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Bankrupt Store !
W. A. M ADE, r.ditor a4 PHblieher.
THlllams, Smith lb Co's
Old Stand.
Twe dollars rears one dollar for six aenthri
(fUr nu for throe monttu, lKYA!iaiT I t-
The exchange i
t blraro,L LaU A Xw OrlMM B. R.
Trains leare Milan as fellows and after
may u, J".S:
riMHt TKslKl.
N. I. north, leaves at . 2:45 ptn
-3. " - 4 45ata
. 2, anatb, . ....ll;4uata
No. 4. " " ,.U:au im
riKicHT Ttiiirs.
. 0. north, lean at.
X'o. 6, sonth
2:1.1 rn
1:25 am
4:3u pm
Time a ;out 6ftn minutes slowrr than too
time. J. C, LOl'LZ. ArenU
t. tHAXM.KR.
(itn l Manager,
len'l i ess. A rent,
ticn'l Tiiket Agent.
l-onlai III 4- XsbTllr A fit. ft. B. B.
Train 1are Milan as follow on end after
May 12. lKTKi
!o. 1. south, leavesat . 4:00 am
o. 3. " " ...,... , ll:V)am
o. 2, north, " 3:(M im
. 4, " . " . 4:1" am
Ao. o, " " .. U:ain
No. .1, sonth, loaves at .... 4:40 am
No. T, " " l.tOam
Mo. H, north, " 2:ft'i am
A- W. U.iVlMJ, Accut,
lien. 1'. A T. A. Local Ticket Ait't
roevrr axd irr irixtost.
3. V. Arnold, Sheriff.
M. C. Holmes, County Court Clerk.
K. K. Humes. Chnm-err Clerk. Treat.
'f. J. Williams. Ch&ncervicrk, Humboldt.
rt'in. Mxir, Crruit Clerk, Trenton.
M-11. Johnson, Law Court Clerk, Hambolr't.
tons. Williams, Coroner.
(. C. Lone, Truste.
ali o..r. ( ounty fureryor.
J.H. Currer. Superintendent 1'ubIU School.
. it. Col, Reenter.
f . F. Tljmkin, Mayor and Rocordur.
.inn. I). Liixk. City Marshal.
It. K. Kdarrt. J. II. ii-kinon. W. K.
liecees. E- A. Collins, J. II lilankiokliip and
l. C. SeiiUr, Aldermen.
I'.aptist Church street. J. F. Wearer. Pastor.
Preaching: first and second undaytoach month.
Piayer meeting Thursday evening, tunday--liol
9a. to.
.VI ih..tit North Main street. A. L. Pritch
ett. I'astor. Preaching second and fourth t-un-d.is
each month, I'rayer meeting Tuesday
v-niiiK. homlny-s'-hool 1 am.
Prot stant Kpieennal At Clark's Hall, Main
trcrt, J. K.iirey. Hector. iSerrico the third
r-uiid.iy in each "ionth.
t iitiitierland Prenbilcrinn At Friendship, 3
mile ct-t of Milan, T. VV . Cannon, pantor.
5ervics fourth Sunday in each mouth.
i. o. o. r.
Milan Lodjre, No. 1C-3 A. Duffy, N G. R.
Y. Moore, ii . J. 11. Dickinson, Secretary.
W . A. Wade, Treasurer. Lodge ueeta every
Wednesday niflit.
Miln-n Iidire. No. 191 Meets Paturdar JO a.
m. before the ;l Sunday is each month. Lr.
M. I. I.. Jordan, Vaster. 11. L. Dickinson,
I.hvuii Chapter Ko. 5A Meets Saturday be
fore the ltd Sumlnjr in each uionlh. M. l). L.
Jordun, II. P. H. !. Dickinson, Recorder.
Ijiv ni.M fnuitril, Nn.&i Meet Friday nisht
n or I efore each full moon in March, June,
-C'leinocr kiiiI iotMimher. M. D. L.Jordan,
T. 1. AJ. S. II. II ale. Recorder.
I.iherty I.odjro, No-4rA meetg first and third
Friday niclits in e.i 'h mouth at their hall in
Milan- M. 1. L. Jordau. licUtur. W. K
Iiiuiuiod, Kci'orter.
a.o. r. vr. .
Stonewall Lodge. No- .'SO Meets 1st and Sd
furf. lay nitlitf iu encb ro irtli ii Masonic Hull.
A- W. LoriiiK. M. tt J. C. Lk-e. Recorder-
To Candidates.
The following scalo of pfiees has been
r freed on by the papers of this county, and
will he strictly adhered t :
or t onp-revs.
10 f3
7 .t
ft n)
n 00
- or -i uti
udac and Attorney ticneral.
1 or lieaij.lntnre,
For t'ounty tMneen
1 ..r
,irlivtrict Dili, cm. 2 fill
( nlif for persons to become candidate?, five
trots ixtr line.
Icrdwa Tirkrta.
Finale thousand, 12 00
Too thousand or more (in same order) I W
Term:) Mrictly ca?h.
