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T E1M I.
The Dut/y National Bra la publiahad every even
>ug, and oontalna the report* of the proceeding* of
Cougrou up to throo o'clock.
The Ottiuc of Publication ia on Seventh itreet, be
tweun U and lit.
Daily paper, for term of eight month* - . . $6.00
Ratn* of Atlvrrtwag %u Daily
One aquare, (ten liaea,) one ineertion - ? ? $0.60
Do. do. three inaartioua - - 1.00
Do. do. one week .... 1.60
Du. 'do. two weeka .... 2 60
Do. do. one month ... 4.00
Do. do. two month*.... 6.00
Do. do. three months ... 8.00
A liberal diioount for long advertiaementa, and to
thoae who advertiae for a longer time.
The National Era u a weekly newspaper,
devoted to Literature and Politics.
In Literature, it aims to unite the Beautiful
with tbo True, and to make both immediately
subBorvient to the practical purpose* of every
day life. . ... , ..
In Politics, it advocate#) the Righto of Man,
and the Equality of Righto, and opposes what
evor violates or tends to violate them, whether
this bo Involuntary Pewuoal Servitude, Civil
Despotism, Spiritual Alieolutism, Class Legis
lation, the Selfishness of Capital, the Tyranny
of Combination, the Oppression of a Majority,
or the Exactions of Party. . .
It holds no fellowship with the Whig and
Domocratio organization, behoving that the
main issues on which they have been arrayed
against each other are obsolete or settled, anil
that they-aro now chiotty used by tbo Sectional
Intereat of Slavery, to impair tho love of Li >?
erty natural to tho American mind, and to
subjugate the American People to ito rule. 1 is
olaiming all connection with them, it yot sym
pathizes with those of their adherents who are
nonestly scoking through them to advanoe the
substantial interests of the country, although
it mutt bolievo that they have not ohoson tho
liettor way.
? It is a supporter of tho Independent Democ
raoy, which holds that tho Truths of tho Dec
laration of Independence are practical, that in
their light the Constitution of the United
States is to be interpreted, that to them tho
laws and institutions and usages of the court
try should be conformed?a Party, whose
motto is, Union, not for the sake of Union,
but for the sake of Freodom and Progress;
and Latb, not for tlie,sako of Law, but for the
Protection of Human Rights and Interests?
tho only sure foundation ol order and concord.
In no sense is it tho organ of a Party, Or a
mero Party Paper, but absolutely " free and
independent," claiming to spea^ " by author
ity " for nobody exoept ito editor, and rooogui
sing no authority in any quarter to prescribe ito
oonrsc and policy.
The Eighth Volume of the Era will com
mence on the first of January ensuing, and be
enlu-god by the addition of four columns. We
have neglected no means thatoould promise to
make it an agreeable companion for tho House
hold, and an efficient co-adjutor to the ertlight
ed Politician. Ft has secured able correspond
ents at home and abroad, and no journal in
the oountry can surpass the Era as it respects
contributors to ito Literary Department.
The Era publishes condonsed reports of the
proceedings of Congress, explains movements
in that body, the causes of whioh do not always
lie upon the surfaoe, and from ito position is
on abled to keep a oonstant watch upon the ao
tion of the Federal Government in relation
to all questions at issue botween Liberty and
The only journal at tho seat of the Federal
Government, representing the Anti-Slavory
Sentiment of tho Ropublic, while the Pro-Sla
very Sentiment is represented here by four
daily papers, nearly all of them being liberally
sustained by Governmental patronage^ it asks
the support of all who believe, in sincerity, that
the Union was formed to secure the blewings
of Liberty, and not to porpetnate the curse oi
Payment in advance is invariably required.
To prevent annoyance and loss to ourselves
and readers, to preserve their files unbroken,
and to enable us "to know how large an edi
tion of the paper to issue, all subscriptions
should be renewed before they oxpire. We
have no oredit-suhscribers ?w? our books.
Single copy . - ? $2
Three oopios ... 5
Five copies ... 8
Ten copies - - 15
Single copy six month* - I
Ten copies six months - 8
These aro tho terms for both old and new
ulMCi1t?*n,forwarding their own subscriptions
Agents arc entitled to fifty cento on each new
yearly sub*'.ril?er, and twenty-five cento on
each renewed subscriber-1?exceyt in the case oj
A club of three subscribers, one of whom
may bo an old one, at $ft, will entitle the per
son making it up to a copy of the Era for three
months ; a club of five, two of whom may be
old ones, at $8, to a copy fi>r six months; a
club of ten, five of whom may bo old ones, at
$15, to a copy for one year.
When a club of subsoribors has been for
warded, additions may bo made to it, on the
same terms.
Money to be ftrwardod by mail at our risk
Largo amounts may bo remitted in drafts or
certificates ofdeposito. When money is sont,
notes on the Banks of Boston, New York, Phil
adelphia, or Baltimore aro preferred. New
England notes are at less discount than New
York State notes, and tbese lees than Western
notes. ?? Baukt.
P. S. Newspapers friendly to our enterprise
will please notioe or publish our Prospeotus, as
they may see proper. '
1 nliall imun, on the 2d day of January en
suing, the Daii.y Nationai. Kha, a Political
and Literary Newspapor.
jpfn Politicx, it will advooato the Righto of
Man, and the Equality of Righto, and oppose
whatever violate* or tend* to violate them,
whether thin be Involuntary Personal Scrri
tilde, ^ Civil Despotum, Spiritual Absolutism,
Claw Leginlation, the Solftnhnoiw of Capital,
the Tyranny of Combination, tbe Oppression of
a Majority, or the Kxaction* of a Party.
It will hold no fellowship with the Whig
and Democratic organizations, believing that
the main issues on whioh they have been ar
rayed againut each other are obsolete or settled,
and that they are now ohiefly need by the Sec
tional Interest of Slavery, to impair the lore of
l,ih?rty natural to the American mind, and to
mihjngate the American Poople to its rule. Dis
claiming all connection with them, it will yot
sympathise with thoso of their adherents who
are honestly socking through them to adranoe
the sulwtantial interests of the oountry, although
it must Ixlieve that they have not ohosen the
better way.
It will be a supporter of the Independent
I tamocrarf, whioh holds that the Troths of the
Declaration of Independence are praetiail. that
in their light the Constitution of the United
States is to be interpreted; that to them the
laws and institutions and nsages of the oountry
Khould bo conformed?a Party, whose motto
in, Union, not for the sake of Union, bat for the
sake of Freedom and Progress; and Law, not
lor the sake of Law, bnt for the promotion of
VOL. r. WASHINGTON, D. C.t WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 1854. NO. 135.
/ ?
Human Righto and In teres*--the only -ure
foundation of order and oouoord.
