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FOWLERS A W KLLS publish tbe following Pe
rimlicals. They have an aggregate circulation of
about One Hundred Thousand Copies.
These Popular and Professional Serials afford an
excellent opportunity for bringing before the Public
with Pietorial Illustrations all subject* of interest,
Physiological, Educational, Agricultural, Mechanl
oal, and Commercial.
OF REFOKMS. Devotod to Hydropathy, its 1 In
losopby and Practice, to Physiology and Anatomy,
with illustrative engraving,, to Dietetl^ Exo^
Clothing. Occupations, Amusements. and ^o?Law?
which govern Life and Health. Published monthly,
n convoniont form for binding, at One Dollar a ear
woman, and child, who loves health ;
nrjiitice it* precept*."- Fo.nUui H Journal.
NAI?. a Repository of Soicnoc, Literature, and
General Intelligence j Devoted to Phrenology, Pbys
iology, Education, Magnetism, Psychology. Median
Urn Agriculture, Horticulture, Architecture, the
ArU and Sciences, and to all those Progressive Meas
ures which are calculated to Reform, Elevate, and
Improve Mankind. Illustrated with numerous por
traits and other eugravings A beautiful Quarto,
suitable for binding. Published Monthly, at On.
Dollar a Year in advance.
? A Journal couUiuing such a mass of interesting
matter, devoted to the highest happiness and inter
est* of man, written in the olear and lively style of
its practiced editors, and afforded at the ridiculously
low price ' ol one dollar a year, must succeed in run
uing up to its present lar^ecirculation (SU.tM?<? copies .)
to If much higher figure?'
TBRLY REVIEW. A now Professional Magaslno.
devoted to Medical Reform, embracing articles by the
best writers, oil Anatomy. Physiology. Pathology.
Surgery, Therapeutics, Midwifery, etc.. Reports o.
Remarkable Cases in General Practicc, Criticisms on
the Theory and Practice of the various Opposing Sys
terns of Medical Science, Reviews of New Publica
tions of all Schools of Medicine, Reports of the Prog
ress of Health Reform in all its Aspects, eto, ?tc., with
appropriate illustrations. Each number contain,
from 1V0 to 200 octavo pages, at Two Dollars a \ ear
" In addition to the widely circulated monthly jour
nals issued by Fowlers A Wells, we havotbeNew
Hydropathic Quarterly Review, edited by the most
distinguished members uf that school. It is filled with
Jrticles of permanent value, which ought to be read
by every American."?Ne.?> York Ti U>u nr.
Communications, New Books lor notice or review.
Advertisements, and Subscriptions, should be addross
, ed to the Publishers, FOWLERS A WELLS,
Clinton Hall, No. 131 Nassau st., New York
Jaa. 2-3w2d
Published by Tuknor, Reed, $ fields, Ronton.
? EATER. 1 vol. 16mo. 75 outs.
Contents.?The Conlossions Suspiria de Profun
Shakspeare Pop-. Lamb. Goethe.
75 cents.
Content*.?On the Knocking at the Gate in Mac
bath. Murder, Considered as ono ot the tine Arts.
Second Paper on Murder. Joan of Arc. The Lng
fob Mail Coach. The Visiou of Sudden Death. Din
ner, Real and Reputed. Orthographic Mutineers.
IV. THE CjKSARS. 1vol. l?mo. 75 ceuts.
vols, lftmo. $1.60.' _
Contentt?Literary Novitiate. Sir Humphry Da
vy William Godwin. Mrs. Grant Recollootions
of Charles Lamb. Walladmor. Coleridge Words
worth. Soothey. Recollections of Grasmere. i he
Saraoen's Head. Society of the Lakes. Charles
Lloyd. Walking Stewart Edward Irving. Tal
fourd. The London Magaxine. Junius. Clare pun
ningham. Attack of a London Jourual. Duelling.
NEOUS PAPERS. 2 vols. l?mo. $1 50.
Contents? The Household Wreck. The Spanish
Nan Flight of a Tartar Tribe. System ol the
Heavens as Revealed by the Telescope. Modern
Superstition. Coleridge and Opium Eating. Tom
per&nce Movement. On War. Tbe La?t Ley* of 1111
iii ecu el Kant.
ENGLISH WRITERS. 1vol. lttuoo. 75 cent*.
Content* ? The Poetry of Wordsworth. Percy
Bysshe Shelley. John Keats. Oliver GoldsmiLh.
Alexander Pope. William Godwin. John Foster.
William Haslitt. Walter Savage Landor.
SAYS. 2 vols l?mo. $150.
Content*. ?- Philosophy of Roman History. The
Kssenos. Philosophy of Herodotus. Plato's KepnW
l,fl. Homer and the Homeridac. Cieero. Style.
Rhetoric. Secret Societies.
lflino. 75 cents. . Tv_
Content*. ? The Affliction or Childhood. Dream
Echoes on these Infant Experiences. Dream Echoes
Fifty Years Later. IntriHluction to the World uf
_ Strife. Infant Literature. The Female Infidel. I
am Introduce*! to tho Warfare of a Public School I
Kntor the World The Nation ol London. Dublin.
First Rebellion in Ireland. Frcnch Invasion of Iro
land, and Second Rebellion. Travelling My Broth
?r. Premature Manhood. (This volome takes the
place in this Series of " Life and Manners. It Is a
reproduction of that volume, with additional matter,
aad is printed from Mr. De Qaincey's own revision |
Entirely new Volume*, nearly ready :
XIII and XIV. ESSAYS on Philosophical Wri
. tars and other Men ol Lotters. 2 vols. Irtuio. $IM.
Content*.? Hamilton. Mackintosh. Kant. Rich
ter. Leasing. Herder. Bentley Parr.
PipMi I to I. lfttno. 7 It cent*
Content*. ? Letters. Ureek Tragedy. Conversa
tion. Language. French and Knglish Manners
California aud the Gold Mania. Presence of Mind.
Jan h .
The Edectif Mag nine of Foreign Liter a tute,
IN literary merit and sterling worth, is without
question tbe best Mogatine published. It is such,
because it comprises, in moderste compass and con
venient form, tbe excellence* the choicest articles ?
the cream, so to speak, of all the leading Foreign
Quarterlies and Magaiines, and the productions of
their most gifted pens. In this respect, the Eclectic
I decided advantage over all other Magasirx<*
Omitting articles of mere local interest and minor
importance to tbe American reader, its pages offer lo
Ms patron* a large amount of literary wealth, of per
manent value, at a small price.
Tbe Eclectic is published In monthly numbers of
144 pages each, making three large volumes a year.
fH nearly I ,*?? pages, richly embellished with 12
splendid portraits of distinguished persons or histori
cal subjects Tbe prta is $5 a year. Tbe Janaary
n a saber begins a new volume Now is a ?ood time
to snb>cril>e Orders for the work are solicited. It
will be sent promptly by mail to all who order it.
Address W. H BI DWELL,
No. 12A Nassau street. New York.
. fry gets of tbe work, in V volumes, for the last
tbree years, neatly bound, lettered, sod numbered,
nay be had at the office of publication, and sent_ to
any part of the countiy. *?
PlB Boeton, Worceitor, Lowell. Fitchhurg. Nashua,
Concord. Bellows Falls, Ac , via Norwich and
Worcester, Worcester and Nashua. Boeton and Wor
cester, New London aad Wlllimantic. and Palmer
Railroads _ _ ..
