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atonal- geimWintif.
Is published every morning (Sundays rxctptol)
by W. J. Ml'RTicm & Co., and Is furnished (o
clly subscribers (by carriers) at 2S cents per
-Mall subscribers, J3.60 per annum) 4 for
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W For local matter, sec. fourth page.
IU mori or Battles. Our city jeslerday
as full of rumors of battles. It was said that
Jackson had come through Manassas Gap, and
that there was bloody work all along our lines
In that direction. At tho present writing, 10
o ciock, we can learn nothing dcflnlto In respect
1 o iionut very much whether there, has
been any battle.
Tho story Is, that the wounded arc. being
brought Into Alexandria Inconsiderable num.
bcrs. Tho truth la, probably, that somo sick
and wounded soldiers, In previous battles, were
ret elved at sonic of the hospitals In Alexandria
and Washington )cstcrda).
, At the present writing wo know nothing be
j Jnd mero rumori but should we obtain any
reliable Information before wo go to press, o
shall give It.
The Position. Tho advices are cheering
from the Southwest, and that Is really the most
Interesting and Important part of tho mllllarv
Held. Things are looklngwcll In Virginia, but
I whether Richmond Is taken In ono month, or
four, Is of no sort of conscqucucv In com par 1-
son with the movements under tho clnrgo of
uen. liosecrans and flcn. (Irant, and especially
oi me latter.
Oeu. Rosccrans Is preparing for an carl and
declslvo mov ement Into East Tennessee, and to
mako tho effort In earnest, Is to succeed In It.
Relief for tho long suffering loyalists or that
region Is close at hand.
Ocn. Grant Is advancing with bis usual en.
enterprise and good fortune. Ho has already
reached Hollj Springs. The enemy retire be-
fore him, and v 111 not make n stand except un-
I dir somo great advantage of position or num.
I era. Tho mere namoof Gin. (Irnntstrlkcs a
j terror through tho rebellious Southwest. Ills
filial Inltself to twent) -Ave thousand bayonets.
A Letter writers wllli his army believe that Ills
his Inteutlon to push on, upon tho lino of the
Mississippi Central railroad, to Grenada and
Jackson, and to mince Vlcksburg by flank.
lug It.
-, The parlllcallon of Louisiana and Mississippi
'( uimii the principles of President I.lnrolu's
( proclamation of September Si, nblih will make
1 1 the work so thorough that It "III not require
tu lie-done over again, gives the iliathhlou to
l ivery nud, therefore, to the rebellion.
Uut iillhoughlt IstheSoutbwcstwhleh Is no
the chief point of lut( rest, the cnuntrj ma)
tonildcull) look for vigor and success cver)
nliare. The President, bj dismissing luaellte
geuerals, and In all other possible wa)s, Is lu-
fulug new life loto the national ausi The
skies are bright and brightening.
Sj In our papir, to-ela), will bo found a
i eminent (lencral McClellan lampalgns, from
Die Cincinnati Gaulle. Tho facts of history
laud out pronilmiitlj us u dimnlnq rebuke or
McClellan's Incapacltj , and tho conclusions of
l In' author aro Irresistible. No lasulelrj of
designing politicians and demagogues; no un
reasoning twaddle and rigmarole of new spap r
editors and army correspondents; no seuBcles
iw jtm or ancient maiden I uim," and prill j
actresses on the stages nl theatres, can save
hull Hit from tho utter overthrow In public
intimation which the stern logic of iho facts
of history furnish lo llio nuiitr), In whli h and
b) n hlch It lau read the stor) f his campaigns.
This plajlug to the pit, tocalch tho plaudits of
IIiBhonr, managers will flud In tlra mj don't
pa) . Trulh, like murder, will out.
ties. FnrMONT. Major General tmuont Is
now In Washington, lmingiouiu hcru h) leave
ol the Government.
Kumor Is bus) us to ihe future of this man,
all couccdlng that ho has u future, home will
have It that he Is to bo appointed tolhueoin.
inaudorthc Ami) or tho Potomac; others sa)
that ho succeeds Geii. Wadsworlh as mllltar)
governor or this District, Gen. Wadswnrth
going to tho deld. Wo hardly think It has )U
Irausplrcdas to w hero (leu. Fremout Is going,
and speculation, after nil, may bo at mult.
I ffllmlg Watoitw fkptMfcmt
vol. ir.
Secretaut StiriRD. We take tho foUowIng
from IIVam' ,f;rtl of Ms Times. It Is from a
long article upon that gentleman, charged to
the brim wllh passionate Inrectlvo of tho most
reprehensible character. The article la put
forth under tho startling heading of the " Un
seen Hand," In which Mr. Beward Is accused
of being tho mallgu Influence that Is leading
our country to ruin. Woliavo no faith cither
In the logic, tho facts, or the philosophy of the
writer, .vir. sewant, in our Judgment, Is as
free from all such malign Influences, as Is
cnarged upon him by the writer, as Abraham
Lincoln himself, and no ono doubts bis honesty.
That Mr. Seward desired peace, that belabored
to prevent a separation or States, and to pre
V cnt bloodshed, no ono doubts, but that ho la
bored In a woypurpoBcly to destroy the conntr),
no man In his senses, unless himself, under a
a malignant spirit, can believe. Tho Sairil
of Vie Times says i
"Will. Cornwall Jen fit. n lilalnnt nnn..tn.
1st and empt) -headed fool, recently set sail for
England, bearing with him a letter, written all
In Mr. Seward's hand, and signed by Mr.
Seward's name, which letter accredited him as
having been sent abroad bv tin trniti..i ri.i..
Government ror purposes which he, the said
Jewell, would himself explain. Said Jcwett
rnnii in tngiami, ami no went to London,
and taking up his hcadquaatcrs at Morley's
well-known hotel, ho Issued a pronunclamento
to the world, expressing his detestation for Mr.
Lincoln's emancipation proclamation, his dis
gust for the United States In general, and ro-
I'uuiuimg ma aiicgianco 10 tins luckless coun
try. In favor or some rortnnato European State,
w hlch the said Jewctt had not, down to that
date, had leisure to select. itnvlnn- ihn -.
plained hlmscir,' tho reader Is at llbcrtrto
Itlilfrn n.liAt!i 11.1. .- il.. m -. .
o 1 purpose ior wmen
.... ctnnru uvcrcuucu smu m isc rcant abroad,
nnd whether said wretch had previously pock
etui, or failed lo pocket, anuhlni on hla credentials."
Tli President's Order Itriprrllng llir ).
srrsance of the ftanlmtli l,j llir
Army avuil Navy.
Govtrnor Johnson ainil Itsbel Prisoners.
NVlr S"bbMn "r " '" Army ami
Execitivi: Mansiov,
WaMvgton, I). C, Nov. 10, 1W)J.
The Outrages or (lie llauilltA Prrllt
HiuuiIur; llght Arross the Irnlrle The
Perfect Nncress of the Expedition.
torrcRiiotiUence of tho Missouri tleinucrst
llAKiiliowillr, Nov. 1, IMiJ.
On jcslerday a detachment of tho different
companies or tho filli and Oth regiments or
cavalry, Missouri Stnto mllltla, all under com.
inand or Col. E. C. Catherwood. now In i.
mand or this place, had qulto a varlct) or tun
A Short tatrrhlim.
