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mull IE J'WimWUUlJ!
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1 ,aMUls ItywMkmu
iW "
4X vhs published every morn log (Sunday excepted)
On. square, three ilajr. tlOO
One .quart, four dj s . . j . i ur,
Ono.quare, flroilajs - .... 4 , i.bo
Oneiqnare, .Ixdajs - 1,75
ttcry other day adrcrtltementt, flftr per
cent, additional. ' ' '
Once s week adrertltementa charged a new
for eacii Inicrtlon.
Elirht line, or Icta constitute a square.
AdTertlsementa thonld be handed In by nine
o'clock p. m.
I by V. J Murtauu A, Co t and Is f u misled to
city subscribers (by carriers) at U3 cents per
Mall subscribers, 13 50 per annum t $3 for
str months, and 1 for three months, lnrarla
M y in advance,
Single copies, 3 cents.
NO. 305.
t3T For tocal matter, see fourth page.
From the Viiont. Up to 13 o'clock we hare
notliing further from the army, the larger por
tion of which Is being massed at Fredericks
burg. (Jen. Burnildewlll bo ready for the rebel
General Leo when lie chooses to come on.
A Threatened "Prkssubi."1 The Louis
Ttlle Journal threatens a "pressure1 upon the
president, not likely to be successful under any
circumstances, ana still less when lie Is thus
.notified that It Is n concerted, concocted and
il pre-arranged "pressure,1 mid under tho an-
spices of men who proclaim Ihclr alliance with
tho John Van Durens.and Fernando Woods of
the North. These Kentucky politicians, who
speak of the New York and Pennsylvania elec
tions as "our victories, are not In a position
po speak otherwise than as tho eucmloa of the
" The LouUvtlle Journal U apprehcnalvo that
the rcmoTal of Qen McClcllan Indicates that
tho President " w 111 not modify or withdraw his
emancipation proclamation.' Here, It did not
need thru Indication to satisfy everybody that
tho Prestdcnt will bo as Inflexible In adhering
to that pollcj as he was slow and cautious in
adopting It.
Tho tnoihti ojterutiJt of getting up n ";
mre ' to overawe the President, Is thus sketched
by the Louis I lie Journal:
"It deeply behooves tho Conservatives of tho
nntlon, comprising a vast majority of tho loyal
l.nplc vigorously to bestir themselves In ever)
patriotic and legitimate wav. Tlioy should at
oneo address themselves to the work of pressure
In behalf of tho Constitution. And It Is to tho
n strenuous performance of this work that mo fain
" would stlmul-ite them by holding up toikwr
umerai Jiccieuan's removal 111 mo reiauons
supplied by tho current rumors of tho hour.
We must uot leave tho work to perform Itself.
'' We must not rest content with the expression
jf opinion at the liallot-bov, saliitarj and lm
poalnj though It ll, and intent as wo trust It
iplll prove In the end. We must, within the
licit forty or fifty dajs, employ ever) lawful
ugenc) at our com maud to make the opinion
thus expressed predominant In tho Amtnlstm
tlou. Wc, to be sure, have woji a great aud
'Mictrlnir vletorv In the elections, but. If we do
,iot follow It up Immediately and iiicrgetlcall
hr nil the in pans of 1 treasure known tn honora
ble ersuaslon, It nuj tnru to allies In our
We must Improve our vtttorv. bv earnestlv
urging it Uon tlie judgment and conscience of
the rresiucnt, unuiiv causing mm to icci that
the public will, deliberately expressed, eonp1re
with principle ana expediency to enjoin uMitii
ful adherence to the pollcj from which, under
the momentary Influence of evil counsellors, he
has thought of departlnc In short, we must
Isiasouablv counteract the radio il pressure upon
the President, and neat the conservative pres
sure In tho use eudaucv. Wo must endeavor to
Kive Immediate or at least thinly effect to the
will of the people as dot land at tho ballot
ing "Id thlit eudeavor,the press, public meetings,
ottlelal bodies, numbers of Congress elect, con
smut ho numbers of the present Congress,
UelegatlonsofellUens, petitions, letters, private
KotleitHtions, nud all tho other nginrlen nf ov
Spresslou and appeal, will (hid ample scopo for
beneficent exertion. Let them all bo exerted
promptly with tho utmost vigor. The conserv
ative pressure cannot be applledtoosomiortoo
mercetlcallj . It mav be cafllv applied too late
r tiw sluiTglshlj. Let us to udmonlshed In
cason. u Indicd see no reason for extraor-
ii uuiary alarm ; nui 11 we tin 1101 11 is tnicuj ne
J) cause mo sci no ici&ou to doubt tint the people
will lf true to tho President and to them-
Hnamiai. 'Iho New York Commercial Atl-
mttsti devotes ueirly a column to u review of
a tlnautlil urtltlulu UiU paper, In which we
rather stated the current tendencies o public
u lulon, than urgid any special views of our
own. We, however, aro still unable to mo the
error of the position, that If bank notes ait
taxed out of txlstcuee, their place- ma) be sup-
idled b) an equal amoutil of Treasury uotm
without depree latino or Inflating tho turn uc),
The Advert ter refers, without expressly en
dorsing It, und jet doing su by Implication, to
u suggestion of one of Its correspondents, tint
In lieu of Issuing Trcasurj notes, Treasury
bonds, bivlug twenty )ears to run, und bear
lug mi Interest of four and a half per eeiit., bo
made use of, and tluit tftene bond be uuuU a legal
tnuler If to make notes, which arc converti
ble Into six per (tut. bonds, u legal tender, Is
to ml j creditors, how much belter oil" will they
bull tht) aro compelled to auept four-and-a-
I half per cent, bonds!
u Out Hotels. The Washington hotels und
1 eating house aro Inching up, and gating
f .. ...1.. I... 1 1, a mnillinf nf r'nnirpniii TJ.nw ti 111
Ilil.lJ' I'll HID lUVltlll), l x,.l..'". Mil. J ...II
cloubikss all bo crowded during tho winter.
We urc not ahlo, from a person il Inspection,
to speak of tho excellencies or defects of these
hotels. Hut from what we huvo seen of tho
Metropolitan, wo Judgo that no belter house
can bo found Id this town. Tho gwutleuiunl)
proprietor, A. K, Potts, J sip, understand fully
bow to keep u good hotel.
To begin with, there Is perfect neatness In
all departments, a ditultintum Indispensable In
a hotel. Ills elcrks aro nil at do and nluaja
prompt In the dlsihargo of their duties. No
man gets, as In somu hotels, a mdeor uncivil
ausvver fiom thesogenthmeu, whether guiBt or
uot. The servants about tho Iiouhu aro ulvvajs
respectful, and read) to attend to ever) want
of the guests.
Tho bar at this hotel la u feuturo In Itself, and
is kept upon the principle Unit hliould alwavH
clurac terlze this th partment of a public house.
'It In noplace for loafers, or thoso who would
Indulgu to evriHs In tho iiho ol Intoxicating
MIUorn. Mr. Hv.hu, the gentlemanly attendant
In thlit department, knows bW business, and
Mudii bis practiced i)e ull the business moves
forward with tint priihlou and iiltt which
Hi both 1 leasing und eatlsfulor). If wo aro
to havu bars I11 toniiLe lion w lib our bolt Is md
in tho present state of public o lulon this Is
uiMVoidihlu then the bar at the Metropolitan
Isu modi 1 of Its kind.
Wo dunot lanltate to sav to ull MlioiKsliulo
tiudagoud hotel In Washington, go tut lie Me
tro) olllau.
