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Niagara can be tunneled for $1,000,000.
Saw Francisco is to hhve a "crewpris
moida) one-rail elevated railway."
In Parajruay, pirls are not allowed to
chew tobacco "till they are thirteen.
A female claimant to the thron of
France is housekeeper at a hotel in isew
A srLEXDiD ear, but a very poor
" voice," as the organ-grinder said to the
They are poinr to try and put a frp in
Germany to the Nile of po-call-d"Moihinr
M-rups" for infants. Physicians assert
that more babies are killed by these con
coctions than by disease. "
Is Belgium a fruit grower has had preat
success in communicating artificial flavors
to natural fruit. He procures the fruit and
keeps it a few seconds in a solution of the
flavoring substance, and permits it to ripen
eiiluvwiiu'ntl V-
ihh inri pnu is discussing whether the
name of its principal street should be spell
ed with one or two t's. The Ledger says
that in the city ordinances it is written and
printed Chestnut. In St. Louis -the re
verse of this is the fact.
A kuwly married couple in Connecticut
recently started out on tin ir wedding tour
accompanied nv a small-sizeu two-year-old
infant, which they had hired for the
purpose, deluding the public into the be
lieJ that they were old stagers.
TnK Oregon Legislature has passed a
stringent act against gambling, one of the
clauses of which provides that a person
losing nionev at the gaming-table shall
have the right to recover by law to the
value of twice the amount of his loss.
A conspicuous article on exhibition at
the Cumberland. Maryland.Fair, is a mam
moth lump of coal, which weighs 3.4i0
pounds net,or sixty pounds more than a ton
and a half. It was mined half a mile Irom
the opening of the mine, and perhaps one
fourth of a mile from the surface.
East Des Moines has a dog that drinks
beer with a relish. When the canine
wants to wet his whistle it walks behind
the bar of the saloon where its owner dis
penses beer, jerks his coat-tail with his
teeth, and the proprietor aforesaid under
stands the signal and draws the brute a
glass of something strong.
It is said that Europe will soon be com
pelled to look to America for all the tar
(which is an enormous quantity) that she
consumes. Heretofore Europe has, in a
rm-at measure, obtained her supply from
Arehansrel. in the White Sea. Russia, and
the Gulf of Finland, Kaltic Scar ht ap
pears tlie trees are giving out, ana orders
lor tar will have to go eiscwnere.
Puke Girls and Impure Boys. Girls,
In treating' lissinatHf voting men aseouals.
says the Woman' Journal, do a wrong
thev can scanvly realize. Mich men
should be made to feel that until they re
deem themselves, until thev walk with
correctness and honor in the paths of
rirrht. srood people stand aloof from them
Girls who respect themselves will not be
seen with such men. and will decline to re
ceive them on the familiar footing of
friendship. It is a mistaken kindness to
poultice when caustic is needed, and I am
inclined to think that a little sharp decision
on the part of the rrirls of to-day would go
far to correct the general looseness of mor
ality among young men.
Dr. W. J. Fogle. says the Columbus
(Ga.) Enquirer, has a king-snake, which is
a little fellow, but a regular stunner for
fighting and swallowing.. When found in
the woods, some two weeks ago. he had
just taken in a moccasin larger than him
self, which he disgorged when placed on
the sidewalk. Yesterday another live
moccasin was placed hi "his cage. The
king went for him at once, in a twinkle
was wrapped around his body, crushing
life out, and proceeded to swallow his op
ponent in the most nonchalant style, com
mencing with his head. He is a regular
boa constrictor on a small scale. The
moccasin was considerably larger than
himself. . .
The Bessemer steamer system has been
applied bya Mr. Henry Gift'ard to a hang
ing railroad car, which has been tested
with success on the line of the Northern
Kail war, in France. Seated in this car,
which hangs on elastic springs, the travel
er experiences the sensation of reposing in
a hammock. fne from the vibrations and
bumpings of the ordinary car. At times
the car undulates as docs a boat on a calm
sea. The movement is described as a very
gentle one, and the traveler is enabled to
read w ithout fatigue and write with ease.
The principle of the car. applied to ambu
lances, doubtless would lie a great boon to
the wounded who may be conveyed in
them. Boston Advertiser.
II ir to a Quarter of a Million
Sent to State Prison.
George II. Mix, who was indicted for
stealing $1,000 worth of lace from the
store of II. B. Claflin & Co., and pleaded
guilty, was brought up for sentence in the
tiene'ral Sessions yesterday. The circum
stances in the case have already been pub
lished in the Times, but being of an ex
traordinary nature, will bear repetition.
Mix is of most respectable connections,
and the son of a wealthy banker in Hart
ford, Conn., who, at his death, bequeath
ed the prisoner an estate-said to be worth
$250,000. The trustees of the estate al
lowed Mix $1,500 a year to live on, but
this sum proved entirely inadequate to
gratify his tastes. Some time ago he was
arrested in the Gilsey House for swindling,
but through the intercession of his family
was saved from the State Prison. A short
time ago Mix again visited this city, and.
on the strength of forged letters of recom
mendation from a number of prominent
citizens, obtained a situation as salesman
in the lace department at Claflin's. On
the S'th Instant he disappeared, and it was
ascertained that $1,000 worth of lace had
been stolen. The prisoner was arrested,
and informed the detectives where he had
secreted the stolen proertv. In his
trunk were found a number of forged let
ters of recommendation to bankers in San
Francisco and other places. On being
brought to the bar. Mix wept bitterly,
and pit4ously pleaded for mercy. I!e
rorder Hacket said that the prisoner had
brought disgrace on his family and con
nections by his conduct, and deserved
no sympathy. The sentence of the court
. was that he be confined in State Prison
at hard labor for five years. A F. Times,
Oct. 81.
Nonsensical Notions About Edncation.
The speakers at educational conventions,
and writers on education, in many cases
seem to have lost their wits in these latter
days. The idea of havingchildren taught
their lessons in good honest fashion is one
which these gentlemen seem to have lost
sight of altogether. What "they demand
is, that the "essential manhood" of the
boy and the " ideal womanhood " of the
girl shall be developed. Yea. the teachers
are to "cast aside their humdrum lessons
and search out the infinite capacities fr
good or evil in the child, and stimulate the
one and exterminate the other.
On this issue, we shed our ink in defense
of teachers yes, and in defense of the
scholars also. It is asking too much of a
finite teacher to employ himself in search
ing out infinite capacities. And. in fact,
how is he to searcli out an infinite capa
city ? And how is he to tell an infinite ca
pacity when he finds it And, above all,
what is to become of the poor child that
has to suffer such an infinite ransacking?
It would be a miracle if the poor little crea
tures had any capacity left at all after a few
months of such treatment.
And then as to th "essential manhood'
of the boy and the " ideal womanhood "
of the girl that are to be developed, how
is a teacher to find out and lay hoTJ of
those elements ? Will any lecturer on ed
ucation point out the "essential manhood''
in any boy, or the " ideal womanhood "
in any girl, whatever?
Such talk about education as these peo
ple indulge in is twaddle. The business
of a teacher is to see that his scholars learn
their lessons and do their duty from hour
to hour. Children thus taught, and
brought up properly at home, will be
pretty Eure to exhibit in later life all the
manly and womanly qualities which their
positions in life may demand. Xew Ycrk
TnEY have Just beenhavinga nose show
in Austria. Eighty persons competed for;
the prize offered for the most extraordina- J
ry nasal prominence in iorin, size and
color. The jury decided that only three
out of the whole could be admitted to
compete for the prize, which was finally
adjudged to a competitor from Vienna,
possessor of what is stated to be "gigantic
nose, of a deep violet blue,"
K Kodd English tlerfjman.,
Thi liranwminruiiw RfT. Ku Henry
Bate Dudlev, Prebendary t Ely, Kector
of BradwelL JuxU Ware,Eex. and of
Willingham, Cambri.lgeslilre," was a io-
lowi: Born in 1740. and eaucaicu at
Queen's College, Oxford. Mr. Bate-for
such was then his name became, tfl luM,
curate of Leatheriiead, in' Surrey, swhere
he had plenty of opportunity, upon me
neighboring race-course of Epsom, for in
dulging his propensity toward the torf.