TkKNToN MinnoR,
HimHiii.kt IUai.n,
Milan Kiciiam.k.
Fr ( aiiKress,
CLl)VKLL.- We are authorized to an-nounrc-Hon,
Robert P. Caldwell, of (i ib
Ton.asa candidate (or Con tress in thil (the
Vth) Conprossloual district.
"T'AriSHAN. We are aulhnrited to in.
nounce Hon. W . V . Vaueban. of Rrowns
ille. ior Conures from this (the Htk) t'onares
vioual Distric:, conipumMj ut the counties of
Weakley, Onion, Lr.ke, Dyer, (libson .Crockett,
Haywood. Lau enlnle and Tipton. a t-ubject to
(be act on of a Democratic convention..
TiirasDAT, AtersT 1.
lrcait Court J !;.
CART1I EL. We are auth.riied to announce
John T. Carthel, of Trenton, as a candi
date for J udge of the 13th Circuit"
I")EAD. We are authorised to annoanee
V Edward J- Read, a citiien of Crnrkett
county and member o: the law irm of E. J. A
J f. Read, of the llrnwiiovllle bar, as a candi
date for Judge of the IJth Judicial circuit of
the St:tc of Tennessee, composed of the eoun
tikf.'f Haywood, Crockett, Gibson and Dyer-t-.lection
the first day of August, 1578.
Attorney UeMsral.
McDEARM0K.-We are authorited to an
nounce J. C- McDearmon, of Trenton, as
k -di4tste fr Attorney tieneral of ths 13th
judicial circuit.
x B.li-ritt.
VRNOLD. W. are authoriied to announce
J. K- Arnold as a candidate for re-election
to the office of Sheriff of tiibena county.
T LAKEM0RK. W are aatherited to an
J )noanrr J. 1!. Rlakeinore as a candidate for
Mieriff at the next election.
' EKI.EY. We are authorited to announce
11. Hefley as a candidate for Sheriff at
the next election.
4 .naljr Court Clerk.
CARNE. Wears authorised to annoanee
John It. Carne as a candidate fur t'lerk of
the t'ouaty Court of Gibson county at the ntx.t
HOLM ES. We are authoriied to announce
M-C. Holmes as a candidate 4V-r re-elec-turn
to the office of County Court Clerk of tib
on couuty.
TANDRUM. I offer my nskne to the otera
J of this connty as a candiuate for County
lerk- Should you favor me with your suf
frsrc, you will Bnd none more rrateful and
willinrtn attend and disebarre the duties of
the office with prowiptness and fidelity.
Very Respectfully,
J. M- LMRrM. Bradford Statlr.n.
TONil. Wear, authoriied te annnounce J.
JC. Lour as arandidato tor re-electioa to
the office of Trustee of tiitwoa ceantjr.
B'T-IN. I offer my nswie ae a candidate for
Kecister of Gibson county at the next elec
tu n. It bas been my misi'ortun. never to walk,
ro I am unable to make a living by labor, as
vther men- 1 hope the voters will take asy caee
into consideration and give me their aid 1 was
born and raised in Gibson county, dist. No. 1
lsiectfully, James L. Bali.
GVIXA.V We are authoriied to announce
P. Guinnn.wf Humboldt, ae a candidate
for Register of tbswn (owntgr.
THOMAS. Wear authorised and requested
to announce Sam H. Thomas, Esq., 4 Dyer
htatioa as a candiuate for Kegister at the elec
tion next Auctist-
4 lerk or HaaaboleU Lmm 4 owrt.
T1CKINSN. We are anthorired an
JU uoane. J. H. Dickinson, of Milan, as a
candidate for Clerk of Humboldt Law Court.
JOHNSON Ti are authoriied o announce
M. H. Johnson as a candidate for Clerk of
the Humboldt Law Court, at Dhe next election-
r r4wrl rata.hl.
ALOEE We are authorited to announce
V . U. Algee aaa oaadtdata for laataid
ot tne 13th civil district, so LU the vacancy ec
rasionod by the rega.-aioa f J. F. Jouaa
fcei'tm tsaaurdart Hf t-
"The lurtioas fruits of spring are here.
And savory odors fill the air.
While strawberries and cream appear.
With shortcake, oa the hill of fare-"
School's out !
Lovely weather again.
J)r. Crawford will be here next week.
Ourxlored friend's are building a
large frame church in the southern
part of town.
Our friend R. E. Edwards present
ed us with a splendid trout last week.
He wis a beauty.
Every liberal advertiser in the
Exchange is doing a big business.
Do you see the point ?
The largest and sweetest strawlier-
ries we have 6een were preKentcd to
us last week by Mr Iliue. They came
from Medina.
We have heard that h alight frost
was visible here yesterday morning.
Some say that it snowed a little a few
days since, too.
The Methodist church has recently
been greatly improved by the appli
cation of two or three coats of white
paint on the outer walls.
The young men of Milan have issu
ed invitations to a hop to come off at
Odd Fellow's Hall to ni-rht. It pro
niiscs to be a pleasant affair.
