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- JULY 25.
SAMUEL 8 AW TEE, Editor.
Tha fallowing lw, a little mora extended,
so as to cover State and Municipal offices,
f-ms to us 'would be likelj to be hailed in
sume degree as a panacea to Union men in
Ea.-t Tennessee, and indeed all over this State
and that of Arkansas, hailed as retributive
justice by those who under rebel power were
per-ecuied for loyalty, and ostracized for
patriotism :
" Be it enacted by the Senate and Howe j
Representative of the United Sfaie of America,
in Congress astemblei, That hereafter every
person elected or appointed to any office of
honor or profit under the Government of the
United States, either ia the civil, military or
caval departments of the public service, ex
cepting the President of the United States,
shall, before entering upon the duties of such
office, and before being entitled to the salary,
or other emoluments thereof, take and sub
scribe to the following oath or affirmation:
u I, A. B., do solemnly swear or affirm that
I have never voluntarily boroa arms against
the United State since I have been a citizen
thereof: tbat I have voluntarily given ne aid,
countacance, counsel or encouragement to per
sons engaged ia armed hostility thereto; that
I have neither sought, nor accepted, nor at
tempted to exercise the functions of any office
whatever under any authority, or pretended
authority in hostility to the United States ; that
I have not yielded a voluntary support to any
pretended Government, authority, power or
constitution within the United Sta'-ea hostile
or inimical thereto. And I do further swear
or affirm that, to the best of my knowledge
or ability, I will support and defend the Con
stitution of the United States against all
enemies, foreign or domestic ; tbat I will bear
true faith and allegiance to the same; that I
tike this obligation freely, without any mortal
reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I
will well and faithfully discharge the duties of
the office on which I am about to enter, so help
me God," which said oath, so taken and signed,
shall be preserved a-nong the files of the court,
House of Congress, or aepartment to which
the said office may appertain. And any per
son, who shall falsely take the said oath, shall
bo guilty cf perju-y, and on conviction, in ad
dition to the penalties now prescribed for that
oOTtinhe, shall be deprived of hi office, and
rendered incapable forever after of holding
any office or place under the United States."
Approved July 2, 1862.
We have before us a copy of the Knoxville
Register of Wednesday, July 22i, 1835. It
contains an account of a public dinner given
at Kingston, East Tennessee, on the 4.h of
J dly. Rev. Thos. Bwwir, Presbyterian
clergyman who has been true to the Constitu
tion and the Union ever since, presided, at the
head of the table. We find the following
among the toasts prepared by the Committee :
1. The day we celebrate. Let it not be for
gotten while memory lives. Pour cheer.
2. Gen. Geo Washington. We were his
chosen people, but he was the friend of m in
kind. 4. Thk Fedhal Constitutiox. The best
liht on the subject of making Presidents.
Four cheers.
6. The Militia of the United States. The
safeguard of the public their deeds are the
evidonco that freemen cannot be conquered.
Pour cheers. -.. v .y .
T. The Union of the State. May he who at
tsmpu a separation live a long life in infamy,
and die with the curses of the people upon
him. Four cheers.
8. The Declaration of Independence. . The
brightest page in the history of man. Five
9. The Government of the United State. Un
rivaled on earth, may she remain so while
governments exist. Four cheers. .
12. The Patriot rf the Revolution. Let us
cherish the living, and imitate the patriotism
and virtue of the dead.
From the volunteer sentiments we call th e
By Mr. George S. Bich : The Star Spangled
Banner i the iri colored Flag of France, and
the White Flag cf Poland. May they nover
be unfurled but in the cause of Freedom.
By the same : The highest title. The proud
est exclamation, I am an American citizen.
By Wm. B. Clarke, Esq- Andrew Jackson.
Like Simeon of old, alwayj great on great
By Mr. Joseph Vallentine: The Tree of
Liberty. May its top reach to Heaven, and
iu tranches overshadow the earth and a free
and enlightened people repose under its shale.
