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/OWLEHS k WELLS publish the following Pe
riodioals. They have an aggregate circulation of
about On* Hundred Thousand Copies.
These Popular and Professional Serial* afl'ord an
excsllent opportunity for bringing before the Public
with Pictorial Illustration* all subject* of interest,
Physiological, Kdncational, Agricultural, JVleohani
oal, and Commercial.
OP REFORMS. Devoted to Hydropathy, iU Phi
losophy and Praotice, to Physiology and Anatomy,
with illustrative engraviuga, to Dietetics, Exercise,
Clothing, Occupations, Amusements, and those Lawn
which govern Life and Health. Published monthly,
u convenient form for binding, at One Dollar a Year
n advanoe.
"Every man, woman, and child, who loves health ;
who desires happiuess, its direct result; who wants
to * lire while he does live,' ' live till he dies,' and re
ally live, instead of being a mere walking oorpse.
should become at onoe a reader of this Journal, and
practice its precepts.'*?Fountain Jour nut.
NAL. A Repository of Soience, Literature, and
General Intelligence; Devoted to Phrenology, Phys
iology, Education,\lagpetism, Psychology, Mechan
ism, Agriculture, Horticulture, Architecture, the
Arts and Sciences, and to all those Progressive Meas
ures which are calculated to Reform, Elevate, and
Improve Mankind. Illustrated with numerous )Htr
t raits and other engravings. A beautiful Quarto,
suitable for binding. Published Monthly, at One
Dollar a Year in advanoe.
" A Journal containing such a mass of interesting
matter, devoted to the highest happiness and inter
ests of man, written in the clear aud lively style of
its practiced editors, and afforded at (ho ' ridiculously
low price ' of one dollar a year, must succeed in run
ning up to its present large circulation (60,000 copies ')
to a much higher figure."?New Yorl Trihunr.
TERLY REVIEW. A now Professional Magaiinc,
devoted to Medical Reform, embracing articles by tbe
bent writers, on Anatomy. Physiology, Pathology,
Surgery, Therapeutics, Midwifery, etc., Reports o.
Remarkable Cases in Ueneral Practice, Criticisms on
he Theory and Practice of the various Opposing Sys
tems of Medical Science, Reviews of New Publica
tions of all Schools of Medicine, Reports of the Prog
ress of Health Reform in all its Aspects, eto., etc., with
appropriate illustrations. Each number contains
from ItfO to 200 octavo pages, at Two Dollar* a Year.
" In addition to the widely circulated monthly jour
nals issued by Fowlers A Wells, we have the New
Hydropathic Quarterly Review, edited by the most
distinguished members of that school. It is tilled with
articles of pormunont valuo, which ought to be read
by every American."?Nr.w Yt/rL Tribune.
Communications, New Hooks lor notice or review,
Advertisements, aud Subscriptions, should be address
ed to the Publishers, FOWLERS A WELLS,
Clinton Hall, No. 1H1 Nassau St., New York.
Jan. 2?Sw2d
Published by Ticknor, Reed, jr Fields, Boston.
> EATER. 1vol. lftino. 76 oents.
'ontrnti.?Tbo Confessions. Suspiria de Profun
II. BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS 1 vol. l?iuo. 76
Contents. ? Shakspeare. Pope. Lamb. Goethe.
76 cents.
Contents. -On the Knocking at the Gate in Mac
beth. Murder, Considered as one of the Fine Arts.
Second Paper on Murder. Joan of Arc. The Eng
liah Mail Coach. The Vision of Sudden Death. Din
ner, Real and Reputed. Orthographic Mutineer*.
IV. THE CiSSARS. 1 vol. I0mo. 76 oents.
vols, lftmo. 91.60.
Contentt.?Literary Novitiate. Sir Humphry Da
vy. William Godwin. Mrs. Grant. Reoollectiou*
of Charles Lamb. Walladmor. Coleridge Words
worth. Sou they. Recollections of Grasmere. The
Saracen's Head. Society of the Lakes. Charles
Lloyd. Walking Stewart Edward irving. Ttfl
fourd. The London Magasine. Junius. Clare. Cun
ningham. Attack Of a London Journal. Duelling.
NEOUS PAPERS. 2 vols. lfimo. $1 60.
Content*.?The Household Wreck. The Spanish
N*n. Flight of a Tartar Tribe. System of the
Heavens as Revealed by the Telescope. Modern
Superstition Coleridge and Opium-Eating. Tern
peranee Movement. On War. The Last Lays of Im
manuel Kant.
ENGLISH WRITERS. 1 vol. lfimo. 76 oents.
Contenti. ? The Poetry of Wordsworth. Parcy
Bysshe Shelley. John Keats. Oliver Goldsmith.
Alexander Pope. William Godwin. John Foster
William Haslitt. Walter Savage Landor.
BAYS. 2 vols lftmo $1.60.
Content. ? Philosophy of Roman History. The
Essener Philosophy of Herodotus Plato's Repuh.
He. Homer and the Homer ids. Cicero. Stvle.
Rhetoric. Secret Societies.
lAmo. 76 cents.
Contents ? The Affliction of Childhood. Dream
aEehoes on these Infant Experiences Dream Echoes
Years Later Introduction to tbe World of
. Infant Literature. The Female Infidel. I
?m Introduced to the Warfare of a Public School. I
?"te'the World The Nation of London. Dublin.
First Rebellion in Ireland. French Invasion of Ire
'??"Lend Second Rebellion. Travelling My Broth
*T. Prematura Manhood. (Thin volume t&kea tbe
place in this Series of " Life and Manners." It is a
reproduction of that volume, with additional matter
and is printed from Mr De Qnincey s own revision. \
Entirely new Volumes, nearly ready;
XIII and XIV. ESSAYS on Philoeophieal Wri
ters and other Men of Letters. 2 vols. Iftmo. $1.60.
Contents.? Hamilton. Mackintosh. Kant. Rich
tar. Lessing Herder. Bontluy. Parr.
Papers. J vol !Amo. 76 cents.
Contents. ? letters. Greek Tragedy. Conversa
??!L French and Knglish Manners.
CaUtonia nod lite Gold Mania. Presence of Mind.
Jan 6
The Eclectic Mugixin? af Foreign bite rutin e,
IN literary inorlt ?n<l sterling worth, is without
question (he best M*g??ine published. It is such,
bwMM it comprises, in mod*rat* rnm|?w and con
venient form, tbi> excellences ?the choicest articles?
t be wmb, so to Dpmk, of all I he leading Foreign
i^aarterlies and Magasines, and the production* of
their moat gifted win In this rt?pai>t, the Rclectio
has a dprided advantage over all other Mamcinns.
Omitting articles of iwre local interest and minor
importance to the Amwwan reader, ita pages offer to
its patron* m large amount of literary wealth, of |>er
mnnent value, at a small price.
The Rrtactic ia published in monthly number* af
144 pages each, waking three large volumaa a year,
and hearly I,Mt?? page*, richly embellished with IS
splendid portrait* of distinguished persons or histori
cal nkjrrH The price i* $6 a rear. The January
number begin* a new volnine. Now ia a good time
to *nb?eribe, Orders for the work are solicited. It
wiQ be sent promptly by mail to all who order it
Address W. H BI0W1LL,
No. 12? iNawn street. New York.
