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ON Tuesday night, May 23d, from the premise of
Henry Powell, In Mantua, six two year old
Steer* One Urge, rough made steer, greyish celor,
with short toil and ears, uii long daws on the hind
L,t Two red and whito (spotted) .teen, very fine
looking for their age, but rather ?null, and one of
them t row eyed One principal'* white, showing a
.rood deal of the Durham blood in tho neck and ear*
'rhe other two rather inferior; one dark brindle, and
the other light *ed. Auy porsou finding such Steers,
or iriviug information whoro they iu?y be found, sua"
be entitled to a liberal reward, by dropping a line to
A 11 GOULD. Hudson, Summit county, Ohio; or to
HENRY POWELL. Mantua, Portago eounty. Ohio.
Hudson, May 30, 1864. ' June V-^t
HAVING received my Letters Patent for an im
proved method of Dressing Millatonea l am
now prepared to furnlih Machines to Mlllera and
Mill Owners. .. , ??
1 will guaranty that any practical filler can,
the first trial, if he will try, dress a pair of Burrs in
l.alf the time that he can do " JJJJ"by
hand-pick now in uae; aodthftt the.work don y
the machine shall be better than can be done by nine
?,ut of ten of tho best haudlera ol the common pick.
The machine makea a clean, oloar, thread-like mark,
and docs not brittle up nor break the face of the stone.
It can be controlled at the will of the oporator, ln
ntuntlv to mako tho most delicate lick or one with
t he force of ten pounds, if required Every practica!
M liter knows that a atone is only required to be drcss
od where the proof staff Indicates This oan be done
by the machine, no matter how brittle or tender, or
how cloae and bard the face or plaro un the atone
may be, the oporator can faco it down, or touch as
lightly as he pleases. There are throe very good rea
sons for trying them : ......
First. With fair uso, the machine will last twenty
years. Second. It is comploto within itaelf, and will
not take flffe minutes, nor cost five conta to try It.
Third. I give with the machino thirty tools, or pick
blades. which will last any two pair of atones to be
drowed twice a week, ^r two years, and then any
good smith can replace them lor twenty-five cents
aPiehave used thia machine in my mill for newly
fourteen months, to dress both th- lace and the fur
rows of two pair of four leet French Burrs ami there
has been no hand-pick used on thorn in all th*ttinie.
I know that I make a good yield, and I think tho
reputation of iny mill will warrant me in saying that
I turn out a llrst-rate article of 1) lour
I have a medal awarded me for the invention of an
ingenious and usoftil machine for Dressing Millstonos
by tho Commissioners appointed at tho exhibition ot
tho World a Fair, in the Cryatal Palace, at Now York
cifcy, besides flattering certificates IVoin ail I have
sold the maohino to. T '
Having recently obtained Lettera patent, Iwanow
prepared to Airmail the machines, and to sell State,
county and shop righta. ... .u
nT All orders must state tho diameter of the mill
stones, and the site of the eollar of the spindlo. 1 lie
price of the machine, with thirty t?ols. ?a $126.
A(l<lre?a J' bliAW UD.
0'Fallon Mills, St L >uls, Missouri.
S r. Louis, Missouai, April 25, 1864.
Thia is to certify that 1 have been employed in the
O'Fallon Mills lor the last ten months, as Miller, du
ring which time I have had a fair opportunity of test
ing Mr. J. G. Shandss Patent Mi Istooe Dressor. I
know, by oxperience wit'i the maohino, that there is
not only economy in time and tools, but the stono
may be kept in perfect face, and a tine, ever, sharp,
grinding dress put on in less time and labor than
with hand picks; besides, it takes very little practice
to handle the machine, and any one who has expe
rience onough in milling to know what is required to
sharpen tho face of a stone for grinding, can very aoon
learn to do a good job with tho machino.
June 9?ly Silas R. Dulih.
FRANK LESLIE'S Uw' Gazette of Paris, Lon
don, and New York Fashions. Published on the
first of every month, containing all the Newest Fash
ions in every department of Ladies' and Children s
? Costume, Jewelry, Ornaments, Furniture, Ac. I"?
site is largo quarto, being twioo tho si*e of the Paris
Fashion Books, is printed on superb paper of the
finest manufitcture, and proftiscly illustrated with
over One Hundred Engraving*; in addition to
which, each part will contain a splendid Colored
Plait, alone worth more than the prico charged for
the whole part. Arrangements have been completed
iu Paris, whereby tho Newest Fashions will appear in
this work before tho Paris Fashion Books are receiv
ed by tho steamer. No. 1 was issued on January 1st,
It is by far the best Fashion Book issued in this
- country Wo cordially recommend it.?iV". Y. Datly
Tim? Takes the highest rank among all journals of
its class ? N. Y. Trthun*. This is a superb work.?
Hotto* Travtrript. It is the best record of the fash
ions now published.?Sunday Piute*, Philadelphia.
It oontains all the newest fashions, and a oolored
plate of great beauty.?Home Journal.
One copy, onayear, $3 ; two do., $6; four do., $0.
One copy of the Gazette, and one copy of Harper s,
Putnam's, or Graham's Magaaines, one year, $6.
Office No. 6 John street, and all Booksellers in the
United States and Canadaa. March 24.^
I^OWLERS, WELLS, A CO., Phrenologists and
* Publishers, 231 Areh street, below Seventh Phi - j
adolphia, furnish all works on Phrenology, Physiol
ogy, Water Cure, Magnetism, and Phonography,
wholesale and retail, at New York prices. Profes
sional examinations, with ebsrts, and full wriU*"
desrription* of character, day and evening Cabinet
free Msy 22-ly
R. D. MtJMfcY, W. m. rummy, m. 1>
SURGEONS and Physicians, No. 70 Wfcst Seventh
street, (near Vine street.) Cincinnati. Jan.iO
THIS well known establishment is still carried on
under the personal superintendence of the under
signed, bv whom all the necessary drawings, docu
uienls. and specifications, for PatenU, Caveats, De
signs. Foreign Patents, Ac., are prepared with the
utmost fidelity and despatch, on very moderate terms
Persons wishing for advice relative to Patents or
Invention* may at all times consult tho undersigned
without rfiargi. either personally at his office, or by
letter To those living at a distance, he would atote,
that all the needful steps necessary to secure a Pat
?nt can be arranged by lotter, just as well as if the
party were present, and the expense of a jouniey be
tb us saved When parties wish to bo informed as to
tbe probability of being enabled to obtain Patents, it
will be necessary for them to forward by mail a
rough outline sketch and description of tho invention.
No fee or charge is made for such examinations
Private consultations held daily with Inventors,
from ? A. M to 6 P. M All consultations and busi
neM strictly private and confidential
Models (torn a distance may lie sent by express or
jr? '-""'aViSk Bsar
' Editor and Proprietor of the People's Journal
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents,
Prop/,'* Palm! Offire, ?? N,t**au U . Nmr 1 ark.
THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL, a record of Science,
Mechanics, Inveation, and Agriculture I
Monthly. Evory number contains 32
fully printed, oo fine paper, and profusely Illustrated
with splendid engravings. f?rm'ng at the end of eveij
wear two fine volumes, comprising nearly 400 pages,
With about six hundred elegant engravlngs^ rerms
only ??<? MJmr a ymr, sent by mail. Specimen
Copies lt? cents. Address as above. May H
MY Rotary Planing Machine has just been decided
Supreme Court of the United States, and I am now
prepared to sell rights to use inallrartsof thelln.^
States This Machine gives universal ?atisfa^tion
? It obtained a Medal both in New York and Boston.
w-i?I ??? VoScroST
W Itnntlh Prt>. 14. 1864
H'hoU.viU fJrocers and Commission Merchants,
No. 77 Kxchanre Place, Baltimore,
KKKP constantly on hand a large stock of rtroce
ries, which they offer on the most favorable
term*. Baltimore, Jan. 14
RlilriilRr'n Hill RoNhling School,
For Young Men and Hoys.
THIS Inntituiion it pleasantly situated, on a high
elevation, in a healthy, well-improved, and high
ly flourishing neighborhood, Malum county. New Jer
sey. The Summer Hession will commence on the 22d
of the 6th month, (May.) 1864, and continne twenty
two week*
The nsual branches of a liberal and thorough Eng
lish odncation will be taught.
Trrm*?per session.
For circular*, Ac., addtess
March 8? 3m K1drid|?e's Rill, Salem eo.. N. J.
|")ARRTSH A nOUOH. Manufacturer* ?nd Tmnort
jl er* of Paper-Hanging*, Rorders, Decoration*,
Curtain Paper*, Kire Hoard Print*, Ac., A?., offer the
name at very low prirr*, wholesale or retail Order*
ttromptly attended to. Address,
Jan. S8?I9t No. 4 North 6th St., Philadelphia
Liver C'aniflulut, Jiudlcc, |ty?|x-|>ala, ? lirtalc ?'
Ncrveua IJeblllljr, OtwolM ?< the Kidur)*,
A ND all diseases arising from a disordered liver or
iV stomach, such as Constipatiou, lowuril Piles,
Fullness or Blood to the (lead, Acidity of the Storn
ach, Nauua, Heartbnrn, Disgust for Food l' ullnew |
or Weight in tho Stoiusih, Sour Eructations, Sink j
ing or FlatuWncy at the Pit of the SU.ma.-h, Hwiiu
uiing of tho Howl, Harried and Ditlioult Itivathing,
Fluttering of tho Heart, Choking or SuffocatiuK Sen
nation* when In a lying posture, Dimness of Vision,
DuUur Webs before the sight, Fever and dull pain iu
the head, Deficiency of Porspiralion, Yellowness of
the akin and cyos, Paina in the aide, back, chest,
limbs, Ac., Sudden Uushes of heat, (turning in the
fleah, Constant imaginings of evil, and Great Depres
aion of spirits, can be effectually eared by
Prepared by
Dr. C M. Jackson at the Herman Mnllclat Store,
190 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases ia not ex
celled, if equalled, by any other preparation in the
United States, as the ourea attest, in many eaaea
af'or skillful phyaieiana had failod.
These Bitters are worthy the attention of invalids.
Posaeasing groat virtues in the rectification of disease*
of the liv<-r and leaser glands, exorcising tbe most
searching power in weakness and affections of the di
gestive organa, they are withal safe, certain, and
Morn Howie Testimony.
Philadelphia, March 1, 1863.
Dkar Sir : For the paat two year* I have l?*en se
verely afflicted with Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, and
Piles, Buffering constantly the pains and inconveni
ences attendant upon such complaints, without ener
gy, being scarcely able to attend to any business. I
used a groat deal of medioine, without any apparent
change until I used your " llooflond's German Bit
ters. '^hey have entirely cured me. I am now en
tirely free from pain and ache of any kind, and feel
like a new man in every reapect, ana unheaitatingly
recommend your Bitters to all invalids.
Youis, respectfully, Johh R. Coky,
Dr. C. M. Jack ton . No. IS Lagrange Place.
Philadelphia, January 13, 1853.
Dkar Sih : I have used your " lloofland'a German
Bittora" in my family for the last four years, for
Liver Complaints and Dyspepsia, and am pleased to
acknowledge that we have received the greatest ben
efit from its use. I have recommondod it to a great
many afflicted with similar diseases, with the same
good result. I have no hesitation in raying that it ia
an invaluable uiedioino, and hope you will be able to
introduce it into every family in the Union.
Yours, truly, Wm. Huoiiss,
Dr. C. M. Jackson. 171 Wood st.
These Bitters are entirely vtgtUlhle, thereby pos
sessing groat advantages over most of the prepara
tions recommended for similar diseases. They possess
great power in the removal of diseases of the liver
and losser glands, exorcising the most potent influ
ence in weaknoss of the norves and digestive organs.
Thoy are, withal, safo, certain, and pleasant.
Sold at wholesale by the Druggists in the principal
cities, and at retail by Apothecaries and dealers
throughout tbe United States.
For sale in Washington, D. C? by Z. D. GTLMAN,
ami in Georgetown by J. L. KIDWELL.
April 1?3taw
42mo. Price % 1.
IT is the history of an adopted child, and such a his
tory as must soften the heart and awaken the pity
of every reader. It is a story und yet a sermon.
Taking the little Vara by the hand, and leading her
through the corridors of an eventful life, it loaves up
on the mind a genial and lasting impression, which
will prove of service. We hope to see it circulated
widely.?Buffalo E.cjtrtss.
We predict for it an immense solo, and venture to
announce the author as a worthy addition to the few
distinguished Americon authors. As a work of art,
we place it high. Independently of any aim of plot,
the language is both cnoste and ornate, frequently
pathetic, often humorous. The characters are drawn
with great skill, and we can find originals in our mind,
who seem to be here carefully pictured.?Newark
A tale of exquisite pathos.? Watchman.
Written with remarkable spirit.?Presbyterian.
The book will be found profitable in every pious
family.?Christian Chronicle.
A pure and evangelical spirit runs through the en
tire work.?New 1 ork Observer.
Just published by ,
New York.
03*" This work will be sent by mail, postage pre
paid, to those who send as a dollar. May 31?3t
J A C. BERRIAN, Importers and Wholesale Deal
? ers in Housekeeping Hardware and Fancy Goods.
#01 Broadway, New York Cutlery, Silver, and Pla
ted Ware, Ja|>annery, Gorman Silver and Britannia
Ware, Composition, Enamelled and Iron Hollow
Ware, Bronzed, Copper, and Brass Goods, Bathing
Apparatus, Tin, Wood, and Willow Ware, Brushes,
Mat*, Baskets. Refrigerators, Sporting Tackle, Ac.
Our stock has for years past been equal to and now
surpasses in variety and extent any similar establish
ment ia the country, and will be sold at prices defy
ing competition.
The attention of Housekeepers and Merchants is
invited to onr stock of Goods and Prices be'ore buy
ing. J. A C. BERRIAN,
March IS?ly 601 Broadway, New York.
[OFFER for sale upwards of thirty different Re
ceipts, many of which have been sold the past year
for five dollars a-peice, and the whole comprising ao
many different ways to make money. lit the sale of
one of the articles alone, I have known young men
tbe past vear to make trom five to twolve dollars per
day; and in the manufacture and sale of may one of
the artioles, no young man of enor#y and ability can
fail to make money. Address E. BOWMAN, Boston,
Mass , enclosing one dollar, and the wholo nurube. ?
Receipts will be forwarded by mail. No letter taken
from the office unless prepaid. March I.
CCONTINUES the business of furniahiog Drawings,
J Specifications, Caveats, Conveyances, and procu
ring Patent*. He attends to all business usually re
quired to be transacted with the Patent Office. Mod
els forwarded by Express, and lettera containing a
fee ofUve dollars, are promptly attended to. Person#
writing trom a distance should give their town, eoan
ty, and State, legibly.