Prom the Chlcsro Tribune
The eleetlons over, wo may possibly gain the
atlcnllon or tbothonsandswhowererrrghlened
b) the clamor or "nigger Invasion," wlille we
suto nrewractsao plain that the wavrarlng
mail, though a fool, need not err therein.
What do tho negroes or tho South run away
muni Slaver). '
iii,l,i,l.'11."ie110''" '"k'aln by coming Into
Illinois I Freedom.
If, then, )ougho tho negro freedom hers
i I i .. ' ---,....".,...... .iimmuiii i-Hxiuuiimv mill in ii no win not aifalu
In chasing him cntlrel) out of the eounlr), and bo reduced to Blavcr), ho will have nothing to
further, I presume, than ho has ever seen lit to gain lij comlnglnto Illinois, will ho I No
K?- ."' f".10 al,0"t Iblswavi tlnthocttulng WiatcIImato docs tho negro nrerer? What
of the .Td Instant. Ouantrcfl. with nlmtii rvai . liirtsoftlm nn.i,t'. ...r .i. ,. . ...
THE I.VTK1T l'lt(lMJP.Wt)ltl.EAH,
tiik mtKin'AiwtrTs of nor. Moonr.
$ntiomit UmMuWs
It AT EH o A 1 V E II T I S I N U .
Ono square, threo days ...... $1,00
- I.ar.
. t.W
- 1.75
lirty per
One square, four days .
vua square, nvo aays ......
One square, six days
Every other day advertisements,
ui. auumonai.
OnCOa WCck AilvrH(aj.mnta flt.AK...l
for each Insertion. '" "'"w
ni.t ii. ,.,
AT" imi I . """ ur less consutnio o square.
JN O. 604. , Ad""'nients should bo handed In by nine
. .... r. u..
Oes. Lee. It Is said that (itu. Leo has been
ninoved from the command of the rebel urni),
and that Gen. Joo Johuson la apiKiIntid In his
htead. Such statements may be well doubted.
There seems to bo qulto 11 "tempest In a teu
iot" about tho urrest or Lieut. Col, A. P. Col
buru uud J. C. Duaue, or tho engineer corps,
or Gen. McClellan's staff, In Trenton nnd in
New Vork. Doubtless tho Government has
good reasons for their arrest, or It would not
hat 0 been done. Did It never occur to those
flippant editors who aro lashing thimsclvcs
Into a fury about this nllalr, that posslbl) these
geutlimcn havo left their posts without le ive I
Thcyweio not or Gen. McClellan's personal
still, wo believe.
IlAiirEii'sFEiiitv. It Is now said that there
arc no signs or the rebels either at Harper's
Ferr), Frederick, or llagerbtowu. All Is quiet
thereabouts. Excltemcul respecting uu Invasion
or PcunB)hanla by tho rebels Is d)ln out. It
Is lust ror the people ortuoso regions or Mur)
luud aud Peuns)laulu to look out. Stuart's
1 av ulry aud Stouew ull Jackson aro w tde uw ake,
au Ithough the) bavenot McClelluutodcIudolu
Ibis Instance, still tlnj may iitunipt inlds
wlilcli ma) bo fruitful In evil results
Iuo Tiir West. (leuirnla Lrlilendiu mid
Hobctiaus uppear to bu doing u good woik til
llio West. Tho fiirniii has tMabllsheil tele
graph toiuiuilliUatlmi liilneen Nushvlllu mid
the Ninth, and elctncd Ihu rtbtli nut of (lallu
1 Uu. den. lto&icruus Is giltlng uud) tumid
u lirgo urni) Inta 1 u-t 'linueHhce Hu will
hang ull the guerillas ho iullius ami dtly
ribel rclullatiou.
I'.istaiil SrAMi's Tbu PoBlmablir deiieial
ins glvill nulira In ltdceni ull tliu posture
ft amps which havo bicu lined ns cm 1 cut).
(nun dold will be sold at the brokrrs'
lioald to da).
llllkehlNliinOL. 'Ihlslrultiu Is uo suld to
bt id Cheatham wllh k.11,000 men
mjhtii Cakolina, General Tobttr's urni)
wa at MIIlanihtou, Nov, tub, under onlcis to
match lo Pl)inoutli llnmulbili I) uud enibutk
thence In Ncwlcril It was lound tint Iho
rebilshul niasBid a 1 irge lone ut 'larboio',
Tho "all works near lliuliiglon huvebicu de
Mlo)ed bv Ihe gunboat 1 Ills. No loi.s 011 our
(IEN. Sicll visited lleunal liuruslde, at his
Laadquarters, )cstcrda).
Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenoen. Wo tako the
following from iho Boston Transcript, and wo
uavo 10 sa) mat, whether Mr. Fcsscnden goes
Into tho Cabinet or not, we endorse all tho
7Vimr i)) sa) s of hint. It Is true, cv cry word
Mr. Fcsscnden Is ono or tho great men of tho
conntr), and lliere Is no position In tho gift of
1110 .-resident, or the people, that he would not
(III with honor to himself and great usefulness
to Die countr) 1
" Tho Teleirai& suggests William Pitt Fes
sendeu for the Cabinet. Public opinion will
demand that tho chango In tho command of our
armies shall bo followed up by such change In
tliu Cabinet as will mako It a unit.
"Wo havo tome to tho turning polut, and
need a man at the head or our counsels about
whom there Is no doubt or hesitation a leader.
If ever a man was lilted for this place and this
hour, slnco tho da) a or his great namesake,
William Pitt Fesscndcu Is Iho man. Conserv
ative where principles aro at stake uncompro
mising in his lojolty and patriotism with the
highest Intellect and tho llnncst will he Is, or
all others, tho pilot to w eathcr tho storm.
"He Is thennomau fit to cope with the arch
rclicl. Jell. Davis. Let tho President take him
for an adviser, und wo shall havo no more
wavcilng In Dili council chamber or the Held.
"He seeks no higher placo than his present
one tho leadership or tho Senate but ho has
given three sons to his countr), und must not
withhold himself."
SSfThc Intelligeueet of Saturda) has an In
terminable rev lew or the causes or Iho success
or Us friend In thereccut Northern elections.
The review Is, or course, tortuous and diplo
matic, but not so luterlarded with empty com-
pllliicutstotlio President and members or Iho
Cablntt ns totoutcal from Intelligent readers
Ihu rial purpose, w hlch is to stub tho Adminis
tration under tho HI1I1 rib.
Tbu Iitelli einer sa) st
" Hut the cause or causes which have contrib
uted 10 the ueteator the Republican party In the
reteut elections Is undoubtedly tho nonulsr.lt-..
satisfaction raised b) the last proclamations or
rresiueiu laucoin, especially mat or last Sep
tember 24th, vinuull) proclaiming martial law
throughout tho whole territory or even the lo)al
States. As un Intelligent Republican corres
IHindeut, who voted for Gen. Wndsworth In
New York, has recently said through our col
iinius, 'Iho Iruo Isiuo In that State was made
upon Iho pollc) ot the President, as Indicated
In bis Into proclamations ' which, he added,
li iv e been condemned In tho popular Judgment
as changing tho w holo object and character oi
tho war; us being u step too far for tho Execu
tive to go. In assuming State authority, nude
jHcUilly in lOHttcimiatlon of tin jriisykiistoii of the
VIH lij HIMl-tl, lvr'IIJ.
Reiiki. Supi'i ieh. It Is said that an Immense
umount of nbel supplies hav 0 been collected at
Chattanooga, and that the rebels havo no facili
ties (ur their transportation across the river.
