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After Mr. Smith had concluded, yesterday
, M'- ^ ?ttT? n?u?? that be would oontend
for an observance of the resolution of the Sen
ate, setting apart Friday in each week for th?
consideration of the pmate ?2Jd!, S S
?f ?,ther b?nes?,? and re^tdJ
attempts to set aside that rule
Bri?ht' Senate pro,
IT?* the oonwderation of Executive busi
d?? il'r? f??e_t*me "Pent therein, the
do?? w?? opened, and the Senate adjourned.
' HotUt of Representatives.
?Ur 'Tn01^ T^terday, a final vote
Deficiency bill, and by a Tote
ot 88 to 88, it was defeated, in suoh a manner
u to prevent it from being again brought be
lore tho House, for any consideration whatso
Senate, Friday, Feb. 10, 1854.
* ^roni 'b? Committee on Private
Land Claima reported back House bill extend
ing the time for presenting certain private land
olaims in California, and the same was consid
ered and passed.
? a b.U1 confirming a private land olaim
in Wisconsin; and the same was passed.
-fcb,Af0Woke1,tef ?f th? hei'" ?f
"f011 <?f Mr.' Douglas, the considera
tion of the private oalendar was postponed,
Senate proceeded to the consideration
of the bill to organise a Territorial Government
for Nebraska.
Mr. Smith resumed the remarks commenced
by him on yesterday. He quoted, as the plat
torna on which he stood upon this question, the
words of Mr. Webster, in which that gentle
man declared himself opposed to all agitation,
Worth or South. He was opposed to all Anti
Slavery agitators, and Pro-Slavery agitator?
No man could say that in opposing this bill he
was actuated by seotional motives. He had
wted against this bill at the last sesaion, when
it oontained a sanction of the Missouri Com
He and some few other Northern Senators
voted with the South, and killed the Nebraska
bill of the last session. He was surprised to
soe some of those Northern Senators now sivinir
then- support to this bill. He oould w* no
oause for the change, except that this bill oon
tained a Slavery clause. If it were not sweet
ened by the Slavery clause, the bill oould not
live in the Senate half an hour. This bill re
enaoted the Fugitive Slave Aot; but if it re
enacted the Missouri restriction and the Wil
mot Proviso both, he would not vote for the
When the bill was first reported, it oontained
a twenty first section, of which no one knew the
meaning, and whioh a jury of nineteen Phila
delphia lawyers could not decide. It remained
in that state one week; when Mr. Dixon offer
edI an amendment repealing the Missouri pro
hibition. The Senator from Illinois, in five days
after that, marches fully up to the Bcratoh.
Senator then reported a new bill, declar
ing the Missouri Compromiso void and inope
**tlTe;, Th" we* not suffered to remain : but
alter that a council of war was held, in which
was prepared the amendment now pending.
. nat amendment is a novelty in the way of
legislation. It is an enaotment with an exor
dium and a peroration.
All the South deeired was the repeal of the
Missouri Act. If it was to be repealed, he
would prefer to have it done in positive terms,
and in none of the squirming and twisting
displayed by this bill. If it was to be repealed
it ought to be done in a separate motion, and
not put here to carry through another measure
whioh, without it, oould not reoeive the South
ern vote, and whioh was voted down at the
last session.
The country had expected nothing of this
measure. It will be remembered-, the newspa
pers had said nothing of Nebraska, until after
Congress met Sinoe that time, however, the
notes of the present or^an had been most dis
cordant. In the first place, the Senator from
Kentuoky was denounoed as an agitator be
cause be proposed the repeal of the Mimouri
Compromise, and the Senator from Illinois was
lauded for his middle course. In a few days
organ oh&qged it* tune, and the very mean
ur?, for professing which Mr. Dixon was de
nounoed, was hailed as the very one required
and called for.
He examined the oharaoter of the Missouri
torn promise, and contending that it was adopt
an<?D'lb M ?d*?'emn oomPa?'> b? forever kept
The Senator from Kentucky placed his sup
port of this proposition on the ground that it
was offered by the North. He donied the au
thority of any one man to offer that proposi
tion in the name of the North.
If it should turn out that a majority of the
Northern Senators should vote against the biil
?^P?ot *b? Senator to vote against the
He .thou8ht lt Hkely that a majority of
r.L'TT"66 0,1 Territories wore not in favor
of this bill.
Mr. 8. was still speaking when this report
wm closed.
House of Representatives, Feb. 10, 1854.
The Deficiency bill having been yesterday
defeated, and a motion to reconsider the vote
defeating it having been made and laid upon
the table, an soon aw the Journal had been read
to day a general desire was manifested to bring
the bill again before the House; bat the Speak*
or decided that the vote of yesterday was flna',
and that the bill oould uot now be taken up.
Much excitement prevailed throughout the
Hallon the subject, and for about half an hour
there was an almost tumultuous demonstration
of inquiries respecting the order of business, I
motions, remarks that were ruled out of order,
objeotions, &o.
The Speaker was clear, oool, and inflexible
in his decisions.
Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, moved to reconsider
the yote by wbioh the -motion to reoonsider j
was yettforday laid upon the table.
The Speakor ruled the motion out of order.
Mr. Jones appealed from this decision.
Mr. Hamilton moved to lay the appeal upon
the table.
This motion was decided, by yeas and nayp, :
in the affirmative?134 to 35
The House then proceeded to consider seve
ral'private bills from the Speaker's table, re- !
portod from the Committee of the Whole, on
Friday last; and after some time passed therein.
On motion, the House resolved itself into j
Committee of the Whole on the Private Cal
A bill to indemnify the State of Indiana for
the failure of title to a township of land, grant
ed to said State on her admission into the
Union, in 1816, was taken up.
Mr. MilUon arose and addressed the Com
mittee at length, in opposition to the bill.
A Piiopkr Distinction.?Our Indian inci
dents are fruitful. This is nut the wont wo
have had: ' Are you a Christian Indian 1'' said
a person to an adherent of Red Jacket, at the
settlement near Cattaraugus. " No,'' mud the
sturdy savage, "I whiskey Indian * He owld
sep that whiskey drinking and Christianity had
)itt)e in ootnmon, and was honest enough to
oiassify himself aooording to hi* habits. Not
a few of our civilized " whiskey Indians '' lack
the honesty or discrimination of the savage
Buffalo Express
Oregon is Raid to be increasing so fast in
population, that the nuhjeot of admission
into the Union is already talked of.
