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Steamer Andes Arrived-?Three Days Later
from Europe.
Boston, March 1?-The steamer Andes ar
fivoa this luorniug, bringing dated from Lifer
pool to the 14th?three days later.
Cotton firm, and unchanged; dally sales,
about 8 000 bales. Breadstuff's?flour, wheat,
and ooru?quiet; priced the sama as taut quo
tattoos. Canal flour quoted at 4la.; Baltimore
at 41# Gil a 42*. Provisions dull. Coffee and
sugar quiet. Tobacco dull. Havre cotton
market firm. Manchester trade firm Rice
dull, and declining. Money easier. Consols
closed at 9l l? a 92.
England and France are making extensive
war preparations.
The Cunard steamers Niagara and Cambria
have been taken off the line, and will leave on
the 18th with troops fur Malta.
Peace negotiations have been again renewed.
Forty thousand French and ten thousand
English troops have been sent to ooshit Turkey.
The English troops, if neoessary, are to Ih*
increased to 20,000.
The squadron will consist of thirty sail ves
sel*, including twenty sorew steamers, threo
paddle rnd seven sailing vessels. ? The total
? number of guns of thii flaot is 2 000; and,
without reckoning the squadron of Admiral
Corry, will be the most powerful ever fitted out
by Great Britain.
In the royal dock yards, the formation and
equipment of the fleets proceeds with great
The nigbt and day preparations going on in
England and Franca are exceedingly active.
The military force, to render asaigtanoo to
Turkey, is now confidently stated at 40 000 for
the Frenoh, and 10,000 for the English.
Telegraphic advices from Bucharest, to the
1st insf., state that 85 000 Russian troops were
before Kalafat, and that though Gortsohakofi'
knew that the Turkish position could not be
taken without great loss of life, he was deter
mined to make the assault, having reeeived
positive orders from the Emperor to use every
effort to drive the Turks out of Lesser VValla
ohiii, without further loss of life.
London Money Market olosed easy on the
departure of the steamer, and there was every
indication that the banks will soon reduco
their rates of interest.
_ The steamer Great Britain had arrived, in
sixty-eight days from Melboutno.
The next Amerioan sorew steamer, the Alps,
sails for Boston direct, on the 18th.
The Asia was advertised to take the mails
to Boston and New Vork, via Halifax.
The Government was undecided, whether to
send the troops from Liverpool direct, or from
Cork, 'flie agents prefer that they should be
sent from Liverpool.
ft is reported that Lord Kaglan is to have
the chief command of the army, and that the
Duke of Cambridge and the Earl of Cardegan,
and Genorals Evans and Brotherton, are to
have appointment*.
Advices from Krajora state that bad weath
er alone bad prevented the Russians from
attacking the Turks.
Gortoohiikoff has surrounded Kalafat with
60 000 Russians, and positive orders have been
given to capture the oity.
The new ship Mary T. Stanett, from New
Vork to Havre, was abandoned Fab. 1, the
crew taken off by the ship Westmoreland, and
was then scuttled.
Australia.?The letters from Australia re
garding commercial and mining affairs are
generally favorable ; but there is nothing new
of interest in the political world.
Asia.?In Asia, Kursohid Pasha had re-or
gauizrid the Turkish forces, and wan about to
resume-offensive .operations with 30,000 in
fantry, 5,000 cavalry, and 140 guns.
l*ondon, Tuesday Morning.?The second
edition of the moruing Herald publishes a pri
vate despatch from Paris.
On the Russian squadron receiving intelli
Sence that the combined fleet# had left the
lack Sea. and returned back to Constantino
ple, five Rustian frigates put to sea, and pro
ceeded to Che Ik a til, where they attacked the
fort, but without much suoeew, and finally
were obliged to draw off, in oonsequcnoe of a
warui repulse from tho enemy.
There is some doubt about the authenticity
of the report; but it had been received from
two different sources.
The Globe announces the currenoy of ru
mors at Paris, that tho re-opening of negotia
tions between the great Powers was possible;
but adds, that there is uothing to *how that
the rumors are deserving of oredit.
The Paris correspondent of the Timet says,
' it is certain that fresh negotiations are being
entered into to settle the Kastern question."
However these are destined to terminate, it is
generally Mieved they will termiuate uusuo
oesslul ly.
Floods from the Freshet.
Baltimore, March 1.?Despatches receiv
ed state that there are very destructive floods
at Kiohtnond, and other places South, occa
sioned hy the late rains.
Canada Sailed.
Boston, March 1.?The Canada sailed to
day, with thirty five passengers and $140,000
in spaoM, for France. W. K. Lawrence went
as boarer of despatches.
Cunard Company Notified.
New \ ork, March I ?The ngsnts of the
Cunard line of steamers, residing in this oity,
have been notified that tho Niagara and Cam
bria have l>e?n withdrawn from the line, for
the nse of the Government.
Baltimore, March 1.?Flour? sale* of 500
barrels ol' Howard Street, before the steamer's
new* wait reoeivod, at S7 37. Nothing done in
wheat; red held at SI 72. Corn?sales of
16.000 bushels, yellow at 7!i to 7H cents, white
at 73 to 77 cents. Other articles unchanged
in price
New Your, March 1, 1 F. M?Flour de
pressed?sales of 3 000 barrels of State brands
at t7 87 a $8 ; Southern at *H a $8 12. Wheat
deposed. Corn?sales of 10,000 buhhels at
88 cents for mixed, and at 92 oents f.ir yellow
Cotton firmer. Stocks tending upwards.
On the ?7th nit , by the He?. J. C. Smith D.
D, Robert II.. eldest mm of Rev. A. A. Mar
oelliiM. ot New York, to Miss K Katk Oi.over,
of WMhingbtfi.
The Ctar hae informed the King of Den
mark that he cannot consent to the neutrality
of that kingdom in the contest now waging in
Europe. The Danes most tako Hides with one
party or the other?no says tho Autocrat.
