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LOST Id or near Hooodd. on Sunday,
Inn IKth rMrhnnrtfllft HofUllml CUM Tin.
Finder will please leare It at Tnr Cmzr
All nrllcf BulliJT are hereby nolB
that blJi will pe receive! at p "-"""?
latifV ollm Hondl. until iv a. jj.
r.au. un it ian. for the .coniirui!
tion or ciitiorete- abutmsnu. makine the
nil and ewtlnx an Iron urUce over the
i r-k IbatcrnMei thiroad near too otu'e
of J .m Iifimh. Silin townihlp. on the
rosd from Ariel tn Ledeedale. Iron now on
lue around. I'lamanl ipoltl-ationi may
i.e mpn hi inn i.uinui ntvuci -
JLVT IlECKlVfill A carload of ll?bt
ai.rt bavy lumlter wasons wnn nir-""-
It. BAT-
wine lire. m Ffn j ir
TIN Waymarl, I'a.
FnnHALE-A fwond hand phaeton. In pood
rmiditlon. Inquire at No. 3"? fifteenth
itreet. Honeidaie.
A floe amorlmpm of Sown Doom and
Window tk-wnai u. wain
Ileal crude of Portland Cement and Hewer
Pipe at 0. Watti'l. u
WALL I'AI'KIl, liorden nd artlitlc dee
orat'on. In treat variety, and of the latest
pallerm. I'nlntine an( iwiier hanclne In
the belt nyle. JOHN OKItltV. 12.7 ly
lu rry Vltuv.
Personal and Impersonal.
Header of Tne Crrizes, doos your
copy have a penny stamp attached I If
ho, it denotes that you aro in arrears
for a year or moro. Kindly remit bal
once due, and th 1 1 the pootal laws will
permit us to omit the stamp.
3 jo. W. K-iinp. tho wall-kaown
Erie cjadur-or, bt! sill nil n;a. sad
hindsoms rcildensi io Eut Hjaesiala,
to Mm. Ebaaba'.h Dirbii of thtt tin a.
Coastdera'.ion, private Mr. Kaapp and
family aro soon to remove to Koroell,
K. Y.
.V laro bilboa pHiii over Uoaos
dab las', rfjadiy aftcraioa, at a great
heiebt anl eiine rapidly north. It was
thought to bj occupiod.
Pennsylvania now his .113 miles
of Stato roads in operation, and 325
more mile-) under contract or noarly
Olypbant it to have an "Old Home
Week" from Sept. ?tb to tbo Htb, to
celcbrato tbo Suth anniversary of coal
shipment from that lively town. The
Uoneedalo Fire Department, Alert liook
and Liddcr Co., of East Uoneedalo, and
Texas No. 4 Chemical Engine Co. will
niiririnntn in the pmAt narAde no Thurn-
nr. rteriL. uiLn.
A neighboring exchange says :
The editor of a country paper received
tho following query: "Can you tell me
what the weather will be next month I"
In reply ho wrote, "It is my belief that
the weather next month will be very
much liko your subscription." The in
quirer wondered for an hour what the
editor was driving at, wnon no happen
ol to think of tbe word "unsettled."
Ho went in tho next day and squared
bis account.
Tho National Encampment of the
O. A. R. will bo beld at Toledo, Ohio,
from August 31st to September Sth.
Tickets from Honcsdolo, via Srio, to
Uuffalo, and thenca by boat to Toledo,
and return, tit 80; all rail toTolodoand
return, (17 70. For sale on and after
Friday, Auc 28th.
Joseph Yarns, aged 26, of Farno,
Clinton township, was, Inst Friday,
committed to tho county jail by Justice
of the Peace. Hobert A. Smith, of this
borough. Tbo prisoner, who w.n mar
ried flvo years ago, appears to have
mado an unsatisfactory choice in bis
selection of a wifo, and about four years
ago tbo pair aspirated. Eveotually th;
young man returned to the noma of bis
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jam 33 W. Yarns,
who livo on "The Island" in While Oik
pood, CUntoo township. For somo
timo, according to tho statement of the
family, m has basa ehiwiog signs of a
disorders J mini, uad o.viday las; wojk,
taking xpecial umbrage at a neighbor
ing farmir who hud bucu en.igaJ to do
some work on the placa, be picked up a
pet trick cat, and apparently imigintnz
that ba had tho obnoxious enemy in his
clutches, toro tbe poor beast asunder.
Tho next day, it is alleged, he told bis
mother that in his opinion it was time
for bis father to dio also, and that he
ought to ba treated similarly to the cat
The elder Mr. Yarns then sought tbo
alvicoc f Dr. II. C Noble, of Wnymart,
.and o tills eugeoslhn the young man
was brought tn lionnsdale on Friday,
with a viow to tbs oxecution of tbe pa
pers necessary to securo bis admission
to an iusano asylum. lie was taken
beforo tbe justice, but some question
arising as to tbe legal courso of proced
ure io such caeoa, no formal complaint
was made; but, on tbe personal state
ments of tho parties interested, he was
sent to tbo county jail for restraint and
safe keeping. On Monday morning Dr.
