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Nashville daily patriot. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1855-1857, February 27, 1856, Image 4

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Oo!lm4CoHrtforl)lSa1 cnimno. "
M..CoU.nAotl,crmak- 14 Fin. watted .
Tallow 6 tOtStc Green, V ,
fallow, V c S0LM Drj elltH !
Mould Tallow, V 14 i "JMT-
Bt,r. f6i7 Strained, V to
perm. ' 4042 Comb, ? t
Common Castings V? tb.lXCCarracat f V 8 il,1o$l,2!
Mill Crank A Oudreoa LIAU
Wagon Boxes, tt. 4f ',1'ig. V .
Ec '
. vTeitern Reserve, VJi B
English Dairy, 44
16 ISoIe.oak touued, tb 8a
(Skirting, - 2saJ6
C.mherlsnd MlMithrl l.',rf2 i MOLASSES.
--aec, V b i.h i, 1&0 New Orleans, . gallon 40
COFFEE. Sugar House 44 (&"
Java, VJ B 17J?,15 Goldenfcyrup 44 60,.5
Lagure " WS.14 NAILS.
Rio - 12,18 10J, t'.0
beet, lb, 40c Lard, V? gallon,
CoRDAGE. Linseed " 12 (3.125
Mn:'a, a, B. 1S&2U Sperm. t,.47'2'":
American Hemp, Bone. Tai)ncr',8 gal 7o100
COTI OS. do up. f f al,
Ala.ATen. k. 8. exa'X! PAINTS.
COTTON YARNS. i White lead, in oil, per
ToO and SJO 6sdo keg 'I6?
. tc " iChrorne Green, 9 CiQl0
tniO loe " Snanish Brown 44 4rr,5
400 tie 44 "hit t oe, 19JYS.14
4-4 sheeting SKe yd Brown,
naburg lxXe 'Stone Color. loc
TenlCloth, (3ydr ,,E0Tr?I?SS,
wi'le40e Bacon Hams, lb PVn
T.rr.ul!n Cloth, CaSc do ahoulder 44 ist SK
T rilled Baeging, ISjt'aM, doides, " 1
MarlnerWripet, 14al6 dohogronnd" 8
Dcui-ni. lJa25 iBeef,, " l GO
aavy Woolen Jean, 4"45 'Cork, " 5 Nl
Laids or Liaseys, finaljo lllutter, 1M&
Heemlrss baga, bO $ dot Lard " V
iit-DlBac'iiw,fFel, 40 iMeal, fl bushel PflJ?
U.L'J6 AMJ IVfceIL (. ,r,gg,
Ai-iei V ID
Alum, "
AMul'KtiJa "
korai Crude '
" reSn-d "
Srimttoiie.roll '
Camiihor refined
'.ii, RICE.
6Q, CaroliDa,frr-h. t t'X
r.arrtl.V l-ushtl, tflC-'Ji
Sack Tine f) bag, 'i
do coarse " l 00
CanUiaridea ' f2,S!iij.:l," Ooer,
tastorn:! V fal.f l.OK. 1 IS Millett
4 .'0
Cream Tarter, lb SCfcVt I'iraothy,
Ep. fain,
'lor8ai;iur, "
. Gum Ariibic,
44 Coyal,
Ca7 Va Sre.l, l.C(tlK
Herd'a Gias, Z0.
85-tfi,''; ciiue Grs, cltan, t'-'l
6.'if.fr7' " " alriHtd, 1 00
t3,H Jrchard, 2 li
tl.21ii.l5c FII0T.
Logwood gr'nd
Gil Pepiierm't
Oiickailrer. '
5 lluck, bor, J2.1"(S2rW
lai7c MIA P.
i'k-ClWo. Cincinnati, brown V ff B
.So&O'.riiriM-otinr l!ar " 9110
t futile Windsor " I'&'-'O
fT.WK?fc7i! BTLtL.
1 4X il,l.V American liliMerf i'iX'X
(J inline, f
rt. ii'iu ;hnpiiD do
Vlb 80at4,IH'-at, 41
5t -hear, 41
44 1S4L2" Lierman, 44
44 7X1 SUGARS.
44 85a.1o i Vew Orlcant. lb
K "lubarb,
gil tkda,
Djgar Lead,
Wit 10
B0 ; Havana, wn:ie
Li'4 Gecae. V
AlarVerel No 1 f bbl
Not 44
Noo 44
do brown
r.af, 44
runlied. 41
I'owdered, 44
?i.ice 16
iinper Cace V S 910
Clovei, 8."4c
t- tx.n:, V bbl, cone
Cincinnati. none
Pepper. 14
Tnneasee, 17 IM&T U
Brandy Frenchpal t2,5'O...0
do American" SM5oc
Rum, Jamaica, 44 f 1,26(1, .'HJ
&aiiin. box. f4.0oa4 !-b
AlmoLda, 8 lb, VO do American, 14 6"e
pple.driedflibuh. K '&9'MGin, Holland, 44 tlfifltfofiO
Peachee, 41 44 601 V do American, 44 b&i,n0
feeled Peach! 2 00: V Ui.-key, 41
Ginaeng, , 20&22 Imperial, lb 50fl,W
GLAFS. lUuupowiler 44 5l"t7
Window 8 x 10, Ik 3X(a4,W Voung Uyon 44 4'icioO
do 10x12, 4,Mi(it3,i"i lilack. 44 tliii1
do 10 x 14, 44 S,5oGo,00 MA1 UFACT'RKD TOBACCO.
GltAlN. IW ilered tl.'
VToeat, V bUKhel.ft COftl 2.Sarci P. raundeia'
Rye. 44 Co'T.
premium, ii(t.y
Corn.yellow44 Z'jQM
p'ectar laf, 6 oilpa.
OaU. clean 44 Ho
IXL, b " " WH
SJtf bushel each,
44 none.
K, S 44 44 2fti
. K I-abliy, 9 4 4 4 4 2'Cc25
J. Randolph, S 44 44
III. Miiigan' nutmen, V.'(ii27
III. Klurcan'ii 7 ' I lump
Kifle, V keg, 9.00
'at.ng, 44 t7.00
jJohn Lyon's ( hen y, 2.'(7t
Mnnilla, i &, none.
Am-;r.dfw rotted W B
4 water-rotted 44
J. n. rn' B . Ip., 2.'(it
Know Nothin, 30
. Laritliorn A ArM River 4."i
. Virginia twiht, 'fJ It',
Kentucky 44 1";i2
B ir, c muion, V t &X Leaf,
Band, 44 6(7?,CX
Hoop, 44 Ds'litll Cider, flgalliin, 10; if bl3,W
rheet, 44 7Xti.X
Het bolleriron 44 X Madeiia.tf gallon t1,,V2,lX'
4ig, ton 3n5i.i.' Cherry, 44 2,oii(,4,iiO
TALLOW. IMiilHgaweet44 i."(n.7"c
Rendered, i . 10al0 .'ort, 44 t l,iMi((:,4.im
TWINE. I :iianipaj;neKldox tWQ,sJJQ
B.llng, Tb, 2530. 1
MaT..-aeagaga gwamainraigwa KMMagaw
ItAMi OF "V AMI ll.l.i:.
College alreet, Nashville, Tennrswe,
JJt uiny
t -:SESSEE, allnotea payable at NahviUe, X pre
tin do do Branches, par
KENTUCKY, all aolvent Banks, par
)IMO, ali 'i!vent Hanks, par
IMIMW Fiee Hanks 2 to 29 di
l'K.-vNSVl.VAM A, Philadelphia Banks, ar
Co'inlry do .... I de
HtW YORK, City Hanks, par
Country Banks 1 dis
aU'-.SACIIUtSETld.allgnod Bauks, 1 dis
VKKMi'NT, do do 1 dis
MOW II AMI'8II1KE, do do 1 dis
Kf.W JKUSW, do do 1 dis
CONNECT ICLT, do do 1 dis
KIIODK 1M.AMI, do do 1 d.s
fciAtU LA Nil, Baltimore Hanks, par
Country Batiks 1 d
H' l.A W RE, all aood Bauks, 1 dis
ALAPAMA.diate Bank, 1 dis
outtu rn Bank of Alabama, Ja" pi em
Bank of Montgomery 1 ins
Northern Hank 1 dis
ftaiik f Middle, i' prein
FLUItlOA.all Bank broken
LOUISIANA, all specie paying Banks, y prem.
ARKANSAS, ail Bankbbrok
WISCONSIN, all good Bnnks, 8 ills
MICHIGAN, allrood llanks, Dili
MAINE, do do 1 dis
GEOiKtlA par
gifht Exchange on New Yoik y in pre
do do New Oi lcans pr.
do do Cincinnati, v.,r V pre
do do Louisville, par pr
30 day tills OB New York, H li
t) do do 1 dis
90 do do V dis
HO do on New Orleans V dis
f,0 do do 1 ' dis
9') do do VV dis
GOLD AmericanQold pre 1 prt
Fitcikd do par pre
SILVER 13 pre
hmall silver change 9 5 pr
LAND WARRANTS 40 acre. 4H. so a re 7; l'io acre.
HI". 1C0 arrea t:5.
ItATi: ltr' AIIVI.Ili lMM;.
Newpaer prnjirietors generally, and -spi-ciully of Ihlr
Hiy, under the usages and regulation heretol.-ie pirvaiiing
recalled upon to perform more labor nh(iit remunera
tion, than any other class of community The grattntou
MiNieauon of charity and religious adveniM'tm nt.and rom
rranicatiims, tributes of rrsMtct, obituaries, Ac. Ac, which
ran ouiy be inserted at a heavy cost to the proprietor, im
poses upon them a burden so onerous, that they frrl rnllrd
spon. Is aelf-ilrfeoce, to check the abuse, by making fuch
pul'licaliiMis a charge, to some extent at leant, upon the par
lies more mmediately Interested. In this they are but t4
I wing the example of the press In other cities, iinelled by
seusenf lis intrinsic propriety, and imperative duty to
iketneivee The subscribers have, therefore, united togeth
er in a mutual agreement, upon Die lo low it. .'i0eJ terms
r the publK-atioo of these as well as every sort of regular
buimer advertising.
Tor each square of 11 lines or lesi of brevier, or 10 lines or
less of nonpareil, for the 1st Insertion fl aj
'ereacb additional insertion, per square bo
kit Niwtai.e.
For one square, 1 month dally,. ..i Oil each additional 1 N)
do do 9 do do 8 00 do do 4 t0
do do i do do 10 CJ do do 6 (J
do do 4 do do 15 00 do do 00
do do 12 do do to til do do lo 00
da do i do changeable at pleasure, sum
aeh addltioual sijur In '
or at.kiwAHi a.
r-:e square per mouth, tri weekly fl Os eachadd.fi K)
do do X do da 00 do 8 Us
do do 8 do do A HI do 4 do
do do do do 12 00 do t
do no 12 do do IS il do 7
ao dochangrabkr at pleasure, ti ) do T t0
r;eot Mr-lK-'ii't willle published at tl0 per Column
f ''v,'r "5 vri-weekty wi'h fur each renewal.
C' simlx ats ruantng to New Orleans will 1 rharire.t f 10
tr the -aon; and when running lo Su Ixiuis, Cinuunall,
' 1. i l'i lor t lie season of tint more thau sis i:i,.ntlts.
fl.e privilege of Yearly Advertisers U 3lr.ctly limited lo
. kir own pnineellate and regwlar wu.inesa; and li.r t-uinrss
f an AdvesrUsIng Firm ta not considered as luciuding that
of it or individual members.
