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After our report had dosed yesterday, Mr.
Franklin, of Maryland, gave at length the
reasons which induced him to vote fir the com
mitment of the Nebraska-Kausas bill of the
Senate. Although he was in favor of the prin
ciple of non-intervention by Congress in tho
Territories of the United States on tho suhjeot
of Slavery, yet the provisions of tho bill were
so odious, that be voted to consign it to tho
deep bosom of the Committee of the Whole,
from whenoe it might possibly never arise. Ha
i did this, he said, l>eeause, although the bill
professed to oarry out the doctrine of non-in
tervention, it did, by the Badger provino, inter
vene upon the subjeot of Slavery in the Terri
tories. This point he argued at length, and
also to ehow that under the bill the proposed
Territories must bo forever free.
The Committee then rose, and the bill of tho
Senate,-making a grant of public lands to the
several States of the Union, for the honetit of
indigent insano persons, was read twico; and
pending a motion to oommit it to the Commit
tee of the Whole, tho House adjourned.
Senate, Wednesday, March 29, 1854.
Mr. Everett presented the resolutions adopt
ed by the towns of Adams, Beverly, Bridge
water, and others, iu Massachusetts, remon
strating against the repeal of the Missouri
Compromise and the passage of the Nebraska
Mr. Sumner presented the resolutions, of
a like character, of two towns in Massachu
Mr. Thomson, of New Jorsey, presented the
resolution of a .town mooting held in that
State, remonstrating against tho Nebraska bill.
Mr. Fish presensed the memorial of tho So
oicty of Universal Republicanism of New York,
protesting against that part of the Nebraska
bill whieh denios the right of voting and hold
ing oflioe to persons who are not actually citi
Mr. Foot presented remonstrances from cit
izens of New Hampshire, against the Nebraska
Mr. Everett and Mr. Toucey presented me
morials asking that Congross shall make a
grant of land to eaoh of the colleges in the
United States.
Mr. Slidell presented tho resolutions of the
Legislature of Louisiana, praying a grant of
land for tho support of the deaf, dumb, and
Mr. Thomson, of New Jersey, presented tho
resolutions of the legislature of New Jersey, in
favor of grants of land in limited quantities to
actual Bettlers.
Tho Chair laid before the Senate a report
from the War Department, oommunicating a
statement of the expenditures made for the im
provements of Western rivers and harbors,
under the last act for the improvement of riv
ers and harbors. Referred, and ordered to be
Mr. Hamlin, from tho Committeo on Print
ing. reported in favor of?printiiig 35,500 addi
tional copies of the agricultural part of the
Patent Office Report.
On motion by Mr. Hunter, the report was
postponed till to-morrow.
Mr. Shields reported back the Houso joint
resolution explanatory of tho act regalating tho
appointment of cadets to West Point, declaring
that new Congressional districts shall bo enti
tled to the appointment of a cadet.
Mr. Rusk opposed the resolution ; and after
some remarks by Mr. Shields, in reply, it was
On motion by Mr. Gwin, tho Senato pro
ceeded to the consideration of the Deficiency
The question pending was on the amend
ment requiring all invalid pensioners to renew
the evidenoo of their disabilities every two
yoars, and providing that no person holding a
civil salaried office shall be paid any pension
as an invalid.
This amendment was debated at length, and
supported by Messrs. Hunter, Stuart, and
Pearce, and opposed by Messrs. Shields, Bad
ger, and Pettit.
That part oxoluding from the receipt of
pension all persons holding civil salaried office
nnder the United States, was stricken out.
At two o'clock, Mr. Mason moved to post
pone tho bifl, with a view of going into the
consideration of Exeoutivc business. and the
motion was rejected?yeas 18, nays 24
The amendment was further amended by
providing for one geucral examination of inva
lid pensioners, anu dispensing with the bien
nial examination.
After inuoli further dobate, the question was
taken an agreeing to the amendment as
amended, and it was deoidod in tho affirma
tive?yeas 22, nays 20.
Other amendments wore offorod.
house of Representative*, March 29, 1854.
Mr. Henn, from the Committee on Publio
Lands, reported hack Senato bill No. 92, with
a recommendation that it pass. This hill
gives to the people of Council Bluffs the jirivi
lege of entering one section of land, upon which
the town is locatod, at Si 25, the minimum
price. It was read a third timo, and passed.
Mr. Disney, from the same oommittce, re
ported the House bill granting land to the sev
eral States, for the benefit of indigent insane
? |iereons in tho said States, with a recom
mendation that it do not pass. Tho report of
the committee was read. It argues at length
that the General Government has no power so
to interfore with thft affairs of the several
States, nor so to dispose of tho public domain, j
Mr. Bennott, from tho sameoommittoe, made
a minority report, and askod that it might he ]
Mr. Orr objected to the roading.
On motion of Mr. Hendricks, the Committee '
on Printing was instructed to inqniro into the |
expediency of printing 10,000 oopies of 1>oth
The reports woro laid on tho table, and or
dered to be printed.
Mr. Disney moved that the bill be reforrod
to the Comtnittoo of the Whole.
Mr. Warren moved that that motion be laid
on the table. Lost?yeas 71, nays 89.
The question was then taken on the motion
to commit tho bill to the Committee ot the
Whole, and docidod in tho affirmative?yeas 83,
nays 72.
Mr. Florenoe presented a bill, of which pre
vious notice had been given, to provide for ap
prentices in the United States navy, nyeiiue
service, and commercial marine. Reforrod to i
the Committee on Naval Affairs.
Mr. Booook moved that the debate on the
bill to authorise the construction of six war
steamers, shall olose at two o'olook to-morrow.
Mr. Washburne, of Ulinois, moved that tho
resolution should lie on the table. Rejected?
jeas 62. nays 93,
Mr. Booook's motion was thereupon adopted.
The House then resolved itself into Commit
tee of tho Whole on tho state of the Union
Mr. Hamilton in the ohair.
?And Mr. Barksdale addressed the Commit
tee in support of the Kansas and Nebraska
hill. It was not hie purpose to discuss the ab
stract question of Slavery, whatever may l?o
its benefits and blessings to tbe master and tho
slave, in tbe slave States, and in the North,
where theiY produots are consumed. It wan
sufficient that the Constitution upheld and
supported it. He would not discuss the gene
ral provisions of the bill. They would meet
with no opposition upon principle.
The bill is said to be promature. This ob
jection will no^stand scrutiny. Bnt it is now
before ns, and we have oniy to examine it,
and to act upon it.