New carpets have been bought for
the aisles in the Baptist church. They
are quite au improvement, and stop
much noise during the service.
Mrs Cruse will give an ice cream
supper to-night. Parties attending
the hop will bear this in mind. Tick
ets can be procured at the hall.
Our readers w ill remember that the
special election for constable of this
district takes place next Saturday.
Turn out and elect a good man.
Hon J. D. C. Atkins has our thanks
for important public documents. The
General will be unanimously re elect
ed iu his district, and we are glad of
We rjeglected the last two weeks to
call attention to G. G. Green's new
local advertisements. His medicines
are very popular here, and deservedly
A drunken Irishman was so full of
liappiness and bad whisky last Satur
day that In? made his bed on the side
walk on Front How, and was perfectly
Let the voters remember that W.
II. Algee, whose name is announced
in another column, is a candidate for
Constable at the special election ntxt
A " norther'' blvw up here last Sun
day afternoon and continued during
Monday. Snow, ice and frost were
" enjoyed" in several states north of
us on Saturday.
An Ohio farmer is corresponding
with parties here with the view of
buying a farm. Wc will welcome him
and hundreds of others. We need
more farmers around Milan.
Mrs Duffy offers some fine bargains
in our local notices. She receives
new goods every week, and sells at
wonderfully low rates. Read them,
and you are sure to buy from her.
Rev J. R. Gray will hold service
at Clark's Hall.next Sundny morning
and evening. This will be his last
visit here for some time, as he will
visit Europe during the summer
Our friend George Cade has cleared
seveatyfive dollars on three-fourths
of an acre of strawberries, and is not
yet done picking. If he had put it in
cotton, he would have wade about five
or ten dollars.
Up to last evening about 50,000
quarts of strawberries had been ship
ped from this place. Next week, w ben
the season will be over, we will publish
the exact figures. We may have a
few other thoughts to add. .
Read Jordan's great big new adver
tisement. He is doing a rousing bus
iness, and we are not surprised at it,
when it is known Eh Stone, Dave
Mills, and John Townesare salesmen,
and a big advertisement is run in the
Crump, the jeweler, has moved into
Brown & Dickson's store, where he has
added a beautiful new stock of goods
in his line to the elegant lot he had on
hand. We are glad to learn that he Is
doing a good business. Read his locals
and call on him.
Col. W. W. Vaughaa has been re
quested to address the graduating class
at Bethel College, McKenzie, on tie
6th of June, and has kiadly consented
to do so. He is a popular and able
speaker, and will interest his audience.
No doubt a crowded house will turn
out to hear him.
Zeilin is prosecuting Thedford for
making and selling Simmons' Liver
Regulator. Their attorneys spent one
day tiere last week lakingdepositious.
Thed ford's preparation, at any rate, is
the one which sells best here. How
ever, w suppose there is little if any
difference in the medicine.
The firm of B. F. Smith & Co.,
Memphis, has been dissolved, and the
business will be settled by Mr Smith.
Mr Smith is now connected with the
bouse of H, B Howell Co., And
has charge of the office and produce
department. We take pleasure in
recommending the firm to our friends
as worthy of their patronage, known
for integrity and business capacity,
and large capital. See their adver
ment in this paper.
By reference to our announcement
column, it will be seen that Mr J. C.
McDearmon, of Trenton, is a candi
date for Attorney General of this cir
cuit. He is well-known to our read
ers as a lawyer of learning and ability,
and one who attends carefully and
promptly to all business entrusted to
him. He U a gentleman who mixes
well with th people, and has many
friends wherever he is known. He
will be a favorite in this part of the
as saaa - mi.
Railroad Items.
I Fitzgerald and his crew have just
laid a lot of new rail on the L. & N.
road north of tovn. j
Ragsdale and his force are putting i
down a fine steel rail track along the
line of the Central road here. j
Clinton Democrat 9th: It is thought
that the extension of the C.,St L. &
N. O. railroad from Fillmore, the pres
ent terminus of the road, to a point
opposite Cairo, w ill bo completed with
in a month from now.
A change of schedule took eflect on
both our roads hist Sunday, for details
of which see the time table on this
page. . The accommodation train will
run between Memphis and McKenzie
iu future, connecting with traius on
the Nashville, Chattanooga fc St.
Louis road.
We learn that the L. & N. road
will, at an early day, put a fast fruit
express train on this division. This
will be a great accommodation to fruit
and vegetable raisers, and a wonder
ful saving in freights. Both our
roads are willing to do all in their
power to help build up business along
their lines. " Milan is the best ship
ping jKiint in America."
Deputy Sheriff lug was in town yes-1
Hop Johnson, of the Memphis Led-1
ger; and Col. 1-lywn, of the L. fc N. i
R. R.. passed down the roa 1 last i
Prof. Finney and laniily and Prof.
Paschal will leave for Middle Tennes
see to-morrow morning. We lose
good citizens when they leave.
Cttpt. J. C. McDearmon, Gibson
county's favorite for Attorney Gener
al, was in Umi ye-terday, looking af
ter his interests in the canvass.
