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The Daily National Era is published every even
ing, and contains the report* of the proceeding* of
Congress up to three o'clock.
The Office of Publication is on Seventh streot, be
tween D and H.
Daily paper, for term of eight months - - ? $5.00
Rules of Advertising in Daily.
One sijuaro, (ten liaes,) one insertion - ? - $0.50
Do. do. three insertions - ? t-O0
Do. do. one wock ... - 1.50
Do. do. two weeks .... if.60
Do. da. , one month ... - 4.00
Do. do. two months - - - -
Do. do. three months ... 8.00
A libera] discount for long advertisements, and to
those who advertise for a longer time.
rtuKPEcnraor me daily national k&a
I shall isRue, on the 2d day of January en
suing, the Daily National 10ka, a Political
anil Literary Newspaper.
In Politics, it will advocate the Rights of
Mau, and the Equality of Mights, anil oppose
whatever violates or tends to violate them,
whether this be Involuntary Personal Servi
tilde, rivil Despotism, Spiritual Absolutism,
Class Legislation, the Selfishness of Capital,
the Tyranny of Combination, the Oppression of
a Majority, or the Exactions of a Party.
It will hold no fellowship with the Whig
and Democratic organizations, believing that
the main issues on which they have been ar
rayed against each other are obsolete or settled, j
and that they are now chiefly used by the Sec >
tional Interest ol Slavery, to impair the love of
Liberty natural to the American mind, anil to
subjugate the American People to its rule. Dis
'claiming all connection with them, it will vet
sympathize with those of their adherents who
are honestly seeking through them to advance :
the substantial interests of the country, although j
it must believe that they have not chosen the |
lietter way.
It will lie a supporter of the Independent
Democracy, which holds that the Truths of the '
Declaration of Independence are jrraetiral; that
in their light the Constitution of the United
States is to In: interpreted; that to litem the laws
? and institutions and usages of the country
should be conformed?a Party, whose motto
is, Union, not for-the sake oT Union, but for the
sake of Freedom and Progress ; and Law, not
for the sake of Law, but ibr the Protection ol
Human Rights and Interests?the only sure
foundation of order aud concord.
In no sense will it be the organ of a Party, or
a mere Party Paper, but absolutely " free and
independent," claiming to speak by " authori
ty'' for nobody except its editor, and recognis
ing no authority in any quarter to prescribe its
course unA policy.
In Literature, it will aim to unite the Beau
tiful with the True, and to make both immedi
ately subservient to the practical purposes of
everv-day life.
Able correspondents, at home and abroad,
have been secured, and ample provision has
been made for its Literary Miscellany.
It will publish condensed reports of the pro
ceedings of Congress, explain movements in
that body, the causes of which do not always
lie upon lhe surface, and from its position i>e
able to keep a constant watnh upon the action
of the Federal Government in relation to all
questions at issue between Liberty and Slavery.
Xlie extensive subscription of the Weekly
Era, which, during the year altout to close, has
reached the number of twenty-eight thousand,
must make it an eligible medium for advertisers.
The Daily Era will be issued on a sheet as
large as that of the Daily National ItUelligencer,
on the 2d day of January, 1854, and daily there
after, until the 1st of September, 1854,^or long
er, should Congress continue in session,) at
the result then warrant, the publication will be
resumed on the 1st of D?-?vniber following, by
the year.
As but bixteen days intervene between this
and the 2d of January, it is important that
subscriptions lie forwarded at once.
Payment in ail rm art will he invariaMy re
quired. C*. BAILEY.
H'ashiiifctfui, Drrrmlter 1.1, 18.13.
The National Era i* a weekly newwpaper,
devoted to Literature and Politic*.
la Literature, it aim* to unito the Beautiful
with the True, and to make both immediately
wbw >iw>t In tho practical purpose* of every
day life.
In Poliliti, it advocate* the Right* of Man,
and the Fqnality of Right*, and oppoeo* what
ever violate* or tend* to violate thera, whether
thin I* Involuntary Personal Servitude. Civil
I)t*4jw?ti?ui. Spiritual Ab*nlntiam, Clan* Legis
lation, tlie Selfish ne** of Capital, the Tyranny
of Combination, the Oppression of a Majority,
or tlie Kx'action* of Party.
It hold* no fellowship with the Whig and
Democratic orgtini:atim>*, believing that the
main i**ue* on whioh they have heen arrayed
again it each other are olMolete or nettled, and
that they are now chiefly uhihI by tho Sectional
Intercut of Slavery, to impair tho low of Lib
erty natural to the American mind, and to
mibjugate the American People to it* role. De
claiming ;U1 connection with them, it yet *ym
pathifto* with those of their adherent* who arc
liotic*tIy seeking through them to advance the
substantial interests of the eoontry, although
it mu*t believe that they have not cho*en the
letter way."
ft?? a xupjiorUr of the Independent Democ
racy, which hold* that the Truth* of the Dec
laration of Independence are practical, that in
their light the Con*titution of tho United
State* i* to be interpreted, that to thorn the
law* and institution* and u*agc* of the ooun j
try *h<?uld bo conformed?a Party, whOM
motto if., Union, not for the sake of Dnion,
but for tho *ako of Freedom and Progre**; |
and Law, mit f?ar the (take of I.aw, but for the ;
Protection of Human Right* and Interests?
the only mire foundation of order and ooncord.
In no *onne i* it ,tlio organ of a Party, or a
mere Party Paj>cr, but absolutely u freo and
independent," claiming to *poak " by author
ity" for nobody except its editor, and reoogni
sing no authority in any quarter to prescribe it* (
court* and |iolicy.
The Kighth Volume of the Era will oom.
menee on the first, of January ensuing, and be
enlvw-ged by the addition of four column*. We
have neglected no mean* that conld promise to
make it an agreeable companion for the Howie
hold, and an efficient oo-adjutor to the enlight
Politician. It ha* scoured able oorrospond
ent* at home and abroad, and no journal in
the country can aurpam the Era a* it reepect*
contributor* to it* Literary Department.
The Era puhli*he* condensed report* of the
proceeding* of Congre**, explain* movement*
in that body, the caiwe* of whioh do not alway*
lie upon the surface, and from it* pontion i*
enabled to keep a constant watch upon the ac
tion of the Federal (Government in relation
til all questions at irtHie between Liberty and
The only journal at tlio sent of the Federal
Government, representing the Anti-Slavery
Sentiment of the Republic, while the Pro Sla
very Sentiment in represented here by four
daily paper*, nearly all of them being liberally
sustained by Governmental [>atronago, it asks
tho support of all who believe, in sincerity, that
the Union wax formed to secure the blessings
of Liberty, and not to perpotuate tho enrse of
Payment in advanoo is invariably required.
