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Late and Important War News Escape of.
Federal Prisoner -Capture of "Vessels Bun
ting the Blockade No More Furlough
. Stonewall Jackson Another Battle The
,Tory Preachers in the Penitentiary at, Nh
"ville mat'Ttey Think of ttthaVNffill
be Done with, Them-Tjae. Position on the
James Hirer Rebel in "Mexico G orgia
Andy Johnson's 4th of July Address, etc., e.e.
- Quxai. Where ia ibe . beligarent- lawyer,
who headed a crowd the day the" Tex! era! gun
boats arrived at Memphis, and urged the t, to 1
fire upon the man who hhould attempt to hoist
the National flag over the PttfikT4fWon
der if be is still ia the city 4 '
i Thx Mississippi'! fTpJiiT. The swift
and beautiful steamboat Yon Phul, now run
l ning between here 's!nd St. Louis, arrived at our
levee jast, afternoon, and leaves here for St.
T - - - ' r . r ' 1 i
uouu mis eeuiug at uuicxn.
r-H tl Mitt It
J. JK . Davissox, Editor,
writes us from
Cairo tco late for the present issue. He says
he will make St-JLouis isuhis ronlft before his
Attkociods Murdib Rcmorid.
There is a runu'r in the city that an atrocious
. murder was committed on Third street, on
"Wednesday night, but after much search we
have come to the conclusion that It was com
.. mltted by the maa in the Uon. mask, agaiDst
whom a warrant, specific in name and resi
dence, should be at once issued.
Restacrant. Mr. Wm. Cooper, 3T Mad
' isjn, between Main and Second, stilt spreads
uis usuipimg nanus at an -iii-uri, injiurw ma
veil pleased patrons.
CiOaks. Those4 wishing good" cigars can
suit themselves by calling on friend W. R.
' Hume, at the Jf.iyflewcr, on Main,' fref be
tween Poplar and Washington streets.
Jcsr received by Blelock & Co, 297 , Alain
street, Harper Weekly and Frank Lettie't
Illustrated, for July 12th; Mercury anj led
ger ; Bailout Monthly, Peterson Magazine
and Thompson's Bank Note Reporter,' Tdr Jiffy ;
also, Vanity Fairer July. ...irt0
Thx WzATJa&,?-The weather coUuiueg
eicessively warm. The heavens wre slight
ly overcftct' rWwardi nighgt, atf3rraisy ex
pected a shower,, but "Blessed are they, who
ex Dec t rothinsr for thev shall not be d'uiaD-?
Mad Doo-i-HTuubpHoBiA and AnfioiTs
or Casixe panqrs. YesUrday abroad dog
was shot on DeSoto betwten Midison and
Monroe streets. The town is full of '-dOgs
quadupedal and bipedal, and the sooner both
are muzzled the safer the community. : '
CoNTiAtTKD.- Hyde & CoV. Auction Bale of
Sugars, "Wines and Family Groceries will be
conlinuod this morning at 10 o'clock, at Ii. T.
BeckUrt's, 337 Main street. ? " ' '
Wilt' A MOKfH frn .-"N n-pn il A At?r)J
lot negro wqiraen engaged s policadis
cussioa near the Charleston depot yesterday
which culminated in a fight.
Aunt Sarah I knows dem Yankees vil
steel. Massa James told me so afore he went
with Massa Borigard., , , (,
Acht IhxAH f hy W rJd'raore thieves
than you is .
Aunt Sarah You call raetief?
Aunt Dinah You's as bad as Yankees.
ACKTflilin Ymi'l oni-ifhor-
EicoRDER-a CouRfl-iJfoi on4as;wKs
Does this speak well or ill f ir the morals of
the city? No ructions, no drunkenness, no as
saults with or without intent to kill, nothing
to shape an item, frpm. jWha iilC became of
us all 'under4he" old1 government; Lot8 of
cases under the secession administration
Northern men to be fined, Southern men to be
imprisoned, and now lo and behold the office
: of Recorder hath becotne a sinecure..
eeiire., s :
riaiiei,! Uat
'iPaoiANrrtf. Dr. Gruady preached, Wab-
bata or two since, on the subject of profane
swearing, but some of the boys of the city, if
they heard him, are profiting little by his dis
course. Boys, why not give up the habit of
wearing? No lady loves to hear it, and
everj genueman aisuKes it. lou will grow
just as fast, sleep just as soundly, thrive just as
much, live as much respected, and die nst as
iever utter an oath, . i , f
Hi ? ..1 .'IV l 1
riscATio.v or
A soidier stopped a carriage on Main street
last evening, stepped into it, and drove to a
certain temple of Aphrodite where he in-
formed the anti-vestal that he was aHthorized"
.blithe nnikrulhoriyerrcttttpi all
and confiscate the fixtures of the fane. He
never gave his authority, and from his reeling
gait and hiccoughing speech, our reporter be
lieves his warrant was , puretv Bachanalian.
