veteran Col. W. w. Gates has disoon
tinued the Henderson Arfi-ocate, and la going
t publish, in his old home, Jackson, a week
ly and tri-weekly Journal to be called the
Whig Banner, which will be issued about the
1st of December. Col. Gates Is a high-toned
and courteous gentleman, and has had a
long experience iu the craft. We wish him
abundant succe.
P. Donan 1 sole .alitor of the Sentinel,
published at Haleigh, X. C. How he hap
pened to get way round there among the
tar-heels is more than we can tell. In his
line he is without a' rival his style Is a
cross between Brownlow and Brick Pome
roy. But it is lively! We understand he is
stirring up the dry bones over there. He Is
Wie young man who did not marry In Mau
ry County. Tue Courier Journal calls him
"Pat," but this is incorrect; his name is the
same as that of the largest church In the
Columbia . to be honored during the
Centennial year of 1X76. First comes the an
nual meeting of the Tennessee Press Associ
ation, which will assemble here in June,
an! partake of the hospitalities of our town.
The Association has many brilliant and fas
cinating men, and our eople look forward
with pleasure to the meeting. One young
lady has exproo-d a desire to make the ac
quaintance of the talented poet-editor, Dr.
R. L. C. White not aware, possibly, of his
matrimonial condition. What a meeting
that wiil lie-when Dr. White, Gen. Bullock,
and Gen. Doak meet. The other meeting
will be the Animal Conference of the M. K.
Church. Now, these are important occa
sions, when representative men from all
parts of the State will examine and criticise
our town ; let us le ready to bear the criti
cism. We ought to build a good town hall,
and finish the M. F.. Churcn.
The disuruceful Kninia Mine fraud has
come to surface. The five million dollars
were raised in England for this concern,
mainly on the sirent'ji, of the name of our
Minister to Kngland, (Jen. Schenck. The
five million dollars was all expended except
ten or fifteen thousand dollars, and the En
gllsh people are investigating the scheme,
nd ra.ticularly severe on ttTose connected
who H. u win te rememberert that our
Minister was snubbed by the English arls
tocracy severr' years aeo, on account of
his connection with this disgraceful affair.
Iresident Grant s immediate friends
seem to have a bad faculty of getting Into
ucr. crapes, ana, the worst or all, he never
deserts them. America stands disgraced, in
the person of her minister, before the great
est nation of the old world. Anybody but
Gkrant would caJl Seherick home, and con
sign htm to the disgrace he so justly de
serves. Such is the fruit of Grantism.
ine roriy-fourui i ongresa will com
mence its first session on next Mondav. In
many respects this i 'ongress is the most in
leresnngone since the war. It is the first
one since iMil tint the Democratic party has
not rxn in a hopeless minority. Now that
party has a large majority in the Lower
House, and are in condition to hold the Hen
ate in awe, and to hold the small Republi
can majority to a si net accountability. The
all absorbing cjiiesiion which now fills the
public mind, is the election of Speaker o
the House. Although there are a number of
distinguished Democrats named in connec
tion with the position, the race is evidently
between Kerr, of Indiana, and .Sam J. Kan
lall, of Pennsylvania. Randall displayed
considerable skill last winter in the House
at the head of the Democratic delegation, in
defeating the odious Force Bill, which the
Republicans attempted to drive through the
House, which gave him conspicuous promi
nence before the country; otherwise he has
not been very prominent, and is reallv not
regarded as a man above second-rate ability
Kerr, on the oilier hand, is one of the ablest
men iu the House, and of commanding in
Alienee with the party and country, and
would lie a strong card in the great centen
liial presidential race. With such a man as
Thomas F. Bayard at the head of the ticket
and M. C. Kerr as speaker of the House, the
Ilemocrntic party would make a splendid
start for the winning post. Kerr evidently
has the inside track so far, although his euc
lutes are trying very hard to Identify him
with the soft money thi movement, but
this will not hurt him. on the other hand,
the last few days lias developed the. suspic
ion, at least, of a Inivain between Ran
dall and Tom Scott (.n the Texns Pacific
Railroad job, which is looming up into
prominence, and is very damaging to Ran
dall's prospects. The Democratic party will
fight very shy of this Pacific Railroad scheme
which Scott A t o. will try very hard tocarrv
through Tlie next Congress, and if this coali
tion oetvee:i Randall and Scott should be
proved on them, Kerr will win easily.
What ShaU s To Absut It?
From the Lebanon Herald, Nov. 24.
With the be-t intentions in the world.
our friend, Hon. C. C. (Jiers, has caused
ia serious annoyance. While in A ash
ville, the other d.ty, we dropped into
his Art tia'.lery, as wo frequently do,
finding it cue ot the ploasantest possi
ble places to while away a spare hall
hour. With the reuitrk that his gal'
lrv of eminent Tennesseeaus was com
plete with one ex-option, he seized us
straight way, ad, bednre wo had time to
tell birn that wo cnnlJu't do anything
ottheswri without Horsiey's permission,
he had us clamped in a chair, and an
rtist was "taking" us.
A lew day? auerward we recei7ed
through tho mail a bundle ot photo
graphs the result of ilia taking pro
cess alludsd to above. They were fin
ished in t'leslylrt which has made Uiers'
Jallery famous the country over, and
were pronounced by our friends au ex-:-ct
and fa thlul likeness. And then our
trouble. t!g,-in. Kv ery single day since
t 16 hotogrHp!is arrived, tho Herald ot
I' je hs been besieged by young ladies,
;ch ol wijotu was determined to obtain
p (ssesi- in of one of iheiti or perish in
t ealtenip'. The supply was exhaust
ed at oie-e, H;l in ill they eu:io and still
' ,ey colon. We have ll"d tho office in
:istnay, and do uot know when it will
I'dBSta to let urn. We write this par
agraph on tho root ot liio court-house,
a ad, glancing; ctutiously across the
Square, we w tho pavement in front of
i aeiAmMollice crowded with young la
dies endeavoring to ei;eet an entrnnce.
while our loreniaii, who has barric.idi d
the front door, is gest i.'iiltt itig franti
cally from au up(r w it, dow, doubtless
endeavoring to explain t he situation.
General ( il'e K lUheock is in a cer
tain sense to President G rant what JI.ms
well was to Dr. Join a if. It t he president
has any ideas, ilabcot k be comes ao
quainted with tin iu. He is the confi
dential secretary ottbti president, and
popularly known as Ins "Irid and
trusted friend," w ho is grappled to the
presidential soul wish hooks of steel.
'Nobody believes thai General ltabcock
has had anylhii'g to do with the whisky
ring, "says an At'ninislration paper.
Babcock has sueen il at itie intimations
as to bia complicity, to Joyce sneered;
ao McDonald sneeied: so Avery sneered.
But, under the soft euphemism ol
"Sylph," Babcock has been detected
as a ring-master among tho crooked
whiskv fraternity. The telegrams pro
duced at Avery's trial tell the story
veryclearly. McHouaid dispatches to
Babcock as follow
fst. Louis Dec. :i, 1st !. (. a. Has
tlie secretary or commissioners oiiircl an. -body
Maln'ock resiMinds, alt r c.veicising his di
ploniacv. Washington. Di e. I'l. s7t.f.'i a. John Mr
Jhmnhi. .V. Jahu.: Ihcy u ill not go. I will
write you. svi.i-li.
The favorite's bead lmiFt com- off.
"Let no guilty usau escape," rirnly
proclaims the president. The lightning
strikes close to his excellency. He feels
its warm breath upon him, and then be
holds a dimly detined vision of Mc
Donald and Joyce, bocn companions
Of his, in lelous' cells. The president's
chosen companions are proven to be
thieves and swindlers. This is
Vlvsses S. Grant, presidtjs.it of the Un
ited States.