'. Advertisements punhahed at In'-rials, vis: weekly, or
ojihlj , aie charged $1 per square ior the first, and M CU
Ffeveiy aubse(uent Insertion.
rl oq persuus to become candid ites, will be Inserted as
lkrr advcili'UM:nta, to be paid for iuvai iably in advanee.
An.i'iuucmg candidates for County aud Slate ohces .',and
r m iii.c.pal oiLces J, lo be pud m advance In every la
a'i.Tire. Ail advertisement for strangers or transient persons to be
iaiJ in advance.
A Ivertisetueiita not marked on the copy for a sjieclned
not will he Inserted till forbid, and payment r acted.
Ni a lvsrtisenwou can be Inserted gratuitousjy .
All advirtiaetoentsfor rharitalde Institutions, flreeusnpa
u.h, wr 1, town, and other public meetings. Including leu
gi -ron u nices, to be charged half pram.
Vmr -lawes aud deaths are published a news. C'tT" Obit
si'is, truutosof reaocct, aodfuueial invitations asolher
Ad Veru ensents.Aj
Kcyatar adrericr aaJ all ether rrnJflig cowmuBlcav.
tlou mt rta-rtug notice designed to fall attention u Fairs
BanresM, itocerta, ur any public CLtertamuirnts. where
aarg are maJe for aduutUsior, all -olli-e of pr Vale aaso
ilwui, ry uotaoe designed to call atteiilioo o pnvate
otei-pri caivuLnted or luUu lod to proou.U ludl;iuad la
sereal, i 411 omv beUiserted With thsuodrrsiaud 01 llialU.e
saaae is to be patd sur. If laumrtod m Uic eliioria: culuma
( which cait beuaiy at lit suaoreluisi ad tar ediuusl tli same
will ee eliarted at 0is rateuf not Una ia 'jo ntu pvrlina.
rhe aautemgard, paWssiawrsel aauy aad tri week iy papers
Im Nashville, pieties ovrssilve strh'Ui to adnere te tit aOwve
Mil sf firteea. saj ta se UMtaias la dveiale front Iheas
Bviir.4, M'XtMAM 4X1. rati I tD,-.
4J.O. TjRbirr A CO., I nloaaad Asaoric
vV. F. ktAMii A OU-, iiaaaertl
TK Invite t laralsoa af Meredtaita aud Traders get
- I arally to war larg auitdl e4 t , . t
Al striae whw-k cannr- fall ta plcaaa.
OC liTOCK t$ .
TrHSCi:i.LA.l l BOOK!
1 ate larg) aad w wiU sell at very low m fjf ew
fr e to those rb boy to -HI agaia. jT'jHJrA ' J
TaA -'lltJUl d do wtli to vsatoiasKe-
too' : we win make eternal arrslx-saueuis it " nsnn
l'J IVbeola. lf" A-a-l Ct PukiiC ei-'s, h.:nie.
1AsVtua 4) it, AfSMU.
. 1 t .- Jpirrc-lavpM j
Ueeatur, AlAbaniA,
HAS a large and Commodious Warehoaa i- f?f!EJ
mediately on the bank of lie sUeer. . , - 7 vn
vVI telwf 1
ITlAItHi:iiy.KD IitO ItfAI'lTI.I.K.
THIS magnificent style ol Mantel h fadt toking the place
of all other descriptions, both on account of it supe
r beautv, richness, durability, and particularly iu cheap
est. 'While their cost is oaly about baif thai of tlav real
arble, Uiey indeed exceed the former la Wauty, bave a
.peri r lustre, are less liable to soil, are much eita.er
ept clean, and far exceed marble in durability, and are, al
be same lime, less liaWe to break. -
The nnderslgned are agents fur Jit manufacturers, Wal
ace, Litligow a Co , Louisville, Ky and will furnish them
to their pstror-S, and the public generally, with grates, st ra
rer pieces, and every tiling complete; an 1 will aim svper
jjlend thtir putting up. bTEWART OVitN,
fctove Oeaicrs and Tinware Manufacturers,
KlHrtVi v av 1 1 No. f-7 Market aireet. ;
'I'lIERE are features cun&ected with this ni.l acrtliy
L consideration and close exmrioaticn en the art
Lbo-e wishius to .Hi chase a letdililL
Its mechanical c structkin ar.d adalstion to the pur-po-ei
dc lened, 10 cruh aud f.rind ear corn. Its f rent ca
pacity, wl.i e doii g an lmn.ene o:k with extraordinary
eate, its durability is an.pl.v provided for. The ecmplet
and entire portableness of the Little Giant, rendering iu
greater convenience lor plantation and faim ue iruosi
ble. It requires no mechanical aid or bill ol expense to put
It up; anv farm hand or servant can put cp and set ur e
run men in half an bours time. 1 lit tonvebiettce with which
the sweep lay be applied to ion lor. son Lai a is B.ojt
Dstaalerwvee bead, and tho a. ill may be eai-ily attached
where at' am or water is used, 'lbe power it Uike , requiring
one and two horses. The quantity and quality of pro-met,
10 to ;;y busr e!j of good feed meal per hour, aceording to the
degree of fineness ground, and the sixe mill. It Is the
ehi-apest mill, all thii:gs considered, '.here Is befnre the pub
lic AnC.h-r thing connected with the Little Giant, ascpa
trt, anl worthy of note.i the f ct that there has bien no
Patent U.gh' ie'-ulatir.g or huckttering about the country,
a 1 u-ual wiih the thousand bungling nuke-shift imple
ment, that are got ur a a trade merely to get money by
selling ct palming oil the patent right mon the credulous
then the ma-hine to be abandoned hyall parties as a hura
liup; on the other hand the Patentee and I roprietor of the
Little Giant Mills, b- licvirg lliat ihey can and detei-mined
that they aiil supply the Afcnculiuraibts and Clock rainers
of our ciUtitrv witii a toperior Mill, are permanently en
gated In the business, Red have over one hundred thousand
dollars invested in ti e matiulai.ture of these mill", in the
East, West and frouth, soineof these establishment en ploy
ing 60 men solely in this buidnesa. So highly are these
mills appreciated, that I ur thousand have I een sold within
the past eighteen months, and ti.e heaviest and the iroM
exp nsive Manufacturers of Agricultural implimen s in the
United State: have eagerly sought an Interest in their manu
facturt and sale.
No Implement has been more thoroughly tested; no one
of the kind has received so numerous and high testimonial
from M chanicn' lnttitu'es ai d Agricultural Associations,
and none, by reason of substantial, practical utility and
n.erk have more fairly ground their war into eveiydays
use and popular favor than Scott's Little Giant Com and
Co'.b Mi l. Orders promptly filled.
Liberal discount to deaiera.
rvrtl fi No. 40 Market st., Nashville, Tenn.
VRE receivinr '.heir second supply of elegant Fall and
vi inter Good. An i as many of these gooils have been
bought fiom the large Auction tale of 'c-.. -'JLh and 8lst,
in New York, we are enabled to . fier many go d- fully fir"tv
per rent cheaper than they can be found in the city. Mer
chants iiuving goods iu the city, v. ill find many styles ol
silks and other dress goods, clo.ik-, Ac , at lower prices than
they can find them el-ehere M and t8 College street.
Rich, plain and Ftned Moirautiqne;
44 Siriped and Piaid SilUs;
Fleiant flounced do;
Super Plain do;
Rich Chuck Silks;
Extra Super Biack Silks, plain and fancy;
44 44 44 Moi aut quts;
Rich Printed M. de Lanes.
Fuper plain Oe Lanes and Merinos;
Super Black Alpaccaa, rotiiluu.iuea. Ac, Ac.
wlsI opened the largest assortment Ctoak and Talmas
ever oflered in this city, and at lowr prices, rangirg from
two to forty dollars.
Elegant Stella Shawls;
Rich Broche do;
44 44 Scarfs;
w'th a large aaaorlment of Long Shawls, Square do, Misses'
long and square Shawls, anil (rents' Traveling i-jhawis.
Ouritock of f triple tioodt ia very large and defir.iblc.
ni.inkets, Flannels, ( asuneis, Jeans, Cloths mid Caioimeres,
1 ichings, Linse) s, bome.stKrs, Sutter lrih Linens, Damask
Linens, Napkins, Priuts and Checks, with a lu.i assortment
of Cuitain goous, c.
A large stock of Triniininsof all kiuJs; also a largo lot
of Ribbons, just received.
We h ve 0ie best stock of W oc leti Hosiery ever offered in
this market, for Ladies, Misies and Children, as well as for
timliemen t-o prepare yourseives and the children for
51 and 63 College st, a novio
Acw Goods! At'W Goods!
A. C. A. H. 15 E ECU
RE receiving a large lot of new goods, especially for the
Winter 'Iradc.
We bave a good assortment of all k'nds of
imis i.ooijn
la Bilk, Cashmere and UeLaines, entirely new. Also, a large
assortment of
'I it 11 vii;s
la Moire antique aud Mis. We have a large led of new
kiii .i.ovi:
Or the l est quality. Also, a Urge lot of LADIKS' axo MIS
Carpets and Curtain Goods.
Ve have a large l t of Carpets, Huirs and Matt, wl irh we
e p -c a ly invite all hu are iu want ol such goo s to give us
a call be o e bu) ing.
In addition t t' e ab 've we hive a larg- lot of all kinds of
goods and all we ask is a cartful examination of our "t ck
at No. 49 College St. J-c 2S tt A. C. A A. B. UEKCH.
. i' 1 ; 1: .
rfllE bnslres herct' fire coi.du-trd by the suha-rbers nn.
1 der the fi tn of fSoW, MACKENZIE A Co., a ill be
hereafter carried on by them unier the linn and etyie . f
All persons indebted lo theli'e firm are n quested to pay
up without di..a, as fui lli'.r iudu gtrnce cannot ks h y be
given. alKX. M '"Kr.NZifc,
J. VV. 1L.0.N.
Vli K mating arrange n nt to ex. cud the uan-factuie .ol
their aro-gi t iron lo e,
The pnpuHr s'ove of the bouth and South-west. Orders,
conip lUd to lay over, cau now be sieedi J Idled.
Tlie out door wc k, c mpr.sing ll Tin a- d Copper Wort
ro mected w th dttelling h u e. 1 ubhr l uildmgs, sr., Ac, t
place u-ider the entire 'jeriritetidence of Mr. W. VV, Junes,
iuie of I oirs ille.
By this arrancem nt, all work of 4he nbove 1"C Ipt'on en-lio-trd
to us will be tn sh'-d as well as r-inie done in rha
fastein rittea, at.d st he lowest possible late
Tin and Co per "oofs a-e warriint.-d fur five rears to ls
pe' fee lv wa er-i ight and we n spertfullv r f r to the rex f ol
the F.rst Preibvlrnsn t h ir h, or e of the large-t rooi. iu the
n'y wli ch has not le.ii.id a s n-.le diop sm e t was ut on
a fact ut pie edenteu iu the annuls ol 10 'bug 10 Ti nuete
'I All! .
Our T!i:wsre is rr'!e by the best mechanic that can be
found an 1 of the be t and h Hvlest materia.
r 1 . ..
Ihe best Pi'tshurg Cast.ngs slwa.tf ou ban), and at ti.
I iwe.-t p. ICS.
cwr iuo-vj s'rovr:.
We hare i n hand t all times, a laig r stock of both Cook.
Ins: -n I Heat 11. Stoves fian any other house iu theciiy.and
are deleruuned n t to be under old.
