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A dinner will be given in token of re
speot for Hun. Henry May, by some of his many
friends in thin city, on tho 20th mutant.
C7~ The President's Mounted Guard made
a line appearance yesterday. They visited the
country residence of Lieut. Clarke JtfUlf, and
were handsomely entertained.
'Chic Eastern Question in the Pulpit.?
We are informed by a morning paper, that,
"in a highly interesting missionary sermon, at
Wesley Chapel, on Sunday morning, Rev. Dr.
Durbin showed that the war now in progress
between Turkey and Russia had its origin in a
religious policy on tho part of the Czar, who is
apprehensive that1 toleration ' by the Turkish
Government of all Christian creeds may en
oourage a thinking and investigating spirit,
which may extend to tho heart of bis domin
ions, and thus imperil the stability of his em
pire. In other words, that when individuals
shall become enlightened as to their political
and religious rights, they will not be reluctant
to assert them, if need be, by ' weapons' that
are ' carnal' Hence the anxiety of the ' Auto
crat of all the Russias' to secure himself, as far
as practicable, against such a catastrophe."
Senute. January 10, 1854.
On motion of Mr. Cass, the President's mes
sago, communicating correspondence relating
to the affairs of Central America, was post
poned until to-morrow.
The Chair laid before the Senate a comma*
nicaticn from tho Secretary of the Interior,
transmitting a report from Messrs. Gorman
and Young, commissioners appointed to inves
tigate the charges alleged against Alexander
Ramsey, late Superintendent of Indian Affairs
in Minnesota. Referred, and ordered to be
Mr. Fish presented the memorial of H. K.
Brown, praying that he may be allowed to
take certain piccos of condemned brass cannon,
to enable hiin to oast an equestrian statue of
Washington in the city of New York.
Mr. Mallory gave notice of a bill to repeal
the tonnage duty on Spanish vessels.
Mr Seward presented memorials, asking
that an expose may be made of the tax collect
ed on coasting vesi-els under the act ol 1797
Mr. Gwin, from the Committee on Finance,
leported a joint resolution for the relief of
George R. Floyd, late Secretary of Wisconsin
Territory, and his sureties; which, after ex
planation, wa4 passed.
The resolution heretofore submitted by Mr.
Jones, of Tennessee, directing an inquiry wheth
er any change had been made in the plan of
th$ extension of the Capitol, and if so, by what
authority, and whether such change would in
volve any additional expenditure of public mon
ey, was taken up and agreed to.
The resolution submitted yesterday by Mr.
Jones, of Iowa, calling for a statement of the
expenditures made under the appropriations of
1852 for the improvement of Western rivers
and harbors, was taken up, and agreed to.
On motion by Mr. Dawson, it was ordered
that so much of the message of the President
as related to the District of Columbia be refer
red to the Committee on the District of Colum
A message was received from the House of
Representatives, announcing the death of the
H?>n Mr. Muhlenberg, of Pennsylvania; which
whs taken up.
Mr. Rrodhead addressed the Senate in ap
propriate terms upon tho merits of his deceased
friend and colleague, and submitted the ut>ual
resolutions of rcspect.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted,
and the Senate adjourned.
Home of Rrprrsentativen, Jan. 10, 1854.
The Chaplain, He*. Mr. Slicer, delivered an
earnest aiid*impresene praypr, in which ho al
hided in appropriate and affecting terms to t) e
recent death of a member of this body, and to
the beroaved family and friends of the deceased
whot-o hearts bleed under the affliction they
ham experienced.
After the Journal was read?
Mr. Drum, of Pennsylvania, ar.>e and an
nounced the death of his lute colleague, the
Hon. Henry A. Muhlenberg?, whioh ooourred in
thin city at 10 o'cld k on Monday night. Mr.
Drum iqado th'n announcement in ehquent
terms of grief fur the los* of a beloved friend,
and ('f condolence with the bereaved family,
who mourn the sad event. Mr. Drum concluded
by pi eventing a seriei of resolutions, to the
e it ret tlut the House has heard with deep emo
tion the atuount of the death of Mr. Muhlen
berg; that tho House tender to the relatives of
the deceased the a*suranoe of its sympathy in
thin afflicting event; that, as a testimony of
respect to the memory of the decerned, the
in/miters rf the House will wear the usual
badge of mourning for the period <f 30 days;
that the Clerk of tho House be inntfuoted to
communicate a copy of those resolutions to the
family of tho deceased; that a committee of
four numbers be appointed by the Speaker, to
aoeompany tho remains of the deceased to his
late borne, in Berks county. Pennsylvania; and
that, as a further mark of renpent, the House
do now adjourn
Mr Dawson, of Pennsylvania, followed, aid
in a brief speech paid a fooling and earnest
tribnto to the worth of the deceased, who wi.s
cat off from life in the period of early inan
ii< od?being, we believe, but thirty years of
ags?and whoee practical unefulnofs whoso
lit.eral attainments, whose manly energies, and
social virtuin, bad won for him the ardent af
footioos of his familiar friends, and the oonfi
denoe and ro-peot of all
Mr. Straub. of Pennsylvania, ad ire-sod the
House, and npoke at nomo Inngth of the oharae
ter and worth of hin depart* <1 friend and of
his ano?-htry, and their nervines to bin native
State and to bis country, from tho period of
it* early liitt?iry to the prrsent moment.
The resolutions were then adopted, and the
House adjourned.
Nkvv Mttiro.?A letter fr? m Santa Fe to
the Ohio Stale Journal says that there is not a
Protestant Mexioiin in all Now Meiico. There
are four Baptist and two Methodist missiona
ries, each of whom haa a school, but no oon
gregntion The people of the Territory pay no
taxes, and thn Legislature will not tax them
nor will the looal authorities There is, there
lore, not a dollar in tho treasuries?county,
municipal or State?nor any probability of
there being any. There in no jail strong
enongh to bold n prisoner.
Mr. Bayard Taylor in a fine-looking man,
six fnet in height; bin eyes and hair are a light
brown; hin fteard aod moustache are of a
similar color. ? His ago in about 29, and be
look* pveiy il?eh the gentleman and the poet.
John Averv Parker, who lately died in New
Bedford, louring a fortune of over a million of
doilarn. was, when a jonng man, warned out
of tho town of Wontport, lor fear ho would bo
come chargeable to the town.
A California paper gives the following an a
bill of fare at a Chinese restaurant in that oity *
??Cat Cutlet. 2.5 cents; ({riddled Ruts, ft cents;
D.tg Soup, 12 cents; Roast Dog, 18 cents ; Dog
Pie, d cents. Doubtful!
