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NO. 43.
in. '
Illinois Chntbal Riilkoad.
After - May 21. 1887, trains will leave
Milan is follows:
No. 1. at 3:35 am
. no. & at 2:'iU pin
No. 5 at 8.51 p. in.
No. 2. at 6:: am
No. 4, at 1'4:21 pm
No. 6 at V.()5 p.m.
K. .VI,
iiiiows, ticket Agent,
II. J. W Co L km an. Ass't. U. P A., New
. II. Uaxso.s. Hen 1. Fas. Agent, t-nitfago.
Jfl iais, La
Trains leave Milan as follows on and after
May 2'J. 1KS7.
passunuxb trains
No. 1. south, loaves at 1:13 am
No. 3. " ' 12:45 pin
,io- i- north. " 2:1ft pin
Ni. . " ' 1:47 air
Si. leaven Miliin at 5.!K) a. m.
Arrives at Memphis B.00 a- in.
No. 10 leavrs Memphis 5 00 P. id.
Arrivos at Milan. S.5C p. m.
Both trains run daily.
0. F. OA STW ELL. Ticket Agent.
N. C,
& St. L.
LiV Nashville
Ar McKeniia
7:15 am " " 11:45 pui
V:jpm " " 12:15 pin
r isT iintNn.
Hi pin Ar Nashville 7:40 pm
am " " 7:05 am
0. F. CANT W ELL. Agent.
K. N- Stone, Mayor.
W. B. Bryant. City Marshal.
R. b. Mitchum.J II. Blankinship, R. F.
(latin, R- K. Edwards. U. V. Harrison aud
D. A. Taylor, Mdernien.
Baptist Churoh st'eet. J. P, Weaver, pas
tor, breaching every Sunday morning and
evening. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Sunday-sonool 9 Bin. ,, ,
Methodist North Main strect-E.B. Graham,
pastor. Preaching every Sunday morn ng and
evening. Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing. Sunday school 9 am. .
Cumberland Presbyterian South Main st.
J. D. Lewis, pastor. Preaching every Sun
Jay morning and evening. Prayer meeting,
I'uday evening- Sunday icho.l 9 am.
Milan Lodge, No. 191 Josiah Claybronk.W.
M.j R.E.Edwards, Secretary. Meets 1st Mon
day night in each month.
K. of II.
Liberty Ledge. No. 453 W. G. Vanh.ok,
Dietatir: T D Jackson. Reporter. Lodge meets
rstand third Friday nightsio each month.
K. of P.,
Prospero Lodge, No. 24 H. W. Lovii.g.C. C.
W. Y. Williamson, K. P.. S. Meets .very
Chursday night.
Stonewall Lodj-e, No. 80 A. Chambers M.
V M. D. L. -Ionian Recover. Meets third
ndfo"-' Friday nights.
K. and L. of 11.
Eagle Lodge, Ho. 9ft Meets first and thir
Sondav nights in each month- T. J. Gordon,
P.; W.A. Wade, Seoretary-
rtibson County Wheel meets the 6rtt Thurs
j a I., .lunnnrv. Anril. July and October,
li. W. Pitman. Pres., M. B. Johnson. Sec.
v.iniit ilrnva. V. fr. meets Saturdays be
f a,. ,nn first UT1 it third Snudavs in each
month. L. W. Pitman, Pres . J.R. McCoy,
Caiiralll rv
No. 6:5 meets the 1st and Sd Saturdays in
each month. S. 11. Hughes, rrosiaem. j.
, Pratt'B.Xo. 79, meets on Saturday before the
fll moon n each month. .U.t'tiapman rre
. Jab n son School-House Wheel. No. 582,
vj meots Thursdav night before i the full moon in
i. ...h m,nth .1.1' Jones. i'resiueni. U. 11
Jones, Secretary.
Boys buy your Xmas candies from
Verner & Co. ami make your sweet'
heart a present of a nice box of can
To the Little Ones.
I have found Vemer & Co. to have
the purest Candies in Milan free
from adulterations of all kiuds. Go
there and huy your Xmas good..
Kris Kringle.
Subscribe for the Exchange.
Groceries at Cost.
Deshong & Bryant are closing out
their entire grocery stock at cost
t lere to get cheap groceries.
Settle I m mod iauly.
