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Office X.
Deaeerirk Street.
..The following interesting mercantile caw
wan terminated recently in t lie SiijK?rir Conn
of Ma-sacliusetta. Hornet? Hilling, of Bridge
' Ion, Me., tnei chant, entered a nit ognint lius
rell & Wafers, proprietor of a Mercantile
' Agency in lios'-on, for alleged alander In en
tering upon their books urn! giving to t'leir
tut.critf rs unfavorable information touching
the solvency of the tilaimilF, laying his dama
ges at $10,000. The trial, snya the Trantcript,
was vvry thorough, and nfier the ea- liad
' been elaborately argued by Hon. Ilutun Choate
. lor plaintiff and Hon. John U. Cliffjrd for
- defendants. Judge Sprayue, in charging the
jury, who soon after found a verdict for the
defendants, maintained with great em.hat
I nd clearness, that au agency of this charac
ter, having used general enre to obtain correct
information,- and without, malice hriviug im
parted it to sulacribers whose agent it wag for
a jeconiary consideration, in cae unfavorable
intelligence was imparted, ita timnngera were
not to be hejd resjxaiMoie; but in cut injuri
ous result followed from the dit-c'ofnre ol the
Information, the partiei receiving it, and
. breaking the confidence imposed by imparting
,if, were responsible. The business of the
agency, he maintained, wua bo'Ji legitimate
itud honorable, aod to be protected by law.
Al hough the copper mining interest in thia
couutry, in, as yet, in its infancy, it has already
produced results that give promise of its soon
standing among the foremost of our industrial
; pursuits. Previous to 1840, we were entirely
dependent on England for our supply of thia
metal, while now we ere producing about
6,000 tous of it, equal to l-17th ot the amount
' required to meet the demand of the whole
world; the beds of its ore are inexhaustible,
and it is of great purity. Eighteen new htamp
, iug mills were erected last year, and at least
titty more will he added in 18C6.
l'rnne have been very successfully cultivat
ed io Pennsylvania. Among the economists
in Beaver county they have been grafted on
plum-. Mr. Pleiffer, of Indiana, raised prune
trees in large numbers, and sold them at exor
bitant prices, some as high as $3 or $10 per
but-hcl. He Imd some of the fruit at the Penn
sylvania State Agricultur.nl Fair, held at Pitta
burg, which sold readily at 50 cents a quart.
The Alton (III.) Couiitr, speculating iu re-
. gard to the prospect of wheat, says the crop of
hut year u not all marketed, and that part of
it which has left the producers hands is far
from being in the hands of the con timers.
It anticipates a fine crop the coming peu-nin,
both on account of the increased number of
acres sown and the favorable winter for the
grain, uninterrupted cold weather and snow
being good for the grain. The Chicago Jour
nal bays: The snow which has fallen during
the past CO days is equal to five indies of ma
nure. People capable of estimating ma'ters,
imagine that the wheat crop of 185G will be
the largest ever harveted in this country. To
estimate the value of the snow upon the ground
at ten millions dollars, would be a low figure.
The Peoria J'reu says the quantity of grain in
More in that city is 400,000 bushels. It adds:
"i'he country is still filled with grain, and eve
ry day the receipts are increasing. We pre
sume there is not a town in rent ml Illinois,
nor between Chicago and bt. Iu'm, that can
show as gMd a record of their wiuter transac
tions as IYoria.n These speculations and facts
have au important bearing upon prices.''
A correspondent of the New York I'ott says
that an importaui service was rendered to the
foreign residents of Montevideo during the late
revclution, and to the defeated party, after all
wasover, by Commander W. F. Lynch, of the
the U. ri. slaop-of-war Germsntown. When
jphe fighting commenced, he immediately went
ahore with his marines purties of whom
"were stationed to protect private fitmi lien, and
the main body 60 as to prevent the pillage of
the Custom House. Immediately upon their
defeat, the revolutionists were ordered to leave
the couutry iu so many hours. As they pass
ed down the street to the harbor, they were
fired on by parties of the incennd und still ex-
cited victors, and would have been massacred
to a man, if Commander L. had not thrown
himself between thein and their enemies, and
covered their embarcation.
The origin of the name of Canada is enrious
enough. The Spaniards visited the country
previous to the French, and made particular
searches for gold and silver, and finding none,
they often said among thetnsel ves, Aqui nx,'
(there is nothing here.) The Indians who
watched closely, learned this sentence and its
meaning. After the departure of the Span
iards, the French arrived; and the Indians who
wanted none of their company, supposed they
were also Spaniards come on the same errand,
and were anxious to inform them that their
labor was lost by tarrying in that couutrt, in
cessantly rcjeated the Spanish sentence, iAqui
nada.' The French, who knew as little t the
Spanish language as the Indian, supposed this
incosSKDtly recurring sound was tlie uuine of
the country, and gave it the name of Cauada,
which it has borne ever since.
The Emeror of Austria, as a mark of re
spect for his illustrious ally, and iu resjn-ct to
(jut-en Victoria, has pardoned Col. Turr, who
was, we believe, arrested on a charge iu con
nection with eulistmeuts for the Hntuh Army
on the Austrian territory.
VTe take from the Havana Prena, cf the
12th inst., the following account of n attempt
to a8tainate the Archbishop of Cuba, cum
munioaied to that paper hy a correspondent
w riting under date of Holquin, Feb. 1st: "With
ftelings f just indignation, I sit down to com
municate to you the following horrid piece
of intelligence. Our virtuous Archbishop, the
most excellent Senor Don Antonio Claret y
Clara, recently arrived et Gihara from Neu
vitas, on the steamer Pelayo. He stopped
more than two days at Gihara, and then left
for this city. Ou the evening after his arrival
be preacLed an eloquent sermon in the pariah
church, in the course of which he took inva
sion to laud the people for their piety and gen
eral good conduct. J Le church a complete
)y fu;l.
t4.a the arebbuhop left the c'.urch, the peo
ple flocked around him as usual, and among
others several pious women, ail waring for an
opportunity to kiss the ring on his finger. At
tin moment a man elbowed his wsy through
the crowd up to the archbishop, exprc-wing by
bis looks and manner a desire to receive the
holy father's benediction. As he whh in ttie
act ot stooping to kiss the ring, ho suddenly
drew a clp knife, and stabbed the archbishop
in the f ce. The venerable prelate fell sene
kss to the ground. The wretched assassin,
not content wiih this, but blind d by rage, en
deavored to strike his victim anew, hut at this
critical inoiiunl a private avldur, I rlorgmg to
ths garrison stationed in the town, i hiew hini
ruif between the two, and suwei-d d iu appre
hendiig the assassin aud leading him oil to
pii n. The clasp-knife was t'ier aid found
n the ground, and near it U-e aichbihop's
"The asaasalu's name is Antonio Torres,
native of the Canary IMands, of low suture
and aged about thirty five jesrs. Tie vsouuJ
begin near the uppr part of the ear, ud
stretches obliquely down to the mid-lle ot tl
face. We ail trust that the life of the virtuous
Arclibichoo may be spared, and that the fer
vent prayers which are itTrid up by all for
the preservation of Lis life, will nolle without
"I ii,noflhe Baltimore 5i, tl.it I that the
effort made by our principal tte-mru iu the
Seuate to sustain an independent course upou
the Ceittral American ques-liott will amount to
nothing. The various iutereU of the couutry
w hich dwprecaLt a war w:tu Kng'aiid are too
poweiful lor the Administration, and its views
" cannot be sastainvd. Tne same writer says!