'.It A I I V
We h ive on hsml a taige st a-k of Orawine Room, Paries
aud Otlicc Gate, fiuin he be-1 cuanu actun rs East aud WesL
Our assortment as varied, and con pr(-e many articles rs
seutial in hou e leei ing, ad fur sale at Uie lowest prior fo
ca h, or to 1 unotua' ruurorra.
All woik eutrutUd lo us 111 he executed with raoMrTsstts
and Dt-riTcu, and we hope 10 re e v,- a ahsis of public pat
n.nage. MACKENZIE A Vi lhCOA.
Nashville, Jan. 9 t
HAVE received uollier at-a g- sl
Ladies' suprr French L. Heeled Gaiters;
" " thick ole;
44 44 J Clr-'h Congre fionta;
44 44 Kid Buskins and Paris Tie;
44 44 Thick Soled hoot;
Miases' Kid Shpiiers, U alters and Fancy Roots.
nevtT 41 Collie sC
home maue intMiim:.
1 he ui dcs-sig ned having r bu It their
I I' It I T I It i; .ll A t' I' A 4 T IK Y
VKE now better prepatcd than ev-r to furnish
their ft end- and the uhlie with anything am
tney niar wan' m me rnrniture line.
ttrleri th iiikful y reir vd and 1 ronsjdv fllei.
Warrhou e No. Id C I tge street, as hetofrife.
Janlti ly G Rot iM ES, NANCE A CO.
RIUAI. I4l Wl.ltATinN4. Th. Country Gen.
tcraau: Hie CI i l r, an I lu li.stra!rd Annual
R,'isir el Kuril ALj.i-s. I ubtiahed at Albany, N, Y br
Ll riU.K lUcKs.k a son.
l b C-aiatrv t.rntl. man as a t-eaaufuly lllutra I weekly
tsf ll pr qiiaftu, si h .sl depailateuis f r Ihe Farm,
llictirstrr, I he ls.lt y. lue Siuil barden a I U-rkar t, l'he
F viit. 1 he Kitrhan itarO-a, li e Poultry Va'd, The livtiae
sl Ui Ii h.Jc, "Tuia I, with, ut que l-eu, Ci bwaS
Agrtsui ural paper is the In Ud Siaiea." U U-JohsMtul-lh,
M C, ol Lunula. Pmt $i a year.
1 1. tu tival-r, iiioinh'y. Si ps-i a is.ur-stll known foe
twenty yeara, a lb be.t mou l.ly Agnoulluai joitraaJ la
ihia eou tiry. Pr C t'-o C n's ir year.
The it u.s e I Annual K g-rr of hursj Affair. Tt two
Niviwueaif r . sii a.'id K, c ttitn.n rut r inan ISm rngra- J
v.nt o buildn ga, aluutjis, Heel, f. u t, Ac, AC. Price 2A 1
cents each, sent p paid by mail.
fi.l work- cuu b in attraction to be toand In ao stai lar
publicawlon, aa 1 lb pubits'tei will send stssiltBtu ut ihi
pap.-rs n a4 w: u suiitl .it to iusjiui Uicu f bt
N A I. A .11 A II I. It a A I i: ,
1 1 'AkUANTFD to stood 10 Mr evnl Baore li
v 1 thaa any Herring's lo awe, aad aoid al 1 3
th eta prima. Alan, I rt kh Utts r Xaaala fi gg
uail lasr I r Ilaasik sull aaud
Mures. Auw, k'at trill Mtale l.lnril ttctriu
ralurs, all warrauard a g xt-sd ao.l viai m any la the
rsm irr, y VA.N. A Walfsjw, ho,14Mt bih u, atrewi,
l'kila"id.i, F. Had s Pa Ira I Pi if Fssmf Lssots. aisd
ail th oiaaal Lawcs hirataXssl wban res,uiraal. kk. I".
LlLt-AkU 1 author .sad to Iwasis orslwa, aoj saake sassa
tl . aj rtWly
.V. C. cfc. A. 15. UEECliTT
HCAVLE A-U UMs ItltV 4.4MIDS, -40
t'4tlrs ktrewt. 4
HITS spwnal a wey larg st of ad kitv4 cf DBFA
tjisOUA saataAM lo tias Fad aad aie Trad, cs Ut
Mrwl atraaj
asms, a stsasssM tot at all U awa laatrM t Cl A XS
aad MAMLFA ! store anal ready tor eshMMaea. . W
satrtavaf La 1 1 to yeas to rwa M war USasrk of tsxkl lssr
Swyna. a
a hatw ta sow very larfootoaw eg al! ktasd :
I IT wf toe aewvaa) pwitoma, aao) Bswer ass.aels to 1
t'lom as chsaa a any till rf H o- t) ta litis ot the asaao
laiM hsr a jiui t I'KIAIN DIMArJUl aad
LACt Ct RTAIwa .........
Iq aoditsaa lo IS aasrvss, We Fair htrg Mark f all
t4DJa of Dar IfOvIS, tstliafeM V lh fad -! winter
TrJ A. C. A A. kklCIf,
V Vs. l s. itaakvtarfi.)0ia,
Capital $150, 000!! .
OrrlCI Nerth-West ccrnef of Uie Public Square, over
fyer Pearl's "exchange Oflice They will take risks on
Dwelling and other Houses, Good In Su' e, against Loss or
Damage by Fire Also, tuarin) and Kiver baaards, frosa
and to all porta. . , ,
Also-Ntgroei gaint the Dangers 0? tie Elver.
Q M FtKrU,
4 t. A. OWEN, -JAMES
N. K. ALLOW AT, " .
A. TV. BUTLER," Secreiary nciA
"rAllrll.IsE CI"ni:KClAIa
Capital SI 00,000.
A b li I Al I w -
'PHIS COMPANY be'rgfbllyorganiied,sccordlD
J. ter, is prepared to write Policies against LOSS 1
AGE BY FIRE, on Buildings, Goods, Warend Mer
sccordlnt to char
or DA M
.n.rliv Alan, nn shiiameiits aeaiost loss or nam ago vy
.-ca, Rivers.or Inland Transportation, on the most favora
ble term.
Life and Negro Policle granted at Current rates. f
Alice, No. Jo College street, Eat side, between Union t
and Public Square. . ,
rixm Wi.xrK. Secretary . 5j?jL.
Ite Ataa Insurance Conipany of EarUord.
Chartered 1S19 .
State Mutual F. & M. Icsurance Co, of Fa.
A. J. GILLETT, Sec'y J. P. RUT II ERF0 9 D, Pres4"
New York Life Insurance Company.
Fire, Marine, Inland Hull and Life risk taken at equiU I.
rates. iy2l JOSEPH NASH.Aa-ent.
Till. ART Ol' LOVr.aJIAKISe.
The most extraord o-iry book of the Nineteenth Century I
Hip Iiliss of Marriage.
One volume of ICO pages, 82 mo. Price One Do lar.
enn rVAA COPIES already iaued. Thirteen' b
UKJKJ (UUU edition ready. Printed on the finest pa
:er, and ilustraud In the 6rt style of art.
4 Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,
F jr Love is Heaven, and heaven is Love."
So sang the Hani; yet fionsanda (in
For love of li"e the light divine
Who, did they knosr some gentle charm,
The hearts ol those they li ve to warm.
Might live, might die, in bliss supreu e,
Posse-sing all of which they dream.
The road to Wedlock would you know
Do My nt, but lo Rommct go.
lime fliei, and from hi gloomy wings
A shadow fall on living (hints;
1 hen seize the moments as they pass,
Ere fall the last sands through the t lass;
At leat the prer-cut is y . ur own,
V hiie all the future is ui. known.
A happy marriage, man or maid
Can now secure by I'omhiCT's aid.
It leaches ht-w to make ladies .r gentlemen wir the devo
ti d atlectioiis 01 as many of the opposite sex as iheir hearts
insy de-ire And the plan is so simp e, yet so captivating
thatah may hen aiiitd itrosptctiv- of age, a parnce 01
p rsition; and it can be arranged with such eaae and delicacy
iiuil detection 1 impos idle
it tear hen hor to make love.
It teaches every eye to form a beauty of it own.
It leach I how to act wh. n fureinated by a I idy.
It teaches ho to make the wt inkled face smooth.
It teaches jou the kind cf w.Ic 10 select to render home
It gives advice to the lover who ha' been once truly ac-c-pled,
and is rejected alterwaid through .he intei'ln elite o
fi icmia.
1 gives a remt dy for unri quited love.
It gives you instructions for beaut tying the person.
Ho to have a hands- me lace and hand.
How to remove tan and freckles.
A Lecture on Love, or Private Advice to Married Ladies,
and Gentlemen.
This is decidedly the most fascinating, interesting and re
ally useful and practical work on Courtship, Matnuioiiy, tnd
Ihe duties and delight of Married Lile, that has ever been
s.-ued lioui the American press. The artific al, social sys
tem, which in so many instances p -even 13 a union ol hearts,
and sacrifices to convcnt.oualisiu the happinew and even the
Uvea of tin Uiand of theoung and hupelul of both sexes, is
thoroughly analysed and expostd. Eiery one ho contem
pl,.tts manidge, Mid wishes for an uiU.hnle guide in the e
lectinn 0' a partner for lile, should purchase this great text
b oa ol connuhia. ft h. iiy.
No one will ever regret the price paid for such an invalu
able secret.
Bills or any of Ihe specie-pay rg banks in the United Stales
or Canada received at par. Gold dust can be sent Irout Cal
ifornia. All that is necessary f r yrto to do Is, to write a letter in as
few words as possible, inclosing ONE DOLLAR, and write the
name, with the Post oSice, county and Stale, and direct to
FKOFESSGK hONUOU r, Publisher and Author,
No 82 f orty-Sixth, it , New Yoik.
DEWITT A DAVtNPoUl', I6i fasau al., are the whole
sale Agents.
1000 Agenta Wanted! janl -6m
vJlltAW ( I T I l ltN I OH IIVi; HOI,
a3 I.AkA A substantial article. Just received and for
tale by D. D. DICKEY,
feh4 six & C flla street, NaahvilV.
ihmits! itoTs-Fs ! s7oTi s I
r HAVE received a most extensive and well sasorted stock
1 t.rntleruen' Hoots, the best I hare ever had of IVATKH
SOLE, of the brut manu acture and risBtoMUL make.
dent's Super Pieu. h Calf Dres Boot at the very lowest
price. lec29J JOHN RAM AGE.
Broad Street, AiimiMa, f.'n.
"IIIIS new and commodious house, splendidly ftir- ()?
A niahed.il nnwreudvfor the recentinn of visitor. ?Art
J M. 8jrtM, Proprietor.
Mr. Nicxica'i,Sup,t.
t.ltltl l,TI
It A I, 171 11,1:1 11IVTS Corn
X 1
Shelter,, 81 raw Cutters, Cider Mi lis. Grain Mills, (.'horns
Fanning Mills, Grindstone Rollers, Grain Measures, Horse
Powers, 1 kiws. Pumps, Meat Cutters and Grinders, Stone
VA i"t , . 1., on hand and for sale by
anS4 Callege street, Nashville
iM i'J"il'Il.4 ITA ii-:?i r V for the collecting of debts
ll of all km l. Atteolei to with promptness, and money
paid over a aooa as co.iec'.e 1. STOUT A CO., No 46,
Frout at, Btl door fro. Public Squari
Tinner's Tools.