But having, In addition to" sporting, con
siderable literarv and political aspirations,
he became, in 1775, the proprietor of the
Morning Pott, whence, in consequence of a
disagreement wun his partners, ne- wuu
drew to establish, in 1780, the Morning
Herald, which for a considerable time be
came the organ of the Prince of Wales',
party. Among U eontributoTS were
Charles For, Richard" Brinsley Sheridan,
Edmund Burke, and others. But Mr.
Bate was not satisfied with being a jour
nalist alone. He soon became known to
the public as a dramatist, and his produc
tions, among which, J The Flitch of Ba
con," was the most successful, were pop
ular in his own day. Having realized con
siderable sums of money by his journalis
tic and dramatic exertions, he next took
to graver literature, and distinguished
himself not onHr by his own political pam
phlets, btft also by being the steady patron
of Ie Loime. author of the well-known
work upon the " Englisu constitution.
In 1S71, having succeeded to an estate
lift him hv a friend, who rpnuired
that he should Lake the name of
"Dudlev," he purchased the advow-
son of the living . of t linulweil.
in Essex, subject to the life of an aged in
cumbent. Bradwell had been shamefully
neglected; there was no resident Minister;
the church had been suflered to go to ruin.
and the sea broke over the low grounds of
the parish. He spent nearly A.iu.uuo in
restoring the church, rebuilding the free
school and parsonage, draining the glebe
land, and erecting a tea wall.. The . great
aoTh-ultural writer of the last century.
Arthur Young, devoted an essay to Brad-
well, concerning which he said that "at
the head of modern embankers andagricul-
turists stands the Rev.II.B.Dudley." llav
ing said thus much to his credit, it re-
duels, one of which was jusblied in public
opinion by his having protected a woman
ii om ine insuiis oi a riunau vtnu uiucu
hini into the field. In addition he was the
most suncessful breeder of gray-hounds m
his day, and also kept a pack of fox-hounds.
and bred ttiorougnorcu siock. m joi
ILr. Bate Dudlev was created a Baronc
bv rcaon of what was then regarded as his
admirable discharge. f Jiis. many public!
duties. After a long and active me, ir
Ilonrv died at Cheltenham in 1824, at the
age of sev( nty-eight. London Daily Tele
An Editor in Trouble.
It is a notorious fact that itinerant circus
companies pay very poorly, and the man
who does not get his money from them in
advance Is not very likely to get it at an
fvl li.intro nfthn Amtit has suffered J
cood deaf f rom these concerns, and when
'The Great European Circus and Metro
politan Caravan" tried to slip off the other
day without settling its " advertising bill,
he called upon the Sheriff and got him to
attach the llocky Mountain bear for the
debt. The bear was brought in its cage
and placed in the composing-room, where
it consumed fifteen dollars' worth of meat
in two davs c the Colonel's bill was only
twelve dollars) and scratched one trousers-
leg otl of the reporter wno was siaiiuiug in
front of the casre giving the foreman a
lecture ir. zoology. On the third day the
bottom fell out of the cage, and as the
liocky Mountain liear seemed to want to
roam around and inouire into things, the
whole foree of compositors all at once felt
5 if thev on? it to so sudaeniv aown
sis'im and rive the animal a chance. With
that mysterious instinct which distill'
p-uishcsdiimb animals, and which goes far
to prove mat mev nave soui, um m-.n
.... , 1 . I V
went at once for the .door of Bangs
sanctum and it broke in .just as the
Colonel was in the middle of a tearing
editorial. The Colonel, however, did not
hesitate to knock off. He stopped at once
and emerged with - a - fine, . airy grace
throiiffh the window, bringing the sash
with him. and then he cliined up the wa
ter spout to the roof, where he sat until
a hook and ladder company came and took
him off. The Argus did not issue ior
wt. for although the Colonel bombardt
that bear with shot-guns pointed through
the windows, and although the fire-engine
squirted hot water at hiin. he got along
very comiortauiy unui suuuay ingm,
when he tried to swallow a composing
stick and choked to death. When they en
tered the room they found that the ani
mal had upset all the type and had soaked
himself in ink and then rolled over nearly
overv snuare inch of the floor, while the
Colonel's leader was saturated with water
and iwrforated with shot holes. After
tins, circus advertisements in me Argus
will be paid in advance. Max Adeler, in
Danbury News.
A Speculator in Wives.
The Xew York correspondent1 of the
Boston Times credits a prominent munici
pal officer of the former city with having
discovered a method of converting woman
into clean cash. The discoverer, it is al
leged, has beert speculating in wives 'for
some years past, and has come out of his
singulation with a handsome fortune.
His first speculation was with his first
wife, some years ago. The physicians
having pronounced her to be in consump
tion, and informed him she could not live
through the winter, he went to an insur
ance olliee, and took out a policy of $10,000
on her life. No examination was made,
the company taking his word for it that
she was in robust health. He then carried
the policy to a second olliee, and on the
strength of it got another $10,000, and
thus kept on repeating the operation until
his policies reached the sum of $100,000.
His wife died in the following February,
and, rather than incur the displeasure of a
man of his power and influence, the com
panies paid the amount without any pro
test. He theu set about him for another
speculation, and, finding a wealthy wo
man, manys'cars his junior, he laid siege
to her and married her. Her relatives be
fore the marriage had demanded that he
should settle certain property upon her,
which he did, taking the precaution, how
ever, to mortgage it for nearly all it was
worth. When the trick was discovered
she left him, but meanwhile lie had made
$100,000 out of her. His third specula
tion in wives netted him $2"0.000, so that
out of the three wives he has cleared $450,
000, and even now he is not satisfied. In
the light of such developments as these,
woman becomes more precious than ever.
In addition to her social value, her finan
cial value becomes greatly enhanced. She
is a perfect treasure.
A CHy Almost Orphaned '
A narrow escape from what would have
been a real calamity to the city occurred
Monday evening, no less than the involv
ing of i he lives of the Mayor and the City
Council. It hathus far "been kept quiet,
and treated as a little joke. The gentle
men were inside the new- C-foot sewer,
making an examination of it as a commit
tee of the whole, all being present, we un
derstand, except Mr. llayward. ; Each
held a lighted candle, and they had pio
gressed Irom the river to Second Street,
when suddenly the interior of the sewer
was was filled with steam. It produced
some inconvenience: ' and all got out as
soon as possible. 1 he fact has since been
found that the blow-olFpipe of the hominy
mill passes under the sewer, and, that it
hapjiened to be tho time lor - closing of
work in the mill for the day, and tlie en
gineer, not knowing they were there, had
started to let out the steam. But as he
did so he fonnd some trifling obstruction
was in the valve, and so he let dow n the
lever untH he could attend to it, and did
not let ont the st cum until some time .af-'
terward, wbt n the Mayor and Councihneii
were out. The deluging of the sewer
with hot steam, at 100 pounds pressure,
from those tiicee-big toilets would have
killed any member of the party almost in
stantly, and beforCi they could have rc
ceeded in getting out of the place. Their
escape seems provkienti.il. Terrt Haute
Ind.) Journal.
It has been discovered that Governor
Leslie, of Kentucky, in his proclamation
concerning " a femilerolored girl," meant
a gVr that w-as Colored lijce- .fcmale-tJuC
is, painted. ' . ." -
Yot'must merit the title of ''processor"
belbre you are permitted to assume it in
' I
Bark Twain's Cold.