He lef fritUg$t! fcjufmg an r taking any
thing." He had taken enough already. He
said he was going fc a guard, and we judge
be needed nne.
i ;oldijev AaK&TXD.-rA. fjt,soldier(waa ar-
rested yesterd'ay ad broagtl before' thi Pro
vost Marshal, for
mounting a carriage, i
tra liberties. lie was
taking sundry extra
in a
L. Buttles, instead of L. L. Buttlar. an u
Cprintei at tne! i'olitil tit&lUA, m) en
tire charge jpOha.Ppe J5jEce,,And all persons
uaviug ousiness wun ue ume will cal
it iju
C. S S. Tood, the eenllemanlv and
ouainess" rnan" whose pleasant familiar face we
. meet, every' &6Mng 'delllMgt Ibut SUmps for
National currency, is Chief Clerk. ;NWhen
tue cars Irom Columbus and Kashville make
their regular irip aja, ejtizens and soldiers
,tvi wiU Py plantjjpf letters once ore, asd all
i uodj car enougo to dfrt 1 :
iil t
3 P?rA Mayor tnd Alderae r
iioara called at seven, met at eight o clock.
S. Tighx in the chair.
Dr.OGDix from the Seventh ward vas called
and Sfforn.
Mr. Tpt fifHfa t 41 Jail that w as
last night done was informal and would "have
to be done over again to-night,"
Moved the Board proceed to election of
Permanent Chairman. Passed.
SyTiGx, fjefc lsaj-dnprninaurl.
Dr. Johnson was nominated, but declined.
A ballot was held and resulted in faur votes
fr Mr. Tjghe and five for Dr. Johnson. Dr.
Johnson was thenJxeld duly elected, and, took
Ihl- presiding seat! lHsaid4) was gratified
but not qualified ; would try to do his best, and
trusted to have the co-operation of the Board
in all that might be necessary. He supposed
the imposition C tax tbouVl be attended to.
Mr. Trh4nn!crngt nit, androposed the
filling of vacancies nominating S. T. Morgan
for that in the Second Ward. No opposition.
S. T. Morgan being elected by ballot, came
fortl? from-u Anper rooiaand took ib oath.
'"it r" i - v ' " r " rr "v t "i " -
nr. oiaea, wnom Mr. xiengnoia uoeea ai
at the previous meeting, was again nomin
ated by Dr. Brooks Tor" fhe Fourth ward, as
also Dr. Merrill for the same ward. Mr.
Side obtajaed on vcta. f Pr. A. Pi Merrill
ten. The Iat"er pronounced eected. - " ,
Vacancies in Fifth ward then considered
Postponement voted down.
- Sixth ward vacancy in consideration next.
W. BozeU iftnjf JJ MrncrjNf hsrainated. On
ballot Mr. Hazel 1 was elected by a majority of
eight votes. Mr. Mclncrow obtaining only
Dr. Merrill coming in took the oath and
. . . rt-- r i
thenookjtys j. f U f J (
Mr. Henghold suggested that Mr. Kozeil
take his seat, which, after taking the oath of
office, he immediately did.
Mr. Tighe moved, the taking of the Mayors'
rteJage.! flTo&ifpJsSd.. .ii- i! i M
Mator's Office, July 1st, 1862. -
Gentlemen of ,lhe Board of Aldermen:
In acoOwlJtdi f'ith JA, previous custom 1
submit to you my annual message in relation
to our municipal government and anai:s,
trusting that it will receive at your hands that
consideration which I hope you will be ever
ready to extend to matters which concern the
cuyieC-JlecipliU, ila, prosperity; and tfi.e Hap
piness of its people.
Tbe subject ot city nnances being a matter
of paramount consideration, and to be made
to a greater or lfiES.exfent, the basis of your
legislation and future action, ought to be
thoroughly understood by you before you
proceed to the adoption of any measure which
w.fc. invol? UiieexpcndUure of money or
The receipts of the corporation for the past
year nave exceeded tne appropriations over a
quarter of a million of dollars, the amouat
having been applied to tne liquidation of oaf
floating debt! qhet eity impuities, and for
deta;!dv(wveienl of whlca 1 reter you to
the report of our very efficient comptroller
addressed to the retired Board of Aldermen,'
to all of whom I must tender my sincere ac
knowledgements for valuable services rendered
in reducing tae Icity debt, and n, tfce f-etora-tkn6f
he credit, -i i I O 1 r-l
There remains now outstanding only about
two hundred thousand dollars of bills payable
and city indebtedness, which has heretofore
been styled: " Floating Debt." . 1
The intflwibo Coppos t4nw5p33J!40W'
due and unpaid will approximate six thousand
You will see upon examinntion, or upon
application to the Comtroller that the present
indebtedness fif your, Ciy, asepmpared with
tnat wojoo. auet.yoar praOAcesfirs, wnen tney
entered upon their omcial duties, is coaipan
lively, small, and that wise and prudent legis
lation upon your part may place this city up-,
on a financial footing which fow, if any city:
in. the country fan boast m . , '. !
