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W.A.W.lDE.C4ilr mm PHbllahvr.
Two dollar! ( rM-: encdrftlarforfii inanthr;
;! cents t-r three months, intaiuablt I id-
J. B. Arnold. SUri.T.
M. C. Holmes. CoiiLty Court Ork.
lti P. Raiiieti, Clinneerj Clerl, Trenton.
T. J. YVininiB!". Cbann-rr Clerk. HumbolJt.
Vi in. Jl-x-re, Circuit Clerk. Trenton,
fcl- II. Jotinfon, Lw t'fusrt Clerk, UuinboWt.
1on. Willi tn, Corotir.
i. C. L-,nr, TrnKtce.
Jo!ali Cwrer. Conntjr purreyof .
J.n. Currry.PuierintinleBt Public Scboolj.
V. R.Co.Riri.ter.
fi. F. Tut n kin, JIaj-nr and recorder.
J do. I). Lsk. City Marshal.
B. E. EdKra J. M. lik!nnn. Vf . E.
I'.n-vm, E- A. Collinc J. ! Blsnkinfbiji Mil
1. C. Feuter, Aluernicn.
Uaptiat Church atreet. J. 1 Wearer. Tajtor.
l'r-Ni-.iOi-K Srt and second cun4aea- h tuontb.
l'rr Meeting Thurtdar avouing. Eunday
1 -Ii-kiI it a. ta.
Methtict Xurfli M.iin ftreet. A.L. IV:ti-h-ttt.
TaEtor. Prea-rliing fecund and fourth Sun
day each tijonth. I'rayer mctrnf Tmday
fereiiin?. Fumlay-f. li-! 9 a!ii.
Trot ftint iii-Mil AtClnrk'a Hall, Main
fetr-ct.J. R. Grey, Hector. Porrice the third
? it inlay In eai h month.
t'tlttt':i"-tati'l Pre'ijterian At Frln(l1ii, 3
Bales ca?t of Milan) J; A. tanl.i), l-ator.
Cituihi-ilan-l I'rohj lerlan Her. T. W. Can
non -t.ur. .Servii-eii at the Methodist ehtmh
lot Sunday each month.
I. 0. O. F.
ttilnn T.o,V-e, Ko. l"i-A. Duffy. S (J. II.
Y.Moore, V (J. J. ll. Dickinson, Secretary.
W. A. Wade, Tirafurer. LoJi;e uiceti every
Wednesday nili
Milan Lodff. No.l'.-l Meet Paturday 10 a.
In. before the .'id Sunday is eah month. Dr.
M. I). I.. Jorditn, Master. II. L. l)iikinFon,
r-ecre tnr .
I.avinia Chapter No. fift Meets Saturday be
fore the 3d Sunday in each month. M. l. L.
JorJAU. II. I1. II. L- DieUinaon, lteeorder.
I.arinin Council, No.. T. Meets Friday night
taor bef..re carli full moon in March, June,
f-tl'lcinl-ur and Dceeinber. M. V. L.Jordan,
T. I. M. r. II. lialc. larder.
I. 0. of . T.
Slilan Safe Retreat Ijodee, No-6.50 Meets
In the MaFonic Hall every Monday nieht 8 p.
In. Meir.lrn of tho order cordially invited to
rail. V.' II Aliree, W C T. V L Ware, It S-
Friei.afliiii Lode. Xo. S'd Jlceleat Frien
hi, 3 lnilc" e;int of Milan, every 1st and 2d
Saturday, at 7 !. m. Jauies Lessenberry, W.
C. T. 1'. 1. Atkinfon. Secretary.
I.r, inia Lod(re, No. K".. Meets every 1st ami
!tj Saturday uifhtji in each month. I. I.
r-..ne, W. C. T. Dr T. A. McXeal. Sec.
Jlojie Hill Lo;lKe, No. i'd meets the second
nd fotuth S. turi'ay nii;bL In each munth. VC.
V. l.i.ildivss M". C. T. John V. 13unn, Sec
rtlarv K. OF II-
Liberty Lodfie. X. t" l, meets find and third
Friday ui':hu in ca;h mouth at their hall in
Milan- M. D. L. Joidan, l'ietator- W. E
Oaiumon. Kenorter.
To Cnndidkiles.
The followiujr fcale of rri-es bas been
nerved on by the i.aiT? of this county, and
V ill be tti ictly adhered to :
For Conrrre.'i.. i 10 ("I
) -or .1 iiiit-e and Attorney lleneral, 7 '0
For i.cL'Matnr". S
1 or ciuiitv .it'iiern. 5 t"
For District Utiivers. 2 M
t'.ili? for persons tu become candidates, five
cents !ct li.ic.
I le-tlu Ticela.
Fiocto tho-j.arid. $2 00
J'mi tMiu'-aml or nitre (in fame order) 1 si'
TtTina Mrietly c.h.