Tnl mu hu)h th it ceitalu tonstivudvcB In New
Voik aro holding a torrtHpoiidciiu) with Ihu
rebels In rvgmd toruonbtructlouof the Union,
giviugueu giiarunteeH lv hlaver. Ibcsii men
will do wtll to ituuiubir that lime U ttuth u
trlineaH treason, and poxslblv tbtv ma) m rv
mlud( d of this fat t Home d iv
Amu Maiu WiuiiitUrhlaiid that th" imuj
'mail was turned buk vt-sterda) Ibis Is ludl-
7 iillveol u forward movement. We mi) l
1 Pftt wurm woik tuuu. A gentleman from the
front tells that ull Is In motion, auuthesoiuiers
tu excellent spirits.
A ConnECTioH, Wo are assured by a gen
tleman of tho highest respecttblllty and thor
oughly loyal with all, that our correspondent
waS mistaken In supposing that tho 'jrrlma
donna, at the roucert, on Sunday evening, wore
A head dress Intended, on her part, as a coin
plemcut or recognition of the Southern Confed
eracy, Shelias been aeenstomed, he says, to dress
thus from childhood, and had not the remotest
Idea that she wai giving offence to anyone.
She Is the w Ife of a gallant officer In the U. B.
service, and has a daughter about to be married
to an officer In tho regular army. We are cer
tain that our correspondent had 110 Intention of
giving offence, but was actuated solely by a pfg
trlotlc sense of duty to cose to public repro
bation tho too frequent attempts, on the part of
some persons In Washington, to show their
sympathy with tho rebels.
We are glad to know that a lady of sneh rare
musical talent Is heartily lo)uH3 tncflag of
our country mid though from taste she wore
npon her head, on this occislou, the "ret,
while and reJ, It was not out of reg ir for the
Southern Confederacy
We make this correction on tho authority of
n gentleman who assures us that the hdy In
question Istrulv loval.
LteuT. Col. Fiairu. Lieut. Col. Itenrv W.
Fuller, of Concord, N. IL, whowent with Oen.
Hunter's command, is an olllcer of a New
Hampshire regiment, to Boulh Carollui, has
just arrived from Port Itojal, to assume u new
command, to which ho has been promoted, In
one of the new regiments. Col. Fuller Is n
gentleman of conspicuous nhlllly a Hwjerby
profession, who, both at college and In the
Cumhrldo I.iw School, bore uwi) tho flrpt
honors of his class. He went Into tho service
a very decided Democrat, with no nltolitlon
sjmpithtcs In an) particular. Ito returns
from Port Kojal 11 heart) advocate of tho Presi
dent, proclamation of the strongest nteiMircs
for the suppression of the rebellion. Ho savs
the (tolored regiment at that ioluth u well dis
ciplined and rcllthh hod) of men, and I hit the
scheme of arming negroes, so fir in that case
Kncs, has been mot tmtneiitl) siuteKsfiit.
The St a it. The ,Stm of 1 istevcnln accuses
us of making u covert attack upon Stcretar)
Seward. ThttiijttUe. Our itliKks aremver
covert. AW leive all such husklesa to the .Vur,
a vocation tn which that editor U an alcpl. As
tn our Mllingsi! ile abuse, of MeClelhn, "let the
galled Jade w lu t .' I ho Stat h id a well sa)
that we tnide 1 tovtrt utlitk upon Senator
New I'utiu vtionh. VW acknove bilge with
pleasure tho receipt of m ilu ible nuMltal dncii
hiLht fiom tho ptii or Dr. biln I. 1.00ml, A.
M., M. 1). It Is the " lHtnlm1vry .Uhbe to
the t'onrtc of ln!,ul !tnrU in the Gnmjitotm
CvlUyi" I'r. Lotnuls Is the Professor ol Ply
sic and Cbtmlslr) lu I hi Institution.
Tho work In fui t! us tvhlblts to adv mlage.
tho learning and skill of Dr. Loouils. lie has
ground togetbtr, lu a small spa, a gieit va
rlct) of iiitdh il litis und opinions, rithttiug
much trtdit on hit ludiiMr) and lat.
Iho Doe tor h it In in for coiuu time suvlng
thtMouutr) is turn of (hi suroumof the Paltnt
Otllcu hoDptltt, wbmt bin tlrvolloii to our skk
ami wounded holdlirs Is dmii.r honor to IM
p ilrlotism and hum mil) .
We tommtn I this addittt toull our friends
who desliu tooltilu piattlcil knowleiLri on
medical nttbjtits
tStntIUlllt l biM )"l .i(tOtllfilllNll I)uCH-
incut, 1 rcwitnl Irjoit the CnmtutUtn a jniit-
uI by the Mvrtt try oftfc Xat-y to ramlne Aw
nntlon Jlttbvrjoi a Aiwal .Sabon.
This olllc lal pamphlet Is of llim at the pres
ent moment, It hhovvs that the depth or water
and tut lose d t bar it ter of New Loudon b 11 bur
render It ver) derdr iblo as u 11 iv il fetation. The
bend above Fort Trumbull, almost dlrcttl)
under Its guns, has a lino, hard beich, with
clear, deep water, win re tho ) ird might bo
placed to gn at udv ant i1. Coming in din c tl)
from tho Atl utile , around Mont ink Point, our
lirgcst vessels of war will here Hud a broid and
secure barlor. In ease, of war, the fortlfleitlous
on tlrotou Heights, dlrcttl) oppoMtu, would
command thosliu itlon andrcidi Invading via
seUnta long rnigi. Ihu light housu point,
below Toit Trumbull, and (Irotou Lon Point,
across the ctilrauru to the h ubor, t 111 boeasll)
fortllled with modern engine of war, and thus,
with the Interior defemes, render tho elation
ThiMObtol making New London a Urol clas
uav il si itlou would lm muth Itsa than that
ncttssary for an) other equally tleslriblo port
on the whole All Untie- coast. 'Iho harbur la
never cinlingered b) Ice, as is proved b) tho
fact that tho bound sltiiiuis aud u largo class
of whalufchlps enter aud leave It with ease In
tho h mkbt winters. A single tide, lu ordluar)
weather, will bring fiom aud eurr) out all us-
scH to the opiu Atlantic. It Is connected with
several rallrouls, and has every faclllt) for pro
curing Iron, toal and ill munitions of war.
By an ad of tho 1 iht Congress, the Secular)
of tho Navy was empowered to appoint aboard
of navy ollbcrs to repoit 011 u in w navyjard
This board hasboenacttvtl) eiuigcd lu making
examinations, aud this rlaleuieiit ol fat th t 11 ir
1) tdinwti wh) the repoil should he lu t ivoi of
New londoii. 'Iho re poifc Is to bo at ltd on at
the cnsutiig sishlnu of Concuss Thu subject
la one of great liupoitaud, esK.tiall) al thu
present time, md tannol'lall to secure, what II
so well clfftirvctt, thu at tt niton of tho tountr).
