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OUR ILLl'STMTBD journals
FOWLERS A WELLS publiab the following Pe
riodiouhi They have an aggregate circulation of
about One Hundaed Thousand Copies.
These Popular and Profearional Serials afford an
eioelleut opportunity for bringing before the Public
with Pictorial Illustrations all subjects of Interest,
Physiological, Educational, Agricultural, Moebaiii
cal, and Commercial.
the water curb journal, and herald
losophy and Practice, KxereUe,
wltb ilh?trat.y. and those Law.
Olotblng. Oecupa um j n ,th Published monthly,
NAL A Repository of Science, Literature, and
General Intelligence; Devoted to Phenology, Pby*
iology, Kducation, Magnetic, Psychology. Meeha.i
ism Agriculture, Horticulture, Architecture, the
Aruand Science., and to all those Progressive Meas
ures which are calculated to Reform, Blevute, an
Improve Mankind. Illustrated with numerous por
traits and other engravings. A beautilul Quarto,
auiutble for binding. Published Monthly, at On.
Dollar a Year in advance.
A Journal containing such a mass of interesting
matter, devoted to the highest happiness and Inter
?Ht? of man, written in the clear end lively stvle of
its practiced editors, and afforded at the ridiculously
low price ' of one dollar a yoar. must succaed in run
Ding up to its present largo ciMulatiou(W.??>Ui copies
to a much higher ligure.' ?Nrw \ork rnhunn.
TERLY REyiEW. A new Professional Magasine,
devoted to Medical Reform, embracing articles by the
best writers, on Anatomy. Physiology, Pathology,
Surgery, Therapeutics, Midwifery, etc., Reports o.
Remarkable Cases in General Practice, Criticisms on
he Theory and Practice of the various Opposing Sys
terns of Medioal Science, Reviews of New Publica
tions of all Schools of Medicine, ReporU of the Prog
reas of Health Reform in all its Aspects, etc., etc., with
appropriate illustrations. Each number contain*
from 190 to 200 octavo pages, at Two Hollars a \ oar
" In addition to the widely oirculatcd monthly jour
nals issued by Fowlers A Weill, we have the New
ilvrirtinafkic Quarterly Keview, edited by the mow
suju ?bool. It?0-W
articles of permanent value, which ought to be read
by every American."?Ntio ior* Pribnu?.
Commuuications, New Books lor notice or review,
Advertisements, and Subscriptions, should be address
ed to the Publishers, FOWLERS A W ELLS,
Clinton Hall, No. 1SI Nassau st, New York
Jan. 2-3 w2d .
Published l>y Tiikwor, Reed, <J" Field*, Boston.
1. EATER. 1vol. lfimo. 76 cents.
Contents.?Tha Confessions Suspina de I rotun
"(Win/i - Shakspeare. l'o,*. Lamb. Goethe.
" "w//M.--On the Knocking at the Oate ln Mac
beth. Murder, Considered as one ol the tine Arts.
Second Paper on Murder. Joau ot Arc. rhe bng
liah Mail Coach The Vision ol huddeo Death 1 m
ner, Real and Reputed. Orthographic Mutineers
IV. THK C/RSARS. 1 vol. 10mo. 76 cents.
vols. Hlmo. $1.60. , r
Cou-irjU*.? Literary Novitiate. Sir Humphry Da
vy William Godwiu. Mrs. Grant. Recollections
of Charles Lamb. Walladmor. Coleridge Words
worth Southey. Reeolloctions of Gresiuere^ 1 be
Saracen's Head Society of the Lakes Charles
Lloyd. Walking Stewart Edward
fourd. Tho London Magaf ine. Junius, tlare Cun
ningham AiUck ofa London Journal. Duelling.
NEOUS PAPBRS. 2 vols. Ittino. $1.60
Commit.?The Household Wreck. The Spanish
Nun. Flight of a Tartar Tribe. System of the
Heavens as Revealed by the Telescope. Modern
Superatitiou. Colcndge and Opium Bating. Tem
p?ranee Movement. On War. The Last Lays of lin
manuel Kant.
ENGLISH WRITERS. 1 vol. l?mo. 76 <"nts^
Conirnti. ? The Poetry ot W ordsworth. Porcy
BTSshe Shelley John Keats. Oliver Goldsmith.
Afesander Pope. William Godwin. John Foster.
William Haalitt. Walter Savage Landor.
SAYS. 2 vols. Ifirao. $1 60.
Comuntt. ? Philosophy of Roman History. The
Easenes. Philosophy of Herodotus. Plato s Repub
lie. Homur and the llomeridw. Cicero. Style.
Rhetoric. Secret Societies.
16mo. 76 o?nti. ..... ? *%
Ctntmtt ? TW? Affliction of Childhood. Drcaui
Reborn on these Infant Experiences. Dream Kehiocs
Fifty Years l^ter. Introduction to the Wnnd ol
Strife Infant Literature The Female InBdel I
am Introduced to the Warfare of a Public School. I
Enter the World The Nation ot London. Dublin.
First Rebellion in Ireland French Invasion of Ire
land and Seroud Rebellion. Travelling My Broth
ar premature Manhood |This volume take* the
place in this Series of " Life and Manners. It is a
reproduction of tbfct volume, with additional matter
and is printed from Mr De Quincey s own revision |
Entirely ruw Volumes, nearly ready :
XIII and XIV. ESSAYS on Philosophical Wri
ters and Other Men ot Lettera. 2 voU. limn. f 1.5*
Content! ? Hamilton. Mackintosh Kant. Hk?
ter. Leasing. Herder. Hontley. Parr.
Flirtrr I vol. fftmo. 75 conti.
Ci'tUml*. ? Letters Greek Tragedy. Conversa
tion Languac* French and English Manners
California and the Gold Mania Presence of Mind
Jan 6 __ _
Tkt Eclectic Mag izm' of Fortign LiUrctuie,
IN HUn?7 merit ami aterling worth, I* iritkout
qae*tion the t>e*t M pnbliiM. fi in curh.
btcMM il (wapfiiM, in matkritf ud enn
mint form, the eieellenefl*- the choicest artiolea
t ha ?mm, ao to *|w>ak. of all the leading Foreign
Qnarterlie* and Magatine*, and the production* of
their neat gifted pen* In tbia rc*pect, the Kolectic
hna a decided advantage over all other Magnaine*
Omitting article* of nitre local intercut and minor
importance to the American reader, ita ( age* offer to
he patron* a large amount of literary wealth, of per
nanent value, at a (mall price.
The Keleetic i? pnbliabed in monthly number* of
144 page* each, making three large volume* a year,
and nearly l.HM | >*???, richly euibeliiahed with 12
?piendid portrait* of ?li*tingni*hed peraon* or hiatori
eal whjwta The price ia $6 a year. The January
? amber begin* a new volume. Now i* a good time
to anh*ribe Order* for the work are aolioitej. It
wtt he ml promptly hy mail to all who order it
Addiam W H B10WKLL,
No 12# Na'*au street. New York.
By Seta of the work, in V volntnc*. for the laat !
three year*, neatly bound. lettered, and nnmbered,
may he had at the ottee of publication, and *ent to
aay part of too eoantry. Jan. 7.
