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The undorsigned, a member of the Commit
tee on Publio Lands, dissents from the argu
ments and conclusions of the foregoing report,
against granting lands to the several States for
the ltenefit of the indigent insane, boiug of
(opinion (hat Congress has the authority to do
this, and would aot wisely and properly in ap
plying a portion of the publio lauus to so hu
mane and oommendable a purpose.
The objeotions to it, as unconstitutional and
inexpedient, are bolieved to be equally untena
This i? given in express terme by the 3d
?eotion pf article 4 of the Constitution of tho
United States, via:
"The Congress shall have power to dispose
of, and make all needful rules and regulations
respecting, the territory and othor proporty of
tho United States; aud nothing in this Con at i
. tution shall be so oon strut d as to prejudice any
claims of the United States, or of any nartiou
lar State."
More broad and comprehensive terms are
not to be found in the English language than
those whioh are employed to givo this power to
Webster defines "to dispose of:} as follows:
" To part with ; to alienate; to sell; to bestow;
to give away; to transfer by authority."
Johnson's definition of the term " to dispose
of' is, 'to part with; to apply to any purpose;
to transfer to any other person or use; to put
into tho hands of another; to give away ; to
put away by any means."
The existence of this power by Congress to
dispose of the publio lands is ooncedod, and
has always been exoroisod. But it seems now
to bo clamed that it is so limited in the Con
stitution as to prohibit a grant in this onso;
that while the public lands may bn constitu
tionally disposed of to a certain )>ortion of tho
States, by grants for railroads, and tho like, to
dispose of them for other purposes, or to the
other States, i* unconstitutional; that they may
be disposed of for almost any imaginary con
sideration, but cannot for purposes of groat
publio interest.
Those who assort and assume this?for it is
mere assertion and assumption?ought at luast
to bn able to point out the provision of tho Con
stitution oontaining the prohibition.
It does not touch this question to talk long
or learnedly about this being a Government of
limited powers, and that eaoh department
should be confined to the authority Conferred.
Here a power is expressly given to Congroas;
and the qnestion is, whether it is general, or
limited to a particular class of eases.
It is insisted, in reply to all objeotions of
this kind, that tho right of Congress to disposo
of the public lands is oonferred by words of a
sense as general and comprehensive as any
that could have been need, and without any
limitation, oxcept that oontaincd in the same
clause, thatnothing in this Constitution shall
be so oonstrued as to prejudice any olaims of
the United States, or of any partioular State."
To understand this restriction, it should bo
borrfe in mind tbat several of the old States?
including New York, Virginia, Massachusetts,
and Connecticut?had granted and ccded the
public lands claimed by them to the United
Statos before the adoption of tho Constitution.
(North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia,
did so afterwards.) And it was conditioned in
these deeds of oession, that tho land shouid be
" a common fund for the use and benefit of all
tho Statos."
The rostriotion in the Constitution had ref
erence to this, and was intonded~to enforce it.
Its true meaning is to direct tbat Congress, in
disposing of the pnblio lands, should have due
regard to tho rignts of all the States, and dis
pose of them as their oommon property and
lor their common benefit. The grant now pro
posed to be made oomplies with this oondition,
for it is genera] and just to all the States.
The power of CorgresB to dispose of the pub
lic lands is absolute and unqualified, subject
only to this restriction, (which has never been
regarded, and is, in this case, inapplicable.) It
may dispose of them by any moans, or for any
purpose, in regard to which it has power to
legislate, by sale or gift?in fact, in any man
ner it doems proper.
If this power exists at all, (as is admitted,) it
is a general and unlimited power of disposal.
Neither the manner in which, nor the purposos
for whioh, tho public lands may be dis|>oeed
of are prescribed by the Constitution. It gives
a broad and a genera) power, (exoept the di
rection to rogard tho claims of all the Statos
in its disposal) For what purpdfo they should
be granted is not a qnestion of power, but of
sound policy. This invokes an inquiry, not
into the right of Congress to mako the grant,
(for that it clearly has.) but intethe expediency
and propriety of making it for the purpose do
sired. It was presumod Congress would die
jxwc of the lands in a proper manner, or this
power would not have been intrusted to it. "It
could not have l?een safely given to any other
department of the Government; and it rests
upon the same ground as the right of Congress
to dispose of other property belonging to the
United Statos. But how can Congress have
the constitutional right to make grants to some
of the States, and not to the others ??or to
grant lands to build a railroad or a university,
and not an insane asylum ? Those who con
tend far anything so absurd ought to give a
reason for it; yet none has been advanced.
(Congress has exercised the power of grant
ing away and disposing of the public lands
ever since the establishment of the Govern
ment; and its acts havs been approved and
sanctioned by the Executive and Judiciary De
partments under every President, and in all
the courts.
For more than fifty yearr?under the ad
ministrations of Jefferson, Madison. Monroe.
Adams, Jackson, Van Bnren, Tyler, I'olk. and
Fillmore?Congross has been constantly ma
king grants of the public lands for almost every :
conceivable object and purpose. All these acts
have l?een approved by the Presidents, and
sanctioned and held valid and constitutional
by tho oonrts; and it was never found out they
wsre unconstitutional antil now. If anything ?
can ever bo settled, this power of Congress
must at this day be so regarded.