The Aster Estate.
New York Tribune.
There has been much speculation as
to the value r f real and personal prop
erty Jelt by M r. Aslor. Some ot tho a
luounts named arc alleged by exjeti
enced financiers to be simply ridiculous
By some the value of Mr. "Astor's real
and personal I property was placed as
bigh ?2tHi,iHi,K o, while very many es
timate it at not less than $Hx .000,000.
In the obituary of Mr. Astor printed in
Tribune the estimate of his property
was given ss n t to exceed f K,wm,000
Those whose opinions are entitled to
weight say that this is probably nearer
1 . il 1 1. the larger estimates.
A gentleman whose word carries
weight in matters lot this kind Baid a
lair basis on which to figure would be
f 15,000,000 as the araonnt of real and per
sonal property left by Jacob Aslor to
kta bam Will: . . 1 1 -
o-ju , iu mm at lea uesio ot tne for
mer in 1848. The estate ot John Jacob
Astor was estimated at 120,000,000, and
the bulk of it was left to WUlUmlB. As-
r.l...u,iuo oi uia ueacn. it would
probably be much nearer fl5,000,000
than -n f.nn iwi t j . '
ivw,vw,b uu rauuouuy wtui i"
ways to exaggerate the wealth of a rich
man. However, this gentleman said,
allow $15,000,000, as the amount left
William B. Astor. This amount at six
per cent, interest for 27 years the time
which has elapsed since the death of
John Jacob Astor would have added
?24,300,000 to the principal, makings
total off 39,300.000. Or, if the amount
leit William B. Astor was 118,000,000,
the interest at 6 por cent, would be f 29,
080,000, and a total of interest and prin
cipal of f47,0S0,00O. The compound in
terest and increase in the value ot cer
tain portions ot the property.be thought,
would be tarly otfset by the taxes and
assessments on property allowed to re
main unimproved, and losses ot various
kinds through depreciation of other
portions of the real estate and securi
ties. Mr. Astor was known to be a very
careful man, preferring small and sure
returns, rather than venture some risks,
which might bring large returns and
might result in a loss of the capital in-vesta-i.
Were it capable of demonstra
tion, the gentleman said, he would be
willing to risk his reputation for care
ful calculation in sayine that the estate
was to-dav worth less rather than over
The will of Mr. Astor will be looked
lor with Interest, as possibly giving a
air indication of the worth ot the astate.
( onflicttng Report of the Cot
ton Crops
The New York Herald calls attention
to a matter of supreme importance to all
growers, dealers in, and manufacturers of
cotton the apparently irreconcilable
difference between the reports of the Na
tional Cotton Exchange and those of the
Ycricultural Bureau at Washington and
gives the annexed table, comprising the
estimates of the United States, based on
October and November reports from
those sources, as showing the inconsist
encies and contradictions complained of:
Cotton Agricultural Average.
Exchange, Bureau,
bales. bale. bales.
October 3,87,cm0 4,222,001) 4,040,000
November 4,1177,000 363,000 4,O4&,000
Average 4,036,000 4,863,000 4,025,000
In New York, the impression seems
to prevail that the report of the Nations
Cotton Exchange for October was mani
pulated in the interest of the bull party
to the speculation which was in progress;
and it is also believed that the construc
tion which has been put upon the Novem
ber report of the bureau is forced and
unnatural ignoring, perhaps, the increas
ed acreage, and the tact that the mcreas'
ed percentages of yie.a take place in 6ec
tions where the greater proportion of the
crop is usuallj grown, and the decrea-ed
percentages in sections where the growth
of cotton is at the best, not large, bhould
the November estimate of the Agncuitur
al Bureau prove correct, the receipts at
the ports must henceforth show a falling
The Ty&daU Beatitudes.
Cincinnati Commercial.
A friend in Kngland has kindly sent
me an advance sheet from a little nook,
now in press, for use in evolution c,un,
day schools in that country. The d
sign of the book is to implant in the
youthful mind moral precepts in har
mony with the newly discovered laws
of nature. These laws are self asser
ting, involving endless strife, termed
"the struggle of life." in whicn are pit
ilessly sacrificed the weak to the strong
the fittest surviving disdaining the
emotional as having no worthy place
in nature; and recognizing no superior
o their own self existence. Kighteous
ness, purity, charity, self-denial, hu
mility, patience, long-sunering tue on
sprint; ol morbid emotion aud a discard
theology, with their asylums, aim
houses, hospitals, the physician, devices
to defeat nature in its worn oi destroy
ing the weak and the worthless, all
must give to the new gospel of nature,
the tidings which science makes glad.
Chapter I. Lksson 1.
1. Blessed. are little children who fiizht.
for they thus early learn the struggle of
2. Blessed are fhe peace-breakers, for
they are in harmony with nature.
3. Blessed are the proad in spirit, for
they shall have sell assertion.
4. Blessed are they who rejoice, for
they shall have a good time while time
5. Blessed are the impure in heart,
for they shall have the great gratification
ot their lusts,
6. Blessed ere the unrighteous, for
they shall stir ip strife and keep the
lawsot nature in healthy activity.
T. Blessed are the merciless, for they,
like nature. re "pitiless."
8. Blessed re they which are persecu
ted for evolution's sake, for its heaven
shall be ' hetr.
9. Blessed are ye when men shall re
vile you and persecute you, and shall
say ail mannerof evil against you truth
fully, for you have a foretaste of that
heaven which science is preparing for
you; and so persecuted they the acien
tists which were before vou.
10. Blessed sre war, famine and pes
tilence, for they do help nature in the
destruction of the weak and in prepar
ing the way lor the "survival of the fit
11. Blessed are the dead who die in
Tvndall. for thev shall disappear as "a
streak in the evening sky, lost in the
infinite azure ol the past."
IZ. Blessed are they which are with
out hope, for they shall not be disp
To the Editor of the Herald and Mail:
It has ben several weeks since you
have received a letter from South port.
No news of very much importance since
the last letter. Most of the farmers are
busily engaged in gathering corn, sow
ing wheat, hauling wood, etc ; a great
many have tioished sowina: wheat, ana
some have finished gathering corn, and
a, tor the cotton they made very little
of that, and get very little money for
what was made, merer re the cotton
crob is very light indeed, almost a fail
ure. But 1 suppose the bountituiness ot
the corn crop, will supply this vacancy,
for it is said to bo betterjthan it has been
lor years; so 1 suppose wo will have plen
ty of bread and molasses for another
year, whether the meat is very plentiful
or not.
We are very glad indeed to learn that
our friend Capt. (4-ilioway is once more
abie to be up, ana wain about on nis
dutches, alter his being confined o his
bed six weeks without turning over.
1 have before stated that 1 have notb
ng of much importance to write this
time, limes seem to ne very quiet,
hough not so very dull. I believe
none ot the old bachelors or widowers
have been ablo to marry yet, though
Locks seem to be great iavoriles with
some of them, and as Christmas is so
near at hand, it is possible that some
one of them will be able to purchase
them. 11 so, l will intorui you.
I.eller from Maury Boy at the Van.
derbllt t nlvermlly.
To fhe Editor of the Herald and Mail:
This Institution is still in a most
flourishing condition. One by one is
still added to the number on the rolls,
and could you be present some time at
roll-call you would think that it was al
most interminable. From every part
of the South, under almost every
nomenclature imaginable.are found stu
dents who with buoyant expectations
prosecute their study. The Professors
are all men of profound judgment and
require the work done in good order,
and an hour eacii day is devoted to the
elucidation and investigation of the
subjects separately considered. There
are now about 30 Biblical, 16 Law, and
140 Medical students, besides many who
pursue the thorough classical course,
making a total of 280. Mr. 11. B.