IV> prevent annoyance and loss to oursolves
and readers, to preserve t.hoir files unbroken,
and to enable us to know how large an edi
tion of the paper to untie, all mibacriptions
should b?? renewed before they expire. Wn
have no urodit-*uhMcril>ert* on onr books.
T Kit MS.
single copy ... 82
Three copies ... .5
Five oopicH - ' - - 8
Ten copies - - - 16
Single oopy six month* - 1
Ten oopien six months - 8
These are the terms for both old and oew
i subscribers,forwarding their own subscriptions.
A gen to are entitled to fifty cents on each new
yearly sul>seribor, and twenty-five cents on
each renewal subscriber?except in the case of
A club of three subscribers, one of whom
may bo an old one, at $5, will entitle the jxir
*on making it lift to a copy of the Era for three
month*; a club of five, two of whom may be
old ones, at $8, to a oopy for six months; a
club of ten, fivo of whom may be old ones, at
$1.5, to a oopy for one year.
When a olub of subscribers has been for
warded, additions may be made to it, on the
same term a.*
Money to be forwardod by mail at our risk.
| Large amounts may bo remitted in drafts or
; certificates of deposito. When money is Kent,
j notes on the Binka of Boston, New York, Phil
adelphia, or Baltimore, are preferred. New
; England notes are at less discount than New
! Vork State notea, and these less than Western
notes. ? U. Bailey.
P. S. Newspapers friendly to our enterprise
will please notice or publish our Prospootus, as
they may boo proper.
The " Fact# for thk Pkopi.b " is a monthly, de
signed for preservation an a document for reference,
or for goneral circulation, a* a Free Democratic Mis
sionary, especially among those not yet familiar with
the Anti Slavery movement. It will be composed
chiefly of article* from the National Era, adapted
particularly to the purpose named.
Kach number will contain eight pages, and be print
ed on good paper, of the sice of the Congressional
Globe, in quarto fonn, suitable for binding.
It will be furnished at the following rates, by the
year, twelve numbers constituting a volume :
Six copies to one address .... $1
Twenty copies to one address ... 3
One hundred copies to one address .12
Any person or club may in this way, by raising
$12, supply Anti-Slavery reading every month, for a
whole year, to one hundred readers. 8iugU subscri
bers will not be received. Send for a club, and order
it to one address. The (Mintage is a trifle?only half
a cont a number, sis cents a year, paid in advance at
the office where the pa|>er is received. [E7~ All pay
ment* must be m advance. (J. BAILEY.
P. 8. Editors of newspapers favorable to the fore,
going will entitle themsehes to six copies of the
monthly, by publishing the Prospectus, and directing
attention to it. *
Thi* ncw*pa|>er ban now Item in existence only
four uionth*, and ha* already quite & considerable
circulation. We bavo spared no rout to make it, as
to ?i*e, typography, and paper, the brut Herman pa
lter in the country. An to it* lil?r?rj merits, we have
received *uh*linitial proof* of approval, from Maine
to Tex**. We have no agent* fur, whose act* we are
responsible, but any person ran act a* a voluntary
agent, and he will find that our term* are sufficiently
liberal to reward hi* trouble.
Wa now offer the following additional inducement*:
1. Any perron Mending u* 10 subscribers and $15,
will receive a* a premium any one of the following
Kohlrauschi.'* History of t)crmany;
Life and Writing* of ('?miui M. Clay ;
McCartney'* United State*; or
The Niilinnal Rrn for one year.
2. Any per*on sending n* 2.?subscribers and $37 DO,
will receive?
tlibbon's Home, A volume*, price $3 ; or
llnme'* Kngland, A volume*, price $.1.
?1. Any person ending n* .'>0 subscriber*. and )*&,
will receive? .
Schiller'* Work*, (tlerman,) price $7 ;
Prescott * Kenlinan.l and Isabella. price $7 ;
Pre?cott'? Conquest of Mexico, price $7 ; or
Joeephu*. (tlerman or Knglish,) price $7.
4. Any person *eni)ingn* 100 subscribers Mid $150,
will receive ?
lloethe'* Work*, (tlerman,> price $14;
Hhakxpeares Work*, London edition. A volume*,
bound in red morocco, price $11;
Pictorial Hi*tory of Rngland. 4 volume*, imperial,
price $14; or
llildrcth's History of the United SUM, fi volume*,
price $14.
5. Any person sending u.? 150 subscriber* and $225,
will receive?
Life and Writings of Washington, by Spark*, 12
volumes octavo, half calf, price $21.
QTy- The books can be sent by Adams A Co '? Kt
preiu, or, it preferred, the price of the book* will be
transmitted in ca*h.
One copy, one year - $2 I Five copies, one year $fi
Three copies, one year a | Ten copies, one year 15
(17* Persons who procure a club of three, five, or
ten subscriber*, at two dollar* each, may remit to u*
at Ibe above rates, retaining the balance as a remu
ner?tion for their trouble.
All communications must, be post paid, and ad
dressed U> lil'KLL A P.LANCIIARD,
Washington, /). C.
SOLDI KRS who served in the various wan, and
sailor*, or their widow* or heira, to whom ar
rear* of pay, extra pay, bounty land, peiurinna, Ae.,
may be due, may find it to their advantage to h*v?
their claims inve*ti(tated. Add re**
Attorney and Agent. Washington, D. 0.
Hounty land warrants bought and aold
The Senate consists ot two Senators from each
State. There are thirty-one States, represented by
sixty-two Son a torn
Whigs, Itutit*; Democrats. in Unman. Those mark
od F. S., Free Soilers or Abolitionists; IT., those elect
ed uh Union men; 8. H., those elootod as Southern
or State Rights men.
('resident - - David R. Atchison
Secretary - * Asbury Diokius.
Term expires. Term expiree.
alahama. MisstssiHrr. *
Benj. Fitzpatrick - - 1850 Slophrn Adams, (U.) 1857
C. if. Clay 1859 Vacancy 1859
R. W. Johnson# - - 1855 David R. Atchison - 1855
i Win. K. Sebastian ? 1859 ILenry S. lirt/xt - - 1859
Truman Smith - - 1855 Moses Nc.rris, jr - - 1855
Isaac Toucey - - - 1857 Jared W. Williams- 1859
William M. Owin - 1855 Wm. H. Seward? - 1855
John B. Woller - - 1857 Hamilton Fish. - - 1857
James A. Bayard - 1857 J. R. Thompson- - - 1857
John. M. Clayton - 1859 William Wright ? - 1859
Florida. north CAROLINA.
