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Senate, Monday, April 17, 1854.
Mr. Wade presented a memorial of one hun
dred and sixty oitizans of Ohio, remonstrating
against tho Nebraska and Kansas bill.
Mr. Seward presented similar remonstranoes
from oitizdns of Berrien oounty and Sparta, in
Mr. Sumner presented a similur remon
strance from the women of SandisHeld, Mas
Mr. Sumner and Mr. Mason presented nu
merous memorials in favor of a reduction of
the rates of ooean postage.
Mr. Brodhcad presented a mem tri&l from
oitiMns of Northumberland county, Penudjlva
nia, that the Homestead bill be amended so as
to pay back to all purchasers of public land
of the United States, the amount paid therefor,
with interest.
Mr. Shields presented a memorial signed by
fifteen thousand persons, praying that the
many and striking evidences of unexplained
manifestations, supposed to be by spiritual
agency, be examined by somo scientific board.
He explained the various allegations of the
memorialists, and gave a humoious account of
the spiritual manifestations in the days of Cor
nelius Agrippa,' Erasmus, Friar Baoon, Pau
Iub JariouH, and others. It was then laid on
the table.
Mr. Butler, from the Jud;ciary Committee,
to which was referred so much of the Presi
dent's menage, and the report of the Attorney
General, relating to tho Jud'ciary System, re
ported a bill to modify and amend the judicial
Ktem of the United States; and on his motion,
' bill was made the special order for the first
Monday in May.
On motion of Mr. Seward, the President of
the Senate was directed to inform the Governor
of Connecticut of tho resignation of tho Hon.
Truman Smith.
Mr. Seward submitted a resolution calling
for information respecting tho operations of the
three cent postage system. Laid over.
Several private bills were rej>orted.
The bill from the House, to reduce and grad
uate the price of the public lands, was taken
up, read twice, and referred to the Committer
on Publio Lands.
And then, at a quarter before one o'clock,
the Senate prooeeded to tho consideration of
E xecutive business.
House of Representatives, April 17, 1854.
Thomas D. Eliot, elected to fill the vaoanoy
occasioned by the resignation of the Hon. Zeno
Scudder, of MaimohusotH, appeared to-day
was duly qualified, and took his seat.
Mr. Walbridge submitted a series of resolu
tions, which were read for information, declar
atory of our maritime rights in the present as
pect of European affair*, and that the United
States will submit to no ohange in the propri
etorship of Cuba, except its transfer to our own
Mr. Cox objected to their presentation.
Mr. Walbridge moved a suspension of the
rules) which motion was decided in the nega
Mr. Bobbins, from the Committee of Ways
and Means, asked leave to report back with a
substitute the Senate Civil and Diplomatic Bill,
for the year ending Juno 30, 1850, the object
of which was to increase the compensation of
clerks and others in the service of the Govern
Mr. Gray. Is not this resolution day ?
Mr. Clingman. I shall oppose the substi
tute. 1 object to its reoeption.
Mr. Bobbins. 1 move ? suspension of the
rules, to permit the reading of the bill and
Mr. Clingman spoke at somo length upon a
point (rforder involved.
Md^bbins's motion prevailed, and the bills
were read.
A motion to suspend the rules, to permit the
reoeption of tho report was then made, and
decided in the affirmative?yeas 107, nays 29.
Mr. Bobbins moved a suspension of the
rule requiring a", bills making appropriations
of money to bo considered in Committee of the
Whole?his object being to put this bill on its
- immediate passage. This motion was decided
in the affirmative?yeo3 106, nays 39.
Mr. Wheeler moved that the bills be laid
u]?n the tablej which was decided in the nega
tive?yens 39, nays 118.
The question ooming upon tho substitute it
was rejected?yeas 70, nays 82.
The question recurred on the paasago of the
bill, but tho yeas and nays were several times
called upon unimportant motions, and other
means were used to prevent iti passage.
Finally, the House adjourned without dispo
sing of the bill. _
(This bill gives to clerks of tho first clans
$1,200, of the Beoond class $1,400, and of the
third class $1,600, and it does not limit this
increase to the present yoar. ]
111 t ...I J J_
Convention of Benevolent dissociations.
Baltimore, April 17 ?The oombinsd Be
ligious and Benevolent Associations of the city
will hold a grand Convention during the first
week in May, commencing on Monday.
Inauguration of the Crystal Palace.
Nkw York, Aprii. 17 ?The Crystal Palace
will be inaugurated May 4th, when it is ex
pected tho grandest attractions will be pre
sen ted.
Milittrry Parade.
Baltimore, Aprii. 17.?The military parade
which was intended to take place to day, has
been postponed on acoonnt of the inclemency of
the weather.
The Weather.
Baltimore, April 17?Tho weather here
is exceedingly disagreeable, there being no
abatement in the snow storm ; and the streets
are almcst impassable from slush and mnd.
Snow is seven inches in depth on tho roofs.
The mails from Now York have failed. The
snow storm at the North everywhere is severe,
and the telegraph wires work badly in all di
Baltimore, April 17 ?Flour is dull?sales
of 1,300 barrels of Howard Street at $8.25;
the < ity Mills brand is held at $8.50. No
wheat or oorn offered, and none sold. Whis
key?sales at 28 cents. The prices of other
articles remain unchanged.
Nkw York, April 17?Flour?firm. Sales
of 3,000 barrels State brands, at $7.75 Sonth
crn at $8 75 to $8 94. Wheat?wile* 0f ?oo
bushels of Illinois red at $1.75. Com sales
of 15 000 bushels mixed, at 83 cents; yellow
at 85 cents. Cotton dull Stocks steady.
Philaoklphia April 17?Tho market re
mains unohangoa. * '
Tho wenther at the North is oxceedingly
At New B nnswick, N. J , on the 11 th inst,
Mrs. Charlotte M. Frelimohi'Ysen, wife of
the Hon. Theodore Frelinghnyfton.
On the 14th inst, after a short illness, in the
10th year of his age, ( LARKkn: P., youngest
?on of Walter H and El.za Fennall.
Mr. Seward'? speeob, " Freedom and Public Kaitb "?
price $1 pur hundred. The same speech in Ger
man, at the same price.
A new edition of Mr. Siwiner'a great speech "The
Landmark of Freedom." is in eour/e of preparation,
and will be ready in u few days - price $1.50 per
In press, also, the Speeches of Mr. Wade, of Ohio, and
Mr. Possenden, of Maine, iu the Senate, against the
Nebraska Bill. Price of each, $1 per hundred.
The above speeches will be forwarded, free of post
age, to any part of the country, ou tho receipt of or
ders accompanied with the cash. Address
W ashington, D. 0.
This Institution is under the oaro of the Synod of |
the Free Presbyterian Church of the United States.