OoHr- roBenrees: tBipraA wir3eoit of
which you can hope, in part, to discbarge your
liabilities, carry on the City Government, and
make such improvements as may be necessary
and needful, will approximate as follows :
From Taxes on Real and Person il Property $172,000
From PriTilgt...... 40,000
From W oarfage ........ 10,000
From Recorders Court ... .. 15,000
ssf tf a$!itinft $eBe $optflt3, fwilfneiition
fZo.uuu duo trom JNavy lard lesees, wnicn
will mak3 an approximate aggregate of
Owing to the distracted state of the coun
try, it w41J be imprudent in, you to hope that
your reeitirBsa JUieiieltfbuJbes mentioned3
will be as heavy as in times of peace, and
your leg elation must of a necessity be made
with prudence, and exercised with more than
ordinary caution ; waiting always until the
means are in your hands and at your com
1 ff A
The subject of tbe erection of water works
has been before your predeceesqfs in office for
several years past, and authority has been ob
tained from ,hs? LejtatureQytheveityj to
fesire borid;ffoit4pou'Ihattiale
sirable and, in fac,, almost essontiafSWthe
health and preservation of tbe city thatsteh
an improvement should be made, cannot, in
my opinion, be questioned. Tbe only question
which ccHjld possibly, aris wik the Board of
Mayor n4-AUertaen Hs' wkeifcer the meas
ure could b effected without too much of a
sacrifice of the means and credit of the city
ol jUempnis.
All the antecedents which I have examined
ablisli bf off! royjWWt th dv ' dwulf a"ria
TngTrom sftcb wotts "nave boe'ri gtealter tlian
tbe sto-kno:aro nave anticipated, ana irom
the conclusion at which I have arrived, fronx
a careful study of the question, and the exam
ination of stfttisticTT? relation thereto, l am
forced, from their importance and the benefit
they confer upon almost every citizen, to
recommend tbe construction of water work
irp4f a;btjtl',acalf by Ahejdtyef Jleiaphia,
Deiieving, as j. ao, m&i toe aiviaenas arising
therefrom will not only pay the coupon inter
est upon the bonds as they fall due, but create
sinking fund Tor tbe retrievement of tne
bonds themselves, I make this recommenda
tion with tbe belief that M will in no way in
crease the debt of the city or embarrass her
finances. "
The list of City Police will be presented for
your confirmation, and as the law and ordi-
nanQi now stsad, it wiute, jjecessaM for all
w pprntrneJnU to 4 feoiinMned by the
lioard before they are valid. - Much inconve
nience has arisen during the past year in con
sequence of some officer or officers of the city
not bain? vested with sufficient rower to dis-
'fof infkiAaCjo!2iceln fqt efnsidd to
sppuiutuiuen w uu vacancies, wiinout an ap
plication to the Board of Aldermen. I would
recommend that the Mayor, or Mayor and
Police Committee be vested with more; power,
and authority.jfl such, joajiters than tbey now
have. .CidiJilf. liljyj
,I have no special recommendation to make
with regard to improvements in the city.
You must be governed by the exigencies of
tbe cases and ths state and prospects of your
r A jJca for tbe confinement of cityprisoners
ihould b regarded by you. as a matter of the r
highest importance. The city jail or calaboose
was by some authority entirely demolished
during tbe latter part of tbe past corporate '
year, and at present there is no place ia the
city where persons found guilty or accused of
crime can be securely and safely confined. I
I will recommend, as a matter of the high -:
est importance, the immediate erection of a '
city prison, and, in addition thereto, I would
advise the investigation of tbe. authority or '
anthorities by which the old jail was torn
down, and the prosecution of the parties. s
In conclusion, gentleman, allow me to sy, '
that I will always be pleased 'to co-operate I
with yon in everything which is for the intr .
est of Memphis and the happiness and pr.-s-
perity of her people. " '
.trusting that your legislation may te nr
luomousana oeaeneiai 10 an, bdu tuai. jou s
: i i - i i , j .l.i .. . .
mav close vonr ail m i n it ration with credit to i
yourselves and with the approval of youf con- i
stituents, 1 remain,
Your's respectfally, '
' " - Jonif Park, Mayor.
The question of salaries was next taken ap. '
Mr. Mulholland moved that the chair ap-j
point a committee onr salaries. ; .
;:sam::Tighe;;;:" . ' !
, S. T.lMorgaa, . '"'J'.e., ' '.,.,
Dr. Merrill; , - - . - . I
" Mr. Mulholland. ' j
i Mtpgon..-T T .I. r . ,: ; ,
.5. . V r ..t
receive bids for public printing
MrTigtfe moved t5 Major be authorized to
, Dr. Brooks "moved as" amendment the ap
pointment of a coaiulittoe of tbreu' andthe
Mayor in lieu. Passed with ainendmei-.t.
The Mayor. " " : " "
0Mr.Gager.; yanoH 001
Dr. Brocks.
