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DEt\?31Bi:R. 21, I8C9.
[ Xo. 20.
.. .... .. . . .
Printed by J. C. DUN* tor the IV. A. Association.
TfelRMS.?Subscriptions foi one year, $2 50 In advance,
or $3 00 if paid at the end of three months. For six
months, $1 50 in advance. Advertisements inserted at
the usual rates.
All letters relating to the pecuniary interests of tho Pa
per to be addressed, postage paid, to the Publisher,
All letters relative to the Editorial department lo he di
directed, postage paid, to the Editor of the Native American.
Those subscribers for a year, who do not give notice of
their wish to have the paper discontinued at the end of
their year, will be presumed as desiring: its continuance
until countermanded, and it will accordingly be contin
ued at (he option of the publisher.
unlive Balsam is a certain, safe, and effectual rem
edy fordysentery, diarrhcca, or losieness, cholera morbus,,
summer complaint, colic, griping pains, sour stomach,
flatulency, See. 8tc. and all spasmodic and nervous dis
eases, as sick and nervous headache, hysteria, cramp
kc. &c.
From Dr. M. L. Knapp, late physician to the Baltimore
Dispen?ary, and agent for the Maryland Vaccine Insti
tution. Baltimore, March 27,1833.
Dr. Jayne : Dear Sir : You ask me what proofs I
meet with of tiic efficacy of } ou medicine. I can safely
pay that I never prescribed a medicine for bowel complalints
that has given me so much satisfaction, and my patients so
speedy arid perfect reliefas this. Whenever introduced info
a family, it becomes a standing remedy for those ailments,
and is called for again and.again, which I think a pretty
/jood proof of its efficacy "lid usefulness. In the sum
mer complaints ol children it has frequently appeared to
snatch the little victims, a:? it were, from the grave. " It
saved the life of my child, and of such and such a child,"
I have repeatedly heard said. In dysenteric affections
of adults, I have time and agr.in seen it act like a charm,
and give permanent telief in a few hours, I may say in a
few minutes. In fin' it is a valuable medicine, and no
family should be without #. Respectfully,
M. L. KNAPP, M. D.
From Dr. Wm. Steeling, Physician to the Cumberland,
N. J. Almshouse.
Bridgetown," July 19, 1835.
This may certify that I have used Dr. Jayne's Carmi
native Balsam very extensively in bowel complaints, and
have not the least hesitation in declaring it superior fo
any preparation that 1 have met with for th<4 relief of
those diseases. WILLIAM STEELING, M. D.
From Johnathan Going, I). D. late of New York, Presi
dent of Granvilie College, Ohio.
New York, May 20, 1S37.
Dn. D. Jaynk : Dear Sir : Having made use of your
Carminative Balsam in my family, and finding if to be
admirably adapted to the complaints for which it is in
tended, I take pleasure in recommending it to the use of
my friends and the Public generally,believing those who
are afflicted with any of these complaints will find relief'
in the use of this valuabie medicine.
From the Rev. H. Iv. Greene, Professor in the Geiman
town Collegiate Institute.
Gebv.antow.w April 30, 1838.
Dr. Jayne : My Dear Sir : It givea me pleasure to'
communicate in this manner, my favorable opinion of
your Carminative Balsam. For two years it has been in
almost constant use in my family. It was thus intro
duced : A child of five years old had been sick some
five or six days with the dysentery. Calomel and other
medicines had been largely administered, but without
the least apparent benefit. The peculiar discharges from
the bowels were unchanged in both character and fre
quency ; the strength of the little patient could not hold
out much longer. At this juncture, 1 was reminded by a
friend of your Balsam. After a portion of castor oil, il
was administered several times through the night. In
the morning, the physician found the discharges essenti
ally changed ; the disease was checked, nay, removed ;
all other medicines were discontinued, and the child was
soon restored to usual health. We have ever since kept
this invaluable medicine on hand, and for both adults and
children have found it uniformly efficacious. We readily
pronounce it the best adapted to family use of all the
preparations with which we are acquainted Hoping
that the public will soon become universally acquainted
with this medicine, I remain yours, &.c.
It may be had wholesale and retail at TODD'S Drug Store.
August 3.
ANDERSON'S polishing PASTE -For polish
ing plateil ware, brass, and other metals, Ander
son's Composition has attained a high celebrity. The
following testimonials, from many, are selected?
This is to certify, that we have used Mr. Anderson'
Composition lor cleaning brass and other metals; also,
plate powder, which we approve of and vend, wholesale
to our customers. STEKL Ik. WARREN,
Hardware Merchants, A-.bany
This is to certify, that wc have made use of Mr. A
derson's Composition for cleaning silver and brass plate
and have no hesitation in saying that it is the best melho
we have ever used, and recommend the same to others.
Coach and Harness Maker, Saratoga.
This is to certify, that we have used Mr. Andersoi
Powder for polishing plated ware, and find it the besl
article of the kind that we ever used.
330, Pearl Street, New York.
I'have examined and tried Mr. Win. Anderson's Che
inical Powder for polishing silver, brass, and other me
tals It proves an excellent article for the above pu
pose, and I am pleased to recommend the same.
