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H-W ! Ifttltora and Publishers.
E.A. pmiiiui.i
roB ratal DKrr.
wh. iiowaud TAirr, or Ohio.
roa vioa ramuBrr,
JAMES 8. SHKIUIAN. of Mew Tork.
ma'cutcTna AT UKCIB.
MOltRIS U ('LOTHIKK, ot Philadelphia,
DKMJ I AIIIK Ft JON, Jr.. of Pittsburg.
1- John tlurt
2- 11. A. Davis
3- K. T. Chandler
4- K. A. (Umbel
5- K. W. Fallon
t-Oi J.MIiott
7-U. I). Heliel
17- VY. B. Settle
18- Robt. I!. NeaL Sr.
19- J. C. Btlneman
20- Thomts Hblpley
vi w. r. Remolds
2i-A. W. MoCullougb
21 J. T. Hotel's
8-J. II. Abbolt
tit-Judge J. r. imr
o t M. P. llanaman a& J. F. Downing
10 IVI. It A. I'bllllpa ZB-Hermn 8lmon
11- J. L. Newell W-T.T. Wilson
fi-w. II.Mtller ffl-O.O.Shutli
11-tvY.T. SliaCabe 80-O. A. II.IhwIc
lS-Heo. W. Williams Sl-A. It PeaMK'k
ia-J. J. Waller, Jr. 32 U. L. Williams
roa judo or inraaioB ooobt,
WM. 1). PORTER, ol Allegheny.
roa uonoBisa,
CHARLKS C. PRATf, ol Susquehanna.
W. K. PK11UAM, of Preston.
roR sBcairr.
U. LKE BRAMAN, ol Honesdale.
roR BBairraa ard rbcoruir.
ALFRED O. BLAKE, of Bethany.
for oomrrr oommimiohiri,
J. K. UORNBECK, or Kqulnunk,
AHTBUlt W. LARKABEE, ol Starueoa.
W. BUOCK LK8UER,of Slethne.
MYRON E. SIMONS, of Honesdale.
Dtmocratlo Hatlonal Convention.
Tbe dltpatebet In oar news oolumu
giro a inmmary of tbe Itnatlon at Den
Tr, presiding tbe opening or tbe Deui.
ooratie National convention In tbat city.
At noon on Tuesday tbe Convention
opened. Theodore A. Bell, of Callfor
nla,wai ehocen Temporary Chairman
Tbe members of the varlooj committees
were named, bat contests in tbe Penntyl
vanla delegation Interfered with tbe re
presentation on these. A resolntloo
was adopted expressing tbe deep sorrow
of the Contention at tbe death of nz
President Cleveland, and as a farther
mark of respect to his memory the Con
vention adjourned until Wednesday
After tbe adjournment tbo several
oommlttees prooeeded with their labors
Tbe Committee on Credentials took up
the eootesta In tbe Pennsylvania and
Idaho eases, but without reaohlng
decision. Tbe Committee on Pernia
cent Urbanization aeeiaeu on nepreteui
atlve Clayton, of Alabama, for Pernia
nent Chairman, In aeoordanoe with th
preference expressed by Col. Bryan. Th
Committee ou Bales and Order ot Baal
nest adopted, without change, tbe rnles
ot the Convention of 1904, wbleh em
braee the "two-tblrds rale." Tbe Com
mlttee ou Besolatlons Is seeking th
phraseology best calculated to hoax tbe
-people, In'tbe antl-lnjanetlonand tariff.
resolutions. Theso must be approved
by Col. Bryan, and It Is understood that!
ue witi try lo maae it easy tor mo uuu.
, Owing to tbe difference between th
Ime lu Denver and New York, the lat
air being more tban two hours later tban
She former, It la not likely that news of
Wednesday's proceedings will be reoelv
ed here before oar aaaal hour for going
to presa on Wednesday afternoon.
July 6ib. Raymond Krauter and
Allen Keberling started this A, H. on a
trio to the West, probably tor Alaska.
Both art) young men and we wish thorn
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Peet bare an
other boarder, a baby girl born early en
Jul? ut p.
Mr. and Mrs, Reuben Beeeoker, of
Gouldsboro are tbe proud "Pa and Ma"
of a wwj baby boy tbat the stork left iu
their oire. lust recently.
H. A. Lancaster has been quite sick
lately from complaintd incident to old
ge. At this writing bo is somewhat
Henry Beig-is seriously ill ot heart
trouble and dropsy. Tbe chances for
fais recovery are doubtful.
Miss Alice Croea and Mrs. Denton, of
New York City are guest ot Mary
'Tneroworo picoios at tba Hemlock
Drove church in Qreeutown and at
LsAnna, on July 4'h, and a dance in
Miller hMl in tbo evening. Those, with
a fair supply ot fireworks, served the
purpose tor a day or pleasure for old
ana young America.
At tbo annual commencement at
Perkiomen Seminary in Montgomery
county, re., me following namea pu
pill from tbe township ot Dreher.
Wayno county, and Qreentown, Pike
county, passed very creditable oxarnin
ations and witboutany conditions. Mian
Edith Simons, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Simons, was one ot the graduates
.of a class of fifty-nine and stood first iu
iber class. Mtsa Muriel Smith passed to
i'the senior class and will be a pupil at
tbe Kaat utroudsnurg uiate normal,
Misses Violet Somers and Grace Saw
yer passed in tho middle year class and
are qualified to leacn. All were pupils
at tbe Newfoundland high school, nnd
it is a very good showing or tbe proftci
. encv ot former teachers.
Tbe weather for this section of coun
fry is excessively hot, but nne Cor naj
log ana ine growing crops.
.Labor help is scares.
Rainfall at Djberry.
1908, a days, and Iraiwl days, l.3tl in
1UU7, U ilan aud trai'ii 6 day, 3M
1D0J, cuyf, moil rtM'ordud, lu.r.
1873, Iwiit record!, 1.13
Avenmo.'W ya, 3 46
Twenty-one days were clear, seven lair,
and only two cloudy average 7r per coot,
ot sunshine.
nurzaiTUBE, JUKI, VMS.
Illchest. I'tlli. M. deg.
IUU7, 181b, M.. 8H.
W yean, Sitb. 1870, V0.
Lowest, HI. Si.
ii07, isib, ai
recorded, 14tb. 1873, 28.
Greatest dally rauge, 7ih, lUlli, 40.
Least dally range. 1st, 15tb, IU.
Averaxe daily range, 30 2
warmest day. zltb, mean. 77.
Coldeat day, Sd. mean, 61
Mean lor month, 63 3
last year, &9 '
Warmest June. tK7u, mean, S'J.I
Coldeat June, uieau, 08.8
AveraKa t'J yeais, 01.
Tbeie was llbt Irott on tbe third, and
nearly every morning during tbe wbole
month was cool.
On many raruisland was too wet for early
plantluK In May, aud lack of rain wltb
abundance of hoi uutblne, baa made slow
growth Ibis moatb.aod rlpeutHl our early
anuaes, brinitlnK boi-lut: aud baying t
sielber. Neaily all our crops are suffering
for lack of rain, aud will ueed full three
limea as tuucb a Mubad this inoulh.ordur
lug July ur Auzuat last year, for each of tbe
next two tuontlia, lo make good crops lu
Ibla region. Tuzuiouc Dir.
iiyberry, July 1, 113.
Mennor Sc. Co, will cloee out an ndd
, lot of Wool Jacket Suits at Ices than
wnau pr
..halt price. 7 4
.The new loag (ilov,, 1 1 Hilk and Kid
Additional Hearly Forgotten Fact-
Wedaeedar of last week, July 1, 1908,
was tbo fiftieth anniversary of tbo for
mal opening of tbo Alton House, and
tbe writer IwIiavM himself tbo only per
son now living who took any part in tbe
actual mechanical work required in the
construction of tbe original building.
Tbat eorTlco wai of no greater extent
or importance tban tho painting ot tbo
numbers, and other necessary lottoriog,
on tbo door ot tba various rooms; but
vivid roooHcction remains ot moBouo--
faction with which tho job was surveyed
when it was finished blazing out as it
did in all tbe glory ot gold lout and
Chinese vermilion shading.
