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TUESDAT .NOV. 25. 1902.
. . -- -
The Fredericksburg JTeroXd of Friday states
tht the Potonuc Is fall of transports, and that
Gen. Bnrnslde'j probable Intention la, to n
bark Ma arm j at A qui a Creek, and assail Rich
mond by the way of York or James rlrer. The
Richmond papen of Saturday credit this Intelli
gence of the Fredericksburg Herald, and adopt
Its Ideaa. These speculations of the rebels will
pass for what they are worth. ,
The pro-alarery men In ew York cily are
getting up a memorial to the President, calling
upon him to postpone all other moTements to
the grtot object of cruahing Gen, Leet army!
This means that they tremble at the advance of
the Union armies Into the cotton Btates, where
effective blows can be struck at the rebellion.
The country understand what this cry from
certain new quarters of, "On to Richmond"
means, No curer, says the old Spanish proverb,
If Urge enough to corer Itself.
Bee the 80 ot hern new from the Richmond
papers of Saturday, and especially Jeff. Dayls
order to execute ten United States officers, In
retaliation for the ten rebels shot in Missouri.
If this path Is once entered upon, the conse
quenres cannot be foreseen.
Our arrangements, In the editorial and repor
torlal departments of the Daily Xatlonat Re
publican, are now nearly completed, ao that we
can present to every reader In the morning, a
newspaper worthy of his perusal. We shall
let nothing worthy of note pass that it Is pos
ble to obtain In the shape of news, army Intel
ligence and Congressional -proceedings.
We shall have all the latest telegraph dis
patches that can be furnished by the Associated
Press reporters.
We have secured short-hand reporters, n ho
will furnish for our columns complete and oil
rsports of all Interesting debates In either house
of Congress, which we shall lay before the
reader In each Issue.
Having made these arrangements nt a large
additional expense, and on the ctc of the meet
Ingof Congress, ltls-proper for us to announce
tint we shall not fall one whit behind any of
our contemporaries In furnishing an entertain
ing and readable paper.
The Richmond newspapers argue that the
motives of jealousy and fear which have al
ways Induced the British Government to desire
the disruption of the American Union, must
hare derlred a new and greatly enlarged force
from the events of this war. If the people of
the two sections of the United States hare
themselves been surprised at the numbers of
the armies the) have been able to raise und
maintain In the field, and at the magnitude of
the financial burdens which they hate managed
to sustain, the effect produced abroad, where
our resources were less understood, mnst be
still greater. If England feared us before, she
must now still more dread to see ns again one
people. -A nation which has demonstrated the,
capacity to raise a million and a half of brave
poldlers, must be an object of terror to Fnro
pean statesmen, and they will nerer permit It
to be reconstituted In Us old unity. They in
defer Intervention for a season, but, In the end,
they will certainly take efficient measures In
make the disruption of the American Union
permanent. This, in substance, Is the reason
Ing of the rebels of Richmond. They ground
their hopes cf European aid upon foreign Jeal
ousy of the greatness and power of America,
They expect assistance because they are engaged
In an enterprise uhlch will subject this contl
nent to the same surveillance and control which
Europe exerts over Asia and Africa. Traitors
to America, they offer up their own country,
weakened and helpless by divisions, as a prey
to foreign despotisms, and they rely confident
ly that the temptation of such an offer will be
It Is thus, not merely against the liberty, but
against the independence of America, that these
men are conspirators. They base their chief
hope of success upon the fact that the object
they are seeking to effect, the disruption of the
Union, must be so heartily desired abroad, that
foreign aid will at last come to their assistance
In achieving it.
The time wlllcome, when the frenzy of the
the political passions which now rage shall
have subsided, that the people of the revolting
States will see and recoil from the horrors of
the abyss Into which these rebel conspirators
are willing to plunge them. The old feeling of
repugnance to European dictation will revive
even at the South, and it will be seen there that
no evil to be apprehended from union, can
compare with the degradation which would re
sult from dividing North America Into a num
ber of petty nationalities, to be played off
against each other by trans-atlautlc diplom
acy. The conspirators who hare been base
enough to count upon the desire of Great Brit
ain to destroy the power of America, will be re
garded, even by those who are now their dupes,
with the horror and detestation which such
treachery to all American Interests and tradi
tions ought to Inspire.
