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"Eternal Vigilant* U the price of Liberty
rpHB undersigned proposes to publish at the Mat of
JL government of Pennsylvania, Ml Independent De
mocratic weekly newspaper under the abort title;
and, in announcing this purpose, we deem it proper
to refer briefly to a few of the general principles which
shall govern oar ooum.
The Scripture teach on that "God created man in his
own image," and that all men are consequentlybreth
ren. The Declaration of Independence recognise*
this truth whon it declares that "all men are oreated
auftl, and that thoy are endowed by their Creator
th certain inalienable rights, among which are life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
We believe in the Constitution of the United States,
whish declares its purpose to be "to form a more pur
fact union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquil
lity, promote the general welfare, and secure the bios
sings of liberty," and bold that all its provisions
should be ooiutruid in accordance with this general
This was the position and purpose of the sap es oi
the Revolution, and wo, their descendants, should la
bor to secure the blessings of individual liberty aud
national liberty. *
We believe in Democracy?a government by the
People and for the People?in the Democracy of free
thought, free speeoh, free conscience, froe labor, and
freemen?in the Democracy which loathes Opproj
sion, and which does not bend its baok to sustsin the
intorests of a ClasJ, however powerful or imposing its
numbers or position. A Democracy which does this,
which despises the People, underiates their iatelli
gence, disregards their opinions, and abuses their con
fidence, we look upon as a pretence and a sham. If
man is to be considered merely as a stall-fed aniiuil,
to be satisfied when filled with creature comforts, then
wil! free citizens and free laborers be looked upon as
A nuisance and an incumbrance; but not whea they
are regarded as the life-blood of the Republic. We
have been told that suoh a paper as we propose to
print oannot live in the atmosphere of Harrisburg,
that the politicians of Pennsylvania have so debauch
ed her public sentiment as to crush out all regard for
Justioe, Humanity and tho Rights of Man as pro
claimed in the Declaration of Independence; but we
do not believe this. Every friend of freedom and de
mocracy has a personal interest in the reputation of
the Commonwealth, aad we trust evory friend of the
cause will do his part to Bustain The Fbee Citizen.
and refute this slander on tho Koyetone State.
Terms.?TBE FREE CITIZEN will be printed
or a large and handsome sheet, at Two Dollars per
year, payable invariably in advanoe, Throe oopies
will be sent for $5 ; 5 copies for $3 ; and 10 oopies
for $16. No paper will bo sent unless the money ac
companies the order. Address
A. M. GANGEWER, Harrisbunc, Pa
New York, August 25, 1852.
This is to oertify that I am well acquainted
with a man. fifty years of age, for many years a res
ident of this oity. who has been at times extremely
ill, but oould not tell from what cause, unless it was
worms. lie told his attendieg physician hit suspi
oiona, but the physician at once ridiculed the idea,
and refused to attend him any longer. His son then
mentioned Dr. MoLane's Vermifuge, and asked him
if he would take it; his reply was, I must take some
thing to get relief, or die.
They at onoe procurod a bottle of Dr. McLano's
celebrated Vermifuge, and took one half at one dose.
The result was, he passecl upwards of thrut quart* o)
worms, out up in every form, lie got well immedi
ately, and is now enjoyiag most excellent health;
and, like the good Samaritan of eld, is endeavoring
to relieve his unfortunate neighbors. He makes it
his business to hunt up and select all cases similar to
his own, that may be given over by the regular phy
sician*, aud induoes them to try Dr McLane's Ver
mifuge. So far ho has induoed more than twenty
persons to take the Vermifuge, and in every case with
the most happy results. He is well satisfied that Dr.
MoLane's Vermifuge li far superior to any other
known remedy, and that, if more generally known,
would not fail to tave many valuable lives.
For farther particulars, inquire of Mrs. Hardie,
124} .Cannon street, New York oity.
P. S. The above valuable remedy, also Dr. Mc
Lane's celebrated Liver Pills, ran now be had at all
respectable Drug Stores In this city.
fly Purchasers will please be careful to ask for,
and take none bat, Dr. MoLANE'S VERMIFUGE.
All others, in comparison, are worthless. 1
SORENESS OF THE BODY, take the Cherry
Pectoral oo going to Led, and wrap ujf warm, to
sweat during the night.
FOR A COLD AND COUGH, take it morning,
noon, and evening, a? cording to directions on the
bottle, and the difficulty will soon be removed. None
will long suffer from this trouble, when they find it
can be no readily cured. Persona (filiated with a
Heated cough, Which break* them of tbeir ro*t at
night, will find, by taking the Cherry Pectoral on
going to bed. they may b? sure of aound, unbroken
sleep, and consequent refreshing rest. Great relief
froui sufferior, and an ultimate onre, ia afforded to
thousands who are tbua afflicted, by thia invaluable
From Its agreeable effect in thcae casea, many find
tbernaelvee unwilling to torego ita nae when the ne
cessity for it haa censed.
romedy ia invaluable, aa by its action on the throat
and lungs, when taken in email quantitiea. it reraowi
all hoariioneM in a few houra, and wonderfully in
creases the power and flexibility of the voice
ASTHMA ia generally much relieved, and often
wbolly cored, by Cherry PeotoraJ. But there are
some esses ao cbstinato ?? to yield entirely to no
medioine. Cherry Pectoral will cure them, if they
can be cured
BRONCHITIS, or irritation of the throat and up
per portion of the lungs, may be cured by taking
Cherry Pectoral in small and frequent doaea. The
ancomfo'table oppression ia aeon relieved.
FOR CROUP. Give an ometic of antimony, to be
followed by large and frequont doeea of the Cherry
Poctoral, until it subdues the disease. If taken in
season, it will not fail to cure
WHOOPING COUO fl may be broken up, and soon
cured, by the one of Cherry Pectoral.
THE INFLUENZA ia speedily removed by this
remedy. Numerous instances have been noticed
where whole famides were proteoted from auy serious
consequences, while their neighbors, wit hout the Cher
ry Peotoral, were suffering fiom the diaeaae.
Repeated inatances are reported here of patients
who have bnen cured from
LIVER COMPLAINTS, by this remedy?eomany
that tlicre can be no question ita healing power on
these diseases. It should be persoveringly taken,
until the pain in the aide and other unpleasant symp
tom* cease.
FOR CONSUMPTION in ita earliest stages it
should be taken under the advice of a good Physician,
if possible, and in every oass with a careful regard to
the printed ilirrrtious on the bottle. If judiciously
used, and the patient is carefully nuraed meantime,
it will seldom tail to aubdue the disease.
form, the Cherry Pectoral should be given in dotes
adapted to what the patient requires and ran bear.
It always affords soma relief; and not unfroquontly
cure* those who are considered p?st all cure. There
are many thousands, scattered all over the country,
who feel and say that they owe their lives and pre*
ent health to the Caerry Pe.toral.