R Boat on. Woree ter, I<owo)l, Fitchburg. Naabna,
tord, Bellow* Pall*, Ac, uw Norwich and
r, W??rec*ter and Naahna, Beaton and Wor
?, Now London and Willimantio, and Palmer
by ihta line leave pier No. IS, North
IfMMwiofOoarthiidl *troet, every day at 4 o'clock,
P. (ftaaday* excepted )
Steamer CONNRCTIGHT. Capt. J. W William*.
wiH bare lloir York every Tneaday, Thnmiay, nod
Mr W0NCK8TKR, Captain William Wilcox,
will taaeo New York erery Monday, Wed need ay, and
? JlHHfanhy thiallne arrive in time to *ave the
gaffer tranm aat of Boaton
Aa a>pram freight train leave* Allyn'a Point for
Swtoa kMMdHately on the arrival of the ateamboatn.
Ptoaeag*r* taken at the loweat rate* for Near Lon
?M,l?nrl*h, Willioianri.-, 8t afford. Mnnaon, Palmer,
wilMMMr, Mrtoa, Pitehburg, Lowell, Lawrence,
IfarftT Ooaoord. Bellow* fall*, and other place* in
VMrtkOTi Mow Ham Rehire and Vermont. Freight
tokda at tho leireat rate*
ParflkrtfeitMmiallaa, inmire of K R MARTIN,
at tka 0?k>e, on pbr M, North llrer, foot of Oonrt
?adt ftreot No freight received after 3J o'clock.
Hjg. Jan N-l?
SHOE DEALER, mid Fashionable Hyot Maker,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between Brown*' Hotel
| and Seventh street, Washington. Jan 2?8u?
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Warron, Trumbull oo., 0.
Office No. Market street. Jan 7?d
have now ready (or delivery
. OE,
Views of Southern Laws, Life, and Hospitality
Written in Charleston, 8. 0., by V. 0. Adams.
TilK above work fortn? a beautiful 12uio volant* ot
over 300 pages, small pica Prioe?in paper, 6"
cents, muslin, 75 cents. The usual discouut to tb<
Trade. Orders solicited. Copies sent by mail, pre
paid, any distance under 3,000 miles, for AJ cents.
The above work is a delineation of the soenes anu
incidents connected with the imprisonment, in 1863
of Manuel Pereira, steward of the British brig Jan
son, in the jail of Charleston, 8. 0.
The following notioe of this work is copied from tht
NatimuU lira of February 17:
"The above is the title of a work now in press
founded upon that infamous statute of South Carolina
by which her citizens claim a right to imprison colorm!
Sfurntn, of all nations, and even those cast upon theii
shores in distress. We have perused the book in ad
vance of its publication, and find that it gives a life
like pic turn of Pereira, the vessel in which he sailed
the storms she encountered, and her wrecked condition
when brought into the port of Charleston, 8. C. j to
gether with the imprisonment of Pereira, several sea
men belonging to the New England States, and tw<
French seaiuen; the prison regimen, character of the
Charleston police, and the mendacity of certain offl
ciais, who make the law a medium of peculation. Tht
work is replete with incidents of Southern life and
character, pointing Southerner* to the things that call
for correction at tlieir own hands, with a foro* that
cannot be mistaken. The work is written by one who
has taken a prominent part in the affairs of the South
and cannot fail to interest alike the general reader
commercial man, and philanthropist."
The above work can be obtained, at wholesale
prices, from
John P. Jkwktt A Co., Boston, Mass.,
Skrvius J. Bates, 48 Beekiuan St., New York,
Wit*lis P. Hazard, Philadelphia,
Aud from the publishers,
BUKLL A BLANCH ARD, Washington. D. C.
And Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste.
rpiIK HORTICULTURIST is a Monthly Journal,
X devoted to Horticulture and its kindrea arts, Ru
ral Architecture and Landscape Hardening. It is od
itod by P. Barky, late Horticultural editor of the
(I enesee Farmer, and author of that popular work,
" The Fruit Garden." To thuso who cultivate Fruit
or Flowers, this work is indispensable, as it contains
full directions for cultivation, as well as eveiything
new on the snbject, either in this country or in Eu
THE HORTICULTURIST is beautifully printed,
on the best paper, with costly illustrations on wood
and stone. It contains 48 pages, without advertise
ments, and each number has a full page engraving on
stono, of some raro fruit or flower, drawn from nature,
by the best lit ing artist in this line.
Tkrmh.? Two dollar* yr annum, in advance. A
discount of 25 per cent, allowed to agents. Postmas
ters and others ure invited to act as agent*, to whom
specimen numbers will bo sent, free of postage, on ap
plication to JAMES VICK, Jr.,^
Feb. 4. Publisher, Rochester, New York.
P. S. A new volume couiiucnoed on the first of
ilKW BOoK BV K tV, J \< u IJ ABBOTT.
BEAUTIFULLY illustrated with original design*.
By Jacob Abbott.
" Rollo on the Atlantic " i* the first book of a se
ries to bo published under the general title of Rollo's
"I\>ur in Europe.
Extract from the Preface :
'? The hooks are intended to be books of instruc
tion, rather than of mere amusement; and, in peru
sing them, the roader may feel assured that all the in
formation which they contain, not only in respect to
the countries visited, and to the customs, usages, and
modes of life that are described, bat also in regard to
the general character of the incidents ami adventures
that the young travellers meet with, is in most strict
accordance with fsct. The main design of the narra
tive is thus the communication of useful knowledge;
and everything which they contain, exoept what is
strictly |tersonal, in relation to the iu)tors in the story,
may bo depended upon as exactly and scrupulously
true." Published by
Jan. 5 24 CornhiU, Boston.
CI S. FOWLER A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
7th street) have just completed opening a large
assortment of C1I1N A, QliEENSW A RE, and (1 LASS,
making their stock nt this time equal to any in the
country ; consisting in part as follows, vis:
Docoratod gold band and plain white French China
Dinner, Desert, Tea, and Breakfast Sot*, and de
tached pioces, such as Fruit Baskets, Compotiers,
Casseroles, ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
. Bowls. *
India China, in dinner and tea set*, and detached
Iron Stone China, docorated, flowing blue, and white
dinner, tea. breakfast, and toilet sot*, and detach
ed pioco*, in overy pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety
Dresden, Terra-cotta, Parian, and French China;
Vases, Card Receivers, Jewel Stands;
Candlestick*, Motto Cups and Saucers;
Mugs, Pitchers, Ac
GLASSWARE, rich cut and engraved.
Crystal straw, stum, and Pressed (loldets ;
Cham|>agnes. W ines. Cordials, and Tumblers,
Finger Bowls, Water Bottle*, Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles, Cologne Bottles, <1 lobes;
Lumps, rich and plain Decanters;
Cat and pressed Bowls, and silvered Bowls;
Solar, Ethorial, Hall, and Side Lamp*;
Candelabra*. Girandoles. rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffee Urn*. Tea Seta, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchers, Punch and Molassos Pitchers;
Fine Catlery and Alhata Forks, Spoons, Ac., of the
most approved and latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots j
Plate Warmers, Egg Boilers, kv.
W ith an endless* variety of goods not named, which |
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Storekeepers and country merchant; will find it to
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Stites, and we are determined to sell as low.
N. B. Goods earefnlly put up for the conntry by
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GRAV k BALLANTYNK, Seventh *trret, two
door* above Oilil Fellows' Ilall. hitvo t.he only
Depository in thi* ril v of the publication* of the
American Bible Society;
Methodi*! Hook Concern,
Robert Carter A Brother*;
Presbyterian Hoard;
American Tract Socioty,
Kvangelical Knowledge Society;
American Sunday School linion.