The Emancipation Proclamation. It la
been known to the country for sometime, that
a try decided pressure Is to be brought to bear
upon President Lincoln to procure a modifica
tion or abrogation of his proclamation of eman
cipation. The President understands fully the
origin and source of this extra and high-handed
mo ement, which was first suggested by the
New York Hcrull. and undertaken to be en
gineered through by that sapient toady of the
slave rower, John Van Burcn, backed by Fer
nando an I Ben Wood, and lion. James
The President understands these men. He
knows the character of their constituency, and
their efforts will bo futile. The besotted deni
zens of the Five Points, and the "corrupt
and corrupting" leaders of the slme democ
racy, do not yet rule the President nor the
Not bo Bad afteb All. The Washington I
correspondent of the New York Exprett has
discovered that Gov Chase has, after all, Rome
redeeming features about him, and Is not
quite the monster the Democratic papers have
represented him (o bo. This Is softeulng down
good deal. tllear this correspondent 1
"The national credit has maintained Itself
wonderfully thus far, and though he has, of
course, made some mistakes, Mr. Chase has,
on the whole, been a good minister of finance,
We can only wUh that his political views were
as sound."
By The Baltimore 0tutHdenounces General
Butler, in his proceedings at New Orleans, ua
"the rival $ Jlaynan and Radctckl," and is
very apprehensive that he will "dishonor the
Tederal cause In tbeeyei of the world." These
Baltimore secessionists are very tender of the
honor of "the Federal cause."
The most unparalleled success knowu In the
history of projectiles took 'place near the navy
yard here yesterday, the particulars of which
will not be mads public. $
The gun used for this test was Capt. Dahl
gren one hundred and fifty pounder, rifled,
and the projectiles the production of C. W.
Stafford, whose recent trials at West Point elec
trified the whole country. In this test, as In
that at West Point, this Inventor has fairly
proven that with the guns now In service he
can destroy the most powerful Iron fleet In the
Stafford has been experimenting constantly
for two years, and the result proves with what
success. He has all the opposition so common
to any and every enterprise of this kind to con
tend with, but has pushed steadily forward, and
now produces results never before attained In
any country
In this will be noticed another Instance of
true American character. Nothing too great
to undertake, If there Is a determination to win.
Gtre Bt afford a shot at Kb. 3 or 290, and he will
sink them, sure. Seccsh Iron-clads had better
keep out of the way of guns shotted with his
And while such men are working head and
hand to keep pace with, the wonderful tread of
events, they should be fostered by the Govern
ment, and their Improvements at once adopted
and au end put to the marauding of rebel Iron
As the Tecord now stands, the Dahlgrcn gun,
with the Stafford projectile, has fired througb
more Inches of Iron than was ever before per
forated. We find the follow log notice of this Invention
In the St. Louts Democrat:
Triumph of Perseverance.
We clip the following dispatch from the New
York Tribune, of the 7th Inst. The Inventor
of the projectile spoken of, and which has
proved to be so formidable and successful, Is a
brother of Col. E. Stafford, of the Second regi
ment Enrolled Missouri Militia, of this connty,
who spent the greater part of last Winter in
this city In perfecting his projectile shell and a
side-loading cannon, "which has also received
the commendation of several gentlemen con
nected with the ordnance department of the
C. W. Stafford la a young man of rare Inven
tive cent us. and has produced several Inven
tions of high merit and 'usefulness. In his la
bors on the projectile and shell alluded to, he
has been very persevering against the usual pre
judices that exist among army officers towards
outsiders, and has at last triumphed over all
opposition, his labors being crowned with com-
fiieie success, success 10 an wno are equally
ndustrlous and persevering In prodnclng im
plements 01 awe uiimyi
West Poikt, Monday, Oct. 0.
The third irreat trial of C. W. Stafford's pro
jectiles took place here at 2 o'clock, p. rn. The
target, or sir .Monitor plates was set at an angle
of 43 degrees, the shot going through and
completely changing ends with the whole target.
weighing 4,500 pounds. The inventor fired
some shell for range with great effect, the whole
being a complete success
Htor) or Paroled Prltouer Matters aft
TUclintoud, Culpeper. and Warren ton.