I UT rE"FIVFD from Peck, smith A Co's, an Invoice of
J Tinnei's Ma. hints, and Hand Too!; and a few extra
t ola of ad kinds I m a -ent for the aule of the above ar
li. l- a. 1 ht y eon be had luw for e lu
JanT B. 8. WFLLKR,
O Iliirlforda Conn.,
A presented to ita Stock!" Idi rs, and made cut in cmpiance
with Stole laws of New V- 1 k, Ohio, Indiana, li.iuoia, Ac.
JANUARY, I, li'xS.
N I A i L 'I iwr.
Tlie name of 'he corporation is ilTNA INSURANCs
OlMPANY, located at Hartford, Connecticut.
The Capi at Is Five Hundred Thousand Dollar, sod is
paid up.
Of the Companv are:
Cah In hand and la rhren x Par k, N,89 69
Ca h on Sprd.tl Depostte In I'lrenlx
and Uirtford Ranks, on Interest, 10,l'00 00
Clilnhan lof Ag'ta, balancea.(good) 161,0. 04
fl1,'8 71
Rl'l Receivable, payihl at Rank, -i,l'23 IS
Real K'ta e, anetirumbered, 15,148 li
II Mongsge I ood , 8 and I per cent,
TI 000 00
Income Bends, T pr.rt. scml-an.
. 70(0
3.S 4i t
-0 a ate of Va Bonds, 6
i 8 ale of N. O. Bonds, 44 44
Ao- 0 no
lo.tai 00
6 ism 00
10 S,r.t ity Water do. 44 44
Milwaukee Coy do 10 44 44
10 Hartford City Uo. ( 44 44
Money doe the Company secured by
i i) shares Ilaitfsril and nrw Havea
Railroad sloes,
105 Shar.-a H. r'ford and Prrvidenco
KaW'Oad Sto k, pitfeirrd and guar
anteed 10 per cent,
It. 7 Shares bastoo and Wurceiter Rail
r a. I si., k,
t'OShaiesCoon. River Fa Iroad Stock,
lt'.Ot'O It)
115 600 (to
6.C41 OS
44,000 00
14,1 OU trO
II 05t) Of
f-0 f-hares Cwnn. River Co. Ftek,
1 .X.Nn nr
8,100 '
b.iOu V
l,lrs0 UO
Stat or Hank htifk.
Citiarua "
sale "
arm. a iltt."
I xchang 44
State "
Ct y -h'aoUtf
frnii. River "
ItaUord "
1'ievld- ncr,
llaliord, 8S 6ofl 00
44 S roo on
" 1 8 i4
" tai
44 ll.lssJOO
" T.I Ms
,! ("I
44 ito 00
-180,1 Si M
Mereh4!.' Fx.44
North River 44
New York, lo.Sfd (
14 H'.liai 00
44 TS.MH1 It)
lo Mat 00
. 18, ''SO 00
Mrehanie 44 44
H'k N Asner 44 "
ITri Am-ca" ' . "
- Ca:anrnr4th ElTt"
Pmsdaay Aatik block"
People4 " "
Tnlon 44
1 1 an or or " "
AiclicpoLsn " "
fute on4 A i owes "
ls port res' A Traders 44
Asarr. Ax. Rank etsKk
Ms-chants' " , "
f. f. ivasn fo ftoe " '
M. V. LIS lua. A T rest Co.
i4,; 00
14 OSS! CO
10 T 0 (
t.0 04
f. 4li 0
KAU rs
- M eu
Ms (s
11 8 (
- s.no os)
lU.Suu 90
f tott, Xrv Yore,
HON .res ltv Uh la. A TrM Cs, '.
stock, C.IK'Df aiJ,
l'i h.rel Mcrt.tes4 A Trade!4 Cook
ttKk, Jnny .Ity,
14 00
'. , i.soe
; Vi,(i 41
' HACTtmrj.
rssetttsat Claim fur Louasi sad not do.
T1 Ail lasoraaeo CoCRpaay stroieot tt patron T
twr- swj.hjri Tt4tioB, of a sre rrverrasw la Cash Al
el f f itw fori'M asroar.ty f tii.tr p. litis all eur Invocl
meat twin tins4 at Ik a hiiavsan saarkrl n irjii tt wrso
ewt ism of m aV-aMi la Ihe Na ltd aid c( suae. Thry
sreoiuor atrww etvwd rwy.ng k or gved, varasbas
aid ciroa IsmtMssj, 1 ici.ua , sasaaV-rato is'r a4 is,
etaate, Iw siassnt kssii si tkek O tru sals bsts
valiwat. Win las'iil imi-rrL Krsldr it HsiuStty. Ir
OsapasF SaUi altoalaun 10 M o lrrrg k aad rowrity is dw
riri tVsMB it st.U4 trstrss of AgsuKto. thiswga tto
Sgelito bavins la aarais ef prroe ti B sMt. pha aax of
svawVakwW IsJaiosiai, a tab bo. wort at, tt Tt.irty
0'a ywra. ta koppiwl rwla is stock bottior a.4
asl- bst toaoro and ewstst. 11 to ttvr tA year llM r-u
grwator prt 4. Sc taro Uxtt Aaaa Oil fcaa ya (vawaj
faorJwd kr a avail sr4 lsstsyaoo tasrssrwli
r I H lxsOa ' ksMt M With Oa.i. l sad (Uehto.
f,f stex 14 u riws, .
,a4rslS V
SO -
M -
Wt 44
Sis) 44
lJ 44
7S 44
low 44
84 4 44
ffsl "
St) -
41 m 44
140 "
ia 44
4.iC 44
40.1 si
TOO 44
Haj 44
tiai 44
I.-41 44
trs) as.
al .
10 44
81 .
iw 44
I : 1 it
ll i J.l . KOTICE. i - t.i
LYONS 1 CO. respect fu!ly inform ther patrons, anil Ihe
pahUc in geieral, that Ibey have jut received a vary
rge aaj wed a-sorted stock of fine and choice imported
x-treatB,'Toacco and Y-Iqnors,
Among the Smoking Tobacco will be found the eefebrated
Pefisbootas and Caca-ter braods. . We have also afresh
supply of cur well known
Cholera and Diarrhea Medicated Brandy, '.
Aroaatie Schiedam Schnapps,
which, with the Urge stock of other goods always on hand,
will give to our customers better inducement to make their
purchase of a. our suotto being, "Email Profits and Qclck
Salra." ,', LVON8 CO.,
ilS 19Cedrfreei
SjKtff"'" ,rll3-Ass.iK
JiaJajj .iiilaif..nTiisBWirrfiiiiiii iiif " i"li f- -tfcs
For tho rapid Cur of
BRoxtniTis,wuoorixc-coi cu,
Among the numerous difcovtries Science has maed
generation to facilitate the business of life increase it en
oyment, and even prolong the term of human existence
none can be named of more real value to mankind, than
this contribution of Chemistry to the Ilealing Art. A vat
trial of Its virtue throughout thi broad country, has pro
ven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or combination of
medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the
numerous varietits of pulmonary disease which bave hith
erto swept from our midst thousands and thousands every
rear. Indeed, there is now abundant reason to believe a
Remedy has at length been fonnd which can b relied on, to
cure the most dangerous affection of the lungs. Our space
here will not permit ns to publish any proportion of the
cures effee'ed by it nse, but we would present the fo'low
ing, and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac,
which the agent below named will alwaya be pleased to fur
nish free, wherein are lull particular, and ind.sputable proof
of these statements.
Office of Transportation, Lauren R. R., 8. C, Aug 4, '53.
I'a J. C Ater-Dear Sir :M v little son, lour year old,
has lust recoveied from a severe attack of malign .nt Scarlet
Fever; his t' mat was lOtten, and every person that visited
him. pronounced him a d-ad child Having uiol your Caaa
T I kctobaL in California in the winter of 18 41, lor a severe
attack ol bronchitis, with entire sui-ces, I was induced to
try it on my li lie boy. I give him a teapoonfjl every
th ee hucrs. eooim ncice in the morning, and by t n o'clock
at night, 1 found a decided chauge for ihe better, and after
three day use, he was able to ea' or drink without pain.
It use in the above named disease will save many a child
from a premature grave, and relieve the anxiety of many a
fond parent For all alfrcli' ns of the Thro .l and Lungs. 1
believe it to be the best raecicine exlunt. A feeling of the
deepest gratitude prompts me in addressing yoo these lines;
but for yonr iniortaril discovey, my litlle boy wculd now
have been in another world.
I ant your , with great respect,
J. D. PuWLLL, fcupt. Trans , L. R. R.
Rocsv Hill. Somerset co , N. J., Ju'y 21, 1854.
Ta. J. C. ATk: rince your medicine has become kn wn
here, it has a greater demand t'.an any otlurr congh resnS'ly
we basse ever old. It i spoken of in terms of unmeasured
praise by those who have used it, and I know of some c.ise
where the best they can ay of it is not too much lor the
good it has dune. I take pleasure in I'ing it. becaus 1
snow that I am giving mvcusto - ers the worth f their mo
ney, and I feel g-atitied n seeing the benefits it confer.
Please send me a further supply, and believe me
Yours, with respect, JOHN C. Vt IIITLOK.
P. S. Almost any number of certificates can be ient you
If you wish it.
W indsor, C. W., June 2(5, ISM
Dr. J. 0. Am: This may certify th.it I have used jou
Cokiiht I KCTiiHiL 'or upwards ol one year, and it is my i-iu-ceie
belief that I should have be-n in my grave erethis lime
if I had not. It ha cured i t of a dangerous affection ol
the lungs, ar il I do not overstate my couvictiou when I tell
you it is a priceless remedy.
Yours, very respectfully,
D. A. McOl.Uiit, Attorney at Law.
"si Wiijcsbarkk. Pa., Sep. 23, ISin.
Da. J. C. Atrr My Dear sit: Your medicine i much
approved of b,v those who have used it here, and iu cnmito
anion ts such us to insure antl mainttiin its reputation. I
Invariably recommend it for pulmonary affections, as do
many of our ptiucipal l.vi.-i mm s
I am ycur friend.
BERRY A DEMOVILLE, Whoh-sa'e, Nashville and Re
tail by Jo. O. UitOWN' Nashville; and sold by al
dealers in medicine in e'erv town in Tennessee,
ni u4m
i41si:.viii;.ti l AicitiAt. 1: iacioiiv.
TUST finished 1 Fine Caleche Rockawav: -tit tf
J 1 Fine Family ltarouche; QcyPifiT
o Fine UugKies;
which sre offered on lirral terms for cash
or good papr. The public are respectfully invited,
to call and examine that Fin Premium Rnggy,at our Ware
Room. Cooier's Building, Corner of Cherry and Draderick
Streets. oct3J CRAM A HHF.PHFHI.-
CAIM LirS M'AMNH ,).VI l liL.
The Great Purifier of the Elood!
t th AfflicUd Rtad and Ponder.
An Infallible Remedy lor Scrofula, King's Evil, Rheumat sra
Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on
the Fare, Blotches, lloils. Ague and Fever, Chronic sore
Eve, Ring Worm or Tetter, ,-cald Head, Enlargement and
Pair of the Bone and Joint, stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic
Disorders, Lumhugo, Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases
arising from an Injudicious Use of Merfury, Imprudence
in Life, or Impurity of the Blood,
rHIS great alterative medicine and Purifier of the Blood
A is now used by thousands of grateful patient Irom all
part- of Uie United Sta.es, who testify daily to the remark
able cures perlorroed by the greatest f all nedicine, CAR
TsJR'S SPANISH MIXTLKE." Neuralgia, ilheumatism,
Scrofula, Eruptions on the Skin, Liver Diseases, Fevers, UI
ei-rs. Old stores, Affections of the Kidney, Diseases of the
Throat, Female Complaints, Pains and Aching of the Bone
and Joints, ar. all speedily put lo flight by using thi great
and inestimable remedy.
