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Maryland Appropriation Bill.I
Baltimore, April 1.?It has now been as
certained that the recent Appropriation Bill,
whioh pawed the Maryland Legislature, and
which wa? supposed not to be i constitutional,
in oocwequence of its not having a constitution
al majority of the whole Houae, in constitution
al by a rule of the House, pronounced so by the
Speaker. Mr. Cox was understood1 as legally
voting for it, though he denies that he did so.
Baltimore, April I.?Flour?sales of 1,000
\>Arre)s Howard Street, at $7; City Mills held
at $7. Wheat?sales of 3,000 bushels, at 81.75
for white, and $1.65 a $1 70 fur red. Corn?
sales of 12 000 bushels white, at 68 a 69 cents;
yellow, at 69 a 70 oents. Oats?sales at 46 a
49 cents. Other articles unchanged.
New York, April 1.?Flour?sales 4,000
barrels State brands, at 87 06'^ a 87.12 ^ ;
Southern, at $7 44 a 87 68 wheat?fmall
Bales, at old prices. Corn ? sale* of 24,000
bushels, at 78 cents for mixed, and 79 a 80 ots.
for yellow. Stooks dull, and cotton likewise.
Review of ike Baltimore Market.
Baltimore, April 1.?Duringthe past week
business has been active. The forwarding
houses have all been busy, shipping and for
warding to various points large amounts of
goods. Our Southern trade is on the increase,
and the Charleston, Norfolk, and Richmond
lines of steamships, oarrying full freights. The
Baltimore, Ohio, and Susquehana railroads are
also doing a heavy business. City full of stran
gers. Breadstuff* depressed under Kuropeun
advices. Supply of flour and grain light.
Prices of Hour and grain last Saturday, com
pared with to-day's prices:
March 25 ?Flour?Howard street and City
Myis at 87 37? Wheat?red and white, at
$1 70 to 81 80. Corn?sales of white and red
at 70 to 72 oents.
April 1.?Flour?City Mills and Howard
street at 87. Wheat?white and red at $1.66
to 81.75. Corn sales of white and yellow at
68 to 70 cents.
1 HEREBY constitute Mr. Simon Willard, No. V
Congress street, Boston, sole agent for the sale of
my Watches in the United States of Amerioa.
April 15, 1853. CHARLES FRODSHAM.
The undersigned, having been appointed sole Agent
in the Uuited States for the sale of Charles Frodsham s
Improved Timekeepers, would respectftilly call publio
attention to his extensive and valuable stock of Com
pensated Chronometer Watches, made by Charles
Frodsham, and styled his " New Series/' In the
Watches of the new series, Mr. Frodsham has suc
ceeded?by a more perfect method of compensation,
a more correct adjustment in isochronism, and an en
tirely new and peculiar construction of the train, by
whieh more power is obtained without increase of
site?in producing timekeepers of wonderful and un
rivalled accuracy. The great importance of the im
proved Watches is a perfect regularity of time, under
every variety of climate, motion, and position. So
perfect are tne adjustments, that the most violent ex
ercise?such as horseback riding, jumping, Ac.?pro
duces dn them no sensible effect. They are therefore
peculiarly adapted to railroad purposes.
The scientific French critic, Mons. Borsendorf, in
his review of the Great London Exhibition of 1851,
styles the contribution of Mr Charles Frodsham as
" bearing the stamp of peculiar merit, and as being
the flower of the English sehool."
The British Government have awarded Messrs.
Arnold and Charles Frodsham the snm of ?3,170, for
the excellence of the principle of their timekeepers.
One of Mr. Frodsham's correspondents writes as
London, April M, 1853.
Sit: I have much pleasure in riving an account
of the Gold Compensation Lever Watch. No. 3,316,
you have made for me, and in whioh I expresslv stip
ulated that it should maintain a uniform rate of going
under every variety of motion and climate. This it
has dons in a most remarkable manner; its rate of
going for the first six months was five seconds per
month, and in the nextjix months it changed its rate
a little faster, vis: eight seoonds per month, and at
the end of 305 days it was found to be fast of Green
wich mean time one minute and fifteen seeonds.
Though I was not led by any previous promise to ex
pect such performance, yet I believe it is only the
usual character of your improved watches, which you |
term your " new series."
I remain, sir, yours, respectfully,
Thomas Baetlktt
To Mr. CkarUt Frodlkam.
The undersigned has received tbe following:
Boston, October 5, 1853.
Sis : I herewith give you an account of the re
markable performance of the watch I purchased of
you, made Dy Charles Frodsham, No. 7,014. Its total
variation for 17 months, by weekly observations, was
bat one minute and fifty-five seconds.
Yours, respectfully, BillinO% Brisss.
To Mr. Simon Willard.
Boston, September 3, 1853.
The Compensated Lever Watch 1 purchased of you,
made by Cnarlee Frodsham, of London, No. 7,300,
has varied but thirty seconds from mean time in six
months, by actual daily comparison with your regu
lator. Yours, Ac., Alvin Adams.
Mr. Simon Willard.
The undersigned is permitted to refer to the follow
ing gentlemen, who. among many others, have proved
the excellence of Frodsham s Watches as timekeep
ers : ?
Knoch Train, Esq. Wm. Whiting, Esq.
E. C Bates, Esq. Geo. M. Thacher, Esq.
F. W. Thayer, Ksq. David Dyer, Esq.
E. r. Osborne, Esq., ) Sandusky,
Eben. Lane, Esq , j Ohio.
The subscriber would respecfully state that the
above Watches are designed and executed by Mr.
Frodsham and himself, especially to meet the de
mands of the American public in the great essential
perfect time, and that in this and in external
beauty they stand unrivalled.
All orders addressed to the undersigned will receive
Immediate attention. 8IMOi( WILLARD,
Jan. 6. No. 9 Congress street, Boston.
UrrMX'K M VINO A? E-1M4.
A beautiful Engraving in each Number.
TUB LTVINQ AOB hw bMn tknodutljkoaortd
by ib? approbation of the best judge*, it hu
been pronounced to be sound and vigorous; various
? and entortainir.fi full of spirit and life; uniting the
qualities which gratify the scholar, the philosopher,
and the man of businees, with Ihoee which recom
mend It to their wire* and children. We nkill now
endeavor to add to theee intrinsic excellence* the
greater attraction* of Art, and, beginning with IBM,
Every Number will contain an Impression from
a beautiful Steel Plate.
The M Plato* a year will alone be worth the prioe
of *ul>acription.
This work ia made np of the elaborate and stately
essays of the Kdinburgk, Qitartrrly, and other Re- I
views; and lilarlcvtoooi noble criticisms on poetrv,
hi* keen political commentaries, highly .wrought
tales, aad vivid descriptions of rural and mountain
scenery; aad tbe coat? ibntions to literature, history,
aad common life, by the sagacious Sprrtator, the
sparkling Examiner, the judicious At km/rum, the
busy and industrious lAtrrarn Gasrtt*, the sensible
and comprehensive Hntanmut, the sober and respect
able Ckriehmu Olmrvtr; these are intermixed with
the military and naval reminiscences of the Vnitnl j
?Ssrviee, and with the best articles of the Dublin Uni- !
tvrstf:V, Nrtr Monthly, Frattr't, Tail'?,Ainsworth'I,
Hood ?, and Sporting Maqattnrt, and of Chamber!
admirable Journal. We do not consider it beneath
our dignity to bnrrew wit and Wisdom from Panrh ;
and, when we think it good enongh, make use of the
thunder of Th* Time*. We shall inorease our vari
ety by importations from the continent of Europe,
and from the new growth of the British colonies.