The Mir of last evening publishes the fol
lowing dispatch t
Fairfax Station, Nov. 24. Henry I)emcy,
Eighth U. S. infantry, a paroled prisoner, who
has Just come from Richmond, reports that he
saw, in that city, the conscripts going out with
tools to work on the fortifications of the city
400 v cut out at one time.
He also saw fifteen siege guns on their way
out of the city, on trucks drawn by ten or
twelve horses tach, passing through the street
he was on. People said they were prepared
there, In front and rear, to receive us. Tie left
Richmond on the 16th of this month, and saw
about 12.000 Infantrv between CnlDewr and
Rappahannock, and the railroad trains, full of
provisions, coming irom uoruonsvuie toiui'
He arrived In Warrenton last Thursday. On
that day, Hampton's Legion and 2,200 Infantry,
with four pieces of artillery, came Into War
renton by the Sperryville turnpike. He left
Warrenton on Friday morning, and took the
road to Salem, where he arrived at night. He
says that the mnaoitanta mere expected Jack
son that nlirht. and that ther prepared food for
his soldiers. They say Jackson will march to
warrenton in mo rear 01 purnsiuc.
Brigadier General Patterson. The re
mains of Brigadier General Frank . Patterson,
late In command of the Third Brigade, Sickles
Division, were taken to Philadelphia on Satur
day evening. He shot himself with a pistol
through the heart, about 10 o'clock on Friday
morning, while laboring, It Is supposed, under
temporary aberration of the mind, he having
been very low-spirited and despondent for the
past two weeks. It will be remembered that his
brigade, at the advance to Warrenton, was
ordered to Catlett's station, where the enemy
appeared and, as erroneously supposed, In
force when he fell back with his command,
for which be nas censnred by Gen. Sickles.
This pre ed on his mind, and Is the only man
ner In which the lamentable affair can be
accounted for. He was a brave and popular
officer, much beloved by his command. The
brigade Is at present under the command of
Brigadier General Revere, late colonel of the
7th Sen Jersey volunteers.
Nixon's Washington Tusthe. Senorlta
Isabella Cubas, who Is undoubtedly one of the
best danseuMt we hae had In America, since
the da s of Celetc, will, we understand, term
inate her present engagement at the Washing
ton Theatre at the close of this week. Those
who can appreciate the genius of pantomime,
the eloquence of motion, the poetr) of action,
the language of ejes, and the intense, Impr ca
sh e effect of a classic mobility of face, will ac
knowledge Cubas has no equal now upon the
stage, and will bo loth to admit that even Ell
ler or Celeste could surpass her.
Cubas Is endowed Mlth a genius for acting)
and Independent of her talents as a disciple of
Terpsichore, appears peculiarly adapted to Im
part to such plays as the "French Spy," "Wiz
ard Skiff," Ac, A.c, a force that few artistes
can render. She enacted the tripod of charac
ters In the "French Spy" for six consecutive
nights, and plajed to large audiences an un
mistakable proof that she was attract! e. She
Is engaged to appear In Rochester, Montreal,
Boston, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis,
Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Havana, after
which we hope to see her onco more In Wash
Mator Wioiitmanv This gentleman has
I een renominated for Mayor of Boston. He will
be defeated 1 or, at least, he ought to be. Geo.
B.U)Jton has been uomlnated by the Republl
( ans.
Col. HcLGEh'b Clerks. Col. James Bclger,
quartermaster of this department, received an
nfilclal dispatch this morning from the War
Department, Washington announcing thatlhe
lour clerks of bin office still remained in Wash
ington as witnesses, and that the matter to be
luustlgated did not implicate thequartermastcr
nor Ihemselm. Baltimore American, of latt
According to the reports In the Adjutant
General's office, the number of soldiers on the
sick list, at this moment, amounts to nesrlv
one-sixth of the entire army In the service of
tne united states namely, one nunarea ana
six thousand men.
fliTiTTOT'WASHDioTOK. The secessionists.