FOR DAILY national kra.
Nebraska Meeting.
Boston, Ktu 10.?A ^rcat Anti-Nebraska
meeting will Lo held at Kunouil Hall, ou Thurs
day next.
Arrival of the George Law.
New York, Feb. 10.?The steamer George
Law has arrived, with the California mail* and
specie, but she brings uo later news.
Lous by the New Orleans Fire.
New Orleans, Fkb 10?The estimated low
by the rcoent tire of steamboats, three stores
on Chartres street, and utber property, id near
ly St 000 000. The insuranoe on the property
is #300,000
Later by the Pacific.
New York, Feb. 10?A rumor wus circu
lated at Paris Bourse, that, fur the expenses of
the war, a nett joint loan of England and
France would be sixteen millions of pounds
Hamburg letters of Friday allude to reports
that the Cuar was about to issue paper money
to the amouut of sixty million of rubles.
Thu steamer America bad been chartered, to
bring home the San Francisco passengers car
ried out by the Antarctic.
The latest accounts from the Paris Bourse
are favorable of a reaction of one-half to three
quarters per cent.
San Francisco Sufferers.
New York, Feb. 10.?The following names
are given, of individuals caved from the San
Franoisoo, on board the Antarctic: Capt. Jan.
VVatkii s, Pt ter Schell, C F. Burton, John Ma
son, Lieutenant Winder, Lieut. Chandler, W. J.
Rankin, and some others.
Baltimore, Feb. 10, 12 M.?Flour ad
vanoed?dales of 500 barrels of Howard Street
at $8 94?generally held at $9; City Mills
held at $9il2. Grain advanced. Wheat?
sales of 3,000 bushels of white at $2.11 a $2 15;
red at $2 08 a $2.10. Corn?9ales of 25,000
bushels of white at 94 oents; yellow at 94 a 96
cents. Other articles unchanged.
Baltimore, Feb. 10.?On late 'Change,
sales of 1,700 barrels Howard Street flour, at
$8.87)^. Sales of Ohio Railroad shares at 59.
New York, Ficb. 10, 1 ^ P. M.?Flour stag
nant?sales 5,000 bbls. State brands, at $9 a
$9 12J^ and $9 18%; Southern, at $9 44 a
$9.50. Wheat duller?sales of 8,000 bushels
Southern white, at $2.34. Corn firmer?sales
of 50,000 bushels mixed, at $103; yellow,
$1 08. Cotton declining Stocks improving.
Philadelphia, Feb. 10 ?Flour held at $9.
Wheat and oorn slightly improved.
A private letter from Florence, of the 6 th of
January, Bays: " Our Government it) rendering
itself perfectly ridiculous by its persecution of
all those who speak in favor of Turkey. Two
boys were arrested some days since, for having
given an Oriental salute, by crossing their arms
on their breasts and bending their heads. The
word 'Turkish' has been erasod from the sign
board of the Turkish Coffee-house, and the
word 'coffee-house' remains. Crowds asBcm*
ble frequently before the house, and laugh im
moderately. Several children amuse them
selves with wearing a crescent on their breasts,
to annoy the polioe.7'
A letter from Milan, of the 9th of January,
states that " the polioe authorities in that city
are beooming every day more arbitrary. The
inhabitants are forbidden to quit their houses
or walk the stroets, without a pass from the
Prefeotof Polioe; otherwise, they are imprison
ed and fed on bread and water. There is a
special carriage attached to every railway
train, which is exclusively reserved for the po
lioe, that they may examine everybody who
travols. The same vigil anoo is exercised at the
Advices have reached Paris, from St Peters
burgh, of the 12th of January, whioh describe
the position of affairs as affording little hope
for the maintenance of peace. The ?mperor
is described by thorn who have an opportunity
of observing his movoments, as living in a state
of religiouH exaltation, regarding himself as the
chosen instrument, under the hand of God, to
drive the Moslem fr<jm Europe, and only re
gretting that he should have allowed so many
years to pass by without fulfilling his destiny.
The allegod unconstitutional interference on
the part of 1'rinoe Albert has been further dis
cussed in London. His Tight by marriage to
bo at the Privy Council is established by a
unanimous opinion delivered by the judges in
1765, and it is shown that the acta lor natu
ralising Prince Albert wero oopied word for
word from those for naturalising Prince Leo
Kld when he married the late Prinoess Char
;te, in virtue of which ho was made a Privy
Councillor on the 1st of July, 1816, with the
sanction of I*ord Eldon, then L6rd Chanoellor.
The preoedente of Prince Leopold, (though the
Princess Charlotte was only presumptive heir
ess ) and of Prince George of Denmark, were
followed in the case of Prinoe Albert, both of
whom were introduced, and took no oaths.
Of the strictness of the passport system, and
the danger from now-oomers which haunts the
Neapolitan (ffioial mind, a good story has just
been told. A lady, expecting hoTconflnem -nf,
was at Capri with her husband. Wishing that
the ohild might be born on the main land, they
sailed across the bay; but the youthful Nea- i
politan having unexpectedly made his appear -
anoe during the three hours' voyage, they were j
not allowed to laud, because the infant was
not in the passport!
Some month* tince, upwards of twenty thou
sand natives of the Punjaub assembled at Um
ritsir, to hear the Governor General's order on
the subject of infantioide. Hitherto the hill
ohiefr, and many of the Sikh tribe?, have adopt
ed the ornel practice of murdering their female
children, rather than boar tho great expeose of
their marriage oercmonies. Government has
now limited thoso expenses to certain sums
proportioned to the rank of the parents In
the evening the whole oity was splendidly il
luminated, and fireworks broke out on every
side. It appears to have been a remarkable
display of Oriental magnificenoe.