'i Kt -vT'iv Minawi.
lll'MKilLHr IIkkald,
111 Mliol.tiT t-'i;M:ii JolRSA!.,
Mil. AS ExCHAMil:.
x o v j : n u i : ic i: 1. 1. "i i on.
C ALDWFI.L.- We an- anthoriw-I t.i nn
DoiiiKC iln. liohcrt 1. Caldwell, of tJib-fo-ii.
as, candidate f.-r Congress in tbif Ube
Wht CuiiRtvssioiiUl district.
I T Al'5 11 AX. 'e arc nnth -rised to nr-
noiMi'-u !l "H. W. W. Yniicban. of lirowns
vi'.ir. .or 'oni?r's fr-n-i this 'the i'tlii Congres
riounl liisliic:, ccii i-o-cd ol tl: counties cf
Weak cy. O'o.oii. l.-ike, lye;-, Oibson.fr"- l:ett,
H.iyxoo.!. I.nu Tplale anl i irt"n. Subjci-t to
1 he act on of a l'emocratic convention.
Circuit C'otirl Jr!stp.
CMtTll V. X.. We are niuthorizcd to announce
John 'J". Carthei. of Trent-. n, a-, a ean-ii-ilale
for .In Ige of lue Flih Circuit-
1" I". 1). Wo are autlmrircd to announce
I K.Uard J. Head, a citizen of Crockett
rountv ami member oi th law firm of lv. J. A
.1 C. IU-a-1. of the r.rowiwviile bar. as a candi
tlate fr Jo-k-e of the l.ilh Jmiiei-.il circuit of
the M.ite of Tennessee, eomi-o'ed of the .-01111-ti.s-
f iiavaon I, Crocbett, Oibson and lycr-rUc.-tion
the first -lay of A uu-upt. 1STS.
i:NfT.r. 'Ve are anthorired to announce
J. It- Ari.old as a candidate for rc-cleclion
to tile nilioc of sheriff of UiuM-n eounly.
TI.KEMOFE. Wc are autboriii-I to an
I noHree J. II. Dlakemore as a candidate fur
t-aenli at the next election.
"T T Fl'l.F.V. We are aull.0ri7.ed to annnnno
.1 1 .1. II. ll-'flcya a candidate for eiiei ill at
th-- r. xt ci-M-tion.
t'oanty (onrt 4'lrrk.
G MIX K. We arc autb-n ind to announce
.lidiu I', t ame as a candidate fr Clerk of
the County Court of tiibson couutyat the next
"TT OI.MFS. We arc anthorizej toannonnco
JIM. C. Holmes a a candidate for re-ele-tion
to the odice of County Court Clerk of (jib
eon eoULty.
TAXl'ltFM. I offer my name to the voters
J of this e-nnty as a candidate for Co-jnty
Clerk. Should you favor uie with your f-.tf-frage.
you will find noi-e in-re grateful and
wiilioetii attend and disVl.arrc the duties of
the t!l.-.' with i-roui tnefs and fidelity.
Vciy I'.csi'.-ctfully,
J. M. Lam-ki'M. Bradford Station.
T- OXf. We ar autborired to annnonnce J.
J'. bone a a candi-lale lor re-election to
the office of Trustee of (Jiuson county.
BOI.IX. I offer my name as a candidate for
liciisler of liibson county at the next elec
tion. It has been my misfortune never towalk,
co I am unable to make a living by labor, as
other men- 2 hope the voters w ill take my ease
into consideration and give met heir a id- I was
born and raised in iitiwn county, dist. No. 1
lcuully. J a t s L. IkiLtx.
I'lXAX Wearc authoriied to announce
T 1. tiuinan. of Humboldt, as a candidate
lor itegister f 'j ibson county.
rpiiOM AS. We are antboriicd and requested
A. 10 aniiiiiince Sam II. Thomas, Ds-i.. of lyer
Station as canduiate for licgistcr at the elc-ti.-n
uext August-
Icrti er Ilnraboldt Law 'c..t.
DK'KIXSOX. We are authorifed to an
nounce J. II. l'ickinson. of Milan, as a
caudidate lor Clerk of iluff boldt Law Court.
JOHXSOX We are authorixed 4i announce
.M-11. Johnson as a candidate for Clerk uf
the liumbolut Law Court, at the next election-
District Convention.
We are requested to call on the
Democratic voters of this (the 13th)
civil district to meet at the court
room in Milan, the 4th day of May,
to appoint delegates to the county con
vention ou the first Monday in May.
That convention will send delegates
to the judicial convention1 at Jvash-
S.n.ll-! C1I.4XGE.
" Pe big f.inllowcr may rise above
De molest 'tatrr vine.
An' brag about its Sunday clothe
An' put on airs so fine :
But when de winter bowls around.
An' de snow liex at de dnah,
Dc big sunflower. Oh ! whnr am hef
Da 'later hei de fb-nn 1"
More rain.
