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W. A.WAKE. r4itriMl 1'w.alUker.
Two dollars a yean onedollar foraig months:
ifty nu for three mccih, ixvabiablt im ao-
f ?l? ; x f
g S" i " 2 .
p- 3- S S S a
! " 2 : : f
One Wwk 1 00
Ti 2 4 r. 7 5, 12 00
T-o Weeks., 1 SO
2 T 8 7f 7 25 II 2M J "
1 hree Warms.
2 il a &i 6 W 9 ;Y. 15 H 2 )
Oae Month ...I t SU 4 50 2i 12 ( 18 75 il i
Two .Month . 4 tin T CXI 1 ' I-4 3n no 4X 0
Three M -nlb- 5f) S 75 12 i 2S 7i S7 Hi At 0(1
fix Month ..I 8 W 14 ( : W 3MJ W 0" '. fK
IM MlllUlS. W lt 17 iJ HI 41 ..' Til W
Ono Tear TJ il 21 0" TO " ' w 144 '
LoUdlc-colurLn lve-ti-' :n nU, 10 per cci.t. ad
vance on I he abnve rates.
Triple-column adcertiinients. 20 prcnt. nl
vance on Uie above raw.
Advertisements to OTiinjr sne-Ul position. 1)
prr ent. advance on the above rns.
"Lo-nl Noti"." 'in the came type as Inmi
reeding natter.) 2j per cant, advise on tb
above rales.
Obituaries, 1 ribotss. of Rerct 'except such a
come official! from charitable societies, and
remark) on marrucn, one-half of rrgular
' Locml Xotie " rates. Simple announce
ments nf marriage? and deatbr inserted gratis.
All trantient !idvertiementi muM be paid for in
advance. Yearly advertisement, quarterly
in advanoe.
THURSDAY.' NOV. 5. 1874.
The election Tuesday resulted in a
general victory of the Democracy in
many of the States and gains in oth -
t 4. .v r m
ere. In this state there was a fadinc
off in the vote of nearly twenty-five
per cent; but the indications are that
we have elected nine out of teu Con-
rressmen. with the tenth in doubt.
Z y . . 1 t 1 aone '"' sl'gnt damage on account 0f
The Legli-lature is overwhelmingly ; thc fmvarJjlec;5 of lhefc r
Democratic Maynard waa beaten in , progresses rapidly, one-lii to tw
Lis own ward, city and county. I thirds of the crop '.ing already hous
Massachusetts has elected CJaston, ! and the fitsh is expected on the
Democrat, Governor, and has elected j .of, November for the uplands,
r, t, . t i , i . lanaiK'fwre Clirtmas on the liottoni
Ben. Butler to stay at home, by a , 1;iml, The unprtlented drouth of
large majonty, besides electing fever- j the past summer has evidently injured
al Democratic Congi-cssmen. Hurrah j the crop to such an extent that the
for the old Bav State! Louisiana has picking season will not repair
dected a Democratic Legislature and lho dima According to our cor
, . . , fc . . : resix.ndence, the vield is estim:ited at
five out of hi Coiressmen, notwith j (rum tw(.ll(v.fjve 0 fiftv;x )(,r ceIlti
standing the army was there to carry j a decrease "average of "firty-.-ne per
the State ICadica!. Many of thc ne
groes voted with thc Democracy.
Alabama, also, has gone Democratic.
South Carolina, it is thought, has
elected thc fusion ticket. New York
has elected a Democratic Governor,
two-thirds of the Congressmen and
twenty majority iu the Assembly.
Kentucky has elected ten Congressmen
Democratic, all of them. Virginia
cudi up five Democratic Congressmen,
and possibly two others. Texa? sends
six Democrats to Congress. It is im
Ohsible at this writing to tell how the
next Congress will stand, but wc Loje
fir a Democratic majority. Grant
and Lis civil rights miscegenation par
ty is as dead as Hector, with no pros
pect of resurrection. This effectually
kills his thin! term aspirations. This
is certaiidy the most glorious and suc
cessful revolution we have witnessed
in years glory enough for this year!
Hurrah for our tide! Crow, Chapman,
crow 1
Alexander Selkirk, in his Kolitude,
f iiihc-d f t th w ings of a d ive. Wnde,
.f the Milan Exclianfe, si0'hs for the
wings of a chickra. Huni'w'dt
And Rivers sighs like a furnace f jr j
the w in&B of a du-:Jc. Caa't torn i of j
the Humboldt girls have pity for him?
Tk: negro Cauntec, who was elected
Circuit Court Clerk of Hay wood, was
rome our against his party and says
the Republicans are not friends of lL !
iK-rcupou the. lJrownsyuie
republican devote considerable nac i
to Lie abuse. i
Daniel W"bstcr h:ip accepted a po
tation on the New Yoik io!ice, and it
is h:reftre inferrad that his tiictiouarv '
has not proved a sJCoe. Enrnvvir.
We didn't know that Daniel ev-ir f
con:j'iIel cr puMis!iel a dictionary.
Hadn't Grant better withdraw Lis
thscksgiving pr lamatioa anl issue
orifl for fating and prayer for his
-irty? The Democrats cn heartily !
, . Ji
epice wit.1 thankgiviag sad pre.
rrjjice wit.1 thankgivi3g sad pre.