It will commence its first sctftion on the first Monday
of Muy, 1864, under tho instruction of competent
Professors who have had experience in teaching. The
ordinary branches will be taught. Tuitiou for tho
College course will be $10 per session of five months;
and from $6 to $7 in the Primary Department, paya
ble in advanoe. Hoarding can he obtainod in the
Institution nnd neighborhood at from $1.60 lo $ I.T5
jSer week. Worjt can be procured by those who may
desire to pay jmrt of their expenses in that way. The
In tjtution will be open to all persons, of both sexes,
who conform to its rules. The College building is
pleasantly situated, at Iberia, Morrow county, Ohio,
on tho Cleveland and Columbus Railroad, and is easy
of access from every section of the country. The
Managers of the Institution will have special refer
euco to the moral training ?>f tho pupils under their
care. 15y order of tho Trustees^
T. S MILLS, Sect ft (try of Board.
1 briti, April 5, 1864.
|Ty This great medicine has supplanted all others
for the euro of diseases of the Liver. Its effect? are
so salutary and so Speedy, and at tho same time so
perfectly safe, that it is not surprising that it should
supersedo all others. Invented by a very distinguish
ed physician of Virginia, who practiced in a rogion
of country in which Hepatis, or Livor Complaint, is
peculiarly formidable and common, and who bad
spent years in discovoring tho ingredients and pro
portioning their quantities, those Pills are peculiarly
adapted to every form of tho disease, and never fail
to alleviate the most obstinate cases of that terrible
complaint Thoy havo justly become celebrated;
and tho researches of Dr. McLano have placed his
name among the benefactors of utyinkind. No one
havingsyinptomsof this formidable complaint, should
be without theso invaluable Pills. Have you a pain
in tho right side, uider the edge of the ribs, which
increases with pressure?unable to lio with ease on
the lell side?with/occasional, sometimes constant,
pain under the shoulder-blade, frequently extending
to the top of the shoulder ? Ruly upon it, that al
though the latter pains are sometimes taken for rheu
matic, they all ariso from disease of the Liver; and
if you would have relief, go instantly and buy a box
of Dr. McLane'a Liver Pills.
(T"7- Purchasers will be careful to ask for Dr. Mc
none else. There are other Pills, purporting to be
Liver Pills, now before the public.
Dr. McLane's Liver Pills, also his celebrated Ver
uiifuge, can now be had at all respectable Drug Stores
in tho United States and Cun&da. 40
pT3ARKER, at his Perfumery and Fancy Store, un
I der tho National Hotel, Pa. avenue, is just open
ing a new and complete stock of Goods, consisting, in
part, of?
Ladies and Gont's Paris Kid Gloves, all sites and col
Extracts, from the house* of Lubin and Prevost, Paris,
and Harrison, Philadelphia;
Genuine Gorman Cologne, Pomatum, Basuf Marrow;
Cold Cream, Macassar Oil. W. I. lJay Rinn ;
Low's Brown Windsor Soap, Cleaver's lloney Soap ;
Lubin's Rose and Musk Soajis ;
Taylor's Transparent Halls, Ac., Ac.
English, French, and American Hair Brashes, in one
hundred different patterns;
I, 2, 3, 4, and 5 row Tooth Brushes, London made,
for our sales expressly;
Nail and Cloth Brushes, Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tuck Combs, latest Paris styles ;
Shell, Buffalo, English cold-pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Combs;
John 'Fen's premium ivory fine teeth Coml>s, and
Pocket Combs.
Gnorlain's, RotMMl's, and Harrison '(Shaving Cream ;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaps;
liadger's hair Shaving Brushes, vory superior.
Wahhinoton, March 12, IK49.
We, the undersigned, having fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Raror Strop Powder, to which the Maryland
Institute bas awarded a premium, take groat pleasure
in certifying that it will keop the Rasor in line, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone.
J. MAcpiiKKSon I'krrikn. U. S. Senator.
W_W. Skaton, Mayor of Washington.
W. 8. Arthur, House of Representatives.
Rev. T. M. Pica sr. Washington City.
Thomas J. IIiisk, U. States Senator.
Hiram Walbridge, Esq., New York eity.
Wade A Butcher's, of our own importation;'
Tally-Ho, from 26 cents to $1.26 each.
Razors imported to ordor, and all warranted.
Jan. 2?d
Tenth Volume enlarged. In qnnrto form. The largest
Baptist newspaper In the world. Price, In advance,
by mull, Iti; by carrier*, fe) SO. Luther K. Beech
er It Co,, Proprietors, I'M Nnnus street. New fork.
I N the determination to. make their jomnal a com
plete repository of general and denominational
religions intelligence, and of the news of the day. as
well as the oamcst advocate of anund Christian doc
trine and social progress, the proprietors will summon
for these ends every available facility whether edi
torial, or in the way of contributors and correspond
ents. They have engaged able writers at homo, and
their correspondence Irom England and Continental
Europe, from Asia and evory part of America, they
believe to be unsurpassed By furnishing n paper of |
the highest grade, from this great commercial centre,
they hope to increase the patronage with which they
are already favored from every section of the United
States and the neighboring British Provinces.
The tenth volume commenced March 29. Sub
scriptions are solicited, and the present is suggested
as the best tiino for forwarding names, with payments
accompanying. L. F. BEECHER.
April 14 ?4t?lw S. S. CUTTING.
crime; but to remain gray when it Is unfash
ionable, ami so Gne an op|>ortuniiy offers to restore
your "rich ambrosial locks," in all their pristine
vigor and beauty, in three minutes, without injury
to the kmr or *bn, by applying John A. Jenes' Im
proved National Hair Dye. is but little short of crime.
Therefore, don't delay. Applied and for sale by the
original inventor of Liquid llair Dye in this country
23 East Baltimore St., bet. Front and High.
Qy Also, for sal* at all the res|iectahle Druggists
and fancy Stores in every city and town throughout
the Union. A|>ril 13.
A letter, through the mail, by the nr>derxigned, for
$3, for a thorough course of instruction, including
instruction book and postage on Instruction letters -
$1 payable at the commencement, and the remainder
alter the loarner has become able to C( rrespond witb
mo in phonography. Tsn instruction letters are suf
ficient to enable a person to use Phonography tor all
the purposes for which long hand is used Address,
postpaid, A T NORTHUP,
April 13. Otego, Otsego county, N. Y.
NO. 91 North Sixth street. Philadelphia. Whole
sale and Retail Ladiea' Boot and Shoe Manu
factory Jan. 19 -3m
So. 117 Hanover rtrtet, Morton Mil** , '
I MPORTER of French and German Toy Watches;
I Manufteturer's Agent for the sale of Jewelry ; also,
Wholesale Healer in Vegetable Ivory Goods. Sewing
Silk. Ac. Alt orders promptly attended to.
Far Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children
KDM0N8T0N. west side of 7th struct. 1 nearly
J? opposite Odd Fellow*' Hull,) manufueiuroa to
order, aud keeps constantly on hand tad lor sale, ev
ery article in bit lino, of superior quality ami at the
lowest prices. The public uru thanked tor their paat
very liberal patronage, and arc tutaurod that no pain*
shall be spared to merit a continuance of tboir favors.
Jan. 13.
D Kit IKS, CLOAKS, &o.
