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rot snsRirr, - ' i
E. It . II 1 U I. r Y .
1 II I N E II A S t AllRETT.
JOHN It A I If 1,
Wi ir reauested to coirtraAlct a report that C. J.
F. Wbsbtiw hat withlrawn rom the ranvaa f r Cirmlt
Coon Cieik, and to tlate tht he l sanguine of hit eke: ion.
jF We are authorised to announce W tsilINGTOsi
COiP"R a candidate for tb ofTe of fVni-tsble of the let
Iii.ir.ct of Oarvd o county, the City of Nhvi.le
pr We are an'hrle1 to announce O. 0. TtRTAN a
candidate r Sheriff cf Drvld-on county at the enol"g
March ele-lion. f bl
Xlf We ant sutborised to annom'-e T. TRIfll a randl
dale, for Mag i.trate, to fin tht onVe made Tvant by the
death of H. 0. Marrett.Jn thia, the Nashville District.
fWT are aothorie tn announce A. M-T)SIf a
candidate for Justice o' the Peace in the 1t Pistrict, to fill
tie vacancy occasioned bv the death of II C Marcell.
, We ace sutWifd la aniwm-e F.. R Gf.tSCOCK a
ean1iilte for re-eleetinn o the oil' of Oonatah'e of the
1st Oia'rirt af Davldsoa county, the City of Nashville.
fW We are othorle1 to announce W. NANCP a a
candidate lit Circuit Court Clerk at the eneo.r.g Vareh
Beetina. u-"1
tW we are nnthotd to nnr.nrwe tR A TOCT a candi
date for N,,.etehler,f tht let ni-t-t-4 o' navHsin county, the
City of Nsahvide, It th- ensuing March election.
t m We are antW-d N. P CIRB1TT a
end d .te for t offl'ie .f C .n.tb' of the 1-t Diltrlct of Da-rid-on
county, the City a Nashville.
ftST- We are anthor'a-d to anrionnce JF.'PR B PERRY
at a candidate tor Constable in the Nahville Dittrict.
We are au'hnriv.e1 to announce JAMES W. HINTON
a eandide for re-election to the office of Con-tsMe of the
1st IMtr't of riavHson county, the City of KeslivU'e.
.. , . iAitnrr.itSMiTH
rTweareOTiioii-oiojiiin'nii- ..... -
a candidate for the ofB s of Clerk of the Criminal Court of
DavVlano county, at the March election.
We are anthor;rd to announce jnn n ANF. Jr., a a
candidate for tie rff.ee of Criminal Court Clerk, at the tea
March election.
rff- We are anthorlaed to announce GEO. W. CWAN
at a candidate for Criminal Court Clerk of D ividson county
at the nert March election. jn2i
t We are authorised to annonnee JOflN K. FDMONTV
PON a a candidate fnrier1tr of Davidson Count. t the
ensuing March election. decli td
Wednesday Morning, February 27, 1856.
( Onntrr it"a-Plicw ef the IMantera',
I'nian stud Stain Hank.
The Legislature recently adopted a reso
lution callitijr, on tlie Planters', Union
and State Hanks, to pay when, if at all,
they intend to discontinue the issuance of
notes "payable at other point than at
their counters, " Ac, kc. We published
yesterday the replies of the Union and
State Banks ; liut, for the better informa
tion of all who may feel mi interest in the
return of these Banks to the policy of pay
ing out only Mich notes as arc payable at
their own counters, we deem it proper this
morning to pubii.h in connection, theorigi
n il resolution of the Legihlatiire, and a
correct copy of the responses of the several
Banks, respectiftdy, in the order in which
they were made and received by the Legis
lature :
Pkntk Cjiamhkk, )
N"hcil!, February J3, IfioS
T-i 'A Prr'flrt n Va&kirrof ihe Planter Hank,
XmhrilU, Tmn.:
(Jkntlfkks Hie following recolution litstiet'u
flnjiti-il by (lie present Lfpinltture:
"K-Jffd hit lUe (jirttl .iivinMy of Stale
y T Tlwt ttio ricci.l.'iit ami Ciblii'-r.a ol
Ilia It ink of Tenmrt'r the Union U ink, ami iho
riuit.-rn' lUtik, be r-ju'itte.l to aiistrt-r in atilitig
tit lliis L"-gisljtur a lien, i( at all, th-y intend to
di-c.iiiuiiu'- tliu issuance1 of Notes payable at any
otlior point lit in at their comitcrA, anJ tliat iiii of
tier l.; (vucr-ted to indicate their policy iu that
bcliall." Respectfully, Lc ,
II. IL WALhlEO, Cltk.
l'LAXTKR'a UaHS OF TKJlMrSltlt, )
Naivillo, Feb. 23, 18oC f
A . the G'nrrnl A"rMy of the State of
Ten e, Hvte in seuiun:
Gintlkkkn We liave tliii morning been favored
fiy tlie polileneM of II. K. Walker, Kq., C'leik of
the Senif, witU a copy of your reaoluiion culling
on the President and Caxliier of the Batik of Ten
neee, the Union JJnk, and the Planters' Rank,
each, o.i their ou behalf, to suawer iu vrilig to
this Legislature, " when, if at all, they intend to
di-rontinue the issuance of Notes payable al any
tuber point than at llie'r counters, and also to itidi
cate their policy in that respect."
In reply, we do not know that we can answer
both vtij'cti of your inquiry Ix-ller tlun by copying
from Uie minutes of oftr Hoard of Directors, under
dale of January t!, KSjfl, the folloaing resolutions,
tlun ofTered to I ha Koard and unanimously adopted,
(a copy of which was furnished each of the other
two Ranks the same day,) vir. :
"I. .rwW, That f.otn stid sffer the ltday of
Julv, ls;iu, tt.in Rank and liranchea aill commence
paying out Notes made: payabls at Xifhi'illf only.
I'roviib d, the Union Hank hiiJ Rank of Tentieftnee
will ro operate in this mailer.
"2 Jtulifi. That the Cashier of this Rank t
instructed to notity the I'niou Hank ajd Hank of
Tennesiieo of the S4iue, and Ti quest their aclioti on
thi su jeet."
Willi the highest respect, yours, ic,
O. KWING, PresiiletiL
I). WEAVER, Cashier.
To the H-tftTithle the Sji'tkrr tf the Senate and
if the IL f R'firrneHlalivn f tin (jrtteral
ArtiMyof th Stale of TtHxentte :
The PreMdetit and Cashier of the Union Rank,
have the honor lo acknowledge fiom the Clerk of
the Senate, the receipt of a copy of a resolution
panned by the- General Assembly of the Stale of
TeiiuesMce al its present session, enquiring of the
nnk of Tennessee, Planters" Hank, snd the Union
Rank, when, if at ill, tliry intend to discontinue
the is-uatice ot notes pavable at any other point
than at their counters, and that they be requested
to iudicata their policy in that beliall.
The undersigned, in order to prevent a mors full
account ( their policy in the preiniM-s, Ula ihe
liberty of stating that the Union Rank coin rue need
operations in the spring of lho.T, and by the fil
ler nth section tit their charter were aulhoiised "to
isxue bills or notes patsble on demsnd al either of
said ofliees of di'Ount and ilrponil, and also at such
Ranks of ret-jx clable statiding iu ant other Stats of
the Unio i as the Hoard of Directors iuy deeai el
petiieat and proper."
Iu puiauatice of such authority, and as it wss
then thought, for the con vci.Ui.ce of the public,
(be Union lUnk iarued ixKes payable st the prinei
pal Rank aud Rraiiehes, ami al-o a very large por
lion of notes at Ranks in Philadelphia, IliHimors
and New Oi leans. These notes were paid out at
the Rank aud Hianchca without any regard to the
point where Uiey were made piyiblc, from that
time until the rtuiuptiou of "peeia payments (u the
SJtnruer of le'4t. When l lot resumption took
place, it ws deemed advUable to est! (n all thscir
rulation that was made f a able out ol the State,
and to iue only such uoles as wcra made psts
bis at tl.a Rail r tie Dram hea.
The policy theu adopted ha been pursurd ever
s!nce that time, and the Rank and its liranchea
base paid out, without dlicniiiinalloii, such I wtrs as
they ini-ht have oa Land, without rrgata to Ihe
place where they were mJ payable, carept for a
short time when they Usued notes payable at the
counter. For uiaity jtars pail it must, however,
b wuderalood, that tb il other Rank has always
LelJ herself it rtadiuess lo redeem the circulation
of its Brsfiches io F.astern eichauge, at the earn
rates that they would bare charged if the noUS
bsd beeu payble at the eouuter.
MMrtV alifTieiittit4a ha Siilkrt.k Itilenj.t tA fin.
