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The over-worked scribe of the " MndvLUe Gazette "
Bat wonderiug moneyless wiRftt
If hia office would ever be cloaned of Its debt.
With the times so deplorably ticht
Wlien the tread of old leather wa heard on the stair
And a ftranaer stepped Into the room,
Who asked with the " don't let tne bother you " air,
Which th bore is so apt to assume
" How are ye 7 " The editor rose with a suille
And pleasantly yielded his chair
rinred the Tlsltdr'i sadly unltemitiful tile
(Which exhibited srnnitonis nf wear)
On the ton of the desk, aloDptitio hi own,
( A shocking old pluR, by the way,,
And then asked in a rather obsequious tone,
" Can we do anything for you to-day ?'
" No I Jest colled U see ye" the visitor mid ;
' I'm a friend to tne newspaper man "
Here lio ran a red handkerchief over his head,
And accepted the editor's fan
" I hev read all the pieces you've writfor your sheet,
And they're siraiuht to the p'int, I confus
Thai 'ar sl.ip you frln Keyser waa sartinly neat
You're an ornvuicnt, sir, to the press ! "
" I am plad you are pleased," said th writer, " in
deed, But you praise me too hlk'lily, by far
Jiint select an exchaiute that you're anixous to road,
And while reading it, trv this curar.
By thi way, I've a melon laid up for a treat
Vve been keeping It nestled jn ice,
It'H a beauty, sir, Ut for an angel to eat
Now, jtcrhaps you will relish a alicef"
Then tlte stranger rolled up half a dozen or more
Of the choicest exchanges of all
Helped himself to the fruit, threw the rinds on tho
Or flung them at flies on the wall.
Ue ai"-"d his new frieDd that his " pieces were
Tn a manner otioonimonly able "
As he wiped his red hands on the editor's coat
That hung at the side of the table.
" By the way, I've neglected to ask you your name,"
H-ild the seriba as the stranger aroiie;
' That's a fact," he replied, " I'm Afcimalcch B.ime,
You have litfrt1 o' that iimne, I suppoHO?
I'm a-livin' out here on the Fiddletowu Creek,
Where I own a k-xkI Iioiina mid lot ;
Tho Gazette gets round to me wunst every week
I'm the cousiauteflt reader you'vo got ! "
" AVimalwh Biune" mu'ed th. editor ' H-:i-in-e
( Here his giie-l betucl a ebew of his" twist "
1 am sorry to say yuur meliiiluoH name
Ioesii't hnpix-n to honor my list! "
41 '."pose not," was the answer ; " no reason it should,
For ye see jine lots with Hill J'rim
He's a reg'iur subserilier and pays ve iu wood,
And I borry your pajer o' him I !'
Scribrurr'i, or Decentbrr.
The Bell of St. John's.
In a huge and smoky foundry close by
(he wharves in the tow n of B - a gang
of workmen were getting ready to cast
the largest bell of the St. John's cathe
dral chime. Only an hour more, and
they would let the glaring, bubbling
me"al flow from the huge furnace into
the mold which was buried deep in the
black earth clone by.
It was just at evening, and in thegath
ering twilight the lurid blue flames that
burst from the top of the tall chimney
flashed unearthly gleams upon theneigh
loring windows and house tops.
The scene within the foundry was
weird and almost awful. The swarthy
forms of the workmen, party lighted by
the yellow glare, moved about like Tar
tariitn shade, and the sooty beams and
ponderous chainn crossing half black,
naif golden, under the golden roof, re
called the engines of Cyclops under Mt.
The town clock struck six. It was
time for eupper. All the men threw
down their tools, and ran and put on
their outer clothing.
"I!e back in half an hour, sharp!"
cried the forge-master. "We shall make
the cant at a quarter of seven."
"All right, ir!" cried tho men on re
sponse. "I hear
some of the town folks are
coming down to see the work," said one.
"Yes," said another, "and it'll lie
something to open their eyes. There
was never such a lell cast in the whole
state an this one will be."
In a moment more only one workman
and the master were left in tho foundry.
The former wa to stay and watch the
"blast." lie had brought a double allow
ance of dinner, and he would make a
supper of what remained.
"Perhaps we can get the 'inventor' to
stay with you, George," said tho master,
laughing, as he prepared to go.
" l es, where is he ?" returned the man
in the- same jesting tone.
"lie's Ihvii around the works loi:g
enough to know when anything goes
wrong. Hollo! liol!o! I say J Where's
the 'inventor?' Corue hero. Ah, there
he is." An in silent answer to the sum
mons a shock-haired fellow, with large,
grey eyes, and a pale, vacant face, ap
peared from behind a pile of castings,
lie had on bis back a gray shirt, much
soiled with dust, and he wore a pair of
huge pantaloons, held up by a single sus
pender. "Well, Mopus." quoth the man (Icorire,
slamiinir, him rather routrhly on the
shoulder; suppose
enough to help veil
The voting fellow
you ve got wit
if anvthinjrV, the
around and nodded his head.
"Then sit here and look at that
nace, and don't take your eves off."
The poor lad smiled and meekly did
as he was ordered, just as an olxnlieut
dog would have laid down to watch his
owner's coat.
A queer fellow waa this "Mopus;"
stupid enough in ordinary things to need
a world of watching, but withal wonder
fully fit to watch a furnace. He knew
all the working of the foundry by what
seemed a sort of brute instinct, though
really his strange sagacity in this was a
remnant of a once bright mind.
If anything hapX'ncd or went in an
usual way he would always notice it,
and say what ought to be done, though
he could not tell, perhaps, why it ought
to de done.
Two years ltefore he had been an intel
ligent, promising lad. He was the son
of a designer connected with the foundry
company, and had always lieon allowed
free access to the shops, aud to mingle
with the men and watch their work. But
one day a great lifting chain broke, with
its load, and an iron fragment struck
him on the head, inflicting a serious in
jury. From this he partially recovered,
and only partially, for his reason was im
paired. I!ut his natural love for machi
nery and mechanical experiments re
mained, and as he regained his lxxlily
strength he spent most of his time mak
ing small wheels and shafts, and putting
together odd contrivances, which he
would exhibit with immense pride and
Such was the person left tohelp watt h
the great blast for the castingof 1 licking
1 ell of the chime of St. John's. Faith
fully he kept his place Wfore the fur
nace, w hile the man Oenrge, sat down at
a little distance and Itegnn to eathissup-
1er. Doubtless the latter intended to
;eep a general oversight, but he certain
ly made the inventor's eyes do the most
ot the looking. Whether lie felt a kind
of reckless trust in the instinct of his
half-witted companion, or indolently con
cluded thai nothing could liajjK ii. he
was sadlv to blame for charging himself
so little with the mijHirtant duty before
Not a word was said by either watcher,
and only the deep roar of the furnace
was ueard through the vast foundry.
(icorge finished his supper, and saun
tered into one of the tool shops to find
his pipe. "Inventor" sat alone before
the great blast. 1 he one rational faculty
of his feeble) mind enabled him to com
prehend what it meant, and even some
thing of the magnitude of the enterprise
that was ripening inside those burning
walls. Me knew that the furnae was
full of valuable metal, and that close
beside him, buried out of sight in the
deep sand, was the huge mold, so soon to
be f;i!cd with the precious cast. He
knew .'':d could see that all the ch.mnel.s
for the flow of the fiery liquid were nad v,
and th:it near the mouth of the furnace
.ton.! l'ie long rod that was to lie
i;., d w!i n tin' moment came to let on
th moltcu stream.
All this his limited thoughts took in
bv habit. Dimly conscious that some
thing was to lie done, he sat his eyes on
the furnace absorlcd and intent.
Suddenly something startled hiiu.
There was a slight noise, and a burning
crack appeared near the top of the fur
nace. Then another t rack, ami a seorch
irrr brick fell out and rolled to the
ground at his feet.
lad o'vned his mouth to shriek-.
mi tr.i;ied was he that the sounds
-in.'!; in his throat, us if he had been in
a fit of nightmare
A thin "red stream followed the fallen
brick, and trickled down the furnace side
like running Java. Then came another
alarininsr noise, and a thin cap Jialf wa
down the masonry let out more of the
hissing metal.
Where was CreorgeT Was the un
faithful fellow still hunting his pipe?
The furnace was bursting with only a
poor, nan-iuiot iaa to guard it.
What could he do? He did what
perhaps z lad in his right mind would
not nave ctarea to do. Kushinrr to the
mouth of the furnace, he seized the long
iron rod that stood near, and tapped the
vent. One desperate thrust with a
sharp point up the terrible funnel a
few quick prying strokes. Stand back
now. 1 he confining clay fell awav. and
the yellow white flood spurted out with
resistless force. It leajjed in the.cla.,-
nueu irougns, ana hisedits way, flaming
aown to tne mouth ot the bell mold
The "fool" had done a deed worthy of
a general on a nciu ot battle.
as it too late? Every moment new
nssures ojeneu in the doomed iurnace.
Some of the upper stones toppled over,
Still the metal poured out into the mold.