Til K UVINU A<1K is published every Saturday,
by MTTILL, SON, A COMPANY, corner of Tre
mont aad Bromfleld streets, Boston. Price 11| cents
a number, or six dollars a year in advance Remit
tances for any period will be thankfully received and
promptly attended to.
We will send the Irving Age, postage free, to all
subscribers within the United States whe remit in
advaace, directly to tfee office of publication, ths sum
of sis dellars; thus placing our distant subscribers
on the same footing as those nearer to us, and making
the whole eountry our neighborhood.
Pee, I, UTTRLL. SON. A CO, Boston.
RhmIi and the Knutrrn Qnmtion.
n'v rich Ann cohorm, rmi , m. P.
WITH an introduction by an American CUisen
A timely work. Price 26 cents. Ptiblishsd by
JOHN P JEWKTT A 00 Mnrch 10 I
At Henry, Illinois, by Rev. Chewier CoveH,
i Mr. Joist (? Child?, of Niagara Falle, to MUs
Laura C. Morrisoh, of the fouuer plane
At Niagara Fall*, by the Iter. K W. Gill
man, of Lxkport, John Fowlicr, of Oswego;
to Miss Jui ia A., eldt-st daughter of W. H.
| CbildH,'Kf({., of Niagara Falls.
On Friday morning, the 31st ultimo, after
an illnetM of a few days, William Clynk,
aged four years four months and seventeen
days, only ohild of the lata Geo. W. and Isa
bella C. Frazier.
0^" The officers of the Ladies' Depository
will meet as usual at the house of Mrs, R. S.
Coxe on Monday next, April 3, at 12 o'olook.
Q^-Rev. Albert Barnes, jr.,of Philadelphia,
will preaoh at the Western Pn-sbyterian
| Church, oorner of K au<l 22d streets, to mor
' row, at half past three o'clock and half past
j seven o'olock, P. M.
Funeral discourse occasioned by the
death of the lata Francis N. Sltaw, before
Young Men's Christian Association, by the
Rev. A. G. Carothers, in the Fifth streot Pres
byterian Church, corner of 5th and I streets,
to-morrow evening at half past seven o'clock.
The Rev. C. B. Parsons, D. D., of Louis
ville, Kentucky, is expeotod to preaoh at the
MethodiHt Episcopal Church South, 8th street,
between H and 1, to morrow at eleven o'olook
A. M., and tho Rev. Wm. A. Smith, D. D.,
President of Randolph Macon College, at half
past seven P. M.
T. A. Conly, Ebq , of Maine, will lecture
on Sunday night at the Temperance Hall at hall
past seven o'olock. The subjectTho Effects
of Intemperance upon Meu ot Genius. The
public are invited.
Rev. Mason Noble will preaoh at the
Sixth Presbyterian Church, -near Maryland
avenue and 6th street, to-morrow at oleven A.
M. and half past seven P. M. Subjcot in the
morning: Christ, the Jehovah, worshipped in
the Synagogue.
Rev. J. M. P. Atkinson will preach in
the Hall of the Union Engine House, Ut Ward,
to morrow evening at half past seven o'olook.
Q3?5*" Servioes may be expected at tho Sevonth
Presbyterian Church, Island, by the. Pastor, to
morrow, at eleven o'clock A. M., and half past
seven P. M.
Rev. Dr. Hill, by leave of Providence,
will proaoh in the Hall of Representatives to
morrow at eleven o'olock.
To Nathaniel A. Dp via, and all other Agenti of Alvau
Hovey'n " Improvement on Hortr Rake : '
THIS is to notify our and all of Raid agents to sur
sender their agency, and make return of their
doings to the subscriber, us soon a* nun/ he. And I
hereby forbid all persons purchasing my right otany'
of said agents, as I shall ratify no contract made aj\er
this date, intending soon to aispot? of my right in
all Territory nntold. ALVAN HOVEY, Patentee.
East Brook field, Orange co , Vt, March 28, 1864.
April 1?3t
Attorneys and counsellors at law.
Offioe Nos. 24 and 25 in Read St Co.'s Post Office
building, Sacramento. April 1.
A FEW words on the rational treatment, without
medicine, of local weakness, nervous debility,
Ions of memory, lovo of tolitudo, self-distrust, dizzi
n(ss, pimples on the faee, and other inflrin\tie* of man
By this xutirely new and highly successful treatment,
every one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at
the lrast possible cost. Sent to-any address, post free,
in sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two poft
age stamps, to DK. B DE LANEY.
April 1?3m 51 Lispenard street. New York.
l iver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, ?lironir or
Nervous Debility, Diseases oI the Kidneys,
AND all diseases arising from a disordered liver or
stomach, such as Constipation, Inward Piles,
Fullness or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stom
ach. Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for Food, Fullness
or Weight in the Stomach, hour Eructations, Sink
ing or Flatulency at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim
ming of tho Head, Harried and Difficult Breathing,
Fluttering of the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sen
sations when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vision,
Dots or Webs before the sight, Fever and dull pain in
the head, Deficiency of Porspiration, Yellowness of
the skin and oyes. Pains in the side, back, chest,
limbs, Ac., Sudden flushes of heat. Burning in the
flesh, Constant imaginings of evil, and (Ireat Depres
sion of spirits, ean be effectually cured by
Prepared by
Or. C yt. Jackson, at the tierninn MHIcinr Store,
140 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is not ex
celled, if equalled, by any other preparation in the
I'nited States, as the cures attest, in many case*
aPer skillful physicians had failed.
These Bitter* are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtnes in the rectification of diseases
of the liver and lesser glands, oxercising the most
searching power in weakness and affections of the di
gestive organs, they are withal sale, certain, and
Morr Home Trtiimony.
Piiii.adri.imiia, Marrh 1, JR53.
Dkar St a ; For the past t wo years I have been se
verely afflicted with Liver Complaint. Dyspejieia, and
Pilea, suffering constantly the pains and ^conveni
ences attendant upon such complaints, without ener
gy, being scarcely able to attend to any business. I
used a great deal of medicine, without any apparent
change until I used your ?' Hoofland's German Bit
ters. They have entirely cured me. I am now en- 1
tirely free from pain and ache of any kind, and feel
like a new man in every respect, and unhesitatingly
recommend your Bitters to all invalids
Yon*s, resnectfully, John R. Cory,
Dr. C. M. JarkfoN. No. 12 Lagrange Place.
Put t.a i>ki, ri< I A, .hnunry 1.1, 1 * >.'{.