Among the various purposes for which these
grants have been made are the following: For
schools, for seats of Government, f ?r roads, for
colleges, f??r salines, for publio buildings, for
seminaries of learning, for river improvements,
for universities, for individuals, for companies
f??r corporations, for private olaims, for military
servioes, for internal improvements, for canals,
for railroads, and for deaf and dumb nsyl urns
Grants have been made for deaf and dumb
asylums ?o Connecticut, Alabama, Arkansas,
and Florida These cannot lw distinguished,
in principle, from grants for insane asylums.
Congress ha* not only made these grants
often, but to largo amounts. Hie amount of
land granted away by Congress exooeds the
amount that has been sold.
An official statement from the Commissioner
of Public I.ands shows that thero has been
granted to the States and Territories named,
up to June 30, 1853, for railroads, internal im
provements, schools, and deaf and dumb asy
lums, as follows
To Ohio 1,970 530
To Indiana 2 283 219
To Illinois 4 096 848
To Michigan .... 2 363 477
To Wisoonsin .... 1,934 4?4
To Iowa . . - . 2 336,302
To Missouri 3,472 391
To Arkansas 3 832 124
To Louisiana . - ?
? : : : ,Zitt
To Alabama * a-,urn
To Florida ----- ' f75,507
To California - Z'222 o21
To Minnesota - ?' - * .flSoll
To Oregon - - - -
To New Mexico - 'i ' ?
To Utah - - - ' ? fi>681'707
13 States, 4 Territories?amonnfc - 68 913,937
There has also boon granted to the Stated
named, for acuta of Government, public build
ings, corporations, private clairaa, aalinca,
swamp lands, &o., aa followa:
r Acres.
In Ohio - 8,883.617
In Indiana 1 792,526
In Illinois 2,146,444
In Missouri 3,589,751
In Alabama 240,643
In Mississippi ... - -,514,175
In Michigan ? ? 6 '
III fi)Wti - ? ? * " 1^1 1 *
In Wisconsin - i'iXaS
In Florida J??!!
In Arkansas .?'JX 180
In Louisiana 11,864 180
12 States?amount - ? - 54 148,M4
Add grants buforo named * - 68,913 93?
Amount granted to Sept. 30, 1853 J23,062 451
Amount aold up to samo date 103,197 330
Amount of grant* over the fl.ilcs - 19.865,095
Add granta for military service? - 24,841 980
Amount ... - 44,707,075
Amount of grants and sales - 252,001,787
Those grants (except for military sorvlcos)
aro for the benefit of only a part of the States,
and tlio old States have boon wholly excluded.
The swamp lands granted to California are
many millions of acros^ but havo not been re
turned, and are not included above.
H id the laud granted to the land States
and the Territories?123,062,451 acred?boon
wild at Government, prion, it would havo
amounted to Si53,848,054. The Khar? of Now
York in this, according to reprosontation, would
have been #21,693 824.
[to bk concluded to-morrow.J
TKIjEGKAPIIIC ookhespon i>knob
Bearer of Despatchesfrom Cuba?Firemen's
Parade?Weather, Si'c.
Richmond, V a , April 17.?A brother of the
Captain General of Cuba passed through our
city to-day, en route for Washington, bearing
despatches to our Government in relation to
tlio Black Warrior affair. Ho has also boon
commissioned to proouro locomotives for Cuban
railroad companies.
The firemen are having a grand parade here
to-day ? several companies are present from
The weather is excessively disagreeable, the
ground being covered with snow.
The Northern mails have failed, on account
of the storm. -
Lecture by John Mitchel.
Baltimore, Aprii, 18.?A lecture was deliv
ered last evening, at the Maryland Institute^
by this distinguished Irish patriot, upon '? the
position and hopos of Irolaud in the present
crisis.*' Notwithstanding the unpleasant state
of the weather, a largo audicnon attended,
among whom were a great number of ladies ;
j and his address, which abounded in thrilling
pannages, refinement of sentiment, and elegant
dolivory, was received with rcpeatod applause.
He is stopping at Barnum's Hotel.
The Weather.
Baltimore, Aprii. 18?The weather to-day
is fair, and the suow rapidly disappearing.
Baltimore, Ai.ril 18.?Flour?sales 3,000
barrels Howard Street, at $8.12; also, 800 bar
rels at $8 15; and 1,000 barrels, to bedeliwered
in May, at *8 Wheat?sales 1,000 bushels
white, at $2 ; red, at$l 95. Corn?sales 6,000
bushels white, at 77 conts; yellow, 78 a 79 ota.
No change in other articles.
At Portsmouth, N. H., on the 1 Ith instant,
by Rev. I>r. Burroughs, Capt W. H. Tread
well, to Ri.lkn, daughter of Com (J F. Pear
son, United States navy.
[XT" There in no diseaae more common among chil
dren and yet none which *o frequently baffle* the
iikill of the physician, aa worm*. They are highly
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the firat manifestation of aymptomi, every mean*
should be Died to expel them promptly and thorough
ly. Me Lane'* Vermifuge i* well e*t*blUhcd a* the
moat certain, *afe, and *peedy remedy, ever offered
for thin trooble*ome and dangernoi malady ; and all
who have the management of children ahould keep
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[J7" Purcha*er? will pleaae be careful lo a*k for
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pari*on, are worthlea*. Dr MeLane* genuine Ver
mifuge, al?o hi* celebrated Liver Pill*, can now he
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State* and Canada. 41
kpfkciiks m\m tiik nkbiuxm bill
Mr. Seward'* *peech, " Freedom and Public Faith ?
price 11 por hundred. The same *peoch in Ger
man, at the *ame ririce.