TilE subscribers beg loavo respectfully to invite
the attention of the ladies of the city and .viciui
ty to the following new and rich tiooda, which have
juat been received, vis :
50 droaaca extra rioh Brocade Silka, for eveninga
?75 do. do. do. street;
25 do. do. Moru antique, watered j
l& do do. Morn antique, brocade;
10 do. do. block Brocade Silk;
12 do. do. flounced lJrocade Silks;
10 pieces light colored plain Poult do Soie;
* 25 do. very rich plaid Silka ;
25 d?- Silk Illusions, for party drosses, all col's;
30 do. watered and plain real Iriab Poplins;
150 new alylo Paris-trimmed Cliuiuiaettes A Sleeves,
in Beta.
250 do. French embroidered Collars;
50 do. Frenoh embroidered oambrio Chenti
aottea and Sleevea, in aets ;
75 Frenoh embroidered Chemisettes and Sleevea,
trimmed with Maltese lloniton, and Valen
ciennes Laces, very cheap;
150 pairs embroidered muslin and cambric Sleevea,
250 Frenoh embroidered Handk'fa a great variety;
300 pieces English and Fronch Thread Laces;
25 velvet Cloaka. latest style ;
25 embroidered cloth Cloaks, latest style;
25 plain and trimmed cloth Cloaka;
50 auiall Persian Scarfs, for the neck;
50 long Caahinero Shawls;
25 richly-ombroidored white crape Shawls;
Together with a great variety of new and elegant
articles appropriate to the season ; all of which we
are enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage o4' the advanced season to make our pur
chases. |.lan. 2.| HOOK, BltOTHBR. & CO.
Who Seek their Supplies in our Market.
ONE FBI.CE ONLY. Wo aro now in our NEW
STORE, which was ereotod expressly for us. We
think it tho moat comfortable and bfist lighted store
room in tho city; and with increased room, facilities,
and experience, deemed quite ample, we shall deal
largely in
korkMjN and limit;stic dry (Jiiodx,
of every style, all of tho best qualitiea, and for which
wo shall have one pricr only.
Wo shall sell cheaper than we over have done; and
in having ono price only (which, in our opinion, is
the only fair and equitable way of doing business) we
Shall maintain our sclf-respoct, which ia above all
price or fiucctjsa. Moreover, wo oxpoct to retain oil
the trado of those prompt customers who have made
their purchases of ua for some ycara paat, ami doubt
leaa wo shall have a large accession of now customers,
who prefer to buy where one fair price only i* atked.
We foel that our simple word is requisite only to
satisfy our former customers that the one prico sys
tem ia the correct one, and to their advantage; and
we do not hesitate to aasert our belief that all candid
and intelligent persona will, after an impartial exam
ination of prices, fabric, and stylos, give a one price
store tho preference Thoae who aro not judges of
goodacannot fail to bo impressed at once with tho
manifold and vaat advantages to the purchaser re
sulting from tho adoption in good fuith of tho onc
price system; it necessarily insures low prices to tho
purchaser, for it becomes absolutely necessary to meet
at the atart all competition that can be offered in
Our acale of pricoa will be so low, and tho profits so
small, that wo cannot and will not aull but for the
ruth or to cuatomera who pay promptly. For thoae
who purchase very largely, or to aell again, reduc
tions will l>o made.
Tho public aro cordially and most respectfully in
vited to call at all times and examine our atock.
PERRY A BROTHER. '-Central Stores,"
Jan. 2?d (Op. Centre Market,) Washington City.
IN PRESS, and will ap-tedilv be published, in one
elegant 12mo volume, the Popular Horiea of Let
ters from Paria, contributed to the National Era,
under the title of "BELL SMITH ABROAD," pro
fusoly illustrated, from designs by French artists.
Prico $1. Orders ahould be sent to
J C. DERBY, Publisher,
April 13?ldw 8 Park Place, Now York.
NEW YORK, Alexandria, Waah'ugton, and George
town Packeta.
Schooner Fairfax?C. Ponfie'd, maa'er.
Do. Empire -Rufus Knar.p, master.
Do. ~ Statrstnnn?J. D. Cathell, master.
Do. Washington?J. Kendrick, master.
Do. Senator?W. Kirby, maater.
Do. IlamiKon?A. I'ay ton, master.
l)o. Arlington?11. Lewis, maater.
Do. Arctic?Ueorgo Wilaon, master.
The above packeta having reauuied their weekly
trips, ahippera are notified that one of them will poa
itively clear from New York on every Saturday, (or
oftener if neceasary,) and that thia punctuality may
be depended upon during the year, until interrupted
110 Wall xtreet, New York
S. SHINN A SON. Alexandria.
Jan. 7?d F. A A. II. DODGE, Georgetown.
ON and after Thursday, Oc'ober ft, 18.13, daily
traina (Pnndaya ex epted) will be run ovef this
road, ngroeably to the f.iHowing arrangement:
A train f >r Warren ton and intermediate points will
leave the station, corner of Duke and Henry street.*,
Alexandra, at 8} o'clock A. M.; arrivos at II A. M.
Returning, will leave Warrenton at a quarter past
I o'clock 1' M , arriving in Alexandria at ft quarter
before 4 P. M.
A train from Cnlpc|x<r U Alexandria and interme
d'.ate points will leave Calpeper at 7} o'clock A- M.,
arriving in Alexandria at 10) o'clock A M.
Returning, will leave Alexandria at I] o'clock P.
M , arriving in Culpeper at 4] o'clock.
A daily stage ia running between Gnrdnnaville and
Colp?i>cr. in connection with the ears on (his and the
Virginia Central lioada.
Through Ticket f.
To Gordonsville - $4.50
To Staunton 7 50
To Lvnchburg .... 7.00
To Winchester ? 4 00
Por order. W. B. BROCK ETT,
Jan 7 ?d Agent.
IBST rccoived at WALL'S cheap House Furnish
ing Warerooma, on Seventh atreet, opjtosite the
National Intelligencer oflico, among which may be
Rosewood, Mahoganv, and Walnut Tete-a-T#te and
Solas, in hair, cloth, and hrocatelle, in great vari
Easy Chairs. Ar? Chairs, and Rockers to match;
Maghognny, W(taut, French, and Cottage Bedsteads;
Walnut and Mahogany Ktageres;
Cabinet* and Whatnots;
Mahogany and Walnut marble topandptain Bureau?,
Mahogany, Walnut, and Maple Wardrobes;
Feather Beds, hair and shuck Mattrosaea;
llandsomo gilt and Mahogany Mirrors;
And a very large and general assortment of all
kinds of goods necessary for furnishing, to which tho
attention of those furnishing ia respectfully invited
Call and examino before purchasing elsewhere. All
of which will be aold very low at WALL'S House
Furnishing Warorooms, on Seventh street, opposite
Intelligencer office. Jan. 2 illw
. Coudersport, Potter county, Penn Jan. 20.