Dkar Sir : I fiave used yrtur " Hoofland's (lermnn
Bitters" in iny family for the last four years, for
Liver Complaints and Dyspepsia, and ain pleased to
acknowledge that we have received the greatest ben
efit from its use. I have recommended it to a great
many afflicted with similar diseases, with tlx- mime
good result. I have no hesitation in saying that it is
an invaluable medicine, and hope you will be able to
introduce it into evory family in the Union.
Yours, truly, W* IIihhrs,
Dr. C. M. Jack Mm. 171 Wood St.
Theso Bitters are rulirrly vtgftiMe, thereby pos
sessing great advantages over most of the prepara
tions recommended for similar diseases They possess
great power in the removal of diseases o( the liver
and lesser glands, exercising the most potent Infill
once in weakness of-the nerves and digestive organs.
Thoy are, withal, safe, certain, and pleasant.
Sold at wholesale by tho Druggist* in the principal
cities, and at retail by Apothecaries and dealers
throughout the United States.
For sale in Washington, D. C . bv Z. D. OILMAN,
ami in Georgetown by J. L. KIDwKLL.
April 1?3taw
VvtllNH * (MRIOfl,
Whalfwit Grocer.? and Comminvon Mrrcknnt?,
No. 77 Exohange Place, Baltimore,
KEEP constantly on hand a large stock of ttroee
rles, which they offer on the most favorable
terms. Baltimore, Jan. 16,
PARRISH A HODGH, Manufacturers snd Imnort
ers of Paper-Hangings, Borders, Decorations,
Curtain Papers, Fire Hoard Prints, Ae., Ac., offer the
same at very low prirrt, wholesale or retail, t Vrders
promptly attandod to. Address.
Jan. M?19t No 4 North 5th Philadelphia
Amongst the many nostrums that are daily herald
ed forth to the public as ]iaiiaceas for niti- ly all the
ills which afflict humanity, there are, no doubt, many
entirely worthless, and others that possess all the
iperit which is claimed fur thuiu. Among this latter
class Mtauds foremost the invaluable family medicine,
the name of which heads this paragraph. This is no
idlo puff. We speak knowingly, having tested its
efficacy on several occasions within tbu lust year, in
our own family. At this seMon, wheu colds and io
fluenca are so prevalent, we confidently recommend
the free use of this preparation. It will be found
equally efficacious in diseases of the throat, and in all
pulmonary affections.
Vir%inu$ llnvrdn, lluchuiuui, Vu
[E7~ The Liver Pills of Dr. McLane were first used
by hiui exclusively in his own practioe. So effica
cious were they in all oases of Liver Complaint, that
they became famous, and, attracting the attention of
the medical faculty, passed into general use. They
act with great certainty and regularity; the patient
almost immediately feels the dispersion of his disease,
and is gradually restored to health. With some, the
effect is almost miraculous, frotjuontly experiencing
immediate relief, after having for months resorted to
drugs and medicines of another description, in vain.
Diseases of the Liver arc very common in this coun
try, and are often frightful in character. Those who
experience any of the premonitory symptoms o( this
dangerous and complicated disease, should at once
procuro a box of Dr. McLane's Pills, and perhaps,
thereby, be saved a world of misery.
QT7""- Purchasers will be careful to ask for Dr. Mc
none else. There are other Pills, purporting to be
Liver Pills, now before the public.
Dr. McLane's Liver Pills, also his celebrated Ver
mifuge, can now be had at all respectable Drugstores
in the United States and Canada.
A MONTHLY Journal for Girls and Hoys. Edited
by Grace Greenwood and Leander K. Lippincott.
Illustrations by Devereux.
Contributors : Martin F. Tupper, Charles Mack ay,
N. Hawthorne, J. G. Whittier, llayard Taylor, .Iiih
T. Fields, George Kent, Mary Uowitt, Mrs. S. C.
Ilall, Miss ParJoe, Camilla Crosland, Anne Mnry
Howitt, Mrs. L. II Sigoumey, Eliza L. Sproat, Anne
11. Phillips, Mary Irving, Clara Moioton, and others.
Terms.?Fifty cents per annum, for single copies,
or ten copies for $4, payable invariably in advance.
Specimen numbers furnished, without charge.
Back numbers supplied, from the beginning of the
volume. Address
Philadelphia, Pa.
Wti.i.i am W. Tufts is ?iu luiigrT agent for New
England. April 1.
$.50 lo $150 per Month
f1AN be easily mnde in selling the Popular Hooks
V J published by Miller, Orton, A Mulligan succes
sow to Derby A Miller, Auburn, and Derby, Orton A
Mulligan, Buffalo.
At no previous time has the demand (or (lood Books
been so oetive as at present The great musses of the
People, who want and will have them, are not within
the reach of the Local Books ores, and it has become
a well-aseertaincd faot, that of the Publications of
morit and real utility, from time to time issuing from
the American Press, a large proportion must be sold
by hook Aifrnts, Colporteurs, unit Canvassers, or not
at all.
To all who are desirous to aid in the dissemination
of a Pure and Wholesome Literature, and none other,
wo offer great inducements to engage in the sale of
our Popular Books for the People. We publish
Good Boot*, well-printed, atul strongly bound, and
which sell readily wherever offerod.
Catalogues of our Publications, containing full par
tieulars, furnished on application (post paid) to
Publishers of Popular Books,
April 1?4t Auburn and Buffalo, New York.
cing <$ octavo and 4 duodecimo volumes, full of
excellent reading matter for the family, elegantly
illustrated with engravings, and tastefully bound, is
now offered to agents and peddlers, at a greatly re
duced price. Those who wish to engage in the sale
of this popular work, and who have some $20 or $30
at command, cannot fail to make the business profit
able. Call and see, or address the publisher by letter.
Sample copies of each style will be sent by mail,
free of postage, on the receipt of one dollar
April 1?4t 118 Nassau stroet. New York.
THE pro-Slavery doinagogues and the Anti-Slave
ry demagogues will effect the Disunion of the
States This is my prophecy The true friends of
liberty are, or must be. the friends of State Rights
The Democratic party is already brokon into pieces;
and, very likely, wo shall have in the year Iftjfl a
Know Nothinw President for the White House.
Oaleb Cushing?the Whijf leader?has succeeded. To
eloct another Democratic President is perfectly im
possible. Indeed, we are already tired of negro poj
itics; but, however, here is ao important declaration
or revelation, on the subject. The Abolitionists, or
h ree Soilers, those who are not demagogues, and act
with good intentions, send to Liberia every year A
handful of free civilised degrocs; whilst twenty thou
sand wild negroes from Africa are introduced every
year in the Southern States. I am ready to (five
exact information, privately, that in the city of New
\ ork, one, two, three merchants, (three, at least, 1
know.) are engaged in the traffic of Slavery, sending
ships from the port of New York almost every week,
with Brazilian. Portuguese, and Spanish pamptrts
(forged pas?fK.rU. I dare say,) to the ports of Portu
guese Africa. That is a kind of speculation a In
(iardinrr, whore many in high stations have a share
The commerce of Slavery with Africa is in reality
a foul crime, that may be branded as felony or pira
ej. The starts from Africa are sent to Brazil and
Cuba; from Cuba they are smuggled into the States of
Louisiana and Mississippi. All the commerce of Sla
very with Africa is made by Northorn men in the
port of New York.