All persons indebted to the firm of
Edwards ohepherd are notified to
make settlement f their notes and
accounts with It. E Edwards by Jan
15th. 1888. AH claims not settled
bv lhat date will be not out for col
lecti .hi. Edwards & SiiF.riiEKD
AM parties indebted to Jordan &
Adiims will leae call and settle their
Hcounts.as we need the money to pay
tf our eastern nebis.
faita (lans Headquarters.
Go to Verner i"k Co. for finest. pHr
e;t and best selected stock of candies.
in MiUn.
(li 1,1 J. A- Roach i Son for cheap
!tdJ!rs and Harness.
Christmas gift!
Merry Christmas to all.
Out of your abundance help the
Lat-t Wednesday was the shortest
day of the year.
"He that giveth to the poor lend-
ih to the Lord."
See Trustee's sale of land, adver. ,
tised in this paper.
Large quantities of cotton
have been brought in this week.
We wish every one of our readers
the happiest kind of a Chrietmas.
The public schools have been given
a holiday until Monday, January 2.
"Glory to God in the highest, and
on earth peace, good will toward men.'
S-aley bark hickoiynuts have been
shipped from here to Georgia this
Business men will make the pub-
isher happy by handing iu some big
ads next week.
Read Trustee Gay's "Last Call" in
this paper, watch the date, pay your
taxes and save cost.
Jackson has the electric light, and
is as prou I as a boy with new boots.
We congratulate her.
We learn that the railroad between
lere and Trenton will positively be
completed next spring.
Every Knight is requested tn at
tend Prospero lodge next Thursday
night. Business of importance.
Knights and Ladies of Honor will
bear in mind that dues and assess-
meutfj must be paid next Saturday.
Our merchants are having a fine
trade this week, and theit slocks of
goods are running low very rapidly.
Mr. R. II. Algee aud Harve
Mitchum have swapped homes, and
we understand will move after the
The St. Louis Globe-Demoorat of
Thursday printed a picture of Gov.
Porter with the name of Gen. At
kins under it.
The Exchange will be printed next
week, as usual. Our subscribers get
a paper every week in the year, aud
thus always keep posted.
Remember the poor and needy dur
ing the holidays. A dime or a dollar
that you would otherwise spend fool
ishly would do them great good.
We don't claim to have the biggest
list of subscribers of any paper iu the
state, but we du claim to have the
best paying lint. That's what counts
Messrs. Dave Taylor and Bob Ed
wards have bought the Hansbro lot,
on Front Row, south of the bakery,
and we learu that they will build on
it soon.
After a light rainfall last Tuesday
morning, a cold-wave struck the town,
blowing bitterly cold from the wes5.
Tho ground was hard frozen Wednes
day morning.
Two excursion trains from Texas
and Arkansas passed here Thursday
They were crowded wtth people. Two
also passed yesterday, and auother
will pass to-day.
The Exchange published the Presi
dent's message one week ahead of
nearly every one of its weekly neigh
bors If you want to keep up witk
the times, subscribe for this paper.
Mr. E. A. Collins has erected
large wind mill near his born, placed
a big tank in the frame work near the
too and lai 1 pipes to his residence,
lie will now have an abundant supply
of water.
The L. & N. pay train was here
Tuesday and the I. C. pay train was
here Thursday. Now the host
railroad bjys here are prepared to en-
iov the holidays. May they all be
happy, is the wish of the Exchange
Let everybody attend the Baptist
church next Mouday night and help
the poor of our town.
Wallace Luak' gave a free turkey
and gams supper to his hoBt of friends
Thursday night. It was enjoyed
heartily and wi9 in gredt abundance.
The editor thanks him for au invila-
On Thursday evening Mr. J. II
Person received .a telegram from Mrs.
U. F. Fethe. stating the death of her
husband, Mr. H. F. Fethe, at Hick
man, Ky., which occurred that eve
ning. He was au uucle of Mr. Peri
Mr. John Coulter has bought from
Mrs. Cunningham fifteen acres of land
immediately back of the tjollege. We
learn that he contemplates opening
streets and alleys through it, cutting
it up iuto town lots, aud throwing
part of it on the market. The loca
tion is good, and many desirable lots
will be offered at low prices.
Quite a number uf subscriptions
will expire next week. If you see
the cross murk on this paper, please
hand or send us a dollar for renewal,
thus giving us something substantial
with which to enj y the holidays.