Fur all diseases of the Blood, nothing has yet been found
to compare with it. It cleanses the system of all impurities,
acts gently and efhcientiy on the Liver and Kidneys,
st rengthens the Digestion, gives tone to the Stomach, make
the akin clear and healthy, and restore the Constitution,
enfeebled by disease nr broken down by the excesses o
yiuth, to ita pristine vigor and strength.
For Uic Ladies, it i incomparably better than all the cos
metic ever used. Afewdosesnf Carter's Ssamsh MiXTrsa
will remove al. sallcwnea ol complexion, bring the roes
mantlii g to the cheek, give elasticity to the step, and im
prove the general health in a retnaikable degree, oeyond all
the medicine ever heard of.
The large cumber of certificate which we have received
Irom persons from all part of the United Stale, 1 the best
rvitirnre that there i no Humbug about it. The press, hotel
keepers, magistrates, physician, and public men, well known
to the community, sll add their testimony to the wonderful
effects of ttiisOKFAT BLOOD Pl'RlFIEK.
C I nn the Aokmt and get a Circular and Almanac, and
ead the aooderful cure thi truly greatest of all medicines
has erformed.
None genuine unison signed BENNETT A BEER?, Proprie
tors, No. 8 Pearl stteet, Richmond, Va ; to whom all orders
lor supplies and agencies snust be addrco-ed
Aud for sale by W. F. GRAY and II G. SC0V1LL, Nash,
ville, and by Dealers In Medicine generally,
wiarlo dtriwawly
doctor noon. .o4s
criti:itiiATi:i . iiu.ma iiitti:us
rKrAin T
Dr. C. M. JACKSON', I'liiUdwIphin, Pa.
BVt tfftdnallti cure Liver Complaint, J)tpfpiitt
Jaundice, Chronic or Xervou lrtiilily, ditrane Oj
tlie Kithy, and oil dintait ariting turn a dit
ordtrtd Liver or Stimmch.
Such as
Inward Pile, Full
Be of B ood to Uie
Head, Acidity of ihe Stom
ach, Naiasea, Hartbnrn, I Msgnst
for Food, Fullness or weight in Ih
Stomach, Sour Eructation, Sinking, or
Flutte.hng at the Pitol th Stomach, Swim-ml'-g
of the Had, Hurried and dithcult breath
leg, flu tiering al the Heart, Chnaking or suit'nratirg
)u-i:on when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vw.on,
Dot of Web ixfto- the Oigbr, Fever and Doll Pain
in the Head, Deficiency of I'eispiraiion, Yel
lowness of the Skin and lye. Pain In th
ibid. Bark, Chest, Iamb, Ae.. Sad
den Flushes of Heal, Burt ing
In the tleh, Constant Im
agining of Evil, and
grral Depression
of spirit.
T) Proprietor, In falling th ttention of tho public to
t il preparation, doe so wiih a feeling of Ihe Utmost coiifl
drnce in it virtue and adaptation to ihe disease a for which
I is reroumetiitcd.
It i no new and untried article, bat one that ha stood
the test of a tea year' trial be lore the A mark ao pes.pl,
and Its reputation sn.t sale ate unrivalled by any similar
preparations extant. The testimony In it favor given by
the mot prominent and well known Physician and Indi
vidual, in all part of lb country, is Immense. 1 h f.ttlow
ing from y ur own State, is respectfully submitted, referring
any who may stilt dnobt, lo asy "Memorabilia,44 or Praciiea.
Receipt book, for Fanner and Families, to be had gran, ol
4 I ll Agents for lit German Bitter.
Prktetp-sJ Ijthce and M ami factory. It) Arch street, Phila
delphia, Pa.
Testimony from Tennessee.
Dr. H. B. fVarboroagh, Dover. Tenn., Aug tt, 1STA, ay.
44 1 have sold all the German Hitter you have sent me, and
If tho preparation euniinar to do a marh rood as ll ha
done, il will be tho best medicine ever sold here."
1 Snodgrai, Sparia, Tenn.. August to, lsSd, say : "I am
pleaaasd to (tato that! your hirma Sitter ha g.vca saus
ihction iu every intanc where It F.a been fed.-
U. T. Holltna, llilrsboro, h , Tenn., AugvM 1 nTS, aayt :
"I am bloaiwd lo Mat that th Gorotao tetters kav gtvasa
general sail fa.-t.on "
Dv. P. Fatio A Isro.. aTrmv-.i!lr, Tenn frth April, Uul.
.aid: 44 Year hitlers at new selling very fast, and every
person that ha osrd ll, so far a wt have txen an I to learn,
ha I een broeStosl." -
J. W. Fr.nkilo A Co., Gallatin, Tenn., Domtmber M. 1S0.
aid: TTi aew fan will want aaore of yssur suttees soon,
a one of lb partosr think il lo a grral medicine.4
R. P. Hardy, Holivar, Tenn.. Srpirsober 18, lstil, said
1 bee W graaA deaaaasS fcsr your toller store; fins mi
afiothrr lot soon."
They aro ajrnaaxv vawavaata, Iroo fro) all Icjarkivj la
grediettta, alaay tireotthoa to gystoia, aud mtiir proo
Irate It.
a. .Id In Nash v ill by KERRY A D? MOV! LLP, 11. 0. SCO
VtL, EWiN BKi- and ti. VV. Mk.NkkMiOTr, and by
Ooakie la Moilittno a4 oautkeopor srry wboro.
julo deawtnawly . . ,
$100 EEWAED!
r TlrTarf pssair, Sv -ln b s Sort grevdor, RarSame
J ouotjr, a a., 00 U ti h JtusM, a Negro Haa ascora)
f.i:iS A;. Satd alavo Is about tw-iy-t rars ssll.
bgMownhetrst aud bvJo) whra b- Ml a isosal bat, k-r-t
oaat. aavrk eoat,aM) lo. f as, H io k ft wita a asediajsa
orO mare Mas abaaaS igbi ysrAt, heavy 0-t I, mm4
had ao a ssoarii now basaab OadtLo, a tnaAo-ikvl kwldlo,
with larg ribo, Ac
I base reaostai to boio that 4 sravss esa Aoroywd ff y
b out taaa ntassM 8 ty ye art aad, bavtt.g eoano and v.ry
sy Hal', aal y ksag. dart wartr esrd, it Ta It S I d ,
tfrwo oM aor yee,) bus baBbaalsksasHi vswigh aAoaat
1 Jd Bstttbsia, i atxMsi v SWl ten sbs bra t-g k. Said nk
sua oaf b ba wis mb trraa. - -
I "di give f'for the tWif y f 0 Nrrrw a4 Msl,aw1
I will al-o it i for ibo ij srVs -soa of tho vfntai fMav
ftj.tt m.J o-iUlrvsJaoca. iocmsICA h-W. '
ttf 1 bo saay bat a (Saa ba eaa wit)
blis.sT. i IUa8 4. tiulrubi, r. .. -
. F-trt Brow ton, S.i-r tsaiiiy. Ai,
.... . : . . . . s . . , , - . 1
Jfashvflle and Cairo' Weekly Packet.-'
. nl"m sa"r--:isVAtV - ' '
New Stesmer K 1. 1. A.-.-Captaia JAS. L0VELL
Tlit abov one Passenger gtearaer will leav Naahvi.i
for Cairo every l hursday morning at 10 o'clock, a. St.;
nd Cairo for Nashville every Satarday at 9 r .
Connecting al Cairo with the ne splendid dai'y line of C.
S. Mad Ste irner for Memphis arot New Orl-ans ; and wilt
the liiinoi Central Railroad from C.iiro to til. Louis.
A. HAMILTON, I agents at
,U. H. - UARRI.-0V. f Naahvuie.
decll F Aeenliat Cvrn
rOrTi A ."J o r'Jia
liew Orleans Packets.
New Steamer SCOT LA KD,
. CapL R. L. Digress.
Steamer 5 A S II V I L L T ,
- . Taos. i!n.LBs.TDX!t, Master.
Steamer II. II. XV. II I L, L ,
Capt. Tn s. H. Nrwaij.
rpHR Scotland leaves Louisville- for New Orleans on her
A fir t'r p on Monday the 10th December, aud wij run
as a retail -tr packet all ira.
The Nashvi ie and II. K. W. Hi 1 are at present in tlie Mem
phis trade, hut will at all times si,ja Through Lil s Lading
03 goods fi-r Nashvi le.
Richard ix"H, No, 6 Carondelet st'ct. New Oileans, is
Agent for the above doais, and will fill order for good 10 be
siiipped bv them.
decli A. HAMflTOV, Agent.
Fito.11 isiivii.i.i:
rWasga aar.r.ai.'"Trwril
Al. II IUkmosi, Master, leave Nashville Mondavi
and 1'hursdtiys at It) a. st.
I It A -The fi.ie passenger steamer. CBA.Mathsxst,
Master, leaves Nashville 'I ue.-days and Fridays at 10 a. a.
IIO K flTV-Ihe splendid steamer, ROCK CP Y,
Bex Loan, Musi, r, leaves Nashvi!. Wednesdays and Sat
urdays at 10, a. at
These boat are light, and have exee'ient acc-mmo-la-tion.
By them nasseogrr ran get to l.ouiv;ile, St. Louis,
Memphis or New Orleans q icker than by anv other rou e.
For fi eight or passage spply on boid or to the Agi nra,
A. HAMILTON 23 Manet street,
dec4 H. II. HARRISON, Front street.
It i; GILA H
WSj-zl TUESDAY rrSkn
Al BEKTIXE M. AtxiB, Master.
ECLll'.-E A. L. M'Trix, Master.
ONE of these boats leave Nashvi le every TIEDaY for
Cincinnati, at 0 x M and Cm iunati for Nashvilleeverj
WEDS ESI) AY evening at 4 P. si
Ail freight 'hipped Ly them will come through without de
teniion in thi river.
decU-tf A. HAMILTON, f "'-
toZiAtZLLl f'sTrCs.la
(or .""Tciii phi v .-v Orlc.inst. St. Louis
nint l.oniavillr,
T II I - W E E K L V .
rnr. splendid new passenger steamers CITY OF HUNTS
VILLE, W. UitiVK, Master, leaves Naahvill evert
Mor day ut 1 ' o'clock, in
J.G CLINK. J V, Hits Master, leave Nashville ever.v
Wednesrixv at 14 o'clock, m.
JOHN siMPsoN, W T.Yiutmaji, Master, leave Nashvilh
every Friday at 12 o'clock, m
Connectinij at P.nlne.ih with the d iily Louisville and Pi
Louis I n 1 ted sUiten Mail Ho.it s, and at Memphis with th
splendid N w t rlenn steamers Bulletin, li. R. W. Hill, Ueo
Collier and Ingonmr.
Theacconimodations of this line cannot he surpassed, anil
passengers will find it by far the speediest mean of trave.
either North or South.
For freight or passage apply to
A. L. DA VIP, A cent,
oct9 At U. B. Mail Packet Office.
feT" Capt. B. DrrttiXLn will remain in New Orleans lu. int.
the u e-ent ason, as agent lor 1 ha Nashv lite, Meiuohis and
New Orleans line of Mail SteameiS. Also, for the SLe.imers
AMEI-.K'A atttl HUMBOLDT. All business intrusted tr, his
crf t or the above boats will be promptly attended to fre 01
charge. - declj A. L. D V 1 3
'I 'HE fine Freight
and Pa-iengei
Nortiikhji. . Mus't-e ha coiiuneticed,
ai d will continue to make regular trip betae. n this city
and Sew Orlea' the pres. nt season. H-respacny for car
ryir.g freight is equal to anv boat in the trade, and (Upper
may rtlv upon promptness in the d. 1 verv nf goods.
nov15-6tn J. K. YFATMAN, Agent.