Judgo Potter, of the Manchester (N. H.) Po
lice Court, hae commenced a prosecution against
tho Rev. J. B Davis, of that oity, for an alleged
Blander against hie < ffioial course, contained in
a temperauce address recently delivered by the
The Dental Aflsooiation of Cincinnati havo
offered a premium of $ 100 for the beet cue ay on
Dental Surgery.
Joshua Sears, Ksq., the Boston millionaire
ship owner, and a bachelor of some 60 years,
wa? married on Saturday.
Munikicknt Bkuuksth?-The will of the
Iftte Elliott Cresson wn regis It'red on the 27th
ult. Among the principal bequests are the
American Sunday School Union $s 0.000
Philadelphia Scnool of Design, l'.>r
Woiut'ii 10 000
Pennsylvuuia Historical Society, tin*
the purchase of Peon's mansion ? 10 000
For a monument to William Pomi ? 10 000
Episcopal missions and schools at Port
Creiwoo, lu Liberia. Africa - ? 10 000
Penusylvunia Hospital fur the Insane ? 5.000
City of Philadelphia, for planting
tree* - - . . - 5,000
University of Pennsylvania, to endow
a Professorship of Fine Arte - 5 000
For founding a School of Mines - 5 000
Pennsylvania Agricultural Society - 5,000
Protestant Kniouopal Seminary at Al
exandria, Virginia ... 5 000
Philadelphia Athenaeum ? - - 1,000
Widows' Asylum, (('berry street) - 1,000
Deaf and Dumb Asylum - - - 1,000
House of Refuge .... 1,000
Colored House of Refuge ? - - 1,000
Refuge for Docayed Merchants - 1,000
Pennsylvania Colonization Sooiety ? 1,000
The will bears date September 3, 1853. Ja
oob Cresson, George Vaiu Bacon, and William
Coppinger, are named as executors.
Russian diplomacy already in the year 1538,
8th of February, succeeded, at a council hold
at Rome, in concluding a secret alliance be
tween the Pope Paul III, the German Kmperor
Charles V, and his brother, the Archduke Fer
dinand, King of Hungary and Bohemia, in or
der to effect the expulsion of the Turks from all
the European States and Isles.
The Turkish troopa are lor better fed than
the Russians; and this physical nupport, added
to the more impetuous bravery of the Turk,
renders the private Ottoman soldier decidedly
superior to the Russian. At Oltenitza the
Russian (.Aiders were ahead of the infantry,
sabre in hand, tugging on the not over-willing
troops. On the contrary, the Turkish soldier
was like the willing horse, that required nei
ther whip nor spur. It is in the excellent su
perior and stalf officers, in the admirable caval
ry horses, and in the native intelligence of the
Cossacks, that the real strength of the Russian
army lies. But the Turkish soldier is as much
worse dressed and equipped than the Russian,
as he is better fed.
The Turk seems gradually accustoming him
self to the idea of accepting Christians in his
army. The army in Asia is now commanded
by a Christian, seoonded by two others. This
is acquiesced in by the Porte, and hailed by
the soldiers. In Europe, a small Cossack force,
officered by Christians, is slowly collecting at
Shumla; it is even said that Bulgarian Chris
tians are being enlisted.
The freedom of the city of London has been
bestowed upon Layard, the eastern traveller.
Father Gavazzi wasto lecture at Exeter Hall,
Londou, on " The present state of Popery in
America aud England."
A poor, uninstructed youth, a sand-heaver
on the river Arne, is now making a great
sensation at Florence. Rossini has heard him
sing, and declares that he is the finest baritone
he ever heard.
A vessel has been constructed for conveying
merchandise directly between the capitals of
France and England. She wa9 built at Nan
tes; works by sails or steam, or both com
bined; has an engine of thirty-horse power,
with sorew machinery ; is one hundred feet in
length, and of one hundred and fifty tons bur
den. By lowering the masts, she posses with
facility under bridges.
The number of blind persons in Japan is
said to be enormous. In Jeddo, thn capital,
alone, 36,000 is the computation. There are
more blind people in Amerioa than in Europe.
In Egypt, there is one bliud person to every
hundred. Tn Great Britain, there are twenty
five thousand.
Five hundred millions of people, or one-half
of the population of the whole world, are bib
bers of tea.
The great-grandnon of Defoe is living in pov
erty, at the age of 77. He is the Defoe of Hun
gerford market, mentioned by Wilson in his
life of the author of Uobinsou Crusoe. Some
literury men of L'.uidon have boen making up
a sum of money for his lienefit. Charles Dick
ens has l?een among the most liberal of these
A lecture will be delivered this (Wed
nesday) evening at the Smithsonian Institution,
by W. G. Dix, E?j., of Cambridge, MassachnJ
seits, on "the Andes and the Ecuador/' No
lecUiro will Iki given on Friday evening.
Q3^ The installation of the Rev. Phineas D.
Gurley, D. D., as Pastor of the F. street Pres
byterian Church, will take place in said church
on Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock. The Rev.
Dr. Plumor will preach the sermon, the Rev.
Stuart Robinson will give the charge to the
Pastor, nnd the Rev. Mr. Hoge the charge to
the people. The public is respectfully invited
to attend.
ft P. CIIA4K. r. HA I.I.
CHA6E A BALL, Attorneys aud Counsellors at
Law, Cincinnati, Ohio, practice la tbe State
Court* of Ohio, in tbe Cirruit and District Conrti of
tbe United Stales in Ohio, aud in the Supreme Court
of the United States at Washington. Jan. 6
New Book by John Todd, D. P.
J. tion sold in two weeks! Third edition now
ready. Tbe host guide manual for Young Ladies ever
publiHhed, and should be put into the hands of every
" Dtivqhtrr at Sclwot''
Handsome I2ui?, price 75 cents.
Sold by all bookseller*.
HOPKINS, OKI HUMAN, A CO., Publishers,
Feb. 20? ;it Northampton, Massachusetts.