Nobloand poormaster V. W. Hopkins,
with the father of tho young man, came
to Uoneedalo expecting to secure his
immediate release and removal to an in
Sino hospital on tho certificates of two
physicians and tbe concurrence of tbe
Clinton township poor board. Thetr
application was denied, howevor, the
eberifl being instructed by counsel that
nothing further could bo done until tbe
roiuru w iuwq ui juogo t'uray, ana toe
action of a committeo tie lunatico in
quirendo appointed by bim. This view
is vigorously contested by Dr. Noble
and others interested in the case, who
contend that tho young man, not being
charged with any criminal offense, can
not lawfully bo confined in the county
jail merely because of a disordered mind,
Ififcul should bo sent to an institution
where he, can ba properly treated.
JjhtiKuJJy ofcrnt'r whilo fish
ing lu LtUo Henry, at il . iwood, last
Friday, was fortunate enough to cap
ture a Liko Erio catfish that was thirty
two inches in length and weigbod six
teen and one-quarter pounds.
Tbe real estate of the late Clifford
L. Chapman, late of S)uth Canaan,
comprising a dwelling, birn and sixty-
seven acres of land, was sold at or
pbaaa' court sale, Aug. Htb, to Frank
B and Marian Jooej. coaaidaratioo,
If Lyman H. Howe's Lifeorama, to
be seen in tbo Ly rio Theatre on Wednee
day, Aug. 20, 193, bad nothing clso to
rocommend it, there would bo nttrac
tion all eufllcicnt in its variety. Under
his guidanco the audienco is taken on a
marvelous and exceedingly interesting
sight Bociug trip, ombraciog a visit to
Naples, Kome, bistorio India, and ado
ligbtful tour through Savoy, France.
Expert Australian axmon and rough
riders contribute a stirring picture of
strenuous Hie in tno anupoars, ana uc
een tbe moro serious and instructive
many of a really comic nature
. - . L ....... i .1 I . V.
and old. iso gallery sale. All
li rcsorved.
A most unpopular off! cer la Ocncrol j
Humidity. Under his rule men rwi as
rags. Women refuw to wear corsets
and much lingerie Childran are cross
and unwilling. Cits stretch Hit out oa
tbo floor and refusj to move. Dogs
gasp and pint in tho shade, refusing
even to follow a butcher wagon, ine
pUoo won't play. The doors won't
close. Tbe potatoes won't boil mealy.
Too bread gets wet. The crisp pretxels
are as dough. Th shales refuse to roll
up. The newspipjrs ara dimp. Print
ers' rollers won't takciak. Horses droop.
Fishand msit'ooilina few hours. The
postman is lata. The policemtn never
shows ud. Tbe windows stick. Tbe
typewriter ribbin blurs. The siws rust.
All the carpenter tools are dull. Noth
ing wantato do as natur.i intn lei it
Wherefore and why is Qjnornt Humid
ity! Whito Haven has n biroagh ordi
nance restricting automobiles to a speed
not exceeding six miles an hour, unicr
heavy pamlty, and it fines are not p.iid
within forty eight hours ten days' im
prisonment is added, with confiscation
of auto until all claims are settled
Uonoslalo's spoed limit is much more
liberal, but generous as it ts it is with
out doubt frequently exco-jiad. That
arrests for violation) of tha local ordi
nance have not already bacn mtde ii-
duetothe difficulty of filing tbe cxtct
rato at which tbo machines are travel,
inz without msisurel aai mirkai dic
ta new bsing established, within which
ibierratiansmiy ba mils. Toil troublu
my b) remittal, howarar, ani who )
il is, reaklast driver-i miy expje. to
take thscoasiq jencasof thiir durcrJ
of the borough laws.
A well writton article occompiny-
iog a picture of Hugh A. I.tocastcr in
tbe IIcniM of August II h, states tbt
Mr. Lancaster's father, ItizharJ Lin-
caster, after filling nearly every elec
tion offlCQ in Wayne county, was ntxt
elected a member of the S'.ato L?gila
turo at narrisburg, wbcro be served
over four years." This, if true, is news
to moat Way no county people Thomas
J.llubb.-ll was the meml-or for this coun
ty io ltil. and F. M. Crane in tsit. Mr.
Lincastcr's tctm coming between, could
only hava ben fjr ooa ycir, that of
IbVZ. With tbo exception of bis term
as eherid. beginning in 1SI0, we hare
uu knowledgo that Iiicbard Lincistcr
ever held any other office than that of
it-preecntulivc. It was his official rec
ord as sheriff that it was deemed boAt to
have legalized by an act of the Logislu-
Like Como is Qllod with summer
gunsts, and city people arc turned away
every day. Tbe greater proportion ol
tha many large lakes in Wayne county
are destined to becomo great resorts for
plei-uro seekers.
The Dal. and Hui C). is now opar-
tting mechanical elate pickers in sev
eral of its collieries in and near Wilkes-
Barre. Oi.e of tbs machines with
twelve boys does tho work of 300 ooys.
rnousaof these pickers will doubtless
be extended to alt the other collieries nf
this company, as well as other corpora
tions, the invontion proving a success.