But the waste was great from those gap
ing naws. me pressure was relieved ty
open vent, but the leaks multiplied con
tinually. It was art running a race with
Poor "Mopus" stood powerless before
the coming catastrophe. His knees
knocked together and his head swam. A
great heap of red hot bricks and rubbish
fell at his feet. He had barely thought
to get out the way and save his life, lie
heard a wild shout of human voices in
the distance, then an awful roar behind
him, and he felt himself pursued by
surges of seething fire. Sharp, blister
ing pains pierced his flesh at a hundred
jioints. The rest was all a horrible, un
intelligible dream. It was as if he had
suddenly sank into the earth and had
been swallowed up forever.
By seven o'clock comparative quiet
reigning again on the scene of the dis
aster. Kuins lay everywhere. The en
gines had quenched the flames that had
caught the building,, and the men,
blackened with smoke, stood in silent
groups around the remains of the fur
nace. It had fallen to pieces and nothing
was left but heaps of steaming rubbish.
Poor "Inventor," who had been found
with the tapping-rod in his hands, lying
on his face in the sand, frightfully
burned, had been carried to his home.
Little waa said, but the few words
spoken uttered with no mild emphasis
the natural wrath of the mafter and
hands against the man George, whose ex
cuse for himself only exaggerated his of
fense. "See what he lias done," said they, a
few davs later, as they stood in the half
burned foundry. "Five thousand dol
lars gone to waste in a minute! The
best job in twenty years spoiled! The
rascal go to hunting for his pipe, and
leave that stuttering idiot to watch! Is
that all he can say for himself? Out
upon such carelessness! Why", the boy
didn't even know enough to bawl out
when he must have seen the furnace
tumbling t( pieces!"
The master, who had more at stake
than the men, of course felt the loss
more keenly than they. He almost wept
with mingled grief and rage. Suddenly
something peculiar caught his eye among
the debris, and he cried in a startled
V ""Hallo! What's this? What's this?"
He snatched up a fragment of one of
the troughs which had led from the mold.
There were traces of the stream of bronze
still running in it. Then the possible
meaning of the iron found Tn the injured
boy's hand flashed ujon him.
"Bring mc a shovel quick !" lie
A spade was put into his hand, and he
began nervously to heave away the hot
mass that lay piled over the belt mold.
It was a herculean task, but he worked
like a giant, and three or four of his
men took hold and helped him.
Brick bats, ore, slag, and ashes flew in
every direction. Presently the master's
spade penetrated the sand and touched
something hard. He stooped down.
Then he lejijied up like one half frantic,
and plying his spade with redoubled en
ergy, tore away the remaining sand, dis
closing, what looked like a great metallic
".Men," he cried out, liftinghis flushed
face, "the bell is cast!"
"Who did this?" asked every excited
voice as soon as the cheering died awav
"Come with me, two or three of you !
cried the master. "I think I know who
did it. It's a miracle !"
They hurried away to the home of the
half-witted lxv. The attendant met
them with his finger on his lips.
"The poor !oy is in a brain fever
said he.
"Does he say anything in his delirium?"
whispered the master.
"Oh, ves, he raves all the time alout
the big bell moid. 'I hope it will fill I
hope it will fill,' he says."
lhe men exchanged glances, it was
indeed true. The idiot had cast the
great lell of St. John's. Just then the
physician came out. "Perhaps he will
recover Ids reason bv this shock and
sickness," he said. "Such things have
"Do you think so? Pray heaven that
he may ! solemnly ejaculated the mas
tcr and his men ; and turned away deep
ly moved.
Two months later the great lell hung
from a huge derrick in the lathe room of
the factory, and leneath it stood a heavy
truck uiion which it was alout to be
lowered. A silence fell inxin the grout
of workmen as the pale face and feeble
form of "Inventor" apeared, lorne in
on a small reciiuing chair. Jie had re
covered his reason, and was fast getting
back his strength. His large grey eyes
instantly fastened themselves on the hell,
that splendid masterpiece, whose making
i l ' n-i , i . i ' i
meant so mucn ior nim. i ney nan lout
him the whole story of the casting, and
the disaster in the foundry, but all
sounded like a romance to him.
"I rememlKT nothing that happened,'
said he, shaking his head, with a smile
"It's all new to me ; all new and strange
so strange !
" l es, said the master, devoutly : "it
was ( tod's hand."
Every eye turned upon the invalid
Some of the men felt almost afraid, it
was so much like a resurrection to have
him there among them, the loy they
had known so long underwitted, now a
young man, keen and intelligent, as if
changed into another leing.
"I should like to strike the bell once;"
two men lifted him up and put a small
hammer in his hand.
He struck one gentle blow. A deep,
sweet, mournful tone, solemn as the
sound of distant waterfalls rolled from
the great bell and echoed through the
foundry. Tears filled the eyes of the
rough men as they heard it.
"Ah!" said the master, "ihere'sa hal
lelujah in that, and it may well liejrin
here. Ixmg may this bell praise God !
He saved it in the ruins of the furnace
by one wise thought in the ruins of a
human brain. Our furnace is rebuilt,
and lndiold, this dear loy has his reason
again ! The bell and toy shall glorify
God together."
"Amen !" murmured the listeners.
Then the great bell was lowered, and
as the truck was rolled away with its me
lodious burden the loy was lifted and
carried after it. and both went out into
the sunny day together, the rough men
standing in the doorways waving their
"Little Inventor" afterwards proved
hfs claim to the title so lightly given him
in his unfortunate loyhood. His name
is now read on many a bell whose match
less riches of tone his genius and skill in
metals alone created. '
Frequently, after having taken un
usual pains in collecting flower seeds, the
amateur llorit rinds them destroyed by
mice. By placing bits of camphor-gum
with the seeds they may be preserved,
as mice dislike the odor, and will not
disturb Kioks, clothing, or indeed any
thing which may le impregnated with
this suhi-tance. Hcecm Rural.
No matter how indifferent the ret-t
of the world may prove to your coin
mings, how careless of whether you re
main awav or come back, there is one
jKrson who will witness your departure
with anxious heart, one pair of eyes that
will grow brighter when you return.
You know lief, young man. It is your
washwoman. Bumswick Sacs.
Ktalistlr of the Order A Reform 3Iore
nieimt Inaugurated.
The national grange is now in session
in Louisville. A correspondent writing
in regard to the meeting, gives some sta
tistics of the order, as follows :
At present, in the order, there is a
total o; 42 state and territorial granges.
and more than 24,000 sub-granges, com
prising a membership of about 1.450,000
persons. This is an increase of 2,000
granges, and in the neighborhood of 130,
000 members, over 1874. The work of
the order in the future will consist more
in consolidating and strengthening those
granges already in existence than in or
ganizing new ones, inasmuch as the ter
ritory in this country is pretty well
covered. The following is a list of the
number of granges m each state in lo7o,
as copied rom ttie omcial returns :
Indian Territory..
1573, Mississippi fib"!
t530'Missouri 2,033
2t;2Montana -
tii) Nebraska M
lfilXevada 15
Sfi New Hampshire U
22 Sew Jersey S'.'J
147iNev York 348
705! North Carolina.. 535
10 Ohio 1 "05
1,511 : Oregon 1S5
2,0:.'' IVnn ivlvania fi'Jl
II SouthCarolitiu... 3.10
2,IH'4 Tennessee
1,3!1 Texas 1.1VH
l,()0,s: Vermont -J07
314 Virginia titi-3
1 S3 Washington Tit. it
137 j West Virginia... 2'i.
!!'! Wisconsin .113
5-Kil Total 'JXKo
The total number of granges iu exist
ence in 1S74 was 21,183.
The receipts of the national grange for
1573 were 220,033, and the exjendi
tures 1S0 ,))."). It is estimated that the
patrons have 18,000,000 cash capital in
vested in their various enterprises, which
include railroad and steamboat lines,
banks, fire and life insurance companies,
cotton-gins, and mills' packing-houses,
flouring mills, elevators-, grain ware
houses, machinery manufactories, ship
ping associations, foundries, tanneries,
cheese factories, etc.
The correspondent says :
Among the rank and file a powerful
reform movement lias been initiated,
whose objects are as follows: Limitation
of the power of tho higher granges, re
duction of dues and fees, and the return
to members of all dangerous surpluses ;
abolition of the higher degrees, or their
throwing ojkmi to all members; simplifi
cation of the ritual. There are some
men in the order, like the grand master,
Adams, and master Allen, of Missouri,
who desire to make the most of their
class-privileges; and to coerce into silence
and submission all people and papers
that do not think and say precisely what
they wish. They 'have set themselves
against the people, and will be smashed.