Mr J. H. Hefley, a prominent can
didate1 for Sheriff of this county, spent
several days here last week. He is
making many friends in his rounds.
Col. W. W. Vui.hftn, Haywood's
popular candidate for Congress, hon-o-cd
tis with a visit last Saturday.
He fays he is fast gaining strength all
over the district.
Commodore Doak, of the Nashville
American, passed here last Tuesday,
on his way to Jackson, where he was
to deliver an address to the Memorial
Society yesterday.
Mr JiajjV'D. Came, candidate for
County Clerk, paid us a visit last
Monday. He is a most pleasant and
accomplished gentleman, and is fully
competent to fill the office for which
he aspires. And he is making a fine
nice, too.
Col. Vangtian Serenaded.
Last Saturday Col. Vaughan, can
didate for. Congress in iVJs district,
was the guest of the City Hotel. Hear
ing of it, our excellent brass band
turned out at night and serenaded
him, giving several beautiful pieces in
fine style. The music attracted quite
a crowd in a few minutes, when the
Colonel was called out. ' He made a
happy talk of about twenty, minutes,
but did not discuss questions of differ
erence between himself and rival can
didates. At the close of his remarks,
the ladies present presented him with
a beautiful boquet, which drew from
him some most eloquent and beautiful
remarks. We will merely, .hint that
the Colonel is a w idower, and that he
loves all the fine-looking women he
sees, and consequently he cant't help
saying sweet things to them, especially
w hen they give him so good an op
portunity. Strawberry Festival.
A strawberry, cake and" ice cream
supper vttl be served at Clark's Hall
to-morrow (Friday) night, for the
benefit of the Methodist church here.
Committees have been appointed to
make all necessary arrangements, and
a good supper is promised. The small
sum of ten cecals for grown persons
and five cents for children will be col
lected at the door, and twenty-five
cents will then secure a plate of ice
cream, strawberries and cake. The
money goes toward building a fence
around the church lot. We hope to
see a large crowd out ; and we hope,
further, that each person will eat sev
eral tiii-os.
The Simons plaved two or three
nights in Trenton last week.
The Mirror thinks the invention
and introduction of so much labor
saving machinery into the country is
the cause of so many idle tramps, and
proceeds to argue the question. Our
opinion is that these " gentlemen of
the road" are nearly every one of
them too lazy and mean to work,
and would rather beg and steal for a
living. At least, that is the exper
ience of our people around here.
There is plenty of work for them, if
they would go at it.
From the Trenton Slirror.
We regret to learn that Prof. Bu
cliaaan died last Sunday. He was a
popular teacher and a pood citizen.
Alston Bailey, one of our wealthiest
citizens, was in town last Monday.
He informs us that he never had in
his house, during his whole life, an
almanac, book, newspaper or a quart
of whisky.
The following persons compose the
Democratic Executive Committee for
Gibson county: John H. GIuss, chair
man; A. Jordan, Milan, W. I. Mc.
Farland, Humboldt, John Martin,
Bradford, W. C. Kelly, Yorkville.
Rev. J. Braden, President of the
Central Tennessee College, Professors
A. K. Sencer and 11. lv. Bennett,
of Fisk University, and Dr. Phillip,
President of Baptist College (all eoloi
ed institutions) at Nashv.lle, propose
to hold a Teachers Institute for the
colored schools of Gibsou county, at
Trenton, on Fritlay and Saturday the
14th and 15th of June next of which
a programme will be out soon.
From the Trenton Herald
The residence of Columbus Foster,
two miles west of Rutherford, was de
stroyed by fire since our last issue.
Monday last Oliver Spruell (color
ed), who hailed from Brownsville, was
arrested here on a charge of stealing
flour, meal, corn, &c, from one of the
Brownsville mills. He has been carry
ing cn his stealing for several months.
He was conveyed to Brownsville for
According to the distribution of the
Peabody school fund, made Monday
last. Hon. Ijoou Trousdale states that
the Trenton schools are entitled to the
following amounts: Pealx)dy high
school, SKO; colored school, 8100.
Only two towns in the State receive
larger amounts than ours Clnrksviile
ami Lebanon. They receive 5500
A Teachers Institute will beheld at
Bradford Station Friday and Satrr-
day, June 7th and 8th. Local com
mittee on arrangements: John Martin,
Roliert Bradford, R. A. Meadows,
Willianj Camplx'll and A. J. Alien.
On invitation, reception, A-c J. N.
Alexander, Harvey Holmes, J. G.
Phipps, J. C. Gilibs tun! A. J, Little.
Programme will be made out iu due
From the Humboldt Journal.
J. M. Mitchell, of the Oak
Grove neighborhood, is suffering very
much with dropsy in his feet and legs.
Extensive preparations are now be
ing made for a grand concert, on 15th
of J tine, at the expiration of the school.
There seems to be a fatality among
the cats iu and about this place. They
are dying with something like cholera.
Rev. W. G. Leonard was installed
as pastor of the Cumberland Presby
terian church last Sunday. The in
stallation sermon was preached with
great force, and to a large audience, by
Kev. A. E. Cooper.