Pmnsmts by tbia Una leave pier No. 18, North
River.foM of Coarttaadt street, every day at4 o'clock.
P. M., (Sundays excepted )
Steamer CONNECTICUT, Capt J. W. Williams,
will leave New Yorh every Tueeday, Thursday, and
Steamer WORCESTER. Captain William Wilcox,
will leave New York every Monday, Wednesday, and
fMiWfsri by this line arrive In time to tare tbe
trains o
H is we mscs..i Ollt of Boston.
Aa express freight tralh leaves Allvn's Point for
immediately on tbe arrival of the steamboats,
upangars taken si the lowest rates for New Lon
Harwich. Willimantic. Stafford. Munson, Palmer,
ir, Boston, Fltehburg, ijowell, Lawrence,
Concord, fellows FalTs, and other places in
l New Hampshire and Vermont. Freight
ttui lowewfc'i'wSes
si lafaiinellon Inrisirr rf T S MARTIN,
>, on pier 18, North River, foot of Court
No freight reeelved after o'clock
Jaa tt?Iw
have now ready lor delivery
Vtews of Southern Law, Life, and Hosjntalttf
Written in Charleston. 8. C., by F. 0. Adams
1^11 K above work forius a beautiful I2iuu volume o!
over SOU pages, small pica. Prioe?in paper,
cents; muslin, 7!? cent*. The uauai discount to tu?
Trada. Orders solicited Copies sent by uiail, pre
paid, any distance under JJ.OOO miles, for HI cents.
The above work is a delineation of the scenes anu
inoidenu connected with the imprisonment, in 1852
0 1 Manuel Pereira, steward of the British brig Jan
?on, in the jsil of Charleston, 8. C.
The following notice of this work ia copied from th?
NuiMual H>u of February 17:
"The above ia the title of a work now in press
founded upon that infamous statute of Koulh Caroliua
by which her oitiaens claim a right to imprison mlurn,
smhuh, of nil nations, and even those cast upon theii
shores in distress We have perused the book in ad
vaiiue of it* publication, and find that it gives a life
like pioturu ot Pereira, the vessel in which he sailed
1 he storms she encountered, and her wrecked condition
when brought into the port of Charleston, 8. C.; to
guthcr with the imprisonment of Pereira, several sea
men belonging to the Now England States, and twi
Flinch seamen; the prison regiiuen, character of thr
(ftirleston police, and the mendacity of certain offi
oiula, who make the law a medium of peculation. Th?
work is replete with incidents of Southern life and
oharacier, fainting Southerners to the things that call
for correction at their own hands, with a force thai
cannot be mistaken. The work is written by one whr
has taken a prominent part in the aQ'uiraof the South
and cannot lail to interest alike the general reader
ooiniuercial man, and philanthropist."
The above work can be obtained, at wholesale
prices, from
John P. Jkwktt A Co., lloston, Mass.,
Skew it* J. JUatkn, 48 Ueckiuan st., New York,
Willis 1*. Ua/.?kii, Philadelphia,
And from the publisher*.
BUKLL A BLANCHARD Washington. D. 0
And Journal of Rural Arl awl Rural Taste.
TIIR HORTICULTURIST is a Monthly Journal,
devoted to Horticulture and ita kiudrej arts, Ku
lal Architecture and Landscape Hardening. It is ed
ited by P. Bakkv, late Horticultural editor of the
(lenesoe Farmer, and author of that popular work,
" Tho Fruit Harden.'' To theso who cultivate Fruit
or Flowers, thi&work is iudispensable, as it contains
full directions for cultivation, as well asevoryfbing
new on the subject, either in this country or iu Ku
THK HORTICULTURIST is beautifully printed,
on the best paper, with costly illustrations on wood
and stone. It contains 4)S pages, without advertise
ments, and oach number has a full page engraving od
stone, of some rare fruit or flower, drawn from nature,
by the best lixing artist in this line.
Tkkms.? Two dollars jrr annum, in atlvanrr. A
discount of 25 per cent. allowed to agents. Fustmaa
ters and others are invited to act as agents, to whom
specimen numbers will bo sent, free of postage, on ap
plication to J AMES VICK, Jr.,
Pfch. 4 Publisher, Rochester, New York.
P. S. A now volume commenced on the first of
BEAUTIFULLY illustrated with original designs.
By Jacob Abbott.
Rollo on the Atlantic " is the first book of a se
ries to be published under the geueral title of Rollo'a
Tour in Europe.
Extract from the Preface :
"The books are intended to be books of instruc
tion, rather than of mere amusement; and, in peru
sing them, the reader may feel assured that all the in
formation which they contain, not only in respect to
the ooutitries visited, and to the customs, usages, and
modes ot lilo that are described, but also in regard to
the general character of the incidents and adventures
that the young travellers meet with, is in most strict
accordance with fact. Tho main design of the narra
tive is thus the communication of useful knowledge;
and everything which they contain, except what is
strictly personal, in relation to the actora in the atory,
may be depended upon as exactly and acrupulouslv
true." Published by
Jan 6 24 CornhUI, Boston.
New Edition.
F ?' * ?f?DLE, No. fl South Fifth street,
I J* Philadelphia, have recently published a new,
stereotype edition of
English Literature of the Nineteenth Century,
On the plan of the author's " Compendium of English
Literature. ' and aiipplemcntary to it. Designed for
colleges and advanced classes in schools as we! as
for private reading. By Charles D. Cleveland.
The ' Compendium of English Literature," by Prof.
Cleveland, comprises biographical sketches and so
lections from the writings of English authors, from
the fourteenth to the eighteenth century, chronologi
cally arranged; together with copious Note*, explan
atory. illustrative, Ac. The volume now advertised,
which is arranged on the same plan as the "Com
pendium," comprises in ita list of authors such a*
nourished in the eighteenth century, bat dtfd in the
present; together with those strictly of Uie nine
teenI h century, whether living or dead.
The present edition of ' English Literature of the
Nineteenth Century " contains biographical sketches
and selections Cram the writings of one hundred and
six authora, the narno of twenty-seven of whom did
?"t ap|iear in the tnhle of contents (if (he former edi
tion ; together with many improvements throughout
the Volume.
Prof C.'s two volumes of Enflish Literature art
now extensively used as toxt-books In colleges, acad
emies. and the higher class of seminaries, throughout
tlio I 'uited States. The following opinions relative
to " English Literature of the Nineteenth Contury,"
are selected from a large number equally commends
lory of the work:
From Prof. C/uiunrrt, A. Gootlrirh, D. />., of l'a/r
" I consider Prof. Cleveland's 'English Literature
of the Nineteenth Century ' an appropriate sequel to
his Compendium. The author nai shown tho sum*
just and delicate appreciation of literary excellence
in this, as in the former volume; and, as it reaches
down to our times, it will be still more interesting to
a large portion of the public, and especially to the
young Few persons can understand what an amount
of reading, thought, nice discrimination, and labori
ous coi densation of knowledge, are requisite to the
production of such a work , and jnst in proportion as
m?n toil more extensively in this fieltl, will be the
estimate they will put upon this result of the author s
Prom Grorge ft Rmrrmtn, Kfq , of'tlotton.