Hughes, a young medical student, is
making rapid progress, giving a most
thorough examination to his profes
sion, and I predict that erelong he will
reflect great honor on this University,
aud be an ornament to the medical
world. The building is still incom
plete, but is daily rendered more im
posing by the finishing touch which
the painter contributes. I went to the
top ot the steeple yesterday, and took a
view oi the surroundings, which is mag
nificent; it proudly overlooks the resi
dences of the Otlicials and Professors
the most prominent is the home ot Bish
op McTyeire, beautifully situated in the
rear of the University. The health of
thr students has been only moderately
good, but I think will favorably com
pare with any body of pupils. I have
had the melancholy occasion to be pres
ent at the funeral of one of my fellow
students, a Mr. Cooper, a young man of
high-toned, moral principles and intel
lectual ability, besides a devoted chris
tian, who met death without a fear.
The price of board ranges from ?20.00
to $25.00, which is considered very rea
sonable to these who have been resi
dents of Nashville for any length of
time; the fare is good and substantial,
and rooms well furnished with all that
is necessary lor a student. A street car
runs to and from the city, which is a
mile distant from the University. Near
ly every day visitors come out to ad
mire this colossal structure, and are re
ceived with great courtesy by the chan
eel lor, and shown through the building.
The Library is being daily supplied
wHh the best of both modern
and ancient literature; almost any
work can now be had by call
ing upon the Librarian. The museum
has quite a collection of geological spec
imens, which are very essential to the
profitable pursuit of this science. - They
have in the Library the bronze statutes
of Bulion, Huxey, Cuvier and other
scientific men, who have thrown such
a broad light upon their department.
The skeleton ot the huge megatherium
in the museum is, I suppose, 20 feet
long, and must have been ot ponderous
bulk when animated with life. Also an
entire skeleton ot the genus homo in a
solid rock, thus giving it a tomb that
Time's corroding touch cannot obliter
ate or annul. The Chemical Depart
ment is the most perfect now in the
United States; the apparatus is entire,
and every point of this important
branch is ably delineated and experi
mented, by Prof. Lupton. The services
at Chapel every morning at 84 o'clock
are conducted by one of the Faculty,
and every Sabbath evening an address
is made or a sermon preached for the
young men. all of which are very logical
and are replete with good counsel, which
if adhered to will not only fit them for
this stage ot action, but for the bound
less eternity. The portrait of Commodore
Vanderbilt is prominent in the Chapel,
and is said to be a well executed design
by those who have seen the original.
Well, I will not weary you with any
more at this time, but will bring my
letter to a terminus, by thanking you
kindly for the Herald and Mail,
which comes every Saturday, to my
great delight.
I remain yours faithfully,
J. W. H.
91 JlKSIIAiLL. COrjiTl'ilTEMS.
I From the Marshall Gazette.
"Jake" and "West," two colored men of
i ms vicinity, are vr'y mucn exerclsea over
the charge that they had administered poi
son (!i to Julia Hill, a negro eirl who died a
few days ago. The case was diagnosed ty a
Columbia colored disciple of yEsculcipius,
who,by some kind of fetichism described the
euiltv narties. Thev have a. wrtoae" nrpnArwt
for that Doctor (?) who had better limit his
practice to nisown territory.
A large acreage of wheat is being planted
this season.
Gilbert Jones, quasi partner of W. N. Cow
den, billed a hog last week weighing 504
pounds net.
Clifton- Citizen.!
We learn that the hydraulic coment
worksat this niace. willsoon lie out in oper-
tion. There is an Inexhaustible supply of
mis stone in ine river mutl, and the works
win ne operated ny a strong nrm, and will
doubtless be a success.
Rev. T, !S. Duncan will shortly erect a
steam flouring mill in this place. This
is something very badly needed at this
poll;:.. Weseenojust reason why Wayne
county should ship her wheat to the cities,
and then buy it ana in from the same sources
in the shape of tiour. A good flouring mill
here would pay well, we think.
Waynesiioro ha already commenced feel
ing the effect of the election. Property
could not be bought at an advance of 50 per
cent on its valuation a month ago, and ev
ery vacant nouse lr. town lias oeen, or can
be rented, for next vear. Xo Ion eer will di
lapidated houses on every corner attest to
ine stranger, mat aynesooro is a ctecayea
village, but new houses ere long will have to
be built to.accommodate the increase of pop
ulation. Clifton has a very interesting Llterarv So-
' iu nunnwiuiuiH-iauuil, Willi w . v.. Jie-
Culley, as President. The 8eiety meets Sat
urday nisjhts for debate, and the young men
really do themselves credit by the able
manner in which they conduct arguments.
It is the Intention of the Societv to found a
Library, and an effort will be made shortlv
looking to that object. It is proposed to
have a public debate, and concert or some
thing sim ilar, in order to obtain ' funds for
an inception. A public library Is a great ad
dition to any place, aud we hope the young
men may meet with the success their pro
jects merits.
Franklin Review.
Our merchants are complaining bitterly
about the habit of a great many persons go
ing to Xashville for everything thev want,
'i'hey say they sell goods as cheaply'here as
they do in Nashville. Now we wish every
body would test this matter, and buy their
goods at home. Thiswav of trading from
home is wrong. We must help each other,
anl encourage home folks and home enter
prises. Money matters are tighter now than at
any time within th recollection of the old
est inhabitant. Merchants, farmers, pro
fessional men, mechanics, laborers, all are
pressed tor cash. Iu our opinion one thing
that contributes tolliis state of affairs is the
fact that there is a disposition with too mam
mon to hold all the monev they get aud let
their debts float. A few hundred dollars ex
pended in tlie payment of debts in our
midst, would lie made to do the mission of
thousands. .Suppose everybodv would de
termine to liquidate hisimlebtedneav as fast
as possible, and cany the execution into
practice, how short a time would expire be
fore things would brighten up again. The
money now stored away in private places
if started into circulation in the manner
indicated, M ould, in our opinion, loosen up
mattertfwonderfully. Every man who owes
money, and locks up a dollar from circula
tion instead of applying it to his honest
debts, is contributing more than he is aware
of to hard times so much complained of.
There is scar-ity enough of money in circu
lation with all of it afloat, but enough to
make business and confidence much more
lively and general than it is.
That "thing of leautv" has arrived ami in.
deed it will be "a joy forever." We are in
dehted.wesupposc.tothe Hon. C. C.Glers.the
oini-ieoo neu puoiograpiieroi rsasnvllle,
for it. It represents the wisdom-like iihizof
thedlstinsruished and talented iuk-slingcr of
ine i-enanoii iieraici, viz: lr. Heholioam
Lebanon Ctesar White. Wo shall demolish
our Devil's looking glass and appropriate
ineirume inereoi as a receptacle lor said
treasure. We shall hang it, too, in n promi
nent place, ami forever cherish it as one
would a beautiful panoramic view of nnv
other lovely object
From the Pulaski Citizen.
