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W.A.ltAPE, Ecfiiarf FatIlhr.
Kt iwcBtrnos VLkttJL
Two doifrfrs a year; ne dollar for six atonOif;
fifty cents fr three months, UfiuuLl ta A-
miK.fti. f Kw Orleaae B. K.
Train leare Milan at follows a and after
Ar. 13.177:
rASPtscta Taiixl.
No. 1, feoHfc. lTtat..
Ne.H. "
No. 2. sooth, "
raciCRf ffcitffg;
So. S, north, leaves t ,
4 .10 M
4 :4o aiB
1 1 :S5 am
,.11:3) pm
.1. I'M
ro. .
No KOIlth,
.12: pffl
, pm
2:40 urn
jvp. 8,
Tims about fifteen ml tin tea slower than town
time. J. C, LOPEZ. A rent.
. lien I 'rm. A rent, Oen'l Mitnacer.
to. B. MuKEi , . l. MASN,
ien'l lH-ket Arcnt. (Superintendent.
lAaUville akbTiIU (. S. K. K.
Trains leave Milan at follows !
No. I.annta. leares at
3:3) art
....12:15 pm
.... 4:15 m
3:10 am
No. 2. north. "
.4. '
FaKinRT ttA!a
No. Ti Math, lenre at .....
- I2r am
11 '19 am
4:13 am
.No. S, "
N o. 8. north. "
No. li. " " - : pm
A- W . lOVi.M. A rent.
Urn. 1'. k T. A. Loral Ticket A't
J. B. Arnold, Sheriff.
M. C. Holmes, Conntr Court Clark.
K. E. Kainei, Chancery Clerk, Trenton.
T. i. W illiam. Chancery Clerk. Humboldt.
Wat. Mm.re, Circuit Clerk. Trenton.
M- II. Johnson, Law Court Crwk. II unbolt.
Ions. Williams, Coroner,
f. C. Lone. Trai.Ua.
JosUU Cooper, County Surveyor.
J.H. Carrey, Superintendent Peblls Schools.
V. II. Cox. Better.
rrrv officers.
H. F. Rankin, Mayor and Recorder.
Jno. 1). Lufk, City Marshal.
R. E. Edwards. J. II. Dickinson. W. E.
Keere. K- A. Collin. J. H- Blank ioihlp and
D. C. Renter, Aldermen.
baptist Church street. J. P. Wearer, PaMor.
rrerbins:nTiSandeccondSunlayeacb month.
Trayer meeting Thwrsday erenina. Sanday
Khnnl 9 a. tn.
Methitdit--Norlh Main ftret. A. L. Pritch
ftt, Paotnf, Preaching second and fourth Sun
days each month. Prayer meeting Tueaday
tvening. Sunday-school 9 am.
Prot -rtant Episcopal At Clark' Hall. Main
ttrret, J. R. Grey. Rector. Service the third
Sunday in each month.
Cumberland Presbyterian At Friendship, 3
mile east of Milan, J. A. Duntan, pastor,
f orvid-s fourth Bunday in each month.
Cumberland Prenbytcrian Rev. T. W. Can
non pastor. ervices at the Metbodiat ehurch
It Sunday each month.
r. Oi o. v.
4 Milan Lodaro. No. 155 A. Duffy. 0. R.
Y. Moore, V tJ. J. II. Dickinson. Secretary.
W. A. Wnde. Treasurer, Lodge meets erery
Hcdnefilay nigbt.
MilnLodre.N'o.ll Meet! Saturday 10 a.
At. before the 'id Sunday in each mouth. Ir.
Mi 1). L. Jordun, .iaatrr, II. L. Iickincon,
Lavitun Chspter o.5ft-MeclJ Saturday b'
fore the 3d Sundny in each month, hi. I). L.
Jordan, II. P. II. L. Dickinnon, Recorder.
I. avinia Council, No. :t Mel Friday night
on or before each full moon in March, June,
r-etcuiler and December. M. 1). L.Jordan,
T. 1. M. 6. II. Hle. Recorder.
K. OF H.
t.iWrty LwIrc, No- 4M. meeta firt and third
Kridarniehtn in li mouth at their ball in
Milan. M. li. 1.. Jordan, UicUWr Vi. K.
Imuunon. Hci'ortcr.
ftonewull Ln.lire, No. 30 Mectn lt and 3d
Turs.Uy muhtc i:i cHrh innntli in Maaenie Hall.
A- W. Loving, M. W J. C. Lopez. Recorder.
To CaiididatcR.