The first time 1 hern to sneeze, a friend
told me to go and bathe my feet in hot
water and go to bed. I did so. Shortly
after, another friend told me to get up
and take a cold shower bath, l oia mat strong soap-suds the luster appears mime
also. Within the hour, another friend diately, and the dust does not fly around
assured me that It was policy to ieeuiwiu B8
and starve a fever. I had both. So 1
thought it best to fill myself up for the
cold, and let the fever starve a while. In
a case of this kind I seldom do things by
halves ; I ate pretty heartily. I conferred
my custom upon a stranger, who had just
opened a restaurant in Cortlandt street,
near the hotel, that morning, paying bv
much for a full meal. He waited near me
In respectful silence until I had finished
.tab Inmiirexl if the ou
v""r "V ----1 4 l a
KS "Xr'ftniiwm though
.. VAM X ,-vs-l MaM TT1 lH 11 I ---'
amiviVM nitu v"a. - .
k- TI W- mrt trtTilT m I
inV wT eonnted another if
bosom friend, who told me that a quart of
warm silt wntf-r wnn rt come as near cur-
Incraroldns anvt h nf in the world. I
hnpH vthmifrht i nnn rnnm mr il uii
' . . . r- ... 1 x T I
truwi if inrhnw Th result was surpris-
insr. I believe I threw up mv immortal
orni vni- oa i ri mv pTnwicnra mr i
the benefit of those of your friends who
are troubled with thiM distemper. I feel
that they will see the propriety of my eau-
tioning lliem against ioiiowing such v I
. . . i l. nnw I
tions of it as proved ineflicient with me,
and acting upon this conviction 1 warn
them asainst warm salt water. It may be
a trood enouch remerly. but I think it is
mthor too severe, di 1 nan anoiner cuiu
in the head, and there was no course left
me but to take either an earthquake or a
quart of warm salt water, I would take my
ClliUlUfS Kill U1U nil LII'J UiVXVV..
every body in the hotel became interested,
and I took all sorts of remedies hot
lemonade, cold lemonade, pepper tea,
boncset, stewed Quaker, boar-hound sirup,
nn ons and loaf supar. lemons and Drown
suanr. vinegar and laudanum, five bottles
fish balsam, elclit bottles cherry pectoral
and ten bottles of Uncle Sam's remedy, but
all without effect. One of the prescriptions
trivon hv an old lady was well. It was
dreadful. She mixed a decoction com
nosed of molasses, catnip, peppermint,
aqua fortis, turpentine, kerosene, and va
rious other drugs, ana instructed me iu
t.iVfl a wine-crlassful of it every fifteen
minutes. I never took but one dose ; that
was enough. I had to take to my bed,
and remain there for two entire days,
Whpn T fi.it n little letter more things
were recommended. I was desperate and
willing io lawe Hnyiuinff. x iaui "
recommended, then gin and molasses, then
gin and onions. I took all three. 1 de-
. .s..i , 1.nn.n,rnr o-v-
1'lain gin was
tecieo no imrueuiai iwuii, """"v., ..
cept that! had acquired a breath like a
turkey-buzzard, and . had to change my
boardin place. At this new piace uiey
sWestedP a different remedy to any yet
ied. A sheet hath was recommenueu.
...... - i . j i
I had never retused a remedy yet, and it
seemed poor policy to commence then ;
thpiefore I determined to take a sheet
bath, though I had no idea what sort of an
arrangement it was. It was administered
at midnight, and the weather was very
frostv. M v back and breast were stripped,
and a sheet (there appeared to be a thou
sand yardsot ltf soaked: in ice-water, w us
wound round mo until I resembled a
swab for acolumbiad.. It Is a cruel expe
dient. When the chilly rag touches one s
warm flesh it makes him start with sudden
violence and gasp for breath, just as men
do in the. death agony. It froze the mar
row in my bones and stopped the beatings
of my heart. I thought my time had
come. When I recovered from this, a
friend recommended the application of a
mustard plaster to my breat. I believe
that would have cured me eflectuallv if it
had not been for voung Clemens. When
I went to bed I put the mustard plaster
where I could reach it when I should be
rpadv for it. But voung Clemens got
luinnTV in the niffhtandate it up. 1 never
caw a child wiLh SUCk uil aPPCtitC. I aiB
confident that he would have eaten me if I
liad been heidthy. After all this experience
vou cannot wonder that I dread going to
Xew York.
Editorial Writers.
One column a day is a fair average on the
New York press for an editorial writer,
and this could be written in a few hours :
wlillw thrpe articles rer week is the usual
stint for the leader writers on the London
Times. Horace Greeley's literary labor:
vast as thev were, did not occupy many
hours, and much of his time was consuni
cd in si't'iner visitors, readini and travel
ins: and even th-n he died of overwork,
as did Henry J. liaymond, though he too
always took long periods of rest after his
spasms of severe work. Samuel Bowles,
hv tln aid nf stenoffTanher. sets throuzh
a full day's stint ot editorial writing and
correspondence in a few hours daily.
I'Vinrlcii A . Darin, i t tlifi Sun office IrOlll
nhnut 10 to r. while much of this time is
given to receiving visitors and other light produce, inexpensively, a quantity of cir
work. Whitelaw Jteid and Louis J. Jen culars, letters, drawiugs. or music, in fac-
ningsedit their respective : papers aur
ing the two hours of each afternoon
and three or four hours at night. Parke
Godwin, D. G. Croly, and Major Bundy,
who all three have charge ot afternoon
newspapers, limit their office hours usually
irom y o ciock to 4 in me most., w hich in
cludes an hourfor luncheon. As asample
of the dailvlifeof an exceptionally hard
working journalist, the following account
given bv Henry Watterson, editor of the
Louisville Courier-Journal, may bo inter
esting. It is taken from' an unpublished
letter, and it should bo remembered that It
is written bv a man who is partly blind : "I
wake up at 10 o'clock in the morning, and,
after a cup of coffee, 1 write for two hours
in bed. I get up at noon and have a
plunge bath, and take breakfast with my
family, who then have taken tlteir lunch.
1 go to the office af terwards, and remain
there until seven, prepared to see every
body that calls. During the same time the
work of the day is planned out, and every
body begins it. I then go home and have
supper, and spend the evening until 10
o'clock there, usually listening to reading
hy my wife, or having a little music. At
10 o'clock I am back to the office again,
where 1 remain until 2 o'clock. I am only
able to write two hours a day myself ; and
the rest is done by dictation. I read but
little myself, but glance through the ex
changes, in order to give an idea of things,
having important afticles read out loud to
me. I have no time for exercise and do
not care for riding, all the exercise I get
being in walking to and from the of
fice.'.'. As an example of tho literary pro
ductiveness of some of the most brilliant
and steady writers for the press, I may add
that John nay only writes two hours a
day, usually in the afternoon, though his
favorite time of composition is before
breakfast. He writes rapidly, but his daily
average is only one column of Tribune bre
vier. The other members of the Tribune
staff Hassard, Noah, Brooks, Bromley
and Congdon do about the same. The
average amount written by the stuff of the
Times i-s about the same. Two of the
harnest literary workers in America are
Edward Everett Hale and James Parton,
Yet, the former is at his desk but three
hours each day, and always insists on hav
ing nine hours' sleep, which is the same
amount that President Grant requires;
while Mr. Parton calls his daily work four
hours' composition and three hours' re
seaitfc, or about seven in all, and never
exceeds this limit. A'eu Fork Independent.
Bismarck's Coat or Mail.
The history of Bismarck's coat of mail
is eriven in an Austrian journal. ' It ap
pears that in 1SG5 a younr Hungarian
baron visited Bismarck, and informed him
that he had invented a bullet-proof shirt
of mail. He added that he wore a shirt of
the kind, and requested Bismarck to test
it. The Chancellor is not a man to be
trilled with, and seeing: he had not a fool
before him, seized his revolver and fired
five shoots successively at his visitor. The
latter remained unharmed and immovable,
but the bullets 6truck him and trU to the
ground. Hereupon he showed his inven
tion. It was a shirt of many folds sewn
together. The elasticity and denseness of
the stun gave H such a power of resistance.