Strawberries .tml cream!
Trt-mendotw raiu la-t FiM:t'.
The Eniioriuiii La-; uioregooJ read
ing this week.
The May number of the Nursery i.i,
as usual, tip-top.
(lease-it's Monthly for M;iy ha?
reacliedour table.
Our thanks are due Dr .Scott f.ir a
fine lot of lettuce.
Mayor Rankin has been laid up
several days-with an attack ofcbiii.
A black eilk ara.sot has bec:i h !'t
at this office. The owner ciii get it
bv callin;;.
A .sociable and tlnncc w.ii5 enjoyed
by the young folks hat Friday nujht,
given by Mi.ss Lizzie Bryant.
George Burrow, E.-q., left last even
ing for Colorado, where he propes to
ppend several months for his health.
Mr J. II. Ilorine gent us a box ol
magnificent stra'-vljeriies Ia.t Tnrsdav
mojnit'g, for which we are duly thank
ful. Colcy'suew "Jack Fro?t"sr)dafoiin
titin u a beauty. He will charge it
right away, and lie wants his friends
all to call and we it.
Jordan, of the Banner .Store, has a
new advertisement which every hody
ought to raid. His stock is iuimen.-e,
and his prices arc very low.
Who will tart a fruit fanning es
tablishment here? Anderson says he
will furnish the cans as cheap as they
can be bought ia Baltimore.
Dr S..'ott has nirain placed us under
obligations this time for a mess of
new green peas, the first -f the se.-on
grown here, lis has a splendid gar
den. Overseer Cole has had a force of
tramps at work on Main street this
week, changing the grade and other
wise improving that busy thorough
fare. We hear sonici complaint that the
gro.ving wheat U very inferior, head
ing out a few inches front the ground.
There is also ru-i in soju j ne'-hbor-lluod
Dr Kcott showed us n limb of r
peach tree layt Friday which had
eighteen poaches in tin- space cf seven
inches. The tree was only three
years old.
Keep it before the people that the
candidates who are announced in the
papers are the ones to vote for. Vi'c
know noother candidates, and the pet
pie will tiot at the election.
Gen. Atkins, the able representa
tive of the 8th congressional (ii.-lr'nt
of this state, is a candidate f- :r re e tac
tion. We hear of no opposition to
liiin, and there ought to be none.
The many friends of Jiea Rag-dale,
formerly in the Lxprer-s ofiice here:
now in Malvern, Ark., will be pleased
to congratulate him in his great joy.
It is a girl a rousing big one, tuei
born on the 5th hist.
The .Southern Kxpress oliice has
just been ceileel iusi-le and weatlu-r-Ivoarded
outside, and will receive a
new coat of paint all of which were
badly needed. We congratulate Mr
Hine on hi? cosy quarters.
Our affable and excellent Express
agent, Mr Iliue, has placed r.s under
numerous obligations during the pa.-i
week, for which we cannot thank hi in
too much. It. is a pleasure to have
such men in a community.
Beaslcy's Mu.-icul Stars played here
lx-t Thursday riijzht, making some ex
cellent music. The Burch family are
musical marvels. They went from
here to Mississippi, where they pro
pose to make a general tour.
Trof. F. J. Stcger, of .ft. Louis,
has been here several days, giving
lessons ia Cameo Oil Painting. lie
is en artist of great ability and long
experience, and has some beautiful
specimens at Gtiou's gallery. Go
and see them.
"Milan. Citizen" propounds some
very pertinent queries in a communi
cation in another column, and asks for
a reply. It does look a little extrav
agant to pave a narrow alley with
plank when important streets are
needing attention.
The first shipment of strawberries
from this place was made last Mon
day by Dr Harris. He sent four
crates to Arnold & Lamar, Chicago.
He would have made a shipment last
Friday had the rain not prevented.
The crop here is fifteen days earlier
than last year. The first we received
then was ou the fifth of May.
Our enterprising young friend Jo.
Ramser gets the " blue ribbon" this
year for bringing us the first home
grown strawberries of the season. He
was only one day ahead of another
good friend, Jim Hutcherson, who
I U.n l.ir rAntir ,t i
of berries on Sunday. Eoth of them
have our thanks and good wishes for
thir prosperity.
Fdr Congrpss.
Under the proper head in this pa
per will be found the name of Hon.
W. Y. Vaujhan,of Ero,rnsville,who
is announced as a candidate to repre
sent this district in the next Congress.
He served the people with great abil
ity iu the 42d Congress, and would
have been returned without opposi
tion had lie not been gerrymandered
out of it by a change i't the make-up
of the district. lie is well known and
very popular ail over the di-tiiet.
Our present representative not being
a candidate, his county (Weakley) has
instructed her delegates to vote for
Vaughau as her first choice. Gibson
county hiving a caudi late in the fie-ld
ia the person of her distinguished son,
lion. il. P. Citldwe!, we do not think
our people will instruct for Col.