The order is anti-American in its con
stitution. Thus the national grange was
first made up of government clerks at
Washington, and, as the order widened,
the tame little ring kept itself in the
place to which it had elected itself. The
last dodge was, when too many elective
and representative members began to get
into the national grange, to create a sen
ate (seventh degree of ceres.) Thus
when a inemler of the ring was repu
diated and retired from the national
grange, instead of stepping down and
out, he stepj)ed up ana in, becoming a
memlier of the senate, without whose
approval the action of the national
grange was void. This was coming it a
little too strong even for the simpie and
long suffering American farmer, and now
the reformers insist that all degrees alxve
the fourth (the eqivalent of master
mason) le aliolished, or thrown oh.-ii, so
that any meinler of the order will be
eligible to any of lice and can attend any
of its delilerations. This they will
surely carry. Last year the state
granges almost unanimously rejected a
very cheeky amendment proposing to
make certain loiinilers memoers or the
national grange for life ; and so strong is
the feeling that master Allen of Mis
souri, the hottest advocate of grange
aristocracy, has lieen instructed by his
grange to vote for grange reform. The
dues and fees will also lie reduced, and
the surplus returned, so that the national
grange will have no dangerous funds on
hand. No simplification of the ritual is
expected at present, but ultimately
there will be but one degree in the order,
the feature of secrecy which shuts out
the Catholics, Baptists, Quakers, and all
who are conscientiously opposed to mem
bership in secret societies removed, and
the grange practically resolved into a
series of independent country co-operative
organizations, having a state grange,
merely for consultation and uniformity,
and a national grange, wholly in exten
sive, and limited in its limit ions to being
a mere bureau of record. In lee J, plans
for independent and simplified granges
have already liccn made public in Mich
igan. 3!eelianieal Production of Cold.
The production of cold by means of
mechanical operations as distinguished
from cooling by radiation or conduction,
has never been accomplished in so thor
oughly practical and satisfactory a man
ner as in the great paralline oil works at
Bathgate, England. In order io extract
the solid paratfinc it is necessary to cool
down all that portion of the crude oil to
a teniK'rature of thirty-five degrees to
forty degrees Fahrenheit, so as to cause
the paralline to crystalize. When the
works were iu their infancy this was ac
complished by storing the oil in summer,
and exposing it iu flat dishes to the cold
winter. As the works increased it be
came necessary to devise means lor ac
complishing this result at all times of the
year. The Harrison ether machine did
good service, but it was found to le too
small. Mr. A. V. Kirk, Ce engineer o
the works, after learning of the ice ma
chine of Dr. Gorrie, which has succeeded
in Florida but failed in London, decided
to follow methods similar to those adopted
in that machine. The simple plan of
compressing air into a receiver hv means
of" a compressing pump was first tried:
the compressed air being allowed to ex
pa ml, and in its expansion do the work
of driving a steam engine was expected
to be ejected from the cylinder ot the
latter at a much lower temperature.
1'uit the condensed air entered the cylin
der at the temperature of the surround
ing atmosphere, and neutralized much ot
the cooling effect of the preceding stroke.
There was also moisture in the air, to re
move which no precaution had leen
taken ; and other mechanical difficulties
.... ..I i i ,
caused this experiment io oe anaiiiioiieu.
Attention was then turned to an air en
gine of a form allied to Sterlings, and the
experiment, under new arrangements,
laving succeeded, M r. KirK made a
large machine, which has lieen con tin-
ill vat vork since 1801, and fully ac
complishes all that can be desired. This
the nrst Bathgate machine, is iiMialiv
worked at from 100 to 12( pound to the
square inch, the efliciency and capacity
ir which work increasing with aug
mented pressure. The air is drawn
through chloride of calcium in order to
lrv it, for if the air be damp, moisture
?. deposited, as snow, in the upper parts
.... . A XV .
oi the regenerator, as iar as wssnie,
the air is" also cooled before leir.g com
A modification of this machine, adapted
the eoolim- f large quantities of water
. , , i i
or lor let-making, nas aiso oeen con
ducted hv Mr. Kirk lor the use of the
Oak Bank oil company, and has lecn at
work since 1872 with a success equal to
that of the original 'Bathgate machine.
As an average sample ot the work done
pv the Bathgate drv-air machine m
Si"l Mr. Kirk, after giving the dimen-
ions of the cylinders, etc.. states that
gallons of brine are cooled ier minute
rem 32 down to 2ti Fahr.
Sainaii'liv's Elopement.
' Yes," said the old lady, as she wiiied
her eves and proceeded to tell the sym
pathizing ne"mhKr alnjut the elopement
f" her daughter, " Yes, Mrs. Blobbs, you
lav well sav it ar' a dreadful stroke.
I ain't had such another shock since that
la-t siiell o' rlicumatiz. To think that a
trt'-r of mine would do sech a disgrace
ful thing after all the care an' auction
in- an' her father have ravished on her
I Von i her infancy up. I couldn't bear up
under the affliction nohow but fer the
coiiserlatkm of religion. Keligion is pow-
erful enervating in sech trials as these."
" Did you not suspicion that they were
contemplating such a move ?" asked the
" No, we never suspicioned nary con
templation. After I d runned the con
ceted upstart off the premises with the
mop, I didn't think he'd have the insu
rance to speak to Samathy agin. An'
she seemed to appear so consigned that
I never respected her of having any un
derhand contentions. But all the time
so I've heerd sence they used to meet
clandestinely, when I thought Samanthy
was at meeting, an' decoct their plans to
run off an' elope. "Well, Samanthy has
made her bed, an' she'll have to lay on
it. I wash my hands of the ongrate'ful
girl from this time forthwith."
"Did you make any effort to intercept
them?" , , , ,
" No, you see, we didn't know it, c
else we'd 'a intercepted 'em within an
inch 'o their lives."
"I mean did you try to have them
stopped when you found they were gone?"
"Yes, indeed. Father telescoped to
five or six towns, an' give their prescrip
tion cost him lots o' money, too, but he
said he wouldn't mind spendin' the price
of a cow to git Samanthy back. But we
never heerd nothin' from them, and I
told father to let 'em alone and they'd
come home after awhile with five or six
children lchind 'em. But I tell you,
Mrs. Blobbs, they shan't set a foot in this
house except over the dead body of my
defunct corpse. Y'ou jest remember
lulereKliiitjr Keiuinlxrenxc of (Jie .ret
Confederate ticnernl.
A writer in the Richmond Dispatch,
detailing reminiscenses of Stonewall
Jackson, says: A gallant gentleman who
served on the staff of A. I. Hill has re
cently given me a somewhat new version
of the wounding of Jackson, which has
never been in print, and which I will
give in detail. While General Kcde.i's
division was pressing the enemy in line
of battle A. 1'. Hill's division was moving
in column to their support, and General
Hill and his staff rode to the front to
assist in relieving the confusion which
had necessarily ensued from charging
through the undergrowth. After the
pursuit had ceased and Hill's division
was moving forward to relieve Bodes the
enemy opened a very severe fire of artil
lery from some thirty pieces ; and just
after this Hill met Jackson in the turn
pike and received from him the charac
teristic order, twice repeated, and with
General Jackson's peculiar wave of the
hand in the direction indicated: "Press
them and cut them off from the Fnited
States ford." Hill replied : " ( Jeneral I
am entirely unacquainted with the topog
raphy of this country. Have you an of
ficer who could aid me ? " Jackson then
directed Captain Boswell, of his staff, to
report to General Hill, and he himself
rode on down the road through the lines,
and about fifty to seventy-five yards in
front of them.
My informant thinks that there was
with Jackson at this time none of his
staff, and only one of the signal corps ;
but it would seem from other accounts,
that he was at least joined soon after by
Captain Wilbourne and Lieutenant Mor
rison, of his staff. The contiguity of the
confederate lines to the federal lines
at this time was shown by the fact
that some of Lane's brigade of Hill's
corps hi ought in a lederal colonel,
who said that lie stepped in front of
his lines and only came a few feet liefore
he found himself in ours. A? soon as
General Hill saw Jackson ride in front of
his lines he felt it his duty, as a subordi
nate, to join him, - and accordingly he
also rode forward, accompanied by sev
eral of his stall' and couriers.
When the firing liegun the party were
sitting quietly on their horses, looking in
the direction of the enemy s line ami
eagerly listening at the clatter of the
axes felling timber and other noises in
dicating their movements. A smatter
ing tire commenced on the right (iiossibly
in response to one from the enemy, and
immediately the brigade in front of
which Jackson's party were quietly sit
ting on their horses otiened tire uton
them with the most fatal results. The
pr:rtv at this time consisted of Genera
Jackson, who rect-Wed three terrible
wounds in the arm and hand, and whose
horse dragged him under the lxuigh of
; - . , , . . ., .
tree and lacerated ins tace terniiiy. I ap-
tain u lUxnirneand lieutenant 31orrisoi
who saved himself from lieing carrie
into the enemy's lines by his frantic
horse by throwing himself to the ground
and suffering severe bruises; (Jeneral
Hill, who saved himself bv jumping to
the ground and lying there till the firin
was over ; Colonel William H. -Palmer.
whose horse was killed under him : Cap
tain roriies, a gallant quartermaster
who was serving a.j a volunteer aid on
Hill's stall, was instantly killed; Major
uonway Howard, whose horse carrict
him into the enemy's lines; Captain
Murray Taylor, whose horse was killed
with fivebullet-wounds;Scrgeant 'flicker
who was captured, and couriers Muse
severely wounded and Saunders killed
Dr. Hunter Mcuuire, in an account of
Jackson's last hours, savs:
Alio ut daylight Sunday morning Mrs
-r i r i ii .,.,.