, . . ,
vent this Raiik Irviu only iasuing such nolra as were
payable at the coupler where isued, which II
would be too tedious to etptaio. The eral Ratka
Birniioued ia the resolutiou of your bwnorsble body,
bsveofteu cotsulud upon (be propriety f nakin
n (heir iasttea payable at Nashriile aluts, aaJ U t
niching tSeir Branches with sauGcieDt tmoutit of
cireuU'ioo to transact business upon, belieTiDg
that this tours rould bo an effectual remedy for
the grievances complained of. As jet, ' howeTtr,
tbey iiare iierer been sble to cotno to sny agree
ment trpon the Tarject, and it will readily be per
ceived that sll the' Ranks rxiuBt pursue one line of
policy snti tiiat no single one could tske a step by
itsfclf which would not result io its own ruin or
greatly to its dii'advsntsge. The undersigned would,
however, respectfully state to jour honorable body,
that the Union Bank will, with pleasure, be willing
to nuke all tin ir issues payable at the counter in
Nashville, whenever the Planters' Rank and Rank
of Tennessee will, by a mutual agreement with
thin Rank, decide upon the time when they will be
prepare! to pursue such a course.
The Union Rank will cheerfully act in concert
wiib the other Hunks at all times, in adopting a line
of policy that will be conducive to the financial in
terests of the State.
The undersigned, aro Tery respectfully, jour
obedient servants,
G. M. FOGG, Pres't, pro tern.
J. CORRY, Cashier.
Union Rank cf Tennessee.
Nashville, 25lh Feb., 18."6.
Rask or Tkknksskc, )
Feb. 25, 1856. J
To the General Aumibly of the State if TenntMee :
The undersigned, the President and Cashier of
the Rnk of Tennessee, had the honor to receive
from the Clerk of the Senate, on the 23d inst., the
copy of a resolution requesting the Presidents and
Cai-hiersof the Union, Planters' Rjnk and Rank of
Tennessee, to answer, in writing, " When, if at all,
they intend to discontinue the issuance of notes
payable at any other point than at their counters,
and that said sfBcers be requested to indicate their
policy in that behalf. "
In compliance therewith, we have the honor to
stale: That the ist-ues of the Rack of Tennessee
snd its tranches are now redeemed in gold and
ilver at (he points designated on the face of each
note sre received by them in payment of liabili
ties, and re icsued upon new loans or discounts
without regard to the place where payable- The
opposite policy, that of issuing notea payable at
the counter alone, would involve the Rankin much
unless expense as well as great and unnecessary
risk. The Rank and Rranches must necessarily
receive the notes of each other in the payment of
liabilities to the Daiik ; if not allowed to re-issue in
milking discounts and loans, would be compelled to
send them homo for payment in the precious niet
als, which would require the employment of nuuie
rous agents for the transportation of the money
from one to the other, at a very heavy ex perse to
the Rank, with all the li uards incident to such a
business, snd without benefit to any one, except
those engaged in the business of trading in the pre
cious tn eta Is. The adoption of euch a policy mu.-t
necessarily reducfi the business as well as the prof
its of the Rink one third if not one-half of what
tin y are at present, and to that extent limit the
ability cf the Rank to serve the people.
The Rank of Tennessee could not make all its is
sues payable at tlie coutiter ia Nashville, without a
ra'licttl change of its present orgxnization, giving it
the entire control of the officers as well as the cap
ital of the branches such as now possessed by the
Union and Planters' Rank over their Rrmiches.
Such a concentration of the precinus metals in
Nashville as that policy would require, would so
seriously n fleet so many interests in other sections
of the State, that it is hardly probable it would be
sanctioned by the Rosrd of Directors, even if they
had the power, without the express authority of
the General Assembly.
The redemption of the notes payable at the
Rr:inches by the principal Rank in this city in gold
and silver, would require the funds of each Rranch
to be under the control of the principal Rank, or
would require a suffibincy of the precious metals to
be kept at the principal Dank for that purpose, as
well as at each of the Rrnnchea. The notes of the
Rranches are received here and by each oilier as
cish, in the. payment of debts, in the purchase of
Exchange, or in the discount of notes, but if gold
and silver be required, the holder must apply to
the Rranch where payable, where ample funds are
now provided for their redemption.
For these reasons, the undersigned, without hav.
ing had an pportunity of consulting tho Hoard of
Iirectoia since the receplkiu of the resolution, ex
prcr8 the opi' ion that no material change will be
made iu the policy of the Rank upon the sulj-ct
indicated, without further authority from the lien
eral Acne in bly. Should, however, the interests of
this Rank and of the people require a change in the
policy of the Rank iu this re-pect, th President
and Hoard of Directors would not hesitate to exer
cise all the powers given iu the c arter, to meet
the public wihes without regard to the policy that
may be acted on bv other Ranks.
We are, respectfully, your obedient servants,
C. JOHNSON, Hres't.
JAS. MORTON, Cashier.
SeMJVU Ih.Abl.Y Wf-H'i)X5 TO MlNOKS.
Mr. Carlock's bill to prevent the stlliupr,
loaning or rrmn:' deadly weapons to mi
nors, was attached as an amendment to a
Senate bill in the House on Monday night,
mill adopted.
Kit Stone Mai.blk Wukkh. Attention ia
directed to the Bclvertioeinent of 8. F. Jacobt
ii Co., of I'iiiladelpliia, lo be found iu our c
urnns to !ay. Thei-e geniletneii are large and
rxtei:ivo dealers in Mai Lie of every variety.
Foreign ami Domestic. At their Manufactory
on Mtikel street, they ate ready to topply the
trude with every species of Marble ornaments
and statuary.
I.ioiit is Itf uAitu to Stau 'Jandi.es. Me
r. I'ki ctok iV ( AMitt.K, an old Candle Manu
facturing tinu of Cincinnati, of established
credit, notify the public in our advertising cu'
umns of a fraud which is customary among
many insnnfsritirers of that article, viz: short
weight of lxcs professing to contain a certain
number i.f xnui!s. Candles from the houeof
Mewrs. I. i. (t., can be relied on byth as re
gards quniitity and ipi dity.
Haki'EU F'i: Maik h. We are indebted to
VV. T. lK-rry V Co., for a copy of Harper's
Magntine fr March.
JJf" Mr. D. G Ruvsir hoists his colors in our
columns to dsy ; and from prenent indications we
feet satisfied he It determined to leave no wants uo
atiofied. I! is rxprre wagon wTll run regular from
his store to any part of the city, and convey pars
c- U bought of him, free of charge. We are re
qurud by Mr. h uraey tossy that lie hope the
purchasers will rot be governed by the siie of the
"in-tituliop," as that pony is "some" on a pull.
yt umcu.
At t otork, r. a, rodT, ft Wraarr Ht la Soaia Nash
wilt, by the Kv. J R. M F-rna, Jiaas A. Laiaa, scalar
i-ublnhi-r of tb O'feff", to MU Mims C. Wuxuas.
Mill Macliinory,
a u it l l o . t; i. i
imvM ni'iat )
Hi VI V Q u iniwruM al4iUM k aw baAiarry. n
fra.Uf ImnwI bu hwintw lar inaVtiMnjitin
I stiitwairtl Melniii J of VV aaareip-'t , prrvrnj
Km BiaMSartar rlHn KnaiM aaMl fto tee mI la fxuat of
Sab at iiin-r la ur w4 ia U W m, S at a hw
wrtare Hava ka pimct f ef as Hi Maunwre
al Mat-wiaar; la kaMmllw fcr lb la4 BJ )r. aaS giv.
his b- prm aitrakoa U lli aataeartn lrriaMt,
b t OM.A tMii Uaibwa ( .tftM.Hi b-'auy
fawtf ami wnk ih.r wtf.r. al lh I4 UaJl AlueA Alawrw,
ki awl as Uarkvi .tnwi, w HrvA, Aahl W, T.aa.
A a k'a. irf a of k IU fioar M..U, tftm HM a Mina,
Tu CMt4.twt.a,IUiika,J'UsaMAurrM'v'u'
i'u' J.0ELI D ItMIt,
" Pittsburgh Coal and Coke
DlktTKS laF-iuUifb Cl al O.k. a4 vTkiia fia
Laauwr, utf W Hm aaU rraat auwMa, a the
Lttmm, tt .. IOBi abor Ikry imtd kt " a Wr
ataat Mivif 4 iwd aUc mi r ytm,m.
t ihi.i a4 !'( fasHMn f VM aa4 Coba, I
me att t& la aw. isi
brl ,000
ItlTe all 4 Steaiubwat News
.- i t i '
. The river continnea to recede slowly tlhn
po:- ? i ; i ; ) . t:: v: Y. ' 4
. The indications pf the weather on yesterday
were fa VoruLJe for rain. ' " """
Tlie only.ftrrifal yesterday wa? the J. O.