Tlie following scale nf price has been
arrocd on by the papers of this county, and
will be Ktrictly adhered to :
for Conrresn, 110 CO
or Judee and Attorney General, 7 Ml
For l giltiirc, R 00
For County Officer. n 00
For Iihlrict Oflicor. 2 50
CnlU for person to become candidates, 4ve
rents ier line.
t Icetloa Tlrkcta.
Pingle thousand, $2 00
Two thnunnd or more (in aam order) 1 40
Terms Strictly ca.h.
Trent-ox Miaaon,
Ill'HBOI.nT IIkkalp,
Hi oldt Wasui Jocbfal,
Jr t trm.
CALDWELL. -We are authorised to an
noanc Hod. Robert P. Caldwell, of (lib
eon. a a candidate for Congraes in this (the
tilhj Congrewional district.
VAl'GHAN. W are authorised to an
nounce lion. W. Vi . Vauyhan, nf Browns
ville, r Congress from this ttbe I'li) Congre
aioual Uinirict, composed of the counties of
Weakiev, Obion, Lake, Dyer, G ibsnn.Crockctt.
Jli.vwooJ. Lau erdale and Tipton. Subject to
the action of a Democratic convention.
Circa it Coart Jadsxe.
C ARTH EL. We are autherised to announce
John T. Carthcl, nf Trenton, u a eaodi
data for Judge nf the 13th Circuit-
READ. We are authorised to announce
Edward J- Read, a citixen of Crockett
countr and member o' the law lira of K. J. k
J . C. Head, of the Brownsville bar. as a candi
date fur Juiice of the l-Jth Judicial circuit of
the State of Tennessee, composed of the coun
ties f llavwood. Crockett. Gibson and Dyer
Election the first 1ay of August, 1S78.
Skier iiC
ARNOLD. We are authorised to announce
J. It- Arnold as a candidate for re-election
to the office of Sheriff of Gibson county.
BLAKEM0RE. We are authorised to an
noance J. II. Rlakemore as a candidate for
Sheriff at the next election.
"T FEFLEY. We are authorised to announce
11J.II. llefleya
r as a candidate for Sheriff at
the next election.
wanly Cwwrt rierk.
CARNE. We are authorised to announee
John I. ( arne as a candidate for Clerk of
the ( ouaty Court of Uibeoo ownnty at the next
nOLMES. We are authorised toaanonnoa
M- C. llnlinc as a candidate for re-election
to the office of Coaaty Coart Clerk of Gib
eon eouny.
LANDRl'M. I offer my name to the votera
of this county as a candidate for Cointy
Clerk- bhould you favor me with your euf
frage. you will find none more grateful and
willing to attend and discharge the duties of
the office with pmmitneM and fidelity.
Very Respectfully, .
J. M- LA.sDB.ru, Bradford Sution.
T- 0XG .We are authorised te annnonncw J .
JC. Long a a randii'.ata lor re-election t
the office of Trustee of G ibsou county.
BOLIX. I offer my name a a candidate for
Keiister of Gibson county at the next elec
tion. Lthaabeeu my misfortunenevertowaJk.
ao I ass aaaUle to make living by labor, aa
ether met. 1 hope the voter wiilUkesoycase
into roafidcrationand give ma their aid- I was
born and raised in Gibwa county, dist. N'o. 1
respectfully. James L. Buur.
GVISKS We ana authorised to announce
P. Guinea, of Humboldt, an a candidate
for Register of Gibson eeanty.
THOM AS. We are aulhoriaad and iwawested
to announee Sam H. Tbomaa. Esq.. of Dyar
relation as aeandiuate for Kesiater al the io
tion next Augnct
lerk. of Hwnatvwlelt Law Oasxrt.
ICKIXSON.-We are ant
tnonsed to an-
. of Milan. aa,j
nounoe J. H. Dickinson.
candidate tor Clerk of llomboldt Law Court.
TOHNSON We are authorised to announee
vj M- U. Johnson a a candidate for Clerk of
tb finaboldt Law Court, at rat next siactien
Jleni EH Stone'i insurance local.
Ocley's Jack fYost "oda fountain is
ifl full blast.
Read the ftn-rwldent notice iu an
other col uma.
The Express office has bcefl fainted
a handsome drab color.
Demorest for May has reached us.
It is a charming number.
A number of changes have been
made in our city Directory.
Hon Jan. E. Dai ley has our thanks
for valuable public documents.
A number of beaux went to the
May-day picnic at Trenton yedtertjay.
Why is it that the Memphis Ap
peal of Sunday never reaches us until
Monday afternoon f
For some of the biggest, richest
strawberries we ever saw W. II. Al
gee ha our thanks.