The Pufsident's Puoclauatiov. The gen
eral convention of tho Methodist Protcslaut
Church, In session at Cincinnati, passed the
Jteiotutl, That wo heartily ondorso tho eman
cipation proclamation or President Lincoln,
bciuuso It strikis at that baleful cause, of all
our civil and ecclesiastical difficulties, Ameri
can Slav iry tho sum or ull villainies, the dar
ling Idol ot villains, tho central power of vil
lainous seccsslonlsmt but now. bv tbo wisdom
or tho President, about to bo made tho agent of
rcirioumu jusiico lu punisiuugino culmination
or villainous enterprises, tho attempt to over
throw the most glorious civil Government that
God's providence ever established upon earth.
Cotton. A correspondent following Gen.
Grant's army, writes from Lagrange, (Teun.,)
ov. h, us fotlowst
"Cotton bu) era are following close!) In the
wake or tho arm), und sciurlug all the cotton
the) cuntliid. The product through this sec
tion Is qulto lurge, though tho considerable
ixtint or bind planted with corn lias-somewhat
reduced tbu c rop of tbu textile staple."
'1 111s MschEiiri. FisiiEiiiES. The Capo Ann
Athirtw sii)h tbo INhliig seasou, now so near
Its close, his belli quite sucicssrul. Tliu nitt
joilt) of the vcsHell havo biought In good
Tires, and tbo limit udvunce lu prlecu will
udd lulu h In tliu 111 1 1 piouedsor tho season's
w ork.
Ciintiuimniis All tho ublo-bodied coutra
bunds ut Fortress MourooandatHampdcuhave
recently been biought to Washington, and thosa
unable to work uro being sent to Crauey Island.
Illl (ll mioat Lonnectiiut. This vessel
arrived at 1 01 tress Monroe on Saturday from
the Guir 1 dluuiul Ulaiikluun, Fsq , a special
(lOVeruineut commissioner, laiuo pussiuger by
her. Ihe otllurs rcpolt the iiitirc coast or
Texus us being In our possession.
I-PTheoflliHor Internal Revenue Is much
nuuo)cd at tbo continual ncclpl of Inters from
uHsUtunt utJscHKoi s, di put) collectors, uud others,
usklng Information ngurdlng business con
nectid with Ihu ofllits. S111I1 purtlcs should
kuow Unit no attention can bo glveu their let
ters, us application for lulunuutlon concerning
busluess should bo mado by subordinate ofli-
dalsto their principals, and not ihe Internal
ncveuue Uepartmcut.
and men In tho mllltart nnd nival service.
Tho Importance, for man and beast, or tho
prescribed weekly rest, tho sacred rights of
i.nnsiian soldiers and sailors, a hciomlng der
erenco to tho best sentiment of a Christian
people, and a duo regard for tho Divine will,
demand that Sunday latior In tliu army nnd
nayy bo reduced to tho incisure of strict ne
cessity. The dlsclpllno and character or tho national
forces should not suffer, nor tho canso they de
fend be Impirlled by tho profanation or the
day or name or tho Most High. At this time
or pnbllc distress, adopting tho w ords of Wash
lngton In 177(1, "men may And enough to do
In tho service or God and their countr) with
out abandoning themselves lo vlco and Im
morality." Tho lirst general order. Issued bv
tho Father of his Country, nftcr tho Declara
tion or Independence, Indicates tho spirit In
which our Institutions were founded, nud
should ever bo defended! "Tho Gcucrul hoiics
ana imsts mat every officer and man will en
deavor to live nnd act as becomes a Christian
soldier, defending the dearest rights and liber
ties or his countr). "
men, attacked an ox-wairon train lb.it nn m.
turning from hero to Scdalla. with an escort of
twcnt)-two men, under charge or Lieutenant
Vlielit . iviniii.nt I- C tlA fttl. l.... ,.... ,,.
"V, .....,..., . ,wi iiiouiii, nijvill icil IU1ICS
east or here, killing eight of tho escort, six
teamsters, woundlnc four, and tiling n,
prisoners, Including Lieut. Ncwby, and burning
tho entire train or thirteen wagons.
Col. Catherwood, receiving Information that
Qiiuutrel was In tho vicinity wkh lino men,
started In hunt or him with nltonl 110 men, not
Tl A 1, 11 . V, I, -""" null uiiuui J IV IIICI1, IIOI
1110 President, Commander In-Chler or tlm I knowing or tlio denredatlnn cnmniiip.i ui.ir-i.
Army and Nay), desires, and enjoins, tho or- !'aI,),ncl al,0"t tho time or Ids starting. But,
dcrly observance or tho Sabbath by tho o.l.cers J?. Ki,1,Eh JK '?,?' SKIi "!?,. 'h.1,,!!j
,, " . iie-iillli; ill
tho disaster before rejicblmr tt. fiinl u.ntn..
that Qiinntrcll had started south of lira mid, he
A Bold Movement.
Olllelal Information has been niilvid hero
that Acting MaMer's Mate James J. liusaill, of
Iho United States lurquo Rislliss, left Bull's
Island on tho .'.III Inst,, lu 11 mall bo it w lib two
contrabands, armed, for Jcne)'s Lauding, Pal
metto river, South Carolina, lor the purioso or
Intercepting tbu mall between Charlntoii and
Georgetown. Tho mall carrier traveling In 1
sulk), approached tho point where Ailing
Master's Malo Leo and Ids friends had secreted
themselves, when ho was suddenl) called upon
b) them to halt by the authorll) or tho United
States Government. Two mall bags were i
cured. Tho carrier expressed himself us being
glad of having fnllciwiprlnontr, as hn bad long
been w ailing au-opportunll) lo have Iho plan.
Tho part) having accomplished tbu mow
raent, barely escaped the rebel pickets, and re
turned lu sntet) to Ihe ship.
Au Old Scheme Hevliril.
Mr. Ellhu Burrltt has deemed the present u
faiorablo period for again bringing forward his
scheme for a union or nations, us well us or
Biaics, on mis comment. Ills proposition. It
may bo remembered, Is to add another i)clu lo
our foderal sjstem by organizing the .Northern
Republic, the Southern Conredcrac) and Mexl
co, and ultimately tho British North American
colonics luto a Diet, composed or Independent
republics, with separate congresses, intltled to
legislate for themselves. The Did, lomjiosid
or delegations from these ripubllcs, he proposes
shall havo exclusive Jurisdiction over foreign
policy, making or treaties and national do
This plan Is slmpl) a reproduction ol tho ol 1
Grecian Confederation or States, which gaie
rise to in tnmiv Ipnlnnala nn.1 ti. .!.... .. .-
and utterly railed, except in ono or two c ises,
In Its prime object or securing unity or action.
It Is easy to seo that similar results would ut
tend Its revival, were It It cither practicable or
uesirauie 10 auopi it ns a remedy lor ovist in-
grievances. Tho German Conlederatlon, lu
uuruwu ugu, jiruvea mo luiiuty 01 mis selieuie.
It rails to Insure harmonious action luiuim
tho smaller powers, owing to petty Jealousies
uuu iiiu uisturuiug luuuences 01 foreign in
trigues, and tho Germans aspire to get rid oi'lt.
Wo regard then this plan or Mr. Burrltt as
allko or a rctroitrado and lmnractlcabla i harm..