Jucksini Aim ton - - 1855 George fi. Badger - 1855
Stephen II. Mallory 1857 Vacancy 1859
IF. ( .'. Daweon - - 1855 S. P. Chase (F. S.) - 1855
Robert Toombs (I/-.) 1859 Benjamin F. Wade 1857
John. Petit 1855 James ('ooiwr - - ? 1855
Jesse D. Bright - - 1857 Ilich'd Brodhead, jr. 1857
James Shields - - - 1855 Charles T. James - 1857
Stephen A. Douglas 1859 Philip Allen .... 1859
Augustus C'. Dodge - 1805 A. P. Butler (8. R.) - 1855
Moorgo W. Jones - 1859 Josiah J. Evans - - 1859
Archibald Dixon- ? 1855 James V. Jones - - 1857
John li. Thompson 1059 John Bell ..... 1859
John Slidoll - - - - 1855 Thomas J. Rusk - - 1857
J. P. Benjamin - - 1859 Bam. Houston - - - 1859
Hannibal Hamlin - 1857 Vacancy 1855
Vacancy 1859 Solomon Foot ... 1857
ChH.Sumner (F. S.) 1857 J. M. Mason (8. R.) 1857
Edward Everett - - 1859 R. M. T. Hunter " 1859
James A. Pearer - - 1855 Isaac P. Walker - - 1855
Thomas G. Pratt - 1857 Henry Dodgo - - - 1857
Lewis Cass 1857
Cbas. E. Stuart - - - 1859
* By flovornor's appointment. Tho Legislature
of Alabama will havo two United States Senators to
elect during tho coming session
The House consists of two hundred and
thirty-four Members and five Territorial Dele
gate*, one new Territory having lately been
formed, viz : Washington. Tne Delegate*,
however, have no vote.
Democrats.?Philip Philips, Sampson W.
Harris, Wm. R. Smith, George S. Houghton,
\V. R. W. Cobb, James F. Dowdell.
Whig.?James Aberorombie.
Democrats.?A. B. Greenwood, E. A. War
Democrats?James T. Pratt, Colin M. Iuger
soil, Nathan Belcher, Origen S. Seymour.
Democrats.?J. A. McDougall, Milton S. La
Democrat.?George R. Riddle.
Democrat.?Augustus K. Maxwell.
Democrats.?James L. Seward, Alfred H.
Colquit, David J. Bailey, Wm. B. W. Bent, E.
W. Chastain. Junius Hillyer
Whigs.? David A. Rneee, Alex. H. Stephens.
Demvcrat?Bernhardt Henn.
Whig.?John P. Cook.
Democrats.?Smith Miller, Wm. H. English.
Cyrus L. Dunham, James A. Lane, Thomas A.
Henricks, John G. Davis, Daniel Mace, Nor
man Eddy, E. M. Charulterlam, Andrew J
Whig.?Samuel W. Parker.
Democrat*.?-John Wentworth, W. A. Rich
ardson. J nines Allen, William H. Rii-aell, Wil
lis Allen.
Whit*.?E. B. Washburne. J. C. Norton,
James Knox, Richard Yates.
. Democrats.?Linn Bovd, James S. Chrismnn,
J. M. Elliott, J. C. Breekenridge, R. H. Suui
Whigs.? Bcni. E. (tray, Presly Ewing,
Clement S. Hill, Wm. Preston, Leander M.
Democrat* ?Wm. Dnnbar, John Perkins, jr.
Whigs Hunt, John B. Smith.
Democrat ? Natliahiel P. Banks.
Whigs.?-Zeno Seudder, Samuel L Crooke.r,
J. Wiley Edmunds, Samuel H. Wallet, Wil
liam Appleton. Charles W. Upham, Tappan
Wentworth. EdWard Dickinson, John Z. Good
Inilejif mien! Democrat.?Alex. De Witt. ?
Dcmocrmls?David Stuart, David A. Noble,
Samuel Clark, Hector I. Stephens.
Democrati.?Moses McDonald, Samuel May
all, !\ J. D Puller.
Whigs.? E Wilder Earley, Samuel 1'. Ben
son, l-rael Washburn, jr."
Democrats." Daniel B. Wright, Wm S. Bar
ry. O R Singleton, Wiley P. Harris, Wm.
Democrats.?Jacob Shower, Joshua Yansant,
Henry May, Wm. T. Hamilton.
Whigs.?John R. Franklin, A. R. Sollers
Democrat*.?-Thomas H. Benton, Alfred W.
l.amb, John S. Phel|?.
Whigs ? John G. Lindley, John G. Miller,
Mnrdecai Oliver, Sam. Caruthers.
Democrat.?Henry M. Rioe.
Democrats.?James Maurice, Thomas W.
< 'umming. Hiram Wal bridge, Mike Walsb,
Willium M. Tweed, John Wheeler, William A.
Walker, Francis B Cutting, Jarcd V. Peck,
William Murray, T. R. West brook, Gilbert
Dean, Rotas W. Peekham, Charles Hughes,
Bishop Perkins, Peter Rowe, Daniel T. Jones,
Andrew Oliver. John J. Taylor, George Hast
ings Reuben E. Kenton.
lUAfg*.?Riissel Siure, Georgo A. Simmons,
George W. Chanc, O. n. Mattcson, Henry Ben
nett, Edein B. Morgan, David Carpenter,
Thomas H. Elagler, Solomon (J Haven.
Iitilcpcnilenl Democrats.?Gerrit Smith, Ca
leb Lyon, Bcnj. Pringle.
Democrats.?Nathan T. Stratton, Charles
Skelron, Samuel Lilly, George VraiL
Whig?A. C. M Pennington.
Democrats.?George W. Kittredge, George
W. Morriwin, Harry Hibbard.
Democrats.?H. H. Shaw, Thomas Rulfin,
Wm. S Ashe, Burton S. Creig, Thomas L.
Whigs.?Sion H. Rogers, John Kerr, Uioli
ard Puryear.
Democrat.?Jose Mftoael Gallegos.
Democrats.?David T. Diaoey, Matthias H.
Nichols, Alfred P. Edgerton, Andrew Kllison,
Frederick W. Green, Thomas L. Ritchie. Ed
son B. 01df?, Win. D. findsey^ Harvey 11. John
son, Wilson Shannon. George BIihh, Andrew
Whigs.?John Stfott Harrinon, Aaron H.ir
Ian, Moses K. Corwin, John L. Taylor, W. R.