In, and about, Washington haxefbecn very buVy
fer eereraVdeyV manufacturlpfc aWa abrt
the descent of! Stonewall! Jackson ujaon tjs
9lty.NTheyjeportvas trVwUMfcey'dajKo
should happen. rj '
Army Motxkktt. GeneralJe was made
acquainted with the order from the. War Qttot
to General Burnslde, to more upon Fredericks
burg, almost as soon as Burnslde hLnJaelf Vntv
that his suggestion was approved at headquar
ters. JWho was the traitor thatlioUned Kee!-
Tiik Federal Loan. The Secretary of the
Treasury offered 913,000,000 la 7 3-10 bonds of
the United States. These bonds have two years
from last October to run. Thirty millions
were bid forat rates varying from par lo four
and an eighth per cent, premium. This fact Is
significant of the credit and permanenay of
our Government.
Tbi Rebels. A very considerable rebel
force were constantly hovering upon the rear of
our army In Its march upon Fredericksburg.
They were often seen from the heights along
the way, moving upon the same road) though
they made no attempt to molest any portion of
our troops.
Garibaldi By the latest Intelligence from
Europewe learn thai this distinguished sol
dier and liberator la suffering much from his
wound In li foot. His present painful and
feeble condition Is said to have been brought
upon htm In consequence of bad surgery. It
Is feared that he must submit to amputation.
Doctor Partridge, the stupid and blundering
surgeon from London, who charged and re
ceived $3,500 for his visit, la, It ts said, to blame
for this Instance of malpractice.
Opinion op the President. The President
regards the success of the 'emancipation cause
In Missouri of great Importance, far outweigh
ing the defeat of the Republican party In New
Tork, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The President
la right. He it aUoflrm.
Gen. McDowell, The Adjutant General re
ports that there are no charges preferred against
Gen. McDowell, and consequently, the court
cannot take cognizance of such matters as ore
not before them. There 111 be, therefore, an
inquiry Into the matters upon which Gen. Mc
Dowell treats In his letter to the President
nothing more.
Characteristic. The St. Joseph Journal
says that he elected emanclpattonlsta to Con
gress from that State are to hare their teats
contested. Very likely. That Is democratic
and slaveholdlng logic. What right baa a man
who docs not love slavery, and( swear bj -It,
like James Brooks, the Woods, and Vallandlg
ham, to a seat In Congress f
Diplomatic Correspondence:. This cor
respondence which la being printed to accom
pany the Message, will make a volume of TOO
or 800 pages.
Large numbers of horses aud mules are tw
in g sent to General Burnslde's army.
Examining 8 cro eon 9. Only one hundred
of the one thousand examining surgeons, a&ked
for by the Commissioner of Pensions, hare, as
yet, been commissioned.
The He ported Outrage M paluij r
We have obtained a copy of the order which
has been issued by the President, relath 0 to the
reported massacre at Palmyra, an account of
which we published a few dsys ago. We pub
lish it to let the people sec the stern and just
action which the President has taken In the
Executive Orncr,
Richmond, Nor. 17, 180.1.
Litvtetuint Gencrat T,J, Holmes, Commanding
Trane-Miuiteippi Department
General: Enclosed you will find a slip from
the Memphis Daily Appeal, of the 3d Inst., con
taining au account purporting to be derlred
from the Palmyra (Missouri) Courier, a Fed
eral journal, of the murder of ten Confederate
citizens of Missouri, by order of General Mc
Neil, of the United Stales army.
Ton will communicate by nagAof truce with
the Federal officer commanding that Depart
ment, and ascertain If the facta are as stated.
If they be so, you will demand the immediate
surrender 01 uen. Aicaeu to ine uonieaeraie
authorities, and, If this demand Is not com
plied with, vou will Inform said ommandlne
officer that you are ordered to execute the first
ten United States officers who may be captured
and fall into your hands.
very respecuuuv. yours.
JrppERsoN Davis.
Supplies From North Cftrollua.
From the Richmond rxamioer
Jt is much to be regretted that the Govern
ment did not take active steps to secure the
vast surplus of supplies in North Carolina, now
so closely threatened by the enemy.
The valley of the Roanoke Is said to be equal
to any corn-growing country in the world.