A mubl foul and brutul uiuuhr has JuM heeu
coiumllttd lu Pi lot 1 Ion, N. J. 'lhutorrespoud'
eut ol thu Phlludeli hi 1 Jujuhu sa)s 1
"Our usmll) quiet town was last evening
tho st cue of one o the most daring and cold
blooded murders on rctord. As one of our
cltlmi, Mr. James Itowan, a Jewcllei, was re
turning from hi sloru to his rtsldcuco about
half pubt nluo o'clock, how is sit upon by some
despcrutu ruftlan, aimed with a ttlckufcord
wood, and. It Is sup) until, wan lutttuull) killed,
as bis llUltss corpsu was, this morning, found,
with thu skull smushed lu, lvhig in thu a mu
ter) , but a It w 1 ods t rom his n sldenc e "
A mm b) the niiuuol Juhu I twls bin beiii
urresttd as thu pittbat h muiderei.
toitTKKBS Movitoi, Nii . lit. A lllliinr m
I11K ruicUil 01ki11w11 that J,(J nlnlH lure ut
(HoiKIKter ( IH1I t tllllllil, twtUu milt k ulioo
dlomibUr l'(ilul,uti iciUtliu wiij btnt uur
tioni VoiUlouli lo HtOUIlulllU. 'M lotto U
luiniaundiil l t tiluncl luU. au c oiinUta nl
lufuulr), cu ilr) uihl uitltkn. A lirUk nurlli-
east btorin li ih piLaltml lulu ilurluK tliu ua,
1 liul. Lnnpn,!!! Ilmllilnl Nm oik lutait
trt UUil htlu ull batuida) ullit uf I) plioKl 1c
ver. Ills remains KJl hero this afternoon foi
Cooporstown, New Yoik, where ho belonged
lAhUURCIlh-lttlWHlUOh S Ot
1 Iglit on IIanti I.nrourrlie
The New Orleans Vieaynuet of October 31st,
gives the following at count of n recent llbt al
Ba)OU Lafourche:
It appears that on Monday tho Confederates
marched 2J mile to Nnjoleonvlllc to meet tho
United States forces, and then, to select a suit
able position, they fell back nine mile to the
spot where tho engagement looked ire.
Tho Confederates, wo learn, nnmlcrcd ulout
3J0, and were commanded bv Col. McPhcctcrs,
of tho Eighteenth Louisiana Vonm term.
Tho Unltetl Stitcs forces, on arriving at Na
polconvllle. It appears, lieird that Iho Confed
erates hid fallen backtaudlmmedlatcly pressed
forward In pursuit, feeling for them with shell,
oecaslonilly,os they advanced. Towards four
o'clock In tho afternoon tho United 8 tales forces
came lu sight of the Confederates, who were
drawn up In position.
Iho fight nt once commenced, iho United
States forces opened with shell, while the Thir
teenth Connecticut and tho Ltghth New Hamp
shire were crossing the bi) on, under n brisk
tiro from the Conn-derates. The twonglmcnts
named attacked tho Confederates In front. At
the same time, tho tkvent)-llfth New York
marched up and took invdUon lu the nnrof the
Thirteenth Connecticut. TheBLveut)-liniiwas
not under lire. While the Confederate were
attacked In front, u bodv of United Statis cav
alry advanced to attatk them lu Hank, but
about the time they got within llghtlngdlstancu
tho Couftdiritis, unable longer to withstand
tho vigorous onset made by 1111 overwhelming
force, surrendered.
Tho Hi;ht did not last more thin half an hour,
our Informant thinks, aud was quiiu w irml)
contested, both sldeH dlspl i)Ing great courage.
Tho attacking fore evlgoroustv pressed forward,
uncheckeil b) the brisk ftrcol'lhoCoiifuUritcs,
aud tho litter sustained tin toinbitwllh greit
spirit until their assailants were within five
pice of them, when the) Ihnw ihntu their
Our Informant say that flic tlifht wis alioiit
over, most nf the Confedtrales hiving I ltd
down their arms, when tho ca tain of one of
tho companies of the Thirteenth (ounce tic ut
advanced on Colonel MtPbeelers ami demand
ed .that be surrender. Iho litter swore bu
would not, and, drawing a pistol, shot tho cap
tain. Immcdlatelv, a private of the Thirteenth
Connecticut shot tho colonel through the head,
Killing uim on too spot. Ho lnliirlateu werellio
men of tint regiment, at the shooting of the
captain that It w 1 with thu utmost dltlicult)
th it the oltlctr eoul 1 rest run tin m fiom rush
ing 011 aud killing the whole Con fuh rain font.
Our informant uIhosivs tint after Ihefiht
tho t onfulir itm wiro truiiitl bv thu vlttors
with great kludiitss.
We are In for mid from another sourct lb it
Iho Mgbteciith Loulalau 1 is the trestent rtgl
incut thU not ml It, but Hie llilrtv-tlilnl
Louislan 1 andWltlurs's tullirv were In (lit
llirht. and 1h it the Confederate torco unrairiil
was 1111 idruplelhat st Hid bv our luformaut.as
Iiin Nrnitom in Un isiana. A tornspon
dtntof the . O. Dittt, who uttompatiltd the
iinnt expidillou of (Umral Wtltrtl, wilits as
follows, Ottobtr U"', from ( imp I iJoiinlu,
near Thlb ink iui"
'It U llktlv tint m iiiv ol (be ironi now In
the II1M-4 will bu bihi, as thu wIiLuh hive l,oiio
with me 1 ouiiiiir no lurte -heeu coiuKlleUI
tro mid Iho hliek b ivu tome williin our lino
Hit) area gn it soiino o iiino)uiiio o 011
a run. but. under the ad of Coiurrrss. and In
Hriicllou from thu powers that bt, in Wab-
lugtou, lite) c iniiot in 1 111 mil aw 1). I h v r
goint hungers. Jieailij timy run it ut tlA rrntli
Hon fm a xeriitnf, titn th ttrUiften, Sttru
the uJJUiis hafe lust or t filer. The) aregrnl
"1 be prlvatu sohllcra uru strltllv forbid It 1 to
leave the ranks to su itch up uuconsidend trl
ties, like fowls, pUs, hhetpaud the like; but the
negro, for the llrst time In his lift, tiudshlm
sclf 'better linn the whites,' und lev Its his con
tributions ut will. Nigroes, from ull along the
route, tomu thu king (o the. lima with such tre
deutials lu their hinds. If thu blai k h is not
attached himself to any mm In the brigade, he
will auswer)our deiiund to bell h) sa)ing, 'I
does uot waul to st 11 'i m I want to go iloug
aud I give 'tin.' 1 hey are generally ruiivtd
under sucli clrtumst imeo, for two rcisnus
ouu Is no in 111 h is a rlj,hl to sa) lo limit 11 1),
ami thu other that their uiuiulsqullopil il ibh,
Alany aro used for rtliev lug Iho soldlirsof se
vere und lit iv) duties, sin h as asbLlIug to oiru
lor iho bhk, helping traim to cross thu bt)oii,
'toting' kn ipsucks, At ."
Nouru Cvkoiina. h wo Ii ivci atw tvs told
our readers, the btoiles about a Union pail) In
North Ciroliua, commencing with Iho Unions
Union hMlgo" lies of Ian t )cir,luvo never
been anything but a sorr) Joke. 'Iho New lork
Tribune has given some crcdiiKo to llano sto
ries, because thev lal In with its old "Whig"
s)mpathles and th lunloiis. Hut the. nil truth
Is, that the " Whigs" of the South are moiu
unanimous!) lor seecssiou than tho "Duiio
irats,' referring to thosucl hllieitloutas the)
once existed.