"I have examined your ' English Literature of the
Nineteenth Century,' and I like it exceedingly It
is extremely well and fairly done. The biographical
notices are jnst and discriminating , and, while they
aro long erough to gratify the curiosity we have to
know something of an author, fiey are so spirited as
to awaken a desire to know more. The selections
are admirable. I have adopted the work as a tefct
noak for iny first ciass, every individual of which is
now preparing, under its guidance, to give a faller
account of the writings of some one chosen author.''
From Rev. B. P. Afdilott, D. P., of Cineimmtti.
" I have examined with much care, and still greats
er plearure, and, I truat, not a little profit, your
English Literature of the Ntnete*Dth Century.' *
* h is, I believe, the rirkrM ro/ltrlion of gemn in
our hvgrmge. Thers is nothing in it I would omit,
and yet it ia not too large for oofruJnr use. Consid
ering the Very l.ri?f iiu.it* to wV.ich you were obliged
to confine yourself. I am surprised at the fullness and
richness of your biographical detail* Your most
difficult and dell *ate task, however, waa the critic*!
judgment to be psseed up n each author; and here
I think you have been very happy?diacriminalirg
and jnst, and yet kind. * * But I would feel that
whatever I hare said ahont the volnme, however
true, ought to be considered ss of little worth, could
I not add?m I cheerful It do?a stro g testimony to
itt high moral tore and eminently Christian sririt.
lbe general reader cannot fail to be interested the
stndent profited, th* scholar delighted, and the man
&SUR&3 r"'
For sale by the publishers, at Philadelphia ; by C.
M. 8 ax ton, New York; Phillips, Simpson, A Co.
Boston; Cash,ngs A Bailey, Baltimore; John B.
^ n 11 W D^V' Cincinnati, Jew
ett A Co., Cleveland, and by booksellers generally.
Jan 2?2d2w * '
Teftell Meter ia I and ('acini Work, for tbeYMrMM.
One Thonnand Dollar* a Year!
WANTED, ia every county of the United Statoa,
active and enterpriaing men, to engage in the
sale of some of tho best Books published in the coun
try. To men of good addraaa, possessing a small cap
ital of from $26 to $100, such inducements will be
offered as to enable them to make from $3 to J.'> a
day profit.
Qjr The Books published by as are all useful in
their character, extremely popular, and command
"*b?s wherever they are offered. ?
For farther particulars address, postage paid,
Feb 11?4t 181 William street. New York.
UPON the receipt of TWO DOLLARS, by mail, the
subscriber will imuiodiatoly forward, tree of
postage, a pack of fifty Visiting curds, with the name
of the person imitten u|M>n thom in a style which re
quires the closest examination to distinguish it irorn
miprmvittg, Wedding Cards, froiu four to five dollar*
per puck of fifty Samples will, be to persous by
np|>lyiug, |?i.stago paid, uiid enclosing a stamp. Write
Iho name plainly. Address
Dec 2V?8t Seventh str?et. Washington, D. C
A PARTNER, who is a practical Druggist, and oar.
bring a cash capital of froui five to ten thousand
dollars, to invest in a woll established wholesale Drug
House, at one of the best points in the Western coun
try for a large jobbing trade.
It is about four years since this house was flrsi
opened and hns done a large and profitable business
from the start. I purchased and have conducted the
business for over two years, during which tirno the
trade has steadily increased from over filly per cent,
during the first year's business lo one hundred and
fifty per cent, the past year. And, with my facilities
for business, Western acquaintance, Ac , the trade
can I* made, with the additional capital required, to
reach from one hundred to one hondrod and fitly
thousand dollars annually.
For further particulars, address the undersigned,
as above All letter* of inquiry will meot with prompt
attention I M. ASHLEY.
Jan. 28?Id I w
PKori.v's Patkrt OrricK. 8ft Nassau si., JV. Y.
INVENTORS uod others desiring to apply for Ca
vents lire informed that a I Ithe necessary drawings
and papers are prepared by the undersigned with the
utmost dispatch, and on the most moderate terms
All other Patent business promptly attended to.
Persons wishing f r information or advice relative
to Putents or InvtnLions may at all times consult the
undersigned without cluirut, either personally at hit
office, or-by lottrr. ALFRED E. 11EAC.U,
Felt. 3. Solicitor of Patents, 8fi Nassau St., N. Y
nnilis Institution hun been in successful operation
X three yeurs. and its proprietor, having devoted
twenty five years lo the management of the sick ie
now enabled to judiciously select, and skillfully ap
ply, such curative agencies as are best adapted to
each case. Kmale diseases, in nil their forms, re
ceivo particular attention ; and those even who have
been confined to their beds from one to twenty years
with spinal, uterine, or anomalous disease, are n&<ur'
ed that there is still hope for them We ospocialh
invite such to correspond with us, us unrivalled suc
cess has given us confidence of their curability. De
rangemeiit of the nervous system, livor, and digostivt
organs, are generally relieved. Terms, from $(5 to
$IZ per week, accordiny to helplessness or the amount
of care requited. Address
no W.W. BANCROFT, M. D.,
uec. Granville, Licking co., Ohio.
THE subscriber is prepared to Lecture, the present
season, on tho new method of Building, with the
gravel wall, in the Octagon and Ilexagonalf orms.
Address I. H. STEARNS,
? n 5. Abington, Mass.
THJ? f,l,,gSnt and P?Pular Weekly Agricultural
X family Newspaper will commenoe its third vol
ume on the 1st of January, 1854. It will be illustra
ted with numerous engravings of Domestic Animals
Farm Buildings, Farm Implements, Trees, Shrubs
and all the important affairs connected with Horti
culture, Agriculture, and Stock
Each number will contain, besides Fbreign and
Domestic News, selections from the most interesting
I ublications of the day, Stories, Wit, History, Biog
raphy, Poetry, Essays on various subjects, Market
Reports ol Cleveland. New.York, Cincinnati, Ac. In
short, nothing will be left undone which mav he
thought necessary to render " The Ohio Farmer * the
best Family Paper for the Farmer, Gardener, Me
St0?,k Breeder, that is published in thf
I nited States. That the circulation may be general
we have msdo the terms low.
? T'""s ??ne copy, $2, three copies, $5, five cop
tes. 98; ten copies $15; twenty copies, $25: and at
the same rate for six months. Address
THOMAS BROWN, Proprietor,
Cleveland, Ohio.
0^- Editors friendly to our enterprise, who will
copy the above advertisement, and send a paper
marked to us. shall have the Farmer the coming
year, with or without an exchange. Dec. 22-4t
X nut street, above Seventh, Philadelphia.
A new manual of the dining-room and kitchen, con
taining original recipes in every branch of cookery
domestic beverages, food for invalids, pickling. A*
Together with bill of fare for every day in the year
rules lor carving, Ac., by a Practical HoaaekeJner,
and pupil of Mrs Goodfellow. With appropriate il
lustrations l2mo, cloth or half-bound. T5 cents
I M?V i,1sh",u',d l>? ' Ah. well, that's a pretty
bold title . And a dubious one, t?>o, exclaims another
lor ir the authoress is going to tell us what it should
be, that will be nothing new, for we all know by dailv
experience what it should and coald be, but what it
h. w?? W.e,,.'"hc t*"1 y?u what it should be, and
how to make it so; and in short, plain, practical, and
simple rules, such as t he result of a long and constant
y active ex|?Tience in providing lor the daily wants
>1 a large household, enables her to do in the very
best manner. Every one who has eaten at our au
thoress s board will bear ample testimony to the ex
ce lent qualities of the many good things she daily
s, Is before them. pre,>ared under her own supwin
forth an ,nukin* "hich Hbo h,"roiD
i?Jhr ""if*1 of tho world renowned Mrs. Goodfel
hrkes. pastry, and sw.etineats, are now for
tho firat time eoliected together for tho benefit ol all
who doeire to be good hou*okco]*rH.