" 1 can't pet a decent Segar in Waskingt
IS a phrase hourly heard from strangers. In our city
Without admitting or denying its truth, the sub
scriber determined to remedy tho evil. To thia end,
he has made a list of every brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " tho bust segar I ever smoked,"
and with this document he has procured from the first
iiQportera in New York, a atock of these choice
brands, and now offers them to the public.
Eveiy fumigator, who knows a good segar when ho
stnells it, is requested to call and examine the stock.
Sign of Jim Crow, 7 doors east of National Hotel.
Jan 2 -3m *
]RANKER and Exchange Broker, National Hotel
> Building, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington
city, D. C. Jan. 11.
WAU PAPMlt! WAtf.l* PtflM!
1)ARRISH A HOUGH, M an uflac furors and traport
A era of Paper-Hangings. Borders, Decorations,
Curtain Papers, Fire-Board Prints, Ac., Ac., offer the
aatne at very Intr prirr*. wholesale or retail. Orders
promptly attended to. Addreas.
Jan. 28?HM, No 4 North 5th at., Philadelphia.
AT our splendidly-lighted s?lr.< room*, on Sevanth
, #tr?et, 3 doors north of P? uitsylvania avenue a
choice iit..ck of rlub l'*r?cy Dress Uoo Is, embracing
nil tho novelties of tlif season , also, Spring Style*
ManWlluitx, Black Lave Shawls and Scarfs," White
Crape Shu win, 0?Dhu>?w Scarfs and Shawls, French
Ki I and Silk (Hove*, Hosiery and Kmbroideries, with
a choice lot of Linen ?u<) fSrtipIr Uuods in i;r?-at
ubuiidauce -all of which will be sold at lair, low
We invite purchuatr* to call and examine our stock.
07"- Observe that all articles are wurrauted to
prove as repres t ted.
April 10 7th street, 3 doora above Pa. av.
Wh! have deposited with ua.for sale, one of Avery's
superior Sowing Machines, and are authorised
to dispose of the same as a great bargain. This ma
chine is considored onu of the best now in use. We
annex herewith thu rooouiuiendation of some of the
principal wholesale merchant tailor* in Now York city.
Wo, tho undersigned, do hereby certify that we
have examined tho " Awry Sewing Maihine." and
cheerfully recommend it-for its simplicity, durability,
and es pecially for the peculiar stitch mode by it The
stitch ia original, and in appearance is like the most
perfect and handsome "back-stitching" We have
thoroughly tested the strength of the Bewing, and are
satisfud that the stitch of this machine makes a
stronger and firmer seam than can be vault by hand
We take pleasure in recommeuding this Machine to
our friends, and to tailors, seamstresses, and families
generally, throughout the country ;
Houghton A Knupp, Wholesale Healers in Mens
und Boy'a Clothing, 19 Court! audi st.
Lookwod A On Hois, Merchant Tailors, 558 Broad
11. A Uould A Co., Wholesale Dealers in Clothinir.
221 Washington at.
J. P. Hull, Merahunt Tador. 653 Broadway.
Dickson A l'ottus, Merchant Tailors, 523 Broadway.
Apply at the publication office of tho Nati-oua/ lira,
7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. March 2.
SHIRTS in every variety of style and.|uality. Uen
tlumen in want of a good-fitting shirt can be suit
ed in style, quality, jind price, at STJ4VKNS'S
March 7. Sales Room, Brown's Hotel
HAT, Cap, and Misses' Flat Manufacturer, No. 7
Washington Place, 7tb street, between D ami E
Washington, D, C. Jun 2
IN plain and hunting cases, of every variety of style
J and site. ' J
Ladies' Watches, of now and efegant stylos just
received from the manufactory of Charles Frods'ham,
84 btrand, London.
Also, Watches from tho most eolobratod London
and Swiss makers For sale by
Jan. Z No. it Congress street, Boston.
DEALER in Books Periodicals, and Stationery
wholesale and retail, 3 Columbia Place, oorner
7th street and Louisiana avenue, Washington D C
Jan. 3?d '
rjOSHKN Butter, selected from Delaware county
i ii i ?r"i8' . ^tw. \ork *'"1 Pennsylvania extra
hulled Buckwheat, in barrels, half barrels, and bugs
The best Philadelphia butter in prints, for table use.
Supplies received weekly, and any quantity deliver
ed to order. SUEKELL A BAILEY,
(Successors to J. B. Kibbey A Co..)
Jan. 2?dlwif No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
Uncle True and Little Gerty!
Thirty Thousand Published in Five Weeks!
\ GENUINE American Romance, and a Book
1 V which will live and be read aftef tho thousand
and one trashy productions of the day shall pass into
Rarely has a wprk appeared in America which has
received such universal and hoarty commendations
from the Newspaper Press. We subjoin a few brief
extracts: *
The authoress of the Lamplighter has aimed to
produce an agreeable and impressive work of fiction.
It is high praise to say that she has succeeded in the
attempt.?N. Y.TriSkne.
We have no hesitation in pronouncing the Lamp
lighter one of the most original, interesting, graphic
and affecting tales, that has lately appeared ? Boston
1 run script.
No one can study its instructive and fascinating
pages without being made bettor by its kindly influ
ences.? Boston At Las.
Tbo Lamplighter would do credit to any writer ?
Dauy Advertiser, Huston.
One of the most affecting and interesting tales ever
issued from tho American press.?Daily Tribune
For delicate and forcible delineation of character
this work is hardly excelled.?Journal, Huston.
This book develops a variety or characters-some
or them as deeply affecting as the best sketches or
Dickens.? Transcript, liostun.
rt is a book which is destined to become a great
ravonte with the reading public.?Daily Urn,1,1
Pir wtmryport.
It cannot fail to suit the most fastidious taste.?
Oh t<e Branch, liostun.
Here is a book destined to have a sale unequalled
by any other, unless we except Uncle Tom.?Mass
Lift In Mir.
The aged and the young will rise from its perusal
with an increased love for the kindlier reelings of our
n&t ti re.?/// ns*hn w Journal,
The Lamplighter is a l.ook which is destined to
great popularity.?Daily Her. Huston.
An intensely interesting work, and, as a piece of
composition, admirable ? Clapifs lit;nine Gazette
A hook rich in thought, beauty, pathos, and ten
derness.? Albany S/uctertor.
It is a great book, the work of an original mind of
extraordinary power.? International Journal.
F ive hundred pages of just ?uch reading as enchains
the interest, the curiosity, yea, the whole soul, nntil
the last line of the last page is finished?South Hos.
ton (ia telle.
This is a work of surpassing interest.?Alb. A rgyi$.
The Lamplighter deserves all the praise it has re
ceived.? Com moil wealth, Host on.
Ft is infinitely superior to any American novel that
we have ever road. ? Wawrlcv Mag,zinc.
There is no question but that the Lamplighter will
i rank among the first of American fictions ? II rurrrs
trr } itl/iuli urn.
An intensely interesting book, from title to finia ?
| Port/a tut I hi/ uirrr.