Hay wood county is jubilant aiid
Trefidi-nt Grant has it uf-i his pi
claaiatioa eetling apart Thursday,
November 26th, as thanksgiving day.
Louisiana has much to be thankful
for, we don't think.
In M gc phis the independent bolters'
ticket was ignomiaiously defeated.
Ditto everywhere else. We hope it
will U a warning to Sjre-htada in tLe
The election excitement is over, and
verybody is glad. Now let us all go
to work and develop our resources
knowing bo party for the next two
Chicago staiidtioe show that 30,000,
000 buskyj. of ecru have been ship
ped eastward tHVough Chicago alone
ernce the beginning of the year. The
aet amount, ft til as that which
haa gone by other rorju and to other
maraete, bae netted the farmers of
Iowa and Illinois probably thirty
oen'.s per bathd aal on the eontt .irg
over UU,UUO,lw outiicla oi c.vi
raiacd in the two (katea has probably
givea them from J6,000,000.to f,
000,003 mor prpSt than usual on
tbe corn Bold with la th last seven or
tight moutiag.
A g3Eg cf hJghsrayraea reecnfJy
emitted Xiev. 11. F. Bucknttr, oi
Texas, b the robbery of a tinge load
4f jxuFengers, biau- he was m
ls tfa following couplet forth to oi ynunana, ivy., n. i we.ny-nrsi knw.k Ujth of t,u.m (low,u iIe
the world. We coagralulat her. t'ali "V naB' ai f.J ' tI,tm. with the assistmce of
cand th. Hod HmSre, o'er W dark SuTJ 1 oil T' V'"'
De0erae,tHumph..oldlUyaJUf! . A" " u ,T e h. " took them to jenLurg, and l.Kiged
Keextr of Ik Sexe Orls-aer "
a-xeteaMr t'ammtllr es Mtai la
tin a4 iBfaraaaiaav.
New Orleans, Octoltcr 29 The
cotton exchange committee on ctHtw
tics and information "submit the fol
lowing crop rejiort fir Octolten Louji
iana Our It iters from this 8tite d:ite
from the seventeenth to the twentv
third inclu.-ive. Frost, flight: only
reported in one parish, Tengipahoe;
weather uuiverally r p ited f.tvorali'e
and very f.ivorahle; u little over !ia!t"
the crop u rejortfd as having leen
picked, and with the continuance of fa
vorable weather the crop will be picked
out by the tenth of Ocller to thefii.H
of Deoemlier; the yield, as compared
with last year w ill bescmowhnt great
er, our answers to this inquiry aver
aging an increj of nearly ten pr
cent: thet.iple h:isleen injured ly dry
we t i'T, which at the same time has
cnablrd the crop to be picked cleaner
and brighter. Mk-issippi thirty-one
letters from twenty counties rejiort
little or no injury to the rotton plant
fiom frost; the weather almost uiiex
ceptionably favorable; from one-half
to two-thirds of the croj pickel, and
with good weather picking will I
finished lietween the fifteenth and
twentieth of November. The majority
of the reports estimate a decrease in
the yield, as compared with last year,
of Aitout tweuty-tive jxr cent Jlost
of the reports complain of the quality
J of the crop, the lint being light and
j fill()rt. .aJ consequently a le-ss th:i
usual yu ld of lint trom the gin is hn
,. e fc .
from a stated quantity of eeed-cotton.
Arkansas Universally favorable
weather for picking Is reported by all
of our correspondents. The frost on
! tober loth and 14th fcems to have j
cent compared with last year, thouirh
it is exjK-cted the late planting in the
river bottoms will be better than at
present represented.
In accordance with the aunounce
ment of the papers, the nflicers of the
teachers' ass -iatiou met in the office
or Ji. L tJniltorne. in Nashville last
Friday, Dr J. B. Liudsley
111 t lie
! chair. In the a!scnce of the secreta
j ry, Kcv. H. S. Bennett whs chosen to
j that office pro tcm. A full and free
, discussion of ail the asjiects of the
' sthwJ question took place, in which
the alsoriiing topics were those which
related to the practical thing to be
done. It was doci lad that the regu
lar annual-meeting of the association
le hell on the twentieth aud twenty
first of January, 1870, at thc capitol.
It was decided that the programme
for the occasion should le announeed
at some neartuture date. The policy
of the association was freely discussed,
but nothing definite enough for the
public was determined upon, except
that the present school system was
thc btet that could be devised, and
mu-t !e fupported by every friend of
education in the State. The question
of a normal school for the State was
freely discussed, and took practical
shajx' in theapiHiiutmcnt of a com in it
See to receive ofi'ers of grounds and
uuiMings ano runds trom the various
pLces competing for the location, to !
be presented to the next legislature, j
The names of the committee will be !
annouueed in the rejsirt of the next i
meeting of the executive committee, J
After coucludin-r to cill a me -tin - ut
an early d ite, to perfect the arrange- i
menu iix i!i." meeting of the associa-
Secretary pro tem.
tstx Th'insKii I Italtar 4'ewa.
Yxim, Kt.. Oct. 2M. The short
horn cattle sale of V. G. Bedfon
which took plac at the fair grounds
near tMs city to-day, is the largest
sa!' ihilt hRS ,,ora lu:u'e !n Kentucky.