.jacK.son lniormcu mm mat nis recovery
was very doubtful, and that it waslietter
that he should be prepared for the worst
He was silent for a moment, and then
said, " It will lie infinite gain to 1k trans
lated to heaven." lie advised Ins wife
in the event of his death to return to her
father s house, and added, " You have
Kind and goon iatner inn there is no one
so kind and good as your Heavenly
rather. Jie still expressed a hoie of
his recovery, but requested her, if he
should die, to have him buried in Lex
ington, in the alley of Virginia. His
exhaustion increased so rapidly that at
eleven o'clock Mrs. Jackson knelt by his
1 1 1 i 11 1 i!. .1 1 P ., J
ocu ami toiu mm mat, neiore the sun
went down he would be with his Savior.
He replied : "Oh, no. ion are fright
ened, my child. Death is not so near.
I may yet get well.' She fell over the
lied, weeping bitterly, and told him
again mat, tne pnysieians sata there was
no hojie. After a moment's pause he
asked her to call me. "Doctor, Anna
informs mc that you have told her that I
am to die to-day: is it so?" Wh"n he
was answered he turned his eyes towards
the. ceiling and gazed a moment or two,
as if in intense thought, then replied :
" Very good, very good, it is all right.'
He then tried to comfort his almost
heart-stricken wife, and told her he had a
good deal to say to her, but he was too
weak. Colonel Pendleton came into the
room aliout one o'clock, and he asked
him " Who was preaching at the head
quarters to-day ?" When told that the
whole army was praying for him, he re
plied: "Thank God! they are very kind."
lie said : " It is the Lord's day; my wish
is fulfilled. I have always desired to
die tin Sunday." 1 lis mind now began
to feu and wander, and he frequently
talked as if in command upon the field.
giving orders in his old way; then the
scene sniuca, ana ne was ai the mess
table in conversation with members oj
his stall ; now with Ins wife and child :
now at prayer with his military family.
Occasional intervals of return ot his
mind would arqiear, and during one of
them I offered him some brandy and
water, but he declined it, saying. "It
will only delay my departure and do no
good ; I want to preserve my mind to the
last it possioie. Altout half-past one he
was told that he had but two ho-irs to
live, and he answered again feeb'.v but
firmly : " A"erv good ; it is all right." A
few moments before he died he cried out
m his deitrlum : "Order A. 1'. Hill to
prepare for action ! " " Pass the infantry
to the front rapidly!" "Tell Major
Il'iks" then stopin-d, leaving the sen
tence unfinished. Presently a smile i
inetlable sweetness spread itself over his
pale face, and he said quietly and with
an expression as if of relief, " Let us
cross over the river and rest under the
shade of the trees; " and then, without
pain or the least struggle, his spirit
passed from earth to God who gave it.
The French town of Nerac ir alom
to le liirhtcsl hy ras made frum cork
tvasto and cuttings, lliese are distil lot
in a clne vessel or retort, and the .-as
ohtained is s;ii.l to be hriphter and
whiter than that of coal. The hi in,-or
lH!-hiininous Ztno is smalier. an 1 the
pis itself has a greater dt-nity than that
from ordinary eoid.
Disease In Soap.
The Pittsburgh Leader has a notice,
gathered from French medical papers and
confirmed by physicians of New York,
regarding diseases propagated by the free
use of soap. The prevalence of diptheria
among washerwomen first drew attention
to the matter; and chemical investiga
tion traced the disease to the soap. It is
well known that domestic soap fat is
foul stuff. Its long gathering putresence
usually sets in before it gets into the
boilers of the factory. Fat that comes
from dead animals goes to the soap boiler.
Often the animal was diseased ; and al
ways it is tainted with mortuary matter.
Continual rubbing in hot water causes
absorption of the poison through the
pores of the skin, and it attacks the most
susceptible organs. Lung fever and kid
ney diseases are traced to this morbid
source, in such a way as to leave no
doubt. Many diseases of children are
caused by impure soap.
The commission in Paris reports this
poison most apparent in toilet soaps, and
those most scented are the worst. Prob
ably the rosin so much used in common
laundry soaps has a counter effect. For
it is found that borax freely used coun
teracts the baneful effects of the poison.
The report states that soap gains
greatly in detergent power by the addi
tion of borax, and on this account it is
common to advertise soaps as enriched
in that way. But of twenty samples
analyzed scarcely a trace of borax was
It recommends a law requiring that a
certain minimum proportion, not under
10 per cent, of the alkaline ingredient,
shall be obligatory in all soaps. And,
further, that the pioportion be stamped
on all soaps, under fine and forfeiture
for deception.
Borax is plentiful on this coast, and so
much reduced in price that it may now
he used freely.
The Story of a Convict.
A convict has just died in Sing-Sing
prison whose history during his imprison
ment possesses a peculiar interest. His
name was John Parsons, and he had
been an inmate of the prison for three
and twenty years. lie went there a
young man and came out a gray-headed
corpse. He was orginally convicted of
manslaughter in the first degree, and
condemned to imprisonment lor life.
He was a iovial. e-ood-natnred fellow.
, Cl - i
and enjoyed many privileges, such as
running errands to the village and doing
odd jobs about the place, and acting at
times as a servant to the wardens, and
generally making himself useful. On
one occasion he liegged very hard to he
allowed to visit Jcw lork, and the per
mission was accorded. He went alone
and was seated at a theater that same
night when one of the guards of the
prison, who was ofl on leave of absence.
saw him there, supposed he had escaped,
and had him arrested in an orchestra
seat as Niblo's Garden. He was taken
back to the prison handcuffed, despite
all his protestations, and never asked to
be allowed to visit New York again. By
years of companionship and familiarity
it seems that he grew to love the prison
where at first he was an involuntary
visitor, and when all the friends and
relatives he once knew had passed away
he came to look upon these hard walls
as his home. Three years ago he was
offered a pardon by Gov. Dix ; he cried
like a child when told of it, and lagged
to be allowed to remain, saying that if
ne were sent awav he should commit
sonic crime to be able to get back. Un
der these circumstances it was thought
better to let him remain where he was,
particularly as he was more useful and
serviceable than anyone around the
place. All liked him sincerly, and when
"John" breathed his last on his prison
oed there was sincere regret and sorrow
Ui the prison.
Dr. Haul says a tierson should go lo
sleep with his face to the wall. Uates
says : " I s'pose that's the healthy way ;
but it s mighty unsociable.
A fr' a in ou Jlell-jil Inallt ulioii.
front the i'liiwio 7'imes.
" The name of Pr. R. V. Tierce, of Uufl'alo,
X. Y., ha.s become as familiar to the jeolc
all over the country as household words.
1 lis wonderful remedies, his iamhlets and
hooks, ami his larjje medical experience, have
liroU'jlit lii in into prominence and given him
a solid reputation. The Times, in t Jie present
issue, presents a whole-page communication
from Dr. l'ieree, ami our renders niav pain
from it some idea of the vast proportions of
Ins business and tiie merits ot ins medicines.
lie has at lJutt'alo a mammoth establishment,
appropriately named lhe Worlds Dispen
sary,' where patients are tieated, and the
remedies compounded. Here nearly a hun
dred persons are employed in the several
departments, and it corps of alile and skilled
physicians stand ready to alleviate the siill'er-
nigs 01 nuinuuiiy uy uie mosi improveu
methods. These physicians are in frequent
eousultat'oii with lr. 1 lerce, and their com
bined experience is brought to bear on the
successful treatment of obstinate cases. The
I'octor is a man ot a large medical experi
ence, and his extensive knowledge ot materia
mediea has been acknowledged bv presenta
tions of degress from two of the first Medical
Colleges in the land."
If von would patronize Medicines, scientifi
cally prepared bv a skilled Physician and
Chemist, use Pr.l 'ierce's Family Medicines.
Ciolden Medical Discovery is nutritious.
tonic, alterative, and blood-cleansing, and an
uncounted lough Remedy; Pleasant Purga
tive Pellets, scarcely larger than mustard
seeds, constitute an agreeable and reliable
physic; Favorite Prescription, a remedy for
debilitated lemales; J-.xtract of iMiiart- eed,
a magical remedy lor Pain, isowel Complaints,
and an uneipialed Liniment for both human
and horse-flesh ; while his Pr. Sage's Catarrh
Uemedy is known the world over as the great
est specific for latarrh and "Cold 111 the
Head " ever given to the public. Thev are
sold by druggists.
Vkgetixe is not a vile, nauseous com
pound, which simply purges the bowels, bl t
a safe, pleasant remedy which is sure to
purify the blood and thereby restore the
Kuksett'S Cot'OAlXE. ,' Advertisement
I'lie tViilennial Year
Opens with a Grand Centennial Concert at
tort !-cott, Kansas, January 1st, 1870. lick
els $2. r irst Pri.e, Davidson s Opera Ifouse,
worth $50,000; Second 1'rize, $:.'i),00O, and
,tiSo prizes from ifo.ooo down, the enter
prise is endorsed by the best citizens of the
State, and is the most liberal ever offered to
the public.
J-or particulars, address
J. S. Emmeiit, Fort Scott, Kansas:
Per fell Apparatns.
Charter Oak Stovks are simple in eon
striietion ; compact in shape; made of best
materials; easily operated; economical in
fuel, and low priced, and the very perfection
ot cooking apparatus.
The proprietors of Johnson's A
Liniment, l'tirtons' Purgative Tills, a;
and Sher-
lan's Cavalry Condition Powders, have pub
lished a readable and instructive pamphlet,
which niav be had tree by man.