Thia remedy ia offered to the community with tho
confidence we feel ia an art e'e which seldom fails to
realise the happiest effects that can be desired. So
wido ia the fiell of ita uaefulaoea. Mid ao numerous
the caaca of ita euros, that almost every section of
the country abounds in peiaons, publicly known, who
have been restored from alarming and evea desperate
diseases of the lungs, by ita uae. When one* tried,
ita superiority over every other medicine of Its kind
ia too apparent to eeoape observation; and where its
virtues aro known, the public no longer hesitate what
antidote to employ for the distressing and dangerous
affections of the pulmonary organs, which are inci
dent 1% our climate. And not only In formidable at
tacks upon the lung!, but for the milder varieties of
oolds, coughs, hoarsentsa, eto., and for ohildron it is
the pleasanteat and safest medicine that can bo ob
tained. No family should be without it, and those
who have used it never will.
Prepared hf J. C. AVER, Chemist, Lew el I, Mass,
?eld In Wnshlagtea by Z. V. OILMAN, aad by all
Druggists and Dealers ia Medlcia* everywhere,
Aug. t?3m
SURGEONS and Physicians. No TO West Seventh
street, (aear Viae street,) Cincinnati Jan. 80.
Tracy It Farubum, General Uwl AgeaU,S?. Anth?
?r Fall*, MiaMMUk
THE Subscribers offer their services to Sastern
capitalist* in making iuveetment* is Western
Few portion* of the West present ?o great induce
ments for the investment of capital, a* Minnesota.
It possesses a highly productive soil, a beautiful and
Health; climate, and U settling with unprecedented
rapidity. Lands will ineroaso here in value more in
five years than in many places in twenty-five
The subscriber# can make investments which will
net fifty and, in some cases, a hundred per cent, a
year, for many years.
Lands oan now bo bad near new and thriving vil
lages for $3. $4, end $5 per aore, that in ten years
will be worth ten timos that amount.
Oir -nlars, containing much reliable information in
regard to the country, furnished gratia, on applica
tion to TRACY <fc EARN II AM,
May 30. St. Anthony Falls. Minnesota.
VKSi 11 CAR! THINK!! ACT !!t
EG. HOLMES k CO., Cincinnati, Ohio, are pub
? linking a book, containiug the information ad
vertised in this paper by M. J. Cook It is a 12mo
volume of ninety six pages, and will be sent by mail,
post paid, for twenty-five oents, or nine postage
stamps. Juno 21.
JUST PUBLISHED, in one handy volume,all those
populur ways of making money, which huve claim
ed so inuoh attention the past year, viz: Prof. Wil
liamson's, Bowman's, I)r. Shriner's, Dr. Xanpi's, B.
H. Harnan, Dr. Reese's; H. S. Holt's, Shipman A
Co.'s. II. P. Cherry's, M. I. Coek's, G. C. Anderson's.
All of these huve been sold, warranted to yield very
heavy profits, from $5 to $10 per day. AU together,
though, it is beyond doubt oertain that one, two, or
three of them will suit the wishes of each person look
ing out for aoui? liberally paying business, and thus
yield correspondingly double or treble profits. To
these have been added a number of new plant, never
before published, and equal, if not superior, to the best
of the above, and suited to tho wants 'of any who
might possibly be unsnited in tho first-mentioned.
The work is complete. Satisfaction is guarantied.
The whole will be sont to all enclosing $1, postpaid, to
L. M. B. Cooke, Hagerstown, Md. For $6, 0 copies;
13 copies, $10. Feb 2?8t
consisting of new discoveries, valuable informa
tion, and 100 Receipts, by which persons havo clear
ed from throe to ton dollars a day the past year, and
no one can fail to make mono^r. It is suitable for ev
ery station in life, whether for travelling or a perma
nent looality, and something every mechanic, trader,
and druggist, should have. Upon the receipt of one
dollar, post paid, the above will be forwarded. Ad
dross M. EDWARD DOW,
Maroh 18. Boston. Massachusetts.
TO obtain subscribers for " Woodworth's Youth's
Cabinet," decidedly the most popular magazine
for young people in America. Price only $1. The
work has 48 pages in eaoh number, is liberally illus
trated with engravings, and filled with just suoh read
ing as is best adapted to entertain and instruct the
youthful roader.
A new volume begins with the July number, which
will be sent to any person desirous of examining the
work. Agents, applying with aatisfactoiy references,
will be liberally doalt with. Address by letter, or
apply in person, to the publisher,
June 26?4t No. 118 Nassau st., New York.
ON Tuesday night, Msy 23d, from the premises ol
Henry Powell, in Mantua, six two year old
Steers. One large, rough-made steer, grayish color,
with short tail and ears, and long claws on the hind
feet. Two red and whito (spotted) itoers, very fine
looking for their ago, but rather small, and one of
thsm cross eyed One principally white, showing a
good deal of the Durham blood in the neck and ears.
The other two rather inferior; one dark brindlt, and
the other light red. Any person finding suoh Steers,
or giving information whero they may be found, shall
be entitled to a liberal reward, by dropping a line to
A. R OOULD. Hudson, Summit county, Ohio; or to
HENRY POWELL, Mantua, Portage county, Ohio.
Hutlton, May 30, 1864. June 9?2t
THE subscriber manufactures almost all kinds of
apparatus, and will always be happy to corres
pond with such as may need anything in that line.
Having been for years a practical teacher of theso
sciences, he has unusual advantages in knowing the
actual wants of teachers. Prioe catalogues sent,
gratis, on application. Goods shipped to all parts of
the United States and Cauadas
He refers, by permission, to Professor J. Foster, of
Union College. N. Y.; -Rt. Rev. A. Potter, Bishop of
Penn. C. B. WARRING, A. M ,
June 29?2<U P.iu <bkeopsie. New York.
Catholic Pritht. of Saragossa, Spain.
TO aell the work, which is now ready, and aurpasa
ea in detail and intereat any other work on the
subject of Popery evor issued. The terrible revole
tiom which it contain! will startle every Protfitact
with horror, ai coming from one who wm a part'ci
pator in the bloody deoda, and who has bad tno beat
opportunity ever possessed by any man to nnvoil the
mysteries of the Great Babylon cf Popeiy. Finely
illustrated Addreaa, immediately,
SAMU1L JONES, Publisher,
July 1?fitd 8S Washington street, Boaton.
Eastman* Infallible fclek Headache Remedy.
TIII8 preparation, by B. P. EASTMAN, M. D , of
Lynn, Mai*., haa been used in private practice
I for the laat four years, with the greateat success. A
radical core haa been effected in every instance where
the directions have been atrictly followed and perse
vered in. It ia now given to the public with the full
confidence that it will do all that U claimed for it.
and prove iiatJf, upon fair trial, an xnfalltbU Sick
HrinLiehe Rrmedy.
It ia aafe and pleaaant to the taste, it bringa imme
diate r?di?*f, and all who teatita curative virtue* re
joipoWtbe r*uova of pain, and marvel at its power
L* kUwiating ao general, and often ao fatal, a scourge.
The following is from D C. Baker, E?q , Mayor of
Lynn, and President of the Howard Banking Compa
ny, Boston:
Dr. E. P. Eastman.
Dear Sir: A member of my family?a daughter,
ten years of age?was afflicted with the sick headache,
and we tried varioua retnediea without auocess. When,
however, you administered to her your " Heedacbt
Ponders,' we found thetn to be very beneficial, and,
in fact, roatored her to health.