The Lamplighter is a delightful story?original,
breathing a true and pure spirit.?JV. Sun.
ft is unequalled in thrilling interest by any book
j yet published.?Sprins'field Past,
Portions of this book are worthy the genius of
j Dickens.? !{,,ntpden (!n:.tt,
It possesses the rare merit of interesting alike the
young and the old.? Bangor Wing.
It is a great book.?Smiilait Dispatch.
A work of extraordinary power and interest?N
Ji. Farmer.
It is a most enchanting workChristian Secre
tary, ITart/brd.
Without exception, one of the most deeply interest
ing tales we ever perused ? Itawrenee Sentinel
A work which has every element of popularity
JV. ) . livangelist. .
The Lamplighter is a thrilling and roost interesting
i story ?Lutheran Observer, llrllimtire.
We have rarely read a work with mora real pleas
ure than tho Lamplighter --State Reporter, Concord
A book which is destined to bo popnlar, because it
comes from tho heart and speak* to the heart
' Country (rentleuum.
Some of the best sketches in this book almost rival
the masterpieces or Dickens.? Yankee Blade.
In the execution or her work. Miss Cummings has
^displayed great judgment, an almost intuitive insight
into human nature, a careful observation of life, a fine
literary taste, a sound and sensible mind, a lovely
disposition, genial heart ? Hauler Hill Aurora.
Published by JOHN P. JFWRTT, A CO Boston ?
land, Ohio April 7- 3wif
{ CAVEATS.? Inventots and others desiring to ap
J ply Tor Caveats, are informed that all the neccs
sary drawings and papers are prepared hy the under
signed with the utmost fidelity and despatch, and on
the most moderate terms. All other Patent business
promptly attended to
Persons wishing Tor information or advice relative
to Patents or Inventions, may ^trall times consult the
undersigned, without charge, either personally at his
oflico, or by letter. ALFRED E. PEACH,
Solicitor or American and Foreign Patents
People's Patent Of/fee, Mfi Nassau St., A'? if )'ori.
BOOK and Pamphlet Printing executod by BIJRLL
A BLANCHARD, Sixth street, Washington
Tii?' I" '' Kttic'v ever u.-i'd, a* hundreds can testify
luiliweii< and i-urt?>tin?liii)r country. Read' GIL
MANS LIQUID HAlK DV K i ?itlaiUutuoutly chang
es lliu hair to a brilliant jet Mark or glossy liroiru,
which it* pr.rnut mm?dot* not stain or io any way iu
jure the nkiy. No article uvur yot invented which
will compare with it. We would ad viae all who havo
gray bairn to buy it, for it nrvrr full*.? Hostou Pott.
L. [>. (II LM AN, Chemist, Washington city, Iuveut
or and Sole I'roprietor.
For Halo by Druggists^ Hair-Dressers, and Dealers
in Fancy Articles, throughout the United States.
GKNERAL AGENCY and Inauranoo Office, 3 Co
lumbia Place, (2 doors north of Louisianit ave
nun,) Seventh Htreot, (east side,) Washington L>. C.
Claims before Cougrots and the different Depart
ment*. Jan. 8? d
GtOOD Wages will be paid to a colored woman com
I petent to do Ihu work of a small family. Im|uire
over Mr. Ediuoiiston's Shoe Store, 7th atruot, neur E.
Jan. S?d.'Jt
ATTORN KY and Counsellor at Law. Detroit, Mich
igan, will practice in the State and Wulted States
Courts attund to securing and collecting debts, and
to investigating tit lea to landa in any part of the State
of Michigan. Jan ft?d
S'ADDLKR, UarneM, and Trunk Maker, Pennsyl
) vania avenue, a few doora east of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2?3m
Hy the Aut/lor of the i: iViilf, IVidt World.''
(~1ARL KR1NKKN : his Christmas Stockings Beau
J tifully illustrated. Price, T5 cent* ; gilt, $1.25.
The How in the Cloud ; or, Covenant Mercy for the
Afflicted. Nuuicroui engravings. Price, $.150
Glad Tidings; or. The Gospel of Peace. Price, IJ.'lcts
Popular Legends of Brittany. Illustrated. Price, 75
Spiritual Progress; or, Instructions in the Divine
Life of the Soul. From the French of Fenelou and
Madame Guy on. Price, 75 cunts.
Tho Old anil the New ; o*, The Changes of Thirty
Years in the Kant. By Wm. Ooodell. Price, $1.26.
Old Sights with Now Eyes. Price, $1.
Conversion: Its Theory and Process. By Rev. T.
Spencer. Price, $1.25.
Autobiography of ltev. J. B. Finley ; or, Pioneer Life
in the West. Priefr, $1. ?>
Christ in History ; or, Tho Central Power among
Men. By Robert Turnbtill, D. L>. Price, $1.25.
Jan 4 ?d2 2 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall.
IRA^ A BALLANTYNK, Seventh street, two
' doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, havo the only
Depository in this city of the publications of the
American Bible Society;
Methodist Book Concern;
Robert Carter A Brothers;
Presbyterian Hoard;
American Tract Socioty;
Evangelical Knowledge Society;
American Sunday School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cieties ; and all-the principal Religious Publishers:
It is therefore apparent that tbeir stock of Stand
ard Theological Works and general Religious Litera
ture must bo unequalled.
Thoy always keep an extensive assortment of all
the Hymns used in the different churches, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Books, in plain and superb
Attractive and choico Juveniles, embracing nearly
all of tho most useful and entertaining Books for tho
young, published.
School Books, of all tho kinds used in tho city and
country schools, at Now York prices.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knivos, Portmoiinaiou, Portfolios, Writing
Desks. Ac. jan. 2?d
CS. FOWLKll A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
? 7th street) have just completed opening a large
assortment of CHJN A, QUEENSWARK, and GLASS,
making their stock at this time equal to any in the
country ; consisting, in part as follows, vi*:
Decorated gold band and plain white French China
Dinnor, Desert, Tea, and Breakfast Set*, and de
tached pieces, such as Fruit Baskets, Compot.iors,
Casseroles, ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
India China, in dinner and tea seta, and detached
Iron Stone China, decoratod, flowing blue, and white
dinner, tea. breakfast, and toilet seta, and detach
ed pieces, in every pattern and shaj?e.
Also, in great variety?
Dresden, Terra-cotta, Parian, and French China;
Yases, Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlesticks. Motto Cups and Saucers; ,
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac.
GLASSW ARB, rich cut and engraved.
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Goblets ;
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tumblers,
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, 8|>oon Holders;
Toilet Bottles, Cologne Bottles, Globes;
Lamps, rich and plain Decanters;
Cut and pressed Bowls, and silvered Bowls;
Solar, Kthcrial, Hall, and Sido Lamps;
Candclabras. Girandoles, rich and plain Castors;
Britannia CofTeo Urns, Tea Sets, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchers, Punch and Molasses Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery and Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., of the
most approved and latest patterns;
Also. Block Tin Coffee Cms, Biggin*, Teapots
Plate Warmers, Egg Boilers, Ac.