03T" SeU of the work, in 9 volume*, for the laat
throe J earn, neatly bound, lettered, and numbered,
may bo bad at the office of publication, and sent to
aay part of the country. Jan. 7.
|7H)R Boat on, Woreerter, Lowell, Fitohburg. Nashua,
r Concord, Bellows Falls, Ac, vui Norwich and
Worcester, Worcester ami Nashua, Boston and Wor
0?It, Now London and-Willimaotic, and Palmer
Pssanngi rr by thia line leave pier No. 18, North
River, foot of Coartlandt street, every day at4 o clock,
P. M., (Snadays excepted )
Steamer CONNRCTICUT, Capt. J W Williams,
trill leave New York every Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday. <
Steamer WORCRSTKR, Captain Williaift Wilcox.
will leave New York every Monday, Wednesday, aod
Passenger* by this line arrive is time to aavo the
riy trams oat of Boeton. ?
Am umn freight train leave* Aliya'i Point for
irttia hanmediately on the arrival of the steamboats.
Paeeemrera taken at the lowest rates for New Lon
dea,Norwich, Willimantic, Stafford. Muneon, Palmer,
TTi l irnliir. Boston, Fitehburg. Lowell. Lawrence,
Nashua, Concord, Bellows Falls, and other places in
Northern New Hampeblre and Vermont. Freight
taken a* the In wast rates
For ftartber information, Inquire af I. S. MARTIN,
et the ottoe, oa pier 18, NortA River foot of Court
iaedt street No freight received after o'clock,
|| Jaa II?Iw
HOK DEALER, and Fashionable Boot Maker,
1 Peum.ylvania Avenue, betwoon Browns' Hotel
And Seventh streot, Washington. Jan 8?3m
~ J. K. ASPEK,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Warren. Trumbull oo , O.
Office No. 6| Market street. Jan. 7~ d
have now ready for delivery
View of Southern Laws, Life, and Hospitality.
Written in Charleston, 8. 0., by F. 0. Adams.
THE above work forms a beautiful 12mo volume oi
over 30V pages, am all pioa. Price?in paper, oO
oenta; muslin, 76 oenta. The usual diaoount to th?
Trade. Order* solicited. Copies sent by mail, pre
paid, any distance under 3,000 mile*, for 61 cents.
The above work la a delineation of the scene* ana
inoidenta connected with the imprisonment, in 1862
of Manuel Pereira, steward of the British brig Jan
son, in the jail of Charleston, S. 0.
The following notice of this work is eopied from the
Niuioual Era of February 17:
"The above is the title of a work now in press
founded upon that infamous statute of South Carolina,
by which her citixens claim a right to imprison colored
mavun, of all nations, and even those out upon their
shores in distress. We have perused the book in ad
vanoe of its publication, and find that it gives a life
like picture of Pereira, the vessel in which he sailed,
the storms she encountered, and her wrecked condition
when brought into the port of Charleston, R. C.; to
gether with the imprisonment of Pereira, several sea
men belonging to the New England States, and two
French seamen; the prison regimen, character of the
Charleston police, and the mendacity of oertain offi
cials, who make the law a medium of )>eoulation. The
work is replete with incidents of Southern life and
character, pointing Southerners to the things that oall
for correction at their own hands, with a force that
cannot be mistaken. The work is written by one who
ha? taken a prominent part in the affairs of the South,
u.ud cannot fail to interest alike the general reader,
commercial man, and philanthropist."
The above work can be obtained, at wholesale
prices, from
Johh P. Jkvvkt r A Co., Boston, Mass.,
Skrvujs J. Baths, 48 Beekman St., New York,
Willis P. Hazard, Philadelphia,
And from the publishers,
And Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste.
TI1E HORTICULTURIST is a Monthly Journal,
devoted to Hotticultnre and its kindred arts, Ru
ral Architecture and Landscape Gardening. It lis ed
ited by P. Barky, late Horticultural editor of the
(lenesee Farmer, and author of that popular work,
" The Fruit Garden." To those who cultivate Fruit
or Flowers, this work is indispensable, as it oontains
full directions for cultivation, as well as everything
new on the snbject, either in this country or in Eu
THE HORTICULTURIST is beautifully printed,
on the best paper, with costly illustrations on wood
and stone. It contains 48 pages, without advertise
ments, and each number has a full page engraving on
stone, of some rare fruit or flower, drawn from nature,
by the best living artist in this line.
Terms.? Two dollars per annum, in advance. A
discount of 25 per cent, allowed to agents. Postmas
ters and others are invited to act as agents, to whom
specimon numbers will be seut. free of postage, on ap
plication to JAMES VICK, Jr.,
Feb. 4. Publisher, Rochester, New York.
P. S. A new voluiuo commonced on the first of |
BEAUTIFULLY illustrated with original designs.
By Jacob Abbott.
" Radio on the Atlantic " is the first book of a se
ries to be published under the general title of Rollo's
Tour in Europe.
Extract from the Preface:
" The books aro intended to be books of instruc
tion, rather than of mere amusement; and, in peru
sing them, the reader may feel assured that all the in
formation which they contain, not only in respect to
the countries visited, and to the customs, usages, and
modes of life that are described, but also in regard to
the general character of the incidents and adventures
that the young travellers meet with, is in most strict
accordance with fact The main design of the narra
tive is thus the communication of useAil knowledge;
and everything which they contain, except what is
strictly personal, in relation to the actors in the story,
may be depended upon as exactly and scrupulously
true." Published by
Jan. 5 24 CornhiU, Boston.
CS. FOWLER A CO. (store in Odd Fellows' Hall,
He 7th street) hare just completed opening a large
assortment of CHINA, QUEEN SW ARK and GLASS,
making their stock at this time equafto any in the
country ; consisting in part as follows, vif:
Decorated sold band and plain white French China
Dinner, Desert, Tea, and Breakfast Sets, and de
tached pieces, such as Frait Baskets, Compotiers,
Casseroles, ornaments for dining tables, and Punch
India China, in dinner and tea sets, and detached
Iron Stone China, decorated, flowing blue, and white
dinner, tea, breakfast, and toilet sets, and detach
ed pieces, in every pattern and shape.
Also, in great variety
Dresden, Terra cotta, Parian, and French China;
V ases. Card Receivers, J ewel Stands;
Candlesticks, Motto Cops and Saucers;
Mags, Pitchers, Ac,
GLASSWARE, rich cut and engraved
Crystal straw, stem, and Pressed Goblets ,
Champagnes. Wines, Cordials, and Tumblers,
Finger Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Holders;
Toilet Bottles, Cologne .Bottles, Globes;
Lamps, rich and ulain Decanters ;
Cut and pressed Bowls, and silverod Bowls;
Solar, Elherial, Hall, and Side Lamps;
Candelabras, Girandoles,rich and plain Castors;
Britannia Coffee Urns, Tea Seta, covered and un
covered ;
Pitchers, Punch and Molasses Pitchers;
Fine Cutlery and Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac , of the
most approved and latest patterns;
Also, Block Tin Coffee Urns, Biggins, Teapots
Plate Warmers, Egg Boilers, Ac.
With an endleass variety ol'ga>ods not named, which
we respectfully invite strangers and citizens to call
and examine before parchasing elsewhere.