I lwenty-ore oowsand lir-ifers weresoM
at an average of cl.'JOo, and fourteen
btdls at an average $1,135 a tot.1 of
858,625. Thc sale wat large ly attend
ed by traders from all puts of thj
United Si.it; s and Canada. The
l - V TV V l
' ,u JlKU "lu 8 s
ljcht!ss IX.. to
iarLs k;.(..00;
principal anm ais f u i were lxmiou
Joaa kenned v. of
!-,.. kr, .(,00: Lm Ion I)n;-h
VU., at 85.100, auJ nd- Dachess
XL, at $ 1,400, to T. J. McGibh.n, !
Afterwards, Messrs. Hall & Bedford
sold twenty -seven cows and heifers at
an average of 5-112. and sixteen bulls
at an aveage of 258-total) lu',0C2.
The rtrasia HeOonald t atian Claim.
6uit has lieen entered in Washington
by Judge BartW and others, for par
ties who claim 567,000 of McDonaM,
of Mcmphii, for teviees in procuring
evidenoc and suiierintending the
prosecution of claims for McDonald,
before the Mixed Cointnlssicn of Bnt
isb aad Ameiican claims. Tliis is a
claim of ovtx a quarter of a million
dollars, which, after the award was
mad, wes believed by the officers of
the Government to have been based
alfwoat entirely npon false papers.
Under the treaty, however, which
ma4e all awards "final, the Treasury
ha fth obliged to iay the Bum, but
the intention is to represent the 'facts
ia the cse to the British Government,
ia crder that the money may not be
p id tt those t htiruiug it.
Not loag since a gentleman who car
riea the keys of one of the bank vaults
in Nashua, was returning immolate
:t night, alivn he was accosted by two
spkriour-or'.king ir.dividu-'!s. The
bankera dojj, a large New feu dlnd,
wiHkse preoLtsu.' is u.iaou,u:.it-ii for,
immcdtKtcl to;k a pot it ion ketweca
the niffiaos and ha master, which po
sition he maintained until bom was
reached. Toe fce .tkman has owta 1
the df for years, and what iasim i.l ..
3ror .ure kir: iiiai to waa.l;:r
away fr m the h uij atnilst or zatset
ilia oa the way boot. .
t a . I
A liscn countv issuoi twentv-three
marn.sge licenses for the week endinrr
UctolMT JOth.
The Brow nsville girls vi-it the cotton
factor, und the eiiit r of the States
wants to wort there, so that they will
1 .. I. I '
yK at liuiL
The Allien" Post tells of a man
who shot at the bark of a d ig one
dark night and found hint next morn
ing dead, shot in the throat, and says
it can't lie beat.
The Huntingdon Times says that on
the 20th of Octolier Mr Stephen Taf,
Sr., of McKenzie, was seventy -live
years old. On the 10th a son was
born to him weiirhinir twelve iv.uud?.
11 N
(Jountee (colored ), having
resigned a Clerk of the Circuit Court
of i lay wood county, EMjiiire Itnyncr
the pre;nt incumbent, has beeiiquali
fi.il and entered upon the duties o:
the o'lice.
Last W ednesday was a gala tiny
among the Grangers of Marshall
county. A grand picnic was given
on the Fair Grounds at Lewlsburg,
under the auspices of the order, ami
was attended by some three thousand
persons. The meeting was also at
tended by representatives from every
Grange in the county.
The Times says Huntingdon was
made quite lively Friday night by
some young men from the country,
who became noisy and loisterous.
Deputy Marshal McCracken, wit1-, a
jtosse, tiied to arret! them, w lv.eh they
successfully resisted, scleral shots
being exchanged before they made
their 4sc.q. A S;ato's warrant was
issued for thtir arrest,
A. E. H. Itolerts and Thomas
Manier. -used of being participants
m the breakini? into the iail of 1'ut-
nam county recently, and releasing
from confinement several persons
therein confined on the charge of
inurdeiing Dick McKinley, colored,
and putting to death Frank Hall, one
of the ersous who had confessed the
crime, have been jailed at Nashville.
The Johnson City Times learns
from the agent of Messrs. Hunter &
Grost, of Fredericksburg, Va., manu
facturers of the celebrated "Farmers
Friend" Flow, that the firm cou tem
plates establl-hing a branch factory
at Johnson City. The timlier used in
the manufacture of this plow is ship
ped from Ohio, and may be obtained
in any county in East Teunessce.
They also desire to use the Carter
county metal.
The G; llatin Tennesseean ravs: A
correspondent informs us that the case j fl ecks of sheep on account of the rav
of Uncle Peter Suttle, before the Baj-j ages of wolves, a large mimlor of
list Church, for being a niemUr oi' the I sheep having la-en killed duriug the
Grange, came up for hearing on the ! nast summer. Sheep husbandry was
FJtli inst., ami it was decidedthat lie lecoming quite an iniKrt;int branch
could not hold his membership in the
viiuieii, iiiKi uii me same linn; ueioiig
.A t I t. i.. i
to the onler of Patrons of HusIkiu dry,
L nele Peter called for a letter, but
failed to get it. The church prooses
trying him thc third Saturd iy in No
vemU'r, as a rcbcllioi-s ik h b r.