Steamer Yankee Blade,
New Yo?*, Jan. 10, II A. M ?The steam
er Yankee Blade is below, with l.vter news from
Kingston, Jamaica. 1 P M, Yankee Blade
reached wharf; no news of importance.
Conviction of a Murderer.
Akron, Ohio, Jan 10 ? Parks, murderer of
Beauon, has been found guilty of murder in the
first degree.
Riot <it Wheeling.
Baltimore, Jan. 10.?In consequence of the
intended arrival of the Pofie's Nuncio, Bedini,
at Wheeling, ft mob collected around the Ca
thedral, and t-timed the statuary
Snow at Norfolk.
Baltimore, Jan. 10.??The snow at Norfolk
fell on Sunday last six inches deep; line bleigh
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, Jan. 10-12 M.?Flour?sales
of I 000 barrels Howard Street and Baltimore
City M-lls at $7.12>^. Wheat?prime white,
173 to 175 cents; red, 160 to 163 cents?4 000
bushels hold. Corn?Hales of white at 64 to
65 cents: yellow at. 07 cents No change in
other article# usually spoken of in the market.
Baltimore, Jan. 10, 2% p- M.?Sales of
Howard Street flour?fifteen hundred barrels.
Massachusetts Legislature.
Boston, Jan. 10?The Legislature have
elected Washburn, Whig, Governor, and Plnn
kett Lieutenant Governor. The message will
be delivered tc-giOrrow.
New York Markets.
New Vork, Jan. 10.?Flour firm?sales of
5 000 barrels at yesterday's prices W heat
nales of 10 000 bushels of Southern white at
190 oents. Corn?sales of 5,000 bushels of
yellow at 83 cent'. Cotton dull. Stocks de
Senator from Kentucky.
Baltimore, Jan. 10r 2 P. M ? Despatches
i Iroui Fraukfort say that Crittenden will cer
I tainly be elected United states !>enitor to-day.
Loss of Schooncr Rockingham?Later
from Port Praya, Sfc.
New York, Jan. 10 ?The schooner Rock
ingham, with nine hundred barrels of rosin,
from Wilmington, N. C., wan totally burnt
near Boston.
Later advices received IVom Port rraya, to
December 5. Sloop-of war Dale there, await
ing orders. Constitution daily expected. _
Nothing later from steamer San Francisco.
Mayor of Boston.
Boston, Jan. 10 -Dr. J. V. C. Smith w?
elected Mayor of Boston by a majority of 2,000.
He was the independent candidate.
Decatur sent for the San Francisco.
New York, Jan. 10?The Government ves
sel Decatur left to day in search for the San
Donald McKay, the great ship-builder of Bos
ton is 45 years of age, and a Scotchman by
birth. He rose from the humble station of a
day laborer to his present position, by sheer in
dustry and energy.
i: My dear Sir Frederick, take a chair.'' "
couldn't possibly." " Not pressed for time, 1
hope ?" *' No?not for time?but very much
for pantaloons." Sir Frederick had on his
stand-up trousers?*o tight iu the fit that he
could not stoop without producing a denoue
In ten counties of Pennsylvania there arc
2ti3^ron works, and over SI 1.000,000 ot fixed
capital employed in the manufacture.
There are in Philadelphia 28 libraries, with
an aggregate of 238,500 volumes.
If you wish to soil more goods this year than
?ou ever did before, advertise more.
Our companions please us less from the
chaimswe nud in their conversation than trom
those they find in ours.
" Hot Corn" has already netted its author,
Solon Robinson, the *ery handsome sum ot
S8 000, and is yet in tho full tide of a buc^ss
ful run. .
A man residing in Pottofille, while laboring
under a lit of intoxication, on Wednesday last,
d diberstely cut off the nose of Ins little daugh
Died oii the 6th instant, at his refMfance in
Prince George'* county, JVld., Mr. Riciurd
Hy?tt, in tho 70th year of hi* age, foimerly a
merchant of Baltimore.
^ I .ecture l?ef?ire the Metropolitan Me
chanicH' Institute, by Prof. W. J. Whitaker, 011
Wednesday evening next, the 11th irntant, at
the Institute Hall, Parker'* Building, Pennsyl
vania avenue Subject: The Culture of the
Beautiful. The public invited.
Qy A meeting of the Maaonio Fraternity
will be held at the Hall, corner of Tenth and
R etrceta, next Tuesday evening, January 10,
at 71._, o'clock.
g'TOCK and Exohnnge Broker 38 Wall stro.-i, Now
7 York, a member of the New York Sto.^k Kx
change Hoard, will purchase unit well on c >mini*sion
K.f ? |Unrtor of on* per cent) Government ami Sf?t?
Stock*, Railroad and Bank Stocks, Railroad Bond*,
and all other securities usually told al tho Board
Ordwn from abroad rolkitted
Heferenees? I). Kbbetts. Cashier Union Bank ; W.
T. Booker, Cashier Continental Bank, Arthur Tap
pan, K?|, Now York. ' Jan. 10.
th( vmiricD *Tates journal
18 the largest Quarto published in Atnerioa, and
eontains more reading matter than an; $2 Mm;*
cine, prico 25 cent* per annum.
About a year ago. we promi-ed to bestow upon our
subscribers a premium of #1,000 an toon a* their num
ber should reach 100,000 Wo havo also offered pre
miums to the amount of #100. to be divided among
25 person* <ending in the largest number of sahseri
here. Wo hereby announce that all tho above pre
mining will be awarded on the 25 h day of Mr??.?!?,
1854. We are also offering other inducements to
sub?cribers and agents.
Sample copies, containing particulars, sent to or
der free of charge.
Publishers of papers giving this one insertion will
be plsced on our subscription list lor tho year.
Jan. 10 Tribune Buildings New York.
F^OR Widows, mid Claim* for EXTRA PAY for
Army and Navy, in California and Oregon from
IMfl to 1852, prosecuted by P. K. IIASSLKR.
Office on Four and a Half street, near Pennsylvania
avenoe, Washington, D. C. Sep 22
mm. n. jarvk, ArrtiRffiv *r i.wv,
Madmon, Winrfmmn
COLLECTIONS promptly attended to. Particular
' aMention paid to such claims.as are marked
"(lone West," An., agninst persons residing in any
of the Western States Address as above, post paid
Jan. 6
TUB snbseriber is prepared to Lector*, the present
seaaon, on the new method of Building, with the
gravel wall, in the Octagon and lletagonnl forms
i Address I H STEARNS,
Jen. ft. _ Abington, Mans
Life of Isaac T. Hopper?price, $1.26, pod age 21
Unola Tom'a Cabin?price 37{ cents, pontage 12 cent*;
tive i-opie* for $2, pontage paid.
I'nole Tom'* Cabin in German?price 61) cents, post
age 16 centa.
