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Compiled rota Yarieai Sources
In Philadelphia, on' tho 22, Dr. Ferdi
nand Vnndever Haydon died at his resi
dence aftor nn illness which has confined
him to his home for ovor a year and a
half. Ho was a distinguished scientist,
and was widely known as a geologist. Ho
was born of Puritan descent, in West
Hold, Masi., September 7, 182.).
In the Bow K I root polico court, London,
a wnrrant has been grnntod for tho arrest
of General Mlllen, tho head of the Clan-Na-Gael
Socioty, and Molvillo, formerly
agent of the society in London, who aro
chargod with being connected with the
dynamite conspiracy in which Callan
and Harkins are alleged to have been en
gaged. On the 2.1d Lord Randolph Churchill ar
rived at St. 1'otersburg, Russia. '
On New Year's day the President will
receive according to the nsual pro
gramme. Ho will be assistod by Mrs.
Cleveland and the ladies of thu Cabinet.
Mn. W. II. II. Smith, chief clerk of the
Bureau of Steam Engineering, has beon
Inforniod by Socretary Whitney that his
services as chief clerk will not be neodod
after January 1. Mr. Smith ha3 been in
the Navy Department twenty years.
At Now Year a congratulatory address
is to be presented to the Crown Prince of
Germany by the people.
On the 23d a man named MacNamara,
was sentenced 4t Dublin, to two months'
imprisonment with hard labor, for selling
oopies of United Ireland.
Count Von Wolkenstein, the Austrian
ambassador of Russia, it is reported, has
sent a confidential and reassuring report
to his govornment from St. Petersburg.
In the Cherokee Nation the deadlock bus
been broken by the organization of the
Senate. The votes werocounted, and Joel
B. Mayers declared assistant chief and
duly inaugurated.
Mandamus proceedings have boon com
menced by theouly Democratic member of
the Iowa State Board of Canvassors to
compel tho board to count the vote cast for
Btato Senator in his district.
, Colonel J. O. Nicolay will ho succeed
ed by Major J. M. Wright, of Louisville,
Ky., as marshal ot the United States Su
preme Court. Colonol Nicolay has hold
the position about tiftson years. Major
Wright's nppointmont will take effect on
January 2 next.
A bill is in preparation by Congress
man Guenthor, of Wisconsin, which he
will introduce in the House, calling for
the appointment of acDinmittoe ot three
to investigate the Standard Oil monopoly.
For bravery on Septembers, in saving
the crow of the American Ashing schoon
er Jrii Baxter off the banks ot Now
i "Cuand, Captain McMickan of the
luer Umbria has just boon presentad
fvernool bv the United States Govern-
. . j -
a handsome gold watch and
the trial of Rev. Dr. Hild-
nt Methodist minister of
pr immoral conduct, that
Vress before a committee
dearly three weeks, tor-
; of acquittal.
i 2Uh John M. Bar-
Lurnal clerk of the
at Washington,
Ho was ap-
Jlouse through
Ivthe North
has ap-
General John C. FnF.aoNT, accompa
nied by his wife and daughter, arrived In
Los Angeles, Cab, on the 25th. The Gen
eral and family propose to spend the re
mainder of the winter in Los Angelos or
tho vicinity, and while thore he w.ll com
plete his second volume of memoirs.
llEV. Dr. Hamtjf.lG. S-'limiof the First
Methodist Episcopal Church of St. Paul,
Minn., has sen. TiUhop Foss his resigna
tion as its pastor. He is reported as say
ing in this communication thrit he is una
blo to continus as a Methodist minister,
because he can not work in harmony with
tho principles of Methodism as laid down
by tho Inst conference..-
AT Boston, on iho '22'i, John GolT, who
claims to belong in West Hartford, Vt,
reported to the polico that he had been
robbed of a pockot-book containing $2,100.
He had sold a farm nt Hodgkins, O., and
started for his old home in Vermont, stop
ping ou the way to ".sea the sights" of
. ONthe'2'2d Ed .Johnson, colored, living
two or three miles west of Cincinnati,
placed Rome dynamito cartridges in the
oven of his stove to thaw. Soon after a
terrific explosion took pioco, nearly de
stroying his house, killing his eighteen-yoar-old
daughter and infant ono year
old, end seriously injuring Johnson and
his wife.
On the morning of tho 23d the Western
Pennsylvania & Now York railroad shops
were burned at Oil City, Pa. Seven loco
motives were partially destroyed. Loss,
Early on the morning of the 23d burg-
larj blow open the vault and safo of the
Farmers' Bank at Concord, Mich., but
were driven away by npproac'.ing day
light before they could open the insido
strong-box, which containod $15,003.