A new edition of Mr. Sumner"* great *peech. "The
Landmark of Freedom." i* in couree of preparation,
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Mr. Fessenden, ol Maine, in the Senate, against Ihe
Nebraska Bill. Price of each, $1 |>er hundred.
The above apeeche* will be forwarded, free of jK?*t
age, to any part of the conntrv, on tho receipt of or- |
deri< aecotn|>anied with the caen Addre**
Washington. U. C.
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I "" ?-? !
NTflCL'* LIVUU A?iR? Im.%4.
T! A? {""Mtfui Enprannfr in each Number.
HE LIN ING AGE has been abundantly honored
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Washington, Marrh 12, 1849.
We, the undersigned, having fairly testod Parker's
Metallic Razor Strop Powder, to which the Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, take great pleasure
in certifying that it will keep the Razor in fine, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone.
J. Macpbkrson Bkkrikm, U. S. Senator.
W. W. Sf.aTon, Mayor of Washington.
W. S. Archer, House of Representatives.
Rev. T. M Pkasr, Washington City. "
Thomas J. Rusk, U. States Senator.
Hiram Walbridge, Esq., New York city.
Wade .t Butcher's, of our own importation;
Tally-IIo, from 25 cents to $1.25 each.
Razors imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan 2?d
Who Seek their Supplies in our Market.
ONE PRICE ONLY. We are now in our NEW
STORE, which was erected expressly for us. We
think it tbo most comfortable and best lighted store
room in the city; and with increased room, facilities,
and experience, deemed quite ample, wo shall deal
largely in
of every style, all of the best qualities, and for which
wc shall have ont prirn only.
We shall sell chea|>er than wo ever have dons; and
in having ono price only (which, in our opinion, is
the only fair and equitable way of doing business) wr
shall maintain our self-respect, which is above all
price or success. Moreover, wc ex|x-,t to retain all
the trade of those prompt easterners who have made
their purchases of us for some years past, and doubt
less we (hall have a large accession oi new customers,
who prefer to bay where uitt fair priri utiltt in anknl
We feel that our *impl? word is requisite only to
satisfy our former customers that the one price sys
tem is the correct ono, and Ut their advantage; and
we do not hesitate to assert our belief that all candid
and intelligent persona will, after an impartial exam
ination of prices, fabric, and stvlos, give a one price
*tore the preference. Those who are not judges of
goods cannot fail to he increased at once with tho
manifold and vast advantages to the purchaser re*
suiting fVom the adoption in good faith of tho on*
part mHrm ; it noceaaarily insures low price* to the
purchaser, for it becomoaaboolutcly necessary to meet
at the start all competition that can be offered in
Our scale of pricet will be *o low. and the profits so
small, that we cannot and will not sell hut for the
ruth or to customer* who mtv prompt/if. For those
who pnrchase /./>or to sell again, reduc
tions will he made
The public are cordially and most respectfully in
vited to call at all times ami examine our stock.
FERRY A BROTHER. ??Central Stores,"
Jan. 2?d (Op. Centre Market.) Washington City.
" / can't get a drcenl Segar in JVashingtm,'1
T8 a phrase hourly heard from stranger*, in our city
I Without admitting or denying its fnith, the sub
scriber determined to remedy the evil. To this end,
he ha* made a list nf every brand which any gentle
man has pronounced " the best segar I ever smoked,"
and with thi* document he has procured from the first
importers in New York, a stock of those choice
brands, and now offers them to the pnld^v
Every fiimigator. who knows a good segar when he
smrll* it, I* requested to call and examine the stock.
Sign of Jim Crow, 7 doors east of National Hotel.
Jan S-.lm
and after Thursday, October (I, 1853, daily
" " trains (Sundays ex eptedl will he run over this
road, agroeably to the following arrangement:
A train f>r Warrenfonaml intermediate points will
leave the station, corner of Hoke and-Henry streets,
Alexandria, at 8) o'clock A M.; arrives at II A. M
Returning, will leave Wtrronton at a quarter past
I o'clock P M., arriving in Alexandria at a quarter
before 4 P. M.
A train (Vim Cnlpopor t? Alexandria and interme
diate points will leave Colpcper at 7 J o'clock A.M.
arriving in Alexandria at 10} o'clock A. M
Returning, will leave Alexandria at IJ o'clock P.
M , arriving in Calpeper at 4} o'clock.
A daily stage is runninit between Gordonsville and
Cnlpe]ier. in connection with the cars on this and the
Virginia Central Roads
Through Tirlrtf.
To Oordonsvilie .... $4.50
To Staunton - ? - - 7.50
To Lvnchburg .... 7.00
To Winchester 4 00
Por order W B. BROCK ETT,
Jan 7 -d Agent.
flOSHKN Butter, selected from Delaware county
' Dairies. Now York and Pennsylvania extra
-hnlled Buckwheat, in barrel*, half barrel*, and bags.