Thero will bo a large apple crop in
Wayne county, Ibis fall, and this re
minis us thit Pennsylvania stands sac
ond in tbe list of States growing apples.
Harold Kranli, son of Mr. and Mrs.
deary Krantr, of Cirbondile. slipped
ill fell oa tha siiawalk near hU boma.
oa faursdaylist, and sustained a broken
The SS'.h annuil parade and inspac
tioa of tbe iloaeslalo Fire Dapirtmaot
rill take plao oa Thurslay, A'U. 27th,
with Alert Hook and Ltdder C and
Cexaa No. -1 Caemical Co. as guas'.s. The
lloucslalo Hand and the Mtple City
Dram Corps will furnish music for tbe
parade in tho morniog, and Sinner's
rchestra for the picnic and dance in
BjU'vua Park during tho afternoon and
Tno first annual re-uaioa of the
Olvur family will b bald in tha grove o!
Alfred U OUcr, E m Placa. on Friday,
Aug. 2sth.
Officer Canivan has relieved tbe
community of eleven worthless curs
during the puet week.
The Bhoam-ikers' exauraiou from
Uonesdate to Like Lodoro, on Tu csd&y,
was well patronizad, no loss than 1,1'J5
tickets being sold at tho union station.
From the Scrantoo Tribuoo of Aug-
'While it is comptratively recantly
the weather observation station was es
tablished in this city md tbo paoplo of
Saranton have beou furnished with ac
curate data concerning tbe woather, the
liltlo town ol Ui berry, la Wayne coun
ty, bus for forty-eight yoars b;ua sup
plied wun mis iniormation through tae
instrumentality of Theodore Day. one
of its public spirited citizans. For al
most ball a century ur uay has care
fully observed the cbangos in tempera
turo, measured tbe ratufall and gaugod
tbe wind at Dyberry. At the outset bis
own sitisfaction inspired Mr. Day to
perform these duties. Later he was
encouraged by tbo weather bureau and
appointed quasi weather observer. All
these years Mr. Day has kept a careful
record ol his observations and he is now
able to ascertain at a momodt's notice
extctlywnat the temperature was on
any specified day forty-eight years ago
Every month tbe Honeslalo papers pub
lish tbo summiry of his oosorvations
for tba preceding month. Mr. Diy is
now well advancai in years, but bis
weather observations continue to inter
est htm just ax they did when be began
them while a young man.
Owing to tho tremendous demands
tho fund for tbo pamenl of bounties
upon tha scalps of noxious animals ap
propriated by the Lgislaturo of V.M7,
has been exhausted in only one-half tho
time which tho sum was expected to
cover. Last week Auditor ucneral
Young was confronted with bills
amounting to 22,U7U and found but
12,347 remaining in tho iW.OOO fund.
and tbe bills from forty-throe counties
bad to ba pro-rated, each county receiv
ing 10 and a fraction per cent. Tbo ap
propriation made last year was f50 (KM,
of which (1 was ofleroi for a wildcat,
(2 for a fox and f 1 ouch for minks and
weasols. Thero was a tremendous rush
for tbe money from almost ovory coun
ty and ono man named Qwopo, living
in Huntingdon, roceived 1, 50u at one
time. In other counties hunters turned
in and mado a good living hunting
down tbe proscribed animals. Tho
Legislature fixed January and June as
the time for turniog in tbe scalps and
when tbo payments were made for tbe
first month of Ibis year they vory near
ly exhausted tho fund. Tbo bills turn
ed in by counties cannot be paid in full,
only 10 per cent, being allowed, and
they will have to look to tbe next Leg
islature for reimbursement. It a bill is
passed to meet tbe deficiency, (100,000
will bo recommended for tbe purpose,
Mrs. Margaret (Murray) Leonard,
widow o! Micbaet L-ooard. who met his
death four years ago by falling from a
load of hay, ended her life on Wednes
day morning of last week, August 12th,
by swallowing two ounces of carbolic
acid, at ber home in Canaan township,
n short distance from the outlet of Lake
Lodoro. Mrs. Leonard retired at her
usual hour on Tuesday evening, but in
a very despondent mood. In the early
hours of the day she had eoemcd more
than ordinarily bright and hopeful, but
in the afternoon became depressed, and
told other members of tbe household
that she "could not live longer." Aa.
as had often declared that ber life was
not worth living no particular woight
was given to ber words on this occasion
but when ber daughter Mary arose in
the morning, Mrs. Leonard was found
lying dead on a couch in the sitting
room, an emDtv carbolic acid bottle
clearly indicating the means adopted
for nutting an end to ber life. The
poison bad been purchased for tbe prep
aration of a wash to keep Dice from at."
noy iog the cattle, and bod been in tbe
bouse for some time. Tbe suicide bad
been afilicted with a acinous stomach
trouble for some years, and bad beeu
treated br different physicians with but
little relief. To case herself of some of
the burdens of life she sold her farm
shortly after the death of ber husband
for t3,3"U, investing a portion of the
proceeds in a smaller place, located far
ther in the woods. She soon repented
of tbo change, and fcllintoamelancholj
inood, which was no doubt agravated
by her ph steal ailmect, and resulting
fiddly in such mental derangement as
t o lead ber to self-destruction. Uaroner
Dr. U. IS. Scarlce, who woe summoned
after learning tbo circumstances attend
ing tbe death of Mrs. Leonard, decided
that an icauest was unnecessary. The
unfortunate lady was a natwe of Cherry
Kidge township, and ber forty-eight
years of life were spent there and in
Canaan, where she was beld in tbe high,
est respect. At the ago of eighteen she
was married to Michael Leonard, and
and has left a family of five children.