There are Amerioau citiaenw in the Territo
ry, and they have elected a delegate and smt
him here. Mr. Barkwlale here read a letter
in proof of tmoh election. Ho also re-ul from
the St. Lout* Republican an extract setting forth
tho fact that emigrant* were pressing on to
that country. All, however, liad admitted that
thiii was a mere question of time. Tho people
will noon create a Government, if Congress
does not give thom one. Mr. Barksdale read
from the speoeh of Mr. Evorott, in the Senate,
to prove that tho question was but one of time.
Ho was still Hpoaking, when our report
JJrrival of the Steamer Ohio.
New York, March 29.?The steamer Ohio
arrived at New York, with a million of dollars
in gojd, tho California mails, and four hundred
Eiuwengors. Her nows ha* been anticipated
y other arrivals.
Baltimore, March 29.?Flour?buyors are
willing to pay $7 25 for Howard Street, but
holders ask $7 37'.<. Wheat?sales of 3 000
bushels, at $1.73 a $1.75 for red, and at $1.77
a $1.80 for White. Corn??ales of 8,000 bush
els, at 72 cents for white, and at 72 a 73 cents
for yellow. No ohange in other artioles.
Ohio Railroad shares had declined; sales
at 70 cents.
New York, March 29.?Flour depressed;
sales of 3,000 barrels, at $7 37^ for State, and
at $7 75 a $7.87 for Southern. Wheat?sales
of 4,000 bushels, at $1 ?>7 for red. Corn?sales
of 20,000 bushels, at 80 conts fjr mixed, and
83 a 84 conts for yellow. Cotton doojined
oont since tho reception of foreign news by tho
Africa. Stocks dull.
On tho 27th instant, at St. Patrick's Church,
by the Rev. Father Denecker, Mr. Louis Mar
ceron to Mrs. Rose L. O'Bryon, both of this
At Sydenham, near Philadelphia, on Friday,
the 24tH inst, Mrs. Catherine Eliza Rush,
wife of tho Hon. lliohard Rush, in the 71st
year of her age.
On the morning of the 28th inst., Mrs. Ann
Elizabeth Lane, consort of Charles H. Lane,
of this oity, and daughter of tho late Jabes B.
On tho 28th inst., Dr. Daniel Kino, in the
51st year of his ago.
On tho 27th inst., after a short and severe
illness, Sarah A., relict of tho late Thomas
Cross, in the 78th year of her age. '
At Lochbie, Fast Florida, on the 26th" ult.,
of consumption, Edward H. Oates, third and
youngest son of tho late George Oates, of
Charleston, S. C, aged 29 years.
Mechanical Engineer and Rollrittr s( Patents,
Washington. 1). C.,
WILL ninkn Examination at' the Patent Office,
prepare Drawing* and Specifications, and pro*
ocute Applications for PatenU, both in the United
fitatcs and foreign countries.
Application! for patents which hare been rejected
at Uio Patent Office, he will, when required, argue
before the Commimioner of PatenU, or before the
Appellate Court; in which line of practice he has
boen successful in procuring a great number of very
valuable patent*.
He will preparo new specifications and claims for
the re-isaue of patents previously granted on imper
fect descriptions and claims.
Applications for eztmmotu of patents, either at the
Patent Office, or before Congress; he will also vigor
ously prosecute.
Also, superintend the taking of testimony to he
nsed In eonflicting applications before the Patent Of
fice, or to be read in court.
In all oases of litigation on the subject of patents,
he will prepare the cases for the legal profession, ex
plain the scientific and mechanical principles involv
ed, and the application of the law thereto.
He will also give opinions and advice as to the value
and validity of patents, and may be consulted in
cases of infringements of patents, and all other mat
ters pertaining to tho patent laws and practice in the
United States and Europe.
Also, prepare caveats, assignments, and all other
pafiers required for scaring or transferring patent
Having been ten years in the constant practice of
his profession in this city, and having free access to
the models and records in the Patent Office, as well
as to it* library, and th? "Congressional Library,"
he flatters himself that he can in all casesgive per
fect satisfaction to those who may place business in
his hands. March 29?eow
Office on F street, opposite the Patent Office.
88 Naxttni street, Nrw York.
FOBRION PATRNTS.?The undersigned continues
to act as Solicitor and Agont for securing Patents
dn all countries where they are granted. He is repre
sented in Ruropo by honorable and reliable men, of
long tried experience, through prhotn he is enabled to
secure Patents in Kngland, Scotland, Wales, Ireland,
Prance, Belgium, Oermnny, Austria, Russia, Prussia,
Spain, Portugal, Ac. His facilities for transacting
foreign Patent business are unsurpassed. He can
generally obtain Certificates of Provisional Protection
from the British Patent Office, within six weeks from
the time the invention is first committed to his care.
The cost of British and other foreign Patent*, to
Americans, has !>eon greatly reduced
The undersigned may be at all times consulted,
froe of cltarg?, by letter, or jiersonally at bis office, in
reference to Patents, Invontions, Ac. All consulta
tions and business strictly private. For further in
formation, apply to or addross
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents,
March 2tf. HA Nassau st, N. York.
THR subscriber has just fitted up a number of vew
discoveries, (no soap receipts nor silver polish,)
that are of the utmost value everywhere, with full
ami mi mile juirtieular* HOW each and all may be
prosecuted?a* a business or in connection with any
business?and yield at least from $6 to $111 per day.
Success cannot fail the enterprise is "just tne
thing" for those with no capital, and a little surplus
energy?and way he carried on with ease and the
strictest honesty. The whole will bo sent to any one
enclosing, post paid, half a dollar, or it* value in
stamps, to M. STEVENS, Waynesborough, Frank
lin county, Pennsylvania. Bend for two, one for a
brother or friend. March 2V?2t
Manufacturer of Candle Mould*, No. io?
Race (Sassafra*) street, above Third, opposite
the White Swan Hotel. Philadelphia. _ Dee. 1?lm
IS the largest Quarto published in America, and
contain* more reading matter than any $2 Maga
tine, price 35 cent* per annum.
About a year ago, we nromised to bestow upon our
subscriber* a premium of $1,000 as *oon a* thetr num
ber should reach 100,000 Wo have also offered pre
miums to the amount of $.100, to be divided among
26 persons sonding in the largest numbor of subscri
ber*. We hereby announao that all the above pre
miums will be awarded on the 25th day of March,
1864 We are a!*o offering other inducement* to
*ub*criher* and agent*.
Sample conies, containing particular*, sent to or
der, firee of charge.
Publisher* of papers giving this one insertion will
be placed on our subscription li*t for the year.
Jan. 10. Tribune Building* New York.