Ilonesdala had several hotels when
the Allen House was built, but its erec
tion was nevertheless regardod no neces
sary to supply the sterootypnd "long
felt want." Tbe old bostclriod were
onular and well patronized, but ihey
wero all at tbat timo types ot lb.5 old-
fashioned wayside tavern, nnd not in
keeping with the genernl appearauce of
the place, or adequato for thu accommo
dation ot tbe traveling public. Tne
public hotels wero tho Wayno County
Uouso, built in IBM, liy Ubarles Korboa,
and then conducted by E. IluoJ; tbo
Mansion House, Thomas Sherwood, pro
prietor; tho Union Hotel, corner Main
and Ninth etroots, Isaac Clinton, land
lord; tho Coyne Uouso, corner Main
and Cth atroota, originally built by
Uirum Plum for Augustus Backet, nnd
thenthe property of Patrick Burns;
with porhaps soma smaller places ot en
tertsinmcnt. Allot these concerns were
subsequently burnod or demoliahod to
make room for more up-to-date struct
urea, flao stores now occupying eomo of
tbe sites, and handsome three story
brick hotels tbo others. Henry Dart
and Myron Jakway both disposed of
tbeir hotels in tba fall of 1850, with the
intention of going west. Tbo former
located in liock Inland, III,, and tho lat
ter in Mattoon, 111.
Tbe movement which resultod in tbo
final erection ot tbo Alton Uoui-) first
took shupo in tbo winter ot 18SG 7.
Samuel Allen, after whom tho hotel
was named, and who was its proprietor
at tbo timo of his doith, wai born in
Chelsea. Vt Nivcmber 2. 1818 He
grew up in his nativo State, and after
some youthful ventures iu othor direc
tions, llnatly bscima quite oitomive-
ly interested in stago linos, tbo Cun
cord thorough-brace conch being at that
timo about tbo only meaus of ptsaoogtir
transportation, and himself having be
come an expert and populir driver.
When twenty-five years of ago ho mar
ried Mies Betsey Barrett, aluo a native
ot Vermont, and for tbo convenience ot
bis business changed his residence into
New Hampshire. In a few years, how
ever, tbe construction of a railroad hav
ing paralleled his route in New England,
be accepted a proposition to transfer his
plant to Eiaton, in, this State. Homo
sharp praotico or breach of faith on the
part ot the parties with whom be bad
been negotiating induced him to start an
opposition line ot his own, which bo
was eventually enabled to dispose of
much to his advantage. Previous to
1818, when the Erie Railroad was ex
tended through Narrowsburg, travel be
i ween tbe sea-board cities .and North
K is tern Pennsylvania and Southern
New Xprk was by the old.North.and
South Road, and, aftor turnpikes sue
weeded that thorougbtaro on tbe same
route, by tbe Belmont & Easton nnd
tho Miltord and Owego pikea. In 1851
the Honesdaleand Dataware Plank road
was finished from Narrowaburg to
Honesdale, and stago lines wero at onco
established between tboae two points.
connecting at Honesdale with a lino over
the Mooslo to Cirbjndale, and thence
to Hyde ParkanJ tho Wyoming Valloy
Mr. Allen wis proprietor ot thi liooes
dlo-N trrowabur,? routo, with roaidonc3
hero; W. W. Broas3notthe Cirboj.tal-i
lino, and "Aleck" Kenner, a brothor of
thel&te Djvid Kjaner, with whit would
be cilled now the ttaranUm oai. All
were exporianosd "whipi," and could
handle six horses with quito ns much
gracoand safety as though they hal
beon chariot drivers for a circus. Thii
arrangement soon resultod in h partner
ship between Mr. Alien and Mr. Ilronaon,
which was existing when tbe now hotel
project oarae up for consideration.
By tbe beginning of Mirch, 1837, lb)
matter had taken deQnito shapn. Th:
lot on wbicb tho original nnd main por
tion ot the Allea Uouso standi, oa thu
corner of Ninth and Church streets, up
to that time had boeu vacant. Several
liberal mindod citizons tbon contributed
sufficient funds for the purchaso of tbo
land, and made Messrs Alton & Brouson
present of it on condition that they
would erect thureoo, during that season,
a concrete hotel, 10J feet iu front uud
tbroo stories in height. It was under
stood that the work should bo commwe
el by tbo drat of May anl the buildim;
comploted by tbe first ot January, 1353
By subsequent conveyance) from My
roa Jakway (pilled Jncq'ic-s in thi
original deed), Ezra Uurlburt, II. B
Baardslee, C. P. Waller, 'A. U ttuoxell,
W. U. Dimmick, aud others, tho plot
was very materially enlarged, making
possible tbo vory oxttnaive nd imons t
and improvements in the hotel which
l.nn tin, Uar tn,trxr nn,,.i,Jrv n ,1
m . . -.
affording room for the commodioua
stables, icc-houees, etc. Mr. Allen's
reeidonce nt this date waa on tho north-1
. . n..., i .-,,,.'
east corner of (Jourt and hloventh ,
streets, and a porliouof his stage barns,
.1. .-.a i. ......I f,.,r,.,rl I
.. , , .
on the opposite atdo ot Uth etroo:.
Henry Heath, then tho principal car -
nnnLnr and mntrAstnr nf thn loivii nrna Bllarpe lllld IteV. I. U. KOsCUberger Held
penler and contractor of the town, wuh r 4haof Ju, ,, ttt lu houui of K.
engaged to superintend the erection of I a. Keeue.
the building, and the work wai actually I T. A. Uaiddy inn! family, of Hctanti n,
oommonced before tho Hipulated lime, HrB -I1''''-1"' ' '" 1"'lr 0 "
...i. n . t i. ... . . , , ' tage at Luke Henry.
"tbo first shovelful" of earth bring Camp meeting will beheld from An -thrawn
out Mondac. Anril l.'tih 1W7 list Uth l'Jth luolu.ivo tills year. T ,e
By Juno 15th, ,he concrete foundatton
walls were on a level with tho ground,
but a pereiatent spell of wet weather
then set in which greatly retarded tbe
progress ot tho work, and creutcd op
prehension in tbo minds of some an to
the probablo safety of tho structure if it
should over reach completion. A build
ing of lime, sand aud stone, tbo material
solidified by the addition ut water, waa
an absolutely new thing in Honeedalo
at tbat time, and when in Ibo dark
hours ot tbo night, during n downpour
of ram, n resounding crash would startle
tbe neighborhood, tbcro were not a few
ohi r.nrfhirtirt ihHt i hn nhninanf r.r,r
creto had been n grievoua mistukr-a
belief tbut was not shaken when, in tho
morning, largo sections of tho walls
would be found ly ing in ahspelesa macsrs
ou the cellar bottom.
Deepito all miahapa tbo building went
up, however, and by tho 1st of Novem
ber, lt7, the root was on, tbe partitions
in and tho casing and lathing com-,
menccd. Under cover tho concrcto
hardened rapidly, soon becoming oa
homogeneous and Arm as solid rock.
Indeed when It boa since been found de
sirable in making changes in tbo in
terior plan to cut a doorway or a win
dow, iho task has boon found wcll nlgh
imponslble; much mora difficult, in fact,
than to remove tbo eamo amount 0(
solid stoco. Tbo hotel was ready for
tbo "houeo-warming on tne urei oi
July, 1858, Mr. Ilroneon, having by thU
nmo irauef0ird hla Interest iu ttoen
tcrpnso to Mr. Allen During that day
tho house wne visited by humlrcilJ ot
our citizens, who wore courteously af
forded every opportunity for an In
anoction of tho various rooms, and who
expressed themselves as highly grntitlod
with tbe convenience provided for tho
accommodation ot tbo wayfarer aud
tho sojourner.
Tho grand and formal reception took
place iu tho evening, an immense crowd
having assembled in roaponee to invita
tions extended by tbe committee, Junes
L Tracy, Robert N. Torrey and William
II. Ham. At this function, after re
freshments bad been eerved at ci,-li
o'clock, tbo gift of tho tot was supple
mented by tho presentation ot a most
generous purao. Tnero wero epec.-hts
and responses, felicitations all nn.ind,
and congratulations and good wiehte
galore. And at an advancod hour, after
the older and moro sedate guests had
taken their depirture tho yourgr pot-
tic n of tho nessmblago rounded out the
red letter day and night with a most ei.-
jotablo dance.