Fayctteville Express: Thc Memphis
and Charleston railroad has leased the
Winehe.-ter and Alabama railroad to
Hiekerson & Co., of Coffee county,
for six years, at SSOUO per annum.
The new lessees will take possession of;
the road the first day of November, j
and we feel confident that under their i
it .. :tl .i:i.. !
lii.uitit-tiieiiL it nin c-jtejiiv gain inis
good will of the iieople. We are'not .
prepared to say whether any changes
will be made iu the officers of the road, I
as the new proprietors have given no
intimation of their intentions in
Jackson Courier-Herald, 31st: Lost
Saturday light, about dark, near
Carroll Station, in this countv, John
and tjreorge
Morgan tailed D.
1,. urisweu out oi ins orotners house,
where he was living, aud asked hint
I,ai!'1'; ,ie replied "that he did n t
knmv them," ami w;-s starting kick
int0 tJie LoUf:c- An,i'3 finHl slt him
with a iouDle-larreled shotgun, loaded
buck-shot, wounding him in tin?
siic-uldcr One of the shot went iu at
dt"r l'iercel the heart of a
little lioy five or six years old, who
was standing inside
of the house, in
range with thc door,
killing him
Jackson Whig: L:ist week Mr
William Walker, of Haywood county,
accompanied by a negro servant,
started from his home to Reel foot
! L.-.ke, where lis proposed to spend a
few days in fishing and hunting,
j While passing through Dyer county,
j the wagon was halted by two white
I men armed with shotguns. Mr
i Walker had placed loaded guns in
his wr.gou, but, with a view .of pre
venting accidents, had left them un-
'i his circumstance made his j
firearms useless for sudden conjunc
tures; but, instead of tamely surren
dering, as he was expected to do, he
seieed a hammer, and, leaping out of
his wagon, attacked his enemies. As
he did so, one of them fired at him,
iuit ruined him. In a moment he hui
The Austrian Government has in
form'd the Porte of it3 intention to
conclude commercial arrangements
with the principalities, and has inti
mated that it considers the discussion
of the snbject closed. Turkey is en
deavoring to secure a stipulation that
the principalities shall obtain the
Porte's sanction before concluding
any arrangements; but to this Austria
declined to sgree. Germany and
Russia have informed the Porte that
they approve of the views of Austria,
ut do not say whether they intend to
follow her example.
Le Norte, the organ of the Russian
Government, says the Montenegro
outrages cannot be ovei looked. Tur
key must mete out speedy jus'ice to
the perpetrators, and make reparation
for tf ir crimes. The Porte has been
advi'd to tike this course.
A dNpntch from Cattara says the
Porte has refused the request of thr
Montegrans that counsel of th f rei.;.
i'owers be allowed to ptiticio.te i:
the inxestigatioii of ouin-.ges.
Th:: i y News sys llu-sii a;,-'
Gerniar.y liave also :.o:itied the Port
tl:at t.'.'-y intend to m .k c-tuiiut-r :',.
c!iv( atioi.s wiili the Dan ubian pii:;-f-palius.
Frcsidiujt Grant has sent a congra:
ulatory note to the Emperor of Hit. si .
ir, Tcsi.ii.se to a loiter :;rnoueci:i t!.-ra.ir:i:.e-'
t.i' Grand Duke Yiuia
n2r to the Duch'.-ss cf Moclcuburg
l a
vesekal xews.
envious person, who was not
! An
invited to be present at either of the
i Grant weddings, pronounces them
"S.irtor-llonore affair?, anyhow."
j There are fifteen hundred persons
: sick with typhoirt lever in the crtuntv
1 i T . T.- 1 1 ..
of Lancaster, tngland, more than
one-sixteenth, of the entire opula
tion. The cotton crop in the presidency of
Bombay promises to le the largest
ever recorded, and a fortnight in ad
vance of last year. Ticking h:is fairly
The transfusion of blood from a
l iriTT into the veins of a consumptive
patient was tried at Fall IUver, Massa-
, eiiusett, recently, and seenw likely to
prove successiui
Hon. Jeremiah White, one of the
owners of the Houston (Texas) Coun
ty Ih niocnit, was shot and killed by
John H. Hubbard on Friday last.
Tiiii act was deliierate assassination,
no offense, it is alleged, having been
In Harrlsburg, Va., a Mrs Nancy
Dougherty, aged 70 years, has during
the last year built herself a cabin,
cleared 12 acres of land and fenced it
and, using only a hoe, raised 2(H) b
sheLjofcoru. Houor to the fre old
Attala county is th banner Grange
comy of ML-y.sMppi. At the last
meeting of the State Grange she cast
tweiuy- three votes one for each
Urange in the county while the next
highest number cast tor any one county
was nineteen.
The New York Express says it
seems somewhat of a -pity that the
Icelandic people, who are said to be
enterprising and highly civilized, and
are used to cold weather, do not un
dertake the job of investigating the
north pole and its surroundings.
Col. J. V. Gedis, commanding the
1st Artillery, writes to the Adjutant
General of the Army that, owing to
the prevalence of the yellow fever iu
the city of Charleston, S. C, be has
removed the troops under his com
mand from Charleston to Summcr
ville. It is state! that an exceptionally
large group of siwts Is now visible on
the surface of the sun. They may be I
perceivetl with smoked glass, without
thc aid of a telescoiw. According t'j
Mr V, F. Denning, of Bristol, Eng
land", thc spots cover an area of nearly
78,000 miles.