Wholesale Grocer* and Commimtm Merchant*,
No. 77 Rxchange Place, Baltimore,
KRRP constantly on hand a large stock of (Iroce
riee, which they offer on the most favorable
term*. Baltimore, Jan. 16,
ft. ft. WILMAItM,
Attorney and <?nn?eltor ai law, Washington City,
f)RACTICRS in the Court* of the l>i*triet of Oe
1 Intnhia, and before the Department* of the Oov
eminent. Office over Banking House of Kelden. With
e*r, A Co. Jane ???tf
DEALER in Booka, Periodical*, anil Stationery,
wholesale and retail, X Columbia Place, corner
7th street and Loauiuna avonue, Washington, D. C.
Jan. 8?d
GOSUEN Buttur, Mvloctod front Delaware county
W Dairies. New York and Puiiiisylvaniu extra
bulled Buckwheat, in burrols, halt' barrels, and bag*.
Tie beHt Philadelphia butter in print*, for table use.
Supplies received weekly, and any quantity deliver
ed to order. SHEKKLL A BAILEY,
(Successors to J. B. kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dlwif Noi 5, opposite Centre Market.
Attorney and counsellor at law,
Coudersport, Potter county, Penn. Jan. 2ft.
PERSONS visiting Washington, and in want of
BootH or Shooe, are invited to oall and examine
my stock, which comprises as good an assortment of
Ladies,' (lentlemen's, Boys', Youth's, Misses, and
Children's Shoos, as can bo found in the oity. Prices
moderate. JOHN A. RUFF, Ponn. avonue,
Jan. II. Between 4} and ftth sts , Washington.
IN plain and hunting cases, of every variety of style
and site.
Ladies' Watohes, of new and elogant styles, just
received from the manufactory of Charles Frodsham,
84 Strand, London.
Also, Watches from the most celebrated London
and Swiss makers. For salo by
Jan. 2?d No. V Congress street, Boston.
OF the following ohoico brands :
V Sy>va A Co.'s M. 0.. 1st, in LlOtha;
La Philanthropa, in l-4ths;
La Ado asion, in l-4ths;
El Hoi do Peuarvel, in l-4tha;
George Washington, in l-6ths ;
El Consolation, in l-4ths;
Ambrosia Londres, 1st, l-]0th>;
i)o. 2d, l-5ths;
El Etseo, in 1-lOths ;
La Cosinopolita, in 1 6th? ;
Maria Antoinette Londres Regalia, 1st, 1-lOths;
Do. do. da 2d, 1-IOths;
Espaniola for le Prensado, in l-4ths ;
1 case " original" Victoria Londres, fi.OOO.
Together with a line assortment of Chewing To
(Succcssors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 4?dfttif No. 6, opposite Centre Market.
SELECTED No. 1 Salmon, " fresh smokod." No. 1
picklod Salmon in tiurcos. Mess Mackerel, very
fine, in 25 pound kitts. No. 1 Mackerel, in half bar
rels and 25 pound kitts.
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dlwif No. 6, opposite Centre Market
"superior rosewood, mahoganv7
JUST rocoived at WALL'S cheap Houso Furnish
ing Warerooms, on Seventh street, opposite the
National Intelligencer office, nmong which may be
Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnut Teto-a-Tete and
Sofas, in hair, cloth, and brocatolle, in great vari
ety ;
Easy Chairs, Arm Chairs, and Rockors to match;
Magbogany, Walnut, French, and Cottage Bedsteads;
Walnut and Muhogauy Etagcres;
Cabinets and Whatnots;
Mahogany and Walnut marhlo-top and plain Baroaus;
Mahogany, Walnut, and Maple Wardrobes;
Feather Bods, hair and shuck Mattresses;
Handsome gilt and Mahogany Mirrors;,
And a very large ami general assortment of all
kinds of goods necessary for furnishing, to which the
'attention of those furnishing is respectfully invited.
Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. All
of which will be sold very low at WALL'S House
Furnishing Warerooms, on Seventh street, opposite
Intelligencer office. Jan. 2?dlw
" I can't get a decent Segar in Washington
IS a phrase hourly heard from strangers, in our city
Without admitting or denying its tnith, the sub
scribor determined to remedy the evil. To this end,
he has made a list of overy brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " the best segar 1 ever smokod,"
and with this document he has procured from the first
importers in New York, a ftock of those choice
brands, and now offers thom to the public.
Every fumigator, who knows a good segar when he
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Sign of Jim Crow, 7 doors east of National Hotel.*
Jan. 2?3ui
For Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children.
EDMONSTON, west sido of 7th street, (nearly
J* opposite Odd Fellows' Hall,) manufactures to
order, aud keeps constantly on hand and lor sale, ev
ery article in his line, of su)>erior quality and at the
lowest prices. The public are thanked lor their past
very liberal patronage, and are assured that no pains
shall he spared to merit a continuance of their favors.
Jan. 13.
OLD Government Java Coffee; Itrown Java, in
pockets; (lenuino Mocha, in half and quarter
bales; Maracaibo arid White Hi* Coffee; roasted and
ground Coffee, roasted and ground in the District.
Any of the above Coffees may be roasted and
ground to order, at short notice.
Imperial, Gunpowder, Young llyson. and very fine
Old Hyson Teas ; '
Oolong and I'ouchong Black Teas;
Souchong; or Knglish Breakfast Tea ;
Wine, l<etuon, and Fancy Crackers, supplies received
English Dairy Cbeoso, " imitation ; "
Do. do. real genuine, vary rich;
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Pine-apple Cheose, Lewis Norton's host brands ;
Whole and fresh ground Spicea, all kind* ;
Rice Flour, Oawego Oom Starch, and Farina ;
Whoaten Writs and Small llomioy.
(Successors to John B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 3--dfttif No 5, op|?oaite Centre Market.
\ND Knglish Sauces, vi* : Gherkins. Mixod, Pic
ealilly, Chow-Chow, Walnut, Cauliflower, Kng
lish, of both Croaso A Blackwull's and Batty's ex|H>rt
ation ;
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, Cabbage, American ;
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Knglish refined Table Salt, in jars.
(Succeiiaora to John B. Kibbey A Co.,)
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Jan. 1?"-dlwif No 5, opposite Centre Market.
TRACY A WILLIAMS,late Profestors of Penman
ship at Duff a College, Pittsburgh, have taken
rooms in Washington Place. 7th stroi-t, opposite the
Post Office, for the purpose of riving I<esaon* and Lec
tures to ladies and gentlemen In this elegant and use
ful Art. Their specimens comprise every style, both
plain and ornamontal , their recommendations are
numerous, and from aome of tho best men in the
country; and their system of teaching haa been uni
versally lauded by the Preas of Ohio, Pennsylvania,
and Now York. They respoetftilly solicit* visit from
the citixens of Washington and vicinity, which will
be sufficient to convince them that Trary \ H'iV/wku
have no superiors as business or ornamental penmen
Trkmh.?$5 for 20 lessons. Improvement gnaran
tied to all.