Cliney frora.MetnphiR, with a good passenger
and fitiht list.' The C. arrived several Lours
. '
in advance of her titoe. She will leave on
return trip to day at 12 o'clock. For speed,
safety and comfort, she stands unrivalled on
the "drink." Her modest and attentive com
mander "wears the horns" gracefully her af
fable and accomplished clerk, though the
"embodiment of Caney Foik," is ever ready to
book "the million," wi jle the shade of that
prince of stewards, Harbison, is on hand, who
not only knows Jiow to get up good dinner?,
bnt does it to the satisfaction of all. No wonder
she has become so general a favorite with nnch
officers aboard. Persons wi.-hing to go to
New Orleans, or our sister city, Memphis,
should secure rooms early. She connects at
Memphis with fine New Orleans steamers.
The Eclipte left yesterday for Cincinnati
with a portion only of a load, anticipating the
balance down the river.
The Monticello left for np the river yester
day. The Sullie Went will leave for St. Louis in a
day or two.
K.rfral Intelligence.
United States Cihccit Court. Before Hit
Ron. Judge XehoHy Kotemler 28, 1855,
George W. Emery ts. liichard If. I'ease..
The bill in this canse to restrain the defend
ant from manufacturing an endless chain horse
power claimed to be an infringement upon let
ters patent granted to Horace L. Emery, Feb.
24, 1855, and assigned to the plaintiff. The
parties both reside in Albany and are engaged
in the manufacture of agricultural implements.
The plaintiff by virtue of his patent, claims
the exclusive right to make and vend horse
powers so constructed that different degrees
of velocity and power may be produced in the
same machine by changes of the geering, and
it was claimed that lloraoe L. Emery was the
first iuventor of this device, and that tho "Ex
celsior Horse Power," of which the defendant
is the proprietor and manufacturer, embraced
the mean feature of novelty which gave value
to the Emery inantiiue, and hence was the in
fringement. The case came before the Court
upon the bi!i, answer, and affidavits and
com., on a moiitin by the plaintilFfor an injunc
tion to restrain the defendant from making and
vending for us tlie "Escelsior Horse Power,"
which has already obtained great celebrity as
an article of value.
The motion was resi.-ted upon various grounds.
First, Thst Pnilip II. Hells, of Clavcrack, Colum
bia county, N. Y., was the real inveutor of all em
braced in the Emery patent which was of any prac
tical value, and that all beyond what Kells had in
vented was frivolous.
Second, That the Emery patent was obtained
from the I'm tent Ollice in the name of Horace L.
Emvry by fraud, and with a view of depriving Kells
of t hi jut-t reward of his invention.
Third, That the "Excelsior Horse Power" was
not so infringement of the Kmery patent, but differ
ed materially from that of Emery, aud was vastly a
supeiior article.
Upon hearing the papers rend and the nature of
the two machines explained fioin models produced
in court, Jiid:e Nelson promptly refused the injunc
lion, deciding that upon the papers before him it
clearly appeared that Kells was the fmt inventor
of n niatciiiil part of that embraced in tiie Emery
patent, and al-tothat the papers disclosed facts rcu
d.-ring it quite probable that the patent had been
obtained in the nume of Emery by the practice of
bad fith towards Kells, and upon this point t ere
was a surli'-ient question to bs submitted to a jury
if the plaintiff persisted iu his claim The motion
made by the plaintiff for an injunction was there
fore denied.
Daily Patbiot Orrice.
Nashville, Feb. 27, 1856. J
COTTON 125 bales at 88J.
TOrtACCO At A. Hamilton's 4 hhds. at 5.15,
5.50, 6 20, 6 55. At Johnson & Home's, 2 hhds.
at 6 50, 7.60.
BACON 8 cents.
LARD per lb., 8 cents.
FLOUR 6 007.00, decliued.
WHISKY Steady al 33i35.
Trade quiet.
Furniture, Clocks, &c.
t o a n'patt e r s o h ,
Tio, iu c 1. 1. :u i: siiti:i. r,
W' l llivmo fur-:hael the entire ttork of
i ti ' Fjinitnre, Ac , In the Ware Riwhii if R. vjl
tajrv . w- ti,,,Ier which, la eonnection with inv P?
2tZ3 former ilix k. make it the laf(t and twit
In th cry 1 am, then f re, prepared to offer injureneDs
toenail bu.ven and puiictuil men, alio are 1 1 quested to cal
and examine n j flock and price.
Thankf'i fr at faVor, I respect ally solicit a eontico
anreof Ihe name. vIj7 JO iN I ATMR-SoN.
'I 'HE undeuipried, A'lminMratorol L. M. Bransfnr'', dee
1 will, I y virtue of a heed of Trmt executed to the taid L
M. l!ran?!ord, defeated by Ann Wright and rrnl-tcred I'l
the olwr of th Ifi ci'iter of DaTidtoa co'inij, la liook o.
14, pee( 4t4 and 4 -i, IIer for a e at l'ubl;c Auction, at the
p .art-hnoe In ihr town of Na hvKe, on Satordav the Ifith
dv of r'ebraary, W4, for eh, the H O L' t E S AND
1.018 therein cunvryd, aiiuiteil In N tsvllle, fronllnn on
rumm -r treet one tundred no I neventv feet, more or lew,
aud lK-:nif the two Ho e. and l.ota nrxt door to Odd Ktllowa'
Hall, one at prtient occupied bv id Aa-on Wripht, and Uie
other ri-ntrd. W. L. L'Tl.KT, Adm'r of
Jan S-td I. M. Hrantr.l,deM
band for Sale.
OF LAND lyin on the Columbia Central Turnpike
Koa ,aven ini'iri from Columbia and four from Ml. Daaa
act, being a p irtof tb traet on w kh I reaide.
Thia I.arid i equil II not auperior to an J in Jlanry or-arrtv
I li w watered; (the reltbiated Devera Ppring belli, on
the part otTrred for aale) well Umbered and well Improvefl.
I here are on lha prciulai-a aoina beautiful building SiUaa
tVniitiiiK the Turnpike and the contemplated Rail Kuad. It
will b divided toauitpurrhaieraoraold In a body.
For further information apply W m at A ah wood P. OIGra,
Maurv county, ft nDcaaee.
caki pamai;k
From Charleston o New York,
Twenty-Five Dollars.
Q O n
2s:rtJr5. w K' ' 21
Through in 45 to 52 Honrs.
S E M I - H K E K L Y.
KASPTIM.K I.VToiis M. Berry, Commander,
JMKALH.R 1 0 " 8 C. Turner, do;
MAHION 1NKI " W.J.Fo-Ur, do;
Sot;Tl!a.ttKR... .1.100 " T. D. Iwan, do;
IrAVr Ade r'a Whrve every WEDNESDAY and
SATURDAY, after the arnral of Ui caii Ironj Uia
Jtt.utli i-u I vir- "at M.h water
Tha- etunuiiina ltn ail bairt epre.ly fir this Una,
and f r aVtv,rmfiirl aud aueed, ar anritaliad oa UieeoaaU
Table aupplwd w th every luxury.
A I trail, r and eourteon entnm nd'ra w.Q Inanrc travelers
by th a line every poaal la comfort and aocoomKlai.ion .
Oaldn l ti liat
Meer.f ,
Fr Fi ht or Paiaaje, hain( elegant ta' room accoav
mod .Uoo, appi to Hl.NtY W !.. BOON,
1 01 ner East Day and Adg-vr'a Somk Wharf,
M IS CsALTa, a. 0
ITT x t J. Q. McCLM LANn are effoln a larft sad
lit rkeant aaaortmeM of Rich Drat Mikt. and ather
Vanev ftortl at very relaced peir, toe Caah, at tba Mtro
poiitaa (Uara, tl aad M Coiies atra-rt. IrbU
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kneeewtoe to EIHs A Moor.
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tC, leava M Inloraa their fdaudt and tba pahlie that they
ttavr mtm la cueratia a tare and rilewalv IRON
FO V N U K T, a.'j mr-c Ok Matbina ap 1 Litw
Muoea, aad arc prtead to
For avary deMetptwa if CAM I that atav ha ea!Wd
Air, aad a cfaaap as it eaa ba Aom wcat W Uia aaounlam.