Uad the eunii-ce ntcnmal ol tbat gala
occasion been celebmted by a golden
jubilee, ulus, how few ot tho original
participants could havo bcon pr-cunt to
exchange gro Ming after such t lapso of
yoarst No j n.id th;n ono may meet
upon tho ulrect it gray haired father or
matron who, then in tbo Brat flush ol
young manhood or womanhood, can
now recall their share in the festivities
of tbo evont. A few others ore scattered
throughout tho world, completing tbeir
tale of years let us hopo in happiness and
contcntmont, and giving an occasional
thought to tbat rpisoio in their youth
ful lives; but tbo great majority can
only bo counted among tho loved and
lost. It is more pathetic, to summon bi
foro the mind's eyo nearly forgotten
faces than to recall nearly forgotten
Mr. Allen has been in bis gravo thirty-
threo years, and his azccltont helpmeet,
that mont lovable woman, "Aunt Bet
soy," was long since lend besido bim iu
Qlen Dyborry. Their names are still
household words, howovcr, as are tbocn
of some others, departed and remaining.
whoso lives were interwovou with tbo
history of tbe Allen Uouso, and ut
whom moro particular mention must bo
rcsorvod for another article.
July 0th. I E. Haley, treasurer of
the Pruinntii , -uhool UiHtnet. received
Inst week limn the Auditor Uenerai'n
department ut ilarrlbburg, a obeck lor
tWU 19, beluic the uorttou ol atnie nit
tirooriatlon due aald dletrlut for the
aohool ear, ending June, lWW ; the
above being about $150 more tliuu
ever appropriated before.
Miss Olive Haley returned home Sat
urday, alter a turee weeKa' visit witu
ller HlMter &t Dettoait.
Washington Tennnnt, of Waymart,
spent Sunday here.
A box social will he held at the M. H
church, Bteeue, Monday evening, July
15;li. Kaeh lady will kindly put up n box
to he auctioned oil. All are corJIulij
Mibs Pearl Swingle, of this place, has
accepted a position at wayinan.
Messrs. Frank Piersou, Hunting Lord,
aud John Lee, of Waymart, were callers
at ateene, riuuuay.
Uur old bach la cettlug ready (or
helpmate, as be lb purchasing cown nn.l
poultry uy tuo wuoiesaie oi late.
Kiel j aril Uuffy bad three beuutlfu
pigs taken slok last Friday morulug Hiict
before night tliey were uliueuu. A uuy
or two before Mr. Dutly took lilt poll.
barrel out of the cellar, uud thlukiug that
a little brine would not hurt tbe pigs
diiuined the oouteuts of the pork b.irn-
iuto the swill barrel. Piga will do witli
very little salt until tliey go into
barrel theiuselves.
W. K Bury has sold Ills farm at Keens
to W. J. Vnullushkirl, of Wilkes II irre.
Consideration, $3,000.
What might have been a serious luii
tuke one evening last week to Mr. am!
Mrs. tjtenheu Kagler, by dumping a no I
of hot ashes Into a barrel wliiuh set in
uu outbuilding adjoining their residence,
wuh averted by the ever watulilul cje nt
Mrs. Ulizibetli Kagler, Mr. Kagler'n
mother. It seems that she had not lellr
ed, It beluga very warm ami close night.
About miduight Mrs. Kagler discovered
through her open window smoke eL.
olfollug tile house, aud upon arousing
the rest of the taiully, it was found Unit
the outhouse waa a mass of flames.
Mrs. Magolaski, their ueaiest ueiglilioi,
who had not retired for the night, d:t
covered the lire about the same time as
Mrs. Kagler did aud with their timely
assletauce it waa soon extinguished. It
being u quiet sthl night the Urn was kept
oouuued to tin) small huildiug, which
waa totally destroyed. Had there heel,
any wind blowing uullilug could have
saved thu house. Something laughable
about the lire occurred when Mrs. Mug
ollski aroused her husband. He started
I right oil with just his night clothes on,
i baton getting about haif way he seamed
tu awake ami realize that he was thinly
clad to light u lire and hail to return fur
1 Ins ueanug apparel, which made u tie
I lay of several minutes ; hut he got tln-re
I Just the salue.
I Maple wood.
.lll, litis . ltev. J. II. lloseuhergcr
gave a go'.il talk yesteiday aflcruiKiu,
. to a large congregation ou "lljuius that
are td '' lie spoke especially ol Ui
I ward t'hristian Soldiers, Jem Lover ol
1 111 V Soil I. Ull'1 llOCk Of A gCS
Fred. rt. ti, lilts aud latuily, of S.Tau.
nwi Uf, ,.1ri, ,;, ,,. 4
Jtli their parents here.
Miss Verrle llalluck, of Ifuuiuore,
siaeut Sunday witli Mrs, Wan. Sharpe.
'() hej herv00 at Dutch
Fmts yesterday.
II A. Coutiell. tlie Jeweler ol Burau
toil, presented llraoc Cliiiroli witli a line
i JJ",",', ;,Jk,
1 The families of (I. M. Black, William
, ' "LTX
I writing ltev. J. U. Koseuberger.
I Mrs, 1). P. Sliarpe eulertalued ller
! "'l'" Karl Jlm.tead,o. Scrautou, .-,.
, -, - j
Lake Henry waa Hooded Willi Usher
men thn 4'.li. All of the b lata were out
anil aa luanv inure could have been used
The trains lioiue huuud were packed
last evening witu I note staying over,
A Unicago public eohool baa nolvod
tbo veztng question ot how to apparel
young girl graduates without arousing
uuvv and bitterncaa nn thn part of tbo
poorer pupils. Tbe solution wan simple
enough a uniform stylo ot drrsa was
rionilnrf nnnn ll-in mntnrauaia wprn nils.
a nha9ed and the girlflworoBOt toworg.
under tne euporriaton ot n sowing
toucher, making tbeir own frocks. Thu
result is euttafaction all round and a
suitable cown for oach of tho thirty
threo graduate?. The dresses coat about
t2 a piece. Ktch suit is described ns
being comiioaei of a kilted ekirt nnd
Jumper and a eulmpe of thin wbito
material, trimmed with toco and medal
The Farvlew Hospital.
At last TUB Citizkn la enabled to give
foiue ileDnlte luforiuntlou regarding the
iropos"d at)luui for the ctlmluol Insane
ot Pennsylvania, to be crcoted near Par
view. We take tho following trom the
Phllaitolphlu lmiulrer ot July lid:
When the prupflted Utiite ilu-pllnl for
the Criminal luuuc, ut Pnrrlen, Wayne
flouuty, lor wliloli lima wnni opeut-u nj
tho Coiuujouwi-Blth eterday, is com
nletcd. acorillnir to the greate't alieulits
of the day, the State of Petiusylvaula
will have the most pt'rleot institution of
Its kind lu the wor.d.
The plans for the proposed hospital,
whiuh hae been amtroNed by the com
mission to suite! a s.te and erect the
State llosnlial for Hie Criminal Insane,
call for the building of an Institution
which will be remarkable lor the uiiapta
blllty of Its purpose.
The object ot the Institution Is to pro
vide proper medical treatment and unre
for any who may he adjudged insane at
the time of coiuiulttiug a criminal act,
and of those who luav develop lusanity
wlille undergoing sentence ; thus reliev
ing the ordinary ni-iui- hospitals and the
irlsou-, respective, ol lutuatcs mat
they are not lilted to care lor.
Tltecareof the criminal insane requires
an entiri I) dilTcreiit urgaui itltui as com
pared with uu ordinal' lusuhe hospital
or a prison, ct partaking of the nature
Lt both. Tne commission gave much
time tu Investigation uud study of the
organization itutl operation of existing
institutions lor me ireiiinetit turn care oi
the criminal Insane ; the lectin ol tlieir
elforls appears in the ptesettt design,
which litis the iiuiiiialilleil approval oi
eminent alienists.