ViftiTinn Carpi, written in an unequalled style,
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BKEBK'S NKW York HATS for the spring of
1864 The second snpply of the above elegant
HaU this day received at STEVENS'S
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rjIHRTS In every vnriety of style and qnalitv Gen
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' Tho bc?t article ever u-od, a? hundreds oau testify
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MANS LIQUID HAIR DVB i tisluiUauuntslif chiing
es the hair to a brilliant jet litnek or glumiy Brown,
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Z. D. GILMAN, Chemist, Washington city, Invent
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For vale by Druggist*, Hair-Drawers, and Deal em
in Fancy Article*, throughout the United States.
GENERAL AGENCY and Insurance Office, 3 Co
lumbia l'laee, (2 door* north of Louisiana ave
nue,) Seventh street, (eait side,) Washington, D. C.
Claim* before Congress and the ditferent Depart
ments. Jan. 3? d
GOOI) Wages will be paid toV colored woman com
petent to do the work of a small family. Inquire
over Mr. Edmonstvn's Shoe Store, 7th street, near E.
Jan. 3?d3t
ATTORNEY and Counaellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
igan, will practice in the State and United [Status
Court*, attond to securing and collecting debt*, and
to investigating titles to lands in any part of the State
of Michigan. Jan. ft?d
GENU INK "Edam" Choeso/in cases of 2 doxen
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(Successors to J. B. Kibliey A Co.,)
Jan. 2?dfltif No. 6, opposite Centre Markot
OADDLKR, Harness, and Trunk Maker, Pennsyl
O vania avenue, a few doors east of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2? 8m
ANNUALS of the most splendid biuding. Elegant
edition* of the Poet*.
A beautiful assortment of Juvenile Books, Episco
pal and Catholic Prayer Book*, Toy Books, Portfo
lios, Portmonnaies, Albums, and everything in the
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Odoon Buildings, cor. *IJ at. and Pennsylvania av.
Jan. 2?3w
By the Author of the " Wide, Wide World.7
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The Old and the New ; or, Tho Changes of Thirty
Year* in tho East By Win. Goodell. Price, $1.25.
Old Sights with New Eye*. Price, $1.
Conversion: It* Theory and Process. By Rev. T.
Spencer. Price, $!.?>.
Autobiography of Rev. J. B. Finley; or, Pioneer Life
in the West. Price, $1.
Christ in History ; or, The Central Power among
Men. By Robert Turnbull, D. D. Price, $1.25.
Jan. 4?d2 2 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall.'
/~1 RAY A BALLANTYNE, Seventh street, two
"T doors above Odd Fellows' jlall. have the only
Duitository in this city of the publications of tho
American Bible Society;
Methodist Book Concern;
Robert Carter A Brothers;
Presbyterian liward. *
American Tract Society;
Evangelical Knowledge Socioty;
American Sunday ,School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cieties ; and all tho principal Religious Publishers.
It is therefore apparent that their stork oi Stand
ard Theological Works and general Religious Litera
ture must be unequalled.
They always keep an extensive assortment of all
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pocket Bibles and Prayor Books, in plain and superb
Attractive and choice Juveniles, embracing nearly
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School Books, of all tho kinds used tn the city and
country schools, at New York prices.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket KniVes, Portmonnaies, Portfolios, Writing
Desks, Ac. Jan. 2?d
(1 8. FOWLER A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
J ? 7th street) have just completed opening a large
assortmentofCHINA. QUEENSWARE. and GLASS,
making their stock at this time equal to any in tho
country ; consisting in part as follows, vie:
Decorated gold band and plain white French China
Dinner, Doeert, 'l'ea, and Breakfast Sets, snd de
tached pieces, such as Fruit Basket*. Cotupotiers,
Casseroles, ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
India China, in dinner and tea sets', and detached
Iron Stone China, decorated, flowing blue, and white
dinner, tea, breakfast, and toilet sets, and detach
ed pieces, in every pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety ?
Dresden. Terra cotta, Parian, and French China;
Vases, Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlesticks, Motto Cups and Saticors;
Mugs. Pitchers, Ac.
GLASS WARE, rich cat and engraved.
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Goblet* ,
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tuiolder*;
Finger Bowls, Wator Bottles. Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles, Cologne Bottles, Globes;
L:iinj>s, rich and plain Decanters;
t'ut and pressed Bowls, and silvered Bowls;
Solar, Etherial, Hall, and Side Lamps,
Candelabra*. Girandoles, rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffoo Urns, Tea Sets, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchers, Punch and Molasses Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery and Albata Forks, S|ioons, Ac., of the
most approved and latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots
Plato Warmers, Egg Boilers, Ac.
With an endlesss variety of goods not nsmed, which
wo respectfully invite strangers snd citisens to catl
and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
Storekeepers and country merchants will find it to
their advantage to buy of us, as our facilities aro
equal to any other importing houso in the United
States, and wo arc determined to sell as low.
N. II. Goods carefully put up for the country by
an experienced packer, and delivered frco of charge
In any |>art of the city. Jan. 2?dtf
\ TTORNEY AT LAW. Warren. Trumbull co? 0.
l\. Office No. Market street. Jan 7?d
SHOE DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Maker,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns' Hotel
and Seventh street, Washington. Jau 2 - 3m
HENRY JANNEY'S Boot and Shoe Store and
Manufactory, for the last tenyoars located on
8th street, near the General Post Office, was removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns Hotel and
7th street, where the proprietor has spared no pains
or expense in fitting up an establishment commensu
rate with the great increase in the business of the
The subscriber tenders his innst cordial and grate
Ail acknowledgments to his friend* and patrons for
thoir long-continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet them in hi* new house.
I have a verv well -assorted stock of Boots and
Shoee, of French, New York, Eastern, snd my own
tnako, embracing-every style and variety, to which I
Invito the attention of inemlioni of Congress, and citi
?ens generally. HENRY JANNKY,
Penn. av., north side, between Browns' Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th St., third dfltt from the latter.
From thr Umlr/l Statm Argnt.