Beiow wecivp tlie area in acres of iiles
County lands, the number of town lots, the
values, real and personal, -within the coun
ty, with the various taxes, noil. doc. state.
county, school and municipal, for tlie year
No. town lots, 630, valuation, 8 "t.:9
Acres land. 74,Si- " 5.04o.3i4
Personal property, less 91,000
exeirmteU I..i77..78
All olher property. ItijlO
Total real property, jiersonal
ami oilier,
roll tax, s!,-V7, dog, fco,430:
bitch, S1.S-U
state tax, Sl,(r7S "0; county,
s,47e st: schools, su,-hj 4
Municipal, S4.od 81
Total lor county, SSJ.110 21
Matthew Pate, need S3 years, died on the
l'l ult., at the residence of his grand-daughter,
Mrs. James Tanner. Ws are informed that
Mr. Pate wasiierlinps th first man that was
married in Giles, attcrth formation of Ihe
county. He embraced religion, we learn, a
while before his death, and was received in
to tlie Presbyterian church by Dr. Dulxise.
Mr. '1 nomas Pale, his brother, aged 72 v ears.
died nhoiitawcek before on Ham's Creek.
Died on the 21st of Nov. S7.". at the resi
dence of H. M. Stanly, Pulaski, Jiniinie
isumner, aged 17 years and (i months. De
ceased was an ophan and during his ophan-
age he found a home with the family of his
uncle, Thomas G. Jones.
We give below an account of sales of" 8.017
acres of land, by order of the Federal Court
at the instance of various parties, against
Maj. Thomas J. lii own.said sale occurring on
the 17th and isth of the present month.
1 he Aspen Hill larni was divided and dis
posed of as follows:
1st parcel, 2n' acres, to J. li. jjason, at !flS40.
2d parcel, 24S acres, to same, at 522 70.
Sd parcel, l'fi acres, to Theo. Westmoreland,
at S1.-J41.
It h parcel, 'W acres, to same, S17 0-1.
"lh parcel. 173 acre.-, to John C. Brown. Sol
tit li parcel, 17! acres, to same, S12 13.
1st parcel, 218 acres, to John W. Davis, at
S2S 00.
2d parcel. 145 acres, to S. E.Rose, at fli) 50.
4th parcel, 170 acres, to same, S1K 10.
3d parcel, 144 acres, to John C. Brown, $31
."t h parcel, 262 acres, to same, 532 0-.
tit h parcel, 240 acres, to same 18 70.
7th parcel. 212 acres, to A. J. Ballentinc, at
SH 00.
8th parcel, 107 acres, to M. F. cstinore-
land, at S-iO 15.
Total for Aspen 11111,1,317
acres S21,W OS
Total lor Veto, 1,700 acres, 37,801 90
Grand total. 3,017 acres, S5!,4t8 7
A verage, alxmt !?20 per acre.
When it is known that these are the finest
lands in the county, and as tine as any in the
State or nation, some idea may be formed of
their cheapness. The same lands would
have sold for at least 150,000 before the war.
This is in part the effect of contraction.
Business Notices
All persons indebted to ns will pi east call
and settle by January 1st, 1876, as we cant
grant further time.
For Rent.
At a very reduced price, my dwelling
house with a good cistern, orchard and
necessary out houses, and in fact, all con
vciiienecs and only two blocks from the
public siiuare, for tlie year 1870. apply to me.
or Josh G. Bailey, ageut.
Peci; -It. W. L. Mi'sruY.
Comfortable dwelling house for rent, near
the public square. Apply uttbisomce.
Jeans of all kinds, at wholesale New
York prices, at Cheap John's. nov-lotf
For Rent.
The fino two-story brick residence, the
nlace where ieo. C. Milner now lives, ou
south Main Street, for 1870. For particulars
apply to Mort, George or Algeron Hodge.
Unparalleled Bargains, in all kinds of
Dry Goods. Clothing, Boots and Shoes. Hats
and Trunks, at Cheap Joh n's. novl tf.
Ladies' ConfectioneryS
N. Holmaii has tht finest Baker and Orna
menter in the Htate. Bridal orders got en ip
in the very best style on short notice at as
low figures as any house in -the business, and
Guarantee satisfaction- Everything usually
ept in a first class Confectionery. Fresh
Bread and Rusk always on hand. novl2tf
Blankets, Shawls and Dress Goods are
now offered at a sacrifice at Cheap John's.
Boots and Shoes, in endless variety, war
ranted 25 percent, below regular prices, at
Cheap John's. novl9tf
All kinds of good Coal for sale by J. V
Danningtou. Office at coal yard, near ol
Pickard'i ware-house. rov!2-tl
For Sale or Rent.
Houses in Columbia, apply to J. B. Steele.
Nov. 5, 1875-lm.
Latest atvle Millinery and Fancy goods,
Tui Hsilr a.t the KmDorium of Fash
oct. 22-tf.
Ten Dozen Centennial Hats, just received
at the Emporium of Fashion. oct. 22-tf.
One Hundred Boxes, new style Ruffs, at
eastern prlce,ust received, at the Empo
rium of Fashion, oct. 22-tf.
Grand Remedy.
No Cube! No Pay! I am preparing a rem
edy for the Gravel, and guarantee it to cure,
no matter of bow long standing. Call on or
address me at Hurricane Station. Maury
county, Tennessee.
Oct. 1, 1875.-tf . W. B. NAPPS.
All the new shades of Zephyr, Canvass
and Perforated Mottoes, for Embroidery,
just received, at the Emporinm of Fashion.
Oct. 22-tf.
Btamplng and Pinking, done promptly,
at the Emporium of Fashion. oct. 22-tf.
Dr. Seth Arnold's Cough Killer, the great
Eradicator for all Lung Diseases. A superior
remedy to all other medicines yet discovered
in severe cases. It is a sure, quick and per
fectly safe remedy for Coughs, Colds. Sore
Throat, Whooping Cough, Croop, and all
diseases of the Throat and Lungs. Retail
price, 25 cts., 50 cU , 81. Any bottle that does
not give relief may be returned, and money
refunded. Under these conditions we wish
every citizen troubled with Lung complaints
try this remedy. Arnold's Diarrhoe Bal.iam
5 cts. and 50 cts. Remember it is warranted.
Compounded by Dr- Seth Arnold's Medical
Corporation, Woonsocket, R, I, Sold by JO
SEPH T0WLER, exclusive agent, Columbia,
Tenn. octl6-75-3m.
Office of Edsall A McEwkn,
T.. ) lone
tfaeon Shoulders, llcts ; sides, 15cw ; hams
Bvtter-W and 25o.
BeetWax 20c
Blaekino35c.l 00 doa
Cotton 8 to llcts.
Cotton Seed 30c per 100 lbs.
fn 30 to 35 cts. per bushel.
Coffee 25 to 27c for Rio by Sack 24 to 27 cts
uafiilra 28c. Java 3'C.
Coal OilYlb test, 40cts. per gallon.
Can-il" 22425c. B.
Ego 'Cts.
flow .4-00. per 100 It.
(finger 1050c.
Hungarian Grass Seed 225. at bushel.
Lard 10 to 18 cents.
Itime 25330c. bushel.
Meal 50 to 60 cts .
Molattee and Syrupt common, 75c.g90c; go!
den 8yrp,l1.25.
Pea Nuts 75 to 80 eta. Dull.
Pepper 35mU)c.
Rice ll12o.
live acts per ru.
&a& 300 32o. for 7 bu
Soap 10(g) 15c.
for b bushels, $2.50.
Hoaa locts.
Svoar New Orleans. 10al3c: Demerara, 14
loc; A sugar, 12c 4 crushed and granulated
Tea 1-00O2.00
TaUow 6c. Hi.
Wool Dull at quotations, 20 to 40.
heat 60 to 115.
Corn Wanted,
pay tho Highest Market
Price for Good, Dry, Shelled
White Corn.
Chapter oil., Sec. 4, Acts of the State of Ten
nessee, passed by the ueneral Assembly,
1S75, is us follows: "He it further enavted.