Mr.illTnwderujian. 3310 A
Tbe following was then r ad:
' ? " " Memphis, July 8, 182.
Honorable Board of Mayor and Aldermen
GjuvriiMafi--.! herewith tenderttny resi?-4
nation as Collector f Privilege!'. ; i
. ! iv.a v.r Very rrectfally, - j
. " ll'i John JSawsom, (
r4l nr. .l ..:,: i ,v, kf .v,- i
k . r. ,
resignation. Passed. -
Moved to adjourn to half-past three p. m.
' Communicated.
frrr?- jffM, Tenn., July 10 1862.
E, 47th regiment Indiana volunteers, take
much pleasure in returning their thanks to
Mrs. Foley, Hernando street, for the magnifi
cent cake presented them to-day. We all
nnite'ta'pronoancing it excellent, nay,? superb.
It appears that tbe above named lady is as suc
cessful in making Union cakes as Union flag?.'
May Jong life and brilliant success erpwn her
efforts and the efforts of the other, Union
ladies who remember the poor soldier kindly,
when far awayfrom home,&ife, chlldynr jard
friends. 'Tis said that
"When the blick-lettsreu iirt to to GoJ was pre cted,
A Ubt of what fate for each, mottal intends, ; .
At ths long line of woes a kind goddess relented,
Asd slipped in three blessings wife, children scd
;-! Meads." -!.. - .'..-v. 1
! !Mrs. .Foley ' is of .tbe'clas derfRninited
friends--a class that springs p wherever we
go, and like the ministrations of loved one?,
aro equally welcome and useful. The verse of
Holy Writ applies to them : ''Inasmuch as ye
have done it to the least of these, my brethren,
ye did it onto me. !'SergU II. W. Zssiz,
Co. E., 47th P.eg. Ind. Vol.
i t u i.
t'n lit.
f JBeaj Wood Compared
TTort tns IndTO,61obe. ,ki4
eel ts Baras.
We do cot think it right to pass unnoticed j
th.pc4w seuUrnenuota aiejijjber of tbe Con
gfestgjpt -ioe-TJ'nkttd- StateslMjwSanjamin
Wood, who is described as a very popular
representative of the city p. New York. j We
published! yesterday ' 'ioine . extraoU i from a
speech prepared but not delivered by that gen
tleman, which he eoitetted and obtained leave
from Congress to have printed and circulated
Vithllbeir other ' proceedings.:' The firat thing
that strikes a glib, readers in this occurrence
is thai ft public man who was rpttafraid to ask,
and a publiJ"body ; which ls! tiot averse to
grant, the privilege .above mentioned, need
no. the, former , have been afraid to deliver
oribe latter" averse to fisted to, tho speech a
speech which, if it seemed both good to the
author and" his should-havc-been audienv-e
should be read, marked and inwardly digested
by the general constituency, might equally
havfc seemed gbodtb be -"delivered by tbe re-"
preseaUtive man. and listened te by the re
WanHlrti FTrtusa.- l
There is an ancient story of an eminent cli
ent of CiC; ro, reading in exile the oration
"Pro Milonei""whicb was written expressly
for his defense, and exclaiming that if his ad
vocate had delivered that oration he should '
not be where be .was'. If Congress should be
converted to peace along wita their constitu
ents, by reading Mr. Wood oration, they will
nave some rig at to cotupiain mai a lair start
was not given them of the general public;
and that tbey had not the chance of correcting
the error f their ; ways first. Il does not, at
the first glance seem "Complimentary to the
temper of Congress, or creditable ta theccur
age of it popular ' member of thai body,' that
aDDrehcnsionsshfrold be virtually confessed in
' this manner, lest the former should not be abie
to keeo hlB lesrv and tbe latter their temper :
through the press to tue dispersed irom tbe
collective wisdom of the country.
Returning to MK WeodV speech,, what has
struck us forcibly in its pervading sentiment,
is the; close similarity, or rather identity of
lone with. Mr-"Burke's Ton"" Conciliatiorf-with
America." , There must be very many instruct
ed and reflecting! persons in - tbe i Northern
Slates, to whom, that .tone must be infinitely
mora acceptable than the crusading abolition
ist, or the major-general style; whicn they have
been more visited with.', And ; it may" not be
uaiatereaUcg te show, by a lew citations from
"Burke's great America o speech, which has al
ways been highly appreciated in tbe ooontry
whose causa it pleaded, how naturally the re
currence, o?f yioleat situational and violent
coiirsea eatls -rth tb repetition of 'calmer
counsels from calmer minds.
rrTra. Wiathik- tor , Watsu.R8-u If
Sowers are wore as ornamebu for the stress,
thnsA in tbfl hair ahould. of course, be of the
same kiod f larSellrljr ladios? tbej can be in
termixed with laces or ieauiers." Very well,
If lierly lai'u, mast wear flowers ia their
iatr,4od wotiltf chaoae appu&priafa flowers,
they shouli decorate it wun eiaer-nowers.-
The lace with wmcn tbese Dowers are inter
mit ed shoald W attique, and the- only ieath
eta to match are those of a goose.