Some one has discovered that leeches, when
drank, will bite until sober; and, therefore,
when they show a disinclination to bite, he
makes them drunk ; he puts them into a little
warm beer, and directly they begin to kick
about, he takes thorn out, holds them in a oloth,
applies them, and find* that they will bite im
mediately and vigorously. This is ono of the
vert few cases wo (Household Words) have met
with, of a personage being more useful when
drunk than when sober. Tho surgeons at the
Hotel Dieu, at Paris, are said to bo a little
more delioate in their practice; they intoxioatc
their sluggish leoches with a little warm wine
and water, instead of boer.
Count Bruno Rronskl, a Pole, has discovered
the art of crossing silk-worms, a process
< through whioh he obtains silk of a splendid
I whiteness. Baron Meyendorff has made him
I brilliant offers, for the purpose of soeuring for
I Russia the benefit of his invention ; but tho
| Polish emigrant has refused, through patriot
; isip, and has offered his aocret to the Indi i Com
The entire profits of some popular Londim
| publications are likely to be out off by the
firing prioe of paper.
Lifo of Isaac T. Hopper?price $1.25, poM 1.1/4 31
UncU Tom's Cabin?price S7J cents, postage 1Joenta j
five copies for $3, pontugn paid.
Uncle Tom's Cabin iu Ueruidu?price 60 oentn, port
age 16 cent*
Key to Unole Tom'* Cabin?price 50 oenta, pontage 19
White Slavery in the Uarbary State*, by Hon. Charles
Sumner?price 50 oenta, postage 13 cent*.
Olddingn'a Speeches, one volume I2me?price $1, poet
age 25 oenta.
Ooodell't American Slave Code ?price 76 cents, pott
age 18 centa.
Manuel Pereira?price in cloth 76 oenta, postage 13
oenta; in paper 60 oenta, pontage 10 oenta.
National Bra Office.
OCT" Various theories have been started relative to
the origin of Intestinal worma, and yet the question
ia still u vexed ono among medioal authorities. Of
one fact, however, all are Informed, and ip which all
agree?the fatal nature of the influence they exert on
ohildren. At this neaaon of the year, tho attacks of
worma aro most frequent us well aa moat dangerous.
W"e take great pleasure in direoting the attention of
parents to the Vermifuge of Dr. McLane, It is ono
of the moat extraordinary medicines ever introduced
to the public, and haa never failed of success when
0?" Purchasers will please be oareful to ask for
and take none else. All other Vermifuges, in com
parison, are worthless. Dr. McLane'a genuine Ver
niifuge, also his oelebrated Liver Pills, can now be
had at all reapeotabie Drug Stores in the United
States and Canada.
Tho best article ever used, as bundrods oan testify
in this city and surrounding country. Read! OIL
MAN'S LIQUID HAIR DYE 1 nstatuawojuly chang
es tho hair to a brilliant jet Black or glossy Brown,
which is permnru nt ~docB not stain or in any way in
jure the skin. No article ever yet invented which
will oomparo with it. We would advise all who have
gray haira to buy it, for it never fail*.?Boston Post.
Z. D. OILMAN, Chemist, Washington oity, Invent
or and Sole Proprietor.
For sale by Druggists, Hair-Dressers, and Dealers
in Fancy Articles, throughout the United States.
Splendid Engraving*!
THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL, an Illustrated Record
of Agriculture, Mechanics, Science, and Useful
Every number contains 32 largo pagos of Letter
Press, beautifully printed, on fine paper, and profuse
ly illustrated with Engravings, forming at tho end of
each year Two Splendid \ olumes, comprising four
hundrerl pages, and illustrated with about five hun
dred elegant Engravings. Tho entire cost being only
THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL was commenced in
Novomber, 1853, and has already attained a large
circulation. The November number contained 40
ongravings, the Decoinber number 72 engravings, the
January number 47 engravings, and the February
issue has 61 engravings, making in all 220 illustra
tions, although only four numbers have been publish
ed. These rolato to Science, Art, Mechanics, Agri
culture, and Useful Knowledge, in accordance with
the general plan of the work. No publication of the
kind hai ever been produced with such magniflconce
or at so oheap a price. It is admired and taken by
every one who sees it.
Terms.?To subscribers, $1 a year, or 50 cents for
six months. Subscriptions may be sent by nuril, in
coin, post office stamps, or bills, at the risk of the pub
lisher. The name of tho post office, oounty, and State,
where the paper is deaired to be sont, should bo plain
ly written. Address, postage paid,
No. 86 Nassau street, New Tork City,
Feb. 9?4t Editor of the People's Journal.
A liberal diaoount to postmasters and agents. Sin
gle oopies 124 cents. Specimona sent on receipt of
four postage stamps.
JOHN P. JEWETT A COMPANY have in pre.*,
and will publish about the first of March, a work
of extraordinary power and ability, one which will
rank amonjj the very beat production* of American or
foreign gemns. It 1* entitled
That our own opinion of this remarkable book may
not seem exaggerated, we publish the following arti
cle, written by one of the editor* of tho Evening
" Messrs. J. P. Jewett k Co. have in pre**, and will
shortly publish, a tale of deep iutorest, entitled ' The
Lamplighter.' The scene is laid in Bocton and im
mediate vieinity, and it* author is believed to bo a
Bos t on i an, or a resident of this neighborhood. We
accidentally fell in with tome of the proof-sheet* of
the work, the other day, and, after roaaing a hundred
or more pages, we have no hesitation in pronouncing
it one of the most original, interesting, graphic, and
affecting tale*, thu* far, that hat lately appeared. It
is quite equal, to say tho leiut, to 'Wide, Wide
World,1 though not what would be called a religious
novel. If the work is completed with the ability
which ia displayed in the first part of it?and we have
no reason to doubt that it will be?we predict for it
a salo and popularity equal to tho most successful of
modern romances, suoh as t'ncle Tom alone exoopt
od."? Evening Traveller, Jan. 27, 1864.
A* great curiosity has already been excited, a large
demand will be croated, and early order* from the
principal houses in the trado are solicited, to govern
u* in th? size of the flret edition.
Publisher*, 17 and 19 Cornliill, Boston.
Feb. 7. Cleveland, Ohio
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Warren, Trumbull CO , 0.