It appears b) letiut adv Ins, that (ioviiuor
Vane ort jet Is w lib utter t onleni t the w heedling
proposition of dovtrnor btiule) for 1 person il
A correspondent of tho New York IhutUl,
wrltingfrom Newbcru, Novtinhcr 1J, savst
I talked with somu of Ihu pioplu about dov
ernor Vamoas a Union in 111 'Iluv (old me
that sudi an Idea had 110 found it Ion whatever.
anil that Governor anio would Mihluiu thu
South against a reunion us long as cv t r It 1 ltd
In his power, and lo thu fulhse evteut of North
tjuiollui s aijlilt) lu men ami uiomv. the)
tohl mu that some ft w Irlid lo si irl lint tines
tlou of rcuulonlsui on fb on ision of nut's
elullon. but that It vvus oulv a dodo to di iv
out und flu I out who wcie III deposed inwards
the Conliihr icy t and 011 lb it vi ry niovuiieiit
many have hincu ottu amsieii ami luipris
oni d
Man) of Ihu aM Minus m 1) a pt ir Miaunu
aflcrwhut thu orui na icin ini 10 iieiievu lu
regard to 01th Carol in 1. Vtt I am rUlit, and
have been ver partli ul ir to (Jve iiotliiug ol
question iblo 1 liar u In.
Thotit. Paul I' nut entlmitc tho Ktpublleau
and Union majurll) in MluiUBot t for CoiigrebS
at between J,UUU and JAni Urn iiiii)uilt) toi
Wliidom In Ihu Mr hi dlMilil (annul bu bss
lhaii bOU,audwIll inoie iiobtU) n uhl,l00
The re uru he eral of the Itt pul lit an t ountiis In
this tUt-ti It t lo hi 11 liomi but, fiom ilmwav
tho others inve voied, tint m ijoril) Is pull)
ceitalu lo bo l,(HH) In thu S.uihI dlslriil
tin ut Is ever) reason to btlleve tint tin mi
jorlly for Gov. Douuell) will uueh 1tOO. I lie
itturustiom ull paiisof thu dioliid, a- tin )
come lu, oul) sine lo ttuell tin) liminmi'
in ijoiit).
Miss H1I1 man, whouu tl u,h uuhh u, ilind
btr i-uih I niiilrt al the Wluti i t inbu I l n
tuu, optuid an eiuigemeiil ul iu II m o I
Allien Liim, Uo&lou, on Mouda) eveuiug, Nov.
JU Ihepli) wa"lhu Iliiutbback," tnd tin
aiidleme,w tilth was laigu and tabhloiialh , u i
enthusluetie In Its appluusi Miss 11 it tin in U
ably supM)rtetl b) Messrs. J. W Waitul.Jr,
uud Edwin Adams.
t rom the New Aork Tribune of Yeiterdi) .
The United blatcs LMintioat Connecticut or-
rl v oil on Haturdny ev cnlujrTrom Galv cstou, New
Origins, Kt) West, and Port Itoyil
Tho olllccru of the Connecticut report the
entire coast of Texas In possession oT tho u i
tlonal forces.
AtAnaco It was ivisttlvilv nsccrtalneil tint
no less than three vessels were Mng fltleil nut
lu tho port of St, George's, tn tho Island of lb r
uiuda, to be cin lo)cd lu tho rebel service
agalust our commerce on the hlch seas; thai
whllenur own ships were denied coal, tvtry
faclllt) and aid was aflorded the rclnls In the
constrttdlou nnd furnishing of these vessels.
Our crulscrnon the cnisi of Louisiana and
Florida havcof lite been extensively engaged
In demolishing the rebel silt works, and so
itfiduilly bis the work of destruction both
pcrlormcil, that sill in tbe cotton HMics is now
worth $tV) per sack, and scarce even ut tint
Our nival forces, without tho aid of the
mtlltarv. took Galveston. Texas, on theMlidav
of October, and tho place Is now guarded alone
i) our guntioais. What I wantcii now n to
send, without delay, a sufficient mtlltarv force,
not only to hold the phee, but to protect the
Union people who aro there and wholnvanot
the arms or thu mums to protect themselves
against rebel b irbarltles. Iho gtmlioat now
stationed thcrearo doing all that they cm to af
ford protection lo the people. On tho wharf
at Gilveston ma) be seen largo numlers of
people congregated together. Immediate!) op
posite to our net 1, where tin) remain tia) anu
night, so tint, 1 f attacked!)) rebel soldiers, the)
ma) be sheltered h) thullrefrouiourshlps. Put
untwlthslandluggrcat watchfulness and e ire a re
exerted l) ourniv ilnffiiers, In command, )etlt
sometimes hiipeus th it a st rong force of rcbt 1
rangers and cavah) al night tlmecomedown
tothoclt) across the bridge, and seize utou
giKtl Union iiieu and force Hum Into their
ranks; aud 1 refusal to J lu them under such
eireumstauccs Is lustintl) punished wllh death
lo tho otbnder. Such 11 cuko occurred the
night Iwforu the arrival at (tilvestou of the
Counectlt ul. The rebc I cav air) came dow 11 ut
night, made fno with su h property as the)
tonveuleiillv could c irrv with Ihim.sbni two
Union men who rclusul to join iikiii, ami
com milt cu various other ittprtiiatlous, ami
then hl for the luterlnr Ibis might all U)
avoided h id we but a sluirleri ;imi nl Mutlouid
at Galvestun.
At raii7aslhv we bavo seven! will-armed
vessels, wbhh etbetu illv kiep out 1 ugllsh as
wen as rein 1 irautrs.
At Malagordu Hav a iliari and most e Hit it nl
I tnckado Is kept up bv Commodore 1'emhiwV
squadron. Within a lew ill) our naval forces
thero cajlnnd ver) m ui) vcsstls, bulb Urge
and small.
On tlic afternoon of the Utli of October the
Connecticut captured the Fngllsh "whlte-
washeii" Tirlg llirmosu. stie is iteepi) isuen
with a full cargo, consisting of drugs, dry
goods, armv bl inkcls, hardware, owder, shoes,
wines, quiniue, ami a wen assoricu cargo gcu
crill). When captured she wis close under
thu horc, si) atioiii two miles dlblnut, and
uiHiiiL uiieeii miles 10 mo e isitvara tu oamur.
Her curtain, with thu second mite, had ahead v
gone ashore to nscert ilu w here best lo laud his
cargo, bin on hU leluru to the brig he was
convinced. If not sitlalled, tint Commander
llaxluuhid lire idv thlermlned to relieve him
from the dutv of dlnchurglug c irgo nl that
point h) putting a pi 1 70 crew on lioard the
brig, and sending her Into Kc) West lor legal
ad Indication.
fho tonncttltiit Ins 011 iHtird 11 cargo of
cotton, e apt und b) her oil thu coisloi lexas,
In Ihu sthoouer KumbleT, hiving left the
si hooiur al the Nntbwel Pass, protected b)
Ibeguiirt of the United Slate ship Pampero,
until flu-1 in bo etui Into 11 port for adjudha
lion -
UMTHtSTAin l.oeN. In uccordanee with
tboadtiiliituiuiit, the been tar) of ihuTressu
r) )e'sttrdi) opened (lie bids for about thirteen
auduhiir millions of Iho 7.J) three years loan,
Al bast three hour wen thin consumed, and
In the did iratlon o ihelr lontents. Several
limes over this amount was bid, at from pir lo
fourper centum premium f and the loan will
le iw anh d to those who entered ut a fradiuii
more tbiiilbreu per tent. The proposals came,
forthelirgtr pirt,from the cities of New York,
llosion and riilladelpblu; nnd among tho
laigtst siitctssful bidders are Jay Cook it Co ,
and UlttcuhoiiKe, Kant A. to, of thlscit).