On the 2-lth seven highwaymen made
an unsuccessful attempt to rob a Missouri
Pacilic train in Indian Territory.
Tub Rhoemaking shop in the Michigan
City (Ind.) penitsntiary was destroyed
by lire.
At Lincoln, Neb., George Botts, a noted
negro desperado, was killed while resist
ing the attempts of an officer to arrest
Near Donald, on the line of the Cann
dion Pacific railroad, a tremendous riiow
slide is reported. Two men were killed.
On the 2(Jth Wm. Stance, a colored
soldier who was awarded a medal by
Congross for rescuing children from th
Indians, was murdered at Ft. Robinson,
On the 2Gth, at Boulder, Col., Isadora
Pierce, a store-keeper, shot his wife twice
in tho presence of nor four children and
then killed himself. The wife; is not fatal
ly woundod. Tho cause was jealousy.
On tho 20th Mr. Sprnight, a magistrate,
and his wife were find at while driving at
Killaioe, Conntv Limerick, Ireland. The
horse was killed. No arrests have boon
On the 20th tho clotaing of Barnard
Moss, an employe at distillery No. 8, Free
port, Pa., got caught in tho cog-wheels nt
the distillery, and before tho engine could
be stoppod, Moss was drawn into tho ma'
chine and so terribly mangled that he died
in a fov minutes. '
Captain Shea of the Emmot Light Ar
tillery, ot St. Fan!, who has abscond
ed with defalcations amounting to !j.)0
or more, it Is now alleged, also swiii
dlod the management of the Chicago
military encampment by putting in a bill
for tho transportation of a much larger
number of men than were present with
the battery.
The business portion of Wakefield, Wis.
is in ashes. Among the buildings de
stroyed are the Wakefield Bank, Hay
wood, Westcott & Murray's large general
store, post-office, R. A. Morris' jewelry
store, Milleuthal s clothing store, Coli
seum Theater, a dozou saloons und n large
numbor of dwolling-homos, about forty
buildings in all.
Mrs. Ellen O'Neil, a widow, in com
pany with two of her children, a boy and
girl, while walking on the track of th
Jlnnnn H 'war rni lrnnd A cliri-t. .A on.na
KUinenecK siauon, jn. Y., were
locomotive and all three in
rational Bunk of San Lui
boon authorized by th
Lfhe Currency to commence
npital of $100,000.
.inda In Mexico to have
duty bill passed.
SK"t detrimentally to
f the Britis
dents who entered tho academy in Juno
last, and tho Indications are that about
thirty will fail to pass and hi dropped
from the service.
Rkports to tho Navy Department from
the Now York ond Norfolk navy yards
here preparations are making to build
the 0, (KM-ton armored war-ships, aro high
ly satisfactory. At New York tho keel-
locks for the armored cruiser have been
laced und tho ship is being laid down.
he now buildings are nearly completed
and will bo ready to roueiva the machine
tools when they aro procured.
Advices from Sydney, Now South
Wales, stoto that the French command-
nt of tho Now Hebrides hus been ordered
y his government to evacuato the islands
n January. A French company is !iy-
ng land frpm tho natives tf th.) New
lb-brides for the purpose of establishing
trading stations.
Tho following dales have beon fixed for
tho state entertainments" at tho hito
House at Washington during tho coming
social season: President's reception.
Monday, January 2, from 11 a. in. until 2
m. ; Cabinet dinnor, Thursday, January
diplomatic reception, Thursday, Jan
uary Vz; diplomatic dinner, tnursaa),
January 10; congressional and judicial
oception, Thursday, January 2ti; Su-
promo Court dinnor, Thursday, February
2; army and navy reception, Thursday,
Vbruary 0; public rucuptioii, luesuay.
'ebruury 14.
IN the Senate, on tho 21st, Mr. Cockrell of
fered a resolution, which was adopted, direct
ing the Fish commission to report what meas
ures have been taken for the selection of a site
for a flsh-cutturo station in tho Ozark region of
Southwest Missouri. A resolution by Mr.