Miu. t.aaaia. Heaa iNwaa. faati SHUiTt,
t aa V a vtta. W latww r lua asd Lianas, aars taaa,
Mataa Wa&a,Ooa (.aetata, aaa a3 Caii,
a4 la the tiwlncuw A fkw MUt, haw atUa, Fantaota,
m4 U vli'itf a. aaal ia ariar al abart taatkrw.
wdl aaa Iwadi avary 4ia 4 Meam aad Watae
Maekiwry at the twwwrf Pailrs sta te to arda. aad
aw rbrr a ae paiacraa abUrh wa baa la sr Fawadry.
laa k'jtaat ftwt sxud ia wl fv aid Iraw
Ml a ikUbJOKT
it atarkt Mrawt, wear Israad,
laafa If tafcvia. Ten a
i ( ACRti ol taa4 la I .iii amtaiy.w . A
mmftwi tif wad aaalv tsbe4. A arfa
rasa rituntsuisvi
r. f f? ACRES at Ua4 la Pari Bai satr. Ta, iB
))) baaoM a nui Urm. me tt tir4 mm
per -rty. TV Hareiaikerf a -d aaaaa kaiaad rata fc? H.
Cuoaby tbvkly ntit M mmtmA M, and awswvad f am
i k . a .L -i mnm AArik- liMm t t A
tiw w m v r - "
Ar-'J at
t'H, M. !-' Fttawl. a r4 soarAiruVa !
il i ai u w.il'.a a ahurt w.;k a4 Sa..ta, aod aal aw
.gTJ aa ai iai.jataira w pwlata. . i
- i i" ir ji t , iw 1
. aavaaava a a.
Reports furnished by the AsMcfated Press.;
. Philadaafhia, Feb, 25. E. B. Hubbj, formarlj
a member cf Congress, died in this city Saturday. ,
. Ia the convention this morning, Mr. Brownlow 1
moved that ibe convention proceed, to nomintte
candidates for President and Vice President, which
motion was sustained by a unanimous vote. . . .
Prospects are good for Millard Fillmore.
Puilacklphia, Feb. 25. The Convention re
assembled and proceeded to ballot for a candidate
for President Fillmore 173, 'Law 24, Rjynor 16,
McLean 13, balance scattering. -
Mr. Fillmore was nominated amid deafening
shoots. '
The Convention then proceeded to nominate a
Vice President Andrew J. Donelsoa 1 81, Gard
ner 12, Ray nor 8, Walker 8, Staavart, of Ta., 2.
Mr. Donelson was declared nominated.
The nominations were made nnsnimously.
The Convention adjourned tine die.
Fnrtber per Atlantic and Aaist.
Kivr York, Feb. 25. European intelligence
shows that all goes favorably In the arrangements
for peace between Russia and the Allies. It is re
ported that the Emperors of Russia and Austria
will visit Paris during the Conference.
The real news of interest by the Atlantic con'
cerning American affairs, is reported on Liverpool
Mr. Buchanan has demanded his passports, and
the absence of himself and lady from a Soiree given
by Lord Palmerston, ia attributed to the persons!
miaundertanding between the Earl of Clarendon
and himself. We have no particulars of the re
ported misunderstanding, as English papeis main
tain a silence on the subject.
The Earl of Clarendon, however, is reported to
have spoken in the most imperious manner to Mr.
Buchanan, which the latter promptly checked by
closing the interview.
The general tone of the English press is threat
ening and presumptuous towards the United Slates.
The plurality commercial presses form an excep
tion, and the Chambers of Commerce at Manches
ter and Liverpool protest against auy interruption
of amicable relations with the United States.
The London Morning Advertiser states that Sir
Eenry Bulwer has intimated that be would like to
act as mediator between the British Government
and Mr. Buchanan. This movement is said to be
at the desire of Lord Palmerston. An iuterview
was to take place at the American Embassy, when
Sir Henry Bulwer would explain at length to Mr. B.
the compromise he is prepared to recommend. All
other papers maintain a profound silence upon this
matter. .
In the House of Commons, Lord Palmerston, in
answer to an inquiry from Mr. Cobden, said that the
correspondence with the American Government
upon the Central American affairs, would, when
compiled, be laid before Parliament.
Liverpool, Feb. 8.
Messrs. Mcnenrys' Circular, quotes a decline in
breadstuff's during the week of 8all pence on wheat
and 12 shillings on corn. Quotstions are as fol
lows: Western canal flour 84s, Ohio 37a39s, South
ern 3 da 37s; white wheat 10s 3d a 10s 61, red 9s
6d a 10s; white corn 85 a 87s, yellow 35 a 36, mix
ed 35s 6d. Other circulars quote 0hi flour 37s 6d
a 3Ss 6d, Western canal 85; white wheat 10s Od,
red Os 6d a 9s 9d; corn dull 85s. Improved de
mand for pork. Western prime mess, quoted at
85 a 87s; lard quiet, 6d.
Low kr Lokdon, Friday evening 8th. American
storks lower, Money market more stringent funds
firm, closing higher than yesterday's quotations.
Consuls 91 a91.
Washington, Feb. 25. Sekati The Chair laid
before the Senate communications from the Secret
tary of the Navy in reply to a resolution of the
Senate, transmitting a copy of the report of the
Naval Board. The Chair stated it was not accom
panied with any journal, record, or other papers,
and further, that the causes of action of the board
on tha several cases were not made known to the
Mr. Mallory, from the Committee of Naval offi
cers, reported a bill to promote efficiency in the
Mr. Mason submitted a resolution requesting the
President, if not incompatible with public interest,
to communicate to the Senate all correspondence
between this Government and Great Britain, ac
companied by such evidence and documents as tho
President may deem proper to show, A connec
tion of officers or agents of the British Govern
ment with this is a violation of our laws and the
National rights.
After considerable debate the resolution was
adopted. Senate then resumed the consideration
of the Kansas correspondence.
Mr. Jones of Tennessee said that he had listened
with great pleasure to the discussions as to whether
Mr. Cramptoti should be recalled or what measure
should be taken to heal the woundad digtiity ol
this conntry, and would say, bo would rather enter
into a conflict with England or any great power of
Europe, than to have a conflict among ourselves,
such a conflict might come in consequence of dis
turbance in Kansas.
After the speech of Mr. Jones, the Senate ad
Housi On motion of Mr. Thorington, the com.
miitce on Military Affairs were instructed lo inquire
into tho expediency of establishing a Military Acad'
cmy and the school of practice in the valley of the
Msjor lleiss, recently of the New Orleans Dolta,
goes to Nicaragua in the steamer to-morrow as beai
er of despatches from our government His lady
accompanies him. He will remain some mouth.
Boston, Feb. 25. The new U. S. frigate Merri
raac, started thia morning on her trial trip.
We have acrouuta from Genairs to the 1st Feb.,
which state that the Ilaytien troops were home
ward bound by order of tho Emperor- Tho inva
sion of Dominica having been abandoned.
Nw Okliaks, Feb. 25. Tho Daniel Webster
has arrived with dates from San Francisco to the
Alh. CoL Kinuey, has gone to Grenada to effect
an alliance with Walker. All tho Central Ameri
can Slates Lave formed an alliauco excepting Nice,
rag a a.
San Francisco markets were declining; considera
ble rain had fallen, but agricultural prospects; wer9
Mining accoun ts were excellent.
No Senator waa elected and there wss but little
probability of a choice beiog effocled. Mr. Footo
was tho American candidal.
There has been no fightibg in Oregon sine last
frnpwrtatMt fren Hcilr
The steamer Texas brings dates from Vera Crux
to th 22nd. On tho night of tho 12th tho garrison
cattle Sao Joan do Ulloa, prouounced in favor of
Ta mires. Tbo firing was continued on bothe aides
with slight losses until the 20lb, when they sur
Pbilahslfria, Feb 26. Tho secedera from tho
American Convention made an address yesterday,
declaring themselves compelled to dissent frota tho
principles avowed by that body: they lave regarded
the refusal of that Convention to recognise tho well
defined opinion of tbo country mnl Americana of
Froc Stales, upon tho Missouri Compromise q les
lion as a denial of their rights, and rebuke to their
S'Dtimenta, and they hold tho admission into th
Natiocal Council and noaiinadng to tho Convention
of delegates from Louisiana, repmeatiug tho Ro
wan C l ho lie eanatitoeney, absolved by every truo
Americas from all obligations to sustain tbo actiuq
of either of sat 4 bodic. Thej have, therefore,
withdraws trosa tomioatiag ia th Convention.
