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The Milan exchange. (Milan, Gibson County, Tenn.) 1874-1978, May 07, 1881, Image 3

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sattkimy. may, T, ism.
Tr .It..- ! sv( Miliui - fuUo won ao.i
!it.r Nov. l-o.
? A o. I V . m 7 R A f
.. 2. north. ! v" t-. Wua.
n. " " ..." l2rfVif.
fi!i. ShiiIi " J:.Via.m.
N. i, " " 4:00 p.m.
Time ataut J. -.iiifuti j-JrTba.n
vity tiu.e.
J. T. jitfNiR. Apnt,
MilaX Tcmi.
j. G. r.is..,
Jackon. Tenn.
Louiirvlt 4 T w'fltiiia, C .
Tiftiin l.ivow Milan mtfuJ.V.w on und
M'c rJan. fl, Jsl.
N.j. north lcvp.at p.m.
V. 1. " 2:55 a.m.
No. J, uth ;va: 12:4-.in.
No. V - " 1:10 p.ni.
N- .", aAcuniinMatioti........ 9:00 .Ii.
A. V. I.vino, Ajri-nt,
Milan, Tenn.
. r. atmore, . r. & t. a.
lui-villc, Ky.
(). F. rant well,
t-ul Ticket Agent.
!'.. H. I tale, Mayor.
Jito. 1). l.u-k, 'ity Marshal.
U. F. HaiiH.Ci-o. W. Martin W. II.
Cii.y, tUv. II:A-ih, K. N. Ktmicaul
V. J. Ilmiitc, AMcitm-n.
J'.uptist Church street, J. L. Lloyd
Pj.tor. Prcut'hliiR every Hunday
fnornlnjr aud evening. Prayer meet
i:ip i Wwlnwlay evening. Suuday
rch(A P am.
MethodM A'orth Main street, M.
M. Tflori Tstor. lrcaching everj
Sunday morning and evening. Pray
er mating Tnexlayveilug. -5nuday-nehool
t am.
' St. Andiron Milou, Episcopal
At CXIJ FdlowV JIall, f 3nirch strtn-t.
l)i j. X.Ijcv, Pvctor, nenicc l.st and
:rtl SnJayi in each month. Siindny
V.':!iol .!1!ii.
CaniU'riand Prcwln-terinn Thunh
street, t)dd Fi-Howi lall. F. P. Flani
kcii. Pastor. 1'rccn'hliig 2id,and 4th
Simdav in each
month, Prayer-1
invetiiur cvty niurmlay evening.
tuul:iv k1kk)1 V a. in. .
is ..r ir
IJilfyLigc-,"xi. 4-V.-J. H. Pick-;
i. non, liictutor; II. L. niekinsoii, Itc-,
ji-.rter. IxKige meets 1st ana rn
niglits in each month.
I.O. O. V.
Milmi Lodtfe,' No. l.V.-Mcets every
Wednesday nhtlit. J. II. Dickinson,
. fi., W. Y Williamson, Sce'y.
ir. .;.r.
Milan lyalge, Ni. 70J T Anderson,
N C, W H Algee St:'y. Ixlge meet
2.id and 4th Monday nights in each
A. t). V. W.
Stonewall liodgc. No. 30- S II Ilule,
M W, W Y Williamson, itf-orler.
ixxlge meets r.d and 4th Friday nights.
K. of P.
Prusero Idgc, No. 24 -W J Hine,
O C, Eli Stone, K of It and S. Jodge
meeU everj- Thuixtay evening.
I. O. F.
fotirt Milan, No. 11 W II Algee,
O It, W Y Wniamaon, Sce'y. Ixlge
meet.i 2ut Mid 4th Frida nights in
each month.
K. Rud L.oflI. "
Eagln Iwlge, No. 50 Mwt 1st and
Srd Monday nighfa in each month. E
X Stone, P, E P Donnell, Sec'y.