The Hungarian nobleman now advised the
Chancellor to accept of his Invention, and
when tlie latter inquired what was to be
the price of it. he s iid, "Beat the Austri-
ians." "We shall do that in all cases," re
plied Bismarck. .Some days after this oc
currence an attempt was made, on Bis
taurok's lif, liv4-lti being-lired at a dis
tance oi two or three paces only. , lhe
uewspajurs stated tii.it the Chancellor ap
peared quiet, cool, and even smiled while
being shot at. Xot one of the bullets had
hurt him.
A glcs which will resist we action . oi
water Is made by boiling i pounu oi giue
in 2 quarts of skimmed milk, r--
jK Btov. polish vis mixed wua very
,t usually does,
ToCiiis Whits Paint Whiting Is
unequaled for cleaning white paint. Take
a small quantity on a damp flannel, rub
lightly over the surface, and the effect will
De found surprising,
To Prevent Rust. Boiled linseed od
will protect instruments and tools
f files, saws, rruns. etc.) from rusting,
Wipe the metal with a cloth dipped in the
- " UJy, w wcu rv.u ''"u,,
tow minnrpa
To Roast Small Bxups-Take larks.
L1..1.l.!..l. ! Afhnu Bwvtnll
DiaCKUUHS. Kill IK. Uf vui puioh
sage leaves, fresh
possible, then envelop them in slices of
fat bacon, put them down to a i good tire,
spnnKie a uiuc eiut,
Scrambled Eggs Break eight or more
eggs into a basin, add a tablespoonful of
nice nuyrcr. cut uuu uiun uu kmuwu
fulofsalt. Make a little bit of butter hot
in a frying pan, pour in the egsrs and let
them cook. Stir them with a sdver spoon
untu wey arc jusk " "'"o "'"
. 1 .i , . .(f hnf rui n ct hnnl
or brown. Serve over loasi.
Spanish Puffs. Put Into a saucpan a
fpacnnful of water, i teaspoonful of salt.
fln(j 2 ounces of butter. While boiling add
aninpipnf timir tor it to leave me saucepan:
gtir jn 0ne by one the yelks of 4 eggs, drop
fl teasnoonful at a time into bo'iliiig lard,
fry tnenl a lig-ht brown, and pour white
wine and melted butter over them
Tomato Pilac Scald, peel and slice
fresh tomatoes ; place a layer of them in
an enameled kettle, and then sprinkle in
a little rice, about 1 part rice to 4 parts 10
motwa in alternate lavers. then cover
close and set on a gentle fire or in the
oven, and cook until the rice is perfectly
tender about one hour after it begins to
boil. Serve as a vegetable at dinner,
Sr-fi por Preserving. Raw sugars
generally contain a certain proportion of
elucose. a fermentable non-crystainzaoie
sugar, whicn is a eouruc vi v.muu
in fruit preserving. Sugar to be used for
this mirnncn ch nil 111 hp in CrVStalS. 83 that
form precludes the possibility of an im
purity being present. L.oai-sugai , ui u
zel'g crystals, may be used with advan
tao-e. as being free from the impurities
mentioned, and not liable to ferment.
y.,,.,- a
Hashed Mutton.-2 o"nbtlt2
ounces flour,. put into .a. stewpan to melt
thon arid I Hint Of Stock. IW CHOpPeU
- z i - n ' iVnnwttw
sauce, , or instead o J,hese ' j?"1"
cuiiamjaij ,r'""' V- V st
the mutton (previously cut in slices) into
. Am tt rn Bimmpr i ir h. i unr
uie niui , - t'ta
ter oi an hour, oca-wi utohulhj
Wnw the winter is Ul
1 keep meself warm;
When tbe summer is hot
1 keep meself eool ;
It's mebbe I'm bold;
And it's mebbe I'm not;
But a gossoon's a fool
When he (roes into barm!
Sez my old Uncle Dan
An one. and a sliddy
"What's the world to a man
When his wile is a wiWj'
Whpn the soldier struts by
With bis sword al bis side.
And the rattle, rattle diimis
lteat the roll and the cull,
lie may ro or may fly
I st ty hi re till death comes,
For I mind me of all
Tht in bittle htive dieU
I am like Uncle Dan,
For he said troth anddid he
"What's the world to a man
When bis wile is a widdy?"
When the sailor hoists sail.
And stands out on the deep,
Lavinff sweetheart or wile
And the children behind,
He timpts the wild gale
And he trifles with lire.
And he sinks, d'ye mind.
Where the raerraaideiis sleep!
"Iat."szold Uncle pan,
"tHy at home with your Biddy;
What's the world to a man
When his wife is a widdj'C
Let the scholar sit up
And write late and long,
To insure bim a name
He may sit up for me;
Give me but a lull cup,
He may have All his lame;
For It's stuff, d'ye see.
And not worth an old song!
Let us live, Uncle Dan,
Let us live and love, JSiddy;
What's the world to a man
When bis wile is a widdy?
Papyroraphic Printing.
This process, invented by M. Zuccato, is
an entirely novel principle of printing
without ink. for the use ot commercial
men. and all nersons who hastily wish to
simile. The process is simple and cleanly,
and may be easily conducted by a boy on
an ordinary copying press, tlie impressions
being produced at the rate of three or four
a minute. .
In preparing the copy for printing, by
this method, the manuscript or drawing
has to be executed with a special ink upon
a special waterproof-coated paper. The
latter is then placed upon a damp pad of
calico, or other suitable material, and is
submitted to the action of the press. Up
on removing this, in from three to five
minutes, the ink is found to have eaten
through tlie waterproof, leaving a com
plete stencil plate, which is held together
by the fiber of the paper, tlie ink not hav
ing any effect upon this. It is next damp
ed with pure water, and placed face down
wards upon a sheet of blotting paper,
styled " pad." that has been previously
moistened with an almost inexhaustible
rireoaration that represents printing ink.
The paper to be thus printed upon must
be damped with an inexpensive solution,
this being prepared Dy aauing a ccruiui
nowder to a ffiven Quantity of water. A
sheet of this damped paper being placed
ovpr the manuscrint and submitted topres
sure, a fac-simile impression is at once ob
tainedand this operation may be repeated
three hundred or more times, or so long
as the waterproof paper will bear copies
to be taken. One peculiar advantage per
tainin? to this process is. that the printed
impressions do not set on, and may be uu
mediately folded.
The Rocky Mountain Coal-Field.
From reports recently made to the Gov
ernment Land-ofiiee the following statistics
indicate the extent and distribution of the
Itocky Mountain coal-field
. ... I Area. I Coal Area.
Locality. Square MUet. Square MUet.
Texas j 2.17,000 30,000
Indian Territory u,ono . 40,too
Xew Mexico.........! J22.0O0 - 8WiO
Kansas. . 80,000
Missouri I CT.OOO- 2t,000
Nebraska ! 84,00 Sl.ftO
Iowa ...J I " 24,000
Wyoming I W,0U0 I 2u,(X0
Colorado ...f . lOi.04 ! 20,l'00
Montana 14S,W I 74.0 0
Dakota. ! 150, 00 lto.000
Total... .?....'.!! .'1,182,000 51S.C00
Approximate coal area of B. Amer. 737,0 0
' ' J 1,253,000
On-k wav not to keep warm is to drink
freely of hot drinks; to keep the pores of
the skin closed ; to ear. more inan can te
digested ; to sit over a hot-air furnace ; to
lace tirht)v : wear tight garters, tight
shoes, tio-ht eloves. and bundle up with
"heaDs".of warm clothing: wear muf
flers around the neck, and avoid a breath
of cool fresh air; take wine or bitters be
fore meals, and pills to aid digestion liter
eating. Do this daily, a month, or tuore.
and you will be as tenucr as a tropical
honsivnlant. End will take " dreadful
colds" on tlie elightest exposure. Hot
drinks inst hei'ore ffoinz out are especially
favorable to mduce chills ; and this is about
the way many are now trying to cheat na
ture and to prolong a mk-erqmi- cjnatcncc,
Something Xice. Gentlemen have been
troubled for want f paper collar more
clo?v resCTtibSne- linen. - This is furnished
them in the Kim wood Collar. It has a cloth
surface that must certainly be linen fom the
quality and. folded edges that prevent its
looking like paper, Jt is so perfect an imita
tion or linen that it cannot oe eu on
o'ose scnAmv. It ts for sale at all gents' fur
aisbin?' stores, and we would recommend
every gentleman to try it. Boeton Herald.