Icr. Tho Tact Is tho existing Constitution or
tne united states secures nil tho ends im d.
sires to achieve. It admits of unlimited ex
pansion, and secures unity of national net Inn
and tho privileges of local siir-govenunciit
wuien uro luuispeusuoio 10 tuo w ants uud ne
cessities of tho American ik-odIu. limn lul.
lion Is an accident, and will soou pass away.
It will then bo seen that tho "Constitution us It
is" possesses sumclcnt cxpanslvencss to cover
the whole continent, and secure at the samo
time national strength and llidlvlduallllierl).
ti. a . iiuni
followed III tho direction Indicated, and ca'tnc
uj-uu inn iiiHl'in aooui m o'clock at night, III
dcuso timber ncir the road ho was trnvcllngi
formed Ids command as soon ns possible and
pitched Into Iho camp, but to llnd noono there.
Tho enemy w as fleeing, It seemed to be, In ev c
ry direction. Following the trail or tho nnln
hod), which led out Into a largo prairie, Iho
only w a) or retreating, ho camo upon them and
had a lnudsomu mnulng light for six miles,
tiring volley after voile) as the) were running.
Tiny turned several times, ns It siemcd, to
makon stand, llrlug bit k but Imuihhly when
tho colonel would clurgoon them, they would
turn tall and runnslhoiuhthcylhoiigbtthedcvll
was artcrthctn. In the several c barges sl men
iioro i men ami iwent)-uio wounded not a
man or ours being hurt, (hey universal!) Ilrlng
too high.
Tho command was hero lolncd be mintticr
detachment or nlwut sevinlv-llvo tin n and two
pieces or artlllerv, tinder Oapt. David, or tbu
6th. No Imincdlnlcly started In pursuit, fol-
i""ii'- iih-iii ii-iii)-iiu or iiunv miles, nut
they were too swift or fool, nnd our lirti-fti,r
tcrlriwllng ulwut sixty milts on tbedoiiblo
qui!-, wiTuiouiircii in lonow Iiliu. v f bad
alread) chased ldm out or Ids uurrou doniiln,
and rurther than ho ever went before,
1 bus has traliHplrul another blood) tragedy
in ronncclinii with Ibis notorious bandit and
oiilliw. On veslerday the dead bodies of (en
or the murdered nun were brought lu, a lirrl
bloutid ghastli rlL'bt. Delnir shot after ilici
were laki n prisoners, whilst the Inslrumints nf
uealli were wllliln a Tew reel or their heads,
their wounds presented tho most gor) asjieitt
ami n hllsl looking oi crtho mutilated remains
or Ihclrdead tommies, Ithluk a solium vow
w is mado In this command lo revenge llielr
deaths 111 Iho most-terrible tiiannir, at ill
plans and ulltlmcs, ujion lira guilt) perpetra
tors or lira foul and (lendlsh niurdir. Von
cannot characterise It by another name. A
resolution was exhibited that should make
these parlies and their Sjmpathlrers tremble
for their fate. This U foul nlr for rebels to.
breathe lu.
And In ro a word of loiiiinendatlou for those
who deserve It. "Tho gods pay honor lo Ihe
brave," and, when Ibis quallt) Is blended with
Ihognatist actlrlt) and encrg),and tho most
aiuto observation or their plans nnd move
ment, llusu loft mil guerillas and their nbit
lors mil) will fear II. Colonel Cilheruood had
oul) licen here two di)s when this occurred.
B promnlness. ho bus succeed il In rliialtiv
Uiih limd out of tliu country. Vou ma) rest
notiuiu linn, ii no ii-iiiuins ucro long, iinv oth
ers who may have the temcril) to llnd them
selves "a local habitation and u name," will
In ir Ironi hlui. ud wo aro In hopea tbu Ibis
desnlatcil countr)- a scene ol blood and miir
dir ma) bo reginernlid, dlaenlliralled, and i
pliio where lojol aud pcaceabl)illspoBeil till
itniB lia hllnvalli
sci k to find the conditions lst adapted to his
Vim "n"iiiioii i iiio iropics.
Hhat productions aro tho negroes on this
continent most skilled incniitiniii r,.
rice, sugar, nnd lolncco. '
, wi'aSatl"c,, ro llie" atnples prlncliially
raised I Tbo seceded States of the South.
K, then, slaver) were abolished all over the
union, and lira negroes ollowed to ehooso Iho
places where they would live, where would they
bo likely to fix: their homes! In (ho Guff
Is II for ihe Jutcrest or the whole countr)
that Iho production or cotton, rice, sugar, and
lOllSCCn. Should lm innltnii.l I.. , 1... iT-.o. .,
u... . ,.i- "-" '" '" eiiiiiu
umin i II IS.
Are there whllo laborers enough In Ihe coun
ir) to produce tho rcqullto crops or cotton,
rice, sugar, and tolncco, bcsldo earning on the
agricultural und manufacturing pursuits of the
Siorth i No.
Could lira white laborers or tho North endure
tho i xpnaura nnd lnrdnhtp or tho rlc o sw imps
lotion i fields, and cane brakes or tho South I
Probably not.
Could tho whllo liborcra or tho North bo In
dui I'd to abandon their homes and their rcmu
niritlvo enipIo)iucnt hero to In lira experi
ment I CtrtiMyuot.
Could they, In any event, produce thnsu ne
ccfflar) staples us cheaply as tho negroes, who
arc accustomed to tbo w ork t No.
.il list mo negroes 111 o somew here ( cs.
niiiiiii inn npirrnifl
from Ihu South, nml "
long us slaver)- continue I Yes.
Ilcro Is an argument, which nlnet) nlno
orthel men In ever) huudrcd will pronounce
unanswerable. In ravor or cmonclpallng the
slaves and cmpIo)lng them vh're tlmj ur; In
cultivating lira cotton, rice, sugar aid lolitco
or lira South. How clso con you stop the
"nigger Invasloul" So long at .laverv con
tlnues, so long will the) bravo huuger, thirst,
n hips, bloodhounds und fngltlyo slave Ian a, lo
secure frcediiin. Il7u io.i f,nii; )moni to
ilooi , lli'?j mil ot t II ilii,
oitorn oyt: iwxdiif.d asd manrr-
Capture of. Hcb.1 Mall In South t rolln,
l-omlon Times rironla Xlr. Bright
the Iroclamallnn iti. i.. .-..
The liulon Tlrars'a lllcliuioml Corres
.o...lM,tM1,MB , u,ropol.
ln.ll l,lx,r,, nronghan... .r
e"iie insnrrertlnns.
,,..,, "v 'r.trF'. ivntA-TitF
M.vnr. tir .xmni.F m, rvVFS01t.
Latest from Nf llrlrsna.
Nsiy VonK, Nov. Kl.A,hlccs rrom New
Orleans report that an expedition, under Gen.
Wcllrel, met lira cncni) at Lahodicrvlllo and
dcreaic.1 them after n brisk light. Upwards
or tuo hundred or lira enemy were hilled
wounded nad taken prisoners, and ono piece or
......icr) captured. Thu rebels were pursued to
il am oerw icks- in) , w be ro Gov . Moore Is sup-
e " "- "ur loss was elclitccn killed ami
scvcnly.four wounded. 17,e inptureil rebels
i contlnna lo run away ' ero parolcil.
Minndo tho North," bo , ,
t ol.it'tllnbb) ami llarprr's IVri).
Ihu subjoined arllilc, wlibb wo top) with
inuih pleasure, ii Irauslatid liom lira New
Voik Ihiitwriii, (derm in,) or Nov. 1 1, 1M.J.