John Smith has been found at last.
He is now working out a fine for va
grancy on our streets.
"A Country Ilunkought to know
that we do not publish communica
tions when uuaccompauied by the
name of the writer.
Vre publish iifthe first column of
this page time-tables for both our
railroads, and will correct them care
fully when changes are made.
Our euterpri-ing friend, W. II.
Bcallorn, Esq., has just made up an
other fine club for uh at At wood, for
which we earnestly thank him.
Henry Daisy (and not a very swect-
nmelling one, either), for peddling bo
gus jewelry without license, was fined
seven dollars by Mayor Rankin hist
Dr Harris has the thanks of our
better half ior a splendid strawberry
treat tent to her last week. They were
Very llne-lookiug. When he sends us
tome we will give him a puff.
Jno. Coulter, of this city, has tc-
ceived the contraci to make the hrick'
for the new hotel. We believe he Is
to make four hundred thousand in
sixty days. He will do a gotxl job.
The popular fruit and vegetable
house of Arnold & Lamar, Chicago,
are getting nearly all the shipments
from here. Some of the berries sent
from here sold for 5605 per case, and
all sell at good prices.
A. S. Davis, a miller from MeLe
moresville, yesterday showed us sam-
; pies tf wheat taken from twenty fields
between here and that place. It was
all more or less affected with rust, and
will not average half a crop.
About the largest and sweetest
strawberries yet received by us were
presented by Mr George Cade last
Saturday. They were tremendous
fellows, and would have commanded a
fancy price in a city market.
Mrs. Cruse has our thanks for a
kind invitation to attend the straw
berry and ice cream entertainment at
the Central Hotel last evening. We
hear that it was a pleasant occasion,
and regret that we were unable to at
tend. Two of our enterprising houses are
advertising in the Jackson Tribune &
Sun. We refer to the establishments
of Mrs E. A. Duffy and A. Jordan,
The readers of that paper will find
both to be first-class houses as good
as any in Jackson.
A young lady proposes to have a
strawberry eating match with the ed
itor of this paper he to furnish the
berries. When they get down to five
cents a quart, if we can borrow five
dollars, or some one will present us
with one or two cases to begin with,
we will accept the challenge.
Up to last evening over eight thou
sand quarts of strawberries were ship
ped from here about twenty-five
hundred yesterday. These were pick
ed from thirty-5evcn acres, and will
net about f 1600, averaging over $43
dollars per acre, and the crop is not
near one-half picked. What do you
cotton men think of that ?
Monday, May 6 th, a rare solar phe
nomenon will be visible from a little
past ten o'clock in the morning until
five o'clock in the afternoon. This will
be a transit of the planet Mercury
across the sun's disc, an occurrence
which will not take place in many years
again. IThose who are curious enough
to see it can, by looking through a
smoked glass, watch the planet as it
crosses the sun.
Redaction in Railroad Fare.
The Central road has recently
reduced its rates of passenger
fare to four cents a mile where the
traveler buys a ticket. If he pays on
the train, five cents will be collected.
The company deserves and will re
ceive the thanks of the public for this
reduction, for it is a great accom mo
tion. When will the other roads fol
low suit?
Steamboat Explosion.
Trainmen on the L. & N. passen
ger from Memphis last evening re-
ported that the tow-boat Liberty No.
, , . , .. .
z exptooea in me miaaie oi tne river
at Memphis yesterday, killing several
Railroad Items.
Railroad business is dull in the
freight line.
Fitigerald is laying steel rail on his
s jction, east of town.
The pay car on the Central road ran
up here and paid off last Saturday.
Monday morning it went up the road.
Tom Scott's private car pas-ed up
the Louisville road last Saturday af
ternoon, occupied by a numberof Ex
pressmen returning from Xe w Orleans.
A prominent official of the South
em Express Company says that Mi
lan is the best shipping point for fruit
and vegetables in America. Immi
grant, take notice.
Friends of the Texas Pacific Rail
road say the prospects of the passage
of the bill guaranteeing Hie payment
of interest on the bonds of the compa
ny, etc., are continually improving.
Ed. Coleman, ticket agent and tel
egraph operator for the L. & N. at
this place, was last week called to
Louisville on account of the serious
illness of his mother. O. F. Cant
well takes his place temporarily.