That In all cases where taxes for the vear
1874 remain due and unpaid on the 15th day
of November, 1875, tax-collectors shall dis
train and sell personal property, if to be
found, for the payment of the same; and In
all eases where taxes for said year (1874) re
main due ana unpaid on 1st Monday ol De
cember, 1875, then tax-collectors to proceed
to advertise for sale, to be held on the 1st
Monday in January, 1870, i;ll real estate
against which any demands for taxes for
the year 187-! may exist. In making out the
list of lands of any to lie sold for taxes, there
must be added to said taxes t welve per cent.
penalty, as well as interest at. sue per cent
per annum from November 1st, 1874, to Janu
ary 1st, 1876." I will be at my office hi Co-
i uiiioiu every ua iimii nuiifnun. xovem
ber 13th, 1875. A. A. LII'SCOMtt,
Oct20-75.tf. Tax-! o! lector M. C.
J. V. M..GAW.
The ColiiiiiMii Mills,
Aphton & McGaw, Prop'rs.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers iu
Bran and
Orders solicited and filled with dispatch.
Custon Grinding done to order, or will ex
change flour for wheat when desired, giv
ing full returns tor the same. sr t asn puia
lor wheat and corn. dec3-75-3m.
By virtue of an execution issued to me
from the Circuit court of Maury County Ten
nessee, in lavor ot i . t'. Johnson vs. win.
Moves and John T. Snarkmun. securitv. I
will sell for cash to the hlnhest bidder at. the
court-house door, in the town of Columbia.
on the ad dy of January. 1876, a tract or Dar-
cel of land situated in the civil district of
Maury County Tenn., and bounded on the
north by the lands ol llios. Kelly; east by
T.C. Gray: south by A. Blackburn: west bv
. A. Jarret containing 55 acres, more or
less, levied on and to be sold as the property
of the said Win. Mayes, to satisfy said exe
cution and cost.
By AV. O. AVitheuspoox, D. Sh'ff.
Dec. 3d-187o.
By virtue of the vendition of exponas, di
rected to me ironi t lie urcuit court ot Mau
ry County Tennessee, one in favor of John
Mathews vs. John H. Gillespie and others,
and one in favor of Foster Brothers vs. John
Gillespie nnd T. J. Rieves, security, also one
other in favoy of D. S. Maxwell vs. John H.
Gillespie aud J. H. Jamison, stayor, I will
sell for cash to the highest bidder at the
court-house door, in the town of Columbia
on tlie 3d day of January, 1876, all the right,
title and interest, which is one. sixth that
John H. Gillespie has in the following tract
or parcel of land, situated in the 5 civil dis
trict of Maury County Tenn., and bounded
on the north by the lands of Mary H. Gilles
pie: east bv S. W. Fitspatrick;south bv W. L.
J. Wilkes; west by W. D. O. Mathews said
tract of land containing 134 acres, more or
less, levied on and to be sold as the property
ofthesaid John II. Gillespie, to satisfy said
order of sale nnd cost.
Dec 3. W. O. WiTmsuseooj.-, D. Bh'ff.
Joel B. Stockard Adm'r, vs. L. R.Cheatham
et til.
It appearing to ine from the petition of
Joel 15. Stockard. Administrator of John
Cheatham, deceased, which is sworn to, that
Iwis R. Cheatham, Thomas Cheatham, Jr.,
Andrew J. Cheatham, Archie Winn, Polk
Winn, Jane Love, Melvln Cheatham, John
L Cheatham, Emma Cheatham, John
Winn, William Winn and George Merritt
are non-residents of the State of Tennessee
so that the ordinary process of law cannot
be served upon them, it is therefore ordered
by me that publication be made in the Co
lumbia Herald and Mail, a newspaper pub
lished in the town of Columbia, requiring
said defendents to be and appear liefore the
County Court of Maury County at its Janua
ry term, 1876, and show Ctiuse why said peti
tion to resign should not le granted.
Dee. 3-1875. A. N. A KIN, Clerk.
Fine Cattle
For jsixlo.
I deftire to sell seven or eight Short Horn
Bull Calves; also several Heifers. All pure
blooded Short Horn Durhams, sired by Old
Thont. .
Nov. 20-75-3U1. S. W. SCOTT.
We have ou hand near
Two Hundred "Watches,
A large quantity of
Clocks and Jewelry
Left for repairs, some of which have been
on hand over three years. The owners of
the same are respectfully requested to come
forward, pay charges, and t,ike them away,
ns we will not lie responsible for them after
Jannnry 1st, 1876.
By virtue of an agreement between the
parties in interest in the cause of Wm. F.
and K Co.; per vs. J. L. Baird, this day filed
in said ts use:
I will proceed to sell at public outcry to
the highest bidder , at the Court House door,
in the town of Columbia, on Monday, Dec.
27th 1875, on a credit of one and two vears,
and without the equity of redemption Quotes
with approved security, and bearing Inter
est from day of sale, required of the purcha
ser): The following tracts of land, to wit:
1st. a tract or parcel of three hundred and
five acres, being in the 9th civil district of
Maury Co., Tenn., on the Hampshire pike,
nnd bounded on the South by the lands of
Wm. J. Armstrong, on the West by the lands
of Willis R. Frierson and others, on the
North by the Williamsportroad, and on the
Knst by the lands of Thomas C. Walker,
known ns the "Matthew D. Cooper farm."
2nd. The undivided interest (being the one
half thereof) of defendant J. L. Baird in and
to a tract of one hundred and forty-five
acres in the 9th civil district of Maury Co.,
Tonn., and Itounded by the lands of D. J.
Estes, George Howell, James P. Baird, and
Joseph Edmnndson, lying on the waters of
Green's Lick Creek, and known as the
Joyce place.
Nov. 26th 1875. D. B. COOPER, C. & M.
By virtue of a decree of the Chancery
court at Columbia, Tennessee, rendered at
October term, 1875, in the consolidated
causes of Z. D. Wilson, etc.. vs. R. L. Farris,
Administrator, et al., nnd Thos. H. Williams
vs. J. M. ilson, et al., I will on Monday,
he 6th day of December, 1875, offer for sale
for cash, at public outcry, to the highest and
best bidder, at the court-house door in Co
lumbia, certain insolvent claims now in my
hands due the late firm of John M. Wilson
& Brother.
Nov. 26. 1875. D. B. COOPER, C. M.
JJy virtue of a venditioni exnonas to me
directed from the Circuit court of Maury
county, Tennessee, in favor of D. A. David
son vs. J. Y. Hardison, Eza Hardison and H.
Hard i son, Securities, I w'll sell for cash to
the highest and best bidder, at the court
house in the town of Columbia, on Monday,
the 27th day ol'Decembej, 1875, the following
described tract or parcel of land, subject to a
homesUjad, situated in the State of Tennes
see, Maury county, civil district No. 23, and
bounded as follows: Ou the North by Kin
nard and Sellars; F.ast by Joshua Hardison;
South by James Sellars; West by Stephens
and W. A. Derryberry containing 101 acres,
more or less. Levied on and to be sold as
the property of the defendant, I. Y. Hardi
son, to satisfy said order of sale and cost
Deputy Sheriff.
Fov. 26, 1875.