Chemist and Refiner of Metals, Boston.
This is to certify, that I have used Mr. Anderson
Powder lor polishing plated ware, and also, the Paste for
brass, &tc., and it proved to be an excellent article for the
above purpose, and I am pleased to recommend the-same
to the public. JOSEPH SMITH,
3(52, Pearl Street, New YOrk.
This is to certify, lhat I have used Anderson's Paste
and Powder, for cleaning brass and plated ware, and can
safely say that it exceeds any thing I have used before
WM. Ill N TON,
134, Broadway, New York.
I have been using for the last three weeks, Antler
son's Chemical Paste for the cleaning of silver and brass
and believe St to be the best composition in use for the
purpose intended. I). 1). HOWARD,
Exchange Hotel, New York.
Having made trial of Anderson's Composition in po
lishing Bri'annia ware, which wc manufacture, we Icel
satisfied that it is a good article.
Burling Slip, New York.
1 have made use of Anderson's Paste and Powder, and
find it a very valuable article, and do most cheerfully
recommend it to persons wanting the article.
Feb. G, 1336. United States Hotel.
For sale at TODD'S Drug Store.
Recommended by the faculty?How
ard's Compound Syrup of Carrageen, a safe, sim
pie, pleasant, find effectual remedy for chronic coughs,
asthmas, consumptions, kc.
This syrup hag deservedly acquired great reputation
ami the confidence of physicians, a< a remedy in the cun
of pulmonary diseases. It ia not offered as a specific, but
will be found generally effectual in the cure cf chronic
coughs, asthmas, Jkc., and will frequently relieve obstinate
pulmonary diseases.
Qtj When eirriimstances admit, it should be used undei
the direction of a physician.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, at my Pharmu
cy, noir Seven Buildings.
Also, for sale by most of the Druggists in Washington.
Georgetown, Alexandra, Baltimore, and throughout th, j
United State*. F, HOWARD. I
Dec 3
WE are cttlle-.l on to raution the public, tho Diggists
in particular, against purchasing from any traveller
uiiiler wnafevfr pretences they mny 1? offered, i:ny of
as their unprecedented success In the cure c-l Consump
tion, Djspepsia, Li vor Complaint, Indigestion, Costive
ness, Loss of Appetite, Palpitation of the Heart, Pain
in the Head, Bieust, Back and Lijnbs, Dizziness, Rest
lessness, and all diseases originating in the Stomach,
Heart, Lungs, Liver, and tho associate organs, See., has
caused a reckless Impostor, who it is ascertained, has j
been travelling through Pennsylvania, Marvlnn ! Virginia,
Sic., to counterfeit and vend a deleterious imitation of
and anotli. r impostor has introduced into Pennsylvania,
See., n spurious article, purporting to be Paris' Sooth- i
inq Syrup, for children when cutting their teeth?hoth i
of which are deleterious counterfeits. Therefore, in ,
order to protect the public against tho inroads of such
impositions, and to secure them the benefit which his i"
Genuine Medicines never fail in bestowing, he h s caused
the label of Evans' Camomile gee., Pii.ls, " to be en- |
tered according to an act of Co: gross."
A notice of which entry is printed on the labels on
every bottle of tho Genuine Pills, and he has caused the
name oi Dr. J. L. Paris to be stricken out ofthe label of
his celebrated Soothing Syrup, for children when cutting
their teeth, so that the label of .the genuine syrup reai's
ble remedy for the pain and sickness to which children
are subject when cutting teeth, tested and approved by
thousands of mothers and nurses, who have by its early
application, not only prevented their children from suf
fering excruciating pain but in many instances rescued
them from death." I
OQHBe particular in examining the labels, and also in ?:
knowing that J)r. Evans never vends any of his medicines 1
save through the medium of his resident agents, as ad
vertised throughout the Union, or at tho Western Oflico,
Louisville, Ky., and his principel office 100 Chatham
Street, i\ew York, where wholesale orders will bs
prom ly executed on tho most liberal terms.
fej-i'fje public may rest assured that in every instance
that couies within tho knowledge of Dr. Evans, or any
of liis agents, where the Counterfeit Mcdiciues are pur
chased or vended, he will g;v? them the earliest public
notice of the imposition. Already have proceedings Loth
civil and criminal been instituted against several Drug
gists who have boon detected, and their names will bo
laid before the public at an early date. THE BEST
PROTECTION he can offer for th? present is, to caution |
purchasers to obtain his Medicines from the
Lewis Johnson, Washington, D. C.
C. Cruikshank, Georgetown, 7). C.
Belt. & Entwistlf., Alexandria, D. C.