Key to I'nole Tob'i Cabin?prioe 60 oenta, pontage 16
White (Slavery in the Barbary States, by Hon. Charlea
Sumner-?prioe 60 oenta, postage 12 oenta.
Giddinga'aSpeeches, one volume 12me?price 11, pnat
age 26 oenta.
Goodell's American Slave Code-*prioe 76 oenU, post
age 18 centa.
Manuel Pereira?prioe in oloth 76 oenta, postage 13
oenta; in paper 60 oenta, postage 10 cents.
National Bra Offioe.
18 tho cheapest und best Musical Paper in the
world. This Journal,, which has heretofore boen
published monthly, commences its fifth year in Jan
uary next, and thenceforward it will bo published
eyoiy two jyooha?on every othor Thursday; thereby
giving more than twice as mnch matter, without any
increuso in price, Each number contains aixteen
Huar'*' p'lgM, four of which are new musio, consist
ing of glees, hymn tunes,chants, anthems, dedication
and holyday pieces, and, in short, every variety of
murio adapted to purposes of religious worship, to
public occasions, and to the home circle; all of which
will bo of a praotical character, and such as can be
sung by persons of ordinary musical attainments. In
the editorial department of the Review are engaged
(in addition to Mr Cady, the former oditor) gentle
men ot the highest talent and ripest muaicnl experi
ence, among whom are George P. Root, William B.
Bradbury, Thomas Hastings, and Lowell Mason;
find its circle ol correspondence, home and foreign,
is complete. The Review tfill also bo n regular mo
dium for tho announcement of new musical publica
tions by all tho lending publishing bouses in the
Union. The subscription list of this paper is now
larger than that of any similar journal in tho world,
and (ho new arrangements, rendering it the cheapest
as well as (it is hoped) the most valuable musical
paper over published, must largely increase its al
ready unparalleled circulation.
IVrun. ?One dollar per annum, or six copies for
five dollars, always in advancc.
HP*" Tho music alone in a volume would oost over
five dollars in tho usual form. Beside this, thore will
bo an iminonse amount ot musioal news, epsays, crit
icism, instruction, Ac., all for only ono dollar! Ev
ery one fooling a particle of interest in tho cause of
music will suruly subscribe.
Specimen numbers sent on roocipt of two letter
postage stamps. Addross, always post paid,
P?C' 22. 23 Park Row, New York.
A beautiful Engraving in each Number.
THE LIVING AGE has been abundantly honored
by the approbation of the bost judgea, it hat
been pronounced to be sound and vigorous; various
and entertaining; full of spirit and life; uniting the
qualities which gratify tho soholar, the philosopher,
and the man of business, with those which recom
mend it to their wives and childron. We shall now
endeavor to add to those intrinsic excellences the
greater attractions of Art, and, boginning with 1854,
Every Number will contain an Impression from
a beautiful Steel Plate.
The 52 Plates a year will alone be worth the price
of subscription.
This work is made up of the elaborate and statelj
essays of the E4inburgh, Quarterly, and other Re
views; and HLtckwooti * noble criticisms on poetry,
his keen political commentaries, highly wrought
tales, and vivid descriptions of rural and mountain
scenery; and the contiibutions to literature, history,
and common life, by the sagacious Spectator, the
sparkling Examiner, the judicious Athena urn, the
busy and industrious Literary Gazette, the sensible
and comprehensive Britannia, the sober and respect
able Christian Observer ; these are intermixed with
the military and naval reminiscencos of the United
Service, and with the best articles of the Dublin Uni
versity, New Monthly, Fraser's, Thit's, Ainswortk's,
Hoo/t's, and Syortmg Magazines, and of Chambers
admirable Journal. We do not consider it beneath
our dignity to borrow wit and wisdom from Vanck ;
and, whon we think it good enough, make use of the
thunder of The Pimes. Wo shall increase our vari
ety by importations from tho continent of Europe,
and from th? new growth of the British colonies.
THE LIVING AGE is published every Saturday,
by LITTELL, SON, A COMPANY, corner of Tre
rnont and Bromfleld streets, Boston. Price 121 cents
a number, or six dollars a year in advance. Remit
tances for any period will be thankfully received and
promptly attended to.
We will send the Ltving Age, |>ostage free, to all
subscribers within the United States who remit in
advance, directly to the office of publication, the sum
of six dollars; thus placing our distant subacribert
on the same footing as those nearer to us, and making
the whole country our neighborhood.
Dec. L LITTELL, SON, A CO., Boston
Important Reduction in Ike Rates of Poutage I
Leonard scott a co., n? m Gold street
Nevf York, continue to publiah the following
British Periodicals, via
I The London Quarterly Review (Conservative.
The Edinburgh Review (Whig.)
[ The North British Review (Free Churoh.)
Tho YVeHtmiiiNter Review (Liberal.)
Blackwood'* Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.)
These Reprints hare now been in success Ail opera
tion in this country for twenty years, and their circn
lation ia constantly on the incroase, notwithstanding
the competition they encoanter from American peri
odieals of a similar class, and of numerous Eclectic
and Magar.inoa made up of selections from foreign pe
riodical*. This fact allows clearly the high eatimatioi
in which they are held by the intelligent reading
public, and affords a guarantee that thoy are estab
lishod on a firm baaia, and will be continued withou
Although these works are distinguished by the po
litical shades above indicated, yet hut a small portiot
of thoir contents is devoted to political subjects. It
ia their literary character which gives them their chie*
value, and in that they stand confessedly far abort
all other journals of their elasa. Hlurk nW, still nn
dor the masterly guidance of Chriataphor North, main
tains its ancient celebrity, and ia at this time unusu
ally attractive, from the serial worka of Bulwer an<?
other literary notables, written for that Magazine, an.
first appearing in ita columns both in Groat Britaii
and in the United Statea. Such worka aa " The Cax
tona" and "My New Novel,'' both by Bulwer, ?' Mj
Peninsular Medal," "The Green Hand. ' and othe
aerials, of which numerous rival editiona are issued bj
the leading publishers in this country, have to be re
printod by those publishers from the pagoa of Black
i wood, after it lu" h>en issued hy Messrs. Scott ^ Co.
so that subscribers to the Reprint of that Magatint
tnay always rely upon having the earlieat reading o<
these fascinating tales
TERMS. Per an
For any one of the three Reviews - $)
For any two I
For any three )
For all four of the Reviews f
For Blackwood a Maftaxine |
For Blackwood and three Reviewa t
For Blackwtxid and the four Reviews - - 11
For Farmer'a Guide, complete. 22 numbers -* t
Clobmino.? A discount of 25 percent, from th<
above prices will he allowed to clubs ordering font
or more copies 'of any one or more of the above work*
Thus four copies of Blackwood or one Review wil
be eent to one address for $9, four copies of the Tou
Rat iewa and Blackwood for $30, and so on
To auy part of the United Statet on Blackwood. %
cents per annnm ; on either of the Reviews, 14 cent#
Remittances and communications should be alwav
addressed, post paid, to the publishers
LEONARD SCOTT A CO.. 79 Fulton at, N Y ,
Entrance, 61 Gold street.