Sapp, Edward Ball.
hultf/rVdeni liemorrats.?1.* 0. Cafhpb?ll,
Kdward Wade, J. R. Giddingn.
Democrat.?Joseph Lane. t
Democrats?Thomas B. Flortnce, John Rob
ins, jr., Wm. H Witte, John JfleNair, Samuel
A. Bridges, Honry A. Muhh-tfherg, Christian
W. Str&ub, H. B. Wright, Asa Pucker, Ga
lusha A Grow, J much Gandhi*, Wm. H. Kurtz,
Augustus Drum, John L. Davison, Michael C.
Trout, Carlton B Curtis
Whigs?Joseph R. Chandler, William Ever
hart, Issac E Heistor, Nej Middleswarth,
Samuel L Russet, John McColloch, D.ivid
Ritchie, Thomas M. Howe, J>hn Dick.
Democrats.?Thomas Da1i?, Benjamin B.
State Rights De mocro ts.-fioh n McQueen,
William Aiken, L. M. Keitt, Y. S. Brooks, Jas.
L Orr, W. W. Boyee. j
Democrats?Brookins Cartpbell,* Wm. M.
Church well, Samuel A. Smi/li. Geo. W. Jones,
Frederick P. Stanton.
Whiffs.?William Cullonk Charles Ready,
R. M. Bugg, Felix K. Zolikoffer, Emerson
Democrats.?Geo. Y. Sinvth, Peter H. Bell.
Democrat.?John M. Berqbisel.
Democrats.?Thomas H. Bayly, J. M. Mill
son. John 3. Caskie, William 0. Goode, Thos
S. Bocock, Paulus Powell, William Smith,
Charles J. Faulkner, H. A. Edinoodson, John
Letcher, Z. Kidwell, J. F. Snodgraas, Fayette
Mc Mn lien.
Whigs? James Meachan, Andrew Tracy,
Alvah Sabin. "j
Democrats.?Daniel Wells, jr., B. C. East
man, John B. Macy.
Committee on Elections.?E. H Stanton, Ky.;
J.Gamble, Pa.; Prenloy Rwing, Ky ; J. L. Sew
ard, Ga.; Orsamus B. Matteson, N. Y.; N. T.
Stratton, N. J.; E. Dickinuon, Mam.; G. Blim,
O., S. Clark, Mich.
Of Ways and Means.?? S. Houston, Ala.;
G. W. JouftH, Tenn.; Hurry Hihhard, N. H.;
A. H. StephenR, Ga.; J S. Phelpe, Mo.; W.
Appleton, M.w.; J. C. Breckonridge, Ky.; S.
G. Harun, N. V.; J. Robbing Pa.
On Claims.?A. P. Rdgerton, O.; J. Letcher,.
Va.; J. H. Giddings, O.; C. B. Curtis, Pa.; D.
Mace, la.; J. G. Miller, Mo.; T. Ruffin, N.
C.; C. Ready, Tenn.; W W Boyoe, S C.
On Commerce?T. J. D. Fuller, Me.: J. S.
Milleon, Va.; J. Weutworth, III.; T. Went
wortb, Mann.; W. Aiken, 8. C ; A. Harlan, O.;
G. W. Morrison, N. H.; W. Dunbar, La.; R.
R. Fenton, N. Y.
On Public Lands.?T>. T. Disney, 0.; W. R.
W.Cobb, Ala.; H. Bennett, N. Y.; B Henn,
Iowa; M S. Latham, Cal.; I. E. Hiester, Pa.;
H. L. Stovenn, Mich.; S. Carothers, Mo. j E
A. Warren, Ark.
On tkr Post Office an J Pos> Roads ? R. B.
Old*. 0.; P. Powell, Va.; C. W. I'phum Mam.;
D.T. Jones, N. Y.; VV. P Harris, Mis*.; B E
Grey, Ky.; Ada Paoker, Pa.; J. O. Norton, 111.;
J. A. McDougal, Cal.
(hi the District of Columbia?W. T. Hamil
ton, Md.; W, 0. Goode, Va ; R. Yates. 111.;
J. G. Davis, la : D. A. Noble, Mich.: J. Hick,
Pa.; W. S. Barry. Minn.; W. Cullom. Tenn ; i
J. J Taylor. N. Y.
On the Judiciary.?F. P. Stanton, Tenn.; J.
S. Caskie, Va.; J. Meat-hum, Vt : 0. S. Sey
mour Ct.; S. W. Parker, la ; H. B. Wright, Pa.;
J Kerr, N. C.; F. B. Cutting, N V.; H. May,
On Revolutionary Claim*.?R. W. Peckham,
N. V. ; A. Drum, Pa ; M. B. Corwin, O.; J.
M. Elliott, Ky; j. Shower, Md.: S. H. Roger*.
N. C.; J. F S nod grass, Va.; S. I.. Crocker,
Mam.; N. Eddy, la
On Public Erpef)ditHreK.~?W H. Kurtr., Pa.;
G. Hastings N. A. C. M Pennington, N J.;
P. S. Brook*, S.C.; J. C. Allen, fil.; R. M.
Bugg, Tenn.; 0. Stuart, Mich. ; J. Z. Good
rich, Mann.; A. Do Witt, Mhw.
On PriiHite hind Claims.?J Hillyer, Ga.: J.
H. Lane, la.; J. Aherorombie, Ala.; Henrv A.
Muhlenberg, Pa.; S. A. Smith. Tenn.; T. (J.
Hunt, I.a. ; C. Hughe* N. Y.; M. H. Nichols,
O.; T. R. Wwtbrook, N. Y.
On Manufactures?J. MeNair, Pa ; T. Da
rin, R. I.; J. R. Franklin, Md.; H. Walbridge.
N. Y.; S. May all, Me. ; R. B. Washbnrne, III.;
J. F. Dowell, Ala.; C. Lyon, N Y. ,
On Agriculture.?J. L Dawson, Pa.; F. Me
Mnllen, Va.; W.Allen, III.; R. C. Purvear,
N. C.; W. D. Lindsay, 0.; S. Clark, Mich.;
W. Murray, N. Y.; J. P Cook, Iowa: S. Lilly,
N. J.
On hulian Affairs.?J. L Orr, S.C.; B. C.
Ra*tman, Win. ; G. A. Grow, Pa ; R Ball, 0 ;
A. R. Maxwell, Fa.; D. B. Wright, Misa.; A. B.
GrecnwtKtd, Ark.; B. Pringle, .N. Y.; M. S.
Latham. Cal.
On Military Affairs ?T H, Benton, Mo.;
W H. Biewll, III.; C. .1 Faulkner, Va.; T M.