Vaughan as their first choice, but. we
do believe lie really is the se-cond
choice (f the county indeed, the first
choice of many. Read what his home
organ, the Rrownsville I'er, snysabout
him. It is a very just tribute to the
gentleman :
lie has just reached the full vigor
of his mental and physical manhood.
He is in full sympathy with the peo
ple in their depressed and down-trodden
condition. lie is honest, he is
capable; a representative man of tic
times. He is a ciear-hcaded thinker:
a pleasant speaker and a good de-ba-ter,
but j-ot i;i)pui.-ive. A nalive
born Tetmcsseoan, identified with Te n-nes.-ee
and the South in their every in
terest. We know no man that can
eonie before the people that will ex
cite the same amount of heartfelt en
thusiasm. He looks upon the bright
fi.ie of every picture and clings to the
idea that there is a future for the
South v- ith a tenacity that L:tsex--il; d
our admiration. 1 le is what we might
term, and fifly, ton, ntt earnest and
laborious m:::i, and heliews in the
dignity or i,Ab-n:. He is the cham
pion of internal iinprovt mentsin Wc.-t
Tennessee, it i j I tit the same time is bit
terly oppo.-ed to monopolies. 1 1 i -generous
to a fault ; he is a man of
L'reat originality and f a bold and
iktennined temper, lie lias the con
fidence and respect of all who know
him, and ci.kivat. s in and out t-f
Congress reconciliation of fraternal
feeling between the Mo:th and the
Ilisilroai! Itpin
A couple of penitentiary biriiswere
carried np the ro.-.d hint Sunday one
for horse ncalir.g, and the other for
three card sa oate.
The rains caused a slight v ash-out
ia Hatciiie bottom, on the L. & X.
road Tuesday fight, and tndns did
not pass. They are running till right
now, though.
Jackson Dispatch: A Mr Upshsw,
section boss between Clinton and Ar
lington, was ncoideutly thrown uneb ra
section train, Tue.-day, and so badly
mangled that ho died in about 30 min
utes. The change of schedule on our
roads did not take place last Sunday,
but will probably take cheet on the
12i.Ii cf May. If wrfcan j,et the ex
act the figures, we wiii publish them
li- fore that time.
Portal ears now run from here to
Cincinnati. R nigh on the boys ; but
there is a rumor that they will be run
through fr-.in Cincinnati to New Or
leans on a lightning train. In that
case there v. Ill be little. " rest for the
A lornadosi tuck the town of Toinc
roy Station, ou the Illinois Ceiitr.d rail
road, we?t of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Su:is
day cvtning, and bhw down the lious
es'of George Wallace, S.unael Gill,
Mr. Tiernr.yandMr. Force, and killed
the son of Mr. Wallace, ami also Mr.
Pearce's, and woumLd fifteen or twen
ty other persons.
Col. Marh. Polk, State Treasurer,
pssscd here last Tuesday, bound for
Col. R. W. Haywood, of Browns
ville, honored our sanctum with a vL-it
Our young friend Tommy Jackson
has returned from Missouri and called
on us Tuesday.
CVJ. Long, our county Trustee, and
one of the best county officers in the
state, is spending several days with
his friends here.
Col. W. W. Vaughan, candidate
for Congress in this district, called on
us last Saturday. He is making
many friends, and the man who heads
him oh" is likely to be the next mem
ber from the ninth district.
Murfreeslwo News: Mr. Frank
Weaver died at his residence in Mur
freesboro on the night of the 12th inst.,
after a long and painful illness. His
remains were interred Sunday after
noon after suitable funeral services
were held. He leaves a devoted wife
and several little children to mourn
his loss.
Mr Weaver was a brother of Re 7.
J. P. Weaver, pastor of the Baptist
church in this city, and was a gallant
Confederate soldier, going out with
Turney's 1st Tennessee and remaining
till the cL.se of the war, taking part
in all the battles with the Virginia
1 T i
A few Pertinent Questions.
Editor Exchange : Will some
ono " behind the scenes" inform the
people what pressing present necessity
there is for grading and jJ.anlcinj Jack
sou alley from Main street to John
McDonald's residence? Whether or
not the grading ami cutting down
Main street is being done to enable
this work to be done on Jackson alley
spoken of? If Jackson alley is ren
dered in any way difficult of travel,
what is the cause? And if it is not
caused by a certain party cutting it
down in the past six months? Why,
instead of planking and grading Jack
son alley, the .Doard does not order
the completion of the plank walks on
Third and Firctand other streets, and
on Railroad avenue? Is the making
of a plank road oit about 200 feet of
Jackson alley a part of the old scheme
of cobble-stoning the same alley,
vhii-h icns li farted by the Jimird uh:m(
';;.'.'( ;i vmuthi vo? And, lastly,
n hellier the people living ia the out
skirts of Mibn have any rights which
ought to be respected ? The writer
of this does not wish any controversy,
but only wishes "to know, you know."