THE SPRING SESSION of this Medical College
will commence on the firm Monday of Marco,
1854, and continue fourteen weeks, with tin- following
Faculty: Professor of Anatomy, Win. Sherwood;
Physiology and Institutes, J. R. Rurhanan; Materia
Mudica, etc., tl. W. L. Bickley; Mttdical Practice,
etc., R. 8. Nowton; Obstetrics, etc., John King; Sur
g?*irjr, etc , Z. Frooman . Chemistry. etc., J. W. Hovi.
The course will he full and complete in each de
partment, and comprise* much practical knowledge
tint usually iinpart?l in Medical Sehooli. The doc?
trine* of the school are liberal .and comprehensive,
and much of its instruction in original. The Institute
has boon the largest and mod successful Medical
School ever established in Cincinnati, and it* Faculty
have recently adopted the liberal measure of dispens
ing with all fee* except the matriculation fee, which
in $20, and the graduation fee, which is $20. A course
of Clinical instruction will also be given in (ho Clin
ical Institute, the fee for which (bring optional) is
|5. Graduate* of respectable schools are udmitted
by a mati (eolation fee of $10
StodenU, on arriving in the city, will call at the
office of Prof. R 8. Newton, on Seventh streot, be
tween Vine and Race
Tho Pall Session will commcnoe on the first Mon
day of November, 1854.
Feb. *2. J R WCIIANAN, M D., Dean.
MY Rotary Planing Machine has just been decided
not to infringe the W.M>dworth Machine, by the
Supreme Court of the United States, and I am now
prepared to sell right* to use in all t arU or tho United
States This Machinc gives universal >atlstaction
ItoMainvl a Medal both in New York sad Boston,
over the Woodworth Machine, after a trial of throe
weeks. N. G. NORCROS.'J.
Ijowell, Fub. 14,1854
I shall issue, ou the 2d day of J itiuary e:?.
?uing, the Daily National Eh a. u Political
?od Literary Newspaper.
In Politics, it will advocate Vht> light* of
Man, and the Equality of Rights, unit oppose
whatever violutrw or toinln to violate them,
whether this be Involuntary Personal Servi
tude, Civil Despotism, Spiritual Alwolutism,
Class Legislation, the Scltishne?H of (Capital,
the Tyranny of Combination the Oppression of
a Majority, or the Exactions of a Party.
It will hold no fellowship with the Whig
and Democratic organizations, believing that
the mailt itsues on whioh they have been ar
rayed ugaiost each other are obsolete or settled,
and that they are now ohietiy used by the Sec
tional Interest of Slavery, to impair the love of
Liberty natural to the American mind, and to
subjugate the American People to its rulo. Dis
claiming all connection with then, it will yet
sympathise with thoto ot their adherents who
are boneatly seeding through them to advance
the sulietantial interests of the country, although
it must believe that they have not choseu the
better way.
It will be a supporter of the Independent
Democracy, which holds that the Truths of the
Declaration ol Independence are firucticat ,? that
in their light the Constitution of the United
States in to be interpreted; that to them tho
laws and institutions and usages of the oouutry
should be conformed?a Party, whose motto
w, Union, not for the sake of Union, but for the
sake ot Freedom and Progress; und Law, not
for the sake of Law, but tor tho protection of
Human Rights and Interests?the only sure
foundation of order and concord.
In no sense will it be the organ of a Party,
or a mere Party Paper, but absolutely ' free
and independent," claiming to speak by''au
thority " for nobody txcept its editor, and reo
ognising no authority iu auy quarter to pro
scribe its course and policy.
In Literature, it will aim to unite the Beuu
tilul with the I rue, and to make both immedi
ately subservient to the practical purposes of
every-day life.
Aide correspondents, at home aud abroad,
have been uucured, and ample provisiou has
been made for its Literary Miscellany.
ft will publish condensed reports of the pro
ceedings of Congress, explain movements in
that body, the cautes of whioh do not always
lie upon the surface, and from its position be
able to keep a constant watch upon the action
of the Federal Government in relation to all
questions at issue between Liberty and Slavery
The extensive subscription of the fVeeltly
Era, which, during the year about to close, has
reaohed the number of twenty-eight thousand,
must make it an eligible uiedium for advertisers
The Daily Era will be issued on a sheet as
large as that of the Daily National Intelligencer
on the 2d day of January, 1854, aud daily there
aicer, until the 1st of September, 1854, (or long
or, should Congress continue iu session,) at
the renult then warrant, the publication will
be resumed on the 1st of September following
by the year. e'
As but sixteen days intervene between this
and the 2d of January, it is important that
subscriptions be forwarded at onoe.
Payment in advance will be invariably re
It a*hmgton, Deceml>er 15, 1853.
d Mors than 200 varieties of Popular
Books for the People *
No. 8 Park Place, New York.
The undersigned, for many years in the Book Busi
ness at Auburn, and late of the Arm of Derby A Mil
Isr, has established himself as above, and, in addition
to his own wi|l keep a full supply of the Pnblica
1? S,impsan. \ Co.; Miller, Orion. A
Mulligan (late Derby A Miller;) and Align, Bear,It
Ueg, iy to constantly on hand, and for sale at their
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Our assortment of Agents' Books is the largest in
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if Books for the Young, Ac. They are
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porteurs, and Ministers. They are well printed, on
good paper, and fair typo, and bound generally in
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We have a great many agents actively at work,
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I %'?*' y,Hd,nKtho a very handsome profit.
There is no employment more plearant or profita
ble than that of selling books in the way proposed
LL/~ r<> all thoss desirous ot aiding in the noble
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tnre throughout our land, we offer a rare chtve to
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| Catalogues of our Publications, containing full par
ticulars, furnished on application (post paid) to
J. C. DERBY. Publisher and Bookseller,
^ S't* Place, (Second Floor,) Nsw York.
March I?sow
Af THOMPSON A C. C. VENABLE, Attorneys at
A. Law. prosecute every description of claims be
Tore the various Departments of the General (iovern
ment, ami before Congress. They likewise sell Land
" s'fsnts at the highest current prices, and remit the
proceeds promptly to order to any part of the Cnited
.Males, for reasonable commissions.
They also attend strictly to the practice of law in
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ties ol Maryland and Virginia. Address
MsrchL Washington, D C.