Urn s Chapmax, of Liherty, Maine
had a stiff leg lient at the knee, limbered and
strengthened hy the use of Johnson's Ano
lvne Liniment.
Chapped hands, face, pimples, ring-
I worm, SHltrhemn, ami otner euianeous anec
l j , i ..i-:.. ..r 1
nous enrea uini ronton mvih iuomc win miti
smooth, by using Juniper Tar Soap. Je care
ful to gc t'onlv that made by Caswell, Hazard
& Co., New York, as there are many iitiita
tions inmle with common tar, all of which are
lirRNETT's COCOAISK. See Advcrtineinent.
Will lie fouml to ttosseas those qimlities nectary to
thp total eradication of all l.ilious attacks, prompt to
statt the set-rctions of the liver, and Rive a henlthy
tone to the em ire sysUnu. Iurlcerl, It is no ordinary
discovery in rjedifnl st ienee to have disrovered a reiu
e.ty for these Mut.born complaiuU, which develop all
the results produeed by a heretofore free use of calo
mel, a mineral justly drcadetl by luantind and ae
kRotvIetlgrl to be destructive In the extreme to the
human system. That the properties of certain vege
tables comprise all the virtues of calomel, without
Its irjnrioua tendencies, is now an admitted fact,
rendered indisputable by scientific researcbes; and
those ho use the Mandrake Pills will le luily satis-fit-d
th.it the best remedies are those provided by na
ture in the common herlw and roots of tbe f elds.
Thce Pills ox'n'thc bowels and correct all bilious
deranRomcntJ withi sil vation or any of the inju
rious effects of ilom.' or other .xisons. The secre
tion of bile is promoted 7thes iiil'.s.aswill be seen
by the aliered color of the stools, s-"l disaf.peanng
of t he sallow complexion and cleansing of the tongue.
Ample directions for use accompany etich box of
IVepartvl only bv .1. H. Sclfink A Sun, at thir
i:rit.ci:tl t.rti'-e, enter Sixth A Arch Street". I'hlla
.i lplti.t. and fur t-alc by nil clrubts aud iit alers.
Price cents p;T box.
I.. ,T. It ART A Oi., N"is. r.i. and 77 Tchoupi- ,
loi.las St., New Or leu us, Wholefcale Agents.
Bacon Clear Sides
Butter. -
Bay Best. -
Whiskey Common
Robertson County...
Lincoln County
Highwines. -
Cotton Ordinary
Good Ordinary
Low Ordinary
Seeds Clover
German Millet.
Missouri Millet
5 00 8 00
55 56
44 46
13 MS 14
15K 15?i
25 (i 35
3 25 (a) 4 25
22 26
1 15 1 20
16 50 21 50
1 00 1 15
1 75 3 00
5 50
1 75 3 00
1 13 1 15
8 50
9 50
2 00
2 00
1 00
1 75
1 75
Buck wheat, "pbu 1 75
Wheat Red and Amber 1 15
Corn Sacked 62
Oats 36
Butter Choice 30
Hay Timothy 12 00 (a) l'J 0O
Fruit Apples Green 2 00 3 50
Lemons, per box 11 00 13 00
Oranges 8 50 10 00
Pork Mess 21 50 21 7r,
Lard 14'fo 14
Bacon Clear sides l-i'A
Cheese Choice 12
Flour 5 00 5 75
Wool.. 33 45
Potatoes Irish, per bbl... 1 60 1 75
Cotton Middling WA &A
Ordinary 11
Flour $ 6 75 7 50
Corn Meal 65
Corn 40 80
Oats 45 60 .
Bacon Clear Sides l"Mt
Hams Sugar Cured 15
Lard 14?;C) 15
Butter - 15 13
fcggs 12
Wool 28 47
Hour $ -i 50 5 00
Corn 70 72
Bacon Clear Sides 14 U
Cotton 13 14
but o c'nTf T!ir Willi a
on tuau without, and it will mli!
itwire Diet-out of tlienlioe to their
wearing value.
Lost Tlie name of tlio person
who cli'l not lik(
Boots and SluM-a. Any one find
ing sncti a person will lie li lien lly
rewarded iiy buying a pair and
trying them
(Mil a day at home.
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i free.
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er week saliv it. Male or female. Circulars
Veo. Ad's Crystal Co.. Indianapolis, lud.
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Better than G,dd.
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.IVOKC'KS IpithIIv nlitittned for incompatiltility.
etH.: reMtlrnre nriinr'riarv. I ee alter decree.
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Young Men to learn Telegraphing. Per-
jllinalieiit poHitl 'lis guai aiitce!. Address
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20 Elegant Oil Cluonios mounted, nize
Sxll tor SI. Novelties and t'hromns
q ei-erv rf-i-jiioa. National Chromo Co., l'bila. l'a.
The Wonders ofModemChemistry.
SarsaarilliaiiaM Its Associates.
Changes as Seen anil Felt as They Daily
occur aiier i sing a t ew Hone ot
I. Good spirits. disannearanRo off wnakneKS. lanmior.
melancholy: Increase and ixardneea of U"h and mus
cies. oic.
2. Mrenffth increases, anpeftte iniprovBS, relish foi
food.no more sour eructations or wntrbr:Lh. tm-d rfi.
ffwsti'tn. calm and undisturbed eleep, awaken tien and
looks clear and bvlthy,"th urine changed from its t'jr
bid and cloud r aunHarnnce io a clear &herrv or ami
3. DisanmuranoAnf sruitu rlnth,- nimtilrw iVttt nkiv
color ; wat.er passen freely triu th bladder through it
uTHiara witnour pain or &caiamT ; iiiue or no seuiioik
no pin or wenkrisi.
4. Marked diminution of ounntitv and freonpncT of
inv oluntary weakening tiiseh! jr (ii afflicted ibat way),
with certiur.ty of permanent cure. Increased strr-nfetb
exhibited in the etcretinp glnnds, and functional bar
nsony restored to tbeeeveral ortranii.
5. Yellow tinire on the wbiHi of the eves, and thetwar-
thr. saffron a'.reararRe of tbe skin changed tu a clear.
lively and healthy color.
6. Those suffering from weak or ulcerated lunps or
tubercles will realize great beneHt in eiec4rBtin(i
freely through, phleion or nucous fmm the Inn, air
cells, be om-hi r windpipe, throat or head; tlimiiiifhint
of theTrejuency of coiijjb ; general incrertseot M renter!)
throughout the system; stoppage of nisht iw-?:Us and
pains and i'eolinf? of weakness around the nnk!?, legs,
shoulders, etc. ; cessation of cold and chillfl. senco of
suffocation; hard brmthiny and pnroiyMns of cough on
lying down or arising in the monttrur. All theae distress-
ing symptoms grnnuouv ana surely ntsaptwir.
T. AHdtvtftnr rinv h 64KSAP1H1LU V is
taken, new sitrns of returning health will appear ; as the
blood improves in strength and purity, disense will di
minif-h, and all foreign and impure deposits, nodes,
tumors, cancers, hard lumos. etc.. be resolved away and
the unsound made sound and healthy ; ulcers, fever
sores, syphilitic sores, chronic bkin diseases gradually
cases where the system has been salivated, and
n. in
ry. Uuicksilver. 4Jonvsive Koblimnte. fthe nrinci-
pal constituent in the advartisd KamjirtarillKR. aKFOcit-
ed in somecaees with Hyd. of Potassa) nave accumulat
ed and become deposited in the bones, joints. eti.
causing canes of the bones, tickets, spinal curvatures 1
contortions, white swf-llinps, varicose veins, etc., the
S KSPKIIJd will resolve away these i
posit and exterminate the virus of the disease fromTUe 1
9. If those, who nn taking these medictnesforthAcuTw
of Chronic. Scrofulous or Syphilitic diawises, however i
slow may (ve the care feel letter," ana nnaTneirgen-et-M.1
ho ilth imorovinir. their tltwh and weight incresMf.e
oi even keeping it own, it is a sure sign that the cure is
ogressing. in tnese aiseases tne pauenieiiQwudw
If not arrested and driven from the blood, it will spread
iter or worse the virus I rne nisease is not inactive;
an.l continue to undermine the constitution. As soon
us the SAKSArAKlblil. makes too pntttmt
jrmiA in htuiith Rtrendh and fWtsh.
foe. better, every hour you wiJi grow Detter ana in-
Tiie great power of this remedy is in diseases that
threaten death as in Consumption of the Lungs and
rmterculons Fhtnius, fceroiuia, ypnuoia i nsooses.
Wasting. Degeneration, and Ulceration of tho Kidneys,
ni.irtf Kr:innajtM of Mater (instantaneous rWiet af-
for.-lna whom catheters hae to be Ubed. thus loiug awny
with tho pain till operation ot using lliese insirurie-msj,
rlit.lvirxr .tttiA in th hlndder. and in all cases of In-
fUmmation of the Bladder and Kidneys, in Chronic
cases of Leucorrhea and Uterine diseases.