Sent free, on receipt of neck and breast
measure, height, weight and price, oor (sam
ple) ' Model $2 Shirt," Fitted by patented
model. StvUsh and substantial. Address
Model Shirt South 8th St., Philadelphia.
Judgment of Musicians. Theodore
Thomas, the distinguished founder and
conductor of the famous 44 Thomas Or-1
chestra," New York, ought to know as
well as any one the opinions entertained
by musicians respecting musical instru
ments. He declares that they generally
aoTee with him in regarding the Mason &
tt . ui rv Cabinet Organs as much the
best instruments of this class in the world.
It is not, therefore, surprising that they
are now largely exported to Europe,
commanding higher prices there than
the instruments of their best makers.
Can it bk True ? Within the last few
.nths a considerable number of persons
oiii nnon Dr. Walker, the proprie
tor of the popular medicine known as ln
egar Bitters, and assured him that in
their belief, his preparation is an infallible
.nti-inte for rum and tobacco. The minute
.waiia which have been furnished him for
bid him to douDt tne accuracy oi me oimc
meuts. This new claim of a great reme
dy to the confidence of the public wUl give
T.nlritv. Heretofore the Bitters have
been recognized as a pure vegetable tonic
and corrective, devoid of alcohol, and thor
oughly adapted to the cure of stomach and
bowel coinpiainis, nervous uisuukij,
;.,a offpotions. muscular diseases, and, in
deed, a majority of the ailments within
lieeu, " " . 2- ',!. v...f if if will alet
the reacn oi mcuitiuc , uu. .u ...
cure the craving ior nquur nu iuimv..i
r.ii losonhers. scitesmen, anu meoiuians
ncrhf to unite their voices in its praise.
Can the good news be true t it is easy io
test the question.
Enmv Rkaokr of this naoer can re-
free, a conv of the best Agricultu
ral and Family newspaper in Uiis country
by addressing aioore 8 nurai mew-1 una,
78 Duane street, Jsew 1 ork.
cum ri-tv t Suns axdSure. Dr.Wil-
hofi's Tonic is curative and protective, it
will cure Chills and protect from further at
tacks. Its reputation is established. Its com
VV"H w . I
position is simple ana sciennuc. "
no poison. It acts promptly and its effects
ro Twrmnent. It is cheun. because it saves
doctors' bills. It is harmless, speedy in ac
tion and delightful in its ettects. irvuanu
nrovB a'.l that's Said. WHEKLOCK, FiXLAY
& CO., Proprietors, New Orleans.
Vw.nv one knows that a cold or cough
ought not to be neglected, and that if it is not
attended to in season n niny rcsun uuu.i.
Our advice is to take care of it before it is too
laip. anil use Dr. AVisbart's Pine Tree Tar
fonlial. which can be had of any Druggist.
Dr. Wisharf s Worm Sugar Drops are the
best remedy for worms ever uiscovereu
Tnw Atlantic Cable is a national benefit.
so are SILVER TIPPED Shoes for children.
Never wear throuzh at the toe. Try them.
For Sale by all Dealers.
Use Cornell's Pile Oixtmext, sold by
DrusRists. W . II. Cornell, Frop'r, ht. IjOUW.
How to Look Young Sixteen. Don't paint
or use vile Hair Restorers, but simply apply Hasan's
Magnolia Balm upon your face, neclcand hands, and
use Lyon's Eathalron npon your hair. The Balm makes
your complexion pearly, soft and natural, and you cant
tell what did it. It removes freckles, tan, sallowness.
ring-marks, moth-patches. et.. and in place of a red,
rustic face you have the marble purity of an exquisite
belle. It gives to middle age the bloom of perpetual
youth. Add these effects to a splendid head of hair
produced by the Eathalron, and a lady has done her
best in the way of adornment. Brothers will have no
spinster sisters when these arUcles are around.
Dr. Dan'l 'Weaver, of Boston, fell down m
mining shaft near Denver, 76 feet. He was terribly
bruised, limbs broken, and supposed to be dead. Mex
ican Mustang Liniment was freely used, consciousness
restored, his life saved, and he came home In eight
weeks. This is the most wonderful article for Bruises,
Sprains, Rheumatism, Swellings, Spavin, Ringbone,
Sores, orany flesh, bone or muscle ailment npon man
or beast, ever discovered. It is humanity to animals.
It has Baved mnch suffering and many useless doctors
bills. It caa be had for 50 eta. and 1 1.00 per bottle, in
any drug store. But beware of counterfeits. The gen
uine is wrapped In a fine steel-plate label, signed
W. Westbrook, Chemist."
The People's Stamp of Value. The Gov
ernment Indorsement, which legalizes the sale of
Plaxtattos Bittiks, Is not the only stamp affixed
to that famous Vegktabli Toxic. It bears, in addi
tion to that official sanction, the still xori valva-
abli stamp or public APPROBATION. This inesti
mable voucher of Its rare properties as a To.vio, Coe-
-i tiv and Altkkativ Is world-wide.
tlfHEN wrltlnr to advertisers please mention th
w nameot this paper.
Pine Tree Tar
Cordial !
Nature's Great
Throat and Lun
For Sale by All Drug-
gists and Storekeepers
tosellthe "PCI I
NEW BOOK 1 fcLfa
Bv Mn. Stenhouie of Salt iJik' Cilv, tor lis
TMr, the wifp of a Mormon Hiirh l'rirat. It tays
Wv the kuldrn lift" of th Mormont s "ride-
i aicak-e troman ter it. Bnpht, l'ure mail Ooort, It
Iii the best new honk mil. and uwiu sli oinerj
thre Io onr. MinUtm av " frrd it.
Kvervhody wnnf it. We want S.IHO mnrr trustv
amrnt. NlV and will mail Ontt Kr-I"all who will
canvara, IJlrK pamplileta wi'h full pa-ticuW'H. arutyi
Address Excel .ior i'u .lining Co., i. i.iil i, av.
A tiCKK OL KE for this distreosinir complaint Is
now made known in a Treatise (of 48 octavo paires on
Foreign and Native llerbarPreparatlons, published hjr
Pa. t. Phklps Brown. The prescription wasdiscov
ered by him In such a providential manner that he
cannot conscientiously refuse to make it known, as it
has cured everybody who has used It for Fit, never
havintc failed in a single case. The inirredient may be
obtained from any druErfriat. A eiipv sent free to all
applicants hy mail. Address Tin. O. Piiau Bbows,
21 Urand street, jersey city, j.
I'apeki will be enlarged
A to 72 columns In Pecem-
w Kr. making it the lanrest
and best paper In the
world. I rt Specimen
Copies sent free to any addrew. Send for one and ex-
amine I. AUUim v am . i'.' ' -,
Toledo, Ohio.