N. B.- L.S. A Co have recently published, and hav*
now for sale, the Farmer's Guide, by Henry Stephens
of Edinburgh, and Professor Norton, of Yale Colloga
New Havon, complete in two volumes, royal octavo
containing 1,600 pages. 14 steel and 600 wood engra
vings Price, in mnslin binding, $6; in paper covers
for the mail. $6. 20
(IRA, N, j. r. IKVINB.
OLOAN A IRVINE, Attorneys at Law. No 2H4
kJ Main street, Cincinnati. Ohio.
References Dr. George Fries, Alexander II Mc
Gtiffey A. McKentie, Graham A MoCov. Cincinnati,
Ohio ; Smith A Sinclair, Smith. Bageley, A Co . Pitt*
burgh ; If. D Morgan, Anditor of State of Ohio Geo
N Mct'ook, Attorney General of Ohio, Columbus J
G Hussey President Forest City Bank, Ho secy A
Sinclair, Mason A Estep, Cleveland Dec. 1.
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Warren, Trumbull co O
II Office No. M Market street Jan. 7- d
?ro. w. nkhiomr,
Attorney owl Counsellor at Lair, Chicago, III
WILL pay particular attention to oollecting busi
ness in Chicago and violnity Oct 20
5* s
?3 "5
K h
?? ??
rS ? "
- t % "2
1 ? 3 I
0 = 9 f* J k
C?l 33 (H ffc H h
12 3 4 6 6 7
8 0 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31
i 6 7
I 13 14
' 20 21
? 27 28
? 0 7
f 13 14
I 20 21
27 28
i 3 4
i 10 11
i 17 18
24 25
h' ': ?; '
1 2
8 0
15 16
22 2-i
29 30
5 6
12 13
lit 20
2(1 27
1 J ? 4
8 9 10 11
15 lit 17 18
22 23 24 26
12 3 4
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13 1# 1* 18
22 v3 24 25
20 30 31
. ]
5 8 7 8
12 13 14 15
10 20 21 22
20 27 28 20
3 4 5 6
10 11 12 13
24 25 29 27
- 1 2 3
7 8 0 10
14 15 16 17
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? X A * ? ? 3
f! i.
3 ^ a
2 3
0 10
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1H 14
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3 4
10 11
17 18
24 25
1 2
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20 30
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3 4
10 11
17 18
24 26
- - 1
6 7 8
13 14 15
20 21 22
27 28 29
3 4 5
10 11 12
17 18 10
24 25 26
- I 2
7 8 0
14 15 16
21 22 23
2H 29 30
5 6 7
12 13 14
10 20 21
26 27 28
Nov. ? -
? 5 6
Deo. -
- 12 3 4
7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
- 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 20 30
and T use Company, oi Philadelphia-^offi :e No.
132 Chestnut street, (the first diw>r east of the custom
house ) Capital, (paid up,) $300,000. Charter per
petual?continue to make insurances on lives on the
most faviniMu terras.
Thoj aot a8 Executors. Trustees, and Guardians
under las- will/, and as Koceiwra and Assignees.
The capital being pAid up and invested, together
with a 1 ?rg? and constantly increasing reserved fund,
offers a purfrct security to the insured.
The premiums may he paid yearly, half yearly, or
The Company add a Bonus periodically to the in
surances for life. The first bonus, appropriated in
December, 1844. and the second bonus in December,
1819, amount t) an addition of $262 50 to every
$1,000 insured under the oldost policies, making
$1,262 50, which will be paid when it shall become a
claim, instead of $1,000 originally insured ; the nozt
olJ'St, nmount to $1,237 50; the next in age to
$1,212.50 for every $1,000; the others in the same
proportion, ac oruing to tho amount and time of
standing, which additions make an averag* of more
than 60 per cunt, upon the premiums paid, without
increasing the annual premium.
The fo'lowing aro a few examples from the register:
Sum in
Bonus, or
Am't of policy an 1
bonus, to be in
creased by future
No. 58
No. 80
No. 276
No. 333
Ac. Ac.
656 25
475 00
s 2,475.00'
Pamphlets containing tables of rates and explana.
tiont", forms of application, and furtner information,
can be had at the office.
THOS. RIDGWAY, President.
John F. Jamf.s, Actuary.
Jan. 7?d F st., between 0th and 10th sts.
THE ship* comprising this line are the following :
The ATLANTIC, Capt. West.
The PACIFIC, Capt. Nye
The ARCTIC, Capt. Luce.
The BALTIC. Capt Comstock.
Tho ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton.
These ships have be?n built by contract expressly
for Government service; every caro has been taken
in their con traction, aa also fi their engines, to in
sure strength and speed ; and their accommodations
for passengers are unequalled for elegance and com
Price of pas age f om Neir York t<? Liverpool, in
first cabij, $120; In second cabin, ?70. Kxcludve
use of extra size state rooms, $i0o. From Liverpool
te New York. ?.'U) and ?20.
An experienced surgeon attached to each ship
No berths can be secured until paid for.
1853. 1S*3.
From New York. From Liverpool
Saturday, November 20. Wednesday. Nor 30.
Saturday, December 10. Wednesday, Doe. 14.
Saturday. December 24. - Wednesday, Dec 28.
For freight or passage, apply to
No. 66 Wall street, N Y.
l.'i King a Anns Yard, London.
20 Km- Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris
GEO. H. DRAPER, Havre.
The owners of thssi ships will nut be accountabln
for g >ld, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious
stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed
therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed
Jan 7?d
NEW YORK, Alexandria. Washiogttn, and Go jigc
town Packets.
8ch toner Fairfax?C. Penfie'd, mas'er.
Do. Empire Rufus Knatp, master.
Do. Statesman?J. D. Cathell, master
Do. Waahington?J. Kundrick, master.
Do. S?nat r?W Kirt>y, master.
Do. Hamilton?A. Dayton, master.
Da. Aflington?II. Lewis, master
Do. Arctic?George Wt'son, master.
The above packets having resumed their weekly
trips, shippers are notified that one <>l them will pos
itively clear from New York on every Saturday, (or
oilsiMf if necossary,) and that this punctuality may
be depended upon during the year, until interrupted
110 Wall street, New York.
S. SRIXN A SON. Alexandria
Jan. 7?d F. A A. H. DODGE, Georgetown.