Will someone answer?
April 4, lbTo. Milan Citizi-n.
From the Trenton Mirror.
A fallen tree across the railroad
track, a short distance north of this
place, ditched a freight train last
Thursday night.
A Dutch tramp took and appropri
ated to his own use the property of a
Dver Station man and it was held
that he had infringed law. So hewa-;
brought to this place in a state of
tK.-a.-tiy intoxication and placed ia the
county j tih
h-i iiieiKN ot lc nine ranee lier?
propose to pu-h on the grand revolt!-
tion by a demonstration in iorco, a ,
I raliv on Mav-Day. The friends
of the cause thrt
oti-hout the county
are rei;uc-:ctl t join t'u-m in a basket
picnic at tiio 1' air vuoauu Hereon
Wednesday the 1st . day of May.
Parties can bring their dinners in
l a.-kcts and spend the day pleasantly
under the wide spreading oaks, mak
ing love or listening to eloquent ati-dres-es.
Distinguished speakers will
bo present.
We understand that the County
Court has frequently madeappiopiia
iieis for the supported' pen-ons who
refuse to go to the county po; r hou.-e.
We think, with all due respect for the
action of the County Court, that.'iteh
appropriations are an unneeo -sary ex
pense to the county. There r.re per
?o:.s p. js.-e.-.-cd of S'-ine means, with
pool- ami indigent relatives who tire loo
proud to allow them I.) go to the poor
house, out too parsini miotisto support
them, and hence they apply to the
County Court for aid, which has been
ofi';;i granted. The county owns a
good firm ar.d has a superintendent
employed, and all paujK'ij should be
required to become inmates before
they become a tax upon the people.
We know a gentlcniat. (?) in a neigh
boring county, the owner of consid-T-able
property, who procured from the
County Court an appropriation for
the support of his nioilierv. ho resided
with him. Sueii charity is not to be
From the llninhMdt Joarnal.
Died, near lild.id church, of pneu
monia, Henry Hurt, E-q. He was a
staunch and good citizen.
So me voracious cur.s got into Mr
O. 11. Ferreii's il -ck of sheep Monday
night, and crippled several.
The ingeniousncs.? of Prof. Petti
cord as an inventoris winning for him
a worl i-wile reputation. He has re
cently invented a machine for cutting
fruit box timber, which will be in tip
eration in a few. days. He has ills-)
devised a plan by which to steam his
material very fa.-!, and with little ex
pense. When Mr Peltieord has thor
oughly established his manufactory,
he will be able to supply this whole
section of tli 3 country i:i fruit boxes.
Success to you, Professor.
A Want Siipliel.
For a long time Milan has been 'n
great need of a merchant tailoring es
tablishment. We are now glad to in
form the public that Mr John G.
Griiiin, late of Kentucky, has opened
an establishment fit the Red Store,
next door to Hallstrorn's where he is
prepared to cut aud make suits in the
latest and best styles. He v, ill give
special attention to country cutting,
renovating and repairing, and will
guarantee handsome fits. He has
had long experience in the business,
and we hope he will meet with the
encouragement he deserves.
The Xattonal Prohibitionist.
The temperance people are to have
a thoroughly first class " organ." We
have examined the prospectus of the
" National Prohibitionist," and it has
a large list of able contributors. Sev
eral other temperance papers have
been consolidated into this one, and
this insures success and a large patron
age to the new enterprise. Terms,
51.00 per year. Adelress Frank M.
Beruis, 1-304 Pine street, St. Louis,
District Conference.
The Paiis District Conference, M.
E. Church, South, will ni in Cam-'!
den to morrow. Several delegates)
' Trill go from this neighborhood.
Rain, rain, rain, without much
prospect of ceasing, and the conse
quence is we are behind planting our
crops. There is scarely any cottou
planted in this portion. The land is
low and level and retains the moisture
longer. Wheat is fine, except some
rust. If .nothing prevent?, after this
there will be a large crop. Straw
berries are coming on and we will
have berries and cream in abundance.
Those who are in the business say
they arc very fine.
Is'tiws w "sense." We have some
hitting out from the shoulder now and
then. Mr Adolph Solomua and Noah
Partee engaged in a game of that
kind the other day. No damage, ex
cept a scratciied face or two.'
Our park is still the centre of at
traction for the young folks.
. We are to have a grand Murphy
rally some time s on. The Murphys
are gaining strength every day here
(among the women and children), and
we do hope much good will be accom
plished. I will give you a more readable let
ter next time. - Petku.
From the Iluntinedon Kejmblicnn.
Died, near Marlboro, on Friday,
April 12t!tof congestion, Isaac Rutin,
aged about l'
We learn that the Murphy.mceting
at Macedonia, last week, resulted iu
many additions.