' 'rTHAT'i my business 1" aa the batcher said
.Vt jbg dog that was killing; hia sheep.
Rii Kurer.
Ohio BrU
Vua ftaal
a. Bom..
O. Boat.,
'. 8. all. .
-The steamboat Shioges sank at 4 o'clock
a u, yesterday,. a few miles snuth of En
dolph, through coming in contact with a snag.
Ne lives lost. She was laden principally with
sick ud wounded roldiers, but owing to her
LearneM to the shore all were saved..
The upper Mississippi is rising slowly. The
n,. . - t;v .i.viiiK.a.
P,er ntars.
! lbe Ifncessee ia tailing only a leet scant
: to Eastpurt, and 20 inches oa Colbert shoals.
! The lower Ohio, Mi sissippi and IUinofs are
in fair navigable order.
' No news from below.
Telgraib-c Correspond ?nc Cincinnati Comnircial.
Washikotos, July 7. I suppose that Gen.
Pope is about to take the field.
Senators Wadf and Wilson, who have been
quite ill, came in to their seals to-day.
' About one thousand more wounded and.
sick soldiers, principally tbe bitter, have ar
rived here. The unanimity with which they
declare their wish t pick the flint anti try i;
again, is. extraordiimry. ; A.11 battered, and
cove rod with grim-looking wounds, and with
war-worn expressions of feature, they jet
! talk with the uttiwt-t ehvrfulns of w hat they
i have passed ; Uroigat nd hape for another
-i chance. ,-- - - ' ,
AmoD? tbe reirif ireements which have
i reached James Jtiver, as announced la-t week,
I wera the 4th, o.h 62 1 and 67th Ohio regi
1 i menu. ..- - - : .-.t , -:-, . v '. .. :
Tne omcial u-ntTnuation of the report that
' I Captain Wilkt-s is icr command of the James
. j river flotilla causes great satisfaction. His
well proved en'erg, oaring, and readiness to
use the responsihui'y, wiit stand tbeUovern-
nient in good stta1.
The admission iI WwUm Virginia is post-
ported for this se-i'i, by une vote, in the Sen-
ate to-day.
-"jr"" -
: t Columbus, Indiuiapolis and Bock Island
1 parsed, and will become a law.
Mr. Morrii. of Ohio, got off a Democratic
T n tha RiMiw lh hill Actabl ifih i niF irrnnriH
speech ; be supported toe war, but was a
little too full f brotherly love for these
times. ... .
Mr. Richardson, of Illinois, made a sarcas
tic defense of the Dem jcratic addieas put
forth by what is commonly known as the Val
landighaii party.
Mr. Bicbardson avowed himself the author ;
he claimed all oar best generals now in the
field as Democrats. What be didn't prove
was, that they sustain, bis Democratic ad
dress. . It is said the rebels refuse to receive flags
of truce from McClellao relating to tbe wound
ed and prisoners. ..
: Six members of Congress are just leaving to
raise regiments in their districts, and it is
thought matjy others will follow : their exam
ples.. . . . . I : , - a
It again becomes doubtful , whether Con
gress will adjourn. Prominent Western Son
MLIWO .Will BUIUUI !. JL 1 irtUIUCtt. 1 l UUU. '
ators think it unwiae for tue innate to leave
amidst uncertainty as to, the army being re
cruited, and the delicate position of foreign
relations. . The House is much more anxious
to adjourn. , , ( '
Some Democrats think that the President
should prorogue Congress, which be can con
stitutionally do, in case of disagreement. . '
It has been a hot and exciting day in the
Sen ite. .
j Mr. Chandlera reolutioo, demanding a cat
i ezorical statement of isst and present bis tor v
j I and condition of McClellan'a army, although
not considered, led . to a criminoui debate.
I There came near being a pitched battle be
', tween the respdbtive adherents and opponents
01 sec oiantou ana uen. aicvieuan.
Mr. Chandler charged point blank that the
record was made up, and the country bad ren
dered judgment. It was either tbe Pre-ident
or Gen. McClellan whi was guilty. 1'
The Secretery of war 'was only a clerk, for
whose acts the President was responsible.
McClellan had, by 'delays and tlunders, lost
half of the noblest urmy in ' the ' world, and
placed the other half hort du combat i ; '
, Messrs. Cowan and Carlile defended Me- ! '
Clellan warmly, and inveighed, against the ;
radicals and abolitionists in Congress. ., 1
This waked up Lane, of Kansas, who made j
some pretty swage remarks on the negro
question, while uefoading M-cClllan, bow ;
being pronounced a criminal foe military ia(8 - ' ;
takes,. .,7; '-.v ' - ' -' ' "'.