Memphis Appeal: The Louisville
railroad company is about to erect a
new depot at the head of Main street,
to give place to that old shed which
has Ixmmi used as a dejot for years
past. A fine depot at this point is
very much needed by the traveling
A three-mile ride on a freight train,
susjKJnded by his clothing from a hook
on the side of the car, was the experi
ence of a tramp the other night at Ox
ford, N. V. There was not a scratch
upjn him when rescued, but his men
tal suffering was intense, as he expect
ed momentarily to bedashed to pie2es.
He had been stealing a ride, and at
tempted to jump off while the cars
were in motion.
Capt. S. II. Thomas, a very prbm
inent caudidate for Register, tailed on
us last Friday. He is making an ef
fective canvass.
Judge Read, candidate for Circuit
Judge of this district paid us a short
visit last Saturday. He mixes well
with the people, and makes many
Judge II. J. Liviugston.of Rrowiu-
ville, was-in town last Mondttv. He!tiw in the city ot iNashviUe . and
- ....I. 1 C 1,. 11 .
is the aide Chancellor of the Browns
ville district, and certainly ought to
be re-elected.
Capt. M. C. Holmes, County Court
Clerk and candidate for re-election,
I was in town yesterday, shaking hands
generally. The man who beats him
w ill probably be Clerk.
Major B. G. Ezell, of McKenzie, is
anuounced as a caudidate for Judge of
his ci.'cuit. He is an able man and
conservative lawyer. If elected, he
will do honor to his constituents.
Hon. R. P. Caldwell, Gibson coun
ty's candidate for Congress, honored
us with a visit last Saturday. He is
putting in some fine work in the work
in the district, and will be a hard man
to beat.
Dr James Harrison, of Middle Ten
nessee, is here on a visit, and may
possibly conclude to locate in this vi
cinity. He is a talented man and a
very pleasant gentleman. P. S.
We are pleaded to announce that he
has moved to the Durley neighbor
hood, six miles west of town, where
he proposes to practice his profession.
We earnestly recommend him to the
good people of that section.
- District Conference.
The Paris District Conference met
at Camden last week, with only a few
delegates present. Rev. J. II. Witt,
Presiding Elder, wa3 in the chair.
The spiritual condition of the church
was reported good. A Sunday school
convention was called to meet at
Huntingdon on Thursday and Friday
before the third Sunday in July. The
preachers and superintendents, are
delegates, besiJes one from each thirty
pupils or fraction thereof above two
thirds. Rev Dr Scruggs, Rev A. L.
Pritchett and Hon A. G. Hawkins
were appointed a committee on pro
gramme for the convention. J. M.
Alexander, of Saltillo, Fisher, of
Benton county, A. G. Hawkins, of
Huntingdon, and Dr Irion, local
preacher, of Henry, were elected del
egates to the Annual Conference. I.
IL Bell, of Lexington, and
Hudson, of Paris, were elected altern
ates. Huntingdon was selected as
the place for the next meeting.
May-Day Barbecue.
Cale Haun yesterday gave a bar
becue dinner to about twenty-five
gentlemen, in eating which we had
the pleasure of participating. Two
fine pigs were served up in a delicious
manner, with all the appetizing trim
mings. Short and happy toast? were
delivered by Messrs. Hallstrora,
Weaver, Loving and Dr Boyd.. On
account of a press of more important
matter the press representative was too
full for utterance. It was a most en
joyable affair, and we hope similar af
fair.; maj be repeated often.
The? Baptist Sunday School Insti
tute will hold a meeting in Trenton
next Sunday.
The Trenton Herald made its bow
to the public last week, all smiles and
pretty words. May it continue hap
py and prosperous.
From the Trenton Mirror.
A soiled dove from Humboldt was
lodged in jail here this week. It is
not safe for them to attempt to ply
their vocation here.
.C. I'. McGimsry, a few years ago
a soap maker and dealer iu this place,
now lies in jail at Ashville, 2f. C, to
await trial for the murder of a negroJ
there. After a quarrel with the negro
boy, MeCiimsey got his pistol and fired
repeatedly into the body of his vic
tim. Mr W. F. Blakemore showed us," a
few days ago, several specimens of the
currency of the revolutionary period
dated 1778, just a century ago. Both
the papjr and printing were of the
rudest character. The bills were of
the following denominations, one for
$2,000, one for 15 pounds, and one
for 5.00. One of the bills read ns
follows, $ Spanish milled dollars
or the value of thereof in gold or sil
ver to be given in exchange for this
bill at the Treasury of Virginia, signed
II. Cocke, A. Craio.
John G. Ferguson, a boot maker,
while beastly drunk, beat his wife in
an outrageous manner hist Thursday,
for which offense he was arraigned be
fore the Recorder and fined twenty
dollars. Such an outrage was never
before committed in this community.