The best Philadelphia bntter in prints, for table use.
Supplies received weekly, and any quantity deliver
ed to ordor. SHEKEL!. A BAILEY,
(Snceessors to J. B. Kibbey A Co,)
Jan. 2 ? dlwif No. 6, opposite Centre Market.
Th?1>est article ever u?od, aa hundred* can tealify
in tbiii city and surrounding country. Read ! (1IL
MANtS LIQUID IIA IK I? V K itiMantaiuonUy ehang
ea tho hair to a brilliant jit Mack or glossy Brvu'ii,
which in /*vnutdo?a not stain or in any way in
jure the akin. No article ever yet invented which
will compare with it. We would ad vino all who have
gray hair* to buy it, for it iwifr failt.? Hostuu PoM.
Z. I). OILMAN, Cheutiat, Washington city, Invent
or and Bole Proprietor.
For aale by Druggiata, Ilnir I>renncri<, and Dealers
in Fancy Articles, throughout tho United States.
GENERAL AG&NCY and luaurance Office, Co
luiubia Place, (2 doofs north of Louisiana ave
nue,) Seventh street, (ea*t aide,) Washington, l>. C.
Claims hofore Congrote and tho different Depart
ments. Jan. 8?d
Gt 00D Wages will be paid to* a colored woman com
T |M-ient to do the work of a aiuall fautily. Inquire
over Mr. Edmonton's Shoo Store, 7th street, near K.
Jan. 3?d.'ft
ATTORN KY and Counsellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
igan, will practice in the State and United States
Courts, attend to securing and collecting debts, and
to investigating titles to lands in any part of the State
of Michigan. Jan. ft?d
OADDLER, IIamess, and Trunk Maker, Pennsyi
O vania avenue, a few doors east of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2? 3m
Hy the Author of Ike " I Vide. Wide World.''
C1ARL K KINK EN : his Christmas Stockings Beau
J tilully illustrated. Price, 75 cunts; gilt, $1.25.
Tho Bow in the Cloud ; or, Covenant Mercy for the
Afflicted. Numorou* engravings. Price, $.161)
(find Tidings ; or, The di spel of Peace. Price, li.'l cLs
Popular Legends of Brittany. Illustrated. Price, 75
Spiritual Progress; or, Instructions in tho Divine
Life of the Soul. Froui the French of Fenelon and
Madaine Ouyon. Prico, 75 cents.
The Old and the New; or. The-Changes of Thirty
Years in the East By Wm. Goodell. Rrice, $1.25.
Old Sights with New Eyes. Price, $1.
Conversion: Its Theory and Process. By Rev. T.
Spencer. Price, $1 25.
Autobiography of Rev. J. IS. Pinley ; or, Pioneer Life
in tho West. Price, $1.
Christ in History; or, The Central Power among
Men. By Robert Turnhull, D. I). Prico, $1.25.
GRAY A 1 I.ANTYNE, 7th st ,
Jan 4? <12 2d r>ve Odd Fellows' flail.
GRAY A BALLAN1VNE, Seventh street, two
doors above Odd Follows' Hall, havo tho only
Depository in this city of the publications of tho
American Biblo Society;
Methodist Book Concern ;
Robert Carter 4 Brothers;
Presbyterian Board;
American Tract Society;
Evangelical Knowledge Society;
American Sunday School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath Heboid So
cieties; and all tho principal Religious Publishers.
It is therefore apparent that their stork of Stand
ard Theological Works and general Religious Litera
turu must be unequalled.
They always keep an extensivo assortment of all
the Hymns used in the different churches, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Books, in plain and superb
Attractive and choice Juveniles, embracing nearly
all of the most useful and entertaining Books for the
young, published.
School Books, of all the kinds used in tho city and
country schools, at New York prices.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Portmoiinaies, Portfolios, Writing
Desks, Ac. Jan. 2?d
CS. FOWLER A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
? 7th street) have just completed opening a large
assortmentofCHINA. QUEENSW ARE, and GLASS,
making their stock at this time equal to any in tho
country ; consisting in part &s follows, vii:
Docorated sold band and plaiu white French Cliina
Dinner, Desert, Tea, and Breakfast Sets, and do
tached pieces, such as Fruit Baskets, Compotiorx,
Casseroles, ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
India China, in dinner and tea sets, and detached
Tron Stone China, decorated, flowing bluo, and white
dinner, tea. breakfast, and toilet sots, and detach,
ed pieces, in every pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety?
Dresden. Terra-cotta, Parian, and French China;
Yaaes, Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlesticks, Motto Cups and Saucers;
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac.
GLASSWARE, rich cut and engraved. *
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Goblets ;
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tumblers,
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles. Cologne Bottles, Globes;
Lamps, rich and plain Docanters ;
Cut and pressed Howls, and silvered Bowls;
Solar, E the rial, Hall, and fiide Lamps;
Candelabra". Girandoles, rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffee Urns, Tea Sets, covered and un
covered ;
Pitcher*, Punch and Molasses Pitehors;
Fine Cntlery and Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., of the
most approved and latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots
Plate Warmors, Rgg Boilers, Ac.