P. S. Refer, if ncod bo, to almost any of the moat
prominent citixens of Washington, Heads of Depart
ments and Burosus, and to members of Congress geu
I OFFER for sale upwards or thirty different Re
ceipts, mnny of which have been sold the pant year
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1 \EALKR in Books Periodicals, and Stationery
1LJ wholesale ami retail. .1 Columbia Place, comer
<th street and Louisiana avenue, Washington D C
Jan. 3 d
BANKKR ami Exchange Broker, National Hotel
Building, PvnnsyIvnnin avenue, Washington
city. D. C. ? Jm. 11. I
Tinrnly Six Thousand Copit* htued !
ON. Judor McLraN aays of this great work " I |
know of no work no Admirably calculated, if
road with attention, lolead young uien to correctness
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come otninenily respacLablo and usttlul '
Pkok. Am.km, of Laue Seminary, Ohm, says : " Er- j
ery father should place it In the hand* of hia room.
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iwtfiit <nD UK8T JJAliAZliU,
F'?r (be Family Cirolo, U WOODWORTH 8
I Vol ra ti CAB1KKT. 80 uuy the conductors of
tliu press generally. and tbe public to boot. Have
you xut>?cribe>l lor it' Now is the tiux. A new
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C^OLLKCTIONS promptly attended to. Particular
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of the WeaU>rn State* Address as above, post paid.
?Ian. 4
K. II. HIIIMKV, M. II., W. H. MtlNKEt, M. U..
SUIRGEONS and Physicians, No 70 West Seventh
) street, (near Vine street,) Cincinnati. Jan. 30.
Whole salt Grottts and Commission Merchants,
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KEEP constantly on hand a large stock of Groce
ries, which they offer on the most favorable
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C10NTINU MS the business of furnishing Drawings,
_ J Specifications, Caveats, Conveyances, and procu
ring Patents He attends to all business usually re
quired to be transacted with the Patent Office. Mod
els forwarded by Bxpreas, and letters containing a
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writing Irom a distance should give their town, coun
ty, and State, legibly
Refer to Hon. Thomas J. Rusk, Hon 0. F. James,
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THE Proprietor of the HhiltnUlphia Daily Regis
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Feb. lft? 2t Philadelphia. Pennsylvania.
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YANKEE BLADE is to take her place in the Inde
pendent Lino, to run in connection with Commodore
Vanderbilt's celebrated steam yacht NORTH STAR,
{ and the justly celebrated steamship UNCLK SAM,
\ forming ar monthly line to California, vi-i Panama.
For freight or parage, apply to E. MILLS,
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THIS remedy is offered to the community with the
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So wide is the field of its usefulness and so nuuirr?u*
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dote to employ for the distressing and dangerous af
fections of the pulmonary organs which are incident
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Nothing has called louder for the earnest inquiry
of medical men, than the alarming prevalence and
fatality of consumptive complaints, nor has any one
olais of diseases bad more o7 their investigation and
care. Out as yet no adequate remedy had been pro
vided, on which tbe public could depend for protection
from attacks upon tbe respiratory organs, until the
introduction of the CHERRY PBClTOHAL This ar
ticle is the product of a long, laborious, and I believe
successful endeavor to tarnish (he community with
such a remedy. Of this last statement tbe American
people are now themselves prepared to jmlife, and 1
appeal with confidence to their decision. If there it
any dependence to be placed in what men of every
class and station certify it has done for them ; if we
can trust our own senses, when we see dangerous af
factions of the throat and lungs yield to it; if we can
depend on the assurance of intelligent physicians, who
make it their business to know, in short, if there is
any reliance on anything, then is it irrefutably proven
that this medicine does relieve and doe* cure the clasi
of diseases it is designed for, beyond any and all oth
ers that are known to mankind. If this lte true, it
cannot be too freely published, nor he too widely
known. The afflicted should know it. A remedy
that cures is priceless to tbem. Parents should know
it: their children are priceless to tliem. All should
know it; for health can be priced to no one. Not
only should it be circulated here, but everywhere
not only in this country, but in all countries. How
faithfully we have acted on this conviction, is
shown in the fact that already this article has mads
tbe circle of the globe. The sun never sets on it*
limits No continent is without it, and but few peo
ples Although not in so general use in other nations
as in this, it is employed by the more intelligent in
almost all civilised countries It is extensively em
ployed in both Americas in Kurope, Asia, Africa,
Australia, and the far-off islands ot tbe sea. Life it
at dear to its possessors there as here and they grasp
at a valuable remedy with even more avidity. Un
like most preparations of its kind, it is an expensive
composition of costly material. Still it is afforded to
tbe public at a reasonably low price; and, what is of
vastly more importance to theui. its quality is never
suffered to decline from its original standard of ex
cellence. Kvery bottle of this medieine, now manu
factured, it as good as ever bas been made heretofore,
or as we are capable af making. No toil or cost is
spared, in maintaining it in the belt perfection which
it it possible to produce Hence, the patient who
procures the genuine CHKRRY PKCTORAL can rely
on having as good an article as bas ever been bad by
those who testify to its cures.
By pursuing this course, I have tbe hope of doing
tome eood in the world, as well as tbe satisfaction or
believing that much bas been done already.
Prepared bj J. C. AYKR, (hemlst, Lewell, Mas*.
Seld In WeslilNgien by /.. O. ?IIJ*1AW, and by all
ftraagteta nwd iNelm In IHeiHae everywhere
AND Diseases of the Genital Organs, removed in
an incredibly short time Invalids afflicted with
the above complaints can he successfully treated at
N0.8A Broadway, between Second and Third streets,
east tide. Office hours from ten to twelve o'clock.
Dee. U Cincinnati. Ohio.
! 4i I ain't get a decent Segar tn Waakingt .n,''
IS a phrase hourly hoard froui strangers, in our oily
Without ndmiuiug or denying its truth, the aul>
acribor determined iu remedy the evil. To this end,
bo him made a list el murv inaud which any goutle
uian ha* prououuced " tin* liust segar I ever smoked,"
aud with this Je.'ume tit hi* baa procured from tho tiist
importer* in Mow York, a stock of these choice
hrandH, uttd now offers thom to the publie.