These Pills ars strongly rerommended to the notice
of the Ladies as a safe arid efficient remedy in remove*
ing those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of
exercise, or general debility of the system, obstructions*
.aiippresipns, and irregularity ofthe menses; at the same
time, strengthening, cleansing, and giving tone to the
stomach and bowels, and pioduciug a new and healthy
action throughout the system generally. They create
appetite, correct indigestion, remove giddiness and ner
vous headache, arid are eminently useful in those com
plaints which distress females so much at the " turn of
like." They obviate costiveness, and counteract all hys
terical and nervous affections, likewise afford soothing
and permanent relief i:i fluor albus, and in the most ob
stinate cases of chlorosis, or green sickness, they invari
ably restore the pallid and delicate female to health and
These pi'ds have gained the sanction and approbation
of the most eminent physicians in tho United Slates, and
many mothers can likewiso-testify to their extraordinary
efficacy. To married females, whose expectations of the
tenderest pledjrrs of connubial happiness have been de
feated, these A Is jnay be truly esteemed a blissful boon.
?They soon remote all functional debility, and if taken
according to directions, obviate *11 morbid action.
Dr. Goqde's Celebrated Female Pills.?are for all
the following disc?8?s : Suppression, irregularity or re
tention of the menses, fluor albus, chloiosis or green
sickness, costiveness, gravel, incontinuancc of urine,
nervous affections, hysterics, prolapsus uteri, or falling oi
the womb, and piles ; also, pains in the side, chest, limbs,
head, stomach or back ; dimness, or confusion of sight*
alternate flushes of heat and ciiilliiess; tremors ; watch
ing*; agitation ; anxiv.ty ; bad dreams, and spasms. This
medicine is acknowledged to be one ofthe most valuable
ever discovered as a. purifier of the blood and fluids ^ it is
superior to sarsaparilla, whether as a sudorific or altera
tive. AGENTS.
Lewis Johnson, Washington, D. C.
C. Cruikshank, Georgetown, D. C.
Bell St Entwistle, Alexandra, D. C.
ACH, Oil NERVES, such as Dyspepsia either Chronic
or Casual, under the worst symptoms of Restlessness ;
Lowness of Spirits and general emaciation ; Consump
tion, whether Of the Lungs or Liver ; Liver Affections ;
Jaundice, both Bititiary and Spasmodic: Costiveness;
Worms, of every variety ; Rheumatism, whether Acute
or Chronic, together with Gout, Scrofula, Fains in the
Head. Back, Limb?, and Side ; Typus Ffcver, Scarlet Fe
ver, Putrid Sore Throat, Fever and Ague, Spasmodic
Palpitation of the Heart and Arteries, Nervous Irritabili
ty, Nervous Weakness, Hysterics, Tic Douloureux,
Cramps, Female Obstructions, Heartburn, Headache,
Cough, the Common or Humid, and the Dry or the Whoo
ping; Asthma, Gravel, and Drops.
The Blood has hitheito been considered by Empiricks
and others, as the great regulator of the human system,
and such is the devotedness of the ailherants to that er
roneous doctrine, that they content themselves with the
simple possession of this fallacious opinion, witliout en
?uiring into the primary sources from whence Life,
lealth and Vigor eminate, and rice versa, pain, sickness,
. isease and death. Not so with Dr. Hunt, whose exten
sive research and practical experience so eminently qual
ify him for the profession of which he has been one of
the most useful members. He contends?and a moments
reflection will convince any reasoning mind of the cor
rectness of his views?that the stomach, liver, and asso
ciated organs an? t!ie pritnaiy and great regulators oi
health, and that the blood in very many instances is de
pendent.on these organs, and that unless medicine reaches
THR ROOT OF THE DISEASE, the superficial ano
dynes usually prescribed, serve but as foils to cover the
ravage.s ol deeprooted maladies. Under these convictions,
at the expense of years of close application, the doctor
has discovered a medicine whose searching powers are
irresis'ible, ami in prescribing, it is with knowledge of
its being a radical cure in the various diseases already
enumerated, even if applied in Die ir.ost critical cases,
but he does not pretend to ascribe to Hunt's Botanic
Ph.ls a supi rnatuial agency, although from positive proofs
within the knowledge of hundred*., he is prepared to
show, that when every other earthly remedy has been
given up, Hunt's Botanic I'mls have never been known
to fail in effecting two very gratifying result", that of
raising from the bed of sickness and disease those who
have tested their efficacy, and thus amply rewarding Dr.
Hunt for his long an ! anxious study to attain this per
fection iii the healing art.
Lewis Joiin.son, (Jlgent) Washincton, f>. C.
are entered according to act of Congress, and are vended
only at 100 Chatham Street, New York, or at the regu
lar Agents.
C. Ham., Norfolk.
E. E. Por.Ttoik, Porumoulti.
JoskPH Gii.l. liichmmid.
Mohtimi'Bf h Mowbray, Baltimore.
Jesse Pf.hhy, Suffolk.
Lewis JoJinspn. Wasl burton, D. C.
M. Twin i t Nc Co...Petersburg.
JounN. 1-km., II inches!?)', i'a.
Wn.tiAi! Dotim'.y. Marlinsbvrg, tW.
EdWARp McDowej., Frcdriclesbvrg, Va.
E. Berkeley & Co., Harrington, I'a.
J. Hari>Isty, HnnivmbuKg, I'a,
James Brown, Chnrlesion, Va.
C. k E. Dunkum, fsxington, J v.
Barrett Mi Intiiik. Charlollsettle, I'a.
? Lyman. Lynchbittv, I ft.