Refer to Hon. Thornes J. Rusk, Hon C. F. James,
and Hon P. Allea. IT 8. Senate. Dee. ?Am
NO. I Extra Lard Oil, well filtered and free from
gelatine, manufactured for fine machinery, wool
lens, and solar lamps.
Star and Adamatino Candies, fall weight and prim*
quality, warranted to stand the climate of California,
Australia, the Indies, and Afrtat.
Orders for nnj quantity executed promptly. Apply
to THOMAS KMKRY, Lard Oil. Star and
Adamantine Manntacturer. Cincinnati. O
MANUFACTURERS end Importer* of Rritannia
Ware. Tea and Communion Set*. Ice Pitcher*,
Ac., No. I()V Race or Sa**afraa *treet, above Third.
oppo*ite the White Swan. Philadelpnia. Dee. I?Urn
WN. B. i ui vis. ATTOKNBY AT LAW,
Madison, Wisconsin.
COLLECTIONS promptly attended to. Particular
attention pat d to nnoh claim* a* are marked
MGone Went," Ac., againxt perron* residing in any
or the W extern 8talon Addre** a* above, pout paid
Jan. I
PATJKNTS iu?y he daily *oen,at Dr Knapp'* Kye
Infirmary, No. 140 Main atreet, Buffalo, N T.,
who are obtaining their oiftht by having chemical va
pors applied externally, and muting no pain what
ever. Mav 8.
UNPARALLELED and hone*t profit*, with a email
capital; for particular*, addre**, poet paid, Box
ft, Crawfordaville, Indiana. April 87? lit
LATELY published, in one beautifally-ornamented
volume. 4to, Storiea for Alice. By a Mother
With four exquiaite dwrign* printed in three tint*
Cloth, 76 cent*; or richly oolorod, $1; and with gilt
aide* and edge*. $ I 25.
Thi* new book for children i* written by a lady,
daughter of one of our mo*t enterpriaing and promi
nont merchant*, who has long been known a* a writer
of vory attractive power* by a large circle of friend*
In thi* city, among*! whom her poem* have circula
ted In manuaeript. At their urgent requext, the ha*
given them to the public in thi* beautiful volnme.
and we feel *ure overy young per*on into whoae
hand* it may fall will be a* delighted and charmed a*
the many who have already obtained it. While *o
pleaaant a treat and ao improving a book can be af
forded to children, no parent ahould longer let them
bo without it.
Lately published ? Little Su*y'* Six Rirthdaya;
Flower of the Family: Week'* Delight; Marv and
Florenco; Leila on the I*lHnd; Leila at llome; Leila
in England: The Wind Spirit and the Rain tiodde**;
Legend* of Brittany ; and many other new book* for
children, at HAZARD K,
Feb. 27. 178 Cbeetnut *t., opposite Maennic Hall.
"EUtrnal Vigilant* it tk* price of L'hnlv "
THK undersigned proposes to publish nl (lie seat of
govern ui cut of Pennsylvania an InJc ptutlnit De
mocratic weekly uewvpuper under the ulu.?e title;
and, in announcing thin paipose, we doom it |>ropcr
to refer briefly to a low of the general princlph s which
ill all govern our course
The Scripture loach en that "God created man in bin
own image, ' and that all men are consequently breth
ron The Declaration of independence recognition
thin truth when it declare* that "all uien ore created
equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain inalienablerights, among which are lite,
liberty aud the pursuit of happiness. '
We believe in the Constitution of the United States,
which declares its purpose to be "to form a wore per
fect union, establish justice, insure domestia tranquil
lity, promote the general welfare, and secure the bles
sings of liberty," aud hold that all its provisions
should be oonstrued in accordance with this general
'ibis wns the position and purpose of the sa>es of
tho Revolution, aud we, their descendants, should la
bor to secure tho blessings of individual liberty and
national liberty.
We believe in Democracy? a government hy the
People and for tho Pooplo?in the Democracy of free
thought, free speech, free conscience, froo labor, and
free >.iien?in tho Democracy which loathes Oppre ?.
sion, and which does not bend its back to sustaiu the
interests of a Clas>, however powerful or imposing its
numbers or po?iiion. A Democracy which does this,
which despises the People, underrates their intelli
gence, disregards their opinions, and abuses their con
fidence, we look upon as a pretence and a sham. If
man is to be considered merely as a stall fed animhl,
to be satisfied when tilled with creature comforts, then
will free citicens and free Jaborers bo looked upon as
a nuisance aud an incumbrance; but not when tbey
are regarded as the life-blood of the Republic. Wo
have been told that Buch a paper as wo propose to
print cannot live in Che atmosphere of Hnrrisburg,
that the politicians of Pennsylvania have so debauch
ed her public sentiment as to crush out all regard for
Justieo, Humanity and the Rights of Man as pro
claimed in the Declaration uf Independence; but we
do not heliove this. Every friend of freedom nnd de
mocracy has a personal interest in the reputation of
the Commonwealth, and we trust evory frieml of tho
cau?.e will do his part to sustain The Fbkk Citi/.kn.
and refute this slander on tho Keystone Stato. ?
Tkkms.?THE FREE CITIZEN will bo printed
on a large and handsome sheet, at Two Dollars per
year, payable invariably in advance, Three copies
will be sent for $5 ; 5 copies for $8 ; and itl copies
for $15. No paper will bo sent unless the money no
companies the ordor. Address
A. M. GANG EWER, Tlarrihbunr, Pa.
0^=- The following in a lint of the Free Dem
ocratic and Anti-Slavery papero published in
the United States:
Inquirer, Portland, Me.; A. Willey; $2 per annum.
Ind. Democrat, Concord, N. 11.'; G. G. Fogg; $2.
News, Keene, N. II,; 8. Woodward; $1,257
Democrat, Manchester, N. II.; J. H. Goodale; $1.50.
Messenger, Portsmouth, N. H.; T. J. Whittuiu ; $1.
Freeman, Montpelier, Vt.; D.P.Thompson; $2.
Observer, Morrisville, Vt.; J. A.Somerby; $1.25.
Telegraph, Springfield, Vt.; L. T. Guernsey; $1.75.
Democrat, Brattle borough, Vt.; WNichols; $1.50.
Brandon Post, Brandon, Vt.; P. Welch; $1.
Courier, Burlington, Vt.; G. C. Samson, $1.50.
Commonwealth, Boston, Ms.; J. D. Baldwin; daily
$5, weekly $2.
Sentinel, North Adams, Ms.; A. D. Brock; $1.50.
American, Lowell, Ms.; W. S. Robinson, tri-week.; $3.
News, Fitohburg, Mass.; R. F. Rollins; $1.50.
Essex County Freeman, Salem, Ms.; J. Emmett;
semi-weekly, $3.50.
Republican, Greenfield, Ms.
Spy, Worcester, Ms.; J. M. Earle; $2.
Standard, New Bedford, Ms.
Courier, Northampton, Mm. ?
Uazette, Dedhum, Ms.; Henry 0. Hildreth; $2.
Democrat, Dedham, Ms.; E.G.Robinson; $2.
Seutinel, Lawrence, Ms.; John Ryan A Co.; $2.
Rhode Island Freeman, Providence, R. I.; Crawford
A Harris; $1.