Kvoiy fmuigator, who know* n (food segar when he
smells it, is requested to call and examine the stock.
Sign of Jim Crow, 7 door* oust of National Hotel.
Jan 2?3in
For Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children
KEDMONSTON. wont aidu of 7th atreet. luearly
? opposite Odd Follows' Hall,) manufacture* to
order, uud keeps constantly on hand and for Kale, ev
ery article in hia line, ot superior quality and at the
lowest prices. Tho public tiro thanked Uir their past
very liberal patronage, and are assured that no pain a
shall be spared to merit a continuance of tbeir favors.
Jan. 13.
OLD Govornmeut Java Coffee; Brown Java, in
pocket*; Gouuino Mocha, in half uud quarter
boles; Maracaibo and Whito Kio Coffee; roasted and
ground Coffee, roasted and ground in the District.
Any of the above Coffees may be roasted and
Eund to order, at short uotice.
perial, Gunpowder, Young Hyson, and very fine
Old Hyson Teas;
Oolong anil Poucbong Black Teas :
Houchong, or English Brcaklaat Tea ,
Wine, Letuon, and Fancy Crackers, supplies received
English Dairy Cheese, ' imitation ; "
Do, do. real genuine, very rich;
Goshen Cheese, plain;
Pino-apple Cheese, Lewis Norton's best brands ;
Whole uud fresh giound Spices, all kinds ;
llice Flour, Oswego Com Starch, and Farina;
Wh oaten Grits and Small Houiiay.
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 3?dtltif No 5, opposite Centre Market.
TRACY <t WILLIAMS, latn Protestors of Penman
ship at Duff s College, Pittsburgh, have taken
rooms in Washington Place, 7th street, opposite the
Post Office, for the purpose of giving Lessons and Lec
tures to ladies and geutleuien in this elegant and use
ful Art. Their specimens comprise every style, both
plain and ornamental; their recommoudaiioits are
numerous, and from some of tho best men iu the
country: and tbeir system of teacbiug has been uni
versally lauded bv tho Press of Ohio, Pennsylvania,
and New York. They respectfully solicit a visit from
the citizens of Washington and viciuity, which wilt
be sufficient to convince them that Tracy \ Williams
have no superiors as business or ornamental penmen.
Tkkmh.?$5 for 20 leasons. Improvement guaran
tied to all. ,
Visiting Cabds, written in an unequalled style,
for $2 per pack. Feb. 4?d
PREPARED from pure Java ceffoe, from which a
cup of Clarified Coffee, sweetened and, creamed,
can bo made in o//? minute, by dissolving it in hot
water. For sale by
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 4?d6t No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
Bosten Hemp Manufacturing Company. Oangs
of Rigging, and Manilla Cordage ; American, Russia,
and Manilla Hemp, for sale.
Jan. fl?d3m No. 152 Commercial St., Boston.
\ ND English Sauces, viz : Gherkins. Mixed, Pic
oalilly, Chow Chow, Walnut, Cauliflower, Eng
lish, of both Crosse A Blackwell's and Batty's export
ation;] '
Crosse x Blackwell's celebrated Onion Pickles;
Mixod Mangoes, Martinas, Onions, Cauliflower, Red
Cabbage, American;
Van Benschoten and Wells Provost, New York ;
Lee A Perrin's celebrated Worcestershire Sauce, in
quarts, pints, and half pints, late importation.
Also, John Bull s, Harvey, Reading, India Soy, Es
sence of Anchovies, and Lobster ;
Crosse A Blackwell's and Wbybrow'i Eog. Mustard;
Louis Frero's French Mustard ;
English refined Table Salt, in jars.
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 3?dlwif No. 5, opposite Ceptre Market.
NO. 1 scale Haddock, in 25 lb. kitts and barrels ,
White Fish, in 25 lb. kitts and barrels;
Dun Fish, best quality ;
Grand Bank Codfish;
Scale Herring in boxes;
No. 1 Mackerel, large, in barrels,
No. 2 do. in nalfs and barrel*.
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 2?dlwif No 5, opposite Centre Market.
SELECTED No. 1 Salmon, "fresh smoked.'' No. 1
pickled Salmon in tierces. Mess Mackerel, very
fine, in 25 pound kitts. No. 1 Mackerel, in half bar
rels and 25 pound kitts.
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Market
FUST received at WALL'S cheap House Furnish
ing W arerooms, on Seventh ?treet, opposite the
National Intelligencer office, among which may be
Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnut Tete-a-Teto and
Sofas, in hair, cloth, and brocatelle, in great vari
?ty ;
Eosj Chairs, Arm Chairs, and Rockers to match;
Maghogany, Walnut, French, and Cottage Bedsteads;
Walnut and Mahogany Etagcres;
Cabinota and Whatnots; ?
Mahogany and Walnut uiarble-topand plain Bureaus.
Mahogany, Walnut, and Maple Wardrobes;
Feather Beds, hair and shuck Mattresses;
Handsome gilt and Mahogany Mirrors;
And a very large and general assortment of all
kinds of goods necessary for furnishing, to which the
attention of those furnishing is re*|x.-ctfully invited.
Call and examine before purchasing elsowhcre All
of which will be sold very low at WALL'S House
Furnishing Warerooms, on Seventh street, opposite
Intelligencer office. Jan. 2? alw
OF the following choice brand*
Sy va A Co. '? M C., lat, in l-10th?.
La Philanthrope in I 4th*;
La Ado-asion, in l-4th*;
Rl Sol de Peuarvel, in 1-4ths.
deorge Washington, in '1-Stbs ;
El Connotation, in Mtb*.
Ambro?ia Londre*, 1st, 1 Ifltht.
l?o 2d, 1-5th*;
El BImo, in 1-1 othn
La Cosmopolita, in 1-5th*:
Maria Antoinette Londres Regalia, 1 ?t., 110th*.