Also, subscribe for an extra copy for
some friend at a distance and make
him and yourself both happy.
All of North Alabama seems to be
looking to Milan for an outlet to the
northwest. The Iluntsville Daily
Mercury of the 20th inst. has a long
article about railroads and the out
look for that city, in which we find
the following
By securino-v'xten
sion of the Illinois t&Wi? "lfoad
from Miluu, Teun.J,pF;.3S9.jski,
Huntsville gets iu tile JulM with hat
great trunk line system nd opens up
direct connection with the great
By far the most, novel, convenient,
and valuable business Calender for
1888 is the Columbia Bicycle Calen
dar and Stand, just issued by the
Pope Manufacturing Company, of
Boston, Mass. In this calendar i
new departure has been made, decid
edly unique aud different frjm any
previous attempt in calendar construc
tion. The calendar propt-r is in the
form of a pad, coutaiuiug 366 leaves
one for each day in the year, to be
torn 08 daily. The leaves are 5$ by
2 inches, aud a portion of each leaf
is left blank for memoranda. The
pad rests upon a portable stand, which
takes up but little more room than
the pad itself, and when placed upon
the desk or writing table the entire
surface of the date leaf is brought di
rectly, and left constantly, befure the
eye, furnishing the date and memo
randa, impossible to be overlooked
Besides the month, the day of the
month, and the day of the week, the
numbers of (he days- of the year
passed and to en me are specified, aud
upon each slip appears, as in the pre
vious Columbia calendars, qjotatious
pertaining to cycling from leading
publications and prominent writers on
both sides of the ocean.
Roller I lour Mill.
At last we are to have a big roller
flout mill on the lot on the east side
of the L & N. road, adjoining Mi.
StapletonV. A company has been
formed and sand is now being hauled
to commence building. We learn
that the mill proper will be 35x40
feet and three or four stories higb.
The engine house will be 20x40 feet.
We have not yet been able to get full
particulars, but will do to soon. This
will emphatically fill a "long felt
want" iu our town, and we believe
will pay the stockholders haudsomely,
besides helping the towu.
Lawyer McCall was here yesterday.
Dr. A. W. Clopton, of Hickory
.'lains, Ark., is here visiting relatives.
Zack. Bryant, Esq., has gone on a
visit to relatives in the ludiati Terri
Mr. Charlie Dodson, of Humboldt,
made a flying visit to this-city last
Mr. E. M. Brown, I. C. ticket
agent here, visited relatives in Fulton
ast Sunday.
Mr. W. L. Hansbro, of St. .Louie,
returned home last Sunday to spend
the holidays
Col. J. B. Davie, wife and niee
are spending the holidays with friends
in Kentucky.
Hon. L. Q. C. Lamar has our
thanks for a copy of his annual re
port to congress.
Prof. E. R. Williams aud wife, of
McKenzie, are spending the holidays
with relatives here.
Mr. Ben Moore left his morning
for Memphis, where he will spend the
holidays with relatives.
Mr. R. B. Jordan left for Water
Valley, Miss., last Thursday, where
le will spend the winter.
Mr. L. D. Goldsmith, of Villa
lidge. HI., is visiting the family of
Mrs. A. M. Guion, of this city.
Mis Maud Henderson, after spend
ing several months at Clintcn, attend
ing school, returned home Saturday.
The Rev. J. D. Lewis aud wife and
Mrs. Susan Rankin, mother of Hon.
S. F. Rankin, left last Mouday morn
ing for CahforuiH Mr. Lewis and
wife to live there and Mrs. Rankiu to
visit her eon, Rev. 0. Y. Rankiu, at
San Jose.
Mr. J. C. Keel, of Beebe, Ark.,
arrived here on an excursion train
yesterday morning. He left here
twelve years ago, and this is his first
visit back to the old home. He says
things have change! wonderfully here.
He will remain here about three weeks
Remaiuiug in the postoffice at Milan,
Tenn., Dec. 24, 1887.
Gentlemen's List.
Belew, S W
Bradford, D J
Catter, John A
Blackwell, Jim
Gamble, Charles
Hunt, Joseph
Kilgore, William
Kimbrough, I Z
McDale.S M
Mitchell, Frank
Parker, C G
Scott, Billie
Vaughn, Bevly
Kirhy, D H
Kimbrough, J T
Maclee, Sara
MLemore. J S
Muse, G W
Phelan, T B
Tucker, Win R
Worley, N 1).