After publicly advertising lor it site.
and diligent investigation, the commis
sion ucc pttd the titter of I he Delaware
Cc Hudson tluiupatlt to donate a tucue oi
ground, comprising upwurtlxof (,'HJ.icres,
stluatcilat l arvle, Ktioui iweive miles
h'oui llonesuaie, uu tbt. Delaware A;
Hudson railrua 1.
1'iie cotuiuN-ion's selection oi a site
was tlmy uonllriutd by the t'overnor.
The site of tile institution is rolling and
well tlrtilui d and watered, part woodland
anil purl farm mud, lying at an elevation
of about 1SUU Icet .itiove tlio sen, out he
Moosiu Mountains, with n luagulliceut
rositect lu eerv illreclinii. The situa
tion Is untpic-tiouahl) saliilirious, and
easy of access by means ol the railway
mat shins (hi- properly u is me in
tention ol the Delaware .V II nelson Co.
to creel a new stut'xii iu ar the entrance
to the Institution ground.
The Institution wil. h,. vil liotit iloiiht
the must advanced ol lis kind, when com
pleted, i'lie design has been approved
uy tile Board of ruollu Chaiitles ol ihe
Stale nt Pennsylvania, and their Com
mittee ou Lunacy, as required by tho
creative act.
The varlotM liulitliiigs arc ttiringed so
as to fnclo-e rcctaiiguuireuiirts, in which
the patients speu 1 as iiiiiuti time hs pos
elble in the open air. The dilTereut ward
buildings are connected h mean ol In-
losed galleries or corridors, generally
two stories high, so that It is praoticuhio
tu hav- intercommunication between all
the buildings at all times, under proper
The women s department Is complete
iu Itself, anil properly segregated from
the men's department.
The plan Is such that patients may he
thoroughly classilied, and tile illlTercut
classes kept separate, all arrangement
obviously advantageous alike to the pa
tients aud their curelakers.
For those vl the patients whose condi
tion admits there will lie provided prop
er eiiiplo) tueut ou the institution
Tile buildings for patients uro two
stories high, and no more, and all are
lireproot ; they are constructed with red
brick walls, tritumed witli light colored
stone, uud the rools are covered witli
slates. All lloora and roofs are support
ed with steel members, aud no more
wood Is used than uecesiary to render
tlie bulldlugs habitable. A good supply
of spring water will be furnished by
gravity, and the drainage li above rt
proach, tine to tile shape and contour of
4he laud.
The Institution as now planned com
prises twenty building, Including infirm
aries, power iiouse and luuudry, and
there is space lor aildlllocul bulldlugs lu
time to cntue, should It be deemed desir
uhle to Increase the capacity over and
above tbat now provided for, which Is
about dull.
The appropriation now available is
$1'VJ,UOO, this accoinp.ini-'il the nut of cre
ating the Institution, lor the purpose of
starling the woik. Tuelotal emt oi tile
bulldlugs, when completed, will he frl,
UOU.OUU. The several depart men Is of the hos
pital and tlieir dimensions arc as follows:
Administration building, 10J by 51 feet.
witli a wing Ul b oJ leet ; loggia build
ing, 5U b 41 In I ; lour buildings contain
ing men's wards, each lljii (j by 41 feet,
Willi a wing IS.Ij by 4'J.7 ft-rt ; building
lor disturbed male pam uls, li'.l IU tu
;14.(J feet; uililluary building, ii'J lay HI
feel i two diuiug room mnidiug-, 113. 1 by
'WSfeet each ; k.tclu-ii hiiililing, 107 by
ili feet, with a "in-' -14 lay 'JU.S feel :
oakery huildiug, Ij7 leet by 23 4 feet ;
the nums' building, 41 by OJ.t feet;
building luutu'inug women's ward-, 41
h) 121 feci ; budding lor disturbed ivi
uieii pal ,i tils, J.i h) 1,1 s leet; wonit it's
iiillrtuat) Inn ',ng. lis t,v !!i feet ; tlinlii,,
ro .in ai il l.itci t n liu Ming for women,
122 3 by 2S 4 ; hoili r house, ":i 11 liv
4U led ; engine house. 41. li b fill li leef ;
luel sloiae iioii-e, r,J.:i lay 41 li feet ;
rksbop, 41.0 liy b"i feet ; 'vaslilug
bouse, 7o uy ,'ij feet ; dryiug Inline, (Vi by
SO feet, allil ironing holl-c, ,o by ii'J leet.
llierc will also a nower bouse con
sisting of three buildings and xurksliop,
and laundry cons still of three build
ings. I he buildings will he so uriiiuged
to form a hollow ripi i.e. within vwncli
are large pleasaur couit)ardr, wheru ine
iinualis may stroll and play, There will
b, no wall around the as) turn The ui -
ratigeunutof the buddings- Is such that
Ihey will serve as harriers. Further
more, the bull li'i -i will he connected by
corridors, thtisiiiaK'ng It pos-ildo lu pass
entirely through tin ho'-pitai and return
to ihe stiir'iug p ,ti-i'
t Is exn outed lliat tne Work of eica-
vatiug tor file found'iiious of tlie build
ings will b couiiiienci l early lit Aug
ust. Ask for Atta.n'H l'ont l-'ase.
A pow lei for swoth'ti, tired, hot, smart
ing Pel. Simple sent KltKll. Also Flao
-sample ol the r'aaor-t'.asr. smtaiiy Chun.
I'.Ma, a l.i'W inn lltloli. Ailillcss. Allen S.
IJllllSleail, 1,1 Uu), .N Y.
Jl.l.Yti Ii. Mr find Mrt. Henry Lange
lelt Friday uiu riitug lor a visit with rel
atives al Deposit and llalstcad.
Henry Hockir, ol the West Chester
Normal School, arrived home Thursday
i-vetilug fur his summer ucatloti. He
returns tu the Normal iu August as
Misses K'la uud Hannah Calkin", of
Fosterdale, are visiting Irla lids iu town.
Mr. an 1 Mrs Cornell anal daughter, of
Mew York city, are occupying oue of tlie
hunguloAs iu Bump-on tirove.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. M. Crawford nnd
daughter, Helen, of Hiiu'liuuiton, have
been guests at tne homes ol V. Skinner
and W. 1). Yerkes.
Harry bkluuer, of 1'itintoii, is witli his
aunt. Miss tiny lor a bnei v sit.
Mr uud Mrs. I) II. Dea licr iiern guests
last week of W. I). Yerkes at Mllauvlllc
Mr. uud Mrs. Tiffany, of Seattle, Wash
lugluu, spent Wciluetd-ty with Mrs. L.
H. Price.
Reeves Hampton ami family spent tbu
4tli at calltcooii, as gueats ut Mr. utlJ
Mrs. Frank III uth.
Jolm Kusipilst, of Hrouk'vu, returned
home sjiiuilay alta-r spending a iuav alays
ut "The Uaph s."
Miss Christine Honker, ol Hone, dale,
visited her para-ills here, lust week,
Tlie piano I lie fh was a njoied by all
iu ntteiialance, wuoalld iustiue to tlie
L-uod tlliugs nrovldeal lo cat.
A parly of Merry Willow ami Ja lly
Bachelors eiijo) i d a picnlu supper al the
f alls oil lYfiiucsiiay nisi.
1, J. Honker, Kdwbril Deiter mid John
Mctlul) have city gucs 11111I pa ct to
hate lull bouses all during August.
Mrs, Frederic l.lllle, of llrookl)li, Is
Doirililig ill -uariou iirowu .
V. Skinner made a liusliiess trip to the
county seat last wo k,
D. W. (lav died Monday morning of
this week, He has been iiunhh, to leave
Ills room fur aeviral )cars, only as he
was helped. Ills ilailgbtrr. Mlas Minnie,
lias faithfully canal for I1I111 during all
III- declining )rui, Mr. liay passed his
birthday several won! hat ago.
Practlcsbls Now to Qo lo Business on
Aeroplanes, Says A. M. Herring.
