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Senate, Tuesday, JPV6. 14, 1854.
The galleries were crowded at an early hoar,
in the expectation of hearing the Hon. Saiu.
Houston speak on the Nebraska Bill.
The Chair laid before the Senate a commu
nication trow General Armstrong, of the Union,
asking to be released from the engagement be
tween that paper and the Senate, for the pub
lication of its debates and proceedings. He
says that the proceedings of the Senate exolude
from the paper the proceedings of the House,
and the compensation allowed is altogether in
adequate. The communication was referred
to tbe Committee on Printing.
Mr. Johnson submitted a resolution, tbat
John C. Rives furnish the Senate with an equal
number of the prooeedingi of both Houve^ that
he now furnishes to the House.
Mr. Seward and Mr. Brodliead presented
memorials from Now York and Pennsylvania,
against the passage of any aot repealing or
abrogating the Missouri Compromise.
Mr. Bayard presented memorials in favor of
Congress adopting the prinoiple of Congression
al non-intervention in all Territorial Bills.
The Senate resumed the consideration of the
bill providing for the settlement of the olaims
of American citizens for spoliations oommitted
by the Frenoh prior to 1800.
Mr. Pettit resumed, and concluded his re
marks in support of the bill.
The bill was then passed?yeas 26, nays 17?
as follows:
Yeas?Messrs. Allen, Badger, Bayard, Bell,
Dawson, Evans, Pish, Foot, Hamlin, Houston,
James, Jones of Tennessee, Mallory, Morton,.
Pearce, Pettit, Pratt, Sebastian, Seward,
Shields, Smith, Sumner, Toombs, Wade, Wel
ler, and Wright?26.
Nays?Messrs. Adams, Bright, Brown, Cass,
Chase, Clay, Dodge of Wisoonsin, Dodge of
Iowa, Douglas, Fitzpatrick, Jones of Iowa, Ma
son, NorriB, Rusk, Slidell, Walker, and Wil
The Senate then resumed the consideration
of the bill to establish a Territorial Govern
ment for Nebraska.
Mr. Houston then addressed the Senate in
defenoe and vindication of the Indians. He
traoed the history of the Cherokees from the
time of the treaty of 1785 down to their loca
tion in the present Territory of Nebraska,
which was guarantied them by the most sa
cred pledges of the Government^ that in the
enjoyment of this home they should never be
He aocused the Government of bad faith,
and asked when had the Government ever done
an honest act, or fulfilled any promise with re
spect to the Indians ? He advooated the policy
of furnishing Indians with food and the means
of prosecuting agriculture, in which they would
soon beoome civilized and christianized com
munities. The present policy of keeping up
armed posts, &o., cost more than would in a
few years christianise and civilize every Indian
oast of the Rooky Mountains. He elaborated
theee points at great length.
Mr. Houston had not oonoluded, when he
yielded the floor, and the subject was post
The Senate proceeded to the consideration
of Executive business.
House of Representatives, Feb. 14,1854.
The following is the Committee of Inquiry,
appointed in pursuanoe of the resolution of
Mr. Maee, to make investigations respecting
certain ocean mail steamers, &o., to : Messrs
Mace, Goode, Walsh, Reeee, Kittredge, Pen
nington, Elliott, J. C. Allen, and Puryear.
The Speaker laid before the House several
Executive communications; whioh were laid
on the table, and ordered to be printed.
Mr. Murray, from the Committee on Print
ing, reported baok, and asked to be discharged
from, the consideration of certain resolutions
and memorials, inoluding a proposition to print
500 extra oopies of the Blue Book; also, to fur
nish publio schools with oopies of the Presi
dent's Message and accompanying documents
The committee also asked to be discharged
from the consideration of tbe Census Report,
and the application of J. C. G. Kennedy for
permission to compile certain information there
from ; and that they be referred to the Joint
Committee on the Ceusus. Assented to.
Mr. Stanton proposed a resolution, to autho i
rize the printing of 10,000 oopies of the Patent |
Report for 1853- 4, for the use of that office, j
ana 30,000, for the use of the House. Tbe lat
ter number was, on motion of Mr. Straub, in
creased to 50,000; and the resolution was
On motion of Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, the
House then resolved itself into Committee oi ,
the Whole on tbe Homestead Bill, Mr. Olds in
the ohair.
This bill is entitled: " A bill to enoourage
Siculture. commerce, manufactures, and all i
er branches of industry, bv granting to of
ery man, who in the head of a family, and n
oitieeu of the United State#, a homestead of
160 acres of land, out of the publio domain,
upon oondition of oooupancy and cultivation of ,
the same, for tbe period herein specified.''
Mr. Dawson addrossed the Committee at
length, in support of this bill.
Mr. Mace arose, and said that be proposed,
for the first time in his life, to deliver a speech
from the manuscript He said that he would
speak upon the bill whioh had been reported
to this House from the Committee on Territo- ,
ries, and which was identioal with that now
before the Senate in relation to Nebraska.
In order that he might not be catoohised in !
the oourse of his remarks, he said he would ex
plain his past oon rse upon all kindred ques
tions. He proceeded to do so, and ahowed that
he had never ocoupied a position antagonistic !
to the interests of the slave States.
Tbe Compromise of 1850 did not, in bis opin- I
ion, repeal the Compromise of 1820?a oom- j
pact that had been made in good faith, and
approved, sanotiontd, and re-affirmed, in all
the subsequent legislation of the country bear
ing diroowy or indirectly upon the subject.
The present is the first time, the speaker
said, thafe Slavery has formed the basis of par
ty divisions. In all former times the boast ap- ;
peered to be that one party contained more
Pro-Slavery men than the other.
It bad been said in the Senate that Mr. Clay
himself doubted the constitutionality of the !
Missouri Compromize. If this were so, all hia
tory in relation to it most be false; and if Mr.
Clay were now alive, not only would this state
meat not be made, but a proposition to repeal
that Compromise would hardly be made in any
body of whioh he was a member.
Mr. Mace related incidents of the history of
the Compromise of 1850, and deecantod upon
the nature of the conoeeKions then made. He
said they were made by tbe North in good faith,
and that their boasted finality was honestly
believed in. He was still speaking, when our
report closed. _
Sardinia is filling all its garrisons and mag
seines with provisions and stores, and is provi
ding in every possible way for the event of a
European war. It is said that an allianoe with
Frjuioe has been ooncluded.