Il Is not iiiinalural ibut tbu fonlgners should
evlliu i lilllc Jealouiv llliiu u comrade Is
In git cl til i
Lot,. h'L'tassv ami Haiii tit'a Feruv lira
report ortbc Commlttcu or Investigation In tho
llorpir's Firry surrender In ironio.! nniiiu..
astoiiUhinent In mllitar) circles. People are
general!) grntlfled that blame should rull upon
the heads oUhnae who descrvo It. But wo ask
why In tbo sumo spirit praise should not be
melt d lo till! Miirlliv I Tin, wiuiptAnln.t..uii.n
loiuliirtorGcii. Vthlle. and we uikiioululm
the Justlca or this, lu nollclngCols. d'Utans)
aud Trimble, It sa) si "Vo Hume to he altuclud
to the subordinate eyylcirs."
Il was (.uu rail) expictnd that this Commis
sion would give credit to Col. dUlassy, who
Kit ,,,j ,,iriinuiBiieii iniuseii ill lite limu OI mil
latiistlopbe. It was Col. d'Ctasse t niminm.l.
lug lite llrst brigade, who offered to retake
Maryland Ilelghia after the Bbaincful tvacua-
uoii ii) ioi. roru. lie could not oMnln per
mission so lo do Tbu da) after Col. d'Ctassy
ordered au expedition, composed or a portion of
his own regiment, and sav cd four v aluahlu guns,
wllh a great titiantlt) or miniunltlnn w hlrli had
neea icii on lira mights,
In llm riinnrlt r,P i..,. I. t.l li, .,..!. i i,
fZ?n"',0.!,e1,.,.,"r,, V'"'. P'"1"1.1"" '"' Mil-", -l.,l'l!tos) was lira oul) otllcerwh,;
" (. "" loieiiiineiii. snowed l tlliposltlou lo hold out In the hope ur
expccleildelli cranio b) re-tnforciincnts. Ills
oiiKtullmilirliiiMi lovernor.loliii.iiu I gnllanl behivloi ut that tlmo ellcted e-enirul
;.'',""'' pril.,andlc.elvedmuchnotIcoaudconimcnd.
Nvsiivilll, Nov. ,, 11.'. Tho following is i atlon from lira pros. All these Puts were
u l c port or u conversation bit ween (muruor eontlrmed bv witnisses before the tourt, uud ll
Johnson und a rebel officer captured the da ""'""""Itlial the colonel would re-echo the
!,. iiuieu un ua) Btll lJnli imuorublo mention. Such eom-
UofeiuorJohnnoii. Will, Mr. Harris, I um
sorr) toseojouln lldsiompan), Ikncw)our
Tue Pkoclahatiov Allium) a mo pn
mlttcdtomako the following extract from a
letter rrom ourConsul Gcueral at Franl,lort-ou-
tho-Malne, In German), to n high ollhlalof
our city, datid tho Slst uli.t
"Tho emancipation proclumallou glus vt r)
general satisfaction. ( itu ineriaml the iiidie
of American securltus luld tut, and likewise
made us hosts or friends "
When wo consldir that Fianklorl Is lira
elder financial centre ol Germany, us Viw
Vorklsorour own countr), tbu impoituuiu
or tho Tuct above stated tutiuot buoir-esll-mated.
It showB how that gnat ail or lira
President la viewed by Impartial minds lu n
city where orlBtocrutli audabsolutlbtjeulousies
huyo not tho power w hit h the) ivert iurng
laud uud France, and ut a ilistutuu from ull In
llucuces or party and pusbIoii. width Mind so
many hero, audwhiih enable lalschood, In the
lutcrcst or treason, to obtuln so sliong a loot
hold among us.
uiindatlon nud ackuowlcd -ment Is u stliutiluin
tnubruvosobller and Incltis lo greatirexer-lluii
fuller many )cars. nud always lound him in l pisslvo uutlco In this ih ilm.,ii
a sinieio and true Union man. Tact pointed to merited nieomliinia for hran.
Utiris. I'm Jiibt wbiru I wunt lo In. Is ludiid dlsioura 'luir. All ask win lira iiamn
tiummr. Let me, Mr. Harris, nut for 1 be of -ol. il'Utass) is not menlloncd In this rr-
sikuor nrgumiul, but lu a frlcndl) inaiinir, 1 "" In tierman circles tbo lacl Is attributed
ak vou what rigid s vou havo ever lost under "' ' leellngsaMirlngor Know Nnlhlnglsui.
IheCnnstltullonf .
limit. M, I would mintloii tho right to i)raiiir iirsi.i,ui i,,
recover slave proper!) from the freufctatts irahlcul Lom-a.
tlonruor. Can ) oil ineutloii an liibtniue Advlcia iicelvid bring Intelllgenco of lira
Where propertv ol that deserlntlon un ,...i ... di itb ol President lllicz. of Pura-n.ie. Il.i
c ov end w licit Idcntlllcdf Vou know, sir we IH forsoniu lliuo n local cilebrlt) I In re, but
cunnot iilwavs retover iiliatnulmtn l.ui' i.., It w is not till 1K41 til it tlra liumuof Don Car.
tho property horses, cattle, or nigmcs, unleiM l,M Alllonlo Liqur becumu known oulBldoof
wuursiiiiscovcrlhelr whereabouts. ins iiiiiiiiiuaio vitinii). in tint )e ir, aflir Ihu
llarrit. Wo aio uot lighting so ninth for ''" ""' "r ' fanili lud left Paragu i) without a
what wo hane lost, as for what wo mluhl haiurultr' au' tl,l) brief dictatorship ur ebal hid
Later From Europe.
bT. Johns, n. ., Nov. I".- Tho Flna, from
Liverpool, .November Mb, via Quocnstnwn No
vember Mh, passed CaHj Race, oi route lo New
York, ot 1 o'clock this afternoon.
Tbu Clly or ew York arrlvidonl on .Nov.
Mi, and lira Hibernian on thutilh Inidanl.
Tho imllllcol news Is iiulniporl ml.
. siiu'iii collision had occurred IkIuixu Aus
trian and Italian soldiers on lira froutlir, but It
was soon quieted.
Tholondon Time, again t.hortatolheattlon
of tlra .New Vork LIuiiiIht orCoinincrrelouch
lug lira rein I slcamcr Alabama, and dinlcsthat
au) oiamu call bu attached lo Fngland.
mo i.onuon Anty An lakes an allngether
iiiuireni view or the platter.
Mr. Bright has written j kiicr ap) lauding
PriBldent Lincoln's proclamation, lllicmtlng
the slaves or the Southern rebels.
Tho cotton sales or lira last two da) a wire
1 1,000 bales, at an adianie or J& td. since
I rlda). Themirkctiloscilbunjant.
IJrea.MuiUdull ; w bent dn lining j provisions
vir)dull Consols II3I01UJ fonnone).
Tbu London Times eoniineuces lira publica
tion or u c oi nspoudi uc o from Richmond, dated
Oel. lira nth. Ihu writer, who Is strongly
Imbued with Iho rulings or seecsslouliin, savs
Ihe South suffer tcrrlbli desolation, but the
splill nrieslstaiicc Is as high as eWr.
At a irowded meeting at Metropullnn lustl
lullnn, London, resolutions cxprcislnir svin-
path) tilth the Nonb wiruudopiul
Lord Brougham, In a Inter, expresses tlra
hope tint lira United States Cover cnt will
refrain from making u sen lie liniimttlou.