A. M. Ilcrrlng nnd Captain Thomas
8. Dnldwtn, both tif whom ure build
Ing nlrjlilp-a for the Tnlted Plntct gov
ernment, the former mi ucrupliihc nnd
the latter n dlrlglhU lullomi. hive cx
pressed kern Itilcrcst lu the lecrtit
Ivinarkuble flight of twche honro otei
Swltzerlnnd by Count Ze-piH'tln In ht
dlrlglblc nlrshlp, tarrying fourteen
"The dirigible balloon la here to
stay," sil l Captain Ilaldnln. "Its Mie.
toss has only Ix'gun b appear, nnd
greater triumph: will he cn within n
rliort time, llicre urn in inugci b,
liny tl lit that the v.i,rt pcblems (
nlr t.aMg.itlon lrrc bieu snlnil, i.nd
the time Is nil. I,, st tip, ti ih when the
nlrshlji will la n praeilc.il iitH-cslty."
A. M. Herring, whose bitci-ct ll
more In the ncrnplntie Iim of m.trhlnc,
'The dirigible balloon end the nero
plniir. will lerbihily U dcr.Ip(Ml side
liy utile for JiMetlcll purposes. Itolh
will he the wir nlMilp of the fnlurc.
Tlie illrlKlMc. whl. h will natui'.tlly 1k
hllli It the l.nvel "f Ihe two. w ill repre
sent the kitilohlp ol the n cun. c.irrj
lug a numlsT nl iiwn wlih plenty of
toroH end siipplli-. v. Idle Ihe neri-pl.tiic
will rcprc"snt Ihe torpedo nnd seouthig
!oa N."
At the tonilng tc t In Angti-.! nt
l'ort Mj-cr the p,ii in nent will test
Ihe Wright brother-- lna'hlno nnd tho
one that Mr Hen Ing li h-tllillng
While he w.m naturally guardiil In
glihig tiny Inkling of tlie new Men to
lie brought nut in lilt ninclilne. Mr.
Herring all 1 ny that he could lj wilh
one man with n ncn hlnc only fourteen
fi-ct In length, while It would he po
slble lo a-iii-i,, three men f,ii n tweitty
sevctl fool ma, hluc.
"I run peife. tlj i-ontlticcd by my
eperltnciils," luMe-l Mr. Ilerrhip,
"that the aeroplane of the iuitmtll.itc
fuliire will be not ci.ly t-afc, hut cinl
iicnll) pun II nl I tiy with perfect
nss-uruitt c lh.it if 1 wnnti-d a fast ma-
ililce loi- ieiil,,g ,ei' tlie country I
w-ootd t ii.- mi, fun p'aue hndc.td of an
"If 1 wele tl liu-dlics- 111.111 ill Funic
Pawn oiit-lile of Xew York. say. lit Ing
In lii'ce'.'W leh ni.d doing bti"l!ie-- tu
Ilnrlforal. I would h.ue no bc-allaiicy
lu using mi tieii.pl mi- lo travel to my
pl-iic of bn--li'c-b and biKk. The only
trouble In i liming to n big city like
ew Yolk w n!d I . the si 1 ill nlty In
bat ilinp. Inn in a"., -trotoh ol open
intitry when- vufe Ifitnlltig inlgiit be
made 1 couhl go ran. here."
Mr. Ileirlng in n-i'.' d If tlieic stm
thing trips belween ob.iiilU' pnlnla
would not depend for win e-ct con
siderably iiihiii the wind.
"No," hi' rcplinl. "1 'tin rill In nny
wind that a mil,'. it wm Id 1 afe In
I can plek out my teiininal p,,lul find
will guar.ini.-o to l-i ii.l within three
Inches of the mini where I wish to
ponie down."
Czar's Envoy nt Sixty-one Walks
From Chicago to New York.
Cnrrybu- tic weight of slxty-nni,
years mill Hie Man' "f tin inn lent iin-i-eslrv,
II. J. M. Mkolort recently nr-
rlvi'd nt New Yolk idler n pleiiMint
inoiith'a wall: from fhiaugn. lie Is the
czar'a icprcsentallvi. and bus trncled
hi all liiuds Mini lug all panplcs. lie
rrcfited u Hi-nstitlon when, with an In
terpreter, he ii-ui-hfd the Wulalorf-As-torlu.
NlknloTa .hi-keiK. though uu-
catessisl by n baiber III thirty-two
years, contain not n f-ingle IiIi-iVh nest
MkoloiT I'lij s Ids fuller is IIS, hU
mother 111 nnd his brother Is !n) years
old. Ills gi'.inilfalhcr ly 140 years
nlil, cxik'cIs lo llo twanty-flve years
Held prlsoaier for ransom by bandits
In Zuiii'.lla.if. csinpo by iK,lonIng the
ah Inking water of his trim ids, subsl-st-
cliae oil snakes uflel he got free, Cllj
lured by I'uil.lsh sol.llei-s, llhenitcd
iiril sent wilh c-eoit of tiasips, cn la
tum! by lial-ull, who killed his e.scairt;
nudlciiacs Willi the empress of Chln.1
and tho ciupcior of .Inpau nnd ninny
other l.iteic-tlng lid "gi nte on his rec
ord I. ink.
He li.is ti.ii.'led a iho czar's lepre
senlallie fo, i-.ht .tis.
Our New Caviare Producers,
Strang,. -.io,l- mc told of many
iimi't' li-li, let! fcv li-h arc aiueerer in
iippeariiua e or t-tfciigor in tlieir habits
than the li l ire piislncer of the
lower Mb,- Is.-ippl. It has as many
n.iitst'S as a co'ui.l.-uo 1,11111, nnd few
thleics owl' clinical juMioe as persist-
l-iltl UK this speili- lias eiiuec.lleil its
dovelopmeni from the naturalist, sas
Chaile.i It. Staa. kiiaal hi the Jul' Vn
tury. In Lonlhlaiiii 11 Is known ns bill
lish, hlllalom and pai'.llellsli, In Missis
sippi hpooti hilled i-:it or spooney an.
In Arkansas ns tu.. spo 111 bill or spoon
1,111 sluig 'Iho l.ilns and ill era
these three Mate.- nippl) tit plc-i
much of the cm 1 ro an 1 allied slur
giotl of the I'l.li :,,-'s. I'oljo.1.,11 spa
1 till Is the .ligull.el title lo whlih tin
spoon hill Is li'iouu to mitttruHit
tliritigii the w.aril "pi'l.iislon Sigllllll
many toothasl, whlli" tin1 llsli has no
po-,ij'i, ,, nun
Tho first
opa-tia-i! Ii
I'ails hi 1 l i i:n
iu Aiiu'ilci lu I'ln.
i.iuil In l.'.sl and
To John D. Roclasfelter.
INnto-Mr liuck, f, 11, r win oiur tint
tln-r:try lull -is u aiai-.uiiK, will.-r uls- it
Say. Mr li.x-lnfi.il, r. will
Voa li in.- It, 1,1 ii, y ,iir i.ii
And 1I.1 not taunt, It tin- liar, a 111 ti. ,1 lua
I'r.en 1 M p , ,r wrltliiu Itu-n"
And willing U"-i 1, Just tlx. Ki!iu-
1 liey l.uv, pi , it 1111,1 iltiliU
An-I liu,- a rouf cticl went soin.
rlulln s
tar I -1 nil In tlm blink
If we iiml rnpirf-il uff surb a w-nd
As y a li ,. 1: t. ilu yu
llno-li,,. lint w, ,1 take Om lu
As ) ' II I !! as til iluT
If Wn had inaam,)' would wo work
la prosy Uilnffs or rltyniai?
Would any a,( ua ever try
Taa l'a t In aiverllme?
Wuaild we posttnno nil ntltf) trip,
ir u-ru a golt thnneo down.
Or rnll .1 yarlitlng parly err,
Or bllatvr In tlm town,
In onlir that the finite ans
A, 1 . 11., I 1 1 our bnnda
MUli l-iil In sl,.i, ll siuff In mcst
Tl., , in r s il i'i in,',-
i la' ", "tl tell Iho a illtn-a
M -ll.-il. we'd tell
Tlialll Willie tu It) (111,1 ll.lll.l tllini out
(Jur tt.a.lil, ttl fura.Mltt.