Defaulter.?A man namod James Phillips
absconded from Winnsboro', S. C. on the 24th
ult, with about S24.000 in bills, belonging to
the firm of Fisher, Agnew, & Co., of Columbia,
The export of cereals from tbe United States,
in the year 1847, equalled the export of cot
ton? the value of the former having been
$56,868,383, and of the latter, ?53,415,848.
[BY h0u8k-8 fauftinq tkllsgeaf h. |
Jirrest of a Murderer.
cumberland, mi)., Feb. 14.?Intullig. nee
ha>? been revived tliut Cornelius Johnson, (lie
murderer of Dr. Conu, has been arrested in
Alleghany county, and committed to jail. The
cause of the difficulty which ended in tho death
of Dr. Conn, in said to be an intimacy between
Johnson and Dr. (bonn's wife.
County Seat of Baltimore County.
Baltimore, Feb. h?The returns which
have been made of tho election in the counties,
for a county seat. indicate no ohoioe. The
votes for the almshouse location are largely in
tho asoond&nt, but bulioved not a majority of
the whole.
New York, Feb 14?The arrival of the
htomner has caused a fall in the prioes of all
breadstuff*. Flour is unsettled?sales of 5,000
barrels State brands, at $8 94 to $8.96 ; South"'
em. at $9 121j to $9.18^. Wheat declined 3
centf. Corn?sales of 40,000 bushels mixed,
at 99 a 102 oents; yellow, at 104 a 105 oents.
C'ctton doolintd }?a. Stocks firmer.
Additional news by the Africa indefinite aud
stoauier Petrel has beeu burnt in the Clyde.
Baltimore, Feb 14, 1 va P. M.?a count of
all tho returns shows that Towsontown has
boen selected as the oounty seat, by over COO
majority. *
Baltimore, Feb. 14.?Breadstuff* depressed
and unsettled. Flour?buyers are offering for
Howard Street dour $8 25 ; but as yet there
have been no sales Wheat has declined, and
is in an unsettled state?6,000 bushels have
been offered, but no sales have yet been made.
Nominally white is quoted at $195 a $2; red
at $1 88 a $1.95. Corn?lalee of 50,000 bush
els ot' white at 92 cents; yellow at 90 oents;
other kinds unchanged in prico
Baltimore, Feb. 14, \% P. M.?Flour?
Bales of 1,000 barrels Howard Street at $8.25,
and 900 City Mills at $8 12.
Philadelphia, Feb. 14, P. M.?Market
depressed. fiour?sales at $8 25. Wheat de
clined 4 cents. Corn unchanged.
Railroad Election.
Philadelphia, Feb. 13.?The Sunbury and
Brie Railroad Company had their annual eleo
tion this morning. No opposition was made
to the election of Senator Cooper as President.
Three Days Later from, Europe.
New Yore, Feb. 13.?The steamer Africa,
from Liverpool, with dates to the 28th ult., has
The steamer Alps arrived at Liverpool on
Thursday. The Amerioa was to sail for Hali
fax on the 31st.
The conduct of the Czar was still evasive.
His reply was not expeoted beforo the middle
of February. He has appointed Coubt Orloff
to meet the Four Court*, to explain confiden
tially the terms on whioh he will treat.
The uussianb were making preparations to
attack Kalafat, and several skirmishes between
the belligerents had ooourred, but nothing of
a decisive nature had taken place.
The allied fleets were on their way to Var
na The Russian fleet was off Azoph.
It was rumored, but doubted, that Panin had
suoceeded Count Neseelrode. |
Austria had hastily ordered 40,000 men into
The Genoese intend to give Captain Ingra
ham a public reoeption.
The Russian Japan squadron had arrived at
Hong Kong
British ships were blookading the port of
Bushire, in the Peraiau Golf.
. Markets.
Liverpool, Jan. 28.?Cotton has declined
\?d. to }^d. Wheat and flour were in less de
mand. and some ex-ship sold at 2d. on wheat,
and 6d. on flour, less than Tuesday's rates.
Money market unohanged.
New Oki.kans Fkb. 12.?The Delia, of this
city, has a letter dated Minitillan, stating that
the Teh u an tepee road ?aa formally commenced
January 30th. Sykes & Co. oommenoed opera
tion! at Saohil on the 25th.
A door and window tax had been established
in Mexioo.
A correspondence of Count Raousset de
Boulbon had been intercepted, showing the ex
istence of an extensive conspiracy to revolu
tionise Sooora and Lower California. Large
bodies of men had been seen marching thither
from Saa Francisco.
A oonduota had arrived at Vera Cruz with
82,000,000 in silver, whioh was mostly taken
by the English steamer.
Tha barque Lady Suffolk had sailed for Yu
catan, with several hundred troops for the In
dian war.
What is Mormonism??.A New York spec
ulator patents a new religion as he would an
improvement in a oamphene lamp. He finds
a Bible engraved on oopper, hidden under the
ground : acoording to this revelation, he is the
inspired founder or a church. He is a prophet,
in direct correspondence with the Deity. He
dethrones, in the belief of o^rtnin foolish and
unprincipled people, the Saviour of Mankind,
and proclaims, in place of a pure and perfect
system of faith and practice, the worship and
unqualified obedienoo to a human being, and
the practice of a sensual usage which is revolt
ing to the principles, polioy, and prejudices, of
the Christian world. Suoh a Government is
no more a Republic than any other in whioh
the head of the Government is the head of the
Churoh, and nuoh we understand to be the
State Government of Utah.?Ball. American.
Libeeal Spirit.?The Journal of Commerce
mentions that on Sunday morning last, Rev.
Henry Ward Beeoher gave notice that a ser
mon would be preached that afternoon, by the
Rev. Mr. Furness, (Unitarian,) of Philadelphia,
at the churoh of Rev. Mr. Chapin, (Universal
it*,) upon the subject of " Practical Religion."
He said he supposed some people would think
it strange that he, an Orthodox olergyman,
should give such a notioe; but though Mr.