It Is riiuitiilihit laird Flglnhuntlnd from
the generalship of hull i, ow lug lo Uw c llinate,
aud that ihe Dukutif Argvlo suecicds hlui. It
U reported lint Girlbaldl hn been sounded ns
to bis itiiptantuufllra crown or Greece.
I.nrirr Klre lu Nr ork Iron Works,
ihiirrh Hint IJevcllliigs Uestro)nl.
Nlw Vniil., N'ov. 1(1 Tlra Althouso Iron
VorkswereileMro)ed b) llreonSaturdayulgliti
also tbu Associated Preab)tirlau church, aud
a large nuiiiberordwclllngliouses InGrcen and
Houston Btreels were damaged. Bulldlug No.
HI dncn slreit was crushed In tlio I'allltiL'
walls or tho Iron works. Janus Maugiini, nn
lusiiranio patrolman. It Is believed, lost bis
lire. Tbo tot d loss will nuch Sl'iO.Oclll.
lost under the present Administration,
(An nudlblu buiIIo win hero Indulged lu In
Iho b)-stuudcrs. In w hlch thoGnvcrnor joined )
floiemor. Wo won't Bpcok or things uhlih
MO'iihaveoccurnd. YoiitaiiBic, ns will is
I, what has happened from Iho attempt in ulu
by designing men to overthrow tlra best nud
wisest Government tho sun ever shmra uiioug
und I (ell vou, sir, lint tlra laws will bo ec
culi d, uud I his unholy rebellion put dow n.
HirrU. This il ar ii as fori ed upon us.
flomtuot. "Fori ed upon list" VVulmeu
Constitution wlikh su)s tint iho Government
has power to put down Inmirrti Hon nml to .iin.
press rebellion. Nou.wboco uniid thlsru
imved uiiBatlsrictor), tliu consular sjsti
wuii ii nan )iars lieloro hien In voguewusre
ikI iblisbeil, nnd lopiz ami Mourn wern up
polute I lonsuls.
Ihrrajeira liter lope wis clittid Prul
dent ror tin )eirs, und, at lira expiration or
Hint lime, w is re-elcttcd Inr lbrtu)tars, and
again. In I3.T, for such )i irs. Hu died whllo
Jioldlug tills olllie.
lliiderrraiiilauud laipcx Pirngui) h is ae
qiilnd un honnriblu runk among South Amtrl
inii uitlous. Urqula, Iho President ol tho
rgentlnu Conluliritlnn, acknowledged It lu
ImJ It wns lu Iho loiter ye ir tint (bo Amerl-
cm liouriitucul suit au ixpetlltlon to Pnra
.'IltVI THE I'ltONT.
CorieHiHimlenie of thu AssoeUleil 1'resn
IliAiiejuvitrFits Aitwv of Tut Potomac,
November II, lsik!
Tbo fiilleiM inir order wus published toila)j
Nfiu Wahiienion, v., hm. II.
Gcnerul Order No 1S-I
I. Ihuorgaulritlouor aiortlouof this ami)
lu threo grind divisions Is hcieh) uniiouneul.
Tbesogrnntl ilhUlons will bo formid und coiii
luiuded us follows!
lira BCiond nud ninth corps will form the
right grand till Uiou, and bu eounuaudeil In
Major (nuernl I . V. Suniuer.
Ihutlrst and sixth corns will forin ilm l. n
grand dltlslou, and will bu lummuudcd by
Major General W, II. I rnnhlln.
Tbu third nud fifth lorn will form ilm kii.
tro gruud dlvlblon, and will bu lumniunded by
Major Geueril Jtibcph Hooker.
'1 bu clcnnlh i orps, w lib such other troops us
ma) he renin r hu iiasigiied to It, will eou.lltutu
a reseriuiurps, under tlra toiumuiiil or Major
tiencral F, Slgil. Asblgiimtnts ofeuvalr) aud
lurihir iliiuils will bu uuiioutitul In luturo
ordi rs.
'.'. lu ut ion! lino with Instructions from lira
mpnriiiiiut, thu totntnuuilirs ur Huso
Tribute of Iteiixr .
TlIIKD Aiditor's OrricE,
Washington, Noy. 15, IMS.
At a meeting of tho emphnees In thlsofflce.
concerning the death of their esteemed Mend
and associate, Hannibal Hamlin, or Boston, P..
J. Atkinson, Esq , was chosen Chairman, and
Delano T. Smith Secretary.
On motion, a committee was appointed m
draft resolutions expressive or the objects or
the meeting, consisting or Thomas F. Barr, or
'laibaeuuseiisi a. it. vauglin, or Maine; and
John L. Carlton, or New Hampshire; and the
following were presented and unanimously
Whereas, It has pleased an all-wise Creator to
removo from our midst our friend and assocl
and. as w o aro desirous of recording our appre
elation or his worth :
litsoloed. Tlmt. hi tlin .tuml. ..r IT ii.-i
Hamlin, tho country Is deprived or nu upright
and patriotic cltlicn, tho Government or u
ralthful and efficient nfllror. M. rmiiv nc ...
affectionate parent, and his friends or u warm
hearted counsellor, who was ever Tearless In the
ituuicuoi wrong, anu inncxiiiio In tho mainte
nance or right.
Itesolved, That, distinguished as had been
Ids past lire, for his many public aud private
acts of philanthropy, Ida moro recent humane
and charitablo labors In connection with tho
associations formed In this cllyfor tho rclleror
tho unfortunate victims or tho present wicked
relnlllou, performed, as those labors were, w lih
out remuneration, and under great bodily In
Ormlty, Justly entitles Ids memory tothoentl tir
ing respect and gratltudo or all loyal and pa
triotic citizens.
Itesolved. That, diirlmrnnr iwrAiiil n,l iiuB
clal Intercourse with ilm ,hnnn".t ii. ....
i.lrl.l!a ... , i. . ... : .
........un iiimra mm ins maniy worm navoell
deind him to our hearts, ami wo lender to his
surviving relatives, whoso sorrow wo frel, our
slnciro ond earnest sympath) In their affliction.
It was then nsolv cd that a copy or the reso
lutions bo forw ardcil to his bereaved funlly and
bo published lu tho city papers, after which tin
meeting adjourned.
Delano T. Smith, Secretary.
Boston papers plcao cop).
Tho body of tho deceased Is now embalmed,
and will remain at 273 F street fiir u fow da),
until iho arrival or tho relitlio. .,,,.i ,., i...
seen b) any friends who desire It.
Editors of lietmUiciin t Ono of lira i-fi.lra nr
juui iMjier would iiko to suljuilt n question III
)ou with iho bono that jou ma) Hud it In vour
power to ghohfin a contlusivu answer. Wial
pirtlcularsentlmcnls and s)inpalhles. In con
neitlon wlththo present rebellion, ma) lw it
trlbulcd to u lad) w ho dresses her hat or w enrs,
as an evening head-dress, a wreath composed
consccutlvcl) of the colors ml, vhde and rnf
At the concert of sacred nintlc given last eve
ning, ut Odd Fellows' Hall, and having for one
or Its objects tlra rellcr of .a ,,j ,eoj, ,
soldiers, a soprano stiucr, who londucletl lira
concert, Haunted lira inlon wo liavereferrtdln
upon her be id, and. If we, mistake not, created'
no little iiimmcul lu this exhibition or In r
Madam Rumor says, very positively, that
theao colors aro lira Insignia or secession pro
Unities, und I hat when )ou iniet them on the
Mrect, or In lira pirlor, spn id out upon dresseb,
head ornaments, and lioekitliindkenldeft, Ihu
conclusion Is a lair one, lint a nbel reigns be
Heath Ihelii. Tlioconeert ot last evening Is lo
bu repented. Uu would liko to kuuu what we
inn) think of thu dimonslrntlon rererred to
and wu lliluk man) others sympathize wllh u
In this respect. If Madim C. V. Z. means se
cession, she took a largo audience 1 ut evening
b) surprise, und In ono Instance, at least, per
pclrated a rank insult Tlist .,,... i. ,V,.