In no nenne will it be the organ of a Party,
or a mere Party Paper, but absolutely tree
and independent," claiming to apeak by au
thority " for nobody except its editor, and rec
ognising no authority in any quarter to pre
?? t
tiful with the True, and to make bothimmed.
ately HubBervient to the practical purposes ot
?WA^J>r?pond.?t?, .t l.ome .?d .brood,
have bo.- Jured, -id o'"pl? |f?a"jn
been mado tor ite Literary Misoellany.
It will publish oondenaed reports ot the pro
ceeding ot C.mgrew, explain movement* .u
that l>ody, the eaufen of which do not always
lie upon die surface, and from it- pos.Uon be
able^o keep a constant watch upon the actio i
of tho Federal Government in relation to all
questions at issue between Liberty and
4 The extensive subscription ot the Weekly
Fra which, during the year about to olosc, bos
reached the number of twenty-eight jhous^.d,
must make it an eligible medium tor adve^"f^
The Daily Era will be issued on a sheet aa
i llH j-hat of the Daily National Intelligence),
!,? S? 2dduJofJ..,..?ry1 1854, and d?l, .here
?fwr, untd Hie l?t of So(.t?mlier, IBM, (o*|o"K
or should Con gross contiuufl in session,) at
nVc dollars FOR that imckiod; and shouU
the result then warrant, the publication will
burned*. th. 1* or Soptombor following,
{STiOxteeo days intervene l>otwcon tills
and tho 2d of January, it is important that
subscriptions be forwarded at once.
Payment in culvance will
quired. '
Washington, December 15, 1853.
The following is a list of the Free Dem
ocratic and Anti-Slavery papers published in
the United States:
Inquirer, Portland, Me.; A. Wilier ; $2 per annum
I ml. Democrat, Concord, N. H.; G. <3- ^ "Kt5. $2
News Keene, N. II,; S. Woodward; $>-2p
Democrat, Mai.ch.Hter N. II.; J. H. 1 $1 '
Messenger, Portsmouth, N. H.; T. J. Whittam , 9 ?
Freeman, Moutpelier, Vt; D. P. Thompson; $2^
Observer, Morrisville, Vt.; J. A. Somerby, $L26.
Telegraph, Springfield, Vt.; L. T. <SuerMey, $1.75.
Democrat, Brattleborough, Vt.; W. Nichols; $1.50.
Brandon Post, Brandon, Vt.; 1 . Welch ; $1.
Courier, Burlington, Vt.; G. C. banison. $1.j0.
Commonwealth, Boston, Mi.; J I> Baldwin; daily
Sentinel, North Adams, Ms., A. D. Brock; $' S?.
American, Lowell, Ms.; W. 8. Robinson; tn-week.; $.1
News, Fitchburg, Mass.; R. F. Rollins , $' 50
Essex County Freeman, Salem, Ms.; J. hmuiett,
semi-weekly, $3.50.
Republican, Greenfield, M?.
Spy, Worcester, Ms.; J. M. Barle; $2.
Standard, New Bedford, Ms.
Courier, Northampton, Ms.
Gaiette, Dedham, Ms.; Henry 0. Hildreth; $2.
Democrat. Dedham, Ms.; K. G. Robinson; $2
Sentinel, Lawrence, Ms.; John Ryan A Co., $2.
Rhode Island Freeman, Providence, R. I.; Crawford
A Harris; $1.
Republican, Hartford, Ct.; Bartlett A Hawley; $2.
Herald, Ellington, N. Y.; A. 8. Browia.
Kvening Chronicle, Syracuse, N. Y.; H. R Raymond
daily $3, weekly $1.50. _
Spirit of the Age, Norwich, N. Y.; J. D-JI
Wyoming Co. Mirror. Warsaw N..JTi A. Holley , $2
Telegraph. Oneida, N. \ D. H. Frost; $1.26.
Banner or the Times, De Ruyter, N. \ .
Free Press. Wellsville, 1 ?; A N. Cote;
Frederick Douglass Paper, Rochester, N. 1., Irrea
Free^Prew, Oouverneur, New York; Mitchell A Hul
bert; $1.
Herald. Jamest?>wn, N. i.
Carson Lea^u*. Syracuse, N. Y.^ J. Thomas; $1M.
American Banner, Cherry Valley, Pa.; Jonh B.King
Couri-r. Coneantville, Pa.; G. W Brown.
Olive Branch. Norristown, Pa ; Joseph Moyor. f i.
Saturday Visiter. Pittsburgh, Pa.; Jane G. A William
Swisshelin; $1.50. _
Freeman, Mercer, l'a.; W.T. Clark; t1-5^
Weekly Crescent, Krie, Pa.; Catigliey A McCreary,
Thn People's Journal, Couderspoft, P"tter county,
l'a.; Dougall, Mann A Haskell; $150.
Dispatch. Httsburg, Pa.; Foster A Fleeson; daily
CUrioiT~k&**dom, Indiana, Pa.; Moorhead A Mc
Die Frie Prew, Philadelphia, Pa.; F.W.Thomas; dal
ly. $1.
The Christian Statesman. Mansfield. 0.; Rev. Kd
ward Smith. ? ,
The Oberlin Woekly Times, Oberlin O.; - H'e.1
Iloracfltead Journal, Halem, O.; A. IliokmMj
Christian Press, Cincinnati, O.; $2.
True Democrat, Cleveland, 0.; Thomas Brown, dal
ly $?, weekly $2. . w
Ashtabula Sentinel, Jefferson and Ashtabula, O., W.
C.Howell; $2. n u ?
Mahoning Kree Democrat, Youngstnwn, 0 ; M Cullo
Commercial, Cleveland, 0.; II. M^Addison ;
Journal. Wellington 0 ; George Brewster. $1.50
Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, O.; K. O. How
Telegraph! Painsville 0.; Gray A Doolittle ; $2.
Ohio Times, Mount Vernon, O.; Chapman A lhrall,
Independent Democrat. KlyHa, O.; Philemon Bliss;
Columbian, Colnmhus, 0.; L. L. Rice
Free Democrat, Chardon, ? > Ju8 Wr'?ht ' ?1
Star, Ravenna, 0.; Lyman W Hall; $1.50.
Herald of Freedom. Wilmington, O.; J. W. < baffln,
True Republican, Greenfield, 0.
Williams Hemoeiat, West Ualty.O.j Win A Hunter.
Free Democrat, Detroit, Mich.j 8. H. Baker; daily
$5, weekly $1.
Free Democrat. Indianapolis, Ind.; R. Vaile; $1 6?.
Wextern Citi.en, Chicago, Hi. 5 1C. Eastman , daily
Western Freeman. Galeubnrg, 111.; W-J ?j
Standard, Hreeporfc, Ill
Free Democrat, Wankenha, Wis.; S. M Booth; dai
Free I'ress, Janeeville. Wis.; Joseph Baker, $1 50.