And while we would not as a general
thing advocate the execution of Judge
Lynch's decrees, if all we hear in this
aggravated case should prove to be
true, we would gladly record the fact
that this wife whipper had received
thirty and nine lashes from an indig
nant community 1 Since writing the
faregoing Ferguson has been again
arrested for a similar, but more ara-
vated offense, and fined for;y dollars, j
In default of bail he now languishes j
in jail.
From the Trenton Herald
Miss Mollie Redman, for sometime
(ast the accomplished organist of the
.piscopal church in Trenton, is teach
ing a music class at Lebanon, Tenn.
The funeral of Mrs. Bettie Lou
Jones will be preached by Rev. Jne
McLesky, at Oakland church, 1A miles
east of Gibson Wells, on the first Sun
day iu Mar.
The attorneys for the city of Tren
ton in the suit against the holders of
bonds and the lennessee Central Rail
road Company, have been taking depo-
have the bonds declared void.
The Murphy movement has been
inaugurated at several places in the
county by Messrs. John W. Cox, Geo.
B. Hicks, George E. Glass aud others,
assisted by John R. Smith, secretary,
and J. D. Hill, chief singer. The first
meeting was held in District Ko. 6, at
the "Shelter." Sixty five signed the
pledge. Mr. J. W. Taliaferro was
elected president. The next meeting
wasat Brazil, where one hundred sign
ed every card that was carried out
having been signed. Mr. Andrew
Donaldson was chosen President. At
Eaton though the weather was unjileas
nnt.one hundred and forty-five signed
the pledge. Mr." W. H. Davi Ison
wxs elected President. On last Sun
day a meeting was held at Eldad. At
first it seemed very dry, even to Mu'
phys, for water was scarce, and it takes
a great deal of it to run a Murphy
meeting. But after six or eight good
speeches were made, and fourteen or
fifteen songs were sung, the ranks were
broken, and fifty-one signed the pledge
mostly grown men. Mr. llenry
Harper was then made President.
Weekly meetings will be held by these
From the Iluntingdon Republican.
Luther, little son of R. H. Carter,
had his face severely burned by fooling
with powder on hst Monday.
A movement is on foot to organize a
new theatrical troupe at this place.
We have not heard the name of the
new troupe.
The hew church, about two miles
from old Mt. Zion, called Kyle's Chap
el, is about completed. It is a nice
church house.
There was a man in town on Mon
day wanting to sell 1,000 pounds of
honey. Another citizen of the county
has the same quantity.
From the Iluntingdon Vindicator.
The following peraous have married
since our last :
James Carter and Susan Franch.
B. F. Hatch and E. V. Hatch.
S. W. Williamson and C. Walker.
Dock Watson, colored, who stabbed
John Harris, colored, about eighteen
months ago, and ran away from here
to escape punishment, returned last
week. Harris died from lock-jaw
produced by the wound. It now re
mains to be seen what will bo done
about it
A little son of Mr E. G. Bennett's
died with a congestive chill yesterday
morning, near this place. Eighteen
months ago his eldest son died with
the same disease, at which time a
coffin was selected, but was found too
short and was put aside. To day the
cold form of his youngest son fills that
Last Monday morning about nine
o'clock our citizens were startled by
a terrific explosion, that made the
windows rattle and the earth tremble
for a moment. The noise seemed to
come from the heavens, and was dis
tinctly heard all over this and adjoin
ing counties. Many theories were
advanced by our scientific men as to
what it was ' busted," ranging from a
steam saw mill to an aerolite. It
was probably a meteor, but the heav
ens were overcast with cbuds aa to
hide it from view.
Ill'rf BOLDT.
Ffffm tSe Hsmbotdt Journal.
A rlegro woman fell on Main street,
last Friday, with an epileptic fit, and
while thus affected tore all her clothes
Elder IlIggiDs was brought up on
the 20th for an assault upon one W.
F. Murray, and also for carrying a
pistol. Elder had been trying to play
officer, and for his kind attention and
much love of law and order, by bring
ing criminals to justice, his honor,
the recorder, thought he ought to pay
the sum of 625 as a privilige.
A committee at Hopewell Pres
bytery, consisting of Rev A. E. Coop
er, who will preach the installation
sermon, Rev. J. N. Dunlap, who will
preside and give the charge, and El
ders Wi D. Fisher, of Humboldt, N.