C. CRtHKsi!aNK. (itorgrtnwn P. C.
Bt.it & Kntu'istlk. JtUxandria, D. C. Aug. !t
F LOUOAll D O 110 W A It D' S
Improved COMjninul
Scrofula or Ringa Evil, ( Obstinate eruptions ofthe
Chronic Riieauwatisra, | akin,
Syphilitic and Mercurial Ulcerous Sore,
Diseases, i Pains in th .? Bones,
White Swelling'^ j General Debility.
And all diseases requiring thelUd of alterative medicine?
This Extract is prepared from an improved formula,
'auctioned by scientific Physicians and Piiarmuceuti^ls, and
i decidedly one of the most active, efficacious, and con
enient preparations in use.
ferMercury is added only when regularly prescribed.*^
It should be used, where circumstances will admit,
inder the guidance and direction of a physician.
Carefully prepared and sold only at my Pharmacy.
Also for sale at most of the Drug Stores in Washington
City. Baltimore, and throughout the United States.
The following Select Medicines and miscellaneous ar
icles are also prepared and sold as above:
Howard's Tonic Mixture, warranted a cure fei
ever and aaue.
Howard's Compound of Sarsapartlla, Cubehs,
v nd Copaiba, for the cure of U^norrhma, Gleets, Suic
*ures, Sic. Howard's Vermifuge, a sale and eiTectuul
vorm-destroying medicine.
Howard's Cathartic Pills, without mercury.
Howard's Compound Kreosotk Achi:
Howard's Compound Strvp or Carrageen, a
ife, simple, agreeable, and effectual remedy for coughs,
olds, asthmas, See.
Howard's Compound Kreosotk Tooth Wash, for
.misting and preventing decay in teeth, and for di-?-.as*s
if the gurus ; an agreeable and pleasant wash lor prcstrV
ng them in a healthy condition.
How.*3>'e KreosoteTooth Paste.
Dr. Wistau's Cough Lozenges, celebrated for the
?lire of Coughs, colds, See.
Howard's Indelible Ink.
Howard's Improved Chemical Chloride Soap.
IIoward';- Chemical Shaving Compound.
Howard's Superior Toilet Soap.
Howard's Chemical Essence ok Soap, for remov
ing -rrease, paint, tar, &c., from wearing apparel.
Howard's Cmkvstal Cement, for mending broken
^lass, china, earthenware, &:c.
Howard's Issue Ointment* for keeping open issues
itid blisters.
Howard's Magnolia Extract,-a delicate and delici
ous perfume for ths toilet.
Howard's Superior Cologne Water.
Howard's Florida Water.
Howard's L&vender Water.
Howard's Honey Water.
- Howard's Superior Tooth Powder.
April i 4.
i j OU rilE RN SILK. AfAN UAL, and Farmer's
aziue.?This ivork will be published under the
uspices of a number of gentlemen actively engaged in
he cultivation of Monus Multicaplts, feeding of the
vorms, and Ihe manufacture of silk. It will be edited bj
?) Yeates Reese, and futnished to subscribers at one
'ollar per annum.
Ample arrangements have been made, and cofrcSpo.it*
lents established, to enable the editor lo present a work
?ontaihing all the information necessary to the ph.; tingand
lultivation ofthe trees, fie feeding of the worms, ancHhe
uccessful management of the entire silk business. The
A'ork will also contain valuable information on agriculture
ind fanning generally.
Ii. will be the particular object of the editor !o promote
'he interest of (hose engaged in the silk culture in the
Southern and Western States; as there the cultivator pes
'esses peculiar advantages in respect to climate, soil, la
>or, tkc.
Orders by letter, (post pal!} -.vc'i the subscription foi
he year, will receive prompt attention. Address E.
Veates Reese, Baltimoi*.
Persons desirous to have the above valuable work can.
ie supplied by calling al my store, near the 7 Buildings.
Dec. 8 F. HOWARD, Agenij
For diseases of the skin, tetter, pimpled face, scald
.tead, See., the concentrated sirup of sarsaparilia is, when
?tsed in oivjunction with "SAnds's Remedy,'' the most
?ifectual medicine in use. As an alterative in long-stand
mg rheumatic affections, mercurial diseases, ike. it may
ye advantageously used as a substitute for the various se
cret remedies, as Swain-'s, Potter's, fkc. and i.=) recom
mended by tho Faculty as preferable lo any of tha-t class
tf medicines. Carefully prepared at
Mar 9- TODD'S Drug Store.
? GUIDE for Mothers and Nurses in ihe manage men
of Young Children', with reference lo hereditary oi
amily diseases; complied in part from Ihe best English
and American writers. By Caleb Ticknor, M. A., M.
D.late Professor of Hygiene in the university ofthe city
of New York, author ot the Philosopher, &c.
A few copies are received, and for sale
Book and Stationary store, four doors west, of Brown's
Oct. 12. Hotel.
AVERLY NOVELS.?The cheapest edition ever
y T published. A further supply just received?
Ihe Abbot?by W. M. MORRISON, at his book store,
1 doors west of Brown's Hotel. Oct. 26.
We have just received?