Jl' Lord Palmeisloti should ad-.pt the sugges
tion f the Loudoo 7'istM, and otLr to aban
don all her pretentions in Cvntral America,
thro l"g the lialize into the bargain, upon the
Condition that the United Slates sniveruiurnl
shall drive out iijibus'ert from Nicaragua, nor
rov'rrnmeDt cacuot accept the Her. The
'ratinot undertake to interfere with the aiklrs
' vt settlers in Nicaragua, either for or against
tl em. The governinen; baa fortunately kepi
itself' io a joition which will euahle It to show
that it baa disoountmer.ced the iiiegal XpdH
tiotissgainslNicarsgua. TLeguvernmeui now
hesitates to recognii tl revolutioairy gof.
rnmeiit of Nicaragaa, but w ill Probably do so
after the nreeect dJEculty L11 U sttiled wltfi
OTTht Patriot is Iks oorof tks Trss Vkig,'
Me'n. Earra, Momas k Co, havia j Frthae4 UK prlht
Dg Baterials.iabtcriplioa Ut, le, of tbc lattrr.
or atw tobc
ovn i'ni;siDK riAC ticket.
The intensitj of onr rejoicing at .the an
nouncement we make this morninjr, cannot
be put into words. Our frame is thrilled
with delight as we write, or rather attempt
to do so, for in such a tumult of emotion
it is impossible to write. We can only say
let every American with loud acclamation,
prolong the fehout for Fuxmobe and Dox
elson. What a glorious ticket ! ! What
an invincible ticket 1 ! 1 Fiu.more, the
" Model President, " the pure, able, con
servative Fil' more, who once commanded
the Ship of State when dark and lowering
clouds o'erliung her, and angry billows
roared around her ; who piloted her safe
through the storm, and endeared himself
by heart-ties strong as " hooks of steel, "
to every patriot who felt an interest in her
welfare. Fiixmore, who, by the blessing
of Providence, is destined again to calm
the sectional 6trife, and give peace and
prosperity to his country, laboring under
mal-administration and the distractions of
pestilent demagogues. And what shall
we 6ay of Doxelson, Tennessee's own Dox
elsox, a worthy scion of " Old Hickory?"
Honest, clear-sighted and sagacious Dox
elsox, with all the noble and lion-like qual
ities of his great friend and patron. What
more could Tennesseeans want ? Suffice it
to say, it is the ticket for Tennessee, and
we pledge her electoral vote by Tex
TnousAND. Fellow Americans, the mists
are dispelled. The doubts are cleared tip.
The bright bow of promise bespans the
political heavens. With such a ticket, if
we but do our duty, the day is ours. From
now till November's first Tuesday, think of
your country. She needs your help Strike
early, and never know flagging or tiring, till
"Victory (its on your helms."
IVutionul American Convention.
The following despatch, owing to the break
ing of the telegraph wire, was not received
ontil last night. We are much gratified to
learn that the Con ken t ion refused to sustain a
proposition to restore the Missouri Compro
mise. The Convention seems determined to
keep the Party clear of agitation against South
ern interests:
Pnn.ADEi.pnia, Feb. 25, 1856.
W. Hy. Smith: A proposition to restore the
Missouri Compromise was voted down to dsy
by more than two to one majority. Iiesolo
tions to make nominations have been adopted,
and I think Millard Fillmokr will be nmi
nated for President to-night. F. K. Z.
ATi:i)!!I Read the following diipatcbes received from Gen.
ZoLLicovnu :
Philadelphia, Feb. 25
To W. Hy. Smith .Millard Fillmore ha just been
nominated for President. Whole vote 249.
For Fillmore .179. Law 24. Other scat taring
A. J. Duuelson hai good prospects for Vice
Presidential nomination.
F. E. ZoLLicorriR.
Litkr Donelson bat been nominated for Vice
President. Voted for Fillmore and Donelsou'inude
unauimous. Great enthusiasm and unanimity.
F. K. ZoLLicorricR.
But tho consistency of Southern men, who
could not vte for nichardson, a native Jven
tuckian, and the gallant defender of the Ne
braska bill in the last Congress, and yet could
endorse for Fuller as being 44 pure a viruin
gold," will be a theme for future talk with our
neighbors. i nwn and American.
Not quite so fast, neighbor. Be sure
you state our position right before you make
it a " theme for future talk." We have en
dorsed certain sentiments of Mr. Fuller as
"sound as virgin gold. " What those sen
timents are, you will see in the extract
which we republish. Will you deny that
they are " soutid 1 " Will you, as an edi
tor of a Southern journal, take a position
against them ? We suspect you will not
aye, that you dare not for the very good
reason that they are true constitutional
doctrines, sustaining the rights of the
Southern people. We commend them to
your reading again. Study them well. Mr.
Fuller said :
"I wan not a member of that Congress when
the Wilmol Proviso was agitated, and having
never takei any public position upon that utjct
heretofore, 1 ara willing in all Iraiiknetaatid candor,
to do so now; and I do so with great deference and
reprt for those distintiishtd men, who, In times
past, bave entertained and eipreaaed different
opinions. Public history informs ot that slavery
etistrd before the Constitution, and in my jurig
ment, mow eritts injrpmjrit of the Cotnttlutiun.
Wheu the people of ttie coufedcMti'd Stales met,
hy their representatives in convention, to form that
Constitution, slavery existed In all but one of the
Sutee of the Confederacy. The people, through
their representatives, bating an existing and ac
knowledged right to hold slaves, conceded thi
the right lo prohibit importation after ibe year
18o8. They made no ceasion, aj far as regarded
the existence of domestic slarrrr. They claimed
and it was granted the rihlof reclamation In case
of escape. They claimeJ and it waa granted tha
right ot representation as au element of political
power. And I bold, iu the absence of eipres au
ttioritT, tint Congress has no con national right te
legislate upon the subject of slavery. Applause.
I hold that the Territories are the common property
of all the 8utea, and that the people of all the
Slates have a eoinmon right to enter upon and oc
cup? those Territories, and they are protected in
that occupation by the flag of our oxnmon country;
that CooereM has no constitutional power either to
legislate alavery into, or rirtmle it from, a Territo
rv. Neither haa the Territorial Lgidaiure, In roy
Judgmeut, any riht to legislate upon that eutjeci,
Tleept so far a it may be c-ary lo protect the
cititeoe ot the Territory iu the ri joyment of their
property, and I mil lt prtuanre of its otg.oic law,
4 esubltabed by eot greasMM.al legislation. Wben
Aha ciuarna ol ike Territory i.U apply foe admis
aioQ iuU the Uiiton, they (nay determine for theta
elves the character of tht-ir iusluut:ou (by their
frate constitution;) It Is their rigU tr.en lo declare
whether they will tolerate aUvriy or not, and, thua
(airi decidit gloc UimlTwhoaM be liuiued into
the I'nioti aaHutrs, wiittoui reference loth aub
Vet ot slavery. Tbe 0..utiUe wsafcrtued by
!Je people t4 the Fuiee foe purpM of mate! aX
vbUk' anf proletioa. Tbe tutrs are soerlgs
dee, huiited enly ee fa ae thsy haa aerrendered
their powers lo the General GMernmeni. The
Gc&rral Govrrtuwent lit rrrat J aod hmiwd,
with tc rtio poaitive, defined an cUaHy aeceruiQ
ed powers. Its li-jltk sad admiuiMrailoa sbwuUl
be eontrolkd by lis Cautu:ka; and U eaanet
tiafily employ iu powers tbe deU-gsVrd, U Impair
i destroy any esiatuig sr veate l ngbls teiottuig
o tb pevpie of aiy ut tbe Suua ' - -
: Sound acnticuent, Drighlor I We hope
'ou relish theta. How, prepare for uot!rtT
! fraught wlkii we Lave dratra op rota tit
;'ftihrule Union of March 6, 1847 ; and
Which we commend to your lipsX It may
Lnot be bo refreshing as the draught from
Fuller ; but down with it. It isjourown:
from the Naihvilla Colon March 1, 1S4T.