But I have not finished The two Compromises
were open acts of despotism?the violation of the
Federal Constitution, because our Constitution does
not allow any kind of compromises, which are a scan
dalous infraction of the sovoreign State Rights; nev
ertheless they have passod, as a hreurh of our /mliltnil
i h go gr meats. The South really wishes the Nehras
ka Bill, or otherwise the separation from the North,
with the sole view to livo in peace, and to have her
property safe The Knglish Oovernment paid eighty
million of ponnds sterling for the emancipat ion of the
slaves in the British West Indies Whatever may bo
my good feelings in behalf of amversnl emuaripntion
for the negro, for the white, and fur all, I can say by
experience, that to dig a cane hole in a cane field,
under a burning sun. or to cultivate a cotton field,
is tin work of slaves e.rrln surely ; for no free loan
nay, no free negro, will ever submit to such hard
work; and it is another fact, that the labor of the
slaves supports two-thirds, or nine-tenths, of all the
fuctories and manufactories of the North In all
this I give not a sole opinion of mine it i? entir.lv
a record of facts. The Southern people are constant
ly in debt to the North for a sum of millions surp'i-*
in* in value all the slaves of the South ; the Disunion,
>f course, will compel the Wave owners to di. lare n
bankruptcy, and thus to settle all their bills with the
North In the event of a war between the North and
the South, ((tod forbid it') Lirer|?inl, London, and
Manchester, have already, beforehand, offered to the
State of Georgia, 2(1, 60, or 100 millions, on the pro
duce of the cotton of that State only, during 60 years
to come
I he agitators of the vnrro question should under
stand all these things. Who told you this. I?r. Ri
eardo ' The Spirit.rapping*. Being unable to go
ahead teaching modern languages for 26 cents per
lesson. I would inform the public that ray terms hence
forward aree-pial to those of other teaohers?
rtol/nrs for 24 lessons, in ad inner. A certain editor
of SAtanic notoriety came to this country 20 years
after me * ? # * Myself, with arts!
dence of 40 years in this my adoptive country, that I
love for my home and my grave; married with an
American woman, having eleven children alive who
are eleven native American*; a true, faithful Demo
crat, rather hard; without ever having turned coat;
a man without vice or crime; without owing a cent
to anybody without ever having fcoen called before
a magistrate -I think I have a kind of right to work
in America honestly, independent of th< <?>,// fmt?
tors of thr Wlntr House for my support, and the sup
port of my American children.
1 am now at Mrs Kesley's, between ?d and 4)
streets, opposite the Congressional (I . south sido
of Pennsylvania avenue. DR RICARDO,
The poor people's physician without fre.
March HI
BOOK and Pamphlet Printing executed by BURLL
A BLANCIMRD, Sixth street, Washington
Mr Seward's spoeeh,Freedom and Public Faith"?
price $1 por hundred The sumo x|xiecb in Oor
uun, Ht the same price.
A now Million of Mr. Sumner's great speech. "The
Landmark of Freedom." ia in course of preparation,
and will be ready in a few day*?price $1 60 per
In press, alno. the Speeches of Mr. Wade, of Ohio, uud
Mr. Fessenden, of Maine, in the Senate, against tho
Nebraska Kill. Price of each, $1 per hundred
The above speeches will be forwarded, free of pout
axe, to any part of the country, on the receipt of or
ders accompanied with the cash. Address
Washington, D C.
SOLDIERS who served in the various wars, and
Bailors, or their widows or heirs, to whout ar
rear* of pay, extra pay, bounty land, pensions, <to.
may be due, may find it to their advantage to hav*
their claims investigated. Address
Attorney and Agent, Washington. D. C
Bounty-land warrants bought and sold
l.oiutril In tlie village of MoOniwville in the <-euuly
o( ? orlliiml New York, wu? founded In W9, ii|miii
the bread principle* of 14 Kqtial Higlilt and Chris
lluu Reform," uud li o|m-ii to ull perwiun of belli
?ciri, of good morn] i lisractrr,
IT has been tho purpose of tho Trustees of this
School, from tho first, to make it both safe and
inviting to Students; and we believe wo may now
safoly recommend it, undor tho supervision and care
of President Leonard (I. Calkiqs, whose ability for
that responsible office has been most happily tosted,
assisted by a competentBoard of Instruction." Free
from the unholy influence of larger towns, and per
vaded by moral influences, republican habits, and
Christian example, associated "with manual labor, we
think parents must feel a degree of security, begotten
by no other set of circumstances.
Ono arrangement in this Institution, not to be over
looked in this day ol "public speaking," is a Rhetor
ical Class, with daily exercises in extemporaneous
speaking, under the careful training of the President.
The student of small means, aspiring to a thorough
intellectual education by his own energies, will find
in this College sympathy and aid in his arduous and
noble work.
The Manual Labor Department of the School is
under the supervision of Air. Luthor Wellington, a
practical farmer, a kind and benevolent man, on a
farm of one hundred and fifty-seven acres.
A primary school is taught by Mi s Koziah King,
a thorough and efficient teacher, for the accommoda
tion of any one who may not be prepared to enter
the Academic Department.
Tho boarding hall will be conducted by Mr. Lymnn
Butts, who, together with an amiable family, will
make boarding both choap and pleasant.
Tho Colloge year is divided into three terms: Tho
first term, of fourteen weeks, will open on the first
Thursday in September.
The second, or Winter terin, will commence on the
socond Thursday in December, aud continue fourteen
The third and last, or Summer term, will begin on
tho second Thursday in April, and close at tho Col
l*tre Commencement, on the second Wednesday in
iT7- Any inquiries, relating immediately to the
school, should bo addressed to President L. 0 Cal
kins, McGrawville, Cortland county. New York.
Anything regarding the pecuniary affairs, should
be addressed to A. Caldwell, Treasurer, of tho same
We would take this opportunity to recommend to
the public our tried and approved Agents, Silas Ham
mond. S H. Taft, and Kid. D Pease, 'as worthy of
their confidence A. CALDWELL, flen Agent.
Mr Or a imri/fe, Frhruary, 1854.
Nrrhaulral Enginrrr and Solicitor of Pitruli,
Wusliingtou, D. <%
WILL mnku ExaminatUns at the Patent Office,
prepare Drawing; and Specification!, auti pros
ocute Applications for Patent#, both in the United
Slates and foreign countries
Applications fur patents whioh have been rtjerttd
at the Patent Offioe, he will, when required, argue
before the Counnw^joner of Patents, or before the
Appellate Court; in which line of practice he hot)
been successful in procuring a great number of very
valuable patents. *
lie will prepare new specifications and claims for
the re-issue of patents previously granted on imper
fect descriptions and claims.
Applications for rxtrn*i<wi of patents, either at the
Patent Office, or before Congress, he will also vigor
ously prosecute.
Also, superintend the taking of testimony to be
used in eonilicting applications before the Patent Of
fice, or to be read in court.
In all C' s?8 of litigation on the subject of patents,
hu will prepare the cases for the legal profession, ex
plain the scientific and mechanical principles involv
ed, and the application of the law thereto.