Mrs. Elizahctb Collins, of Carbondale
Katberino, of Hooesdale, and Mary,
Margaret and John at home. She is alto
survived by ber mother, Mrs. Hugh
Murray, a brother, John, end three sin
ters. Mary, Kate, and Mrs. Joseph Mor
gan, of Cherry Ridge. The funeral
sert i cos wcro beld on Friday last.
A saw mill owned by W. J. Cobb,
and located Bomo two miles from naw-
ley, was destroyed by Ore on tbe night
of the 12;h, together with a quantity of
lumber and mine props, catching in
somo unknown manner. There was a
small Insurance.
Thursday lost was tbe twentieth an
niversary of tbe big Erie wreck, a short
iisUneo west of Sboholo, which oc-
cuned on Monday, August 13, 1883
Owiag to heavy rains a landslide baa
taken place, covering tbe track with
aarth and rocks. Train 64, an east-
oou-id freight, ran into the mass, the
engine being thrown over on to the
ves -bound track and four cars being
wrecked. No. 3, the west-bound express,
was nearly due at that point and a brake-
man of tbe wrecked train took a lantern
and tried to signal the flyer, but was too
late. No. 30 engine ran into the loco
motive of No. 84, and then rolled down
the eighty feet embankment to tbe
river's edgo, followed by a stock car,
: mtaiuiog seven toenBno running horses
oelooging to Fred. Qebbardt and Mrs.
Lanlry, "tho Jersey Lily," a baggage
car, mail car, smoker ana one day
coach. Five passenger cars, including
thtea Pullmans, remained on the track.
The cars which went down tbe bank
took Ore, and the passengers were res
cued with great difficulty, about forty
being injured. John Kiosilla, engineer
of No. 3, was scalded about tbe face,
and Alexander Newman was killed.
Nine trainmen and other employees on
No.-3 were injured. Of the crew of No.
S4, Engineer M. F. Fritz, who now lives
io Uonosdale, and runs trains 30 and
1 1 r. botween this place and Port Jervie,
was injured about tbo bead and face;
fireman Uagan had both arms broken,
and conductor Long's back was injured.
All of tho horses, estimated to bo wortb
(3M ooii, were burned to death or badly
iojurcl with the exception of two. Some
of tho most seriously iojurod among the
passengers and trainmen were taken
over tbo river to Barryville for treat
ment, but most of them were removod
to Port Jervis hospitals.
TheSaranton baso ball team, which
thus far for tbo season had bell the
leading position in club standing in tho
Naw York Stato League, was reduced
to escond placa on Wednesday of last
week, Binghamton becoming tbe top
nolcbers, their percentage now being
iiingbamton, COS; Scran ton, C
-Every malo citizan who is other
wise qualified to vote must be register
ed on one of tbe fall registration days.
Vnouo days aro Tuosday, Sept. 1st; Tuoe
d ty, Sept. 15th, and Saturday, Oct.
IT'.h. Tha voters should bear these
dates in mind. No man can vote at tbe
Presidential election unless bo shall be
ri'gisloredthis fall, no matter how often
ba has been registered in tbo pas'.
Every voter must register at least once
a year, and tbe timo for registering is
i,i tba fall. As ovcry voter will want
to take part in tbo Presidential cloction
a mental note should bo made of thoeo
important dates.
Au exchange advocates a plan
whereby tbo young ladies attending
chjr.-h in tho oveaini c a rogistar their
iitmosiotha cluiroh vestibulo, so that
tha youns man wiunram tha haoilof
lingariui? arouai tbo church doar can
an whalner or not their best girl is
present and thus sat a troubled brain at
rest. Too plan would undoubtedly bo
a groit convenience.
It cists tha Matholist Episcopal
church about tis.Oon.Otij annually in
tba United State for its preaching and
suparintaadanca, this including about
(CoO.000 that is pud to superannuate!
Something over 3,000 tuberculosis
pitients are now beiog treated at tbo
various free county dispensaries in
Pennsylvania, according to tho report
of tho Stato board of hoalth.
It was thirty years ago Aug. 13,
11)118, that Lackawanna, tho youngest
ot tho counties in rannsylvania was
orgaoizad. It cirtainly has not proved
an uolucky 13 in this instance, as it is
rapidly advancing in wealth and pros
perity, in all lines of business.
Conrad Millor has purchased a lot
ot the estate ot John Torrey, 50 by 125
feet, on Spring street, with the expects
tion ot erecting a dwelling on it at an
curly J a to. Consideration, f3o0.
Tho Shoemakers' outing on Tuesday
last was the complete success which the
parade and open air band concert of
Monday evening foreshadowed. Tbe
weather was charming throughout tbe
entire day, and notwithstanding the
immense crowds attending the excur
ion to Lake Lodoro and participating
in tbe various enjoyments of that pop
ular resort, not a mishap occurred to
mar the pleasure of a single Individual.
