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J "OHM II. BUTHMAMM, Importer and
l>e?Irr in <> lite, Brandy, Cigar*. Ac<
Pennsylvania avenue, smith side, between Fourl
and-a-Halt and Sixth street*, hat- received his tu
ktoi'L and assortment of the above. consisting in
part of?
Madeira, Sherry, Port of variousgrade-. Chain- J
pague, :ii quart* aud pint*? different "lands.
A gr?at variety of Rhine Wine, ?ome of it
Al*?>, St. Pcraj sparkling led and white Claret
at price* from S3 "hi per dozen to the highest
And numerous other kinds of Wine
Also, very superior Cognac, pale and dark;
Scheidam Giu, Jamaica Rum, fine old Win
Iccv, Irish Mall, Cordial*, and Havana Curar*
CHICAGO AND ST. LUU.&. ine miwUi
gaii Southern mid Northern Indiana Railroad
Line. carrying the Great Western UniteJ Slates
Through Mail, have the following stauuch first
rlus- steamers running on Lake Erie in eonuec
tiou with the New Vork and Erie railroad from
Dunki.k, touching at Cleveland, and connecting
with their road ?u Toledo, nod connecting directly
with the Chicago and Rock Island railroads at
Chicago, iu the same depot, thus forming a daily
line itr passenger# and freight from New Vork to
the M t?i*sippt river. Niagara, Captain Miller;
En pir ?. Capiain Mitchell; Keystwue State, Capt.
R fia J*; Louisiana, Cuptnin Davenport. Also,
a I ail Line from Uulliilo direct to Monroe by
tin te ..'ell-linowfi iiii-n.firent Floating Palaces,
Eiup; Siutc J vi .!*? Communder, leaves
Ruil.,1 .Mondays and Thursdays; Southern Michi
gnu. .v 1j Perkins, Commander, leaves Buffalo
Tuesday* aud Fridays; Northern Indiana, I. T.
Plif.ut, t omiuauder, leaves Buffalo Wednesdays
and Saturday*.
One of the above splendid steamer* will eave
the Michigan Southern Railroad Line Doc it at y
o'clock, p. in, every day, (except Sundays,J and
run direct through to Monroe, without lauding, 111
14 hours, where the Lightning Express Train wil
1>? in waiting to take passengers direct to Chicago
in S hours, and arriving next evening alter leav
ing Guli'alo.
Run.inij< time from New Vork to Buffalo, four
teen hours.
Running lime from Buffalo to Monroe, fourteen
Running time iroiu Monro** to Chicago, eight
hours. Total thiriy-?ix hours.
< Vinuoctimr at Chicago with a line Imw of low
pr?j:-sur? steamboats to all places north of Chicago
to Gr?*eu liay; also with Chicago and Rock Island
Railroad to L.i S;?lle, mid there connect with I Hi
not-- Rivcr Liue of Steamboats. or Express Train
of lilino s Central and Chicago and Mississippi
R-ilroiid>. or connecting at Rock Island with reg
uiar liue of steamers for all points above and be
r?w. .:i.iking tue cheapest and most direct route to
St. L'i'iis Rock l-iind. Minnesota, and the Great
Tin .v.iiei Lake Shore Railroads from But"
taloa id I Mink.rk ?? ?nnect * ith ihis line at Toledo
lor in i_ the '.mo, i rci i ind 'outinuous line 01
railroads il:?* \tlantie Schboard to the Valley
ofilie VIi>'i-~i|?;>i Running time to Chicago.
hours : t?> Si. IjT.mi- 5o hour*
Four Daily Trams i>v rniirmot, .ill the v.'av
l'wo Daily Lrte? bv sieM'ii ts. <?n Lake Lrie
Thu- the ir?v, k'r niuf -h'ptifr can see at *
glaio-e ltr?i no >t rn-i live <-un enter 1 i.e lisis as com
i.gcrs .'fc.-te.t (Mtot.'vrli troin Now \ort
will I'rivilege .it ?toppiinr it ,iuy point ?>u the
roih?. tod resiiCiiug sent- :it Irisiire. ?Miher by the
N- a' Vork and Erie Kai:ro. .1 via Dunkirk. New
Vork mi Erie and Utit??l?? .ind New Vork <'itv
Rjnlr,. :d via Buifilo; People's Line of Steaint>oats.
Hud-'Mi River or Harlem and New Vork Central
Raiii ads via Albany and Buffalo.
For nnv further information, through ticket*, or
freisrfit. apply :'t the Company's Office, No. li*3
Broadway, corner ol Dev street. New York, to
JOHN F. PORtER, General Agent, or
L. P DUNTON. Ticket Agent.
Xi Xai\TK.Y'S
I V I (? (> U A T IN(; C<i It li i A L,
1y I'RELY Vegetable in its <-?t?|>OMition. "l n i ?
invaluable < 'ordsal is extracted! r?in Herbs auo
Roots which have >een feund alter yearn of cj
prrime. by tin must ?ki:!tn! m ivsicians. to be
i,ex.-,.t.j ol q 11.- ilies tiie most beneficial in'th?
disease* tor which it is recommended ; and hence
whilst it 18 presented to the public as an ?.?liica
cious remedy, it i? also known to be of that char
acter on which re 1 a nee may be placd as to it
safety, (h cases of Iinpoteucy. ilu'iuorriiugcs
Disordered Sterility. Menstruation,or Suppression
of the Men*e?, Flupr Albns or Whiter, or for
Debility ar-.i-.nz from any cause, such as
weakness fr ini s. ?kiic.-s, where the patient ha*
been confined to 'jed for ?oine time, (or temaleh
after confinement, aioriion or miscarriage. thi*
cordial caunot he excelled in its salutary effects
or in loss of muscular energy, irritability, physica
Erostratiou, seminal weakness, palpitation of the
eart, indigestion, ahiggishness, decay ot the pro
creative tunctions. nervousness, Arc., where a
toxic medicine is required, u will be found eijua
if not superior to any compound ever used.
To Females.?Henry's Invigorating Cordial is
one of the uio?t invaluable smlicine* in the nianv
complaint- to whi-n females arr subject, it.a?
si?ta nature to brace the whole ?ystem, check ex
ce?ses, and create* renewed health and happiness
Less siiti -r ;c disease, and unhappiMwi amont
ladies would ex ? i. were they generally ta aiiopl
the use oftlus c< rdiaL Ladies who are debilitated
by tbo->e nbstmctiona which females are liable to
are retired i?y ibe Ui-e of a bottle or two to Idoorr
and to vigor.
Voting Meu.?That solitary practice, ?o latal to
tne es stence of man. and it is the young who are
mo'i ? i,?? 10 become us victims, from an ignorance
ot ' *?t; danger >o which they sabjeet them-elvea
cati" ?
Xcrrirtu OrMllt}, weakness of the system
and piwoai wre J?*cfy. Many ot you may now be
suffering misled ?- to the iWmo? source of dis
r-? it..?ije'i w <>y by eKcwsn aa / .* iTOuaht
O.I the i?-??l ceiiiS'Hre i ri | c y, lUVOlUnt *'<
MMniiti! ?m -s'iiip. vi'iknc-\ mil shrivelling ot
t1 i K' Til*! iwr ?"? iitvoo* i? I ?hi. or any wther
? ??.is- (if> <??)? ? >? <(u< ?strtci' d it*uieer? ?? of the
? < i % i ..!?,?>(! h >v of re
ii> in* the )?!.?? ? <? - of
j Ixi. i , anil bodily c?