Howe, Pa.; VV. R. Smith, Ala.; N. P. Banks,
Mass ; J. A. MoDougal, Cal.; E. Rtheridge.
Tenn.; J. Vansant, Md
On the Mitiha.?F, W. Chastain, Ga.; Jared
V. Peek, N. Y.; W. Evorhart. Pa ; Z. Kidwoll,
Va.; VV. R. Sapp, O.; S. P. Boneon, Mo.; J.
B. Macy, Win.; R. Wado, O.; J. Maurice.
N. Y.
On Naval Affairs.?T. S. Booook, Va.; M.
M>?edonald, Mo.; G. W. Chase, N. Y.; VV. S.
Am he. N. C.; T H. Florence, Pa.; F. K. Zolli
ooffer, Tenn.; C. Skrlton, N. J.; A. H. Col
quitt, Ga.; A. R. Sollers, Md.
On Public Ruildings and Grounds.?B.
Craign, N. C.; N. Belcher, Ct.; J. L. Taylor,
O.; L M. Keitt, S C.; F. M Chamberlain, la
On Foreign Affairs?T. H Bayly, Va : S.
W. Harrte, Ala.; J. R Chandler, Pa. ; C. M.
Ingersoll, Ct; G. Dean, N. Y.; T. L. Cling
man, N. C.; W. Shannon, O.; W. Preeton,
Ky.; J. Perkins, La.
On the Territories.?W. A. Bichardnon, 111.;
J. MiQueon, S C.; J. I.. Taylor, O.; D.J. Bai
ley, (in ; VV. Smith, Vit.; R. VV. Farley, Me. ;
VV. H. Rnglish, In.; P. Phillips, AI n.; A. W.
Lamb, Mo.
Oil Revolutionary Pension*.?VV. H. Church
well, Teon.; H. A. RdiuundHon. Vu.; I. Wash
hum, Me.; I'. Howe, N. V.; N. Middhvwarth
Pa.; A. Rllmon, O.; J. J. Undley, M?.; S.
Miller, la.; T. T. Flagler, N. Y.
On In mini Pension*.?T. A. Hendricks. la.;
C. M. Straub, Pa.: R. Sage, N. V.; G. Vail,
N. J.; J. S. Chrisman, Ky.; A. Stuart, O.; VV.
B. VV. Dent, Ga. ; J. VV. Rduiands, Mush , VV.
M. Tweed, N Y.
On Hoods nml Canals.?C. L. Dunham, la;
G. R. Biddle, Del.: L. D. Campbell, Or; J. D.
Pratt, Ct.; VV. A. Walker, N. V.; I). Ritchie,
Pa.; H. M. Shaw, N. C.; L. M. Cox, Ky. ; VV.
Barkwdale, Mi**.
On Patents.?B. B. Thuwtou, fi. I ; S. A.
Bridget), Pa.; A. Tracy, Vt.; B. Perkins, N. Y.;
C. S. Hill, Ky.
On Rev/uil and Unfinished business.?VV. |{
VV. Cobb. Ala. ; .1. MeNair, Pa.; J. MuCulloh,
Pa.; A. Stuart, ().; A. Sabin, Vt.
On Accounts. C P. Curtis, Pa.; A. Oliver.
N. V.; R. B. Morgan, N. V.; T. Ritchey, O ;
O. R. Singleton, M isH.
On Mileage.?A. J. Harlan, la.; VV. II.
Witte, Pa.; I). A. Reese, Ga.; H. H. Johnson,
O.; J. Knox, 111.
On Engraving.?G. R. Biddle, Del.; M.
WalHh, N V.; G. A. Simmon*, N. Y.
On the Lilnary?T. H Benton, Mo.; J. R.
Chandler, Pa.; C. J. Faulkner, Va.
Joint Committee on Printing.?VV. Murray,
N. Y.; R. H. Stanton. Ky.; S. L. liua^ell, Pa.
On Enrolled VV. Green, O.; A.
De Witt, Mam.
On Expenditures in the State Department.?
D. Wells, Wis.; G. Vail, N. J.; S. L. Crocker,
Mass. ; S. A Smith, Tenn.; T. T. Flagler,
N. Y.
On Expenditures in the- Treasury Depatt
nunt.?D. Stuart, Mich.; T. VV. Cuioming.
N. Y.; M. Oliver, Mo.; M. C. Tr'?ut, Pa. ?
R. Wade, O.
On Expenditures in the' War Department.?
G. VV. Kittmlge. N. H.; J. Wheeler, N. Y.;
N. Middlctfwarth, Pa.; D. Carpenter, N. Y.;
R. H. Washhurne, 111.
On Expenditures in the Navy Department.?
F. McMullen, Va.; T. Ritehey, O ; C. W. U|?
ham, Mft*.; J. F. Dowdell, Ala.; A. C. M.
Pennington, N. J.
On Expenditures in the Post Office Depart
ment.?S. Lilly, N. J.; S. Miller, la.; S. P.
Benson, Me.: J. L. Seward, Ga.; J. Abererom
l>ie, Ala.
On Expenditures on the Public Buildings ?
H. A. Rdmundson, Va.; M. Walsh, N. Y.; A.
Sabin, Vt.; M. C. Trout, Pa.; T. VV.Cumming,
N. Y.
?STANDING committees of the senate.
On Foreign Relations. ?? Messrs. Mason,
(Chairman ) D mglas, Slidi-ll, Clavtou, Weller,
and Everett.
On Finance.?Mohmu Hunter, (Chairman,)
Bright, Gwin, Pearee, Norris, and Badger.
On Commerce.?Messrs. Hamlin, (Chairman,)
Dodge of Wiseooflin, Stuart, Seward, Clay, and
On Manufacture';.?Messrs. Wright, (Chair
man,) Allen, Finh. Butler, and Dixon.
On Agriculture.?Mown. Allen, (Chairman.)
Hunter, Wade, Thomson of Now Jersey, and
On . Military Affairs. ? Messrs. Shields,
(Chairman,) Weller, Fitzpatrick, Dawson, John
son, and Jones of Tennessee.
On Militia'??Messrs. Hunter, (Chairman.)
Dodge of Wisconsin, Morton, Shields, and
Thompson of Kentucky.
On Naml Affairs.? Messrs. (Jwin, ((.'hair
man.) Mallory, Brodhead, Fish, Thompson of
New Jersay, and Bell.
On Public Lands?Messrs. Dodgo of Iowa,
(Chairman*) Stuart. Johnson. Fi?ot, Wulker, and
On Private Land Claim*.?Mews Pettit.