Advocate. Racine, Wis.; C. Clements, $
Kentucky News, Newport, Ky.; W. 8. Bailey; $1.
True Democrat, Mount Pleasant. Iowa; J. W. Howe;
DeVl^mokrat, Davenport, Iowa; Th. Gulich, $2
Picific Statesman, San Francisco, Cal.; J. H. Purdy.
i,,r National Demokrat, Washir^ton, ?. C.; Fijd.
Schmidt,editor, Busll ABlancbard, publishers, $2.
Liberator,Boston, Ms.; Win. Lloyd Garrison . $2.60.
Pennsylvania Freeman, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. M. llur
leigh; $2.
National Anti Slavery Standard, New ork, W. ?!
8. H. Gay A K. Qnincy , $2
Anti-Slavery Bugle, Salem,0.; M.R Robin** ; $150.
Voice of the Fugitive.
L letter, throngh the mail, by the nndereigned, for
$S, for a thorough oonree of Tnatraction, inclosing
inelritct ion book and poatage on inrtruotten letter*?
{ $1 p?yal>le at the oominoncument.and the reinaioder
alter the learner ha* become able to oorreepond with
1 mo in phonography. Ten instruction letter* are unf
flcient to enable a pereon to nee I'honngrnphy for all
i the pnrpoeee for which long hand i? ?*ed Addreae,
I poai paid. A. T. NORTHUP.
| April 13. Otego, Otaego oounty, N. Y.
The Senate consists of two Senator* from each
State. There are thirty-one States, represented by
sixty two Senators.
Whigs, in Italic ; Old Line Democrats, in Roman.
Those marked I: 1)., Independent Democrats ; I).,
thoso elected an Union men; S. K., those elected as
Southern or State Rights men.
President ? ? David ft. Atchison
Secretary ? - Asbury Dickins.
Term t.rpirts. Turin expire*
Ben j Fitspatrick - ? 1850 Stephen Adams, (U.) 1867
C. C Clay 1859 A. U. Brown - - - - l?59
R. W. Johnson* - - 1855 David R. Atchison - 1855
Wui. K. Sebastian - 1859 lleuri/ 8. Geyei ? - 1859
Truman Himiili ? - 1855 Moses Norrbt, jr - ? 1855
Isaac Toucey - - - 1857 Jared W. Williams- 1859
William M. U will - 1855 Wm. H. Seward - - 1865
John B. Weller - - 1857 Hamilton t-'ish - ? 1857
Jauies A. Bayard - 1857 J. R. Thoui|*on - - 1857
Julia. M. L'lat/tuii - 1859 William Wright - - 1869
Jackson Morton - - 1855 George ti liiu/ger - 185;j
Stephen R. Alallory 1857 Vacancy 1869
B'. C. Dawson - - 1855 S. P. Cliaflo (L D.) - 1855
Ho/h i I Totrml/S (U.) 1859 lirnjamin 1\ II ? <te 1857
John Petit ----- 1856 James Cooper - - - |V>5.<
Jesse D. Bright - ? 18;>7 Rich'd Brodbead, jr. 1867
James Shields - - - 1855 Charles T. James - 1H57
Stephen A. Douglas 1869 Philip Allen - - - - ls.>9
Augustus C. Dodge - 1865 A. P. Butler (S. It.) - 1866
George W. Jones - I8;>9 Josiah J. Evans - - 1851)
Archibald Dixon- - 1855 James C. Junes - - 1867
John 11. Thompson 185V) John Hell 1869
Louisiana. Texas.
John SI idol I - - - - 1855 Thomas J. Rusk - - 1867
J. 1'. Benjamin - - 18;>9 Sam. Houston - - 1869
Hannibal liauilin - 1857 Vacancy 1865
W m. P. Pessonden - 1851) Solomon Foot - - ? 1?57
Chs.Sumner (LD.J 1867 J. M. Mason (8. R.) 1867
Edward Everett - - 1859 R M. T. llmitcr '? I8a9
James A. Pearer. - - 1865 Isaac P. Walker - - 1855
Thomas G. Pratt - 1857 Henry Dodge - - - l?57
Lewis Cass 1867
Chas. E. Stuart - - - 1869
* By Governor's appointment. The Legislature
of Alabama will have two United States Senators to
elect daring the coming session
The House consists of two hundred and
thirty-lour Members and live Territorial Dele
gate*, oue new Territory having lately been
formed, viz : Washington. Too Delegates,
however, have no vote.
Old Line Democrats.?Philip Philips, S. W.
Harris, Wm. R. Smith, George S. Houghton,
W. R. W. Cobb, James F. Dowdeil.
Whig.?Jamos Abercrombio.
Old Line Democrats.?A. B. Greenwood, K.
A. Warren.
Old Line Democrats.?James T. Pratt, Colin
M. Ingersoll, Nathan Belcher, Origen S. Sey
Old Line Democrats. ? J. A. McDougall
Milton S. Latham.
Old Line Democrat.?George R. Riddle.
Old Line Democrat.?Augustus E. Maxwell.
Old Line Democrats.?J. L. Seward, A. H.
Colo u it, David J. Bailey, Wm. B. W. Bent, K.
W. Chastain, Junius Hillyor.
Whig*.?David A. Keese, Alex. H. Stephens.
Old Line Democrat?Bernhardt Hunn.
Whig.?John P. Cook.
Old Line Democrats.?i$. Miller, W. H. Eng
lish, C. L. Dunham, James A. Lane, Thus. 4
Henricks, John G. Davis, Daniel Mace, Nor
man Eddy, E. M. (Chamberlain, Andrew J.
IVkig.?Samuel W. Parker.
Old Line Democrats.?John Wontworth, W.
A. Rishardson, James Allen, William H. Bis
scll, Willi* Allen.
Whigs.? E. B. Waahburne, J. C. Norton,
James K'nox, Richard VaUv.
Line Democrats.?Linn Boyd, James S.
Chnmnaii, J. M. Elliott, J. C. Brnckenridge, K.
H. Stanton.
Whig*.? li?*nj. E. Gray, Presley Ewing,
Clement S. Hill, Wm. Preston, Leander M.
Old Line Democrhts.?Wm. Dunbar, John
Perkins, jr.
IVkigs.?Theodore G. Hunt, John B. Smith.
Old Line Democrat ?Nathahiel P. Banks.
Whigs.?Thos. D. Eliot, Samuel L. Crocker,
J. Wiley Edmunds, Samuel H. Walloy, Wil
liam Appleton, Charles W. Upham, Tappau
Wontworth, Edward Dickinson, John Z. Good
Indepeyient Democrat.?Alex. DeWitt.
Old Line Democrat*.?David Stuart, David
A. Noble, Samuel Clark, Hestor L. Stephens
Old Line Democrats?Moae* McDonald, Sam
uel May all, T. J. D. Fuller.