Many farmers in Riceeounty,Miun.,
h ive lieen comi)elled to dispose of their
of liusiness in that section, and
I klV. i : i
iuue kiss nu
be fcit if it has to
A movement v again on f ot to
unite the maritime provinces of the
Dominion under one Legislature and
Governor. Divided as they are, the
provinces make a iwor showing.
j being overshadowed by their more
! powerful and jxpulous niighlxirs,
j Quebec and Ontario. Union would
' greatly increase their influence in
; Dominion affairs.
j Hon. E. Rumsev Wing, United
States minister to Eanador. died at
Quito, October ISth. He had been
in bad health for some time, and sev-
eral months ago resigned his position,
but was unable to start upon his
journey home. He was the youngef-t
man that ever represented this gov-
ert.meiit in a foreign missian, leiiig
; o:ilv tli'u ty at the time of UU death,
i A man at trncttd attention in Troy by
his queer demeanor. He seemed to
j see something interesting in the but
I tons on Luli'.'sj drc&sc-, and iu sever.:!'
i instances was ini:ortinent in his dote
J examinations. Finally he found a
dress f rom which a button was gone.
! He seized the wearer, pulled from his
p. cket a button, and compared njwitn
those left on the dress. It nvrtched.
She was his piisom r. He was a detec
tive, and she had stolen thc dress.
Information leecived from South
western Nebraska shows that thou
sands of people are in a starving condi
tion. Oue saw many who hail noth
ing' to eat but baked squash and
pumpkin and salt. Others had lived
on baked flour and water, one meal a
day for weeks. Ten thousand people
in that Sttte will need aid sufficient
to keep them from starvation and
freezing to death this winter. Hun
dreds are naked and on the verge of
starvation, villi no means to leave
the State.
It is certain that Gen. Sherman's
friends are movinir actively in his be-
i.uii. and makinir arraiiLcments to
biip.g him foiward for thc next Presi-
i rom the nature oi the fteps
tikui. it is inferred that the plan of
Gen Sherman's friends is to run him
as an iiuleK'iidehtandidate. At the
same time, it is liclicved that there
is a plot on foot by some of Grant's
friends to sccuic legislation ' that will
make Sherman go luck to Washing
ton, to be snubbed, or resign his com
mission as General cf thc army.
A squaw sat down on the curb in
front of the post-office in Austin, Nev.,
and, unrobing a bundle of calico,
commenced the manufacture of a
d.ess. In less than an hour the dresa
was fnilshwl; and putting it on over
h'r old clothes the squaw pulled out a
pin here, a peg there, and untied a
ti ing in another place, made one step
and, presto! the old clothes lay iu the
gutter. Gathering up the regs just
shed, the noble daughter of the forest
catt one look of triumph- on the spec
tators aud skipped gracefully off in
tlie direction or the Indian camp. A
prominent citizen who was an interest
ed witness of the transaction mildly
rernai kid that he would cive f 30 if
Mrs P. C. could sheil herself like that.
Gen. Jackson, when President, said
to one of his fiercest newspaper oppo
nents, ". id me your newspai ex. I
know that you are opposed to rac, but
then I should like to see your paper
every day. I want to see how many
lies you c m tell of mr.r "General,""
said the editor, "I think I do right in
or ing you, and I shall continue to
i.i with ali the ability of which I
tin master." Here was a man after
. kOjs ownjucit, and he replied
ith :a t ath, "Sir, -send me year pa
ter, for asi.'e from your abuse of the
your jiajier is a good one. Besides, I
aever taw a neweprtper in which I
could not find something worth read
ing." Just so. No man can pick up
newspaper without finding something
fin'er'. You may tale ;h pa pox
.u.d t ar it into rraftnei't , and in e.ich
fragment 'you wi 1 sw
-ljxw or iusti uct yuv.
aioCang to
yjjg Indiana editors are to make an
eAursion South durins the Litter part
' of February, or the first week . in
March. Thc design is to visit Mem
phis, Little Hock, Jackson, and
Vicksburg, Missis-ippi; New Orleans,
Mobile, Jackson, Jacksonville, Savan
nan, Atlanta, Montgomery, Rkh
mond.Charreston, Knoxville, Chntti-1
nooga, Nashville, Mammoth Cave, !
Louisville, Evansville, Vincenaes
and Terra Haute. . I
A clfrgymau's cat at West Spring
field, Mas., has shown some remark
able symptoms of natural depravity.
After giving birth to seven kittens
recently, of various colors, she removed
thc two blackest from the group and
utterly refused to take any notice of
them. No sooner were they restored
to her nest tluu she again and again
ejected them, and death finally relieve
tiie little waifs. And this iu deSanre
01 the ritteentn Amcudrient, Which
tl) tU ,! .l I j:
ucvbut.a tu lucit o-.ail uc uu UIM1IIC-
tion on accou'1.. of color. o other
than a M-sachusetts cat would have
dared thu3 tu offend the majesty of
the law.
The Sexton of Grace Church, New
York, has made Ws christanity profit
able, and siived 5250,000.
Queen Charlotte, wife of the king
of the Friendly Islands, is a Metho
dist class-lea jer. The king is a li
censed lcal preacher.