I ahonld, without hesitation, recommend them to
those afflicted s and I beg to aaaure you, that I fully
appreciate their value.
Keipectitally yours, D. 0. Bakbr.
Lrxi, August 8, 18&3.
Dr. B P. Eattman.
Mr Dbar Sir: I avail myself of thin opportunity
to express to you my high appreciation of tne efficien
cy and value of your Sick Headache Remedy. I have
hoen afflioted, finoe my childhood, with very aevere
turna of aiok headache, and hare tried varioua rem
edies which have been prescribed, but found no con
niderable relief until I tried your remedy, which, I
am happy tr> say, haa almost entirely cored ine. Sev
eral or my neighbors and friend* have tried your med
icine, and in every instance it haa entirely relieved or
greatly mollified the diaeaae.
Faithfully youra. John B. Alley.
WILSON, FAIRBANK, A CO., 43 and 46 Hanover
street, Boaton, General Agents, to whom all orderr
should be addresaod. also for aale by all the Drug
giata throughout the country.
For aale in Washington by Z. D. OILMAN.
March 3.
BATCHELOR'S Celebrated Improved Hair Dye,
whtoh is warranted to change any oolored hair
to a glosay jet black or brown, i*?tantan*fmtly, with
out any injury to the akin.
Juat opening, a superior article of double-dlatilled
West India Bay Rum?a most refreshing article to
bathe the faoe and head with in hot weather.
Cologne, in quart, pint, and half-pint bottles??
cheap and fine artiele for family use
A full assortment of black embroidered lace mitts,
with Rod without half finger*, long and half long.,
Also opening, a new assortment of elegant, latest
style, Paris Fans, with Pearl. Ivory. Bone, and Wood
PeTfumery, Comb, and Fancy Store,
July 15?8t under National Hotel.
Dr. Nathaniel Thnriton'i Office,
ROOM No. 10, In HUman's Temperance House,
on Devis street, Nor HO and 83, Ban Francisco,
California. May 8.
The best article ever used, as hundreds cm testify
in thin oity and surrounding country. Reed! OIL
MAN'S LIQUID HAIR DVE iiutaiUantout/ychang
?? the hair to a brilliant jet Black or glossy Brown,
which Is permanent?does not stain or in any way in
jure the akin. No artlole ever yet invented whioh
will compare with it. We would advise all who have
gray hairs to buy It, for it never fails.?Button 1'oet.
Z. D. OILMAN ChemUt, Washington city, Invent
or and Sole Proprietor.
For sale by Druggists, Hair-Dressers, and Dealers
in Fancy Articles, throughout the United States.
WE have deposited with us, for sale, one of Avery's ?
superior Sowing Machines, and sxe authorized
to dispose of the saufe as a great bargain. This ma
ohine is considered one of the bost now in use. We
annex herewith the recommendation ol some of the
principal wholesale merchant tailors in N cw Yorkoity.
Nkw York, July 30, 1853.
We, the undersigned, do horeby certify that we
have examined the " Aoery Sewing Machine,_ w?d
cheerfully recommend it for its simplicity, durability,
and especially for the peculiar stitch made by it. The
stitch iB original, and in appearance is like the most
perfect and handsome " back-stitching ' We have
thoroughly tested the strength of the sewing, and are
satisfied that the stitch of this machine makes a
stronger and firmer seam than can be made by hand.
We take ploasure in recommending this Machine to
our friends, and to tailors, seamstresses, and families
generally, throughout the country: , ? ,
Boughton A Knapp, Wholesale Dealers in Men s
and Boy's Clothing, 1# Courtlandt st.
Lockwood A DuBols, Merchant Tailors, 568 Broad
**5. A. Gould A Co., Wholesale Dealers in Clothing,
221 Washington st.
J. P. Hull, Mershant Tailor. 553 Broadway.
Dickson A Pettus, Merchant Tailors, 523 Broadway.
Apply at the publication office of tho National Era,
7th street, opposite Odd Fellows'* Hall. Maroh 2.
SOLDIERS who served in the various wars, and
sailors, or their widows or heirs, to whom ar
rears of pay, extra pay, bountv land, pensions, Ac.,
may be due, may And it to their advantage to nay#
tta. .II- a'aNGEWBR,
Attorney and Agent, Washington, D. G
Bounty-land warrants bought and sold
SHIRTS in every variety of style and quality. Gen
tlemen in want of a good-fitting shirt can b?i suit
ed in style, quality, and price, at STEVENS 8
Maroh 7. Sales Room, Brown s Hotel.
HAT. Cap, and Missos' Flat Manufacturer, No. 7
Washington Place, 7th street, between I) and E,
Washington.!). C. ^ap
For Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children.
EEDMONSTON, west sido of 7th street, (noarly
? opposite Odd Follows' Hall,) manufactures to
order, and keeps constantly on hand and for sale, ev
ery article in his lino, of superior quality and at the
lowest prices. The public arc thanked for their past
very liboral patronage, and are assured that no pains
shall be spared to merit a continuance of their favors.
Jan. 13.
AT our splendidly-lighted sales rooms, on Seventh
Btreet, 3 doors north of Pennsylvania avenue, a
choice stock of rich Fanoy Dross Goods, embracing
all the novelties of the season; also, Spring Stylos
Mantelletts, Black Loco Shawls and Scarfs, White
Crape Shawls, Cashmere Scarfs and Shawls, French
Ki t and Silk Gloves, Hosiery and Embroideries, with
a ohoice lot of Linen and Staple Goods in great
abundanoe?all of which will be sold at fair, low
prices. . .
We invite purchasers to call and examino our stock.
Qy Observe that all artiolts are warranted to
April 10 7th street, 3 doors above Pa. av.
BEEBE'S NEW YORK HATS for the spring of
1854. Tho second supply of the above elegant
Hats this day raoeived at STEVENS'S
March 7. Bales Room, Brown's Hotel.
SADDLER, Harness, and Trunk Maker, Pennsyl
vania avenue, a few doors east of the National
Hotel, City of Washington. Jan. 2?Srn^
IF you want a fine, smooth shavo, call at Parker r,
who can now furnish you with one of the celebra
ted Chinese Razors, and five others of the best pat
terns, of Wade A Butcher's make. Also, ton new
patterns of the celebrated Tally Ho Rasors.
One gross of Wade A Butcher s Razors, for barbers,
double concavo ground. PARKER'S ?
Perfumery and Fancy Store,
j. under National Hotel.
PARKER, at his Perftimery and Fancy Store, un
der the National Hotel, Pa. avenue, is just open
ing a now and complete stock of Goods, consisting, in
Ladies and Gent's Paris Kid Gloves, all sues and col
Extracts,from thehousts of Lubin and Prevost, Paris,
and Harrison, Philadelphia;
Genuine Gorman Cologne. Pomatum, BoeuT Marrow ;
Cold Cream, Macassar Oil. W. I. Bay Rum ;
Low s Brown Windsor Soap, Cleaver's Honey Soap;
Lubln's Rose and Musk Soups;
Taylor's Transparent Balls, Ac., Ac
English, French, and American Hair Brushes, in one
hundred different patterns;
' 1, 2, *, 4, and 6 row Tooth Brushes, London made,
for our sales expressly;
Nail and Cloth Brushes, Ac , Ac., Ac.