Furnees entertained a different system of the
ology from him, yet he was right on the great
question of human rights and human progress,
and an eminently practical Christian. He
added, that some men live bettor with a bad
system of theology, than many men did who
had a good one; and that lisome men could do
more with a jack knife, than other men could do
with a whole chest of tools "
The foreign imports of Boston reached, the
last year, to nearly forty-four millions.
Died at Chatham, N V., January 21, 1854,
Miss Cornej.ja M. Thomas, in the 24in year
of her age
On Friday, the 10th inst., James A. Lehman,
in the 34th year of his ag*.
On the llth inst., in this oity, Mrs. Maeoa
eet Johmston, aged 77 yoars.
On the 11th instant, Geoeue Henry, infant
son of John H. and Adelaide Buthmann.
At New Orleans, on Wednesday, the 8th
inst., in the 30th year of his age, Phineas Jak
ney, Ewi, third son of the late Jonathan Jan
ney; of Alexandria, Va.
i?"?.*?" ??.?uf,
MAN'S UQufoTuiDraST'
OK fhfl Kut * 1 if clianflf
"h.b,.t j" "M ?'?W
i?? ?.rtlTT "n<" "in *?>?" '??
Will 70t in*#nt*d which
O. JfSSUr* W??*? ?*.
tor salo by Druggists, Hair-Drewer* an J
n Fancy Articles, throughout the United Suun.
A'iK; j'j.ii", InTS?w
muK ? , iuc'"',' s?r???? w. J
but do not instruct and enii?hi ,^fcereit the reader,
erenoe to the great sins of t!& V"1 d d wilh re<
Juvenile In?truotor (afaitanH?i?*' Rufo???! The
Tt ia the paper for ohildrnn r a ?.eotLth'8 demand.
Day schools oW,d"?-ft?r Sabbath sehoola and
..~b.^K?t?.S ????* "Mk.
mences January 6 1854 ' Am* yolumeooin
baa been secured Her irltiiJS r"*Tf!.d,ng Editor
ready known and adml?H kg for ?uM?? are al
vrill be given toevery n?h/. V Il,??^on.
pense will be apared ? reaaonahle ex
sand subscribers were added laat?j? ' Fi?,, thou"
P?r -in0."" TV" in advance
ror single oopiea ...
i ive to one person .
Ten to one peraon . " ?
Thirty' do 13.00?postage paid . 3*??
Fort/ do. J i0' ? 6?4
Fifty' do. {JJ dt?- ' 7 32
One hundred do. 12 00 j0, * ,8-40
Thia ^ otAj twelve rttut . ? 1? 80
are taken ; which is as nh?n where fifty copies
paper in the country and ohea?7 ^1?*'?hi,dren'8
them. Address. cheaper than many of
P fiLU9JUS 0. MATLACK, Syraouso N Y
Jan 7-2mm?D DUmber8 8ent' fr" of <*?*?
t^or Y,OIi'!" M**.or ENTKRPRISE,
Address, post paid, M j CC0K
v i) i . ... Crawfordsviile, Indiana
to travel * ?apUal of $30 or *fi0- wanted
Feb. 2.
A beautiful Engraving in each Number
2??" jrr.
E?ryN?mb<rmU MM? an Impremonfrom
a beautiful Steel Plate
JSOffr'"" M'""" '????"? p
JJ keen Po1iticaro^m^ariTa!itShly?%ruS;
tales, and vivid descriptions of rural and mountain
sparkling Examinerf the j36kSSit!
busy an! industrioua Z^JarV GaLt ^e 8^.ihU
Mdcompreh.nrive2?ma ^the ,oS?d rZ?t
able Christian Observer; these are int?rmir.j^li.
our dignity to borrew wit and wiadom from P?,1
U8e of th*
IndVol^th rt*ti0n" fr?m th? OOD?nenHf?Europe
THK LTvma 5^ ofth* British coloniJi ' '
byTUTTL|LLN?ON?5 C^l ^ 8at^'
mont and Bromlield streets, Boston.' Price"Ji ewL
a number, or six dollar, a year in advance k
zz&szxsz'? "?
W?"-Mthb|STi CO Borto.
A New anil-Improved Volume.
upon the Ninth Year of its publication, with tbe
January Number. Thii Magazine ban acquired the
nam* of the "Young People's Favorite It has
become a household word. Its artielea compriao an
almost endless variety ; all, whether grave or humor
ous, adapted to instruct as well aa entertain, and the
whole pervaded by an air of pure and healthful mo
Author of "Uncle Frank's Home Stories," "Theo
dore Thinker's Tales," " Stories about Animals,'' Ac ,
is still tho Kditor. The January number contains a
choice varioty of articles, including soma of the beat
Putties over published. For engravings, we have
Portraits of Washington Irving, Daniel Webster on
his Farm, and a host of others; among which is oar
Frontispiece, executed at great expense, in the high
est style of the art The picture is a perfect gem,
itself worth the price of tbe ontire volume.
which have aided materially in swelling onr sub
scription list since the Editor a return from abroad,
will be continued through the year 1854. Wooo
woeth's Youth's Cabiiiht will be lound to be (as
it has been called by a London publisher) decidadly
Richest Dollar Magazine in the World
It embraces nearly 600 pages, forming two beauti
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Price of Woo<iu>orth's Youth't Cabinet, only On*
Dollar a Year.
Four copies, B71 cents, $1 50
Five copies, 80 cents, - ? - 4 00
Eight copies, 75 cents, ... fl 00
and for acfuh of eight or mora, an extra oopy will be
sent to the one who gets up the olub
All subscriptions must commence with the begin
ning of a volume, and must ba accompanied with the
money. Address, post paid,
D A. WOODWORTH, 118 Nassau street, N. Y,
will be employed to travel in different parts of the
Union, for the purpose of procuring subscribers, and
selling the bound volumes. A liberal per centage will
he allowed to those who apply, suitably recommended
Address, as above,
D A WOODWORTH, Publisher.
Jan. 10. 118 Nassau street, New York.
\5tk street, opposite Treasury, Washington, D. C.t
WILL prepare specifications and farni'h drawings
for Patents Particular attention given to re
{ected applications, and to contested cases before the
'atant Office and the U. States Circuit and Supreme
References Hon Rnfaa Ohoate, Boston ; Hon Ed.