With an cndleass variety of goods not natqed. which
| we rcKjiectfully invite strangers and rititens to call
and examiuo before purchasing elsewhere.
Storekeeper* and country merchants will find it to
i their advantage to bay of us, a* our facilities are
I equal to any other importing house in the United
i States, and we are determined to sell as low.
N. B. Goods carefully put up for tile country by
I an experienced packer, and delivered free of charge
| in any port of the city. Jan. 2? dtt
i I TTORNEY AT LAW. Warren, Trumbull co , 0
i 1 \ Office No. 6) Market street. Jan. 7? d
SJHO* DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Maker,
J Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns' Hotel
' and Seventh street, Washington. - Jan 2?3m
HENRY JANNEY'S Boot and Shoe Store and
. Manufactory, for the last ten years located on
! ttth street, near the General Post Office, wo* removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns' Hotel and
| 7tb street, where the proprietor has spared no pains
or expense in Itting up an establishment cotnmensu
| rate with the great increase in the business of the
house. ?
The subscriber tender* his most cordial and grate
fal acknowledgments to his friends and patrons for
their long-continued favors, and will be |>leased to
meet them in hi* new bonne.
I have a verv well-assorted stock of Boots and
Shoes, of French, New York, Eastern, and my own
make, embracing every style and \ariety. to which I
invite the attention of members of Congress, and eiti
tens generally. nENRY JANNEY.
Penn av., north side, l?etween Browns' Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th *t . third door from the latter
From the t'HIIril Slul/H Ari'ti*.
To those persons who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot be oxcelled, either
in quality or workmanship, we would call their atten
I lion to the card of Hcury Jannev, to be foand under
the head of " Washington." A handsome and neat
ly-made boot i* not at all times a source of pleasure
to the wearer, bat often one of extreme torturo. this
is caused by the bungling manner in which the boot
is fitted to tho foot. Mr. Janney has devoted much
of his time in studying the eoiftrnction of the human
foot, in order t<? ascertain bow a boot shonld be cnt
ami fitted, that will be perfoetly easy to all parts of
the foot. In this he has succeeded, so that it matters
not what may be the sha|M> of. or the nnmlter of corns
on the foot, his boot is |>crfivtly easy. Thns ho ha*
combined beauty with comfort.
YJEEBE'S NEW YORK HATS for the spring of
I 9 1854. The second onpply of the above elegant
Hats this day received at STEVENS'S .
March 7. Sales Room, Hrown's Hot-el.
SPRING Fashion for I&64, with other new and
._ beantiftil styles A full assortment in store at
LANE'S Fashionable Hat. Cap,
and fYents Furnishing Establishment,
March 8. Penn. av., near 4| street.
/ iOMMISSTON MERCHANT, and Agent, of the
VV Bost?n lleinn Mannfactnring Company. Oanga
of Rigging. and Manilla Cordage , American, Russia,
and Manilla Hemp, for sale
Jan ft?d3m No. 152 Commercial st., Boston.
STOCK and Exchange Broker. .18 Wall street, New
York, a member of tb? New York Stook Ex
change Board, will purchase and aril on eoumiingion
(of a quarter of one per cent) Uot eminent and Stat*
Stork*, Railroad and Bank Stocks, Railroad Howl*,
and all other securities usually sold at the Board. 1
Orders from abroad solicited.
Kvlerrncen Kbbetts, Cashier Union Bank ; W.
T. llooker, Cashier Continental Bank; Arthur Tap
pau, F.sq., Now York. Jan. 10.
WANTING a lino Travelling Agency this spring,
address, post paid, M. J. COOK,
Feb. 10. Crawfordsviilo, Ind.
THE subscriber offers fur sale his Funn, situated
about five inilos from Washiugtoii, 1). C., in l'rince
(Jcorgu's county, Md. It contains I7HJ acres, more
than :50 of which is a lino alluvial meadow, producing
a ton and a half of hay to the aero, but which un
der improved cultivation would produce at least two
tons. May sells in tho Washington market at from
$15 to $30 pur ton. About four acres of tho placo is
a marsh, covered with several feet in thickness of
black earth, the result of decayed vegetation, whiub,
properly composted, is a source from which tho up
land may bo enriched at a reasonable cost. About
00 acres of the farm is woodland?growth principally
oak and chestnut. Tho land, except the meadow, if
undulating, aud afford* many beautiful sites for build
ing. There aro many spring* of excellent water on
the place, and it is noted for its healthfulness. The
soil of tho greater part of the upland is a sandy loam,
underlaid by clay?in somo places, clay predomina
ting. About 75 acres could bo divided into small gar
dening farms, giving nearly an equal quantity of wood
and arable laud to each. There is ail orchard of 150
peach trees and 00 apple trees oil the placo, all bear
ing. The farm is well fenced. The buildiug* are?alog
house of four rooms, with a fraino addition of three
rooms, a moat-house of sun-dried brick, a log kitchen
separate from the dwelling, a corn-house, stable, car
riage-house, Ac. There is a stream of water running
through tho place, with sufficient water and fall for a
small mill. Price, $50 per acre. Terms -one-third
cash ; a long credit lor the residue, if desired; or, it
would bo exchanged for real estate in the city ol
Washington. Address "MARTIN BUKLL,
Washington, D. C.