Butler for the appointment of a committeo
of livo to investigate tho condition
of the Ave civilized Indian tribes
was taken up. Mr. Dawes' bill, pro
viding for the appointment of a fish com
missioner, was called up and passed. The holi
day recess resolution was then tailed up, and
lifter a long and warm debate In which tho
President was attacked by S-n itor Plumb,
was adopted. ...In the Houso Mr. Itandali
presented a partial report of tho
committees on rules, reeemmending,
among other things, tho eslabl ghment
of committee on merchant marine and
fisheries, on reform In the e! vil service, on
elections of President and VU o-Pres dent and
Representatives In Concres, on the eleventh
census, on Indian depi-cdnticn claiirs, and on
the 'alcoholic liquor traffic. The report was
udopted and tho House udjoumed.
In the Senate, on the i-'d, Mr. Dolph intro
duced a bill to provide for tho payment of
claims for damages by Indian depredations.
Mr. Eustls reporte I a bill authorizing the ro-
moval of the quarantine station frum hhip
Island, Miss. Mr. Dolph' s joint resolution pro
posing a constitutional amendment on the sub
ject of marriage and dl vorco was taken up and
discussed, and ordered to lie on the table. 13 . 1 1 a
to establish two additional fund olllces in Col
orado and to remove tho political disabilities
of Abraham C. Meyers were passed.
After an executive' session a messao
was received from the House announcing tho
death of Representative Moffalt, of Michigan.
The usual resolutions wero adopted, and a com
mittee appointed to attend tho funeral, alti:r
which tho Senate adjourned, to meet on Jan
uary 4 In the House, a short and unimpor
tant session was held. Mr. Uurrows, of M.chi
pan, announced the .death ot JLkin. Peth C.
MolTatt, and after the adoption ot a series o(
resolutions of regret and the uppo ntmer.t of a
committee of seven to attend the funeral, tho
House, as a mark of respect to the memory of
tno deceased, adjourned to meet on Wednes
day, January 4,
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Tho Ex-Socrot&ry of tho Tronmiry
Succumbs to Bright's Diaeaso,
And Pusses Away Miirouinlod by Family
uud FirumlH A Uriel !Slcirr:iiliy
The President nnd Cabinet
Gone to the PiinvrnL
Albany, N. Y., Doc. 21. Ex-Secretary
Manning d'ed at 1:3-2 p. m. to-duy, at tho
residonce of his son, John II. Manning, on
Lancaster street. Death caaio very peace
fully. Since morning tho spark of Ufa
gradually flickered, until the light was
out and the lifo done. Ho died in tho
presence of his family, boside his bsdsido
being Mrs. Daulul Manning, Mr. and Mr.
Fred Manning, M-j. John E. D.dnhanty,
MUs Mary Emma Manning, Mr. Wm. J.
Fryer aud Mr. Robert L. Fryer.
One of tho attendants was Frederick
Moore, the faithful colored boy whohai
bun with Mr. Manning since he entered
th Treaiury Department, and who was
with the late Judge Folger in a similar
CapacItT of body iervsnt, Moore -was one
I of those who bore the body of Judare
Folgrkithe grave, and It has bona ar
ranged that he shall perform the same
laatstrvice in behalf of Mr. Manniug, to
whom he was warmly attached.
Mr. Manning's mental facilities remain
ed oleur for the past few days, and nearly
to the hour of d'Rth bis bearing faculties
were intact, and he could understand
what was going on. At noon the end
began to appear, aud all were prepared.
He bad received holy communion at the
bands of Hev. Dr. J. Livingston Repse,
reotor of St. Paul's Episcopal Church,
several times since the hand of death ap
peared, and the clergyman was at his bsd
side this morning offorim prayer and con
solation. The arrangements for the
funeral have not yet bren coniploted. but
the day will probably bo Tuesday next.
Hon. Daniel Mnnnintr, Into Socretary of
the Treasury, was born Bt Albany, N. Y., Au
gust 10, 1831. He had never held public offl e
until he was appointed Secretary of the Treas
ury, March 5, lSSS. Ho hid, however, been at
the head of the Demoeratio organization of
New York State since 1878, having succeeded
to the chairmanship of the Demoeratio com
mittee Mr. Magone, the present Collector of
Customs at New York City.
In 18r7 Mr. Manning became connected with
the management of the Albany Jriu, which
paper who controled by him at the time of his
appointment. He became a director in tho
National Commercial Hank of Albany In 1803,
and at the time of his appointment to the
Treasury Department he was president of that
Mr. Manning's health begnn failing rapidly
during his connection with the Treasury Do-
I partment, and finally his condition became so
j precarious that resignation was found to be
. absolutely necessary. A sea voyago nnd rest
i were recommended, and about a year ago ho
I sailed for England and remained abroad for
! some time. Hero his condition was con-
siderably improved, and after visit-
ing points of interest he returned to New York,
j and subsequently to his home at Albany. Dur
ing last September the Western National Uank
1 of New York was established, and upon his re
I turn Mr. Manning assumed the prt-sidency of
j the Institution, nnd occupied that position at
tho time of his death.