Thanks to the copious shower of a few
days previous, tbe interdiction as to the
use of fireworks during tbe parado was
removod, and the ehowy turnout of
onioo members, enlivened by the fine
music of tbe Hooesdale band and Maple
City dram corpe, was made brilliant by
tbe constant blaze of red light and an
incessant discbarge ot roman candle.
The concert in Union Depot Park, after
the parade, attracted one of tbe largest
open air crowds ever men in Hooesdale,
and tbe immense audience testified to
their appreciation of the fine music by
abundant applause. Tbe band, under
the baton of Conductor Wagner, never
played better, and tbe vocal trio, Messrs
Jones, Jenkins and Bodie, rendered
several selections most acceptably. The
excursion train oa Tuesday took many
hundreds ot our townspeople to Lake
Lodoro, and the crowd there was large
ly augmented by parties from Carbon-
dale and farther down tbe valley. On
tho grounds there were abundant di
versions to suit every taste, from s
Janes in tbo grand pavilion to a barge
ride on the beautiful lake, and choice
refreshment, prepared by tbo Ladies'
Label League, were supplied in ample
quantities. Tbe last excursion train.
which left tbe lake shortly after seven
o'clock, brought everybody safely home.
out itself met with a slight mishap
when the locomotive bad just passed
tbe Ddrlaod-rhompaoo factory near tbe
lapot. In taking tbs switch for the
station, tba front truck aad drivers of
tbe engine left the track, and tba train
of seventeen passenger cars, though
uoving very slowly, was brought to
suchaiulden standstill as to (rive the
passengers a decided shake up and
create a miniature panic, with no bad
results, however.
A barn on tbe farm ot Henry Mil
ler, near tbe outlet of Laka Ariel, was
struck by lightning on Thursday even-
ng of last week, and destroyed by tbe
ensuing fire. Tbe toss aggregates tl,-.
Mi. Insurance 50u on building and
(300 on contents fn tbe Wayne County
Farmers Mutual.
A section ot tbe stump of a poplar
tree two.fcet in circumference, felled by
bo beaver colony at Crooked Creek,
tn be seen at tbe store of P. McGrana-
nao, corner ot Main and Sixth streets.
Tho Dandy Dixie Minstrels at tbe
yric Theatre on Tuesday evening.
V'lf . 2Stb. Tha Dandy Dixio Minstrels
jmprises thirty stars ot tbe black face
ri baidci by "Liugbing Limir :'
Villiams and Stevens, sketch team and
tn iracter dolineators; Prince, the mjst
eisatile of all colored performers, skill
J in manipulating hoops, walking
virea, magic, and a great trombone
"irtuoso; Montrose Douglass, champion
ruk bicyclist; Jim Crosby, tbe elon
i tied comedian and eccentric dancer;
lljJdy Jonee, a piccaninny dancing
marvel; Sammy Davis, a soft shoe
dancing champion; the Dixie Rangers
Qjirtetteta superb orchestra and tho
famous Cotton Picker Bond under tbe
leadership of 8. H. Dudley the Black
Jreatore. Tho first part is replete with
ha latest and s woo teat ot songs and
ballads mingled with tba old time
sjr-gs ot tbe South and dances such as
an be rendered only by the real darky.
fn :re are 10 features acts in tbe olio
an 1 the screamingly funny after piece,
A Fowl Deed."
- Quite the most pretentious aggre
gation ot colored performers will be
sot n with tbe "Dandy Dixie Minstrels"
at tbe Lyric Theatre on Tuesday even
ing, Aug. 25th. Besides "Laughing
La nar," whose inimitable monologue
and parodies entertained thousands ot
theatre-goer on the New York Boot
Garden last summer, tbe Dandy Dixie
Mimstrels offer an olio of specially en
gaged novelties, a first part ot stunning
spectacular effects, an afterpiece of
furiously funny farce "A Fowl Deed"
and tho famous matchless Minstrel
Musician, "The Cotton Pickers' Band."
Traveling in their $20,000 Pullman Pal
ace. Car, this magnificent melange of
minstrelsy will tour the world, after
visiting every important city of the
United States and Canada.
letters uncalled for in the Hooes
dale post office:
Wm. O. Hall. Miss Margaret Healev.
Mrs. 0. T. Prass. William Bchultz. Joe
Splarman, Harold S. Semanous, Mr.
w. 13. Scbaner.
"Babes in Toyland" will be tbe at
traction at The Lyric Theatre, on Wed
nesday evening, Sept. 2d. Prcos notice
next week.
The re union otthe 144th Now York
Volunteers, or better known as tbe
'Ellsworth Avengers," will bo held at
Downsville, Del. Co., N. Y., on Tburs-
diy, Sept. lotb. Wayne county bad a
nu Tiber ot men in this regiment, who
were recruited in tbe northorn town
ships, and who are still residents ot
this section.
Thirteen automobile are now owned
an i operated by Hooesdaler.
Ml.i Emma Tatteraon and lira. Fannlo
F, He Will, are at Atbury 1'artt.