Barke, late Commissioner of PatonU; Dr. Charlea T.
Jackson, Boston ; Hon. John P Hale; Hon. Charles
Sumnar. Jan 6.
A Harney and Ce??eeller at Law, Washlngtea City,
PRACTICES in tha Courta of the Distriot of Co
lumbia, and before the Dapartmenta of the Gov
eminent. Offloe ovar Banking Hooaa of Salden, With
esr. A Co Jnne SO?tf
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, CentreviU*,
Indiana, <
WILL attend to the securing and oollaeting of
claims, and all other business intrusted to his
care, in the connties of Wayne, Randolph, Honry,
Union, and Fayette, and in tha Supreme and Foderal
Courts at Indianapolis. pec 22.
Patkmt OrficK, 8tt Nuttuu JV. y.
IN V KNTORH and others desiring to apply for Ca
vu its art) informed that all the necessury drawing*
and papers are prepared by the utdersigncd with the
utmost dispatch, uiid mi (he most moderate terns.
All other Futont business promptly attended to.
Pursons within^ f r information or advice relative
to Patents or Inventions may at all times consult tho
undersigned uuthout ikarur, either personally at his
office, or by letter. ALFKED K. HKACh,
Fob. 3. Solicitor of Patents, 8? Nassau St., N. Y.
UHAN Vll.i,K INFlKM<tHI A*D WAI tMt'tl.r.
THIS institution has been lo auooeasful operation
three years, and its proprietor, having devoted
twenty-five years to the management of the sick, ia
now enabled to judioioualy select, and skillfully ap
ply, such curative atfeuuios as are beat adapted to
each-case. Female diseases, in all their forms, re
ceive particular attention ; and thoae even who have
been confined to their beds from one to twenty years,
With spinal, uterine, or anom&loua disease, urn assur
ed that there is atill hope for them We especially
invite auch to correspond with as, as unrivalled suo
coaa ha* given us confidence of their eur&bility. De
rangement of the nervous system, liver, and digestive
organs, are generally relieved. Terms, from ?? to
$ 12 per week, accordiny to heiplesaness or the amount
of care required. Addreaa
I>ec. 2V. Granville, Licking co., Ohio.
THE aubaoriber ia prepared to Lecture, the present
aeason, on the new method of Building, with the
gravel wall, in the Octagon and Hexagonal forma.
Addreaa I. H. STEARNS,
Jan. 6. Abington, Mass.
TH If .OHIO CAIlinitK FUft ?sS4.
THIS elegant and popular Weekly Agricultural
Family Newapaper will commence its third vol
ume on the 1st of January, 1864. It will be illustra
ted with numerous engravings of Domestio Animals,
Farm Buildinga, Farm Implements, Trees, Shrubs,
and aU the important affairs connected with Horti
culture, Agriculture, and Stook.
Each number will oontain, besides Foreign and
Domestic News, selections from the most interesting
Publications of the day, Stories, Wit, History, Biog
raphy, Poetry, Essays on various subjects, Market
Reports of Clevoland, New York, Cincinnati, lo. In
short, nothing wiM be left undone which may be
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beat Family Paper for the Farmer, Gardener, Me
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Terms.?One oopy, $2; three oopies, $5; five cop
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Editors friendly to our enterprise, who will
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A new manual of the dining-room and kitohen, con
taining original recipea in every branch of oookery,
domestic beverages, food for invalids, piekling, Ac
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rules for carving, Ac., by a Practical Housekeeper,
and pupil of Mrs. Goodfellow. With appropriate il
lustrations. 12mo, eloth or half-bound, 75 cents.
Cookery as it should be ? Ah, well, that's a pretty
bold title! And a dubious one, too, exolaims another,
for if the authoress is going to tell us what it should
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experience what it should and could be, but what it
is not. Well, she tells you what it should be, and
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ly active experience in providing for the daily wants
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bost manner. Evory one who has eaten at our au
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The recipea of the world-renowned Mrs. Goodfel
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Author of " Diilritua,'1 etc.
the Million, in three parta.
Part 1?comprising the largest number of choice
Glees, Quartettes, Tnos, Songs, Opera Choruses, Ac.,
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Part 2?consisting of Sarred Anthems, Choruses,
Quartettes, Ac , for solect societies and concerts.
Part S?containing most of the old popular Conti
nental Psalm tunes. Making the most complete col
lection, in all iti features, ever published
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A PARTNER, who is a practical Druggist, and can
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House, at one of tho best points in the Western coun
try for a large jobbing trade.
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fifty per cant, the past year. And, with my facilities
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reach from ono hundred to one hundred and fifty
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For farther particulars, address the undersigned,
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attention. I. M. ASHLEY.
Jan. %-ldlw
FINK chance for young men this winter Addreas
Nov 3. M J. COOK, Crawford sville, Ind.
TIIE subscriber offers for sale his Farm, situated
about five miles from Washington, D C., in Prince
George's county, Md. It contains 178} acres, more
than 30 of which is a fine alluvial meadow, producing
a ton and a half of hay to tho acre, but which un
der improved cultivation would produce at least two
tons. Hay sells in the Washington market at from
$15 to $30 per ton. About four acres of tho place is
a marsh, covered with several feet in thioknoss of
black earth, the result of decayod vegetation, whieh,
properly composted, is a source from which the up
I ind may be cnriched at a reasonable cost. About
?0 acres of the farm is woodland?growth principally
oak and chostnat. The land, except tho meadow, is
undulating, and affords many beautiful sites for build*
ing. There are many springs of oxcellont water on
the place, and it is noted for its bealthfulnoss The
soil of the greater part of the upland is a sandy loam,
underlaid ny clay?in some places, clay predomina
ting. About 75 acres could ho divided into small gar
dening farms, giving nearly an oqual quantity of wood
and arable land to each. There is an orchard of 150
peach trees and 80 apple trees on the placo, all bear
ing. The farm is woll fenced. The buildings are?a log
house of four reoms, with a frame addition of three
rooms, a meat-house of sun-dried briek, a log kitchon
separate from the dwelling, a corn-house, stable, oar
riage-hnuso, Ac. There is a stream of water running
through tho placo, with sufficient water and fall for a
small mill. Price, $50 por acre. Terms?one-third
cash; a long crodit for the residue, if desired; or, it
would be exchanged for real ost*t? in the city ot
Washington. Address MARTIN BUELL,
Washington, D 0.