'TT lw regard adoption of f ns'TTit
vot Proviso" bt Cosgbksb as cf v-italoojisk-jC5CJt-
The, treaty-making poweria vested,
by the Constitution in the President and Sen
ate. " Congress cannot legislate before the ter
ritory is acquired. Whether at a fatvre time
elavery shall be extended or fixed, below or
above the latitude of 38 degrees 30 minutes
"North, is not a matter for the absolute deter
mination of fhe present Congress but clearly
ot a future Congrese, when the subject shall
be brought up for consideration. If the Wil
mnt I'ryvh) ehouhr have passed both Houses
at the present session, it may be rescinded at
any futnre session. If any tei ritory be acquired
from Mexico by treaty, it will be incumbent on
any future Congress to decide whether, and
to what extent, slavery ahall exUt in such ao
qnired territory. '
Viewing the matter in this light, we hope
to hear that the "Three Million Bill" has le
cotne a law. We wonld, of course, rather have
it withont the "AVilmot Proviso, but that pro
viso, If adopted, will not be binding ou any
future Congress.
Now, we may ask, when did you begin
to consider the Wihnot Proviso a serious
thing?. - -
Proceeding of tbe National Council.
We copy below from the correspondence
of the Baltimore American Democrat, the
second day's proceedings of the American
National Council. Nothing of interest was
done the first day. We have carefully ab
stained from republishing any of the pro
ceedings of that body until we could ob
tain a report which we can rely upon for
its fairness and authenticity:
This body convened yesterday morning (Feb. 19)
at 10 o'clock, at the Sansom Street II all, pursuant
to adjournment of the afternoon previous, Charles
D. Freeman, Efq., of this city, Vice President, in
the chair. Some time was occupied io calling over
the delegates from tbe several States, and tbe ad
mission of those to seats where there were no du
plicate delegations or contests with regard to cre
dentials. This being accomplished, tbe question
then of action was necessary on tbe disputed or
contested seats, which was represented as being
coi.fined to a portion of Pennsylvania. A motion
was then made that a committee of one member
from the delegation of each State be appointed by
tbe respective State delegations, to inquire and re
port upon the credentials of members claiming con
tested scats, before this question was put to the
Convention, one of the delegates from Ohio ad
dressed the Chair, and said that his constituents
were in favor of open deliberations, and moved
that the courtesies of the Conventiou be extended
to t'ie reporters of the public press, to which an
addition was submitted, to afford suitable accommo
dations for all reporter.
Then a proposition was made, that a stenogra
pher be engaged, who shall be a member of the
Order, to report the proceedings under the sanc
tion of the Convention.
Still another proposition was made, that the pro
ceedings should be published by the Secretaries;
the mover suggesting at the same time that the
reporters could then report the speeches of mem
bers for which the Convection would not, as it
outfit not be, responsible.
Atfr considerable discussion upon the various
propositions, the original resolution having been
nerlv lost sight of, a motion was made to lay the
subject on tbe table, and it was agreed to.
A motion was then made to extend the courte
sies f the Convention to Mr. Cross, of Cincinnati,
which was laid on tbe table.
The consideration of tbe motion to appoint a
committee on contested seats was resumed, when it
was moved to amend, by adding to the Peunsvlva
nia contestants, to report also on the credentials of
the delegation from Louisiana, which bad been laid
upon the table at the time that State was called.
One of the delegates from Louisiana asked thut im
mediate action should be taken in reference to the
admissiou of the delegates from that State, when a
proposition was made that the delegates from the
State of Louisiana be admitted to seats iu the CoD"
veution upon their credentials.
This motion produced considerable discussion.
Objection was made on the ground that the Coun
cils of tbe State of Louisiana were not recognized
by the National Council, and that, not conforming
iu ita principles and practice to tbe national plat
form, it was not a member of the national body.
Various views were expressed by oi fieri-nt gentle-,
men, favorable aud adverse to the proposition.
A motion was then made that tbe gentlemen
from Louisiana be beard by tbe Convention, aud
after some little debate, was agreed to.
Mr. Kustis, one of tbe delegates, then addressed
the Convention. He said tbe State and hubordinale
orgnnixations of Louisiana were simply aud purely
Native American, aud that, while they repudiated
the eighth section of the rbi'adelphia platform,
they adhered mainly in every other particular to
the principles of tbe great American party, deny
ing and protesting against any allegiance io any
temporal power, except under the Constitutions of
the States aud the United Slates, lie read the
declaration of the State Council of Louisiana, re
pudiating the 8;h section, which was litened to
with attention. The speaker desired to put him
self, his colleagues and his constituents, iu a proper
pot-ition. He declared that he could not, and
would not, give iu his adhesion to the Natioiutl
Council, if the 8th section was retained; but was
nevertheless a Native American, and would hold to
the principle tbrtt none but "native-born American
citizens should rule America."
This speaker was followed by another of the del
egation who earnestly spoke U on the sulject mat
ter before the Convention. With bis colleague he
wanted to be understood, and to understand, so
thafthe question might be settled without prejudice
or partiality, and that be and bis colleagues might
be allowed to take their seats under a proper re
cognition of their views and principles, or retire
from tbe body altogether. He read from the ritual
of the subordinate organisations of the Stats of
Louisiana, and showed that, while it admitted those
to membership who professed the Roman Catholic
religion, it required of them the denial of allegi
ance to any temporal authority not coguizable in
tbe Slate and United States Comtitutious, and from
each a solemn pledge, that not under any circum
stances would they divulge the secrets of the order
to any persons. During the time occupied by the
speeches of these gentlemen, the utmost attention
was paid to them, and occasionally a manifestation
of pleasure given by that side of the bouse who
were favorably disposed to their admission, as pro
posed. Finally, the previous question was called and sus
tained, and being taken, on a call of the yeas and
nays, it was carried by a vote of 60 to bU. Tbe
ruling of the chair was tc the affect that by tbe
adoption ol the motion to admit the delegation upon
their credentials, tbe whole matter had been deter
mined, by the vote just given.
A number of motions were then md, one er
two of which were for the Louisiana delegates to be
qualified and take their seats; another to appoint a
committee to inquire and report npon the contested
sats of a portion of the Pennsylvania delegation;
another, that two members from each party of
claimants should have the privilege of addressing
the Convention upon the merits of their respective
cl -ims; pending all which motions tbe Convention
adjeurned, to meet at 4 o'clock, P. M.
i be alUrnoou session was principally occupied
with tbc question of admitting tbe delegations from
1'euusylvania. The claims of each were presented
by two members of each side, and it was finally de
cided, by a vota of B to 43, in favor of what is
kuown as tbe Kdie Slate Council. The Council
tbto adjourned, to meet this morning at 10 o'clock.
Piir.-suncvruL Eurcriox. A bill has pass
ed both Houses of the legislature, fixing
Tuesday, the 4th of November, as the day
for choosing Electors to vote for President
ami Vice President of the United Stutes.
AttorscV GtcMtuL's Salabt. A Mil
has passed both Houses of the Legislature,
falsing the salary of the Attorney General
and Importer for the Stato to $1,500 a
asww. r . . - t 1.1 r
year. The cttie oas, in kmi. dshd, a
most able and efficient officer, aud hu sala
ry U now but ft meagre compensation
for the important cervices' be renders the
State. '
F.rstii IssriANCt CowrAST. This Coiu-
paey has reoenily been chartered by the pret
est LsgU'aiHre , Tb charter la very Lbcral
1 Us provUlona, aaj h wll wprthy the atten
tion of tuotss wbo wUh to become stockholders
ia such an institution. , h will be seen, by th
adver Ha stent iu another eoluiun, tla( UAa
for the subscription of StiKrk btve been or en-"
el ia til city, at the Lank of J?ahvi!!, U
Vw'chaotf' .Exchange, JoLnson, Uores; St Cv's
W. A. Gordon it Cos.
; , ' SENATE. I I
JnaHT SKssioa. :
' Mordat, Feb. 15.