In *hort, this new Cook Book is offered to tho pub
lie as the best which has over been prepared, and the
pubhsher invites all housckoeners to purchase it and
P ??. ?* '.Con n'U,mt l"8J will recommend it
wh if'.k aVh# <>n|y practical Cook Book ol
which they can make daily use in all their household
dUt,e^ ' Jan 21.
>4 ft/ kor of ^ Dtilrtiini,'' fit.
T'lhLCOLUMBIA GLEE B00K j or, Music for
X the Million, in three parts.
l0ra,,ri"in8 tbe rkrgwt number of choiec
^ H?agn' ?P?? Choruses. Ac.,
.?f Anthems, Choruses
V> v ' r societies and concerts
. 7 ? ~r,l,UininK u">|,t "f lbe 01,1 popular Conti
? ? n l!",r M*kinK th<' D10,t complete col
lection, in all it< foatures, ever published
for sale by
l*Washington, D. C.
MOORE, ANDERSON, A CO., Cincinnati,>hi?
_Jan ?n,d<,r Ohio.
Edited hy Uncle ljiunist Sifraciiset Y.
*T*HE want of a I>n[.er for children, of a reformatory
L character, has long been folt. The juvenile pa
pers of onr land do not meet the demands of the com
munity. They please tho eye and interest the reader
but do not instruct and enlighten tbe mind with rel'
erenoe to the great sins of the day. Reformers ? The
Juvende Instructor is intended to meet this demand.
It is the paper for children- for Sabbath schools and
Day schools.
fhe Instructor is published every other week, or
twenty six numbers per year. A new volume cem
mences January 6 1854. A Corresponding Editor
has been secured Her writings for children are al
ready known and admired by many. Illustrations
will he ftiven in every number. No reasonable ex
pense will be spared to make it attractive. Five thou
sand subscribers yrere added last year.
^[/r Tf*mt?invariably in advance.
ror copt^i * ? ? ? . n
Five lo one person . . . . j
Ton to one person .... 170
ThitT'7 t P^d - ? M
Thirty do. 4 20 do. . 5 ^4
Forty do. 5 40 do. . 7
Fifty do. H 00 do. . 8 40
One hundred do. 12.00 do. x. 10 HO
This is only twelve rent* a where filly copies
are taken ; which is as cheap as any other children's
them' A<lilresseOUntl7' ^ tt"tn lo*ny
. LUCIUS 0. MATLACK, Syrwnse, N. Y.
r. a. Specimen numbers sent, free of charge.
??an. 7-??2m
Asiatic Fowls,
I^OR SALE, at auction prices, a choice lot of Asi
iV.. P(^W,"? ",n'Utin* of ?>e Brahma Pootra,
Ch,tugong. Gray Shanghai, and Cochin China vari
etirs, all joung fowls, and warranted to be of pure
blood and of the largest breeds. Per pair, $15. Two
pallets and a cock. $15. Cooped and sent by express.
'! I* ^e United States, promptly, on reoelpt
of the money. The above prices are extremely low,
* ?: for **??? birds being $20 to
?J#perpaif. ALFRED E REACH.
March 11? 4tw 80 Na^san st., New York.
Reference ^P. T Bamam. Esq President of the
Nation*! Poultry HoeUty
" If any State doom* tho retail uud internal traffic
iu urdent ipiriU injurious to it< citiusi, and ealcu
I it tod to produce idleness. vioo, or dobauoliory, I boo
nothing in tbo Constitution of the United State* to
prevent it from regulating or restraining tho traffic,
or from prohibiting it altogothor. if it thinks proper.
/ Chief ./tutut Tattty.
ON or before tho 1st of January, 18M, tho Exocu
tivo Committee of the Now \ork Stute Temper
ranee Society, will issue the first number of a Month
ly 'i'einporance Journal, under the title of" [hi Pko
Ith Sizk.?It will bo printed on a doublo uiodium
sheet, making eight quarto pages, of four oolumns to
a page; and, excluding advertisement*, each number
will contain an amount of rewliug matter equal at
leant to that furnished by our larger sixod dally jour
nal*, or to that of an ordinary duodecimo volume of
150 pagan.
Its Objkct.?To advocate tho Cause of Tein|>er
anoe generally, and especially the Legislative Prohibi
tion of tho Traffic in Intoxicating Beverage*, to pre
pare the mind* of tho masses for *uch Prohibition, by
showing its expediency and Necessity, and to secure,
bv all the influence it may legitimately exert, tho
vigorous onforceuient of Prohibitory Law* whou ob
Its Field.?Dealing with general principles, with
arguments alike applicable to every cpiuiuunity whore
tho traffic exists and with facts illustrative of these
arguments and principles, the paper will be Nut to nut
in its spirit, in its soopo, in its purpose, and, we trust,
it will bo National in its oiroulatiou and influence.
Such is our aim and expectation. Wo desire to see
the Principle of Prohibition established in State after
State, till it become* the rocogniaod policy of tho Na
tion. It is our ambition to boar a part in this great
work, and to this opd Tiik PrOhibitiohist is estab
lished, not as the organ of a society merely, but of a
Great It kit ohm a to kv Movkmkmt.
Ith Nbcicssitv.?The existing Temperance Jour
nals have little, if any, circulation outside of the Tem
perance Hanks. Their prico almost necessarily re
stricts them to tho friends of tho cause. Tiik Pro
hibitionist is designed for circulation (instead of j
tracts) among tho indifferent and the hostile. For
this purjioso it is put at a prioe so low a* to enable
the friends of Temperance iu every school district, by
combined action and at an inconsiderable oxpen.se,
to placo a copy in each family that will consent to re
ceive it.
Its Piticx.?Ono copy for one year - - $0 60
Thrco, to one address, one year 1 00
Sovon do. do. - - 2 00
And for each additional four copies, $1.00 will be
added, for any quantity less than fifty copios
For fifty copies to one address - - $11 00
For 100 do. do. - 20 00
No subscription received for less than ono year,
and in every caso tho order must be accompaniod by
the money.
The paper will bo undor the general direction of
the Executive Committoe, who have roceived ample
assurances of literary aid trom not a few of the ablest
and most eminent writers in the temporanco ranks
throughout tho Union.
The work will be stereotyped, and back numbers
can be supplied to new subscribers at any time during
the year.
All orders should be addressed to 0. Soovill, Pub
lishing Agent, Albany.
Communications for tbo paper, or in relation to the
interests of the cause generally, should bo directed to
Wm. H. Burleigh, Corresponding Socretary.
In behalf of the New York State Temperance So
ciety : EDWARD C. DBLAVAN, President.
Kxeciitivr Committff.?Henry Mandeville, Keuben
H. Walworth, John 0. Cole, I. N. WyckofT, William
Richardson, Edgar B. Day, Harmon Camp, B. P.