He will also give opinions and advice as to the value
and validity of paten's, and may be consulted in
cases of infringements of patents, and all other mat
ters jtertaining to the patent laws and practice in the
United States and Kurope.
Also, prepare caveats, assignments, and all other
papers required for securing or transferring patent
Having lieen ten years in the constant practice of
his protrusion in this oity, and having free access to
tbw models and records in the Patent Office, as well
as to its library, and th? "Congressional Library,"
he flatters himself that be cae in all cases give per
fect satisfaction to those who may place business in
his bands. .March 2#?eow
Office on F street, opposite the Patent Office.
AND Diseases of the Genital Organs, removed in
an incredibly short time. Invalids afflicted with
the above complaints can be successfully treated at
No. Hrt Broadway, between Second and Third streets,
east side. Office hours frotn ten to twelve o'clock.
Dec. 22. Cincinnati. Ohio.
8rt Nasmu ttrttt, New York.
T^OREIGN PATENTS.?Theundersignedcontinues
I to act as Solicitor and Agent for securing Patent!
in all oountriee where they are granted He is repre
sented in Europe by honorable and reliable men, of
long-tried experience, through whom be is enabled to
secure Patents in England, Scotland, Wales. Ireland,
France, Belgium. Germany, Austria, Russia, Prussia,
Spain, Portugal. Ac. His facilities for transacting
foreign Patent businoss are unsurpassed, lie can
generally obtain Oertiflcates of Provisional Protection
from tho British Patent Office, within six weeks from
the time the invention ia first committed to his care.
The cost of British and other foreign Patents, to
Americans, has been greatly reduced
The undersigned may be at oil times consulted,
free of cbarge, liy letter, or personally at his office, in
reference to Patents, Inventions. Ac. All consulta
tions and business strictly private. For farther in
formation, apiily to or address
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents,
March 2V. ml Nassau st, N York.
THE subscriber has jnst fitted up a ufluiber of unr
discover!#*, (no soap receipts nor silver polish, i
that are of the utmost value everywhere, with full
and mi milt fkirtir n/nrn HOW each and all may be
prosecuted?as a business or in connection with any
hnsiness?and yield at least from $!? to #10 |?r day.
Sticoes* cannot fail ? the enterprise is "just the
thing" for those with no capital, Ind a little surplus
energy ^-and may be eairied on with ease and the
strictest honesty. The whole will be sent to any one
enclosing. |Mist paid, half a dollar, or its value In
stamps, to M STEVENS, Waynesborough, Frank
lin county, Pennsylvania. Send for two, one for a
brother or friend. March 29 ? 2t
? fMl.VKKI.tV It HtllMM.
MANUFACTU KERH and Importers of Britannia
Ware, Tea and Communion Sets, Ice Pitchers,
Ac . No. 10V Race or SaJ>*?fras street, above Third,
opposite the White Swan. Philadelpnia. Dec. I?<lm
Attorney nn<t Counsellor at Ijiw, Washington Olt?.
PRACTICES in the Courts of the District of Co
lutnbia, and before the Departments of the Gov
ernment. Officeover Banking Hoase ofSelden,Witt
esr. A Co. June 3# - tf
ft P CHAIR. . SftJMI.1.
C^IIASE A BALL, Attorneys and Counsellors at
J Law. Cincinnati, Ohio, practice ia the State
Courts of Ohio, in the Circuit and District Courts of
the United States in Ohio, and In the Supreme Court
of the United States at Wsshington. Jan. I
important to iociw ?**.
I OFFER for sale upwards of thirty different Re
ceipts, mrtny of which have been sold tho past year
fttr Ave dollars a-peice, and the whole comprising so
many different ways to make money. In the sale of
one of the articles alone, I have known young men
tho past year to make from five to twelve dollars per
day. and In the manufacture and sale of any one of
the articles, no young man ol energy and ability can
fh.il to make money Address E ROW M AN, Boston,
Maoa, enclosing one dollar, and the wholo nnmbe >
Receipts will be forwarded bv mail. No letter taken
from the office unless prepaid March 1.
DEALER in Hook*. Periodical*, and Stationery,
wholesale nod retail, 3 Columbia Place, comer
7tb xtriM-t itiul Louisiana avenue, Washington, D. C.
Jan 3?d
G10SIIEN Butter, selected from Delaware couuty
I Dairies. Now York mid Pennsylvania extra
hulled Buckwheat, in barrel*, half barrels, and bags.
Tbe best Philadelphia, butter in print*, for table use.
Supplies received weekly, and any quautity deliver
ed to order. 8HEKELL A BAILEY,
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2- -dlwif No. 6, opposite Centre Market.
Attorney and counsellor at law,
Coudersport, Potter county, Penn. Jan. 2A.
PERSONS visiting Washington, and in want of
liootn or Shoes, are invited to call and examine
toy stock, which comprises as good an assortment of
Ladies,' Gentlemen's, Boys', Youth's, Misses, and
Children's Shoes, us can be found in the eity. Prices
moderate. JOHN A. Rl'FF, Penn avenue,
? Jan. II. Between 4 J and 6th sts , Washington.
IN plain and hunting eases, of every variety of style
and site.
Ladies' Watches, of now and elegant styles, just
received from the manufactory of Charles Frodsham,
84 Strand. London.
Also, Watches from the most celebrated London
and Swiss makers. For sale by
Jan. 2?d No. 9 Congress street, Boston.
OF the following choice brands:
Sy vii A Co.'s M.C., 1st, in 1-lOths;
La Philunthropa. in L4ths;
Ln Ado usion, in l-ltbs;
K1 Sol do Penarvel, in l-4ths;
George Washington, in l-5ths ;
HI Consolation, in l-4tbs;
Ambrosia Lomlres, 1st, 1-lOths;
Do. 2d, l-ftths;
El Etseo, in l-IOths;
La Cosmopolite, iu I 5ths ,
Maria Antoinette Londres Regalia, 1st, 1-I0ths;
Do. do, do. 2d, 1 lOths,
Espaniola for lo I'rensado, in l-4ths ;
1 cuso " original" Victoria Londres, 6,000.
Together nilh a fine assortment of Chewing To
bacco. 811EK ELL 1 BAILEY,
(Successors to John B. Kibbey ?t Co.,)
Jan. 4?dCtil No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
SELECTED No. 1 Salmon, "fresh smoked." No. 1
pickled Salmon in tioreoa. Mess Mackerel, very
fine, in 2.r> pound kitts. No. 1 Mackerel, in half bar
rels and 25 pound kitts.
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 2?dlwif No. 6, Opposite Centre Market
JUST rocoived at WALL'S cheap House Furnish
ing Warorooms, on Seventh street, opposite the
National Intelligencer office, among which may bo
Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnut Tete-a-Teto and
Sofas, in hair, cloth, and brocatelle, in great vari
ety ;
Easy Chairs, Arm Clmirs, and Rockers to match;
Maghogany, Walnut, French, and Cottage Bedsteads;
Walnut and Mahogany Etageres;
Cabinets and Whatnots;
Mahogany and Walnut marble-top and plain Buroaiis;
Mahogany, Walnut, and Maple Wardrobes;
Feather Beds, hair and shuck Mattresses;
Handsome gilt and Mahogany Mirrors;
And a very large and general assortment of all
kinds of goods necessary for furnishing, to which the
alteution of those furnishing is rospectfully invited.
Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. All
of which will be sold very low at WALL'S House
Furnishing Warorooms, on Seventh street, opposite
Intelligencer office. Jan. 2?dlw
" I can't get a decent Segar in Washing!<m,".
IS a phrase hourly heard from strangers, in our city
Without admitting or denying its truth, the sub
soriber determined to remedy the evil. To this end,
he has made a list of every brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " the best segar I ever smoked,"
and with this ducument he has procured'from the first
i nporters in New York, a stock of those choice
brands, and now offers them to the public.
Erery fumigator, who knows a good segar when he
smells it, is requested to call and examine the stock.
Sign of Jim Crow, 7 doors east of National Hotel.
Jan. 2?3m
For Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children.
EDMON8TON. west side of 7th street, (nearly
J? opposite Odd Fellows' Hall,) manufactures to
order, and keeps constantly on hand and tor sale, ev
ery article in bis line, of superior quality and at the
lowest prieo*. The |>ublio are thanked for their past
very liberal patronage, and are assured th:>t no pains
shall he spared to morit a continuance of thuir favors.
J an.13.
OLD Government Java Coffee, Hrown Java, in
pockets ; Gonuino Mocha, in balf and quarter
bales. Maracaiho and White Rio Coffee; roasted and
ground Coffee, roasted ami ground in the District.
Any of the above Coffee* may he roanted and
ground to order, at xhort notice.
Imperial. Gunpowder, Young Hyson. and very fine
Old Hyson Tom ;
Oolong and Pouchong Black Teas;
Souchong, or Rnglish Breakfast Tea ;
Wine. Lemon, and Fancy Cracker*, supplies received
weekly ;
Kngliah Dairy Cheese, "Imitation ; "
Do. do. real genuine, very rich;
Goshen Cheque, plain;
Pine-apple Cbe?s?, Lewi* Norton'* beat brand* ,
Whole and fresh ground S|#ecs, all.kind* ;
Rice Flour, Oswego Com Starch, and Farina;
Wheaten Grit* and Small llomioy.
(Successors to John B. Ribbey A Co.,)
Jan. 3?dfltif No 5, opposite Centre Market.
AND Rnglish Sauce*, vii <1 her kin* Mixed. Pic
calilly. Chow-Chow. Walnut, Cauliflower, Kng
li*b, of both Crowe <k Blackwell'* and Batty'* export
ation ;
Crosse A Hlackwt li s celebrated Onion Pickle!!;
Mixed Mangoe*. Martina*, Onion* Cauliflower, Red
Cabbagu, American .
Van Benschoten and Well* Provort, New York ;
Lee A Porrin's celebrated Worcestershire Sauce, in
qnxrts, pints, and half pints, lale importation
AI*o, John Bull'*. Harvey. Reading, India-Soy, Es
senee of Anchovies, and Lob*ter;
Crowe A Hlnck well's and Why brow * Rog. Mustard,
Louis Frere * French Mustard :
Rngli*b refined Table Salt. in jar*.
(Successors to John B Ribbey A Co ,)
Jan. 3?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
NO. I *cale Haddock, in 25 lb. kitlnand barrel* ,
White Fish, in 2ft lb. kitt* and barrel* ;
Dun Pi*h, host quality ;
tlrnnd liank Codfish j
Scale Herring, in boxes;
No I Mackerel, large, in barrel*;
No. 2 do. in halt* and barrel*
(Successor* to John B Ribbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2 dlwif No 5, opposite Centre Market.
TIIACY A WILLIAMS,late Professor* of Penman
ship at Duff * College, Pittsburgh, have taken
room* in Washington Place, 7th rtn-et, opposite the
Port Office, for the purpose of giving liesson* and lec
tures to ladies anil gentlemen in this elegant nml use
fnl Art. Their specimens eompri*e every style, both
plain and ornamental; their recommendation* are
numerous, ami from some of the best men in the
country; and their system of teaching has been uni
versnlly lauded bv the Pres* of Ohio. Pennsylvania,
and New York, They respectfully solicit a visit from
the citiiens of Washington ahd vicinity, which will
he sufficient to convince them that Ti.i/ i/ \ William*
have no superior* a* business or ornamental penmen.
Tit it ms. ftft for 20 lessons Improvement, guaran
tied to ail
Visitiwu Cards, written in an unequalled style,
for $2 per p*?k. Feb. 4?d
HRRBR'S NRW YORR HATS for the spring of
1854 The second supply of the above elegant
Hat* thi* day received at STKVRNS'S
March 7. Sales Ktwtm, Brown s Hotel,
SHIRTS in every variety of style and quality <^sn
tlemen In want of a good fitting shirt ran be suit
ed in style, quality, and pricc, at STRVRNS'S
March 7. Pales Room, Brown's Hotel.
The beat article ever used, as hundred* can testify
in this oity and surrounding country. Read ! OIL
MAN 8 LIQUID HAIR DYK instant a imaut/if chang
the hair to a brilliant jet Marl or gloaay ttrown,
which ia prrmannit?doe* not stain or in any way in
jure the akin No article over yet invented which
will compare with it We would adviae all who have
gray hair* to buy It, for it Mvrr fait*.? Boston Post.
Z. J). GILM AN, Cheuiut, WatbiDgloii city, Invent
or and Sole Proprietor
For aale by Druggiata, Hair Dresser*, and Dealers
in Fancy Artiolea, throughout the United States
G1KNEKAL AOENCY and Inaurance Office, .1 Co
? luiubia Place, (2 doora north of Louisiana ave
nue.) Seventh atreet, (eaat aide,) Waahington. D. C.
Claims before Congruaa and the different Depart
m"U- Jan?-d
Wages will lie paid to a colored wouian com
?! uV? tho work of * 8ui*n family. Inquire
over Mr.iidmonaton'a Shoe Store, 7th atreet, near E.
Jan. ?dot
ATTORNEY and Counaellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
igftu, will practice in the State and United Htatea
Courta, attend to aocuring and collecting debU, and
to investigating titles to landa in any part of the State
of Michigan. jHn
Gl ENIIINK "Edam" Cheese, in casoa of 2 dozen
eaeb, in prime order, Genuine Dutch herrings
in Hiuall kegs, in gopd order.
(Successors to J. B Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan. 2 dfltif No, 6, opposite Centre Market
SJADDLER, Harness, and Trunk Maker, Pennayl
vania avenue, u few doors east of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2?3ui
ANNUALS of the inoat Splendid binding. Elegant
editions of the Poeta.
A beautiful uaaortuient of Juvenile Books, Episco
pal and Catholic Prayer Books, Toy Books, Portfo
lios, Portuionniiies, Albums, and everything in the
fancy stationery line, for sale at
Odeon Buildings, cor 4J st. and Pennsylvania av.
Jan.l?8w ?
By the Author of the " Wide, Wide World.'