20 dozen rings for curtains
20 do rods do
Also, 100 ends for rods.
NOTICE.?The subscriber would respectfully call
the attention of his friends, cm! the Public gener
ally, to his New, and Splendid assoitinent of poods for
Gentlemen's wear, consisting of the Best Wool-Dyed and
Woollen Ciotlis and Cassimeres of every color, which he
will wake up to order on the most reasonable terms, and
most fashionable manner. He has also a great vaiiety
of Vesting of the most fashionable patterns.
Persons desirous of purchasing clothing, would do well
to give: him a call at his Store, opposite the 7 Buildings,
Pcnn. Avenue. R. W. BATES;
Oct 5?fit. [NTaf. Int.?(it]
rni&iS mim
VV The Passenger trains on this L.'.ad will daily stail
as follows, viz:
At fi o'clock, A. M. and ;.t .1 .'5-1 o'clock, P. M.
At nine o'clock, A. M. and at four o'clock, P. M.
Passengers by the morning train, if proceeding west
ward!}*, can countct with the Western train on the Bal
tirnore and Ohio rail road at (he Relay ho.<se? reach
Frederick in time for tin; Western stages that leave thin
at 12 o'clock, noon, or Harper's Ferry, in time for the
evening train to Winchester; hil?* passengers travelling
eastwurdly are conveyed through to Philadelphia withou'
unnecessary detchtidn at Baltimore, reaching Philadel
phia in time for the evening line to New York; and thu
accomplishing the journey from Washington to New York
: in one day.
Under no circumstances whatever can the train be de
| layed beyond the hour fixed for starting. It is, therefore.
I respefttlully suggested that Passengers procure their tick
lets the previous cvani-ng; to enab'ltt them to do which,
I theoflicc will be kept open till i: a I f past seven o'clock,
P. M. By order,
Oct.fi. SAMUEL STETT1NIUS. Agent.,
"TWTEW &00K8.?Memoirs ol Mrs. Saiah
-L i Smith, late ?>| the mission oi S\ ? ia, ufidci the di*
rection of the American Board of Commissioners lor for
eign Missions, by Edward H'. Hooker.
Also, Travel* in Southeastern Asia, embracing Hh
ilosta.ii, 'Malaya, Sinin, and China, witli Notices of numer
ous Missionary Station?, arid a foil Account of the Bur
man Empire, with Dissertations, Tables, .Etc. by How ard
Malcori), in two vol".
Jus! received by W. ?I. MORRISON, &t his Bool: and
i Stationery Stoie, 4 doors wo*t of Crowi.'.* Hotel.
I Oct 19 " .
J 015 PRiN'riNCJ,
of aL1 d??crip'io;is, cx.-culed at iiiii office.
? e <> t< fi i>: s *.v & k r. v ,
N' OTARY PUBLIC, Conveyancer and G?nera! Agent,
has removed his Office to 7fh street, adjoining his
residence, between D and K streets. Oct 26
/"tAUHlAGES FOR SALE.?Tlio subscriber lias on
^ hasid a variety of family anil plea*ure carriages,
?.;iiiuh are not surpassed by any thing of the kind in this
mark11 ,? such as?
Coaches, close and opm bnro'.tehos
Small nnd large chariottees, one with three seats
Btivgy-wagons, sulkies, Jsc.
Which will bo sold low lor cash. S ccnil hand car
riage s. tab en in exchange. Repairing done as usual with
neatness and depatch, and cn the most reasonable terms.
Sept. 7 P-r.n. av. between !'>,! and 4 1 -2 streets.
T f l'-ie siiLscrib^r has on hand a Urg>! anscrtuient of
the aho.'rf articles. of the very best qualify, which he
would be f;lud to dispose of on reasonable terms, at liis
old stand oppositeThe Tobacco warehouse. Georgetown.
& X/liiTK LKAD FACT UUY.?Tti? subscr ber oiters
V V lor sale or rent, on Uberal terms, The w bite lead
factory, recently crected l?y Tsiru, near P.e railroad oltice.
11 not di |)D?e ! of by the of September, th? fixtures
and engine v. ii. be for sole, Forparticnl ir?, &c. inquire of
Alio, for rent a u.w three.-story biick house, situated
Aug. 10 on 1J sheet.
Tl/ff AY & JONES, Jittorney* ut I.nn\ Wuifnngton, I) C
J.T.5. oiler their professional services to the Public, in (he
Couits <>f ih- District of Columbia-and the neighboring
counties in Virginia and Maryland. They wii! attend to
the | I'oseeulie.ri of claims before Congress, the Depart
ments, theflencrn! Land Office, fee "<c. '1 heir ertiee
is on the corner, of Prnns.ylVat.iia avenue and Third street,
in the same building with Gen. Walter Jones* to whom
,(,hey respectfully make refer' noe.
*? ' HENRY >1 AY,
"drugs, mfcTTJit;i5es, &<?.