The old Milan Exchange comes
out this week for the
first tune i
under it new management
eron-nt H tlie iarge numrer iau
cfTftscimTit-', 'c havo enlarge! it
a tbitty-six iu.tead of a thirty-
1 wo olrTTOi paj. r. Owing to the
work f getting up the change, we j
1 uuM not have-time to hunt up a
y..s ;tm- l.nt now
IIHIH a ' rv ut a,aa .....
the machinery is up and well oil-
ed, and we propose to go to work i
o restore the old Exchange to its
pristine glory. Our subscription
lit is rapidly increasing, our
friends all along the line are giv
12 us sultantial encouragement
in the uay of advertising andsulv
M-riptiou. This is all absolutely
s- nti.il to the fucces.s of any pa
jh r ami we would r-till urge upon
i:r friends that we must all pull
t iethcr ami we will put our
boulder to the wheel and then we
:j:.hmc the best paper in west
lkautiful rain.
Tore plar.k-walks.
Advertise in the Exchasgk
Our plank-walk carpenters are
i-n a .strike.
Pring vour job work to the Ex
change ofliee.
The sal.x'ii keeivrs have a fat
thing of it now.
Mr. A. C. Hamilton is the hp-pii-ft
man in Milan. It's a girl.
Msrs. Tad. Mc. and Harvy Ik
are now working en the streets.
The Exchange is the lest ad-
vertisinc medium in West Tenn.
Why can't MiUn have plank-
v alks on both sides of ma m street.
The doleful sound of the serer.a-
dors can be heard on our streets at
!onlev A- Harrier., have an m.
t cresting local in
this i - ue -
Rend it.
The base ball payers of Milan,
arc pnittii-irg ball catching ev
ery evening.
We will soon bear the musical
voice of the small boy, peddling
Most of our fisherman are hav
v" t!d luck t the river fish-
s-if S'"tt
ibc-v will be a marriage ne.ix V "i-
ian K:rr Olday.- ' ' -
The Baptist church-vard has
Uiclv -been clcare!. arl rdds j
h t it Jock. ' '
if Jro.l Junle
lh.es on Main Strcr wc cut ffl,
liny vit,uli look better.
K. L. Chambers is offering rare
liarp.dus at hi store. Head his lo
cals in another column.
Now is the time t po to New
Orleans cheap. Go on Collins' Kx
curion next WclneLiy.
The Ieal trees on lain Street
arclseing cut down. Jx-t young
trcCH le ;tout iinmcdiately.
Ue vant 1500 tubcrilcrs for
the Kxi hasi.e in the next 60
days. Subscription $1.50 a yewr,
The colored musiciaus from YA
ivar made music on the ftrcetg hist
'Thurslay for tlie tanefit of our
Tlic street coiumittcc are doing
wmc excellent work on 1st street
and others. Now lorik after the
plank walks.
Milan has no amusement now.
The clerks nre always busy, and
are not pitching horse-shoes, play
in? marblep, itc.
IX C. Scnter lost a very fine eolt
a few lays sincej Although it
was only a few days old, lie had
lecn ofle red $75 for it
Jordan fc Stone, changes the
reading matter in their column
tliis week. Head it and go and
see what they have got.
e hear of two ladies who are
making two pretty dresses in the
suburbs. Don't be surprised, if
there should be a wedding.
Mayor Hale, had Andy Redman
Jsent to the poor house last Wednes
day. Redman's right knee was
oaaiy.liun,ana was unaoie io wock
, II . 1-
Dr. R. T. Davidsi.ii, the dentist
of Dver Station is in the City.
Those wishing work goto see him
lie is located at the Milan Hotel
On account of our printer be
ing sick and a ru.-h of job work,
our paper is a little late. We will
try and have it out on time here
after. V '
The Ladies Aid Society are hav
ing some efficient work done on
the inside of the Methodist church
The society deserves much creditfor
their hard labor.
Our strawbery men should not
forget to look in the Exchaxge to
see who are the ,lcst commission
men to ship to. Give them a trial
with an cary shipment.
Messrs. W. C. Turner and M. L.
Haird garc 15 foot each to the
corporalion, and extended College
street! the Cotton compress, mat-
ing i
Our Trieuds' should not forget
that the Monitou and Exchange
have been consolidated and lth
together propose to be the best
local paper in this country. Suh
scri be.