By Dr. L. W. Jordan: The Colony of
Liberia. May that true and noble principle in
our declaration of Independence, that all men
arborn free, be acted upon by every Atneri
Cin patriot, and may the Colonies be protected
by the same almighty arm which protected
our Colonies, and they become in fifty years
what America would be now wit heut
the dark blot of Slavery on her national char
acter. Such were the sentiment uttered in East
Tennessee, July 4th, 1835. The celebration
was not in Ohio, or Massachusetts, or New
York, but in this Commonwealth. Does not
the wicked character of the present rebellion
serve to illustrate the patriotism and greater
wisdom oi our lathers t They -were no fana
ticsthey did not talk or write like fanatics ;
but they did set forth words of truth and
soberness. Ia there anything in the policy
of the Confederate leaders, in the remorseless
cruelty of many rebel officers and soldiers,
in the desperate hate of Southern sectional
men, that ought to attract the masses froaa
the good old paths in which oar fathers walk
edT th self-oonstituted guardians of
slavery made out their claim to superior pat- 1
riotism, sagacity, or statesmanship, that they
shoaid be our guides T Is there any - reasen
why the lover of his country,' tick at heart
over the horrors of a civil jrara whioh the
wicked and reckless men iav inaugurated,
should be ashamed to express and avow as his
own the honest opinion of the noble men of a
former generation T
In those days we had peace, plenty and
prosperity . - All was wII"t home, and the
United States had unbeunded respect abroad.
Now how changed ! Let the people of Ten
nessee refuse to fallow the lead of all ultraisU
and fanatic among themselves, and stand
pledged forever to the Union, the Constitution
and the Enforcement of the Laws.1 Then pros
perity will be ours again, and respected and
honored among the nations, under the foster
ing care of Providence, the Great Republic of
the Wflst will move onward in her glorious
career, broadening in magnitude and brigLt
ening in splendor. ,, .
According to the Knoxville Register of July
1835, there was a large and respectable meeting
of the citizens of Shelby county,' Ky, held at
the Court House, and after discussion, the fol
lowing among ether resolutions were unani
mously adopted :
Resolved, That the " system of domestic
slavery, as it exists in the Commonwealth is
both a moral and political evil, and violation
of the natural rights of man. r
Resolved, As the opinion of this meeting
that the addition value which would be given
to our property and its products by the in
troduction of free white labor would be
amply sufficient, under a system of gradual
emancipation, to transport the whole of our
slave population.
Resolved, That no system of emancipation,
will meet with our approbation, unless col
onisation inseparably connected with it, and
tbat any scheme of emancipation which shall
leave the blacks within our borders, is more
to be deprecated than slavery itself. '
Gkk. McDowell arrived at Warrenton
yesterday, and has pitched his headquarters in
the field. , . ' ,- ' ,,- ' ;: '. '
Thk steamer Courier and Eugenie, from
Evaiisville, report everything quiet at Hender
son. ' .
Among the Generals not confirmed by the
Senate is Gen.Marcy,Gen. McClellan's father-in-law
and chief of staff.
Arrivals from Sperryville report almost
daily skirmishing between Si gel's pickets and
the rebel scouts near the gap at Lauray, and
several of the enemy had been killed.
Advices from Key West report the British
steamer Adela captured by the Queen City,
eight miles southwest of Abacarisa. She is a
fine paddle steamer, of 600 or 800 tons, with a
cargo for Dixie. , . ;
Toe laborers on the Lehigh Canal are n a
sUike for high wages. They ask $1 37 a day
for their services. Heretofore they have been
paid $1 10. The strike is reported to be gen
eral. No one is permitted to go to work. '
Ok Wednesday evening, Gen. Banks paid a
visit of courtesy to Gen. Hastuff" s brigade of
Gen. McDowell's corps. The brigade was
formerly commanded by Gen. Abercrombie,
in Gen. Banks' corps.
. Thb rebel schooners J ulia and Unci Mose,
were captured in the Gulf, respectfully, by
the Kittaning and Tobony. -
Richmond papers of the 18th contain ac
counts of the death of Gen. Twiggs at Augus
ta Island, on the 15th. . ; 1 -
The United States' steam sloop-of-war Hart
ford and gunboat Montgomery, have arrived
at New Orleans. ? " ' "
A waiTxa in the Boston ' Transcript pro
poses that the clerks ia dry goods stores should
enlist and their places be given to young wo
men nffw" out of employment. ",'
A Rkcnhoissasce in force went from Sigel's
command on "Wednesday toward Madison,
and several guns are . reported to have been
heard in that direction by travelers the same
day.- . , v- '. .-- . .