Tuck Combs, latest Paris styles;
Shell. Buffalo, English *ol?l*pressed Horn and India
Rubber Dressing Combs;
John Fen's premium Ivory fine teeth Combs, sum
I Pocket Combs.
Guerlaln's. Roussel s, and Harrison's Shaving Croam ;
Military Cakes, and all other Shaving Soaj? .
Badger s hair Shaving Brushes, very superior.
Warm!?cito*, March 12, 1849.
We, the undersigned, baring fairly tested Parker's
Metallic Rator Strop Powder, to which the Maryland
Institute has awarded a premium, tak^groat pleastiro
in certifying that it will keep the Rator in fine, smooth
shaving order, without the use of hone.
J Macpherson Brrrirn, U. S. Senator.
W. W. Kraton, Mayor of Washington.
W. 8. Arciirr, House of Representatives.
Rev T M. Prasi, Washington City.
Thomas J. Rt;*?, U. Statoe Senator.
Hiram Walbridge, Esa., New York city.
Wade A Butcher's, of our own importation ;
Tally-Ho, from 25 cents to $1.25 oaoh.
Rasors imported to order, and all warranted.
Jan 2?d j
~ ^ M. SNYDER,
BANKER and Exchange Broker. National Hotel
Building, Pennsylvania avonue, Washington
city, D. C. n"
nENRY JANNEY'8 Boot and Shoe Store and
Manufactory, for tho last ten years located on
8th street, near tho General Post Office, was removed
to Pennsylvania Avenue, between Browns Hotel anU
7th street, where the proprietor has spared no pains
or expense in fitting up an establishment comroensu- |
rate with the groat incroase in the business of the
h?Tho subscriber tenders his most eordial and grate
ful acknowledgments to his friends and patrons for
tholr long-continued favors, and will be pleased to
meet them in his new house. ? r, . .
I have a very well-assorted stock of Boots and
Shoes, of French, New York, Eastern, and my own
make, embracing every style and variety, to which I
invite tho attontion of members of Congress, and oitt
tons generally. HENRY JiNNftY.
Penn. av., north side, between Browns Hotel
Jan. 2 and 7th st., third door from the latter.
From the UnUed Statu Argvt.
To those persons who may visit Washington, and
are in want of a boot that cannot be excelled, either
in quality or workmanship, we would enll their atten
tion to the oard of Henry Janney, to bo found under
the head of " Washington." A handsomo and noat
ly-made boot is not at all times a source of pleasure
to the woarer, but often one of extreme torture; this
is caused by the bungling manner In whioh the boot
Is fitted to the foot Mr. Janney has devotedI much
of his time In studying the construction of the human
foot, In order to ascertain how a boot should be cut
and fitted, that will be perfectly easy to all parts or
the foot- In this ho has succeeded, so that it niatters
not what may be the shape of, 6r the number of corns
on the foot, his boot Is perfectly easy. Thus he has
i combined beauty with comfort.
U3T" We are again publishing advartwemenia of
A) er'a Choi ry Peou>rid. This medicine is taking a
vury strong hold upon the good opinion of the poople.
It ia regarded generally aa a most excellent remedy
for Pulmonary Complaint*, Cough*, auA Colds.
Ilaving found it an excellent medicine, we cheer
fully endorse it?Miscellany, Detroit.
Commencement ef the Mecou<i Quarter ol a Century!
Something Very Fine !
TilK July Number ofGodey s Lady'a Book ia pub
lished, and contains, aa uaual, a greater assort
uient of artieicn for Ladiea, not only for show, but uae,
than oan be found in any otber periodical in the
Tbe unrivalled Colored Fashions, to be found in
do otber publication ?Front for a Lady's Cabinet?
Children's Dresses.?'The Medora and Zulima Man
tlea.?Embroidery, with Cord.?Insertion for 8hirt
Fronta?Embroidery for Shirta.?Braid Patterns ?
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing?The Wild
Flowers of the Month.?The Papyrus.?The Poignor..
Basques, Chemisettes, and Under Sleeves.? Bonnet
Preserver.?Initial Letters.?Chestnut Basket, for the
Centre Table. ? Coral-broidered Handkerchief ?.
Braid Pattern.?Head Drosses, Ac.
A Splendid Line Engraving, Noah and the Dotm.?
Gal lantry?Musio.?A Day at a Ship Yard, with
Engravings.?Farm House, with Engravings.?Life
of Columbus.?Godey's Invaluable and Seasonable
Recipes ? Confectionary?Ice Cream; and Puddinga.
{?jr- Thin No. will be sent on recoipt of 25 cents.
One oopy, one year $3
Two do. do. 5
Five copies, one year, and an extra oopy to the
peraon aending the olub - ? ? ? - 10
Eight oopies, one year, do. do, do. 16
Eleven oopiea, one year, do- do. do 30
Oy Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home
Magaxine will both be seat one year for $3.50.
June 10?3t No. 113 Chestnut at., Phil.
THE Board of Trustees, at their meeting held May
8, 1851, adopted the following plan of Endow
1. The payment of $20 shall endow a single schol
arship, which will entitle the subscriber to the tuition
of one studont during four yeari.
2. The payment of $25 snail endow a single schol
arship, whion will entitle the subscriber to the tuition
of one student during the entire course, or six years,
including the preparatory studies
3. The payment of $50 shall endow a family schol
arship, which shall entitle the subscriber to the tuition
of bis own sons, or those of any family ho may desig
nate, or to the tuition amounting to twelve years of
any students he may select
4. The payment of $100 shall endow a scholarship
for forty years, or shall entitle tbe subscriber to the
tuition, amounting in all to forty yeari, of such
persons'an be may select.
Subscriptions, on the above conditions, shall not
be binding on subscribers, nor shall the College bo
required to fulfil its part of tho contract, until a sum
from $30,000 to $00,000 shall have been subscribed;
at which time the books shall be olosed, the subscrip
tions become due and bear interest, and the subscri
bers shall then be ontitlod to tho privileges of schol
arships, aa above stated.
The Trustees will then issue certificates, signed by
the President and Socrotary of tbe Board, guaranty
ing to tho subscribers tho privileges above enumera
ted, aocording to (heir respective subscriptions, which
subscriptions shall bo transf/trabU, aa othor property:
Provided, always, That notice be given of their trans
fer ; and these certificates shall be delivered to the
subaoribera upon the payment of their subscriptions.
The subscribers will not be required to pay tbeir
subscriptions until thoee fnonths' notice shall have
been givon in the public papers '?
By ordor of the Board of Trustees of Geneva Hal),
done this 8th day of May, 1854.
President of Board of Trustees.
June 29. Secretary of the, Board.
SPRING Fashion for 1854, with other new and
beautiful styles. A full assortment in store at
LANE'S Fashionable l!at,.Cnp,
and Gents Furnishing Establishment,
March 8. Penn, av., near 4| street.