New Knglnnd nnd Moa*achu*etU Sabbath School 80
cietie*, and all the principal Religion* Publisher*
It in therefore apparent that thoir *tock ot Stand
ard Theological Work* and genoral Religiou* Litera
ture in net be unequalled.
They alway* keep an ext*n*ive assortment of all
the Hymn* uxml in the different churehe*, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Book*, in plain and nuperb
AI tractive and choice Juvenile*, embracing nearly
all of the inodt useful and entertaining Book* for the
yonng, published.
School Book*, of all the kind* u*cd in the city and
country school*. at New York price*.
Blank Book*. Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Pbrtmonnaies, Portfolio*, Writing
I>e*k*. Ac. Jan. I?d
Ike Author of Ike " Wide. Wide World:
CARLKRINKKN hi*Christina* Stocking* Bean
tifnlly illustrated Price, 75 cent* ; gilt, $1.25.
The Bow in the Cloud ; or. Covenant Mercy for the
Afflicted. Numerous engraving*. Price, $3 50
(Had Tiding* ; er, The (lo*pel of Peace. Price, <13 eta
Popnlar Legend* of Brittany. Illu*tratod. Price, 76
Spiritual Progre**; or. Infraction* in the Divine
l/ife of the Soul. From the French of F/nllon and
Madame Onyon. Price, 76 cent*.
The Old and the Newt; o?. The Change* of Thirty
Year* in the Fast By Wm. (loodell. .Price, $1 26
Old Sight* with New Kye* Price, $1.
Conversion: It* Theory and Proce**. By Rev. T
Spencer. Prioe, $1 25.
AntoMography of Rer. J. B. Finloy ; or, Pioneer Life
in the Went Prise, $1.
Chri*t in Hintory; or, Tbe Central Power among
Men. By Robert Tnrnhull, D D Price, $1.26.
Jan 4?d2 2 door* above Odd Fellow*'Hall
Uncle Tnu and LtltU Vtrly!
Thirty Thousand Published in Five Week*1
GENUINE American Romance, and a Hook
which will live aud bo read after the thousand
and one trashy production* of the day shall 1""" mto
desuetude . . . , ,. . .
Karely baa a work appeared in America which na*
received ?uch universal and hearty commendation*
from the Newspaper Prea*. We aubjoiu a tew brief
extract* ?
The authoress of the Lamplighter ha* aimed to
produce an agreeable and impressive work of fiction
It i* high prai*e to say that she ha* succeeded in the
attempt.?TV. Tribune.
We have no hesitation in pronouncing the Lamp
lighter on? of the most original, interesting, graphic,
aud ad'ectiug tale*, that ha* lately appoared.? Boston
No one can study its instructive and fascinating
page* without being made bettor by it* kiudly influ
enoe*.? Boston Atlus.
The Lamplighter would do credit to any writer.?
Dully Ailvertiser, Boston.
One of the most affecting and interesting tale* ever
issued from lb? American pre**.?Daily Trthun*
For delicate juid forcible delineation of character,
thi* work ia hardly exoolled.?lour mil, Boston.
Thia book develop* it variety of character*?aouie
of them a* deeply affecting aa the beat sketches ol
Die k ena. ? Trtt nscript, Boston.
It ia a book which is destined to become a great
favorite with the reading public,?Daily Herald,
It cannot fail to auit the most fastidious taste.?
Olive Branch, Boston.
Here is a book destined to have a aale unequalled
by any other, unle** we except Uncle Tom.? Mass.
Life hint. . * . ,
The aged and the young will rife from Us perusal
with an increased love for the kindlier feelings of ou>
natu re.?Hint* hum Jim mat.
The Lamplighter is a book which is destined to
great popularity.? Daily Bit. Ik ft on.
An intensely interesting work, and, a* a piece of
composition, admirable.? Clapp s hi'entng Gazette,,
Hu m to//.
A book rich in thought, beauty, pathos, and ten
derness.?AHxiuy Sjxctator.
It is a great book, the work of an original mind of
extraordinary power.? Inlet uutioWMl Joueeyil*
Five hundred pages of just *uch reading as enchain*
the interest, the curiosity, yea, the whole soul, until
the last line of the last page is finished.?South lios
ton Gazette. .
This is a work ol surpassing mUreat.?Alb. A rgus
Yhe Lamplighter doserves all the prai*e it has re
cei ved.?Com ntonii'mli h, Host on.
It is infinitely superior to any American novel that
we have ever rend.? Waverley Magazine..
There is no question but that the Lamplighter will
rank among the first ef American fictions ? Worees
lei Palladium. .
An intensely interesting book, from title to ftnis -
Portland Inquirer.
The Lamplighter is a delightful story?original
breathing a true and pure spirit.?TV. 1'. Sun.
It ia unequalled in thrilling interest by any book
yet published.?Springfiehi Post,
Portions of this book are worthy the genius of
Dickens.? Hampden Gazette.
It possesses the rare merit of interesting alike th*
young and the old.? Bangor II lug
It is a great book.?Sunday Dispatch.
A work of extraordinary power and interest.? TV
E. Farmer. .
It is a most enchanting work.?Christum Secre
tary, Hartford.
Without, exception, one of the most deeply'mterest
ing tales we ever perused.? Lawrence Sentinel
A work which ha* every element of popularity.?
TV. Y. Evangelist.
The Lamplighter is a thrilling and most interesting
story.?Lutheran Observer, Baltimore.
We have rarely read a work with more real pleas
ure than the Lamplighter ? Stat* Kejtortrr, Concord
A book which is destined to be popular, because it
comes from the heart and speaks to the heart ?
Country Gentleman.
Some of the best sketches in this book almost rival
the masterpieces of Dickens.? ) ankee. Blade.
In the execution of htr work. Miss Cummings has
displayed great judgment, an almost intuitive insight
into human nature, a careful observation of life, a fine
literary taste, a sound and sensible mind, a lovely
disposition, a genial heart ? "Bunker Hill Aurora.
Published by JOHN P. JEWETT. A CO , Boston;
land, Ohio. - April 7-?wif
LOAN A IRVINE, Attorneys at Law, No. 284
J Main street. Cincinnati, Ohio. ?
References: Dr. George Fries, Alexander II. Me
Guffey, A. McKenxie, Oraham A McCoy, Cincinnati,
Ohio; Smith A Sinclair. Smith. Bageley, A Co.. Pitts
burgh ; N D, Morgan, Auditor of State of Ohio ; Geo
N McCook. Attorney General of Ohio, Columbus; J.
G. Ilussey, President Forest City Hank, Ilussey A
Sinclair. Mason A Kstep. Cleveland I**"
cing 6 octavo and 4 duodecimo volumes, full of
excellent reading matter for the family, elegantly
illustrated with engraving*, and tastefully bound, is
now offered to agents and peddlers, at a greatly re
duced price. Those who wish to engage in the sale
of this popular work, and who have some $20 or $30
at command, cannot fail to make the business profit
able. Call and see, or address the publisher by letter.
Sample copies of each style will be sent by mail,
free of taostsge, on the receipt, of one dollnr.
April 1?4t 118 Nassau street. New York.
IN PREPS, and will sp?edilv be published, in one
1 elegant lJnio volume, the Popular Series of Let
ters from Paris, contributed to the National lira,
under the title of "BELL SMITH ABROAD, pro
fusely illustrated, from denigns by French artists.
Price $1. Orders should be sent to
J C. DERBY, Publisher,
April |/t?Idw 8 Park PI?, New York.