, ? > ? c H ?ij'V - !?v;i> ? ?? ?;or?l i n >nedi
si ?? jiii"?li vngeta''> v iH s.d n???re to re
cii -? wiiK>rinr! '?? a heahhy state.
r.nd v !, h- vi- i' ? rv ;<??? to v ?? 'i |0*sc?se* rare
virities is a eener?l reiuoc rii ???*<. >, trtr
wr-ngth'-ner of'?h?- system.
V" a Toi.lc ?'rdiclM, it ? uas>Srp?????' U ,
d nm place thi* cordial on i toot in a with ,|tracl
?M-dictne* <nd. as i? < u?t utiary, app ?nd ?? oii^
li?t oi n 11 iin ei'.I.M"ins, eertihcutes, iVc.. begin
n i?r witu ? Hear what the Pi-. *, her says," and
?ui;h lik* ; ?? s not necessary, ibr "HwirjrV in via
orst htf tk>rdiai " only rtetjds n trotl M prvve Ifcai
it MriUaccomplish all we say.
The (Genuine "He?ir|'i lnrlgvrttlN| Cvr*
dial " i? j.iii up ;n right ox. |?aunei lottJrv and i*
*??' ;y rcogni ? <\ 'tn 'He msuu* i inrer's >.;oatur?
on ihe li-t.ei , i ott < . ;in connterfeii ?l<'.'l
is lorjtery.)
?>oUI tor %>. per ti 'le u tor is; $|r> pe?
Prepare*! only l>y ii. E. COH KN, No. S, b mnklm
Row. Vine -treet. below Eighth, Philadeitihia. Pa
to vi hoin ail orders mnat be addressed. For sale
by all rr?|?ectable dniK^ists and marchanta through
out the country ; an-l l>y
W. i\. GJLMAN Washington, M. C,
CANBV or HATCH. Baltimore
PEEL ft. STEVENflL AUrsndris Vs.
T AKK N () T I C K~.
N? v* GlKllli KECKIVBI).
| ? nnder the l/nitw States Hotel, would re
?pei tfullv inform hi* customer* and the ptihlir
i{?i nralh, that he hnsjuM received New Fall and
vVinter Good*, in great variety. Huch as Cloths
i "ssimeies, and Ve?tine?. oi the latest import a
' on, and ia prepared to have them made up at
ne 'honest no'ice, m the inost^ fashionable man
orr, and at low rates of prices.
Having made arrangements to go into the
' ttoaiiy-made Clothine business" extensively this
season, he (eela contnlent mat he can otler to
those wishing to purchase a stock of Cothmg.
not inferior to any hi tins city, and not made up ai
? the north, as is usually tlie case with work sold
here; but cut in his own e?t?blishm?nt, and made
by our own needy citir.ena in this dull season, at
low rates of prices. Ha is enabled, therefore, to
coni|?ete with northern work in i?iint of price,
and as to quality and style, he will leave t,,r thost
who lavor bun with a call to judge.
He can sell whota suits, Coat. Pants, aod Ve?i
at the following low rates.
Good suit for business purpose-, out of cloth oi
cassmiere, (or thesmail sura of Hi
Dress and Frock Coats, from 11" to
OvernxMits ol different stylea, irom.?..$lV to 12.')
Black and lancy Pantaloons, froflt/>??$3 ?'?Oto $10
Silk and velvet V?-t?, from........ .$2 fiO to $10 !
Thia stack of Clothing is of a superior quality, j
snd has !>een made up aince he received (tie fail \
and winter fashions.
He MepaoeMtanUyoti hnuda large aMOlttuMii
of fancv articles?such n? qiovev cravat*, <-oHa'?
umbrellas, dec.
8ole agent for the ssl? ??( -*,' itt's ?eiK?rt a
Fashions in thi* city.
Sept 14?li
lu{f Expedition?Personal narrative ofex
;>'oraiious and incident* in Texas, New Mexico,
California, Sonoru, and Chihuahua, y J. K. Bart
, let*. I'niied .Slate* Commissioner during that pe
riod, in two volumes, with maps and illustration*.
The Hive of the Bee Hunter, a re|*>sitory of
| Sketches. including peculiar American character,
, scenery, and rural s|K>rtK, by T B. Thorpe, author
o' Tom Owen, the Bee Hun'ers, Arc., illustrated
by "ketches from nature.
Fartuingdalr, a novel, by Carolina Thouiu.
Our Parish, or aunal* of Pa*tor and People.
! Ju?i received and for sale by
Corner of Penn. avenue und 11th st.
IltAVE now on hand a large assortment
of every description of Spectacles, from the
lowest price to the very best quality used, and
having been for a long time engaged in manufac
luring, and adjusting Glasses for the most difficult
and defective vision s, therefore can with confidence
guarantee to benefit and improve the s'ght of all
wli<> ueeil.
Call at 418, Pennsylvania aveuue, Sign of ih
?ir*re Spread Eagle- A. 0. HOOD.
Feb 7 |Organ.|
and Plated Ware at Reduced Price*.?In
anticipation of the approaching dull season, we
I'll-r our culm- stock of elegant Gold Watches.
Rich Jewelry, Pure Silverware Ate., al greatly
reduced rates.
Pen-ons would do well to examine our '
nieiit. which is by lar the largest, most fashionable,
and best selected ever otiered to our customers.
324 Penn. aveuue, between Sth and 9th streets.
Fell 16?.'3tif
IT id GLOVES,?A fresli supply of Gent's
L li. ht-colored Kid Gloves at
Feb 2-1?3?if Sales Room. Brown's Hotel.
Of Mr. Ki.vgslev's Popular Work,
I1YP.VTI A; Or New Foes with an Old Face,
By the autnor of '? Yeust," "Alton Locke," Arc.
1 vol. 12mo, Price $1 25.
OF the author of " Hypatia" the London Spec
tator says : "Take him all iu all, England
litis no literary man of his years who can set up
beside him a* his equal in variety and quality ol
endowments and in richness of promise."
?? Unsurpassed by any kindred work i;\ the Eng
i?h language."?National Intelligencer.
Published by CROSBY. N1CH0LLS ic CO..
Bws'on ; and tor >ale in Washington by
Taylor at maury.
1 ter balance, in universal use. Price SI.
April 21 Uooksiore. near Vlh si.
Ju?t issued, a second edition of Triplett's Pen
sion and Bounty-Land Laws, containing the new
txiuniy-lnnd act of 1 S-"?fand embracing a digest ol
all .he laws, decisions, aiid forms, relating to pen
sions; to olficers and soldiers of the revolution,
their widows and children ; to army and militia
invalids and their willows; to navy and marine
invalids, their widows and children; and to Ixiunty
laud? provided tor by evvry act from the Revolu
tion tit, and including that of March 3, 1955; so
nrrarnred as to be intelligible to every claimant.