, ---.... I'll fuss to lMtltrrm
'"'ly. "(j( Em
pie can oul) sa), in answer toouriorres
ixjlldcnl, that lira nd, vhde and leil I , us nu
understand, emblematic ol sett-salon, aud that
ail) lad) volunteering lo t iko pvrt In a public
comer! for such piiriosea ns this purports lo
bu In favor of, should Huts demean herself und
Insult Ihu h)al pcoplu In lira nudlenu-, only
shows tlra; shameless audacity of tho iki-sou
whodoeslt, and Iho necnalt), tint thcGov
irnmeiit should at once hy Its hand or power
upon all such parlies, and give them to under
stand that the) cannot thus outrage public de
cent) with Impunity. Wogivoduu notice or
Ibis concert, In an editorial, but bad wo known
that Buch i oute nipt was to bo manifested low ards
lira Gorernmtiit and Iho flag of our country.
wo would buo spurned the whole thing with
coutctupt und detestation. lit. Rip
From ATs-1 Kiln 'I rrrlltir).tu hums or thr
Mlurs 1 hr I'm Ini llulliuinl.
Han Fkamisco, Nov. II, lira ligUlaiura ol
Nevada orguulzcd on the, Uth. Tho govunor's
message rocouiminds that tlra tirrlioilul gov
trnment tako JVW.OOO Block In thu Central P,i
clfli Railroad Compan), which i roposes lo
couBtruct u railroad Ironi biirunuutn in Ha
shoo. Ho says that during tlra past four mouths
the peoplo havo paid nearly 1,(XIO,000 moulbl)
for trausportudon or merchandise liom ( ill
fornla, and that railroad eoniinunlcutloii would
reduce tho fielght tax three fonrilis .in..
such developments that u road would pay liom
tho Increased business. From lira Inst luloi
matlon attainable, the CBtliualed i,,a,,ii,i, ,.,.
duce from tho Nevada inlues Is $1,01X1 uu and
they will hereafter produce as man) millions
as wo can procure machinery and I ibor lo
work them they being, In iho governor's
opinion, the rli best mines In the woild, of In
calculable extent, and perfectly Inexhauttlblo
hellion Did not Ihu South llrst lira upon Inrt k'un, lindir Coniiuandir Pige, which was will
Sumter, seiu our fortB, aibiuils, and i input) lixulvid In Preside ut Lope, Inn In 181) was
belonging to tho Govirniunit on every poitloii I "ri1' "I""1 '' " Pirigurjuu fort. A licet was,
ut Southern terrllor) I I till )on, sir, lliat this I '" ,",',i eni out Ironi this uiuntrv to di mand
Is a warforuBlnunr!btoirat),nndwushroii 'lit Hpurullou, and (.oniuiissioutr llowllng ai
b) u lew-dislcnllig. illsaopoliilnl iwiltil, l,,w"i,. lluted to ueennipiii) It. Lotnz consulted lo
olilulu jiowir and plain Mortmer, tin) uro mikutbo miiilretl toiupinsallou, und u war
lira nun for whom jou nud Huso prisonirs nru nsthiiih) uMttuI
lighting, when Ibiiiisnndsor deluded men now Hu was uniu in luilgn Immigration Into
ship In unknown grins nml IniiLnilsh in I'lmgui), und uu inertiuii trading coiupau)
prisons ; und lor uhulf Wh), Hint tills nrls wlilcli wiilllhire III lli-l was uiiBUiitsslul. A gland dlvl.Ious will liulo isiwir to dieldo such
loirui) )ou uru suklug locliMdu may niiiilu runih tolou), eslablishul In Isl"., wn nlso quiBtlons iilulng lo Iho Interior mauagemtnt
ut hnmii stetlrolioiu Interruption so long as "oiinhindoiiid laipt wuspopulii with Ids ol their ttimui mils us nro now forwurded lo
.ii.iiiii eiiunn iiiuiuciiiiweuiy niggirs
und )ou, who neur owned u negro uud uiwr
evpeel to, light uud perish for smli u i msu is
111 It I (iCIltlemell. 1 assillo eon. m ulmimi-
tot, lira (loiiruuii ut will put down this relnl
lloll. Slid tllilt tills lOlllltri Will Im mm inimlri
nud ono (iimriimt nt, now and lorevi r inon
llirrls iildeiuly wilted und, i ihu iiduimil
tlotw ol HraGuuriior, uiidht) " innwiiid liiiu
uot ignln."
ibis Hauls la ii sun or Gcorgo II in Is, I um
till a It iding pollllilnu here, aud al om Hun
ullloi ol a liewspipiriiiNashtlllt Hub is loi
uiiiujeiira been ii purser In tho Llllltd Milis
nil), and Is now uelliio; In tint inpuliv mi
bond tbu frlgatuSiblue fui. I'htlo. j;,
peo le, and lull Hiuer mm li loiigirlbnu Is
ilisuill) lira lasuwlth Ilm i ill, ih til Ihu Niiiiiii
mt rlt in u illons.
In .mis ni nu mi us. Hu i illouln, bun
llnd siltio tiur 1 isl I limit i
I William) llollniiu, I lb l-i.
Iliuoih) 1 11L.tnld, iouiiiiii I.r.'IN
John I. ( implill, iiiuipiui ( 1 iTlli I'u, n
1 Hllll iiiuio iidhi itnl
Huso luudquartirs lor final union. Major
liUiu-alMi.il will exerelbO all tho powirs lu
rtsput lobls iiiuimiiul aboiu asslgucil as lira
lommimUrs ol grand dlvUlons, Ihu urni
u lib li cuu mil) In iliild.dln lira Ikpnrimuits
TllE CONVAIEbCENT CaWI'. This lilac. In.
caled near Alcxaudrlu, bus bcioiuu somewhat
lamous b) tho many paragraphs which havo
gone tho rounds or tlra press In reganl to thu
horrible tondlllon of this hospital or camp.
u took considerable Pulns to Inform nursclwA
as tv tho ixnit statu ofallilrs here, and taki
gre it pleasure lu Elating Hut tlra i imp Is mil
lira entire commuiid of tlra coinulisceiits,
recruits, slraggters,desertcrs, and pamleil prlB
oilers, loiated here, devolves upote, Col, J, b.
llelklinti. ol tho Mth N'eiv Vork. which r. .1
mint is doing guard duty here. Tbo coloml Is
ono ur tho most ugneablo geiillemeii wu cur
nut. It Is truly refreshing to Hud u gentlu.
innii who wears tho shouldtr straps who Is um
a Biinb. Waspiutsomu tlmu in his lent s in
him eugaged lu Ids usual routine or diillis. He
his charguor over twehu thousiud meu, and
Buth uiiu as uru g ulu ml from tlra reiuuauts ol
au ami), lira mod of them stragglers and de
Bcrtcrs. His lent Is lonslautly besiegtil with
miBseligers und solditrs who havuall sorts ol
wants to bo supplied. Ono nun wants lo bu
Bent lo his regiment, another wauts Ids ill
ilurge, another it rurlougb, auollur Is eolj,
another sick, und another has a geuen 1 nun
ldaiiil to make. All theso tUbCsaro pulielitli
ilbtiued lo. nud. If iHissible. his reiiutbl irr inteiii
euehlsanswind lu i klud nnd Irleinll) man
inr, uuu even tuo rtiusai oi u l nor is reeenetl
with good gracu when it is deiiiid lu sueli kind
terms. Then, lira tamp is kipt lieut und clean
throughout! lira slik uro as well cured for ua U
imsblliluundtr tlra ilrciiuibtauccs, and ull are
well led aud clothed. Ihu tlieru aro nlins..
and that dure has been ninth Inconvenience
and somo sulliring hero it Is not deitlid. It
timid not win no otherwise.