With an endless." variety of goods not named, which
we respectfullr invite strangers and citir.cng to call
and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
Storekeeper.' and country merchants will find it to
their advantage to buy of us. as our facilities are
equal to any other importing house in tho United
States, and we are determined to sell as low.
N. B. Goods carefully put up for the country by
an cxperienoed packer, and delivered free of charge
in any part of the city, Jan. 2? dtf
\ TTQRNKY AT LAW, Warren, Trumbull co . O.
I\. Office No. 5} Market street. Jan. 7- d
SHOP, DEALKR, nod Fashionable Boot Maker,
Pennsylvania Avenae, between Brown*' Hotel
and Seventh street, Washington. Jan 2 :tm
kNIll JANNEY S Boot and Shoe Store and
Manufactory, for the lust ten years located on
Kth street, noar the General Post Office, was removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns Hotel and
7th street, where the proprietor has spared no pains
or expense in fitting np nn establishment commensu
rate with the grout increase in the business of tho
The subscriber fenders his most cordial and grate
ful acknowledgments to his friends and patrons for
their long-continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet them in his new house.
I have a very well-assorted stock of Boots and
Shoes, of French, New York, Eastern. and my own
make, embracing every style and variety, to which I
invite the attention of members of Congress and citi
zen* generally. HENRY JANNEY.
Penn av., north side, between Browns' Hotel
Jan 2 and 7th st., third door from the latter
From the I'mtni Stattt Atpnt.
To those persons who may visit Washington, and
arc in want of a boot that cannot be excelled, either
in quality or workmanship, we would call their atten
tion to tho card of Henry Jannoy, to be found under
the head of' Washington ." A handsome and neat
ly-mado hoot in not at all times a source of pleasure
to tho wearer, but often one of extreme tortnre , this
is caused by the bungling manner in which the boot
is fitted to the foot. Mr. Janncy has devoted mnch
of his time in studying the construction of the human
foot, in order to ascertain how a boot should bo cut
and fitted, that will be perfectly easy to all parts of
the foot. In this he hiw succeeded, so that it matters
not what may be the shape of. or the number of corns
on the foot, his boot is perfectly easy. Thus ho has
combined beauty with comfort.
BKKBK S NFW YORK HATS for the spring of
1*51. The second supply of the above elegant
| Hats this day received :it STKVKNS'S
March 7. Sales Room, Brown's Hotel.
SPRING Fashion for ISM, with other new and
beautiful stylos A full assortment in store at
LANE'S Fashionable Hat, Cap,
Slid Gents Furnishing Establishment,
March S Penn. av , near 4) street.
" ' BoftUn Hemp Manufacturing Company. Gangs
of Rigging and Manilla Cordage , American, Russfo,
and Manilla Hemp, for sale
Jan ' -dSm No. 152 Commercial st., Boston.
STOCK and Exchange Broker :w Wall street, New
York, a member of (he New Vork Stuck Ex
change Hoard. will |iuroliii?> and ?i II on commission
(of ii quarter of one per oem) lint orrfiueiit and State
Stocks, lUilroad and Hank Slock*, Railroad Bonds,
and all other securities usually sold at the Board.
Orders from abroad solicited.
Reference*?D. Ehhetts, Cushier Union Hank ; W.
r. Hooker, Cashier Continental llauk; Arthur Tat>
pau, Esq, New Vork. Jan |o
^IN(I a fine Travelling this spring,
?? address, post paid, M. J. COOK,
''e^ '?- Crawfordaville, Ind.
rP,ni subscriber offer* for sale his Farm, situated
J. about live mile* from Washington, D.C., in Prince
Ueorge's county, Aid. it contain* I78J acres, more
than 30 of which in a lino alluvial mcodow, producing
a ton and a half of hay to tho acru, but which un
der improved cultivation would produce at least two
'f"y HU"H >n the Washington market at from
$ l.i Ui $.11) per ton. About four acres of tho place is
a marsh, covered with several feet in thickness of
nlack earth, the result of decayed vegetation, whiuh,
properly coiupoated, is a source from which the up
land may be enriched at a reasonable cost. About
1)0 acres of the I'arui is woodland? growth principally
oak and chostiiut. The land, except the meadow, is
undulating, and alfords many beautiful sites lor build
ing. There are many springs of excellent water on
tho place, and it is noted for its healtblulness. The
soil oi the greater part of the upland is a sandy loam
underlaid by clay?in some place*, clay predomina
ting. About 76 acres could be divided into small gar
dening farms, giving nearly an ?<pial quantity of wood
and arable land to each. There is an orchard of IfiO
peach trees and 60 apple trees on tho place, all bear
jug. 1 ho farm in well fencod. Thubuiidingn are?a log
bouse of four rooms, with a frame addition of three
rooms, a moat-house of sun dried briek, a log kitchen
separate from tho dwelling, a corn-house, stable, ear
l iage house, Jtc. 1 here is a stream of water running
through the place, with sufficient water and fall for a
small mill. Price, $60 per acre. Terms ?one-third
cash; a long credit lor the residue, if desired; or it
would bo exchanged for real estate in the city ot
Washington. Address MARTIN III! ELL.
?... Washington, I). C.
rifty acres, about Iwilf id which is woodland, and
which could be divided into Ihree j^ardfnin^ farms
with woodland and a beautiful building sit.- to each
would be sold separately Or, it preferred, 1 will seli
the other part of the farm, on which are the buildings
orchard, and meadow, which cannot be conveniently
divided. HI J
BACON'* MftWAVril.*: ? ?> i i. r i. i .
Northwest cornet of Sixth anil Walnut streets,
Cincinnati, Ohio
npilK undersigned has removed his Mercantile Col
, ,eK? to hii new building, northwest corner ot
Walnut and Sixth streets, where he lifts fitted up a
splendid suite of rooms, expressly for bis business
having spared neither pains nor oxpenso in making
them in every respect tho mo?t convenient and picas
ant school rooms in the United states.
1 ho plan adopted in teju>hiiig combines practice
with theory; instead of u^ing hooks, the pupils are
exercised in making original entries of every .lay
business transactions Journalizing, posting b:ilan
oing accounts, opening and cloning of a great variety
P* "liferent sets of books, both for pa.rtuerr.hip anil
individual business, where the businets has been
prosperous and adverse; and thus qualifying the stu
[ dent for entering into the practical duties of the ac
countant, in any kind of busiuess.
The course of instruction will consist of Double
entry Book-keeping, embracing every department ol
trade and mercantile accounts, via. Wholesale, Re
tali, Commission, Exchange, Banking, Manufactur
ing, Shipping, Individual, Partnership, Steamboating,
and Compound Co. Business. Commercial Calcula
tions, Practical Penmanship, and Lectures on Com
mercial Law; also. Lectures on the Science of Ac
counts, Custom of Merchants, etc.
In addition to the regular course of study, the un
dersigned has made arrangements with Henry Snow,
Esq , Hon. Bellamy Storer, Prof C. W. Wright, and
other eminent locturers, to deliver a course of Lee
turos on the subjects of Commercial Law, History- of
Commerce, Political Economy as connected with
commerce, and other subject* of great ini|xirtance in
a commercial point of view, and never before intro
duced in any Mercantile College in the United States
Pupils are instructed individually, and not in class
es ; so that students may enter at any time, and pro
coed in the ratio of their capacity and assiduity.