DR. KNAPP, Oculist, at No. 140 Main street, Buf
falo, New York, restores sight to the Blind with
ohemical vapors, externally applied. This new
method, causing no /win, is at once remarkable and
successful. Several forms of blindness are removed
by this treatment, that heretofore have been incura
ble. March 27.
crime; but to remain gray when it is unfash
ionable, and so fine an opportunity offers to restore
your "rich ambrosial locks," in all their pristine
vigor and beauty, in three minutes, without injury
to the h/tir or skin, by applying John A. Jones' Im
5roved National Hair Dye, is but little short of crime.
herefore, don't delay. A nr. lied and for sale by tbe
original inventor of Liquid Hair Dye in this country.
2.?East Baltimore at, bet. Front and High.
0"JT Alao, for sale at all the respectable Druggists
and Fancy Stores in every city and town throughout
the Union. April 14.
A GOOD Stock Firm, of ISO acre*, with dwelling
orchard, spring, <to., *11 seeded in grass or grain,
near to Bloonilngton, Indiana, the seat of Indiana
University, of two Female Colleges, and otherschools
Term* easy. Alio, 12 miles west of tbis, a good Mil)
Seat, with abundant water, good timber, numerous
customers, and a poor mill, feebly grinding and (aw
ing now. Thii I will either sell or let on shares, to
a man competent to erect a good mill?a rare open
ing for akill, with small capital. Address me at
Bloomington, Indiana. M. M. CAMPBELL.
Jane 12.
THIS well known establishment is atill carried on
under the personal superintendence of the under
signed, by whom alV the imcmiivt drawioga, docu
incnts, and specifioationa. for Patents, Caveats, I'e
signs. Foreign Patents, Ac , are prepared with the
utmoat fidelity and despatch, on very moderate terms
Persona wishing for advice relative to Patenta or
Inrentiona may at all times consult the nndersigne<i
without rhurgr, either personally at bis office, or by I
letter. To those living at a distance, he would state,
that all the needful steps necessary to secure a Pat
ent, can be arranged by lettor, just us well as if the
party were present, and the expense of a jour.vy be
thua saved When parties wish to be informed as to
tbe probability of being enabled to obtain Patents, it
will be necessary for them to forward by mail a
rough outline sketch and description of the invention
No fee or charge is made for aucb examinations.
Private consultations held daily with Inventera.
from 9 A M. to & P. M. All consultations and busi
ness strictly prirate and confidential.
Modela from a distance may be aent by express or |
For further information, apply to, or address, post
Editor and Proprietor of the People*! Journal |
Solicitor of American an I Foreign Patenta,
P'opW s Patent Offirt, 8(1 Ntu?au ft.. Nrw York
TIIE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL, a record of Science,
Mechanioa, Invention, and Agriculture. Published
Monthly. Every number oontains 32 pnges, beaut)
folly printed, oa fino piper, and profusely illustrated
with splondid engravings, forming at the end of every
year two fine volumes, comprising nearly 400 pages,
with about six hundred elegant engravings. Terms
only one. dollar a yw, sent by mail, specimen
17RANK LESLIE S Ladte, Gazette of Paris, Lon
L don, and New York Fashions. Published on the
first of every month, containing all the Newest Fash
ions in every department of Ladies' and Children's
Costume, Jewelry, Ornaments, Furniture, Ac. The
aise is large quarto, being twice the site of the Paris
Fashion Books, is printed on superb paper of tbe
finest manufacture, aud proftisely illustrated with
over Oris Hundrtd Engraving*; in addition to
which, each part will contain a splendid Color ml
Piatt, alone worth more than the price charged for
the whole part. Arrangements have been completed
in Paris, whereby the Newest Fashiona will appear in
thia work before the Paris Fashion Books are receiv- |
ed by the steamer. No. 1 was issued on January 1st,
It is by fa#the best Fashion Book issued In this
country We oordially recommend it.? N. Y. Da*ly
Timf* Takes the highest rank among all journals of
Its class.?N. Y. TriJntn?. This is a soDerb work ? J
lint ton Trannriut. It is the best recora of the fash
ions now published.?Stin/iof Timss, Philadelphia
It oontains all the newest fashiona, and a colored
plate of great beiuty.?Ilomr Journal.
One copy, one year, $.1, two do . $6 ; fonr do., #fl
One copy of the Garotte, and one copy of Harper ?,
Putnam's, or Graham's Magasines, one year, $5.
Office No. A John street, and all Booksellers in tbe
United States and Canadas. March 24
BOOK and Pamphlet Printing executed by BUKLL
? A ULANCIIARD, Sixth street, Washington. 1
Copies 1)1 cents. Address as above.
Tkii Remarkable Work has reached its Fifth
, Edition, i/i the brief spate of Four Monthsf
A success unprecedented in J'heological Pub
1 luattous!
AN impression ban already been produced by tliis
masterly trealise, the moat profound, wide
{ reaching, and periuaueot.
It is porfeetly manifest to all competent observers,
I that we are upon the eve of a theological discussion,
the moat comprehensive, radical, and portentous, the
world has ever seen. To tbia discussion this book
leads the way, with a momentum irresistible. There
is not a question iu Thuology which ia not destined
to come up for a new and thorough settlement in the
light of this dual development
All those who have Theologioal doubts and difll
oultics should examine the (solution this work afforda.
Thoao who have no doubts, but who wiah to study
the history of opiniona in the past, and to keep pace
with the developments of opinion iu the future, will
grievously orr if they neglect to make themselves fa
miliar with this book. It containa the seeds of the
thinkinga and debating! of the next hundred years.
The reception of this work by the The logical
press of the country, haa been signilloaut. Equally
uooliniig to accept his conclusion, thoy do it on op
posite and contradictory grounds. One balf of the
Theologioal press endorses the major premise of the
argument, and denios the minor. The other half en
dorses the minor, and denies the major. And as they
are probably both right in their positive element, and
wrong in their negative, the work has received a Vir
tual Endorsement of the most powerful kind.
Ab regards the ability of tho work, and its claims
on the attention of all, the following extraots may
From the Princeton Repertory?Old School Orthodox.
It is characterised by groat ability, by an earnest
spirit, by frankness, candor, and oourtesy. It has a
?>eoial interest for us. Wu haii, it as an ally.
he author shuts his readers up to the ohoice between
Orthodoxy and the dootrlno of Pre-Existonoe.
From the Umversalist Quarterly and General Re
view, Jan., 1854.
We have the novel spectacle of a man clinging
with a masterly grasp to all the fundamentals of Or
thodoxy, * * * jet dealing it a blow beneath
which it reels.
It would be dlffioalt to find within the limits of a
hundred pagee any treatise or essay that can com
pare in importance with this analysis (1). iv) of Or
thodox doctriaes. Dr. Beecher has struck upon the
right principle in his theory of typical interpretation,
in the fifth of Romans.
National Era.
This work has caused a groat commotion among
the D D.'i in our land. It merits their attention.
N. Y. Tribune.
The most significant work on Theology which has
appeared of late.
In many respects, this volume is one of the most
curious, as well as one of the moat suggestive, pro
ductions of modern American Theology.
Philiuletphia Prmbyterian Quarterly, Nttw School.
Able it unquestionably is.
Westminster Revictv, England.
The "Conflict of Ages" is, in effect, a protest
against Calvinism by one of the leading Calvinistic
divines of New England.