Patton, of Trenton, and B. F. Bob
bitt, tf , Dyer Station, will meet at
this place on the first Sabbath in
On last Friday night about one
o'clock, Mr C. II. Ferrell was aronstd
by some dogs after his sheep. He
rushed out and found what he thought
to be two dogs running akng his
fence. He waited until both would
get in range of his gun, and then fired,
killing the foremost, while the one be
hind leaped the fence and went off un
hurt. He went up to rejoice over the
slaughtered cur, as he thought, but
found it to be a fine lamb.
Three little boys at Gibson John
Yandell, John Lave and Allen Love,
having become tired of home and al
lured by the imaginary idea of mak
ing their fortunes away from the pa
rental roof, rau away on last Sunday.
When they were missed Messrs. Ker
sey and Love went in search, and
found them Monday morning, fast
asleep, on some bales of cotton, at
Gadsden. They told that it was their
purpose to pick strawberries at Gads
den until they got money enough,
then they intended to go to Illinois.
As the South-bound freight came
in on the M, & O. road, Friday, a
nejiro boot black boarded the engine
to have a little ride. After several
kind words, Mr Murray, a brakeman,
pursuaded him off bv the use of a
cork-toed boot, which created no lit
tle excitement. As Murray refused
to be arrested, and as he was very
anxious to see a cousin in the suburbs
of town assoou as possible, he started
on double quick time, but the mayor,
with a large force, soon overtook
him, and compelled him to repent at
the recorder's office. Fine and trim
mings, $9.00.
The following should have appear
ed in tiur paper last week, but failed
to reach us on time :
Como, Henry Co., Tenn., )
April 21, 1878. j
E'litor Exrlmnqe-:
I write you in accordance with my
own suggestion to you. I left Milan
the 16th inst., in company with my
friend D. D., and traveled out via
Shade's bridge and thence on up
through the Spring Creek country in
Weakly county, touching the second
day the Spring Creek cotton mills,
owned by Messrs DiuwiJJie, and we
were there permitted to go through
and examine its machinery and its
various departments. It is quite an
extensive manufactory and would be
a big acquisition to our town or any
other to'tn or city. W had the
pleasure of forming the acquaintance
of all the members of the firm, whom
we found to be affable, nice gentlemen.
From thence we proceeded on to Paris
and from Paris to Buckhanon, in the
extreme north and east part of Henry
county. There we met with some
nice gentlemen of whom I may men
tion Major Tom White, Col. Jo. Wil
son and. my old friend Bob Wilson of
old time tobacco peddling notoriety.
We then decamped and went out
northwest to Conyersville, which place
has evidently seen a much better day,
but which has some amiable citizens,
of whom we only formed a limited
passing acquaintance. I called on
my old friend Rufus Ward, of war in
timacy, but found that he had been
sent to Hickman by the Sheriff for
the notorious Rhea, who committed
several nameless outrages some time
since, near Conyersville, of which
you remember, no doubt, of seeing
published in various papers not long
since. The community around that
section seem to be greatly moved with
a spirit of revenge, and I feel satisfied
they will call into requisition Judge
Lynch's services to try him. From
thence we went down the Kentucky
line and back via Cottage Grove to
this place. We found throughout our
trip the farmers very much discour
aged on account of the low prices ot
tobacco and the universal damage to
wheat Wefecl certain that wheat will
not make an average of more than
half a yield, and many crops we saw
can't makeanything. We don't think
we saw in our whole trip a single crop
that did not have rust upon it more
or less. My friend D. says that we
started with a thousand mile ticket,
and he feels very much like the las.
numbers are about punched ; but I
tell him that I expect to have bim a
new ticket ready by Monday morning.
Mr H. H. Lovelace has shown us to
day his fine stock, of which he is
proud and which would compare very
favorably with any of Kentucky's
best. He has improved short-born
cattle, imported Berkshire hogs, aud
model imported horses, and is making
more money raising stock, Ac., than
our best farmers are raising cotton.
Como is beautifully located with a fine
surrounding country, and all it needs
is the. Evansville railroad, which
should run from Milan to this place,
thence en to Cottage Grove and'out
by Crossland, on the state line, and
Murry, Ky. Como has a thrifty, in
telligent and thriving community,
and Murphy s by the hundred.
Rutherford has a lyceum.
Dyer Station ships fowls and cattle
to New Orleans.
Snoddy & Briggs's store was robbed
at Dyer Station a few nights since.
Loss about 8100.
Prof. J. W. Stilwell proposes to
publish an educational journal in
Yorkville at an early day.
Alderman W. E. Barton, a promi
nent citizen of Rutherford, died with
an attack of pneumonia a few days
Our farmer friends are still troubled
with the gloomy wheat prospect. On
every side we hear of the rust and the
fly, and it now looks as if the crop
would be seriously damaged some1
kij one-half and others one-fourth.