Republican, Hartford, Ct.; Bartlett A Hawlcy; $2.
Northern Standard, Keeseville, N. Y.J Lansing A
Herald, Ellington, N. Y.; A S. Brown.
Evening Chronicle, Syracuse, N. Y.; II. R. Raymond
daily $8, weekly $1 50.
Spirit of the Age, Norwich, N. Y.; J. D. Lawyer; $1.
Wyoming Co. Mirror, Warsaw, N. Y.; A. Ilolley ; $2
Telegraph, Oneida, N. Y.; D. H. Frost; $1.25.
Banner of the Times, De Ruyter, N. Y.
Free Press. Wellsville, N. Y.; A. N. Cole; $1.50.
Frederick Douglass' Paper, Rochester, N. V.; Fred
erick Douglass; $2.
Free Press, Gouverneur, New York ; Mitchell A llul
bert; $1.
Herald, Jamestown, N. Y.
Carson League, Syracuse, N. Y.j J. Thomas; $1 60
American Banner, Cherry Valley, Pa.; Jonh B. King
Courier, Coneantville, Pa.; G. W. Brown.
Olive Branch, Norristown, Pa.; Joseph Moyer; $1.
Saturday Viiite>, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Jane G. A William
Swisshelm ; $1.50.
Freeman, Mercer, Pa.; W. T. Clark; $1.50.
Weekly Crescent, Erie, Pa.; Caughey A McCreary,
The People's Journal, Coudorsport, Potter county,
P?.; Dougall, Mann A Haskell; $1.50.
Dispatch, Pittsburg, Pa.; Foster A Fleeson; daily
$.'?, weekly $1. ,
Clarion of Freedom, Indiana, Pa.; Moorhead A Mc
Claran ; $1.
Die Frie Press, Philadelphia, Pa.; F. W. Thomas; dai
ly, $3.
The Christian Statesman, Mansfield, O.j Rev. Ed
waul Smith.
The Oberlin Weekly Times, Oberlin 0.; Rood
ll<>inest?*ad Journal, Salem, O., A. Hitikxtuan, $1.51).
Christian Press, Cincinnati, O.; $2.
fnie Democrat, Cleveland, O.; Thomas Brown; dai
ly $fl, weekly $2. *
Ashtabula Sentinel, Jefferson and Ashtabula, O.; W.
C. Howell $2.
Mahoning Free Democrat, Youngstown, 0.; M. Cullo
tan, $1.50.
Commercial. Cleveland, O.; II. M Addison; $1.50.
?lournal, Wellington, O.; (Jeorge Brewster; $1.50.
Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, 0.; E. 0. How
ard ; $2.
Telegraph, Painsville, 0.; Gray A Doolittle; $2.
Ohio Times, Mount Vernon, O.; Chapman A Thrall,
Independent Democrat, Elyria, O.j Philemon Blias;
Columbian, Columhns, O., L L Rice.
Free Democrat, Cbardon, 0.; .18. Wright; $1.
Star, Ravenna, 0.; Lyman W. Ilall. $l.'>0.
Herald of Freedom, Wilmington, O.j J. W. Chaffin ,
True Republican, Greenfield, 0.
Williams Democrat, West Unity, 0.; Wm A Hunter.
Free Democrat, Detroit, Mich.; S. II. Baker; daily
$5, weekly $1.
Free Democrat, Indianapolis, Intl.; R. Vaile, $ I 50.
Weetera Cititen, Chicago, III.; Z. C. Kaslinan; daily
and weekly.
Journal, Hparta, III.; I. 8. Coulter; $1 25.
Western Freeman, Ualesliurg, III.; W. J. Lane; $2
Standard, Free port, III.
Free Prmoerat, Milwankie, Wisconsin; S M Booth ,
daily $#. tri-weokly $:t; weekly $2. ,
Advocate, Racine, Wisconsin; C. (Moment; daily (5,
weekly $2. '
Telegraph, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Sholes A Pensmore ,
daily $5, weekly $1.50.
Free Prow, Jont-sville, Wisconsin; Joseph Baker ;
*1 50
Western Freeman, Fond da Luc, Wisconsin, J. A.
Smith ; *1 50.
Democrat, (bhkosb, Wiscot sin ; George Rnrnside A
Co.; *1 50.
Kentucky New*, Newport, Ky.j W. 8. Bailey; $1.
True Democrat, Mount Fleamnt, Iowa; J. W.*Howe;
Der Demokrat, Davenport, Iowa; Th. Gulich; $2.
Pacific Statesman, Ban Francisco, Cal.; J. II. Purdy.
Per National Demokrat, Washington, I>. C.; Fred.
Schmidt, editor; $2.
Liberator, Boston, Ms , Wm Lloyd Garrison; $2.50.
Pennsylvania Freeman, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. M. Bur
leigh , $2.
National Anti-Slavery Standard, New York, N. V.;
8. H. (lay A K Qnincy; $2.
Antl-Slavery Bogle, Salem, 0.; M. K. Robinson j $|.50.
Voioe of the Fugitive.
Lay* of Liberty;
THIS is the title of a xmall volume of choice Anti
Slavery versos, collected from various sources,
and put into one little volnnio of fifty-four p*g?s,
handsome y printed, and bound in cloth Publish
May 29. No. 9 Franklin street, Boeton.
uo k ahicnt* WANTut,
fTVi circulate in vwry eouuiy in tli? Union soiu*
1 iiiml rapid ttlitii#, popular. unci beautifully il
lucl>:iiy.l subscription book*. A sin a 11 cwh capital
required Apply to HENRY JHflWE, III Main street,
tinriuall, Ohio. Keb. If>
r?> h mik \ti i:. rs tinv ii.i'OKrniHk i \
I J \J \/ \ AGENTS wanluil lo soil Oil It PAKISII
-1 9 v *v *V / A great moral anil religious work for
thi- Nineteenth Century. I'>- pages, price #1.25.
0n<> thousand copies of this work were cold thu first
ilny of publication, and ei|?Ut thousand copied were
(Milled tor in less than one month. Tho publisher*
fuel ju-liti.nl in paying that i o strictly roligioiu ro
mance ha* ever exceeded, if equalled, the popularity
of thin work in ro short ? time.
For circular of terms. Ac , address
L. P. CROWN, A CO., Publbhera,
May 2f>. No. ftt C.irnhill, Boston.
Trui'if k Kamlium Ueiieral laud Ajp nU, M Aullie
u> Fulls, Miiini'Miiii
TUK Subscribers offer their service* to Eastern
capitalists in making investment* in Western
Pew portions of the West present so great in luce
lnents f.>r the investment of oapitnl, as Minnesota
It possesses a highly productive soil a beautiful and
nealtliy climato, and is sottliug with unprecedented
rapidity. Lands will increase here in value more in
live years than in many places in twenty-live
. The subscribers can wake investments which will
net fifty and, in sniue cases, a hundred per cent, a
year, for many years.
Lands can now ho had near new and thriving vil
lages for $4, nnd $5 per acre, that in ten years
will be worth ten time* that amount.
Circulars, containing much reliable information in
regard to tho country, furnished griiii*, on applica
May 2rt St Anthony Falls, Minnesota.
iiKOKOr \v jn.iA'v,
Attorney ami Counsellor at Lute, Centre ville.,
WILL attend to the securing and collecting ot
claims, and all other business intrusted to bis
care, in the counties of Wayne, Randolph, Henry,
Union, and Fayette, and in the Supreme and Federal
Courts at Indianapolis. Dec. 22
Z I.'. ROB 111 IMS,
.Mechanical Kntjlucer und Solicller el PaleuU,
Washington, 1).