Collins' excursion train leaves
here next Wednesday, May 11th,
-w irieans, you snoum ibkc
j advantage of this and visit that
...If,- AtiK-tinrjl fur mnnrl triiv
Ticket good for 10 days.
During the month of April, the
C, St. L. & N. O. railroad trans
ferred to the L. fc N. road, o,2,-
750 pounds of freight, and recciv-
l from the I,. A: A. nwd, .,MiV
We are under obligations to Mr.
Will Hawks, for courtesies extend
(u u, while in Xal. villc-. If
yon want good cigars while you
are in Nashville, go and see him
at B. F. Moore A Co., opposite
Maxwell house.
The force that has been working
on our plank-M alks, are on a strike
for 25 per cent, addition to wages.
The citizens are sympathizing
w ithlhe workman. We think the
Wses will increase the pay by
next Tuesday.
All the merchants .and drug
gists, who sell whiskey, were noti
fied by Mayor Hale last week that
they would ha ve to sell out the
whiskey they had on hand by Sat
urday night, or pay tippling li
cense. They sold out.
Who will be the first to bring to
this oiliee a box of strawberies.
Col. Joe Rainser is generally in
' tlie lead and the man -ho lieats
hiin w ill have to rise early.
Since writing the above, Mr.
Joe Ramscr has laid on our table
a delicious bunch of strawberries.
M ilau can Iwast of a man that
can laugh longer, louder and at
nothing than any other man in
West Tennessee. If any of our
n?ighlH)rin! towns don't believe
it. let them brinsr their man.
r.in we jK,t ou you irarvry ?
Remember that Collins' Excur-
g.Qn u Nw 0rJcans win ,pavc
, j lf Vou
j want to see the beautiful city of
New Orleans, and Porte Eads and
the beautiful scenery on the Mis
sissippi River, we advise you to
! take this trip.
i 'Of all the saws lever saw saw,
I never saw a saw saw as that saw
saw, except a saw that I once saw
saw in Arkansaw, and that saw
that I once saw saw in Arkansaw
w ould outsaw anv saw that I ever
saw saw before I saw that saw saw
in Arkansaw." Ex. A
There was a baptizing of some
(rVonvrf s of the recent
Mtown last Sundays
J.UIx)yd. There!
make considerable accession
the Baptist church here, f
T. J. Paaily & Co., St. Louis,
was given the contract to build the
Gibson county jail, which burned
recently. They are to have it fin-
ir-hed by the 15th of .September.
They say when they finish, it will
be the best jail in Tennessee. This
jail will cost the coanty $13,690.
The old one cost about $30,000.
During our recent visit to Nash
ville we had occasion to ride on
our friend, Conductor Jim Hamil
ton's train. We find him as
courteous and affable as ever. He
makes himself agreeable to all of
his passengers, aud has won a
host of friends by his kindness and
gentlemanly manners. May suc
cess accompany Jim on all of his
We are glad to say that the Ger
mans wha ha.ve recently come to
this place from Germany arc so
well pleased that they have bought
land near town and are going to
work. We lerfrn that another lot
are on the way and will be here in
few weeks. Why cannot our ico
ple form themselves into an or
ganization to encourage these ico
pleto conic and to furnish them
with good, cheap homes after they
The attention of the ladies are
directed to the to the advertise
ment of Mrs Belle Petersen an
other column. Ladies, if you wish
any goods that you can't get in Mi
lan, or samples, we refer you to
Mrs Iklle IVters, 164 Second St.,
Iiuisville, Kv, who is well recom
mended by the citizens of that city
Send your orders to her, she will
do your shopping and guarantees
satisfaction, and charges onlyo icr
cent commission. Correspond with
A fac-simile, of our our fiiiud,
Hob Harper, before going and f-
tcr returning from the Nashville
Exposition. .
Refoi going. After returning.
- ?.'.'.,.,.'
Rev. J L Loyd, is attending the
Raptist Convention at Columbus,
Mr.Jas. R. Algee, Editor of the
Vindicator, Huntingdon, was in
the city Tuesday.
Mr. G. W. Armstead", Editor of
the Bolivar Bulliten, called to se
us last Wednesday.