- limit Bill Third Rdig--To authorise J as.
Parks & Co. to build a bridge across Ocoee river,
at or near Pulaski, Iu' Pika county, passed. ; 1 ' '
-- To provida for the -election of a justice-of tbe
peace ia tbe tewa of Rome, and for other purposes,
pa.'sed."'"'"" ' "" v' -.-"'
To amend an actr"entitled "an act for the benefit
of the wives and widows of tbe soldiers of the Mex
ican war, passed.
For the benefit of sureties aad endorsers, ws
'To protect the lay members of all ecclesiastical
denominations against the domination of tbe clergy,
passed. - - .,...-..
For the benefit of Turnpike roads, passed.
, -To suteod the laws in reference to the liability of
. sheriffs and coroners, rejected.
To amend an act incorporating Oak Grove Acad
emy in the town of Cleveland, and for other purpo
ses,' passed.
To amend tbe charter of tho Carthage, Alexan
dria and Red Sulphur Springs Turnpike company,
and for other purposes, passed.
For the benefit of the heirs and devisees of M.
Jules Godeau d'Eutraigues and Madame Agatbe
Garand d'Eutraigues, passed.
To amend tbe existing laws in this Slate on tbe
subject of pay for killing wolves, rejected.
Tcesdat, Feb 26.
Douse Bill for the benefit of Sueed Harris, was
passed on third reading.
Senate BUI to protect the people of this State
against tbe usurious exactions of the banks, was
rejected. .
House Bill to establish a system of patrols, was
passed on third reading. ' --
House Bill to incorporate tbe Kuoxville, Sevier
ville and Paint Rock Railroad, was read the third
time, and
. Mr. Fletcher spoke at some length, and with
more than his usual zeal in its support.
Mr. Rodgers also advocated the bill zealously.
Vr. Hall moved to strike out all that related to
State aid.
Which motion prevailed; ayes 11, noes 8.
Adjourned to 2 r. m.
The charter of the Enoxville, Sevierville, aod
Paint Rock Railroad Company passed after State
aid had been strickea out.
Hou-e bills to change the line between tbe coun
ties of Grundy aud Marion; to charter the Bank of
America; to charter the Strawberry Plains, Dan
dridge and Newport Railroad Company; to incor
porate the Agents of the Publishing House of tbe
Methodist Episcopal Church South, at Nashville;
severally passed 3d reading.
House amendments to Senate bills were taken up
and acted upon.
Adjourned to 1 P. M.
Moxdat, February 26.
The Slat Capitol. Senate bill for completing
the Stato Capitol aud for other purposes, being the
special order, was taken up and discussed at con
siderable length.
Mr. Newman moved to strike out so much of the
bill as appoints Commissioners to examine the arts
of the present and all former Commissioners of the
State Capitol, for the purpose whether the moneys
appropriated for the construction of the Capitol bave
been legally and economically expended, and rea
quiring au investigation as to the value of all the
work done on, and material furnished for, the Cap
itol buildit g, kc , which motion prevailed.
The bill was further amended by striking out the
section requiring the Commissioners of the Capitol
hereafter to give out contracts for work, &c, to the
lowest bidder; also by adding a section, on motion
of Mr. Ilrown, if Davidson, (Mr. Looney in the
chair,) providing for a proper ventilation of the
As thus amended, the bill passed on its second
Sriiate Bills on Third Reading The House pro-
ce di d lo liie consideration of Senate Bills on third
reuding, and disposed of the following:
To increase the salary of the Attorney General
and Reporter for the State, to $1,600, passed, ayes
37, noes 16.
To amend the act amendatory of the charter of
of the Stone's River and Statesville Turnpike Com
pany, having bceu read,
Mr. Biien offered au amendment to incorporate
the Doe Creek and Railroad Turnpike Company.
Mr. Holmes offered an aiuendmeut to incorporate
the Mr mphis Hook and Ladder company.
The amendments were severally adopted, and the
bill passed
To amend tbe criminal laws of this State, having
been read,
Mr. Carlock offered an amendment to prevent the
selling, loaning or giving deadly weapons to minors,
which was adopted.
A division ot the question being demanded, the
original bill pissed, ayes 46 noes 6, aud the amend
ment passed, ayes 40, noes 11.
To amend the criminal laws of this State, and
for other purposes, applying the penalties imposed
upon steamboats ami stage coaches for transporting
slaves without written permit to steamboats, hav
ing been read,
Mr. Dortch offered an amendment prescribing the
time when the acts of the General Assembly shall
take effect, when not otherwise provided.
Mr. Glcaves offered an amendment to prevent
ffee persons of color from peddling and bartering.
The amendments having been teverallyd(pled,
the bill passed, syes 31, noes 2J.
To charter the Alexaudria and Roanejurnpike
compnny, having been read, 0
Mr. Bartlutt offered an amendment amendatory
of (be charter of the Memphis and Somerville Turn
pike company, and amendatory of the charter of the
Beau's Station Turnpike company.
Mr. Holmes offered au ameudement to charor
the Memphis Cotton Works company.
The amendments having been severally adopted,
tbe bill passed.
To incorporate the Murfreesboro' Building and
Loan Association, and for tber purposes, having
been read, -
Mr. Wilson, of Marshall, offered an aineudment
to incorporate the Trustee of Elk Presbytery of
tbe Cumberland Presbyterian Church, which was
Mr. (ileaves offered an amendment to incorpo
rate the Jackson Medical College of the city of
Nashville, which, on motion of Mr. Wilson, of Mar
shall, was laid uporl the table.
The bill as thus amended, then passed.
To incorporate the Uolston Conference Preach
ers' Aid Society, passed.
To amend the charter of the United Firemen's
Insurance Company of Nashville, and to charter
the Memphis Home Insurauce Company, having
been read,
Mr. Cox offered an aiuendtraent to charter the
Safely Insurance Company of Nashville.
Mr. Holmes offered In amendment amendatory
of the charter of the city of Memphis;
The amendments having been severally adrpted,
the bill passed.
TczsnAT, Feb. 16.
IlunltvUlt Academy yit. Ball called up a motion
to reconsider the vote rejecting Senate bill for the
benefit of Huntsville Academy, iu Scott county.
Tbe vote was reconsidered aud tbe bill passed ou
its second reading.
jVns Judicial Circuit On motion of Mr. Parks,
Senate Bill to establish tbe fifteen lb judicial circuit,
to change the time of holding certaij circuit courts,
and to organise certain judicial circuits, aud after
several ineffectual efforts to amend, tbe bill was re
jected. Architect of the C'ifitolTht Speaker laid before
tbe House a communication from the President of
the Commisrioacrs of ibe Sute Capitol, in respoose
to a resoluiiou adopted by tbe House, slating that
tbe work requiting the supervision of the Architect
being near completion, the services of that offl-'er
can soon be dispensed with.
Appropriation JiiUQa motion of Mr. Wallace,
the House took up Senate Bill to provide for pay iug
tbe expenses of tbe General Assembly, which after
being amended la various particuhus, passed ou its
first reading.
imnooi stwios.
JJtdtcel Kxamittm On motion of Mr. Cleaves,
tbe House took up House bill to create Boar Is of
Medical Examiners fur tbe Stale of Tennessre, and
to pron ote medical science, sod after being eweud
ed, it was njeclcd, ayes 26, Does 32.
Frm JVVyrwr Oa motion of Mr. SbeaweB, the
House took up Houfe bill for the benefit ot ctrtaia
free persona of color io Suwart county, and it past
ed oa iu Si rwading, ayes S3, noes 21.