JJoston Congregationalism
A very unsafe book for hercsiarobs to put into
tho hands of cither Unirersalist or Unitarian of real
and manly mind, accustomed to deep and serious
thought. ^Vbatever else he may be or may not be,
he will nover be eithor an ancient Sooinian or a mod
ern Universalist.
May 26. Publishers. Boston.
12mo.* Priu SI.
IT is the history of an adopted child, and such a his
tory as must soften the heart and awaken the pity
of every reader. It is a story and yet a sermon
Taking tho little Vara by tho band, and leading hor
throngh the oorridors of an eventful life, it loaves up
on the mind a genial and lasting impression. Which
will prove of service. We hope to see it oirculated
widely.?Buffalo Express.
We predict for it an immense sale, and venture to
announce the author as a worthy addition to the few
distinguished Americkn authors. As a work of art,
wo place it hi^h. Independently of any aim of plot,
the language is both chasto and ornate, frequently
pathetic, often humorous. The characters are drawn
with great skill, and we can find originals in our mind,
who seem to be here carefully pictured.?Newark
A tale of exquisite pathos.? Watchman.
Written with remarkable spirit?Presbyterian.
The book will be found profitable in every pious
family.?Christian. Chronicle.
A pure and evangelical spirit runs through the en
tire work.?New 1 or It Observer.
Just published by
New York.
Qy This work will l>e sent by mail, postage pre
paid, to those who send ua a dollar. May 31?3t
WHOLESALE and retail premium ready made
shirt and collar manufactory, and gentlemen's
furniahingstore, No*. 7 and V North Sixth street, Phil
adelphia. On haud a large assortment of shirt*, col
lars, drew stocks, gloves, hosiery, Ac., which we will
?ell at the lowest cash prices.
Shirt* and wrappers made to order by measure
meat, and warranted to gire satisfaction.
Jan. 30?3m H. C. WALBORN
THE aabaoribers beg leave respectfully to invite
the attention of the ladies of the city and vicini
ty to the following now and rich Goods, which have
jut been received, vit:
50 dresses extra rich Brocade Silka, for evenings
76 do. do. do. street;
25 do. do. Mora antique, watered;
16 do. do. Mora antique, brocade;
10 do. do. black Brocade Silk ;
12 do. do. flounced Brocade Silks;
10 pieces light-colored plain Poult de Soie;
25 do. very rich plaid Silka;
25 do. Silk Illusions, for party dresses, all col'*;
SO do. waUired and plain real Irish Poplins;
160 new style Paris-trimined Chemisettes * Sleeves,
in seta.
250 do. French embroidered Collars.
60 do. Frenoh embroidered cambric Chemi
settes and Sleeves, in aets ;
75 French embroidered Chemisettes and Sleeves,
trimmed with Maltese, Honiton, and Valon
ciennes Lacoa, very cheap;
150 pairs embroidered muslin and cambric Sleeves,
250 Frenoh embroidered Iiandk'fs a great variety;
300 pieces English and French Thread Laces;
25 velvet Cloaks, latest style ; .
25 embroidered cloth Cloaks, latest ctyle ,
25 plain and trimmed cloth Cloaks,
50 small Persian Soarfa, for the neck;
60 long Cashmere Shawls;
25 richly-embroidered white crap* Shawls,
Together with a great variety of new and elegant
articles appropriate to tho season ; all of which we
aro enabled to offer at reduced prices, having taken
advantage of the advanced season to make our pur
chiwes [Jan 2 ] nOOE, BROTHER, A CO.
PERSONS visiting Washington, and in want ol
Boots or Shoes, ar* invited to call and oxamine
my stock, which comprises as good an assortment of
Ladiea,' Gentlemen's, Boys', Youth's, Miases, and
Children's Shoes, as can be fonnd in the city. Prices
moderate. JOHN A. Rl'FF, Penn. avonue,
Jan. 11. Between 4| and 0th sts , Washington.
IN plain and hunting caaea. of every variety cf style
and site.
Ladies' Watches, of new and elegant styles, jnst
received from the manufactory of Charles Frodshain.
84 Strand. London. *
Also, Watchea from the most celebrated London
and Swiaa maker*. For aale by
Jan. 2?d No. 9 Congress street. Boston.
WE have now ? complete assortment of the India
Rubber Combs, of all kinds, wholesale and ro
Five gross of Children's Round Comb*.
Five gross of th* Ave patterns of Dressing Comb*
May 2 Comb, P*rfumery, and Fancy Store.
JUST opening, a handsome aaeortment of the latest
patterns of Frenoh Tack Combs, in shell and buf
falo Alao, ten new pattern shell and buffalo Dres*
ir\g comb*.
Brushes 1 Brushes ! ! Brushes ! ! /
Just opening, a very largo and splendid assortment
of F.nglir.h, Frenoh, and American Hair Brashes. In
one hundred new style*, amonc which am a few One
ivory and buffalo backs. PARKER'S
Fancy, Perftamery, and Comb Store,
May 2. nnder National Hotel.
? tuk wbrt h is NO LITBRATCRE!"
THK WKST oomiaenee? with the July number,
1854 This Periodical was established flu' the pur
pose of encouraging and'introducing to the publto
" Tho West hue no literature," wan rcmfcrkod by a
proiuinout speaker in a public assembly, not a long
time since. Tho Went has a literature-u litorature
of hor owu?frenh, bold, vigorous and beautiful?not
refined into stupidity, not degenerated into obsceni
ty?but looming up like hor own mountain*, lertile
as hor rich soil, attractive as her blooming prairisa.
It has been the ohjoot of the Gonius ti gather in the
ohoioest productions of this litorature, and to send
thorn forth again, to encourage, to please, and to in
struct. It is not surprising that the public have re
irardrd this object with extraordinary favor-? favor
which is evidenced by tho remarkable success of the
Genius of tho West. It has elicited the attention
and admiration of cultivated minds in all parti of the
country, Krom South Carolina, from New England,
from Oregon, from every quarter where it has boooiuo
known, there come eager culls for the Gouius, ac
companied with words ot suoh enthusiastic commend
ation, tth may well in the editors, d8 well a*
contributors, feelings of pride and pleasure.
On the heols of this success, Mr. Durham, the pro
jootor of this enterprise, is enabled to announoe, lor
the forthcoming volume,
Foremost, he has had tho good fortune to associate
with him Prof. Coatbb KiNREr, who has purchased
an interest in the Oenius, and will hereafter devote
his whole attention to its pages. Among the poets
and pros* writers of the West, Mr. Kinne y is con
spicuous In the foromost rank; and the enlistment or
his pon in tho oditonal department cannot fail to ex
cite a deeper and still wider interest in the minds of
the reading public.
The typographical execution of the work has also
been improved, and so arranged as to afford a much
greater amount of reading matter, without any ad
vance in prioe ... j
New and Taluable contributors have been engaged,
whose contributions will enrich tho rages of the new
V?Tho*proprietors being now established in a print
ing office of their own, it will be their objeot to ex
tend the circulation of the Genius of the west every
where, and thoy earnestly tollok the assistance of all
who derive pleasuro from literature, and especially
of those who desire to encourage the growth of lit
erature in tho West, which shall command the respect
of tbo world. .....