During the past summer, the Government ob
tained as many as seven hundred thousand
Dusneis 01 corn irom ine plantations on tne im-
of less than forty miles; and It is noxaggera
tlon to say that more than that quantity, even
to the extent of one million bushels of corn,
mignt ne ODtaineu tnereirom tne ensuing win
ter, If that section should be protected from the
Inroads of the enemy.
Ontheuoth Juatftnt.br the Rev. Dr Hjao, Mr
imei b Pea ice to Mlit MartE. Luiai.all ol
una vii J
Bt the Rev John C bmlth. 011 the ibth limUnt.
Mr JIenp.1 Bchie to Mias Sarah Louisa biaixv.
By the Kei John C Smith, on the 17th 1 nit tot,
Mr Jotrrii Kbick to Mlii Magdaleha Hermes.
By the Ret John C. femlth, on the J4th Instant,
Dai id Brown, Fsq , to Miss Lavra iroihia
Ticker, allorthisclt)
On MomUi . Km ember Sttb. after a llueerlnir 111-
nei, William Tihker, Sen ,1a the CJd jesr of
nil age
Hi-funeral will take place edned), Novem
ber iCth, ftt a oMuck m , from his Ute realdeucc,
oorner of Eighth and h itreeti. Island The friends
of the family are lnt Itrd to attend,
11 Dearest father, thou hast left us,
U e thy loas inoit deeply feel
llut 'tltf God that hath berrlt us
Jle can all our sorrows heal "
On hundaj evening, 25th Instant, GroROE W.
BHAt,tn the 48th jear of his age N) he rest In
Hit frienda- and aiaualntances are reviectrulh
requested to attend his funeral, from hit late reif
deuce, No. 4J3 h street, opposite the General hoit
Offlcr, this (Tuetda) ) morning, at 11 ii'uuck
On Saturday afternoon, S1 inatant, Mr Wp H
Butts, after a lingering illnraa '
Hli funeral will take plac on luewlnj after-
uuuu, miii iiiBiAiu, ai 4u uaut, iruiti mi imp real
dence, Jso zm MaiiachuirtU avenue
from the Aqueduct Bridge through Georgetown
to aihlnf ton, on Moarfayt Not ember 84, a MEM
ORANDUM BOOK, LOntainlnK a butler's paia for
P Laudman, a ditch arge of Mmon Dlnkelmeyer,
and a letter addretaecTto F. Laudmann, Preacott
House The Under will receive the above reward
t leaving the above at the Prescott Houtie, corner
oi inirirrnin irrri ami rrnnavirania avenue
For Hale at lliolcmal.
S30boxeiof Tobacio light and dark
1 Dound Lubins.
Ja pound Lumpa,
scsissK.rtiS:'! 1. ti. fc",,,Jxa!T rtftrt ,h0 i'"""ion,of ,he oct
sou gross Fine-cut Smoking. arlo
260 000 Segars, suitable for Sutlers and Retailers
All of which are oilered at the lowest wholesale
"'"" " w High .tr,f o" rretowa, 1 Dc
Good, delivered to oyprtof the outrlct tree
of charie nuv 24 lw
j ':Lf-zm::l. 21 " t-
Special Dispatch fo the Republican.
I J Near, alrfax O. II., Nor. 24p-nldnlgbt.
Scoutft 'havtf come In' this evening fromfolf-
Jfert&MU-ectioiM, all bringing Information that
.Jackson has left this section of, the State with
ma command tor x rcaencKaourg or Kicnmona.
White's bnshwacken are alone tn their' glory.
The UlntlasrortheChurehBellaln Fred-
lickabararom flamdajr.
The Entnr! Works Ki tended during the
Mewquera In Poaaetalom of Antlaqnl.
1 X
The ClTil War Vended,
4 Usneral News
Prom K ahvllle General IntelUgenccj
Uen, MeCleUau Declines th Hospitalities
of New York,
New Counterfeit.
Com tpondenee of the AssocIate4 Press
Falmoctb, Not. 23 Sunday Evening.
The day passed off quietly without anything
worthy of note transpiring.