Major-Gum. Hallkcx is expected to arrive
at Washington to-davw ,...' lm A
Levis Benedict, an old and prominent
citizen of Albany, well known to many West
ern men, died on the 15th inst-
The Southern Confederacy seems to be
losing its English backers of late. The Lon
don Times, of the 18th of May, calls the rebels
ie " trans-Atlantic dregs of the English cav
aliers.", . - X.- . ' y
The stoamer Belle of Memphis, bound to
St. Louis, was fired into by a gang of guer
rillas at Randolph. No results known.
Two members' of the' rebel legislature of
Virginia havo been arrested and aent to Fort
McHenry. "' " .'-
Evidence amounting almost to a certainty
has been obtained that the wholesale poisoning
of about seventy of the guests at the DeKalb
Masonic festival was Intentional and premedk
tated villainy. Many a man has been hunj
for a crime less black than this, by which men,
women and children have suffered so severely.
' A labgx and enthusiastic meeting was held
at Columbus, Ohio, in Capitol square, one
night recently. The meeting was addressed
by Ex-GoV. Dennison, Gov. Tod, Q. M. Gen.
Wright and others. . . V" ..
Mr. Whiddek, a New Hampshire lawyer,
has been confirmed as Commissioner to HaytL
The more zealous anti-slavery men , persuaded
i Mr. Giddings to consent to a "swap'.' of posi
tions -with W hidden, but Sec'y Seward with
held his consent. ; " V 1
. The Toledo paper report the murder in
that city by- morphine, of an old man, seventy
ears of age, named Boewell Hicks. The par
ties alleged guilty, by the coroner's jury were
his wife and a man living ear by, named
Lyons. ' They have been arrested and held to
wait aa examination,;,
Official Dxpaetmest, "Washington,
July ; 22. EXiscCTiva Oasaa. 1. Ordered
tbat military commanders within the State of
Virginia, South Carc-lin, Georgia, Alabama,
Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas,
in an orderly manner seize all or any propety,
real or personal, Which' cay be necessary ' or
convenient for their several commands, for
supplies or for other military purposes, and
that while " property may be destroyed f jr
proper military objects, none shall be destroyed
in wantonness or malice. '
-s 2. That military and naval commanders
shall employ as laborers within and from said
States so many persons of African descent as
can be advantageously used for military or
naval purpose, giving them reasonable com
pensation for their labor. ; . ,
4. Tbat as to both property and persons .of
African descent, accounts shall be kept suffi
ciently accurate and in detail to show quanti
ties and amounts, and such persons shall have
a basis on- which compensation can be made in
proper cases ; and the several departments of
this Government shall attend to perform their
parts toward the execution of these orders.
By order of the President,
- Eowur M. Stxhtos, : '
Secretary of War. -Printing
Financial Postal.
Washington, July 22. Workmen are en
gaged in arranging the necessary machinery
lor printing the recently authorized notes. Oa
inquiry it is ascertained that those below the
denomination of $3 will be issued in three
- The Treasury Department is arranging the
details for carrying the new tariff into opera
tion.' A general circular on the subject will
be issued by the 1st of August.
Arrangements are to be made by which the
overland mail will be assorted on the cars on
the Hannibal and St Joseph railroad; thus
preventing delay in the distribution at the St.
Joseph pott office, or at any point wjet of
A Fortress Monroe letter of the 20th states,
that 'Jeauregard is in command of 30,000 mjn,
on the south side of James Bi ver, between
City Point and Richmond, to cover rebel forss.
Confiscation Policy Jackson Resign
TTasHiKQToH, July 21. It is said that tbo
War Department is about to sumuion a meet
ing of the leading generals here, at which the
President's policy in practically administering
the confiscation bill, especially the negro pro
visions, will be defined, and all commanders
required, hereafter, to "toe the mark" alike.
The rumor that Jackson had again broken
out at Warrenton, is not con firmvd.
The Ohio sick, and wounded here are re
duced, by discharge of convalescents, to about
300, and the Indiana to 207.
It is (aid that one hundred and eighteen
commissioned officers of the Army of the Poto
mac, have tendered their resignations during
the past week. They were not accepted.
&IGMA. :
Robot Atrotittca at Manassas Confirmed.
Washington, July 21. The number of sick
and wounded in the hospitals within the
District of Columbia, is 5,300.