In tumors, nodes, hard lumps and syphiloid ulcers; In
dropsy and venereal sore throat, ulcers, and in tuN-rcl
of the lungs; in gout, dyspepsia, rheumatism, rickets;
divaso, where the human body has become a complete
wre-;k. and where every hour of existence is torture,
wherein this great remedv challenges the astonishment
end admiration of the sick. lL is ir- such cases, where
ail " he pleasures of existence copea: cut off from the
unfortunate, find bv it wonderful, alm'rst suiMirnntural
In tnercnrial dt'oosns it is m these tomoie forms ot
agency, it restores tne nopeiss io a now ;c ana nv,w
existence where this great remedy stands alone in its
inirhtand power.
In the ordinary skin dlsosses thst every one Is more or
less troumea wit n, a tew doses will in most cases, ana a
few ironies in tne more as-grsratcd forms, work a oer-
ennent cure.
Tnoso atthcted with chronic diseases should purchase
n.':ckait-o contaJninir nnn Hn7.n bottlf. IVit-o Stilt
pfr dozn, or per halt dozen bottles, or $1 per bot
tle. Hold by druggists.
The arrll Mtlon of the READY KKLIKK to the
part or parts where the pain or dlfiioultf exists will
afford ease and comfort. .....
Twenty drops in half s tumbler of water will. In a few
WiitiLTi uv tviritt wtvn tV tiik
Travelers srtonl'l alwavft rti rry a voitjn oi rtrtu.
WAY'S RELIEF with them. A few drops la water
will prevent sickness or pains from change of water.
til 11 bUS AO A DlUttULKl.
Price 50 Cents. Sold by Druggists.
Perfectly tastleM, elefnuitly eoatod with sweet ir-m,
p'irj?o. reiru)te, purify, clanM and Atrenirttara. R.4
V .il VS PLLS,oi tbe care of all disorders of tbe
Stmcach, Lsiver, Bowels, K iflrrwyn, Rla-ider, Nermoi
liissaos, H3adcbe, ConsUpation, Oast. rwness, Induc-tt-m,
OyBpensut, biiJotisnoss, Hi Unas Fever, Indamrns
tiun of the Bowels, Piles end all Iennemtnte of the
Internal Viscera. Warranted to eftect a positireare.
Purvly Vegetable, oontainiiig no mercury, minerals, or
drtltwrlons drofft.
teObserva tbe foil owl nr ymptoms resaJUnff from
DifHinlers of the Ditrestive Ornans :
Constipation, Inward Pllee, FuHnn, of the Blood In
the Head, Aridity of the Stomnb, Nausea, Hartbnm,
Distrrnst of Food, Full nee or Weight in the Stomarb,
Sur K nictations. Sinking or Flnttriiw mt the Pit of tho
Stomach, 8wiromin of the lfad, Ifarned and Dif
hou It Breathintr, Klaitrinn at tbo Heart. Chokinc or
S:iffocatinir sSonMtioos whn in a Iyinjr Pfjnrom, Iim
nees of Viion, Iotti or Webs tmfnre tbe Sieht. Ftt
and Dull Pain In tbe Head, Iticien-j of Perspiration,
Yellowness of the Skin and Kvoa, Pain in tbe Md
Chrt, I,imls, and Sadden Flushes of Heat. Burnlttz i
tbe Fkwh.
A few dosva of R A UWA YS PITaLS will free tbe
gyr.ts-n ftm nil the aNive njimd iih-..t. fricc 3
Cvnis lT tioa. fcOIJ HY DHUUC, iiiTS,
ltrail FAIs&Ii AXD TRIE."
Serdonel-nOTairmto R4DWAY fc CO., S.
3i Wanrn Strret, !Sw or!a lufonxuUioo
wortU tnouMUtds wlU be aeiat you.
Jut Oot-w, Vrvali and HaadMS
A perfect collection of songs, witE piano accom
paniment, comprising over 7 of the choicest Songs,
Ballards, Duets and Quartets known ; selected with
great care, and with especial regard to quality and
212 pages, fnll music size.
Xlie .V. V. Evening J7t7st:
"A most extraor-
dinary collection of r
renllv tine annua. One
could ,-ardlv imagine so many vertfwble acta coulu be
contained in a single volume.
Trice, ti.'M plain ; 3.i in ninslin ; H.Otl full gilt.
Of the same form and price, full music size, are
"Gems of Strauss,"
A new edition, comprising over luu best Strauss
Waltw s, etc., etc.
'.'Organ at Home."
"Musical Treasure."
"Gems of German Song."
"Pianoforte Gems."
"Gents of Scottish Song."
"Moore's Irish Melodies."
Any of the above books sent, post-paid, fir retail
Oliver Ditson & Co., Chan. H. Ditson & Co.,
Boslon. VIIB'das.r, VwYorli.
Draws on the 3ith or each month. By authority
the Legislature. 027.1.OOO In i.'ati Prim one
'luui- In nrr, TlrWrl M estrli. or ten for
leaving ."i to la-deducted from the priies after the
drawing. Full particulars seut free Address,
J. l. PAl'TKl- larsntie City, Wyoming.
This new Truss is worn
with perfect comfort
nigift and day. Adapts
itself to exery motion of
MJil 8 . fSj '""IT- retaining ;:p
NkW . rfvC 7 ture under the liardi t
Vtf?Vr-i'' '-r LPa exercise rr severe, t
strain sutil permanent
ly cured. Bold clie-ip
by the
wi .ivTir nrrv in
liai3llU IllkOO !"
07:1 iti-AlruT Nfv Verk City.
Sent by Mail. Call or send for circular and be curea.
C jfj AND
Speedily ennnl bv PR. UKCK'S only known and
sure Kcmcy. AiO CIIAKUE lor treatment
until cured. Call on or address
Er. J. C. EZ3H. 112 Join St., Cincinnati, a
WIFE divui.. Ml thejrE .r.u ot KORMOnTsM
and POLYGAMY Introduction by Jubn (.'nigh and
Mr. Livermore. Airenti Hlfroin IO lit 211 every d.v:
HaiHlrerltt are doicR' t. and YOU radMt. I he be t telling
.kofthye.r. 200 1 LLUSTRATION S, Wrift
Illustrated circular t m-nrtat
CO., Hahttukos Cons., Chicago, Ilx., Cincinsati. Ohio
VNY PKKSON owning a Sowing Marhlne whic h
it ni':trlv worn out. or does not rlo tilts work re
ninl, will ninl it to their itilvniitaire to twntl u
flt-sK-riptioii of their Machine, an! pet onr liliem!
term of ext-hanire for the Llvht Runnlntr Rm
Insrton. It in fully wnrraiite,! for live y.nr, and
rtMtiMHt-tion it jrimrMnteed in every inntanre, or the
money will he returned to the purrlniHer. The nirwtt
lilteral term to Hirentfl antl rat.n buyera. Haniple ol
work and all purtirulara Iit mail ' parties living at
a diftan. e. AiUtreiw. J. (1.4KV A '..
As' la. 30 Kutnnier ftf-. .ju.tivill. X train.
Mini til A Reynolda. Sorwirh
Ct.t tiy: "Ue tin ve sold and lined
w j"iir.Tii rnnm jor several years
and miliesitutinjzlr recoinureiol it
the best ISakiug Towner in tbe
imlf ft. 4ap 1- Co.. Grom
J'.ir.tin.i, imji; "We ine it in
our own f;imilie4 and believe it to
decided v the iM'-t l.akitiff
Powder." Its economy is won
derful; it intake. 40 fte. more bread
to a barrel of flour. Million of
cans sold and not a single com
plaint. Send for circular tuGfco K
t.ANTZ & '.o., 176 I'uaue St., N. Y.
Of Parliamentary Practice.
Itulesof proceeding And debste In deliberative' s
seuiblies. This is tbe standard authority in all tbe
I nited Mates mid it an iud!r)eriKHrile 11 ami Hook for
every meniler of a deli.Htive body, us a ready ref
erence upon the formality d legality of any pro
ceeding or deb.ite.
The mott authoritative expounder of American
parliamentary law." ' has. Si hkh.
I'riee, cents. Sent bv ntnil on receipt of price.
Address I HOnPaOX, BKOWX A O.,
A doable barrel gun, bar or front action locks;
warranted genuine twist barrels, and affood shooter,
or no bale ; witn Flask. Pouch and Wart-cutter, fo?
tlS. Can be sent (J. O. I. with privilege to examfnt
before sarins' bill. rVnd stamp for circular to P.
POWKLLi SON, 23S Wain btreot, Cincinnati, O.
fl Pebble (BLoor) 9peetaclan'1 Ke GUmm are the heat far
hard like a diAisood, they eanooi be irratchd. One pair will
last longer than fire pairs of the beM ft!, and preaervethe srirht
J riUiics Etik tutl.-om renl Memo, wrtee It ti-n ri'rrrMi t asrarl
iesM(i. liiosirated rricetl . aUlofr'e. bowinft: bow to nrdir.
crot trr-e to anv aMrrrs 8pect(ea aent naMj by tn.H, ami
warnmod totuit. HHSZH fe ItKo., Oplici-vxu, Xl4 Maia fit.,
bet. Eijth and fccTCOlli; Lonisvlle, Kj.
Ne BufTiila 1111 Revolver
Rentwlfb 1(10 Cartrlrleos for $3. 1'n.i, Nicelk Plate.