To those persons who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot be excelled, either
in quality or workmanship, we would call their atten
tion to the card of Henry Janney. to be found under
the head of "Washington " A handsome and neat
ly made boot is not at all times a source of pleasure
to the wearer, but often one of extremo tortnre; this
Is causcd by the bungling manner in which tho boot
is fitted to the foot Mr. .tanney has devoted much
of his time in studying the construction of tho human
foot, in order to ascertain how a boot should be cut
and fitted, that will be perfectly easy to all part* of
the foot. In this he has succeeded, so that it inattors
not what maybe the shape of. or the number of corns
on the foot, his boot is perfectly easy. Thus ho has
combined beauty with comfort.
AT, Cap, and Mhwe?' Flat Manufacturer, No. 7
Washington Place, 7th strout, butweou It and E,
Washington. D. C. Jan. 2.
I ) Alt KICK, at hi* Perfumery aud Fancy Store, un
1 dor tho National llofol, Pa. avenue, Is just Opou
ink a new and complete stock of Goods, consisting, in
part, of?
Ladies and Gent's Pari* Kid Gloves, all sizes aud col
or*. .
Extracts,from the houses of Lubiu and Provost, Paris,
and Harrison Philadelphiaj
Genuine German Cologne, Pomatum, Ba-uf Marrow ;
Cold Cream, Macassar Oil, W. 1. Hay Ituiii ;
Low's Brown Windsor Soup, Cleaver's lloney Soap;
Lubin's Hone and Musk Soap* ,
Taylor's Transparent Balls, Ac., Ac.
English, French, and Amcricau Hair Brushes, in one
hundrod different |>attoruH;
1, 2, H, 4, and 6 row Tooth Brushes, London made,
for our Male* expressly ;
Nail and Cloth Brushes, Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tuck Couihit, latest Paris styles;
Shell, Buffalo, Knglisli cold-pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Combs;
John Fen's premium ivory One teeth Combs, aud
Pocket Combs.
Guerlain's, Roussel's, and Harrison's Shaving ('ream ;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaps;
Undgor s hair Shaving Bruslibs, very superior.
Wahuinoton. March"]2, 184V.
We, tho undersigned, having fiflrly tested Parker's
Metallic Razor Strop Powdor, to which the Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, take great plcosuro
in certifying that it will keep the Razor in line, smooth
shaving ordur, without the use of hone.
J. Macphkkhon Ukrkikn, U.S. Senator
}V. W. Skaton, Mayor of Washington.
W. S. Akchkk, House of Representatives.
Rev. T. M. Pkakk, Washington City.
Thomas J. Riisk, U. States Senator.
lliram Walbridge, Esq., New York eity.
Wade A Butcher's, of our own iuiiiortMlion ;
Tally-Ho, from 25 conts to $1.25 each.
Razors imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan. 2?<1
TI1K subscribers beg leave respectfully to invite
the attention of the ladies ot the city and vicini
ty to the following now and rich Goods, which have
j just been received, viz :
50 drosses extra rich Brocade Silks, for evenings
76 do. do. do. street;
26 do. do. Moru antique, watered;
v 15 do do. Moru antique, brocade ;
HI <lo. do. black Brocndo Silk;
12 do. do. tlounced Brocade Silks;
10 pieces light colored plain Poult do Soie ;
25 do. very rich plaid Silks ;
25 do. Silk Illusions, for party dresses, all col's ;
30 do. watered and plain real Irish Poplins;
160 new style Paris-trimmed Chemisettes A Sleeves,
in sets.
250 do. French embroidered Collars;
60 do. French embroidered cambric Chemi
settes and Sleeves, in sets ;
76 French embroidered Chemisettes and Sleeves,
trimmed with Maltese. Houiton, and Valen
ciennes Laces, very cheap;
160 tmirs embroidered muslin and cambric Sleeves,
250 r'reneh embroidered Handk fs a great variety ;
.100 pieces English and French Thread Laces;
25 velvet Cloaks, latest style ; ? ?
fc25 embroidered cloth Cloaks, latest style ;
26 plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks;
60 small Persian Scarfs, for the neck ;
50 long Caihuiere Shawls ;
25 richly-embroidered white crape Shawls;
Together with a great variety of new and elegant
articles appropriate to the season ; all of which we
are enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage ivf the advanced season to make our pur
chases (Jan. 2.) HOOE. BROTHER, A CO.
iN and after Thursday, October A, 1853, daily
? trains (Sundays excepted) will be run over this
road, agreeably to the following arrangement:
A train fjr Warrentonand intermediate points will
leave the station, corner of Duke and Henry streets,
Alexandria, at 8} o'clock A. M.; arrives at 11 A. M
Returning, will leave Warronton at a quarter pas.
1 o'clock P. M., arriving in Alexandria at a quarter
before 4 P. M.
A train from Culpepor te Alexandria and interme
dlate points will leave Culpeper at "j o'clock A. M ,
arriving in Alexandria at 10| o'clock A M.
Retaining, will leave Alexandria at I] o'clock P.
M . arriving in Culpeper at 4] o'clock.
A daily stage is running between Oordonsrillo and
C'ul|>cper, in connection with the cars on this and the
Virginia Central Roads.
Through TifHiis.
To GordonsriBe $4.50
To Staunton 7.60
To Lynchburg - . - 7 00
To W inehester i - - . . 4.00
Por order W B. BROCKF.TT.
Jan 7?d - Agent.
NEW YORK. Alexandria. Washington, and George
town Packets.
Schooner Fairfax?C. PenGe'd. mas'er.
I>o. Empire?Rnfus Knapp, master.
Do. Statesman?J . I). Cathell. master
D?>. Washington?J. Komi rick, master
Do. Senator?W Kirby, master
Do. Hamilton? A. Dayton, master
Dtt. Arl'ngton?li. Lewis, master
Do. Arctic?-George Wilson, master
The above packets having resumed their weekly
trips, sliip|>ers are notified that one of them will |ms
itively clear from New York on every Saturday, (or
oftener if necessary,) and that this punctuality may
be depended u|tou during the year, until interrupted
by ice 8TIIKGKH, CLEARMAN, .1 CO.,
110 Wall street. New York
8. SII1NN A SON. Alexandria
Jan. 7?d F. A A. II. IKtlNlK, Georgetown.
If'An firrk ihrir Supplies in our Market.
ONE PRICE ONLY. We are now in our NEW
I STOKE, which was erected expressly for us. We
think it the most comfortable and l*?xt lighted store
room in the city , aud with increased room, facilities,
and experience, deemed quite ample, we shall deal
largely in
KfiKKin nn nnxKKTii: dry miiiis.
of every style, all of tho best qualities, and for which
we shall haveonepriccon/y.