C1ARL KRINKEN hia Cbriatinas Stockings Beau
S tifully illustrated. Price, 75 conta ; gilt, #1.25
I he How in the Cloud ; or, Covenant Mercy for the
Alliiotod.' Numerous engravings. Price, $.150
Olad Tidings ; or, The Oospel of Peace. Price, 63 eta.
Popular Legends of Brittany. Illustrated. Price, 75
Spiritual Progress; or, Instructions in tho Divino
Life of the Soul. From tho French of F<!nrflon and
Madame Guyon. Price, 75 cents.
The Old and the New . o-, Tho Changes of Thirty
Years in tho East. By Wm. Goodell Price, $1 25.
Old Sights with New Eyoa. Price, $1.
Conversion Its Theory and Process By Rev T
Spencer. Price, $1 25.
Autobiography of Rev. J. B.Finley ; or, Pioneer Life
in the West. Price, $1.
Christ in lliatory , or, The Central Power among
Men. , By Robert Turnbull, D. D Price, #1.25
Jan 4?d2 2 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall.
/~^RA\ A BALLANTYNE, Seventh atreet, two
V J doora above Odd Fellows' Hall, have tho only
Depository in this city of tho publications of tho
American Bible Society;
Methodist Book Concern ;
Robert Carter A Brothers ;
Presbytoriau Board;
American Tract Society;
Evangelical Knowledge Society;
American Sunday School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cieties ; and all the principal Roligious Publishers
It is therefore apparent that their stock o( Stand
ard Thoological Works and genoral Religious Litera
ture must be unequalled
They always keep an extensive assortment of all
the Hymns used in the different churches, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Books, in plain and superb
Attractive and choice Juveniles, embracing nearly
all of the inost useful and entertaining Books for the
young, published.
School Books, of all tho kinds used in the city and
country schools, at New York prices.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Portmonuaies, Portfolios. Writing
I tasks, Ac. jM. 2_d
C< S FOWLER A CO. (store iu Odd Fellows' Hall,
'? 7th street) have just coraploted opening a large
aasortmentofCHIN A, QUEENS WARE, and GLASS
making their stock at this time equal to any in the
country ; consisting in part as follows, rit:
Decorated gold band and plain white French China
Dinner, Itaaert, Tea, and Breakfast Seta, and de
tached pieces, such as Fruit Baskets, Compotiera,
Caaseroles, ornaments for dining tablea. and Punch
India China, in dinner and tea seta, and detached
Iron Stone China, decorated, flowing blue, and whito
dinner, tea, broakfast, and toilet sets, and detach
ed pieces, in every pattern and shape.,
Also, in groat variety
Dresden, Terra.cotta, Paiian, and French China;
\ ases. Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlesticks, Motto Cups and Saucers,
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac.
Gli ASS WARE, rich cut and engraved.
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Ooblets ;
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tumbler*;
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles. Cologne Bottle*. Globes;
Lam pp. rich and plain Decanters;
Cut and pressed Howls, and silvered Bowls;
Solar, Etherial. Hall, and Side Lamps,
Candelabra*, Girandoles.rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffee ITrns, Tea Seta, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchers. Punch and Molasaes Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery and Albata Forks, 8poons, Ac , of the
most approved anil latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots
Plate Warmers, Egg Boilers. Ac.
With an endlesss variety of goods not named which
we respectftilly invite strangers and citizen* to call
and examine before purchasing elsewhere
Storekeepers and conntry inorchants will And it t<J
their advantage to buy of as, as our facilities are
equal to any other importing house in the United
Statea, and we are determined to sell as low.
N. B. ttoods carefully put up for the country by
an experienced packer, and delivered freo of chargo
in any part of the city. Jan 2 -dtf
\TTORNKY AT LAW. Warren, Trumbull co , O.
Office No. 5J Market atreet. Jun 7?d
SIP'E DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Maker,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns' Hotel
and Seventh street. Waahington Jan 2? :<m
HENRY JANNEY'8 Boot and Shoo Store arid
. Manufactory, for the last ten years located on
Ml street, near the Ocneral Post Office, was removod
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns' Hotel and
7th street, where the proprietor has spared pains
or ex|>ens<* in fitting up an establishment c<>mmen?n
rale with the great increase in the business of the
The subscriber tenders his most eordial and grate
ful acknowledgments to hia trierida and patrons for
their long continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet them in his new house.
I have a vcrv well assorted stock of Boots and
Shoe*, of French. New York. Eastern, and my own
make, embracing every style and variety, to which I
invite the attention of members of Congress, and citi
ions generally. HENRY JANNEY.
Penn av., north side, between Browns' Hotel
Jan 2 and 7th st., third door from the latter
From thr United Stair* Argun.
T.i lb oso persons who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot be excelled, either
in quality or workmnnship, we would call their atten
tion to the card of Henry JanneT. to be found under
the head of " Washington." A 'handsome and neat
ly-made boot is not at all times a source of pleasure
to the wearer, but often one of extreme torture; this
is caused by the bungling manner in which the boot
is fitted to tho foot.- Mr Jannev has devoted much
of his time in studying the construction of the human
foot, in order to ascertain how a boot should bo cut
and titled, that will be perfectly easy to all parts of
the foot. In this he has succeeded, so that it matters
not what may be the ?hape of. or the number of corn*
on the foot, his boot is porfoolly easy Thus he ha*
combined boauty with comfort
WK have deposited with ?u, for sale. one of Avery"!
Kupurior Sewing Machine*, and we authorized
to diapoae of the tainu an a great bargain Thi* u^a
chine i? considered one of the beat now in uae. We
annex herewith the recommendation of some of the
principal wholesale merchant tailors in New York oity.
Nkw York, July SO, 1863.
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that wo
have examined the " Avrry Srwiug Muc/itnr," and
cheeifully recommend it for its simplicity, durability,
and e? ?cially for tho peculiar stitch mode by it. Tho
stitch is original, and in appearance is like the mo?t
perfect and handsome " back-?Wtehing " We havo
thoroughly tested the strength of tho sewing, and aro
satisfied that the. stitch of this machine makes a
stronger and jirmr.r stain limn ian L> nuiUe bjiJuti'tf ?
We take pleasure in recommending this Machine to
our friends, and to tailors, seamstiesses, and familits
generally, throughout the country :
Boughton A Knapp, Wholesale Dealers in Mens
aud Boy's Clothing, IV Courtlandt st
Lockwood A DuBois. Merchant Tailors, 55? Brord
A Gould A Co., Wholesulo Dealers in Clothing,
221 Washington st.
J P. Hull Merehunt Tailor. 553 Broadway.
Dicksofl^A Pottun, Mo rob ant Tailorn, 523 Broadwaj ?
Apply at the publication office of tho National Era,
7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall , March 2
m. nnyT>kr,
BANKER and Exehange Broker, National HoUl
Building, Pennsylvania avenue, Waabingion
city. D. C. J*? "
SPRING Fashion lor IH64, with other new ani
kj beautiful styles A full assortment in store at
LANE'S Fashionable Hat, Cap,
and Gents Furnishing Establn-bment,
March B. l'enu. av , near 4 j street.