Storekeepers and country merchants will find it to
their advantaga* to buy of as, ss ear facilities are
oqual to any a?ther importing house in the United
States, and we aro determined to sell as low.
N. B. Goods carefully put up for the caiuntry by
an experienced packer, and delivereal free of charge
in any part of the city. Jan. 2? dtf
GRAY A BALLANTYNK. Seventh street, two
doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, have the only
Ilepatsitory in this city of the publications of the
American Bible Society;
M etbodist Book Concorn ;
Robert Carter k Brothers,
Presbyterian Board.
' American Tract Society;
Evangelical K nowleaige Society;
American Sunday School Union;
New England and Massachusetts Sabbath School So
cieties; and all the princi|>al Religious Publishers.
It is therefor# Apparent that their stock of Stand
ard Theological Works and general Religious Litera
ture tnnst be unequalled.
? They always keep an extensive assortment of all
ths Hymns used in the different ehurches, family and
pocket Bibles and Prayer Books, in plain ^nd svperb
Attractive and choice Javeniles, embracing nearly
ail of the most nseful and entertaining Books for tho
young, published.
School Books, of all the kinals used In the eity and
country schools, at New York priees.
Blank Books, Staple and Fancy Stationery.
Pocket Knives, Portmonnaies, Portfolios. Writing
Desks. Ac. Jan. 2?d
Ry Ike Author of the " Wide. Wide World?
CARLKRINKF.N his Christmas Stockings Beau
tifully illustrated. Price, 75 cents; gilt, $1.26.
The Bow in the Cloud ; or. Covenant Mercy for the
Afflicted. Numerous engravings. Price, #3.50
(Had Tidings; or, The Oospel of Peace. Price, <13 cts.
Popular Logends of Brittany. Illustrated Priee, 75
Spirit,oal Progress; or. Instructions In the Divine
Life of the Aral, From the French of Frfn^lon and
Madame Goyon. Priee, 76 cents.
The Old and the New; or, The Changes of Thirty
Years in the East.. By Wm. Goodell. Priee, $1.25
014 Sights with New Ryes. Priee, $1.
Conversion: Its Theory and Preessw. By Rev. T
Spencer. Price, $1,315.
Autobiography of Rev J. B Finley; or, Pioneer Life
in the West Priee, $L
Christ in History; or. The Central Power among
Men. By Robert Tnrnhnll, D. D. Price, $1.26.
Jan 4 d2 2 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall
Uncle True and Little Gtrty /
Thirty Thousand Published in Five Week$'
GENUINE American Romance, and a Book
j. m. which will live and be read after the thousand
and oue traehy productions of the day shall pass into
Rarely has a work appeared in America which has
received such univerxal and hearty commendations
from the Newspaper l'ress. We subjoin a few brief
The authoress of the Lamplighter has aimed to
Jrotluce an agreeable and impressive work of fiction,
t is high praise to say that she has succeeded in the
attempt.?JV. Y. Tribune.
We have no hesitation in pronouncing the Lamp
lighter one of the most original, interesting, graphic,
aud affecting tales, that has lately appeared.?Boston
No one can study its instructive aud fascinating
pages without being made bettor by its kindly influ
ences.? Huston Alius.
The Lamplighter wouldedo credit to any writer.?
Daily Advertiser, Host on
One of the most affecting and interesting tales ever
issued from the American press.?Daily Tribune,
For delicate and forcible delineation of character,
this work is hardly excelled.?Journal, Host on.
This book develops a variety of characters?some
of thein as deeply affecting as the best sketches of
Dickens.? 'Transcript, Host on. I
It is a book which is destinrd to become a great
favorite with the reading public.?Daily llerahl,
It cuunot fail to suit the most fastidious taste.?
Olive Branch, lloiton.
Ilere is a book destined to have a sale unequalled
by any other, unless we except Uncle Tom.?Mass.
Life Hunt.
Tho nged and the young will rise from its perusal
with an increased love for tho kindlier feelings of our
nature.?1 hit ahum Journal.
The Lamplighter is a book which is destined to
great popularity.? Daily Hrr, Huston.
An intensely interesting work, and, as a piece of
composition, admirable.? Clasp's livening Gazette,
A book rich in thought, beauty, pathos, and ten
derness.?Albany Spectator.
It is a great book, the work of an original mind of
extraordinary power.? Internal loiuil Journal.
Five hundred pages of just such reading as enchains
the interest, the curiosity, yea, tho whole soul, unlil
the last line of the last page is finished.?South Bos
ton Gazette.
This is a work of surpassing interest.?Alb. Argus.
The Lamplighter doserves all the praise it has re
ceived.?Com inonwealth, Boston.
It is infinitely superior to any American novel that
we have ever read.? Wuverley Magazine.
There is no question but that the Lamplighter will
rank among the first ?f American fictions.? Worces
ter Palladium.
An intensely interesting book, from title to finis.?
Portland Inquirer.
The Lamplighter is a delightful story?original
breathing a true and pure spirit.?N. Y. Sun.
It is unequalled in thrilling interest by any book
yet published.?Springfield Post,
Portions of this book are worthy the genius of
Dickens.?Hampden Gazette.
It possesses the rare merit of interesting alike the
young and the old.?-Bangor Whig.
It is a great book.?Sunday Dispatch.
A work of extraordinary power and interest.?N.
E. Farmer.
It is a most enohanting work.?Christian Secre
tary, Hartford.
Without exception, one of the most deeply interest
ing tales we ever perused.? Lawrence Sentinel
A work which has every element of popularity.?
N. Y. Evangelist.
The Lamplighter is a thrilling and most interesting
story.? Lutheran Observer, Baltimore.
We have rarely read a work with more real pleaa
ure than the Lamplighter ?State Rejiorter, Concord
A book which is destined to be popular, because it
comes from the heart and speaks to the heart ?
Country Gentleman.
Some of the best sketches in this book almost rival
the masterpiece* of Diokens.? Yankee Blade.
In the execution of her work, Miss Cummings has
displayed great judgment, an almost intuitive insight
into human nature, a careful observation of life, a fine
literary taste, a sound and sensible mind, a lovely
disposition, a genial heart.?Bunker Hill Aurora.
Published by JOHN P. JKWBTT. A 00 , Boston ;1
land, Ohio. April 7?Swif
SLOAN A IRVINE, Attorneys at Law, No. 284
Main stfeet, Cincinnati, Ohio.
References: Dr. George Fries, Alexander II. Me
Guffey, A. McKeniie, Graham A McCoy, Cineinnati,
Ohio ; Smith A Sinclair, Smith, Bageley, A Co., Pitts
burgh s N D, Morgan, Auditor of State of Ohio ; Geo.
N. McCook, Attorney General of Ohio, Columbng, J.
G. Hussey, President Forest City Bank, Hussey A
Sinclair. Mason A Estep, Cleveland. Dec. 1. ^
cing 0 octavo and 4 duodecimo volumes, full of
excellent reading matter for the family, elegantly
illustrated with engravings, and tastefully bound, is
now offered to agents and |>eddlers, at a greatly re
duced price. Those who wish to engage in the sale
of this popular work, and who have some $20 or $30
at command, cannot fall to make the business profit
able. Call and see, or address the publisher by letter.