N. W. corner of Pennuyhama Jivtnue <$? tilh ?/'?., between
? J;rou?t'$ tf Gadaby's Hotels, Washington Vilj.
rT1IHE undersigned icspcc'iuUy informs the citizens of
.2. VVatfhifjgtdn, and the public 'generally, that he has
taken the Drug S't re formerly occupied by Dr. S. .Mitch*
ell, corner of Glh slreet and Pennsylvania avenue, be
tvveen Brown's and Gadrby's Hotels, where he intends
keeping Mi hand a full and fresh supply of Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals, Paints. Oils, Dye StnSs, ?-:c. Also a
Vfry general assortment of Fancy Articles, Chew ing To
bacco, Snuffs, and Scgnrs. of tire best quality
Physician's piescriptions carefully and accurately com
V/M. F. BENDER., from Philadelphia,
July 13? . Pharin-icei nst.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION to persons afflicted
3 with the following complaints, viz: Scrofula, Leprosy
Suit Rheum, S>. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sores, even when
the bones are affected, White Swellings; Violent Erup
tions, after mease's, Scurvy, Foul Festering Eruptions,
Pimpled arid Carbuncled faces, Sore Eyes,Sore, legs, Scald
Head, Ulcers. Venereal Tain'.", when Mercury h,as failed,
and all disordersarising from impure state of the blood
and humors?urearstrred that Dr. It jet. re's Botanical Drops
continue unrivalled, for the prevention, relief, ami cure ot
these complaints, in proof of which read the following
remmkit'blf. cure of a case of 12 years' standing:
Extract of a letter. ''Sir: My leg, which before did
not look like a human limb, is now entirely healed up
(after resisting every other application for 12 years') i
Previous to talcing 3 qui- Relfe's Botanical Drops, I had j
given up all hope of relief.
Another Case. An agent writes, "There is a person
taking the Botanical Drops, evidently with the greatest
advantage." Ho declares, to use his own words, "It is
doing wondi rs for him, ' and is, as it were, "snatching
him from the grave."
Numerou.. instances have occurred where pr-rsons were
pining away a miserable existence, nothing they could
prpcure affording them permanent relief, until they had
made use of the above invaluable Medicine.
They are also the best Spring and Autumnal Physh
Price $1, or (i bottles for $5.
For sale by S. J. TODD,
March 2-!. Washington, I). C.
cal cure of Hernia,or Rupture, by IIEBER CHASE,
M. D., Philadelphia.
The committee of the Philadelphia Medical Society,
lor the investigation of the radical cure of Hernia, ob
"Fully impressed with the extreme caution required
in forming conclusions conccrning chants of structure
taking place in parts of the' body concealed, not only by
the integuments, but by tendinous matter and fascia, and
where the nature of ilie disease renders the opportunity
, of post moitem examination exceedingly rare, j our com
mittee has been desirous to avoid that blaineable haste in
the decision of important questions which has too fre
quently given to plausible but ingenious methods of treat
ment a.temporary leputation, to the abuse of public con
fidence and the injury of the profession, by granting to
empiricism the weight and influence of great names.
"The it -trurnents of Dr. Chase k-ve e fleeted the per
manent and accurate retention of the intestines iri every
case of hernia observed by the committee, without mate
rial 'neonveniencu to the patient, and often under trials
more severe than art? usually ventured'upon by those who
wearother trusses?tr:als which would !.e imprudci t w ith
any other apparatus know n to the cominiU'. >:
"The committee are indued, b} the fo. cooing conclu
sions, to locv'tnineiid. in sfrorg terms, the it strumt nts ol
l)r Chase to .the confuh nee 01 t!ie prof< ssic :\ as th? best
';:iiiwn means of mechanical retention in l? mia, and as
furnishing Ibe highest chnnct.s of radical cute.
"Tiny have no hesitation in saying that, were they in
dividually aliecteil with this ti-rrible dis< a: e, tiny w nld
resort to this method o! tieatmerit, with the triph: \ it w
of securing their couilcut, safety, and ultimate chance of
Reynkll Coati:s, M. D.,
Wm. Ashmf.ad, M? P.,
Isaac Parrisw, Rl. D ,
"All must now a'mit of the radical cure of Heinia,
and that Dr. Chile's Trusses are decidedly the best yet
invented to effort that object,"?Soutfurn TJtdlcal and
Surgical Journal.
] or the utility and excellence of these rtfer
cr.ce may he lad to tht principal physician* of tl.is rily, n-ho
arc prepared !? apply them.
For sale at ' TODD'S Drvg Store.
May IS
Til r greatest ornament to the hu
I man body is a splendid hend of hair.
ft has recently Imcn discovered that
tiro genuine Fnflalo'a Oil is a soys
reign reuinly lor baldness, prevent*
the hair frotii cumin? o:T, promotes
the ?rrowth, c?nlir.:;e? Lhe luxuriance,
and improves tbe_ beauty. It U urate '
perior to any ,>thcr an in. at or vegeta
ble ml, Ami in caao of lov er, where the
liair liecomes dry and begins to f ill off.
there Is no application more eiTsctn u
in restoring us beamy and rendering
it. in a healthy slat a.