Stat iMpuWOu motion of Mr. Looney, the
House took up House bill to provide for the futare
latjagement of tbe State Hospital and foe other
purposes, ('easing lbs Hospital lo tbe Medical De
pamsfst of tbe University ol Nashville for teo
years,) and it passed oa its SJ readiag, ayes 39,
fcoea 20.
Dutt RffittrrOa motion oMr. Msbrv.the
House took op House bill prescribing certain duties
to be pertortiid by the Cgiatr of tbe Land OffaVa.
and for oiber purposes, aud, oa motion id Ms. Hrien,
it was Uid npon the labia. -
! BiUt on TJJrJ KeJinfTl House pro
oe4el to ibe cooaideratioa of tssnate biiie on third
reading, and disposed o the followiagt
To provide aa aocual sua (f S.0MO) for tbe sap
port end Bti&tDasce ol tbe Peal and Dumb Ay
am at Kcoxvttle, and an anneal sasa (v3,00u) for
tbe support and ssatntenaoco of tbe Memphis Hos
pital, passed, ayes 41, rs f J. ,'".'.
To smetd tl carter 1 the Atlantic, TsoDOMre,
nod Ohw Karoad coatpeoy, passed, ayst J J,
noes Si. ,.
To amend tbe cbarter of the Xaskvill, FraakUn
and L'oUteabu Tampiko eoapaay, (ailowu-g lbs
ccecty ol JeTersoa U latest Ber niakiug food ia
br own ootids,) pwaswdL " '
Oit Oa saoton of Mr. BuHes, lbs Hoie
took op Homo bill to amend tbe act of lSll, cbap.
76, so 'as to receive certfi i CO, its of crLiiul
grants aa testimony in courusof juaiice, and it pass
ed on ita third reading, eyes 49, noes 2. ;
Sol of tlu ilemphU IIopiUt0a cuotioa of Mr.
Holmes, the House bill for tbe sale of tbe Memphis
HoepTtalrocr&d and buildings, (the proceeds lo be
appropriated .in more appropriate grounds and
buildings,) and it parsed on its third reading, ayes
89, roes 11." - - -
House adjourned to 7 r. m.
T Raxioiocs HoncM. Kev. T. Fouo, Vice Fresidfw of the
Choctaw Nation, will preach at the Cu-ob,rU;:l Pieibyte
lian Church thia tveninr, 2Tth ioat.
EP7 We ,re an'bori.el to it n ma nee T. D. M05ELBT a
andkUte for JiHe of the County Court of Daridgon county
at the ilay eieciioo. ........
fHT We art atitbors'd ti i-nnourtc? ECGKVI CNDEH
WOOD, Ktq., a c-uitlitlati Ur Judge of the County Cuurt o I
lf ' We are aathnrifed to unnourc GEO. B. fiOODWIN
as a cand date for Jude of the Ccuuij Com t of Dand-on
eownty at the i'ay election.
flTffe are autl orisrd to snnnoanee JOflAH PRRRI5S a
e uididato for Ju'fge of the Count; Court of Davidson county,
at the Mxy election.
We are authorised to acaonnce JOHX O. FERGUSON
a candidate tor the ofEcs of Jb ge of the County Court of David-en
county at the elerlion in May.-
Sugar !!
HHD3. Common to Choice Louisiana ftafrar. in
trre and for al by W. H. 0 llON A l O.
BEL?. Choics touiaiana Molanea in (tore and fcr
sale by W. U. UOKDON A CO.
s v it i; i !
K"Y BBIS Golden Byrup, an extra article. In a ore and
.) J for tale hy W. h. GUKDON 1 CO.
BHTi. Florida Mullets, pul up In MarVerel tyle, in
tore and fur sale by W. H. iiOKDUN Cl.
BBl.S. DouMe KeSued Cruahed Sugar, in ilmf and for
ale by W. U. GORDON CO.
Tlio ULCtrt Xsrtxv.
- feit fe:' i rJU, : , i-5rJvfU --its
Choice Family Groceries, Provisions,
The Finest of "Wines and Liquors,
By the Quart, "According to Lmc
5o. 30 Market St. Opposite Head of Union St ,
siivn.t i , i r.yn.
all e mplair.ta, at D. G. RUMSKT'd.
Alt KDT II tKLTS. M NeU Market Pn.keU
all sues, for sale by in-tttlj v. u. bhimi.
riMIE fine Pasrenger and Frri(tht f ."li ".'H', n
X menm. r t L L A , Jamks Lotkll, rTOM
Muter, will Itave for Ihe i.bove and ll mdFi iirn ' HsnB
intermediate landii gs on tlte opei.ing ol navigation. For
Ireight or passage apply on board, or-to
fet21 A. HAMILTON, Agent.
TMIK Ppli-n!i'l Pnw-nrer Parket
1 S.tLLIK WKfT, J. N. Cubsitt.
Muter, w ll la"e f r ttie uhovr ai d
all int-rinedai4- porta on the 0n.ng uf DniHiion. For
freifrh' oi paase apply on board or to
frb21-8t A. HAMILTON, Agent.
rjHB fin United Stte Mail parii Jt II
I enaer paehtt, J. O. CI.IN J. C. rTOujai A
lilTB, Master, will leave for tin- nbova 1 iarAh
and all intermediate porta on V tUMMliAY, 'iiU mt. al 12
o'clock, m. For frcihl or pain-age upplv on board, or to
feM6--.!t A. L. DAVIS, Agent. .
25 Dollars Reward!
RANAWAY from the ub-eriber on the 17th in.-t a Nt g'O
Woman named HKTTIK, a Itright mulat'o. hhe is toler
ably large, weiirhn about 150 pound-, haf lonr hxir, and a v-ry
bumpy Inoe. 1 think she I -ft In company with a wh le man.
I will give twenty-five dollar for her apprehension and con
finement In jaiL ISAAC KOONCK.
fcb2Cfn3t of HTWQ d.
II A (
1 AA BALKS LewiKtoo's Seamleaa Bag;
iUU'a do 2 tos. Ounny do;
75 do Aiifonia !X bua. 0nburg do;
In store and for aale. W. U. UOltUON A CO.
fiiii. ti)i:i.i'iiiA.
IMPORTERS of and dealer! in tli varioua Foreign and Dn
mestic Mrhle, fiaiuar. An , hi re constantly on hand a
large and ele. t a'sorfniet of MASTLM, TOMBS, MONU
MENT. TABLK TOPS Sc., ol every dacription. not
celled br anv in tl erity. for reant symmeiry and finish
TEHS, forni-h.d tt the ll1test nntie. with Marble of every
de-riptiou and pvt'nrn, wh-iher Fore gn or Dorortic, e'ther
fin hed in the Slab or Bloik, on th moot accommod4liu(
We pecia!ly Invite attent'on o oar stork on hand
THB sfenilmof the public ia invited lo the f.irt, that
most of the fiar Canities o.T. red fnrtt'e are DKF1C1KN r
I N W Klti II r, so tat what I" sold for a l ound actuaily weifhi
but fu lecn or lifieen ounces, and parksgea ni4iked "Sll
lbs. fall short two, three and even five pounds per boa. Thia
loss do-s not fait npon the wholesale dealers, who aril packa
ge at Mmii WaiuHt; n Don ha retailers, who ll hy
Coi'ST, but upon the consumers, who ihua pay lor aiout one
tenth more Uiao lh-y receive.
Thesubscriber. have always mtdethslr Cam le full sl teen
ourtc- to the pound, and mark paekawes al their real we'ght,
which msy be arertined by testing them. As their ripen
ence In th business enables them to offer sn article equal in
qnaiity lo anv in the market, they solicit the patronage, uf
purcliaeis who desira lo simly their n inurrsv, and, at
the ssma lima, encourvge correct dealing.