We are sorry to hear that William
Britt, living about six miles northeast
of town, fell from the top of his house
one day last week, and injured him
self. 1 1 is fall broke his only good
tail, the other !eing already, crippled,
lie also severely cut his head.
One of our citizens is receiving oil-
nb;- fc.m P.r-OWll A'. ( '-O f'li:IW Mp.
. t() ive jl5m fln intmit h,
;I)e jScininole'goh
Id mine and quartz
mill for one dollar, the profit fo be
fabulous sums of money. The gold
mine is represented to ho out West.
It i- very likely that it is only one of
the many swindle--, an 1 no one should
oese fooli.-h as to 1-e eleceived.
From t!ic Iliintiiisdiin Vindicator.
MrsE. A. Daffy, the celebrated
))i'Kti4r of West Tennessee, is iu the
city. She brought with her a fine lot
millinery goods, w hich Mrs McDoug
al 1 v id se il cheap.
Th eee isco:isi lerahlesickncssinsoine
portions of this county. Pneumonia
seem to bo the prevailing complaint,
gfnerr.Ily, when fatal, running into
typhoid. . There has lieen several
.'c uhs recently.
Mrs Burton, wife of John Burton,
a highly respected citizen living iu the
vicinity of Clarksburg, died la-l week,
of typhoid pneumonia. She leaves,
besides her family, a number of
fronds to mourn her loss.
We are informed there has been
about thirty five hundred bales of cot
ton shipped from this depot this year.
Tins is not as much as is generally
shipped from here, but we can account
for it. Milan took it away from us.
Below we give the number of deaths
that hive occurred in Huntingdon
during the past year, kindly furnished
U3 bv Dr J. S. Ramsey: Pneumonia,
4; Measles,;); Malaria,!; Consump
tion, o; Congesiirn, 4; Old Age, 1;
Smothered, 4; Ilvdrothorax, 1; Burn
ed, 2. Total, 20." White, 8; Color
ed, 12. Births, 2,1 eleven in the
past three weeks.
E. Flake, of Lexington, was iu
town yesterday, and is strongly in fa
vor of the proposed narrow guage
railroad from here to Lexington. He
savs the "people of Henderson county
will donate SG0.000 to the road, and
that he thinks Carroll should be will
ing to give 310,000. The road would
be of immense benefit to Clarksburg
and Lexington, but in our honest
opinion it. would deal a death blow to
Huntingdon, as our principal trade
e'omcs from Henderson county.
A Lawrence count)-, Alabama, jury
has given a verdict cf S2o,000 againi-t
the Memphis and Charleston railroad
for killing a man accidentally. Rough
on tho road.
Most Hen '.it if ul !
The elegant stock of Ladies' Ties,
Jabots, Collarettes and Cuffs, Rainbow
Crepe Lace Scarfs, Op-era Si awls,
Sea-foam Handkerchiefs etc., just re
ceived at E. A. DulfyV'are simply
Cien.saii Jliller.
Halo & Vauhook hare a fine lot of
German Millet Seed iu stock, and are
ready to sell it at the lowest rates.
Ilayncs & Rhode's will exchange
groceries for country produce, but
they sell very cheap-for the cash.
Bargains ! Bargains ! Bargains I
Go to Hallstrorn's for the cheapest
goods in the market. No mistake.
Ordinary ..
tiood Ordinary . .
Low middling . i'i
'i nod middling .......
Middling i'air
10! i
Grocery anil Produce MnrUet
Bulk meat clear sides
" shoulder? -
Paeon, per lb .
Shoulders . ....
jfnir, A coffee.- .
Coffee, good Kio
3 SO
-. 1.1
2 fO
1 to
I Viat ...
I M beat .
Bankrupt Store !
The BAXkniPT STORE! has
removed to William, Smith
Co's old Staud.
To My Friends and Patrons !
I wish to express my many thanks,
not only for the patronage which you
have so liberally extended to me ; but
for the kindness and sociability which
you have shown to the stranger who
came into your midst not man)'
months ago. I can say that I have
spent as pleasant a winter in Milan
and vicinity as I ever hope to spend
anywhere. Now I have thought,
where a winter can be made so pleas
ant with its gloomy days, how nice
it will be in summer, when the trees
and flowers bloom, and I had such
good luck here in selling so many
goods that I had to go after another
stock, ami had to get a larger store
room. You will find us at Williams,
Smith it Co.'s old stand where we will
se ll goo Is cheaper than the cheapest. I
am not waiting for large profits, be
cause I will sell low and turn the
money over and make it come in that
I have a idee stock of Dry Goods,
White Goo-ls, Grenadines, Embroid
eries, Irish Linen, Table Linen, Crash,
Lawns, OvC.
I have also a large stock of Cloth
ing. Its equal is not to be founel this
fide of Memphis. We are manufac
turing a great deal of Clothing our
selves, therefore have the advantage
above others that have to give the
manufacturers any profits.