In the course of the debate, Mr. Cowan de-
flarofl ..-tba nrinttinla t Vi.it. if an . ar1nul nrk. (
- r- ' . . , (
doubted majority of a State, resolved on, se- i
cession, tbe federal Government was found !
to abandon attempts to hold it by force. This
virtually gives up tbe ground of the war, and
returning to tne base and imbecile doctrine of
Buchanan's : last message,, sounded strange
from the lips of a so-called Republican Sena
tor. ' , , '. . .'. , V
. ' Mr. Cowan has devoted much time this ses
sion to deprecating all severe prosecution of
the war, as calculated to exasperate the rebels.
Perhaps he will find some other people exas
perated before he gets through. ,
. Among maViy fresbt rumors to-day we have
one to the effect that Capt. Wilkes is ordered
to take command of the James river squadron ;
that Com. Stewart is also ordered, into active
service; j that Gen. McClellan again to be
placed; in comnaaud-in chief of the whole
army; that either Pope, Mitchell, or Burnside,
is Jo take commaoa of tbe army of tne l otc-s
mac, and that immediate, vigorous measures
are in progress to take Richmond by a coup de
jierrV'-5.'.u.' .q--; '. : '
1 The KatioiteU Jnteiligeneer baa an elaborate
military criticism, questioning the wisdom of
recent rmlitary combinations, and; regretting
the disturbance of McClellan' plans for the
capture of Richmond. . : Siqva.
Bappabannock passed through . Alexandria
during r3aturday night, Sunday and , -Monday
of last wecfe, en route for JUcbraond, goinir by
water, xne city literally awarmed witb sol
uiBie uuiuig wucst twv uaji?, nnu ueing uie
first chance, for a year the "boys" have bad
tot a spree, and being " flush," they enjoyed a
hearty v.e- officers no less than men. . Since
Qen. Shields has tendered his resignation, the
command devolves upon Gen. Ferry. He is
in high favor throughout bis command, and
has secured an excellent staff of young, ener
getic and experienced officers. We learned
the names of some of them: Capts. Br ay ton
Ives, E. V. Preston, Dr. (Mai.) Lewis, of Con
necticut: Capt Greene Durbin, of Indiana :
Capt. Jerome Foster, of Chicago ; Capt. Con
verse, of Ohio. Tbey left Alexandria with the
General at 4 o'clock on the morning of tbe
30th of J une. There were many Ohio boys
among them, including the 4th Ohio, under
CoL Mason. The 5 th, principally from Cin
cinnati, bad lost so heavily in the battles they
have lately gone through, that they could not
Kempiiij Batk Sote list. "
Revised and (.Directed by X St. Avery, Cashier of tha
Oayoso 8a' ings Iostiuice.
U. S. Treaaarr Nntna..
Unioa Bank of Tennessee..
Plan tars' Bank of lenaesse...
Bank of Tennessee. , -
Xaak of hananooga
Bank of West Tennessee
Bank of Memphis
Commercial Kan if
The notes of the banks of Sooth Carolina, Georgia,
Alabama and Louisiana pas freely a currency,"
and are about 5 per cent, disconn for Tennessee bank
. The interior banks of the State, ris : Bank of Middle
Tennessee, Bank of Nashville, Merchants' Bank of
Nash Till e, ShelbyTille Bank, Traders' Bank, Ac, 3c.
discount below Memphis city money.
Gold, over Treasury notes in to IS prem
tiold, over Tennessee money 36 to 40 prem
Exchange oa the Northern and Eastern cities scarce,
aaU rates quite irregular.
th demand for TJ. S. Treasury notes, generally
called green-backs," is very lively, and the supply
All op country money ia good credit at home ta
bought by our brokers at 15 to 2u per cent, premium
over Tennessee money.
Iaiit Cxioh irrui Orrics,)
THCSi-iT, July l(J,18oi J
Revised daily ftr the VJkio Arrau. by 1. D.
Conaway A Co., wholesale and reUil grocer, No. 24
Madison street, between Main street and Front Rof.
COTTON 26 to 28c for Treasury notes and Northern
money, 24 to 27o in sold. The market is active.
SUGAR Sales at 6 to 7ic, and dull.
f OFFEE Sales at 23 to 25e 11 lb for Rio.
FLOUR Sales of superfine at 3.25 to $4 ; double
extra. (5.25 to $C
BACON Sales of canvassed hams at from 7 to Sc ;
plain do, country cured, 5 to 6Jc ; shoulders, 3 to 4e ;
sides, 8 to 7c
LARD Sales at from to Se, in bbls ; choice, in
kegs, 84 to 9c
BUTTER Sales of good at from 15 to 18c ; plenty
ia market. ,..,.; .
. EGGS Sales at from 6 to 8c V dos.
MACKEREL Sales of No. 1 at $18 bli ; half-bbls.
$10; No. 2 largS, bbU, $13.50; half-bhls, $7. White
fish 6c !b.
HERRING Sales of Holland at $6 $ keg.
BEANS Sales of choice white at $2.00 buahel ;
choice nary, $2.25 to $2.50 ; castor beans 90c.
PEAS Sales of split at $2 V bush.