Keuhniu .. Co., of New York, offered more
than four millions and a half al three und live
hundredths, for Ihemsilven und other parties,
and Ward. CaniolM II & to, 01m million two
bundled und lift) thousind, tit a premium
ranging Horn two and a b ilf to llm'e und a
quirtcr. The) also seeureil a gooii porllon-ot
the lu 111. More than Ihu usual Interest w os eJ
cited on thu occasion; and gentlemen who
had fur) ears attended siuh openings, si) the)
never saw ul irger number of Interested persons
prctoeul. Sumo Illtlo nurrlnunt was caused b)
Lho reading ol onuof the bids from a gentleman
lu PhlUdelphla, for Jljty dollars worth ol lho
loan. "Itathertbannothivo It," he bild hi
his letter. 1 w 111 glv e 0110 tier cent." Hut this
bidder wilt, ol course, be disappointed, the of
fer being at loo low a figure.
A lanro meeting ol nmnilueut dttrens vv is
held at lho Aslor House Saturday aUernoou,
for thoiurposo of arranging the cletatW for a
public rLecjllouoi Aiajur eieuerui jiaiiks uuu
Ms Chlteiiud lidv. Judge Charles A. Pe i
body presided, and Cephas ltralnard ntted us
Sunlarj. Addresses were made by Colonel
Moutgomcr), P. M. Wetmoic, John Flttliaml
others, bight) eoinplinieutury to (Jen. Uanks,
and a c ouimilteu of thirty-four w asugrccd upon
toarruugutbu dttatl of tho rcccptlou. iUU
lomiiilllio a) pointed t sulKCommittcu to wait
upon ihu general aud ascertain his lcasuro as
lo Hie time und plico of reception. .V. ).
Tin Ampkkan Liuation in Ciiiw. (he
London and Lblui ltlttitjth leiriM houi it
(orrebgoudeiils thill Mr. ltiirllngaiuu laid) ajt
)thd to lho Lhtiuso (lovtrumint Tor a sin
vvhutoii to txiahllsli (lie American Consul Ui,
urging IiIh iliini to htmilar privileges with
trancu and I ugland. Ma wus lu formed tu n
ply tliat ho had euuiu to Peking In u inanmr
dilb rent from thai of those two nations, and
could nut li ivo a sito grunted to blui. but th it
hu shout I li ivu ever) assistance lu renting a
liiilldlng hiillablu lor the .niericau Ltgutlou
IVriu I triu a.
Uoston, Nov. l" Thusehooner Poeuhoiita,
vvbleh went ashoru al Uevousporl, was got oil
lo-tl iy and! ikeu lo llulmes'n Hole.
thousand hides have bt en Unhid up from
llutwitikof Ihu Ktliuoiitl Cirlto, uhhh hiiuk
oti eiutiuui to-tii).
l.nsiiiN, Nov. M Iho slcanni ( Inasslnu,
now nl New 1 oik, will take thu pi id of tin
Itbodo Ishud as triusports to the (uliMUtl
loli I he Ithodc IMinl U lo lm Hind out Inn
Imnndlitdv wtttilu vv) armament as u uuNu
cpti t iltonupoudintoftliu 1 ondou lum,
w riling lioni lllibuioiid, on tho Mil ol Oilul ir,
savslhil thu libtls sullel terilblu diMditiou,
but theli t-plill ol iiKlhtaiuoUushlghax i vti "
Ills i union I thu Jiir Davis biHi.il.nl i
million I dm ol iot ton lor sain at T nuts a
I ou iid, pi) d lu In gold Hu ugntti li i lu
ltlliiixsloiif.il its tdilpmeut, Ihu bii)tis to u
r iiigu vellh thu United fcftatts (loveruiiunl i lo
evemjitloii houi stlzuie ou the high be is - .
1. Iht aid
ninoii "auk jn 01s 11.11 oi.
'ISSUNtJCJ lu i.im 1
ai rt ii.tsai o
to uk 1'iitoxjit.t ui'Mir
Til KtrltnitR' of lrlMiiirrs.
Paitimoi r, Novembi r 17, Col, Ludtow has
to-di) declared tint htj hi exchanged on ng-
grtgilu of eight thousand ol Heirs and men, In
cluding atl the ofllrcrs and men captured at
viunionisv Ille, Kentucky, on Iho 17th of Sep
tember atso, all the New York ofllcers and
men nptunil at Hirpcr's Firrj, comprising
live ngtments, one ttdacbmint of cavaln. and
twobalteriis, uoh at ('imp Douglas, Chicago,
and who nn now ordeml to Washington. The
Muiironlsvlllc prisoners are now In cimp al
tndiiu ipolls, aud n idy lo take tho field.
Major (lent ral Jlltthiwkhis In-en apitomted
Comtntsslotur for the exchange of prisom rs.
Colonel I udlow will assist him. Colonel Lud
low was nflVrtd the appolutmeiit of Chief Com
missioner, but declined, as It wouhd. lutcrftre
with his d iillcs n a member of (hncril Di
ti u: tvi HP socTitwrsi
Prmlirrfnii lUbbmiiU th- (itirilllnt Knlr-
i"i wi nurr laiv rkmiia llrrimiiUo
Or iiilt ul Inn inning I'm eni-r-UrorMHout
to Ihr Inlrrlnr.
C lllio. Novililbtr n.AUlhe mrtlsau ran.
gtrswhohivi lut n lllaglng the tountr) around
Minii'ion imwi lu-m iiooiailtli U h) ruuitenoi)
ami ullaehed to regime nls,
Cottoi Is rerorled to tu c omlng forward again
In t onslder ibhi ipiinilili sin couscuiicncoot this
Piss nger from Hclein, Aik.,njirt tliat the
townofHtruindo, rk., wis oicupiul b the
Federils ou Moudi).
Tho people of Misslppl aro said to be run
ning their mgriHH Into the Interior, leaving
onlv such propert) is thev cinnotearrv uwa).
Tho steamer 1 ugene, bnutid from Cairo lo
Memphis, Hruik a siinkui wreck on Wcdncs
div nli,bi,oir plum Point Ik ml, aud bank In
lineen ftel of water. There were over one
buudrid lursous aboard, lirteen of whom wcro
drowmd. Tin) wtru prtmlpally of lho cnw.
Ihu p ism tigers ruualncd on the wreck all
night, md were I rouht otr ou tbe next iiioih
lngbythii inter Tigress.
The bo it wasvalueilat 13,0U0, md 1 prob
ablv ulot.it loss. Sim was loiidetl with good
and stores, width wtrebnllv dimagid.
The rtlwls are said to bt tortIItmr Jackson.
Uirge n tn fort enienls juMkIu 'brought then
from tkiu II Is bilicvid Hut tin ir entire
armv will I til h irk to Ih il point before giving
bill b.
AiMUIoHiilli) Kir l.tim Xnirrlrmii AfTalrs.
Niw Youk, Nov i mln r 17. The following
fuller advhts b) Ihu Flu i, oil CipoRace, havo
bun ntilved
nm it miiTUN.
TbuLtuidoii Tune savs that Fnglaud's ship
yards uru opt u to all. 1 ngland does not fit out
ships of war, I ut sell their component parts to
allcomers, The Tmu then quotes from the
message of Presldcn Pierce toCougrcss,Inl3'ifl,
to show w hat Aim rlcj c onsldcrcd lie r ncutrallt) ,
aud what die was jistllhd lu doing during the
Uiisslau w ir. I bu Timrt adds
' uglaud ha nev c r gone beyond or full) up
to the bound of the American theorv, which Is
ptrfLClly sound, and English iieulraUsttasdls
tlphs nl lho fitt of President Pierce."