IN plain and hunting caaea, at overy vaiicty of style
ami Mie. t
Ladies' Watches, of now and elegant style*, just
received from the manufactory of Charles Frodaham,
84 Strand. London.
Also. Watches from the most colobratod Lond< u
and Swiss makers. For salo by
Jan. 2?d No. 0 Congress atreot, Boston.
4 TTORNRY and Counsellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
XV igan, will practice in the State and United States
Courts, attend to securing and collecting debts, and
to investigating titles to lands in any part of the State
of Michigan. Jan. A?d
PREPARED from pure Java <?flec, froof which a
cup ol Clarified Colfoe, sweetened and creamed,
can be made in o?? minute, by dUsolving it in hot
water. For sale by
(Successors to J. B Kibbcy A Co..)
?Ian. 4?dfit No. ft, opposite Centre Market.
Til P. IIHIO F \ H >1 H H?K IV,4
THIS elegant and popular Weekly Agricultural
Family Newspaper will commence its third vol
ume on the 1st of January, 1854 It will be illustra
ted with numerous engraving* of Domestic Animals,
Farm Buildings, Farm Implements, Trees, Shrubs,
and all the important affairs connected with llorti
culture, Agriculture, and Stock.
Each number will contain, besides foreign and
Domestin News, selections fr.i.n the most interesting
Publications of the day. Stories, Wit, History, Biog
raphy, Poetry, Essays on various subjects. Market
Reports of Cleveland. New York. Cincinnati. Ac. In
short, nothing will be left undone which may he
thought necessary to render " The Ohio Farmer" the
heal Family Paj>er for the Farmer, Gardener. Me
chanic, and Stock Breeder, that is published in the
United States That the circulation may he general,
we have made the terms low.
Term*.? One copy, $2; three copies, $6, five cop
iea. ten copies $15; twenty copies, $25, and at
the same rate for six months Address
THOMAS BROWN, Proprietor.
Cleveland. Ohio.
03P* Editors friendly lo our enterprise, who will
copy the above advertisement, and send a paper
marked to us, shall have the Farmer the coming
year, with or without an exchange. Deo. 1>? 4t
" If any State deems the retail and intornal traffic
in ardent spirits injurious to iui citiieus, and calcu
lated to produce idleness. vice, or debauchery. 1 nee
nothing in the Constitution of tbo United State* to
prevent it from regulating or restraining the traffic,
or from prohibiting it altogether, if it thinlu proper."
? Chief Justice Ta in y.
ON or before the lot of January, 1854, the Execu
tive Committee of the New York State Temper
ranee Society will Issue the first number of a Month
ly Temperance Journal, under the titlo of" 111 1'ko
hi bh'Ihnint."
Its Sizb?It will be printed on a double medium
sheet, making eight quarto page*, of four columns to
a ptge; and,excluding advertisements, each number
will contain an amount of reading matter e<|ual at
least to that furnished by our largcr sixed daily jour
nals, or to that of an ordinary duodecimo volume of
150 pages.
Its Object.?To advocato the Causa of Temper
ance generally, and especially the Legislative Prohibi
tion of the Traffic in lutoxicating Beverage, to pre
paro the minds of the masses for such Prohibition, by
showing its expediency and Necessity, and to secure,
by all the influence it may legitimately exert, the
vigorous enforcement of Prohibitory Laws when ob
Its Fiut.n.?Dealing with general principles with
arguments alike applicable to evory community where
tha traffic exists and with facts illustrative of these
arguments and principles, tho paper will bo National
in its spirit, in its s.'ope, in its purposo, and, we trust,
it will bo Nationtil in its circulation and influence.
Such is our aim and expectation. Wo desire to see
tho Principle of Prohibition established in Stnte after
State, till it becomes tho recognised policy of the Na
tion. It in our ambition to bear a part in this great
work, and to this end The Prohibitionist is estab
lished, not as tho organ of n society merely, but of a
Great Rkhohmatoky Movkmknt.
Ith Nkckshity.?Tho existing Tompcrance Jour
nals have littlo, if any, circulation outsido of tho Tom
porance Ranks. Their price almost uocessurily re
stricts them to tho friend* of the cause. Tiik Pro
hibitionist is designed for circulation (instead of
tracts) among the indifferent and the hostile. For
this purpose it is put, at n price so low as to enable
tho friends of Temporanco in every school district, by
combined action and at an inconsiderable expense,
to place a copy in each family that will consent to ro
coivo it.
Irs PaicB.?One copy for one year - - $0 60
Three, to one address, one yoar 1 00
Seven do. do. - - 2 00
And for oach additional four copies, $1.00 will bo
added, for any quantity less than fifty copics.
For fifty copios to one address - ? $11 00
For 100 do. do. - - 20 00
No subscription received for less than ono year,
and in every case the order must be accompanied by
the money.
The paper will be undor the general direction of
the Executive Committee, who have received ample
assurances of literary aid from not a few of the ablest
and most eminent writers in the temperance ranks
throughout the Union. j
The work will be stereotyped, and hack numbors
can be supplied to now subscribers at any timo during
the year. "
All ordors should bo addressed to 0. Scovill, Pub
lishing Agent, Albany.
Communications for tho paper, or in relation to tho
interests of th? cause generally, should be directed to
Win. 11. Burleigh, Corresponding Secretary.
In behalf of the New \ ork State Temporanco So
cioty : EDWARD C. DELAVAN, President.
Erscutivr Committer.?Henry Mandeville, Reuben
II. Walworth, John 0. Cole, I. N. Wyckoff, William
Richardson. Edgar B. Day, Hermon Camp, B. P.
Staats, Oliver Scovill.
CC7" Tho Committee request all editors in tho Uni
ted States to give the above one insertion in their
columns. To all who comply with this roquest, we
will send the Prohibitionist for one yeur, without an
exchange, unless they choose to add to our obligation
by sending their papers also, which would, of course, 1
bo most thankfully received. Jan. 2?dtf
PARKKR, at hi* Perfumery and Fancy Store, un
dor the National Hotel, Pa. avenue. i.? ju?t open
ing a now and complete stock of Goods, consulting, in
part, of?
Ladies and Gent's Paris Kid Gloves, all sizes and col
Extracts,from the houses of Luhin and Provost, Paris,
and Harrison, Philadelphia;
Genuine German Cologne, Pomatum, Bieuf Marrow ;
Cold Cream, Macassar Oil, W I Bay Rum ;
Low's Brown Windsor Soap, Cleaver's Honey Soap;
Lubin's Rose ami Musk Soaps ;
Taylor's Transparent Balls, Ac., Ac.