The. church bells In Fredericksburg were
ringing to-day, announcing the hour of divine
worship, although most of the inhabitants had
fled the doomed city. If the passage of tho
river by the United States troops had been re
sisted by the rebels, their chlmea would have
been heard for the last time.
A great many unarmed soldiers were seen
walking through the city to-day, probably for
the purpose of attending church.
During last night the enemy's works were
somewhat extended, but no additional guns are
Niw Yore, Nov. 34.-The steamer Ariel, from
Aeplnwall, has arrived, with 1942,000 In specie.
The report that Mosqucra has entire posses1
ston of the territory of Antlsqula is confirmed.
Levies and the property of all citizens who
hare been In arms were irnarantled. and pass
ports given to those who wished to leave.
iu gjtii war ! auuut cuucu.
Quite a large number of vessels have been
wrecked on the South American coast.
The United 6tatf brig- Balnbrldge had ar
rived at As pin wail. Pjta had sailed for Key
West. N
A Panama letter savs 1 rAraonif the Dasaen.
gers In the Ariel, for Newfork, Is Mr. Mackle,
of the Department of State, who brlnga later
Intelligence from Bolivia. Mr. Mackle reached
La Rex on the evening of the 15th of October,
when President Acha opened his batteries upon
the city
The next day, after a severe Are, his troops
carried the town by storm, with a loss of three
hundred killed and mortally wounded. Mr.
Macule entered tne cut wuu tne troons and
found Mr CartIer,U. 8. Minister, In the palace,
administering to the comfort of the wounded
and dying. Tie had been so engaged during the
Gen. Parez aud other lea'dera of the rebellion
escaped on the night of the 16th.
The President displayed much moderation
after capturing the rebeillona capital. No pun
ishment was Jnfllcted, although the President
demanded ten thousand dollars for an Influential
gentleman 'who desired to leave under Mr.
Mackle'a protection.
The feelincr ajralnst foreigners Is intense, and
they have already suffered In property.
Ntw York,' Nov. 24. The Tribune of this
afternoon has a dispatch from Nashville, dated
on the S3d Inst. It contains nothing Important,
stating, however, that there Is no doubt but
inai Bragg, wun ma reDti army, is in Ten
nessee. Ills staff Is at Tnllohama still) he Is
not there, nor at Murfrecsboro.
It Is said that the rebel force at Murfrees
boro' has been Increased to 30,000, and that
they have sent large bodies of cavalry to ob
struct the Cumberland river and Intercept rail
way communication.
Our scouting parttca captured about two
hundred prisoners last week, and large foraging
Eartlea were successful. Morgan and Forrest
sve captured about a hundred of our men.
NAanmxz, Nov. 24. There Is a rebel bri
gade at Shelbyrllle, under Gen. Johnson.
The Union men are making armed resist
ance to the conscription In several portions of
juiacue Tennessee.
Ten thousand rebels are at Tullahoma. It
Is, rumored they are bringing their siege guns
to Murfreeeboro. r
The rebel force between Chattanooga and
Murfreeaboro Is said to be slxtT thousand.
The rebels are removing their negroes and prop-
Four Union men were murdered in WUion couo-
y, ey guenuai, recently.
New YokK. Nor. 24 In tbe course of Gen.
ew jokk, nov. . in me course 01 uen.
Clellau'a letter declining the hospitalities of
metropolis, he sayn ' I feel most deeply
1 action of the municipal authorities, which
Aici'ieuan's letter
I regard as one of the highest honors which can
be paid to a citizen of our country. At this
partlcularmoment. It is especially gratifying to
do inus assurea 01 tne gooa iceiings ana regara
of the authorities of this great city, reflecting,
as ther do. the sentiments of their constituents.
At any otnertime 1 would gratenuiy accent tbe
proffered honor, but I do not feel It would, be
rlcht for me to do so while so many of mv
former comrades are enduring privations of
war ana, pernaps, aacnucing tneir uvea lor
tneir country.
Philadelphia. Nov. 34. Peterson's Detec
tor Js authority for the following! Union Bank,
Newport, R. I., tens, counterfeit t vignette in
the upper left corner, Vulcan sitting on various
implements; on mo jigm a rarraer, nay, etc.