Mlw Klla Bommer, of Newark, N. J.,
U tu puot of Mini Ktla Xieln-u.
Ur. and lit.. Willard J. tllrdial! are en-
jo)HK InetuieWei at Atlmry Park.
Mm Mary lliirglui, ot lioneadale, It be-
iiii; entertained uy Bcranton friendi.
-Mim Ueitle Clanoy, of Port Jervli, li
IioIiik entertained by uoneelale relative
llui Wilhelmlna Llnderman, of Port
Jervlt, i tbe cutut of Uonetdale relatives.
3. I). Wheeler and family, of Jersey
City, are paulng tbe summer at Beach
UIm Hutu Trelble, of Nanlluoke, I
vImIIde ber aunt, Mr. II. WiUon, ot Htb
Mm Irene Baxliou, ot Hawley, it villi-
lim UUi Helen (akb, ot Sautb Cbun-li
Mlu Madeline McDonald, of Carbon
dale, li paatiug tuil week with Uonetdale
-Mm C. Lillian Baker, ot New York
city, It the gueit ot ber aunt, Mr. E. A.
Mlu Dora at, Conger left yeiterday for
vim of two weekt at Ilarwlonport, Maua
chuicttt. alra. Franz Voltler and two children, of
nth ttreet, are at Beaob Lake for a rest of
two weekt.
Thoi. A. lluddy and family, of Scran-
ton, who occupied a cottage at Lake Henry
Maplewood, for a week, returned home
latt Saturday.
Mrt. Cnai. E. Downing anl children, of
Carbondale, will pan the coining two weeks
Bt Beach Lake.
Ilr. and Mrs. C 0. Fault, of Seracton,
are pawing their vacation of teveral weeki
at Lake Poyntelle.
Mr. and tlra. Wm. T. Moore were the
gueiti ot Mr. and Mri. II. T. Jaekiou. of
Carbondale, but Sunday.
UIm Harriet Secor and niece. Mm Mabel
O. Secor, spent Saturday and Sunday with
flleodt In Carbondale.
-Mrs. W. T. Becker, of Foteil Hill, N. J.
Il a gueit at the borne ot Mrt. C IL Brady
of North Main ttreet.
Mr. and lire. Claude Olver and daueu
ter, of Carbondale, are at Beach Lake, for
an outing ot two weekt.
Mr. and Mri. J. Samuel Brown, of Kait
street, were gnetta ot fnendt in Scranton,
last Saturday and Sunday.
Mlu EtUe G. Fuertb returned on Satur
day latt from a week't fcjourn with Scran
ton and Wilkei-Barre friendi.
Mr. aod Mrt. George S. Spettlcue, of
Wllkea-Barre, are Tintlnp relatives anl
friends In Uoneadale, thli week.
Mr. and Mrt. Martin Cauneld. of Wl
Park ttreet, went to Philadelphia, ls-t week
for an outing of alout a week.
Hon. John Kuhbach entertained hli fel
low director! of the Farmer' and Meehan
let' Bank, with a banquet, but Tuerday
Mr. and Mr. Horace T. Meuner and son.
and Mill Jewle Hoffecker, of Peckvllle, ai
nam! DC a portion ot the heated term at
Beach Lake.
John Judge, and many other Scran
tonlaui. are paulne their vacation at Like
Como, the Mit.ea Mary Healey an 1 Mary
Man Included.
Patrick J. Weir, one of Hnnll
eOU-ient postmen, and family, left j.-Iit-
day, for a villi of three Week! with New
York city relative!.
Mrt. Joaephiue Yarrlncton. of Dundnfi,
who baa been viiiting her nttere, Mri. J
W. Ltndray, and Mri. Kmma (i. Sccnr, re
turned bomelait Friday.
Mr. and Mri. Charles L. Banett, of R-mt
ttreet, left for New fork Ibli mornlus, for
a vim with the latter'! inter, Mrs. Win II
Coleman, at N ack, N. V.
Mrt. B. W. Filcn, of hat treei, I. nter-
talningMra. Jamn Barlonand tx-urluldieii.
ot Scranton. Mra, Barton a fonui My Mirr
Ada ernooy, ot uoneedale.
Hart Moore, of Liberty, N. Y hai re
cently become a reiident ot Siarllcht,
Buckingham towniblp, where be will fol
low nil trade, blackimithlui;.
Bev. George it. Merrill, a former pai lor
of tbe Presbyterian church, of Bethany, ir
now in charee of a nouriiblug church of the
tame denomination at Oxford, N. J.
David 1). Sampson, of Starucca, ha
been granted an increase of bit pennon
from 114 to HO per month He served as u
private in the IWth N. Y. Volunteer!.
Mis Katie Perittl ana two younger fil
ters, and Mlai Frances Lerrit, are guests at
tbe home of Mitt Peritti't uncle and aunt.
Mr. and Mrt. Antonio Barbleri, of Main it.
Born, to Mr. and Mrt, Harry L. lien-
ville, at tbe M. . partonage. South Canaan,
Aug. 6, 1 DOS, a daughter. She was gladly
welcomed and will remain a permanent
Mitaet Angle and Mae Flnerty, ol Noith
Main ttreet, left lait Saturday mormni; foi
a pleoturo trip to Lake Ueorge and Sura
toga MpriuKi, expecting lo be absent about
ten dayt.