The Genius ofjtho West is published monthly, ror
al octavo form, thirty-two pages, superior paper and
typography, and handsome cover. Each nrnnbor is
splendidly illustrated.
Postmasters and others are rcspoctfully requested
to act as agents in procuring subscribers. Agents
sending five subscribers will receive ono copy one
year ,/ree.
Terms?$1 per annum, in advance.
p-~7- Letters and communications may be address
ed post paid, to cither of the editors, or to
' P 1 C. S. ABBOTT, Publisher,
Office of Genius of the West, 141 Main street,
June 16. 0Dtr Citizens Bank.
I WILL return, if you don't gut one dollar's worth,
at leapt. Also, the best of references can be giv
^Only* okk dollar, *po8t Paid- 10 M J. u??r'
Crawfordsville, Indiana, buys my new copyright edi
tion, containing a selection of the most of the follo w
ing " Ways to Make Money." Ac.: L. M. E. Cook a
"All and More Together," Wagon's 25. Bowman s
<13. Weston's 5?, L. F. Dow's .0, Biglow s 77, Ned
Dow's 100, the famous 110, 124 Long 4 Co. a, Ste
vens's, Short A Co.'a, Duval'a, Goe A Co a,.to., Ac.
Several of these aro advertised to soil from $5 to
$76 each, and to yield from $3 to $8, from $5 to $10,
and from $0 to $12, por day ; and from 200 to 600,
and oven to 1,000 per cent.?honest and easy profits,
with small capital. Both sexes, and all capacities^
and especially students and young men, furnished
with employment. , , ?
You may think this is all humbug; yet, bating all
exseeeratioo, the simple information alone is worth
more than the price of the book to every man and
woman in the land. And, besides, I will do as 1
said at first. I will also send, gratis, to all purchasers
of the above, who requost it, a fine CHAHCE-in
structions In a n?w, easy, and honest business, that
yields enormous profits, with small capital.
Money, properly encloied, sent by mail, at
fry* Two copies, gratia, to thoae who will secure,
in any weekly paper, one dollar's worth of insertions
of the above and this notioe, togetlnr with a com
mendatory editorial notioe theroof. I will[
two copios on my recoiving tho paper publishing the
advertisement. _June 12~2t _
THIS Book cont ins the Articles of Faith of the
principal Churches in the United States, com
piled from the authorised edit ons, by Rev. L. 1>.
Davis. Any person can receive the work, free of ex
pense, by enclosing by mail, post paid, 60 cents, to
the subscriber, at Cortland, Cortland oo., New Y?k
Jane 10.
Who Seek their Svpvlus in our Markit.^
,NE PRICE ONLY. Wo aro now in our NlvW
v./ STORK, which was erected expres-ly for us. We
think it the roost comfortable and best lighted store
room in the city ; and with increased room. iuAMea.
and experience, docmod quite ample, we Bhall deal
largely in
foreign and domestic dry goods,
of every style, all of the best qualities, and for which
wo shall have oru price only.
Wc shall sell cheapor than wo ever have done; anu
in having ono price only (which, in our opinion, is
the only lair and equiteble way of doing business) we
ghall maintain our self-rospect, which ta above al
price or success Moreover, we expect to reta.n ail
the trade of those prompt customers who have made
their purchases of us for some years past, and doubt
leas we shall have a large aocosaion of new customers,
who prefer to buy where one fasr prtce onl> ts asUU.
We feel that oor simple word is requisite only to
satisfy our former customers that tho onewpnco sys
tem is tho correct ono, and to their advantage; and
we do not hesitate to assert our belief that all candid
and intelligent persons will, after an impartial exam
ination of [trices, fabric, and stylos, give a one price
.tore the preference. Thoao who are not judges Of
roods cannot fail to be impressed at once with the
manifold and vast advantage, to the purchaser re
suiting from tho adoption in faUk .of lh*
nrter system ; it necessarily insures low pricoa to the
purchaser, for it becomes absolutely necessary to meet
at tho start *11 competition that can be offered in
PrOw scale of price, will be so low, and the profits so
small, that we cannot and will not sell but for_ tho
rash or to customers who pay promptly, lor those
who purchase very largely, or to tell *g*m, reduc
tions will be made. i_
The public aro cordially and moat rospectrully IB*
vitcd to call at all tiroos and examine our stock.
PKRRY A BROTHER. "Central Btores,
Jan 2?d (Op. Centre Market.< Washington Citv
tldridge * Hill Boarding School,
For Young Men and Boy*.
THIS Instituiion la pleasantly situated, on * hl*h
elevation,in a healthy, well-improved. Mid high
ly flourishing neighborhood. Salem county, New Jer
tey The Summer Seasion will commence on the zw
of the 5th month. (May,) 1864, and oontinue twenty
two weeks. ... , ?
The usual branches of a liberal and thorough Kng
lish education will be taught.
Term*.?$M per session
For circulars, Ac., add* ess
March A ?3m Eldridge's^llill. Sslem co.. if. J
Coudersport, Potter county, Penn. Jan 2?
GOOD Wages will be paid to a colored woman com
petent to do the work of a small family Inquire
over Mr. Edmonston's Shoo Store, 7th street, near E
Jan. J?d3t
GENERAL AGENCY and Insurance Office, S Co
lumbia Place, (2 doors north of Louisiana ave
nue.) Seventh street, (east side.) Washington. D
Claims before Congress and the different Pepart
Jan ??d
Boston Hemp Manufacturing Company.
of Rigging, and Manilla Cordage ; American, Russia
and Manilla Hemp, for sale
jan A?d.Hm No 152 Commercial St.,. Boston.^
AVING become a permanent lejWent of this
city, respectfully Invites the public to vialt^ his
| Studio and Gallery, in the Sd stofy of^Miyor Mofit
j building 4J street, second door from . hillingt >n s.
May T?-eod7t __
UNPARALLELED and honest profiU, with a smal
'capital ,t .,r particulars, address, P<?rt JP?^, Bo*l
| V3, Crawfordsville, Indiana. April 27?Bt
A Choice Periodical for One Dollar a Year /
and a Present to Every Subscriber.
Twenty-five Thoiuand Dollars in Premium*!
A Hatultovu Gratuity may iww be obtained by tub
scribing for the
A MontMj Parlor Journal. On* Dollar a year, five
oopies for $4, twenty-five oopies for $20.
Office, 434 Broadway.
WK abound io inagasinei and newipapera, raited
to the want* and tastes of all olaaaea, yet the
thirst for mental recreation and intelligence, which
ia one of the characteristic! of our people, raooar
ago* as in the belief that another well-conducted
publication will be amply sustained.
Competition, which has been called " the life of
trade,'' is now such in the periodical line, that, by
the ordinary mod*, it is a haiardous undertaking to
the publisher to attempt, even with a large oapital,
to establish a ma&asine or paper. Not uut'renuently,
thousands of dollars are expended before it is made
to yield a profit ,? and it has become a settled princi
ple, that subscribers must be paid for, in one way or
another. Periodicals are remunerative only when
tLey baro a large circulation, and Premiums are oom
monly given to increase subscription lifts.