Cuvlera Bank. Palmvra. N. Y.. lives, counter.
felt rig. 5 on tbe die, surrounded by medallion
and scroll norkj Martha Washington and 5 on
the right) the State arms In the centre at tbe
Execgtiv b Mansion, Nor. 13, 1803.
Ordered by the President of the United
States, that the Attorney General be charged
with the superintendence and direction of all
proceedings to bo had under tho act of Con
gress of the 17th of July, 1863, entitled, "An
act to suppress insurrection, punish treason
and rebellion, seize and confiscate the property
pf rebels, and for other purposes, In so far as
mar concern the seizure, prosecution and con
demnatlon of the estate, property and effects of
rebels and traitors, as mentioned and provided
for In tho llflh, sixth and seventh sections of
the said act of Congress. And tho Attorney
General Is authorized and required to give to
the attorneys and marshals of the United
States such instructions and directions as he
may And needful and consistent touching all
such seizures, prosecution and condemnation 1
and, moreover, to authorize all such attorneys
aud marshals, whenever there may be reasona
ble ground to fur any forcible resistance to
the act In the discharge of their respective du
ties in this behalf, to call upon any military
officer in command of tho forces of the United
States, to give to them euch aid, protection
and support, as may be necessary to enable
them, safely and efficiently to discharge their
respective dnttes 1 and all such commanding
officers .are required promptly to obey such
call, aud to render the necessary service, as fur
as may be In their power, consistently with
their other duties.
Abiuuau Lincoln.
By the President 1
En ward bates, Attorney General.
In accordance with this order, the Attoruty
General will shortly Issue specific instructions
In TTnllftd Ktten ntlnrnon and mnrfthAln fnr
re ferredto.
Utmvy llobbery of liauk.
pHOvi&ENCi, It. I , Nov. 34.- The Freeinan'e
I ltnnir at ItrUtnl. wan rnhhoH lftwn Satur.
.y .n MMerjUy, of 115,000 la WUjofr.il.
us bank., ond a large omountof bona,notM,
and other papers. Tbe epecle was not taken.
The War-The Market.
sM, y , if (V
TheltnjtlUh Cto reran ent Dissents from
t tne Freness Prnpoeal of .Mediation,
I l r
i ' General Rantaifte Thereon.
Cak Race, Nor. 31 The steamship Arabia,
with Liverpool dates lo the 16th tmt , has arrlred
oOtnts point, and her news has been Intercepted
by the yacht of the Associated Press ,. .
Tub Markets. Cotton dull) East India declined
Kh Breadstuirs dull and downward Corn, up
ward proTistoDS dull Consols, 93fju
The English Government has dissented from the
French proposal for mediation la American affairs
The London Oatette tmbllahet Earl Russell's of
flclal reply, dated Nor. IS, 1802.. It recapitulates
ine circular 01 u ua 11117-1 propouns laruiauoa.
It recognises the humane views and benevolent In
teatlons of the Emperor, and observes that the
commerce of Russia would be expressly desirable,
but that unto the nreeent time the Ruiilan Got.
eminent had not agreed actively to co-operate, al
mourn uinar auppori tne enoeavon 01 t.ngiana
and France. The question for consideration was,
whether the end proposed was at the present time
attainable Earl Rusaell then commends the de
clilon of her Maleatrs Government aa follows t
"After weighing; all Information received from
America, ine uovernmenc is iea to eoncmae mere
Is no ground, at the present moment, to hope that
the Federal Government would accept the propo
sal surrested, and a refusal from waahlnrton. at
the preaent time, would prevent any speedy re
newal of the offer;" therefore, he thinka It better
to watch carefully tbe progress of of opinion lo
Americaf anu ii, hi appear rcaion 10 nope, 11 may
be found to have undcrrone. or mar underro. anr
change, this Government may then avail Itaelf of
any auch change to offer friendly counsel with
greater prospect than now exlsta of Its being ac
cepted by the two contending parties.'
Her Majesty's Government will communicate to
the French Government any Intelligence they may
receive from Washington or Richmond bearing on
this Important subject
ine Jimri canon but onwrrn, in reierence 10
Earl Russell's dispatch, that his arguments have
been antldnated hv the nuhlle. and thU la the hmt
proof of their soundness
Sha huh AC Quite an enrsfement hsd taken
place near Rungpoo, la which the American, Gen.