Fifty acres, about half of which is woodland, and
which could be divided into three (gardening farms,
with woodland and a beautiful building site to each,
would be sold separately, Or, if preferred, I will sell
the other part of the farm, on which are the bnildings,
orchard, and meadow, which cannot be conveniently
divided. M. B
UPON the receipt of TWO DOLLARS, by mail, the
subscriber will immediately forward, free of
postage, a pack of fifty Visiting cards, with the name
of the person written upon them it) a style which re
quires the closest examination to distinguish it from
engraving. Wedding Cards, from fonr to five dollars
per pack of fifty Samples will be sent to persons by
applying, postage paid, and enclosing a stamp. Writs
the name plainly. Addross
D#o. W?St Seventh street. Washington. D C
BOOK and Pamphlet Printing executed by BUELL
A BLANCHARD. Sixth street, Washington.
ARK ER, at hi? IV rfu tiiery aud Fancy Store, un
der lilt; National llotol, Pa. aveuue, is just open
ing a now :<nd complete stock of (Joodi, oouaiatiug. iu
part, of?
Ladies aud Ueut's Pari* Kid illovea, all sizes and col
Extract*, from the house* of Lubin aud Prevoat, Paris,
and Harrison. Philadelphia;
Genuine German Cologne. Pomatum, Boeuf Marrow ;
Cold Cream, Macassar Oil, W. I Bay Rum;
Low's Brown Windsor Soap, Cleaver's Honey Soap;
Lubin'a Rose and Musk Soaps ;
Taylor * Transparent balls, Ac., do.
English, French, und American Huir Brushes, in one
hundred different patterns,
1, 2, 8, 4, and 5 row Tooth Brushes, London made,
for our sales expressly;
Nail aud Cloth Brushes, Ac , Ac , Ac.
Tuck Couibs, latest Paris styles ;
Shell, Buffalo, English cold pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Couibs;
John Fen's premium ivory fine teeth Combs, and
Pocket Combs.
Guerlain's, Roussel'a, and Harrison's Shaving Cream;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaps ,
Badger s hair Shaving Brushes, very superior.
Washington, March 12, 1848.
We, tho undorsigned, having fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Razor Strop Powder, 10 which tho Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, take great pleasure
in certifying that it will koop the Razor in fine, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone.
J. Macphekson Behkien, U. S. Senator.
W. W. Seaton, Mayor of Washington.
W. S. Akchkh, House of Representatives.
Rev. T. M. Phase, Washington City.
Thomas J. Rusk, U. States Senator.
Hiram Walbridge, Esq., New York city.
Wade A Butcher's, of our own importation ;
'Fully-Ho, from 25 conts to $1.25 oach
Razora imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan. 2?-d
THE subscribers beg leave respectfully to invite
the attention of tho ladies of the oity and vicini
ty to the following new and rich Goods, which have
just been received, viz :
50 dresses extra rich Brocade Silks, for evenings j
75 do. do. , do. street;
25 do. do. Moru antique, watered ;
15 do do. Moru antique, brocade;
10 do. do. black Brocudo Silk;
12 do. do. flounced Brocade Silks;
10 pieces light colored plain Poult do Soie ;
25 do. very rich plaid Silks ;
25 do. Silk Illusions, for party drosses, all col'a;
30 do. watored and plain real Irish Poplins;
150 new stylo Paris trimmed Chemisettes* Sloeves,
in sets.
250 do. French embroidered Collars;
50 do. French embroidered cambric Chemi
settes and Sleeves, in sets ;
75 French embroidered Chemisettes and Sleeves,
trimmod with Maltese. Honiton, and Valen
ciennes Laces, very cheap;
150 pairs embroidered muslin and cambric Slocves,
250 French embroidered Handk'fs a great variety;
300 pieces English and French Thread Laces;
25 velvet Cloaks, latest style :
25 embroidered cloth Cloaks, latest style ;
25 plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks;
50 small Persian Scarfs, for tho neck;
50 long Cashmere Shawls;
25 richly-embroidored white crape Shawls;
Together with a great variety of new and elegant
articles appropriate to tho season; all of which we
are enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage of the advanced season to make our pur
chases. [Jan. J.J HOOE, BROTHER, A CO.
DR HARRIET K. hunt, of Boston, (Mass.,) re
spectfully gives notice 10 tho ladies of Washing
ton that she will remain in this city a few days, and
will be prepared to examine diseases. Having been
in successlul practice since 1835, she can confidently
ask attention to this card. She has paid great atten
tion to the diseases of childron.
Hours, from 0 to 12 A. M.
Rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, between flth nnd
10th streets, over Mrs. Low's store. Feb. 7?dfit
BANKER and Exchange Broker, National Hotel
Building, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington
city, D. C. Jan. 11.
GOSHEN Butter, soloctod from Delaware county
Dairies. New York and Pennsylvania extra
hulled Buckwheat, in barrels, half barrels, and hags.
The best Philadelphia butter in prints, for table use.
Supplies received weekly, and any quantity deliver
ed to order. SUEKELL A BAILEY,
(Successors to J. B. Kihbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Markot.
ON and after Thursday, October 6, 1853, daily
trains (Sundays excepted) will be run over this
road, agreeably to the fallowing arrangement:
A train for Warrenton and intermediate points will
leave the station, corner of Duke and Henry streets,
Alexandria, at 8J o'clock A.M.; arrives at 11 A M
Returning, will leave Warronton at a quarter pas.
1 o'clock P. M., arriving in Alexandria at a quarter
before 4 P. M.
A train from Culpoper t? Alexandria and interme
diate point! will leave Calpeper at o'clock A. M ,
arriving in Alexandria at 10} o'clock A M.
Returning, will leave Alexandria at 1 j o'clock P.
M , arriving in Culpoper at 4] o'clock.
A daily stage is running between Gordonsvillo and
Culpoper, in oonnection with the-cars on this and the
Virginia Central Roads
Through Tickets.