The following is an extract of a letter found
in the post office at Jacksonville, N. C, upon
the occupation of that place by the U. S. forces.
It establishes beyond all doubt the truth of
the statements heretofore made as to the atro
cities committed by the rebels on the dead
bodies bt our solaiers :
I Camp Kikes, Manassas J tmcTioK,
December 2d, 1861.
Mr Dear Sister: I have seen more since
I hare been in this war than I ever expected
to see in my life. I went on the battle field
one day, where the great battle was fought,
and saw more than I ever want to see again.
I aaw soldiers from Georgia grabble up
Yankees that had been buried, and saw them
pull off their heads, and scrape the meat and
hair off, and take the skull bone with thsm to
send home, for their folks to see.
Your dear Brother, H Y M AN CATON,
Co. J., 4th Regt, N. C. State Troops.
The above letter was published in the Com
mercial ten days ago. Eds. Coat
En llstmcnt K well Pope Cabinet M eet-
D(. N
Washington, July 21. Special to the
Times : Informatiou has been received from
several of the States, showing that under the
last call upwards of 30,000 men have been en
listed. Only two or three regiments, however,
are ready, the majority being the neucles of
companies now forming. '. . .
It is now believed that sufficient force for
present emergencies will soon be in the field.
It is ascertained that Gen. Ewell with three
brigades now occupies Gordonsville, a posi
tion not taken last week; Gen. Hatch is se
verely censured. Gen. Pope is still ia the
city, awaiting, by desire of the President, the
arrival of Gen. Halleck. ...
Since Gen. Pope was placed in his present
command, matters military in Virginia and
the West have assumed a somewhat different
aspect, and now important changes are dsem
ed necessary. .
. To-day an extraordinary, meeting of the
cabinet was held, at which several gentlemen
were present. Military affairs and military
changes were discussed at length; but no result
it is said was attained, the President wishing
to consult Gen. Halleck.
All Gen. Pope's arranerements for immedi
ately taking the field in Virginia are made and
his array awaits bis arrival with impatience.
Arisonla Pope's Challenge to Jackson.
A new California regiment has reached Ari
zonia in time to reinforce Gen. Can by, who is
expected now to drive the rebels from that
By a recent 'law abolishing regimental
bands, about five thousand non-coaibatants
will be mustered out of service, many cf whom
will re-enlist as soldiers. ,
The last-successful raid into the heart of the
enemy's country, planned by Gen. Pope, de-
Btroved tha onl v remitimncr th 1 rimA nnniiMinn
I between Richmond and the Valley of Virginia.
a nis gauani exploit was per lormea yesterday
morning, at Baver Dam Creek, only thirty
five miles from Richmond. This is a palpable
challenge to Stonewall Jackson to come out
of his hole at Richmond.
The new contraband headquarters at the
McClellan Dragoon barracks are becoming
populous with Virginia negroes. Tiey are all
employed and paid forty cents daily by Got
ernment. Application to hire them by private
individuals ia continually made. Maryland
fugitive slaves are not received ; the others are
furnished with the military protection of the
Government. 1 - -' - , -
- - Jackson Sear Gordonsville. '
' Washihgtojt, July 21. There is a report
in secession circles, this morning, that Stone
wall Jackson is at or near Gordonsville, with
a large force. They affect to have received
direct intelligence to that fffecL -
Mora Abont' the Operations of Pope, Si.
gel, ote.
Warrektok, Va., July 17. The burning
of the railroad bridge over the Bapadian river
was caused by a mistaken idea of some of the
soldiers, instead of by any order emanating
from Gen, Banks, or the immediate comman
der of the expedition, Gen. Hatch. '
The Bapadian river, however, ia fordable at
this season at many points near the bridge,
and its destruction can be a matter of no great
tajwrtanta either way. ; . ,VV .
Arrivals from Sperryville report almost
daily skirmLhing between Sigoi' pifkts and
the rebel scouts, near the gap at Luray, and
several of the enemy had been killed,
They also report that a reconnoiaance in
force went from Sigel's eommud oa, Wednes
day, toward AladUun, and several gucs are re
ported to have been heard in that direction by
travelers the saine day. -
Hantflsent Girt te 1 me Government The
Way A New York Merchant Vontrtb
wto to tho Bwpnroaaton of the Rebel
lion. -. m .