Sample copies of each style will be sent by mail,
free of postage, on the receipt of one dollar
April I?4t 118 Nassau street. New York.
IN PRESS, and will speedily be published, in one
elegant ISmo volume, the Popular Series of Let
ters from Paris, contributed to the National Era,
under the title of " BELL SMITH ABROAD," pro
fusely illustrated, from designs by French artists
Price $1. Orders should be sent to
J.C. DEHBY, Publisher.
April IS ?ldw 8 Park Plaee, New York.
Kuuia and tbe Eaitern Queilion.
WITH an introduction by an American Citisenl
A timely work. Price 26 cents. Published l,?
Hfl Nassau street, New York.
nKSIGNS. Ac.?Persons wishing to obtain United
States Letters Patent for Designs, are respectful-1
ly informed that all the neoessary drawings and pa
pers are executed by the ondcrsigned, at tbe PEO
PLE'S PATENT OFFTCK, 8? Nassau street, New
York, with despatch, on very moderate terms.
Under tho laws of the I'uited States. Patents are
granted for ornamental works and decorations of ev
ery kind, such as the orramnntal designs upon stoves,
walls, ceilings, wood and motal carvings, busts, stat
ue*, compositions of all kinds in alto and basso re
lievo, new forms ofjewelry, watch caaes, new designs
for stamping on woollen, silk, cotton, or other fabric,
or for any new im|>ressioa, labol, or ornament, to be
placed on any article of manufacture, or any new and
original shape or form of any article of manufacture
Such Patents secure to the Patentee the exclusive
right to make and vend the same for a period of sever
years, the Government fee being $16, gold.
The law for Designs reqnires the same process in
soliciting, as for a mechanical invention, vis: a model
or specimen of the article, duplicate drawings, spoci
ficatiens, claims, Ac. All the papers and drawings
are executed br the undersigned For further in
formation, which can be bad free of charge, apply to,
or address. ALFRED E. BEACII, mi
Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents
48 Beekman street. New York.
" Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, onto
all the inhabitants thereef^-Lxv. ixv, 10.
WILLIAM GOODRLL, 48 Beekman street. New
Q York, proposes to publish a paper of the above
title, a specimen number of wbieb is already Issued,
on large medium paper, quarto form.
Slavery ia criminal?Illegal?A violation of tbe
Constitution?Tbe States have no constitutional right
to maintain it?The American Government and pen
pie are bonnd to suppress it?All the Slavery in the
nation is not muni Slavery, nnd the nation is reepon
sible for it?No more Compromises with Slavery, nor
recognition of past Compromises ? No more slave*
hunting among freemen ? Ne recognition of slave
property?No voting for candidates acceptable to
Tubus.?For twelve numbers, (whether monthly or
aeml monthly, as may be determined.) single <>tiy,
60 cent*; five copies, taone person, $2; eight copies,
do , $31 thirty copies, do., $10 All payments in ad
vanee. Poet Office stamps received and given in ma
king change.
Should the paper, unexpectedly, fail of support,
money* Advanced will be refunded in books written
by Wm. Ooodell, vt*: Democracy of Christianity, *
vols, $1 60; History of Slavery and Anti Hlavery, $1;
American Slave Code, 75 cent*; Premium Tract on
Slavery and Missions, $8 per hundred, or, in other
Books and Tracte of the Anti Slavery Depoeitnry, 4A
Beekman street, New York April 8
I 1IKREBY constitute Mr. Simon Willard, No. 9
Congress street, Boston, sole agent for the sale of
my Watches In the United Hute. of AnwriM;
April 1ft, 1868 CHARLES PK0D811AM.
Theunderaigned, having been annotated sole Agent
in the UnltedBtatesfor thesaleofCharlesFrodahaiu a
Improved Timekeepers, would respectfully call public
attention to his extensive and valuable stock of Com
pensated Chronometer Watohea, made by Charles
Frodsham and styled his " New Series. In the
Watches of ihe new series, Mr. Frodsham has sue
ceded?by a more perfect method of compensation,
a more correct adjustment in isoohronisin, and an en
tirely new and peculiar construction of the train, by
whioh more power is obtained without increase ot
die?in producing tiiuekeepers of wunderful and un
rivalled accuracy The great importance of the im
proved Watches is a perfect regularity of time, under
every variety of climate, motion, and position. So
perfect are the adjustment*, that the most violent ex
ercise?such as horseback riding, jumping, Ac ?pro
duces on them no sensible effect. They are therefore
peculiarly adapted to railroad purposes.
The scientific French critic, Mons. Borsendorf, u
his review of the Great London Exhibition of 1861,
styles the contribution of Mr Charles Frodsbaiu as
"bearing the stamp of peculiar merit, and a* being
the flower of the English school."
The British Government have awarded Mepsrs.
Arnold and Charles Frodsham the sum of ?8,170, for
the excellence of the principle of their timekeepers.
One of Mr. Frodsham a correspondents writes as
fbUowa. London, April M, 1861.
Sik : I have much pleasure in giving an account
of the Gold Compensation Lever Watch No, 3,826,
you have made for me. and in which I expressly stip
ulated that it should maintain a uniform rate ot going
under every variety of motion and climate. 'Ibis it
has done in a most remarkable manner; Its rate of
going for the first six months was five seconds per
monUi, and in the next six months it changed its rate
a little faster, via : eight seconds per month, and at
the end of 366 days it was found to be fast of Green
wich mean time one minute and fifteen seconds.
Though I was not led by any previous promise to ex
pect such performance, yet 1 believe it is only the
usual character of your improved watches, which you
term your " dew series."
I remain, sir, yours, respectfully,
Thomas Bartlxtt
' To Mr. Charles Frodsham.
The undersigned has received the following:
Boston, October 6, 1868.
Sir: I herewith give you an account of the re
markable performance of the watch I purchased ol
you, made oy Charles Frodsham, No. 7,014. Its total
variation for 17 months, by weekly observations, was
but one minute and fifty-five seconds.
Yours, respectfully, Biixinsi Btaioos.
To Mr. Sivutti Willmrd.
Boston, Septembei- 3, 1868.
The Compensated Lever Watch I purchased of you,
made by Cnarles Frodsham, of London, No. 7,800,
has varied but thirty seconds from mean time in six
months, by actual daily comparison with your regu
lator. Yours, Ac., Ai.vin Adams.
Mr. Simon Wtllard.
The undersigned is permitted to refer to the follow
ing gentlemen, who, among many others, have proved
the excellence of Frodsham's Watches as timekeep
ers :
Enoob Train, Esq. Wm. Whiting, Esq.
E C. Bates, Esq. Geo. M. Thacher, Esq.
F. W. Thayer, Esq. David Dyer, Esq.
E. F. Osborne, Esq., ) Sandusky,
Eben. L.ane, Esq., j Ohio.
The subscriber would respeofully state that the
above Watches are designed and executed by Mr.
Frodsham and himself, especially to meet the de
mands of the American public in the great essential
of perfect time, and that in this and in external
beauty they stand unrivalled.
All orders addressed to the undersigned will receive
immediate attention. SIMON WILLARD,
jttn. 6. Ne. tt Congress street, Boston.