Office No. 6| Markot *troet. Jan. 7?d
I^OR Widow*, and Claims for EXTRA PAY for
Army and Navy, in California and Oregon from
1S4R to 1862, prosecuted by F. E. HASSLER.
Office on Four and-a- Half street, near Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington, D. 0. Sep. 22
Volume Sixth?1854.
THIS well known and widely circulated Journal,
conducted by Pastors of Congregational churches
in New York and vicinity, has completed it* filth year
It i* now enlarged; is published ia a quarto form,
and contain* sixteen columns, or fifty per rent more
reading matter than ever before, being the target
religion* paper ??* the world!
In aedttion to the regular editorial corps, Rev. G
TV Chkkvir, D D., Rev. Hrnry Ward Ukkohrr,
Mrs. H. B. Stowr, Rev. 0. L. Brack, and "Min*ie
Myrti.k," are stated contributor*, engaged to write
weekly, and will be a**i*t?d by most able Correspond
enta at home and abroad, who will do all in their
power to make this Journal an interesting religion*
ami family paper.
Trrm*.?Notwithstanding the immense addition of
at loast $8,000 to the yearly expenne* of the paper,
the price will remain the tame?
i f pi id st rift ly in advance, or $2,60 if not paid within
three month* No new name* entered without the
Agent*.?Clergymen and Po*tmaiters are autho
rised Agent*, and are solicited to engage in the work
of extending our circulation Fifty eent* commission
on each new subscriber will be allowed them
Any porson wishing to subscribe, will pleaae enclose
in an envelope two doi.i.ars, and address
No. 10 Sprure utreet, New York,
Prepaying postage; and money to cent will he eon
ridered at our riak.
0^7" The paper will be sent in exchange for one year
to anv newspaper or monthly periodical that will pub
lish this Prospectus, including thi* notice.
New York, Jan. 6, 1864.
Ij^ULL Jewelled Oold Lever Watches, 18 karat
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t'A V i: \TH.
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ply, such curative agencies as are best adapted to
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ceive particular attention; and those even who have
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ed that there is still hope for them We especially
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rangement of thu nervous system, liver, and digestive
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Til K OHIO r.VK.UKit roa IS?4.
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culture, Agriculture, and Stock.
Eaoh number will contain, bosides Foreign and
Domestic News, selections from the most interofftiug
Publications of the day, Stories, Wit; History, Biog
raphy, Poetry, Essays on various subjeots, Market
Roports of Cleveland, New York, Cincinnati, Ac. In
short, nothing will be left undone which mar be
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bost Family Paper for the Farmer, Gardener, Me
chanic and Stock Breeder, that is published in the
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A new manual of the dining-room and kitchen, con
taining original recipes in every branch of eookcry,
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lustrations. 12mo, cloth or half-bound, 75 oentfl.
Cookery aa it should be ? Ah, well, that's a pretty
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cellent qualities of the many good things she daily
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Author of " Dulrinea,'' etc.
TnE COLUMBIA GLEE BOOK j or, Music for
the Million, in three part*.
Part 1?comprising the largest number of choioe
Glees, Quartettes, Tnos, Song?, Opera Choruses, <ko.,
ever published
Part 2?consisting of Saored Anthems, Choruses,
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Part 3?containing most of the old popular Conti
nental Psalm tunes. Making the most complete col
lection, in all iti foaturun, ever published.
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FRANCK TAYLOR, Washington, D. C.
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Jan. 3?ld8w Ohio.
A PARTNER, who is a practical Druggist. andean
bring a cash capital of from fivo to ten thousand
dollars, to invest in a well-established wholesale Drug
House, at one of the best points in the Western coun
try for a large jobbing trade.
It is about four years since this house was flrst
opened and has done a large and profitable business
from the start. I purchased and have conducted the
business for over two years, during which time the
trade has steadily increased from over fifty per cent
during the flrst year'* business to one hundred and
fifty per cent, the past year. And, with my facilities
for business, Western aoquaintance, Ac , the trade
can be made, with the additional capital repaired, to
reach from one hundred to one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars annually.
For farther particulars, address the undersigned,
as above. All letters of inquiry will meet with prompt
attention. I. M ASHLEY.
Jan. 28?ldlw
FINE chance for young men this winter. Address
Not *. M. J. COOK. CrawfonNrille. In-1
THE subscriber offers for sale his Farm, situated
about fire miles from Washington, D.C., in Prince
George's county, Md It contains 178} acres, more
than 30 of which is a fine alluvial mea<l?w, producing
a ton and a half of hay to the acre, but which un
der improved cultivation would produco at least two
tons. Hay soils in the Washington marmot at from
$16 to $30 per ton. About four acres of the place i?
a marsh, covered with several feet in thickness of
black oarth, tho result of decayed vegetation, whish,
properly composted, is a source from which the up
land may bo enriched at a reasonable cost. About
AO aeres of the farm is woodland?growth principally
oak and chestnut. The land, except the ftteadow, is
undulating, and affords many bountiful sites for build
ing. Thoro aro many springs of excellent water on
tho place, and it is noted for its hcalthfalnoss. The
soil of tho groater part of tho upland is a sandy loam,
underlaid by clay?in some places, clay predomina
ting. About 76 acres could be divided into small gar
dening farms, giving nearly an equal quantity of wood
and arable land to oach. There is an' orchard of 160
Cach trees and AO apple troes on the placo, all bear
g. Tho farm is well fenced. The buildings aro?a log
house of four rooms, with a frame addition of three
rooms, a meat-houso of sun-dried brick, a log* kitchen
separate from the dwelling, a corn-houso, stable, car
riage-house, Ac. There is a stream of water running
through the placo, with sufficient water and flail for a
small mill. Price. $50 per acre. Terms?ono-third
cash; a long credit tor the residue, if desired, or, it
Would be exchangod for real estate in tho city ot
Washington. Address MARTIN Bl'ELL,
Washington, D. C.