One day this week, while the bridge
force of the M. & O. R. R. was work
ing on the trestle at the river, their
scaffold gave way, precipitating the
men about 20 feet, infliuting painful
wounds, but no limbs were broken.
Mr. John Duffey's little Ixiy wasin
a crib shucking corn a few days ago,
when he felt something nibbling at his
big toe. Upon pulling his foot from
the shui-ks, he found a. large chicken
snake hanging toit. Like a brave lad
he killed the snake and went on his
way rejoicing.
Closing Exercises of the College.
Last Tuesday night the spring ses
sion of Milan College closed with pub
lic exercises at Clark's Hall. The
programme comprised essays, decla
mations, recitations and music, and
was highly entertaining to the large
audience present. Miss Mamie Lopez,
being the only graduate, received the
graduating degree. Her valedictory
was wtll-wrftteu, well-delivered and
appropriate. She is an excellent
reader, and charms her hearers with
her quiet dignity and graceful ease of
manner. The Harrison, Donnell &
Co. prizes were awarded to Misses
JJora Sims, Addie Ware and Lizzie
Coleman, and Messrs Elbert Hunt, G.
G. Wood and W. A. Townes. The
Dictionary prizes were won by Misses
AdJie Ware and Annie Coleman. Dr
Jordan presented the prizes with an
appropriate address. . Professors Fin
ney and Paschal made appropriate
farewell addresses. We, in common
with many others, regret very much
to lose them from the town. They
have made many friends here, are ex
cellent teachers, and will honor any
community where, they may live.
Having much better oilers elsewhere,
they have concluded to change tlieir
location, for which no one can bhuae
them. The Milan String Band made
music fr the occasion, auder the lead
ership of Prof. Gladney, who is a
thorough musician, and we doubt
whether they conld have procured bet
ter jausic in West Tewjaanoe,
The apple crop in this county will
be short.
The weather the past few days has
been rough on cotton.
A picnic was given at Pickettville
last Saturday, and we learn a large
crowd was present.
An interesting session of the Gibson
County Teachers' Institute was held
at Dyer Station ou the 3d and 4th
The wheat prospect during the past
week has greatly improved in this sec
tion, and some of our farmers new
think a pretty fair crop will be made.
A strawberry festival was given at
Rutherford on the evening of the 3d
inst. Muoic, speaking, courting, etc.,
was enjoyed heartily by those present.
Messrs. Kincy and Marcum, with
the assistance of several others, euc-
ceeded in killing six minks in a corn
crib at Mr. Kincy's residence, three
miles east of here, last Thursday.
These varmints had slayed numerous
chickens there recently, and were a
A teachers' institute will be held at
Pickettville to-morrow and Saturday.
A large number of people will, no
doubt, attend. The address of wel
come will be delivered by. J. C.
Tharj)e, Esq. Hon Leon Trousdale,
State Superintendent, Miss Clara Con
way, of Memphis, Hons G. B. Black,
J. T. Carthel, J. C. McDearmon, W.
M. Hall, and others will be present
and participate in the exercises.
Leech, the Republican nominee for
Sheriff, is opjosed to negro juries.
Ridgeley, editor of the Republican
and candidate for Register, is strongly
in favor of them. Now, what are the
Republicans of Carroll going to do
about ii?
A little five year old son of Frank
Gibson, five miles east of Huntingdon,
while playing with a " navy six" ljst
Sunday morning, was fatally shot in
the head. Why will people allow fire
arms to lie loosely around where chil
dren can get .hold of them?
The Republicans iu Carroll held a
convention last Monday week to nom
inate candidates fir county officers,
with the following result: for Sheriff,
I. F. Leach; County Court Clerk,
Elij ih Falkner; Register, E. G.
Ridgely; Trustee, Frank Rogers. Levi
McEwen, of Huntingdon, was tender
ed the nomination for Circuit Court
Clerk but declined. This leaves W.
B. Gi izz ird, the present efficient clerk,
without opposition.
On the first Monday the Carrol)
Democracy wet iu convention in
Huntingdon and appointed the fol
lowing delegates to the State Judicial
Convention : L M. Beckerdite, B.
G. Ezzcll, -11. C. Townes, W. M.
Wright, John Warlick, E. T. Bohan
non, J. II. Hillsman, Newt. Lank
ford, Wm. Johnson, J. W. Phillips,
I. M. L. Baker, and W. S. Stephens.
They were requested to vote upon
the first ballot iu the nominating con
vention at Nashville, on the 20th inst.,
for the present Supreme bench for
Supreme court judges for this state,
after the first ballot, if no nomination
should be then made, the delegation
will exercise a sound discretion.
From the Huntingdon Vindicator.
We notice one solemn, solitary Af
rican at work grading the streets. He
is slow but sure, and gradually im
proves our town,
7 he case of Geo. W. Harris vs the
Louisville and Memphis Railroad, in
which Harris sues for ten thousand
dollars damages was set for trial at
next term of the court.