It is put up at a low price. (37 1-2
cits) that n!t classes can lure ac
mj< to it. None genuino unlets puti
up in (l.-it fjotlijs, with Hash Oil. im
pica-soil ia the glass. Also, to pre
vent Imposition, it will be eigneJ by
tho Proprietor. W'n- Bre'.Tii, 431 Washington, comer of
Ml tut Street, Bojt 'n.
I? ALL STAPLE GOODS.?The subscribes have on
( hand, ft?r salc
75 pieces Ca3?iiie(8, of vnrious qualities
J 1900 yards veiy heavy Kerseys, for servants
5 bules heavy Lowell Oanaburgs
20 pieces atout Flushings
6 hales heavy Brown Cifton Shirtings
50 pieces Pliilid Liuseys
50 do plain do
10 bales Cotton Yams, from 8 lo 10
SOD heavy four ami a half Point Blankets
Gentle men-s wka r.?we off>r foJTaie?
Superiorcloths, cassitneres, satiinets
Flannels, vestings, haizes, Uobroy jeans
Lambs wool shirts and drawers
Silk handkerchiefs, gloves. &c.
Sept 28?81 A. W. k E J. TURNER.
kCARI).? licing desirous to reduce my present stock
(which is large and vaiious,) preparatory to laying
n Fail supplies, I shall oiler goo.Is at very reducedpriees.
No. 2 from Bill street, and opposite Centre Market.
Aug 24
EI i. Y C HE A P DOMES I'10 GOOD .-"Just re
f ceived between 8'h and tylh etidela?
S cases Long-CloU' ' v-ting'
1 'do ?* {Sheeting
3 do Fall IVn
1 do Furniture do
1 do Sattiiifts, assorted
2 hales Tickings
7 do 13.own Shirtings and Shot-tings.
Aug .-51 A. W k J. E. THINE R.
DESIRABLE GOODS.?We have this day opened,
in addition to our former Stack
1 case 60 pieces rich Mousselincs, new style, and
Very beautiful.
2.1 piecea I idian Satins, 25 inches wide
1 case Hemstitched Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs
1 t!o Tape bordered do do
10 picccs Welch Flannel, beautiful qualities
20 do fine Damask Diaper, remarkably cheap
?50 do 6-4, S"t. 10 4 and 12 4 Linen Sheetings
2") dozen Silk Hosiery, assorted qualities
5,.) do Children's fSto.c kings. all sizes
15 do Boys and Youths'Thibet Gloves
10 pieces plaid Cashmere, a beatitiful article for
children's wear ALSO :
Receiving every day, Carpeting*, all kinds.
fy/5 LNIATUUE PAINTING, t>y Miss E. J. Bayne,
iv.l Uooiri N. E. cornrr of Penn. Avenue and 11th St.*
?>ver the Store ol Messrs. Ricards, Gibbs ?c Co., where
'pcciuieus of her painthig may be seen. Nov. 9.
* CHEAPEST PA P K 11 IN THE W 010.0.?G7eut~in
dnci ments lor Clubbing, .and liberal premium to
is pub!! i;rd eveiy Wednesday, on an extra imperial size
iaper of the largest clas.^, and of a heatiful texture, at
wo JolJiiss 1 or annum, c-r ten subscrpticns for ten dollars.
Its' com* liti ea-brace ev. ;y variety of subj< ct, and afford
he eailie.-i and most authentic aMtcles ot news, together,
v% i?'i reg'ilur supplies of original and selected matter,
saleulated to lender it ixtensivelj* useful and invariably
iiteresting Within tie.shoi t space of eighteen months
l? circulation lias extended to over 80,000 subscribers,
ir.d it #till goes on to increase rapidly with farmers, me
?haiiies, artisans, tradesmen, agriculturalists, merchants,
nanul'aeturers, and tin n of leisure in every district of
he United Slates, among whom its character is appreci*
It is decidcdly and emphatically the cheapest family
.ewspaper in the world, affording to clubs cf tens Ihe
neuiis .cf receiving every week throughout the year a
a uable compel.eium of literature and useful intelligence ,
or tlie small sua* of one dollar. U'?jjraphiei_
iistinguisheil American Statesmen and Patriots, which
lave given so much satisfaction to the readers of the
?li sscnger, will be continued; together with original
ales, essays^ and poetry, the most piquant and entertain
?g selectons loom the British periodicals, translations
rom tho works of the leading writers of romance and
?oetry on the continent of Europe, and notices of the
lopular American and foreign literalure of the day?and
vi ry effort u-ed to it aintain Ihe present flattering pop
ilarity for which the paper is so widely circulated.
A u n dollar bill in advance will pay for ten* copies of
he Messenger for one year.
A five dollar bill will pay for four copies for one year.
Two dollars in advance is the i lice of an individual
ubsjiiptiou for one year.
One dollar will pay for a single subscription for six
nonths only
J Liberal Offer.?Postmasters or other gentlemen, act
ng as agents, by forwarding a current $'20 note, free of
?orttage, will be furnished for one year with ten copies of
Alexander's Weekly Messenger, and ten copies of the
Silk Grower and Farmer's Mnual, edited by Ward Che
ley Si. Brothers, the enterprising Silk Culturists of Bur
ingfon, N. J., also a premium copy of Alexander's large
tnd splendid quarto edition of the Holy Bible, with Apoc
vpha, Psalms, Ccncoidance, and Index complete?beau
ifully bound and lettered, and printed on f>?.e white pa
ier?contain^ upwards of eleven hundred pages, aecom
.anicd with an appropriate engraved Frontispiece, and
family Record lor Births, Marriages and deaths. Re
.til Bookstore price of the Bible $15.