"I'lIF re v and light draught steamer.
1 CUM B' HLAN l.
CArf. M. D. F.
If. P.ROOI5, being now nearly finished,
and the best adapted host for the trade, will commence
plying 00 the 1st of December next, between thi port and
New Orleans. This boat has superior accommodations for
passengers, beside being adapted t scarry every description
of freight and abaca lo a satisfactory manner. For freight or
passag.- and orders, apply on board or to
novS- 6tn ajj 0 H. H. H AURTHOX. At't.
rj'HE New Light Draught Passenger a tm, .
1 ai d Preiht temer ALBLR- hvtZv''ita
TINE, MlLfot Aicts Maater, having
been recently built for th Cumberland river trade, will run
during tr lo water season as above, and tn ail interme
diate landinira. Orders lift wiih her agent foi freights or
paaser.gers, will meet prompt attention.
A. HAMILTON. MArkrt street, or
H. H. H llliil.-ON, Agents,
oct22 8m Front st , opposite 8. B. Landing.
TWici; a vi;i;k.
rpHF light Draught Steamer MON-
A TIt.EI.LO, G W Cocca. Ma-t
wi'l run as ahtive until Janu irv ne:
xi, nirr - 1 1 TnaA
alter whi.-h she will ply regulaily b tweru this port and
WAITsHOKo, and all intt rmediate 'a ntings. Orders left
with her agt nts for passage or freicht, will meet with prompt
att-ntlon. II. H. HARRISON, I.
m-l -2-6 n A. II AM IL I ON, f "Kenu
rpHF. Pplendid Patenter Steamer A u.'j-is.
1 BI.AsCHE LEWIS. Z s'si. r-as tLr ' '
msster. this steamer Is 11.. w being
sasMa .11 i'.
finished at Louisvilie, and will be here bv ihe 1st of Novem
ber, and run in the above ti ade all the seasou. Her fine ac
commodations lor passenger, combined with her light
draught, make hrr on of U.t best adapted h. t lor the
CuntberUnd river trade. A. HAMILTON,
nrvi-i 6rn Agent.
DURING the ensd-r-g season, the u--
rominodioii ligti . raugh .tram- tfZ.lr-"'X-j
tr, MAC.Ni-LlA, R S. ret Mi ut. Mas- I " ial III I,
ter, will run regularly as above, and to ail intermediate
landings. Bing exceeditig'y light, (II inche t'raught) wiih
supenor aecciuintMiati.in for passsngers, and capable ol
making quirk lripa, olttts f.uhiie psUonage.
I P Orders left with either of the undersigned for freight
ctttier way win uicei iumpt attel ion.
ll. H. IIAR 1S0N,
oct22-6n A. HAMILTON,
I Agents.
'I'm. new ifeimar IICM1.0LIr jt
I tOott . . . s. . r. . . ..... ri
nns bnrthon, Caut. Wsl
STRoxo, J hn D.Taylor. Clrrg
mis stesmer I. now rnts' ed .t Cinciiiuaii, aud read. V
take her l-tce in the trade
The Hunib.ildt Is entirely a new boat of the first e aa and
bui't expressly for the Nashville and New Or e.tns ttids
her hthl draught (drawing only IS inches water) will enable
her to con e wi h a Iod when othns can only come light.
We solicit lor her a share of pub ic patron.. ge.
oct22 m JOHNSON, WiAVEK AC., f A4'nt
A i t: It I C A ,
7l"'' run the onsalng noason ,a '
taeen ihe altov. port. The s-Crri7'-i I
America h.ts been d'C.fd ami thor ssami" iT-'a 1 i'.TArmb
oonhiy renairasl this f .11, and we hav ho hesitation in ay
... ..... 1.1 tr-wt to strrrgtn, rquai in any toat in
the trde. Her caoiu has lire a thoroughly over- an I. d, and
the traveling comm..nty may r ly on this b- at for as mm h
ca fori as anv boat in Ih trad. Cap'. Johnson's long ex
per.en r in ihe tr.le wilh.-ut anr aortdruL. is suffirieui 10
j pioe hi. siitrri.r ssdl. His au-ntion to paasngera 1 with
; out f.iult. For freight or pasaufre apply lo the Captain on
atuit.siaij.il. MI.AVER A CO..
No. ii Market si , or to
octlT-a C. 8. Mail Packet 0o Agent
aikoma. a.Ti'f.x if kst,
Jahcs Mill. Master. J. ti, loaairr Master,
'I Mir above steamer will ran regalarl in th St. Uuii
I and Nsshvii Hade il Ing the Katun. Their areata
mo.I. ons for passriifers aro equal to any atcaotba-ts on
thocuin'-erUmd rirer, and their resnectiv itJ.er will d
all n thiir poaer to add to LL comfort of people traveling
wtlb 'hem A. HAkilLTviN.
octll-6.a Agent.
I HK New Id.ht Draught Steamer, A 1 '- -i
1 SEVFNrY-niX. rreir
n P. K. BiatLrv. Maalrr - - Tfr-rTlis
dllrave Nashville every other lunaUy, al 4 u'rtork. T. M.
r iiunst in uuia nog Hunt. A. UA V!JIT.-N,
. a root,
'l'ilt Hew HaBrr COTLA.ND.44! e
I 1 wt ..... k. . t "
r - . ws, .r.iifvii-ia s. k H1 1 .J tf .ri
tvataw Ita tuaswi oa --'t g- a 1 1 11 . 1 -fft
saiatiii.vinrl.l Bailed by too lo-h .Novrosbo-
ho a!., wth tak ksi t ac to loo Cad a rtj.v pcki
Inosstutiaastta a uiu y .. b, ,( !h, arvtcl,
aad bu.lt even -r.!y tor ih. J,a.,,TPk ano .. o.lsan
trad - r .s ( A a4 nM bmf bsar to em. wits, a lo,
other - aa eoaso ooly light. We aoJst lor kef a a b
JOftSssiM hiistrrn f A '
rw-UVan 1 to.esko.ro O Aofroo as o. b 1 41 aad
Brsn bar bot lnvwaasgi totnj an
. io Soifs!e (rfrrs.
0- V.' MI lTT niTII
FFEKS FOS (aLF. t t la T..)eea alanafW-lavro. 4a. If
CssJteg. rl, FUltlN ML.NDbktf boil TOUACs
CJ of y. tt.Wwmr riwM-aj krands:
m iia boaasi fKCl,sA fat'JtDESJ altw.
rb Nfcraa hap, - . !. ,
ltStl 1 s - v t 4,
' 11 o ruiPK OP TUP porTW, ut,
. IM 4a G. K I.AFBT3 JUt CLa,K9, f a,
' 4t Jomv aA.Nnoj,rJ, Ao
1 3 do- H VCIt'ttV, ' Ao
f-i do J'!M4 I Tt4, ' S 00 - !
ss do btiiaT N-'THlfl, " ' :' do
14 do J. C. HvHV IITK3, "
Ov4WU . "
FOII IIIHr-P.rthtA'Bcef t a.-Mat'y,
bUfctJ ilk.v, try r-sf "'-ca a ti. A(p,y to
0 , ' ILA.SAtUr.Ge,.lrs,
yMXl ' Ho. Jf ftaMMaxi 4
' ' t ' - -
E W EST K 1 1 L It O A l A RI A CiE.4! ET,
T'.', . t ' . FE03I LOTUS YTT.T.B. ST, m . .,
Via Cincinnati,
Or, Via Iniliana solis, ' " '
' To Sandnsky, Cleveland, BnSala, Niagara, Pitt
fcnr;, EaTiUrnore, Washington City Phil
adelphia, New York, Boston, ote.
BOTH Roctr are expeditious, and through, faro to any ot
the above points the -ame.
First Clas P.seer Tr .vast, are th JtferwnviHe R. R.
Depot dail (-umiays ex'-cpted lo n.ake sore connections
with the ma Is betond.
i:i.i:t;ATi,v i ittiid it oi-sjim sr.s
Ar carry intr pienger fr.im the Hotels, or any part 01
Lo"iirliie, to and from Ihe Railroad Station.
Further particulars can be obtanwi b vwiuiring at the
office of the llotei., or at the Jedsrssnvilie R R. OfEc,
nessr the O lt House, Louisvtlle, wh?re through ticket to ail
th principal cities can be procured
A. P. SBOSXT, ?upt.
J. W. Hall, Ticket Agnt in Lonisville. JaniO tf
Viek-burg Whiif, Natches C.wner, Nesr Orleans Picayune
snd Delta, Fagle A Enquirer in Memphis, please copy for
three mor ths. and charts R. R. 4iifl3r.
! Ai:it AtSIt A.VbL.Ut.tT.
1356. Comxencinj January 7. ; ' 1S56.
. v. . ,-p ... t v- - -J
1 T. TTZ 1
Th' (,hi;, ktfStorf,stJf.f Itirret.
liobtxixg u-mtisTBitoco.il to tiiLrair.. CRrsrLne aid
B'J y other rvute jnitiettjertt and Ix'yrjtijje ehnnye met'
rMHE only rotire with I' ree daily trains tnCleveland, Dun
A k'ric and Unfr.ilo, by the nn:f.rm guaeo and without fer
rie. The on'y route with reliatle conr.ect on I j Pittsburg.
1 he only iou e to il heelir g and Meubenvdle.
The Little Miami via Columbus, being the Short, Qu'ck
and Direct Routo from Cincinnati to th bast, the time
is so arranged that it is made'with rue. Connections
are certain. Pasengei arr not suhj.-ct to deity, and
have full time for meals, which is a great comfort to ladies
and children. C o sing th- Lilt e Miami liver near M.lford,
IT miles east i f Cincinn ti, conn-' at Colo t bus, Crestline
and Cleveland, with oai' for all Ea-tern p a e". The Li'il
Miami via Coiun b u. beins" he hortet ro 1'e, -nahle a uni
fo m and safe peed. By any other roo'e fiom tincinnati a
dan .'erous speed is eq ore I and cpmtielled to overcome di
tan. . which makes conn, etions nn -ertsin.
Iy the tt o'clock, A M., Train, W he iin Pas nger dine at
Iir.esvill; Pitt bu r pa-senger d re at Cre lint Dunkirk
and BuDalo pse. g r di e at Cleveland. and dine Uie tii
lowing day in ew York, Philadelphia, or Washington City,
breakfast at Baltimore
i rom 4 incinuall lo
COl UMItrsln 8 Honrs;
CLEVELANIi iu I Hours;
DUNKIRK in 144 Hours;
BLFFALO in 16 Hour:
ALBANY in Mo Hours;
NEW YilKK in 8i Hourr,
BOSTON in 8.N H.Kirs;
CRSi LINK in 6 Hours;
PinsBt RG in 1 lioora.
Plill.AI Kl.PHIA in "; Hoar.
W ' A FLING In lo Hours
B A I T i MO II b In 2o Honrs,
WASHINOToN in'29Hour,
Baggage checked Tern Cincinnati to WheeliLg, Baliimor
Pittsburg, Cleveland, Punk rk and IPiIThIo.
The Little Miami is tt e Eastern Iepl.