Bo. do. d<% 2d, I-loth*.
Enpaniola for lo Pron*ado, in l-4th?;
I c?*e " original " Victoria Londre*. fl.OOfl.
Together with a tine a**ortment of Chewing To
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,>
Jan 4 ilAtil No. 5, oppovitn Centre Market.
J\ Coudenport, Potter county, Penn. Jan. 2A.
PKilSON'S visiting Washington, and in want of
Boot* or Shoe*, are invited to call and examine
inv xtock, which comprise* a* good an assortment of
Laditt*,' tJ en tteiu en's. Boy*', youth'*, Mi**e*. and
Children'* Shoe*, as can be found in the city. Price*
moderate. JOHN A. Rl'PF, Penn avonue,
Jan. II. Between 4} and Ath *t* , Washington.
IN plain and hunting case*, of every variety of *tjle
find *i*e
Ladies Watchw, of new and elegant styles, jast
received from the manufactory of Chnrle* Frodsbatn,
84 Strand. London
Al*o, Watches from the most celebrated Londcn
and Swi*? makers For *ale by
Jan 2 d No. # Congress street, Bn(?.
GOSHEN Butter, selected from Delaware county
Dairies. New York and Pennsylvania extra
hulled Buckwheat, in barrel*, half barrel*, and bag*
The host Philadelphia butter in print*, for table u?e.
Supplie? received weekly, and any,quantity deliver
ed to order SUfrvELL A BaILEY,
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co ,)
Jan 2?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
HAT, Cap, and Misses' Flat Manufacturer, No. 7
Washington Place, 7th atreut. between D aud E,
Waabington, D. 0. Jan. 2.
IJARKEK, at bin Perfumery aud Faucy Store, uu
1 dor tho National Motel, Pa avenue, IS just open
iiiK a "ow und complete atock of Goods, consisting, iu
part, of? .
Ladies and Gout's Paris Kid Gloves, all siaea aud col
Extracts,from the bouses of Lubin and Prevoat, Paria,
aud Harrison, Philadelphia,
Genuine German Cologne. Pomatum, Bueuf Marrow ;
Cold Oreaui, Macasaar Oil, W. I Bay Hum .
Low a Brown Wiudaor Soap, Cleavor'a Houey Soap;
Lubin'a Boaeand Musk Hoapa ,
Taylor's Transparent Balla, Ac., Ac. ?
English, French, and American Hair Brushes, In one
hitudred different patterns ;
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 row Tooth Brushes, Loudon made,
for our sales expressly;
Nail and Cloth Brushes, An , Ac., Ac.
Tuck Combs, latest Paria atylee ,
Shell, Buffalo, English cold-proased Horn aud India
Kubbor Dressing Combs;
Johu Fen a premium ivory fine teeth Combs, and
Pocket Combs.
Uuerlain's, Rousael's, and Harrison's Shaving Cream ;
Military Cakes, and all other Sharing Soaps;
Budger'a hair Shaving Bruahes, very superior.
Washington, Marrh 12, 184V.
Wo, the undersigned, having fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Rasor Strop Powder, to which the Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, take great pleasure
in certifying that it will keep the Rasor in fine, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone.
J. Macpukkson Bkkuien, U. S. Senator.
W. W. Seaton, Mayor of Washington.
W. S Akchkk, House ot Reprosentativea.
Rev. T. M. Pea.sk, Washington City.
Thomas J. Rusk, U. States Senator.
Hiram Walbridge, Esq., New York city.
Wade <k Butcher a, of our own importation ;
Tally-Ho, from 25 couta to $1.25 each.
Razora imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan. 2?d
THE subscribers beg leavo respectfully to invite
the attention of the ladles ot the city and vicini
ty to the following now and rich Goods, which have
just been received, vis :
51) dresses extra rich Brocade Silks, for evenings j
75 do. do. do. street;
25 do. do. Mora antique, watered;
15 do do. Mora antique, brocade;
10 do. do. black Broeade Silk;
12 do. do. flounced Brocade Silks;
10 pieces light colored plain Poult da Soie;
25 do. ver/ rich plaid Silks;
25 do. Silk Illusions, for party dresses, all col's;
30 do. watered and plain real Iriah Poplins;
150 new style Paris-trimmed Chemiaettes A Sleevea,
in sots.
250 do. French embroidered Collars;
50 do. French embroidered cambrio Chemi
settes and Sleeves, in sets;
75 French embroidered Chemisettes and Sleeves,
trimmed with Maltese. Honiton, and Valen
cienncs Laces, very cheap;
150 pairs embroidered muslin and cambrio Sleeves,
250 Frenoh embroidered Handlc'fs a great variety;
300 pieces English and French Thread Laces;
25 velvet Cloaks, latest style;
25 embroidored cloth Cloaks, latest stylo;
25 plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks;
50 small Persian Scarfr, for the neck;
50 long Cashmere Shawls;
25 richly-embroidered white crape Shawls;
Together with a great variety of new and elegant
articles appropriate to tho aeason ; all of which we
are enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage of the advanced season to make our pur
chates. [Jan 1| HOPE, BROTHER, A CO
ON and after Thursday, October 0, 1853, daily
trains (Sundaya excepted) wilt be run over this
road, agreeably to the following arrangement:
A train fjr Warrentonand intermediate points will
leave the station, corner of Duke and Henry streets,
Alexandria, at 8} o'clock A. M ; arrives at 11 A. M
Returning, will leave Warrenton at a quarter pas.
1 o'clock P M , arriving in Alexandria at a quarter
before 4 P. M.
A train from Culpeper U Alexandria and interme
diate points will loave Calpeper at 7| o'clock A. M ,
arriving in Alexandria at 10} o'clock A. M
Returning, will leave Alexandria at 1] o'elcck P
M , arriving in Culpeper at 4J o'clock.
A daily stage is running between OordonsviUe and
Culpeper. in connection with the cars on this and the
Virginia Central Roads.
Through Tirketi.