The Cincinnati Weekly Star I
Including postaee and the flnely-Irlnatrated Star Al
manac, 1 per year. Anti-.Monopoly I ne
Orsvaaer'a Paur coataliiangaiaTgepagesof ei
cellent reading maiter. The larmer, merchant and me
chanlclnanypartof the country will find this the best
of the weeklies, to say nomirig o
Affents are offered lndneements sni
rree. Ad-
heretofore attempted. Specimen copies
areas.- ibcci Alt, ' cmcumau. vow.
out. Usefnl, liaudsome. Cheap. Sells
everywhere. Send fur pro pectus to
E.C. BKllHjMA.N,SBarciaysi.ji.i
orCTWeot aihSL. Cincinnati. Ohio
II A fi 1 1 KEETH.E-THREADFR, for sewing
MHU I U machine. Threads In an instant. Always
ready. Only 25c A)so,ImpresionorTracingPaper.25e.
Circulars Ior ag'U.Lyuiu a Co, 2".Clark-st,Uucairo.
WONDEKFCT, iAMP.will delightevery boy. Ask
Tour Newsdealer for it, or to uraet u.
OIIDePDIDTintl BOOKS Choice and eU
aUDdwRlr HUN tganuy UluMraUd. Great
InduceTnents to Agents, t or terms ana circulars aa
dress NEW WOEtDt'BLIUlNGCOPhilanelplua.
Oaly rateu iroa latfi that ass
ida and end oouDeeuoaa oonpms.
SCOTT A CO., Claaasata, O.
TITnrn a
FASHIONS. "Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar.'
' The OX LI XifazU that II PORTS STILES mmi SELLS hlUnl f thru. .
Oaly C5E DOLLAR amd IE5 CE5T8 IE1B, with Spleadid PrbIibi. Sm Bid OFTEB ttltir.
PoloDila Verr Litest Slyiljli All Slnx-Pr! of Pttttni, with CLOTH MO PEL, tl.Ofc
Pjlonfs--Ali SU.--Pttrn, wiih C LOTH JIOD El.. 'J"'. . .
Maeic Cotnm Uniqa-Tli- Mil lu oni-Pittrrn. wlrh rI OTIl ttIi:i so rent.
L1T' Wut-Lti-i beiim All sizi. Pittirn. wiih I I,OTIl JIOUIU So w:nl
301 f.
9l .
Boj'iSuU-3lxei,i; to jcij-j-PiUini.
Ml 5. lidT's Co-it Walnt-All Slwi-PitfTH. with
Greek Overakirt-BMOtlful-PWtern. with
; . r . . . .:. , u
Sicciue Co k-sunwi all Others-All Sli -
r 7.. . ..j o
c Bivc Prfecr CLOTH MOREL with every pattern, wh.cl Jii " io p. ine aiw
K;ber, alter btiiuz cut bv tlic p lUern. Thevars PEUFELT CillOKr.
Any Pattern on thin pase mailed
r!ti'J "Iiitat Crasi Eantw.1
THIS CUT ihowmliow
Waatifally LONG
Skirt is etianatd latt ft
Straiirlit Krool Wslkttifr
Uroa by tht
ll.i.Ur. Y.i am niM
font akirt whll pn)r
, maddy plr, mod thca
kp It raiM- 11
s. Vn tb tkirt
. from th. r iltw.
ikirt In TAS
TEFU t n4
Kbit, lliivii
moiwthan TKN
COST, Btia
N1ENT. Km.
FUL. IleulM
ehanped front
CESS than TWO WINt 1
., V ( .II
vk run
is IN I
We will clre one ChrOmO extra toth person wno
Yew'iit,.Yc IWQ," ,. . . ...pk.-,,,,, -. a, !ibrnlH rs. EaCtl SUDSCrl-
even saDscnocre. y e
ber mnendthree '""'"'Vvc A a v 1 .350 OOln Cold Coin
MAKE ii(jrJfc.Y "50
'Secret of Dress-making, 15centB,
Address, very plain,
and In AMF.ItICA ALWAYS. Iieelared by MUSI
COMPARABLE. Sold at fixed uniform prices to all.
which are printed anu mvarianie. .-,
PI Rt"llSEIJI lr" ittA:s snb r
HIVURU that the temptation to Dealers and Ped
dlers is very strong to deal in and recommend as next
the organs of those makers who will pay them
the largest commusioni or aiscounu ior
Srintlng as they do their lowest prieca, cauaflord
dealers only the insllrntrommiwion, Ihls
plan secures to every purchaser the lowest price, be
cause the dealer cannot nsk more than tho Catalogue
price: but it causes many dealers to do ineir oeaiio
sell other organs, simply because they get enormous
discounts on them. Some organs are currently sold
to dealers at seventy-nve per rent, discount, or atone-
nnnrtpr flip nrirpn nrilitif for tht'm. As a rule, the
poorer the organ the higher its printed price and the
greater the discount on It.
... . . ....... ... m . T . v . V am
now ottering new styles, with iiuportaut Improve
ments, and arc selling not onlv for cash exclusively,
but also on new plans of easy payments, running
tnrougn one year or longer, niey aiso mn u-w or
gans with privilege of purchase. Rent naitl three
year purc-hase the Organ.
Send for the Illustrated Catalogues and Circulars,
which give very full information and are sent free.
New York, Boaton or Chicago.
IP yon wish to ice A PBAlTUAi;
1 ni'NI.VKSS FIH'CATION. attend and
graduate at that ol.UK.vr. WR(l.r
moat moroaeiiij mnnsKru
Hon. KIMS' (Oflltm l tL ABiO
DVKAPH COI.Li:;i:, katai a.ouia,
Write for a 4'lrenlnr.
Dunham & Sons, Manufacturers,
warerooms, 18 East Ulh Street,
Established 1834. NEW YQ RK.
Send for Illustrated Cirtular and I'riceLisL
SEC, 717 SANSOM ST., Pill I. A lir.ui lii-i;
110 LIBERTY ST.. aitv loan.
St Loris..50!ivc-st.: mii.waveke.iui ni!tuum-i.
tffTjeuu ior laini'iiiti, tivi4u-u.j,
(tOA tfr Rt nome- Term" 7rre- AdilreM
DVEBTISERS! Am. Newspaper Cmon repre
L teut3 over 1,600 papera, divided inio 7 tub.ii-
is om. senas-ceni 8imp iur wi ou"
lion of pap?ri. with combined and teparate lut.
living eit.mates for rot of advertHing. Addren
S. P. SANBORN, 114 Mouroo street, Chicago, 111.
TlM Beat Yet Iarreatta-
Tor Amateur or Pnalness Pnr
poaes, anil onsurpasscu Ior general
Job l'rluting.
Over 10,000 In Tae.
BFS'J O. 'WeODSManufnetOTer
and Dealer in every description of
349 Federal and 1.T4 Knceland
t streets Boston.
f AO EXT? t
K. T. MacKosick.6 -Murray st.,TTeTT
Tork: Keller. Howell A Lmiwlpr. 917 Market-st,
Fhilnilelphia, 8. P. Konnda, 175 Monroe-tU, Chicagt).
pr&ena for Illustrated cataiogve.
A MONTH A (rent s wanteU every
where. Biisliie s honorable ami first
elass. Tartle' lars sent free. Address
JOII.V W OKTU & C0..6sU Louis. Mo.
W.H.NIfiOLS&CO. imzk?
in Seedles for all sewinit Machines. 1 do. Needles foi
anu Bewinit Machine sent toon? P.O. aildress on re
ceipt of 60 cents. Tli V THEM. Agenta suppUed.
AWF.KK. Aftenls wanted everywhere.
Article Staple as Hour, fiend stamp to
M. NEI1.L, BloomiiiKtoii, 111.
The Greatest Discovery of the Age.
it i
1 cor.Bth Pine Hb., St.LoiilP. (in I"ilasiil
Flalsiln without pain, the Kniie, ca' sues, or lig
ature, do not cnartre one cent u not eareu;
ils- to pay all expenses m ami in .-i.
ils if we
Prlt for.