FIRST TRAIN Cleveland. Pittsburg. Steubenvi'le and
Wheelii g Liehtmng I-xpresa, leave- Cirtnnna't at 6 A. M.,
for all 'lie lastern c tie. A o, Spi afield and 1 el .aa e;
Ci'cL-v.lIe, lmcus.er aud Z in solb; lii.,11 he-ter and t hii-licth-.
Throneh to Coljrr.rus, Creatl ne and Ceve'.aa.l w tl.o it
cha' gr f cars
siC Nl TRAIN" Fx: res Mail, leive Cinc nna I at 10
o'clock, A. M , fo- nil the Iai'i rn cities
TliIRD TltAlN-A co t.r o at on, lerr CincI nati at
8:3 ' o'cl -ck, I. V , t. r spr ngfield t'uclet i'le nd Ljnea-Ur
bln he 'er fd C ill cr.the 1 ilsbor ju h.
Fol liTIl TRAIN ' let.l ud nd P ttsbug Night Fxpress,
leave C ncin iaii 6 o'c rn, P. M , !o-- I el .ml. Put kirk,
Hutfaio, New link nn I llos'rn. ires line, P.tt-turg, BalU
mor-, I h I dL-1 htu 11 ud New York.
One Train on "viii ia. at "i So o'clock, P. M., for Culumhu.
Ir-ain run l tolumous lime I Minutt f.tster than Cin
And all Information can be oht .ii.ed at ihe new o:Tirrs No.
i llurrtet If u e Bud.lin', W. L. O'hKIIN, Tic'.et Agent:
No lti, front otlice, liibsoa iiunso Building, ALEX AN liFK
HAMlLl'ajN. Ti. K.'t Ag M: or at the old oflice, Soulhea-t
wrner 01 Broadus. and Front street, cppoite spencer
lluue, r al Ihe Eustcru iLilue Miami) Deol, Eaal Front
OJic umrt from 4 A. Jf , until 91 P. Jf.
If. W. STRAl'ER, Gin'lAg t.
Calls for Passengers at all the pn. cipal Hotels, for each and
every trun. By leaving direction at el her of th ab-iv
office, will cll for pasarnger in ll paits cf t ie cirv, with
utfail. ljaulti- ly II. B. KLGGIEs, ondiatisr.
M-CREER Y & H00 K,
Cotton Factors,
i:iiov'n u iiAiii',
Cltarirsteu. N. C.
TILL promptly attend to th wle of all kind of PRO
Good, sod to the filling of orders In thi market.
The Steam Sh p Companies having re luced the freight to
eight centa per foot, make this the cheapest and quickest
route by which 10 slop Goods to Tenties.ee, Alabama and
Kentucky from the Northern ( iifs. All ship and forward
ing charges will follow the good to their destination
je!4 tf
ixoNo.ui-'Sift -sruYoitT."
Camphor Wash Mixture,
Patented July 11, 1831, and which received the
Premiaiu at the Nashville Fair in October
last Warranted to contain nothing is
the leu: injurious to Clothes; also
a Great Pain Killer.
FT-ME ondcr-lgiie.1, having repeaudly been solicited to
A make consign.. tints cf the Patent Camphor Wash Mix
ture, has concluded to seil no more eoun'y right in thi
Htato, but will in luture have the Improved Camphor Wash
Mixture put up and distrituted throughout this state (ex
cept in the counties where the rights have been disposed ol)
and in the State of Alabama. Aud that ha may be enkhled
more effectually to make this arrangement, he pr. pose to
divide the patent for Tennessee and Alabama into l,i
shares, one toutU to he retained, and the remai drr 75t
hare will he offered for sale. A prison remitting ten
dollars will have one share in the Patent, to run fourteen
years from July I'., ISM, and Kill be at the same time in
vtntiiig also bve d.IUr to be used in the purchase of the
Ingredients, advet t'stng and the nrerssary eiprndiuire of
the means to prep ire and distribute the Mixture for sale
Consignments wnl be made 10 shareholders, (who may re
quest it,) Stid to no other persons, to the amount of H eir
emitrance. And they will be allowed a comml-siou of ;i3
per cent on their sale, and also their proportion of the
profits at large.
Annual xhibit of sales will be made, and dividends of the
prvtltt remitted to each shareholder. No debts Will be con
traded, nor will the C nipary ie respoonPh lor any, a the
business will be rmiducle-i upon th cash -stem.
Any of those who hnv- purchased patents for counties in
thi, SI ite. Can have the privilege of exchanging their righ's
f..r lhare at tl e pric they have paid. Tina exchange wid
be made at the Co.1 of tim Patents.
It it tlesiral.ie to l.ae at least one 01 more active lhara
holders ia each count' in the 8'ate aAinetl. 8therrption
for share will be clo-ed by th 1st Seplember nest. And
consignments of ihe Mist .r lil t st'ade very so,n there
after. Cert n -;.tes i.s..-d ;o ahaucl older, oho Wdl rcqur4
th Agen.-y, I' they eire It.
Th un.ter Igtird will ci Agnl until the sban-hol.lers
elerl th'e directors to serve one year, h wid I ave the
management antii th.ir succv rs sh,ii b elected.
Neaiiap r-in M- lole, .ionta'"nrry . Turaias, Hunt
vliie, Tallad'g and I nms i, that wl I piibd h thi twice
and other s'tverti-emrnts 10 the amount of ten aolura, aud
send one copy, wiii leceu on star.. Addre.
C. W. CKOZIS R, Patentee,
Knoavilie, Tenn.
tn ya ..tii:itit' vi
Agents Wanted iu ery etainty in tois and a.l.emlng Ptot
Te sell the above new and unproved
V. OH. A . O 4J 41 U 18 il ILL.
'I'O all such a rai eli re to snake r oney will t rfferrdl
A tx lusive ."'ate and Countj privilege, si'l b di;ari
f on unusually (ur terms, by application to (ho proprieto
I'A If -Huh AN II MO( K It A 11 It
I effer y..u a Corn and C b M II unsurpaas, d in the Ca
kin. ami which s,ii;,ol br sit ustte-deij I y or fulcra in
senlKtna. it l. toe very Mill winch ever.v Fanner aa i Stor
Kai gr shoa 4 havt; it will eruah from lo 10 buahrl Vorm
ami Cob per h. ur. wnA one hotse; aa ea.ilv fjne.1 up aud
manageti. we glia 8 0 lb , an I as all C otact m the g lodtng
aurtaces M pre. enled, will latal any l.rni. ran otdnaiy titr
l:au I n Ih ta o4 1 1 liUriUxM y. baeasasr h m
pnitci.ii has bren fairly tested in the old Bars 11 11L W oo
Is il that wmta
A tlll.l. 4t Tltll L
for on mm 'h, an.i if il imi'i give rowip-eto alfbc'lofi, to
return it? If ther be aoy man ihu tiupo-l, ant him n o
peak. Satisfscu-.o ia oai-anird in very cao, r th moo
ev wid b reiunded. Th I rusb. r - b attachosi lo bursa,
water or s'ram oower, skn-b m drit It the aeoi aoO'enivnl
kltil souih of Mason's at-d Dit. a't ui . All o.hr siu-br
now in thi S.u h rrtjstir 100 touch pvwrr, or Ut roe a wear
out. AKr.l!c( t
nn: lam4 ' rft r4 it r,
a C t' and Cob Mill which admit of a Is'rrai or wattling
rootut) will, ore sariiv, soon vwi wot; ad other Crusher
are an enh to thi gr"d s()eeti.a. audit Pn-prutlors
DA o uutoot It. lullm o-ui-t n. f -io Aaaa
c,4 1 have caiaao power, aa'l I Deri o STaaMcra-O 1 bar
leasened frarUvO, ai J 1 casLiaaus oa w. aul s ihaeuaUary.
I bale I r. vr.ile.l a st stool, tg suwil a sMfcsa. and ad or
Cuu.pa d to acaaow rsls tt, tbcrclorr, I atatl tltavt at i r
ui-ro. r 10 auy other M-l. 1 am bo aaltng Una Tvaars
tuVrtUi a al the .! sos W
Ili'lY l)OI IUIt,
Aad any w.uA.ng 4fsd th.rr,"r. retry iss 't
d to aaiti Ih trua Burrtta aaJ (sriar p a S liuo Still
aad order 'r. m th Proprietors r Agvata.
m hboraJ ducoowt mad to dealer.
- , J. t. SaOMilvfVlS.lk.'o Psrivto.
1 ' - - iJsbjiisv I a a.
A i I" l T f .
. Ellis Msir A fo , 4 Maries. s:reK, rfsakvt;l, Man
Ctorer an I urur! SfkBU.
PoaaAiool. Isl A .t. ssrtit, if ml kr X?a;iry
Covniy. - - .
aa. tVaikin. PisbsaAi, At fcsfio. County..
M aa. la. MaaA, Swsssai, A.aUiA Star Sraukkus toxsol, Ttaa
aoo Jaeaaaansosaasvy, Awa.
J.ai.n aV.. I aiaso Vaatiai aa tspruss-a, AjOOt aW 8siSSaa
t. to. Weu-tw, ("Waawksav Af-mt SW 117 Coajoly.
W. tL St, P. at, ata-aao. Arat Ic' Sauib UoOM,.
J. JL A aul.aolm44a. el In broovy tooatlv
. W. b. lisaM 4 Ika, IsMtsoa, Agraw I aao fsa
srsa ALt stool;
" "oils WOLDS KTOj C!5S.
I "HI isiborr 1 tsrr brlt ltt kj ihr.i.. i li. aboVoarhkftj
1 will lfa a nff 'J a fur us Ptnator at sAvrt
svbeo. - - -
Tbrv si hare ih ct a .-tor f waadvg -Msl tiat, gla.
Jittg a, rs,aortsg i,f kr,cr-irf th Msal bettor, laA.ag
est rsssso SMuii. w t Ui aao) kicg tssxea- waovo oSsraaair
aad war orl trw, too ay .or u wow la , ae
a 4ar4 sa l-' sl. a tr. advauagtssis to tho f arris. at r
".bosssMl sutMaa isary rsrcr ra jsreta to rtaWr-b
" Is rs-iwiti-, otiteti Sre e- s,o 1 a a a avast t uuii
- Irtoi,l( ss.l assrvrd ag 1 tbod-rvctuitk .vol wttA roe.
' H T. ItOM ajs.
casai lor Wheat ertii Kyel!"
j o b r p 11 a m . ; .
" wavlVksf tanx CLorth aai Cy: ut4tA "
ISasbvillc A Cattaoca KAIi aOAO. Oct 10. 1.-13 f
ON and after SATUtiilAY, 'th intt.. Grain and Floor
over the Nahvtilo and Chattanooga Kailroaa will k
charged at rates a below ;
Stations" to (attanoof a. ' ' L 5 ' jjf 1 1 2 1
s:- Ct.
ru i"t f m
From NaarvD,f Lavergn and
?-tnyrtia 10 cts. 9 cU. t ct. 43 eta.
Ma f.-ersboro', Christiana
. aad Fiotrrvllto 8
44 Bet-bocale, Wart rue, Shol-
by ville and Norsnaadv.... 8 T 44 ft
44 Tu-lahoroa, E-tili's Sprioj.
Decherd and Cwan T 44 8 " 5
40 1
85 '
3 '
10 '
43 '
41 1
83 4
ts 4
" Tantalon, Anderson and
Stereii"n 44 3
. 44 - bndrs-port. S!.ei.mmiiid and
VVht-es.de. . . 3 44 d
f rations to Nashville. '
From Chaf-a ctwrt, Fheiimonnd.
and Whiteside Jf)
Bprhtersora. Stevenson, An
derson and Tantohm. .. I
" Cowau, Decherd. Fstiu",
Spring ar.d Tallahoma... 8
44 Norcandy, VV rtrc Shrl-
byviilranil Keltbookle 7
44 Foo:erville, rhristiana and
Mnrfieettboro... 8
44 Florence, Smyrna and La-
srerttie 8 44 4 8
Tlonr m t ,s-a . t .. w - L . ...