To Oordonsvilie .... $4 50
To Staunton - ? . - ? ?7.50
To Lynchburg .... 7.00
To Winohestor 4.00
For order W B. BROCKETT,
Jan 7?d Agent
NEW YORK, Alexandria, Washington, anJ Guarge
lown Packets.
Schooner Fairfax?C. Penfield, master.
Do Empire Rufus Knai>t>, master
Do. Stateamau?J D. Catnell, master.
Do. Washington? J. Kendrick, master.
Do. S*nat >r?W Kirby, master.
Do. Hamilton?A. Dayton, iua*ter.
Do. Arlington?H. Lewi*, master.
Do. Arctic?George Wilson, master.
The above packet* having resumed their weekly
1 trips, shippers aro notified that one of them will poa
itively clear from New York on every Saturday, (or
I olleuer if necessary,) and that tbia punctuality may
be depended upon during the year, until interrupted
110 Wall street, New York.
S. SHIKN A SON, Alexandria.
Jan. 7?d F. A A H. DODGE. Georgetown.
Wko Seek Iketr Supplies in our Marlut.
ONE PRICE ONLY. We arc nuw iu our NEW
STOKE, which dm erocted expressly for us We
I think it the most comfortable and best lighted ?toro
room in tho city; anil with increased room, facilities,
i and experience, deemed quite ample, we shall deal
largely in
of every stylo, all of the best qualities, and for which
we shall have oitr prirt only.
We 'hall ?ell cheaper than we ever have dona; and
in having one price only (which, iu our opinion, i?
the only lair and equitable way of doing business) we
ahall maintain our self-re*peet, which i* above all
price or success. Moreover, we expt-cl to retain all
the trade of those prompt customer* who have made
their purchase* of us for some years past, and doubt
less we shall have a large accession of new customers,
who prefer to buy where out fair prut only M at Ltd.
We leel that our simple word is requisite only to
satisfy oar former customers that the on* price sys
tem it the correct one, and to their advantage, and
we do not hesitate to assert our belief that all candid
and intelligent persons will, after an impartial exam
ination of prices, fabric, and stylo*, give a one price
store the preference. Those who are not judge* of
good* cannot fail to be impressed at once with the
manifold and vast advantages to the purchaser re
sulting from the adoption in gooti faith of the <>>"
pru? *yutrm , it neceaaarily insures low price* to the
purchaser, for it becomes absolately necessary to meet
at the start all competition that can be offered in
Our scale of pricw will ha so low. and the profits so
small, that we cannot and will not sell but for the
rath or to customer* who pay ?promptly. For those
who purchase x-rry largely, or to sell again, reduc
tions will ha made
The public are cordially and moat respectfully in
vited to call at all time* and examine our itock
PERRY A BROTHER. "Central Stores, '
Jan 2?d (Op. Centre Market.) Washington City.
Harper's Magaiine, Putnam's Magaiine,
(Irahams Magazine. Hunt's Morchant's Magas
? Jodey'* Lady * Book, Eclectic Magaiine.
Illustrated Mags7 of Art Knickerbocker Magazine,
Arthur* Magazine, lhcken* Household Word*.
Historical Educator, Littoil s Living Age,
Ladies Nat. Magazine. London Punch.
London Illustrated New*. Blackwood's Magazine
Alao, the reptint of all th? Foreign Reviews, com
prising the London (Quarterly, Westminster, Edin
nurgh, and North British .
All the Literary Newspaper* published in Phila
dolphin, New York, and Bo*ton . also, all the New
Book*, received a* fast as published.
A very complete and varied assortment of fine note
and letter Paper, comprising all .the most beautifttl
qualities and sizes in general use.
A large assortment of Blank Book*, for sale at
Odeon Building, cor 4} ?t and Pa avoano
Jan 2?dim
The beet article ?yer tu#d, u hundreds oh toetily
in thia city and surrounding country. Read! OIL
MAN 8 LIQUID HAIR DYE tnttaiuai>MMu/y chang
?? the hair to a brilliant jet Black or gloaay Brou n.
which in prrwttf iunu doM not "**fn or in any way in
jure the akin. No article ever yet invented which
will compare with it. We would adviae all who have
gray hair* to buy it, for it *?*r fuih.?BoUun Po?:
Z. D. OILMAN, Cheiniat, Washington eity, Invent
or and Sole Proprietor. *
For tale by Droggiata, Hair Drawer*, and Dealer*
in Fauoy Article*, throughout tha United Staua
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Warren, Trumbull CO u.
Office No. Markot afreet. Jau. 7 d
SHOE DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Makur,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browne Hot id
and Seventh street, Washington Jau 2?;<in
IfENRY JANNE\'S Boot and Shoe Ktjru and
X A Manufactory, for tho laat ten year* located ca
8th atroet, near the General Pout Office wax removoi
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Brown* Hotel and
/tn street, where the proprietor ha* spared no pain*
or expensu in fitting up an establishment commensu
rate with the great increaae in the business ol tho
The eubscriber tender* hia moat cordial and rrato
ful acknowledgment* to hia lrienda and patron* lor
their long-continued favors, and will be pieaaed to
meet thoui in hia new home.
1 have a very wellaaaortod stock of Boot* and
ishoea, of French, New lork, KaaUrn, and my own
make, embracing every atyle and variety, to which I
invite the attention of member* of Conirres* and citi
*?ns generally. HENRY JANNEY.
Penn. av., north aide, between Browns' Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th st., third door from the latter.
btorn the lrmted States Argu3.
To thoau persons who may viait Washington, an I
are in want of a boot that cannot be excelled, either
\lT?Uirn wJork?Rn^ip we would call their attcn
, " l'10 ,?,ar? "' Henry Janney. to be found unuer
Uie head of Waahington." A handaome and neat
ly-made boot i* not at all times a source of pleasure
to the wearer but often one of extreme torture tbii
is caused by the bungling manner in which the' bo<.t
la fit tod to the foot. Mr. Janney has devoted much
of hia time m studying the conatruction of the human
i'iS ?7 J t0 ?u,c*rUin bow * boot should be cut
and fitted, that will ha perfectly easy to all part* of
the foot. In this be ha* succeeded, so that it matters
onth!? !?V t or ?">mber of corn,
on the foot, hu boot u perfectly easy. Thus he hat
combined beauty with comfort.