Washington, Dec. 27. A lar-.re nnmbof
of distinguished porsons, including many
Government officials, left Washington
yesterday afternoon and last night for
Albany, to attend Secretary Manning's
funeral. President Clev-iinnd, accom
panied by Messrs. Payard, Fairc'iild
Villi", Lamar and Garland, of his Cabinet,
aud Colonel Lamont, left bv th- Balti
more & Potomac road at J!:-I5 yesterday
afternoon. Secretary Viiittiy, who is in
New York, and Secretary I'ud cott, now
on bis wav from the East, v ill both j ia
the President in Albany t
President and his party occiir i
car attached to th Cnj.v'
press. In the same train, and
a Pullman immediately a'n
President's car, were sent yd
tiy. the
d ,i special
'"nal ex-
:i 1 of the
t'.-M-.lllel J.
" in-Inter-Aud'for
Randall. Judge S'choonm.'ik -r,
State Commission; Tlird
Williams and K P. Yonnmn.
train last ni ;ht carri -d Six'h
McConville, Supervising A'chitoi
A later
John H. Tiavtu r, of Hew Y-rk; Jo;
n H.
Walsh, T. O. Kellehor and W. Al
bright, the last three follow-'ownsmen "f
the late Secretary. These oilirir.ls will
j represent the Treasury Depa' tm nt .and
tho New York State Democratic A s icia
i tion nt the funeral, in accordance wiMi
the expressed wishes of meetin r-1 if th
i association and of treasury ol!l.-mU.
Those that are on the train with tl e l'r
idont will arrive at Albany via tls West
Shore road about six o'clock this niorninp-,
while thoie on the late train will reach
there about noon. They will ren leivous
at the Delevan House and proceed thenco
to the funeral.
New Yoiik, Dec. 27. Menb"rs of the
county Democracy met yesterday at the
New Amsterdam Club and comp eted. ar
rangements to attend the funeral of ex
Secretary Manning to-day. Thv will o
to Albany on the 9:4' o. m. train. Iso
lations of sorrow for Mr. Mann "g's
death were adopted. The delegation n--ing
to Albany will number one bund. e.l.
including Conjre-ismn Camp'.;-..-", ex
Mayors Cooper and Grace. Senat-
Murphy and Daly, Colonel J. !!. Fellows,
Ed. Kearney and President Beekiuiu of
the Buard of Aldermen.
Ducks are so abundant In Georgia that
the Savannah market has boeomi glutted.
They are Pylng by thousand in large aud
small flocks, and one hunter in eight days
has killed over seven hundred.
The sixth annual Inter-State and Pet
Stock Association, which convenod in
Jackson, Tonn., last week, was ono of the
Quo it exhibitions of poultry and pet stock
ever known in its hlstoVy.
Five years ago Murdock Brynn oloped
with the daughter of Joshua Coffee, a
farmer living ten miles from Eastman,
Ga. Coffee has never become reconciled
with his son-in-law. The two quarreled
every time they nipt. A few days since
they came togother ngain, when pistols
wore drawn and ColToe shot I'.ryau dead.
The court-house of Graves County, Ky.,
situatod at Maysville, was destroyed by
fire a fow days ago, supposed to have '
beon of incendiary origin. All of the
county records wore destroyed, and the
loss is estimated at $50,000.
A curious depression has occurred In
the Smoky Mountains, in Swain County,
N. C. Many acres of mountain laud has
sunk to ithe depth of one hundred feet,
carrying down trees and immense bowl
ders. It is said that tho depression is
daily increasing in oxtent, and that, there
are many cracks in thoenrth in tho vicini-
ty. No noises accompany tho phonoinonon,
but its power is manifested.
Maria Stee!, colored, said !to hava been
one hundred and fifteen years old, died
recently at her son's bouso in Savannah,
Ga. Although extremolv foobls and with
hardly a remnant of mind left, sh lived
to attain her ono hundred aud fifteenth.
birthday. Thre arj som.i doubts as t
the womat.'s age, though hor family say
that she was ono hundred nnd;flftoon
years old. Sho was born in U ickingham
County, N. C, in 177-
Newton W. McConnell, of Tennosseo,.
has been nominated by the President as
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the
Torritory of Montana.
Miss Bessie Long, of Ruisollvillo, Ky.
is missing from her boarding placo In
Cincinnati, where she was attending
school. She eloped.