WILL uaako Examinati?u* at the Patent Office,
prepare Drawings and SprciAcationr. and pros
ecute Applications for Patents, both in the United
States and foreign countries
Applications for patents which have been rrjucted
at the Patent Office, he will, when required, argue
before the Commissioner of PatenU, or before the
Apellate Court; in which line of practio? he has
been successful in procuring a great number of very
valuable patents.
lie will prepare new specifications and claims for
tho re-issue of patents previously granted on imper
fect descriptions and claims.
Applications for extension* ?f patents, either at the
Patent Office, or before Congress, he will also vigor
ously prosecute.
Also, superintend the taking ef testimony to be
used in conflicting applications before the Patent Of
fice, or to be read in court.
-In all oi.sea of litigation on the subject of patent*,
he will prepare the cases for the legal profession, ex
plain the sciontiflc and mechanical principles involv
ed, and the application of the law thereto.
He will also give opinions and advice as to the value
and validity of paten s, and may be consulted in
cases of infringements of patents, and all other mat
ters pertaining to the patent laws and practice in the
United States and Europe.
Also, prepare caveats, alignments, and all other
papers required for securing or transferring patent
Having been ten years in the constant practice of
his profession in this city, and having free access to
the mode!* and records in the Patent Office, as well
as to its library, and th ?'? Congressional Library,"
he flatters himself that he can in all cases give per
fect satisfaction to those who may place business in
hia hands. March 5V?eow
Office on F street, opposite the Patent Office.
Attorneys and counsellors at law
Office Nos. 24 and 26 in Read A Co.'s Post Office
quilding. Sacramento. ? Api
Manufacturers of gold pens, of every
description, respectfully call the attention ot the
public and l'en Dealers to their recently patented
"ANGULAR NIB" Gold Pens. These pens are pro
nounced by competent judge.-' t>> be superior to any
other now extant. For sale nt the in an ofac lory,
northeast corner of Market and Third streets, Phila
delphia Jan. 21
consisting (if new disco\eries, valuable informa
tion. and 100 Receipts, by which persons have clear
ed from three to ten dollars a day the |>a*t year, and
no one can fail to make money. It is suitable for ev
ery station in lifo, whether for travelling or a perma
nent locality, and something eTery mechanic, trader,
and druggist, should bar*. Upon the receipt of one
dollar, post paid, tho above will be forwarded. Ad
dro?s M. EDWARD DOW,
March 1.1. Boston. Massachusetts
4 LL rumors to the contrary, continues to receive
a\ patients, for whose recovery and comfort the un
dersigned pledge themselves to spare no pains, so
that taey may maintain the fame of the establish
ment. Its provisions for hydropathic purpo?es are
unrivalled, and its supply of pure, soft water is abun
dant, cool, and palatable at all seasons, without the
nso of ice.
Dk. E I. Lkwkntnal., Resident Physician
Mr*. F Whhklhoitkt. Proprietress.
March 24.
rtiat l'MM> AMf> KtH%tC' KvrAHI.IMi tlfcftTuF
No. 333 Uroadyply, New York.
T1IK best and inoft improved Piano* and Mr In
doona in tho world. T Gilbert A On .'* World *
Fair Premium Pianoa, with or without lb* .Kolian.
and with iron frame* and circular rcale* The merit*
of theae instruments are loo well known to noed far
ther commendation. Gilbert'* Boodoir Pianos, an
elegant instrument for naall room* Hallet A Cum
ston* Piano*, of the old e?tabli*hed firm of Ilallet A
Co. Mr. W. being *ole agent for all the above Piano*,
he can offer thein lower than anv other honae in the
llaited Stated Horace W?t< r? * Piano*, manufac
tured expre**ly for bira, baring great i?>wer of tone
and elasticity of touch. Piano* of other make In
a word BS3 Rroadway I* one of the largeat depot*
for Piano* in the world, affording an opjiortunity for
selection* not to be had anywhere clso on the Amer
ican continent Second hand Piano* at great bar
gain*. Price p-oen $A0 to $17&.
(loodman X Rsldwin's Patent Organ Melodeon*.
with two bank* of kiji?a sweet and powerfbl inatrn
went. Price* from f 76 to $200
8. D A H. W Smith'! *+J/tm*rn and iiittly-rrl
rhutirti Mrlmdtomt. Price* from to $I&A.
0.7" The above mako* are the only one* tuned in
tho equal temperament _/J0 M?Mnm of other
make*, of all style* and price*
Martin'* unrivalled Guitar*, from $2.1 to $A0. Flu
ten a*. from to $26 Aeeordtons, from $2 4o $20
Violin*, from $3 to $26. Flute*, from $5 to $ til
Braes in*trument*. and other*, o! all kind*
Dealer* *applied with the above Piano* and Melo
daon* at factory price*.
Thi* li*t comprise* the product* of the great ma*
ter* of both the American and Kuropean continent*,
and ia receiving ron*tant addition* by an extensive
publication orthechoft-e and popular piece* of the
day. Dealer* in Music, Teacher* of Semlnarie* and
Academies. wishing to purchase any muaic puhli*had
in tho United State*, or make arrangement* for con
tinned *npplio* of Mr Water*'? new iaauea. will find
it greatly to their intereat to eall or forward their
ordera. Music Kent to any part of the United State*,
poalage free May 22.
* a. VI H MAM*,
Attorney nn.t l'?n??eller al Ij? w, WashingtonCtty
IJRACTIOR* in the Courta of the DiatrietofCo
lumbia, and before the Department* of the Gov
?rnment. Office over lUnking lloua* ofSelden, Witfc
?r*. A On. JunaM?tf
r. r, * ?-o..
WHOLKSALK and retail prom in rn ready mad*
ahirt and collar mailnfactory, and gentlemen'*
furnishingatorc. No* 7 and # North Sixth street, Phil
adelpbia On hand a large aagortment of shirts, eof*
lara, dress stocks, glovea. hosiery, Art., which we will
sell at tbe lowest rash prices.
Shirta and wrappers made to order by measure
ment, and warranted to give satisfaction
Jan. M?9a R 0 WALBOKN
No. 117 Hanovrr street, Hoot on Mom.,
IMPORTER of French and Herman Toy Watches;
Manufacturer's Agent for the sale of Jewelry . also,
Wholesale Dealer in Vegetable Ivory Oooda. Sewing
Silk, Ac. All order* promptly attended to.
1 AM}*** M"'r"AIT HAINTEit
H . , Z tt permanent reaident of this
hiudL .'""'T ^ y ,nvitM thu t,ubU,! tu viait bis
SlTu "!"7 "'th? ?Mvor Mora".
iJij"? i: s *d""' "**
I'-NIO JANNKV's Bout and Shon Store uod
sth aif, t ? .?' ir thu 1<Mt tfln >u,ir* looAtod on
? ill ,stro. t iiuir tbo Oenerul font Office, was removed
Av?nu?, mw<?? h0u.j ..j
or ..t.J. " ??? l,r"l'ni?tor bus spared ?o pains
ritto !*!!'|MU?i" * "" ?"???'"?hiiiunt coiuuiiiiHu
hoi, Ul? BrUU' ,n,,r^U in ???????. "f Z
,u~l.SL"S,rlirr'*nJ""w <?'"??> ??]