Kuuin and Ihr K a ultra (lur&lion.
WITH an introduction by an American Citixen
A timely work. Price 25 cents. Published by
JOHN f JlWBTT k00. Mareh W.
H6 Nasstiu street. New 1 ork.
DESIGNS, Ac?Persons wishing to obtain United
States Letters Patent f??r Designs, are respectful
ly informed that all the necessary drawing* and pa
P>rs are executed by the undersigned, at the PEG
LE S PATENT OFFICE. K<1 Nassau street, New
York, with despatch, on very moderate terms.
Under the laws of the United States, Patents are
granted for ornamental works and decorations of ev
ery kind, such as the ornamental designs upon stoves,
walls, ceilings, wood and metal carvings, bust*, stat
ues, compositions of all kinds in alto and basso re
llevo, new forma of jewelry, watch oaaes, new designs
for stamping on woollen, silk, cotton, or other (abrie.
or Jbr any new impression, label, or omaiavnt, to he
placed on any article of manufacture, or any new and
original sha|>e or form of any article of mannfacture
Such Patents secure to the Patentee the exclusive
right to make and vend thessine lor a period of sevei
year*, the Government fee being $16, gold.
The law for Designs requires the same proceas in
soliciting, as for a mechanical invention, vi? : a model
or specimen of the article, doplicate drawings, sped
ftcatir ns. claims. Ac All the papers and drawing*
are executed by the undersigned For further in
formation. which can be had free of charge, siiply to,
or address. ALFRED E BEACH.
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patent*.
48 Hetkman xtreH, New York.
" Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, onto
all the inhabitant* ther* f."?Lk v. *x v, 10.
WILLIAM WOODKIiL, 48 Bookman otreet. New
York, propone* to puhtiah a paper of the above
title, a apecimcn number of which ia already iaaued,
on large medium paper, quarto form.
Slavery ia criminal?Illegal?A violation of the
Conatitntion?The Htatea hare no confutation*! right
to maintain H?The Amerioan Government and peo
ple are bound to anupre** it?All the Savory in the
nation ia national SI* very. and the nation i* reapon
pible for It?No more Onmpromiae* with S'arery, nor
recognition of pa*t Compromiaea?No more ?lave
hunting among freemen ? No recognition of alave
property?No voting for candidate acceptable to
Thru*.?For twelve numt>?ra, (whether monthly or
aemi-nonthly, aa may be determined,) ainale copy,
Ml cent*, ftve copies, to one peraon. $1; eight copiea,
do , $3; thiriy copiea, do., $10 All paymonta in ad
vance Pott Office atampa received and given la ma
king change.
Should the paper, unexpectedly, faR of anpport,
money* advanced will be refunded in hofeka written
by Wm. Ooodell, rli: Democracy of Chrlatiaoitv, 2
vol*, $1 Ml, Hietory of Slavery and Aeti Ulavery. $ I;
American Slave (led*, 76 rente; Premium Tract on
Slavery and Miaaion*. $.'< per hundred, r!r, in other
Hooka and Tract* at the Anti-Slavery Depository, 48
Bookman atreet, New York. April 8.
IHKKKBY constitute Mr. Simon Willard, No. ?
Congreas street, Boston, dole agrul ft>r the mile of
u>y Watched in the United State* of America.
April 16, 1863 CHARLES FRODSHAM.
The undersigned, having been appointed sole Agent
in the UnlUdStatcs for tbe sale of Charles Frodsham ?
Improved Timekeepers, would respectfully call public
attention to his extensive and valuable stock ot Com
pensated Chronometer Watches, made bv Charier
Frodsham, and ityled hii " New Series. ' In the
Watches of the new series, Mr. Frodsham has suc
ceeded?by a more jierfect method of compensation,
a more oorrect adjustment in isochronisin, and au eu
tirely new and peculiar construction of the train, by
which moie power is obtained without inorease of
site?in producing timekeepers of wonderful mid un
rivalled accuracy The great importance of the im
proved Watches is a perfect regularity of time, under
every variety of climate, uiotioa, and position. So
perfect are the ai^jMStiuentti, that the most violent ex
oroiis?inch as horseback riding, jumping. ?ic?pro
duces on them no sensible effect. They are therelore
peculiarly adapted to railroad purposes.
The scientific French critio, Mons. Borsendorf, in
bis review of the Great London Exhibition of 1851,
styles the contribution of Mr Charles Frodsham as
"bearing the stamp of peculiar merit, and as being
the flbwer of the English school."
Tbe British Government have awarded Messrs.
Arnold and Charles Frodsbuin the sum of ?3,170, for
the excellence of the pri/wiplt of their timekeepers.
One of Mr. Frodsham's correspondent* writes as
London, April 2ft, 1852.
Sin: I have much picture in giving in account
of the Gold Compensation Lever Watch No. 3,326,
you have made for me, and in which I expressly stip
ulated that it should maintain a uniform rate of going
under every variety of motion and climate. This it
has dona in a most remarkable manner; its rate of
going for the first six months was five seconds per
month, and in tbe next six months it changed its rate
a little faster, vis: eight seconds per mouth, and at
the end of 3115 days it was found to l>e fust of Green
wich mean time one mihute and fifteen seconds.
Though I was not led by any previous promise to ex
pect such performance, yet I believe it is only the
usual character o( your improved watches, which you
term your " new series."
I remain, sir, yours, respectfully,
Tbomah Babti.ktt ?
To Mr. C/tarl*s Frodsham.
The undersigned has received the following:
Boston, Oct alter 5, 1868.
Sir: I herewith give you an-account of the re
markable performance of the watch I purchased of
you, mode by Charles Frodsham, No. 7,014. Its total
variation for 17 months, by weokly observations, was
but one minute and fifty-five seconds.
Yours, respectfully, Billings Bkious
To Mr. Simon Willard.
Bos ton, Sfiytemhrr 3, 1853.
The Compensated Lever Watch I purchased of you,
made by Charles Frodsham, of London, No. 7,300,
has varied but thirtv seconds from mean time in six
months, by actual (faily comparison with your regu
lator. Yours, Aj.vin Adamk.
Mr. Simon Wit lard.
The undersigned is permitted to refer to the follow
ing gentlemen, who, amoug many others, have proved
the excellence of Frodsham's Watches as timekeep
Enoch Train, Esq. Wm. Whiting, Esq.
K. C. Bates, Ksq. Geo. M. Thacher, Esq.
F. W. Thayer, Esq. David Dyer, Esq.
E. F. Osborne, Esq., ) Sandusky,
Eben. .Lane, Esq , j Ohio.
The subscriber would respecfully state that the
above Watches are designed and executed by Mr
Frodsham and himself, especially to meet the do
mauds of the American public in the great essential
of perfect time, and that in this and in external
beauty they stand unrivalled.
All orders addressed to the undersigned will receive
immodiate attention. SIMON WILLARD,
Jan. 5. No. # Congress street, Boston.
DEALER in Books, Periodicals, and Stationery;
wholesale and retail, 3 Columbia Place, corner
7th street and Louisiana avenue, Washington, D. C.
J an 3?d
Mrs Partington's Life and Sayings
First Edition 20,000 Copies!
NOW HEADY, the Lifd and Sayings of Mrs. Part
ington, and others of the Family, by B. P. Shil
laber, of the Huston Post.