DEALER in Books, Periodicals, and Stationery,
wholesale and retail, S Columbia Place, corner
7th street and Louisiana avonue, Washington, D. C.
Jan. 8?d
?n. Partington's Life and Sayingi.
First Edition 20,00ft Copies f
NOW READY, the Life and Sayings of Mrs. Part
ington, and others of the Family, by B. P. Shil
laber, of the Boston Post.
" I did fynde her a woman of manye wordes, yet
of a very pleasante fancie withal, and havynje much
good oounselle."?Dort. Ihgehis Works: M. cxl,
Art.?" Mistress Unis Hyte.
One elagant 12mo volume, 884 pages, printed on
superfine paper, with 48 fine Engravings on Wood,
including the following full page Illustrations in tinU,
designed by Coffin A Brown, and engraved by Orr A
1. Ruth Partington, a portrait.
5. Paul s Ghost.
8. Partingtonian Philosophy.
4. Punch in the Head
6. Stock of the Revolution.
t. Ike in the Country.
7. Partington Mouse Hnnting.
8. A Christmas Story.
The undersigned has the pleasure of announcing
the day of the publication of the long looked for vol
ume, "Mrs. Partington, her Life and Sayings,-' in
cluding those of " Paul." " Ike," and others of the
Family The large number ordered In advance?
more than 12,000 copies?Is the best evidence of the
popularity of the book. With the hope and expecta
tion that the Old Lady will be kindly received by an
appreciating pablic, " the Biographer places hia hand
on his heart, and bows, as the curtain descends to
slow music."' J. C DERBY, Publisher,
8 Park Place, New York.
And for sale by Booksellers throughout the United
States and Canadaa.
Price $1,26. Single copies aent by mail, post paid,
on receipt of price April 12.
PARSONS A CO., Flushing, near New York, offer
for sale a large and excellent assortment of
Dwarf Pears and Cherries; Ornamental Trees, for
streets and lawns; Trees and Shrubs, for massing,
at reduced rates
Roses of thriftj growth, together with the usual
variety required for the lawn, the orchard, and the
Careful attention will be given to the execution and
packing of orders Liberal discounts made to all
dealers in trees.
Catalogues sent by mail, without charge, to all en
closing a postage stamp PARSONS A CO.
Flushing, id nut. 2#. ________
The Prohibilioniit.
THK PROHIBITIONIST-exclusively a Temper
paper?is published monthly, at Albany, by the
Executive Committee of the New York State Tern
per a nee Society H. Mandeville, D. D., Editor, as
sisted by R. C. Delavan, Esq.
It is printed in the folio form, on a double medium
sheet, making eight large four columned pages to a
It advocates the Cau^of Temperance generally,
and osjpecially the I<egisiJk? Prohibition oi the Traf
fic in Intoxicating Beveiages
It Is National in spirit, scope, and aim ; and is rap
idly becoming Nation*/, also, la its circulation and
Influence. Orders respectfully solicited. It will be
furnishod at the following low prices:
One copy for one year - - ? f 0 60
Three, to one address, one year ? 1 00
Seven, do. do. - - 2.00
And for each additional four copies, $1 will be ask-J
ed, for any quantity less than fifty copies.
For fifty copies, to one address - ? #11
For 100 do. do. - - - 20
No subscription received for less than one year ;1
and la every case the order must be accompanied by
the money. Letters, in all oases, must be post paid
Addross O. SCOVILL,
March 9. Publishing Apent, Albany.
QJT Journals friendly, please publish. |
Office National Hotel Building, Pennsylvania
Avenue, Washington, D. C.t
DEALER in Checks, Acceptances. Drafts, Promis
sory Notes, Bank Notes, and Coin.
Notes on all solvent Banks in the United States
bought and sold, at the best prices.
Notes, Drafts, and Bills, in Washington and George
town, collected, and remittances promptly uisde In
New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other funds,
at a charge of one quarter per cent.
Bills of Exchaogo and Bank Checks, on most of the
principal cities of thi Union, bought and sold at the
best rates. March 28^^
C| AVK ATS.?Inventors and others desiring to ap
ply for Caveats, are Informed that all the neces
sary drawings and papers are prepared by the under
signed with the utmost fidelity and despatch, and on
the most moderate terms. All of her Patent business
promptly attended to.
Persons wishing for Information or advice relative
to Patents or Inventions, may at all times eonsultthe
undersigned, v^thovt charge, either personally at his
office, or by letter. ALFRRD R. BRACH,
? Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents
PeopU'n Patent Ofiee, M St., New York, m
" If any Bute deems the retail and internal traffic
in ardent spirits injurious to iu eitisens, and calcu
lated tu produce idleness, vice, or debauchery, I see
nothing in the Constitution of the United Status to
prevent it from regulating or restraining the traffic,
or from prohibiting it altogether, if it thinks proper."
Ckitf 'Pansy.
ON or before the 1st of January, 1854, the Execu
tive Committee of the New York S,tate Tewpor
rance Society will issue the first number of a Month
ly Temperance Journal, under the title of " T m ? Pro
Its SizK.?It will be printed on a double medium
sheet, making eight quarto pages, of four oolumns to
a page; and, excluding advertisements, each number
will contain an amount of reading matter equal at
least to that furnished by our larger-sired daily jour
nals, or to that of an ordinary duodecimo volume oi
150 pages.
Irs Object.?To advocate the Cause of Touipcr
anoe generally, and especially the Legislativj Prohibi
tion of the Traffic in Intoxicating Beverages, to pre
pare the minds of the masses for such Prohibition, l>y
showing its expediency and Necessity, and to secure,
by all tho influence it may legitimately exert, the
vigorous enforcement of Prohibitory Laws when ob
tain od.
Its Field.?Dealing with general principles, with
argument* alike applicable to evory community where
the traffic exists, and with facts illustrative of theac
arguments and principles, the paper will be NatiotnU
in its spirit, in its scope, in its purpose, and, we trunt,
it will be National in its circulation and influence.
Such is our aim and expectation. Wo desire to see
the Principle of Prohibition established in State after
Btato, till it becomes the recognised policy of the Na
tion. It is onr ambition to bear a part in this great
work, and to this end Thk Prohibitiosikt is estab
lished, not as the organ of a society merely, but of a
Ghkat Kkformatohv Movemrn r.
Its Necessity.?The existing Temperance Jour
nals have little, if any, oiroulation outside of the Tem
perance Ranks. Their price almost nocessarily re
stricts them to tho friends of the cauno. Tiik Pko
hibitionist is designod for oiroulation (instead of
tracts) among the indifforent and the hostile. For
this purpose it is put at a prioe so low as to enable
the friends of Temperance in every school district, by
combined action and at an inconsiderable expenne,
to place a copy in each family that will consent to re
ceive it.
Its Prick.?One cQpy for one year - - $0 50
Three, to one address, one yo?r 1 00
Seven do. do. - - 2 00
And for each additional four copies, $1.00 will bo
added, for any quantity less than fifty copies.
l'or fifty copies to one address - - $11 00
For 100 do. do. >? - - 20 00
No subscription received for loss than one year,
and in every case tho order must be accompanied by
the inonoy- ?
The paper will be under the general direction of
the Executive Committee, who have reeeived ample
assurances of literary aid trom not a few of the ablest
and most eminent writers in the temperance ranks
throughout the Union.