This work is highly recommended by the Com
missioner of Pensions. Price S2, mailed tree to
any part of the United States, (except California.)
TAYLOR Ac MAURY, Bookstore,
April 21 near 9th st.
1 SHALL hereafter have an office perma
nently 111 Washington for the oractice ol mv
profession, and will give careful attention to any
business entrusted to my charge in the Supreme
Court, the Court ol Claims, in the Land, Patent
or 1 cnsion, office#, or in any of the Departments.'
Business from the Southwest may be sent to
me through V . H. Ivy. Attorney at Law, New Or
;can*. who huts been associated with me in the
practice in that city, and who will continue to at
tend to any business there which may be placed
in my charge.
J. D. B. DE BOW,
Late Superintendent of Census,
w ashington, D. C., April 20, 1855
_Ap1 21?law lm
AMERICAN E.\GI NEErTnc7 lllusl
trated by branches of mechanical arts sta
tionary. marine, and locomotive engines, manu
facturing machinery, printing prwsses, tools prist
steam, ?aw, and rolling mills, from buildings. &c '
kLp a,"d mo/:t imProved construction'
by G. Weissenborn, Civil Engineer; parts one
and two now ready $1 each. Sole agents for
Washington, TAYLOR &c MAURY,
Apr 14 Bookstore, near 9th st.
pOUMT OF C L AI MS.? Digested summa
yy ry and alphabetical list ol private claims
which have been presented to the House of Rep
resentatives from the First to the Thirty first Con
gress, exhibiting the action of Congress on each
Claim, with reference tothe journals, reports, bills
ic elucidating its progress, compiled by order ol
the House of Representatives. A few copies for
Mlrl,y,. r farnham.
Apr 14
|Y?"TI1 W?UTH, by tile author of
Xi Mary Larion, "The Moorland Cot t aire* w
"Crawford," Arc. 37J ceom. g
Kings and Queens, or Life in the Palace bv
John S C. AI)boii. new edition, just received and
<t,r "ie l,y R. FARNHAM.
IIrow i>, St anion, and Walker.
? ' nwd J- KNOX WALKER, have formed a
partnership for practising law in the Supreme
Court of the United States, and the Court ol
Claims in \\ ashington. and in the Courts of Ten
nessee. Offices in Washington and Memphis.
One ot the parties will always be found at either
place, and letters addressed to them will receive
prompt attention. April 21?tteod
1 Washington City, D. C.
N addition tothe Fraetlceot Law, as here
tofore. ,n all the Coons of the District, and in
tbe Supre ne Court of the United Stales, th- un
?ler.igned will devote himself assiduously to the
i rosecution of Claims against the Government,
in the alcove Court, (established in this city by act
of Congress, approved March. 1*35.) which has
cogmxance of all claims arising under the Consti
lution. or founded upon any Ihw of <5ongre?s or
upon any regulation of an Executive Department,
or upon any contract, express or implietf with the
Of.vernnieiit of the United States, or any of its of
fi- ers or agents. When the claim is established in
Ibis Court, and an appropriation made by Congress
(or the purpose, the claimant will be paid at the
1 reasaryof fhe United States.
All Claims against the Government must hence
forth be prosecuted in said Court, and not before
Congress as heretofore.
Attorney and Con ntellr* at Lav,
, . Wa?hikoto* Citt, D. C.
Ayfril 21?Imtf
(_1 K ACE LEE, by Julia Kavanah. author
J of Daisy Burns, Madeleine. Nathalie, Ac.
The Summer Land; a Southern Story, by a
child of the sun. Just published and for sale by
Ap"1 1? Corner Penn. avenue and 11th at.
Ire si se on Perspective for begmaers, sim
plified tor the use of jnvrnile students and am*.
t?nr? m ?<ehitecture painting, fec.j also adapted
lor ?cboots and privau- instructors, fourth edition
revised a,,d enlarged, by George Payne, srt.st
eighty-six iIIii??trations, w cents.
Rudiments Of the Art of Building, m five mth
t'Oij, vix 1. General principles of construction;
i Materia s ,.s^i ,n l.mldmg, 3. Strength of ma
tenals, 4. Use of materials; 5. Working drawing-,
specifications, and estimates, illustrated with 111
woodcuts, by Edward Dobaoa. author of the Rail
, ways of Belgium. Ate.
Elements of Me. hanisru, elucidating the scien
[ (tie principles of the ..radical construction ot
machines, lor the use of sc hools and students in
mechanical engineering, with numerous specj
mens of modern machines remarkable for their
utility and ingenuity, illustrated with '4C3 ens rav
ings, by T. Kaker, author of Railway Kfigineering,
Jost received, and for sale st the Bookstore of
It I-ARNHAM corner of l|th street snd Fenn
?vlvsma avenue.
11ME1 limb: LI ME J?To Plasterers
'??'lder?,?We have now on hand, at
ShbLi S I atent Kilns, one thousand barrels ol
Lime, and are now making two hundred barrela
daily which we will .ell on the best terms.
We would call the particular attention ol plas
terers to this superior srticle of Lime. It is free
troin coal cinders or other sediment, it l?eing
burnt altogether by wood which makes it a very
superior a.ticle for plastering, white coating, and
hard finishing
fiive us a wall, and you shall be pleased
* J 8 KELT Jr CO. !
July 27?U
RAKI PENSION n<M>k.S. ? Lands Id
Illinois to Soldier* of the Late War," giving
the names of each soldier to whom a patent war
issued for land lying in the military bounty laud
district lor service* in the late war, (with Eng
land ;) the description of the tract of land granted
to each, with the date of the patent; the company
and regiment in which they severally served, and
by whom each patent wan received. A tingle
copy for sale.
Old Peuaion Rolls of Indiana and North Caro
List of Pensioners of the United States under
the act of 18th of March, 1^1$, showing the rank
and line in which each served
Virginia Muster Rolls.
Virginia Pay Rolls.
List of Rejected and suspended Pensions, with
the reason* lor the rejection or suspension.
For sale in Washington by
WANTED?A Situation as Teacher of
English, Mathematics, and Latin; also, the
rudiuieuis of Greek, if desired. All ofwhioh will
be iitughi in the most approved maimer.
The applicant is an experienced teacher, of
good address*, and will furnish the best references,
both in regard to character and ability.
None but 11 liberal salary need be ottered
For particulars, address
Dec 8?tl Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
TAKE N OTIC E.?Housekeepers and
others are reminded that the following list ot
articles are of the very best description, and can
be purchased from the subscrilmron as low terms
as any other house in the city. A 'arge assort
ment and supply always on hand
Oils of all kinds. Qoeeuswar
Paints, Brushes,
Camphine. Clocks,
Varnish, Lamps,
Turpentine, Chandeliers
Window Glaus. Girondoles.
China, Vases.
Earthenware. Britannia ware,
Glass, ike., &c., tec.
Goods sent to any part of the city free ot
charge. Country dealers will do well to call.
7th street,
Opposite Seldeu <fc Withers's Bank
Mar (Star.)
A CsmpllmcnUry Card and Invitation to
tile Public.
MONEY, I will trade on one hundred dollars,
and when 1 have earned one thousand dollars.