: ; New Tori, July 1, 1862. .
To Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War,
- Washington; - --; ; 4 -:
Sir: I beg leave to call to your recollection
a private letter, which I addressed to you in
the month of March last, relative to some En
field rifles ordered from England, through
Messrs. Howland & Aspinwail, ia the early
part of the rebellion. In accordance with the
determination I therein and previously ex
pressed, not to receive any pecuniary benefit
for services rendered r for risk incurred in
behalf' of either Department of the Govern
ment, I herewith, transmit to you the amount
which has this day been paid me, as profit on
my interest in the arms thus imported and
sold to the War Department, by a check on
the Bank of Americt for twenty-Dve thous
and two hundred and ninety dollar?, sixty
cents. I am very respectfully, " ;
- Your beoient set van t, ' t '
Order Respecting; W. II. Asptnnall.
YV ar Dbp't, Washisqtoh City,
July 18, 1862.
This Department having, this day, received
from Wm. H. Aspinwail, Esq , of New York
his check for $25,290 60, as his share of profit
on a contract for arms purchased by Howland
& Aspinwal1, and sold to the United States, '
, It i ordered, That the check be transfer
red to the Secretary of the Treasury, and that
the thanks of the Department be rendered to
Mr. Aspinwail for the proof be has furnished
of the disinterested and patriotic spirit that
animates the citizens ot the United States in
the present contest against treason and rebel
lion, giving assurance that a government sup
pora by citizens who thu prefer the public
weliare to their private gain, must overco.ne
its enemies. (Signed,)
j Secretary of War.
Ia there a Vast S ave Conspiracy In tho
South 1
From the Nee York Tribune.
Very much has been said by the press and
the public in reference to the assertion by the
author of Among the Pities, that there exists
among the Southern blacks a secret and wide
spread organization which has able leaders,
and whose ultimate ol ject is Fbkxdcm. This
statement, though generally credited, has been
questioned by certain Northern secession jour
We are authorised by the writer of that
book to say that he has given ia Among the
t ines, but a titbe of tbe whole truth in his pot
session in regard to that organization. That
while he has in tbat work introduced only a
single leader, he has personal knowledge of
over twenty, and has the names and residence
of over five hundred who can control, at the
tap of a drum, one hundred thousand able-
bodied fighting men I
The names of these leaders, and all the par
ticulars in regard to that organization, he is
at liberty to communicate, (they having been
confided to him for that purpose,) to the Gov.
ernment, whenever it is prepared to resort in
quelling this rebellion to atl the means that are
justified by civilized warfare.
Baltimore, July 22. The Mayor has call
ed the Council again together to make provis
ion tor the bounty to volunteers.
The secessionists of the second branch hav
ing adjourned last Friday to defeat the resolu
tion far this purpose passed by the first branch,
another opportunity will bo afforded them to
test their loyalty.
The resolution provides an appropriation of
$300,000 to the volunteers.
Baltimore, July 22. The following Is from
the Richmond Enquirer of tbe 19th :
Yesterday a train of ambulances conveyed
to transports below Drury Bluffs, on James
river, under a flag of truce, between 700 and"
800 wounded Yankee prisoners, including a
number of officers and surgeons, confined since
their capture, in prison here.
Several surgeons volunteered to remain to
take care of their wounded, of whom at least
1,000 remain in prison.
Abont Morgan.
Cincinita71, July 22. Reports by way of
Maysville state that our cavalry had overtaken
Morgan's band on the road to.Owensville from
Mount Sterling. After a severe fight, of an
hour and a half, Morgans forces were' com
pletely scattered. Tbe caunon and horses cap
tured by Morgan at Cynthiana were retaken.
Also, a large portion of stolen property. Tbe
rebels lost twenty-five in killed; .Federal loss
was twenty killed.
Hew Regiments.
Harrisburo, Pa, July 21. The Governor
has issued a stirring proclamation for volun
teers for twenty one regiments, and to fill the
ranks of regiments aw in the field, the former
of nine months, and the latter for twelve. He
does not convene the Legislature, but trusts to
the citizens to contribute a fund to provide a
bounty equal to the adjoiaing States.
Gen. nailer k TVhat he will do in Wash-
. lDgton.