A dispatch from South Bend, IndL
ana, announces the death of Father
Lemmor, president of Notre Dame uni
versity, Thursday night, after a lin
gering illness.
Dr John Hall, remarking that in
England they distinguish people into
two classes. Churchmen and Dissen
ters, thinks that in America they
might be divided into Churchmen and
The Methodists of Murfrecsboro
have divided that city into missionary
districts and placed each district under j
the superintendence of oue or more
Sabbath School teachers. "The idea
Is to thoroughly canvass the town, iu
order to bring under religious instruc
tion children who do not attend any
of the Sabbath Schools."
The reason assigned by the Chicago
j Tribune for thc rejection of Dr Sey-
mour for thc bishop of the Diocese of
Illinois, was because of his supposed
Ritualistic tendencies. The Issue be
tween Ritualists and anti-Ritualists is
thus squarely raised, and it not im-;
probable w ill result in a schism iu the
Episcopal Church of America.
The American missionary, Bishop
Wiliiams, was receently found in a
Japanese boarding house, in Yedo, in
a room nine feet square, without any
furniture except a pail filled with
ashes r.nd a little coal. In a corner
were two blankets, w ith one of which
the bishop wrapped himself, while he
slept upon the other. There was the
Bishop found, sitting upon the floor,
engaged in the work of translation.
An ex-Methodist minister by the
name of Norman is said to have arriv
ed in this country as a Mohammedan
missionary. He professes to think
if Mohamedanism were only under
stood in christian countries it would
make converts rapidly. Mr Norman
avows his intention of going west and
operating somewhere in the Chicago
region, believing that they are more
progressive in that part of the count
ry than nearer the Atlantic.
The Jewish Messenger, reviewing
the recent Councils and Conventions of
different Christian bodiis, intimates
that the Jews may iii some respects
take pattern by them. The editor
says: "We wish to assist in uniting all
thc Jewish congregations of New York
city in a council, or convention, which
shall take a broader survey of the
condition and wants of bur denomina
tion; and, 'excluding mere doctrine,
promote the spiritual prosperity of the
entire body."
The momentous question as to the
right of clergymen not of the Church
of England to be called reverend, has
been suddenly settled. Bbdiop
Wordsworth having denied the right,
has caused a letter to be written to Mr
Punshon, the Wcsleyan minister well
known in this country, and the letter
was directed to tho Reverend Wm. M.
Punshon. It is therefore decided by
the highest authority, that Dissenters
may wear the title. It is now to ie
hoped that thc land will have rest on
thissul ject.
A clerical pa per published in Naples,
says: "The miracle of St Januarius w
going on favorably. Yesterday, after
eighteen minutes prayer, the blood
liquified, as it did the day before, after
having lieen exposed twenty-three
minutes. The faithful are flocking into
the diocese in great . numbers, and
their belief in our holy religion is by
no means diminished by the ravings
of a satanic sect." And this is the
enlightened nineteenth century! What
rogues these fellows arc! Does Arch
bishop Manning lielieve such lies?
A letter from India Is published in,
a recent nuniW of the Loudon Chris
tian, which gives an interesting ac
count of a remarkable and extended
revival which prevails among the va.
rious regiments of the British army
stationed there. The awakening 1-
gan at Calcutta, and spread from
theuce to other stations, reaching, in
its - quickening progress, Durapore,
Luck now, Cawnpore, Meerut, Cnick
rcta, Sabotha, Allahabad, and other
military stations. Many officers are
taking, an active part id the move
ment, and already some of the regi
ments count scores of earnest converts.
Earpa BreaelstaXa.
The Msvk Lane Express eay : With
less rain and a colder temrature, the
weather here and on the continent has
been favorable for potatoes, sonin j,
and all kinds of field work. In France
the potatoes are abundant and free
from disease. The tendency of the
wheat market here is rather upward.
In some cases there has been an ad
vance of a shilling. The markets of
France and Belgium have slowly fol
lowed those of Great Britain. The
ilea in Fa -land during the week
show a diminution of 10,000 quarters
which makes evident the reluctance of
growers to accept the present rates.
Freight in Hungary are declining
though they are yet too high to admit
of the shipment of waeat to England.
Southern Russia k beginning, however,
to ship, despairing of duing better for
pom time to come, and supplies are
r p d S "vrtirg It is thought that
ciu wilt soon interfere with
khipmenta from America by doting
rivers and cao&b, when some improve-,
meat in prkfe is expect exl
t The Fulton stre. t (New York) d i1 v
prayer meeting has just ccle'r..tel its
seventeenth anniversary. The m
ing pre.-erve all their vit-.lity, and un
attended by great num'iers. The hi
tory of this meeting, in all it. n-sul
if written out, would nvike the Lirgc.-t
volume in the world.
The secretary of the treasury h:is
directed the assistant treasurer at New
York to sell one-half milli .n dollars
gold each Thursilay during the nvmth
of Novemler, the aggregate h mount
of which will be two million dollars.
Music for November.
I Whera birds iinf tb sweeten. Son and cao.
Danki. 5
t r . .. i i .i t . . . ....