1 wilt trade upon one thousand dollars, and
so increase my business and capital in propor
tion.'' I will never take credit or give my own
promise to pay notes, but will pay cash for all my
goods when purchased. I will keep down my ex
penses, and will not pay bijjh, enormously high
rents, nor live Above my income, and will deal
fairly with all men. Maxims likathese and for
mer experience in the wholesale and retail manu
facturing, as well as the import and export trades
during these last five and twenty years, have en
abled GEORGE P. FOX, U. S. A., U. S. N., Tailor,
and l'Inventeur des Modes, to progressively rise
from the humble rank of selling one vest pattern
in Wall street a f*w years ago, to be the present
sole proprietor ol the store (25 feel front by 10f> feet
deep) op|>ositc Pearl street, NO. 321 BROAD
It is nlso equally true that with money, cash in
hand, FOX?GEORGE P. FOX?has, during the
?past few months, made extensive purchases, at
ruinously low prices, of fine
and other articles connected with ihe Tailoring
Business, on importation, and from respectable
city merchants, who arc in want of discounted
money at any price or loss, owing to an over
stocked market and the eircuuiBlances of hard
times, (A. D. 1854.)
FOX?GEORGE P. FOX?while most thankful
to the public for the liberal patronage received,
still maintains his reputation tor at all times sell
ing the most fashionable of Custom, Pattern, and
Correct Fitting.
Dress, Frock Coats, Overcoat^, Vests, Pantaloons,
Cloths, Cassimeres, Velvet Vesting*, tSrc.,<fcc., and
is determined not to be outdone in liberality oi
dealing, nor undersold by the least nor the biggest
house in the trade. He is also equally determined,
to the best of his ability, to employ a meritorious
laboring class of Journeymen Tailors ; and others
who are suffering dreadful privations for want ol
employment, and therefore offers, on and afier
this date, until ihe beginning of the year 1850. the
resources of his magnificent Tailoring Establish
ment. free of profit on the cost of all his goods,
combined with his own gratuitous services, to his
friends and the publicv to be considered as a sort
of present
exampleizing wealthy gentlemen. United States
Departments, the Executive, Officers of the Army
and Navy, Bankers, Foreigners, Citizens, the pres
ent imperative duty of solvent tradesmen and
merchant* to employ their fellow-men. aid and
assist the inauguration oi a better state of trade
all over the world from the commencement of the
New Year, one thousand eight hundred and fifty
five. 1 am, fellow-citizens, (representing one ot
the links of Commerce,) yours truly, ever grateful
and obliged,
.. Untied Slates Leader of Pa*hton?,
... ,Pf.. Headquarter/. No. 321 Hroadiraf,
s" : l. s. ? GEORGE P. FOX.
5' * Dec 19?
bent quality. -A large assortment, nt the
lowest market prices, constantly on hand,
322, Penn. avenue, next door to Iron Hall.
Jan 5 (News.)
TER for lSST).
The Navy Register for the United State* for the
year 1865.
Official Army Register for 1855.
Just published and for sale at
Feb. 27 Rookstore, near 9th street
OVELTIEH, Invention*, and Curiosities
in Art* and Manufacture*.?Price 50 cents,
(ray's Fables, profusely illustrated.
The Ladies' and Gentlemen's Letter Writer.
Shooting, by R. Blakey
Just imported from England bv
Oct 18 Bookstore near 9th St.
The youth of madami: i >i. lon>
gueville, or new Revelation* of Court and
Coavent in the seventeenth century, from the
French of Victor Cousin, by F. W. Ricord.
Faggots for the Fireside, or Facts and Fancy,
by Peter Parley.
Just received and for sale by
Nov 12 R. FARNHAM.
Every variety of size, style, and shape oi
new and desirable Scarfs, Napoleon Ties, Cra
vats, Ate., of late importation, and nt moderate
prices, at STEVENS'S
Dec 7?3tif Salesroom, Brown's Hotel.
OALT A: HRO. will open this day a magnifi
cent assortment of Wstches, Jewelry, Silver Ware,
and Fancy Goods, suitable for presents, to which
they invite the attention of purchasers.
Jan 3?9t Penn. air., betw. 9th and 10th *t.
and Slippers. Just received a general ss
aortment of the above; 'workmanship and materia
of the best,.
AI?o an elegant supply ol Toilet Slipper*, em
bracing the French embroided. Wilton, snd Ve/
vet. GEO. BURNS,'
340 Prnnsylvsnia avenue.
Adjoining Patterson's Drug Store.
THE UNDERSIfiNEI) would respect
fully inform his filends snd citizens gene
rally that he has resumed the Grocery business,
and ia now located at the corner of Pennsylvania
nveniie and Thirteenth street, where will be
found a choice selection of Groceries, Tea*,
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Arc.
Special attention i* invited to his assortment ot
Tea*, Liquor*, snd Cigars.
The above goods are all of the best quality, and
for *ale very low for cash.
Corner of Pennsylvania avenne and 13th street,
south side. Nov 9?dlwflreolw
IjT A Year of the Wsr, by Adam G. De Gou
rowski, a citizen of the United States.
Just published, an<> tor sale at
Fab 1 Near 9th St.
Summer Arrangement.
<wlJ?.LiaBs ALB AN Y AND TROY.?(Ju and
Hlier Monday, May 8, 1854, the train* will rwa as
Leave New York, from the office uu? a ot
Chambers street and Collece Place, at
6, a. in. Express tram tor Albany and Ifray,
connecting with Northern and Western traias.
Through in 4 hours from Chambers street.
7, a. in. Poughkeepsie Way Passenger Traill,
stopping at all stations, and carrying way mail from
New York to Poughkeepsie.
9, a. m. Mail Train for Albany and Troy, stop
Cing at Paekskill, Garrison's, Cold Spring, Fish
ill. New Hamburg, and at all mail stations north
of Poughkeepsie.
10, a. 111. Peekskill Way Passenger Train, stop
ping at all stations.
12, in. Way Train for Albany and Troy, sto?oing
at Yonkers, Tarrytown, Sing Sing, Crugers, PeeKw
kill, Cold Spring. Fishkill, New Hamburg, Pouga
keepsie, Ilvde Park, lihiuebeck, Barrytown Ti
voli, Oakhill, Hudson, Coxsackie, Stuyvesant, anu
Castleton; and connecting with the Express Train
leaving Albany at 6.30, p. m., for Bulfalo, and at
Troy with Northern Trains for Montreal.
1, p. m. Poughkeepsie Way, Freight, and Pas
senger Train, stopping at all stations.
5, p. m. Way Train for Albany and Troy, stop
ping at Dobbi'i Ferry, Sing Sing, Peekskill, Cold
Spring, Fishkill, New Hamburg, Poughkeepsie,
and at all stations north.
4.10, p. m. To Poughkeepsie, stopping at all
way stations.
4, p. in. Express Trains to Albany and Troy,
stopping at Peekskill, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie,
Rhinebeck, aud Hudson, connecting at Albany
with the Western Express Train at 11, p. m., for
5.30, p. m. To Poeknkill, stopping at all way
6.30, p. m. Emigrant and Freight Train for Al
bany and Troy, stopping at all Time Table Sta
11, p. m. To Tarrytown, stopping at all way
Leaves Troy at 4.30, a. in., and Albany at 4.45,
a. m. Express Passenger Train for New York,
stoppiug at Hudson. Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie,
Fishkill, and Peekskill.