HOMINY Sales of flint at $1.25 busbr
CORN MEAL Sales at $2.00 V bU.
CANDLES Sales of star, in large quantities, at 13
to lie lb.
LAGER BIER Sales at 10 to $11 bbt, witVa
downward tendency.
The above quotations are lu Federal currency.
Douglass Jerrold was subjected to a series of
long interviews with an old lady, a friend f
the family, who was in the babit of telling to
him in a very gloomy and depressed .manner,
presenting to him only the sad side of lifn.
"Hang it." said Jerrold, "she wouldn't allow
ther was a bright side to the moon."
Thx Bioht of Liberalitt. Professor
Hollo way takes a box of Morrison's Pills, and
believing that he has been cured by them,
sends a testimonial to the proprietors.
A lot of fellows banteriog a large and fat
companion, remarked that if M flesh was
crass, he must be a load of ha v. 'I suspect I
.. . , . . - , . .
",d t.bB mn' frm 1 W7 1
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtas of ths power vested in me as trustee by i
deed of trust acknowli dated co the 23th day ot Jana
! ary, 1850, sod recorded In the Register's office of Shelby
1 eoonty, in hook No. 4'. part Ho 1. bases 612, 613 and
614, on the 28th day' of January, 18GJ, by Wm Breen. to
: sacu a.tha psysoent of certain primtssory cotes ihrein
ta- nti ned. to-wit : ore made payable a: d due on ths 21st
day of September, 1860, for ths sum of one hundred and
igblT lens dollars and fifty cents, and one other made
payable and doe nn the 2 1st dy of Saptoii.ber, 1S01, fr
one huEdred and ei?kSTea dollars and 11 ry rents.
bcth of which notes are made payable to Fa'riek Me
Grata, ths beneficiary in said deed of trust. I will proceed
to sail, ia front of the eouit house door, In the city of
Memphis, to secure the payment of taid notes which r
main due and aopaid on luesday, the 22th day of July,
1862, tt twelte o'clock, . torcaih. to the hi he t bidder,
the following ' ascribed property, being the same as set
forth aad described in said deed f trust, to-wit : lot No.
4, being a part of lot No 468, Patrick MeCrath'e subdi
vision and mora particularly described hi (aid deed of
trutiTbe title to said lot is beliered lo be pood, but I
will only roavey such as is ronvered to m' as trnstee.
Jy9-10t . JOHN McGKATH. Trustee. .
Jeflerson Street, m
9)93 Mala Street,
Corner of Monroe.
)e28-tf 203 Maia Street, Corner of Monraa. ,
LEFT my atabe, and probably the city, on' Sunday
morning June 29, a SORREL MARE, seven or
eight yean old, about fourteen hands high, ponv-bnilt,
round rump, heary neck, in very rood order, left
bind foot white, with collar narks three inches long
on both shoulders ; black saddle with a blue bridle,
broken bit with lone branches and steel curb chain,
webb reins. I hired her ont at 8 o'clock a. ., to a
young man about twenty -two years old, five feet nine
inches tall, eparly built smooth face, yellowish com
plexion, bUek hair and wearing grey caaeimere pants
and black coat. Anyone who will return tbe Mare or
give such information that I can find her, will be liber
ally rewarded.
1 Arnhiaa Stable, Union atreet. . between Second and
J Third street. 4 ,, , . lvl-tf
; ' : lEAIlS.?
I . - .
A au-iij vu dim. bulwiaus on tse
- , on M OB i' the c7
the city of Memphis.
This property is flceiy salted and situated for a Hotel.
kept on the English style. Ttie bnCdiog is four stories
hifh, the main portions bring en the se onH story, the
SfM being eeceasabla with three enttanoes from e(f th
paeeaent, wiihont any connection with lb npper pan
of the bote! If desired.
This property can be purchased for one half cash, the
balaace in one, two, three, four and fire years, enabling
the party purchasing, to pay withertaiuty one hall from
the proceeds of the house A great bargain can kers he
had by applying between bow and the last of this month
se. me, at wiy antes in tbe OaToeo Block, or at my r si
dence on tbe Caarlestoa aad Memphis railroad, one and
a half mile from the city.
J8 2w 7 P. M. LtATgERMAX.
Ladies of Memphis
: and Vicinity.1
WI iav te your attention to a handsoma aasotment
of ISTAia VAMCT HATS, as also ci-ildrens'.
tii Main street, oppe ite F'anters Bank.
. Jy83 ...... i. . . lUT C., fress ft.levJs. .
ladles, Misses and Children?, Mens, Beys
'and Touths, Officers and Soldiers.
OTJS sock is complete, and of lbs best g o.-ds ths max.
kat afforJs and most pkast all.
31S Main street.
Gentlemen of Memphis
and Vicinity,
117 E have a rleadid variety of PLANTERS HATS,
II w wnico
invite y.urattentlin. Ts n peers
nicuey tk-a at pa,
with ntber current luads. 2 2 Slaia
I.KIOY A CO., From St. Luis.