1 knew by lhuoke. S..i dcbo. Prey. 35
No tiili . froj ,:r Lha . Suns aad cka.
ftewart Ju
Memories of home. Ballad. Cnae. 36
Nora. Ibe pride oi Kilkre. r-ouarbo. Tiara, 40
lollie .Vlt-tiuir. hone and rbo. Hay. 40
Katblren Marbree. tonc and eao. Stewart, 39
'i wilixbt i hadowi . Tenor rone. Chae, &
Had we met in brighter boar, fiallad. Lrey,.iS
Out in lha moa. J-on and ebo. Hays, 4U
liire nie, uarlin. one iweut lbs. Ovot and
rbn. l)itk, 3&
Anr-l., guard uiy little on. Song and ebo.
Hays. 40
Poor old grandpa. Song and cho. Ilaya, 40
Freninf Bell. Moreaaa. Wiloa, SO
'TaUig-tit. oeturne. MayUth, SO
Gntce et eoauetrie. lorceau. 1'acher, . 'Jt
Neptaae. .tlazurka. lai", 44
swwtheart. MeloJie. Maylath, 40
In our boat. Mereeau, WiUon, 36
Vbious of Parsdie. Murccau. Maytaik, 4U
Air rallca. Nocturne. " . iu
Golden hours. Melodie. Wilon, 36
Awakeninr of the birds. Melodie. " 40
We'tward Ho! .Ualop. WiLvta. 76
', Merry bun Umtt. Moreeau. Wilson, Su
Faufare. tiaiov. MaylaOi. SO
Trembling leaves. In: trumcntat. Kinkel, oO
'Pearl of Amerira. Caprice, kinkel, it
Pieces marked bare picture title-page.
Mailed post-paid on receipt of marked price. '
Address. J. L FETKHM.
oc-V-lm 69 Braad way. New t aria.
J. M. Robinson. 0. T. fiutfield. C.C. Norton.
211 and 213 MAIN ST.. COR. SIXTU.
S24-3m Louisville, Ky.
Will pratiee in (iibsnn and adjoining eoaatier.
Ovi u a : First Joor over Jordan's Drag Sure.
HtNBT STIX. WM. 1TIX, Of (ire, ml CO..
Jacob IlKucsr. Memphis, Tena.
Nortbwet Corner of Third k Race Streets.
Cinolxmntl, O.
S'm.l w York l Sleet 17 Wairt St.
Short Line Railro'd
Cincin'ati & the East
running a Doable l)aily Line of
Pullman Draw'g-Room
Sleeping Coaches
Columbus, Pittsburg, Harrisburg,
And otbor Eastern Ciiie?, wkhont Change.
W" ith which passenger- from the Fnnth make
direct cscncction at Louutille witn
Aroidinf from seven to sixteen hours' delay
incident to, and arriYinf
One Train in Advance
Time from Louisville to New York,
This tine is stone ballasted and entirety frei.
frm dt. Ueing enipped with the celebrated
r-tiuKhoti-e Air-crake, precludes all possi
biiiiy oi cullUions.
Only All-Rail Route
Between Lonimlle ana Cincinnati, passing
orer the Great Ir.a Railway liridceat Cinein-
caii, raaaing nirert ronoeriion wiia ail irasi
lines North and south.
but- Tii-krts fr cale "Via LecTille and' the
Short Line at all ticket oifirif in the south
ana oathaet.
P. . PARKER. Uen l PWr k Ticket Art.
aiayi .
Lower Than Ever!
V our Larst and Well-selected Stack of
Ceniiitinf of the best line of
The latest and most durable
&c, &c., &c.
All of which are will sell at
Rock Bottom ! !
Call at tit Store ef
Bryant, Jackson & Co.
,r AsciACTUREa or axd dealir!
rWa sewed Calf for
Corded top. bos toe. sewed, SIC Ua the
veered Calf for SW.
very best mrtensl,
Keuiririg cheaply and
Wert PKte jfaaW Ttse.t. iila.
cobxeb or KIXTal xxn WALMT (.TRIITS.
oiKroijisfATi, o ri i o .
I pride myself in providing for my (laosts the lirsr Liri.;, Oi.g irr ll. tsg and II. .a
ClK'. las money than aay other Hoa-e in ibe eity. O'VK AXU SKK 1 1
B- XAAa,i&. tT. 0tvAavOT Proprietor.
Formerly occupied by E. A. Collins, and having negotiated for very
extensive stock on very favorable terms, we feel warranted in saying that
for cash we can offer the trade such inducements as cannot fail to
We shall keep the stock in all departments up
Full to Overflowing of Desirable Goods
and only ask an examination by those who wldi to buy for ri.-h to cur in tee
a sale. Our arrangement having lieen made with "sjieci.l reference to a
reduction of expenses, we feel confident that we can make
Prices Suitable to the Hard Times.
Having closed out my stock to Stoue fc Mills, I feel warranted in recom
mending them to my old friends aad patrons as honest, reliable and attentive
business men.
I shall keep my office in their store, where I shall always le pleased to see
my friends, either oa business er in a social capacity.
aug27 E. A. COLLINS.
IVXlleEtxi, Tonri.
11 set of l'lanini Mill Macbinoii, we are now prepared to furuirh lumber ot every dtscrip
tion, in the rough or drewed.