Whig*.?E. Wilder Farley, Samuel P Ben
son, Israel Washburn, jr.
Old Line Democrat*. ? Daniel B. Wiiphf,
Wm S. Barry, O R. Singleton, Wiley P. Har
ris, Wm Barksdale.
Old Line Democrats.?Jacob Shower, Joshua
Van*ant, Henry May. Wm. T. Hamilton.
Whig*.?John R. Franklin, A. R. Sollera.
Old Line Democrats. ? Thomas H. Benton.
Alfred W. Lamb, John S. Phelps
Wh?g*. ?John G. Lindley, John G. Miller,
Mordecai Oliver, Sam. Caruthers. '
Old Line l>emorrat.?Henry M. Rioe.
Old Line Democrat*.?Jan Maurioo, Ths W.
('umming, Hiram Walbridge, Mike Walsh,
William M. Tweed, John Wheeler, William A.
Walker, Francis B Cutting, Jared V. Peck,
William Murray, T. R. Westhrook, Gilbert
Dean, Rofus W. Peek ham, Charles Hughes,
Bishop Perkins, Peter Rowe, Daniel T. Jones,
Andrew Oliver, John J. Taylor, George Hast
ings. Ren hen R. Kenton.
Wktgf ? Russel Sage, George A. Simmons,
George W. Chase, O. B. Matteoon, Henry Ben
nett, Kdwin B. Morgan, David Carpenter,
Thomas T. Flagler Solomon G. Haven, Benja
min Pringle.
liMpentlen! Democrats.?Gerrit Smith, Ca
leb l.yun.
Old Line Democrat?.?Nathan T. Sttatton,
Charles Skellon, Samuel Lilly, George Vrail.
Whig-?A. C. M. Pennington
* Old Line Democrat*.?George W. Kittrodge,
George W. Morruwwi, Harry Hibbard ?
Old Line Democrats.?H. H. Shaw, Thoniaa
Ruffin, Wni. S. Aihe, Burton S. Creijt, Thomas
I L. Clingman.
Whig*.?Sion H. Rogera, Johu Korr, Rich
ard C. Puryear.
Old Line Democrat.?Jose Manuel Gallegott.
Old Line Democrats.?DavidT. Dieney, M. H.
Nicholn, Allred P. Edgerton, Andrew Kllison,
Frederick W. Green, Thomoa L. Rituhi?, Ed
son B. Oldtt, Win. D. Lindney, Harvey H.Jobn
aon, Wil*ou Shannon, Georgo Hltw, Andrew
Whigs.?Jobu Soott Harrison, Aaron Har
lan, Mi mom B. Corwiu, John L. lajlor, W. tt.
Sap|t, Edward Ball.
Independent Democrats.?L. IX Campbell,
Edward Wilde, J. K. Giddingn.
Old Line Democrat.?Joseph Lane.
Old Line Democrats ?T. B. Florence, J. Hob
ins, jr., VVui. H Witte, John McNair, Samuel
' A. Bridges, Henry A. Muhlenberg, Christian
W. Straub, H B. Wright, At?a Packer, Ga
lusha A. Grow, James Gamble, Wu. H. Kum,
Augustus Drum, John L Dawsou, Michael C.
Trout, Ctfrlton B. Curtis.
Whigs.?Joseph R. Cnandler, William Ever
hart, Issau E. Heister, Ner Middloawarth,
Sauiuel L. Rusael, Johu McCoiluoh, David
Ritchie, Thomas M. Howe, Johu Dick.
Old Line Democrats.?Thomas Davis, Ben
jamin B. Thurston.
State Rights Democruts.?John McQueen,
William Ataen, L. M. Keitt, P. S. Brooia, Jan.
L. Orr, W. W. Boyce.
Old Line Democruts.?Nathaniel G. Taylor,
Wm. M. Churchwell, Sauiuel A. Smith, Geo.
W. Jones, Frederick P. Stanton.
Wkig*.?William Cullom, Charles Ready,
R. M. Bugg, Felix K. Zolltkoffer, Emerson
Old Line Democrats.?Goo. Y. Smyth, PeLr
H. Bell. '
Old Line Democrat.?John M. Bemhisel.
Old Line Democrats.?T. H. Bayly, J. M. Mill
sou, John S. Caskie, William O. Goode, Thou
S. Bocook, Paulas Powell, William Smith,
Charles J. Faulkner, H. A. Edmondson, John
Letcher, Z. Kidwell, J. F. Soodgrass, Fayette
Mc Mullen.
- Whigs.?J amen Meacham, Andrew Tracy,
Alvab Sabin.
Old Line Democrats.?rDaniel Wells, jr., B.
C. Eastman, John B. Maoy.
Harper s Magazine, Putnam s Magazine,
Graham's Magazine, Hunt n Merchant 8 Mugai.
Godey'a Lady s Book, Eclectic Magazine,
Illustrated Magaz. of Art, Knickerbocker Magazine,
Arthur's Magazine, Dickens IIou?holdWord?,
Historical Educator. Littell's Living Age,
Ladies' Nat. Magazine, London Punch,
London Illustrated Newa, Blackwood's Magazine.
Also, the roprint of all the Foreign Reviews, com
prising the London Quarterly, Westminster, Edin
' liurgli, and North British.
All the Literary Newspapers published in Phila
delphia, New York, and Boston ; also, all the Now
' Books, received as fast as published.
A very complete and varied assortment of fine note
and letter Paper, comprising all the most beautiful
qualities and mzoa in general uae.
A Iftrgf andHnu^Qt of Blank Book*, for mlc
Odeon Building, eor. 4J at. and Pa. avenue.
Jan. 2?d.lm
THK subscriber has just fitted up a number of nrw
discoveries, (no aoap receipts nor silver polish,'!
I that are of the utmost value everywhere, with full
ami miiinlr fttirhriilai* HOW each and all may be
i prosecuted?a business or in oonneotion with any
business?and yield at least froui $5 to |K per day
Success cannot fail ? the enterprise ia "just the
thing " for those with no capital, and a littlo surplus
energy?and may be carried on with ease and the
strictest honesty The whole will be sent to any one
enclosing, post paid, half a dollar, or iU value in
? stamps, to M 8TKVEN8, Waynesborough. Frank
lin c ounty, Pennsylvania. Bend for two, one for a
brother or friend. March 29 -2t
The Cheapest and Hest Magazine for the Fami
ly Circle, is
?O say the conductors of the press generally, and
tho public to hoot. Have you subscribed for it
I Now is the time. A new volnine haa jnst commenced.
and multitudes of subscriptions arc coming in. Th"?
I are forty-eight pages ?f the choicest reading in each
number, and ever so many pictures It c>sta *???*? ?1
a year and when taken in elnba of five, but eighty
cent*. Try It Yon will find it an unfailingj ?ource
j of delight and improvement to your family. 1 rMS* ??