Inn It Is remembered that these mm wm
picked up I rum ivcr)where, und siulduili um
iiiiiruuil ut this placo at lira rati ol lllu-ui
. l ... 1.1.. B I I . . ..IBB 1 Il . . . - ... ........ ....
I ........ no... hi me) win loriiani uiriilli lo thousand mill In one week, us was lliu nisi in
llltll-l l)lllltlUlUtl, Without rikrilllU tnlhlbll lln luirllililn,. nf III !... i -
insu ull) unu that mlKrln, uoull lor a Hu
Wm 11. Decker ipni) II, Jin Mass j ns usu il.
in uiipuiriiis. it m ulu- ri In lu j- to uiou
lllelilb ill troin i. tuLi die I Willi lelurns. rumns.
i , will hu I irwauli I In tbeM he id pi uiers.
A, UiuoLs MmtMtNr. lira iniriluul ol
1 mil in. I agieu loueilvu slltti lulu in nil
III III ol irunds ut tbu r.ill.nUn i... ,!..
. ... --. i, .ni, limn iiii
inns ol goods lo iiiuuln iinilleitul In lid
polli)), M pilllhibU of slvie ,, m.i ,...,il,
ol e,oods Hill bo paid loi by u sllur b ill doll il
Iblil) lints' worth, b) u Bllvcr quurlii dillir,
ItttluiiiHis'wiirtb.h) udline, slvtinti, noilh,
b) i ball .li in. Iht) will pin out uiiu it Hu
same lull Piin money ol ni.i .1, ,.l
Iocs not toiuu ultblii lids rule
ill l UIOU ItOlCl llOitpit ll, i!llL,llOU n
vniis Walton, ioiupiii) K, i Hi I'i i it ilr,
at Mount Pluisiint liosnltal
(i . lllutinii-ou. toluinll) I, I lb Wis ut
Mount l'liusuiiliioi-pll il
Jiihllfjlilih, cnmpiii) II, lUilh N nt bt.
1 liilielb bos It i
1 II i-liK), iiinii ni) V, H'lth Pi , m in
M r bos Itnl
IMlnuil llrnwn i inipain II, oil. Mi , allik
luinu bos) li i
Illl win d i Pi i nidi id nu lliirin hi
lull llillllllli I In I roll illl ut Hudson h I
ililul J iiiuiii) is. Ins), und iiniiiuiiiits us lul
...ur ,, Muiiiii urn iiiiriii,oi lira innii ot
Kllldrl book, I iillllt) ol Loluml I l, null Main ol
New ml,, builoliiiu (iimriinr ot Iho Mali.
Tin. k,v ii,., ,, , ""l '"i iwinil) I'lislduil ot lb. I uilul
Hie Mvo liuiii'.u Government lu hut, st ma, hut I i tlra list mid hai pli.t i.ui oi nn
has been hailed up ut Iho ai) ,,,l lltu ,, larinu In nn llutlvu tow, , . inuko a I
.Sixi&uW,nr,1'Ul r"Ulr' ' " SL? '". '-"-' ' '"" '-' "' -
iv-ianuiu, ' oti.
tht) approach.. it; winter.
I liu (DinnuiiiKrit nl iIilmj ltuiuI illiUlmw
will Utah, with tin tn tlulr HHpeUhuatuMri.
4. 'Ihu tn tiltir iillitt rHtl tliu 'tL.ttl. Ith iitut.li.i
tnriiH l laku llm uiiiimiiul ol Uiumo curnu
Hlui Mill rurutird In I Ik m) luuil iiuiieri u lUl of
iniilllllllluilHUllH ill Olliurrt U Illl (lltlr blllU
'i Hri.'. uii b WilUiius . A. 0 , U up-p.iim-il
lu.U(tiir (umral nl Urn iljulimi
(HiKnil'ri iUpuluaiit In ihltt ami),
I Uut lul lunuA lliinlk, , I) t ,,ui
lilt; , will act ur Assist ua Iiieputor
(km nil In Iho mi tuo lUpiirlimni
u Uu lu uUul lhoarlniiiktiittiUiiiirluuiiu
nttluhuliviiaiiurlirs.otlar tluu I Uu Vdjutam
(illUlllltt lUlUrtlllLl.t. utll him tin iu I. ml..
f fnw until litrtherunluH
i iluiluiint (nloiul liwh Itklinioiil, '
X duttnil, U uiinuuiiii. 1 ii . lumrsil nl
IIU14U llijil l irttu
H. Ml ui iU it. iitidllitUi m lili ihl irohtnhy
By (ummaiul ul Mujor (Itmral UurneUU
a H'iluams, A. A, 0.
ho iho innat, iiiuiii : lint, n r ni lh iirt tH.aailil.
Col. Iklkuup bit aliout tho un it t uK nl I rhiM
liU onkr out uf UiU diao-t. Iklu-t tiuM m
tomplUhtil hU o Ihu i;iounl, ioui I
with KltimpH iiinl ntlur nfueu tuitttrH, Mir,
mnoolliul iIomi., tuitn uru irutitl, Ihu men
Mtro uissurul, ilitiMLiI uul iliriii) tliudj ho
tlmltioM cmtj tiling Um in ui'tllikoiltxKwork
Tluro hao bun our hcviuIilii tlnu&aml nun
luru nl (mo tlnu i'ltim thu JOihof August
our M,()OJ iikii huo httn uiurtHl hcru, ami
thi-su aiu Iidiii U in sum huuilretl 411 mmu
iliUinut ulmciiK fiom ourj lojul fctato In
thu I'nlon, ami jit tut) niau'a nameMlU le
louiul (iirttulU rilatcrod. lJRht thuiumul
iiillro iicu.biilu ul (UnhluK huo linn Unul
in thu ntiil bolJit.ru at thl pi iu. 'lluiu am
nn U'.ikki hlntirirUrs. iknerttrii and mui
l.diuiiA lure, lnBlika alioui l,(im pnulct j rl
mh m .tiui u iiuuiiur ui runt ltd.
u ohm. r ul a laru uuinUr ot imn (;illur.
litj; 1ml fur tliur tculs, nn 1 ihu hill ! kt Mire
iucrul Mlth lublo lookhu' I'hii, Mith axw,
cutting tutiiid, atlurliif, 1 iififui, .c. Why
Mas MtUf rirlupn thu i,uaitiniMtt.r' it
pdrtment. may Leal lo touuur.
'( 1

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