" I did fynde her a woman of manye wordes, yet
of a very pleasante fancie withal, and havynge much
good counsclle."-?Digg kit _ Works. Lib cxl,
Art.?" Mistress Utn* llytr. '
One elegant 12mo volume, 384 pages, printed on
superfine paper, with 43 fine Engravings on Wood,
including the following hill page illustrations in tints,
designed by Coffin A Brown, and engravod by Orr A
1. Rath Partington, a portrait
2. Paul's Ghost.
3. Partington ian Philosophy.
4. Punch in the Ilead.
6. Stock of the Revolution.
ft. Ike in the Country.
7. Partington Mouse Hunting. -
8. A Chrbtuius Story.
Tbe undersigned has tbe pleasure of announcing
the day of tho publication of tbe long looked for vol
ume, " Mrs. Partington, her Lifo and Sayings," in
cluding those of "Paul,'' *' Ike," and othors of the
Family The large number ordered in advance
more than 12 04)0 copies?is tbe best evidence of the
popularity of the book. With thA hope and expecta
tion that the Old Lady will be kindly received by an
appreciating public, " the Biographer place* hia hand
on his heart, and bows, as the curtain descends to
slow music." J. C DERBY, Publisher,
8 Park Place, New York.
And for sale by Booksellers throughout the United
States and Caatdas
Price $1.25. Single copies sent by mail, post paid,
on receipt of price. April 12.
PARSONS A CO , Flushing, near Nsw York, offer
for tale a large and excellent assortment of
Dwarf Pea re and Cherries; Ornamental Tree*, for
streets and lawn*, Tree* and Shtubs, for massing,
at reduced ratva.
Ro*e? of thrifty growth, together with the amial
variety required for the lawn, theorchard, and the
Careful attention wUI tie given to the execution and
packing of ordera. Liberal discount* iuimIp to all
doaler* in tree*.
Catalogues aent by mail, without charge, to all en
closing a |>o*tage stamp. PARSONS A CO.
Fliinhmg, %i mo. 20
The ProliihitioiiiRt.
paper?ia published monthly, at Albany, bv the
Executive Committee irf the New York State Tern
Iterance Society. II. Mandeville, 1). D., Editor, a*
*i*ted by B. C. Delavan. Kaq.
It ia printed in the fojio form, on a double-medium
aheet, making eight large fcar-columned page* to a
It. advocates the Cauae of Temperance generally,
and especially the Legislative Prohibition of the Traf
6c in Intoxionting Revotage*.
It ia National in spirit, *cope, and aim ; and ia rap
idly becoming NiiiioitaJ, alao. in it* circulation ami
influence Order* respectfully aolicited. It will be
furnished at the following low price*:
fine copy for one year - - -$0.60
Three, to one address, one year - - 1 00
Seven, do. do. ? - 2.00
And for each additional four copie*, $1 will be ask
ed, for any quantity lass than fifty eopie*.
For fifty copies, to one addroaa - $11
For 100 do. do. - - -20
No subscription received for leas than ope year;
and in every case the order must be accompanied hy
the money Letter*, in all oases, must be iiost paid
Addraaa 0. SCOVILL,
March 9. Publishing Agent, Albany.
CLV Jonrnal* friendly, please publish
Office National Hotel Building, Pennsylvania
Avenue, Washington, D. C.y
DKALRR in Checks. Acceptance* Drafts, Promi*
*ory Notes, Bank Not#*. and Coin.
Notes on all solvent Bank* in the United States
bought and sold, at the be*t prices.
Notes, Drafts, and Bills, in Washingtonand fleorge
Iflwn, collected, and remittances promptly mode in
New Yotk, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other funds,
at a charge of one quarter per cent.
Bills of Exchange and Bank Checks, on mo*t of the
principal citie* of the Union, bought and sold at the
boat rates. March 23.
C~1AVKAT8 ? Inventors and other* desiring to ap
J ply for Caveats, are informed that all the neces
sary drawings and papers are prepared by the under
signed with the utmost fidelity and despatch, and on
the most moderate terms. All other Patent business
promptly attended to
Persons wishing for information or advice relative
te Patents or Invention*. may at all timos consult the
undersigned, without thing*, either personally at his
office, or by letter. ALFRED B. UK AC 11.
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents.
Prop!ft Potent fJjPr*, 8A Nas*av *t., Nrr* York.
"If any Statu deum* tbo retail and internal traffic
in ardent spirit* injuriuiu to its citiiens, and calcu
lated to product) idleness, vioo, or debauchery, I see
nothing in the Constitution of the United State* to
prevent it froiu regulating or retraining the traffic,
or from prohibiting it altogether, if it thinki proper."
Ckwf Justice Tansy.
ON or before the Ut of January, 1854, the Kxocu
tivo Committee ol the Now York Stute Tumpcr
ranoo .Society will issuu the flint number of a Month
ly Temperanoo Journal, under the title of " Tub Pro
Ith Sizk.?It will be printed on a double medium
Bheot, making eight quarto pagus, of four ooluuina to
11 I1**?' and, excluding odvortiseuienU, each uuiubor
will contain an amount of reading matter oqual at
loimt to that turuiMbed by our largur-sisod daily jour
nals, or to that of an ordinary duodeoimo volume ol
160 pagOS. ?
It# Obj kct.?To advocate tbo Cause of Temper
ance generally, and especially the Legislative Prohibi
tion of the Traffic in Intoxicating Beverages, to pre
pare the tuinds of the massos for such Prohibition, by
showing its expediency and Necessity, and to secure,
by all the inlluenco it may legitimately exert, tho
vigorous enforcement of Prohibitory Laws wheu ob
Its Ft km>.?Dealing with general principles, with
arguments alike applicable to every community where
the traffio exists and with facts illustrative of these
arguments and principles, the paper will be Natumul
in its spirit, in its scope, in its purpose, and, we trust,
it will be 'lational in itn circulation and influence.
Such is our iiirn and expectation. Wo dosire to sou
the Principle of Piohibition established in State after
State, till it becomes the recognised policy of the Na
tion. It is our ambition to boar a part in this great
work, and to this end Tiik Prohibitionist is estab
lished, not as the organ oi a society merely, but of a
Uheat Kkkokmatokv Movkmknt.
Its Nkcksmity.?The existing Teui|>oranco Jour
nals have little, if any, circulation outside of the Tem
perance Ranks. Their prico almost necessarily re
stricts them to the friends of the cause. Thk Pko
11 ib it ion i ht is designed for circulution (instead of
trimU) among the indifferent and tho hustile. For
this purpose it is put at a prico so low as to enablo
the friends of Temperance in ovory school district, by
combined action and Rt an inconsiderable expense,
to place a copy in each family that will consent to re
ceive it.
Its Pricb.?One copy for one year - - $0 50
? Three, to one address, ono year 1 (HI
Seven do. do. - - 2 00
And for oach additional four copies, $1.00 will be
added, for any quantity less than fifty copies.
For fifty copies to one address - - $11 00
For 100 do. do. - - - 20 00
No subscription roceived for less than one year,
and in every case the order must be accompanied by
the money.
The paper will be under the general direction of
the Executive Committee, who have received ample
assurances of literary aid trom not a few of the ablest
and most eminent writers in the temjierance ranks
throughout tho Union.
The work will be stereotyped, and hack numbers
can be supplied to now subscribers at any timo during
the year.
All orders should be addressed to 0. Scovill, Pub
lishing Agent, Albany.
Communications for the paper, or in relation to tho
interests of the ennse generally, should ho directed to
Win. If. Burleigh, Corresponding Secretary.