M26 I ROCTOK A 0 AMBLE, Cii nnatL
Wai. UOll K UTS, Proprietor,
(Lara or rtaaa traiaus.)
THE !uhcriter bsa rerci.tly taken this well known e-tablh-hment
is refitting and tho" ogMy renovating it,
and boes soon to hsve It In su h eoodlttoo at not t ne in'e
rior io anr hon-a in this etty. Th Proprietor hop-s by hia
ciertions rd those of his Assisiant. .( Mr. ii'klo k. who
f .rme'lv pre I led at tha City Hot.-l.) to oe able to was his
hoo-s worthy ol blrg palruuised hy Ihe public and promi
see hat no pains shall be spared oa l.is pert, to merit ihe ap-
f rt batl n of those who m y faror him with Utelr patronage,
le rep cilu'ly solicits a trial of his hoase.
trbii-,UmkW V WW. ROBERTS.
Insurance Company cf Nashville
Capital 100,000 Dollars.
Tim Company U now io i a -wesafj
onerMtiikBi. and ia liDrel In Lake -
nsis on BuiMiogs. t.ol, Wares '
and Merchaud so, against
i.oMoit ih.m ill ii- niti:.
Also, on Oiwxls, Wares and Merchandise aivt Paeros re
eia lv, against t e r k 4 Hsi, River aod Inl-n Trao
portal on. u on ss farnrable torios as any oee in the city.
OtLei No. Si t ol ege at , ontoalte the Sewanee House.
W S. MATTUEUH, Pre-idert
Joss S. DasaiiLL, S. ent-iry. ttti
A LA ROE aumnvrrf Law Bolt are snisalng from my
LJ-rary. laov sU are brokea. tentre hannf
hooks i k u.jf e na-we vf Aai a, Hix, er aa
wit on ih tn, ail; gr ally bUt sue ly w-aving xhrm al I J
otfl-e. o-Inloow e-eof Uirtti, Ji'llNS BHlKN,
Icbal-lw4 No. 60 Cherry sUeel, Naahvffi.
Fine No. 1 Shad;
ICT PE:iVKI, dir.et !- New Vk. per s'earaer
A men. a. an WTwe t,t Siiperior rbad, )t aft mryrtatg
fur Atmtly aee, is .Lh inalruc to as le r use ttnuwsiiale y.
tttNJ. F SmULIX.
f. ht No. i Put.! at r'iare.
i.i.A III H.ASrf
Ko. 48. ost s:!e Kxkst fur est, HASHTILXX
fcbf lea
. Arnbrotype, Thotographic .
DAUl'llKliCAl A It T I I T 1 1
- . , o. wi t sfioN rrstrr, A-ur.a.1
A SiHROTTrSS, nkcSegrapbs, fU. ee t-jaexa. m eat. a4
i warrante ae eeraare aa say -. wyie es )-esu.ua.
fjw(wer eyps, MYrSacp, t isvsmi e 1 msxH'e; and ev
ery t ke e' rurw, asi al tke e-ishaa la il
m f S4 periwcasosi w ats, sn wtmw p
iviniiflrvPIA. ' .
Al hoogH iJe-e bn ..! p.cU4vs were fttt rwreatSv tarw
4ac t hy the ) vua ia t-sf -y, they fcae em
pupt.:r kal c has, al g-et ej- irca'wi the aarvn
Haftasa las Ani i t ,m Nw frt, w fJr M Uk
SaxJt tt Ite I Hi. SV,-4 y. " , V .
- C1" e by th pe'Tsse have iJwJr liseaessiM Ukr
siaraer Uws aa scant a.y 9-y IwS "
ae.ag resUre4 tot sjura e warai ae give aaumo.
teast ee. a cterrt w U. l 4
IOll Itr.TA Basat at J Ui A-e .gew
M Us ttiM Fiauaa rue. a Ficltsll'w.
fT5 ETJEEEA Books w ill be
i-""u epened from and after thia date, for subscrlp
tion to the capital stock of the "Eujreka Insuniace Compsjiy
of Nashville," at the following places, via: Bar k of Na-hvile;
Merohant's Exchange jW. 11. lionlon jk Ce'j; and Johnsen,
Uorne A Co'. " WESLEt WBlXEfS, J
vr. H. OORDOV,
v''- ' 1 JSO. A.TI8H.R, - .r-s.-.-v
febSS-lv Com au lion r.
WaiNTED A Sitaation, by
a Practx-l ilahioiil ai.d Engineer Ad-
dresi J T. .M'KENZl K, Na-hvdie, Tenn.
! POST OFFICE. From and
a1 r the 1t of Mrch next, to aceo nt wilt
b- raised in the P st ( flic Ad per-oos are n t.Dsd Dot
'o mara their let!e-a or packet-, charge sx," Ae , as
it will be treated as dead o si er if h y do. We have a full
supply tf a amps and en vehipes always on hard.
8. R. ANDLKSON, Poat Maattr.
Nafbvil'e. Feb. 22
TTf t 1TTTI1 t O I
Irener and W asher. Al ply at UiU o&ce.
Wakefield s Corn Planter.
Thia nsiel Tmni. men' m.T be evan-in vt -ml
oiders left at the "Tenne sre Farmer and iet hw.ie office.
No. 20 H Deaderiik street, m stairs. feblS
Tn tris Tobacco Plaaitera of
mm est leuneaBcw. 1 oe nw." 3i((uc.i - I --
chase ae 8 nest Looms lobacco ra a d in the tate for mansv
fac uring rT He wiM pay from Fifty i eoU to One
Hollar per h noire 1 score thMi the market price f r Tobaoc
SoiUtble for mnuf.-tinin. ,
l all at o 44 and 48 College stre t, at the Tobacco Fae
torv, 'wo doors from Uioad street.
feMS-l m 1li'??Jl!0j' MEREDITH.
n ..w i.hM rnp.
h-sre in mv niese-ston a iohl Watrh, taken
fruiu a nervo vrh rh believeto - stolen, ani which ihe
righrfiil owner na get by desrr-b ng a:.d p -yine this ad-verti.-em.-nt,
c. fe'15 W JACK-'N.
E'ection "ill be held at the Banking House
of ihe Planter's fUik i'l Nahville on M -nday, SI of Marvh
neat, to eleU e'evtn D.rx-itjr to serve ihe ensume year.
1). WEAVER, C-M r.
Nashvi'le, Feh.2,lS58. -
Election Notice. The Stock-
ii"""'! holders of iha Nashville tlas Ught Company
w.il p ease take no' ice that the Annual k'hct.on of seven I I
recto. a to manaee tlie affairs of aid company will take place
I their office on the (Sn.1 I buidat) 6th day of Mar-h. 183.
jan80-U JAMUJ H. Kt.M)dl K,9ecreUry.
TOO, ?ir: I.SOX A (0. 44 I nlon t..
Have jtnt reoeiTed a number of new, valuable and inter
esting works, to which they call the attention of the public.
In tbe Camp With Souvenirs of "The BritaJe." Rem
ini-cences of an Emigrant Milesian.
Or, Europe seen with Knapsack and PtalT. By Bayard
Taylor, author of "Rhj mes cf Travel," Ac , 4c.
Or, Adventu-esin the Path of Fmp;re; comprUirs;
Voyage to California, Life in San Franci-co and Monie-
rey. Pictures of thj Uoid Region, and Experiences of
Meiican Travel. Py Bays d Taj lor.
Or, Sketches and Burieaquea. By John P. Sq'jibobs, Esq.
Or, Scenes and Adventures over the Blue Ridge. By
Mary tri tbeh Worroehy.
By Marien Harland, author of "Alone."
Written by himself, authentic ediil in.
X"V - !
ton., .r1
a. w. riiuiox.