We design to furnish a hsndsomely-printod, high
toned, witty, entertaining, and instructive Quarto,
(a suitable form for bindicg,) which in one ytar will
oomprise a Urge amount or usefhl information, and
as a reflex of the times and a record of current events
wili be found worthy of preservation. Intending it
to be, juost emphatically, a paper for the people, we
shall advocate their rights, their interests, their wel
fare ; our motto being " the greatest good to the
largest number " The yearly subscription has been
fixed at one dollar, or five oopies for four dollars,
twenty-five oopies for twenty dollars?all to on* ad
Gratuities, or premiums, amounting in the aggre
gate to twenty-five thousand dollars, will be returned
to the first fifty thousand subscribers, vix:
A beautif ul Villa Residence in Westchester county,
one hour from New York?dwelling, stable, cut
houses, gardener's lodge, Ao., in the Italian style
of architecture .... - $5,000
An unique and very pretty Cottage Resi
dence in the same locality, with a large
garden plot, outhouses, 4c., complete and
in approved taste 2,600
[These will be purchased of the aubaoribera
to whom they may be awarded, for oaah,
at those pricea.J
A Perpetual Loan, without security or in
terest 1,600
A Perpetual Loan, without security or in
terest - 1,000
A Perpetual Loan, without security or in
terest too
A "Jules Gurgnnseti" fine Gold Watch,
warranted a perfect time keeper ? - 250
A " Cooper " fine gold Lever Watch - - 200
A fine gold Pocket Chroiwmeter . - 150
A fine gold superior high-finish Wateh ? 120
A fine gold elegant do. do. - 100
5 fine gold do do. Watches - 400
5 fine goltl Ladies' Diamond do. - 300
5 fine gold Ijodtes' Enamel do. - 200
5 beautiful Gold Lockets .... 50
1 Ladies' Pushionable Gold Set, comprising
Bracelets, Ear-rings, and Pin . - 75
1 do. do. do. - 60
1 do. do. do. ? 50
1 do. do. do. ? 40
1 do. do. do. - 25
50 fine gold heavy Pens and Pencils - 800
50 fine gold do. do. - 250
50 fine gold do. do. - 200
[All of which may be aeen at G. G. Allen's,
No. 11 Wall street, New York.]
A magnificent Rum icuod Piano ? 600
A superb do. do. ... 400
An elegant do. do. ... 350
A superior do. do. ... 300
An excellent do do. ... 260
[To be seen at Horace Watera'i, 333
Broadway, New York.)
100 copies of " The Book of the Poets,"
illasirated by a series of 40 splen
did steel engravings by the first
artists. 8vo. Elegantly bound
and gilt ..... 600
20,000 oopies of " Dr. Ure's Pocket Cyclo
pediaa book of reference for
all classes, containing all the most
valuable Receipts ... 2,250
20,000 oopies of" The Treasury of Knowl
edge, 2,200
6,000fine Steel Engravings, " Portraits
of the Preeident* to the present
time 600
4,500 fine Steel Engravings, " A Complete
View of the City of New York
and Environa" - - - . 450
60 subscriptions for a year to Harper's
Magaxine 130
60 sabscriptions for a year to Gleaaon'a
Pictorial ..... 160
60 subscriptions for a year to Godey'a
Lady's Book - ? - 150
60 subscriptions for a year to Putnama
Monthly 150
60,000 Oifta, amounting to ... f22,000
Premiums to Agents and other Canvassers.
To the agent or other person who forwarda
the largest list of subscribers - - - 1,000
To tbo agent or ether person who serd# the
next largest list ..... son
I To the agent or other person who sends the
next largest list ..... 300
| To tho agunt or other person who sends the
next largest list 200
To the agent or other person who aenda the
next largest lint ..... 100
To the agent or other person who sends the
next largest list 60
To those ?no send the ten next largest lista,
each $20 200
To those who send tne twenty next largest
lists, each $10 200
I To those whj send the fifty next largest lista,
each #4 - 200
To those who tend the fifty next largest lists,
each $3 160
To these who send the fifty next largest lista,
each $2 100
Total of Gifta $25,000
Ample arrangementa having been made for filling
up the subscription list without delay, it is confident
ly believed that the Preniamt will be distributed
before the 4th of July Due notice will be given of
the progroas made, that the rulterribora may appoint
a commi'tee of their own nutr-ber to receive them.
| Receipts for subscriptions, numbered from ooe to
I fifty thoii'ond. are promptly forwarded to tho order
| of subscribers or agents.
Poetmastcrs and l'eriodtcml Agent' are specially
! authorised to receive aou remit subscriptions, and
I all other prrton* are ievi'ed to take an interest ia the
j publication, each receiving twenty per oent. commis
' rion for their tronble. which they can retain from
| their remittance*, or receive in lieu five copies of tho
Courtsr and five nurnhired receipts for four dollars.
They also become competitor* for the $3,000 eaeh
premiums to be given, when the required number of
fifty thousand has been attained, to thoae who for
1 ward the largest lists of subscribers. A careful ree
i ord will l>e kept of the number sent by each, and tho
: Premiums will be impartially swarded. A little ex
ertion may secur* one of them the handsome gratuity
of $1,000.
Subscribers will please be particular and mention
in their letter* the Post Office, County, and State, to
which the paper and their receipt Is to be mailed,
that no disappointment may occur.
All Utter* must b* prepaid, and addressed
May 20 434 Broadway. N York.
PATIENTS may be dailr at Dt Knapp* lye
Infirmary. No 140 Main ?treet, Buffalo, N V ,
who are ?l>t?tninK their right by having chemical n
port applied externally, and causing no patm wbat
ever. May 8.
ft. s. w IU 'A V?h
AturatT and CmmaIIot at Mir, Wuhlafin Ctty,
PRACTICB5 in tba Court* of tha District of Co
lamhia, and before tba Department* of tba flor
?rnmant. 0?<??< over Banking Uonaa of Seldon, With
am. A On. Jaw tf
IMPORTiKT to toimi m ?n.
I-1 OFFER for Mia upward* of thirty different Re
ceipt*. many of irtlich havi? baan told tha paat yaar
for five dollar* apeice, aad tha whole comprising to
many different way* to make money. In tha *afe of
ona of tha artiolo* alone. I have known yonng men
tba patt vaar to make from five to twelve dollar* par
day; and in the manufacture and pale of any ona of
the article*, no young man of energy and ability oan
fail to make money. Add ret# K BOWM AN, Bo*to
Matt, encloting one dollar, and the whole nnmbe. ?
Receipt* will be forwarded bv mail. No letter taken
from the office nnle** prepaid March 1.
\LL nimort to the contrary, continue* to raceive
patient*, for whoae recovery Mid comfort the on.
dartignad pledge themtelret to *pare no pain*, to
that tbey may maintain tha fame of the establish
mcnt. It* provision* for hydropathic parpotaa are
nnrivailed, and iU rapply of pare. *oft water I* abun
dint, cool, and palatable at all aaaton*, without tba
Dr. K L Lxwintoai.. Reticent Physician.
Mrs. f. Wrssklbokft, PropriatraM
March 24.

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