Washington, July 20. There is reason to
believe that the President will soon issue cne
or more General Orders to the armies of the
United States, in which be will lay down cer
tain general rules for the conduct of the war
such rules as any one sincerely desirous of
carrying out tbe principles of the Confiscation
and Emancipation acta would adopt and en
force. .
It is now positively known that tne Presi
dent, under the advice of Gen. Scott, and with
the acquiescence of Gen. McCiellan, has called
Mfjor-Ueneral Halleck to Washington to act
as General-in-chief of the armieioftbe United
States. He will have control of the operations
in the field, thus relieving Secretary Stanton
of some of his official business. , .
, Guerrilla Warfare In tho West.
Locisville, Juiy 21. The steamer Com-
f mercial, Capt. Archer, from Memphis, arrived
! yesterday, reports tbat the steamers Courier
and Eugene, with troops, were urea into on
entering Green river, by musket armed rebel
cavalry. '' - -
f It is not known whether either boat lo r t
! any men. On arriving at McAlister's Land
ing, two miles below Newburg, Ind, the Com
mercial was fired into by guerrillas, one ball
passing through the gangway without
Prentice savs : It is the exhortations and
taunt of rebel women that have driven their
husbands, sons, brothers, into the South to fill
rebel graves. If their own hunds do not smell
to them of blood, God must in pity have par
alyzed their olfactory nerves. -; , s;
A Newbern, N. C, letter of the 15th says
that Hamilton, N. C, was captured on the 9ih
b' three of ur gonboaU, the Com. - Perrv,
v-rrea ana ouawsaene, ana a company f
Hawkins' Z mares, andnr flant H.nm.l
It was defended by a regiment of rebel cavalry,
supported by a strong force of infantry and ar-
tillerv. anrl a rhl fork h'ih mmmiMlal it..
river. There were numerous masked batteries
along tbe river, and also a rebel steamer filled
. : . u u . l .
niiu turpuwiers.
the men in the batteries, the Zouaves advanced
on the town, accompanied by detachments
from tbe gunboat.
1 1 he fort was taken by a charge, and also
the town. The rebel steamer was captured by
our gunboat, whose fire drove her occupants
overboard.. .
We had only one man killed, but quite a
number wounded. '
The victory clears tbe way to weldon.
. It h imno?ihl la Mtimatn tha ln -f ik
enemy. They left 40 or 50 dead on the field.
. Diplomatic.
Burners say that Count de Saligny having
been removed from his functions as Commis
sary extraordinary of France to Mexico, on
account of his svmDathv for the Almr.nta rr.
ty, Count de Monthal, our French Consul
uererai at new lork, is said to have been ap
pointed to fill his place.
HsipqcABTtas, Murais, July 34, 1S63.
Trarl into snd out of Memphis, by carriage, wagoD,
beree or fot, in the oina! ronree of tmsiof n, will be as
free and uacbetroeted as iscjnsietent with estate of war.
To farmers, pUnt n snd baaiursi tuno with tbsir (aniille
and set ants, free intercourse will be permitted wilhoxi
paatt, cr any hindrance, tars the right of elimination
and even search, when the officer judgns it proper and
rietx atarj.
Tbis travel most te by daylight, and no exception to
this role will be pernrttid, sare to mark, t and supply
carts, which nutr ester an hoar befo;e day, proTitk-d
they are known to the officer of the uard. W agora
k-STtng town with aa undue proportion of any en article
of commodity will be stopped, and If found engaged in
11 kit trade or deception, the Boad Gaard will send it to
hi Brigadier, who will take tbe wagon and property and
imprison th parties im)Loated, If lie entertain oven
strong snuplcion.
T.aycler's limited to tbe following roods:
1st. Kaleigh Boad.
2d State Line Road.
3d. Figet n Booat cr Bihalia Buad. :
4ih. Hernando Boad.
5th. Horn Lake Boad.
A imU guard cbirgtd wi h thi- dcty will be stationed
on each of thtte roads, about three miles from the city at
tome hoase by the rood side, where aU traveller will
pa-e or stop till they reotire a signal to pass. WritUn
instruct ids from Headquarters will be givtn from time
to time te thete Guards, and when any officer annonncts
to a tra Teller his dec sion it must be instantly obeytd
hcwT r inconsistent it msy appear wi.h the spirit of
this order.