Col.J. S. Jones, of Trezevant,
was in town last Sunday, genial j
and amiling as ever.
We are glad to see ReT. M. -V.
Taylor, on the streets again, who
has been quite sick of measeK
Our friend, Geo. I Alley, of
Louisville, was mixing with the
merchants, and his friends, here
Miis Mat tie Scdlerry, a charm
ing young lady from near Tren
ton, is in the city visiting friends
and relatives.
W. Y. Williamson has gone to
Nashville to attend the grand
high court of the IndcDendent ol
der of forresters.
Afrs. W. B.Guion has our thanks
for the first delicious strawberries
of the season. She had (hem
picked last Tuesday.
We are under many obligations
to Miss Emma McDonald for a
beautiful lH.uquet of HoweM,
which graces the desk in our sanc
tum, sanctorum.
Bob Harper has returned from
Nashville, after a sojourned in
the city for three days. Go around
and hear Bob's talk alout the ex
losition, it is interesting.
Mrs. D. A. Taylor and - Mrs. D.
H. Wyont left last Monday for
Eureka Springs, where they will
spend the summer for their health.
Wc hope they will return with
much improved health.
Died : Mr. Geo. P. McAlelly an
old and well-known citizen who
lives a few miles North of town
died a few days' ago. He was a
good citizen and the community
in which he lives sorely miss him.
G. W. Seymore, a well-known
citizen of this town, died of pneu
monia last Sunday morning. Mr.
Seymore was a man unirersally
esteemed for his manly admirable
qualities and whose place as a cit
izen will le hard to fill. We ex
tend the sympithies of the commu
nity to the bereaved family.
Freddie Hurt, infant son of A.
B. Hurt, died on last Sunday night.
An Allwise Providence ha seen
fit to transplant this little flower
ere it has opened into bloom, to
his kingdom, where it can bloom
through all eternity a perfect
flower. We extend our heartfelt
FTtnjiathies to the bereaved pa
rents. -
SboTer of tha Queer.
Deputy United States Marshal,
R. Fv Ham, arrested one . Brawner
for passing couterfeit money last
MoUiUv. Jsrawner live near
Dresden, od re'-ondorstar1- that
hehaajiot iieea in the .f-lsu.j.s
oug. ttooert (Carried an '
' . ; - j- 4 j Memphis p ' '
w I w
A Eare Ocntncc. ;
For the satisfaction and benefit
of my neighbors and friends, and
those interested in ruif ing stock
as myself, I write this article.
Good many have expressed to
mc their opinion as to the impos-
sibility, and frequently ask me as
to the facts of the report concern
ing my mare this spring, and some
of whom have approach me in this
style: Mose somebody is telling a
falsehood on vou.n
Facts are these: Alont the mid
dle of Nov. last, while plowing my
mare was accidentally thrown on
her back into a well 12 or 14 feet
deep. The well being nearly full
of old rotton peach-tree brush, and
the plow holding in the bank
broke her fall and did not damage
her much. After rallying up help
we dug an incline ditch, down to
to the water's edge, thinking she
could get up and walk out, she
made several efforts and failed.
Fortunately, Tom. Clark, col, was
passing, and by aid of him and his
four-horse' team we finally succeed
ed in getting the mare on top of
the ground, and to the surprise of
all present, she got upon her feet.
The strange part is this, about the
last of January she dropped a large
wcll-devclood colt, doubtless had
been dead a few days. On the eve
ning of the 25th of March, the
same mare dclivered'anothcr well
developed living mare colt, 3 feet
6 inches high. At this writing
the colt is living and doing well.
This seems to le a poser of the
nineteenth century, even to expe
rienced stock men and doctors.
Humboldt and Trenton papers
please copy. T. M. Karxes.
The ice factory at Jacksoa is in
full blast. . ,
East Tennessee pajicrs report
the growing wheat crop looking
Sa'-ah Bernhardt, sailed last
Wednesday from New York for
Nashville has two hcrdics on
the streets now, and will have
more in a few days.
During the month of April, 80,
000 immigrants passed through
Chicago to settle in the northwest.