Leaves Troy at 4.45, a. m., and Albany at 6 a.
in. Way Mail and Passenger Train for New York,
-tapping at all mail stations.
Leaves Troy at 8.30. a. m., and Albany at 8.45,
a. in. Express Train for New York, stopping only
?t Hudson, Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill,
and Peekskill.
Leaves Troy at 10.45, a. in., and Albany at 11,
a. in. Way Train, stopping at Castleton, Stuyve
sant, Coxsackie, Hudson, Oukhill, Tivoli, Barry
town, Rhinebeck, Staatsburg, Hyde Park, Pough
keepsie, New Hamburg, Fishkill, C?ld Spring,
Garrison's, and Peekskill.
Leaves Albany at 1.45, p. m. Way. Freight, and
Passenger Train l'sr Poughkeepsie, stopping at all
Leaves Troy at 4.30, p. in., and Albany at 4.45,
n. m. Express Train stopping only at Hudson,
Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, and Peekskill.
Leaves Troy at 4.30, p. m., and Albany at 4.45,
p. 111.. from Albany. Milk, Freight, and Passen
ger Train, stopping at all stations.
At 4.30, a. m Way Freight Train, stopping at
all stalious.
At 6.30, a. m. Way Passenger Train, stopping
at all Time Table stations except Manhattan.
At 4, p.m. Way Passenger Train, stopping at
all stations.
At 6.30, a. m.. and 3.20, p. in., stopping at all
way stations.
At 6, a. m., slopping at all way stations.
Passengers are requested to procure tick
ets before entering the cars. Tickets purchased
in the ears will be Scents extra.
Trains will stop a su" cient time rft Poughkeep
sie for refreshments.
Freight forwarded to Le west and north as ex
peditiously, safely, and neaply as l>y any other
Nkw York, May 8, IS' May 10?tfeo
Bill lor Injunction. In the Circuit Court in
the District of Columbia, fitting In Chan
Christopher Adams, complainant, ?
James Guthrie, 1
Amos Adams,
Isaac N. Comstock, ? Defendants.
Samuel Bvington,and
Hichard Wnllaeh, J
THIS bill of complaint in the above stated cause
states, that the said complainant, on or about the
twenty-fifth day of November, A. D, lSf>l, entered
into a contract with the United States government,
agreeing to supply the government with live mil
lion of brick for the extension ofthe Capitol. That
said complainant, on or about the 12th day of Jan
uary, A. 1). 1S52, assigned to one Samuel Strong,
the said contract; the said Strong agreeing nnd
promising to pay to said complainant the sum oi
tour thousand dollars.
Tne bill further states that the said Strong, on
or about the 'id day of February, A. D. 1&52, as
signed the said contract, or one moiety thereof, to
Amos Adam* and Isaac N. Comstock, ofthe city
of Albany and State of New York, and received from
the said Adams and Comstock their obligation or
promise for the payment of four thousand dollars,
or thereabout, as well as a lien of thirty per cent,
on the moneys to be paid by the government on
said contract, until the said sum of four thousand
dollars nhould be pnid ; which lien said Strong
duly assigned to the complainant in this bill. The
bill further states that sometime in the year I9M
the said Amos Adams and Isaac N. Conrfstock as
signed their right, title.and interest in the contract
to one Samuel Hyington as partner and associate
ol Richard Wallach, the said Byington and Wnl
lach having notice of the said lien of thirty per
cent, on the moneys to be paid by the government
on said contract.
The object of said bill is to obtain an injnnction
against said defendants inhibiting the said James
Guthrie, and all persons acting for him, from
paying the said moneys to any of the defend
ants, or their representatives, nnd the defend
ants and their representatives from receiving
the said moneys until the sum of thirty-six hun
dred dollar*, and the interest thereon, should be
paid tn 'be complainant or his legal representa
tives, sn(i such other and farther decree as to this
court shall seem right and proper. The said Amos
Adains and the said Isaac N. Comstock, named
in the caption and body of the bill, still residing in
Albany as aforesaid, beyond the reach of the pro
cess of the court.
It ia, therefore, by the court ordered this 1st day
of January, A. D. 18S6, that the matters and
things stated in the aforesaid bill of complaint
agrinst the defendant*, shall be taken forcon
fested against the said Amos Adains and Isaac
N. Comstock, and such decree made in the pre
mises against them, and each of them, as the
court shall deem right, unless the said defendants
appear in the court on or before the second Mon
day in May next, and answer the said bill, and
? show cause if any they have why a decree as
prayed for by the complainant should not be
passed by the court.
Provided the complainant cause this order, and
the substance and the object of the said bill of
complaint, to be published in some newspaper in
the city of Washington, twice a week foi six
successive week*, the first insertion thereof to
sppear at least four month* before the second
Monday in May next.
Given at rules, the first Monday of January,
18.V), being the first day of January, 1SW.
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Washington CofJtTY, D. C.
S. SPENCER, et al.
Solicitor for complainant.
True copy, Test: JNO. A. SMITH,
Jan 4?2aw6w Clerk.
MAKHLE MANTLEM,?Marble work*?
The subscriber begs leave to inform hi*
friends and the public that he has increased hi*
stork of Marble Mantles, comprising Sienna,
Rroekedelia, Spanish, Egyptian vein, Italian, and
black marble, richly carved and plain, of the l>est
quality, newest style, and superior finish, which he
offers for sale low for cash. Also. Marble Monti
m#*nts, Tombs, and Headstone Slabs; Eastern
Marble for window sills, lintels, steps, and plat
form* ; Marble tile, counter and table top*; *oap
stone, calcined plaster, $2 7.r> fer barrel.
Also on hand a large lot of Connecticut I'.row
Stone, New York Flags and Steps, suitable for
building purposes. He invites the attention o
builders snd other* to his stock, and willendeavo*
tn give satisfaction to all who may favor him w t>
their orders.
On E st.. bet. 12th and 13
Get. f*?flm. (m)
TKAVK.MNU and Packing Trunks ot
all qualltie*.-?A large variety constantly on
hand, and for aale cheap by
bunny Fern's u?w book, second series of her
Reginald Lyie, by Miss Purdue.
Rival Beauties, or Love aud Diplomacy.
Knickerbocker Magazine, tor June.
Behind ilie Scenes, by Lady Bulwer.
Diokrnt't Household Words, lor Jyne.
Ail the new books aud magazines received aa
fast as published, and lor sale at
Odeon Building, corner 41 street
rael aud the Gentiles, by Dr. Isaac Da
Paley'a Evidences of Christianity, with Notes
and Auditions, by Charles M. Nairne.
Lectures delivered hefore the Young Men's
Christian Association of London.
Words 10 Win Souls, twelve sermons by emi
nent Divines of the Church of England.
Letters and Remains of the late Rev. W. H
Hewitson, 2 vols.
The Works of the Rev. Edward Bickersteth, 16
Autobiography and Reminiscences of the Rev.
Wrn. Jay, of Bath.
Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, by John
Pyne Smith, D. D. For sale by
FIN LI JEWELRY.?1 have Just received
a new supply of the latest styles of 1 welry
aud have just finished a tine lot oftpu.e silver
ware, such as Tea Sets, GobleU, Cups, Spoons,
Forks. Ladles, Butter, Fish, and Pie Knives
Napkin Rings, icc., dec. All of which I will sell
at much lower prices than is usually asked for the
same quality of goods at other establishments in
this city, and will warrant every article as repre
sented at time of sale. H. O. HOOD,
418 Penn. avenue, between 4} and 6th streets.
Samuel W. Taylor & Co , have opened the
spacious New Store on Penn. avenue, next to
Messrs. Geo., & T. Parker's opposite Brown's
Hotel, for the sale oi'Ladies', Gentlemen's, Misses',
Boy's and Servant's BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS
In opening this establishment our aim is to be
come popular by keeping good articles at very low
Uj'Arrungemeuts have been made with the best
Northern' Manufacturers for a regular supply ot
every article exclusively to our order.
By respectful attention to the wants of those
who will favor us with a call, we hope to merit
their future confidence and patronnge.
S. W. TAYLOft. Ac Co.
Penn. avenue,opposite Brown's Hotel.
A uk 5IW?lw
assortment.?M. W. GALT <te BRO. call at
tention to their unusually large assortment of Sil
verware, consisting of?
Solid silver Tea Sets, complete.
Silver Pitchers, solid silver Castors.
Silver Cups and Saucers, Goblets.
Silver Fish Carvers and Forks, Crumb Scrapers
Cake Knives, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sifters
Jelly Spoons, Cheese Scoups, Pickle Knives
and Forks.
Olive Spoons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forks.
Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs, Desert Knives.
Soup, cream, and gravy Ladles.
Ice Cream Knives, Salt Cellars.
Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Tea Strainers.
Tea, Table, and Desert Spoons, and Forks ol
every variety.
Breakfast and dinner Coffee Spoons, icc.
Also, a very large assortment of Fancy Silver
ware, suitable for wedding, birth-day, and other
The above is by far the largest and most varied
assortment ever offered to our customers. Being
of our own manufacture, it is warranted pure sil
ver, and offered at as low rates as similar goods
can be purchased for in any city in this country.
M. W. GALT & BRO.,
Sign of the Golden Eagle,
Penn. av., between 9th and 10th streets.
Works of Rev. Dr. Chanmnjr, in six volumes,
bound. Price $'2 25.
The same six volumes bound in three. Price
two dollars.
Memoirs of William Ellery Cheuuing, 3 vols.
Price J1 75, with Portrait engiaved on steel.
Ware on the Formation of the Christian Char
acter. Price 50 cents.
A large supply of the above just received at
March 10 Bookstore, near Ninth street
has just received a very large assortment of
the best American, English, and French Playing
Cards of every description, aud at the most rea
souable prices, wholesale and retail.
Adjoining Kirkwood House.
Dec 7?3taw2wif
The Iron* Cousin, or Mutual Influence, by
Mary Cowden Clarke, author of "The Complete
Concordance to Shaksj>eare."
Tegg's Dictionary of Chronology.
Leeture* in the True, the Beautiful, and the
liood, by M. N Cousin; increased by an Ap|?endix
on French Art; translated by O. W. Wight.
PENSION LAWS.?The last edition, com
piled t>y the Commissioner of Pensions in
1S4&. In addition, the resolutions, laws, and ordi
nances ofthe old Congress, showing the pay to of
ficer* el the line and the stall of the army, the hos
pital department, and medical stall", and of the
quartermaster's department: half-pay of the line
under the resolve of October 21st, 17b0; under
other resolutions, to officers, to officers of themed
icnl department and medical staff, chaplains ; and
commutation pay under the resolution of March
22<1, 17S3; together with the names of the officers
of the continental line of the army in all the States
who served to the end of the war, and acquired
the right ot commutation pay ; with the names of
officers killed in battle, or who died in service.
Price SI ; sent postage free to any part of the Uni
ted States. For sale at
TAYLOR & MAURY'S Bookstore,
Feb 14 Near N nth street.
Diary of Turkish and Greek Writers, by the
Right lion, the fori of Carlisle, edited by C. C.
Felton, Greek Professor in Harvard University.
The noble Earl is well and favorably known in
this country, having travelled here while be bore
th e title of Lord Morpeth, and his work will be
read with great interest by all who have devoted
any attention to the mighty eventa which are now
takiug place in the Eastern World. The period
embraced in his journal is one of deep signifi
cance, being at the very commencement of hos
tilities, and the persons introduced have since
played eminent pari* in this terrible historical
tragedy. Professor Felton has added full and co
pious notes to the American edition, and the work
is beautifully illustrated. It will hereafter be re
garded as a valuable, historical record of this in
erecting period.
Just published and for sale by
June 12 Cor. 11 at. and Penn. av.
author ofthe "Eclipseof Faith," entitled A
Defence of the Eclipse of Fnth, by its author, be
ing a rejoinder to Professor Newman's "Reply;"
and, in order to give the American public the
whole matter at a glance, there ie included in the
same volume the " Reply to the Eclipse of Faith,"
by F.W.Newman, with his chapter on the "Moral
Perfection of Christ."
For sale by GRAY & BALLANTYNE,
Seventh street.
New edition of dick.ens'8 com.
pletc Works.?The complete Works of
Charles Dickens, in five volumes; price #7 50.
The Missing Bride, or Miriam the Avenger, by
Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth; paper $1,
hound SI 25.
The Pickwick Papers complete, 50 cents.
Just published, and for sale at
May 31 Bookstore, near 7th ti.
MRS. E. E. alexander run accom
modate a lew Gentlemen with Board; or a
Lady and Gentleman, on I street, between 6th
snd 7th, No. 502. The House is situated a short
distance from the Patent Office and other Depart
ments. Nov 10?tf
Frenchman, who comes well recommended
as a waiter in a hotel or family, or Vaiet d* Cham
brr. Apply at this office.
Mar 15
Boarding house, no. 4.1? e street,
belwoen 6th and 7th streets, near the corner
ol 7th street, Washington, D. C., is prepsred to
accommodate BOARDERS by the month, week,
dav, or meal. Residence within two or three
minutes' walk of the Patent. General, and City
Post Offices.
Gentlemen san have Board with or withont
Rooms. Dee 8?eot f
Water-color PICTURES-- Memni.
TAYLOR & MAURY bog to announce
turn, at the suggestion of several of our citizen*,
the Pictures uow on exhibition at their Store will
be Rallied lor.
Eleven prizes ; sixty chances, at %*>?
April 10 Bookstore, Dear Ninth street.
1 spondence of the Countess of Blessingtop
Harper's Story Book lor April.
Looinis's Practical Astronomy.
Just published and for sale by
April 10 R. FARNHAM.
T?7"ater color pictures.?Messrs.
YV TAYLOR & MAUHY beg to announce
that, at the suggestion ot several of our citizens,
the pictures now on exhibition at their store, will
be rallied for. Eleven Prizes?60 chances at $5.
Bookstore near 9th street. April 7.
NUW city directory.- Washington
and Georgetown Directory, just published.