Tbey prop to American in alt th Cute to
sue ruble ia their several ?utes, orgaabe Stat or
ganisatioos, aad oloct delegate to a eoovoeuos to
B,ei in tho city of N York oaTaeraday the I2tb
day of Jan nest, lit th purpose of nooiiaauag
eoodilatS for IVeaidast aad Vie Presided cf tl
tVucJ Elate. '
WaJittscrc, Feb, t. Tb Waihicgtoo. Uaioo
asaeMs that Lord ClaroodWa easeruoo aad state
tuact la the llouss of Vxit la Winuf laeor
ract, and to apology has tees saado Jor th rvg
eoumiuei U ibe swlmrol U trocpa. ' ! ,
1 " UomTtiO, kSwaUrj Ja ) fytul CvtacJu
appointed by tho Chair in relation to the railroad
between the Atlantic and Pacific: Denver of Cali
fornia, Woodruff of EL, Houston of Ala., Mott of
Obior Wells'cf Wis., Kedwcfl ( Va. Jewett of
Ky., McCurdy of New York, Evans of Texas, Read
of N. C , yYoof of Me., Dudley cf AIieori, and
Kuckell of Mo. r : r , :
- ,sA message was received from Uie President ask
!ng an appropriation of three million dollars for the
manufacture of additional arms and providing arm
aments and munitions of war. which was debated
till the adjournment--
The New York Commercial Advertiser States
upon the authority of a gentleman who came a pas
senger in the Asia, and who saw Mr. Buchanan on
the eve of his departure, that all the points of diffi
culty between England and the United States, were
regarded by Mr. Buchanan aa in a fair way of ad
justment, and likely to bo settled in a few days.
' rmsBCRO, Feb. 25. No change in the river
yet.. There is about 6 feet water in the channel
It has been thawing for the past three days, but
freezing at night.
St. Louis, Feb. 23. A Lawrence correspondent
of the Democrat, under date of the 14th, says:
The Kicapoo Ringers threaten hostilities again at
Easton, saving they will revenge the death of Cook
by killing the ftiendsof the murdered Brown. The
Free Slate men are preparing for the couflict, but
will act only on tho defensive.
Bosto.i, Feb. 26. Caleb B. Atkins, a Teller in
the Washington Bank, wss arraigned this morning
in the Police Court, charged with embezzling $14,
000 of the funds of the institution.
Niw York, 25, i. Flour is dull and declining,
Straight State 7.00, Ohio 8.00, Southern 8.81. No
thing doing in wheat. Corn declined, mixed 75;
Mess pork improving at 15 87; Lard firm; Whicky
iu bbls., 30. Sterling dull
Cincinnati, Feb. 25, u. Flour quiet 6.40a6.50;
Whisky 22; Provisions quiet.
Niw York, Feb. 25, r. m. Cotton unsettled,
with sales of 1,200 bales ; Flour drooping ; Corn
drooping; Pork firmer; Coffee, Rio, 12 ; Sugar
firm; Iron active, Scotch Pig, S4a36.
Cincinnati, Feb. 26, if. Flour dull and unset
tled; Whisky active 22 a 22 J:
Nxw Oklkaks, Feb. 25. Cotton easier, but no
Nxw York, Feb. 26, r, u. Cotton firm, with
sales of 1,000 bales, Orleans middling 10, upland
ditto 10; Flour firm, Ohio 8.00; Wheat inactive;
Corn drooping, mixed 75; Pork firm, mess 15.94;
Lard drooping; Coffee quiet; Sugar firm; Molasses
45; Linseed oil 82.
Cincinnati, Feb. 26, p. m. Flour lower, sales
at 6 25; Whicky 23; Groceries inactive.
Ten Thousand Acres of Cane-Brake
will sell, ut Cahawba, in Dalian count; , Alabama, to the
hi lirat bidli-r, for caah, or Mobile "accrp:ance," ataiztj or
ninety ilaya, bvarini; interejt,
Alto, Fifty Othkss, od longer time all acclimated and
experienced c tto . plaotatio hands.
I will ala sell, at any time during this year, at private sale,
for cash, or o:i time,
Two Hundred Other Valuable Negroes,
(In lots t- uit purchasers,) and 10 000 Acres of the very
brst and most a Ivanti-t; ouly situwied "cane brake" and
"Marli-lfinil," Including the nine plantations, known as the
"Tnjrv Plan-atio "Mod Hall," "Sixte nh," "Kini Plan
tation," "hlevins Place,1 Ludlow," "Lodcbo," - Holmes
Place," ar d the "Crow Kcad," all of which, for Cotton aad
Corn, are Inferior to nn plantations in the world,
Abo, an elegantly improved and
itKAi tifi i, icr:in i:ci:,
AHjo'nins; pummereld, eight miles from the eity of felma.
with ab ut Kour Hundred Acre attached to it. Tha Dwelling
Hou-e, offices, nut-houaes, grounds, garden. Sc., ara all la
Brit-r.ite condition.
Thes' plantations are seventy or eighty miles below the
city of Montgomery, about one hundred and fifty Biles above
Mobile, and west of and near to the Alabama river, which is
at all seasons navigable for steaiaboata. Near seven thous
and acres, including lour of the plantations, are on thefelma
and Wood villa Railroad; and on this body of land, ate ot 14
miles fromSeima. is lootted the deiot at the junction of tha
Marlon Kailroad with the tfelma Koad, to and from which
deKt the cars run regularly.
Of the other plantations on ia on tha Reims Railroad,
two are two miles, and two six miles distant, one of which ia
within six miles of the city of ."-elma. These plantations ara
In the highest state of cultivation, with gooi g'os, rn hous
es, cotton-presses, mills, negro cabins, shops, stuldrs, arte
sian wells, Ac, Ac, Ac.
I will sell them in tracts to sait porchaaers, of 500, l.tKO,
1,S(0, 8,000 ir 8,1HH acres, and so laid off as lu giv aa much
opened and woodland to each tract as may be desired, and
with or without the negroes, stock, plantation tools, corn,
provender, Ac.
Posiessinn of ths above plantations and negroes will be
given to th purchasers at any timd whilst the crop it grow
ing, or In December or January next, as they may wish.
If not sold privately previous to the first Monday 1st De
cember next, I all:, on that dav, alSelaia, 1 to the highest
bidder, such negroes as may then be anaold.
Much opportunities and advantages were never before pre
sented for those wishing to continue, or to engage In the cul
tivation of c tu n. It hai been di enlt for year past, to
find a plantation in the "lima-Bruke" reaion for sale at any
price, or even to purchase thera a large uninirutl tract.
These plantations ara in fertility, facilities lor transporta
tion, and in all other respect-', fully equal, if not tuspanor,
to any in the colum growing Slates and I know that perso
nal lures igtion aid prove to the aaliefartion of every ona
that nn poru n of the Union is more beallhy than tha ' Cane
brake" region of Alabama.
1 aill al sell privattdy, for cash, or on time, ona of tho
most beautifuily iranroved private residences in tha eity of
Pelma, and several valuab! and e egantly flnbhea largo
bl.xrks of Drlck lluildlngs. Including the largest and moat de
sirably located stoe room, offices, banking houaes, Ac, A
Also, several very desirable unimproved large lota, aud
mall tract ol lai.d in and contiguous lo Belma.
A so, ahout
Among which I the celebrated "Brown Dick," several rape
rior brood mare, several young stallions geldings, colts and
Allies all of them from tlie very best racing Hock.
Among the negroes Is a first rata Trainer, several good
race-riders, and many excellent mechanics, cooks, team
stresses and houfe servants.
for farther partienlara, aldrest tha ondersigaed, or, W.
M. llvan, Km)., atrlma; or, W. M Banirs, Esq., at Marion,
Perry euntv, Alabama The Overseers now on the p'antav
tions will uive alldtsrab'e Information to thoa who may
wish to make a personal lovestigatl a of the premises.
Patai, Ala.. Feb. , 1S54. fcblS id
COLLECTIONS made in West Tennessee, North Missis
sippi, and Arkansas.
asvsa to
Tt Jodie of th Sopresne Coort of Tennessee ;
Th Baokrs, Merchants and other of Memphis.
VT. T. baaav A Con Nashville; O. A. llasar. Eq , ClwkiviUe
II k B. lKitouaaa, " jlC Com. K.ao,., franklin.
J. F. PsjtaL, KNq., " Col. A. M. Loossv, Columbia;
Gen. R. 11. Aua, Lawrence- Aaca. McDoio.iL, Savaonaa.
burg. I
1 1. JOHN0!f.
scccaatuas to a'ctcaa a aooaa.
No. 10 Broad street, and No. 94 South Harks t street,
KAMIVaa.L.E Tent.
ASUfACTlRIRSof Tin, Copper and fhet Iron Wares
intend keeping constantly oa hand all kinds af Cook
ing and Heating ttovea, Oroaroon'al, and Plain Mantle
Orate, Ac , Ae
Also All kinds rf Cooper and Fhret Iron Work lone kt
Fteainboa , Rolling Mil a, rornare, Poandriea, Factories,
Ac , don at tha ihurtest aotiea, aad as cheap at en be done
atheety. Janlf ly
Lirery Stable.
nn. aadatipoaitotiM Mansion Has, tm-
erty oeesiplrd by the llanmers, respectfully ana anre that
ha wdl keep on hand good norm and vehicles, la b art ta
the hiring puMie on reasonable tense.