- " -- - 1 - w -o rts7 tn e't-i ri seventv-
Ave barrels and upwa-ds. at r ne lnoe, when in less quanti-lie-,
five cent" per harrW to k adoe.. Fkrar in lock will
be Iran-porud on iUt sauu uraio, 00 lb to bw rated and
chaiie.1 a ons barrel. U. I. ANDEKSUN,
oc'13 Sup- rinttndent.
Lll.UAX.i: AVI) .'ILtll'Illv.
OPLF.NDIPJ F.ur Horse Coace from SSanklin to U
O grange, eoanertirtg tt t) o-e points with th. Railroad to
Tuacuntbiu. I lorrncc and Jl Htcouierr,
Ala., and Aberdeen, (oluuibus
stud ( atnttsti, .-fa.
The fiu Foot Horse Coach Lines to th-so points, ar all la
exe llent onlrr, making a elove concerliun with tho Railroad
at Franklin, Tenn. ,
Express Train leaves the repot at -
also ro
I'lila.ki and l:lklM,
And to al) place Hiroughout the Sstoihern eourttrv.
I e have SDo-n lid lir.M ruimin. ..nn.t t 1. n ..
road at Franklin.
Paasenjeia hir '
1'ulaa.ki and Llkien.
, -Kl OU.nODATIUV li-e
l eave Nash villr f i(v aH oVlorfc m
th!fy70n'mbllS"''leal1 far POF" In any rart of
tiiiioi ;ii in m1J4
St.'Sa?- o,,"o,,,'5 tht vZ . . s:
From Mnnto.Bery to Mobil, hy a double dailv line fm..
ingandrveuinglo, ste,., .1
steamers Irom thence to New Orlesns tt'nncag the
m.r1t,f c "- ". .
- - KHilroad.
V-Jpi -.l-VwiJ trsar- nT;
o, e 2. ," rJ .gfpf
"t" 'i;r
-. .t x-vsi.
HA I I.N III i t. lK
h fc.l''!!' th. rate of
boa.fono.s; "ocvannad toNaahviil,
CHuXu,"d?,,iri,,T,,ri,'ntin'-"k "d hr
lihina. l-a and Gl,., Ware. Clrar. in cases Clock's
Drucs, Frmt Trees and. shroherv Fur. r.l a ,
5tlo,?n,, ''".Ti. W.. Tea.
1 t'O
sll 11 nn
c,' """Vl Cu"rr'" ' Sea.
Fore'iga I inuor, In barrel, or ptp,,. Cor.) , Tchaeeo In
,,e. tsrnare SPr A ale,. Le.th.r 1 ,nd be,
e.Oilstn harre, ,-:,. Cr.ker, Q.veen,., , "
..e, and C,,.S. , Z,c. Wn,L,fg. PlMtoTO.;-
M'I'4'1 A L ItATtM. " 9
..atT'er rale. .Van!
tofoow,'UUQ' t0UX' D"'. -ill Uh.nged
s 1 k
t. pcial Mtr
.. 1 00
I 40
. ,
in.ehea,..,. as we,, as.hr ,os, exped,. Vr'ghu
troni New York and Ph,ll..ph,. t. Ch.rle.too ,n,
u h; ranee from 6 to la cen-t per cohi foot, according Z
das ami character of resvel.
A. the Railroad Companies at Charleston ami Savannah
h.v. d,mimlr.,,h KrfeiriI), .nJ
,T; X"'U B,m"y '.n..gn to Coa.mis.mn Mr
chants at those points.
Shipper may rely ujmn a Mriel adhereare to theabov
rate. ti 1 volow.v . ..
:.nit.r "."""'"l"
.t. A C
SPI'I'I II . . . . .
Jt. R.
a.,... .11-,,
No shipments entitlrd to tl e ibov, rat.s unless each and
avMYitarliuMltalt.. . mi
...... r--..-- o inr iieptsi or delivery.
th. im it. . K A r u o ... -1 .. .
, aad
... - v. ... .s. ...oiji aiarscu upon it.
H. I.
( V nr,,,'T ,hi a" Acle s enumerated b,-
will be sent through lo Charleston aad Savannah alio
pi ices alTix. d to each article:
Tobacco, hh ls., a) Iimi Jl;.,
Pork in bhl., S loo Tsi .'."",."...."'" .i txt
Ragging and Rip. luo lie " . . . . . (s.
. , U. I A N P E F. SON'" opt
,J'7-tf RadroaA
UNTIL the Terine-e River II i 'ge I rebmll, Pr. dace and
Mrrch..n.li-e will be Iran, ippeo aero, th river on
Strait iw.tsaidns.gr. and ltotic r-l to two drat.gr".
Snii per a. notifed thai all rwk ral lo th depot ia
package. In.i fttcinit ft r the . ntir protecltonof th routrnla,
will be rep eie.l. lir.in will not be received .X'-rpt in heavy
soi urj or Gunny Hags The Hsht. ilito sack w fl ew re
ftised, rrea ut the t Uk 1 fe vtcner, a th labor aa I nmo
necessar. to repalt a. toe i ll greatly rrtard th tranship
log. an.) c.v no. be rtf.ir.ed Th Am i of th rood ar
penally In- lrurtd nof to rrevtv. grain at their rraprctlvo
ta'ions unlrs the sa. k ere U'niy and distiocily nsrktit,
and sccon anitd by an order o' alopmrnt. W caoiM prr
snl the drp,M tn b n-ed as storage houses St rin or pro
duce when the same .a to Imp held In it aim tlie convent
enc iff owner nrslnpi-er lo or.J.-r M f owarl. H heat to that
laooog will Sr rlmre J r,i,, Bf,d e-rn rents per has-hel
bom lullahr ma a'td ad aia:ioi.a trslif In nrurt river;
and from Ns,-hv llrr.d .1! .mi. ra w st 1 f Tu h.h ma. Wheal
will br charged lo rents and com S cent prr bosheL Wma.
key ill ttr da. -d llrs-r barrel fr. m Nvihiine 1st Oiatta
nooi a A.I .rt rle- off nrht dra gnatrd I our Tar f aa l.t,
l:, Sid and 4 b cl lis, !. be catr.ed at rearnt Tariff rat.
Pspt N. A C ..UrvJ.
Sr. ai Lu igrptttl to f sfttaino loclusive, Laoabor reduced
fl percsrloa-i fre- f rarer rates.
From Cowan it N.xm .uHt In, I isivo, Lamker kirrilactd 1
pe' r.r loa- , 'ro" it rit e r.'rs.
Lomi-ev fV-ia Sbtl -j vtllecha-gvd tarn as from 4rreandy.
diclJ- l H.I. A.
tmim gp tTQ, n
Of and af-rr W et'nr-l y IK-Cert hrr IJ trail. will ran be
tween N ithviitoand 1 konipst. a's ruiioD, a fo slews :
S.OI U MM Til.
'sva Nashvi 'e t 8 o A. M.. rd 8 P.M.; amvo at
Thompson' at A Al., aud 4 43 P. M.
BkTl KMM, leaves Ti ..np-. st 8 43 A. M , and 3
P M;arr.vr, aiNs-hti Vat I0..3 A M , ami . P. M.
On Sund -j Hi- M.rnrg Tram 01 y . Pi b ran. Waving
N ..hvtiis .1 7 A.M., and I h. ibV i A. M.
V At Ih. mp-t o'. ihr Si.fr of Ci tor, Thotnas aad
Hnaiih eaaoneel wl b the train.
Tl i.Hih iHrlr-s k-r HIWI IH8 WAYNBORO JACX.
HS, Tl'Ml Wblt. FLGKINkK, IlLA.-II .ml COLL'M
ft. A,ao ho pirniil al L'-o (jMrrai &fr t tiro, aaulsr Ike
Ver.n Ul notrL A- A Ll S.-o.V,
ai t Fng. .oa) Porl.
F o tt"'kTi7i;"; "
0t lh l'h f lano.ry bexi, I out sil to ihrhifbosl
aa-sdsr, "rlrarl! I assay, eor.'VT.ir.t shoot
ton Aer. , 4 0 r. rU-.rrd, tbr bataac ra tiw.br. k 11 1 I Jo
ant. a fro. Pot I k.-y s ar- if water. f rui hut fork id Ra
Kt.rr 1 is 014 aaapitd to to growibw, M keat.Cora aad
T'i sik.tl 1Ui.l1 lo.piftstrtneo'a; miw mttod
in w i.r.t, tr.ti.i at to g.d anils, I wo of wh-rh ai rat.a
taiauig asw list w.trwj rd biver, 18 mki troen
C a. ka 1 tr. ia a fotl a-l.til- rl.el coavrcieol to KhfIO
od ft t.mm- lean. -tHr tab. If bai nc la oao
and two Mia, ana mtr.-t. fuasi.1. givsta by lb 1st el
Fb-aary. For a-ti rr p.rtu .1., catl iu J. C Daidrs, J
JlsaLr.lio, or i aao, oa lit rraaira,
avi4 'wl r', , C,rO. McCACXXT.
U't ar grnrrsl Arnu for th la of all C.rUa tod
. ai.airo taartr saaoofacuared ta IlioStotoof l.nao
-o. and has appfo ruiM, , ,,r. comasodiuao roots
souly frr thrtrMt ati i atorsg. Wt hav : apir-ara-ld
oi isa fs lt. mw d tofa ol ILOl R alono.
Aa I o wocid r..p.rtfuov uh th attootwa al both Maaa
us. 4rttwaa-l Wtttrr. i tksarraas-sii . - -
- m rt new a ro.
Lar-;c ilrrai and take Kakrrr,
A VV 1
WTiDleiile and Eetail Ccs.rectioaery,
.'g kasrf.st 'riv4 .1 ossr rti.'U-J oieat.
inaH. v sut, iTia-., rut. aooa, I'ya
'r., L. -Swire , a at j. I ..-, Iw f .taaad Hi. a
A FtU4s- aboa oai a., loo far C. Jt
. , . , Av.ibu.ssr 1 to.
To lailderi aad Others.
U'AfT'D to n, a a A-. r b ' MU of Wood
AttiOkitosr, of MtsA tberr to frrsaa Sro to S worsb
a.. 4 i , .rv b. a . th.t k kiit t r aivatvaceo, la tbo
tu f a Mr lis., .m iB rit a wWr ttrd into va leg
at -a. Hnti 0is4 ta I' g atnuaat 4 sxtprtal ni's4
by Umi t (u J, istt.a a. t4 . a i.1 aJ cosntuaaano.
Pai'Cf ItouA fu tustsod ws,totn ng t' , eater ear.
AiM J D. i Al K. t rw Street,
jstti-lw ' ' Ahv w.,f ft, PhtladoP.bia.
Tuxot Xlccoivod,
EIstcrY cf the Eei ja cf Philip lis S ecoal,
1 tiio:
rnr vx HiNs..
li wt mi 1 1 i C'UAiI.Xs byTtArtaor,
k'NOl'Vill'V tr , g.r.l hr-'wajf. t
ids Ufi A.ia wcBitj ca uctisikv.
a , F tsor-bf V i CSAiUJ vy. utnz.

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