(Chairman,) Sebastian, Ron jam in. Allen, and
Thompson of Kentucky.
On Indian Affairs. ? Messrs. Sebastian
(Chairman,) Walker, Adams, Cooper, Rtvk,
and Tontnta.
On Claims? Messrs Brodhead, (Chairman )
Clay, Chase, Pratt, Williams, and Wade
On Revolutionary Claims.?Mown Walker,
(Chairman ) Toao.-y, Cooper. Kvans, and Dixon
On the Judiciary.?Sless??. Butler, (Chair
man,) Toueey, Bayard, <*eyer, Pettit, and
On the Post Office and Po\t Road*.?Messrs.
Rusk, (Chairman.) Brodhead, Hamlin, Morton,
A damn, and Smith.
On Road* and Canals?Messrs. Bright,
(Chairman.) Slidell, Wright, Dawson, Cliase,
and Jones of Tennessee.
On Pe nsmns.? Messrs. Jonos of Iowa, (Chair
man.) Clay, Foot, Williams, and Sumner.
On the Diotiiit of Colhmbia.?Mo?srs. Nor
ris, (Chairman.) Mason, Dawson, Wright, and
On Patent* and the Patent Office?Meffcrs.
James, (Chairman.) Ev*ns, Nt4>wart, Seward,
Chase, and Thompstm of Kentucky.
On Rftrenchnvnt?Messrs. Adams, (Chair
man,) Toueey, Fish, Fitzpatrick, and Bulger.
On Territories.? M. t-srs Douglas, (Chair
man,) Houston, Johnson, Rell, Jones of Iowa,
and Everett
To Audit and Control tin Contingent Fr
penses of the S?nate.?Messrs Kvans, (Chair
man.) Dodge of Iowa, and Foot.
On Public Ruildtngn. ? Messrs. Bayard,
(Chairman ) James, Hunt, r, Badger, Thompson
of New Jersey, and Pratt.
On Printing.? Mrssrs Mallory. (Chairman.)
Hamlin, and Smith
On Fn grossed Hills ?Messrs. Fitzpatriek,
(Chaitman ) Pettit, and Wade. * ,
ANY person who will send hi* address, and on* i
dollar, in iin envelope, pout paid, to K JORDAN.
Newbury Vermont, shall have wnl hiin by m:iil,
poet paid, in ri'turn. a paper informing him 1st. how
io make four qualities of feed (or bees, costing fr.nn
3 to A cont< per lh., from which Rood honey is pr<>
duccd, 2d, giving information how to use the feed
with any common hive, with drawer*; 3d, giving in
formation how to prevent fighting and robbing while
in tbo process of feeding Knowing that multitudes
are desirous to obtain the above information, and
that it i* more than an equivalent for the dollar
asked, no apology is needed for thin notice. Please
send a gold dollar, or a current bill on some New
England hank, when possible.
Nov. 17. K JORDAN.
thk i.irn.r riumra,
A Monthly Journal for tiirls an<l Roys.
\ PAPER, under the above title, will be publi?he4)
at Philadelphia on the first day of October ne*t
fn site and general character, this publication will
resemble Mrs Margaret L. Bailey'statelydiscontinued
Fnmd of Youth, the place of which it is designed t<;
Terms ?-Fifty eents a year, for single copies j ot
ten eopiee for four dollar*. Payment invariably in
AH subscription* and communtoations to be ad
dressed to L K LIPPINCOTT, Philadelphia
THK Proprietors of the PUST, in s?|<ain coming be
lore I lit- public, would return thanks for the g?-n
eorus patronage which has placed litem far in ad
vance of every other literary weekly in America ; ami
:ih the only suitable return for *u*'b fa* and hourly
support, thoir arrangements for l?M have liMl) mad*
with a degree of liberality probably unei(unllrd In
the history of American new*pnj>er literature. 'I'hey
have engaged, as contributors lor the ensuing year,
the following brilliant array or toleut and genius
Mrs. Southwnrlh, Emcrsun Hennrtt, Air*. Ihni- I
ton, (irnce (rrtcnvamly ami Funny Fern.
In the first paper of January oast, we dttsign com- :
uienoing an Original Novelet, written expressly l?.r
our columns, entitled
By EMERSON RRNNETT, author of "Viola,"
" Clara Morel and,"," The Forged Will," etc.
This Novelet, by Ihe popular-author of "Clara
Moreland," we denign following by another, called
By Mrs. MARY A. DENTSON, author of'- liouie Pic
turos," " Qartrode Russell." etc.
We have also the promise of u number of
Whoso brilliant and versatile pen will be almost ex j
olusivoly employed upon the Post and her own " Lil
tie Pilgrim."
Mrs. Southwort.h- whose fascinating work* are now
being rapidly republished in England ? also, will
maintain hor old and pleasant Connection with the
Pout. The next story from her gifted pen will be en
Miriam, Tim Avenger; or, The Fatal Vow.
By EMMA D. E. N. SOUTHWORTII, author of " The
Curse of Clifton," "The Lost Jleire.'.s," " The Duaert
ed Wife," etc.
And last?not least?wo are authorized to announce
a riorics i f articles from one who has rapidly risen
very high in popular favor. They will he entitled
By FANNY FERN, author of" Fern Loaves," etc.
We expect to be able to commence the Sketches by j
Fanny Fern, as well as the series by Grace Ureeij
wood, in the early numbers of the coming year.
. Engravings, Foreign Correspondence, Agricultural
Articles, Tho New?, Congressional Reports, The
Markets, ete., also shall be regularly given.
Q^-Chkap Post auk.?The postage on the Pop',
to any part of the United States, when paid quarterly j
in advance, is only 2ft cents a yeur.
TERMS.?The terms of tho Post are two dollar*
per annum, payable in advance.
Four copies, $5 per annum.
Bight copies, and one to the getter-up of the olub,
$10 per annum.
Thirteen copies, and one to the getter-up of the
club, $15 per annum.
Twenty oopies, and one to the getter up of the olub,
$20 per annum.
The money for clubs, always, must b? sent in ad
vance. Subscriptions may be sunt at our risk. When
the sum is large, a draft .should be procured, if pop
sible- the cost of which may be deducted from the
un^iunt. Address, always jhjxi pairl,
No. ftft South Third street, Philadelphia.
N. B. Any person desirous of receiving a copy of
the Post, a* a sample, can be accommodated by noti
fying the pobliphers by letter, post paid.