Fifty acres, about half of which is woodland, and
which could he divided into three gardening farms,
with woodland and a beautiful building site to each,
would be sold separately. Or, if preferred, I will sell
the other part of the farm, on which are the buildings,
orchard, and meadow, which cannot he conveniently
divided MB
UPON the receipt of TWO 1*)LLAR8, by mall, the
subscriber will immediately forward, free of
postage, a pack of fifty Visiting cards, with the name
of the person *>rittrn upon thom in * stylo which re
quires the elosost examination to distinguish it from
rnqrnving. Wedding Cards, from four to five dollars
per pack of filly Samples will be sent to persons by
applying, postage paid, and enclosing a stamp. Write
tho name plainly. Address
Dae ti?3t Seventh street. Washington. D. C
BOOK and Pamphlet Printing exacatad by BTJELL
A BLANCHARD. Sixth gtreat, Washington
PAKKKM. at bin Perfumery and Fanoy Store, un
til r ihu Nilioiwl Hotel, Pa. avenue, is just opon
iui; r buw uud couipUi'v stock of Goods, consisting, in
part, of?
Ladies and Gout's Pari* Kill Gloves, all sites and col
Extract*,from the houses of Lubin and Provost, Pari*,
aud Harrison. Philadelphia;
Genuine Gormau Cologne. Pomatum, li.xut Marrow ,
Cold Cream. Macassar Oil, W. I. Bay Hum;
Low's Hrown Windsor Soap, Cleaver's Honey Soap;
Lubin's Kose aud Musk Soaps;
Taylor's Transparent Balls, Ac., Ac.
English, French, aud American Hair Brushes, in one
hundred different patterns ;
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 row Tooth Brushes, Loudou made,
for our aalos expressly;
Mail and Cloth Brushes, Ac., Ac., Ac.
'fuck Combs, latent Paris styles ;
Shell. Buffalo, English cold-pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Combs;
John Fen's premium ivory One teeth Combs, and
Pocket Combs.
Guorlain's, Koussel's. and Harrison's Shaving Cream ;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaps;
Badger'* hair Shaving Brushes, very superior.
Wahhinuto.m, March 12, 1849.
We, the undersigned, having fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Razor Strop Powder, to which the Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, take great pleasure
in certifying that it will keep the Raxor in line, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone.
J. Macphekhon Berrien, U. S. Senator.
W. W. Seaton, Mayor of Washington.
W. S. Akchek, llouso of Representatives.
,Rev. T. M. Pkaxk, Washington City.
Thomah J. Rusk, U. States Senator.
Hiram Walbrldgc, Esq., New York city.
Wade A Butcher's, of our own importation ;
Tally-Ho, from 25 ccnts to $1.25 each.
Razors imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan. 2?d
THE subscribers beg leave respectfully to invite
the attention of the ladies oi the city and vicini
ty to the following now and rich Goods, which haVe
just beon received, vir.
5U drosses extra rich Brocade Silks, for evenings ;
75 do. do. , do. street;
25 do. do. Moru antique, watered;
15 do. do. Moru antique, broeade;
ID do. do. black Brocado Silk;
12 do. do. flounced Brocade Silks,
10 pieces light colored plain Poult de Soie ;
25 do. very rich plaid Silks ;
25 do. Silk Illusions, for party dresses, all col's;
30 do. watered and plain real Irish Poplins;
150 new style Paris-trimmed Chemisettes A Sleeves,
in sets.
250 do. French embroidered Collars;
50 do. French embroidered cambric Chemi
settes and Sleeves, in set9 ;
75 French embroidered Chemisettes and Sleeves,
trimmed with Maltese Houiton, and Valen
eionuts Laces, very cheap;
150 pairs erabroiderod muslin andcambrio Sleeves,
250 French embroidered Handk'f* a great variety;
300 pioces English and French Thread Laces;
25 velvet Cloaks, latost style ;
25 embroidered cloth Cloaks, latest style;
25 plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks ,
50 small Persian Scarfs, for the neck ;
50 long Cashmere Shawls ;
25 richly-embroidored white crape Shawls;
Together with a great variety of new and elegant
articles appropriate to tho season; all of which w?
are enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage of the advanced season to make our pur
chases [Jan. 2. | IIOOE. BROTHER, A CO.
DR HARRIET K. HUNT, of Boston, (Mass..) re
spectfully gives notice to the ladies of Washing
ton that she will remain in this city a few days, and
will be prepared to examine diseases. Having beon
in suceesslul practice since 1835, she can confidently
ask attention to this card. Sne has paid great atten
tion to the diseases of children.
Hours, from 9 to 12 A. M.
Rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, betweon 9th and
10th streets, over Mrs. Low's storo. Feb. 7?dftt
BANKER and Exchange Broker, National Hotel
Building, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington
city. D. O. Jan. 11.
GOSHEN Butter, selected from Delaware county
Dairies. Now York and Pennsylvania extra
bulled Buckwhoat, in barrels, half barrels, and bags.
The best Philadelphia butter in prints, for table use.
Supplies received weekly. and any quantity deliver
ed to ordor. SHEKELL A'BAILEY,
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 2?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Market
ON and a/ter Thursday, October A, 1853, daily
trains (bundays excepted) will be run over this
road, agreeably to the following arrangement:
A train f?r Warrentonund intermediate points will
leave the sta'ion, corner of Duke and Henry streets,
Alexandria, at 8} o'clock A. M.; arrives at II A. M.
Returning, will leave Wirronton at a quarter pas,
1 o'clock P. M., arriving in Alexandria at a quarter
before 4 P. M.
A train from Culpeper t* Alexandria aud interuie
diate points will leive Calpoper at "l o'clock A. M .
arriving in Atoxandria at 10j o'rt >ck A M.
Returning, will leave Alexandria at lj o'clock P.
M , arriving in Culpeper at 4j ocloek.
A daily stage is running between Gordonsvillc- and
Culpoper. in connection with the cars on this and the
Virginia Central Roads.
Through TirLrtt.
To GordonaviliC ? - $4 50
To Staunton ? ? - ? - 7.50
To Lynchburg ... 7.00
To Winchester 4.00
Per order. W B. BROOKETT,
Jan 7?d Agent
* I can't get a decent Segar in fVankmgtm,''
IS a phrase hourly heard froin strangers, in our city
Without admiiiingor denying its truth, the sub
scriber determined to remedy tho evil. To this end,
he has made a list of every brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " the host segar I ever smoked,"
and with this dwunent he has procured from the first
i in porter* in New York, a stock of these choice
brands, and now offers them to the public.