Thu Loudon Duly AVw has a iry dilftrent
argument. Il siys tint the !ovcrunuiit can
not be answerable for ever) piltrv lnfi action of
obllgltlousvvtdch Itssubjcd might bu tun pled
totoiiiiull. Hul looking at tho grave charges
m idu against Lilrd's shipbuilding )ard ou the
Merwv, wluro a niv) lo be uso against a
tritu'dt) Powtr I being built, after Pngland has
ibtbrtd her utulr illt). Is not tho (loverumcnt
IhiuiiiI eittitr to ttriulualu (tils Illegal slate of
things or to withdriw Its utuiratil) proelaiua
lloiif 'I he I ohdon li i ( ur furuUlies evidence
from Southern in,wsuHrs to show that their
mllitarv rtMUin c s are about c bausied, and lint
lull rn il dlsM Melons prevail.
I hi Ort it Lhlb!(ioii dosed without anv
f irm il ttremonlts. Theatti ndauce aud total
ruelpls bolhcMeed llnlof the (Ireal Lvblbl
Hull (if Ib.1i.
I'arlliment h is betufuilher proiogued tint 11
(In t ilh or.lnuu ir).
Neiitiitluii Slorj.
Nrvv Yoitk. Nov. 171 bo Tubunc st tits
thaliitgoil itlons are progressing bdween Iho
(.ousirvallvcs ol New York and tho leaders ot
Ihu rcbtllion al Khhtuond. Ihu proiHislitou
iiudii bv Ihu loriuei wis (hit ttiu Suulhirn
Mites eft 1 1 Coiuressmcu to I ike Hit Ir Beats be
f we. thu first of Januir), so as to put aside lho
cmaiiclp itlou 1 roe) imatlou.
Ih it a convention thin be hi Id I ort court! met
thu Union, glv lug Immiiult) lo lho rebels, uud
to Mcuro tliu protection ol stiver) under the
totiKlltiitlon. Hhe lhl proposition Ins bien
nltcttd bv Ihonbds, but mgothitlou Is Mill
going on, whiih ma) li id to Ihu sutctss of lho
l in ol iholoiiMrvniivt.
I eiln nl nm r limnnl iHrficrnboi-o',
Naiivii i i , NiMciubir lfi duur il Mils1
divltdoii inovidlbis in nniiig ou (In MurfreeA
Ihio' hi id. (it in i il ( i lilt mini's dlv Men l-i at
hllvtr tpiings, twdvi mibs fiom I tbiuoii,
put ol Morgan's nbd tunt Is at Ltbauou,
aud a portion tamo within two mllis of I rit
tiudelisc imp,
supplies from the tiuinir) ft r the cit) lnve
Kliatl) lm leitstd
lho weatlnr U Imi and bkeiv to tontluuo so.
T liu spiel il dlip ill In s suit houi In ru fi r tho
piht week li iv o been nlmoxl i nlinl) nun II ibb,
i iiu: IN M.VV VIIK.
Niwvith, N. J, Nov, 17 M. Hnruabis'
1 plsiiipil c bun h was burned (Ids morning
I hi lho was the woik ol an lute lull ir).
Itosros, Nov 17 Ihu guuboil htanmgc
hum Mad li i, inivtd it litbrallu on thu g'uli
ult, aud ituiis-no d ill b ivlng tlitstd a
a,! L i In 1 1 hli uim i 1 ki kllli . ii l.iiiirH. hut bli it
i st apt d During tin iIiim ttu crew Ihnw I
ovcil oud tin i irgool iht Mi mu r in bois and I
il lbs
M)ovouIllt lodiihli bills, Mr. Wlguhi I 'as-
ktd Miss Miuli iMiugJilon
l . U .. .1 .. -I I ill Iii. 1 . I . .Mi
ii .. .,...... ...... .. vji ..,
.Ion I Kim.
, Mi
tiiuvn ntoiitn uuiiiiiig
b i hu ..I I ili... i .1 1; Int., I...III I ..lu M)
ni I
0 '""I "K '
How to iiijikeiitLiiuii4 lat Mjkillioio.it
and ut Uru.
Tallri rsutl uj tlir Prlurraa torotheiv--A
UeiiiBrkitlil Personal IlUtory.
The Iondou Awruor, nollclog tho death of
Princess Dorothea, of Courland, Duchess ofSa
gan, at her castle In Prussian Silesia, on tho
10th of September last, gives on Interesting re
view of her singular career. She was born Au
gust si, 170J, and was the )oungest of four
"laughters of Prince Peter, son of the celebrated
Ernest John do lllron, whom Anna of Hues I a
raised from tho dust to the hiirhMt ii(mtilM in
tho empire, glvlnghhn tho Duchy of Courland
a but n slight token of her fav or. liy the will
of his father Peter married In early life; bnt his
violent temiM'r made his matrlmnnlnl mtn n
v ery unhappy one, and he brought two wives to
tho grave bcloro he was thtrtv 3 ears old. Then
he mado the acquaintance of Ann Charlotte, of
Meiiem, tlie uinghter of a poor (lerman noble
man, iosscssing a small property in uourund j
and. attract el br her tiliTsIeal and tnntfl
chirms, ofTcrcd her hi hind, which she ac
cepted. The offspring of this union were four daugh
ters, who for a long time were held to bo the
most perfect beauties In Furopc. Uniting tho
gjiarm of nnusinl Intellectual capacity with
the Bvmmelrv of corporeal Perfection, tho fa mo
of the four princesses of Courland spread
through tho w hole of Kurojie, nnd poets came
to sing their rates, while kings worshipped
at their feet. All had numerous brilliant offers
of marriage; but, by lho advice of their mother,
each of the four princesses made a love match,
or what was held to be such. Tho eldest mar
ried a Count of Bchutcnburg; the second the
rnncooi Jioucnzoiieru-iiecnlngeiif tbe third a
Duke of Accrcnzat and the rmmermt. Dnmthrai.
ttie Count do Talleyrand Perlgord, nephew of
euu great. inucyrano,a general in me French
army. It wos this last-named lady who died
tiut u few weeks ago, as Duchess of Baffin, after
as eventful n career as ever fill to tlie lot of
duchess or princess.
Tho union of Dorothea, of Courland. with
the Count de Talleyrand, afterwards Duke do
Dlno, was not a bippv one, though professedly
a lovo match. Tho Princess was onl) sixteen
)cars old at tho time of her marriage, which
took place on tho M of April. lhO". and so full
of radlauthtautv, that ufltr the first month nf
tier arrival in fans, trowd used to follow her
earrlagolu the streets wherevir she went, and
musses of people stood for hours nn.l.r tint
burning sun or In pouring rain, lo get a glimpse
of her sweet fire. For a while, the Count's
anlt) wusgratlllcd bv this adoration paid to
ins )oung wire; nut, Mux in his Inmost nature,
bo iiitled by getting tired of even this enJo
nieiiL,and liefnre long Ire lied the Princess with
utter neglect.
I be knowfetfgu orthH could uot long bu hld
len from the golppers of thu miou. and had
the constiiutneu of bringing forwird a host
of oi en admirers and ftift among them Prince
Talleyrand. Iho great statesman was unable
to nuie his lervent uiluuratlou or Ids )oung
niece, aud conlldlug In his relationship, offered
ner too proiLtiionoi ns name ami iHsition.