Congressional Directory for the Second Session
ot the Thirty-Third Congress of the United StatcB
ot America.
For sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S,
Feb 22 Bookstore, near Ninth street
More new books at taylor &
MAURY'S.?Julia Kavanagh's new novel,
Grace J^ee ; paper 75 cents, cloth $1.
Life of Stun Houston, with portrait; price $1 25
A Long Look -Ahead, or the First Stroke and
the Last, by A. S. Roe ; price $1 25.
The Old Inn, or the Traveller's Entertainment,
price $1.
The Summer Land, a Southern Story, by a
Child of the Sun.
April 10 Bookstore, near Ninth street.
No 333 Broadway, New York.
MUSIC Ai. greatly reduced rates.
Notwithstanding the combi
bination of Music Dealers ?o keep up the
prices of nou copyright music against the interests
of Native Composers, and their refusal to extend
to Mr Waters the courtesies of the trade, he is
making immense sales?having abundant evi
dence that he has public countenance and sup
port in his opposition to the Great Monopoly, and
in his efforts to aid Native Talent, and adopt the
National Currency. His stock of American and
European Music is immense, and the catalogue
of his own publications is one ef the largest and
best selected in the United Slates. He has also
made a Great Reduction in the Prices of Pianos,
Melodeons, and Musical Instruments of all kinds.
Superior toned 6J Oct??ve Pianos for $175, $200,
and $2'^5, interior of as good qui*lity, and instru
ments as strong and as durable as those which
cost $500. Pianos of every variety of style and
price, up to $1,000, comprising those of Ten dif
ferent manufactories; among jhem the celebrated
modem improved Horace Waters' Pianos, and
the first premium iEolean Pianos of T. Gilbert
ic Co s. make (owners of the JEolean Patent.)
Second-hand Piano* at great bargains. Prices
from $40 to $150. Melodeons from five diflerent
manufactories, including the well-known S. D. dt
H. W Smith's Melodeons, (tuned the equal tem
perament.) The Best Make in the United States.
Prices $15, $60. $75, $100, $115, $125, $135, $150.
Smith's Double Bank Melodeons' $200. Each
Piano and Melodeon guarantied. The best terms
to the trade, schools, dec 12J per cent, discount
to Clergymen and Churches. Ail orders promptly
attended to. Music sent to all parts of the coun
try, |K>st paid, at the reduced rates. General and
select Catalogues and Schedules of prices of Mu
sical Instruments forwarded to any address free
ol charge. Feb 16?d3m
Mrs. beecher stowed new
Work.?The May Flower and Miscellane
ous Writings, by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
The Country Neighborhood, by Miss E. A. Du
puy, author of The Conspirator, &e., &c.
Foster's First Principles of Chemistry, illus
trated. Adapted specially for classes.
Tri-colored Sketches in Paris, during the vears
Just published and for sale at
TAYLOR & MAURY'S Bookstore,
Ap"'I? near 9th st.
JL No. 27.?This Pen, which is manufactured by
Perry 6c Co., London, expressly for Messrs. Tay
lor he Maury, will be found unequalled in all the
requirements of a good steel Pen.
Sold in gross boxes, price $1, at
Book and Stationery Sjore,
April 17 near 9th st.
ing Struggle among the Nations oftha Earth,
or the Political Events ol the next Fifteen Years,
described in accordance with Prophecies in Eze
kiel, Daniel, and the Apocalypse.
Reprinted from the sixtieth-thousand London
edition. "For sale at
Bookstore, near Ninth street.
/ Tke otdy Railroad Routs from the Ijawrr
Mustesippt to the Atlantic!
>^The Strainer WINCHESTER leaves
JI^SUOUC the Altou wharf boat at St. Louis
daily (Sundays excepted) at 7 o'clock, a. m., anc
the REINDEER leaves the Alton wharf boat at
St. Louis daily at 5.30, p. m.
The steamers connect at Alton (only 25 miles
rom St. Louis) with express trains for
Passengers leaving St. Louis by the steamer
Winchester at 7, a. m., lake the cars at Alton at
10, a. re., and arrive at Chicago the next morning
in time to take the earliest mornipy trains going
Passengers leaving St. lx>uis by the Reindeer
at 5.30, p. m., take the cars at Alton (Saturday ex
ceptel) at 9 p. in., in time for the evening trains
This line via Chicago and Mississippi, Illinois
Cential and Chicago and Rock Island, or Chicago
? nd Aurora railroads, connects with all the rail
roads at Chicago, and affords the most speedy
route from St. Louis to points on the Mississippi
river, at and alwve the Upper Rapids, aa well na
to points on the Illinois river at and aliove Pekin.
The trains of the C. and M. railroad connect at
Carlinville, Virden, Springfield, and Bloomington,
with good Stage Lines tor Hillsboro', Waverly,
Danville, Terre-Haute, Pekin, and Piona,and also
with the Great Western Railroad at Springfield,
with the Great Western Railroad for Jacksonville,
and Decatur, and at Bloomington with the Illinois
Central Railroad for Lasalle.
1JS9- THROUGH TICKETS, and Tickets to
Chic ago, can b- had at the offices of the Michigan
Southern, the Michigan Central, and the New
York and Erie railroads, St. Louis.
TICKETS TO CHICAGO and all the in
termed ate places, can be had at the wharf boat
and on the railroad packets, and at the offices of
the Chicago and Mississippi, Illinois Central, and
Chicago and Rock Island railroads.
E. KEATING, Sup't C. te M. R. R.
NEW YORK., May 51, IM3^Thf under
signed has this dsy opened an office, No. 42
William street, (Merchants' Exchange,) for the
transaction of a general brokerage business.
Bank, insurance, mining, railroad, government,
State, and city securities bought and sold.
Promissory no??*s, bills of exchsage, and loans
Sep 21?tf EMANUEL B. HART.
ENERAL AGENCY*?The undersigned
X most respectfully informs, by this notice, his
riends and the public in general, here and esle
where, that he ha* opened an Agency Office for
the prosecution of claims of every description
sgsinst fhe government, before the several depart
ments or Congress; procure pensions, bounty
ands extra pay, and arreerage pay, and will at.
end to the buying and sel'ing of real estate, the
renting ot houses, and a general collecting busi
ne?*; he will also furnisn parties at a distance
with such information as they may desire from
the seat of government. Charges will be mode
sate. Office, at present, will be on M near 18th
Hon. J. C. Dobbin, Secretary of the Nai>y
Hon. J. Davis, Secretary of War.
N. Callan, esq., President of the Hoard of
mon Council.
Gen. Jehn M. McCalla, Attorney at Lam>.
James H. Caustin, esq.
W. C. Reiki all, State bepartment.
Jan 17?U
ECK.ER?> FARINA, prepared ex
. . pressly lor families, a delicate mid appro
priate food for all seasons, and one ol the most
economical, nutritious, aud wholesome prepara
tions ever brought to the table, eminently com
bining the gratification of the palate with ample
and healthful sustenance of tf?e body.