Another.?For forty dollars in current bank bills, sent
a eof postage, ho will forward 40 copies of Alexander's
Veekly Messenger lor one year, and also furnish the
Vgent procuring the same with the premium copy of the
loly Bible, complete, as stated above.
Anolh.er.-r-For a ten dollar current bill, sent free of
ostuge, the publisher will furnish five copies of the
Veekly Messengar, and five copied of the Silk Grower
ind Farmers' Manual, and a premium copy of the Pop
ilar Magazine or one thousand nights Entertainments,
n five volumes, containing 432 pages, and embellished
vith spirited wood engravings, handsomely bound.
{jCy* The Silk Grower and Farmers' Manual is published
nonthly by C. Alexander, at one dollar per annum, and
i fl'ords all nc-ce'ssary information lor the culture of the
iilk Worm, and growing of the Morns Multicaulis?it
s the only periodical exclusively devoted to that subject
irinted in >his country.
At the expiration of the term subsciibed and paid
or by Clubs, the paper is invariably discontinued, unless
he advance money is foiwaided previous to that time,
ind the subscription renewed. Alt letters rnusf be post
ii], or t!:ey will.net be taken out of tV" Post Uliice.
Athenian Building*. Franklin Place, Philadelphia.
Our editorial brethren who favor irs with as many in
erlionsof this advert is, me nt as w ill amount to fifteen
'ollars. will be furnished with a premium copy of the
loly Hible, compleJle, and handsomely hound, as pay
aent, .ml also a regular exchange witbttie Messenger.
Oct 5.
53 UILULN(? MATERIAL-^, of every description, for
{> sakvby U. WARD,
Near. 12th bndpe.
TUB test medxina fv
Coughs, Colds, find at!
Lung ? omp'aints, I loop*
in* Cough, Spitting of
K'oo.1, rain in the bide.
Liver Complaint,. ana
?flections c I the hrsart,
is M i. IN! N. OARD*
kam oy LIVER
WORT, ? nntsining; the
r rv i.r\n oj many roi>U
u .i i heri*. Among the
number are Liverwort,
K mnpane, Bunsset,
A *. !?-;>? i t tubero**, Ice*
Inn f Slow, Squills, Hye
-? p, Ruu ?r>>*eolena;
ni>.? many other herha
t ?' e pri'CUrad in Ulia
j -t f ths giobe. For
? ? lo fcu'tnir; htn ? ?*n in ettrnsive use in
?? in "hi.? X nii'-r.) States, and, by the per
? .v.! ii?. ellicn v, tin* Proprietor ha* mania
X?? of ihis that all maVatarH
, U ( ihi; ' ? :<- ? zv.% *;> sJ-a*eri that no
I'd r'i ?? f 0:1 ct$t!rt!i''. cnuyhs is truly won
! ? i l ia's volusuarily ij-ivo their numei
!? .v pr- *ct! i"5 efficacy. Prom the kno**
I th - I'.itor:?!.!? eftVct upon our pntiente,
?. ?? jtN?ve Balaam, wo roeumtneni it tobd
:ut i( ia rccommendf J. CmWin F.l'is, M.
P., Albert Willivns, M I V, toem'oersol* ?he Massachusetts Medical
Hocfety. AUo, r.ee oomfl'?>* w\ the direction, whit n*tuni*hinf
c ires it has <?;!?*.te?1 f ?? V. \v ? bct-r, Boston, Horace trail, Krtstol,
Me., T*u>e. Htskins jr., l'.< >su.i),,Kiish It stun, firm ot tV H<x
tr?n, Boston, |)?*v i \V? O'iKtrv, el oik d' Jusirth tHcsdman, Mist U
Ifo'vud. Thouesn -lr of ?t.h? .i eunU it* rained, v*h?*r,a it is beet
kn< rn. .As a sotunty against countertf'-its, ?? irh direction will ha
ai*n?-.i by t!a? iVnpri.'lur, M. N. (tarin'r. riopriet r's resiJenct
?PI W.?snih|*ten Street, Boston, ?lv(f .?!! orders can lh> i? Idrosss*,
Al?*? uhrvrv* u.t the hottie, impressed in the g!as?, the name Mrs.
N. Gardner'! Indian Uai-am of Liverwort.
the la*t fen years this v:i
most of the pnrv ipul iov.
suasion of tho?v?? r!.n: hnv
arrnnf* ments n furni'?'
them?. Ires rf viii I
medicine will remove it.
deifui, atrl the t* !?o \ in
as smoujT the ouuiUr \ i
ledjfe of tlirt uc.' 1.1!?-, ;>
where w.? lutv.'
i valnaM>
l\r sale ht
'I ODH'S I)r?2 Stor<?
W i?h ?r,:enl'ily.

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