We shall sell cheaper than we ever have done ; and
in having one price only (which, in our opinion, ia
the only lair and oquitablo way of doing business) we
shall maintain our self-respect, which is above all
price or success. Moreover, wo ex|iect to retain all
thalrade of those prompt customers who have made
their purchases of ua for mime years past, and doubt
leas we shall hat e a large accession oi new customers,
who prefer to buy where oat fair prirt aa/y itanln).
We fool that our simple word is requisite only to
satisfy our former customers that the one price sys
torn la the correct one, and to their advantage; and
we do not h<*itato to assert our l>elief that nil candid
and intelligent persona will, afler an impartial exam
ination of prices, fabric, and styles, give a one price
store the preference. Those who are not judges of
goods cannot fail to be impressed at once with the
manifold and vast advantage* to the purchaser re
sulting from tho adoption in I'aith of the nur
prict nt*h m . it necessarily insures low prices to the
purchaser, for it becomes absolutely necessary fo meet
at the start all competition that can be offered in
Our scale of price* will be so low. and tho profits so
small, that we cannot and jwill not sell but for the
rath or t4i customers who jmi/ prvmptftf. For those
who purchase twf largely, or to sell again, reduc
tions will bo made.
Tho public are cordially and most ros|>ectfully in
vited to call at all times and examine our stock.
PERRY A BROTHER. Central Stores.
Jan. 2 ?d (Op. Centre Market.) Washington City.
Harper's Magazine, Putnam's Magazine,
Graham's Magazine, Hunt's Merchant's Magaz
Oodey's Lady's Book/ Eclectic Magazine,
Illustrated Magaz. of Art. Knickerbocker Magazine,
Arthur's Magazine, Dickens' lloiiseholdWords,
Historical Educator, Littell's Living Age,
Ladies' Nat. Magazine. I.ondon Punch,
I<ondftn Illustrated News, Blackwood's Magazine
Also, the reprint of all tho Foreign Reviews, com
prisirtg the London Quarterly, Westminster, Rdin
burgh, and North British.
All the Literary Newspaper* published in Phila
delphia. New York, and Boston ; also, all the New
Books, roceived aa fast a* published.
A very complete and varied assortment of fine note
and letter Paper, comprising all the tnoM. beautiful
qualities arxl sizes in general uso.
A large assortment of Blank Books, for sale at
Odeon Building, enr 4) at and Pa avenue
Jan 2- dSm
WE havedepoaited with ua, far aale. one of Avery'*
superior tawing Muohiuo*. *nd *re autbomed
U> dispone of the same a* a groat bargain. This ma
chin* in considered one of tho hwt now in un- W?
annex herewith tbu iwowwnduiioe of wui? ol the
l>ruiiH|ml wholuaulo merchant tailor# in Now \ orkoity.
Nkw Yukk, Jutii ?'0, 185.1.
Wo, tho undersigned, do hereby eeriily th?*t wo
have ctiiiiiiied the " Ai*ry Srii'int; Mafkinr, aud
cheerfully iNanuitnd it for it* aiuiplicily, durability,
itnd especially tor the peculiar *titeh made by it. I he
atitch is origin*!, aod in appearance in like tho moat
perfect ami handaome "bnek-atitchiug NVo have
thoroughly tested the strength of tho sewing, anil ere
*ati*fied that the atitch of thia uiaihiu,u make* a
tirongtr unit /Infer trout ihuii run hr myUr by Imnu.
We take pleasure in recommending this Machine to
our trie nil*, and to tailor*, neaiuatreeaes, and families
generally, throughout the country
Boughtou A Kiiupp, W holoiutlo Dealer* in Men a
and Boy'* Clothing, HI Courtladdt ?t.
Lockwood A DuBois, Merchant Tailora, 558 Broad -
II A. Gould A Co., Whuleanlo Dealer* in Clothing,
221 Washington at.
J. P. Hull, Merchant Tailor, 55:i Broadway.
Dickson A Hot tun, Merchant Tailor*, !>'-?'( Broadway.
Apply at the publication office of tho Nuinmut lint,
7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. March 2.
ANKER anil Exchange Broker, National Hotel
Building, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington
city, D. 0. J'". "?
iPRING Fa*hion lor 1864, with other new and
k beautiful stylos. A full assortment in store at
LANK 8 Fashionable Hal, Cap,
and Gents Furnishing Kstubliohiuent,
March H. Penn. av , near 4 J street
* Boston Heron Manufacturing Company. Gangs
of Rigging, and Manilla Cordage ; Auinrican, Russia,
and Manilla Heuip, for sale
Jan. 6 dSia No 152OaMMftlii iL> Beaten
PREPARED from pure Java coffee, from which a
cup of Clarified Coffee, sweetened and creamed,
can bo made in u/c wih?/c, by dlraolving it in hot
water. For sale by
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 4?dfit No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
0. I Extra Lard Oil, well filtered and free from
_ gelatine, manufactured for fine machinery, wool
lens, and solar lampa.
Star and Adamatine Candles, full weight and prime
<iuality, warranted to stand the climate of California,
Australia, the Indies, and Africa.
Orders for any quantity executed promptly. Apply
to THOMAS KM FRY, Lard Oil, Star and
Ad&mnntine Manufacturer, Cincinnati, 0.
Attorney and Counsellor at Jmw, Chicago, III
WILL pay particular attention to oollecting bual
ness in Chicago and vicinity Oct. 211
consisting of new discovoriea, valuable informa
tion, and 100 Roceipta, by which i*rsons havo clear
ed from throe to ton dollars a day the past year, and
no one oan fail to mako money. It is suitable for ev
ery station in life, whether for travolling or a perma
nent locality, and something every moidianic, trader,
and druggist, should have. Upon the receipt of one
dollar, poet paid, tbo above will be forwarded. Ad
jr0f8 F M. EDWARl) DOW,
March IS. Boaton, Maasachuaetta.
10 circulate in every county in tho Union some
jm. mot-1 rajml telling, popular, and beautifully il
lustratcd subscription books. A small cash capital
required Apply to HENRY HOWE 111 Main street,
Cincinnati. Ohio. Feb
Russia and the Kiwlem Question.
ill an introduction by an American Cititen.
. . A timely work. Prico 25 centa. PuhliBhed by
THE above Establishment continues in sucoeeaful
operation during the winter as well a* summer
The number of {lAtienta treated at the Establishment
has been on the increase from year to year, for the
past six,years, until the last season, when the de
mantis of tho public far exceeded our power to ac
commodate them The increasing rapidity and pro
portion of cures, from year to year, induces the sub
acriber to believe that hia enlarged experience and
opportunities for treatment give facilities to the inva
lid rarely equalled.