Ilav. Mr. lloikcfa-llcr, plcaso.
How mou!,1 y,m lii.o fur us
To Lull liitfi yuur Hbor lmicla
And urali your octopus?
on. Mr. Hawkefellcr, If
,IU aM I, it V.le'1 til loll
1's ,r fnlks. siy. illvo es your rlla.
An, I y ii can havo our Jub.
IV I Lantii.n-n In New ViTk Tlmca
A "Dill" Campaign,
Bill llryan and 1:111 Tafl! Wu call each
Hill. ai.J u In r. 'a the harm?
Illtl haa a ha.irty, li.ni, n miml, mpr, a-
Iiik mini. r.ti aun v.,rin.
Wo'vo h.i.l ,.ur Wllll.ain canalhlalia nnd
inilae.l ihem will ullli rolco and
Hut now's our ihauco lo i'ln our hopes
unlo n canJIdaio named mil.
Hill Taft and mil llrjanl We call each
Hill, and whiro's tho hurl?
Illll has a sturdy, wliolo uled rlnc, and
we who usu It am not iert.
We've had our William presidents, re-
vtred them thin, rovcra them still.
Hut now II loi.ks as If we'll havo next
tarra a prealJenl namtd JJ1IL
Indlan Orchard.
JULY Cth. The nlcnla licl.t at nh.sl..
Wagner's, ou Saturday last waa well at
tended, aud was a ooniulete eueoess to
tally and financially.
Rebecca Hucklmzhani. of Navitvirt
News, Va., who haa been visiting her
mother at the Chestnut drove Farm, re-
u men to uer nonie on Tuesday last.
A great tuanv from this iiIhsa Rtfptifl.,!
the show ou tne Fourth, at Honesdale.
Harold Smith, who haa been ill nf tv-
liold fever, Is gaining slowly.
jonu li. I'euwardeu, of East Hones-
ile, called on friends here ou Sunday.
Kirl C. Ham snent Saturday last with
Scrautou friends.
William Itabcoek, of Peckvl e. Pa.. Is
Pending a few days with his wife and
daughter, aitCampCoinfort, lieaoh Lake.
Ui-t'umaulssloner (ieo. W Taylor, ot
Torrey, Is doing carpenter work for W.
II. Marshall,
liny kellatu, ot Proupton, spent the
mil iu "nil inruuB ai tills pinue).
t-raiiK wurueid. or iieaeb Lake, waa a
recent visitor among Gquluuutt friends.
Ilsraii that he saw some as Hob hav
at that place as be haa eeen for a number
I ears.
Mrs. W
Mrs. wm. wilder nnd Mrs. Hawker, of
av last
Mrs. l'hllili Hlshon and daiivbtAr. 'nt
White Mills, are visiting relattvea at this
.banner miller, of White Mills, la doing
liarles Doilllnger'a having.
Hotter Ham Is siaendlng several davs
witu air. anil ura. oamuel oaunuera.
Harry Hlinnell called on Mouut Pleai-
aut Irleuda last week. While there be
lilted the fish hatchery.
1 nr. maddest man in Michigan lives
Detroit. Lto wan lortone hundred
thousand dollars in his unclo'e will and
thu retato ecttlod up just seventy dat
ura lrvH man nomine.
A mm convlncci against his will
Is o( tho B.mo opinion still;
His wito convinced againoi hir will
Id not convincod, nor een sitll.
Transfers of Beat Estate.
AuthmiT Itlukert and wife to Aleck Bet.
idhii. M iy 6, r.i-a. Texas, WM.
Wm. II. Hmlltiand wlfu totitaorca Uaok
! nnd F. rt. Coun. liar 11, ltM). Texas
Kail lloi kwi ii una wire to Katie vann
run. Mar !. 19M. iJika-. 1700.
Jaini'S A Miner and wifta to Kalward A.
Miner nnd wife. Mar Is. IMS. Waytnart.
rlwnrd eldereat and wire to Alexan.
iler t'orrell. Mar 18. Ilawler. I10O.
Micuael r. Down and wife to Jacob HI t-
trrtr and .loiaeirj Mltterer. May 20, IIKM,
Janu s A. 1 cart and wire to John Mo
Parland. May JU, 1DU8. Lake. t3,W0.
Vli ior H. Hartle.na and wile to Elbert K.
Hi-lull. May Z7. 1808. Preston. 185.
Ktnelne Kd wards et alto Chat. A. Frluk
nnd lurry E. I'M. May 9, 1808. merlins.
II. av. llrown ana wife to A. L. weloh
MavS.1. llHW. Clinton. UU).
II S. Hsnford and wife to Marr E. Yin
ci'tii. mbj in, ikus. rreaton.
Ellen Cawley to El auk Bergman. May I
IhH. l'almrra. ll.Cajo.
Kdi:Ar C. Ktilln and wife to C. C. Shaft-ar.
.Mar 1. iiKirt. IMke. tuo.
IJeorge J. Welflner and wife to Mlohaol
vt i inner, jr. Mar D, isnja. Texas. az.MXl.
Aaiuiinigiratorof irrank Jj. Uook to Aaor
;. Kt llOL-l.'. Mav 1. 1808. 1'reston. tdtV).
tieaieituti: uocu ana wire to feter utt.
lav ii. rjOK. l'almrra. igoo.
E.lwanl F.. Uooker. Jr., to Albert N. Bay.
i r. Mar C. 1808 Dreher. S12.0IM.
Edwurd Hooker. Jr.. to Albert N. Saver
Mav 0. 1808. Ureher. 1100.
Henry iti'iner to Frank u. uoodnouen
mid L'ltesler Ucodnough. MayT, llXX). Ore-
uon. fj.t,,J.
h.iwoon Kuann and wife to Unas. Dennis.
amy t iuus. Leuauon. swu.
unrer rreaier sua wire la iu on itanaaii.
Mav 1'.'. V.W. Wavmart. S.300.
ase u. uarreii ana wire to WI lam u.
l.arrell. Mav vs. 1808. Uerlln. II 'Ml.
Prances 1). Bronson to Hteve Henv and
Jonauna Heny. May 12. 1808. ttoutn Ua
naau. fi.vju.
Uli ver Freer and wife to Frank Hauen,
tlein and V. V. Qeutber. May 13, 1008. Oy
herry nnd Clinton. Il.tjOO.
Lnar.es u. ucnaat ana wire to Tne x oung
iuiuen s unnsiian Associaiion. May u,
iius. a.nae. so.uaju.
U-aear K. Uuanell and wife to Allle B.
Mills. Mar 10. 1908. Uonesda e. S 1.600.
bamuel A. Mvres and wife to tJaklev B.
ljner. may t, juw. juanonesier. sia-o.
Aominieiraiors or uamerine xwienoa lo
Minor llrown. Mav 18. 1908. l'almrra. trJJO.
Charles W.U'Neill to William J. Arriaan.
Mav . 1808. Mt. Pleasant. r.'.TOO.
i-aui Mcuranagnan anu -wue to uugn
Mcurauncuan. aisr2j.ivin. an. neasaui,
Frank Corey et al to John Chamberlain.
Mav a. 1808. Lake. ti.lbO.
Martinet Weber to Edward T. Belles.
Mav . 1808. Haw ev. 1800.
William Frev and wife to Luther and
Jonu K. Frleh. Mar 19. 1908. (ruber. SflOO.
I.uther Frkhto John K. Filrti. May -7.
m. urener. (Joo.
.N U.ll'AltiLLELII) IiECOBD. From
WuBhit.giijn to Hoosevelt tbe Hue ol
buccceeiou in unswerving integrity re-
matinA tinhrnken. PreflidenlJl have been
,ni,.mn,,.oin ihao hnva nna wvn nr
. ....
trom human woakneeees ana iney nave
.juiuinivu aiuu.uu, ilk. u.M.n. a m v
ccuuve policy. Tarty calumny nas
uot enured their morals. Uut tnal lliey
ha.vu used their poaitiun for persoainl
prolit la i et to be proved. Not onia i as
cvor Hhowii to havo added a do'l r to I
Iiih fortuno by the illegitimate oxurciee
ot powith for Influencing legislation
such as roeido in no other Chlof Mag -
a...-i' . ....... ;
nrrraaaiuasim. i,i7n'
uilolod lu uny other nation. It 18 par -
ticulurly in contrast with thatajf tbo
CXCCUUVOn Ul umajr ratpuuiiua , ajiajTcaaaru
ofLtiitiL'd. ai with lis. from obscurity
ninl poverty to btgb place, but less
lortillrd by character against its lemp-
tutiuiiB. - Arm 1 or woria.