Ours -Shoes ami Boots arc nice and
Also, an immense stock of Ladies'
Hats and Gent's Hats, &c.
Mr Ililliard Williams and myself
will be glad to wait on you, and re
collect that we are here to show goods.
Come and see us, one and all, at the
popular IJ.vnkhupt Stouk,
Williams, Smith & Co.'s old stand.
The It.tXJiltlPT STOHE has
rt-iiicveu io William, Smith
& Co's Old Stand.
Ton much cannot ho mid iu praine of that
ureal eonirh remedy. I'.mi'scnn' Compound
llouey ofTar. llwiil not only afford relief in
ea.-o.-f onlinary cold, but t tie sufferer with
t'oiisii-n itinn may rely on it as a i-ermnncut
cure if taken in time, nii-1 arcnr-linir to direc
tion;.. To i-ersous nii-ict- d w ith chronic coined,
which disturbs their rest at ni-ht, it afford
sut-ctand refreshinir sleep, and lor C'uisrhs,
Col-is, Croup, Whooping Cough, Pore Thro-tt,
HoarscncM-, etc., it is simply oi e ot tho irreat
Cst uiedi -al bh-ssina-s of tiie age. I" .so C-u.--..-cns'
e'l-nip .un-l Honey of Tar. Pri--e 'f couti
a LoltL'. t or sale by C-iltt Jt Vu kissox.
Whr.t iilorioiin achievements arc pofsiM? to
us- if we only have pood health, with, its Usual
ne-.-oiiipaniiueut of a cheerful mind! Therefore
no uicaus ibould by neglected to preserve- its
via. -r. and restore it when impaired. Hear in
mind th-it Cons-ens' Compound Honey ot Tar,
ivhii-h relieve Whooping t'ouirh. Sore Throat,
Hoarseness, etc. , if alsonn iniallable cure for
Consumption, Unit dreadful discaso which
consigns so many gifted men and women to
an early grav.i can l-e cured by t'oussens Com
pound tl-.noy r.f Tar. l'riec o-l cents bottle:
l or cale by C.-i.rr & iliCMSSoN.
i:vi:ky tcxxkssex fau.hek
who is niive to hi? own interest? and would e-eu.-e
f.iir remuneration fr tho products of
his industry, tliould not be with
out the
A? a business investment, it will pay hi:ns
hundred tiinen the price of subscription, be
cause it will keep him posted in the market
quotations, so that, as a producer, ho may
stand on equal ground with the Epeeulator in
knowing the state of the market. Ho will not
then be dependent on his neighbors for that
knowledge which is money in his pocket. He
will be also constantly advised of the current
of events, political and otherwise. He will
know what is going on iu the world, an.l be in
constant e- mmuiiieati-ip with it. It will add
to the intelligence i f himself and household.
If he has a daily mail, the farmer should by all
inears have the laily American, which will
cost liii.i ten duliars per year, including the
postage. If he cannot get the daily regularly,
then he shual-l take the emi-we kly Ameri
can, pike ii.ii) per year, postage included.
Ar.d if hecannot conveniently o!tain either of
these editions promptly, ho certainly can get
the Weekly American, which has all the mark
et quotations of the week, including those of
the day of publication, which will cost him
only two dollar: a year, postage pr--pab hy the
publi.sher. It is best to have the Daily if you
hnvft lb i-ostal facilities: but ill any event.
tou should have the Weekly American. If
you try it one year, you will never stop it and
never reerct it-
Arnold & Lainar,
Fruit & Vegetable
Commission Merchants,
109 South VRlnr St. A 11 Iearta Bt-,
Cousier-meoU lotioitsd aci rekam made
piotty. prl-ty
The Emporium.
Special bargains in Ladies', Misses'
and children's -Shoes.
Special bargains in Ladies' ready
made Linen Suits to make room for
the second big lot to arrive. Trices
are low and styles goexl.
Special bargains in Ladies', Misses'
on.! 'liilili-nii'j iiir-n trininio.l ll.-lt.- 1
they are cheap indeed.
Big drive iu Bleached Muslins,
brands low, low, lovr.
Largest line of White goods we ev
er had. It comprises all the styles of
Pi.pies, Lace Percale, Marseilles,
Linens, Diapers, Victoria Lawns, etc.
We sell these goo-ls cheap.
Gentlemen ! Gentlemen ! We ask
your examination of the best and
most beautiful line of custom-made
Boots mm Shoes we ever offered here.
They are beauties. They fit like a
charm and we sell them cheap.
We have on exhibition a cabinet of
the sweetet of Perfumes, German
Colognes, Kiss-me-Quicks, ic.
We think we have the boss stock
of goods ever brought to Milan ; all
neat, stylish and good. " Prices on all
low. Please remember when you are
in town and want - anything in the
Dry Goods line that we have an as
sortment not often foend in small
places like Milan. Our prices yon
will have to admit are reasonable in
deed. We think it to be really the
best place in town to buy good. Come
to see us everybody.