05^ To Editor*.?Editors who give the above one
insertion, or condense the material portions of it, (tha
notices of new contribution*, and our term*,) for their
ulitoritiJ columns, shall be evtithd to an exchange, by
sending us a mnrked copy of the paper containing the
advertisement or notice Dec. 1?eo3t
So proiiouncod by the on tiro Pr e*a of the TT. 8tat*)?
Twenty-fourth Yfrrr.
ONE HUNDRED PAGES of reading eaoh month,
by the best American authora.
certainly the most intensely interesting one aver
written, entitled
will be commenced in the January number.
upon which any reliance can be placed, received di
rect from Pari*, and adapted to the taut* of Ameri
can Ladies by onr own " Fashion Editor,'' with full
DRESS MAKTNO. ? Our monthly description ot
Dress Making, with plan* to cut by. None but the
Intent fashion* are given The direction* arc no
plain, that every lady can he her own drew maker.
EMBROIDERY. ? An infinite variety in every
DRESS PATTERNS. ? Infant* and children t
dre?se?. with description:" how to make them. All
kind* of CROCHET and NETTING work. No*
with full direction*. livery new pattern, of anv por
tion of a lady'* dress, appear* lir*t in the Lady f
Book, a* we receive consignment* from Pari* ever;
two week*.
THR NURSERY. ? Thi* subject i* treated upon
(rodry\ hi valuable Receipt* upon ewry Suhjrrl.
Indispensable to everv family, worth more than the
wholo cost of the book.
MUSIC.? Three dollar* worth i* (riven every year.
DRAWING ?Thi* art can be taught to any child,
hy a series of drawing* in every number for ISM.
MODRL I'OTTAGRK.?('ottape plan* and cottage
furniture will he continued a* usual
in every number. They aie always to he found i?
Godey. .:?
GODRY'S LADY'S BOOK contain* precisely that
for which y* 11 would have to take at lewt three other
macarine* to get the *am? amount of information.
The />/./?'# I'ooi i* a periodical literary treasure
to the lair sex ot'America. Every lady should be a
*uh*criber -every citiren *hoiild Mf that if grace*
the table of bin wife or daughter It i* a fountain of
unexceptionable pure and instinctive literafuie, and
an unfading source of the purest intellectual enjoy
ment G' doy adopt'- for hi* intM, "fiWnW
more elevated ; and hi* unrivalled enterpri*e i* rin
ifieatinir it* propriety iV.'riOn.
One copy year - - - ? - ft
Two copie* one year ...... ?.
Five copies one year, and an extra copy to the
per*on sending the eluh - . - 10
Eight eopics one year, do. do. do. - li
Ele\ en copies one year, Jo. do. do. - 20
07*Golty* Lady'* Book And Arthur'* Horn*
Magaaine will both be *ent one year for $:i Ml.
No. 113 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
' OT.7" Sp< cim< n* sent if de*ired. Dec 22.
mill TJ MR HAS ('OMR, and he that ha* energy
I and ability can rcaii a rich reward. A safe way
to make money. The following Receipt-1, with I'uil
direction* for the mataafftctnre, for.only one dollar
l*t. A *nprrior Black Ink, that will cost only five
cent* per gallon.
2d. A superior transparent Soap for *having.
3d. A water proof Blacking, excellent for loather.
4th. Washing Ltquid
6th Burning Fluid ?
Rither of the above will pay very large profit*.
filh. An article warranted to ration color*, wheth
er taken out by acid* or the sun
These Keeei|>t* will be sent to any one who will
enclose one dollar. |w>*t piid, to the ffubvoriher All
the articles for the preparation of the above Receipt*
can he obtained at drug store* generally.
1 have sold single loeetpM of the above for $30.
Dec 22, M. E. DOW. Manchester, N II,
n, >i, r ? ? ir ? ?*?<?!.I. fc i o?
the agents for the flfatitttm K'./, and ar? author
i*ed to receive advertisements and subscription* ?m
u* at the lowest rate*. Their receipts are regarded <u
payments. Their office* are at New York, 121 N?s
sau street j Vnston, I* State street .Inn* 94
Single copy - - - $2 Tun copies .... $15
Three copies - . . 5 Single copy six inoui lis I
Five copies ... 8 Tun copies nix utouih* 8
Payment in advance in uniformly required.
ItiUr* <V AUvt itiHHtf.? Ten cunt* it line for the first
iusertiou. live cent* a tine for each miImmjucnt one.
Money to he forwarded liy mail ut our rink Large
amounts ui'nv be rciniu. d in draft* or certificates of
deposit?. Wild, money in Mat, noted on tile bunks ot
Bostou, New V'ork, Philadelphia, and Haitimore, are
preferred. New England note* arc at lens discount
than New V'ork State notes, and those less than
W cittern notes.
All communication* to the fi/w, whether on husi
noAh of the paper or for publication, should be *d
i trussed to <1. BAILEY*, nu*hiugtvn, D. (\
20,000 ordered in Advance of Publication.
VI ill be reaily Monday.
| j KKIKNDH By the author of " Ki rn l/mH.
Oho elegant Irtmo. 30U V**"' si* Illustrations.
Price 75 cents. The ??Uie, Kilt edge, *1
(N.pies sent by mail. post paid, on receipt ot pi i. e.
Published by ..... , . w v
JjKKBY A MILLER. Auburn. N. i.
For KHie by all Booksellers throughout the 1 nitod
StatoH and Canada*. l?ee.
Weekly Agricultural Paper of Ike Country.
Ferioilical of nix teen large quarto page*, making
an annual volume of 8JW page* of nearly double the
Hiee of those in the first tuu volumes ot the Agricul
turist. ,
It is beautifully printed with .type cast exprc-ly
for it, anil on the best ot clear white paper, with wide
margin. w> thnt the numbers can be easily stitched
or bound together.
A copious Index is weekly ridded, which will be
fully nmplifiod at the end of the year, for the bound
work. .
Comprehensive in tin Character)
Each volume will uoutain all matter worth record
in.. which transpires either at home or abroad, and
which can fcrve to instruct or interest the Farmer,
the Planter, the Fruit-Orower, the Hardener, and
the Stock Breeder; thus making it the most c.iui
plete and useful Agricultural Publication of the day.
Correct and valuable Market Reports.
The Markets will be carefully reported, giving the
actual transactions which take ploeo from week to
week, in Grain. Provibious, Cattle, Ac.; thus keep
ing our readers constantly and reliably advised as to
their interests During the past year, the knowledge
obtained from these Market Reports alone has saved
our readers thous?nds of dollars, by informing thorn
of the best time to sell or purchase.
Sink a Paper is demanded by the tai ming
Com in tin ily.