The work will be stereotyped, and back numbers
can be supplied to new subscribers at any time during
the year.
All orders should be addressed to O. Scovill, Pub
lishing Agent, Albany.
Communications for the paper, or in relation to tho
interests of the cause generally, should be direoted to
Win. H. Burleigh, Corresponding Secretary.
In behalf of the New York State Temperance So
ciety : EDWARD C. DELAVAN, President.
Extmaiwt Committee.?Henry Mandeville, Reuben
H. Walworth, John 0. Cole, I. N. Wyckoff, William
Richardson, Edgar B. Day, Hermon Camp, B. P.
Stoats, Oliver Scovill.
05=** The Committee request all editors in the Uni
ted States to give the above one insertion in their
columns. To all who eomply with this request, we
will send the Prohibitionist for one year, mtkout an
exohange, unless they choose to add to our obligation
by sending their papers also, which would, of course,
be most thankfully received. Jan. 2?dtf
IS the cheapest and best Musical Paper in the
world. This Journal, which has heretofore been
published monthly, commences its fifth year in Jan
uary next, and thenceforward it will be published
every two weeks?on every other Thursday; thereby
riving more than twice as much matter, without any
increase in priee. Each number contains sixteen
quarto pages, four of which are new music, consist
ing of glees, hymn tunes, chants, anthems, dedication
and holvday pieces, and, in short, every variety of
music adapted to purposes of religions worship, to
public occasions, and to the home circle; all of wnioh
will be of a practical character, and such as can be
sung by persons of ordinary musical attainments. In
the editorial department of the Review are engaged
(in addition to Mr Cady, the former editor) gentle
men of the highest talent and ripest musical experi
ence, among whom are George F. Root, William B.
Bradbury, Thomas Bastings, and Lowell Mason;
and its circle of correspondence, home and foreign,
is complete. The Review will also be a regular me
dium for the announcement of new musical publica
tions by all the leading publishing houses in the
Union. The subscription list of this paper is now
larger than that of any similar journal in the world,
and the new arrangements, rendering it the cheapest
as well as (it is hoped) the most valuable musical
paper ever published, must largely increase its al
ready unparalleled circulation.
Trrmi. ? One dollar per annum, or six eopies for
five dollar*, always in advance.
(ET* The music alone in a volume would cost over
five dollars in the nsual form. Beside this, tnere will
be an immense amount of musical news, essays, crit
icism, instruction, Ac., all for only one dollar! Ev
ery one feeling a particle of interest in the cause of
music will surely xubscribe.
Specimen numbers sent on receipt of two letter
postage stamps. Address, always post paid,
Deo. 22. 23 Park Row, New York.
THE ships comprising this line are the following:
The ATLANTIcTCapt. West
The PACIFIC, Capt. Nye.
The ARCTIC, Capt. Luce.
The BALTIC, Capt Comstock.
The ADRIATIC, Capt Grafton.
These ahips have been built by contract expressly
for Government service, even care has been taken
in their construction, as also in their engines, to in
sure strength and speed , and their accommodations
for passengers are unequalled for elegance and eom
Price of passage fiom New York to Liverpool, in
first cabin, $120. In second cabin, $70. Exclusive
use of extra site state rooms, $300. From Liverpool
te New York, ?30 and ?20.
An experienced surgeon attached to each ship.
No berths can be secured until paid for.
proposrd dates or HMLine.
1858. 185?.
From N*W York. From lAVrntoo/.
Saturday, November 26. Wednesday, Nov. 30.
Saturday, December lif Wednesday, Dee. 14.
Saturday, December 24. Wednesday, Dee. 28.
For freight or passage, apply to
No 5ft Wall street, N. Y.
13 King s Arms Yard, London.
2fl Rue Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris
The owners of these ships will not be aoconntable
for geld, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious
stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed
therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed.
Jm. T-?4
GIVES over #00 large, double -column octavo pages
of Choice Heading Matter in a year; also, from
12 to 16 Steel Engravings, of a high order of excel
lence ; besides from 150 to 200 Fine Wood Engrav
All for $125, tn club* of Four Subscribers?
No periodical in the United States has been more
generally or moro warmly commended by the Press
than the "HOMK MAGAZINE "
The third volume, which begins in January, 1864,
will contain a new moral Story, by Mr. ARTHUR, of
considerable length, entitled
"The Angel of the Hontehold.''
ftIp'Snnd for Specimen mitnbrrt. They will be
furnished free of charge.
Tkrms, in Advancc, $2 a year.
Four eopies, one year, $6.
Twelve copies, one year, $16, and one to getter np
03^The Home Magasine and Godey's Lady's Book
sent one year for $3.50.
Address, post-paid, T. S. ARTHUR A CO.,
Jan. 19. 107 Walnut street, Philadelp
PROPOSALS for making 1,000,000 of brick, for the
Albany Msnaal Labor University, will be reeeiv
ed until 20th March next. Also, proposals for laying
np the same, either in connection with the making, or
as a separate job, will be reeeived until the 1st of
May. Proposals should be addressed to the ander
sigced, Lee Post Office, Athens county. Ohio
By order Ex Board WM 8 LEWIS,
A than 1/, January 20, 1864.
BY HON. CHARLES SUMNER. With 40 eplendio
illustrations by Billing*, engr?v?xl by B*ker *
Smith. It make* a beautiful 16wo volume of about
140 piifjM, bound In eloth, thin boards, printed in tb
most elegant style, on the bent paper.
Introduction. Territory of the Barbary States. Th?
Subject and Source* of Information.
I. Origin of Slavery. Slavery in the Barbary States
II. History of White. Sia/vory m Barbary; Early
Effort* against it?bv Ferdinand the Catholic, bj
Charles V, by England, by Franoe, by Holland; KTre
dom by RrAavtytioa : Freedom by Conspiracy ; Free
dom by Rsca/ue; White Amerioan Victims to Barb
ry i Parallel between White and Black Slavery; Tri
umphant Abolition of White Slavery.
III. True Character of White Slavery in Barbary ,
Apologies for White Slavery; Happy Condition of th?
Whiteslaves; Better off In Barbary than at Home;
Better off than the Free Christians in Barbary; Nov
ertheless, Unquestionable Knormity of White Slaver;
in Barbary. Conclusion, l'rioe 60 cts.; postage 12 cU
March 31. Office National Era
ITS Distinctive Features shown by its Statutes, Ju
dioial I>ecisions, and Illustrative Facts. By Wil
liam Goodell, author of the " Democracy of Christian
Uy," "Slavery and Anti-Slavery," Ac. The worJ
contains 430 pnges 12mo, neatly bound in oloth. Prici
76 oents iter copy, postage lb oents. For sale by
June SO. L. CLEPH AN K, Office Nat. Era.
The following is an extract of a latter from Hoo
William Jay to the author:
"Your analysis of the sljfcve laws is very able, and
your exhibition of their practical application by th?
Southern courts evinces great and oareful research.
Your book is as impregnable against the charge ol
exaggeration as Euclid's Geometry, since, like that
it consists of propositions and demonstrations. The
book is not only true, but it is u.iuiiiestionahl'y tree.'