Public examinations aro had, (though pupils are
examined privately, if they derire it,) when the Uu
dent undergo^ rigid an thorough interrogations by
the Princ pal, (assisted by a committee of Practical
Accountants and business men,) and Diplomas award
ed to thoso who aro deemed w?rthy of thcin.
A course can he cmupletcd in from six to ten weeks
, ? ^ rincipal will tnko pleasure in doinj{ every,
thing in his power to advance hi* MUident*, and make
them thorough and accomplished .-iccountants; and
, his extensive acquaintance with tho business commu
nity will generally enable him to procure situations
for those desirous of obtaining them.
Tkhmh ? For a lull course ?t lessons in Rook-keep
ing, Writing, Commercial Calculations. Commercial
Law, etc., $40.
^eb- K. S. BAC&N. Principal
1'iOm the Cincinnati Eaiqnirer af March 12, 1863.
Bacon * Muroantii.k Coll kok.?The examina
tion of the students in Rook-keeping exhibited a de
gree of proficiency on thoir part highly creditable to
themselves and Mr. Bacon their insrructor.
I ho most difficult problem* in Double Entry were
as rapidlr solved as the most sim|tlo, giving ample
proof to the audience that the informal on imparled
during the session would bo of practical benefit.
From the Cincinnati Daily (larrtte.
The vaiious complex question* proposed by the
Principal and other gonllemen present were answer* d
with great promptitude and conciseness, which reflects
great credit upon the course of study pursued al this
From thf Cincinnati, Daily Timer.
Mr. Bacon* school ia in a flourishing condition,
and the patronage extended it is a high compliment
to the thorough mercantile education there imparted.
From I hi Chillirathr Ancient Mctro/nhn of May H
I Hi J.
Mr Bacon is unrivalled as a teacher?a diploma
from his College, in Cincinnati, is required a* a nine
ilii,i nan in obtaining Kituatious in tho best mercan
tile houses in large cities
From- the Cincinnati (Jatrtte, Nov. 8. 1863.
Mr. R*con has constructed the upper portion of hi*
building oxpressly for the purposes of fiis College,
and. without any doubt, it is the most complete ar
rangement of the kind in tl.o United States.
Faun thr Cincinnati Rnonirer.
This whole institution i* undoubtedly the most ele.
gant and finished establishment, for its puriioses in
the world.
Thr I'roliiliiiimiM.
THE PROHIBITION 1ST?exdurively a Temper
pa|>er?i* published monthly, at Ali>*ny, by the
Executive Committee of the New York Slate Ten,
perance Society. II Mandeville, D. I>? Editor a*.
sisted by E. C. Dulavan. Esq.
It is printed in the folio form, on a double-medium
sheet, making night large four-columned pages to a
It advocates the Cause of Temperanco generally,
and especially the Legislative Prohibition ot the Tra'f
lie in Intoxicating Beveiages,
It is Notional in spirit, scope, and aim ; and is rap
idly becoming National, also, ju its circulation and
influence. Ordors respect fully solicited. It will be
furnished at the following low prices:
One copy for one yesr ? $0.60
Three, to one address, one year ? I 00
Seven, do. do. - . 2 00.
And for each additional four copies, $1 will be ask
ed. for any quantity less than fifty copies.
For fifty copies, to one address $11
For 100 do. do. - - 20
No subscription received for less than one year;
and in every ease the order must be accompanied bjr
the money. Letter*, in all cases, must be post paid.
Address 0 SCOVILL,
Mjtrch 9. Publishing Agent, Albany.
GTT" Journals friendly, please publish.
I JARSONS A CO , Flushing, near New York, offer
for sale a large and excellent assortment of
Dwnrf l'cnrs and Cherries; Ornamental Trees, for
streets and lawns; Trees and ?htuh*, for massing,
at reduced rate*. /
Hoses r.f thrifte growth, together with the n*nal
variety required l*..r the lawn, the orchard, and the
Careful attention will be gi\ en to the execution and
packing of orders Liberal discounts made to all
dealers in trees.
Catalogues sent by mail, without charge, to all en
closing a postage stamp. l'AKM'NK A CO.
Fin *hnii'. 2ii nm 20
PERSONS visiting Washington, and it. want of
Boot* or Shoos, are invited to call and examine
mv stock, which comprises as good an assortment of
Ladies.' Oontlemen'a, Roys', Youth a, Miase*. and
Children'* Shoes, as can be fonnd in the city. Prices
moderate JOHN A BUFF, Penn avenue,
Jan 11 Between 4J and filh *t* . Washington.
CIAN And profitable employment in Belling Gum!
t rirk't Ijitt limit Wurk, ,
from the earl teat period to the present time, or
In which the Hulury of rvrrt/ Nulio/i, anritnt un /
mt?I>rn, is sejarntely given. liy K C. (tOODRICll,
Consul to Pari*, author of " I'eter Parley'* Tale*. '
Ac I W~ royal octavo pages, ill out > at mi by 70 Ma| a
and 700 Engraving;. Bound in uioroc.-o
m,,'- The wurk i* not lor sale in Bouk?to< en, but i*
Mold unlit by Canvassing Agont*, to whom tUe ?xoln
sive right of sale in th?-ir territory ia given by tl,d
'Twelve Tkousarul Copies alrraily Sold /
by our Agent*. Canvaaaere who obtain but uiir m'
scriber per day make good wage#.
(jy An active, energetic arent, wanted in ev< ry
unoccupied county jn the 1'uited Stated and Came!, h.
For lull particular*. Ac., addre**
March 27?:?w Publishers, Auburn, N. \
Nil.tut i >i Ml net, N<w I orL.
I^ORKIUN PATENTS.?Tbe undersigned ooniinni s
* lo act ad Solicitor and Agent for securing Patenia
in nil countries where tliey are granted, lie is rept*'
Hciitcd in Europe by honorable and reliable men, of
long tried experience, through whom lie is enabled to
"soeure Patents in England, Seotlarid, Wales, Ireland,
France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, Prussia,
Spain, Portugal, Ac. Mis t'ueilitirt* lor transacting
foreign Patent business are unsurpassed. Ho can
generally obtain Certificates of Provisional Protection
from tint British Patent Ottce, within nix weeks from
the time tbe invention is tiiat committed to hi* caro.
Tho cost of British and other foreign Paten's, to
Americans, has been grently reduecd
The undersigned may be at all times consulted,
free of c nrge, by letter, or jiersonaliy at bin office, in
reference to Patent*. Inventions, Sa. All consulta
tion* and busintss stiictly private. For further in
formation, apply to or address
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents,
March 20. Kfi Nassau st, N. York.
THIS day published, the Fifth Kuition, Revised.