Bv virtue of a venditioni exponas to me
directed from the Circuit court of Maury
count v, Tennessee, in favor of J.G. Lee and
I. N. Byers vs. T. F. Matthews, I will sell for
cash to t he mgnest ana best bidder at tne
court-house door in the town of Columbia,
ou the 27th day of December, 1875, the fol
lowing described tract ot land, situated in
the State of Tennessee, Maury county, civil
district, No. 23, and Ixiiinded as follows, to
wit: Ou the north by Henry Klnnard: east
bv Thomas Clark; south by Rich Luun:
west by Charles Rolertson; containing in all
about nny acres, more or less. ijeviea on
and to be sold as the property of T. F. Mat.
thews to satisfy said order of sale.
Nov. 26, 1875. Deputy Sheriff.
Bv virtue of a venditioni exnonas directed
to me from tlie Honorable Circuit court of
Maury county, Tennessee, in favor of J. F,
Omv Ar I'o - vs. Vemrtoii Biilloelr nnrl fiiil
McKannon, I will sell for cash to the high
est bidder, at the court-house door in the
town of Columbia, on Monday, the 27th day
oi Decern oer, isej, a rraci or pnrcei ol land
situated in tne district ot Maury county.
Tennessee, and bounded ou the east by Gki
McKannon, south by said McKannon; west
by tne public lands oi tne Baptist church
north by the same containing two acresi
more or less. Hold as the property of tin
said Newton Bullock, to satisfy said order of
saie auu cost.
W. A. ALEXANDER. Sheriff.
By W. O. Withkkspoon, D. Sheriff.
JNOV. HO, lo0.
By virtue of a venditioni exponas issued
to me from the Honorable Circuit court of
Maury county, Tennessee, in favor of C. R,
Wiley vs. Rush Thompson, I will sell for
cash to the highest bidder, at the court-
housedoor in the town of Columbia, on
Monday, the 27tli day of December. 187o,
tract or parcel of land situated in the 23 civil
district of Maury county, Tennessee, and
boundi-d as follows: North by the lands of
F. A. Thompson: east by said F. A. Thomp
son; south by the lands owned by the heirs
of John McKissack, dee'd.; west, "by James
Alexander containing 134 acres, more or
less. Levied on and to be sold as the proper
ty of the said Rush Thompson to satisfy
said order of sale and cost.
W. A. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
By W. O. WITHERSl'OON.D. Sheriff.
We are offering very low
Also, oar entire stock of Jewelry and
Silver Ware at astonishing low prices.
ooti5-75-3ui. j.h. James&son.
II, P. Figuers vs. W.S. Bliss et al.
In this cause it appearing to me from
complainant's bill, which is sworn to. that
WS Bliss is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon him: it is tnere
fore ordered by me that publication be
made for four consecutive weeks in the
the Herald and Mail, a newspaper published
in the town ot Columbia, Maury county,
Tennessee, requiring the said non-resident
to annear before the next itt.ing of the
chancery court, to be held in the town of
coluniDia. juaury coumy, x eunessee, on me
1st Mondav in April. 1876. and to plead.
answer or demur to complainant's bill, or
the same will be taken for confessed as to
him and set for hearing exparte.
Nov. 19, 1875, 11. li. coui'KR, C. 4 M.
8. A. Leggctt vs. H. T. Leggett. Petition
ior juivorce.
In this cause itapnenrimr from comniain-
ant'ubill, which is sworn to, that H T Leg
gett isa non-residentof the state of Tennes
see, so that the ordinary process of law can
not be served upon him; it is therefore or
dered by me t hat publication be made for
tour consecutive weeKS in t ne Meraia anu
Mail, a newspaper published in Columbia,
Maury county, Tennessee, requiring said
non-resident to be and appear before the
next Circuit court, at the Jan. term, 1876'
and plead, answer or demur tocomplainant'g
bill, or the same will be take for confessed
as to him, and set for hearing exparte.
w.J. wciixriioitnf.,
Wov.26. 1875. Clerk.
: ANi:-
Soutb Mill Street.
I will continue to keep on hand a good
assortment f
And other style vehicles that cannot be
beat in style and prices-
Mr. JOHN GARTNER will continue
charge of the
tZashvllle, In the
We are prepared to do all kinds repair
ing at reduced prices; our motto bein
promptness and neatness. Will keep on
hand a good assortment of
Harness at Low Figures'
We are also prepared to do repairing on all
kinds of Farm Implements and Machinery
Persons wishing to buy or have work done,
will gnd it to their interest to
Grive Me a Oall,
lllltll WEI!
Having this day suggested the insolvency
of the estate of w. K. Underwood to the
County court clerk of jlaury county, Ten
nessee, notice is hereby given to all per
sons having claims against said estate to
file them with said clerk on or before the
10th day of April, 1876, for prorata distribu
tion, or the same will be forever barred.
Sov. 19, 1375. ;- Administrator.
ot Free,
I have this day let my dutiful son, Alfred
M. Sbirley.free.to act for himself as though he
was twenty-one years old. He is authorized
to contract for himself, and I will not claim
any of the proceeds of his labor; nor will I
be responsible for any of his contracts.
Nev.l2-4w. WJK. SHIRLEY.
ColnnbU, Tew.
Formerly of KrtBklia, Teo&
Will practice in Maury and adjoining
counties. Prompt attention given to busi
ness entrusted to them.
Office Whitthorne Block, np-ataira.
and Cigars,
No. 51 Walnut Street,
Here we are Again
We hate just received our
Consisting in part of
Black Silks
Black Casimeres,
Black Alpacas
25c; 30c; 33c; 40c; 5Uc; CO.c; 70c.
60c; 00.; $1.00; $1.25, etc., etc
Navy Blue,
Seal Brown,
And all other desirable shades of
Janchcre Cloths
And all other makes of
Gents, Ladies & Misses
Fur ni shin ff Goods
Dozen 2 button Ladies
and colored to match
the latest shades of
At ouly 75 cents a pair.
Don't forget that we have an immense
stock ot UUS1U.U JNIA Ucj
And remember that we Guarantee every
FA lit.
Don't buy before you examine our stock
Ready-Made Clothing.
ttear in mind that you will save zo rer
tCUl UJ yurJU3Ul juui uuuo Ob mv;
South Side Pub. Square,
70, TZ, 71, N College St., I 27,and 29. White St
Nashville. Tenn., N. Y. City.
Itwirtiie of a dwree of the Chancery
court at Columbia, Tennessee, rendered at
its October term, 1S75, in the cause of H. J.
Vule. Administrator, vs. C. T. Merritt. I
will sell for cash to the hiirhest and Iw-wt bid
der, at the court-house door In tb, town of
Columbia, on Monday, the 21st day of De
cember, 1375, the following described tract of
lanu, io-wii: lyuiK wnin iu .iui.v
conntv. Tennessee. beinnninK at the centre
of the'branch inthe line cutting otf the same
from Harvey Kerr, running norm l-'4 , east
1K.SS chains to ft stake in the old Lockridire
south line; thence north 8S!iJ, west 17.27
chains to a stone; thence north 4.88 chains
to a set stone near a leecch; thence north
8f'4c, west 1U.50 chains to the centre of the
branch above mentioned; thence with said
branch 35.10 chain) to the beginning, con
tAinins bv estimation 20 acres. 2 roods anil
'Al1, poles, and being part of the land origi
nally sold by A. C. White to H. K. Hhaw.
Said' land will Ik sold on a credit of six and
twelve months, free from tlie equity ot re
demption, notes with good security, bear
ing interest from date, will be required of
the purchaser or purchasers, and a lien re
tained to secure payment of the purchase
- Nov. 26, 1875.
1). B. COOPER, C. A M.
By virtue of two executions in my hands
from the honorable Circuit Court of Miitrf
Bounty. Tenn., at its September term, 1875,
against I J Bryant and others in favor of
Henry Harris, n.xecutor ot Kooertson nryant
I will sell for cash to the highest bidder, at
the cnurt-hoase door in the town of Columbia.