Cavalry patrols and pickets, and infantry Guards posted
lor oth.r purposes, will not molest tke regular travel ;
but all t nch pickets and guards will promptly arrest and
send to the Provost Marshal, all persons attempting to
tnt jr or depart ty any other road and at any other time
or mauoer than is herein prescribed.
Biig. tten. Burl tut. is charted with the execaloa of
this order, as to the Horn Lake Boad, the Hernando and
Pigeon Booat Boad; aid Brig CLa Smith, as to tbe
otate Line and Raleigh Boad. Deta Is of one cemmis-
sioned snd one non-commissioned efficor and three men
will besuSclmt fcr each road details permanent or
weekly at the pleasure of tbe Brigadier, who will
strengthen tbe guard under special ins'.ructi ns, or whea
in his judgment it should be necesssry.
By order of Major General W. T. gherman. : '
j,25 tf AtxUtan Adjutant General and CI I fof staff..
1. S. Mall Packet For Louisville.
WOODFORD , ..Iewis, Master,
Leaves SA1UBDAY, S6th Instant at 5 t. at.
Toil elegant passtngsr steamer leavrs aa
aove for tae a. ore and alt intermediate
to.nts. . .
A plan of thj catdn can be sem, snd berths secured
oy applying at ao. s Jfron now. Jy26 at
Friday Evening, July 25th.
TO-NIQHT will be presented the beautiful and mag
nificent pieces, entitled tbe
by W. X. MASSING .
i If von want a hearty sids-splitting laugh goto-nlght.
I 10MPAKIE9 For tbeTennesse State Bwgimeat, sre
J n-sing tormed in this C.ty. '
To complete the max'nm a umber required to fill each
reirimeot, tber f-r, every man able to bear arms is
earnestly Inri ed to attend the meeting to-night, at the
Speee'.w will be delivered by . 3. B. SYPHEK, Ksq.,
Capt. t.YSCH and others. ,
; Jy25tf .... , .
Wanted to Hire.
Apply at
, 816 Main Street.
OH the 34tb Inataut. a PO K.ET BOOK oontaieins; a
Bntero Jams Ayres f r sisty ono dollars and fifty
ceuts U61.'j0), some receipts and small moneys. A
nitabo reward will be give by retorsiet the same
totbls offlao.. .... v ..i . ' "--i'wx -
Strayed or Stolen.
A BAT BOBM AND WAGON, Uf: at the Center ot
J. Est a and ahtlby streets, a tlta 23d iur.nt. The
nrse bin 1 less are white, aa t tbe Was n mirked m-
osy's axrrees- Any oae retorting them to N.J.Wig-
gln s, xv suia atzwsw wut do aaueoiy r.wariea.
SfBINGWAQOK. TbeTarCKiadeaiiOttirarfna-f
"1 WWW. W.M.MHV.OT, WW. SI '
Dams or Louisiana money taken. Apply to
JM tf iSBtalbtref.
1a kllilrheln It Mo .i
AW ail 1 WW hvui m w iHjAvyuvtlU4
T.AS.SS3 free to alL to Lei V A Oca. Hat. Can. Btr-
AT snd Shoe house h lesal- and rwta I, by
JySl-St 21i Maiu 8U kbove 01 Telloas' Hall
H Head : Tills Gentlemen, ; ;
rpHB best, cheapest an ) latest tyie of Hat in tiis
X city of all shapes and color, front a y oath's hat to a
gsot smau's, of alt age', at T
1.KIKY A CO., From f t. Looi,
JyM-It SIS Main St., Opposite Oddf ellows' Hall.
Tbe Rusli, Great Excitement!
AFLW more CASKS Jnst received fr-m our MaouW
tory iu 8aint Loniref those O once fiats, very cbeao.
Ceil and see them, at
LFTDY CO., From St. Viols,
Jy4 2t tit Main St., ove 01 i-Fellowe' Hall.
GABKKTT'8 8KCFF ?or snle, by
jjM-lw . 4S jkI Street.
C0BH, OATS ASI) BBANVor sale, by
jyS-lw . ' '48 ie.1 (Street.
BOLTKD MAL (Ta bsfhel sackr) For site, by
- , FlNNlK rCCKHAv,
j;2 1 4 Beal Street.