FULL Jowclled Gold Lover Watches, 18 karat
cases, only $30; Gold hunting levors, $40; Pull
jewelled silver lovers, $14; Silver hunting levorss$ 18;
Silver Lepines.jewollcd, $9; Gold guard chains,
Gold pencils, $1.50; Gold pens, Bilvor holders, $1.
Watches or jowelry scut by iuail to any part of the
United States with perfect safoty. All orders must
bo accompanied with the cash. Address, post paid,
No. 202 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
[T~y These are the cheapest watches in the United
States, and warranted. Jan. 28?3m
Important Reduction in the Kates of Pontage <
Leonard scott a co., No. 64 Gold sum
New York, continue to publish the following
British Periodicals, vis:
The London* Quarterly Review (Conservative.
The Edinburgh Review (Whig.)
The North British Review (Free Church.)
The Westminster Review (Liberal.)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.)
These Reprints have now been in successful oper*
tion in this country for twenty years, and their circa
latiox is constantly on the increase, notwithstanding
the competition thoy encounter from Amerioan peri
odioals of a similar class, and of numerous Eclectir
and Magaiines made up of selections from foreign pe
riodicals. This fact shows clearly the high estimator
in which they are held by the intelligent reading
public, and affords a guarantee that they are ?stab .
Iished on a firm basis, and wiU be continued withou
Although these works are distinguished by the po
litical shades above indicated, yet but a small portioi
of their contents is devoted to political subjects. It
is their literary character which gives them their chie!
value, and in that they stand confessedly far abov?
all other journals of their class. Blaelcwood, still un
der the masterly guidance of Christopher North, main
tains its ancient celebrity, and is at this time unusu
ally attractive, from the serial works of Bulwer and
other literary notables, written for that Magaiine, and
first appearing in its ooluinns both in Great Britaii
and in the United States. Such works as " The Chx
tons" and " My New Novel," both by Bulwer; " Mj
Peninsular Medal," "The Green Hand," and other
serials, of which numerous rival editions are issued by
the leading publishers in this country, have to be re
printed by those publishers from the pages of Black
wood, after it has been issuetl by Messrs. Scott \ Co.
?o that subscribers to the Reprint of that Magaiin*
may alwavs rely upon having the earliest reading ol
these fascinating tales.
TERMS. P?r an
For any one of the three Reviews * $J
For any two I
For any three 1
Fer all four of the Reviews ? ? . . ?{
For Blackwood's Magazine J
For Blackwood and three Reviews ? . (
For Blackwood and the four Reviews
For Fanner's Guide, compete, 22 numbers ? I
Clubbing. ? A discount of 26 percent, from th?
above prices will be allowed to clubs ordering four
or more copies of any one or more of the above work*
Thus: four copies of Blackwood or one Review wil
be sent to one address for $9, four copies of the fou<
Reviews and Blackwood for $30, and so on.
To any part of the United States on, Blackwood, 2<
oents per annum; on either of the Reviews, 14 cent*
Remittances and communications should be alway
addressed, post paid, to the publishers,
LEONARD SCOTT k CO., 79 Fulton ?t., N. Y..
Entrance, 64 Gold street.
N. B. ?L. S. k Co. have recently published, and hav*
now for sale, the Fanner's Onide, hy Henry Stephens
of Edinburgh, and Professor Norton, of Yale College
New Haven, complete In two volumes, royal octavo
oonteinin^ 1 ,#100 pages, 14 steel and AftO wood engra
vings. Price, in muslin binding, $A; in paper eovers
for the mail. $6. Hep. 29
Trwth Volume enlarged, In qnarte form. The largest
Baptist newkpnper In the world. Price, in advance,
by mall, *4; by carriers, fcl.40. Linker F. Bee?h
er A U? Proprietor*. Nassau street, Mew York
IN the determination to make their journal a com
plete repository of general and denomination a I
religious Intelligence, and of the news of the day. as
well as the earnest advocate of sound Christian doc
trine and social program, the proprietors will summon
for these ends every available facility, whether edi
j torial, or in the way of contributors and correspond
ents. They have engaged able writers at homo, and
| their correspondence Irom England and Continental
Kurope, from Asia and every part of America, they
believe to be unsurpassed, lly furnishing a paper of
the highest grade, from this great commorcial centre.
they hope to increase the pntronnge with which they
are already favored from every section of the Unite.I
Stales and the neighboring British Provinces.
The tenth volume commenced March 29. Sub
scriptions are solicited, and the present is suggested
as the best time for forwarding names, with payments
accompanying. L. F. BEKCHER
April 14?4tdw S B. CUTTING
C^AN now buy, for $1, In a nice volume, all the
J following Arts, Receipts, and Discoveries, vi?:
Dow'* 7rt, Weston's Ml, Bowman's .131, Cook's, Holt's,
Bishop's, Shipman s, and 30 others, which I have
gone to the expense of purchasing and printing, for
the benefit of those wishing em, loyment. One of
these receipts alone cost me $10, and others have
been advertised as yielding $ft and $12 per dsy, aud
from 6Q0 to 1,000 per cent Address, post paid,
March 18?4iw Crawfordsville, Indiana
OTOCK and Kxchange Broker. 38 Wall street. New
O York, a member of the New York Stock Rx
change Board, will purchase and sell on commission
(of a quarter of one per cent) Government and Stale
Stocks, Rail/nsd and Bank Stocks, Railroad Bond*,
and all other securities usnally sold at tha Board.
Orders from abroad solicited.
References?D. Khbelts. Cashier Union Bank ; W
T. Hooker, Cashier Continental Bank; Arthur Tap
pan, Esq., New York. Jan. 10.
#50 to f 150 per Month
C"1AN be easily made in selling the Po^nl/tr BooL
J published by Miller, Orton, k Mulligan, sucoe?
sors to Derby A Miller, Auburn, and Derby, Orton, A
Mulligan, Buffalo. ?
At no pre vlons time has the demand for Good lloofc n
been so active as at present The great masses of the
People, who want and will have them, are not within
the reach of the Loral Bookstores, and it has become
a well ascertained fact, that of the Publications of
merit and real utility, from time to time issuing from
the American Press, a large proportion must be sold
by Book Agents, Colporftttrs, and Canvassers, or not
at all.
To all who arc desirous to atdi n the dissemination
of a Pure and Wholesome Literature, and none other
we offer great inducements to engage in the sale ol
our Popular Books for the People. We publish
(food Books, veil jtrin/etl, antl strtmgjy bovnd, and
which sell readily wherever offered
Catalogues of onr Puhl(nations,containing full par
tienlars, furnished on application (post nni(i) to
Publisher* of Popular Books,
April 1?4t Auburn and BnfWo, New York^,
A Monthly Journal for Girls awt hoys.
A paper, underibe above title, will be published
M Philadelphia on the flml day of October next.
Id sise and general character, thin publication will
resemble Mri Margaret L. Bailey *lately disoontiuued
Friend of Youth, the place of which it is designed to
Terns.?Fifty cents a year, for (ingle copies; or
ten oopies for four dollars. Payment invariably ia
All Hubooriiitione and communication* to be ad
dressed to L. K. LIPPINCOTT, Philadelphia
20,000 ordered in Advance of Publication.
Will be ready Monday, Dec. Ath.^
Little perns pgr fanny-httttlb
FRIENDS. By the author of "Fern Leaves."