Miss Cora Moore, Miss Fannie IIucL
Harbbox, Dosexl & Co.,
Pay Tour School Tax!
All persons indebted to tw for tui
tion are hereby requested to come for
ward promptly and settle their ao
counts. e must close op our busi
ness entirely by the 14th of May, at
which timooar connection with Milan
College will cen. As we expect to
leave immediately thereafter, we will
be compelled to ttirj over ail unpaid
arc-Mints into the hauds of an officer
for collection. '
FrxNKY & Paschal.
Keep pure Whiskies, Winca ani
Krandica for family and medical pur
Tarries wishing to buy real eMato
or rent houses, at a bargain, will do
well to call on O. II. Hailstrom.
Milan, Tcnn.
A splendid lot of fashionable new
Jewelry for ladies and gentlemen ha
just been received bv E. A. Duffy at
" The Old Reliable.
Robertson has just received this
day, by Express, a largo stock of
Ladies' Misses' and children's Spring
UaU direct from New York. For
sale cheap.
Large stock of Boot.s and Shoet
just in to-day from Boston, which
will be sold very low. Call and see
before you buy, at R. J. Robertson's.
Special to the Ladies.
Miss Mary Wade is prepared to re-shaj-e
and press hats in the latest and
most fashionabh styles. Charrcs
moelcrate. Give her a call.
Horse and Jack Bills.
We are prepared to print all kimLi
of stock bills at short notice and in
good style. f Terms reasonable. Give
us a call.
Send votir orders for pianos and or
gans to II. G. Hollcnberg, 294 Main
street, Memphis. He has the best
aud fullest assortment and sells as
low as a cenuine article !cau bo
Ilisitiark, ;iadstoc, Ciortu Iia
kotr and Audrassy lrepar
ing to Convene the Lii
ropeait Congress.
Notwithstanding the great"panic
and suffering in Europe, the prices of
Coffins, Wagons, Bugtrics, etc., are
still falling, anel Holt is piepared to
sell you a wagon or n coffin at Iower
figures than ever. Plain v. heel bug
fries, 800. Sarven wheel buggies,
-5120. Hacks tfromrSS.) to'100.
No. 1 wagon for S-"0. Cofiins from
2 to S100 each. Horse-dioeing at
81 round, he furnishing everything
but the horse, and the blacksmith is
one of the prettiest and cleverest men
in the state. Repairing c-f all kinds
done at short notice and'at, the very
lowest prices. Ho alscjrequetts ev
ery hotly who has borrowed tools from
him especially screw drivers to
brinr them home. He needs them.
Just received frm New York, all
the latest styles of hats, bonnets and
other millinery goods. Will sell as
low as the lowest. O II Hailstrom.
If you want tho best whisky, you
will have to go to Haynes iVJUhodes',
for they keep none but the best.
Dont furget to call an-d.examine the
New American Sewing Machine at E.
A. Duiiy V
Don't bo piekedbyat!vertisements
of cheap pianos, if you cw't pay'more
than 82-30 for a piano, send your
money to II G.Ihl!enbcrg, and he
will sell you something good'for tho
money, but won't huir.Lirg you fcinto
saying itsTworth SC-0.
A Cross TCark
On the margin of your paper indi
eatps that your time is out, or will ex
pire with the next paper. Remember
our rule cash always ix advzxcx.
New style Ba!rv's Lice IJonnttU at
E. A. Dulfy's.
The attention of tho ladies is espec
ially eulled to the Uautiful new styles
of Bourette Grenadines and Linens
atE. A. Duffy's.
Have just received a fresh lot of
German millet at Ilayncs tfe Rhodes'.
Hailstrom has the latest and most
fashionable Ladies Drc.-s Goods, Mil
linery Fur.cy Goods and Notions ever
brought to Milan, and defies competi
tion. Call and see for yourself.
Just received from Boston : The
most coinph-te, cheapest stock of
qneensware thaiywas ever broughtta
this market. IIaynks Riiouia.
I.inen Suit!
E. A. Du.Ty lias a beautiful line of
ready-made suits fur Ladies, Misses
and children, at prices ranging from
1.50 up.
Fans from o cents to o dollars a
E. A. Daily's.
Parties stealing the word "3l'li
cilcd," simulating the bottles and
labels of Dr. McCabe's Medicated
Blackberry Brandy, whether a myth
of the Prof essoror other w iae,aremi.
Genuine at Coley & Dickinson's.
Strawberry Checks !
Funii.-hcd iu any quanity, from one
thoaaand up, at two dollars jr thou
sand. Hand in your orders early.
Go to Douglass's for the pure, un
adulterated Globe Whisky.
Spring Hats, Spring Bonnet.', and
Spring'' Flowera in the most fo-hioor'.-ble
styles, just received by E ADuffy.
W. A.WADE, Ag't.

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