Mm Ida K. Barnes lelt last Saturdu
mornins for Westport. N. Y., for a vacaiioi.
f two weekt with her Irieud, Mrs. IS J
Wormau, formerly Miss Ami Atklnou. i
Bev. W. H. Hitler, of the Hooesdale M
. oburcb, was one of the preachers at Ihi
Dimock Camp Meeting, on Sjaday last, Au
KUit Htb. Tbe meetings close this, Thurs
day evening.
Captain Thomas William, of tbe Serau
ton polloe force, and family, are campiu
out at Lake Ariel. Misses Marion Craue
and Edna Stone, of the same city, are aUo
at Lake Ariel.
Mist Marlon A. Ilomaln, of East street.
li tbe guest of ber aunt, Mrs. Wm. Ilomaln,
of Port Jervli. She will return home on
Monday with ber brother, Iluisell E., who
bu alio been visiting hit aunt for a fen
Warren K. Dimock, of Brooklyn, N. Y..
who came lo Ho nesdale, tome three weeks
ago, for a Titlt with his family, was strick
en with paralysis last Thursday, his whole
left tide being badly affected. He is also
Mrt. W. a Norris, of Wllhmantle. Conn.t
who hat been on a visit to her parents. Mr
and Mr. Jamea B. Keen, of Keene. was
Joined by her dausbter and husDand, Mr.
and Mra. Elmer Speer, of Unionville. Conn.,
on Saturday latt.
a. Z. Russell, who was so badly Injured.
a few weeks ago, by beina thrown from Ins
nurse, is now able to tit up tor a brief sea
ton dally. He la being carsd for by two
Iturses, sisters, one looking after him In the
day time, and the other nlshtt.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamei C. Croisley, of Chi
cago, who have been the guests of the for
mer's father and brother, of tblt place, for
Ibe past two weekt, left this morning for
a short ttay In New York, before returning
to their home in tbe Windy City.
Rev. Sidney Winter, rector of St. Mark's
Episcopal ohurob, Dunmore, is camping
with a company of bis obolr boys and girls
at Lake Ariel. There are nine boys aud
eignt girls In tbe party, the young misses
oeing quartered at the V. W. C. A. cottage.
Lloyd C llosencrans, the manager of
the Pioneer Cut Glass Co., of Carhoudale, Is
at the Emergency Hospital, sick with ty
phoid fever. Hit mother, Mrs. John Roien-
craai, was wllh him Thursday aud Friday.
He hat hoitt of friendi here who hope lor
hli early recovery.
Marcus A.Ooodwlp, of New York tlty,
but a former business man of Honepdale
bat recently beeu In Porto Itico, where be
purchased a large plot of land, with the in
tention ol embarking largely In the grow
ing of pineapples, oranges, lemons, and
other tropical fruits.
Balrd's Lake, In Damacui township, is
fast comiug to tbe front as annum4! resort.
Among tbe gueits there at preseut are
Henry J, Theire, Mrs. Tiieir... Mr. Malvina
Bettner, Miss Dorothy M ' . N'.
ark, N. J., and Mr. and .a io ila.it-
zer, of New York city.
Married, In Ihe M. E. pa-souage, Wilkes-
Barre, Aug. 11, 11KH, by the llev. Curtis
Mogg, Mlsl Maude K Itrhhelu, ilsuehler of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. It-libem, of High
street, to Captain Carl J. Kelley. of Wei
street. They have imny warm psrsoial
friends lu Honeslale who wlshlbeai a loug ,
happy and prosperous married life.
Iter. Dr. Rogers Israel, the popular re
tor of St, Luke't Episcopal church. Hi-ran-ton,
who Is well-known here, arrive i home
on Tuesday evening with bis wife alter
having tpent two monthi in Europe. The
particular object of hit visit wai to attend
the Pan-Anglicau congreii or tits church,
which wai beld in London in June. Fol
lowing that meeting he toured England,
Wales, Ireland, Germany, Holland aud
ExtBhcritf Thomas Medlaud commem
orated tbo elgbty-lhlrd anniversary of Ins
birth on Sunday by a family gathering at
hit borne on 15th tlreet. It wat preceded
on Saturday evening by a banqnet, at whit h
tbegueiti were Mr. and Mrs. CM. Uetz,
Mrt. David Cipperly, ot South Canaan, Mr.
and Mrt T. L. Uedland, of Carbondale,
Mrt. J, B. Siller, ot Elmlra, (a niece ot Mr,
Medland), Mr, and Mrt John Male, of
Cherry Hldge, Dr. and Mrt. F, W. Powell,
and Cbat. F. Spencer. Mr. Medlaud is still
well preserved and vigorous, and bis many
friends wlib him many veart more ot llle
and bapplneti.
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Base Ball.