Staats, Oliver ScoviU.
[]^~ Tho Committee request all editors in tho Uni
tod States to give tho above one insertion in their
columns. To all wl?o comply with this request, we
wid send the Prohibitionist for one year, without tun
exchange, unless they choose to add to our obligation
by sending their papers also, which would, of course,
be most thankfully received. Jan. 2?dtf
IS the cheapest and best Musical Paper in the
wprld. This Journal, which has heretofore been
published monthly, commences its fifth year in Jan
uary next, and thenoeforward it will bo published
every two weeks?on every other Thursday; theroby
giving more than twice as much matter, without any
increase in price. Each number contains sixteen
quarto pages, four of which are new music, consist
ing of glees, hymn tanas, chants, anthems, dedication
and holyday pieces, and, in short, every variety of
inusio adapted to purposes of religious worship, to
public occasion*, and to the home cirole, all of wnich
will be of a practica^cbaracter, and such as can be
sung by persons of ordinary musical attainments. In
the editorial department of the Review are engagod
tin addition to Mr. Cady, the former editor) gentle
mon of the highest talent and riocst musical experi
ence, among whom are George P. Root, William B.
Bradbury, Thomas llastings, and Lowell Mason;
and its circle of correspondence, home and foreign,
is complete. The Review will also be a regular me
diuin for the announcement of new musical publica
tions by all the leading publishing houses in the
Union. The subscription list of this paper is now
larger than that of any similar journal in the world,
and the new arrangements, rendering it the cheapest
as well as (it is hoped) the most valuable musical
paper aver publisbod, must largely increase its al
ready unparalleled circulation.
Trrmt. ? One dollar per annum, or six copies for
Ave dollars, always in advance.
(jy The music alone in a volume would cost over
five dollars in the usual form. Beside this, tnere will
be an immense amount of musical nows, essays, crit
icism, instruction, Ac., all for only one dollar! Ev
ery one foeling a particle of interest in the cause of
music will surely subscribe.
Specimen numbers sont on receipt of two letter
' postage stamps. Address, always post_paid,
Dec. 22. 23 Park Row, New York.
THE ship* comprising this line are fhe following
The ATLANTIC, Capt West.
The PACIFIC, Capt. Nye.
The ARCTIC. Capt. Luce.
The BALTIC. Capt. Comstock.
Tho ADRIATIC, Uapt. Graf.on.
These ships have been built by contract expressly
for Government service; every care has been taken
in tbelr eon-traction, as also ia their engine*, to in
sure strength and speed ; and their accommodations
for passengers are unequalled for elegance and com
Price of pas?age f om New York to Liverpool, in
first cabin, $120; in second cabin, $70. Exclusive
use of extra rise state rooms, $300. From Liverpool
U New York. ?T0 and ?20
An experienced sargeon attachod to each ship.
No berths can be seenred until paid for. ?
raopoHRn dats* or saimno.
]g*S. IH53.
From N*p York. " From Uvcritool.
Saturday. November 2? Wednesday, Nov. 30.
Saturday, December 10. Wednesday, Deo. 14.
Saturday, l>eeember 24. Wednesday, Dec. 28.
A CO.. 1
No. Ml Wall Street, N. Y.
1.1 King s Anns Yard, Loj^Hl^H
2(1 Rne Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris
The owners of these ships will not be accountable
for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious
stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are s!*ned
therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed.
?Ian. 7?d
GIVES over #00 large,donble^olnmn octavo pages
I of Choice Reading Matter In a year; also, from
12 to lb Steel Engravings, of a high order of exjel
ler.ee, besides from IM to 20? Fine Wood Engrav
All for $1.25, in club* of Four Subscriber*.'
No periodical in the United States has been more
generally or more warmly commended by tho Press
than the "HOME MAGAZINE.''
The third volume, which begins in January, 1854,
will contain a new moral Story, by Mr. ARTIIl'R, of
considerable length, entitled
"fie Angel of the HonMihold."
tcrSend for Specimen numttTt. They will be
furnished free of charge.
Term*, i* AnvANcK, $2 a year
Four copies, one year, $5
Twelve copies, one year, $16, and one to getter up
of olub.
OyThe nome Magasine ami Oodey s Lady's Book
sent one year for $3.50.
Address, post-paid, T. 8 ARTHUR A CO.,
Jan. I?. 107 W?hn?i Philadalp
PROPOSALS for making 1,000.000 of brick, for the
Albany Manual Labor University, will bereceir
?d until 20th March next Also, proposals for laying
up the same, either in connection with the making, or
as a separate job, will be raoaived until the 1st of
May Proposals should be addressed to the under
sig. ed, Lee Post Office, Athens county, Ohio.
By order Ex Board: WM, 8. LIWI8, Ser
A/hantf, hit)nary 29, 1854.
ANY persuu who will Mod his aUdnxw, and on*
dollar, in an envelopo, post paid, to K. JORDAN,
Newbury, Vermont, shall have font hi in by mail,
pout paid, in return, a papor informing him?-1st, bow
to make four qualities of feed for bees, coating from
H to 0 cents per lb., from whiob good honey is pro
duoed; 2d, giving information how to use the feed
with any common hive, with drawers; 3d, giving in
formation bow to prevent fighting and robbing while
in the process of t'ooding Knowing that multitudes
are desirous to obtain the above information, and
that it is more than an equivalent for the dollar
asked, no apology is needed for this notice. 1'leane
send a void dollar, or a ourreut billon some New
England bank, wbcn possible.
Nov. 17. E. JORDAN.
in the euro of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchi
tis, Sore Throat, Hoarseness, Difficult Breathing, In
oipient Consumption, and Diseases of the Lungs.
They have no taste of medicine, and any child will
take them. Thousands bare been restor<xi to health
that bad before despaired. Testimony given iu bun
(I reds of cases A single dose relieves in ten viimUes.
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers?the original
and only genuine is stamped " Bryan." Spurious
kinds are offered for Bale. Twenty-five cents a bo*.
Sold by dealers generally. J. BRYAN A CO., Roch
ester, N. Y., Proprietors. Wholesale by R. S. T. CIS
SKL, Druggist, Georgetown, D. C., and C. WISE
MAN, Druggist, Baltimore. Oct. JO?3mi
New York, 110 Broadway, Rooms Nuj. 8 and 9
THIS Agenoy is established for the purchase and
sale, on commission,, of unimproved Mines anu
Mining Stock iu Companies organised and at work
also, for furnishing all kinds of Machinery and Mining
Tools, as ordered ; also, the Chemical Analysis of Ore*
and other substances, as forwarded from any part qi
the couutry.
A printed circular, giving full explanations, will I*
sent in answer to any post-paid letter enolosing on>
three cent Post Oflioe stamp.
July 21. No. 110 Broadway, New York.
THE undersigned will commence, on or about Hie
1st of February, in the " Philadelphia Sauday
Mercury," the publication of a thrilling and interest
ing story, written expressly for that paper, by (loorge
Lippard, entitled
The story is founded on farts oonnocted with the
operations of the " Fugitive Slave Law " iu the city
of Brotha ly Love, and in point of interest is fully
equal to Mr. Lippard's celebrated work, " The Quaker
A new volume ot the Mercury commences with the
New Year, and all who wish to subscribe to one of
the best family newspapers published in the United
States, should forward their names without delay.