References Judge 'Vaifner of the Supreme Tourt;
Judge Sprague, Ir. Pryor, H. Page, .lames Li.pe,
and oineis. r or particulars aeuu mi i.nvi.i .
per day for three years
i. S. CKoi KtTT
Sample IS een's.
Ilm ock. N. H.
0-ttt t a month to agents everywnere. aunrri
JJaiUU ExcLSIOBK"F'CO.,Buchanan,Mlch.
vr sale of Western Lands and Real Property.
Selections made tor Colonies: Exehang-oi Heal
Estate and other Property. Encumbered Properly
made a specialty Lands sold in Eastan'1 in Europe.
Parties having Lands and other Keal Property to
sell are lnvlied to place same In our bands. o
Sale, no charge. Taxes paid in all Weetern States:
Titles Investigated and Patent irom Wvernnient
procured. KmB'T L. LINDSAY, Attorney at Law,
Westers Agent. 410 Market Street, at. Louis, Mo.
(bronic. Lung, biomach, fcldnry. .ervous iiis-ca-cs.
and Cance-s treated. Hend I s amp for
taluable cnart. uaa. oi... ...
O ' $210 A Month, ft,
J lcuUr9 free t. Waller & t
Agents everywhere.
istviaasDns. i ar-
, et. Louis, JIo.
Tjmr A WKEK r 'aranteed by using THE
Via I nil XAK HKIXAILEK. Well ma le
111 a II I iei in lour hours. Can bore .'rnu leet
mJ V f accessary. Patented May 5th, 174.
For full partlciilirs aililreas. witn s'anip.
Something New. .
That is needed by every lady in tbe land, gold well
at 4:nicago imposition, v rite at once ior Agents
terms toil. Dewey, H Wabash YTe.,-rbicago.LU.
.itiii.i. llirta. i iu' 1 v l-.n ,frr.ii 1 1 . -in Cfamntfl.
ApuUwaiia -J.UIuTTaOavXk,:iia!al-a.I
AIO f II IT Send for one of Albright's Ameri
C J 3 UUlls can Double Guns, cheapest in ihe
country-warranted. Pent C O. D. albkight
I 8e?s, Fire-arms. Ac,, 3f) S. 4tb bt., St. Louis.
r--K.t...Jiitf and First of FEBKl AKi
.1 " . m tm. nn Intmld min. ANna PPEMILM on
LM N?xt TawSt I 25 00 Ro'd coin, eic .etc. We cave $ I .OOO l . BOl "
toO Dcrimfa wh'lffmfa and address will be found In this BAZAAR w th 1
eich?ne S ' Get a copy and Rce. Sample copy mailed for 23 c. nt. "bmiths Ins
fLOTH MOUtL, 30 klh.
rT.OTlI JjnTIT.l S eemj.
CI.OTU ,MOIKL, ''; .
wir . I'liiTii i m r rnp.
- Patt - rn, i ' J; TJ1 .M)DE1 W'cinW.
wi i i-i.fiTti iiiiiik rrn'ti.
upon refripi oimaraca price.
For $2 worth of Pattern
at th urnrEid -rne vena
tt 50 Fur 3 worth eod $2 25- ror worth TiU fj.
Tlie ivr-m who sends f3 for 4 worth of paurni. will hv euu-
tledtothc Bazaar torne year FREE, without prcnuurui..
Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar,
Only One Dollar and Ten Cent a Year,
And a splendid PREMIUM to each Subscri
ber FREE I
tW Any TWO of the alre patterns and Smith's In
stant Dress Elevator mailed m.K.a.i'reiriEi.i.
nD ONE Dollars' worth of Patfrn-FREE, to be e!rt. il
f tpr von rweire Tonr Mnnmne ; OR " ' ,h' fHoii
OR MATROX, OR ;rswo;R vpith .;;
Tlie Chromos r wiU.ly known, and tI.L RKAI11.
for fmm i"lo to Jacli, being concurred Ihe ftccrt picture in the
chromo art.
xjr J, otjtjb i
wndens three inhsctiners itwnu
rr" - Mil forrol'.
persons p ,ta.!rr' ci5.fr?
Tl... tin nota lir ThA
EVERT .pl lWSt Klllhl
last BAZAAR,
the nnmbei thtt
traction Boot,"
mailed for oneStamp.
9 1 4 Broadway New Yorit City
So that yon will get it all back la
- By Investing It In one of onr New Patent
Famous for giving out a Wonderfully
Pleasant and
Tuiform Heat,
Carefully Made of Very Eist Materials,
Always has a First-Bate Draft, and are
Excelsior Manufactur'g
612 &. Gi l X. MAIX .STREET,
Q53l,50 ANNUM
Unexcelled by any Weekly Literary
Publication, East or West.
The most Liberal Premiums and Clnb Kates erer
offered by any newspaper. Write r a Circular
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furnished on application. Address
"LAmis Furrwrr" contains 7 articles
needed by every Lady Patent Spool
Holder, Selsors, Thimble, etc. guaran
teed worth !.".i. Kauinle Bni, by mail.
50 cents. Agents wanted. PLC MB CO.,
m S. Eighth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tho Cheapest Aajrlenlt aral Slaalh
ly In she World. Only o reals per
aaaans. 40 Columns each month choice Agricul
tural matter. Commence rout subs-rlptlons at
once. Well established. Third volume.- (load
Canvassers Wanted. Liberal Inducements
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o PER DATcammlssion or MO a wees sal
J5)tC Jarv.aml expenses. Waofferltand wlilPAT
It. Apply SOW. 41. Webber Csn Marlon. O.
Agents Wsnteil, Tor tha Life tad AdTritam ol
2E5Li"t Carson,
From f-ts dictated by himself. The only Tme and
Aiiitieiiiic Life of Amffinra greatest -HUNTEIt,
SaiOUT and (il'II'E ever published. Full descriptions
of i lie Indian tribes of the F.Mt WEST. Including tha
MOlioc WAIU thrilling adventures and hairbreadth
earapes. Agents are taking Irom 10 to af orders every
day. O.OOO already sold. Illustrated clrrnlarafree.
Address M. A. PAKKF.lt CO..
163 and 165 Clark street, Chicago, 11L
These machines reafavthHr popalartty beeansa
It Is deserved. Ma'teotthe best materials, parts
interchangeable and faw la lumber, -easily learn
ed, doing a great varieiy or work w thout extra
and exprnsive a'.tachjututs, it la the NePlal Lltia
of sewing niai-hines.
Si ee.ial terms to Grangers. ' Agent wanter1.
Bend for Prle- I ! and Cirrolara. -
214 South Fourili tit.. Si. Loiil . Mo.
laS"v,MrO Klnsps i
IU.OOW Klnglra,
aUO0 Xaauta BoU.
ytjulwara tValera Sn Pwa,
Kmr-r 1 1 . kiom pr 1' iurta,
Too a,?, ay aaail, pma paaJ.
Ciacularafiaa. AiUlicaa
B. W. BUX aCO. D.aataat III.
lApa fames
Aren tioo1speers JTm-
Blble, lioos anu -ny
CiUia.Al llila
'n evei rlnau ana c'ty in tuw
i ,..wi "stales. It sells well and
3 ajuet what every koase neeilsf
jit is the only invention in tli
worl't xna wut pcanu.riy prt
vent rain, cold, snow ana dust
from comins nnder door bt
ra)ms. Carpenters make Iota of
moaey haadling It. 6end at once
for nor etrcMlar. WILHON,
prtPjP o Sole llscufac-
tarera, 1 Clark bt.jtaicagOk
SFVT3Pe. VO Bt - -L'W' . - ' .
cago, LU. Jor Ladies1 Bxit. rthWWnowre .
. -- n .mm a D.lriwlfll. rllL.