Conkling says he intends to de
vote the rest of his term to revenge
on Garfield, and if he yields one
loint, he will make him yield on
A white child (i or 8 months
old was found in the Cumberland
river last Sunday. The child was
supposed to have been thrown in
the river.
The Frankfort, Ky., Yeoman
says the members of the Kentucky
Press Association have all joined
the Murphies. We are satisfied
that all the members of the Ten
nessee Press will join.
Local Notices.
Free exhibition at Conley t Har
risons' store this week. Everybody
invited; no charge for men, women
and children, and the entire show
under one roof. Supreme courtesy
shown the ladies, and you will
miss a treat if you don't go, worlds
wonder, and don't you forget it. If
you fail this week come early next,
we want to sec you and don't you
forget it.
Com.ev tfc Harrison.
dolpb Conley, Tom Harrison,
Col. Dick Davis general mashers
and caterers.
P. S. Ministers can attend this
show with impunity, and all who
come will rejieat the visit.
PS the last We-have lots o
pretty goods at our house. We buy
in quantities of less than a million
dol. at a time, hence we can afford
to compete with our neighbors.
Sell a heap of things remarkably
cheap, some high. We can he but
it's not pleasant. Lots of Ladies
Ulsters just in. We have most
things that other people keep and
Tome they dont keep, look for you
gelf. C. 4 H.
We would call your attention to
the old reliable J. W. Younger.
He repairs guns and pistols and
sewing machines. All orders will
receive prompt attention.
The Armstrong Furniture
Furniture, Chairs, Mattresses & Upholstery.
Have removed their Salesroom
Upper First Street. Their new Ofliee and Salesrooms arc in the heart
of the Wholesale trade, occupying three large buildings supplied with
Power passenger and freight elevators. Office and counting rooms are
on first floor in fron of N. 110 Unner First St., conneetinz with sales
and ware-rooms, where they have
customers, making visit to their
way not excelled bv anv concern
stock on hand at all times.
Ofice, 110 Upper First
110 & 112. Entrance, No. 110
Factory, Saw-mill, Lumber-yard, Stables, 'Ac, Cor. Franklin St.
and tvenfh Avenue. .
""Do not'Tculitp, ykit us wljQn' in .tp? Cjty..-
U-f VA ARMSTRONG, FrWu " ;a '- tfRICE, Treaty
Lutiiii i
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.
A marvelous cure for Catsxrh,
Diphtheria, Canker mouth, and
Headache. With each bottle there
is an ingenius nasal injector for
the more ruccessful treatment of
these complaints without extra
charge. Price 50 cents.
Sold by M. D. L. JORDAN.
, Keep in your mind andj go to
Chamber's Cheap Dry Goods Store.
Chambers Cheap Store is the
place to save money.
We have a speedy and positive
cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Can
ker Mouth and Head Ache in
A nasal injector free with each
lottle. Use it if you desire health
and sweet breath. Price 50 cents.
Sold by Dr. M. D. 1 JORDAN.
Should you need
Watches, diamonds, jewelry, solid
silver ware, silver plated ware,
clocks or cutlery, send to Mermod,
Jaccard fe Co., corner of Fourth
and Locust streets, St. Louis, for
their illustrated price list. This
jewelry house, the largest in the
south and we6t, has on hand the
finest stock, and sell their goods
lower than any house in the south
or west. They make specialty of
gold, solid silver watches for $10,
which they warrant. When in
St. Louis be certain to see the em
inense jewelry house of Mermod,
Jaccard & Co., corner of Fourth
and Locust.
Oh. What a Cough!
Will you heed the warning. The
signal perhaps of the sure ap
proach of that more terrible dis
ease consumption. Ask yourselves
if you can afford for the sake ot
50 cents, to run the risk and do
nothing for it. Wc know from
experience that Shiloh's Cure wiil
cure your cough. It never fails.
This explains why more than a
Millian Iiottles were sold last year.
It relieves Croup and Whooping
Cough at once. Mothers, do not
be without it. For Lame Back,
Side, or Chest, use Shiloh's Torous
Sold by M. D. L. JORDAN.