Bb'om"? l?S " B..U .,,.1 '
-wry ntjlc ki,d variety" tu "which J
tl,t! "lention of mem bora ofCongrJaa ?? 1 ti
MMgonerally. IIKNKV .IANN$y
I u?n. nv.. north aide, between Broww' Ilotol
and 7th *t., third door from tho latter.
rutin the If nit r,I Stales Ar^iis.
To those persons who may viait Washington. and
i e hi want ol u boot that cannot he excelled either
tioTu U ?r w?rV?*n?hil?. w<> would nail thoir attcu
bo head of ttW^hi,0n|ry t0 bu ,'"u"d un*?r
."T,"1 , w^h.uKto?.? A handaoino and neat
ly-in ado boot is not at all times a ho u roe of pleasure
I^ oauaed U V ?''T U"? "' "trome tortnVo. Z
is fiZl t.^h r manner in which tbo boot
the loot. In thia ho bos succeeded ho thai it I, n ^
combined beauty with comfort
r0 iJlH1- (i??sl,MKKS <>K l>RY GOODS
. . tke"' Supplies in our Mark*I
O ST()KK( K|(,f|'L'y' Uo ar? l,,,w iu our NKW
,V. hl?HK, which waa erected expressly for iih U',.
think it tbo nioat comfortable and beat lighted store
room in the city; and with increaaed roon, taciHtiea
largely P?r,unt'u' deemed ,,uito ample, we .hall dcui
khkkium \M) muKsrif dhv uim.iis,
atore the preference. Tboae who are Lt judVoT'cd
goods cannot fail to lie impressed at once with the
manifold and vast advantages to the purchaser r?
suiting from the adoption in xW fiJtk ?f !fl
purohaaer, lor it beeomea absolutely neceaaarv to meet
- *. .u,t .11 a^sraat
??"i'ir r;;^;iu ?'?>?.i .h? prom,
. man, mat we cannot and will not sell but for thfl
viiSV,Uh!!<' ?r#???rtifc??y ??'<! moat respectfully in
to cal! at all tuuea and examine our atoct
Jan '' d m p TH?Rl "Central Stores,"
- _d ??l?-Centre Market.) Washington City.
(~ KNKUAL,I AGENCY and /nauranco Office 3 Co
VJ lumhia Place, (2 doora north of Louiaiana av^
cii.m.V*klr "n*1' <"a'l,,'d?.) Washington, D C
menu Congre,a and the diflurent Dopart
Jan. 3? d
mnv k ?!?VESf CLOAKS, &0.
T !F xaWribera beK leavo rrafmctlully to iuvitr
tv to ih? fi^i" th? la<lle, ot the oit^ ""<< vicini
,7," n'h -hi"'
60 dr,;r ?uj. H.h hdtU, U,
g t r: s-X.. ?sr!
, do- Moru intiijuo, brocade
? J??- do black Brocade Silk ;
in |* . do , flounced Hrocadc Silks
10 pieces light colorrd plain Pimlt de Soie
uu. very rich plaid Silka,
do. Silk Illusions, for party dresaes. all col a
J do. watered and plain real Irish Poplina i
150 new style I'ana trimmed Chemisettes A Sltwraa
in aeta.'
'?'I do French embroidered Collars ?
do. French embroidered cambric Cbemi !
r,t v and SIm>vps, in sets ;
i j rrrnch nmbroidered Cbemiarttea and Sleovra
trimmed with Mallei, lioniton. and Valen-'
ctennea Laoaa, very cheap;
I;', l?ir* "?br?.ideied mu-hn and cambric Sloevea
uu Fr*,n'birm1br?,dwd ,,Iwidk ? Rr.at variety ?
?liMI piecea l'.nglish and t ren.-h Thread La?-e
26 velvet Cloaks, latest style ;
2i embroidered cloth Cloaks, latest style
xj plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks ' 1
Ml small Persian Seat fa. for the neck
jli long Caabmere Shawls ,
richly-embroidered white crape Shawls;
Together with a Kreat variety of new and elegant
a rt n li a appropriate to the season; all of which we
aro enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
aj a**1 i"i ,h'''",V'4nrrd lo <??ke our pur
chases (Jan. 2 | ll(K)K, BROTIIKK. A CO
SJI'HINO Fashion lor IS54, with other new and I
leantiful styl?>s A full aasorUncrit in atore at '
LANK S Fashionable Hat Can,
w i m '**"? P"rnW,inK FstablUhniaot.
March H |?enn av .near 4) street
AI I^MIII MUX K? T?M4 riii i i, ;
J r ,T| I'' ,!LI'S,,RI>-in ori* handy volume, ?U those
popular ways of makin* money, which have claim
d so much attention the past year, via. Prof Wil
liamson a. Bowman a. I>r. Shr.ner s. I?r. Xaopi a. K
AH ?f Vk I. *"? ' M ?? Cook ?. <1 C Anderaon'a
A ol these have been M>ld, warranted to yield rer*
keayy pro<to, fh>n. $.'. to 910 per day All together
thr^of k Tr d*'aKt r'rt-,n ">?t -ne. two. or
hree of them w.ll amt the wishes of eaeh |?rao? look
J!.*m *"n!T r^.T'nK buainess, and thus
? t! eorreapondinely double or treble profits To
Jhese have been added a number of pi??, n?rr
before published, and equal. W not au,-,rior. to the best
?Jk. Ji' V* *U,"d U> """I* "f any who
might (xissibly he unsuiteil in the f?at mentioned
l be work is complete Satisfaction is guarantied
L VlC CiT k h'lrBl*" po?tp?id, to
Hp. Itnllinnlrl ThumtoiTi flffirr.
Ro<j*i Nn 30. in Hilmitna Temjierniwe Hoa*c.
? ' on Darin *treet No* SO and HI. 8m Pranriaco,
May S
DR KNAPP, (Vulint, at No. 140 Main *treot. Rul
fain, New York, restore* aight to the I'.lind with
nheu ical vapor*, externally applied Thia new
method, ru?iii|t no pain, ia ?t Mea ramvktklc ud
?acce*af?l Several r?nM ? f l.limlnea* are removed
by thii treatment, thai. heretofore have been incur*
Ma. March 17
ik P r if auk. ?. hall
C^H ASK A BALL, AUonwyi and Counsellor* at
J Law. Cincinnati, Ohio, practice ia the State
Court* of Ohio, ia the Circuit and IHntrtrt ConrU of
the United SUIm la Ohio, and in the Kiprrn* Coart
of the United State* at Waahington Jan. h
ho, ho! vw *?tt brrnwi wwi
WKLL. THAT 18 A MINFmRTTNK. and not a
crime ; but to remain gmy when it ia nnfa?h
ionable, and ao Una an aMnrtaaity offer* to restore
yonr "rich ambroaial lock#," in ail (hair pristine
vigor and beauty, in three minute*, without injury
to the fiair or ?<((?, by applying John A June* Im
pro vol National Hair Dye, ia hat little *hort ?l crime.
Therefore, don't delay. Arn>lied and for sale by the
original inventor of Lii|ni>l llair l?ye in thi* coantry.
2.1 Ka*t Baltimore at,, I>et. Front and High.
Alao, for *ale at all the respectable l>nigfci*ta
and Pancy Store* in every city and town throughout
the Uaion. Apnl 1*.