To Qordonsviite ? ? - $4.50
To Staunton 7.50
To Lynchburg .... 7.00
To Winohester 4.00
Per order W B BROCKETT,
Jan 7?d Agent.
" I can't get a decent Segar tn Washington"
IS a phrase hourly heard from strangers, in our city
Without admitting or denying its truth, the sub
soriber determined to remedy the evil. To this end,
he has inado a list of over* brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " the best segar I over smoked,"
and with this document he has procured from the first
importers in Now York, a stock of these choice
brands, and now offers thom to the public.
Every fumigntor, who knows a good segar when he
smells it, is requested to call and examine tho stock.
Sign of Jim Crow, 7 doors oast of National Hotel.
Jan. 2?tin
NEW YORK. Alexandria. Washir gton. and George
town Packets.
Schooner Fairfax?C. Ponfiold. mas or.
Do Empire? Rufus Kna?>p, master.
Do Statesman?J. D. Cathcll, master.
l>o. Washington?J. Kendrick, matter
Do. S-nat-ir?W Kirt.y, master.
Do. Hamilton?A Dayton, master
Do. Arlington?H. Lewis, master.
Do Arctic?Oeorgo Wilson, master
The above packets having resumed thoir wrokly
trips, shippers arc notiAcd that one of them will pos
itively clear from Now York on every Saturday, (or
oftoner if necessary,) and that this punctuality may
be dopondod upon during the year, until interrupted
110 Wall street, New York.
S FHIXN A SON. Alexandria.
Jan. 7?d P. A A H. DODGE, Georgetown.
OF the following choice brands :
Sy ?a A Co. a M. C.. 1st. in 1-lOths,
La Philanthrope, in J-4th?:
La Ado asion, in l-4th?.
El Sol dc Peuarvel. in l-4ths;
Goorge Washington, in l-JVtbs ;
EI Consolation. In t-4ths;
Ambrosia Londres, 1st, l-IOths;
Do 2d, l-5ths;
El Etsoo, in l-10ths.
La Cosmopolite, in l-5ths :
Maria Antoinotte Londros Regalia, 1st, l-IOths.
Do do. do. 2d, l-10ths.
Espaniola for le Prensado, in l-4ths;
1 case " original " Viotoria Londres, 6,000.
Together with a fine assortment of Chewing To
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,>
Jan 4?-dftlif No- 5, opposite Centre Markot.
Attorney and counsellor at law,
Coudersport, Potior county, Penn Jan. 26.
HAT, Cap and Misses" Flat Manufac turer. No. 7
Washington Place, 7th stroet, between D and E,
I Washington. I). C. Jan. 2.
TRACY A WILLI A MM, laU> Protestors of Penman
ship at l>utt's College, Pittsburgh, have taken
room* in Washington Place, 7th tflrettt, opposite the
Post Office, tor the pur|H>so ot'jjix ing I-?? -taona and Lee
tur?*? to ladies and gentlemen in thin elegant and use
ful Art. Their specimens comprise eveiy stylo, both
pluiu and ornamental; their recommendation* ,LC"
nun o/ous, and from some of the bekt men in the
country j and their system of teaching has been uni
vocally lauded by the Pre** of Ohio, Pennsylvania,
und New York They respectfully solicit u visit froui
the cititens of Washington and vicinity, which will
be auffio ent to convince them that Tracy \ Wil/mm*
have no superiors as business or ornamental penmen.
Tfkmn - $5 for 20 lessons. Improvement guaran
tied to all.
VlHtTiirn Cards, wiittea in an unequalled style,
for $2 per pack. Feb. 4?d
PREPARED from pure Java coffee, from which a
cup of Clarified Coffee, sweetened and creamed,
caa bu made in ons minute, by dissolving it in hot
water. For sale by
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 4?d6t No. 5, oppoiite Contra Market.
GENERAL AQENCY and Insurance Offico, 3 Co
lumbia Place, (2 doors north of Louisiana ave
nue.) Seventh street, (east side,) Washington. D. C.
Claims before Congress and the different Depart
ments. ' Jan- 8? d
Boston Heuip Manufacturing Company. Gangs
of Rigging, and Manilla Cordage ; American, Russia,
and Manilla Hemp, for sale.
Jan. ft?d3m No. 152 Commercial st, Boston.
GRAY A BALLANrYNE. Seventh street, two
doors abovo Odd Fellowa' Hall, have the only
Depository in this city of tho publications of tho
American Bible Society;
Methodist Book Concorn;
Robert Carter A Brothers;
Presbyterian Board;
American Tract Society:
Evangelical Knowledge Society;
American Sunduy School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cieties ; and all the principal Religious Publishers.
It is therefore apparent that thoir stock of Stand
ard Thoological Works and general Religious Litera
ture must bo unequalled.
They always keep an extensive assortment of all
the Hymns used in the different ohurchos, family and
pocket Biblos and Prayer Books, in plain and superb
Attractive and choice Juveniles, embracing nearly
all of the most useful and entortaining Books for the
young, published.
School Books, of all tho kinds used in tho city and
country schools, at New York prices.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Portmonnaies, Portfolios, Writing
Desks, Ac. Jan. 2?d
By the Author of the " Wide, Wide World."
CARLKRINKEN : his Christmas Stockings Beau
tifully illustrated. Price, 75 conts ; gilt, $1.25.
The Bow in tho Cloud ; or, Covenant Mercy for the
Afllictod. Numerous engravings. Price, S3 50
Glad Tidings ; or, The Gospel of Peace. Priee, 63 ct*
Popular Legends of Brittany. Illustrated. Priee, 75
Spiritual Progress: or, Instructions in the Divino
Life of the Soul. From tho French of Flnllon and
Madame Guyon. Prico, 75 cents.
The Old and the New : or, The Changes of Thirty
Years in the East By Win. Goodoll. Price, $1.25.
Old Sights with New Eyes. Price, $1.
Conversion: Its Thoory and Process. By Rev T
Spencer. Price, $1 25.
Autobiography of Rev. J. B. Finley; or, Pioneor Life
in tho West. Price, $1.
Christ in History; or, The Central Power among
Men. By Robert Turnbnll, D. D Price, $1.25.