English, French, and American Hair Brashes, in on*
hundred different pattern" ;
1, 2, .1, 4, and 5 row Tooth Brushes. London made.
for our sales expressly;
Nail and Cloth Brushes, Ac , Ac., Ae
Tuck Comhs, latest Paris styles ;
Shell. Buffalo, English cold-pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Comhs;'
John Fen's premium ivory fine teeth Combs, and
Pocket Combs.
Guerlain'i. Roussel's, and Harrison's Shaving Cream ;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaps ;
Badger s hair Shaving Brushes, very superior.
Washimoto*, Mnrrh 12. 1840.
We, the undersigned, having fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Razor Strop Powder to which the Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, take great pleasure
in certifying that it will keep the Kszor in fine, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone
J. Macphf.iHo* Bkrkitm. 17. S Senator.
W. W. Seatoh, Mayor of Washington.
W. S Ahciikr, House of Representatives.
Rev. T. M Pkask. Washington City.
Thomas J. Ri;sk, U States Senator
Hiram Walbridge, Rs?i. New Vork city
Wade A Butcher's, of our own importation ;
Tally-Ho, from 25 cents to $1.25 each.
Razors imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan. 2?d
Harper s Magazine, Putnam's Magazine.
Graham's Magazine, Hunt's Merchant's Magac
Godey's Lady s Book, Eclectic Magazine,
Illustrated Magaz. of Art, Knickerbocker Magazine, |
Arthur's Magazine, Dickens Household Words.
Historical Educator, Littell's Living Age,
Ladies' Nat Magazine. London Punch,
London Illustrated News. Blackwood's Magazine
Also, the repr.nt of all the Foreign Rot iews, com- |
Crising the London (Junrts-rly, Westminster, Ella- i
urgh. and North British.
All the Literary New?papers publi bed in Phils
dolphia. New York, and Boston ; also, all the New ,
Bonks, received as fast as published.
A very complete an I varied assortment of fine note
and letter Paper, comprising all the most heiutifiil
qualities and sires in general use
A large assortment of Blank Books, for sale at
Odcon Building, cor. 4^ st. and Pa. avenue
Jan. 2?diim
OF the following choice brands .
Sy va A Co.'s M. C , 1st, in I 10th
La Philanthropa.' in Mths;
La Ado-asion, in Mifcs;
El Sol de Pi-uarvel, in l-4tbs,
George Washington, in U5ths ;
El Consolation, in Mths;
Ambrosm Londres, 1st, I lOtbs;
Do 2d, I -iths ;
El Etseo, in 1-lOths ,
La Cosmopolite, in L5UIS;
Maria Antoinette Londres Regalia. 1st, 1-1 ftths;
Bo. do, ' do. 2d, 1-Iflths,
Espaniola for le Prensado, in 1 iths ;
1 esse " original " Victoria Loud res, ft,00ft.
Together with a fine assortment of Chewing To
(Successors to Jobn B Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 4?dfttif No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
G1ENERAL AGENCV and Insurance < iffice, :s Co
f luruhia Plsce, ('2 doors north of Louisiana kro- |
nue.) Seventh street, teast side.) Washington D. C
Claims before Congre s and the different Depart
ments Jan 3?d
" I can't gtl a decrnt Segar in Watkinftl m,"
IS n phrase hourly heard from strsngers, in our city
Without admitting or denying its truth, the sni>
ncriher determined to remedy tho evil. To this end,
he h?s made a list of e> ery brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " the host segar I ever smoked,"
and with this document he has procured from the first
importers in New York, a stock of the?e choice
brands, snd now offers them to the public.
Every fumigator, who knows a good scgar when be
smells it, Is requested to csll and examine tho "lock
Sign of Jim Crow, ? doors east-of National Hotel.'
Jan. 2?3m
COMMISSION MKRC'HANT, and Ageut of the
i Bo*Un Hemp Manufacturing Company. Oaugs
of Rigging, and Manilla Cordage . American, Russia,
and Manilla Hemp, for sule.
Jan 6?d3m No. 152 Commercial at, Boston.
/ <KAV 4 BALLANl'YNE, Seventh street, two
J" doors above Odd Fellows' IIu.ll. have the only
Depository in this city of tho publications of tho
American Bible Society;
Methodist Book Concern;
Robert Cartor A Brothers;
1'roshytorian Board;
American Tract Society;
Evangelical Knowledge Society;
American Sunday School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cieties ; and all the principal Religious Publishers.
It is therefore apparent that their stock of Stand
ard Tbeologicul Works and general Religious Litera
ture must bo unequalled.
They always koup an extensive assortment of all
the llymus used in tho different churches, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Books, in plain and superb
Attractive an 1 choice Juveniles, embracing nearly
all of the most useful and entertaining Books for the
young, published.
School Books, of all the kinds used in tho city and
country schools, at New York prior*.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Portmounaios, Portfolios, Writing
Desks, Ac. Jan. 2?d
Hy tki? Author of the " Wide, Wide World."
CARLKRINKEN: his Christmas Stockings Beau
tifully illustrated. Price, 75 cunts ; gilt, $1.25..
The How in tho Cloud ; or, Covenant Mercy for the
Affliotod. Numorou ' engravings. Price, $3 50
Glad Tidings ; or, The Gospel of Peace. Price, 63 cts
Popular Legends of Brittany. Illustrated. Price, 75
Spiritual Progress; or, Instructions in tho Divine
Life of the Sou). From tho French of Fdnllon and
Madame (luyon. Prico, 75 cents.
Tho Old and the Now ; o*, The Changes of Thirty
Years in tho Knst By Wm- Goodell. Price, $1 25.
Old Sights with New Eyes. Prico, $1.
Conversion: It* Theory and Process. By Rov. T.
Spencer. Price, $1.25.
Autobiography of Rev. J. B. Finley ; or. Pioneer Life
in tho West. Price, $1.
Christ in History ; or, Tho Central Power among
Men. By Robert Turnbull, I>. D Price, $1.25.
(JRAY & BALLANTYNK, 7th st.,
Jan. 4?d2 2 doors abovo Odd Fallows' Hall
OLD Governmeut Java Coffee; Brown Java, in
pockets; (ieuuinc Mocha, in half and quarter
bales; Maracuibo and White Rio Coffee; roasted and
ground Coffee, roasted ami ground ill the District.
Any of the above Coffees may be roasted and
ground to order, at short notice.
Imperial, Gunpowder, Young Hyson, and very fine
Old liyson Teas;
Oolong and Pouchong Black Teas ;
Souchong, or Hnglish Breakfast Tea ;
Wine, Lemon, and Fancy Crackers, supplies received
English Dairy Cheese, "imitation ; "
Do. do. rral genuine, vory rich;
(loshon Cheese, plain;
Pine-npple Cheese, Lewis Norton's best brands ;
Whole and fresh ground Spices, all kinds :
Rice Flour, Oswego Corn Starch, and Farina;
Who&ton Grits and Small Hominy.