Daniol Burton, manager of Don Caf
fery's Campordown plantation nt Frank
lin, La., was shot and instnntb' killed a
few days ago by hi? stepson, Malcolm
Cook, aged eighteen. The cause of the
shooting is not known.
An amendment to the Cullom Postal
Telogrnpli bill prposod by Senator
Goorge providos for thy construction of a
telegraph line from Atlanta, (la., to El
Paso, Tex., via Birminihntn, Ala. ; Meri
dian, Jackson and Vicksburg, Miss.;
Monroe and Shroveport, La., and Mar
shall, Dallas and Fort Worth, Tox.
Lee Lawrence, in his fourteenth year,
and Jennio Carpenter, sca-coly twelve
years old, both residing at Sherburne,
Ky., eloped to Aberdeen, O., tho Gretna-
Green of Kentucky lovers, a fow days
ago nnd were married. The littla gir'.'s
fatlier is on the war-path, and is threat
eninTto exterminate this Ohio matrimo
nial kindergarten.
Rev. L. S. Piker, of Ktarkville, Miss.,
has nccepted a call from tho Fourth Bap
tist Church of St. Louis to become its pas
tor. Mr. Piker was in St. Louis soveral
weeks ago, and during a two-woeks' stay
he preached to the congregations of the
different Baptist churches, among which
was the one of which he will beconje pas
tor. Ho is well versed in the teachings
of Ins cuurcn, and an excellent preacher.
Four persons were killed nt the crossing
of the Newport News & Mississippi Val
ley Railroad and the Mount Sterling &
Owingsville (Ky.) turnpike a few days
ago. Ernest Stone and Dudley Mays, of
Owingsville, who had been attending
court, got into a carriage with two negroes.
All were intoxicatod. When they reached
the crossing they paid no attention to the
coming train. The engineer wasi unable
to soe them, and the carriage wa3 driven
directly in front of the ongino. One of
the men and one woman were killed in
stant' y. The others were fatally injured,
the man dying in a few hours.
Governor Gordon of Georgia has par
doned Obodiah Ross, serving a life term
for the murder of Nathan Cornwall in
1881. This action is taken under tho be
lief that Dr. David Curry, who swore that
Ros had confessed to having murdered
Cornwall, was carried away by his per
sonal bate of the prisoner. The crime
was one of the most horrible ever perpe
trated in the State.
James Allen shot and killoli the city
marshal, J. T. Pippin, at Chipley, Fla., a-
j few days ago, without tho sllghtost prov
! ocation. Pippin had just attempted to
arrest E. C. Lamb, who resisted the ofli-
cer, who shot him twice, iuil ctin ; slight
j flesh wounds. Shortly afterward Allen
I appeared on the scene, and without the
! slightest warning shot Pippin, killing
him itiRinnt'y. The murderor succeeded
in making his oscnp.
Two huge canvas wagons, drawn by
four fagged aud sorry-looking horses,
appeared in Jacksonville, Fla., a fow days
ago. The prty proved to be G. L. Slater
nnd J. J. Rose a'td families. Thov start
ed from Jleloit, Wis., September 17, trav
ersing the entire distance, 1 8)0 miles, in
their wagons. They all looked extremely
ha gard and fatigued, but were all welL
Their destination was Mayport, twenty
niil! distant.
A big riot occurred at Glenmary, Tcnn.,
a few nights ago. A mixed ma's of col
ored and white men became involved in a
q m'rei. uver two nunarea snots were
exchanged, and a number of pr-ions were
seriously wounded. Michael Murray, a
one-lepeed colored nun.'Wm fe'b'd to the
finer with a chair, and his body ft; led with
bulljt-x A boy, aged about sixteen, was
shot through the heart by a nogro aud
::fl L It was pav day at the coal mines,
an 1 the quarrel came up in a saloon and
iinb'ir.g den.
'i S iprome Court of Tennossee recent
Iv passed upon the liability of bucket
si. iv 8 for money lost bv customer deal
ing in futures. Mrs. Sa'lie Reese brooght
r.t in tho Chancery Court to recover
fi) lost bv her husband while speculate
i,: in the bucket-shop operated by S. II.
lid' and others. Sho was awarded judg
t r-iit for the amount, and the defendants
iv i "aled. The proof howed that in
i'.-)-so's transactions he won mo.? m'inev
than ha lost. Upon this the 8-ipremt
Court rojrerre 1 the judjmerit.
H? the 'possums do suHYbI

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