Diseases peculiar to females are treated with a sue
cess ami rtiuiilui of cure believed to l?e surpaaaod by
none |Dec.H.| T. T SKELYE, M. 1>
A I l. \M> MlIK K?TOO KTH FR !
UST PUBLISHED, in one handy volume, all thoae
_ popular ways of making money, which have claim
ed so much attention the past year, vi* Prof. Ml il
liauison'a. Bowmau'a, I?r. Shriner'a, Dr Xaupi a, R
II llaman, Dr. Reeaea; II. S. Hull a. Shipmau A
Co a II P Cherry a, M I. Cook a. O. C. Anderson's
All t.f these have been aolil. warranted to yield very
heavy profits, from $r> to $10 p?r day. All together,
though, it is beyond doubt certain that one, two, or
three of them will suit the wishes of each person look
ing out tor some lib.yally paying business, and thus
yinld correspondingly double or treble profits To
these have been added a number of ,itir y/uns, ne*er
before published, and e^aal. if not suj^rior, to the best
of the above, and suited to the want* of any who
might possibly be tinsuited in the fiiat mentioned
The work is complete. Satisfaction ia guarantied
The whole will be sent to all enclosing $1. postpaid, to
L M K Cooke, Hagerstown, Mil. For $5. ftcopies;
l:< copies. $10 Fel, 2 :<t
Manufacturers of gold pens, of every
description, rea|*>ctfully call the attention ol the
public *nd Pen Dealera to their recently patented
" ANGULAR NIB " Gold Pens Theae j?ena are pro- ,
nouaced by cnin|ietent judges to be superior to any
other now extant, tor sale at the manufactory,
northeast corner of Market and Third streets, Ihila
delpbia. -Un 21'
S- OLD1ERS who served in the various wara. an.1
sailors, or their widows or heirs, to whom ar
rears of pay, extra pay, bounty land, pensions, Ac.
may be due, may find it to their advantage U> hav?
their claims investigated Address
Attorney and Agent, Washington, D O
Bounty land warrant* bought and sold
BOOK AGENTS and Colporteurs wanted, to sell
the "OLD BREWERY. This extraordinarily
popular work is destined to havo a larger sale than
M rs. Stowe's famous book The first edition demand
ed waa li 000 riff'ifa. which is without example in the
history of book poblisking Five hundred thousand
readers are reailv to purchase this wondertul history
of reform at the T' Five Points," when an opportunity
1, presented. Its thrilling narrative* have received
the unanimous verdict of unqualified praise Troui the
*ocular and religious i?ress
N B. The most lil?eral terms will be given At
tractive circulars for canvassing furnished on applica
tion ti. STRINGER A TOWNSEND. Publishers
March 2. No 222 Broadway. N Y.
1)ARSONS A CO , Flushing, near New York, offer
for sale a large and excellent assortment of
Dwarf Pears and Cherries; Ornamental Treea. fof
streets and lawns, Treea and Shiuha, for massing,
at reduced ratea
Hoses of thrifty growth, together with the usual
variety retired for the lawn, tho orchard, and the
Careful attention will be given to the execution and
packing of orders. Liberal discounts made to all
dealers in treea.
Catalogues sent by mail, without charge, to all en
closing a pAttat* stamp. PARSONS A <IO.
I'/u-hii>e, hi mo. 20.
Uiiitir Kowk
IV)R SALE, at auction prices, a choice lot of Asl
1 atic Fowls, consisting of the Rrahma Pootra.
Chittagnng. Gray Shanghai, and C?M-bin tMuna van
etifs, all joung fowls, and warranted to be of |?re
bloo<l, and of the largost breeds Per pair, $10 fwu
pullets and a eoek, $ I ft. Oooped and sont hy expreaa,
U, any part of the United States, promptly, on receipt
of the money Tho above prices arc extremely 1<?w
the ordinary charge fortbe i
n.T r.atr ALFRED K. BKAt H,
March 11 4?w ^ Nassau st JJew York
Reference P T. Barnum Eaq ? remdent of the
National Poultry Society
LATELY published, in c ns beautifully-oruauteti led
volume, 4to, Btoriw for Alice By a Mother
With four exquisite design* printed in three liute
Cloth, 75 cents; or richly colored, $1 ; and with gilt
?idea and edgu*, $1.25.
This new book for childron i? written by a l?d.,
daughter of one of our moat enterprising nod prom ? ?
wot uirrrhauU, who hu loug been known u a writ t
of very attractive power* by a lnrge circle of frienf'a
in thin city, amongst whom her poems bare uireulu
ted iu inanusoript. At tbuir urgent rtquest, she b? ?
giveu theui to the public in this beuuntul volutin
and we tool mi re every young parson into whoro
hands it uiay fall will be a? delighted audcharmed as
the uiany who have already obtained it. While m
Boasant a treat and *o improving a book can be at'
rded to children, no parent should longer let tbeui
bo without it.
Lately published ? Liitle Susy's Six buthdaj-,
Flower of the Family; Week's Delight; Mary ai.d
Florence; Leila on tbo Inland ; Leila at Home , Leila
in England, The Wind Hpirit and the Bain ?ioddes>- ;
Legend* bf Brittany i and many other new b oka for
children, at HAZARDS,
Feb. 27. 178 Chestnut st. opposite Masonic llal)
Northwest corner of Sixth und Walnut street",
Cincinnati, Ohio
THE undersigned haa removed bia Mercantile Col
lege to hi* ucw building, northwest corner of
Waluut and Sixth streets, where be baa fitted up a
splendid suite of rooms, expressly for hie business- -
having spared neither paiin< nor expense in making
them in every ret|ieot the nio?t convenient and plou -
ant school rooms in tho United States
The plan adopted in teaching combines practice
wtth theory; instead of uting books, the pupila ate
exercised in making original entries of every-dvy
business transactions Jourualicing, posting, balan
cing no,counts, opening and closing of a great variety
of different sots of books, both for partnership and
individual business, where the business has be< n
prosperous and ad verm-, and thus qualifying the stu
dent lor entering into the practical Jutii s of the ac
countant, in any kind of business.
The course of instruction will consist of Double
entry Book-keeping, embracing every department of
I trade and mercantile accounts, via: Wholesale, Bo
tall, Commission, Exchange, Banking, Manufactur
ing, Shipping, individual, Partnership,Stcamboating,
and Coinpouud Co. Business. Commercial Calculn-'
lions, Practical PonmansMp, and Lectures on Com
mercial Law; also. Lectures on the Science of Ac
counts, Custom of Merchants, etc.