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 3?dfttif No 5, opposite Centre Market.
GOOD Wages will be paid to a colored woman com
petent to do tho work of a small family. Inquire
over air F.dinonston's Shoe Store, 7th street, near E.
Jan. 3?d3t
DEALER in Books Periodicals, and Stationery,
wholesale and retail, 3 Columbia Place, corner
7th street and Louisiana avenue, Washington, D. C.
Jan 3 -d
Author of " Dnletntaetr.
tho Million, in threo parts.
Part 1?comprising the largest number of choice
Glees, Quartettes, Trios, Songs, Opera Chorusea, Ac.,
over published
Part 2?consisting of SacTed Anthems, Choruses,
Quartettes, Ac , for sel. ct societies and concerts.
Part 3?containing most of tho old popular Conti
nental Psalm tunes. Making the must complete col
lection. in all it< features, ever published.
For sale by
? FRANCE TAYLOR, Washington, D. C.
Cleve'and. Ohio.
MOORE, ANDERSON, A CO., Cincinnati,
Jan. 2?ld3w Ohio.
G1 ENFINE " Edam'' Cheese, in cases of 2 doi.cn
f earh, in primo order. Genuine Duteh herrings,
in small kegs, in good order.
(Successors to J. 9 Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dAtif .No. 6, oppoktte Centre Market.
SELECTED No. 1 Salmon, "freah amoked." No. 1
pickled Salmon in tierce*. Mom Mackerel. very
fine, in 25 pound kitta. No. 1 Mackerel, in half bar
rela and 26 pound kitta.
(SnMw>nr? to J. R. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan 2?dlwif No. 6, oppoaite Centre Market.
NO 1 actio Haddock, in 25 lb kitta and barrel* ;
White Finh. in 25 lb kittn and barrel*;
I>un Fi?h, bi-*t quality ;
Grand Bank Codfuta ;
Scalp Herring in Kaim;
No. 1 Mackerel, large, in harrela;
No. 2 do. *in halt* and barrnil.
(Succeaaor* to John B Kibbey A Co..)
Jan 2--dlwif No 5, op|>o?ito Centre Market.
SADDLER. llameoa, and Trur.k Maker, l'enn*yl
vania avenue, a few doora eaat of the National
Motel, City of Washington- Jan. J-Jm
4 NNUALS of the moat splendid binding. Elegant
A edition* of the Poet*.
A hoaotifiil aaaortment of Juvenile Booka, K|>i?-?
pal and Catholic Prayer Booka. Toy Booka. P?>rtfn
tioa. Portmonnaies, Album*, and everything in the
fancy stationery line, for Kale at
Odeon Building, cor Ij rt. and Pennsylvania av
Jan. 1 -3Kr
HAT. Cap and Missos Flat Manufacturer. No. 7
Washington I'lace, 7th street, between Dand K,
Wimhinglon D C. .Ian 2
\ ND Engliah Saueea, vir : Gherkins Mixed, IV
< alilly, Chow Chow. Walnut, Cauliflower, Eng
lish, of both Croase A Black well* and Batty'a export
ation ,
Crooau A Blirkwella celebrated Onion Pb-klca ;
Mixed Mangoes, Martina*, Oniona, Cauliflower. Red
Cabbage. American
Van Bena-l)oten and Well* l'mvoat. New York .
Lec A Perrin'a celebrated Worcestershire Sauce, in
qoarts, pint*, and half pinta, late importation
Alao. John Hull *, Harvey. Beading, India Soy, Es
sence of Anehovie*. and Lobster;
Crosse A Blackwell'* and Whybrovr'a Eng. Mustard.
Louis Frerc's Freneh M ustard;
Enplish refined Table Halt,, in lara.
(Successor* f? John B Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 3?dlwif No. 6, opposite Centre Market.
ON and afier Thursday, Oeobor ft, 1853, daily
traina (Sunday* ox epted) will be run over this
r sad. agreeably to the f>ll?wing arrangement
A train f .r Warren ton and intermeddle p dnta w.ll
leave the station. corner of Duke and Henry stree's,
Alexandria, at o'clock A M ; arrive* at 11 A. M
Returning, will leavo Wmenton at a >|uaru r pea
I o clock V M., arriving in Alexandria at a <iu?rt*r
before 4 P M.
A train from Culpoper t.? Alexandria ar.d interna
d a'e points will letve Cnlpeper at 7} o'clock A. M .
arriving in Alexandria at ocl ek A M
Betarning, will leavo Alexandria at l{o>bck P.
M , arriving in Culpej?er at 4} o clock
A daily *tage is rnnnlng between Oordonsvillc and
t'rilpeper. in connection with the car* on th ? and the
, Vi ginia Central Road*
Tkrmtgh Tirirt?
To <lordofi?vil o . ft 50
ToStiaoton - - ? >7 50
To Lynchbnrg ? . ? 7.00
To Winchester 4 00
Por order W B BR0CKKTT,
Jan 7?d Agent
SHOE DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Maker,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns' Hotel
and Seventh street, Washington. Jmi 2? Siu
HENRY JANNEY'S Boot and Shoe Store und
Manufactory, for the last ten year* located on
8tb lit rout, near the General Pout Office, wan removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browna' Hotel and
7th street, where the proprietor has spared no pains
or expense in fitting up an establishment uouiiueusu
rute with the great increase in the business of the
The subscriber tenders his most oordial ami grate
ful acknowledgments to his friends and patrons for
their long-continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet them in his new house.
I havo a very well-assorted stock of Boots nuil
Shoes, of Kronen, New York, Eastern, and uiy own
make, embracing every stylo and variety, to which I
invito the attention of member* of Congress, and uiti
non? generally. HENRY JANNEY.
Penn. av-, north side, between Browns' Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th at., third door from the latter.
From the United Statu Ar^ui.
To those persons who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot bo excelled, either
in quality tir workmanship, *u would eall their atten
tion to the card of Henry Jn nney, to ho found mirier
the head of '? Washington." A handsome and neat'
ly-mude boot is not at. all times a source of pleasure
to the wearer, but often one of extreme torture ; this
is caused by the bungling manner jn which the boot
is lilted to the foot. Mr. Januey has devoted much
of his time in studying the construction of the human
loot, in order to ascertain how a boot should bo out
and fitted, that will be perfectly easy to all parts of
tho foot. In this ho has succeeded, so that it matters
not what maybe the shape of. or the number of corns
on the foot, his boot is perfectly cany. Thus he has
combinod beauty with comfort.