Marriage licenses issued during the
past week
J. II. Gray and S. C. Phipps.
Frank Patterson and Bettie Bell.
R. J. Bennett and A. E. Phipps.
E. G. Ridgley, candidate for Reg
ister, proprietor of the Republican
and Post Master is an open and avow
ed advocate of negro juries in this
county. " His paper, the Republican,
takes a bold stand for negro juries
and Ridgley, upon this issue, expects
to get the entire colored vote of this
E. G. Ridgley has resigned the of
fice ef postmaster at this place. He
received the nomination for Register
Monday, and thinking it might look
greedy to want so many offices, gave
up the one in which there was the
least pay. We hear there are several
applicants for the position thus made
vacant, and know for a certainty that
Miss Wilhella Hawkins and Joe Bre
vard are. Petitions were circulated
yesterday, and many men signed
them all. The perquisites of the office
amouut to 540 per month.
From the IlunticrJon Keambtiran.
Strawberries from Milan are sold in
town now.
Kyle's chapel, about six miles east
of town, will be dedicated on the first
Sunday in J une. Many will probably
go from here.
We have heard that two of our lead
ing citizens propose building a new
Methodist church at this place. We
hope they are iu earnest.
We were sorry to hear of the pain
ful accident which happened to our
friend E-q. J. W. Roberts, of Cedar
Grove, hist Monday. HehadEtarted
to town and come some distnnce, when
his horse threw him, breaking his arm
and severely braking him.
A Fine Watch Cheap!
A lady's really fine soKd gold, doub
le case watch can be bought very cheap
by applying at this office. Don't lose
a bargain by failing to call.
I have removed my stock of Watch
es, Clocks and Jewelry to Brown &
Dickson's store, where I will he pleas
ed to see my friends and customers.
R. O. Crcmp.
The fourth lot of Linen Suits are
now being closed out by E. A. Duffy.
Go quick and secure a bargain.
A nice stock of Emblem Pins, such
as Knights of Honor, A. O. U. W.,
Odd Fellows, Masons, Murphy", &c,
can be found at R. O. Crump's, Brown
& Dickson's store.
Magic Puffings, in great abundance,
only 10 cents a yard at E. A. Duffy's.
Ladies' fine Gold Sett", fine Roll
Plate Setts and Celluloid Setts at R.
O. Crump's.
Go to E. A. Duffy and buy Bou
rette Grenadines at 30 cents a yard.
Panic prices !
Something nice in Misses' Ear Drops,
Gold and Plated, Misses Setts and
Cuff Buttons at R. O. Crump s.
E. A. Duffy sells marscilles at only
15 ceutd a yard.
Spectacles! Spectacles!!
I can suit anybody in spectacles,
Gold, Silver or Steel. Call and see
me at my new stand, at Brown &
Dickson's. Ii. O. Crump.
Folding Fans from 5c up. Ostrich
and Rural Fans perfect beauties at E.
A. Duffy's.
Old Gold and Silver taken in ex
change tor Jewelry, Spectacles, &c,
at R O Crump's.
Kid Gloves at 50 cents a pair at E.
A. Duffy's. Finer ones at higher
Gent's Roll Plate Vest Chains,
guaranteed to wear five years, for sale
by R O Crump.
Corded Piques only 10 cents a yard
at E. A. Duffy's.
Gold and Silver Watches can !e
bought of R O Crump cheaper than
elsewhere. He keeps on hand a good
E. A. Duffy sells Humberg Edg
ings from 5c a yard up to the best.
Ladies, if you want a good heavy
Silver Thimble, R O Crump has them.
He also has in stock some very nice
Necklaces and Charms, for sale cheap.
Embroideries at 5c a yard at E. A.
Pistols, Cartridges, Violin, Guitar
and Banjo Strings, at R O Crump's.
E. A. Duffy sells Parasols at from
35c apiece up.
The new style Japanese Street Hats
at E. A. Duffy's are perfectly lovely.
Get one, by all means.
Mr E. Poole has recently located
in Milan for the purpose of selling the
Singer Sewing Machine and Attach
ments, and Needles for all Machines.
He will a!;) repair machines at rea
sonable prices. He can be found at
Brown & Dickson's store.
Large stock of Boots and Shoes
jirst in to-day from Uoston, which
will be sold very low. Call and see
before you buy, at R. J. Robertson's.
An AsJwmishing Fact.
A large proportion of the American
people are to-day dying from the efi
fects of Dyspepsia or disordered liver.
The result of these diseases upon the
masses ot intelligent and valuable peo
jle is most alarming, making life act
ually a burden instead of a pleasant
existence of enjoyment and usefulness
as it ought to be. There is no good
reason for this, if you will only throw
aside prejudice and skepticism, take
the advice of druggists and your
friends, and try one bottle of Green's
August Flower. Your speedy relief
is certain. Millions of bottles of this
medicine have been given away to try
its virtues, with satisfactory results in
every case. You can buy a sample
bottle for 10 cents to try. Three
doses will relieve the worst case. Pos
itively sold by all Druggists on the
Western Continent. For sale by W.