Every fumigat.ir. who knows a good segar when he
smells it, is requested to cull and examine the stock.
Sign of Jim Crow, 7 doors east of National Hotel.
J an 2?-3m
NSW YORK, Alexandria. Washington, and George
town Packet* '
Schooner Kairfax?C. Ponfio'd, nai'ir.
? Do. Ktnpiie - Rufus Kr.a. j?. muwr
Do ;*tat?tinan?J. D.Cathell, natter
Do W?ibin((t<<n?J kondrick, matter
Do. S*nat >f? W Kirny, m eater
Do. Hamilton? A Dayion, matter
Dj. Arlington?H Lewis, matter
Do- Arrtii1?ttccrfc Wilton, ma*tor
The abort packet* having ruauine.i their weekly
tripe, thipport are notified that one of them will pot
itively clear from New York on erery Saturday, (or
oflencr if neceatary,) nnd that thit punctuality may
he depended upon daring thu rear, until interrupted
by ice. 9VtfttiK8, CLKAKMaN. A CO
110 Wall street. New York
S. SHIKX A SON, Alexandria
Jan i d F. A A. H. DODGE, Georgetown
OP the following choice brand*
Sy va A Co. t M t\ Int. in MOths
La Philanthrope in l-4tht.
La Ado ation, in l-4tbt,
Kl Sol do Peuarrel, in Mths
George Waahington. in 1 -5ttis
Gl Contention. in Mths
Amhrotia Londrea, 1 at. l-IOths.
Do 2d, If.ths;
Kl Ktaeo. in l-KHht;
La Cosmopolite, in l-.'?ths
Maria Antoinette Lomires Regalia, 1 at, I 1 lit lit;
Do do. do. Id, l-10ths,
Kipaniola for le Prensado, In l-4th? ;
1 caae " original " Victoria Lnndres, I,IN.#
Together with h fine assortment of Chewing To
(Saecettort to John R. Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 4 -<16ti( No. 5, oppo*ite Centre Market.
i\ Coudersport. Pottor county, Penn. Jan. 2A.
HAT, Cap, and Mitten" Flat Mannftictarcr. No. 7
Waahington Place, 7th atreet, between D and E,
Washington, D C. Jan. 2.
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
igan, will practice in the SUte and United State*
Court*, attend to securing collecting debt*, and
to investigating tides to land* in any part of the State
of Michigan. jM
GJ_KXl INK "Edam" Cheese, in case* of 2 dozen
? each, in prime order. Genuine Dutch herrings,
in small kogfi, in good order.
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. t?dfltif No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
O ADDLER, Harness, and Trunk Maker, Pennsyl
O vania avenue, a few doors east of tbs National
IloU'l, City of Washington. jmn 2?3m
ANNUALS of the most splendid binding Elegant
. editions of the Poet*.
A beautiful assortment of Juvenile Books, Episco
pal and Catholic Prayer Books, Toy Books. Portfo
lios, Portmoanaies, Albums, and everything in the
fancv stationery line, for sale at
Oduoii Buildings, eor 4J st. and Pennsylvania av.
Jan. 2?3w '
TKACY A WILLIAMS, late Profusion of Penman
ship at Muff's College, Pittsburgh, have taken
rooms in Washington Place, 7th street, opposite the
l'.ist Otbou, for the purpose of giving Le son* and Lec
tures to ladies and gentlemen in this elegant and use
ful Art. Their specimens comprise every style, both
plaiu and ornamental; their rocomuienda:ioos are
uuiterous, and from some of the best men in the
country ; and their system of teaching has been uni
j vorsully lauded bv tho Press of Ohio, Pennsylvania,
und New \ ork. They respectfully solicit a visit from
the eitisens of Washington and vicinity, which will
I be sufficient to convince ihem that Tracy X William*
have no superiors as business or ornainrntal penmen.
Tick mm.?$6 for 20 lessons. Improvement guaran
tied to all. * ?
yiJIT,wo C'akus, wiitten In an unequalled style
for $2 per pack. |>#b 4_4
I PREPARED from pure Java ceffee, from which a
X cup of ClariQod Coffee, sweetened and creamed,
can be in ado in -wtt minute, by dii-solving it in hot
water. ^ or sale by
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co ,) i
_ No" 5> opposite Centre Market.
/"I ENERAL AGENCY and Insuranoe Office, :t Co
y~M luinbia Place, (2 doors north of Louisiana ave
nue ) Seventh street, (east side,) Washington. D. C.
Claims before Congrets and the different Deoart
m"n*- _J?B.J-d
pOMMISSION MERCHANT, and Agent of the
V/ Hasten Heinp Manufacturing Company. Gangs
ot Rigging, and Manilla Cordage ; American, Russia,
and Manilla Hemp, for sale.
Jan. fi?d.'lm No. 152 Commercial st., Boston.
/" tHAV k BALLANTYNE, Seventh street, two
Jr "oom above Odd Fellows' Hall, have the only
Depository in this city of the publications of tho
American Bible Society;
Mothodist Book Concern;
Robert Cartor A Brothurs ;
Presbyterian Board;
Ainorican Tract Society,
Evangelical Knowledge Society;
I ? ? , . American Sunday School Union;
New hnglnnd und Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cietics ; and all the principal Religious Publishers
It is thorefore apparent that their stock of Stand
ard Theological Works and general Religious Litera
ture must be unequulled.
They always keep an extensive assortment of all
the llytnns used in tho different churches, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Books, in plain and superb
Attractive and choico Juveniles, embracing nearly
all of the most useful and entertaining Books for the
young, published.
School Books, of all tho kinds used in the city and
country schools, at Now York prices.
? Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Portinounaies, Portfolios, Writing
Desks, Ac. Jan. 2?d
By the Author of the " Wide, Wide WorldV
pARLKRINKEN his Christmas Stockings. Beau
V-^ tifully illustrated. Prico, 76 centa; gilt, $1.25.