Fifly acres, about half of which is woodland, and
which could be divided into three gardening farms,
with woodland and a beautiful building site to each,
would be sold separately Or, if preferred, 1 will sell
the other part of the farm, on which are the buildings,
orchard, and meadow, which cannot be conveniently
divided. M. B.
Northwest corner of Sixth and IValmtl street*,
Cincinnati., Ohio.
TIIF. undersigired has removed his Mercantile Col
lege to his new buildiug, northwest corner id
Walnut anil Sixth streets, where he has titled up a
splendid suite of rooms, expressly for his business ?
having spared neither pains nor expeiiso in making
them in every respect the moft convenient and pleas
ant school rooms in the United States.
The plan adopted in teaching combines practice
with theory; instead of u ing books, the pupils arc
exercised in making original entries of every-day
business, transactions Journalizing, posting, balan
cing accounts, opeuing and closing of a great variety
of different sets of books, hotU lor partnership and
individual business, where the business has been
prosperous and adverse , and thus qualifying the stu
dent for entering into the practical duties of the ac
countant, in any kind of business.
The course of instruction will consist < f Double
entry Hook-keeping, embracing every department ol
trade and mercantile accounts, vie Wholesale, Ke
tail, Commission, Kxchange, Hanking. Manufactur
ing, Shipping, Individual, Partnership,Steainboating.
and Compound Co. liusiness. Commercial Calcula?
lions, Practical Penmansuip, ond Lectures on Com
mercial Law; also, Lectures on the Science of Ac
counts, Custom of Merchants, etc.
In addition to the regular course of study, the un
dersigned has made arrangements with Henry Snow,
Ksq, Hon. Bellamy Storer, Prof C. W. Wright, and
other eminent lecturers, to deliver a con re of Lec
turos on the subjects of Commercial I History of
Commerce, Piditical Economy as ted with
commerce, and other subjects of grr |s>rtance in
a commercial iwint of view, and never before intro
duced in any Mercantile College in the I nited States.
Pupils are instructed individually, and not in class
es ; so that students may enter at any time, and pro
ceed in the ratio of their capacity and assiduity.
Public examinations are had, (though pupils are
examined privately, if they derire it,) when tho Un
dent undergo -s rigid an thorough interrogations by
the Principal, (assisted hy a committee o! Practical
Accountants and business men,) and Diplomas award
ed to those who are deemed wnrU'y of thoin.
A course can he completed in from six to ten weeks.
The Principal will take pleasure in doing every
thing in his power to advance his students, and make
them thorough and accomplished accountants; and
his extensive acquaintance with the business commu
nity will generally enable him to procure situations
for those desirous of obtaining them.
Tkkmk : For a full coarse at lessons in Book-keep
ing, Writing, Commercial Calculations, Commercial
Law, etc., $40.
Fob. 27 R. 8. BACON, Principal
I'rOm the Cj ncmnatt Enquirer of March 12, 1853.
BaCob's Mkkca.htii.f. Collmk.?The examina
tion of the students in Book-keeping exhibited a de
gree of proficiency on their part highly creditable to
themselves and Mr. Bacon their instructor.
The most difficult problems in Double Entry were
as rapidly solved a? tho most sim[Je, giving ample
proof to the audience that the informal on imparted
during the session would be of practical benefit.
From the Cincinnati Daily Gazette.
The vaiious complex questions proposed by the
Principal and other gentlemen present were answort d
with great piomptitudc aud concernss which reflects
great credit upon the course of sludy pursued at this
/'Vow the Cincinnati Dai/t/ Timet.
Mr. Bacons school is in a flourishing condition,
and the |u?lrotiagc extended it is a high compliment
to the thorough mercantile education there imparted
From the Chill troth* A nct./tl M't ropo/is of May fi,
Mr Bacon is unrivalled as a teacher?a diploma
from his College, in Cincinnati, is reqiiiri-d a* a >tnr
^n,i non in obtaining situations in the best mercan
tile houses in large cities
From the Cincinnati (iasrttc, Not'. 8. 185 J.
Mr. l'iic..n has constructeil the ii|.per porti. n of his
building expressly for the purposes of his College,
and. without any donht, it is the most complete ar
rangement of the kind in the Ut.itcd States.
From the Cinrinnnti Kni/nirw.
This whole institution is undoubtedly the most ele
gant and finished establishment, for its purpos, s, in
ihe world
Tlir rrohihitioniftl.
T1IK PROHIBITIONIST-exclusively a Temper,
paper ? is published monthly, at Albany, by the
Kxecutive Committee of the New York Slate Tem
perance Society. II. Mandeville, D. D, F.ditor, as
sisted hy K. C. Ik-la van. Ksq.
It is printod in the folio form, on a double medium
sheet, making eight large four-columned pages to a
It advocates the Cause of Temperance generally,
and especially the legislative Prohibition of the Traf
tic in Intoxicating Beverages
It is Nrttuitmi in spirit, scope, and aim . and Is rap- |
idly becoming Natrona/, also, iu its circulation and
influence. Orders respectfully solicited. It will be j
furnish* <1 at the following low prices
On* copy for one year - - . $0 50
Three, to one address, one year ? - 1 00
Seven, do do. - -2t?0
And for each additional four copies, $1 will be ask
ed, for any quantity less than fifiy copies
For fifly copies, to one address - ? $11
For lOti do. do. - ? -20
No snliscription received for less than one year.
and in every case the order must be accompanied by
the money. Letters, in all cases, must be post paid.