Tennessee, on Monday, the 22d day of No
vem ber. 1875, a tract or parcel of land lying
and being in civil district No 4 of Maury
county, lenn., and bounded as follows, to
wit: On the north by the lands of Dr W W
Cochran and J Hendricks; south by W II Hil-
liard; east by Wm White and M Cochran; west
hv W W Cochran: contains one hundred and
seventy-seven Jlcres and fifty poles. Levied
on as tne property ot J J uryaat. ana will be
old to satisiy said executions and contn.
VV . A. AliCAA.riJU.K.,
Oct 15, 1375. Sheriff.
J. f. B1KIU11,
Andrews.Barkley Go
Successor to Andrew., mjm a Co.,
Columbia, i Tennettsec,
Dealers in
Uardwtre, Guns, Reapers,
Iron. Pistols, Threshers
Plows, Wagons, Leather,
And agents for all kinds of
Agricultural Implements !
And agents for the following Reliable
Insurance .Companies:
STATE, - - - RshviIle.
COMMERCIAL, - Nashville.
rLAMKKU, - - mempnis.
PENN, - - X'hlladelphla, Pa.
CITIZEN, - - - Newark, N. J.
nmi lta vtulr at liKAvat r fe ThihA
desiring insurance will find it deetdnlly to
their interest to give us a call nov l'J-75-ly
By virtue of a decree of tba Chancery
court at Columbia, Teunessee, rendered at
its October term, 1875, 1a the cause of James
Sr. Retro, Adm'r, etc., vs. Harsh Davis, et al.,
I will sell at public outcry to the highest
and best bidder at tho court-house door In
thecltyof Columbia, on Monday, lath day
of Decembci, 1875. the following described
tract or parcel of land, lo-wlt; Lying and
being In the fourth civil d. strict of Maury
county, Tennessee, on the water of Kllver
creek, described as follows: Beginning at
an elm tree lettered with W. M.; theDce
running west 81) lmles to a white null nnar
the Hhelbyvlhe road In the old lane; tbenee
w me line oi tue laaus lormeriy belonging
to Robinson Bryant supposed to be 83 piilem;
thence 47 poles to a rock to B L Cockrel
south-east corner-thence east S3 poles to
a cedar stake on R Bryant's line, passing
said stake 87 poles to a stake and cedar
poin'er; thence north 63 poles to beginning;
containing by estimation 80 acres. Also,
a house and lot of laud In the town of Cul
leoka, Maury county, Tennessee, bound on
the north by Mechanic Ht.; west by the lota
Of J 8 Cowden; south by (be lands of J B
Cowden on Fountain Creek; east by a lot
belonging to Geo C Taylor. 4ald land and
house and lot will be sold on a credit of one
aLd two years except the sum of one hun
dred and fifty dollars in cash. 'Notes with
good security bearing Interest from date
will be required of the purchaser or pur
chasers, and a lien retained on the proper
ty for the payment of the purchase money.
Nov. 12, 1875. D. B. COOPER, c. A X.
By virtue of a decree of the Chancery
court at Columbia, Tennessee, rendered at
its October term, 1875, in the case of J N
Lowrace and others vs. J B Bond and oth
ers, I will sell at public outcry to the high
est bidder in the town of Culleoka, Maury
county, Tennessee, on Saturday, the 11th
day of December, 187&, the following de
scribed bouse aud lots, to-wlt: Lying and
being in the 6th civil district of Maury co. ,
in the town of Culleoka, describad as fol
lows: 1st. The store house, bow occupied
by H 8 Craig, and bounded on the north by
the store house of C Taylor; east i y an al
loy ; south by a lot of MM Cochran; west by
Main Ht eeU The other two lots, one a va
cant lot, are bounded as follows: On the
north by T M Stephens; east by N A D Rail
road; south by a lot formerly belonging to
W N Renfro; west by old Davis' Ford road.
Toe last mentioned lots contain some two
acres more or less. Baid property will bo
sold on a credit of one and two years except
the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars in
cash; notes with good security with interest
from date, and Hen retained for payment of
purchase money.
Nov. 12, 1875. V. B. COOKER, C. ft M.
Mary J.Darketal., vs, J. K. P. Andrews,
Pursuant to an order made in this cause
at the October term, 1875, of the Chancery
court at Columbia, Tenn., I will re-oen
thebiddlngs at my ofllce, at which place I
will receive bids until 25th day of December
next, upon the following described tract of
land, to-wlt: S tuated in the 24th civil dis
trict of Maury county, Tenn.,on the waters
of Duck River: and lxmnded on tlie north
by Joseph Nicholson; east by Mary and
Mcrtha Baucum; south by Jonn Jlllepie;
west by John Little; containing about one
hundred and seventy acres. The bidding
must commence at a price exceeding six
dollars per acre, One hundred dollars will
bertwiuiredlucnj.il, notes with g od and
approved security, upon one and two years
with Interest from date for the residue, ana
lien retained to secure payment of the pur
chase money.
Nov. I), 1875. D. B. COOPER, C. ft H.
By virtus of a deed executed to me on 22d
of October, 1874, and registered In Register's
olRee in b'k X. vol. 2, Paget 150 aud 151.
hereby referred to, anil also by decree of
the Chancery court at Columbia, Tennes
see, rendered at Its October trm, 1875, In the
case of m self as Trustee of John W Cecil,
dec'd.vs. Lunelle Cecil et al.,I will sell atjiub
lic sale on Haturday, December 18, 187, at
10 o'clock, on the premises, two luilee wt
Mt. Pleasant, on the Hampshire road, a
tract of laud of about 217 acres, bounded and
described as follows: Hituated In civil dis-
ii t No M, in said comity and btate, and
bounded ou the north by the land of Mrs
Morgan and the heirs of Samuel Cecil,
dec VI; east by the bind or W R Klndel;
south by the lands of B A and Joseph
Brooks; west by the lauds of D M Ooodloe,
Lewis Orlines and tlie heirs of Mrs Nick
Dickson, dee'd; being the tract and parcel of
land devised to said Jno W Cecil by the
will of his father. John W Cecil, dne'd. Said
laud will be sold on a credit of one and two
years, with interest from day of sale, except
three hundred dollars in cash, notes and
good security will be required ol the pur
chasers, aud lien retained for payment of
purchase money. The same wll be sold
free from the right and equity of remdem p
tlon. Iu sellinic said land I will first sel
that portion of the land not included In the
dower, and It that fails to sell for enough to
ray the debts, then I will sell the remainder
uterest in the dower. LOYD CKCI L.
Nov. 13, 1875. Trustee.
I S S O L U T I O N.
The narlnershlD heretofore existing mi
der the name ond style of Latta, Chappell
& Co., has his day been dissolved by mu
tual consent, i ne unsmessoi tne nrm win
be settled up by Win. A. I.fiila, who is t-lone
authorized to settle all claim. All persons
are requested to come forward anil make
settlements. Wm. A. Latta can be found
al the livery stable of our sue.ee-Sors,
Messrs. Vaugnan A Chappell.
LtiiA,i;iiai'rLii at ;u.
November 5, 1875.-1 w.
vy. siiiitLEys
Marble Manufactory
All ol the beet Italian Marble.
Also, I have the Jatost styles of Designs.
3 All work as cheap as can be done else
where. Manufactory on West Main street,
near tne institute. mnwyl
Son lb Main Street,
Board, V- r Dnj.
Carriaetw. biKRi"s or saddle bora furnished at
application to the proprietor.
Oilumbla. Jan. 1 187S.