On- volume 12mo, cloth, O.'l cents
This volume should be in the hands of every cult i
vator ol these delicious fruit/, for it embodies, in a
compact and available form, the experience, of acet m
plished and practical Horlicultuiists on subjtcis
which have come directly under their own observa
tion for a long series of years. Of a former eiiitkn
of" Buclian-in on the Urape," vc subjoin a few
Mr. Downing, in hi* [Toiliniltmiift, says: " ltdea!s
more with facts, with actual experience and ohaervrt
tion. and Ieic with sptculation. supposition, and bi
liel, than arything on thin topic that has yet appear
ed in the United States. In other words, a man n t.y
take it. and plant a vineyard, and raise |rapes vim
" Furnishes, in a small space, a very great atnour.t
of instructive information relative to the culture of
the Grape."-!- I'urnnr'? uiul I'lunttr'* Evcycfofxitlm.
"Will be found to convey tbe^racat opportune ar 1
valuable instruction, to ail interested in the subject '
j\Viff* Fruit ami I'/utcrr (hirdflt.
Those a ho desire the book sent by mail will re
ceive it, prepaid, by remitting the price, by letti r
postpaid, to the Publishers
March 27?2w Cincinnati.
I For (wle by LIPPINCOTT. ORAMPO. A CO., Phil
adelphia; IVISON A PHINNBY. New York.
Located in the village of McCrawvlllc in the ceantr
of Cortland. Slew % ork. win loumlnl in IM9, upon
the liretitl principle* of " Equal P I gilts aud C hri?
tiaii Keforou," a??l U open lo all persona #1 h?ih
*exc*. of smhI moral character.
IT bns boen the (nirpoeo of the Trustees ?f this
School, from ihc first, to unike it both safe aril
inviting to Students; arid we believe wo may now
sufely recommend it, undor the supervision and caro
of President Leonard <1 Calkins, whose ability for
that responsible office ha." been most happily to<te?i,
assisted V?y acompetent ' Boat. 1 ol Instruction. ' Free
from the unholy influence of larger towns, and per
vaded by moral influences, republican habit?, and
Christian example, aasociatod with manual labor, we
think parents must fuel a degree of security, begotten
by no-other set of circumstances.
One arrangement in this Institution, not to be over
looked in this day ol "public speaking," is a Rhetor
ical Clan*, with daily exercises in extemporaneous
yjx-aking. under the careful training of tho President.
The student of small means, aspiring to a thorough
intellectual i duration by his own energies, will fii.d
in this College sympathy and aid in his arduous ard
The Manual Labor Department ol the School is
under tho sujicrviiion of Mr. Luther W ellingion. a
nractical farmer, a kit d and benevolent man, on a
farm of one hundred and fifty-seven acres
A primary school is taoght by Mi s Ketiah Kiej,
a thorough and efficient teac her for the accommod -
tion of any one who may l ot be prepared to ent? r
the Academic Department.
The boarding ball will be conducted by Mr Ltai'ii
Ruttx, who, together with an amiable family, v, I
niake boarding both cheap and pleasant.
The College year is divided into three terms The
first term, ot fourteen weeks, will o|?en on the fit>t
Thursday in September. __
The second, or Winter term, will oommenco on tbe
socond Thursday in l^-ember, and continue fourteen
weeks. ?
The third and last, or Summer term will begin on
the second Thursday in Aj.r'l, and close^ at the Col
Irgc Commencement, on the sotoud Wednesday in
Any inquiries, relating immediately to t* f
school should bo addressed t" President L. O Ca!
hirs. MetJrawtrillc. Cortland onunfy. Sew \ ork
Ativlhing regarding the ja-i-uniary allairs, sh"U d
be addressed to A Caldwell, Treasurer, of the sau a
H'e would take this opportunity to reeommend to
the public onr tried ami approvol Agent*, Silas Ham
mond. S II. Tall, and Kid. D Pease, as worthy of
their confidence A. CALD\N KLL, Oen Agent.
A/r , Fit"mi'p, IBM.
Ten Thtrtvuiuil Cupiei ill Tin Days.
I'nrlr Tnm lftli|i*rtl by Ihr inuiplifhtfr!
H'E most extraordinary and Thrilling Talc ? f
. modern time- Thi i- the universal teniini
of the Newspaper Press, and tho vordict of the K< / '?
in:: Vi.Uic We have been utterly unable to fill our
orders, so great han been the demand for th:s
The following arc samples of tho opinion* of Ihe
Corps Editorial
AVehave no hesitation in pronouncing The La a i>
lighter one of the most original, interesting, graphv,
and afTecting tales, that has lately appeared. Wo
predict for it a sale and popularity cpiat to the m? ?t
successful of modern romance*?Dm/v Evr. Trot
Irr, litmton.
For dolica'e and forcible delineation of character,
thia work is hardly excelled HihIuh Journal.
The Lamplighter will shed many a ray around ire
jsides and in hearths where now It may he there ta
much of darkness and despair ?/W?, /&*?. llotlon.
The life of Little tlerty. as portrayed in the Lamp
lighter. is as deeply affect in* as tho best sketches of
Ihoken* Few persons having commenced thia work
Will be witl<*)? to put it asidauntil they have gone
through. Th" author, whoever she may be, has no
rcaron to withhold her name, as the lunik wonld do
credit to ?"tf writer lhii/y Arfreriitrr, Hotton.
The Lamplighter teache* important truths, which
eannot be too frequently iinpreaaed u|?on the minda
of all; and no one can rudy its insiruetive and fasci
nating page*, without being made better by it* kind
ly influences. It* anthor luis evidently a highly cul
tivated and refined, as well as an oiiginal and imagi
native mind, and write* with the e?w, tho elaacical
correctness of di.-t'-on, nnd that choico aeleetion of
terms, which indicate tbe good Kngliah aeholar In
this resfKM l, the Lamplighter ia much an^rior to I n
clc Tom s Cabin, wince inoleganoea meet u* at eve
rv turn ?Ihii/y Attn*.
' published bv JOHN P JEWETT A CO.. Bo*t?n;
land, Ohio; and for sale by all Booksellers.
March 8.
(Met National H?t?l Building. Pcnnsylm- in
vftvntw, IVovhingt&t, f). C.,
I \EALKR in Cheeka. Aecoi>t*ncea, I?rafta, Promia
I ' sOTT Notes, Bank Nates and Coin!
Notes on all solvent Bank* in the United States
bought and sold, at tbe best prices.
Note>, l'iaft*, and Bill*, In Washingtonand tleorge
town, collect*d, and remittances promptly mado in
Now Yoik, Philadelphia. Baltimore, and other fands,
at a charge of one <|uartcr per cent
Billa of Exchange and Bank Checks, on moat of the
principal cities of the Cnion, bought atol sold at the
! boat tat as. March M
Klttit and tlif KaMrfu qnrsiion
l*V ttl( HAKI) tOBllKN, E>a , M P.
\\MTH an introdnetion by an American Citixen
\ > A timely work. Price ?r. cent# PnblUhetl hy
I JOHN P. JEVi KTT * CO March 10.

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