He I prepared to tk ear oX, la the best saaaner, all
linear a left with him, either aa hoarding Vwae or traveler
Hi auhl ia si a a ted convenient to bnra. aad has will
keep nana bat rwernrw4 oetier and th beS4 provoaclor
Is market eaa af o'd. Tvraaa aaodaraU.
jaaj IS dtwaw ly at. t. PATTIaSOS.
jiMaa wnrwaL
. a. aaaam.
Cffics) No. 19 Cherry street-jaoli-Iy
TR, with wooor ixrEOTraisT.
Pixst Grand STer Kedal
For the Ueapmr arst Mowsrr at 'ha Parts WatisTs Tmlt
avaaitt isxt, IBU, awarded a J jka U. Maaay,
a rA the M sehua
' Purchased toj Prince Xapoleontj
In ATI oa hand and talr, th ahav Marhtaea. TkrJ
eeeeivad l'w Premiaan at te Mt Fair la hew ,
New Jrey, Hkt, New Basa-hire, twaaeetaswi.
tacty. aad at taiia aad a.kva ta ihs M's. aa4 kvaoa
(treo aaivsreaal kstMwa ttareawHosM l l tie Tvaa., w nmrm
cotno fifty of theaa bar ba asl ia Ua kaas two tsatsa.
Prsea ! Wv.rt-S tm HaatmiU.
Ja-f tr ?. rmtTWAM.
tr, T. SUN Pro VbjwA '
W.H'IIN'H-Vm rrwsMet-.
i . W, tiRE:ilt:Lr,
- TH' tru6ir.
PiiiatAS tiAaRATT, p Clrwtora.
. joisn t r-u iL,
' i F. Ll Sai Trirme,
t W. B. A. RAtfSt Y eewretary,
. - ' MI'.littL at siMst swieiosr.
. HtiLAA I
M. P ittiaa. V Aaiil'r
v - tx avt.Hs
r Vooli-i wilt wfAia at tie fflw ef Wr. ti'tsnt
tassa. wotU the tA' tiaeel Bet!, for saxta J"tHMi ,
ajki tt pataaaA i aftaiswaeawa. - ' ssiJJ-1 1
f "H; - I
Wliolesale & - R ctail - Ccnfectiostrs,
, .- t ... ; .-..;. NASHTILLE, Term.
KlFTfeoastsnfy on Tiani a larre tasnrtsaearof vsa
Candies, Cakes, Nuts. PreSTrvea, Pick'e, CaA- J Ljft
sups, Sardines, brandy Sruita, Pia Frnits, Pine Ap
pie, Oravge. Appios, Peira'S and every thing of
th kind usually ke t in Cicfec.k nariea. . - iealS
L .
No. 48 Dey st, "Stv Tork. :
CBAVATS--rTho only preminm awarded by iho Amer
kcs.o institute at their lab- Pair at the Crvatai Paiaoa for
8KLF-ADJU8TiNtv ST"K3 was to P. F. SMITH, Manaae
tarer. No. 4S Dey st.. New York.
Merchar.U will find it greatly to their advantage to ran
and examine Smith's extensiv asaorttroot of these very
fashionable artie'e- for fie neck (treat inducements will bo
offered to Jobber Nra Western and Southern cities.
Ke ereice ran be h id to nearly all of the Ant-class Job
bing U oases of New Yolk Ciiy. janT
Grocers stud Commission Merchants.
No. 34 Broad way. Next to Custer's Shoe Store,
AyEy Intend keeping constantly on hand all
Kit Mj kinds of Giocer-es of the Very bestqoal- I
Jri;-i ines, fur ihe city and country trade. V-
iia we will sell at the lowest mirke prices.
re esp-ciauy invit- tneatt ntionof these n waa
anyth ng in o..r line before nurcha'in elsewhera.
of any
All kinds of Country Produce taaen in e xchangef W Goo
Corner of Broad and Front sts , over C. Anderson's,
UTVJi take charge of any business entrusted to him, re
quiring the set vices of an Agent, f r a commission en
tirely sails factory to all parties, and in all cases, no charges
w.D be ma e unless tatisfaction it given.
The perlo-mance of Contracts. Purchase, Pa'e, and Rent
ing cf Keal Estate in the city and elsewhere ; the Purchase
and fate npon Commission, it Ponds, Mocks and l'ub'to
Debts an 1 Notes of every description ; Merchandize, Groce
ries, all kinds cf Mschinery axd Agricultural teeds and
Imnlemenis, the settlement of aoroun's and rUims and col
lections general y, attended to taithiuJiy and pnmpt reiornt
fST" Information sought and given in every department
of business. Hoping fr success only b a strict attention
to my engagements, and looking rather to the quantity of bu
siness dun than to erhnrhitaiU cAargea, I respectfully so
licit a share of public pxtronate.
Gov. W. B. Campbell, C. W. Jackson, 3. T. Motley, Hank
of Middle Tenn., at Lebanon ; Gov. N. 8. Brown, Fall k
Cunningham, Church Anderson, llcClure, Buck A Co., Burre
k Allen, Anderson. Alliwn k Co., John 8. Brlen hVq., A. J.
Puncan, MacKenxie A Wilson, Nashville ; Joseph W. Allen,
E--q , New Or leans ; John VV. Butler, Pitaburgh ; J. D. Leh
mer, Cincinnati; Fdmund Cooper, Caldwell k Cummlng-,
chelbyvi le ; Maj. R. G. Ellis, W. J. Ppenoe, Murf, eesboro;
W. C. W hitthorne. Esq , Col. A. M. I ooney, Columbia; CoL
J. C. Guild, CoL J. W. Head, K. Hallum, kaq., Z. Baker, Esq.,
Gallatin ; R. A W. L, Alexander, Maj. D. Burfurd, CcL J. H.
Vaugh, Dixon Spring ; Ihr. A. H. Kind, J. B. Moores, Esq.,
and citisens generally, Carthage.
-A FOB SALE! The most desirable property in Mi.ide
Tennessee, containing 236 seres, all under new fencing, new
outbuildings, plank fencing and house newly re 3 'ted and
ainted, i miles from Dixon's Pprings, and 8 from Carthage,
n uie uallatin and Carthage turnixke: 80 negroe ol all
esirable ages, now on the place, with stock and grain. For
articular, call at PICK tTTi.
'I'lISCniPTlOS to any New paper In the United
) States received at PICKKTr'S.
JII WOHK.-Two ahle bodied Negro Boys, accus
tomed to all work, always on band for lot s at
Y ST Ell 13 boxes just received and for sale by
O0t2T No. S College street.
AXTED 1,000 in Nashvl'le snd Chattanooga
Kail-d Mock, at PltKLTT'S AteaNCY.
AC'O-V A.UDLAUD Wanted bv I . D. DI KfT.
iunls No. 5 Coilef t rL, Nashville
RANAWAY from the ub-criher on Fii.lay the ?th Dee.,
a Mack Negro Man named lIAItlt 1 , who call him
self HEMIC!.
Paid negro is rather spare made, about five feet nine cr ten
inches hih. wrighs about 15" pounds, with me cf his eve
teeth out, eay and gent e ic his manners, and wsre agnate
or dice when he left. He is a carpenter by trade, and was
hired to Coleman k Spain, ar,euters of N'aahville. His
clothing was a'l good, but nnnot be described. He Is quite
iiitelhgent, and it Is very probahle he will try and get to Can
ada. 1 wi 1 giv the above reward if delivered to me in Nash
ville, or fur hi cciifiQeiuent in jail at any point so that I can
get him.
rai I negro belonts to jo. w. Allen rf New Oilcans, ea
ras left In my care by him this fall.
Nashville, Janll tl GEO. 0. ALLFN.
A ME : s ircisAI G H EA D,
DEALER IN .i i i
fe-f-s TT A nTMf TT7
i.XAlls t7s fn ft
A N 1
AO. 2'J 11 Itl.IC SQI AUE,
TO enMe me to sell gocds at low pr'ces, from this ate
all account for sundries purchaeed on credit, shall b
eontidc red due when the articles arc delivered, and payment
will be expected when the accounts are presented.