Ilennio llcnlini; qhould have bad a
no-bit, no-run Rams from Arcbbald on
Sa'.urday, but errors gavo tbo visitors a
serein tb 3 Brat inning lu tbo third
innins they gt dangerously cioso to
loing somo dnrua.i. Fitrpatriclt was
safe oa aa error, Dean fanned, Plana-
baa and M sDjuald by.h drew passes;
but OauRban was not equal to the
)C2asion, and instead ot bringing them
all home, he struck: out, and when Fitz
Patrick attempted to steal home, Mur
phy caught him. Oaly two got to first
base after that.
Uoncsdalo began scoring in the third
Murray walked, Sjaner sacrificed, Sal
mon singled, Weaver tapped to Flana
zhm, who threw Murray out at the
plate; Kupfcr'e single scored Salmon
ind Weaver. In tho fourth Tuman hit
or twj sacks and Hassling duplicated,
icoring Turn aa. Kuptcr bit safely n
j j eighth, Murphy got hit, Gatheil
nail, Tumin hit to McDonald who
,3.-ew Kupfer out at tho plate; Hess
ian's single scored Murphy,
iics.liag struck out 8, gave 3 bases ol
oil!?; Djughor fanned 3, gave one pass
i id bu ono. Uaoosdale had C left on
ases; Arcbbald, 4, Szjto by innings.
It II h
vrchbald 1 0 (I 0 0 (I (Ml 0-1 0 2
Innr-sdale 0 0 2 1 0 0 t) 1 x 1 6 S
Line up;
ca toner
1st base
2d base
31 liasr
ibort stop
left Hold
center "
right "
Vea er,
Mosaic with Nick Mathawson in the
3)i will be tbe attraction on Saturday.
Fr2d. D. Suydam is now manager of
the Honcsdalo team.
Sinco the reorganization of tbe team
July 17, tho lioneadale-White Mills com.
bioation has won all six games played
aad tho first four were shut outs. In
those six gamos Uonosdale made 20
runs on S3 hits and allowed the visitors
only 5 runs on 27 hits.
A Business Education.
A business education has enabled
many people to attain high salaried po
sitions, liookkocping and Shorthand
should bo loarnod in a well-equipped
ecbool. By tho thoroughness of its
courecs and completeness of its equip
ment, too iaccawanna uusiness col
lege has become the largest school of its
kind in this section of tho country.
Over BOO students in attendance last
year. A post card will brine our new
Journal, showing the various new office
appliances used for instruction.
L.KQK, 316 Washington Avenue, Scran
ton, l'a. !Cw2
In Memonam.
MarttifL Jaiih. riniictifnr nf Mr mnA Mra
YrTM Chrlitinn. nf ('Artinnrialo AIaA ini.
-.- , - -- r-
IS, WI4, aped ono year. Inlermt-ut in Promp-
Mrs. Jacob Wassman, a most eslimablo
wi: and mother, died at her residence on
Cliff slritt, on Wednesday lust, August 12,
Iisj-t. aired lis years. Mrs. tVassman, whose
maiden name was Fanny Gaffney, was born
In Ireland, but cuine to America in ber
teen, bhe leaves, besides her husband,
two sons, Henry and Frank, and a daugh
ter, Mary; aUo a sister, Mrs. Susan Kane.
all living In Hor.esjale. Tho funeral ser
vices were beld ut St. Mary Magdalena's
hurth. on Friday morning, when a reuuiem
mass was celebrated, und were followed by
Interment In Ihe German Caluoliu ct mnteiy
Aim vourtiiiiiCARsGooDl-K.ery mai
or Hjiinii sbuuld have, u pmr of good
onoarti. wnicn ara tn- rp. Keep an edge
'I'M cut wen. rn uiiicr Louisiuim
Sisars, with a patent ten-icn screw at
uichiue it icon iliem fuljuolod, uiociej
tj cut wiih. 1'no I'niludelphi I'r i-s is
givi-ig ibeeo Hhe irx prnctioilly lre i
uew subicnbais Tbs eh-jurs rn fight
I cries in length and of the Oest (jualitj
if steel and gua-antced for flvMjrare
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I'.-csJ, 7th and Chestnut streets, I'hiln
dclpbia. -. , : . o- , . l . ,) ..
oit for pels. They must bo splendid
tuiiiiuuiuun iur yuu.
Tomim - Oa. not veri I Tbev don't
eat cuko or jam.
Visitor Why, what has tbal got to
do with UI
Tommy W ell, when tbore sanycake
and j ira misrintr tbev don't get blamed
fcr u.
"Yes," remarked ibe race horse, "all
my achievements bavo been due simply
to pulling my best foot forward."
"Yeel" replied the mule, "now I find
that I accomplish roost by pultiog my
best foot backward."
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menu eommou In bot weatner ean be trao
(d to tbe itoinacti nine time out of Itm.
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MillTilla. N. J bad an official wto
lost hi 'Qiigb tbe excessive ef
ficiency ana . vwlth wbic! bo dis
t barged bis duties. He was t.To town
cog catcher and to msny did bo catch
that In three werka bis fees amounUd
lo $132 75. Now Mills-ills prefers taking;
its chances with bydiophobia.
9f. H. TiiMtoy'
Srasfar Tsrtet
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Auy eieninK hy appolnlmenL
Ollwui' phone sa, iUxildenue, Mo. MX

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