Jan 4?d2 2 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall.
GOOD Wages will be paid to a colored woman com
petent to do tho work of a small family. Inquire
over Mr. Edmonston's Shoe Store, 7th street, near E.
Jan. 3?d3t
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
igan, will practice in the State and United States
Courts attend to securing and collecting debta. and
to investigating titles to lands in any part of the State
of Michigan. Jan. 6?d
GENUINE "Edam" Choeso, in casos of 2 dozen
each, in prime order. Gcnuino Dutch herrings,
in amali kegs, in good order.
(Succossors to J B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dfltif No. 5, opposite Centre Market. ;
SADDLER. Harness, and Track Maker, Pennsyl
vania avenue, a few doors east of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2?Sin
\ NNUALS of the most splendid binding Elogant
A editions of the Poets.
A beautiful assortment of Juvenile Bonks, Episco
pal and Catholic Prayer Books, Toy Books, Portfo
lios, Portmoonaios, Albums, and evorything in the
fancy stationery line, for salo at
Odeon BuilJings. eor 4} st. and Pennsylvania av.
Jan. 3?3w
4 ND English Sauces, vit: Gherkins. Mixed, Pic
calilly, Cbow-Chow. Walnut, Cauliflower. Eng
lish, of both Croeso A Blackwell'f and Matty's export
ation ; ?
Crosse A Blackwell'f celebrated Onion Pickles ;
Mixed Mangoes, Martinas, Onions Cauliflower, Red
Cabbage, American.
Van Benscboten and Wells Provost, New York ;
Lee A Porrin's celebrated Worcestershire Sauce, in
quarts, pints, and half pints, late importation.
Also. John Bull's, Harvoy. Reading, India Soy, Es
sence of Anchovies, and Lobster ;
Crosse A Blaekwell's and Wbybrow's Eog Mustard .
Louis Frero's French Mustard ;
English refined Table Salt, in jars.
(Successor* to John B Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 3?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
NO. 1 scale Haddock, in 25 lb. kitts and barrels ;
White Fish, in 25 lb kitts and barrels ;
Dun Fish, hest quality ;
Grand Bank Codfish ;
Scale Herring, in boxes:
No I Mackerel, large, jn barrels;
No. 2 do. in halfs and barrels,
(Successors to John B. Kibboy A Co.,) j
Jan. 2?dlwif No !t, opposite Centre Market.
PERSONS visiting Washington, and in want of
Boots or Shoos, are invited to call and oxamino
tny stnek, which eompri?es as good an assortment of
Ladios,' Gentlemen's, Boys', Youth s. Misses, and
Children's Shoes, as can be found in the city. Prices
moderate. JOHN A RfTFF, Ponn avenue,
Jan. 11. Between 4} and t*th sts , Washington.
IN plain and hunting cases, of every variety of style
and site
Ladies' Watches, of now and elegant stylos, just
received from the manufactory of Charles Frodsbam, j
84 Strand. London.
Also, Watchcs from tho most colebrntbd Londrn
and Swiss makers. For sale by
Jan. 2?d No. 9 Congress street, Boston
Harper s Magazine, Putnsm s Magazine,
Graham's Magazine, Hunt's Merchant s Maga*.
Godey's Lady's Book, Eclectic Msgnzine,
Illustrated Magaz. of Art, Knickerbocker Msgszine,
Arthur's Magazine, Dickens' Household Words.
Historical Educator, Littell's Living Age.
Ladies Nat. Magazine. London Pun.-h,
London Illustrated Nows. Blackwood's Magazine.
Also, tho roprint of all the Foreign Reviews, com
prising the London Quarterly, Westminster, Edin
burgh, and North British.
All the Literary Newspapers published in Phila
delphia. New York, and Boston; also, all tho New
Books, received as fast as published.
A very complete an! varied assortment of fine note
and letter Paper, comprising all tho most beautiful
qualities and sizes in general use
A large assortment of Blank Books, for sale at
Odeon Building, cor. 4) st. and Pa. avenue.
Jan. 2?dSm
SHOE DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Maker,
l'oniuylvania Avenue, between Brown* liotrl
and Seventh street, Waubinfcton. Jan 2 <in
HENRY J ANN FY'S Boot uiid Shoe Store and
Manufactory, for thu lust ten yearn located on
Htb street, near the General Font OlJico, was removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, betwenn Browns' Hot-1 and
7th street, where tbe proprietor has spared no poi|i<i
or expense in fitting up an establishment eommeusu
rate with the great incroute in the business of tha
The subscriber tenders his most cordial nnd grafa -
ful acknowledgments to his friend* and patrons for
their long-continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet them in his new house
I have a very well-assorted atock of Boot* mul
Shoes, of Fronch, New York, Eastern, and luy own
make, embracing every stylo and variety, to which I
invite the attention of members of Congress, and eiti
rens generally. HENRY JANNKY.
Penn. av., north sido, between Browns Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th st., third door from the latter.
From thf XJnUed, Statu Argus.
To those persons who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot bo excelled, either
in uuality or workmanship, we would call their atten
tion to the card of Henry Jannoy, to be found under
tbe head of " Washington." A handsome and neat
ly-mado boot is not at all times a source of pleasure
to the wearer, but otton one of extreme torture; this
is caused by the bungling manner in which tho hoot
is fitted to tho foot. Mr. Jannoy has devoted much
of his time in studying the construction of the human
loot, in order to ascertain how a boot should be cut
and fittod, that will be perfectly easy to all parts of
tho foot. In this ho has succeeded, so that it matters
not what may bo the shape of. or the number of corns
on tho foot, his boot is jierfectly easy. Thps he has
combined beauty with comfort.
Ct S. FOWLER A CO. (store iu Odd Fellows' Hall,
/ ? 7th street) have just completed opening a largo
assortment of CHIN A, Ql' EENSW A Rh, and ULAhS,
making their stock at this time equal to any in tho
country ; consisling in part ns follows, viz:
Decorated gold band mid plain white French China
Dinner, Desert, Tea, and Bieaklhst Sets, and de
tached pieces, sur-h as Fruit Baskets, Compotiers,
Casseroles, ornaments for dininj; tables, and Punch
India China, in dinner nnd tea aetsf<1and detached
Iron Stone China, dccoratod. Cowing blue, anil wluto
dinnor, tea, breakfast, and toilet sets, and detach
ed pioces, in every pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety?