Satifarfinn RmiranNHl. II'sTati rntalri t'ltf:K.
09 Denrborn-et. (McCormick Block).
nirnsro, jii..
t . i. hot
V7 7 more otitiK men to leai n TKL- V
fc m 1'' iood fitnatitui-i gtntr- H
" anteed. Addres!. with tamp, fV -
I'F!;intknii-:nt rsinv
Ttl.K(K Al'H Ci.M-
pan y, om;itLi.,oino.
I 1 ( IIOH M Y. or Kniil t hartnlnaT.
Hw either k'x may lasrmale and (fain th love
aflf.'tit.fi of iinv I'tTMon thev rhfMM. iiifttuntlr.
This art nil ras p'.Mst-pf, 1'r1?. by ni:til, intn; to
jrctlir with a rriaife tiunl. Kayptian Onu'lf,
Ifnuius, Hints to Lmlif, At, ljmn.tmt sold. A -lii'fr
book. Afldre.-irtT. Willi:iniA Co.. i'uh'H, Pbilndclpliia
Y'tif Name Elegantly Prlnt-
il n 13 Tkannparkivt Visitik o
' a Ri. for 25 Orita. Knrh rarrl rantsins
a Knit which It not vif!:: nti htll towsnls th lijfhL
Kothiolike thmerer Vrnreotferctl in Afncnca. Bffindure
menU to Agents. NovELxr X'cijtTiitu Co.. Ashland. Ms.
puiilitity. Tiiuenhort. Tonus ml
?nile. I,00rt Ufstiiimni.'iifl. ftth yptxr
of uinmrallflfHl ntiiHesM. IeMril
AddrosialK. F. K. M A KlIf , Quiiiry, Mich.
AicentNHsnten! Mrttntn nntt 1 Uptown AyrnrActi
..oa-a picTORIAL BIBLES.
1300 I llualrnllona. Atltirctts lur n w iirtiilttr
A.J. IIULHA.VA '0 V.V A III 'H S lll, I'ltil
Tlit'UbC MuL-iizh.f iti Am-rirH. "A I'iikhicw
iti:oMo,'' Ti k Mm.viv. i 'am., will ifivin to evry
Subs riher. v t.flli'T iii';I,r in m f ti I, who n;tm in
nIvttttM' I'ttr 1; tttnl rt-tttit tht
AittltesK. I,. A . (,t llll. t
i t iiim on:
Itllatit'lpliiM. 1's.
thr irtnai successful
rriiu-tlv ut the pros
cut May. S'litl It
H2. Iro". O. leplior. 1'. ).
(i.trx-rot) il.liiiu c:tl
r J.apttrtc, Intl
A f ST "4,10 mafcr MS.5U.4M sar-r month
Scrttl fttreira-aaffltratanrl terms,
JiimI lhe rtot.lt Ihr ictl- ttupL DON'T
' 1 H ffluni l'uttlieliiii( o. M.I.ui,.Mu.
rai esl.-ilili-tliptl. JON ICS COMM VAiCl AL
UX.I.IJi!:, fct. Itiis. Mo.
write fur (Circular aud hiH-ciuirn of
Lusinervs i'cmnniiship.
A Dl V 'srlAwith TIIK SPKEK
.Scntl fur lllutnitc I cats't-K .e. '. A
arIKvVUUI, t. Lonir, M ssio.Lri.
twn iu tlf I'uitctl
1. Ji r. r i can tc ttccttrcti tiw iu h-ij
tafs. Adtlrcat J. IIKHI
.T1MM, AH llcv
nttlitro Htrtft, Uti.ton, .Martrt.
rSurMMn-fiillT 1ifalol. without
ii-of K nifrnr'ii"firH. IR. A. 11.
KRl'?i'. N'w ILiVHii. I'nnn. Sfnd
2 Ktatnptt.
i rrrtpmd!ife from pbyBirmnn rtolirifd.
Male and Kenislr, in their own localit
Tcrma an CILTI'IT FRKK. A-Mrs
O. VICKEUY A; CO., Au-usia, Mnino.
lAOVT rOBVET IT!" Sinner' Safety
IJ tiuttnl ix worth all the Bnrelar Alarllta ever
invented. Acents witntcleveryv. here. Silver-plated
Kr in pie nrcniiid tn receipt of ccntH. Atltlrettt. A. II
MM. Eli. 43S Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.
.tIO 51 T !. A en ts wan V vei-y w lit r.
IttiMiitctttt htinttraldc and firbt-cluas. Pttr
ticulara atnt free. Atldreaa
WtiKTH I .. St. Lonis, .Ho
WEEK.-Atrenta wanted. Bn dneaa per
inaiietit. Noai.lit itingretjuired. I'or further
nartictilara a-l'lre.s
J. HKWKIIV A 0.. Hitlimtn l. Ind.
l.t. waxt ITIltt'ttaantiacl lives and
ntillioiiH pf property saved Itv it f.ir
tnnes mad hv it particutHia fre.
(". M. I.imm;t"." A' l)r.o., Near York
and I'liiraeo.
TTTanletl- AGfc'NTf! in all rarta of th countrr to
canvas for our new Itook. " Tn? Wmtm of f
("'"""t." I'V Phone A . H ana lord. I In" volume Italtd
soni'lv illuatra'e I. The grandest Ontettnial hook In
the market. B. IS. Bi skll, Pulilisher, IKist'iii. 51
An independent Family New-paper. Fe-.
4i iv.lnmna of Heading , - t PER 1K1H.
SPKCIMKN lPV Kit K. V. . j? 1 K v of post(!S.
A'i'ircxe The "STAB" O.. iiM-tunat.. O.
fTt-t -V- CT "V f Ittvrated in Wall Stwt
V- j S?Sill Jl I ttfteli ItH.l.lo fortune. A
S--1-V-'- ftj VV -a page hook espUininx
everytliifi and ffivitur price of altx'Ss
eriiT mrr JOHN UK KLIN'! it'll . Bank
SLlsT TnLts era i;rokr.rUroadway,N.Y.
and Morphin hsltit sltsolutetely sad
peenily curen. I'aintea; no p'lniiciiy.
Sfitd stamp f-tT p irticninrs. Dr. Carl
ton. I '7 vi Hlinnton t.. i ntrant, ti
I JmtiU: MTp-lH'k nirturea. iiioitiK-a. ttt. Kle-
Etint tauiplt1 atttl ctttalt-suw Mnt rt-1 paitl for Inrta.
Ae'ts WHntfil. J. 1.. I'itiMi i. lt-' illi
lisr.i t-t. K. V.
frsallMr Mltuia In )
II F earliest and moat
I Mt.il. I. Mttlitt frr.lti Hii I" tltrt- lml. -l ';'
r..ur wt'ka -n Iiit tlttt
ir tiltir. AI'irtbj.
anv t.tltfr rotti.it. r-t-nil Itti
IV. B. .Hr KI..Jt,
Wtltttlitt ltf.
A :WT II. t. -ttvfi-t t h
,.l lit-
ttf. A..lr"aa
, Allauts, U4
.Vtaiiit atuuip, Nutittutil Cviug Co.
p; a
I aSV irTrKB.
visaB Famous for doing more and
''T tfJil V. .. a a
aaia-aata- vaaaa livaiper
Tbaa any Ur of tb. coat.
Famous for thci
mrt STESUK3 X702TE.
rirnvnirv iv rrn
,.tt fCivtiujii 1.1 a a.i-i.
t 1 1 f f wauiu lur uicif
OAK -5
Satisfaction Eyeryirtiera.
-e .
Especially Adapted
to Tii a
nm or vim wimi
NT- ItOCIS, no.
pniLLirN, iiiTTOBrr to.,
N A3UVU.I.H, Tkhs
K. I7Bt I'll ART ate CO.,
Mwrun, Tknn.
BICE BROS., aft CO..
New ORLHa.NS, La.
LrrTLK Rock axd Hot Springs, Akk
Mortii.K, Ala
For all dirreaHPfl of the Liver, Stomnrli and uplocn.
A a remedy in MMlnri.mt, Fvrw, Itowrln t'om-
Jlainfft. IyNjMptiiM, lnt;il lMprcisifn, Kh! 1ihhihm-,
rtiindire. NauMtra, Sick Jlt-adiuliis Colic, Ci!ih(i Ra
tion and lliliouHnt'iii
If i an a.'tive CATII A HTI", TONIC and A I.TKIt
ATIVK, tmt unpleiiant to the tftHt", and lu" no
LAMHTl'DEor ILL KKFKCT8 aftrit bun ofveralea.
It incredient-are A Mi VF.OKTAULK. It i ad-niiiiirtt-rfl
withMit ililttiulty. It raiiM no ri'pul
Hivenetit. ami in no event injuritiK th mont deli ate
It haaONfsY TO UK TKI Kl K In l.er,.i(. tlx
favo ite anil HtiUidnT'l renn-'lv, I al vantrmM art"
fcccurctl and noti' t i by a rmi:lc tritil.
F4KTY VKAKS.-I l.o l--. it it
iifl-riT for t'irtv v-hin. w ii It
i brontr Hflf. -tinti of tin l.ivt'v..