H. Coley, Milan. Tenn.
If you want the best whisky, you
will have to go to Haynes & Rhodes',
for they keep none but the best.
Parties wishing to buy real estate
or rent houses, at a bargain, will do
well to call on O. H. Hallstront
Milan, Tenn.
Robertson has just received this
day, by Express, a large stock of
Ladies' Misses and children's Spring
Hats direct from New York. For
sale cheap.
HaUstrom has the latest and most
fashionable Ladies' Dress Goods, Mil
linery Fancy Goods and Notions ever
brought to Milan, and defies competi
tion. Call and see for yourself.
Special to the Ladis.
Miss Mary Wade is prepared to re
shape, dye and press hat3 iu the latest
aud most fashionable styles. Charges
moderate. Give her a call. Butter,
eggs, chicken, &c, taken in pay.
Sold! Sold! Sold!
We sold entirely out of Ladies Lin
en Suits last week. We nave sold
about forty of these beauties this
spring. We have decided that pretty
goods and low prices are duly appre
ciated by the ladies. The names of
the forty who had bought these suits
from us might look pretty in print,
but we leave them out now. But we
do say thank you, thani you.
Arrived! Arrived! Arrived!
We received yesterday the fourth
lot of Ladies' Linen Suits. They
like all the balance we have been sell
ing, are very pretty. And remember
that our styles in these goods are well
assorted. No two in the store alike.
For a nice dress, cheap, come early.
They are pretty, pretty, pretty.
They Did. They Did.
Under the guidance of our clever
city fathers, or somebody else, the
plank walks across Alain street nave
all been torn up, save one, and that
one is not pointing into our store by a
jug tuli. lney may nave a siock
store of their own, and changed the
walk for their own convenience, or it
may all be accidental ; hut be it
known t j all mankind, that for big fat
bargains in all kinds of staple and
fancy Dry Goods, that you can get
them by coming around to the EM
PORIUM. Our city dads" may fix
our plank back before long, if they
dou't forget it ; but if they don't, we
will fix one ourselves, we will fix one
Be it remembered by all the read
ers of the Exchange, that we carry
as pretty Calicoes, Lawns, Percales,
Poplins, Bouretts, Chambrays, Grass
Cloths, plain and fancy Linens, as are
made. We carry a nice line of white
goods, white Percales, white Victoria
Lawns, white Swiss, white Cambric
Muslins, Silk and Silk Poplins, and
other fashionable fabrics for making
Ladies' Dresses.
Patterns. Patterns.
We are expecting daily u full line
of Mme. Demorest's Patterns for Lad
ies', Misses' and Children's Dresses.
Will, also, have a big display of Fash
ion Plates and other accoutrements
necessary for perfecting nice fits iu
these garments. These Patterns can
be had of us at a trifle. You arc all
invited to come and see them.
Mammas. Mamma.
You are all cutting up about little
shoes for your babies with heels. We
can supply your wants. We have
them in good styles. They are pretty,
pretty, pretty.
We can safely say to the people,
that they can find as complete assort
ment of goods in our store as can be
found any where. We never make
such assertions as some of our col
leagues do, that we sell goods cheaper
than anyone else. It would seem "too
thin but it's a handy store to trade
at, and we are always sober, and do
business on strict business principels.
We will interest you if you come to
see us.
Oil. Oil. Oil.
We received this day a big lot of
the finest Oil for Sewing Machines.
Big fat 3oz bottles for only 15 cents.
You will remember we carry all kind
of Machine Needles, and furnish all
kind of attachments. e keep tell
ing you its a handy store to trade at.
Come to see us everybody.
We an selling our custom-made
Newport Ties as cheap as you can
buy eastern trash. Besides they are
double acting; they wear with and
without buckles. Ours is a nice store
to buy shoes at.
Be it knorn to all gentlemen and
ladies of all ages.that we have no drum
mers or sharks on the highway, try
ing to induce them to buy against
their inclinations. We never send to
our neighbors' stores to decoy their
customers away from them ; our goods
arc too nice and cbenp for that. . We
ask all who want big fat bargains iu
all manner of Dry Goods and fancy
articles, to come voluntarily to the
EMPORIUM, headquarters for gen
eral merchandise, and buy goods free
ly, for we carry just the things you
need, and are makers of low prices.
We are receiving new lines of
Ladies' Newport Ties, Ladies' fancy
Striped and solid colored Hose, Mis-
es' and Childrens' Hose in all colors.
We have about 200 Linen and
Grass Cloth Coats to fit Boys from 9
to 12 years old, at 50 to 75c each;
and a lair fine of Men's Clothing we
offer at almost any price. We want to
go entirely out of this line of business,
and will make reasonable sacrifice to
get out. Come try on wwie of oar
half price coat Respectiully,
Haerisos, DoxyEix & Co.,
They All Sins It.
Goto Weil's I Rim it out
On bells in steeples hoary ;
Toeeful chimes take up the notes.
Old song and story.