W. 0. aneppard,
OmoK Fleming' new block. Oarden atrett
oeany opposite me rreiihylm-uui cbnrcu.
1 keep conatantlr on band a full atock of tooth
taolots, koaim and lotion for tho moutb and triuo :
an reooinnicB'iea Df me uiiKH HtatM deiuv vm
nation. Oall anil no rue.
each, written guarantee to run
well and give sallgfac
tioo for
Our Clocks are made at the best factories
auu of the best material. All persons
ire reauested to examine oar stock for
r. i
octl.3-75-3in. J.H. JAMES BON.
First Natonial Bank
Of C'oIamblaTenu.
- ;$ loo.ooo
T. W. Keesee, J. B. Childress, T. B. Rains
J. M. Towier, i r iiersou, j. tx.
Thomas John Frierson
Receives deposits, deals In forelccn and
domestic exchange, gold. Silver aud gov
ernment securities.
Collections made and remitted for on day
OI payment at current rates oi exenange.
ne venue stamps ior saie.
Luacrus Fsikrson, Cashier.
Family Supplies,
Has a stock of the FREanET goods in the mark irr, which he w offi-ring
at astonishing LOf prices. All thowc who leire to purchase g-mln in
the above line, should call and examine my Stock and Price.
.Nov. ly-ib-'lm.
Ihe Greatest Wonder of the Age.
SIX FOB $7,50. BOY'S
Only Onj Quality! Tho Very Best!
Can be finished bv any one competent to lew a straight seam, as it it only nec
essary to put in the ileevet and sew up the side teams. Mucvet and everything
furnished. We furnish six of the same shirts comi'lctb for f 10.
Livery and Sale Stable!
First Class Saddle & Harness Horses
r .
Tt cimn i M
Guns, Pistols and Ammunition,
Table and Pocket Cutler"-
All Kind Mechanic T003,
Bridles, Harnoss and Loathor,
Tennessee Wagons,
Avery's Steel Plows,
Oliver's Chillodlron Plows
We have iu connection with our tore a Hamt-s Hliop, ami anything in
the leather line can have made or repaired promptly ly a nrst-clas i irk
man. Give us a call and we will garantee HutiHfiii-tJon. JBaT K wit Hi In I'uli.
Ic H(j uare, Columbia, Tennetwe. im-IH 7").:ini
Funeral Undertaker
And iH-alcr in all kiuds ot
corriKS, mm cases .& mui
1111. ,.... ... .... .... . .ll..l.t
Wll II flrnl-rliiMs Jleiirw-M, ueiitle In.nw-s slid
ill all' iiti tin treim, iii,, ... uikiii,
careful drivers. H-cinl Hlti-nllon iilv
1 en to Die re-tiiterin.'iit of ImnII.-x, and wIIInii-
perlntetid. KHtlKftu-tlon KiisrHiil.-ed.
I have recent I v hud made a liHiidmiiie slid
convenient furniture whoii, hiiiI am re-
pared Ht all tim.K to move furniture, iuhiiom,
e(e., without Injury. Olllee at ltlnliit' Itoyd's.
JNOV. at, JN70.-U. .IJ.llll.
Itv vlrlue of the ls.wers contained In a
deed executed to me on the 41 li of Miirch,
1K74, nnd recorded In K-cord l, vol. 2, r-"K"
.", of Mniirv '-ounty, I will wll si public
uile. to the lilulieM bidder, nt Hprlnic Mill,
ou Ihe lKlh diiv of lK-ceinlwr, lKT.'i, Au acres
of viilunhle lund, lyinu In the 22th district of
Maury county, rrnniwe, iM.unK-i n ioi
lows: on the north hy th hind of Wm. J.
Innwiiiithri'iulliv ( uiiiplx ll llrown: on
the Soul 11 hv MnrciiH N Ilson: on the v.-t hy
the lund nt J. W. Ciiiry. Thirty iter.- sre
cleared, JU ill woodland no Improvement.
Land level nnd rich.
TKIl.MH I will ell wilil land on n cnilll of
lu. li'. month. Note Willi Inter.'! slid HP
prov.il wcurlty, nnd lien n-laln.-d on lund.
On.' hundred dollar III cnh will I' r-nilr.'d
on day of sale. Hale mIIvc without the
equity of redemption.
1 ' fit"' T, ...- I ' I." X-
Nov.26-td. Mortitimec, Ktc.
m3lcr Iii
Cent's and
Ladies' IIai,
Aud all kinds of IDUXTfiY VWiVVCK,
Whieh will heo1il chenn for ( 'ah or Ilnrter
Comer Moulh Main Hlr.-et ami r.imie ave
nue, Columbia, Teun. iiikiichi maracv
price usid for corn aud oil kind of Country
Produce-. no v 2W-7.Vt f.
Surgeon Dentist.
Houth Side Public Bure,
Columbia, ... Trnsiesseel
I'rompi attention pain to ltiuiiNtry in si
Itsbtancties, aud satisfaction guaranteed.
Office in beavy Uailery. tuneH-7i-ly.
It E W A D ! K8CA1'EI)I
Kscaped from the County Work House
t.auK one John lirowu, col. He I I.I or II
years old, and has been Rtillly of wearing
women's clothes to diHuuiHe hlmnelf. I
will pay the alKjve reward for his delivery
to the county Jail. He goes hy dl.lcreut
names. He goes by ihe names oJohu
Brown, Julius Hurt, tie. .
JOV. 10, lolT.-V. 1. J. ai.t.1 l.r.
Jacks .Hid Jennets
jnqr sale.
lt.ul.rx .lock of Juki and Jinniti
or !. from good Com moo Block up to
XhorouKh-breJi. I can suit anybody In color,
liie, blood or pries. Addrsta m al Hants i s,
Msary oounirMnne..
17 7-V17- ir Ji. i u i u .t. iv.
Dealer Irr
SIZE, SIX FOR $6.00.
i .1 r 1 1 o
inr it
The dry wiimiii now I Iiik v i the
Are ruiiiiliiu lo Ih.-lr lull capai liy hy
All Ciixtom IndliiK done for Hi.- Mh,
(in liiMiirliiu n flue yield lo the . iii.iinr.
l'ft iui MIL lltlou KIV.'ll lo
IM;iitiiit Worli!
And order Moll.'Mcl. Ihe ! v li'ot mi.ik.'t
l.rlce paid for WHEAT A M t I C N . Hour,
M.'Sl, llrsii, sod Mini I ih Iivi-iiM In thi i ily
or III Ihe depot s clicsp mm Ihe rln Hl
June IN-7j.ly. Mll.lo.N T. M-.M.Y.
T. W.TUtl-IN
$ 1 ID , 3D ID CD
-woirni ok-
at ( mr
To eiial.le ii to k.-a-p our liiiud eiupl. .-.(
lurliiK the wlnl. -r. We HiiVelv oil. r t
mi-i, nun rii oi i.ii.iiiiiiirliir.', for m hort
time, our t'li'tjiiui Hortm.'ut of
Jonny Linds,
Tark Thactous,
rancllcd Hockaways,
Brot8, Sulkcys,
Skeleton Wagons. Etc.
Nov. 20, lH73.-tf.
Medicines and Chomicals,
Fancy and Toilet Articles,
rilVHICIANM ITil'-M nil-i liiVS ( VI y.
t L IXV tliMP. .1 v
Keslh !! Taldlc Nrr, (olaMhla. r
liov.VT .t-ly.
Iwillacll very cheap rut. M
farm. Th et l,.n f-,...p.J ..' n,r
tct. ii-iiim . W . KM nu ,

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