In behalf of the New \ ork State Temperance So
ciety : KDWARD C. DKLAVAN, l'resideut.
Exteiilive Commit!ne.?Henry Mandeville, Reuben
H. Walworth. John O. Cole, I. N. Wyckoff, William
Richardson. lCdgar B. Day, Ilermon Camp, B. P.
Stoats, Oliver Scovill.
lO"" The Committee request all oditors in the Uni
ted States to give tho Above one insertion in their
columns. To all who aomply with this request, we
will send the Prohibitionist for one year, without an
exchange, unless they choose to add to our obligation
by sending their papers also, which would, of course,
be most thankfully received. Jan. 2?dtf
IS the cheapest and best Musical Paper in the
world. This Journal, which has heretofore be?n
published monthly, commences its fifth year in Jan
uary next, and thenceforward it will be published
every two weeks?on every other Thursday; thereby
giving more than twice as m?ch matter, without any
increase in price. Kach uumbor contains sixteen
quarto pagos, four of which are new music, consist
iog of glees, hymn tunes, ohauU, anthems, dedication
and holyday pieces, and, in short, every variety of
music adapted to purposes of religions worship, to
public occasions, and to the home circle; all of which
will bo of a practical character, and such as can be
sung by persons of ordinary musical attainment*. In
the editorial department.of the Review are engagod
(in addition to Mr Cady, the former editor) gontle
mon of thu highest talent and ripest musical experi
once, among whom are George F. Root, William 8.
Bradbury,, Thomas Hastings, and Lowell Maaon;
and ita circle of correspondence, home and foreign,
incomplete. Tho Roview will also be a regular me
dium for the announcement of new musical publica
tions by all the leading publishing houses in the
Union. The subscription list of this paper is now
larger than that of any similar journal in the world,
and tho now arraugoments, rendering it the cheapest
as well as (it is hoped) the most valuable musical
paper ever published, must largely increaae its ij
ready unparalleled circulation.
Terms. ? One dollar per annum, or (ix oopies for
five dollars, always in advance.
The inusic alone in a volume would oost over
five dollars in tho usual form. Beside this, tnere will
be an immense amount of musical news, essays, crit
icism, instruction, Ac., all for only one dollar' K*
ery one fueling a particle of interest in the cause of
music will surely subscribe.
Specimen nuinburs sent on receipt of two letMr
postage stain]*. Address, always post paid,
Dec. 22. 2,< Park Row. New York
TIIK ship* comprising this line are the following
The ATLANTIcTCapt. West.
The PACIFIC, Capt. Nye.
The ARCTIC, Capi. Luce.
The BALTIC. Capt Com stock.
The ADRIATIC, Capt. Orafton.
These ships have been built by contract expre?oK
for Government service; every care has been takeii
in their con truction, as also io their engines, to in
sure strength and speed ; and their accommodations
for passengers are unequalled for elegance and com
Trice of piwsage f.oin New York to Liverpool, in
first cabin, $120; in second cabin, $70. Kxnliuive
use of extra site state rooms, $:>00. From Liverpool
tw New York, ?30 and ?20.
An experienced surge. n attached to each ship.
No berths can be secured until paid for.
18M. 186*.
From Nnr Yorl. From ImmwooI.
Saturday, November 211. Wednesday. Nor. 30.
Saturday, December 10. Wednesday, Doc. 14.
Saturday. December 24. Wednesday, Dec. 28.
For freight or paasage, apply to
No. 6(1 Wall street, N. Y.
1.1 King s Arms Yard, Londoh.
2(1 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris
The owners ol these ships will not be accountable
for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, pceoiou*
stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed
therefor, and the value thereof therein tx pre seed.
Jan. 7?d
T. *. ARTHUR* HOtIK YIada/.I^K,
T\ KS over 000 largo,double-column octavo pagos
' of Choice Heading Matter in a year, also, froip
12 to lb Steel Engravings, of a high order ..f exjel
lence j besides from U>0 to 200 Fine Wood Kngrav
All for $ I 25, in cliibs of Four S uhscrtltt rt!
No periodical in the United Stated ho* boon more
generally or more warmly commended by tho Prow
than the " ll()MK MAGAZINE."
The third volume, which begin* in January, 1 H&4,
will contain ft now moral Story, hy Mr. ARTHUR. of
conaidcrable length, entitled
"The Angel of the lloiueholtl.''
Qy?Sniii for Hpfrtmru numbern. They will be
furnished free of chat;go
Tjcrm*, in AataRCI, $2 ft year.
Four oopiea, one year, $5
Twelve copio*. one year, }lft, and one to getter np
of club.
Q /~The Home Maganine and (lodey'a Lady'a Book
dent one year f?r $;U>0.
Addreaa, |?w.t paid, T. R. ARTHUR k CO.,
Jan. 19. 107 Walnut direct, I'hiladelp
PROWS A LH for making 1,000,000 of hrick.for the
Albany Manual Labor Unlwaity, will bereoeiv
ed until 20th March ne*t. Alao, propoaald for laying
up the aame, oithor In connection with t.he making, or
aa a doparate job, will he received nntil the let of
May. Propoaala dhould be addreaaed t<? the nmlor
aigred, I.ee Port Office, Athend county, Ohio.
.By order Fx. Hoard. WM. fl. LBWlfl, Ser.
Albany, JnPiiirry 29, 1854.
K Ulu*trations by engraved by Baker 4
Smith It makes * beautiful 16iuo volume of about
140 pagea, bound in cloth, thin boardi, printed in tb
ill out elegant style, on the beet P*P**
Introduction. Territory of the Barbary Btates. Tb?
Subject and Bourcea of Information.
I Origin of Slavery . Slavery inBarbaryBtaU.
IL lluttory of Whtt, Slavery tn ^"'^7,K
K Aorta against it-by Ferdinand the C?ttolk bj
Charle. V, by England, by Prance, by J|JJ
dorn by R,Mwptton; Freedom by Cutupruni ; Ff??
dom by R*at?; White American Viotima to Barb
ry ; Parallel between White and Blauk Slavery, Trf
uinphant Abolition of White Slavery.
III. Tru* Char after of While Slavery ??
Apologies for White Hlavery; Happy Cond'Uon of th.
White Blavea; Better off in Barbary than at Home,
Better off than the Free Christiana
erthelesa, Unquestionable Knormtty of W hite hlavery
in Barbary. Conclusion. Price U^IPHaSk ?
For sale by , ?'
March SI. Offioe National Bra
fTS Distinctive Feature* shown by iU Btatut*, J|?
1 dioial Deoiiione, and Illustrative Pacta. By_Wil
liam Goodell, author of the ?Democracy of Chnatian
ity " "Slavery and Anti-Slavery, Ao. Tb? work
contains 430 pages litmo, neatly bound .nclotb_ Pnc,
The foUowing is an extract of a lattar from Hot
William Jay to the author:
"Your analysis of the slave laws is very able, anO
your exhibition of th-ir practical appUcation by th.
Southern courts evinces great and oarelul research.
Your book is as impregnable against the obar^oi
exaggeration as Kiiclid's Geometry, since, like that
it consist* of propositions and demonstrations. It*
hoolc is not only true, but it is unautsttomMy true
r>\JLL Jewelled (lold hover Watches, 18 karul
jT ca*e*, only $30; Hold hunting lovors, $40 ; l ull
jewelled silver lovers, $ 14 ; Silver bunting levers, $ H;
Silver Lepines. jewelled, $?; Gold guard chains, $1-;
Gold pencils, $1.50 ; Gold pens, silver holders #1.