1 iik Oiaco Indians as a tribe aro asid
to Uj tliori'iliot-i poople on oarlb. When
it ih known tbat tho poorest one of them
ih iiu'-'-H-oi ot ut loast ttU.fKX), tbere
will hn not n low white men who will
r vrot that thoy were born handsome
iiiri'.niii ol Usages, i'he government
allotting it jm mission is preparing to
inakn a filial division ot tribal lands
mvnii'l iiv thn Oaiaces lu Oklahoma, and
wii' ii tho work is done each Indian will
hivi.' I'liht bundrod acres, bostdes an
intcrcet iu tribil funds amounting tu
i-ivi nil million dollars.
I'lDiiviii.Y thi oldost delegato to tbe
rcf t It 'e'liuliovui convention was Da
vid It .iiUiii, ot Misdonri. who has amass-
anl u luriuno ul thrco million dollars
wilhiiail Hiicculation. It is bolievod be
is thai nuMt nxicnsivo farmer in tbe
worl i. ih) uuco-odnd by being frugal,
iiidtitilri'iu-, uaving and investing ots
I'uviiiH judiciously. Tbe area of tbe
lia-ilan lurtrB. ra.ftol thorn in An-
droiv L'ouutj , Mo., is acres, alt of
which is under cuitivution. itioKin
was to poor when a boy tbat bo went
bin foot a great part of each summer I
uutil hu was 23 years old.
A Chicago tlrm ot contractors li
about to uuderlalte whet is said to be
tho gieuteet bouBo moving task on re-
com The operation is part of tbe
,....,,,m,r ,111 ,un,ir nn thn aita nf tho
. 1 . . -I :
nrtghiug ubout ti.UllCI tons is to be mov -
ed u dimui.co ot abuut bait a block. Tbe
juu win uuea vui,liuu uuu wm rcquiru
tbrcu mcnlbs. The house is lo be roll.
ed along on railroad iron by moans of
Thi.iawhatiion.JakeMoore.atate Ward.
mi, ul Ueurirla, auysut Kodolior Dyspepsia! I century way of aeouring beautiful pre
'1:. v. DeWiit Co., Cbloago, l'l.-Dear miums. which they give to people who
8iis-l havo suffered more than twenty .nhaw-elhA tnr this nnat nfam Ww.
inoiiihs ko I hid urown so much worse
..urH r,.,ni ,, iir.,1 nn. ALniit 1, nh win
mat 1 l ouiu not aigeet u cruel 01 torn ureaa
aud could uot retaiu auylhlng ou my
stoiuuch. IloalUi Ibai lu foot 1 niaale up
my uiind llmt 1 could uoi live but a short
time wneu a friend of mine recommended
Kudu). 1 cemented to try It to please bim
uuai anna ueuer iu una usj. iu. mvinu
linn u ibuu 1 everuia 111 my ine ana atu in
li. Iter lieiillli than lor mauv vears. Kodol
did II. i keep a bottle constantly, and write
tills nopiug lllttl uuuiuuiiy uisy ua uviiouibii,
Vouia very truly, Jake U Moore, Atlanta,
Aug, llf, I'JlH. eoia uy t'Cllj, lue a'rbfiaaav
AYn the llor. Divid 0. Hill. "There
is no Uimtacrbtiu party," ue ougnt, w
ki.uw 1 110 wub oi.e of the priocipai uu
Accepts Deposits,
in Small and Large Amounts
It Gives A Handy Check- and
Free to All Household Hank Pass Book
One to the Savings Depositor, the
Doing Business by Check is
the up-to-the minute way
It Saves
It Saves
Because a Check is
Cheapest and Safest Way
countries is by a Money Order issued by this Bank. Safety
Boxes for Your Valuable Papers $t and upward per
annum. Open a Business or
J The Spring Styles in
! High Art Clothing;
An Authoritative
NFVFilUnfnrrt lu tbt' hmtorv of llil-t t tort
AHT CLorHINd. For moulb we have linen
we bftTH nimrttl mi i)inn In uiakH tt m oct-aslon
iItedreiMt-r m tins romroiiiitty. WH0howth( product nf Anici icV I'lruett orK-mir.i
lion clolhltnf for men au1 ynimK tunu modeloi upou (tcl'i-ifM an 1 t'Ivanitil ilrif;iii.
and dliUuctly xprettdlvu nf thn dp-remit fashion t ileal 8 of Ihe miVHtniMit.
The fabrics are assuredly striking and attractive, with every
trait of refinement.
Tbo prlocw, u atwAy, are d-ocld-edly lower than riua1 Myie, utmUtj, lit and
woramanablp can be told for elttewliere.
Full Line of Gents' Furnishings.
Special Prices on Children's Clothing.
Main St., Honesdale.
The Era of New Mixed Paints !
This year opens with a deluec of new mixed paints. A condition broucli
about by our enterprising dealers to ct some kind nf a mixed paint that we
supplant CHILTON'S MIXED FAINTS. Their compounds, beinfi new and
hea-'ily advertised, may find a sale with
There are reasons for the pre-eminence of CHILTON PAINTS :
ist No one can mix a better mixed paint,
ad The painters declare that it works
3d Chilton stands hick of it and
every surlace painted with Chilton l'aint
4th those who have used it are
ts use to others
31b of May, 1907, tbe I'uallneal electors
of tbe borougb of Unnesalale, by ballot,
gave their oonaent loan InereauiHof Indelil
edneu by the Ilonesdale school board to
an amount not exceeding 141.000. tbe pur
pose oi wuaun was ine erecuou aou eaiuni.
menl of a sobool building. In aeoordanoe
with Ibts consent, tbe sobool directors bare
authorized tbe Issulna of four tier eent.
bonds, not exoeedlog Sti.000, aud have se
lected plans and spevlOeations. Tbat by
reason of several disastrous nres lu school
buildings, aooompanied by fearful lo.s of
tie, ii nas ueen aeemea wise to ereei ids
school building as far as possible fire proof.
Tbe tire prootiog of tbe halls. Iron stair
ways, over ine nouer room, ine necessary
lesallr real ul red beatlne and ventilating
apparatus, and tbe beating apparatus re-
quirea ror me present, unos ouuaing, nave
so far increased Ibe estimated cost, as at a
competitive bidding tbe lowest bid is some
fifteen thousand dollars above the amount
of consented indebtedness.
Therefore, It Is by tbe school directors of
tbe said borougb this 'J2d day of June, 1908.
resolved, that the question of Increasing
Iho authorised Indebtedness by ntteeu
tbousand dollars be submitted to tbe quali
fied eleotors of the said borough; and tbat
an election be held In tbe said election dU-
trtot. In accordance with tbe nrovlalons of
tbe Aots of 1878 and 1891: wbereln tbe con
sent of said qualified electors is asked to
I Dermlt the acrjool district to incur an in-
I A AhtAririMAa. Kilfllllnnnl. tnr uihnnl ainllfllnf7
n'0t exoeMinFaneen thou.aud
i aonarsi ana msi iniriv uavs noi iceoi sucn
election be published In the tbree papers
pubhahed In Honesdale, l'enn'a
Notice Is hereby given that a putalie elec
tion will be held iu Ibe Court House iu said
horouah of Honesdale, at tbe place and by
tbe offlcera provided by law for tbe bold lug
I of municipal elections in said borougb, ou
I tukhiiay, tneiu day or juui, ymh.
1 for the purpose of obtaining tbe assent of
I toe quauaea electors oi me saia scnooi ais-
I irlot to the tnoressed indebtedness ueulioU'
ed In ihe foregoing resolution, and for Ibe
1 purpo(B therein meutioued; such electlou
I to he held tn tbe manner, aud during tbe
I uuun uira uj iwi twiuiur, uuii.uw
eleutloni and subject to all tbe provliious
of law relating to such elections. The
following Is a statement of tbe last assessed
valuation of tbe said school district, tbe
amount and percent, of said proposed In
creased Indebtedness, and tbe purpose for
which it Is to be Increased .