Dr. J. Walker s lailloriiu m
ecar Hitters arc a purely Vegetable
preparatiou. ntaile cliielly from the na
tive herbs founil on the lower ranges of
the Siena Nevada inMintains o' C'.'.Iif- -nia,
tho niedicinai jimjicrtics 01 wuich
arc extracted therefrom without t':e use
of Akolnd. The question i3 almost,
daily askeil, "What is the cause of tho
unparalleled buc.qcss of Yinkoau Bit
ters!'' Our answer is, that they rrmovn
the cause of disease, and tho patient re
covers his health. They are the great
blood purifier and a lil'o-giviiiR principle,
a perfect Kcnovator and hivigorator
of tho system. ' XcA-cr before in tho
history of" tlio world Iras a meJicino Wa.
compounded possessing the remarkabl
;nalitic8 or Viskoar liiTTKRS in healine tlia
sick of cverv dises man is hwr to. They
are a (tentla Pnrjtative as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or- Inflammation til
tho Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of Du. Walker's
VI5EGAR Hittkrs are Aperient. Diaphoretic,
Carminative. Nutritious. Laxative. Diuretic,
Ssd-nive, Counter-irritant, Sudoritic, Altera
tive, and Anti-Hiliwis.
uf 11. atcuo?iAi.n t co..
Prncriirtii anil lien. Aita.. San Frar.cUico. C-Uifornia,
and oor. .if Wanlnnirton and fh.arlton St.. N'. Y
Soli by oil ifunn N IVmlrra.
Sarsapatillian Re
Will teakettle' Blood pure, the Skin, clear, the T.fr
bright, the Complexion aniopth anil trannparent, he
Hair strone. and remove all Sorea, Tlmplea, Blotrhea,
Pustules, Tetters, Cankers," etc., rrom tne Meaa, r ace.
Keek, Month and Skin. It Is pleasant to take and tha
dose is small.
It Resolves away Diseased Deposits; It Purifies tho
Blood and Renovates the Sjmym. It cures with
certainty all Chronic Diseases that have lin
gered In the system Ave or ten years, wheth
er it-be Scrofula or' Syphilitic, Heredl
, tary or Contagious,
Longs or Stomach, Skin or Bones
Flesh'dr Nerves, . .
Kidney and Bladder Complaints,
Trlnnry and Womb Diseases, ftravel, IMabetes,Drp
v. SUippoire of Water, Incontinence of I rine.
liriKht'9 In.-.i-ase, Alb'iniinnrla, and In all cases where
there are brlek-ilnit dep..iw; Chronic Rheunistlnm.
Si-rofula, Uliiminlar Swelling. Haeklnr Dry t'nugh.
Canrerous Atleetloim. t-vpliiiitic l onipiaints. nieeup
lliof the Lungs. !vnenin, WateeBrnh. rlc-Ionla-reux,
Wliite hwelliiigs. Tumors, L leers, blijn snd Hip
DIseaiM'S Merenrial inaeaws. remai- coin iiniuia.
f:..,it iironuv Hii'kets. saltalhettm.
.nni:.'i!i.n I Tver rumnlaints. Illcttrs in the Throat,
i r i n 1 1 1 1 1 -. , mi-
Jlotitli, Tumors, Nodes in the Glands and other parts
of the svtein. Sore Fyes. Strnmomus Dlwhargea
from the Kara, and the worst forms of rkln Diseases.
Fniptlons. Fever Sores, -ft-ald Head, King Worm.
Salt Khenm. Kryslpelaa, Acn. Illaclt Ppot, Worms
in-the Flesh Cancers In the Womh. and all wealtenlnif
ami painful discharges. Night Sweats. Loss of Sperm,
and all wastes of tbe life principle are within tho
cura'ive range of this wonder of -Modern Chemistry,
and few d."' use will prove to any person nalng It
for either of thtae tonus of disease its potent power
to cure llieui. t
So!d by Druggists. $1.00 per Bottle.
The Cheapest and Best Medicine for
Family Use in the World!
ANC, .
JUOit WHAIaYiiCAl,&li;taAaiLiTOilir.
IMPORT ANT. Miners. Fanners", and others reshl.
Ing In sparaely-aettled dlstrlcU. where It is difficult to
secure the services of a physician, HADW AT
READY RELIEF la tovalnable. It can be used with
positive anaurance of doing gpod In all cases- whero
pain or discomfort laexperieuced j or if seized with
tnlluenza. Diphtheria, Sore Throat. Bs Coaehs,
Hoarseness, BiliouaCDllc. inflammation of the Bow
els, Stomach. Lungs, Liver, Kidneys , or wltaXronp,
Quinsy. FeveT andAguej- or with. Nedraltia, Head
ache, Ttc-DonlourCTix, Toothache, .Earache; or wlto
Lumbago, Paul In ine rtacg.oc luienmanam , m "
Ularrhu-a, Cholera-Morbds "6r Djsentery : or witn
Burns, bcalda or Bruises ; or with strains. Cramps or
tpasms. The Application of KADWA1 S 1.ADY
RELIEF will cure you of the worst of these com
plaints in a few hours.
Twenty drops in half a tumbler ot water wtlUn
few moments enre f rliwP; SPASMS, sol U STOM- t
ACH, ilr.Arillu Ki. Dli 11 r.i'. iu, ''J-r
ConJi nvjl'Tflir I'liT.IC. WIND CC THE
Travelers should always carry a bottle of RAD
tFAT'S READY RELIEF with them. A few drops In
water willprevent sickness or pslns from change of
water. It Is better than French Braady or Bitters aa
a stimulant.. .
Sold by Druggists. Price, 50 Cents.
Perfectly tasteless, elersntly coated with sweet rum.
purge, regulate, purify, cleanse and strengthen. ISA I
way's PILLS, for the cure of all diaorilera of the
Stomach, Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder. Ncrvoua
Diseases. Headache, Constipation Costiveness, Indi
gestion, Dyspensia, Biliousness, Bilious Fever, Inflam
mation of the Bowels,Plles, and all Derangement, of
the Internal Viscera. Warranted to effect a poaltlva
cure. Purely Vegetable, eontainlntt no mercury,
mlnerslaar deleterious drugs. , ,
sr-Observe the following symptoms resulting from
Disorders of the Digestive Organs: . . .
Constipation. Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood
In the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart,
burn, Disgust of Food, Fullness of Weight In tho
Stomach, boor Eructations, bin sing or Fluttering at
the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming ef the Head, (lur
ried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at tbe Heirt,
Choking or Sutfocatmg srusstlooa when In a Lying
Poeture. Dimness of vision. Dots or Wens before the
Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of
Perspiratioa, Yellowaesaut. the Sltin and Eyes, Pala
In tbe Side, Chest, Ltmos, and, buddea Flushes of
Heat, Burning In the Fl-slw,
A few doses of RADWAY'S FILLS will free the
system from all the abore-nained disorders.
Price 25 cts. per Box. Sold by Druggists.
Bnd One Utter-stamp to RAD WAY CO.. No. 3J
Warren street. New York. Information worth thou
aada will be sent yoa. .
Have been held iu high cteem by those i who nse a
Cotlco. Theyarerwts-a'hewjvelMeaofehang-Ug
fashions, and la eotwfrvative styles suited to the
wants of many persons. AlBoikg the latter are tha
Proper ftr the bouM or ttr b-antiful in dctfgn
Chocolate Standard Styles,"
Ta gnat varterr. and widely known as moat servlcca
ble prints. Nothing better for daily wr ', "T''1
themand your examination and approval wlU coincide.
npr!or to all others. Every Piano Warranted for
Five Years. I ilasrrw! Catalogues, wltaPrlca list,
m'i'H fret) Oa application,
SM. 107, 104 111 East Uth btreet, Sew York.
S P "
A GEtTS "WASTED. Men or Women.
M s
-fi. week or $'ti forfeited. Th Stmt Frr.
at once la to coM
Eighth street, Tora,

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