ENERAL AGENCY and Insurance Office 3 Co
VJ lumbia Place, (2 doors north of Loaiaiana avo
nue ) Seventh atreet, (east aid*,) Waahington. D. C.
Claims before Congrats and tho different Depart
m f: Jan. 3-d
f! CO. (atore in Odd Fallows' Hall,
* bare just completed opening a Iatm
assortment of CHIN A, QUKKN^WAR^d^LA^
making their stock at this time equal to any in the
country; consisting in part as follows, via:
m?nI^ri0ld^aTd *nd whh* Pf,Mh China
Dinner, Desert, Tea, and Breakfast Set*, and de
tached pieces, rach as Frnit Basket*. Composer*
J?ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
China, in dinner and tea sets, and detaebed
Iron Stone China, decorated, flowing blue, and whito
dinner, tea, breakfast, and toilet sots, and detach
ed pieces, m every pattern and shape
Also, in great variety^
Vae??ttp.^r?a"OOU,i' PtriMD> and Fronch China.
\ oaea. Card Receivers, Jewel Stand*,
Candlestick*, Motto Cup* and Saucers:
Mugs, Pitchers, 4c '
GLASSWARE, rich cat and engraved
Crystal straw, stem, and Preaaed Goblots ,
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tun biers;
Finger Bowl*, Water Bottles, Spoon Holder*
Toilet Bottle*. Cologoe Bottles, Globes; '
Lwupa, rich and plain Decanters;
Cat and pressed Bowls, and silvered Bowls ?
Solar, Etherial, Hall, and Side Lamps,
Candelabra*. Girandoles, rich and plain Castor*
"covered StU ^'ered and un
Pitcher*. Punch and Molasses Pitchers
Fine Catlery and Albata Fork*, Spoons! Ac of tho
most approved and J.t^t patterE,; ' ?'
Also, Block Tin Coffee Vrni, Biggin* Teapot*
Plate W armers, Egg Boiler*, Ac.^^
With an endless* variety of gooda not named which
and examine before purchaaing elsewhere.
.ki 'r' a1T* *nd c?UDU'y merchanta will find it to
i?l ^dv"U?e.10 ,bu7 of us, a* our facilitie* aro
?'*!i '"P0**"* bon*e in the United
v'ti *? fcre deter?inod to aeli a* low
N B Goods carefully pot up for tho coantrv kv
an experienced packer, and delivered free of eharSo
in any part of the city. j,n 2_d,f
GRA\ A BALLANTYNE, Seventh street two
doors above Odd Fellow*' Hall, have the' only
iseiiository in thi* city of tho publications of the
American Bible Society,
Methoditt Book Concern;
Robert Carter A Brothers;
Presbyterian Board;
American Tract Society,
Evangelical Knowledge Society
i i ATSinm Sunday School Union;
New England and Ma^acbum-tU Sabbath School S9
detie* and all the principal Religiou* Publiah.r.
.rj tk th1erefo? "PMront that their *tock of Hi.nJ- '
ard Theological W ork* and g?n?ral Religiou* Liters
ture must be unequalled
They alway* keep an extensive assortment of all
the Hymns uaed in the different ehurrbea, family and
Llndiiwa' Pr*T?r ^ooka, in plain and *iapvrh
.nA?otCtiV! ,'ho1'e* fuvcni,e*. ??bracing Marly
????? "??
?iRi'jistr? '?"" -
o'a!lk. c-"1"' Sl.,^,e an(1 f*ncy Stationery.
Desks Ac P<ftln0nn?,w? Port,"lio*. Writing
i Jan. 2?i
Hy the Author of Ike " Wide. Wide World'
his Christ man Stockings Beau
t.ftilly illustrated Price, 76 conU. gilt $1.25
b" B"w'b* Cloud , or, Covenant Mercy for the
.1.'\ j Numorou- engravings Price, $3 5.0
Glad Tiding* ; or, The Gospel of Peace Prieo. <13 cM
Popular Legends of Brittany Illustrated Price 75
cent*. '
Spiritual Progress or, InatrucUoue in the Dlvino
Life ?f the Soul. From the French of F??n<<lon and
Madame Guyon Price, T> cents
The Old and the New . o-, Tho Changoa of Thirty
o*"1.1" th* Ewt Wm "oodoll Prioo ?1 ii.
Old Sight* with N>w Fvcs Price, fl.
Conversion It* Theorv and Process. Bv Rev T
Spencer. Price, $ 1 ,
Ar?rwi' "friR" ,J,B ?" ? "? u"
* . /),(JRAT* BALLANTYNE, 7t'h st,
Jan 4?d2 2 door* above Odd Fellow*' Hall
C1.00D Wan** will be paid to ? colored woman com
' }?tunt to do the work uf a small family. Inquire
over Mr Edmonstoa's Shot Store, 7th street, noar E
Jan. 3?d."U
A TTORNKY and Counsellor at Law, Detroit, Micb
a\ igao, will practice in the Stat* and United Btato?
Court* attend to ?? urin^ and nollecting debts. and
to investigating titled to land* in any part of the Slate
of Michigan. J?* ??d
GENUINE "Edam Cheese, in casus of 2 duion
each, in prime order. Ocnume Duteb barring*,
in ?mall keg*, in good order.
(SgoetMori to J. B. Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 2?dfltif Mo. I, opposite Centra Market.
SADDLER, Harness, and Trunk Maker, Pennsyl
vania avenue, a few door* ee*t of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2? Sin
ANNUALS of the most splendid binding, Elegant
editions of the Poets.
A beautiful assortment of Jtirenil* BnVs, Episro.
pal and Catholic Prayer Books, Tejr Books, Portfo
lios, Portmoanaies, Alt>nm?, nod everything in the
fancy itatioaery line, for sale a*
Odeon Buildings. Qqr a? and Pennsylvania av.
Jan 2?3w

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