4 FKW word* on the rational treatment, without
J\ medicine, of local weaknea*, nerroa* debility,
low of memory, love of attitude, self diatmat, diiai
nee*. pimples on the faee, and other infirm itiea of an an
By thi* entitely new and highly micceaafnl treatment,
every one ia en?h|ed to car*' himaelf perfectly, ami at
the li a*t poaaible aoet. Sent to My addrcae, poat Im,
in aealed envelope, by remit tine <|>"*t paid) two po?t
age stamp*, to l>R B DK LANKY
April 1?8m M Lispenard street. New York.
The beat article ever u?od, at> hundred* can testify
in tbia olty and aurroundmg country. Head! GIL
MAM'ri LIQUID IIA lit I'VE ma nntu.il y chung
en ibii hair In a brilliant jet U/arl or kIomhj Hntwu,
which in jh rtmiunit- does nut slain or in any way in
jure the skin. No article ever yet iuvuiilml which
will com pure with it. We would advise till who have
K,liy hairs to buy it, for it uriH-t /ui/k ? llnttuii J'utt.
Z. D. G1LM AN, Cheutist, WaxhioKlon city, Invent
or and Hole Proprietor.
For sale by Druggists, Hair-Dresncrx, and Dealers
in Fancy Articles, throughout the lluited State*
MKU'inti AI/tl'HINK ?UK ?AhKOHKAl'.
WK have deposited with us, for sule, one of Avery's
superior Hewing Machine*, and are authorised
to dispose of the smnu ae a great bargain. This ma
chine is considered one of (he best now in use. We
annex herewith the recommendation of some of the
principal wholesalo merchant tailors in Now York oity
Nkw Yoke, July .'SO, 1863.
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that we
have examined the " Avery Swing Atarki/m," and
cheeilully recommend it for its simplicity, durability,
and ea.iecially for the peculiar siiteh uia<Je by it The
stitoh is original, and in appearauoe is liko tho most
purled and handsome "back-stitching" We have
thoroughly tested the xtrength of the sewing, and urn
sutislied that the stitch of this machine makes a
UrUHfftr ami Jirvnr *ram than rail It made hy hand.
We take pleasure in recommending this Machine to
our friends, and to tailors, seamstresses, and families
generally, throughout the country :
Uoiighton A lvnapp. Wholesale Dealer* in Men's
nnd Hoy's Clothing, 19 Courtlandt st.
Lock wood A Dubois, Merchant Tailors, 658 Broad
U. A Uould A Co., Wholesale Dealers in Clothing,
221 Washington st.
J. P. Hull, Merehaut Tailor. 653 Broadway.
Dick foil A Pettus, Merchant Tailor*, 62-1 Broadway.
Apply at the publication ollice of tho J\atnr>iu1 lira,
7th streot, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. March 2.
SOLDIERS who served in the various wars, ?u>
sailors, or thdir widows or heirs, to whom ar
rears of pay, extra pay, bounty land, pensions, Ac
may be due, may And it to their advantage to hav
their claims investigated Address
Attorney and Agent, Washington. I) 0
Bounty land warritnts bought and sold
IF you want a tine, smooth shave, call at Pakk kr's,
who can now furnish you with one of the ceiobra
ted Chinese Razor*, and five others of the best pat
terns, of Wade A Butcher's make. Also ton new
patterns of the celebrated Tally Ho Razors.
One gross of Wade A butcher's Razors, tor barbers,
double concave ground. PARKER'S
Perfumery and Fancy Storo,
May 2 under National Hotel.
PARKER, at his Perfumery and Fancy Store, un
der the National Hotel, 1'a. avenue, is just opon
ing a new and complete stock of Goods, consisting, in
part, of?
Ladies and Gent's Paris Kid Gloves, all sizes and col
Extracts,from thehouses of Litbin and Prevost, Paais,
und Harrison, Philadelphia; ?
Genuine German Cologne. Pomatum, liueuf Marrow j
Cold Cream, Macassar Oil, W. I. Bfty Rum;
Low's Brown Windsor Soap, Cleaver's Honey Soap;
Luhin's Rose and Muxk Soups;
Taylor's Transparent Balls, Ac., Ac.
English, French, and Ainorican Hair Brushes, in one
hundred difl'cront fiatterns;
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 row Tooth Brushos, London made,
for our xales exftressly ;
Nail and Cloth Brushes, Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tuck Combs, latest Paris styles ;
Shell, Buffalo, English cold-pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Combs;
John Fen's premium ivory tine teeth Combs, and
Pocket Combs.
Guerlain's, Roussel's, and Harrison's Shaving Cream ;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaps ;
Badger s hair Shaving Brushes, very superior.
Washington, March II, 184#.
We, the undersigned, having fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Razor Strop Powder, to which the Maryland
Institute ha* awarded a premium, take great pleasure
in certifying that it will keep the Razor in flue, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone
.1. Macpokrhom Bkkeie*. U.S. Senator.
W. W. Beaton, Mayor of Washington.
W. S. Arc men, House of Representatives.
Rov. T. M. Pkarb, Washington City.
Thomas J. Rusk, U. States Senator.
Hiram Walbridge. Esq , New York city.
Wade A Butcher s, of our own importation ,
Tally-Ho, from 25 cent* to $1.26 each.
Razor* imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan 2-?d
BANKER and Exchange Broker, National Hotel
Bnilding, Pennsylvania avonua, Washington
eity, D. C. Jan. 11
BKERB'S NEW YORK HATS for the spring of
1*54. The second supply of the above elegant
llats this day rtccivod at STEV ENS'S
March 7. Sales Room, Brown's Hotel.
SADDLER, Harness, and Trunk Maker, l'ennsyl
vania avenue, a few doora east of the Nations)
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. S?Sn
\ TTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Detroit, Mich
a\ igan, will practice in the State and United Stales
Courts, attend to secaring and collecting debts, aad
to investigating titles to lands in any part of the State
of Michigan Jan. B?d
/COMMISSION MERCHANT, and Agent of the
V > Roetnn Hemp Manufacturing Company. Gangs
of Rigging, and Manilla Cordage , American, Russia,
and Manilla Hemp, for sale
Jan. ft?dim No. 152 Commercial at., Boaton
SHIRTS in every variety of style and quality. Gen
tlemen in want of a good fitting shirt can be suit
ed in style quality, and price, at STEVENS'S
March 7 Sales Room. Brown s laM
I I AT. Cap, and Misses Flat Manufacturer, No. 7
I I Washington Place, 7th street, between D and K,
Washington. D. C. Jan. 2.
for Ignite*, Utittlemrn, and Children
f?* EDMONSTON, west si<i? of 7th street. (nearly
I j, opposite Odd Fellows' llall,) manufactures to
order, and keeps constantly on hand and lor 'ale, ev
ery article Hi his line, of su|*rior quality and at the
lowest prices. The public are thanked fc>r their past
very liberal patronage, and are assured that no pains
shall be spared to merit a continuance of their favors.
Jan. I !
\T our apletididly lighted *ale? room*, on Seventh
*treet. 3 door* north of Pennsylvania avenne *
choico atstck of rich Kaiicy Dre** tln?d*. embracing
all the noveltie* of the wwoa, al?>, Spring Style*
Mantellett*, Rlack l.iwo Shawl* ami Scarf? White
Crape Shawl*, <'a*bmere Scarf* and Shawl*. Franch
Ki I and Silk (Jlove*, Ho*iery and Kmbrnideriea, with
? choice lot of l.inrn nn.1 Staple <iood? in great
abundance?all of which will ho *old at lair, low
We Invite parch*?? rr to call and examine onrttook.