W a to lies or jewelry sent by mail to any part of tin?
United State* with perfect safety. AH orders roust
be accompanied with the cash. Address, post paid,
No. 202 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
rr?" These are the cheapest watches in the United
States, and warranted. Jan. 2?-^m
Important Reduction in the Rates of Postage
I EONARD SCOTT A CO., No. 64 Gold ttrM
Jul Ntnr York, continue to publish the followin,
British Periodicals, via: .
The London Quarterly Review (CoiiBervativo.
The Edinburgh Review (Whig.)
The North British Review (Free Church.)
The Westminster Review (Liberal.)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.)
These Reprints have now been in successful opart.
tion in this country for ttrinity yr-ars, and their circu
latiou is constantly on the increase, notwithstandin,
the competition they encounter from American peri
odicals of a similar class, and of numerous LrUrtu
and Magazines made up of selections from foreign [*
riodicals. This fact shows clearly the high eatimaiio.
in which they are held by the intelligent readin,
public, and affords a guarantee that they are estab
fished ou a firm basis, and will be continued withou
Although these works are distinguished by the po
litioal shades above indicated, yet but a small portioi
of their contents is devoted to political subjects Ii
is their literary character which gives them their chie
value, and in that they stand confessedly far abov.
all other journals of their class. JUackuwod, still un
der the masterly guidance of Christopher North, main,
tains its ancient colobrity, and ia at this time unusu
ally attractive, from the Berial works of Bulwer ano
other literary notablos, written for that Magaiine, am
first appearing in its columns both in Great Britaii
and in the United States. Such works as " The Ca*
tons " and " My New Novel," both by Bulwer; " Mj
Peninsular Medal," "The Green Hand," and other
serials, of which numerous rival editions are issued bj
the leading publisher* in this country, have to be re
printed by those publishers from the pages of Black
wood, after it ha* it*u*4 hy Messrs. Seutt \ < V
so that subscribers to the Reprint of that Magatim
may always rely upon having the earliest reading o<
these fascinating tales.
TERMS. Per a,.
For any one of the three Reviews ? ?
For any two - j
For any three *
For all four of the Reviews t
For Blackwood's Magasine *
For Blackwood and three Reviews ... I
For Blackwood and the four Reviews - - 1(
For Farmer's Guide, complete, 22 numbers ? I
Cluhhinm.? A disoount of 26 percent, from tb.
above prices will be allowed to clubs ordering fuw
or more copies of any one or more of the above work*
Thus: four copies of Blackwood or one Review wil
be sent to one address for $V. four copies of the fun
Reviews and Blackwood for $30, and so on.
To any part of the United States on Blackwood, 2
cents per annum ; on either of the Reviews, 14 cent*
Remittance* and communications should be alway
addrcssod. poftt paid, to the publishers,
LEONARD SCOTT A CO., 70 Fulton st., N. Y..
Entrance, 64 Gold street.
N. B. L. 8. A Co. have recently published, and hav?
now for sale, the Farmer'* tiunlr. by Honry Stephen!
of Edinburgh, and Professor Norton, of Yale College
New Haven, complete in two volumes, royal octavo
containing I,AM pages. 14 steel and ?00 wood engra
vings. Price, in muslin binding. $? ; in paper coven
for the mail. $6. 8ep. 2?.
Tenth Volume enlarged, In <|uurl? ferui. The large*)
HnplUl newspaper In the werld. Price. in advance,
by Mall,SU; kr carriers, W.M, l.nltier P. Hee, h
er A ('?? Proprietors, IM lOsimu street, New 1 ork
IN the determination to make their journal a com
plute repository of general and denominational
j religious intelligence, and of the news of Uie day. a* j
well a* the earnest advocate of sound Chri*tian doc j
trine and social progress, the proprietors will summon
for these ends every available laciiity. whether edi
torial, or in the way of contributors and correspond
ents. They have engaged able writers at home, and
their correspondence irom England and Continental
Europe, from Asia and evorv part of America, they
believe to be unsurpassed By furnishing a t?a|?er of
the highest grade, Irom this great commercial centre
they hope to increase the |>atronagc with which they
are already favored from every suction of the United
States and the neighboring British Provinces
The tenth volume commenced March 2V. Sub
scriptions are solicited, and the present is suggested
as toe best time for forwarding names, with payment^
accompanying L. F. BEECHER.
April 14?4tdw 8. 8. CUTTING.
(IAN now buy, for $ I, in n nice volume, all the
J following Art*. Reeeipta, and Dincoveriea, vl?;
I'ow'i 7ft, Weston's 5ft, Bowman'* S3. Cook'*, Unit'*,
llishop's, Shipinan's. and 30 others, which I hate
(tone to the expense of purchasing and printing, for
the benefit of thosu wiehing em, loymcnt. Ono ol
theee receipts alone cost me $10, and others have
been advertised as yielding $ft and $12 per d*y, ant)
from 500 to 1,00(1 per pent Address, post paid,
Martih 18?4tw Crawfordaville, Indiana.
S'TOCK and Kxchnnge Broker .'{K Wall *treet, New
) York, a member ol the New York Stork K*
change Hoard, will pureh*** and Ml on eomini*?ion
(of a quarter of one per cent) Oo\ eminent and State
Stacks, Railroad and Bank Stock*. Railroad Bond*,
and all other seenritie* usually *old at the Board.
Order* from abroad solicited
References?I). Rbbetts, Cashier Union Bank ; W
T. Hooker, Ca*hier Continental Bank; Arthur T?p
pan, Esq., New York. Jan 10.
$.50 to SIM) per Month
C1AN be easily innde in selling the Pmm/ar Hooir
J published by Miller. Orion, * Mulligan, succe*.
*or* to Derby A Miller, Auburn, and Derby, Orton, A
Mulligan, Buffalo.
At no previous time ha* the demand for wood Books
been so active a* at pre*ent 'I he great misses of |) e
Pe?f?ie, who want and will have them, nre not within
the reacb of the Local Bookaiores, and it has become
a well ascertained fact, ihat of tbe Publications ot
merit and real ntility, from time to time i**ning front
the American Press, a large proportion mu*t be *old
by Hook Agmt*, Coijxrrtrnr.*, and Ca?vt*??r?, or not
at all.
To *>H who arc detirou* to aidi n the dissemination
of a Pure and Whole*ome Literature, and nono other,
we offor grent. inducements to engage in the *ale ol
our Popular Books for the People. We publish
Oitotl Hitnlt, w// printrd, and rtrongfp hnitnd, and
which sell readily wherever offered.
Catalogues of onr Publication*, containing full par
tirulars, furnished on application (post paid) to
Mf LLRR, oftVoN. A Mitt.MOAN,
Publishers of Popular Books,
April 1?4t Auburn and Buffalo, New York.
A Monthly Journal for Girls au i Boys
A PAPER, under the a bov e title, will be published
M?t Philadelphia on the first day of October nest.
In ni*e aud general character, lhi* publication will
resemble 14 rs. Margaret L. Bailey'a lately discon tin ued
FrUmd uf Youth, the place of which it in designed to
Terms,?Fifty oenu a year, for tingle copied; or
ten copies for four dollar*. Payment invariably in
All subscriptions aud communications to bo ad
drented to L K. LIPPINCOTT, Philadelphia.
20,000 ordered in Advance of Publication.
Will be ready Monday* Dec Atli.