Many persons take medicine for
their ailments and as soon as they
feel better they disregard all direc
tions and stop taking it. They
try it again and again, and finally
throw it aside as worthless, when,
had it been persevered in from the
start, a permanent cure would have
been affected. Now in taking
Prickly Ash Bitters for all com
plaints of the Stomach and Bow
els, remember to give the medi
cine a chance and don't expect one
or two doses to cure vou.
Dyspepsia and Lir rC'om
Is it not worth. the smail price
of 75 cents to free yourself of ev
cry symptom of these distressing
complaints? If you think so call
at our store and eet a bottle of
Shiloh's Yitalizer ; even- bottle
has a printed guarantee on it, use
accordingly and if it does you no
cood it will cost you nothing.
Sold bv M. D. L. JORDAN.
When you come to town go and
see the big bargains at
Chamber's Cheap Store.
Of every discription, for ladies and
eentlemen. tor circular address
with stamp. MRS. BELLE PE
TERS, 164 Second St., Reference :
Bank of Louesville, and Dr. J. K
Brady, Louisville, Ky.
Commission 4 per cent.
It would astonish you to sec how
cheap goods are lndng sold at
Chambers Cheap Store
and Office to Nos. 108, 110 A 112
every facility for accomodating their
house pleasant and profitable in a
in the world. &xtr large ana nne
New Location.
St, Salesrooms, Nos. 103
. .
Will You cast your Eya
(1 own t h is c ol u m n
Don't Fail
The readers of the Exchange ar
requested to call at
Jordan & Stone
as there is a chance for vou to save
Especially if you are ex-
wrm.!"; to
Buy Goods
Tell your neighbors and
lcmls to OOme and CX-
amine our Good
Prices "uaranteed
the lowest.
The ladies tell us
we have the pret
tiest line of dress
iroods and trimm-
ings in the city.
O ur custom shoes
for ladies, misses
and gents are tip
top goods and latest
uiotning to
.1 .
old and young gen-
tlemen. DO not fail
to see our clothing
heforevou nurehase
j r
elsewhere. If We
rmnn nt. sn it. vnn . will
. .
Fusl )uu 111 Pilv;co
Uur goods are all
in plain figures,
little children can
buy as eheap as
men., rriceg wmi t
Under King's Opera House, Jackson, Tennessee.
Dress uoods.
A great manv special Novelties not to be found in any other house m th ,rist m?o f JrJ
Silks, Merveilleux, Satin de Iivons, Black Silks, .Colored, Plom ."Pi1, S X'
fashionable shades, Bayadere Stripes, Plaids Brocades, Ombre Satin and Silk FJg:i
Our Moumihg Goods Department h complete in every particular. Our gZ1
Ties, Fichus, Fens, etc.
. x-r ivcfnTTVC
mcnts is full of the newest .Novelties. Also noveuies in duwqs, rou.-,
K ni Gloves, Thread & Lace Gknes,r . , rhndw n,en'a amj boy
Corsets, Hoop-Skirts, etc
The largest and most complete
stock ever offered in Jackson. La
dies', Misses', Children's andGents:
underwear, nosiery anu .cck
wear at prices loner than the
Milliners Department.
This department is under the charge of Miss Ra-j
chel McLean, of Acw Aork I lty, andean snow mc
handsomest stock of millinery and hair gxls eve?
offered in this eitv.
Call and examine our stock and
goods. We can pleae you.
LaFayettc and Liberty
The Proprietor has been East,
Goods. The Goods are coming in
Many are new styles with old names
will be best known after having
and that Vermacelli Liice will not
Special attention is called to
In every variety of the latest designs in foreign and domestic I abnes, witft a ?pienum 4,xieiv vi
Trimmings and Buttons, Hosiery, Gloves, Fichus, Scarfs, Ribbons, Etc. are unsurpassed
bv any market. Parasols and Fans are superb.
House Keeping boods,
Namely : Table Demask, Napkins, Doyles, Towels, Curtains and Curtain Net,
and all new designs and specially attractive.