I tii.'d tb i:tTiilfitir. and ttlT
civiim it a lair triitl. 1 biv
CIIM t til COfi4-ll1tnI tbt it it
vry bfKt r'iiM'ily I buvvi
H'dlortbc I.ivir. My b-;'ltli
tntw iiiit Kood. K. A. Wil
n. t'lai khvj.Ic, Virginia.
Grrantl CJ-olden IDi-avvin-
Take plmcf Nalnrdaj, Dnrmbrr 23, IN7-1
Capital Prize, - $100,000
2,.HO Ii Imm. A moDnllns lo f.M!i..VI,
All ii Oold.
Only 200,000 Tickets at $50,003 U. S.
Tenths and Twentieths Proportionate.
Orilrr Tirkrts nnal Writ for Irrnlai'
Ivock Box Gi)2 INwtoflirc, New Ork'iins. It.
inntpnt and ftcliabl Agnt Wanti'd tlirnimh-
out tho count ty. I ncxccntioiiai miai a tit en r
K0 !: PT IU l.filSTH.
ery uo.
Mnke nil kiniln of Tub? Knive-t nnl Fork. Kiluni
mukei-M of "PITFM IVOIIV miwt ilmuble
.VHITi; If (MrM) knonn. AIwmvr ihII for
'f i' de iiifi rk' on the blmle. hold by n 1 1 denier, nnd tv
1K lilUKN (JL'TLKKY CO., 49 Uatni huh f-t., N. V.
w HISTORY of the U.S.
The trrent inten-Ht In tho thrilTlnir liint'-ry of onr
rtmntry mnken tbtn the fnrteit Hellinff b(Mk ever ub-
Imhivf . it v-ontnliin 11 nn iiihtorti ni fiiarnv
iiien and a puffes, with h full umiimt of the Hp-
roKcbinir irriina -entennnn fKiiiintton. wml lr u
nil dem ription and extra term to Affetiti.
NATIONAL rrilLIMilNG CO.. ut. Louis, Mo.
Sold byDealer8 Everywhere.
Agents WaiyteiiD ETeij Toil
(old throiich'iiit tlm Tnited Htnteii on tli
TliHt is ou a lyatvin if Monthly ry niAitti.
riircluiM'r nhould imk-for th Smith Auk-mca
Omns. Cntaloguesi and full parti" ult ou HfjiU
ration. , 1
Selected French Burr Mill Stonr
n All si7.ps, antl ati't..
workiunti.liii,. foi Istblf
OrlsMfins; .tllllo. it t i i t.r
iwirlMr rnnnfra. tttr Farm
or h st rtl ssisrli.
Ufnalns Itnlrli '
hrr HoIUm 4 lot Ii.
fl-k. (J..111 Mi. -II. .. ' 1
llfauers, Ge&riiiK, lntfi.f A
kltKlaofMill Mrlilr,fi
Milltrs sitppli. S -A i'r
l-ttntpttlBt. Nlrsutt. rlll
Csmsssr, IK it to.
Itwlttamtl. riK
l"itlll(Mi. llnriatrn. 4t.".; "
:;t.";:;i-, Franubls, sad fwciuusr.
m vT m - .
I I SO.OO. IWaS alaais '-'
. MlltlliH Si I O. aaaarra
atrillllla Mil 1 Hit I..
fit SrsJ BlrarU atsrtsa.
nHI.-!M whlti-or tintftl Krinlul.
K....u'tli.k Mnri.lf lt.. nr I lt.iiitif.1. . S. I ll
lllaaa, fla.; wtltl yttitr llttltif l Slllllitiir -r
Hi. tit. an. I Mi .BHiilc ! t) r". nritl" pr lit" I .
HrM Ity rt-tuni in I on r. . l l "f rrl.. 'i"""';' ".'
It bi
It ol ..i k .. . - t. -.. . i
Button, ltv.n I"!'. -M. l'lVIaM-Ilt l U.'.
Are Suited to ali Climates,
Wr' sfti mr
ra."r rA.al ?
Sa.jb 3
Si- - i 1 rn. trmn s.OO u
' "L !.ra sa all alad
Burnett's; Cocoaine.
Burnett's Cocoaine,
Burnett's Cocoaine,
For promoting the growth of, and Beautifying tht
Ilair, and rtndering it Dark and Gloiry.
The Cocoaine holds, in a liquid form, a Urge pro.
portion of deodorized COCOA-N'UT OIL, prepared
expressly for thU purpose. No othr compound pos
sesses the peculiar properties which so exactly suit
the various contliiions of lhe human hair.
Bostow, July ).
Mb&srs. Joseph Ut RNErr & Co.:
For tntny months my hair had been falling off,
until I was fearful of losing it entirely. The kia
upon my head became gradually more und more ia
flamed, wo that I could not touch it without pain.
By the advice of my physician, to whom you had
shown your pro -ess of purifying the Oil, 1 commenced
tts use the last week in June. The first application
allayed the itching and irntrtion. In three or four
days the redness and tenderness disappeared, the
hair ceased to fall, and I have now a thick growth of
new hair.
Yours, very truly.
Kast Miom.FBoRo Mass., June 9, 1864, -J
Mksks. Bi RNErri Co.:
When my daughter's hair came off she had been
afflicted with neuralgia in her head for three years.
She had used, during that time, many powerful ap
plications. The!.?, with the intense heat catsned uy
the pains, burned her hair so badly that in October,
1861, it all came off, and fur two years after her head
was as smooth as her face.
Through the recommendation of a friend, she was
induced to try your Cocoaink, and the result was
astonishing. Mie had not used half tin; conteutt of a
bottle before her head was covered with a fine young
hair. In
four months the hair has crown several
inches in length, very thick.
soft and line, and of a
darker coir than lormerfy.
With respect.
JOSETIl Itl'KNETT & CO., Boston,
Manufacturer and Jroprlrtor9 f
Oil. s ;vt--oiuN J
C'tmilMMaliltrit cialirrlv jr.ui liulill.
These (.IJISrf.; leran nslnf
move all morMil . JS alio u lai ola ! t he
or bad matter UJ done to their tn
from the system,! -J riivltlual ronall-
tnuplyliifr t 1 (ntlvn, from a.
their uliaee
healths- Itoav
9 at, iraiMiuniuii w
v ofl MiJt ftas n tablespoon rail
ii-Kl- nc rorillus. to ef
arli, " fl fleet, lor all at
l tn farllnna of tltQ
title f titvlKornt'
Ins the tttnnat-li
canting fowl tn ff3
rliareat Avrlh IT- 11
V I. lVI.lt, lrreKn
frlnj Inrlllcs nlMnttia
Q Sa x ll ami Itowels.
r f til. ease. ricnl
BLOOIt, giving
tone KMil health
to the whole ma
rhlurrr. tritltiv- IH
rut it ui lauirti
III such cflrra nse.
iiirnt as Itlllaus)
attacks. Costive
ness, hronle !!
a rr lin-a spe
la, JauuillreanJ
Frntals Weak.
umici. 1 tables
Ins; the ratine of ij
the dlnea.es, t-f- t P"!
fectlnjr a rndlrali
enre. As a .K
iLVMi:ii ni;l o i
it i. r. i a i-i
Kl, ni is AU- X f i
tVAYN NAl'K. I ,spooitfull takers
at romni eiireiueiit of ait alfaek of SICK
HEADAC H E urra In 1.1 ml ontrs. l.lj
EoV orWA XI.OH hltl.'V MA IK VOl Til-
Fi t, ly 1 bottle. TKY 1T1 Kor pamphlet
rontalnliiir '- iiiformatlnn anil ait
about the J.ii- i K.t.liea. IK. rllM OItll,
Kra York. Itl.t, IV A I.I. Itltl liUlMTN.
Izr 1070.
or the
Im how r'inlv,with riMCE LIST; ami
very full inRriu:itin, jirer-ntin,irflc-urato
drawing's nf tltcst- crlclirated inctrtiniontH,
with detailed dem-rijitioim; includinfriiianf
new styles, with vnlnuMe imjirove
iiioiitH; new stojis and elegunt eases.
Jt is not ( Mentioned hv tliriinterenterl
judjrestlint thi s- are THE feEST OF ALL
e(iiulel, and, if judged eritleall y, iin
aproaelied hy others. Their tame iit
world-wide. They have ALWAYS h
tained liifrhe.-t awardn in American In
dustrial ExiioMtiinirt, and received TOT'Tl
1873; an.l LINZ (Austria) 1875. 1-ein-the
ouly Ainerlean rjrans whieii cwv
received mi) r i-iiuui in c(iinet ilimi
with the liest irnliitts f IjirM'aii
makers. The Iicr-t musicians in JCuro c
and America ninoitiice them iiii"ju:it l.
Trices as h.w as consistenl with hes-t
workmaiisliiji and material, and lower
than those commonly demanded for very
inferior instrument. Orpins sold for
cash or time jiaynu nts, or rented until
rent ays for them.
J'reri our tliink 'nuj of bvyhnj mi orijim
xlioulil nt Irttnt nrr 1,1 rot'ilirtir. 1 1 will
lie sent free and postpaid. Address llm
Tremont Strict, l'.OSTON; '!' l-nion
Stiare, NI'.W
Adams Street, (
YOKK; (ir
H anil 82
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