1 single numbers, for spocimens. only six cent*. or two
| post office stamp.. Add*.
March ft?Steow 118 Nassau st , N York
t'l.AIM AfiKM V, W.tMIH'iTON, D. V.
I * r THOMPSON tt c. C. VKNABLR, Attorneys at
.VI. Law. prosecutc every J..crip4.on of claims be
fore the various Heparin,mUol me general < -cm
mont. and before Congr*. They -k^Wsell Land
Warrants at the highest cnrwnt prices
proceeds promptly t? order to any part ol the United
States, for reasonable commissions.
Thcv also attend strictly the practice of law
all the Coort* of the District. and the a^o.ntng coun
March I Washington, D. C.
P S Refer, if need be. to almost any of the most
prominent citizens of Ws,hmgton,Headsofn.p^
merits and Bureaus, and to members of Congress g?i
| erally. ?
BOOK AGENTS and Colporteur* wanted, to nell
the "OLD BRKWFRY. ' Thia extraordinarily
popular work i* deatirwd U< have a larger *ale than
Mm. Stowe* famoua bov>k. The firat edition demand
?d wan .'10.000 n>pif?, which id without example io the
history of book publinhing. Five hundred tbouaand
reailrM ar* ready to purchaae thia wonderful history
?of reform at the " Five Point*," when an opportnnity
in presented It* thrilling narrative* have received
the unanimoua verdict of nni|ualifled praiae from the
aerulnr and religion* jirea*.
N. B. The unNit liberal term* will he given At
tractive circular* for canva.?aing furniahed on applica
tion to RTRINdKR <t ToWNSKND, Publiaher*.
March 2 No. 222 Broadway, N Y.
IV KN over lioo large, double-column octavo page*
' of choice reading matter in a year Alio, front
12 to 15 ateel engraving*, of a high order of excel
lence, he*ide* from 150 to 200 wood on graving*, all for
$1.25, In elnb* of four aubacrihera. The cheapest
Monthly Magaxine in the World' Tha Third Vol
ume begin* in January, 1854, and will contain a new
atory, or nouvallette, by Mr. Arthur, entitled "Tiik
Ana*i. or tmk HorsKHoi-D." Term*. In advance,
$2 a year; 4 copies, one year, 15; 12 copie*, one year,
$16, and one to getter up of club. Spertmrn mum
hurt fumithni frrrof rhstrge. Lady'a Book and Home
Magaaine, one year, $f 50. Addreaa, port paid,
Jan 36??ow 107 Walnut at., Philadelphia.
AAH'kuAVfckl WllKKft KOK ?4LK UtHlXOK
Life of r*aac T. Hopper?prion *1.25, postage 21
Uncle Tom'. Cabin-price H7t cents, postage 1S oeota;
five copies for $2, postage paid.
Uncle Tom'a Cabin in Uerrnau?price 50 cents, poat
age 15 oenls.
Key to Uncle Toui d Cabin?price Ml cents, postage 16
White Slavery in the Barbary States, by Hon. Charles
Sumner?price 50 cent*, pottage 12 ceuta.
biddings aSpceches, one volume 12m<.-price $1, boat
age 25 oenu.
Uoodell', American Slave Code-price 75 centa. poat
age 18 centa.
Manuel Pereira?price in cloth 76 cents, poatage 12
oenta, in paper 50 cents, postage 10 cents
J-National Kra Office.
Mif,C4N W*"P*?nO? CLAIMS
H : Widows, and Claims for IfiXl'KA PA v ,
1 ^ rt u' ,r" K JV; uii '"l
?-?'...J Sep. Ti
"KW UuOK.t
JN^X^sr*1t1ukn0* ???..*
tsz "? * v?""" ?'*??- ?*?
Haps and Mishaps of a Tour in u .
Greenwood; $1.26, 6th ed.t.ou , ju?oT' by G,uco
Lsaayn on 1 nil^soiiiiical Writnv i,, iL,,
2 vols. I0m?.; price $1.60. ' Quincey,
Memoirs ol Whuaiou, by bis Sister & i
My 1 wg Sisters, by Euuly .Judj,(ll) ^ *'?
A oeuj* and i'urothcs hv Ph-i
The tiood-iNaturod Hoar by H IMlor' ?6 5!""'
Passion i'jowurs; 76 conuf Si l't ^f 75 <=?'"*
Memoir ol Airs. Hamlin *1 <? ! ,
Pooms by (ieorge Lunt;'?a 0en2. ' Jim 0Ut"
Aitol Prolonging Lilij; 76 cunts.
1 nor h 4<ile ol .Burke; $2
T. ,, ^U0Ks, in preparation
Otis Ul U?HU,,J' b> Harrison Gray
N^dvU??k ?f FttIuillar Quotations.
JNew V uluuie ot I'oems, hv Rohort II
Alheriun?a New SW by
Mw .Mitlord s ilramauc Works. ?*
Memorable Women, by Mrs. Oroeland
Sormous, by Or. Lowell.
Iho works ol Edmund burke
A .New Work, by Henry G.Jea.
Ihe Poetical Works of Alice Caroy
Ihe Saint s i ragedy, by Charles K1U(rB]ev
Feb 27-*"?*'" ?? ?,Hnion and
1Irft A Ntw and 'mpwvtd Volume.
isn -
become a householu word its*a?M?rilW' U ha*
almost endless variety, ali whethe^r" COmp.rwo *u
ous, adapted to instruct aa'w?n . K? Z humor
whole pervaded b v an ^ # eat"rH"B. ?nd the
rality. 3 D air 0( Pure ?n<* healthful mo
??su"i'-'" ???
is a till the Kditor. The Jan?!tAniua*l?," Ac ,
choice variety of articles inol?rtmDU c?nUln,t a
Puzzles ever publish^ JJf' l"* g?'D" of the ^
Portraits of WiuthinoL. i engra\ inga, we have
his Karui a?d ,{""*? 1>Miel vVeh'?"- on
frontispiece ,,*ecuu-d at wlif ^ " ?"r
est style of the art l'h? ! **P?nae, in the high
??\SL o?.t S'uT.rjr"
whi,h K RAMBLK8 ,N TIIK olo world
SSissStrssats#,,fta? or,ub
it ba? been k. ! W t?und to be (u
the ^ A London publuher) deeidodij
Richest Dollar Magus,ru in Ike World '
l,yo/ ,,Wwj{ ' >?'"*?' Cabinet, <?,/? Oh,
1'o/lar a Yeat.
roar copies, 87J centa, . . 4,
Pi?? copies, no cents, ... *' (l<
Eight copies, 76 cenu, . . . " a Iwl
r'?:r,,b ?f^ht ?r m0r*.?n "tracopy will be
sent to the op?> who geU up the club
iiiu* ul*a ^ilBm*ni 'jiu?t commence with Ihe begin
money. Ad^,^2db# tCCOtu^ni,d with the
*i?DWUKT"' li8 Nm"u N. V.
will be ?"Y (JR THIETY <,0?D AOKNT8
n!!Ln rt !^y tfmv*1 iB different parts of the
?.? h 'r1? ?f *u bscribera, and
beilUw^ ro,"m^ A lihe-rai ,K.r .-.ntage will
AddrZ^l^vr " ^
? lu D A WOODWORTH, Pnbliaher, '
Jan 1?. , Is NjlJMn street^New York.