Tho publishers confidently believe that the agri
culturists of this country are becoming too much
awake to the deuinnds of their own culling to he
longer satisfied with the slow monthly issues of a pa.
per professedly devoted to their interests, or to trust
alone to the trrcKyomthlo extract* in a ti\rut*r a
column," so popular just now in papers chiefly devo
ted to business, polities, or lituiature; and they look
for the united support of all the intelligent tarpt-M
of this country in their continued effort to furnish a
weekly paper of a high and reliable character, which
shall bo progressive, and at tb? same time cautious
and conservative in all its teschingr".
Essentially an Agricultural Paper.
The Agnsiihuri*t will not depart from its legiti
mate sphere to catch popular favor by lumbering up
its pages, With the silly, fictitious literature, and
licht, miscellaneous matter ot the day ; it has a ?igB
?r aim; nnd n small part only of its space will be
devoted to matters not iinmodiatelv pertaining to the
great business of Agriculture. The household as
well a? the out-door work of the farm will receive a
due share of attention. The humbugs and nostrums
atloat in the community will be tried by reliable sci
entific rules, and their worthlessnoss exposed. 1? U
the aim of the publishers to keep this paper under
the guidance of those who will make it a standard
work, which shall communicate to its readers only
that which is sate and reliable.
,4n Independent Journal.
The Amrrrran Agrievfturist stands upon its own
merits; and the truthfulness .teal, and ability,
which it brings to the support of the interests ot the
faruu r It is nntrammrled b) any collateral busi
ness connections whatever, nor is it the organ of any
clique, or the putting machine of any man or thing.
Thoroughly independent in all points, its ample pa
gits aro studiously giieu alone to the support and im
provement of the great agricultural class.
Editorial Department.
The <1 mrrn.in Agr*culfur*et is nnder the editorial
supervision of Mr A B. Allen, its principal editor
for the past ten years, and Mr Orange Juia. A M.
a thoroughly practical farmer and agricultural
, hemist ^ assisted by Prof Nash, who has been
for a long time one of the most, successful fanners of
New Enifland, and is now Agricultural Professor of
Amherst College; Rev Wm. Clifl, widely known as a
(?leasing and instructive writer ot. gardening and
other departments of practical agriculture, and. in
addition to these, a number of other eminent a;n
cultural writers. _ , ?
All the editors are men practically experienced in
their profession, each of whom can handle the 1 b.w
as well as the Pen.
Tkr Cheapest Paper in the country, of it? char
a e'er
The A luetic an Agriculturist is supplied to regular
subscribers at a cos. of less than four cents a numter,
of sixteen large pages; and to large club" for b *
than two and a half c uts Each number, will contain
suggestions f-r the treatment of soils, niauue*. crops,
Muck. Ac , which will ..Men be worth to the render
more than the cost of th'1 paper I r n yeai
?v< /?Mr/i Copiex.
Ppeeimen copies will lie p..warded, gratis, to any
one sending their name and pust office addns? to the
Ac.?The p.?|*r will he promptly issued on
Wednesday of each week nnd mailed to subsctiberi
on the lollowing liberal terms
T.? single subwribers at $2 a yem
To clubs of three subscriber' at f I <W a year , ?.
To clubs of fne r .ibsciibi rs, ut $1 >? year --.V
To clubs often Rubs, ribers. at #1 a year?*1
To clubs of twenty snb-crit.ers, at }l.'i JMi
The money always to accompauy the nam^<* for
which the paper is ordered. . . .
The Postmaster or other per-on sending a club of
ton will l.e entitb-lt.. ..m . xtm c py gratis.
The Postma-t-r ..r other person ending a clul. of
twentr or more, will be presented with an extra copy,
and also a copy of the National Magarine. ^lent.l.c
American Weeklv Tribune, wr VI e. kly rimes,or any
Other pa pet or j?ri'..lical in this city, not costing oxer
two dollars per annum .
Subscriptions may ? e forwarded hy rantl ftt he
ri^k af the publishers, if enclosed and mailed in t e
presence of the Postm.ister l ?,j v. . i.
QT?Communications for the |?iper should he
dressed to the editor subscription*, advertisements,
and ill milters relating to the business department,
?hoiihi be addressed11? ihe puhbsher.^ ^ ^
l>(H, 5 > 1st. M ater "treet.. New Y. rk
WMI r K VI K * ? ^ f.iK llAKtuHt hTA r* ft
I >Y HON Cll ARLK8 Fl MNKR With 4U splendid
0 illustrations hr Billing" engmved hy Baker A
Smith. It makes a beautiful i?m.. rolume of about
Nt) pages? bound in cloth, thin hoards, printed in the
most ebgant style, on the best paper.
Introduction Territory of the Rarhmry States Ttie
Subkict and Sources of Informat ion
I 0'ici??t Shvf it. Slavery inihe BatharyState*.
II lhvar-j of Wktu S/.n.'ry in . K*r!>
Efforts acainst it -by Ferdinand ^u../
Charles?, by England, by Ww?. ;v Holland, Free,
diiiu by R,?> . Freedom by I s?V . * ?**?
doin bv l-. ' l' : Whit- American \ ictims to Burba
ry Parallel between Whits- and BIjk k Slavery , Tri
umphant Abolition ot White Slavery
III rt. ? M I""
Anologies lor H lute Slav*v ; Happy Condition of the
W^te Slavs IXti-r off in liarUry than at Home,
Better off than the Free christians m ltarhary ; Nov
ertbcless. Unquc tionaWe hnormlty af ^^?'7
>? is/wMisr
M-.rehVl tWiee National Era
T?K IN M.tVk rOItK, ?> tHMiH*
till PK UTItK.
1 TS f>istlr?ctive Features shown bv it* Statutes, .In
I dlcial TWisioas, and IllnstraUve Facts By Wil
liam tloodell. author of the " I^mocia. y oirhnrtian
,tv ' ' Slavery and Anti-Slavery," Ae The woik
contains pages l2mo. neatly honn.1 in cloth Pnc?
75 cents i>er copv. post .ice IS oents For sale lor
June 'Iff t Cl.EPH AN K. Office Nst l.r?
The following is an extraet of a letter from Hon.
William .lav to the author
? Your analysis of the slave laws if rery s> lo, and
vonr exhibition of their praet.nl application hy the
Southern conrts erinces great and oarelul research.
Your hook is as imr.regr.ahle a*nmst the charp> of
ex Miration U Enclid s tleometry. sine, like that
it consists of proposition* and demonstrations. TIM
hook is not onW true, but it is nnoi" ? W">1% true.

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