Little perns for fanny's little
FRIKND8. By the author of " Fern Leaves."
One elegant lflmo; 300 pa go*; nix Illustrations.
Prioe 75 oentt. The name, gilt edge, $1.
Copies sent by mail, post paid, on reooipt of prioe.
Published by
For sale by all Booksellers throughout tho United
States and Ctanada*. Doe- f?ft _
Weekly Agricultural Paper of the Country.
Periodical oi sixteen large <|uurto pages, making
an anuual volume of 832 pages of nearly double tho
site of tboso in the first ton volumot^f tho Agricul
It is beautifully printed with type cant expressly
for it, and on tho best of clour white paper, with wide
margin, so that the nutubers can bo easily stitched
or bound together.
A copious'Index is weekly added, which will be
fully amplified at the end of the year, for tho bound
Comprehensive in its Character,
Each volume will eontain all matter worth record
ing, which transpires either at home or abroad, and
which can serve to instruct or intorext. the Farmer,
the Planter, the Fruit-Grower, tho Gardener, and
the Stock-Breeder; thus makiug it tno most com
plete and u bo Ail Agricultural Publication of the day.
Correct and valuable Market Reports.
The Markets will be carefully reported, giving tho
actual transactions which tako place from week to
wook, in Grain, Provisions, Cattle, Ac.; thus keep
ing our readers constantly and reliably advised as to
their interests. During tho post year, the knowledge
obtained from these Market Reports alone has saved
our readers thousands of dollars, by informing thorn
of the best time to tell or purchase.
Such a Paper is demanded by the Farming
The publishers confidently believe that the agri
culturists of this country are becoming too much
awake to tho demands of their own calling to be
longer satisfiod with the slow monthly issues of a pa
per professedly dovoted to their interests, or to trust
alone to the irresponsible extracts in a "farmer's
column," so popular just now in papers chiefly devo
ted to business, politics, or literature; and they look
lor the united support of aJl the iutoiligent farmers
of thii country in their continued effort to furnish a
weekly paper of a high and reliable character, which
thall be progressive, and at the tame time cautious
and contervative in all its teaching*.
Essentially an Agricultural Paper.
The Agruidluritt will not depart from its legiti
mate sphere to oatch popular favor by lumbering up
its pages, with the silly, fictitious literature, and
light, mitceilaneout matter of the day; it hat a high
er aim; and a small part only of its space will be
devoted to matters not immediately pertaining to tho
great, business of Agriculture. The household 41
well as the outdoor work of the farm will receive a
due share of attention. The humbugs and nottruma
afloat in the community will be t.riod by reliable sci
entific rules, aud their worthletumess exposed. It it
the aim of the publishers to keep this paper under
the guidance of thote who will make it a standard
work, which shall eommnnicate to its readers only
that which is safe and roliable.
An Independent Journal.
. The Amtriran A grindt urisl stands upon its own
merits; and the truthfulness, teal, aud ability,
which it brings to the support of the interests of the
former. It is untrainineled by any collateral busi
ness connections whatever; nor is it the organ of any
clique, or the pufiing machine of any man or thing.
Thoroughly independent in all poinis, its ample pa
ges are studiously given alene to tho support and im
provement of the great agricultural class.
Editorial Department.
The Agriculturist it under the editorial
supervision of Mr. 'A. B. Allen, its principal editor
for the past ten years, and Mr. Orango Judd, A. M.,
a thoroughly practical farmer and agricultural
They will be aatisted hy Prof. Nash, who bat been
for a long time one of the most suocoasful farmers of
New Knglaml, and it now Agricultural Professor of
Amherst College; Rev. Wm. Clift, widely known as a
pleasing and instructive writer on gardening and
other departments of practical agriculture, and, in
addition to these, a number of other eminent agri
cultural writers.
All the editors arc men practically experienced in
their profession, each of whoiu can handle the Plow
a# well as the Pen.
The Cheapest Paper in the country, of its char
The American Agriculturist is supplied to regular
subscribers at acost of less than four cents a number,
of sixteen large pages; and to large clubs for less
than two and a half cents. Kach number will contain
suggestions for the treatment of soils, manues, crops,
stock, Ac , which will often be worth tg the reader
more than the cost of the paper for a yew.
Specimen Copies.
Specimen copict will be forwarded, gratis, to any
one tending their name and post office eddrcM tt> the
TittMft, Ac.?The paper will be promptly isailed on
Wednesday of each week, and mailed to subscribers
on the following liberal terms:
To tingle subscribers, at $2 a year?$3.
To clubs of three subscribers, at $1.67 a year?$5.
To olubs of five subscribers, at fl .ftO a yen#?fS.
To clubs often tuhacribera, at $1 50 a yfar- $15.
To clubt of twenty subscriber!, at $1.25 a vear?
The money always to accompany the names for
which the paper it ordered.
The Postmaster or other person tending a club of
ten will be entitled to one extra eopy gratit.
The Postmaster or other person sending a club of
twenty or more, will be nrewnted with an extra copy,
and also a copy of the National Magaiine, Scientific
American, Weekly Tribune, or Weekly Timet,or any
other paper or periodical in thii city, notcottingover
two dollars per annum.
Subscriptions may be forwarded hy mail, at the
risk sf the publishers, if enclosed and mailed in tho
presence of the I'uetmaster.
11^" Communications for. the paper shoald be ad
dressed to the editors; subscriptions, advertisements,
and all matters relating to the business department,
should be addressed to the publishers,
ALLEN A 00.,
Dec. 22 18V Water street. New Y< rk
ILL be Hold at private Mile, that well knowe
vv Farm lying on Seventh street Plank Uoad, in
Montgomery county, Maryland, about rmht mile*
from Washington city, containing 372J acre*, more
or less; about 100 In uiemlow, MM) in wood, and tlio
balance (172|) in cleared field*. - The Farm ran ho
divided into several, Riving a fair proportion of wood
and inoadow land to each. The whole Farm i* well
watered, several never-failing *tr?am* panning
through it. The fencing ia good, and there in a
large quantity of chestnut timber in the woods, snit
ahle tor a further division of the field*.
In point of health, beauty, and location, it in not
surpassed by any farm in the State of Maryland It
ban always boon remarkable for it* heaiity. The
dwulling contain* eight room*, kitchen, pen try, Ac.,
garret, cellar*, Ac., all surrounded by a neat paling,
with a pump of good water in the yard ; barn, sta
ble, and other out house*; good spring-house, with
a never-failing spring of delightfully cool wate# at
Servants' quarter* for a* many bands as would
ever be necessary on the Farm.
A good apple orchard, and some excellent peach
e*. pears, cherries. Ac.
The road being now of the very bcrft character,
produce from the Fann and manures from the Olty
can be hauled at any and all seasons of the year.
This property will be sold twrntf-fivr per rrnt.
cheaper than any other property on tho road be
tween it and the city. With' an ordinary hor*e, it ia
not more than an hour's drive to the citT
Any communications addressed to Oil ARI.Kg V.
flORLXJN, Washington, D. 0., will receive atten
tion. Dee. It? (Meow
tARI> OIL of the finest quality, in good shipping
order. Star and Adamantinr Candlex t'vu
weight, Ifl ounces to the pound These candlex ?re
excellent for all climates, especially California, Br%
?U, the Rast end West Indie*, and Africa Orde. * fog
??y quantity executed promptly.
THOMAS KMKRY, Lard Oil and SUr
March 14. Caadle Manufacturer. Cincinnati, 0

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