'lHEnnderalgneil having purchased a New Set Of Plates
X la prepared to print, and supply Uia trasla with auy
quantity of
And which will be sold at cheap for cash at th ld style saa
be purchased at th East. ,
Orders promptly Oiled; and sample sheets, with prices, 1 I
npon application by mail, to H. li. BAILI,
WhoIes.de Confectioner,
bt3-8ai S(. l.onia .lie)
Impotence, the Vie of Onanism, Maatuibatinn, or fel
Abuse, and ether Diseases of the Mexual trgaos, with an ac
count of the errora and deceptions of Quacks, and valuable
Advice to the A filleted, by (iau. K. Cauioca, M. D., Consult
ing tiii ge.,n of the Howard Association, Phiia lelphia, Pa., a
bene vole nt luatitutirn, established by speeiai endowment,
for the redef of the aick aud distresxed, afflicted with "Viru
lent and Epidemic Disease." A eoj-y of the above Report
will be sent by mail (In a sealed envelope) fee o I Kirgty
on the receipt o i Two Sraupe S.r postage. Ad 'rrss Dr. likO.
R. Csl lIOl'N, o. 3 South Niara sL, Philadelphia, Pa.
rIHI Public are respectfully informed that LY0N8 A CO
A ttill e icunue selling their celebrated 1'laolrrat tin 4
iirrhraa I'reve nti: tfrom the ctlrcts of which
to many last year reaped great comfort and relief,) by th
Gallon, Bottle or Giaaa. As p eventives ar always better
than cures, we strongly recommend all to ase It. Th Poor
supplied without charge, If arcoaipanieil with a practising
Doctor's certificate. Private Families particularly, should
hav a bottl of thu artioa ia this btoae, in case of euer
geocy. LYONS A CO.,
mvl 1 1 Osilu stroel.
168 Markat Sirset, PHILADELPHIA,
INVITE th attrntioa of Merchants to the extensive and
eomplelely aanorted stock vf S egle and Double Gens of
handsome styles and warranted quality, which they are now
receiving direct from th Ecglith, Belgian and French ssa-ker-.
Alan in store, a large assortment of Rifles and Pistols of
new and deairabl patterns All of wb oh will be offered at
tlie very lowest price, and fully warranted. feb3 twins
UJ t solicit from buyers aa anamination ofwir very largo '
stock of Imported and Amelicaa Cutlery, which aow
m braces a
And Includes a full assortment of patt-rns from Joe. Rodgers
A Sou. FULD, LANtioTRom k CO ,
Importer of Hardwaro,
febS-tartia FMIatdelpbla). J
Four aad a half Kilts from the city of SaahYlle
' pHIt School Is sit Bated oa a farm on th Midll Fraaklla
L Turaplk. TERM. Inciadtng board, Fael. LighU and
Washing, I'.iaj per sealo ol test swslAs. One hall payable
bt Bra of oepteBUMsr, the other th let of Perrnary.
auxo la NATbt'L CROitR.
Rasavuxa, rebrsuaxy 3d, l-i'sl f
IN acrordsnrw with a recent act passed by th Mayor aad
Aularmea of 'he city of Nahvihe, the kevaou Coileetor
t autoslael to receive Advanced Pavmea t oa Oirporajitoa
Taxes fur th year lli'S One r seat per month wid ee al
lowed ti tax-payera, provided pajrmeat is soad ia th pres
ent oi'Mjth of Feoraary,
y- Corpo ratio Use are d is and payahl aa tha IrsA
dav of Jmy aaxt, aad interest will b charged thereafter.
irttVlsa A. KkXJON, Collectsar.
. . - v . ar-. w v v s a s a
rint New Tork Mills bsv reewntry opened 'he. r Pep al
1 the old stand af tne Pert Royal Miii Depot No. toads j
tclfegr street, wierw in J sm ep " -
larr sopply of Br Flour pa' P xrrell r Family aao.
Abas, a gosel lot ef Lb bolted Shier, Buck heat Floar, Moat
Bran, Aa Aa ...
Theao M m bAve song been kaowa r thaj eeatswanliy aa
furnishing the best FVer that i breht to this market aed
I sn'v reqaue a trial to a'lfy aii mh want g-oed Fasv,
that it it tor their Interest aiv of as. TTls slleuliv-a ml Bae
parucaiaaiy o.i ieu so sua.
w. t it. rE:iA,
DtttrRS Vi MANO. MrtOrK.)N!l, jkK'
vstatxrw raea Aarwr'a Mituitu, l-t-
Caieaet Maker' MatanaJs, u raiottBga,
aaJ IbCgTaviBg, Freiata Sail Islaaa,
yt a m v r a c t v it e u n
Gilt 21 as tie axd Pier XacIuj: CIajjci,
Pwrtsait aavt Ptrl. Fraaassa, I seal WnaSaw tUtmmm, AaV. Ac.
. w.t Cfntaas arajtw.aasiaxattiaa.
s-tT a
TboIfMle & Retail Confrelianfr,
A AS l'l"J KTHir. T,
HI Yt oa baaA a ry ebatte tasraeai Caiadiast of
aJI tinAa. taaa, Aaca, Pvaaervsw, tars Mas, CeJaaapa,
aaB, braasty Frsula, P Frtits fuao m;fr, Unaps,
Aewv aaal cesarf Uatiag el the auas) Bsnsit Aaaa ta UaaJvr
t by alssi sVni k Wbisw and IJasrt, Alt, Cxsuastad
T-a-xo. ef U ?7 t M-aa-a.
T Mir lUaary kssaa tS tba Wart ta tba Wiistirm ssaaasry ;
aad lhy aro frmfn4 ) far,ai treeai Lsatat AreaJ aad
el aba aa fmbry a taa kxees pnaoa.
?A5TTtS, TX33r.ro 1, TALUS, tA
Far awibed ly tbrss oa I'ae anet a-i, w ta Cshea, C'
aw't. iu, Aa Ae , ta t-'-e kias sty af uKe ait.
i.r. iajhas'vA. Who hasi cAaiga of asv AaaJsttna t
pu tM a haa rssBraesjd s Total xksnoa - Aw Tel a. Soar
t' l best avviiii ia k.. eahib.wd t Stsia ri--a, sawt at
ta ' its avwtt ik..unj VaaUvcVKibata is U.s i wi'.ry, igr
43 College Street, HashtilX. TES,
MT stock of Fancy Goods, Perfumery, Ac, Is bost very
complete, having received Iresh supplies, selected
rw of th firm in person, vix: Liss-ia't, Basin's and V.iichafa
Extract; , AmerM-an TiDCU. and German Cologne Waterj
Fancy Soaps; P.aj- ami TooUi Brushes, in every style; Dil
rue's and Lwhin's SicWs; Aroo-axar Chryetals; China, Metal
and Glass Puff boxes, several new styles; Shell Cnrnba, large
stock. Also hav on band Indigo, ilaJJer, White Lead,
tiaaeed Oil, Turpentine, Ae.,Ao jo
of tho above, lost reeelved, f prim quart-v. Sold VO
as for six years old. JO. G. BROWN, '
Ail Collae si.
Svg O ." E W A II E 3JM pieces jtone WHra.consistia g
) ol Jars, Chorns, Jngs, Mils Pans, t a ter (Yrm, Ae., of
every tise, just nceivea. JO. B. BKON.
43 College St. "
POUTS 11 A IS MIH I II Al I '. Cnrstantly
an hand, Itaretay, rrrkinsACo' celebra'ed Loodoa
Porter and Mein's&oich A. JO. G. BROWN.
43 College street,
PEAKS'. unnCII-B hove of a very topertor
article of Starch, iost rorivei hy
A3 College sr.
I7,ll JEEI.Ii:! lPOlb Islnrlass, Sheet and 8hrsJ
A? Also, t grvc Sparkling Gelatine; Hopuyi Extract a
YaniUa,Ac J- G. BROWN,
43 Colleve .
GOLD rOH Abbey A oil's Gold Foil constantly a
hand. JO. G. BROWN,
43 College street.
CUftllaVK WATFlt-Constantly reea-lvlng, di
rect from Saratoga. Also, Empire Waier.
FINHIX; TACKLE A large ttoek, toleeteA by
one of the Arm, consisting of Sirs tain I tnaer"
Ick Ilaxskay pUin and on Snomi; mo, AWrdeesx,
BraveUleen and common Limerick Hooks; a spieadld as
sortment of Lines cable laid Silk and Sea Grass, spaa and
plaited 8iik; Minnow St iocs, 1 by 4; Float of evwry va
riety; Reels. Jointed Rods, Clearing Ring, Fly Hooks, Aa-,
vu. ia lino, I. u V'J -ii. " -r -ww-w
fin Tackle, with almost every th jig they may aoad lo lbs
tocccMlal prosecution vf this useful calhrc.
V Colletjo t.
R A G S!
HAVING largely increased my supply ,f Kara by tba
Premiums offered th past year, ending June 80th. I
am Induced to oter a larger amount of Prt i ioms tor the
present year; and wil pav the ahuv premium la asaa mt
tlUO, , 7i 60, S.V), t0, and 110, to any
tea Merchant or Pedlars who will deliver me from this data
to the 1st of July, l&o, th largest amount of RAGS; the
tame to be bought outside of and by men doing boaine)
outside of Nashville or vicinity.
ertificate to the owner of the amount received and paid ter .