Boot and Shoe Establishment
RE now receiving and opening at No. ST Colltg- afreet.
IX (next door to K 0 McNairy A Co.,) a full ana well ee
k-cte.1 a.-orieat of BouTS AN1 HHOU. manonicturaw
expreselv for tlie Ketad Tral; lo which they raapectlully
inv te sue a ten tion of their friends and all who wish to pur
chase g is in their line. Tneir stork comprises:
Ladies' Heel Ga;ter, (very superior )
Lad es' He! I'ooU. (extra Bn;)
l.a'lies' Heel SI ppers, )entirely new:)
l aili a Congre-a ll;ulers;
L-uilea' H hue Kid and Satia Gailers;
La 'w-s' Kng ish (Hove S ul Hoota,
Cteula1 -UH:r Calf ?ewed Botna;
(; t' " Pegged i'oois;
ticnta' Huper Pntent Lea her Opart Hoot-;
Genu' Pau nt Leather .-hots, (of every description;)
.ens 1 in areas tiauers;
Oetus Cilf -hoes, (great variety,)
ii n s Otf-nl Ties;
And every other doseription for Ladies and Gentlemen's
Aha A comp'.te asnr'mnt of Mines', Bojs' and Chil
dreii'. Hoots, Plioea and (laiters.
A grxai stia-k of heavy Brogmns for Negroes.
All of which are offered al low prices for ccraV feli23
Wholesale Dcjilrrs in Dry Goods, iVc.
VT7E are now opening In oar new Marbe Storebowee,
I V North side of the Pub le Square, a v. ry large an I de
sire) I stock ol :laple and Fancy lry tKla, Uaia, Bonnets,
L'mtirs las, Parasols, Ae
Having purchased our Roods and-r the Bto-t favorable
c retiroatan. ea, we are prepared to enYr inucemenU te mer
chants visiung city, and rnpeeilul'y solar I thera to give
our siock an examination nefure purcnas ng elarwheie
We would call sneeial al ei tion to our sloca of Ladua'
Ire-s liooda, Uooneta, R.bbvns, Maot.es, ae
fch.'3 ETAS 4 f.
JCST RK ElVrJI), a Urgs and Fresh 8t.pj.ly of
Luton's Extracts, p. roaiuBis,
lialin's do, Ox Marrow,
Fine Culogues, Pear's Ore ase,
Bay Run C y'talne Pomatom.
Fe I Lavender, Boye'a Hyte. loo FiulJ,
Rice Powders, M-let Poedera,
Lily Vt hue. Pink Bajis,
R. gus Puif Po's, and Soap of all kinds.
feb'S For aale by J. U. McOILL.
Mli:l.l. ( Or
5 OTHER sorii'y of She'l Tuck, Residing, FulTsod Fine
," Poiuba. Alau, lsory, Buffalo and India Rubber Oriwba.
rbl J.H. McOlLJ-
TOiArrixG papeii.
i. m. it iut i: rr.
Agent of Lockland and Dayton atfills,
frCC EtIS nrappne Par;
O KJ U U 4 ;0 0 p.is. RooBiiig d.;
1 .M l Fa til g do;
JAii bemKes Tea do;
reams Khoe re;
D.ieri pds Mammo'h So; for M-rchasta;
l:,0 ileants llaS do;
Assorted qualities aad sises S. M, B fRETT,
Corner of Walnut aud Front t-,
lrb'9 Ciscissait, O.
no-KKf KIVt.-l,
L Table KL..e-.
rua ; c -srs,
br t:anoia .-i oous,
Pla ed Si v oa,
F'lea -ta-va,
otters - I loea,
P-Slo ks,
M mres eVres,
Scythe Blades,
Shovel Spades,
A i s lU'chela,
1 rare Ctwa.ua,
Lus-1. t.ajns,
Autfvrs - Chi-a',
f oris Coe.bt,
loa.lng Knives.
Tea KeiOes wld Lids,
I aa , Sc., Ac
Tl Market street.
hpear &. Jackson's
t loaa-Cst Saws, l-ea aul Kaaps,
epriog eel Uandsawa, t fcise s.
J. W. rlOSTfl 4 fX).
(rbil II Market street
2?o tlio Ix1olic
Ur t sommeneeH tni- . rnj tieeds Ihts day, ad wiM
coeuaee kns eii tbeea eswey inn a, ai Us cee.liiaa
of Ihe lss. We m resrasetrwl y iaU Use LaMtae It
ea 1 aia see lf-a-9 abMU. they .1 h le assnKaae a a I le
ts-e lot atseD'ng io day la a e p vie ereee ef Albxa9
Mt'ilnlita'ss. ,ii.il LC Si.UUf tlO
UT ITil .--! ar, wbwh Is aa
Uf M and a le kaaoie aa a
r-Se, aaie aaaa wb l Kuf AUtoV.
SS toe ac a t Say a swrak, l rears,,
b -U wsys.ao-1 ae l we law ex
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C n rOXIJ 4 "A rrT OiLki w IJ la f-4 aVNSev Far aa
asi-s) F l'"i3l J i AC. 0SsJlTO3l.
j iNew Book of Poe ms.
J?ow ready and for sa'e by
W. T. BEKltY & CO 1
min)-wHisps : ,
E ejantly pri iied in ote volorne, lino, CkHh. Price ft.
W. T. BERRY &. CO.
The British Historians.
Vr.T.BEIIRVi CO. hare just received
The Lires of tha British Historian!.
By tiiiiNS Lawsssca.
Two V Jumea, ll.uo. Clolk.
DavM ITame,
Rapin de Theyraa,
Caiharl e Macaulay,
James Bslph,
James M.icpherson,
Nathaniel Hooke,
Adam Ferfrnson,
Edward Uibboo,
Robert Orroe,
Oliver Ookt-mlth,
Chailee James Fox,
Tobias Smollett.
The Early If isorians,
5 r Waltor Ba.'eifh,
William Camden,
Lord v'larend -n,
Gi hert Burnet,
1 nomas Fuller,
Laurence Kcfiard,
Robert Brady,
John Oldmixeo,
Thomas Cai le,
William Robertson,
Lord Lyttieton,
FrasmenJarr IIist6rians.
W. T. BFHUV 4c CO. have also oa sale.
Jackson and New Orleans:
An authtentie Narrative or the American Army do
der Oca. Asnaiw Jacxjox, be lore Mew Orleans, ta Ue
W ater of 1S14-1. By Alexander Walker of lb Sew
Orleaae Vfa 1 eoL, 1 Jrae. Cloth.
A Valuable Contribution to Satmxsi Sciencs.
The U. S. Aaval Astronomical Ex
pedition to the Southern Hem
isphere, DURlJtO THE YFAR3 1MJ, 'M. zi, to.
Tot. I. CHILE. Its Geogripny, Clin ates. Earthquakes,
Government, Social Condition, Mineral and Af ricu taraj
Reeoorces. Commerce, 4c By Lieut. J. M RiUia, A. M.
Vut II. Tn.liui uPisru. By Lieut. McRae.
UixaaaLS By J. Lawrenee Smith.
Ixnus Kxji.I!.. By Thorea. Ewbank.
Maaauts. By Spencfc r F. Baird.
f I IDS. By John Caasln.
Rutiub, rnoixsand Carsracsa. By Charles Gerard.
Phslul By A. A.Gould.
Pauo PT-axts. By Asa Gray.
Livijio Pussrs sso 9ssm. By Ww. D. Brckenbriaa.
Foiil Mumis By JelTries Wynan.
raflLU By T. A. Conrsd.
Profusely Illustrated with specimens of Bird. Reptiles,
Shells. Fih, Ac, 4e, elaborately and traihluDy colored
after nature. vola., sjto, neatly bnnml in half Calf. -Vnr
1 bla Booksellers. Nashville
Macaulay's History of England.