The Bow in the Cloud ; or, Covenant Mercy for the
Afflicted. Numorou ' engravings. Price, $3 50
Gliid Tidings ; or, The Gospel of Peaco. Price, 83 eta
Popular Legends of Brittany. Illustrated. Price 75
Spiritual Progress; or, Instructions in tho Divine
Life of the Soul. From the French of Fdn^lon and
Madame Guyon. Price, 75 centa.
The Old and tho Now ; oe, The Changea of Thirty
\ ears in tho East By Wm Goodell Prioe SI 25
Old Sights with New Eyes. Prioe, $1.
Conversion: Its Theory and Process By Rev T
Spencer. Price, $1 25.
Autobiography of Rev. J. B. Finley , or, Pioneor Life
in the West. Price, $1.
Christ in History; or, The Central Power among
Men. By Robert Turnbull, D. D Price $1 25
Jan 4?d2 2 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall.
OOD Wages will be paid to a colored woman com
do lho work of a small Umily. Inquire
over Mr. Edmonston's Shoe Store, 7th street, near E
Jan. 3?d.'U
\ ND English Shucch, vit: Oherkins. Mixed, Pie
I\ ohIilly. Ctiow Chow, Walnut, Caulillowor, Eng
lixh, of both Crosse A Blackwell'a und Batty a ex port -
at ion;
Crosse A Blackwoll'i colcbrated Onion Pickles ;
Mixed Mangoes, Martinaa, Onion* Cauliflower. Red
Cabbage, American .
Van Bensclioten and Wells Provost, New York ;
Lee A Perrin'a eelobratod Worcestershire Sauce, in
quarts. pint*. and balf pints, late importation.
Alan. John Bull a, Ilarvev. Heading, India Soy, Es
sence of Anchovies, and Lobster ;
Oroese A Blackwell's and Whyhrow's Bog Muitard
Louis Frore's French Mustard j
Engliah reflnrd Table Salt, in jara.
(Successor* to John B Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 3?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centra Market
NO. 1 acale Haddock, in 25 lb. kitta and barrels
White Fish, in 25 lb kitta and barrels .
Dun Fiah, beat qnality ;
Grand Bank Codftsn;
Scale Herring, in boxAS j
No 1 Mackerel, large, in barrela;
No. 2 do in halftand barrela.
(Successors lo John B Kibbey A Co.,;
Jan 2?dlwif No 5, opposito Centre Market.
PERSONS visiting Washington, and in want of
Boota or Shoo*, are invited to call and examine
my stock, which comprises as good an assortment of
Lad inn.' Oentlemnn's, Boys', Youth s, Miasos. and
Children a Shoes, a* can bo found in th? eity. Prices
moderate JOHN A HI'FF, Ponn avonue,
Jan. 11 Bctweon 4} and *lh ata . Washington
IN plain and hunting caaca, of cvory variety (,f style
. and sire.
Ladies' Watches, of new and elegant stylea, just
i received from the manufactory of Charles Frodsbam.
84 Strand, London
Also, Watches from the most colebtated Londcn
and Swiss makers For aalo by
Jan. 2?d No. 9 Congress street, Boston.
agency''for all the magazines
Harper a Magarine, Putnam's Magazine,
Graham* Magazine, Hunt's Merchant's Magaz.
Oodey a Lady's Book, Eclectic Magazine.
Illustrated Mag.it of Art. Knickerbocker Magatine,
| Arthur's Mfigamne, Dickens Household Words.
I Historical Educator, Littell's Living Age.
Lndios Nat Magazine, London Punch,
London Illustrated News, Blackwood's Magatine
Also, the roprint of all the Foreign Reviews, coin
prising the London Quarterly, Westminster. Kdin
burgh, and North British
, All tho Literary Newspaper* published in Phila
delphia. New York, and Boston . also, all the New
1 Books, received as fast as published
j A vory complete and varied assortment of Gno note
and letter Paper, comprising *IV 'be most boautiful
qualities and sites In general use m
A large assortment of Blank Books, fof sale at
Odeon Building, cor 4f at. and Pa aveouo
Ju 2?dim
SHOE DEALER, tod Faahionable Boot Maker,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between Brown*' Hotel
and Seventh a tree t, Washington. Jan 2?3m
HUSKY JANNKY'S Boot and Shoo Store and
Munufuctorv. for tbo lo*t ten yeara located on
8tb struct, near the General Poit Office, wax removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns Hot*! and
7th utreet, where the proprietor ha* spared no paius
or expense in fitting up an establishment commensu
rate with the great increase in tbo business of tho
The subscriber tender* his most cordiil and gratr
ful acknowledgments to hit Irimda and patrons for
their long-continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet thein in hie new house.
I have a very well-assorted stock of Boot* and
Klioua, of Frxucn, New York, Eastern, and my own
mnko, embriuting every style and variety, to which i
invite the attention of member* of Congn?, and citi
ten* generally. HENRY JANNEY.
Penn. av , north side, between Browns' Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th at., third door from the latter
From tkt. United Stulrj Argus.
To those person* who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot be excelled, either
in quality or workmanship, we would call their atten
tion to the card of Henry Janney, to be found under
the head of " Washington."' A handsome and neat
ly-made boot is not at all time)! a source of pleasure
to the wearer, but often one of extreme torture; this
isoaused by the bungling manner in which tho boot
is fitted to tho foot. Mr Janney but devoted muck
of his time in studying tbo construction of the human
loot, in ordor to ascertain how a boot should be out
und fitted, that will be perfectly e;w) to all part* oi
the foot. In this ho ha* succeeded, so that it inatteis
not what may be the shape of. or the number nf corn*
on the foot, his boot ia perfectly easy. Thus be baft
combined beauty with ooiufort.
Ct 8. FOWLElt A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
>? 7th street) have just completed opening a large
assortment of CHINA, QUEENSWARE', and GLA^S.
making their stock at this time equal to any in the
country ; consisting in part as follows, vis:
Docorutcd gold band and plain white Frrnch China
Dinner, Dcs?-rt, T< a, und Breakfast Sets, and de
tached piecos, such as Fruit Baskets, Compotiern,
Casseroles, ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
India China, in dinner and tea sets, and detached
Iron Stone China, docorated, flowing biue, and whito
dinner, toa, breakfast, and toilet sets, und detach
ed pieces, in ovory pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety?