1 copy, one year $1 60
5 copies, do. 7.00
10 copies, do. 12.00
20 copies, do. ..... 20.00
Publishers "Sunday Mercury,"Philadelphia, Pa.
Jan. 5
Important Reduction in the Rates of Postage
Leonard scott a co., No. m Gold ?t,c*
New York, continue to publish the followin) *
British Periodicals, vit:
"The London Quarterly Review (Conservative.
The Edinburgh Review (Whig.)
The North Bi-itinh Review (Free Church.)
The Westminster Review (Liberal.)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.)
These Reprints have now been in successful opera
tion in this country for t wenty years, and their circu
lation is constantly on the increase, notwithstandini
the competition they encounter from American peri
odicals of a similar class, and of numerous Eclectic
and Magazines made up of selections from foreign p?
riodicals. This fact shows clearly the high estimat>oi
in which they are held by the intelligent reading
Eiublic, and affords a guarantee that they are estub
ished on a firm basis, and will be continued withou
Although these works are distinguished by the po
litical shades above indicated, yet but a small portioi
of their contents is devoted to political aubiccts. I.
is their literary character which gives them their cbie
value, and in that they stand confessedly far abovi
all other journals of their class. BlaeJcwotd, still un
der the masterly guidance of Christophe> North, main
tains its ancient celebrity, and is at this time unusn
ally attractive, from the serial works of Bulwer aa<
other literary notables, written for that Magatine, ant
first appearing in it* columns both in Great Britait
and in the United States. Such works as " The Cnx
tons" and " My New Novel," both by Bulwer; " Mj
Peninsular Modal," "The Green Hand, and other
serials, of which numerous rival editions are issued bj
the leading publishers in this country, have to be re*
printed by those publishers from the pages of Black
wood, after it has been issued fry Messrs. Scott C'o.
so that subscribers to the Reprint of that Magacint
may always rely upon having the earliest reading oi
these fascinating talea.
TERMS. Par a,
For any one of the three Reviews ? -
For any two - I
For any three *
For all four of the Reviews 1
For Blackwood's Masaxine
For Blackwood and three Reviews t
For Blackwood and the four Reviews ? >11
For Farmer's Guide, complete, 22 numbers - I
Ci.phhino.? A discount of 25 per oent. from tli>
above prices will be allowed to clubs ordering font
or more copies of any one or more of the above work*
Thus: four copies of Blackwood or one Review wil
be sent to one address for $tf, four oopie* of the fou
Reviews and Blackwood for t'M), and so on.
To any part of the United States on Blackwood. 2
cents per annum ; on either of the Reviews. 14 cent*
Remittances and communications should be alway
addressed, post paid, to the publishers,
LEONARD SCOTT A CO., 7# Fulton at., N. Y.,
Entrance, 54 Gold atreet.
N. B.?L. S. A Co. have recently published, and hav?
now for sale, the Farmer 'a Quid*, by llenry Stephens
of Edinburgh, and Profeaaor Norton, of Yale College
New Haven, complete in two volumes, royal octavo
containing 1,600 pages, 14 steel and 600 wood engra
vings. Price, in muslin binding, $0, in paper covert
for the mail. $6. Sep. 29.
PROSPECtr* or THE imh- i-kmh \ i
Volume Sixth?1864.
THIS well known and widely circulated Journal,
conriuoted by Pastors of Congfegational churches
in New York and vicinity,hns completed Us fifth year
It la now enlarged; is published in a quarto lorm,
and contains sixteen columns, or fifty per rent, more
reading matter than ever before, being the largest
religions paper in the ifiorld!
In sedition to the regular editorial corps, Rev. G
B. Chkkvbr, D D., Rev. Hknry Warp Bkkciirk,
Mrs. 11. B Stow*, Rev. C. L. Brack, and "Minnis
M vrti.r," are stated contributors, engaged to write
find will be assisted by most able CorreS|>ond
home and abroad, who will do all in their
make this Journal an interesting religion?
i/y paper.
.? Notwithstanding the immense addition of
$8,000 to the yearly expenaes of the pa|>er,
tne price will remain the same?
if paul strictly in iulvance, or $2,50 if not paid within
three montha No new names entered without the
Apr nit.?Clergymen and Postmaster* are antho
rised Agents, and are solicited to engage in the work
of extending our circulation Fifty cents commission
on each new subscriber will be allowed them.
Any person wishing to subscribe, will please enclose
in an envelope two tmii.i.akk, and address
Nn. 10 Sjtrnce street, Nctn York,
Prepaying postage; and money ?o sent will be con
sidered at our risk.
KT-The paper will be sent in exchange for one year
to nnv newspaper or monthly periodical that will pub
lish this Prospectus, including this notice.
New York, Jan. 6, 18S4.
UNPRECEDENTED sale of the Stool Plate En
graving of the Lord's Prayer.
Agents Wanted.?The subscriber is now publish
ing a splendid Steel Engraving of the lord's Prayer,
which is moeting with a largo and rapidly incron.'ing
sale. The business offers rare Inducements to active
and energetic men, as there ia no competition, and
pavs a profit of 100 percent. A small cash capital
only required Apply, by loiter or otherwise, to K.
L. BUSHNELL A CO., No 1 Conrtland street, New
York, successors to George W. Frank.
Among the many testimonials which the publisher
ha* received in its favor, he subjoins the following
from the Rev. J. C. Lord, D. D., of Buffalo, N. York :
" I have examined the beaut iful Steel Plate En
gra* ing of tho Lord's Prayer, find think ft su|>?riorto
anything 1 have ev?r seen, and well worthy the pat
ronage of the Christian public. J. C. Lord "
Jau *- ldftw R L BUSHNELL A CO
BY HON. CHARLES SUMNER. With 441 ?pl*udi.
illustration* by Billimrs, engraved by Baker A
Smith It makes a beautiful 16mo volume of about
140 pages, bound in oloth, thin board#, printed in tb
most elegant style, on the best paper.
Introduction. Territory of the Barbary States. Th?
Subject and Sources of Information. '
I. Origin of Slavery. Slavery in the Barbary States
II. History of Whue. Sltsvery in liarbury ; Karl)
Efforts against It?by Ferdinand the Catholic, bj
Charles V, by England, by Franoe, by Holland; Free
dom by R*U*nptio?; Freedom by Conspiracy / Free
doiu by Escape; White American Victims to Barb
ry j Parallel between White and Black Slavery; Tri
umphant Abolition of White Slavery.
III. True Character of Whue Slavery r? Harbart
Apologies for White Slavery; Happy Condition of tb<
Whiteslaves; Better off in Barbary than at Home
Better off than the Free Christians iu Barbary; Nev
ertheless, Unquestionable Knorinity of White Slavery
in Barbary. Conclusion Price M cts.; postage 1 Sots
M arcb 11 Ofl? BslWllll m
(hie Volume 12rno, SI.
THK objoet of this tale is to exhibit in different
phusux, in high life and low lifo, the acoursed
effects of intoiuperate drinking, the bane of social
life, the curse of civiliiod man. The characters arc
well aud sharply drawn, and the various scenos are
described with much spirit and graphic effoct. * *
* Wo are disposod to regard tho book as tho best
of its kind that has yet appoarod.?liosion Traveller.