Iiiformnlion for Marrird or Kinelr Uiliri
A LABA8TKE STARCH rtL0S8._The mos, pare.
world ?T?. S"T1, "n"w whiu> "Urch. in the
Tn# eoM of ^is starch ia about the same as
common surch. the ,nt.re cort not exuding li"
*'"1 rnad" J""1 ^ I t pre
serves the clothes and gives .hem a glossy and ensm
l?<l appearance, that no othor ntarrb can do This
Tu^' 0"?, ?" t!L ever
f .r ii ' "k ? 'O" ?f only one dime
[niuffiS1. knowledge how to make this starch .
fhan I Ti f*n,"r" "Mt ?r,t ,h*1 low price
than I could by soiling it to a few of the rich for Ave
dollars, which has been dene. Now, ladie, and gen
mhi h '. ?? y""r Md ?-11??'? mfermatmn.
which s?.ine of you would not I* without fortifir
limes its cn*r (fopjf the address, and send for the in
formation when you haw leisure. Wetter pay post
JUreb <t. Xinrfa, OWoi
/'rofitable ami liorunable Kmploymtyil/
rpHK Subs. r.b... ,S desirous of h*<mK an ag^nt in
t ??rh county audloui, of the Pnion A capital of
|[kT?J e?'? "n,V Wi," b? rwl?'r"J. ??'l anything
lik? an efficient, energetic inan, can make froui three
to five dollars perd-y; Indeed, some of the acents
Dowemployed arer#aliiii*g IwiM that sum. fcvery
inlormation will be given by ailJreusing, postage
f*1'1-. ,, ? Wrf A. KINHIJCR, ^
V';. ??* Hliilidflpbia Pout Of!W.
none K.
To >atltnniel A. lh.?Kn?.l all eteer Age.i. ?f A|ritM
M*"' * '* lmfrevem.nl ?n lleroe Hahr i '
rP"IS '* *? notify onr n,u! ?// Df Mj(i to ?lir
A render their agency, and make return of their
do.nrs to the subscrihei, Anj ]
hereby forhul all persons purchasing my riKht of ??v
0( said agon Is, as I shall r,u?/v r,r, nf)rr
".Uwltnn >oo? to ?/ *,v right in
"" r,-, ntor,, ?n*o!H. ALVAN H<iV81. Patentee
nruf nroolfir/d, iirangf ro , Vt , Motrh 28 |H54
April I ?.It
A MONTHLY Journal for Girl* and Hoy*. Kdited
by Grace Greenwood nn<l Leamler K. Lippine<itt. .
Illustration* by l>evereu*.
Contributor* Martin K. Tapper, Charle* Mackay,
N. Hawthorne, .1 <1 Whittier. Itny*ni Taylor, .!u.
T. Flllik, George Kant. M?ry llowitt, Mm. 8. C.
Mull, Mil* Pardon, Camilla Cro*land, Anne Mary
llowitt. Mr* L. H 8igo?r?ey, Kli*a Ij. Hproat, Anne
II. Phillip*, Mary Irving, Clara Motet on. and other*.
Term*.?Fifty cent* pw annum, for tingle oopiea,
or ten oopvf* for $4. payable invariably in advance.
8|>eein>en number* fnrni*be<l, without charge
Hack number* anpplied, from the beginning of the
volume Addree*
Philadelphia, Ka
W. Tuft* it nolnnfrr agent for New
England. April 1. 1
rH(MP?Tl)l KOK ixn.
THE Proprietor* of the POST, in again coming be
fore the public, would return thanks for the gen
eorus patronage whieh ha* placed them tar in ad_
vance of every other literary weekly in America, and
tut the only suitable return for such tiroe and hearty
support, their arrangements for IBM have been Ujfcde
with a degree of liberality probably unequalled in
the history of American newspaper literature. 1 hey
have engaged, a* contributors for the ensuing year,
the following brilliaut array of talent and genius
Mr*. Soutkwnrtk, Emerson Bennett, Mrs. Deni
son, Qrace Greenwood, and Fanny Fern.
In the first paper of Jauuary uext, we design com
mencing an Original Novelet, written expressly lor
oareoluinns, entitled
By EMERSON BENNETT, author of "Viola,'
"Clara Moreland,'' "The Forged Will," ete.
This Novelet, by the popular author of Clara
Moreland," we design following by another, called |
By Mrs. MARY A. DEN I SON, author of " Rome Pie
turos,'* " Gertrude Russoll. etc.
We have also the promise of u number of
Whoso brilliant and versatile pen will be almost ex
clusively employed upon the 1 oat and her own Lit
tle Pilgrim."
Mrs. Southworth- whose fascinating works are no*
being rapidly republished in Kuglsnd?also, will
maintain her old und pleasant omiiiection with the
Post. The next story from her gifted pen will be en
titled .
Miriam, The Avenger; or, The Fatal Vow
By EMMA D. E. N. SOUTliWORTll, author of " The
Curse of Clifton," " The Lost Heiress,' ?' The Desert
ed Wife," etc.
Anil lu*t?notleast?wear*authoruad te announce
a HeoioH < f articles from oue who ha* rapidly risen
very high in popular favor. They will be entitled
By FANNY FERN, author of "Fern Leaves," eto
We expect to be able to commence the Sketches by
Fanny Fern, as well as the series by Gruoe Green
wood, in the early numbers of the coming year.
Engravings, Foreign Correspondence, Agricultural
Articles, Tho News, Congressional Reports, Thi
Markets, ctc., also shall be regularly given.
K^-Cubaf Poktawk.?The postage on the Post, i
to any part of the United States, when paid quarterly
in advance, is ouly 2ft cents a year.
TERMS.?The terms of the Post are two dollar*,
per annum, payable in advance.
Four copies, $5 per annum.
Eight copies, and one to the getter-up of the olub,
$10 per annum
Thirteen copies, and one to the getter up of the
club, $15 per annum.
Twenty oopies, and one to the getter up ot the club,
$20 per annum.
The money for cluha, always, rnnst b? sent in ad
vance. Subscriptions may be sont at our risk. When
the Hum is large, a draft should be pruourod, if pof
sihle ? tho cost of which may be deducted from the
amount. Address, uliroyt yost poul.
No. fifi South Third street, Philadelphia.
N. B. Any person desirous of recoiving a copy ol
the Post, as a sample, can be accommodated by noti
fying the publishers by letter, po?t paid.