Let us all fall into line,
Every son and brother ;
Verily each wife and maid.
In groups with one another.
The music to-tbis beautiful song
can be obtained from LEE WEIL,
atthe popular BANKRUPT STORE.
Last week we received a beautiful
line of Dry Goods and bought the
same very low, and therefore we can
afford to sellhem at extraordinary
low figures. Below we give you some
of our prices :
Ladies' Dress Goods from 12 to 25c.
White Striped Fique from 10 to 40c
50 pieces Bleached Domestic, 6 to 10c
2000 yards Heavy Brown Domestic,
yard wide, 7c
Counterpanes, 75c apiece.
Grenadine, 20 to 40c.
White Goods, 15 to oc.
Gent's Shirts, 35 to 45,
Gentjs Dress Shirts, 65 to $1.50.
Gent's Undershirts, 45c.
Collars, S to 20c a box.
Ladie' Linen Collars,. 10c.
Pins and Needles, 5c a paper.
Ties, 20 to 50e.
Alexander Kid Gloves, one and tir
buttons, 50 to 75c a pair.
Fans, 5 to 50c.
We have the largest and finest
tock of Clothing and will sell you
them according to the times.
Suits, Coat, Pants and Vest, $3.50 to
Pants, 435c to 87.50.
Coats, 81 to 814.00.
White Vests 50c to 82.50.
Linen Suits, Coat and Pants, 81.50.
We have also a big lot of Cotton
ades from 10 to 25c a yard.
Our Shoes and boots are -the best
in West Tennessee
Ladies' Shoes, 90c to 83.50.
Gent's Shoes, 81 to 84.
Misses' Shoes, 85c to 82.
Infants' Shoes, 20c to 81.
Also a big lot of slippers, all kinds.
Our Ladies' Hats are very nice, and
sell from 25c to 82.50.
Gent's Hats from 50c to 85.
We have 5000 pieces of the finest
Prints, nothing but the latest styles.
We invite everybody to come and
examine our goods. We will be very
glad to show you through our store,
as we are here to show goods. MR.
WEIL will be glad to wait oa you.
Our doors are open from 5 a. m. tiH
10 p. m., or as long as anybody has a
nickle to spend. Come soon.
Respectfully, the Popular
bankrupt Store,
Williams, Smith &. Co's
old Stand.
Send your orders for pianos arid or
gans to II. G. Hollenberg, 294 Maia
street, Memphis.' He has the best
and fullest assortment and sells as
low as a . genuine article can b
Bismnrk, Ia!stonc, Csortscha
kol! anil Andrassy Pre par
ing to Convene the Eu
ropean Congress.
Notwithstanding the great panic
and suffering'in Europe, the prices of
Coffins, Wagoiis, Buggies, etc., are
still falling, aud Holt is prepared t
sell you a wagon r a coffin at lower
figures than ever. Plain wheel bug
gies, ?90. Sarven wheel buggies,
5120. Hacks from 885 to 8100.
No. 1 wagon -fur 850. Coffins from
$2 to 8100 each. Horse shoeing at
-51 round, he furnishing everything
but the horse, and the blacksmith is
one of the prettiest and cleverest men
in the state. ' Repairing of all kinds
done at short notice and at the very
lowest prices. He also requests ev
erybody who has borrowed tools from
him especially screw drivers to
bring them home. He needs them.
Keep pure Whiskies, Wines anl
Brandies for family and medical puis
Parties stealing the word "Mali
cattd," simulating the bottles and
lalel3 of Dr. McCabe's Medicated
Blackberry Brandy, whether a myth
of the Professor or otherwise, are fraud.
Genuine at Coley & Dickinson's.
Just received from New" York, aS
the latest styles of hats, bonnets and
other millinery goods. Will sell m
low as the lowest, O II Hallstront.
Just received from Boston; Tht
most complete, cheapest stock of
queensware that was ever broughtU
this market. HAf nes & Rjiodks.
Don't be picked by advertisements
of cheap pianos, if you can't pay more)
than 8250 for a piano, send your
money to II G Hollenberg, and'hs
will sell you something good for ths
money, but won't humbug you into
saying its worth 8650.
Have just received a fresh lot of
German millet at Havnes & Rhodes',
Go to Douglass's for the pure, un
adulterated Globe Whisky.
Haynes & Rhodes will exchange
groceries for country produce, but
they sell irery cheap for the cash.
Bargains 1
! Bargains 7
the cheapest
Go to llallstrom's for
goods in the market. No mistake.
Funeral Undertakers!
11T K hare epeoed a snop and tore room in
If Front How .where e keep on hand a ni
ply nfrotF.ns nf eerieras rradrs tioseweod , W I
nut.Peplar.etc., all maifoand finished ia the
hest manner, and at bottom prices for cash.
We are also prepared to do Cabinet Work in i:e
Tariuue brsnclies Cane Chair Bottoming.
Mendinr. VarnisVnr, ete., in the best tyl.
Call and see as and our stek. We also snake
burgjr bed ia the very beet style.
?AKRIfl a WClurJie.

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