One elegant lfimo; 300 pages; six Illustrations.
Price 76 cents. The same, gilt edge, $1.
Copies sent by mail, post paid, on receipt *f price.
Published by
DERBY, orton, A MULLIGAN, Buffalo.
For sale by all Booksellers throughout the United
States and Panadas. Den. 8?St
Weekly Agricultural Paper of the Country.
THE AMERICAN agriculturist, a weekly
Periodical of sixteen large quarto pages, making
an anuual volume of 832 pagos of nearly double the
sise of those in the first ton volumes of the Agricul
It is beautifully printed with type cast expressly
for it, and on tho best of clear while paper, with wide
margin, so that tho numbers can be easily stitched
or bound together.
A copious Index is weekly added, which will bo
fully ainplifiod at the end of the year, for the bound
Comprehensive in its Character,
Each volume will contain all matter worth record
which transpires either at home or abroad, and
which can serve to instruct or interest the Farmer,
the Planter, the Fruit-Grower, tho Gardener, and
the Stock-Breoder; thus making it the most com
plete and useful Agricultural Publication of the day.
Correct and valuable Market Reports.
The Markets will bo carefully reported, giving tho
actual transactions which take place from week to
week, in Gra?n, Provisions, Cattle, Ac.; thus keep
ing our readers constantly and reliably advised as to
tboir interests. During the past year, the knowledge
obtained from these Market Reports alone has saved
our readers thousands of dollars, by informing them
of tho best time to sell or purchase.
Such a Paper is demanded by the Farming
The^ publishers confidently believe that the agri
culturists of this country are becoming too much
awake to^ the demands of their own calling to bo
longer satisfied with the slow monthly issues of a pa
per professedly devoted to their interests, or to trust
alone to the irresponsible extracts in a "farmer'*
column," so popular just now in papers chicily devo
ted to businoss, politics, or literature; and they look
for the united support of all the intelligent farmers
of this oountry in tneir continued effort to furnish a
weeklv paper of a high and reliable character, which
shall be progressive, and at the sauie time cautious
and conservative in all its teachings.
Essentially an Agricultural Paper.
The Agriculturist will not depart from its legiti
mate sphere to catch popular favor by lumbering up
its pages, with the silly, fictitious literature, and
light, miscellaneous matter of the day; it has a high
er aim; and a small part only of its space will be
devoted to matters not immediately pertaining to the
great business of Agriculture. The household as
well as the out-door work of the farm will receive a
due share of attention. The humbugs and nostrums
afloat in the community will be tried by reliable sci
entific rules, and their worthlessness exposed. It is
the aim of the Dublishers to keep this paper under
the guidance of those who will make it a standard
work, which shall communicate to its readers only
that which is safe and reliable.
An Independent Journal.
The American Agriculturist stands upon its own
merits; and the truthfulness, zeal, and ability,
which it brings to the support of the interests of the
fkrmer. It is untrainmeled by any collateral busi
ness connections whatever; nor is it the organ of any
clique, or the puffing machine of any man or thin*.
Thoroughly independent in all points, its ample pa
ges are studiously given alone to the support and im
provement of the great agricultural class.
Editorial Department.
The American Agriculturist is under the editorial
supervision of Mr. A. B. Allen, its principal editor
for the past ten years, and Mr. Orange Judd, A. M.
a thoroughly practical fanner and agricultural
They wil| be assisted by Prof. Nash, who has been
for a long time one of the most successful farmers of
New England, and is now Agricultural Profewor of
Amherst College, Rev. Wm. Clift, widely known as a
pleasing and instructive writer on gardening and
other departments of practical agriculture, and in
addition to thtee, a number of other eminent agri
cultural writers. ^
AH the editors are men practically experienced in
tbeir profession, each of whom can handle the Plow
as well as the Pen.
The Cheapest Paper in the country, of its thar
| acter.
The American Agriculturist is supplied to regular
subscribefs at aoost of less than four cents a number,
of sixteen large pages, and to large clubs for less
! than two an(1 a half Each number will contain
?u)jeiitio[ii for the treatment of soils, man lies, crops
stock, Ac., which wiJl often be worth to the reader
more than the cost of the paper for a year.
Specimen Copies.
Specimen copies will be forworded. gratis, to any
one sending their name and post office addrom to the
Terms, Ac.?-The paper will be promptly iasned on
Wednesday of each week, and mailed to subscribers
on the following liberal terms:
To single subscribers, at $2 a year -$3.
To clubs of three subscribers, at $1.67 a year- - $6.
To clubs of five subscribers, at $1.60 a year?$8.
To clubs often subscribers, at $1 60 a year? $16.
To clubs of twenty subscribers, at $1.26 a rear
$26. '
The money always to accompany the names for
which the paper is ordered.
The Postmaster or other person sending a club of
ten, will be entitled to one extra copy gratis.
The Postmaster or other person sending a club of
twenty or more, will be presented with an extra copy,
and also a copy of tho National Maga.ine, Scientific
American, Weekly Tribune, or Weekly Times, or any
other paper or periodical in this city, not costing over
two dollars per annuhi. "
Subscriptions may be forwarded by mail, at the
risk af the publishers, if enclosed and mailed in the
presence of the Postmaster.
Communications for the paper should be ad
dressed to the editors; subscriptions, advertisements,
and all matters relating to the businoss department
should be addressed to the publishers
_ 22 Water street. New York
WILL be sold at private sale, that well known
Farm lying on Seventh street Plunk Road, in
Montgomery county, Maryland, about riphi miles
from Washington city, containing 37aeres, more
or less; abont 100 in meadow, 100 in wood, and the
balance (172J) in cleared fields. The Farm can be
divided into several, giving a fair proportioa of wood
and meadow land to each The whole Parin is well
wsterod, several never-failing streams passing
throngh it. The fencing is good, and there is a
large quantity of chestnut timber in the woods, suit
able for a fnrther division of the fields.
In point of health, beanty, and location, it is not
surpassed by any farm in the State of Maryland It
has always boon remarkable for its beauty. The
dwolling contains eight rooms, kitchen, pantry, Ac.,
garret, cellars, Ac., all surrounded by a neat paling,
with a pump of good water in the yard; barn, sta
ble, and othor out houses; good spring-house, with
a never-failing spring of delightlully cool water at
Servants' quarters for as many hands as would
ever be nocessary on the Farm.
A good apple orchard, and some excellent peach
es. pears, cnorries. Ac.
The road being now of the very best character,
prodnce from the Farm and manures from the City
can he hauled at any and all seasons of the year.
This property will be sold tventi-five per rent.
cheaper than any other projierty on the road be
tween it and the city. With nn ordinary horse, it is
not more than an hour's drive to the city '
Any communications addressed to CHARLES V.
GORDON, Washington, D. 0., will receive atten
tion. Dec. 16?ftteow
LARD OIL of the finest quality, In good shipping
Order. Star and Adamantine Candles. /Wi
weight, 16 ounces to the pound. These oandles are
excellent for all climates, especially California, Bra
til, the Rast and West Indies, and Africa. Orders fef
any quantity executed promptly.
THOMAS RMRRV, Lard OH and Star
March 14. Caadle Manufacturer, Cincinnati, O

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