Q_y- '/?? liduor*.? Editors who give the above one
insertion, or condense the material, portions of it, (the
notices of new contributions, and our terms,) for their
eUitoriul columns, shall be rntttUd to an exchange, by
sending us a -nuirkrd copy of the paper coutaimng the
advertisement or notice Dec. 1 eoflt
So pronounced by the entire Press of the U. States
TiprtUy-fourth i'mtr.
ONE HUNDRED PAGK8 of reading each month I
by the best American authors.
certainly the most intensely interesting one ever .
written, entitled 1
will be commenced in the January number
up?n which any reliance can be placed, received di
rect from Paris, and adapted to the taste ol Ameri
can Ladies by our own "Fashion Editor,' with fuli _
DRESS MAKING ?Our monthly dessrintion of
Dress Making, with plans to cut by. None but tb?
' latest fashious are given. The directions are s<
1 plain, that every lady can be her own dress maker.
EMBROIDERY.?An infinite variety in every
1 number.
DRESS PATTERNS. ? Infants and children i
i dresses, with descriptions how to make them. All
1 kinds of CROCHET and NETTING work. New
I with full directions. Every new pattern, ofanr por
tion of a lady s dress, appears first in the Lady ? ,
Book, as we receive consignment* from Parts every
! two weeks
THE NURSERY.?This subject is treated opo*
J frequently.
<fodey* IniwJiuihle Receiptt upon every Subject.
Indis|>ensable to every famdy, wortft more than the
whole cost of the book.
MUSIC.?Three dollars worth is given every year
DRAWING. -This art can be taught to any child, j
by a series of drawings in every nnmber for 1R54
MODEL COTTAGES ?Cottage plans and cottag*
furnitwve will be continued as usual.
I in every number. They are always to be found It
; rtodey.
GODRY'9 LADY'S BOOK contains precisely that
for which yon would have to take at least three othet
magatines to get the saifce amount of information.
The Ladw'i is a periodical literary treasure
to the lair sex of America. Every lady should be s
subscriber- every cltiren should see that it
the table of his wife or daughter It Is a fnnntsin <?!
unexceptional? pure and instinctive Jitrrature, ami ,
an unfailing source of the purest intellectual enjoy
went Hooey ailopis for his iaotU," Rxcrlnm - j
more elevated, and his unrivalled enterprise is vio ]
dlcating it* propriety ? En?t*n CLnnom.
One copy one year ? ? ? - . - $.i
Two copies one year i
Five copies one year, end an extra copy to the
person sending the club ? . . . 1C
Eight copies one year do. do. ilo. . U
Eleven copies one year, do. do. do. . ?<?
H"7~Godey? Tandy's Book and Arthur's Homt
Magatine wilt both be sent one year for $.< Mi
L, A. Go DEV.
No. 119 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
Specimens sent if desired Dec !).
TilK TIME HAS COMF1, and he >hat ha* energy
and ability Mil r.ap a rich reward. A *afr ?nr
U> make money. The following Receipt*, with fail
direction* for tho manufacture, for only one dollar
Int. A *uperior Rlaok Ink. that will cn?t only five
cent* per gallon.
2d. A superior tran*parent Soap for *having
3d. A water proof (Harking excellent for leather.
4th Washing liquid.
5th. Burning Fluid.
Kitber of the above will pay Terr Urge profit*
ftth An article warranted to reetoro color*, whetb
er taken out hy acid* or tho nun
The*e Receipt* will he pent to any one who will
encloec one dollar, poet paid, to the *ubacriber All
tho article* for the preparation of tho above Receipt*
can he obtained at drug *tore* generally.
I hare sold *ingle receipt* of the ahore for |3ft.
Dec 22. M. K DOW. Manchester, N. 11.
I. n f KTTK^OIl.t h * ??..
the agent* for the Nutumal Kr/i, and are author
ited to receive advertisement* and subscription* lot
a* at the Iowent r?:*H. Their receipt* are regarded a*
payment# Their office* are at New York, 12i Naf
ta* *treet; Wostoo, It State ft feet. June X
Kiwgle oopj - - -|1 Ten copies - , ? - $15
Three copies - - - 5 Single copy iix months 1
Five copiri ... 8 Ten copie* six mouths 8
Payment in advance is uniformly required.
ttate* of Advert at ng.?Teu cents a lino for tbo first
insertion, five cents a line for each subsequent one.
Money to be forwarded by mail at our risk l.?rjr?
amounts inav be reinittt d in drafts or curtitiuai< s of
deposits..When money in ttent. notes on the bank*
Boston, New \ork, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, are
pro lor red Mew Kngland notes ate at less discount
than New York Slate notes, and tbuse less tbaii
Western notes.
All communications to the lira, whether on busi.
iioss of the paper or for publication, should be sd
dreaeed to G. BAILEY, II athin^ion, D. ('
J>i1DAUCi J JJ 1/OI1M. ni
CAN find profitable employrnent in belling 6'oorf.
riM'ji /?*!</ (Jrntf Work,
from the curliest period to the preamt time, or
In which the HUtory of every Nation, \,ncL?t and
" p"#rBr*U,? *iv*n By H C. GOODRICH
S ^207 ! f' aUtlf,or "f " Petcr Tale# '
a^d 7tn?lln Ul',lviW. iilmilmfuii by 70 Maps
'l?1. Bound in morocco. '
?iM< i/ v WOfk not for ""><? i" Bookntoi to, hot ia
riv? A?ent?' to w?>om tbe ' "oln
7 uv/tv Thousand Copies already Sold '
Uc ^ *sr;zzrm"?"""?b","~ *?"
For full particulars. <tc., address ^unadaa.
March 27-"iLLER,?S1N|; A ^LLKJAir,
w ruhluiherc, Auburn, N. Y.
I>E()LLhS PATE$T office, ""
"II lS,i?s?,i Mr fit, All/' York
1 to act aaSolicitor and Am'ri"! "'^nc^oont'">aea
in all eo.,..trie* where ii?.v ,>litent'
sooted m Khi,,im- i.v h.., ? lie ib rcpre
?ong-tried experience through ivh J*'??*>'? men, of
secure Paienfs in KiUnnl JnZ i *? "na,'l<5(i to
France, Belgium, Kn?nv a!^'Ire,'"?d.
Hpnin, Portugal An. Hi?Y "'na' ^uaaia, Pruaaia,
foreign Patent bu? nww f?r ."HI|,,*ctinK
generally obtain Certiti.m,* f r i> B*Pfu?d. He can
from tho British Patent Oflice wVtbln T"' ProLteo1tioD
tho time the invention i? iir??' ? weoke Irout
Tw M?f ShS" ;*/o? ;?