Officers of the Army.
Vr s inita your atteutiun to t nr St. ck of Army bats
T V and rap, full IHmed aul cnlriowd. at mudi-rnts
LEIUY . C, 212 SI.iB strset.
. ' ' AT
'.'; 3 1 5 31 A I . S T II 52 12 T.
JCST KBCHIVEt. a fii'l suj.pIt of
500 roams bittor P(er: -50i
" O mmer i.J Mne;
2j0 " Ladies' lo;
2V) " Fil ep Paper:
. 1J Bill-cup do j
liW BiU Lntter Pai-rj
ISO fcross Plsyiag C irvls ;
6 0 100 - PUio do.
A lar" junn;liT of ieuiorandnm nl BlenkBwts.
PriSi Pchg. Ink, P.n, Ptnc;l, Bl k nn, Wra piun
Pli'. C'lo.ifl tlo. Tissue Pair. inul iw uoli'inriicui
A, Map-, e,c. fjy9 Rt l'MKlHlC)
O, fcllow t;illz:na, hire is Jour chaao t)
And stay at horns n'tr!y all the while " with the tt
and liitla ons." The rations (hit cne man receives wilt
support a smali family if propyl)' tnsuagsd.
BV Headquarters and C'Bl-a tu
Second Street.
'.he IrTln UUcV. uu
Ciptslo CJicmndin
o .jjpany f Kabvi;l is ef.jt;t cora-
' The art..
11 Cfl,
A SITUATION by two ptrs cs one to do i ouie work
and the other pastry or nv-.r rovklnp, wasliii.g aod
irouiDg. Oiod refterences giTeu If rtqnired. App y et
Mrs. fetnrts boarding house, Pi'br ttreat, iwtwte 'r;.ixd
and Tjurib streets. Jj3
L69T, on Third baen Market and fxchan jei'.ri - ts,
an A(JU"i-N f Bl'UK, coma n ng a 20 not 1 enk
liuntuaee, 120 bn I nion Bau ot T nn asee, $lo on
Bank of C"! atianooa and (5 on flank of ioa a .a ol as.
Also. B3Teral receiuis ior n?ar
. join McQUtl.I.AK,
Jy8 lw compr of Second and ovtrion s reis.
08X 1O00 bags
of coru on c -.riflpnmet t
- F0&TEK. OWY! 0
ALT 00 barrelt irtuculi,. tlt
cotton cur s on cone no
FuSTKU, 0WTN a Co.
17ILOUB,ASD C-Jit-X KEAL 100O harrLi Ui
J7 family floor.
SO ba-scoru mesl
208TtR, OWT CO.
BC0-N' 00 lamU of tusss
iVX poik.
AOO oaska baton, eidos, i hop 1 den-, and hstus.
jy4Jm tOaTEH, OWYai. A
GB0CEB1E8--W hate a full supply tt ersrv article
in tbn grocery 11 je, wbch e will s.'ll 1 .w fur cat
w in ticlmufia fur sugar, ith.Ijvh ur c.jtion.
"jji-3ia'i ;t' - - 343 Main
TjtltOH the sutsorr a !anr sornl Ml" UK. sxtn
JO. handa bi;h, a sma'l lump on ths for lo'. A u la
bia revaid wilt be giTtn tor tau re' urn of tu.- saiun to m.
jy8 1 cotner of Second and Ote.tun strews.
liana ti e ?j.
A 6t.hBEtL HOB!", ( bent foniwn bandi -IIk'..
with a Texas tfnd ud a T&ai.du, with
, od'U siirrurs. n him.- the ftudor will bs suitably re-
waidrd, by rttarbing the m. tuite G.-Jow fctsbi'-. Main
srrMt,-ieiwn Benl and Liedni. ' ' 'l ''JySlw
AirB initeyow attention toonr StW BlYiS II AT,
W called th OTJC16 tl AT. A couif jrtsl le Let lor
summer, and weighing bnt pus uunce, end ot !1 c !. s
I 8(2 Mala street, opposite Plasters 2aik.
Jy-2t -;j I LtlDT A CO., fw m t. Louts,
-' . . AT TUK '.,
' t " ' '' l - r"' ......
Between Court and Madison,
SADDLSKS, EHOKlTAKSIte nd the public generally,
a'STesteettully lmited to eali at thi sboe placs aul
ezaulneeari. , . ' "
Fine Harness,
Bridie- : ''
Upper and
Sole A,eetler,
French Calf Kklas,
at. Lottie - m - u
' ALSO, an assortment cf army cavalry boots, tine oJf
boots, B Imoral shots, sto., etc. "
All of which we offef tor sale at low prices.
JyB lm J. It. MByPtLAB.
WK invite y .ur attention to the Lai rest Stock of
Panama, Leghorn and IT.M i sis Kr gems ai d
boyi wear, and to be "il ac Less rrices tuan any aouse
in ttrs city. Gall at SIS Main street.
,7T4i - UUM CU., Inm It. Isals.

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