GS. FOWLER A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
? 7th street) have jnst completed opening a large
assortment of C1I1NA, QUEENSWARE, and GLASS,
making their stock at this time equal to any in the
country : consisting in part as follows, viz
Decorated gold band and plain white French China
Dinner, Desert, Tea, and Breakfast Sets, and de
tached pieces, such as Fruit Baskets, Compotiers,
Casseroles, ornaments lor dining tables, and Punch
India China, in dinnor and ttoa sets, and detached
Iron Stone China, decorated, flowing blue, and white
dinner, toa, breakfast, and toilet sets, and detach
ed piece?, in every pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety?
Dresden, Terra-cotta, Parian, and French China ;
Vases, Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlesticks, Motto Cups and Saucers;
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac.
GLASSWARE, rich cut and engraved.
Crystal straw, stein, and Pressed Goblet* .
Champagnes. Wines. Cordials, and Tumblers; -
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles, Cologne Bottles, Olobes;
Lamps, rich and plain Decanters;
Cut and pressed Bowls, and silvered Bowls;
Solar, Ethorial, llall, and Side Lamps;
Candelabras, Girandoles, rich and plain Castors,
Britannia Coffee llrns, Tea Sets,"covered und un
co* ered ;
Pitchers, Punch and Molasses Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery anil Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., of the
most approved and latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots,
Plate Warmers, Egg Boilers, Ac.
With un undlesss variety of goods not named, which
we rospoctfully invite strangers and citizens to call
and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
Storekeepers and country merchants will find it to
their advantage to buy of us, as our facilities are
equal to uuy other importing bouse in the United
States, and we are determined to sell us low.
N. B. Good* carefully put up for the country by
an cxperionced packer, and delivered frco of charge
in any part of the city. Jan. 2 ? dtt
Who Seek their Supplie* in our Market.
ONE PRICE ONLY. Wo are now in our NEW
STORE, which was eroded expressly for us Wo
think it I ho most comfortable and boftt lighted store
room in the city , and with increased rooiu, facilities
and experience, deemed quito ample, wc shall dual
largely in
of every style, all of the best qualities, and for which
we shall have on* price only.
We shall sell cheaper than %o ever have don*; and
in having one price only iwhieh, in our opinion, u
the only fair and equitable way of doing business) wo
shall maintain our sclf-retpoct, which is above all
price or ? tow. Moreover, we expert to retain till
the trade of those prompt customers who have made
their purcliuxe* of us for mom* year* past, and doubt
less we shall havu a large accession of new customer*,
who prefer to bay where out fair prtct o?7y n a*L*i.
Wo feel that our simple* word ts requisite only to
satisfy our former customer* that the one price sys
tem is the correct one, and to their advantage . as.I
we do not beaitato to assert our belief that all candid
and intelligent person* will after an impartial exam*
ination of price*, fabric, and strict, give a one price
?tore the preference. Those who are not judgini of
goods cannot fail to be im|>res*cd at once with tbo
manifold and vast advantage* to. the purchaser re
sulting from the adoption in gotxt fauh of the on*
price M/ttrm ; it necessarily insure* low prices to the
purchaser, fbr it become* absolutely necessary to iue.-t
at the start all competition that can be offered in
Our scale of price* will be so low. and the profit* so
small, that we cannot mid will not sell but for the
rath or to customer* who jmy promptly. For tho??
who purchase twy hn fly, or to sell again, reduc
tion* will lie made
The publie'are cordially and most resjuvtfully in
vited to call at all timos and examine our stock
PBRRY .? BROTHER, "Central Store,.
Jan 2?d (Op. Centre Market,) Washington City.
IU8T received at WALL'S cheap House Furnish
Ing Wareroomt, on Seventh ttreet opposite the
National Intelligencer office, among which may bo
Rosewood, Mahogany, soil Walnut Tefe a Tete and
Sofas, in hair, cloth, and brocatolle, in great van.
Kasy Chair*. Arm Chair*, and Rocker* to match ;
M aghogany, W nlnut, Freneh, and < '<?tt age Bedsteads ,
Walnut and Mahogany F.tajreics,
Cabinet* ami Whatnots.
Mahogany and W alnut marble top and plain Bureaus,
Mahogany. Walnut, and Maple Wardrobes,
Feather Hod*, hair ainl -buck Mattresses,
IInm^ome gilt and Mahogany Mirrors,
And a very large and general assortment of all
kiwis of foods necessary for fnrnishinr to which the
attention of those furnishing i* respectfully invited.
Call and examine bet..re put hairing elsewhere. All
of which will be sold very low at WALL'S Howe
Farni'hing Wareroow?, on Seventh street, opposite
Intelligencer office. Jan. 2 ? dlw
THK subs, ?ribers beg leave respectfully to iavits
the attention of the ladies ot the city and vicini
ty to the following new and hch (Jood*! which have
just been received, vi*
M dresses extrs rich Brocade Silk*, for evening*;
7!i do do do. street
25 do. <|n ? Morn antique, watered.
15 do do Mora antiqae. beoeade .*
10 do. do black Brocade Silk;
12 do do tloitnced limeade 8ilk*,
10 pieci ? light colored plain Poult de Soie ,
25 do \rry rich plaid *ilks;
25 do. Silk Illusion*, for party drnsws, all col's,
.SO do. waterid and plain r? al Irish Poplins.
150 new style Paris-trimmed Chemisettes A Sleeves,
in sets. ?
250 do. French embroidered Collars,
50 do. ' French embroidered cambric Chemi
sette* and Sleeves, in sets :
75 French embroidered Chemisette* and Sleeve*,
trimmed with M?lte?- lloniton, and Yalca
cienflts Lacoa, very > heap.
1 Mi pairs embroidered " din and cambric Sleeves,
25# French etnhtoidercd llandk f< a great variety ,
300 pieces English nnd French Thread Laces:
25 volvat Cloaks. late*! style :
25 embroidered cloth Cloaks latest style ;
2-'i plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks;
50 small Persian Scarfs, tor Ihe neck;
SO long Cashmere Shawls;
25 richly embroidered white crape Shawls;
Togi i her with ? great variety of new and elerant
articles aiiprnpriate to (ho season ; all of which we
are enabb tl to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage of the advanced season to inake our imr
chases. |.lan 2.| RWI, BROtRKR, A CO
("tOSHEN Putter, "elected from Miwarr county
1 Oniric*. New Yotk -?nd Pcmifylrsni* extra
hulled Buckwheat in barrels, half barrel*, and bag*.
The be*t Philadelphia butter in prints, ftir table use.
Supplies received weeklv and any quantity dotlver
ed to order SflKKKU, A II ^ ILKY,
(Saceeesors to J B Kibb?y A Co,)
Jan 2?dlwif No 5, opposite Centre Market.

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