In addition to the regular course of study, the un
dersigned has made arrangements with Henry Snow,
Esq, Hon. Bellamy Storer, Prof C. W. Wright, and
other eminent lecturers, to deliver a course of Lec
tures on the subjects of Commercial Law, Hiatory of
Commerce, Political Economy aa connected with
oominerce, and other subjoct* of great importance in
a commercial point of view, and never before intio
duced in any Mercantile College in the United States.
Pupils are instructed individually, and not in class
es ; so that students may enter at any time, and pro
ceed in the ratio of their capacity and assiduity.
Public examinations are had, (though pupila are ?
examined privately, if they dec ire it,) when tbo itu
dent undergoes rigid an thorough interrogation* by
the Princ pal, (assisted by a committee of Practical
Accountants and business men,) and Diplomas award
ed to those who are deemed werthy of them.
A course can be completed in from six to ten weeks.
The Principal will take pleasure In doing every
thing in his power to advance his student*, and make
| theui thorough and accomplished accountants; and
his extensive acquaintance with the business commu
nity will generally etfalde him to proenro situations
for those desirous of obtaining them.
Trkms : For a full courso of lessons in Book-kcep
ing, Writing, Commeicial Calculations, Commercial
Law, etc., $40.
Feb. 27 R. S. BACON, PrincipaL
From the Cincinnati Enquirer of March 12, 1853.
Bacon's Mkkcantu.e Collkob.?The examina
tion of tbo students in Book-koeping exhibited a de
gree of proficiency on their na.rt highly creditable to
themselves and Mr. Bacon their instructor.
Tho most difficult problems in Double Entry weie
as rapidly solved as the most simple, giving ample
proof to tbo audience that the informat on imparted
during the session would be of practical benefit.
From the Cincinnati Da*ly Gazette.
The various complex questions propoied by the
Principal and other gentlemen present were answered
with great promptitude and conciseness, which reflects
great credit upon the course of study pursued at this
institution. ?
From the Cincinnati Daily TSunet.
Mr. Bacon a school is in a flourishing condition,
and the patronage extended it is a high complimen.
to the thorough mercantile education there imparted.
From the Chillicothe Aneimt Mctropolu of May 8,
Mr Bacon is unrivalled as a teacher?a diploma
from his College, in Cincinnati, is required aa ? *??
qua von in obtaining situations in the best mercan
tile bouses iu large cities
From the Cincinnati Gazrttt, Nov. 8, 1853.
Mr. Bacon has constructed the upper porti.n of his
building exproasly for the purposes of his Collego,
and, without any doubt, it is the most complete ar
rangement of the kind in the United States.
From the Cincinnati Rntfuirrr
This whole institution is undoubtedly the most elo
gant and finished establishment, for its purposes in
the world.
Edited l>y Untie Liu ius, Syracuse, N. Y.
THE wantot a paper for children, of a reformatory
character, has long been felt The juvenile pi
pers of our land do not meet the demands of thecoiu
itiunity They please the eye and intereit the reader,
but do not instruct and enlighten the mind with ref
erence to the great sins of the day. Reformers ' The
Juvenile Instructor i* intended to meet this demand.
It la the paper for children- for Sabbath sehools and
Day schools.
The Instructor is published every other week, <r
twenty six numbers per year A new volume Com
mence- January 6, 1854. A Corresponding Editor
has I teen secured Her writings for?nildreu are al
ready known and admired by many niuatrationa
will l>e given in ?\ery number. No reasonable ex
pense will be spared to make it attractive Five thi u
sand subscribers were added last year.
Our Trrmt - invurtahlt) in ail vane
For single co|iies $0 2.'#
Five to one person ? . ? - ? 100
Ten to one person .... 1.70
Twenty do $3 00 -postage paid ? 3
Thirty do 4 20 do. - 6 f>4
Forty do. 6 40 do . 7 32
Fifty do film do. 8 40
< hie hundred do. 12 00 do. _ - 1ft HO
This is only tfr/vr cent* a copy, where fifty copies
are taken . which is as cht ap as any other children's
pa|>er in the country, and chea|>er than many of
them Address.
P S. Specimen numbers sent, free of charge
Jan. 7 ?2m
K. I>. MIIMKV, M. !?., W. II. MI'MtVi M. U .
SHKOKON8 and Physicians, No. 70 West Seventh
street, (near Vine street,) Cincinnati Jan '<0
T GILBERT t t'O'S celebrated Piano Fortes,
? with or without tbe .Kolion ? The subscriber,
who la sole agent in this city for the sale of thtse in
struments, (thereputation of which bns become world
wide,) is prepared to offer them at prices ahich, to
thorn- wishing to purchase, cannot fail to l>e satisfs
tory Possessing facilities for obtaining Pianos u'i
surpassed by lhn?e ol any other house in the city, be
does not hoitate to say that he ' in present induce
mcnts to buyers not to be found elsewhere lie has
constantly on haud an extensive assoilnient of sec
ond hand Pianot. at bargaina, which he fearlessly as
sert* will defy competition Also, elugsnt upright,
grand, and Boudoir Pianos , sujierior Melodoni ?,
mnde by It A 11. W Smith , Martin s. Guitars, snd
Brown s Harps.
Second band Pianos, nearly eqnal to new, at prices
from $h>0 to $-<hi HORACE WATERS,
333 Broadway, New York,
Extensive publisher of Music, and dealer in Ma
li cal Instruments The trade, teachers, and semins
ries. supplied on the most favorable terms.
Music sent postage free. Feb 2
(CONTINUES the business of furnishing Drawings,
J Specifications, Caveats, Conveyances, and procu
ring Pstents He sttemls to all business usnallv re
quired to be transscted with the Patent Office. Mod
els forwarded by Express, and letters containing a
fee of live dollars, are promptly attended to. Persona
writing from a distance should give their town, coun
ty, and Stats, legibly.
Kefor to Hon. Thorns* J. Rnsk, Hon C. F- James,
and Hon P Allen. U 8. Senat* Dee. ?6m
Pldridff'i Hill Roitrriii* SrhriN,
For Young Men and Roy*.
THIS Instituiion is plossanlly sitnated, on a high
elevation, in a healthy, well improved, and high
ly flourishing neighborhood. Salem county. New Ji r
soy The Summer Sossion will commence on tbe 22d
of the 5th month, (May,) 1854, and continue twenty
two weeks
Tli<> usual l.rnn. bc? of a lib- - il thorough F.t.g
lisb education will be taught
Tr m< ?$?0 per ?ession
For circular*. Ac., add' ess
March 8? 3m Eldridga's Hill Satan eo , N J.

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