It is not often that we read a story of any kind,
but wo have broken our practico, and have read thic
book not only with plousuro, but with n gratification
which but very few novols have ever afforded us. It
is a quiet and siiuplo, but still striking and effective
picture of Auiericaii social lifo.?Chicago Tribune.
Written with marked ability.?Zanesville Courier.
A thrilling picture of the effects of that infernal
bane of social life, inteiaporance.?liirh nmnd J'al
ladmrn. t-wt.-i;
The style is attractive aud fascinating; there is a
freshness and originality about it, that is very picas
ing. * * * One of its chief merits is the excel
lence of its conversations.?Enquirer.
Has so many thrilling passages and well drawn
characters, that you read it with absorbed attention.
It cannot fail to achieve for Mrs. Collins an enviable
popularity. She tukos us with her to the drunkard's
home, and tells of tho hunger and the fear, tho toil
and tho suffering, that aro there. She paints, with
u woman's delicate skill, the meek patience, the
long-ab(ued, but unchanging love of the drunkard's
wife, touclics the deepest chorda of the heart, and
makes them vibrate with pity and with indignation.
Christian Herald.
Though Mrs. Collins has already hosts of admi
rers of nor literary productions, tbis work, we pre
diet, will increase that, number ten-fold, and give
ber a reputation worthy of her high talents
Albany Tribune.
The style is easy, natural, beautiful, chaste, and
at times very oloquent. We would commend it es
pecially to young ladies, that they may soe to what
dangers they are exposed, in forming alliances with
the fashionable in high life.?Ohio Organ.
A deeply interesting and powerful work. It vivid
ly portrays some of the terrific exploits of strong
drink in both high and low life. Nor. are such scene)'
as ilrdepicts either imaginary or few. Let this book
circulate. It has a boneficent aim, and is the vehicle
of admirably old and most salulary lessons.?Pres
* * * Has sketched it in it* daintiest form of
fascination, as well as iu its grim and dismal aspect
of open degradation. Rarely has a woman ventured
to hold tho torch to such a dark recess of human
woe.? Daily Time*.
We know of no passage, anywhere, moro uniquely
beautiful, moro intensely absorbing, more overpow
ering in the pathetic, than the thirty-fourth chapter
It is indeod a gem. We doubt whether the celebra
ted chapter devoted to the death of Rva, in Undo
Tom's Cabin, is superior. * * * It in certainly
the most powerful teinpcrauoe tale that we have ever
perused.?Journal and Messengtr.
Beautifully written. ? * ? A work of great
strength and power.?Gospel Herald.
* * * The incidonts dramatio, and the inter
est intense to the end.?Ohio Statesman.
Wields an easy pen, and sketches men and man
ners to the life.?Presbyterian Hetuld.
Graphic, truthful, chaste, and deeply affecting, the
story winds itself into our footings, and we become
absorbed in the plot, as if we boheld before our own
eyes the realities of the author s delineations.?Dai
Popular Exposition of the Science of Botany, in
its Relations to Man By M J. Schleiden, H. l>,
Professor of Botany iu the Univeraity of Jena
Fir?t American, from tho London edition of Hen
frwy. 'Editod by Alphonso Wood, M. A_ author ol
the "Class-Book of Botnny." Ono vol. 12mo. II
lustratod. Socond edition $125.
It is as interesting as the most attractive romance,
as beautiful as nature, and as pleasing as the fine*i
pooin.? Host on Atlas.
Rev. James C. Moffat, D. D., Professor of Latin
and Ij?cturor on History in Now Jersey College
Princeton. One vol. l2mo; pp. 4-Hfc. With a fine
Portrait on steel. Third edition. $1.25.
A* an orator, a philosopher, a professor, a philan
tbropist. a tunas?nil parish minister, aud a Inarm-J
divine, I)r. Chalmers stftud foremost not only among
the groat men of Scotland, but of Christendom.?
1 Oil NO MEN With several Loeturc* addre*s*-'l
to Business and Professional Men. By Samuel W
Fishor. D. D. One vol. 12ino; pp Third
thousand. $1.
We shall put the book by upon one of the choice
shelves of our private librarj.?Boston Congrega
vol. 12uio; cloth, 88 cents..
A succinct compilation, from authont'c documents,
of facts in the history of the Mississippi Valley to the
latest date*. The work boars the marks of industry
and discrimination.?N. > . Tribune.
SCOTLAND. By Hugh Miller, author of " Foot
prints of the Creator,1 Ac., Ac. Fourth thousand
One vol. 12mo; pp. 4.HA. $1.
Home stories and legends in their native costum*
and in full life.? The Imlepeiulenl.
son, D. D. With a Glossary of Scientific Terms,
added to the American edition. With numerous
Illustrations A popular work on Geology. Third
thousand. One vol. IStuo; pp. .1H4. $1 25.
A tieatise of sterling merit? N. Y. Ttibnm.
The simplest, roost lucid, and satisffcetory exposi
tion of geological phenomena we have had the good
fertune to moot with?Fbil,ul,lt,hta CkrohuU.
neat vol. 12mo.
an authentic Narrative of the celebrated Expedi
tion of Anron Itufr, and containing many addi
tional facts not heretofore published. By William
H. Safford. One vol. l2mo; cloth.
Publishers, Cincinnati.
(17* For sale by Booksellers in Philadelphia, Ne*
York, and Boston, and throughout the country.
Dec. 15?.Hteow
ITS Distinctive Features shown by IU Statutes, Jn
dicial Decisions, and Illustrative Facts. By Wil
liatn Goodell, author of the " Democracy of Christian
Ity," "Slavery and Antl Slavery," Ae. The work
contains 4.H0 page a 1 Jino, neatly bonnd in oloth. Pric?
75 cents per copy, postage 18 cents. For sale hr
June 30. L CLKPU ANK, Offloe Nat. Era
The following la an extract of a letter from Hon
William Jay to the author:
" Your analysis of the slave laws Is very able, ant
your exhibition of thslr practical application by th*.
Southern courts evinces great and careful research
Your book it impregnable against th? charge o
exaggeration as Euclid * Geometry, since, like that
it consists of proposition* and demonstrations. Tbi
book/Is not only true, but it is unoiustxonjihly true.'
I7ULL Jewelled Gold Lever Watches, 18 karat
' casos, only $.10; Gold hunting levers, $40; Full
jewelled silver lever*. $14 , Silver hunting levers, $18;
Silver Lepine*. jewelled, $?; Gold guard chain*, $lt;
Gold pencils, $1.50, Gold pens, silver holdera, $1.
Watches or jewelry sent by mail to any part of the
United State* with perfect safety. All orders most
be accompanied with the cash. Address, post paid,
No 201 Chestnut street. Phlla<lelr>hia.
These aro the cheapest watches in the United
States, and warranted. Jan 28?3b
A Monthly Journal for Girls uui Hoys
A^APBR, under the above title, will be published
at Philadelphia on the flrxt Jay of October next.
In lice and general character, this publication will
retemble Mni. MargaretL. liailry'stately discontinued
Friend of J truth, the place of which it ia designed to
take. ,
ftri/i.i-?Fifty cent* a year, for single copies ; or
ten copies for four dollars. Payment invariably ia
All subscriptions and communications to be id
dressed to L K LIPPINCOTT, Philadelphia.