We hope, though, it will not be so
bad as they fear. We have heard of
one or two farmers plowing up their
Cotton Shipments.
During the month of April 63 bales
were shipped on the L. & N. and 55
on the Central, making a total of 118.
Shipped previously, 4538. Total to
May 1st 4656.
An Astonishing Fact.
A large proportion of the American
people are to-day dying from the ef
fects of Dyspepsia or disordered liver.
The result of these diseases upon the
masses ot intelligent and valuable peo
ple is most alarming, making life act
ually a burden instead of a pleasant
existence of enjoyment and usefulness
as it ought to be. Ihere is no good
reason for this, if you will only throw
aside prejudice and skepticism, take
the advice of druggists and your
friends, and try one bottle of Green's
August Flower. Your speedy relief
is certain. Millions of bottles of this
medicine have been given away to try
its virtues, with satisfactory results in
every case. You can buy a sample
bottle for 10 cents to try. Ihree
doses will relieve the worst case. Pos
itively sold by all Druggists on the
Western Continent. For sale by W.
II. Coley, Milan, Tenn.
The North British & Mercantile
Iusurance Co. paid her losses at the
Clarksville fire in less than 10 days.
Insure with this prompt company.
Eli Stone, Ag't.
Just received from New York, all
the latest styles of hats, bonnet., and
other millinery goods. Will sell as
low as the lowest. O II Hallstrom.
Bankrupt Store !
removed to Williams, Smith
& Co's old Stand.
To My Friends and Patrons !
I wish to express my many thanks,
not only for the patronage which you
have so liberally extended to me ; but
for the kindness and sociability which
you have shown to the stranger who
came into your midst not many
months ago. I can say that I have
spent as pleasant a winter in Milan
aud vicinity as I ever hope to spend
anywhere. Now I have thought,
where a winter can be made so pleas
ant with its gloomy days, how nice
it will be in summer, when the trees
and flowers bloom, and I had such
good luck here in Belling so many
goods that I had to go after another
stock, and had to get a larger store
room. You will find us at Williams,
Smith & Co.'b old stand where we will
sell goods cheaper than the cheapest. I
am not waiting for large profits, be
cause I will sell low and turn the
money over and make it come in that
I have a nice stock of Dry Goods,
White Goods, Grenadines, Embroid
eries, Irish Linen, Table Linen.Crash,
Lawns, &c
I have also a large stock of Cloth
ing. Its equal is cot to be found this
side of Memphis. We are manufac
turing a great deal of Clothing our
selves, therefore have the advantage
above others that have to give the
manufacturers any. profits.
Ours Shoes and Boots are nice and
Also, an immense stock of Ladles'
Hats and Gent's Hats, &c.
Mr Hilliard Williams and myself
will be glad to wait on you, ana re
collect tSat we are here to show goods.
Come and see us, one and all, at the
popular Bankrupt Store,
Williams, Smith & Co.'s old stand.
removed to Williams, Smith
Co's Old Itand.
We are all
O. K. this
week. Our
goods are all
fresh and
nice. Prices
Since our
last notice,
we have re
ceived and
sold most ofi
our second
lot of Ladies'
Suits. The
balance on
hand will be
sold very low
and the third
lot to arrive
in a few days,
will be pret
tier than ev
er. In a line
of goods for
the ladies we
always work
for the blue
ribbon, and
if pretty
goods, and
low prices
will run, we
will certain
ly get it.
Nice New
port Ties for
Ladies, Mis
ses and Chil
dren. Our
second lot of
these goods
to arrive in a
day or two.
The stylish
Boots and
Shoes for
arentrmen so
inucii inquir
ed for are to
be had at our
Pay 1'enr School Taxt
All persons indebted to us for tui
tion are herebv requested to come for
ward promptly and settle their ao
count?. W e must close op our busi
ness entirely by the 14th of May, at
which time our connection with Milan
College will cease." As we expect to
leave immediately thereafter, we will
be compelled to tura overall unpaid
accounts into the hands of an officer
for collection.
Ftv net & Paschal.
Keep pure Whiskies, Wine and
Brandies for family and medical pur
Parties wishing to buy real estate
or rent houses, at a bargain, will do
well to call on O. II. Hailstrom,
Milan, Tenn.
A splendid lot of fashionable new
Jewelry for ladies and gentlemen has
just been received by E. A. Duffy at
"The Old Reliable."
Robertson has just received thia
day, by Express, a large stock of
Ladies Misses' and children's Spring
Hats direct from New Yoit. For
sale cheap.