JAVA COFFRK, Ftar Candles. Lard. Soer Cored Unas,
etc. For sale, by FINNIKA BCCKUAM,
CRUSOID SCGAB, Pu'verl ed Suirar and Tea. For
sale.br . FINKIK ft BU EflAM,
J Si 1W e Beel Miwt.
I 7 BemovaLj'i''.HVr
rIK undersigned bays removed tbeir ofEc trm t'.teir
1 1 1 stand to the office lately occupied by Titus A Co..
JefferiM a street.
jy24 la J. W. LF.FTWI0H A CO.
AFDBNISHID ?H0CtK, Cimtain'ng feoir ''or nx
rtx m. Addrres J. J. U., t'nion Apial tfflce.
, ASD FOll SALE, BY, ',
. .. Jfo, ea,
Jkffeesos Strbet, . ; . Near the Post Office,
Wistars' Balsam Wild Cerry, '
I , ' Dr. Williams' Caugo balsam,
John Bull's Cherry Pec oral,
' ' Kitnhtoua' J-id Livor Oil,
Arctic Lioemevt, ; , '
' t Marwius' Fover and Aguo Pills,
Cherokee Bemedy,
i Woods' Ustr hestoratlve.
Ueimsueet's Ua!r hVntoratiw,
Mrs. B. A. Allen's Ustr Etstomtlvw,
De Orath's Electric Oil,
Trank'a Maguerle Olutmeot,'
AuibrtMial Oil, j
For CUill Meliciueti,
go to V . C. 1'utlsiV
For DiarrLom Medicine,
'i ; go to W. C. Pottei's
For Pile Me'Heines, -
go to W. 0. Potter's. '
Dixie Cathartic Pills.
A yen Cathartic PUU,
Wrights Cathartic Pills,
, . Clukt Stimulating Linimtut,
Osgoods Cholngogne,
... , . ; . . Badwsy's lUady Belief,
Merwina' Blood Bearcber, ! ; , . : . .
Jsyna's Carminutlve fialsaui,
brown's Ktsi-nce Jamaica Ofnger,
. Koreka H Ir hestorative,
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers,
I I ' . For Cough MedJclaee.
Co to W. C. Potter's,
t Cherokee Cur,
Wrights Bejuvenating Klixlr,
rayrous inueiiDie inn,
" Spalding's Prepared Glue, "
( ' Tboinpsao's Kyw Water,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
;-' t
DavU' Wild Cherry and Tar,
palley's Pain Extractor,
For Blood Pnriflere,
'".. feo to W. C .Potier's,
lr Woim Medicines,
I go to W. C. Pottet's.
For Hair Bestratives,
Bo to W. 0. Potter'.,
Percy's Dead Shot Vermifuge, .
' For tills,
Go W W. 0. Potter's VI ;; ; '..'
For Lin.uit-ute,
For Oiutuients,.
tie lo W. C Patter's,
Ge to W. C. Potter's,
r r - , .. tUr J. Clark's Female Ptilej. '
Slexlcan Mustang Liniment,
' ' Boerhares Holland Bitters,
Sanfbrd's Liver Invfgorator,
Perry Davis's Pain Killer,
Smith's Tonic Syrup,
i Boyce and Ei'erly's Tooth Powder,"
Bainett's Coeosine, . -
By Bum (very fine).
Unsbar:ds MmrneMla. 1
. Lyons Katharlou
Cristodoro's Hair Dye, .
'., c ., y - r , - . Batcbelor'e llalr Dye,
McMann's Elixir of Opium, - "
Concentrated Lye,
Garrett's aDuff,
Olive Oil,
vasior vu. j . a - vuiv, .
t ."edicts Powders,
GtsiUr Berings, i ' " ' ' ' '
Bandkerchief Extracts, Awotted,
Lebxia Extracts, Assorted, "genuine.' ' ' :" ' '
f ' - Youth Brushes,
! Bair Brashes, .- . ..i - , .
Playing Cards.
' Porte Monnaie., ' ' ' ' E'":
'r " " yt't ';' Feather Duster,
i Cig r Cases. Snuff buM,
; . - ' '
j Faucy Boaps,
j . Toilet Powdors, Pomsdta. '., '"
i n.i. nil.
Fina CaUwba Wiias.
' Medietas of note.
.. .. CO aft tsArl WD
I VTSSTL.1 V ; Wm JnwBsnfl-wnMtft Ml SVAwJf XJiM ferK Umflat

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