Strictly speaking, Heckem' Farina is neither
striugent uor laxative, but restorative, strengeu
iuir tne digestive and absorbent system. In dis
ordered bowels, diarrhae, dysentery, and even in
cases of cholera, when food ia deemed admissible
by the physicians, Heckera' Farina cannot fail to
be salutary ; and wherever known is extenaiveiy
used in hospitals and private practice. The prea
ervation of health or the prevention of sickness
is at least as important as the curing ol disea e.
People in health should therefore use Heckers
Farina freely, a? common food, to preserve the in
estimable blessing. n 11V
For sale by grocers and druggists general y.
Wholesale by Charles F. Pitts, 12
street, Baltimore; Uingee & Brother, 97 b<outh
Front street. Philadelphia; S G. Bowdlear& Co.,
17 Long Wharf, Boston ; and by the manufacUi
rers, Hecker & Brother, at the Croton Mills, 201
Cherry street, New York.
Heckera' Farina Jelly, made In double
Boilers, which render burning or scorching im
possible, is now exhibited daily at the Fair of the
Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute in Washington.
Mar 8?2w. . *
NEW NOVEL, by the autiter of " Mary
Barton,"?North and South, by the author
of Crawford, the Moorland Cottage, &c. Price
37i cents. _ ? . .
Kings and Queens, or Life in the lalace, by
John S. C. Abbott. Price $1. >
Just published, and for aale at '
March 3 Bookstore, near 9th st.
DUTCH HERRING.?15 kegs, 1854, Vollwn,
Holland. For sale by ?rT?no
No. 40, opposite the Centre Market.
Dec. 23?lw
ADEIRA NUTS,latest growth ; 1 cask
just received by
No. 40, opposite Centre Market.
Jan 6?3tif
J\_ and other Books.?Odds and Ends lroin an
old Drawer, by Werdna Retnyu, M. D.
Pippins and Pies, by Stirling Coyne.
Charade Dramas, for the drawing room, b/ Anae
Pleasures, Objects, and Advantages ol Litera
ture, by the Rev. Robert Aris Willenott.
Heir of Selwood, by Mrs. Gore.
Matilda Lonsdale, or the eldest sister, by
Charlotte Adams.
A Tour rouad my Garden.
Hildred, the Daughter, by Mrs. Newton Cros
Dashwood Priary, or Mortimers College Lite.
Horses and Hounds, a practical treatise oh their
management, by " Scrutator.'
Outlines of Chemical Analysis, prepared for the
Chemical Laboratory at Giessen, by Dr. Heinrich
Will; translated from the German by Daniel Breed,
M. D., of the United States Patent Office.
The Forest in Exile, by Capt. Mayne Reid.
On Sale at TAYOR & MAURY'S
jaa, 24 Bookstore, near 9th st.
PAPER m'oISTENER.?a New Inven
tion for Moistening the leaves of a Copying
Book, Postage Stamps, Envelopes, and Moisten
ng the Fingers when Counting Bank Bills ; also
useful for various other purposes. It will be
found an indispensable article for every Desk. It
iB perfectly simple aud cheap, and must come ia
to general use.
The following are a few complimentary opin
ions of the Press:
Paper Moistk.ner.? ^ new and very neat use
ful invention for moistening post office stamps,
envelopes, sheets in a copying book, counting
bank bills, &c. This does away with the disagree
able method of moistening stamps, See., with the
ongue. It is a putent article, vary simple and
cheap, aud will be universally adopted as soon as
t i? seen.?Boston Transcript, Sept. 1854.
Taper Moistener?A new invention for mois
ening postage stamps, envelopes, oheets in a
copying book, counting bank bills, &c? The
common way of moistening stamps with the
tongue is very disagreeable and inconvenient;
also the usual way of wetting sheets in a copying
book, by using a brush which has t? be dipped in
water, is inconvenient and very difficult te give
paper an even moisture, which is very desirable
for copying letters. This article obviates these
difficulties, besides being useful for various other
purposes. It is also perfectly simple and cheap,
and must come into general use.?[Boston Pott,
Sept., 1864.
Paper Moistener.?A newly invented and very
useful little contrivance for moistening postage
stamps and envelopes, and for wetting sheets in
a copying boek, Arc. It costs but little, and will
save the tongue a good deal of unpleasant work.
[ Bo t ton Traveller, Sept., 1S>54.
Agent for Washingten,
Jan. 17 Bookstore j^C4tr *** *
I for the current year. The list it now open
and every subscriber of SO 50 will be entitled to
I. An impression of a Plate, by J. T. Wlllmore,
A. R. A., from the original picture, by J. J. Chalon,
R. A., w A Water Parly."
II. A volume containing thirty Wood Engra
vings, illustrating subjects from Lord Byron's
poem of" Child Harolde and
III. The chance of obtaining one of the Prizss
to be allotted at the general meeting in April,
which will include?
The right to select for himself a valuable work
of art from one of the public exhibitions.
Statuettes in bronxe of Her Majesty on horse
back, by T. Thorneycrofl.
Copies in bronze, from an original Model in re
lief by R. Jefferson, of " The entry of the Duke of
Wellington into Madrid."
Statuettes in porcelain or parian.
Proof impressions of a large lithograph, by T. H
Maguire. arter the original picture by W. P. Frith,
R. A., " The Three Bows," Iroin Moliere s " Bour
geois Gentilhomme."
Honorary Secretaries for Washington. Messrs
TAYLOR & MAURY, Booksellers. Jan. 24
Tiiim reaijtikul burial place
of the DeaThaving just been dediciyed with
appropriate ceremonies for the purpose, is now
open for the reception of the remains of deceased
The Mausoleum has capacity for a hundred
oodies, in which such friend* ?f the dead,** may
apply, can place the departed until they select
sites for graves.
The plan of the incorporators is one of equality
n regard to the lots, which will not be put up
publicly for sale, (although they usually bring a
premium,) making the early selections of lots the
most desirable.
Until an office is established in the city of Wash
ngton, applications will be punctually attended to
at the present office, in the east wing of the build
ng on entering the Cemetery.
Visiters are requested not to drive fast through
be Cemetery grounds.
N. B. Glenwood is situated a short distance
due north of the Capitol. Aug 27?3m
NEW book*.? Plato on Immortality of
the Soul, translated from the Greek by
Charles S. Stanford.
Florence Egerton j or, Sunshine and Shadows,
by the author of Clara Stanley, Arc.
Sketches of Western Methodism. Biographical,
Historical, and Miscellaneous, illustrative of Pio
neer Life, by Rev. Jas. B. Finley.
For sale by GRAY ft BALLANTYNE.
TN this city, will be re-opened for the re
I ception of guests on the 27th of this month.
The removal of the Kitchen from the basement to
the rear of the building, and the alterations in and
about the Dining Rooms, will add greatly to the
convenience and comfort of its guests. The fable
will be furn:shed with the best the maiketscan
afford, and served in the best style, and no expense
or labor will be spared to render the house, in
every respect, equal to any in the country. The
subscriber, therefore, truststhat a generous public
will continue the liberal patronage which has al
ways been extended to the house. Persons de
siring to procure rooms for the winter, can do so
at any time after the 20th, by calling at the Hotel.
Washington city, November 14, ISM.
Not 16?if '?
aon.?The largest and best assortment of all
qualities, will be found at
322, Pann. avenue, next door to Iron Hall.
Jan S (Newa.)

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