Ladies' List.
Caption, Mont T Hawks, Allice
Haly, Fanny, col Moore, Meouy.
Coffey, Tho B 4th class matter.
In calling for the above letters say
advertised. If not called for in thirty
days they will be sent to the dead
letter office.
Emma C. Hale, P. M.
Mr. James B. Jackson and Miss
Nettie Hopper were married last
Thursday at the residence of the
bride's father, near Lavinia, Benuett
Adams, Esq., officiating. After the
marriage, the bridal parly went to the
residence of Mr. A. M. Brown, whet
a pleasant reception was given them
Saloon Closed Up.
Deputy Sheriff Chapman last Tues .
day morning took possession of the
saluou stock of J. B. Farmer & Co.,
to secure a debt of about f 2,000 in
favor of Pierce & Bryan, Nashville.
The stock was valued at aixnit $1, 100.
Ollie says he is i practical prohibitionist.
A Fatal Frog, Two Tramps, a Dark
Night aud N Lights for
Last TSaturday night, while the
Memphis accommodation engine was
backing around the yard to the turn
table, two tramps attempted to cross
oe tracks ahead of the engine, be
tween the transfer shed and hotel.
when one of them Fred Upp, of
Iavana, III., aged about 21 was
illed. The other, Irviu Boughtou,
of Victor, N. Y., barely escaped, and
did not know of his companion's mis
fortune for a few moments. Missing
him, he went back and found his re
mains. Engineer Elmo did not know
of the casualty until his return from
the turntable. It is thought that one
of Upp's feet got caught in a frog,
aud he coul l not escape in time to
save himself. Both his legs were
grouud to pieces and his facj and
head bruised and scratched. His
body was dragged and rolled about
twenty feet by the engine, and he
breathed only a few moments after he
was found. It is thought it was the
intention of the two men to steal a
ride on the north bouud I. C. passen
ger train, which was standing near by
and was about ready to pull out, as
the8urvivor, Boughton, sail they had
intended to start back home next
morning. N. J. Heathcock, Esq.,
summoned a jury of inquest, who re
turned a verdict iu accordance with
above facts. The remains were in.
terred at the expeuse of the county
next day. It seems that Upp's fami
y are good, respectable people, and
they telegraphed t hold his remaius
until they could send for them. Mr.
J. F. Ruhl, his brother-in-law, came
here last Wednesday and had the re
mains shipped back home for inter-'
ment. We have heard considerable
complaint lately about trains switch-
ing iu the daytime and at night with
no one on the rear eud of the train to
warn people of danger. There have
been several narrow escapes on that
account. No flagmen are stationed
at street crossings, aud for that reason
it is more important that some one
should be on the ends of traius while
switching. It is a frequent occur
rence for three or four trains to be
switching in the yard at the same
time. It is also proper for us tn euv
that there was no ciossiug where Upp
was killed, aud that he probably lmd
no business on the railroad yard;
hence uo blame cau be attached to
Mr. Elmo, the engineer, who was
backing hi eugine at a speed of four
or five miles an hour and could not
see the meu in the darkness. Two or
three headlights or electric lights are
badly needed in the yard here.aud we
hope the two companies will take the
matter under fovoralde consideration.
Tax-rayers, Take Notice!
I will attend at the following places
and times for the purpose of collecting
the State aud County Taxes of Gib
son Csunty for the yeir 1887, to-witi
Dist. No. 1, Mediua, Tuesday, Jan.
17th, 1888.
Dist. No. 13. MilHtf. Wednesday
and Thursday, Jan. 18 and 19, 1888.
Dist. No. 14, Bradford, Friday.
Jan. 20, 1888. 1
Dist. No. 18, Gibson, Tuesday
Jan. 24. 1888. 3
Dist. No. 3, Humboldt, Wednesday,
and Thursday, Jan. 25" and 26, 1888.'
The tax-payers will please meet me
at the above named appointments and
piy Iheir taxes and save cost, as 4
per cent, will be added after 1st Tues
day in February next. The offioa
is open all the time in Trenton.
Wm Gat. Trustee
Trenton, Drc. 15th, 1887.

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