Address O. SCO V ILL,
March 9, Publishing Agent, Albany.
Q^7~ Journals friendly, please publish
PKNr nniiKvtMmuTRKRs \mi rmrs.
I)AR80NS A fO., Flushing, near New York, offer
for sale a large and excellent assortment of
standard f
Dwarf Pears and Cherries; Ornamental Trees, for
streets and lawns; Tree* and Skirtba, for massing,
at reduced rates. .
Roses of thrifly growth, togither with Ihe usual
variety required for the lawn, the orchard, and the
Careful attention a? ill he given to the execution and
packing of orders l.iher-?l discounts made to all
dealers in trees.
Catalogues sent by mail, withont charge, to all en
closing a postage stump. PARSONS A t'0
F/nthmg, 2// mo 20
PERSONS visiting Washington, and in want of
Boots or Shoes, are invited to call and examine
my stock, which comprises as pood an assortment ol
Ladies,' Oentlemen*. Hoys', Youth's, Misses, and
Children's Shoes, as can Ik- found in the city. Prices
moderate JOHN A HUFF, Pcnn avenne,
Jan. II. Between 4) and 6th ?ts . Wa*hin|tt?n
CAN And profitable employment in selling Go-fi
nch's LuU Great Work,
from the earliest period to the present time, op
In which th? iliUory Uf every Nation, oucievt r.V't
vun/irn, la separately Kivon. By H 0. (JOODRICII,
Con mil to Paris, author of " p?,ur Parley * Tale#. '
Ac. 1,207 royal octavo pages, lilustiete I l.y 70 Maps
and 700 Kngra\ iugs. Round in m?raeeti
[)L7~ The work is not for *?lo in BoekrUi bp, hut is
sold only by Canvassing Agents, to whom the exulu
alve right of sale in their territory in given by-tl?
Twelve Thousand Copies already So/,//
by our AgenU. Canvassers who obtain but <?/? ?uk>
scriber por day make good mages.
[E7"" An active, energetic m>?nt, wanted in ev. ry
unoccupied county in the United States aud Canadi>*.
For fall particulars. Ac , addrecH
Mnrili 27?Publisher*, Auburn. N. V
811 Nassau ttretJ, New 1 art.
I^OREION PATENTS.?Tbr undersigned continu< s
to act ax Solicitor nnd A^ent for securing Patents
in nil oouutriea where they are granted. He is repre
sonted in Euro|?j by houorablo and reliable men, of
long-tried e*|?eru-nct>, through whom bo in enabled to
secure Patents in England, Scotland, Wale*, Irrlaci',
Fiance, Btlgiuin, Oeruiany, Austria, Russia., Prussi: ,
Hpnin, Portugal. Ac. ltis facilities for transacting
foreign Patent business nre nnmrpaased. Ho can
Kenorally obtain Certificates of Piovimonul Protcctiin
from ilio liritish Patent Office, within fix weeks from
the time the invention in lint committed to his caro.
Tho coat of liritish and other foreign Paten's. to
Amarfa-ana, bus been greatly reduced
The undersigned may be at all times consulted,
free of ?. urge, tiy letter, or personally at his office, in
reference t<? Patent*, Invention*, Ac. All commltn
tions and business strictly private For further in
formation, apply to Hr adiiress*
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patent*,
March 211. St5 Nassau ft, N. York.
TIllllS day published, the Fifth Edition, Revised.
A On- volume I2uio, oh th. <1.'J c?nts.
This volume should lie in the hands of every cuiti
valor ot these delicious fiiiitv, for it embodies, in a
compact and available form, the experience of aocrm
plished nnd practical Horticulturists on subjects
which have come directly under their own observa
tion for a long series of jrars. Of a former edition
of" Buchanan on tho Orape,'' we subjoin a few
Mr. Downing, in bis IfortimJtwrjit, fays : " It den's
more with facts, with actual experience and observa
tion, and lets with 8]>eculati<>ii. supposition, and l>e
liel'. tb'io anything on thin topic that has jet appear
ed in the United States. In other words, a man may
take it, and plant a vineyard, nnd raise jraj.es with
" Furnishes, in a small space, a very great amount
of instructive information relative to the culture of
the Orape."? Fetrmrr't mn! 1'luMcr's Enryrlopath /.
"Will be found to con;ey the nmst opportune and
valuable instruction, to all interested in the subject. '
Null's Fruit tut'/ b'/mrcr Oar/left.
Those w ho desire the book sent by mnil will re
ceive it., prepaid, by remitting the price, by letter
postpaid, to the Publirhers
March 27?2w Cincinnati.