Tnc stock is in a word made up of the Latest Style of good, serviceable Gooc s, and wi 1 be so..l at
the lowest Prices any house can sell and pay "one hundred cents on
patronage the Proprietor rospect fully asks all to come and see.
Still up
Captain Sullivan and
Clothing and Gents' Furnisnmg uooas.
Which can ho found in anv market. The stock is complete in all departments, in d a cartful i n
snection will convimc anv one of "the beauty and clu-Miess of their goods. Be sure to call early.
jje promptly n-paml. whlpHtntt,w.hWn?,le4aj1Lnbocbw threa.1, rl
H.lteV Son Jk'S it
lioiler Yard.
Rainbow and Jesse K
Our advice to those wishing to
play a social game of billiards is to
' r0 to Phid Phelens Palace Saloon,
where thev will find a good table
Callage Plants.
I have 10,000 cabbage plants
which I will sell at 15 cents per
hundred. Leave orders at tnc
Exchange office.
2t. " 1UK.K.
Bead This
I am now prepared to do all
kinds of cabinet work, and re
mirinz furniture of all kinds. I
h:ive also on hand a fine lot of
caskets ana com us,
for sale cheap for cash. Call in
and sce m flTJt
me at my piace oi uusiuws, ..v
old stand on Front; Row, formerly
the firm of Parish & Richardson.
G. L. Richaedsos.
The Admirers
Of the product of I. W. Harper
are hereby informed that his Whis
key is not sold promiscuously over
the country but is placed only into
the hands of one respectable dealer
- wnose name is a
111 CUtll
guarantee that the Whiskey is
sold pure as it comes from the Dis-
.m f- W II. i.oiev 13
tfi; Milaa
William J. Haire, dyer and
onri nindimr done, ah
paniiig ----- o
work warranted to give sausiae
Co to the City Hotel and get a
- first-class meal.
dr. r. t. davidson,
satisfaction Guaranteed
will visit M3n the first week te
iih lMntk. Office t -tfilan Hotel.
Booots and Shoes.
t everv erade and rrice. Th
, . . r
finest stock of custom-made shoesl
lever offered in Jackson.
All new and desirable shajesJ
Fur, waol, straw and ventilators
Uejartment, and
We arc determined to sell
and is home again. He bought a
andare bcin- ciencd,and are pronouuccsl peawiiui, iovt i , ' j
: and some old styles with new names ; alt, lite a r rem n mu m w.. ;
been seen. As it is found. Surrah
make good soup ; neither will a liernhardl supper nt u ui v o-.a. j
tnc stcx'K oi
. a e a a rl
- AMD -
With the Season.
Mr. McCall are exhibiting some of the "nobbiest" Gocds in
23 South 3Iarket Street. Nashville.
blnnke rff. . Hors. Clothing of all kiinto.
Al 1 1 J U. 3U
Steamers R. E. Lee, J. M. White, J W Cannon, E1 Richanlsor.,
Bell M ills, Ix)uisville, Ky., Birmingham Rolling Mill Co.
Completest Stock
Ladies&Childrens. Shoes,
Largest and Fullest Assortment
of Gents'
Ever brought to Jackson, at
Dealing exclusively in those goods
Alexander offers tha completest
Assortment, and the best bargains
in the citv.
Cot. Main and
IW keep tverythlnff that to xamllj kept In a flu:-'
fl nest Lifers, Tobaccos, Whiaky and canned goo.
Staple Goods,
Ml t New York prices. Cot if.
siades. Jeans, Tickings, drills, she
clings; Prints, Domestics, chevor.
large assortment suwl all ?izc-.
Ererv description, sizgane pner.
Dress-Making Department.
Miss Lucy Rhotlcs has charge of the Dro-Mnakirg
she will insure satisfaction
goods cheap. No trouble to shew .
I a. .4V DnH.'
ivoDensoii jjwup.
Jacksonf Tenc. j
. , - "TT
great variety of Fancy and St r- ,
bilks to be seen, sen u i u.n. .
' i i
e T
the dollar. i nansiui ior pa.-i
" ,
w. iiviav.
T C. J.VAXflf . '
I Piptlet
Dealers in
Front 5iin MilaA Tenn.
jr- . r - .

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