Large stock of Boots and "Shoes
just in to-day from - Boston, which
will be sold very low. Call and. see
before you buy, at R. J. Robertson's.
Special to the Ladle.
Miss Mary Wade is prepared to re
shape and press hats in the latest and
most fashionable- styles. Charge
moderate. Give her a call.
A Cross Mark
f n the margin of your paper Indi
cates that your time ia out, or will ex
pire with the next paper, .ueraember
our rule cash alw ays in advakcx.
Send your orders for pianos and or
gans to H. G. Hollenberg, 294 Main
street, Memphis. He has the best
and fullest assortment and sells as
low as a genuine article can be
Bismnrk, Gladstone, Oortscha
kotr and Andraasy Prepar
ing to Conrene the Eu
ropean Congress.
Notwithstanding the great pani.
and suffering in Europe, the prices of
Coffins, WagouS, Buggies, etc, ar.
still falling, and Holt is prepared to
sell you a wagon or a coffin at lower
figures than ever. Plain wheel bug
gies, ?90. Sarven wheel buggies,
8120. Hacks from 85 to M00.
No. 1 wagon for 550. Coffins from
92 to 8100 each. Horse-shoeing at
SI round, he furnishing everything
but the horse, and, the blacksmith is
one of the prettiest and cleverest men
in the state. Repairing of all kinds
done at short notice and at the very
lowest prices. He olso requests ev
erybody who has borrowed tools from
him especially screw drivers to
bring them home.
He needs them.
Most Beautiful !
The elegant stock of Ladies' Ties,
Jabots, Collarettes and Cuffs, Rainbow
Crepe Lace Scarf, Opera Sl.awls,
Sea-foam Handkerchiefs, etc., just re
ceived at E. A. Duffy's arc simply
If you want the best whiskv, yon
will have to go to Haynes y,uhodes ,
tor they keep none but the best.
forget to call and examine th.
New American Sewing Machine at E.
A. Duffy's-
Spring Hats, Spring Bonnets, and
Spring Flowers in the most fashiona
ble styles, just received byE A Duffy.
Linen Suits!
E. A. Duffy has a beautiful ine of
ready-made suits for Ladies, Misses
and children, at prices ranging from
81.50 up.
Fans from 5 cents to 5 dollar at
E. A. Duffy's.
Parties stealing the word "JJtxH
ealed," simulating tho bottles and
labels of Dr. McCabe's Medicated
Blackberry Brandy, whether a myth
of the Professor or otherwise, are fraudi.
Genuine at Coley & Dickinson's.
Hallstrom has the latest and most
fashionable Ladies' Dress Goods, Mil
linery Fancy Goods and Notions ever
brought to Milan, ami defies competi-
tion. Call and see for yourself.
Just received from Boston : The
most complete,' cheapest 6tock of
queensware that was ever broughtato
this market. Haynes & Rhodes.
Don't be picked by advertisements
of cheap pianos, if you can't pay more
than $2o0 for a piano, send your
money to II G Hollenberg, and h.
will 6ell you something good for th.
money, but won't humbug you int.
saying its worth 8650,
New style Baby's Lace Bonnetts at
E. A. Duffy's.
The attention of the ladies ia espec
ially called to the beautiful new styles
of Bourctte Grenadines and - Linens
at E. A.' Duffy's.
Have just received a fresh lot of
German millet at Haynes & Rhodes'.
Go to Douglass's for the pure, un
adulterated Globe Whisky.
- Haynes & Rhodes will exchange
grocerie for country produce, but
they sell very cheap for the cash.
I a - n sasai aj
- Bargains ! Bargains ! Bargains I
Go to llallstrom's for the cheapest
goods in the market. . No mistake.
. -German JHillet.
Hale & Vanheok have a fine lot of
German Millet Seed in stuck, and are
ready to sell ital the lowest rates. '
: .? : " '
, . AXD
Funeral Undertakers !
"VlT'E bare opnd a bj and stora room am
V V i'mut Row. where w km-p on hand a rat
ply BlorTinaaf riu!rrr(le Rosewood, Wal
But.Poplar.ete.. ail niadftaaxi finished ia the
Wat manner, aad at bottom ricc for cash.
We are aim pT'i ared to do Cabinet Work in Hi
rarioa branch Can Chair Bottoming.
M?T.din. Varuuh'ag, etfl.. ia the best style.
Call and ti u and our tvk. We alo make
bog; Mm ia tho ver beet yle.
stf : i , . PA&IISH Jk-KICBAZnoir.

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