C~OM MISSION MERCHANT, ai d Agent of tie
Bosten Hemn Manufacturing Company. Gaiijs
ol Rigging, and Manilla Cordage ; American, Rusi-iii,
and Manilla llemp, for sule
Jan tl?d3m ? No. 152 Commercial St., Boston
ALDEN'S cream coffee,
1 PREPARED from pure Java coffee, from which a
1 cup of Clarified Coffoe, uwuetcned ar.d creamod,
can be made in our minute, by di solving it in h< t
water. For sale by
(Successors to J. B- Kibbey A Co.,)
Jan 4?dfit No 5, opposite Centre Market
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Centreville,
IITILL attend to the securing aud collecting of
W claims, and all othor busineps intrusted to his
care, In the counties of Wayne, Randolph, Henry,
Union, and Fayette, and in the Supreme and Federal
Courts at Indianapolis D*o 22.
cure of Deafness, Pains, and tho Discharge of
Matter from the ears; aleo, all those disagreeable
noises, like tho i uzzing of insects, 'ailing ol water,
whizzing of steam, Ac , Ac., which are symptoms <>f
approaching doafness, and also gcnorally attended
with disease. Many persons, who have been deaf fir
ten, fifteen, and twenty years, and wero obligod to
use ear trumpets, havo, after using one or two bott'.es
thrown aside tbuir trumpets, being made perfectly
well. Physicians and -urgeons highly recommend Its
Mksurs EniroKs Deafness is a disease which hra
hitherto been considered incurable, but I can inform
the public that it is a mistaken idea. I had keen
deaf for ten years, and concluded that I must rennwin
a<i; but not many months sitice, 1 saw in your pap< r
an advertisement of Scarpa s Oil, for deafness As
h last resort, I concluded to try it; and now, I ain
happy to say, I can hear as well as any one. Two of
my friends havo also usod it. One was so denf th^t
he u.sed an ear trumpet?now, he hears perfectly well
without it; the other was very much troubled ?itn
noise* in the cars at d head, ar.d he at unce fourd re
lief, and is well One bottle cured mo, which I
thought getting well protty cU?ap. ^ ours, Ac ,
Sii.as Bugbkk. Secot.d st., below Pine.
Philodfluhui, Jn/y 1.? Lrdeer- <
For sale by 1- D, OILMAN,
March ??fit Druggist. Washington, D. C.
Mr*. Ktowe'n New Book of Travel* in Europe.
Phillips, sampson, a< company, have ia
Author of Uucle Tom's Cabin, 2 vols duodecimo,
with illustrations from original designs by " Billing
The above is in active preparation, and will be i?
suedinMay. March 3?1 Ow
Eastman * Infallible Sick lleadarbf Prmedy.
THIS preparation, bv E. P. EASTMAN, M. D, of
Lynn. Mass, has been used in private practice
for the last four years, with the greatest success A
radical euro has t>?en effocied in e>ery instance wbai e
the directions have been strictly followed -and
vered in. It is now given to the public with the ip.l
confidence that it will do all that ia claimed for it,
und prove iUelf, upon fair trial, an JwfalhN*
Hna/Uifhr Remedy. ... ,
It is safe anJ pleasant to the taste, U brings imme
diate relief, and all who Ust its curative virtues re
joice in the remova' of |>ain, and marvel at its poWur
in alleviating so general, and often so fatal, a scourge.
The following is from I> C Baker, Esq Mayor of
Lynn, and President of the Howard Banking Compa
ny, Boston:
?)r. E. P. Eattnuin.
Dkar Sir : A member of my family- a daugbt*-.
ten years of age?was afflicted with the sick headacbu,
and we tried various remedies without success W hen.
however, you admini'tcred to hor jour Heads 1 e
Powders, we found thorn to be very beneficial, an<l.
in fact, restored her to health.
I should, without hesitation, recommend them to
those afflicted; and I beg to a-sure you, that I fully
appreciate their valuo.
Respectfully yonis, C. BaRRR.
Ltnd, Am^usr 6, 1H53
Dr. E. P Eastman. ?
Mv Drar Sir: I avail myself of this opportui dy
to cxpress to you my high appreciation of the eftcin
cy and value of your Sick Hen<la<-he Remedy. 1 h*\
been afflicted, lince my childhood with very ?ev?te
tarns of sick hoadachr, and have tiied various rn ?
odies which have been prescribed, but found no crw -
siderable relief until 1 tried your remody which. I
am happy to say, has almoat entirely cared mo bey
?ral of my neigbborv *nd fritndp hiv? tried yoor m*i
icine, and in every instance it has entirely relieved or
greatly mollified the disoase
Faithfully your*. Joan B. Aatr.
WILSON, FAIRBANK A CO . ? and 45 Hflaofrr
street, Boeton, tieneral AgenU, to whom all
should Vie addressed , alto for sale by all the Drttj:
gists throughout the country nftu.?
For sale in Washington by I D OILMAN.
March 3. _
\ GENTLEMAN, who has had considerable expe
rience as an Editor, would be tflad to form a
partnership or engagement in one of toe Northwo*'
ern States as the conductor of an Indej^ndcnt ftews
papor His sentiments are in sympathy with those ot
liberal men of all parties on the (??tyeflt of Slavrpr
in its various bearings upon the politics and soci??l
welfare of the country -r ,
Address A B care of the Editor ol the yattot^l
Era, Washington, D C
Marrh H, 1M54
JT AC BERRIAN. Impotters and Wholesale Dc?'
. ers in Housekeeping Hardware and Fancy Good'.
Ml Broadway, New York Cutlery. Silver, and 1 lu
ted Ware, Japannery, Herman Silver and Brltaroia
Ware, Composition, Enamelled and Iron Hollow
Ware, Bronred, Copper, and Brass Goods, Bathn g
Apparftttt* Tin, W0O1I, iviid Willow tVurii. Bru^h? J.
Mats Baskets. Refrigerators. Sporting Tackle,
Our stock has for tears past been eqnal t? andI t ow
surpasses in variety and extent any similar e?aftliS.
ment in the conntry, and will be told at price# defy
ing competition ' .. .
The attention of llou-ekeei-ers and Merchants is
"March IV-ly Broadway, New York.
\V C PA K K feiK,
NO North Sixth street. Philadelphia Wholv
asle and Retail Ladies Boot and Shoe Manw
tactory .. .
Madison. Wi?e?nstn.
/ COLLECTIONS promptly attended to Particnltir
V attention paid to sweh claims as are marki <1
" Gone Wont, Ac , against persons residing in ai y
of the Western States Addrees as abova. post pa 4
Jan 5 -
H. C. WAl.RORN *
MMIOLESALE and retail premium r. a.ly mafle
V\ shirt andt>nllar manufactory and gontlein* i> *
furnishing store. Nos 7 and ? Noitb
adolphia. On hand a Urge asn^tmentof^irts ? -
lars, dress stocks, glove- hosiery Ac . which we w
sell at the lowcat cash prices
Shirt? and wrapper, made tc, \>J measare
ment, and warranted to give "J,Jjr^nKNTaHTt

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