American.,, has been greatly rod.aird K" 1 a'CnX to
fro. ????" consulted,
reference to Patents, Inventions'"!*/ "ah8 ??ce' in
t?ons and business strictly private For r coJ""U,U"
formation, apply t0 ?r ad/roaa F forthcr iu"
Solicitor of Amoricnn -.n i v ? '
March 29. ', ' n and Foreign Patcnte,
11 wNawro at. N. York.
Z?HJH ?N ?* STRaw?khky. ''
vator of "these dXili#?iu? f*r't tLVT CUUi'
coinjiact and available/orm ih? " embodiet, in a
pliabed and practical norTi.""P?"6"0* ?f ?ccon?
which have come dirUtly u"d?r T'* ?D HUb-'^
?or a lon? series of i eam o^tV*" obl" rv?
of "Buchanan on the drape,""
m??e with fuels', n 11 ha x Mria' 11
tion, and iem witlj ipeculaii.. " aad obitrva
lief, than acythin* ^"W'^iUon, and be
od in the ilni.od CJ In i' b L"^et "1'P^
take it, and pl^.t a ^aev.rd ^7?^' "
?ucoew.-' ' T,u?>*rd, and rai^ t,ap.s Vlli
of instructive ioioriTufiLn^ Kf*at aD1"Dnt
" Will b. f urn . *''"yc1<>JHutla.
vaJunUe ^5^ ?J,-??..?? .nd
K?tr. Fn.? m ??
*-?<- ??? -
postpaid, to the i-uhlishrrh. ' *,ri<5*' bT l*tt?
March 27?*>w WOORE> A-\I'EILS0N. A CO, -
I (Mined in the vllla|{e of .\|c<;ravvvlll i
el t ertlaad. New V ark r !"
?he br.ait prin<'lp|r? ?. KunalT^hiT lH4!>
tiaii Reform --Li i i*hl* rhr*?"
?- ?' ?
1 Sc"o^Xmh"heT;T ?f th0 .TrU't^ 'f <"*
inviting to Studenu. aod w^*fcL?]i~ "fe "nd
i **fe'y recommend it nndor tk . may
Of President Leonard U Calkin "^V"0" fc'"1
that renpon?ihle i ' "I*01" abilltv f..r
aMigt*dbyacoDipet. nt ? "iCMtt happily Un.-d,
from the Jy? "^??rocti?,,. K? e
??<ied by moril Wfl"T f lw*"r l-rr
I Cbrirtia.; e?a "n1( . r?l>uh'"*a" Ubiu alMi
think parenu mt rZl^T* ??
n-? ?">r. i-r*?
! ical ai -ith dSi? p ?' * Kfc?or
^>eakin<f. under tbr i ?r rw "^V" "*,emr?'rarieoo?
The 01 tb"
intelJwiual educati< ?. ? ' **'"rinK 10 * thorongh
in thia Colle<fr Stm!i?th* ? !/ '.T? M,ur?i*"' ?"??
noble work J,ui'atby and "id in bin arduous and
i o'tb* ^"ooi i.
practical lam.rr, a kird' srtd'be|Ulh<T >Velh,,Kt0D. ?
laru, of one huedre,! ?nd U,Wi' ?
A primary school is tanpht by Mi ,. K'ntinb W;
th* Academic |%pnrt.'aont* 1,01 Pr*f"rod 10 -,iler
I bo boarding hall will he corrfncte.l w M, i
Butt* Who toawther .i.i ,*T y ^ Lyman
"ib. c.'.k1"' '""" ""?*!?
Tbursdav in SeptTSUr " 0r,<',, ?n tbe ftm
JUSnSir -T'dT*' wi,i '""n
week.. * ^^^r. and Mtiu. /ourwen
the ??^T'rbo?^ aW'" b'*ln "n
lrir>> uurwiay apr 1, and closa at the Col
?^Commencement, on tbe aocond HedneXy i.
-eE" XZll^ZV^r i?^iatelv to ,be
"^tSS ZZtf&'h*c*
be -ddrJZ/^C^Jw^/'^'i*7 ^V'k "hC"'d
place v?nw.|j, Trea?qrer, of tbe same
the publicMour*tnr!|hln l ,,,K,rfl>n,!5rt0 rf,"oni?*r>d to
tnond 8 M "JKi WARC,jU' 8i,M
their confidence ' A CALDWELL iV "V**7 ?f
WrGrmmrvtUe, JVnL^iSW'n A^nt
Ten Tkuiwiwi Copies in Ten /toy*.
Inrlr Tom Lrlip&rd by Ifac I niii|>li*Jitf r
THK moat extraordinary and Thrilling T(l? of
??txloni liiuif lhi? i? the universal toatumny
of i&c JJcw*pai-r Pre**. and th? verd.c. ot tbe R'uJ
"it; J'uhltr. Wo have lin n utterly unaM?- to fill oar
order*, no great ha* bo?n the demand f?r th
The following are aample* of the opinions of the
Corj* Kditorial:
We have wo hesitation in pronouncing The Latrp
lighter one of the moat original, lut-creating, grafhie,
and affecting tale*, that lia* lately appeared. We
predict for it a aalo and | opularity *nnal to the moat
rncccaafol of inod?m rom-mce*.? Dm/? ?? TVmvti
let, Hiwtofi.
For delirate and forcible delineation of character,
this work if hardly excelled ? lh.no* Jotmmt.
The Lamplighter will ahed many a ray aronftd fire
*ide? and in hearth* where now it may he there ia
much of darknea* nnd deaf air.? Dai/* llrr. Ununn.
The life of Little tleriy. a* porttmyed in the Laiop
lighter, it a* deeply affecting aa the beat aketche* of
biekena Few penoM having commenced thia work
will he willing to pat it a*idc until they have pone
through The author, whoever ?he may he. ha* ne
reaaon to withhold her name, ?* the hook would do
?redit to 'in* writer.? Iht/y Advertiser, limit an.
The Lamplighter tear he* important truth*, which
cannot he too frequently imprcsaed upon tbe mind*
of all, and no one ran *tody it* inairnctive and fasci
nating page*, withont being made better by its kind
ly influence* It* author ha* evidently a highly rnl
tivated and refined, a* well a? an original and imagi
native mind, and write* with the e**e, tbe elueeical
correctneas of diction, and that choice aeleetion of
term*, which indicjiie the good Kngliah veholar la
thia reaport, the Lamplighter it much *?perior to Co
de Tom* Cabin, wboae inelegance* meet o* at eve
ry torn.? Daily Allot.
Published bv .I0I1N P. JKWKTT A CO., Bo?tnn;
land, Ohio, and for *nle by all liookaollcr*.
March fl.
MltlD t tlVihi ?.Y,
MANCFACTCRKR of C*r>J'e Mould*. No 1B9
Race (8a*?nfra?) hired, aU?e Third opnrait*
the White Hwan Hotel, Philadelphia, I?e?. 1~??

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