03*" Observe that all articlt* are warranted to
prove a* reprwrted
April 10 7th street, 3 door* above Pa. av
Jl'ST recoived at WALL'S choap Hou*? Furnish
ing Waroroom*, on He vent h *treet, opposite th?
National Intelligencer office, among which may be
Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnut Tete-a-Tete an<l
Sofa*, in hair, cloth, and hroeaUdle, in great vari
Ka*y Chair*. Arm Chaira. and Rocker* to match ,
Maghogany, Walnut, French. and Cottapc Rod*tead*.
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Intelligencer office. Jan. 2?<11 w
This Remarkable Work ha* retuktd Ut Fifth
Edition, in Ike brief spate of Four Month* !
A uticceu unprecedented in Theological Pub
I tuitions /
AN impreaaiou him already linen produced by tbid
moaterly tree liar, the moat profound, widu
reaching. and p?i uianeut.
it ii perfectly manifest to all competent ohaervors,
that we are upon the eve of a theological discussion,
the moat eomprehenaive, radical, and portentous, the
world ha* over wmi. To thia diacuaaion thin hook
loud* tho way, villi a momentum irrefutable. Thete
ill not a qOexlion in Theology which m not dentin* I
to come up for a new and thorough cettlemeiii in the
light of thin final development
All thoae who have Theological doubt* and diffi
cultifH kboold examine ihe /olution thia work affordt..
Those who have no doubt*, but who wiah to afudy
the history of oplniou* in the purl, and to keep pee*
with the developuienU of opinion in the future, will
grievounly err if they neglrct lo make themselves fa
miliar with thia book. It contain* the seed* of th*
thinking* and debating* oftliu next bandied yearn
The reception of tliia work by the The logical
press of thn country, boa been tignificant. Kqually
doclinii g to accept hie conclusion, they do it on op
polite and contradictory ground*. One half of' the
Tbeulogical press endorse* the major premise of the
argument, and denies the minor. The other half en
dorse* iho minor. anddt-iiiu* the major. And on they
aru probnbiy both rijrht in thrir positive element, and
wront; in their negative, the work bun received a Vir
tual Endorsement id' the luont powerful kind
Ax regard* the ability of the work, and its claim*
on the atteutiou of all, th* following extract* may
suffice .
From thn Prifireton llepertoiy?Old Srluiol Orthodox,
It ia characterized by great ability, by an earnert
spirit, by franknoa.1, candor, and courtesy. It haa a
special interest for u?. Wi hail it am an am.y
The author abuts hi* readers up to the choice between
Orthodoxy and the doctrine of lJre Existence.
Ft out lli) Univer?oh*t Quarterly and (ir/ierul Re
view, Jan , 1864.
We h?vo the uo>el spectacle of a man clinging
with a ina.?terly graap to nil the fundamental* of Oi
thodnxy, * * * jetdealiog it a bluw beneath
wh eh it reels.
It would he difliMilt to Dud within the limit* of a
hundred | iigea any treatise or t-asuy tluit can coni
par - in importance With this analysis (Ii. iv) of Or
thodox doctrine*. l>r Heecher li'u) atruek upon the
right principle in hi* theory oi'typioul iuterpielation,
in the fifth of Roman*.
F'Om the Mfihtnlut Quatteili/ Kev/rw.
The profouudcHi questions of Theology are, taking
bold of the American mind. The " Conflict of Ages '
i* an earnest exposition of the great problem of The
oli.py, by an corneal man, who feela and think*
strongly. The beok in very able in many reaped*.
From the litlt/iotluca Sarin, A n. lover, Orthodox, iW w
This volume is the fruit of original investigation.
Eyry page of it boar* thn impreas of a mind tbnt
think* for i'S'lf, "<* # * The book will bo read
in future time; and a* it contain* inuc.b which a
lover of truth will comim-nd, a* well as much which
he will condcmn. it calln for aome addition to the
great labor which ha* already benu expended upon it.
The name periodical advisee the preparation of an
From thn Itilpli*' Chrintian Krfiiw, Hartford.
Tho problem proponed for discussion is the moat
difficult and inoiuontous that can engage the hnmau
mind. * * * * lie considers, in detail, all the
moral and theological Kolutiona that have been at
tempted in all age*, by the ancient* an J by the mod
erns, * * * and reject* the whole without heai
tation or remorae.
Christian Examiner, ( UntUr out.)
We should trespass on the patience of our readers,
if we proautned here to give our views upon the
startling, yea, the appalling exhibition, which Dr. V.
haa made of the Orthodox System.
Boston Congregational/ft.
If Universal ist* and II ni arian* will rend the work
candidly, it muit have a powerful tendency to draw
them off tho slippery rock on which they stand.
Christian F.X'iminer.
How much anxiety which the book will cause to
the Orthodox may be allowed fo transpire publicly,
wo cannot say; for policy in ay dictate reaerre,- but
in private there must bo a frequent repetition of the
queation, " Men and brethion. what aball we do? "
From thr Jiaston CoHgiequtionnliu.
Pugb ' ' Henpen, the *ky is falling." " Who told
you, Chicklick ' " "I went down into the garden,
and a currant fell on mi/ head .'"
From thf. Chritluin Examiner.
The word " Pugh " is easily a|>oken. We conaidt-r
the book na so manifestly destined to re-open, in the
most effective way. our whole controversy, and, in the \
long result, to win anch a triumph for oar general
viewa of tbe doctrine* of the llibln, that we would
give our vote to a pioposition that nne-half the whole
nam of fifty thousand dollar* which the Unitariana
are about to raise for tbe circulation of their book*
abould be spent in tbe di* semination of thii volnn e
From the Unitarian MonthJi/ Knfr'fiam Magazine.
Edited hy tirv. Mr. i/awi'H'to*.
Dr. Beecher ? theory act* with moat logical force
against Orthodoxy, wilb most spiritual fome agaii rt
I, nitarianipW Tboau aposile? of lax notions reaped
ing Bin'a sinfulness and need of regeneration who
have hastened to greet tbia volume a# an ally to tb< ir
cause, will be auhjeet to a disappoint* eot * *
Whoever undertake* to answer ti.cgrner. I arc intent
except perha|>* from thr ground of extreme Pelagian
ism, will find room for the exereiae of hia beat fac
The fate ol tbi* book will lie aingular Hold, read,
admired, discussed, abused plundered from, laughed
at. to aa full a measure as the most ambitious writer
coald desire
National Era.
Thii work baa eauaed a great com mi lion among
the D 1>. * in our land. It merits their attention.
N. Y. T'Htnne.
The most significant work an Theology which has
appeared of laie
in many respects, thin volume (a one of the most
curious, as well a* one of the most suggestive, pro
ductions of modern American Theology.
Philadelphia Pr*tl>iflrrniH Qnartrrtf, \ew St-han'
Able It unquestionably ia
Wettminurr Kevin-, England.
Tbe " Conflict of Age*" ia. in effect, a protest
against Calvinism by on* of the le-.ling Calvintstic
divines of New Kagland
liotlun Congregational**!.
A very unsafe book for hersaiarcha to pnt Into
the bands of either Uaiveraolist or Unitarian of real
and manly mind, nccnatotnrd to deep and aeriou*
thought Whatever else he may be or may not be,
he will never be either an aaeisnt Socinian or a mod
em Universalis!
May 26. Publishers. Boston
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