Tbe last assessed valuation la 12,060,000.00.
Tbe current Indebtednesa is 15,000.
Tbe authorized indebtedness Is 915,000.
The i otu of Increase Is mills.
Tbe purpose is tbe erection aud ttjuln-
uienioi a scnooi uuuuing.
A. T. Buuix, Freaideut Honesdale Bcbool
A. M. Liini. Secretary Honesdale Hohool
uoara, eis
In tbe District Court of tbe United
Miates for tbe Middle District ot Pennsylva
nia. Charles W. MoKlnney. of South Ca
naan, Wayne county, Pennsylvania, a bank
rupt uuaer ine aci oi uoiik reaa oi juiyj,
iuus. navine anuuea ror a luuaiacnarae irom
all debts provable against bis estate under
saia Act, nonce is nereuy Ktveu to an auowu
creditors and other persons in interest, lo
appear before tbe said court at Beraulon, In
said Dlslriot, on tbe day of July, 1808, al
10 o'clock In tbe forenoon, to sbow cause, if
any they have, why tbe prayer of said peti
tioner suouia not ue granieu.
Here la Relief fur Women.
Mother Grar a nurse In New Vork. dis
covered an aromatic, pleasant herb cure for
women s ins. oauea Ausiraiian-iar. u is
tbe ouly oeitaln regulator. Cures female
weaknesses ana Backache, Kidney and
Bladderaud Urtnarr troubles. AtallDrua
Cists or by mall oOo. Sample Fit EE. A
areas, me isomer uray 1.0., uoy, a, x
Beit Barber, of Elton, Wis., saysi I have
only taken four doses of your Kidney and
uiaoaer 1 111s ana iney nave none ior me
more than any other medicine has ever done,
1 1 am still takinc tbe bills s I want a Der-
I m... , 11 lt.ri,., Mf.M In 1-Tu.Wlf,.
1 Bzsu roa aFbec Cataloodk. A new
and handsome premium catalogue has
jiiaii ooen oompietou ana is now reauy
I for distribution. If vou ana a reader of
a Philadelphia dally newspaper, write
lto Tbo Philadelphia Press for one of
tbeir latest premium catalogues ana be-
I oomo acquainted with tbe twentieth
a-" - .
PP?' by mall. 0taloguo will be mal
ed free upon receipt of a postal card
Address Tbe Preea Circulation Depart
ment, Seventh and Chestnut streets,
Just a Illtl Uaaoasweet Is all tbat is neoes-
sary lo give your baby when 11 is cross ana
peevish. Casoasweet contains no opiates
nor harmful drusra and is hlchlr reoom-
anAndwl b molhers erervwbere. Conforms
to tbe National Pure Food anal Drug Law.
Bold uy rcib, ine uruggisi.
The mw Separate Skirt for 1008, at
HKraNKIta: tju.u stores ciomoina atyie,
comfort and eoocomy. All new pro
' ducUoes. CtO
Loans Honey
other to Anyone opening a
It Saves
Paying Twice
always a Receipt.
to Send Money lo Foreign
Savings Account Now.
Display for Men
hav w-.hnw imi.-Ii a Urifi i-k nf lllilll
pri-juntiii fur 1 lil ti'iili. titUy hikI
woiihv of Hi" niiciiiiuii m i.vt-iv nn in.
the unwary.
will agree to repaint, at liis own expense
that proves defective.
perfectly satisfied with it, and recommend
Time Card In Effect June 21st, 1903.
i In
as K
a. -OO K
M SS 9
8 IV
,1154 i oTAr
ll(l M IJ SS
.1 a,iu,ii ..1.1
llancjck . "
V 1 tnj
1! Ill i 09
H3a 12,1
SISl 1.15
10. WIS SO
I01IMS10 '
. Htarllitlit....
rrcstoa Park "
..Wlnwond . "
..t'oyotelle.. "
..ursou ... "
rieasant.Mt "
.. llalonalate.. "
.Knrcat city. "
f rb'naale yd
t'arbondalc. "
White llrliliB "
alajtleln Yd. "
Jerinyli . 11
... Wlnton. "
Peckvlllo '
oirphant "
. .IilckHon. . "
.. . Throop "
Prorldenoe.. "
Park Place "
a ar,
9 ana
SMIlS-i '
C3J11S9 '
9 an 11 no
9 IS II 31 '
a t c
p 1911119 '
ij t'.n ii,
1011 10 ;
SOailei '
8 r.n 10 1'J a
8SSI0M '
t07 '
mjioii 1
8 SaflO 411 1
S 9-1 10 33 1
Bnjioat '
sanoss 1
4U1 I.&0
iVw 'r r.f
1 li CO!
1 1 17 s (hi:
I 41J 6I'
in n 19
127 BI7
4 30 f, 2'V,
4 Si. CSi1
4 a'. C '.'5.
4 a:1 6Z7
4 40 G90
u p u
8 9010 SOI.Lr... Kcrantou
1 ai
Additional trains leave C'arootid tie (or Mae.
flsld Yard at n so a m dally, and 9.1h p m dally
except Hunday. Additional trains leuio Ma.
netd Yard rir Oarbondale 0 38 a 111 dally and ft 2.1
p. la. dally except uunday.
J, C, AanaBaiiK, J, K, Wsl.an,
Traffic Manai-r. TraTellnir Aircnt,
M Heaver Ht New York, Hcrantou, Pa,
or THI
Honesdale, Wayne Co., 1'su,
At the close ot business, May 19. 1808.
Iteserve lund,
Caab, specie and notes iu,7M iu
Legal securities 45,0al 00
Due from approved
reserve axent VM.m 44-f.'W,49j GO
Checks and Cash Items 1.40810
Due from Banks and Trust Co's,
uoi reserve atcents i,,ajij jo
Bills discounted not due 's,jl at
Bills discounted overalue proles
ted and not protested. ...none
Bills discounted, time loans wilh
collateral 41,700 00
Loans on call wltb collateral.... M.T,! no
Loans ou call upou oue or more
names a,iuu uu
Loans scoured by bonds and
morlKSges 20,300 00
Investment secmlties owned ex
clusive ol reserve bonds, viz 1
Stocks, honds.clo., 11,80.1,415 tat
Mortgages and
judgments ot ree'd 178,lx9 21- l,9il,h.v; OS
Ileal ealate 3.1,000 00
Furniture and fixtures 2.000 00
Overdrafts 3 86
Miscellaneous Assets 400 00
t7.S2,3l7 78
Capital Stock paid in SIOO.OOO 00
Surplus fund ?.ao,UOO 00
unumuea I'ronts, less Kxpenaes
and Taxes nald C9.M 30
Deposits subject to
uneua ...s liM.wj w
nnnA.lt- ...unlal l IU1V till U
lime ceriincans 01
deposits l.nis 78
Certified Checks.... 074 7J
Cashier's checks out
standing 299 tU-2,197,087 41
Due to tbe Commonwealth 2&,000 00
Due to banks and bankers not
reserve agents C01 07
t2,Oiil,S17 78
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ts.
I, II. Boott Salmon, Cashier of tbe above
named Company do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief,
(Signed,) II S. SALMON. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me-this
22d day of May, 1908.
ISIgned.) ROBERT A. SMITH, N. 1.
Notarial Seal.
Correct Attest 1
(Signed.) U. O. HAND, )
ISIgned,) II, J. CONOER, V Directors,
(ilgned,) K. P. KIMULK, )
It will pay you to call at the
finely equipped
II South Main St.,
Tbere Is one preparation known to-day
that will promptly help Ibe stomach. Tuas
Is Kodol. Kodol digests all classes of food,
and It does It thoroughly, so that the use 01
Kodol for a time will without doubt help
anyone who has stomach trouble. Take
Kodol to-day aud continue II for the alio r I
time that It necessary to aire you u-irniilele
CilCIt aTJaVlsvajWI salax J V -

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