20,000 ordered in Advance of Ptibluutiim.
Will be ready Monday, Dec itli.
FRIENDS. By the author of "Fern Leave*."
One elegant lfirno, .-il)0 pages; six Illustrations.
Price 76 cento. The same, gilt edge, $1.
Copies sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of uric*.
Published bv *"
For sale by all Booksellers throughout the United
States and Canada#. Dec. 8?3t
Weekly Agricultural Paper of the Country.
Periodical of sixteen large quarto pages, making
an anuual volume of 832 pages of nearly doubla the
sine of those in the first ten volumes of the Agricul
It is beautifully printed with type cast expressly
for it, and on the best of cloar whito paper, with wide
margin, so that the numbers can be easily stitohed
or, bound together.
A copious Index is weekly added, which will b?
fully amplified at tho end of the year, for the bound
Comprehensive in its Character,
Each volume will contain all matter worth record'
mg, which transpires either at home or abroad, and
which can sorve to instruct or interest the Farmer
the Planter, the Fruit-Grower, the Gardener, anij .
the Stock-Breeder; thus making it the most com
plete and useful Agricultural Publication of the day.
Correct and valuable Market Reports.
The Markets will bo carofully rejwrted, giving the
actual transactions which take place frotfl week to
week, in. Grain, Provisions, Cattle, Ac.; thus keep
ing our readers constantly and reliably advised as to
their interests. During the past year, tho knowledge
obtained from these Market Reports alone has saved
our readers thousands of dollars, by informing them
of tli? best time to sell or purchase.
Suck a Paper is demanded by the Farming
The publishers confidently believe that the agri
culturists of this country are beooming too mueh
awake to tho demands of their own oalling to b?
longer satisfied with the slow monthly issues of a pa
per professedly devoted to their interests, or to trust
alone to the irresponsible extract* in a "fanner's
column," so popular just now in papers chiefly devo
ted to business, politics, or literature; and they look
for the united support of all the intelligent fanners
of this oountry in their continued effort to farniah a
weekly paper of a high and reliable character, which
shall be progressive, and at tho same timo cautious
and conservative in all its teachings.
Essentially an Agricultural Paper.
The Agriculturist will not depart from its legiti
mate Sphere to oatch popular far or by lumbering up
its pages, with the silly, fictitious literature, and
light, miscellaneous matter of the day; it has a high
er aim; and a small part only of its space will be
devoted to matters not immediately pertaining to the
great business of Agriculture. The household as
well as the out-door work of the form win receive a
due share of attention. The humbugs And nostrums
afloat in the community will be tried by reliable sci
entific rules, and their worthleasness exposed. It is
the aim of the publishers to keep this paper under
the guidance of those who will make It a standard
work, which shall communicate to its readexs only
that which is safe and reliable.
An Independent Journal.
The A mrrtrun AgnrvJivritU stands upon its own
merits; and the truthfulness, teal, and ability,
which it brings to the support of the interests of the
farmer. It is untrammeled by any oollateral busi
ness connections whatever; nor Is it the organ of any
clique, or the puffing machine of any man or thing.
Thoroughly independent in all points, its ample pa
ges are studiously given alone to the support and im
provement of the great agricultural elan.
Editorial Department.
The Awierifan Agrienhitrut is under the editorial
supervision of Mr. A. B. Allen, its principal editor
I for the past ten years, and Mr. Orange Judd, A. M
I a thoroughly practical farmar and agricultural
They will be assisted by Prof. Nash, who has b*?i
for a long time one of the most sucoossful fanners of
New England, and is now Agricultural Professor of
Amherst Collejje; Rev. Win. Clift, widely known as a
pleaMiDi; and instructive writer on gardoning and
other department of practical agriculture, and, in
addition to these, a number of other eminent agri
cultural writers. ^
All the editors are men itrac tic Ally experienced ia
their profession, each of whom can handle the Plow
a* well as the Pen.
The Cheapest Paper in the country, of its char
x acter
The American Agriculturist is supplied to regular
subscribers lit a cost of less than four events a number
of sixteen large pages; and to large clubs for less
than two and a half cents. Kach number will contain
""Wfestion* for the treatment of soils, mannas. crops
stock.'Ac., which will often be worth to the reader
inor? than the cost of the paper for a yea*.
Spen nu n Copirs.
Specimen copies will be forwarded, grail*. to any
one seuding their nauie and post office a.ldros* to the
r?R?ia, Ae.?-The paper will be promptly issued on
Wodnesday of each week, and mailed to sul.*.>iihers
on the following liberal terms:
To single subscribers, at $2 a year-$2
To clulis of three subscribers, at $1.07 a year- $5.
To clubs of five subscribers, at $1.60 a year - $8.
To clubs of ten subscribers, at $1 50 a year- $15.
To clubs of twenty subscribers, at $1 25 a year?
The money always to accompany the names for
which the paper is ordered.
The Postmaster or other person sending a club of
ten will be entitled to one extra copy gratis.
The Postmaster or other person sending a club of
twenty or more, will be presented with an extra copy,
and also a copy of tho National Magatine, Scientific
American, Weekly Tribune, or Weekly Times,or any
other paper or periodical in HOs city, not costing over
two dollars per annum.
Subscriptions may be forwarded by mail, at the
-risk af the publishers, if enclosed and mailed in the
presence of the Postmaster.
tT7~ Communications for the paper should be ad
dressed to the editors; subscriptions, advertisements
and all matters relating to the bnsiness department
should be addressed to the publishers
Water street, New Y? ik
WILL bo sold at private salo, that well known
Farm lying on Seventh street Plank Koad, in
Montgomery county. Maryland, about right miles
from Washington city, containing .17 J| acres, more
or less; about 100 in meadow, 100 In wood, and the
balanco (I72J) in cleared fields. The Farm can be
divided into several, giving a fair proportion of wood
and meadow land to each. The whole Farm Is well
watered, several never failing streams passing
through it. The fencing is good, and there is a
large quantity of chestnut timber in the woods, suit
able lor a further division of the fields.
In point of health, beanty, and location, it i? not
surpassed by any farm in the State of Maryland. It.
has always been remarkablo for its beauty The
dwelling contains eight rooms, kitchr o. pantry, Ac..
garret, cellars, Ac., all surrounded hy a neat paling,
with a puinp of good water in tho yard; ham, sta .
ble, and othor out houses; good spring house, with
a never-failing spring of delightfully cool water at
Servants' quarters for as many hands aa would
ever be necessary on the Farm.
I A good apple orchard, and some excellent peach
es, pears, cherries, Ac.
The road being now of the very best character,
produce from the Farm and manures from the City
can be hauled at any and all seasons of the year.
This property will he sold twrntf-jivt per rent.
cheaper than any other property on the road be
tween it and the city. With an ordinary horse, It it
not more than an hoar's drive to the city
Any communications addressed to CHARLES V.
GORDON, Washington, D. C., will receive attend
Dec. 15?fiteow
LARD OIL of the finest quality, In good sklppiag
order. Star and Adamantine Candles full
weight, l? ouooea to the ponnd These candles are
eceellent for all climates, especially California. Bra
*"? *n<l West Indies, and Africa. Orders fa?
any quantity executed promptly.
as v R?**V, Lard Oil and Star
?arah U. Candle Manufacturer Cincinnati, 0

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