A variety if Pi ints Cheap E lit.on and Foil b'Pi'iir.
VILLAGE AND FARM COTTAG1 3. l.lu traied with ea
bi n lred engravings.
Th.; Old Home tead. By Mrs. Stephens.
The llomfekalon the I: ill si.'e. py Mrs. Holmes.
Kate Weston. By Jenuie D W.tu
Ju-.o ClilTnrd.
Clouds and ur shine. By Reade, au hor i f Prf Woaiufteo.
The Hunter's Feast.
Ilead'ey's f acred Fl ins.
Modern Pi'j.iias. By the author of Peter Sihlewiifcl la
Tl.e Day l:ar of Amerimn Freid-m.'
Kgif Nuthing Alniansc for 1-Jii.
Maud, and other I'oexns. By Fmnison.
The lystie. By Bx.k-y, author ef F-stua.
K te Stanton : A Pane from Real Lite.
Aspiration: An Autobiography of Girlhood.
Representative Women. By Baldwin.
Harper's Story Bovks complete.
feb23 Ju-t received hy JOHM TORS 4 CO.
Books on Farming, Gardening, Ball ding.
STErHl.VS BOOK OF TUB FAkM: A eoaiparte (aide to
the Farmer, flewa'd, Ploeman, Cattle-anan, Shepberd,
Field-worker, and Hairy-maal.
Land Cip Gar dcDiag and Rural Arahatecture. By JL J.
The Arckltectnre ef Country Houses, By A. J. Downing.
Rudiments of Arclulect its aud Bud ling. By Builock.
AmericJtn Cottage Uui'der. Py Bullock.
Hl-tmy sud Roiitme Is of Aichiteesnre. By Bellbrk.
Ji hn-oo'i Gjtrdenrr' Mor.lhiy Volame.eompieulaliaos.
Evan's Dairy-woman's Maanual.
Llrbig't Complete Works oa Chemistry.
For sale by JOIIS TORK 4 CO.,
fetal Corner L'moo soJ Cherry streets.
ajpi-jaf The Bnder-igneil would rsspectfntly lis
tajj'eiii 'i noance te his friends, and the citiseas et
Nashville and vicinity, lavst he has returned to the city fee
the purp-aie of persuing h i profeseie ; aad that ke has ae-aociaie-l
with him, the 'ah-ntrd Arrlat, Mr. F. Ateesrrs
WuDtn ; aad he feels assured, frosa their sareeaa ia aa
other State, that thei' elforta in their proleasioa cannot fad
to be received wlia fctver by the lovers of art la Trance. ee.
Nasarru.s, Pee. 14, 13.
tjxb xmn ARTS.
Photographic Miniature Portrait.
MIWR3 H9GB A WIlXDKHOTH wowM make know
to the eiusene eeoer ills, that they have tokea mesae
over " Hick's I'hma H ill,- North sole ef Ihe FaMic S-iaare,
and are now prepared te tx-eute (in adiKtiem le Maviatwue
on Ivory) the new PHoroOKAPHIC 1NUTCRb PORT.
R AIT 1 te-se Ptrtares are fiem Loekel to 4'shs. el sine, ama
kin handanme onsii fsn lor the Parlor. Tkey passsss tha
hsiUifulneae of the M r er, w th the evpresaioa aad eosona
of hfe, and are prfr1l piirnt.
Painud Fhot-'f aphie e esea, as varw.ee s-ies. taken ef ra
ewerre Ivpee, hen aeconpaai4 with a dVeoriptiua of tbe
complex on, eotne ef Ihe eyes hair, dress, Ae. fpiaiaisneal
Ihe 'i iff-rem i tyke, painted aad plaia, caa be eaaiaiaesl al
their studio. dec Sat
Ijloyd'i Steamboat Directory, and BU
astert on the Western "Waters.
GLsNCEt ami Guxpsra.
. TUE RIC81A.X Eel lax ; Ita Rr areca, Geveraajsal
aad Pulley.
Nt FIRST FEASOR. Fy Peatrtce levaolrls. '
of Teatpesl and minehiae.
THE IUlE BV THr WOODS: A Poesa, By T. B. Rssd.
LANOS OF LTMVOOD. Ty the Author of Ileartaease.
Man ol War Lib. The Mercha.il Vcsa L Kit Barn's Ad
vent ares, ea-Yarns of aa O d klartacr. TbS Great lasy
IHametHi, Ae. leraalebv CHARLKF W. MITH.
Etrrait or th
M WitDAV Tr51xG, FVBRL'ART 13ra, aae
avictina suU. fur ber aotare.
fetll !. a. IVTTTLITO.'V, Afeal.
$100 REWARD!
F'lOM the rable ef ihe salenberoa IheKosasweineTarav
' pske.eear aahil. es Tuesdiy e-e-mhs rh nsu.a
lre BAT MARfc.lve years oil, tally IS hanos Llgh, very
tai.asie.H wbiu seattea toe left ssd. of tier seek, aad sease
white ea bsvk bia-f S-et. r"et ansiv the aoes.
Asssv, a Bay Mare MCl.lt, IS neaU klh kalf ef eae saea
ea te I lure ful geee. at-auds a likie aa oa the rigiU lore fcet,
Sae seat's a.-J this rprmg
The .kovereeard will be paid je the reaoeevv ef the ant
Baa a aad lauevee. er a preiewuoa tor si.b-r of sh
ila0!l AtERRITT
Naaanle. Feb. It, IST4.
Fact About AmbretTpe.
ATI tHIOT 1 41. we a 'a'luJsonl" la HashvIEe
bv A LAKCuwt.
AweeVewa are Bade ao are saw la Ssahviile thaa a
the AaVHotyae swaeasa, e. CstUrae St.
Ickrs ix s .e aale an. a a stasseae pala giasa, aetasew
seaty sees4. sod tkae protecied agasoal ait ps.ae.luy af kw
AasbretTpe fooaterfcHe aea aJe aa alafte saaa, aa
aw.ls-, aed are aa ae ewafcle as aa etnery aagsjesrearfyaa.
AtKhrUypea weie se aaseed by tne lewoa r stssta: gearfc
tlkasa a-eea art eaacr pscsasrea. illse a e- berrww tbe swsae,
aaat aay tt le aa uaerK pirUare wbeh asssaa live asaiis
paisu ef m a-y--esal ax durabsl 'y. U
r"T " " Vo r hi;."
T'UE -parcerst lp af Pe"sa, Campbell 4 Co, ef tBsa
ci,. a H. d ) steved by vatoal eoeeeal, either af
the ce par-a keui its a-, al tN aaasa a
k.... ...i - . .t, W, laL F' wa I a.
W. H. C-lMr-SIXL,
5sw Caukasa, Dea. 4, IS3.
Ia retieusf wesa Iha fWasssaiosi aVaaraesa e retara exav
Ikaaas ta h-w aiW pss, aae esseerfafly sscssaiaal
ear tsiseM see ae pasta.-, M. P.rk.aa, as alWfsUat
. - llk'k P. WAiXlia.
a . ' "
I T Or raJ Ct-essaiasioa Ikswaese heresoAwe ewdarted kw
SVrkiaa ca-npncn A Ca , i a be eoBdacted a itbeek tatM I aa
. . . u l ....... ..J Ikasllik af
aVMB . - - a mm -
4mc ! l 'S
IU b-xaS W. aV
jiaa f J , sv. ausiftijoa.
JtJiT Itl.itSVEtH 1
11 ttrim-T rutob'dt, 1.Va Hues Turk's laaaad Salt.
lv mS ai.y B-"f. ,! "J
iAk Lf, FiLCHEi 4 tXt-,
- - 14 Faabs faaafw

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