Plow Beak, Sawed Felloes, Wagon Hounds, Bolsters and Ttnes,
Hariri a luna experience- in the waron and implement tiuinr. we are aaiiAa wrran ft 1 1 a
want lona felt by waaon and plow manufacturers tor timber in the right e and h inaa area!
deal of valuable time and tiober. Our facilities fur rereivinc anil i-hiinr timber i- un-uri a ej
by any place in W est Tennessee. To parties harina timber for sale on the lima ..f the V
Central and Memphis and LouisTille Railroad", we will nv the lt ri. e mr it in the Inir or
bolted four feet lona. Ke Aateaito lr Ileit is t-alrnt Mirrl lruu l.uol.uc L
rbcape.l aaa ssiMt alarnwle reef bbmmb.
For further particulars, atidreu PH i I.F. P K A- o.,
jnne25-ni Proprietors Milan WiHd Works. .Milan Tenn
-1 . .
L.W. Deshong
xwx xxjact, raaaa-xo'.i
Dealer ia
Gexeral, Staple A Faxct
- i .
t e , .
A specialty made of supplying the country
trade, and take in exchange for goods all coun
try products, allowing the highest price for
erery species ot country barter.
Having bought entirely for Cash, will sell the
same way. and at the "horltit profits admissible.
Soliciting a rail from the peWw. he will be
pleaded at any time to price good a. '
This ib the Great Direct and Through Line, and
the only All rati Koute from all points in
Till', Aagaaaaa. Lorii-w. Mtsaisairri,
U the
North and East.
Pullman Palace Cars
Run vim this Line both ways, as follows :
Lwilll ie Sew vrleans Hbeait
Xantaiwillo f Hemahls wNbeal rttmmwr
Ma.Laiisr te Memphis ? rlis)aia:e.
LaMvill ae JLittl Kascli wlthvai
r is aver ye.
No Change of Cars
From Jfempbig. Montgomery , er Xashvilie to
From LoaisTille 'ear connecting Line ro
b.lt t I r . . L. ... L" .. .
era Cities without rhaage. mak
ing a Urea Through
Continuous All. Rail Route East
Avoiding all Ferriea and Trantfrrt.
"he errata of aaiaraj evrieeiliee, M loeatad
im rbU kna Pu..u..l..iutrall
fcasw. a isiibi taearigwsasw
'5 ... '
For ewsaplevw nfbrmevfew PTt
odationa and eenneetioaa. an4 .'.
aaore fol th Lognwitu V."J. .21 iTJi!
MMrraLTRAtLwsr Spina. It eoataiwe erlgi-
--Irndrrltirl I '" maUer.a well aa railentsU
Jer k j -
L -T -wva . i. : "-ai-- : .
S - i "
wx -m nriw-rr wj
Fire-Proof Brick Buildin
.le, Chattanooga
St. Louis Eailway.
Street DVpot, Nashville :
Leave. bait tneMa;u Tralna. Arrive.
:lia.m. (Sundays excepted.) I ll' p.m.
:Up.m. (Unily.) l;Ha.m.
Leave. Kblby ville Trwlna. Arrive.
3:30 p.m. (Daily, Sunday excepted.) 9:5tia.m.
This route it 78 mUet Sliorttr to 3fm
jjhii than via Deectur.
The only route with through Sleep
ing cars to Memphis ; more
than 100 miles shorter
to St. Louis than
via Louisville.
Time to St. Louis, V hoars.
Emigrants for Kansas, Arkansas and all parts
ef the VSest will save money by purchasing
ti' kets by this route.
Connec tions at llumhol.lt for Mobile. New
Orleans. Galveston amr intermeiliitte points,
and connects at I nion City for St. I.nuis and
all point Wet and Northwct. The trains
conne-t at Ch.'ittnrioogs for Kouie, Atlanta aud
all principal nuthm citie-.
Passengers for U s hington City, Laltircnre.
rhilndciphi.-i. New ork ami i;.,.-ton. wfll
as all points in Eat Tenner.ee auu irgii.ia.
make connections through.
This is ttie Short Bods East
And the enly direct route to tbe youth and
Pangers for McMinnville and Mn-heter.
W inchcter ami AliitMma or tbe Jasper branch
Railmads, will tike tbe H:Vt a.m. train.
For through tickets and further intormntion,
apply at City Trasl'er Office. Maxwell iloue.
and at Chattanooga lrjvt. Church ftreet.
W. L. DaXLEY, Gen l .-up't.
Gen'l P. Jc T. Agent. . juneln
G. S. Cunningham,
Paducah Marble Works
crARtT:r.s satisiFACTIox
I prepared o make all kind of PICTI' I! F.3
at the St, Louis (ialk-ry. niaro-Iy
j. t. andersonT
JUMrrACrrgra ad dbalxb i.
Stoves,Tinware, Lamps
Country IIolIcw-ware, Ac., Ac.
mattVly. " MILAN. TEXX.
wTM; McCiLL,
ViTff nrartkw iw all the Caorte of Law and
Inrty it tbe eaantir of O;reoo and t arroll.
ad ra UM Ceartr at Union City, t peris I u
i rjollertions. marjy
(Late of Memphis
Offers bis prfe-"i' net errice to thf ci Irtr.t
at laiWn and nrronmiir.g conMry.
m k rosy xreteg acruunu.
TfryxTTfj Mm a aIL gjarilj
era MiwJw.Mw-r

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