These certificates must be kept and sent in on or be tore aex t
July, so that three disinterested merchant of Naahvilkaeatt
ansa the awards. The largest assoaot being entitled to
100, th next largest to 190, and so on down.
Merchants tending ma Rag will pleas writ that I sy
know in whose nam to issue tha certificate. ComMnatioavs
will not be allowed.
Woolen, Linsev, Silk and Wonted Bags are not wanted ,
and will not be Included in th above.
I earnestly solicit greater attention to saving aad baying
raars throogbout Middle Tennessee.
v4 dtrwswtf W. 8. WHTTEMAW. '
THAT all tlie bald and the grey can be restored parfaetly
to original growth, so far as their locks are concerned,
doe not admit of a doubt, besides tl will cure every poasibl
disease of the scalp, whether developed as dandruff, ltchlag,
or in the shape of cutaneous eruptions ovea'tcald head
and In no possible ra-e will it fail of caring, as if by aaagie,
nerv.sia r per odieaJ headache, and if used twice a week by
the young, regularly, it will preserve th color, and keep that
hair from failing, to any imaginable age. Raao Jo no a.
Louastu-oaT, lav, June 36th, lsCA.
Messrs. O. J. Wood A Co.:
Gxxr : Tours of the 1 Ath cam duly to hand. Xncloeast
plea And -'.N it being the amount lor Hair Restorative.
I have sold it all. II you ehoosw yoo may send six
doaen bottles Hair Restorative, I think I eaa tell it. It hat
worked Miracles In this plane I sold a man six il bottles,
that waa baid, and it fetched new hair out all over his head.
Yourt respectfully,
C. R- R Ovtk s, Yijpiua, June 31, ISM.
Pans. Wood: Dear fir : 1 take pleasure in bearing voU
notary testimony to the evoellei.ee of your Hair Restorative.
Three months ago my hair waa very grey. It ia now a dark
brown, (th original eo or) etnooth and glosy. Th only
application I have made U it has been th Hair Restorative
freparrd by you, and which from the result In my own eats
can moat cordially lacoinmend to other.
KespectPu'ly Yours,
Hun RxwyiSiTTva. In our columns to-day will be teat)
Prof. Wood's adve'tteement of the abov article, ta whash
w rail at tention. W hat it has don w hare witnessed p
on sev-r.il ol our acquaintances In St. Loaia. Hair onoe
grey met our view, black or brown, aa the rase might b
being tle color or early manhood, and aa fine and glossy a
tilk, and that without any other application than lha ResUir
ative. If it has don this upon others, will It not do the
same r any of our readers, whose "frosty brows" wera
once like the "raven locks" of Lorkiel'a warlike etiief. If thor
will try it We thuik to. JiuisoHdJ LmtUUuUutuUtmt
(A-t. 3, ISOi
Tiscusas, Ir. J., June ISth, 1S63. l
Prof 0 J. WochI : As you are about lo manufacture aa d
vend your recently Discovered Hair Restorative, I will ttat s
for whomsoever tt may concern, that I have sued it, and
known other to us it; that I have for several years been ia
tli habit of asms other Hair KaattwaUvea, and that I find
yourt vastly superior to any other 1 know. It entirely
clean-et the heal of dandruff, and with ona month's proper
use will reator any penuu't hair to tho original yoathAtl
color and texture, giving it a healthy, toft and glossy ap
pearance, aud ail thia without disco oricg Iho hand that ap
ply it, or th drs on which tt drop. 1 would, therefor,
recommend Its aae to every one desirous of having a &aa
eulor and tutu to tair.
Respectfully yoan,
St. Leoat, June 39, 19SAV
Prof. Wood : Aa yoa ar about ta prepare and vnd year
recently discovered Hair Restorative, and aa yoa request
any opinion of it, 1 wdl sua thai my hair waa a few month
ago very gray, and after sal eg two bottles of yoar Uaur Re
atorative, II ressimed lu origins I color, and since its applica
tion all dandruff haa disappeared from my head, aad 1 bare
hea troubled with no disagreeable itching of tha eeeip. I
am satisfied that thus who as It will not regret It, aa M
gives th appearance o having been recently ailed. I asa
prepared, therefore, io rommnd Ma as so ail who are Aa
ilrottt of having a beautiful head af hair.
1 am, air, yoars, Ac.,
STw Prepared and told at 114 Market Street, betww)
Ath and 5th, St. Louia, Mo., and SI Broadway, New Yarfe.
For sal ta Nashville, at MaauartBrert prteea, by
Also, for sale, Prof. Wood's Oriental Sanative I Inmsrsl
and Vegetable Life Pills, warranted better thaa any Jsar
or th money in all aaaee rereadeU. be circular fog ail ar
eewary in formalin with agenta.
aovll dtrwawly
ho. IU gouth Frool Street,
B. COOK, practical BELL aad BR Aid FOCNDII,
.1 Y. sswceeatsr lo WeLer A Osaa, as prepared to saaaiatee.
tar to order, kWlis k r tharchss. Steamboat aa4 Plaala.
Hoes. A so. Means WhusUes, O I Olobe-, Cyhader. 0afW
Foantaia and eb-p Cock. Bo sod Salt well JasBta, U ssa
Moantiog. Anu Frictiuo Meui.
Ail work snavi by too with aeataeat and tWspatch. er lb
boat taaunai, at low rsrseea, aad warraotsst. JaalS 1 j
I hav ia store S.WM kegs SHOlNBEROER"B JTNV-
1T1 if AILS. We will cunUnsM to receive thaaa Saw
ring tba srasnn, and fiirnUn th-m t th iy trade, at
rirreOLOll rtuiu;, t,n-emn aduea
A. II. E0SC0E,
waocaaAia tso xsttail cuoaa m
0BC0I, KKDICIiriS. DTE-iium,
Tmrvnivr, paists, oils, class,
t'orater l lAga atad Jlavrkol SttH,
I HATE emtanl y Kah.Dd. t Urge and weU selected seo b
f tbo above ari.cies. together with a large aswrtsaoat I
Fssxy article-ai: ot ak.O ia ef .red lor trns oa the avaa t
aosoaasaoda'iBt terms.
Aiasa, 3 0e tv aads;
Arrow KumA, I ai pea n. la, Perwada aad ItoUac
Brinasloae, f 00 poenUs, r,Aad;
Castor l U, galina;
Cupoaras 3U aarrela, Kr SB Creaa;
CreaA TrV.r, 9 Nairsis,
fiasa Caasyhor, Ua) -ait;
lud-gi, 8"i svjaaas. Fin to Cote men;
Xad Vr, l.iej i pou.d. Brat quaJtty;
Saper Carb. Sods, 4,s! smUi rruce,
Flaar Ca poor, 0M yvsutda.
All of wbsah la sataresl at tba losrast prsaasv.
A- It RCSC01.
a, . r p IHE and hw Tti caa Preenre rhe Cliares t
V v Snnr re vu Muaai I bas oa hand ul In sal,
1 grsjeansif Piii,va ran nuiirt ( W poand af the bos
Sua ra the wfrM. at a " 'y Seventy 8e Craxa, east
artautsd aKt teUiL Fr sa al U- Drwg Hosts ef
a. h. Roecc.
enrr.er Pvsav aad Market sas., aaaAvBaa.
iiomi: Kl l PI ItwASTOHISSlH
A RWs--biaa waswt e tVA watsst aiiher sa- eoaa s
WassVae f art ease, by avooaartag a paper af the tsreas Baas
. , . . au lj ."v. i .-a
s ewaws me aauv aa aa. aa. -v
Sr4 Bsawo, r g of SWA aad Maraaa tarooia, Naavaa
)lHIt Elll AT AIL F1IIC1 bava
wa havas a targw sad arail talssrtral oea at rernaesswy.
tsvtaast A-e Cwsn.ry teeRhaasS bic 1 AVr al very sj
prtoBs. Caa atMl mmt . A, i- R'-'-' A.
Jactl vrv..f tivi a xtrl .ss-. aa-svyOl
I POTTt. ouz A Sfrrrr
T.aJe of romcroy Iron.
Caaatauit'i fcir saje by . t P. POTTEX,
N East r Tv .! .itrsjet, tPtnM Pubhe Uajiag.
i-l-iaa ClaciaiU, Ciiaw
CrtTfTit e"Tvt :777f . t. t e orricfu
I - fci.saal sula.oAeear '"1 , tv -
;'. r A ox, a No..
, frsit t, W tVevi bi fsaM

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