Dresden, Terra-cot.a, Parian, and French China ;
Vases. Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlestick.", Motto Cui? and Saucers;
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac
GLASSWARE, rich cut and engraved
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Gobleta ;
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tumblers;
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles, Cologne Bottles, (Hobos;
Lamps, rich and iilain Decanters;
Cut and pressed Bowls, and siUerod Bowls;
Solar, Etherial, Hall, and SidPLamps:
Candelabras, Girandoles, rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffco Urns, Tea Sets, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchers, Punch and Molasses Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery and Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., of tho
most approved and latest patterns:
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, ToapoU
Plate Warmers, Egg Boilers, Ac.
With an endlosss variety of goods not named which
we respectfully invito strangers and citizens to cull
and cxamino before purchasing elsewhere.
Storekeepers and country merchants will find it to
thoir advautage to buy of us, as our facilities arc
equal to any other iiupoitiug houso in the United
States, and wo are dctormined to sell ns low.
N. B. Goods carefully put up for the country by
an experienced packer, nnd delivered free of charpo
in any part of the city. Jan. 2? dii
Who Seek their Supplies in our Market.
NE PRICE ONLY. Wo are now in our NEW
v STORE, which was croctcd expressly for us Wo
think it tho most comfortable and best lighted store
room in the city; and with increased room, fucilities,
and experience, dot-mod quite ample, wo shall deal
largely in
of every style, all of the best qualities, and for which
wo shall have one prirr. only.
Wo shall sell cheaper than wo ever have donn ; nnd
in having one price only (which, in our opinion, is
the only fair and equitable way of doing business) we
shall maintain our self-respect, which is above n:l
prico or success. Moreover, we expect to retain all
tho trade of those prompt customers who have made
thoir purchases of us for some years past, and doubt
less we shall have a large accession of new customers,
who prefer to buy where on* fair pnrr on/p ts tttlrt.
We feel that our simpl* word is requisite only to
satisfy our former customers that the on? price sjs
tem is the correct ono, and to their advantage: and
we do not hesitate to assert our belief that all candid
and intelligent persona will alter an impartial exam
ination of prices, fabric, and styles, give a one prieo
store tho preference. Those who aro not judge- nf
goods cannot fail to be impressed at once with the
manifold and vast advantages to the purchaser ic
sulting from the adoption in faith of the
p<%re ?yMrm ; it necessarily imures low prices to the
purchaser, for it becomes absolutely necessary to meet
at the start all competition that can be offered :n
Our scale of prices will be so low. and the profit? so
?mall, that wo cannot and will n<>t sell but for tho
fash or to customer* who pay promptly tor tlx .-e
who purchase vrry Inrgrfyf, or to s?ll again, reduc
tions will bo made.
The public are cordially and most rsspcetfally in
vited to call at all times and examine onr stock,
PERRY A BROTHER. - Central Stores,'
Jan 2?d (Op. Centre Market.) Washington City.
SELECTED No. 1 Salmon, "fr-sh Smoked." No. 1
pickled Salmon in tierce*. Mesa Mackerel, very
fine, in lb p..und kitts. No. 1 Mackerel, in half bar
rels and 25 pound kitts.
(Successors to J. B. Kibboy A Co .)
Jan. 3?dlwif No. 6, ophite Centre-Market
JUST received at W ALL'S cheap House Furnish
ing Warerooms. on Seventh itroot opposite tho
National Intelligencer office, among which may bo
Rosewood. Mahogany, arftl Walnut TctoaTetc and
Sofas, in hair, cloth, and brocatclle, in great vari
fty ;
Easv Chairs. Arm Chairs, and Rocker* to match:
Maghogany. Walnut. French, and Cottage Bedstead*;
Walnut and Mahogany Etageres;
Cabinets and Whatnots;
Mahogany and Walnut marblc tor and plain Bureaus;
Mahogany. Walnut, and Maple Wardrot.os;
Feather Beds, hair nnd ?huck Mattrc scs;
Handsome gilt and Mahogany Mirrors;
And a very large and general assortment "f nil
kinds of goods necessary for furnishing, to which tho
attention of those furnishing is respectfully invited.
Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. All
of which will be sold very low at WALL'S Houso
Furnishing Warerooms, on Seventh street, nfqmsito
Intelligencer office. Jan. 2?dlw
OLD Government Jav? CoflV*; Brown Jam, in
pockets, Genuine Mocha, in half and quarter
bnles; Marncaibo nnl White Kio Coftt; roastrd nnd
ground Coffee. ro.t*t< d and ground in the IKstri't
Any of the above Coffee* tnsy be roasted nnd
C round to order, At short notice.
mporial. Gunpowder, Young Hyson, no' very Tim
Old Hyson Tens.
Oolong and Pouchon* Black Tens;
Sonchong, or English Brrnkta?t To*.
Wine, Lemon, and Fancy Crackers, supplies retired
English Dairy Cheese, ' imitation j "
Do. do. ral g-nuine, very rich j
Goshen Cheese, plain
Pine-apple Cheese. Lewis Norton s bost brand* ;
Whole and fresh ground S|iien?. all kinds .
Ri*? Flour. Oswrgo Corn Starch. and Farina;
Whoaten Grits and finall Hnminv.
(Successors to John B Kibb?y k Co.,)
Jnn I?drttif No &, opposite Centre MnrVct
DEALF.R in Books, Periodicals, and Stationery,
wholesale and retail, 3 Columbia Plneo, corner
7th street and Loaisiani avenue, Washington, D. C.
Jan 8?d
For LaHie.% Gent'emcn, and Children.
EEDMONSTON. west side of 7th street, (nearly
? opposite Odd Fellows' Hall,? manufactures to
order, and keeps constantly on hand and tor saie, ev
ery article in his lint, of snperior qnality and at tho
lowest prices. The puhlic ore thanked for their past
very liberal patronage, and are a?sured that no paina
shall be spared to merit a continuance of thuir faroi*.
Jan. 13.

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