Dresden, Torra-cot u, Parian, and Froncli China;
Vases, Card Koceivors, Jewel Stands;
Candiosticks, Motto Cups and Saucers;
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac
GLASSWARE, rich cut and engraved.
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Goblets ,
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tumblers;
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Iloldars,
Toilet Bottles, Cologne Bottles, Ulobei;
Lamps, rich and plain Decanters;
Cut and pressed Bowls, and silrored Bowls;
Solar, Etnorialfliall, and Side Lumps;
Candelabra*, Girandoles, rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffee Urns, Tea Sets, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchcrs, Punch and Molasses Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery and Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., of tho
most approved and latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots
Plato Warmers, Egg Boilers, Ac.
With an ondlesss variety of goods not named which ,
wo respoctfullv invite strangers and citizens to aall
and examino before purchasing elsewhere.
Storekeeper* and country merchant* will find it to
their advantage to buy of ns, as our facilities am
equal to any other impoiting house in tho United
Statos, and we are detcrniinod to soil as low.
N. B. Goods carefully put up for the country by
an experienced porker, and delivered free of chargc
in any part of the city. Jan. 2?dtl
Who Seek tkeir Supplies in our Market.
ONE PRICE ONLY. Wo are now in our NEW
STOKE, which was erectud expressly for us. Wo
think it the most comfortable and bust lighted store
room in the city; am^with increased room, fncilitle?,
and experionce, doomed quite ample, we shall deal
largoly in
of ovory stylo, all of the best qualities, and for which
wc shall have one price only.
We shall soil cheaper than wc ererhave done: and
in having one price only (which, in our opinion, is
tho only ialr and equitable way of doiug business) we
shall maintain our oelf-respoot. which is above all
price or success. Moreover, jre expcct to retain all
thn trade of those prompt customers who have rnsdo
their purchases of us for some yean past, and doubt
less we shall have a largo accession of new customer'),
who prefer to buy where ont fatr pnrt only is <r*lc'
We foel that our simple word is requisite only to
satisfy our former customers that the on* price sys
tem is tho correct one, and to their advantage. **n<I
we do not hesitate to assert our brliuf that all candid
and intelligent persons will ailer an impartial exam
ination of prices, fabrir. and stvlor. give a one prieo
store the preference. Those wKo are not judge- i f
goods cannot fail to l>e impressed at onoe with tho
manifold and vast advantajp* to the purchaser re
sulting from the adoption in good fntth of the ow
prirt tyntrm ; it necessarily insures low price* to tl.o
purchaser, for it becomes absolutely necessary to meet
at the start all competition that cau be offered in
Our scale of prices will he so low and the profits so
small, that we cannot and will not sell but for tho
fitth or to customer* who nay promptly For tho'u
who purchase vtry largrly, or to srll again, reduc
tions will be made.
The public are cordially and most respectfully in
vitcd to call at all timos anil examine our stock.
PERRY A BROTHER. Central Stores,"
Jan 2?d (Op. Contro Market.) Washington City
OELECTED No. 1 Salmon, "fresh smoked " No. 1
O pickled Salmon m in ir n Mom Mackerel. \<. >
fine, in 25 pound kitts No. 1 Mackerel, in half bar
rels and 25 pound kitts.
(Successors to J. B Kibbey k Co..)
Jan. S?dlwif No. 6, opposite Cotilre^Maritct
JUST received at WALL'S cheap House Funa.-*,
ing Warorooms, on Sovonth ?troot, opposite thu
National Intelligencer office, among which may bo
Kosewood, Mahogany, and Walnnt Tcte-a-Teto and
Sofaa, in hair, cloth, and brocatclle, in groat vari
Easy Chair*. Arm Chairs, and B?tckers match .
Maghogany, Watnut. French, and Cottage Bedstead:
Walnut and Mahogany Etagercs;
Cabinet* and Whatnots,
Mahogany and Walnut marble top and plain Bnrcsof,
Mahogany. Walnut, and Manle Wardrobes;
Feather Bads hair and >huck Mattrr scS;
Handsomogilt and Mahogany Mirrors;
And a very large and general assortment of iJl
kinds of goods nocoasarv for furnishing, to which the
attention of those furnishing is respectfally inviUd.
Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. All
of which will be sold very low at WALL'S Ilnusa
Furnishing Wareroom?, on Seventh street, oppnsito
Intelligencer office Jan. 2?dlw
OLD Government Java Coffee ; Brown Java, in
pockets; (ieiiuine Mocha, in half and qu*rt?r
bales . Maracaibo and White Rio Coffee , roasted and
ground Coffee, rousted and ground in th* District.
Any of the above Coffees m*y be roasted nnd
fround to order, at short notice.
mperial, Gunpowder, Young Hyson, an very fino
Old Hyson Tea*
Oolong and Poucbong Black Teas .
Souchong, or English Breakfast Tea
Wine. Lemon, and Fancy Cracker*, supplies recciv J
weekly :
English Dairy Cheese " imitation , "
Do. do. rral geruino. very rich,
Goshen Cheese, plain
Pine-apple Cheese. Lewis Norton s best brands .
Whole ond fresh ground Spices, all kinds .
Rice Flour, Oswego Corn ftsreh. snd Fsrin*;
Whosten Grits and Stna'l Hominy.
(Successors to John B Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan 3 eWtif No 5, opposite Centre Market
DEALER in Books. Periodicals, and Stationery,
wholosal* and retail, 3 Columbia Plsct, corner
7th street and Louisiana avonus. Washington, D C
Jan d _
For Ladten, Gent emrn, and Children
EEDMONSTOS, west side of 7th straat. (nearly
? opposite Odd Fallows' llall.i manufactures to
order, and keeps constantly on hand and for sale, ev
ery article In his line, of superior quality and at tba
lowest priecs The pnbBc arc thanked for their past
very lil.oral patronage, and aro assured that no pains
shall be spared to merit a continuance of their favors.
Jan 13.

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