For sale b* LIPPINCOTT ORAMRO. A CO.. Phil
adelphia; IVISON A PHINNEV. New York
f oeiiled in the villngc at lYfcflrnwvillc in the caunlr
of tor I In ml. Mew \ ork, wu* founded in 1M9, npoti
the brand principle* of '* Equal S l(hl? anil Chris
tian Reform," an<l is open to nit peraaaa of bet^j
acvea, of good moral character,
IT has been tho purpose of the Trustees of this
I School, from (ha first, to mako it boih safe aid
inviting to Students; and we believe we may now
snfoly recommend it, under the supervision and care
id President Leonard (J. Calkins, whose ability for
thnt responsible office has been most happily tested,
nssisted by a competent*' Roard ol Instruction." Free
from the unholy influence of larger towns, and per
vaded by moral influences, republican habits, and
Christian example, Associated with manual labor, *e
think parents must (eel a degree of aecurity, begotten
hy no other set of circuinatnnccs.
? >ne arrangement in this Institution, not to be over
looked in this .lay <d "public speaking," is a Rhetor
ical Class, with daily exercises in extemporaneous
speaking, under the careful training of the president.
The student of small means, aspiring to a thorough
intellectual education by his own energies, will fn d
in this College sympathy and aid in his arduous and
Doble woi k.
The Manual Labor Department of the School is
under the supervision i f Mr. Luther Wellington, a
practical farmer, a kind and benevolent man, on a
farm of one hundred and fifty-se^en acres
A primary school is tanght by Mi s Keriah King,
a thorough and efficient teacher, for the aecomwiod ?
tion of any one who may tot lie prepared to rutir
the Academic Department.
Tho boarding hall will becorducted by Mr Lyman
Rutts, who, together with an amiable family, wit
make boarding both cheap and pleasant.
The College year is divided into three terms: TVe
first term, of fourteen weeks, will o|ien on the first
Thursday in SrptemWr
The second, of Winter term, will commence on tl e
second Thursday in Decemlier, and continue fonrteen
The third and last, or Summer term, will begin o?i
the second Thursday in April, and close at the Col
lege Commencement, on the second Wednesday in
i! 7~ Any inquiries, relating immediately to the
school should be a<wfess>il to President L. <1 C'el
kirs, MctSrawv illc, Cortland connty. New York.
Anything regarding the pecuniary affairs, sb' ti'd
be addressed to A Caldwell, Treasurer, of the same
We would take this opportunity to recommet-d to .
the public our tried and ?| proved Agent*. Silas Ham
mond. S N Tali, and Eld. D. Pease, as worthy of
their confidence A. CaLDW KLL, fl?n Agent
Mi(ir(tim't/!r, 1854.
Ten Thousand Copies in I'm Days.
I uric Tom Krli|i*rtl by Ihr lamplighter!
THE most extraordinary anil Thrilling Tale of
modern times This is the nniverval testimony
of the Newspaper Press, and the verdict ol the A
n't; Ppbiir. We have boen utterly unable to fill our
orders, so great bns beun the demand foi this
The following are samples of tbe opinions of the
Corps Editorial
We have no hesitation in pronouncing The Lau p
light er one of tbe most original, interesting, graphic,
and affecting tales, that has lately appeared. Wn
predict foi it a aale and popularity c.|u?l to the ni<-?t
ancce sful of modem romance* Dm/v Eve. Trawt
frrf HonltiM.
For delicate and forcible delineation of chkracter,
this work ia hardly excelled ?lU-ninn Jmtrnal.
The l*ani|ilighlcr will shed many a ray around fire
sides and in hearths where now it in iv be there is
much of darkness and despair ? firm. Dostnn.
The life of Little tlertr. as portrayed in tba Lamp
lighter, is as deeply affecting as the best sketches of
Dickens Few person* having commenced this work
will be willing to put It aside until they have gone
through The author, whoever she may be, has no
reason to withhold her name, nsthe book would do
credit to h?ii writer.?? l)<ti/n Ai/ii 'liner, Ho*ton.
The Lamplighter teaches importaot, truths, which
cannot be too frequently impr?esed upon the minds
of alii and no one can study its insiruetire and fasci
nating page*, withont being made better by its kind
ly influences, lta author has evidently a highly cnl
tivated and refined, as writ as an original and imagi
native mind, and write# with the esse, the elassn a I
correclne?< of diction, and that choice selection of
terms, which indicitc th" pood Fngli?b scholar In
this respect, the Lamplif/hter is much superior to I'n
cle Tom's Cabin, whi.?e inelegances meet us at eve
ry turn?IfonftiH llnty Attn*
Published bv JOHN P. JKWETT .* CO , P.oston ;
land. Ohio; and for sale hy all Pnoksellers.
March f.
Office Nn'tonal J Inlet Ihnldmc. Pennsylrtf ia
lr oue, ll'n*hrnf,,tOH) I). C?
D1'\T.KH in Checks. Acceptances. Drsfta, Promis.
sory Botes, Hank Notes and Coin.
Notes i n all soL ? nt flank* in the United States
bought ai d sold, at tlo l-est prici s,
Niite*. Drafts, and Tlills, in Washington and Gonrjre
town collecti d, nnd remittances promptly made in
New No ' . Philadelphia. Raltimere, and other funds,
at a charge uf one quarter per cent.
Bill* of Exchange and llaok Checks, on most of tha
principal eitiea ol the I nion, bought and sold at tha
best rates. March 2.1.
Russia nntl Ihr Knstrrn ({nrMion.
?V RU HARn COHptN, k?<i , M P.
\\7IT8 an introduction by an American Citisen.
? V A timely work Price 25 cents. Pnbliahed hy

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