Shrewd far bc)ond her age, the Princess Doro
thea neither refused nor accepted this protec
tion; but while treallugTalle)raud tu variably
as a kind and loving uncle, managed to keep
him for some time at a respectful distance. This
nit until) tntnaoett mo antor ol tlie euamoreU
diploinutlsi, who henceforth, aud forthertKi nf
hi life, becumeone of tho mot faithful ami
sincere friend 4 of the Princess,
ProhabI) there was uot u fielug lu the world
to whom lalhvraud, lu his later age, was so
t boron g Id) and sosteidfasll) attached a to his
voung nlcee. Dazzled, ut first, b) her extreme
iteiui), no wus couiicici) captivates, alter
somewhat fuller aeiiualnlauce, by tho geniality
of btr Intellect to such an extent that uot un-
frcoucuil) her advice ruled the most Important
of tils undertiklugs. An Immediate point of
s) m pal by between tho Print o and his niece was
established In tlie dislike of boiti to tho person
and court of lho Emperor,
lho refined maimers of thu Prince's Doro
thea recoiled at tlie Innilevulgarlt) of thu gen
erals aud field marshals, aud their low-born
si noes, w tio gav e the ton at tho 1 ulllcrles; and
tho often coarso behavior of thu mighty Cusar
himself appeared to her anything but Imperial
or heroic, llelug Imprudent enough to give
vent totbeso feelings In occasional speeches, the
Princess soon cumu under the notice of Foue he's
mvrmldoras, whoso reports enraged Napoleon
so much as tn make him forget tho respect due
lonprmceiv iau) not ins sunjeci. naturally,
therefore, the dhllko nf Talte) rand's niece to
lho Fmpemr soon grew Into hato, fanned as
tho sentiment w as b) theeuttlng sarcasms of tlie
arch diplomatist, In which he free 1) ludulgedln
tier presence. Added to this was the singular
Influence which Tallevraud exercised over a
uuuibtrof ladles of tho highest rank, and which,
nit ting on thu )oung Prlucoss ofCourland.
mado her Ihu devoted adherent of hi vast o
llllcal schemes,
In the middle of March, 1S14, u w ell know u
Swiss gentlemun, Cusar la Ilarpe, had a long
Interview with Princess Dorothea, which was
follow eil h) hlsdeparturoforthulnvadlngariu),
aud his meeting with an old pupil, no less u
ptrsouago than Czar Alexander. Onthedlsl
of thoBamc month tho C?ar held his solemn en
try Into Paris, and went straight to the Hotel
Talleyrand, whero ho took up his residence. A
few hours afttr, theru Issued from tho mansion
of tho great dlj lomatlst a doetinicul by wide h
tho trow not t rum o was transferred from thu
bead of Napoleon I. to ttiat of lho Couul of
Provence alia louls AJII. ft was lu the
drawing room of Princess Dorolhta ttial the
paper fatal to thu Napoleonic djiualv was
seizeil b) I tm I'rlnt oHihwarint-trg and the ru
lers of Uiissia aud Prussia.
tu i tv hasp's pCATimcn,
Pituctss Dorollieauccompauled'I ille)randlo
Ihu Cuugiess ot Vienna, and not a lltllu con
trlbiitcil lu that brilliant assemblage of princes
aud ambassadors, to tlicsiietesstsof lho great di
plomatist. Returned to Franco sbo obtained a
separation fiom her husband, and thenceforth
devoted herself entlrel) to the duties devolving
upon lur as presiding genius of her uncle's
household. 'I went) ) ears thus spent ended bv
glv lug lie r t oiiiph to asc endancy ov or the mlud
of thu Prince, und a mastery over hi will btich
as no ono pobsesscd beforo. W ben 1 alio) rami
w is Ivlug on Ids deathbed, as fiillofbkcptlcUm
u ever, bhe Insisted that ho should bctouio re
conciled lotho hoi) Mother tlturth. llusmlleil
iuunswer: "1 lnve never tmen lu a hurrv, vet
alwa)arriveilliillhie." Hut the Princess would
allow no inure it his, uuu lorinwiiu luirouuteti
Ahhu Dtipanlou), a eatous nilsslouarv o tho
( hurcli, sinto I tun th served!) promoted to epis
copal duties.
Iulh)rand, helpless llko a child under thu
burning gazu of his ulete, ripe ited ever) word
didutedby the Abbt, aud ou the morning ol
IhuJuthol Ma), 1n.s, with lieinbllng bands,
alnadv tu lho agon) ol death, signed a l tptr
b) whUlihe eoulebstd htmsell u Into ttirUlluu
aud laitlilul sou ot thu Catholic AjOhtollt
Lbtiith. When, a kvv du)S alur, his last will
aud testament was opened, il was found that
'lalle)rmd tnd left the gnat bulk of hi lur
tune, amounting to near twuil) millions of
bums, to bis beloved uieee, Pliuecss Doro
lliea. " man living in tilsehood, )et not
w b it ) ou c all a lalsu m ui," sa) s 1 humus Car
lisle, Miinmlug up Ids t banu tt r.
It) i olugular In ik ol naluru uud tin inn
Main is, I'liiius Doiolhta, hav lug dcotid tin
morning o lur life lo dlplomatltt Intrlgut, w ih
bittd to give ihe ivtnlhg lo the passion ol lov
Uv the ihaih ottur elder ststtr, she bttatiii. In
Mi, hoverdgu owner of thu Ducb) ol -iigiii,
iiiudliilnlprlnclpallt) of utwiil a hundnd
.i .... v.- ..
r pi uu units, wiui somu ull) ihoustiuii niinni
mils, silu ited lu lower Silesii 'Ihiftupuu lm
PiIuccas Utt truueu and seilleil al I lie old
Kl lilltllU Mt lllllf ... th It. . tfl.llld . Ill .1 ll li . UIIP
loull,ud ,v ,uttL'ar.l.nri.ulll In Uall.n.ulii.
u rojal ri.lihuct. ltillunoiiroiilllioiluoli.ll.
or tongralulutlou iul.1 l.y tlio liu.lal lurdu or
lho uilghbothooJ, 1'rluco FilU, ol I.klniOH bkj ,
made his appearance; tho hcid of an old and
noble family, possessing large landed estates lu
Austrian and Prussian Bllesla, and celebrated
for tho geniality nf Its members for several pen.
A tall. fine, and cmlncntlv handsome man.
with a halo of romance around him, Felix of
eaciiuowsky niauo a ticep impression on me
Princes, bhe Invited him tostavathcrSt hloss.
and before long sbo declared herself, without
heslutloo, deeply nnd madly In lovu with him.
Notwithstanding tho difference of age, the Prin
cess being flftv-tliree and Prince Felix tint tblrtr-
one, he professed to reclpnicate her feelings,
and agreed to take up his al-odc at Sngan. The
union oi ncans was soon drawn sun closer uv
a union of budgets. Prince Fellr directed oil
his creditors to apply at tho Schlos of Sigan
for payment, md the Princess was too much In
love not to take tho bint thus given, and paid
bills to the amount of very nearly the legae) left
to her by her great uncle.
Prince Fcllr entered tho Prussian House of
Lords In 1847, and achieved a conslderablu
success as ono of the leader of tho Conserva
tlvo party. Unhapnllv. through the Influence
of the Duchess of Bagan, bo was chosen the
louowiug year into the National Parliament at
Frankfort, where, with his Prussian lord f. .1
Ings still unaltered, he found himself In the
ranks of tho ultra-Conservallves. Thero was
a local Insurrection at Frankfort, nn Kmimn-
tier 18th, 184 In the progress of which Prince
Felix, In com pa ii) with a friend, took a ride
through the suburbs, ear tho village of Porn
helm, he was attacked by a furious mob, torn
from his horse, and w Idle t rylng lo esc iu w as
shot through tho breast. When the fatal news
reached tho echloss of Sagan, tlie Princess
locked herself up In her room, refusing all sus
tenance aud expressing her determination to
follow her lover In death. However, the arri
val or ono of her sous shook her resolution,
aud tlino and change of sccner) gradually les
sened her Immense sorrow, which she gently
nursed by erecting numerous memorials of
love within her parks und gardens, "ijj--ru."
and 'VfWir-kiwX and si mil ir Insi Mo
tions throughout tho splendid domilu of S i
gs n, forever commemoritelhe remembrance of
telix of Llthuowsk.
Tiir ritiMFss a mfmoiiis.
Princess Dorothea. Duchess nf Sagin. died.
as aire id) stated, a few weeks ago, on the t'nh
September last, at lur ro)al resldeneu. Mie n
talned her extreme beaut) almost up to ihed iv
of herdcath, and wondtrful stories are told oi
the arts she tmplovt 1 to pncreeibepirhi th u
of grace with which uituroh id gi fled her. Her
intellect, texi, was unlmpiireil tu tlie list; an 1
the closing )ears of tier career were occupied
lu tho compilation of memoirs, dollne-d to see
the light of div nl the sainu period a Mm bin
torleal notes of Prince Talleyrand, onhred bv
solemn Injunction to remain uuojh tied for thir
ty ears after the deathof tho wridr. lllsvtrv
Ilkelv, therefore, tint the yeir iNtSiuiv revt il
much that I vet dirk In the hlsinrv of Furope
during tho Napoleonic period, showing bow
mighty events, produced by tho armed t niggles
of millions, under tho guidance of military ge
nius, nave ocen not uniretpieuti) counteracts,
li) tho silent Intrigues of a few liotd and rtM
less spirits. Fvcnthe McphlstophtteH of tin
French Itevnlutlon and arch-illplnmathi f tbe
nlnttiinth teutur), inut neetUu iHurlnaiitw
light w In u sit n umhr the Insplrilh f lln
lair t)i in a nerm in print ess
Policc Mattlic. J. J. Kodgtrs wan irrist
td ou t u ml ay for profmity. luxiliu Clivlon
lined him $1 VS, paid, and was dim bargtd
Win. Mttharlev w is arresltd ou titindav for
larccu). Justicu Walter lurmd him nvir lo
the mil liar) for ex imliistlon.
Iteiijanilu Cooptr md Margml Joltusoii
wereurrestiHl on tfuuda) for tigbtiug. Ju&lltu
Walter limit them $1.
Douilulck l-arretl vji arrested onHunda) on
suspicion of larceii). Justice Walter commit
ted htm lo Jail for court.
Rosanna-Devonshire was arrested on Suuda)
for being a common drunkard ind prostitute
Justice Walter committed lur to the work
Eliza Uurk was arrested on tfiinda) lor being
drunk and disorder!). Justice Ferguson cum
milted her to ihu workhoue
Mrs. M. Dradv was arrest d on Suuda) for
disorder!) conduct. Justice Cull tommltled
her to thu workhouse.
John Robinson was arrested ou Miiudav for
theft. Justice Stratton committed him to j ill
ior court..
W m. Doslou was arrested on ttuudav for be
Ing druuk and dhorderl). Just it u Mrattou
tlued him $1 01.
LMward Murjihywas arresletl uu Sumla) for
disorderly i oudtit t. 1 akin he fun .fustic u
8t rat ton aud bt Id lur u f iirlhi r he irlug.
Charles O'Ntlt and (fto. l't ihody wire ar
re till ou Sund iv on supleloii ol deallin, a
horse. Taken before Justice Sir illon in I held
for a further lieu ring.
Cliarle Collin and John Itrewcr wtrear
riMtd on Suuda) for being drunk ind dior
dert). J ustlcebtratlou flued t hem $i IK), which
they paid and wcro discharged,
Daniel Kilt her was arrested on Sundi) for
drunkenness. Taken beforo JuMleo Hi ration
uud held for a further hearing.
Samuel Hauls, Louts Ducket and Jatiu Duck
et were arrested on Sunday forbeingdlsorderlv.
Taken before Justtco Stratton and tint d $1 'U ;
each pibl and wtro discharged.
John Urowu was arrested on Mimti) for bi
Ing dlsordtrl). Taken he torn JuMho Mrillou
aud tlncd JVM.
The VfhmontHkiovpi lheirmontUrL
aduof nine months nun, touMMlug of tin
Tweirth, Thirteenth, Fournenili, Hrtienth, and
Sixteenth ri gimc nts, aro tutainpidaerosH Hunt
lug Cntk, three niltisfroni ltaudrt i, toward
Mount Vernon, lids Is one of lho vir) filial
brlgideslhat his)tt entend tho service, unl
bus been warmly complimented bv eu. ( asi)
and other ofllcers wh di ivo reviewed il.
It has been plited, tiinportrllv, iiuUr Ihe
commuud ol Cot. . P. llluut. of ihu Iwtlfth
rtglmcnt, as senior oflktr. Ilu Is a sterling
oltkers. aud greatly beloved bv bis command
among whom the wUh Is uulversalthalhcma)
bo pennant nil) assigned ushrlgaduioiuniamUr.
the brigade have received orders to pre pin
to go Into winter quarters, aud are bull Uuu
huts for shelter against (ho luUmiutie's of th
i omlng si ihoii, 1 1 Is, doubtless, loin aLiud
to tlie lone for the "Definieof W ibingion
dlMltl ino, On Sund i) inoriiliig about g
n't lot k Sirgt int Hepburn orilu NLvinlh Ward
liothe.wllh oillieis tlinoi, tlirktr, Harmon
and C irraber, ui i h a dineui ou a pirtv ot
ganibUis who wire issimbledand pl)lugthdi
proleesiou lu a (lovtrnmeut wunhoasQ at tin
foot of Sixth street. Ihe) succeeded 111 urrert
lug Tho in is Connor, W m. Clark, Thorn is ( ol
tins, Heiir) Kille) and Hcur) Pirnts. lln
part) wire taken beforo JustUe Mrailou. ml
tho lust iiaintd was dUmtssivl, vvtillu thu otlnr
wtru lined ft uich.
Accommodation, foh iiu mi k. 1 luro an
lion lu thu Mirloun hospItiiU nl tlih DUtrl.t
bul. BuUUknt for thu i((iiiin..iUti.iti ot our
tt,UW lutluitn. Will. In lm ilj)d Hi.. 1 In. ..In
and rJlullloll li..") ll iNwIUI . iom Ul.it.iUii. li
ltll otlur ihall'! nhl. li nil In "ilh it I
cxpiiti.l will imiWu rihiui lor ti.uii Ino lo ihni.
thoiidiml uioro tulkuls. Ilitii iiiuuow llihl)
lltu hoi..lt ill III WikIi1iu1i.ii, t..i. iisilowii ali.l
Alt Mllitlrl i, wIiiihi ipiullltrt ii) ll-om V to
Utlitk U;1IHIII MliUll ll 14 Imll .UUttLUil III
Fort blot mu lr i l.u il i, rtrtt k llulr tdil
)i.iloiili) uud iiiariliul lo llio amtuul tor Ilu h
unim, an I Ironi IIuihu to o will not m
Minn lout, tlulll nt liijKjjiMiuipiu I I
I. iui. I Hi. in
llltt t.oM(TVLT Ou rtatur.U) lln (unlink
iui) awitnU.l Ihoionirut lor luriiWiliu il.itHi
huulol luil lattlotoMr I' 11 MiK- f thU
Ul),alS4 'iOli.trhuudmlntli.lit llio calll.l
aro to l.u dtlhcrul lu thU rll) 1 l.e WJ4 ran jed
from $4.50 to $4 U71 1
J. J
l M

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