Var was killed.
The Rebels Portlfylusj Port Hudson Above
new urseana, 10 loniiii ine Ascent or
Com, Farraarnt to Aid In t Ite At t ae at upon
St. Louis. Nov. 24. The Democrat Is In
formed that the rebels are fort If vine Tort Hud
son. 150 miles above New Orlaans. Ten or
twelve guns are In posltton-and In two weeks
from the present time Fort Tlndson will bo as
strong aa Vlcksburg, and will proro a serious
bar to the ascent ofFarragut's fleet. The rebels
are running steamboats from Port Hudson to
iaa;e rroviaencc. n msiance 01 auu mues. 1 nev
have also boats on the Red rlrer, bringing Im
mense supplies or came irom Texas, wun larce
quantities of salt from tho new salt works on
the Red rlrer. These works produce 10,000
bushels dally, all of which are ecnt east, via,
Vlcksburg. One object of fortifying Fort Hud
son Is to prevent the Federal forces from reach
ing tbcao salt works.
Prom Fort resa Monroe.
Fohtress Mosroe. Nor. S3. The flag of
truce steamboat. New Tork, arrived this after
noon from City Pointy bringing four hundred
and twenty exchanged Union prisoners. In
charge of Capt. Mnlford,of the Third New York
regiment. ,
The Richmond Examiner, of Nor. zzld. ears t
"A'message sent Into the Georgia Legislature
by Governor Brown In reference to the Yankee
raid on St. Mnry's, produced another commo
tion about conscription, State defences, die.
The Senate passed a bill to call out the militia.
Ao attorney itiU be reaardtd at havlna Aled the
nectttarv declaration and affidavit, at contemplated
ey the itxth tection of the act, vnleu the FORMS, at
veil an the inttruct font given in thit pamphlet, ARE
SJKILZXr K-VTirLILU irjj'l." iohmiuiokcn
or Pehsioks
"The Manual of Pension. Bounty and Bounty
Land Laws," published b the Morrisons, Wash
ington, D C,ls the OAtKbook now published,
ALL the FORMS la which are exact coplet of those
prescribed by the Pension Office, ho other Manual
to be found In the market has them
If vou want a RELIABLE GUIDE In making
up your Pension, Bounty or Bounty Land papers,
as to rOAV. as well as substance, enclose one
dollar and ffty cent and send to W. II At O 1L
Morrison, Washington, V. C. and the book will
be sent by mill to any ptrt of the United States,
Pottage Paid nov 25 od6tw3t
T It O P O N A I, 8 .
Ordnance Orricc,
War Department, Washington,
November 21, 1862
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by this
Department, until 4 o'clock d m. on the ninth dav
of December next, for the manufacture and de
livery 01 ine loiiowing projccuiei, 1 11 1
fi 000 ten-inch Solid Shot.
1,000 fl Keen-inch shells.
1,000 fifteen-Inch Battering shot
The projectiles to be made of the kind of metal,
and Inspected after the rules laid down In the Ord
nance Manual, with the exception of the Battering
Shot, which must be made of what Is known as
gun metal Drawings of these projectiles can be
seen at the principal arsenals of the United States,
at the Ordnance Agency, No 45 Worth street, New
lork, and at this office
The projectiles are to be delivered, free of charge
for transportation, at the United States arsenal,
on Governor's Island. New orlc harbor, where
ther will be lniDectedi and all auch as mav be re
jected must bo removed, bj the contractor, lmme
aiaieif alter ine inspection 01 eacn aeiivcry. .
Bids will be receh cd for any portion of tbe quan
tity required, not less than COO of any one kind
Deliveries to be made as follows 1 One tenth, of
each kind, within thirty days after notification of
acceptance of bid, and not Jess than one tenth
weekly thereafter until an shall be uem ercd
Payment will be made bj the Treasury Depart
ment on the usual certificates of Inspection and
receipt, after each delh ery.
Bonds, with approved suret), will be required
for the faithful performance of contracts
No bid wfll be entertained unless it be accompa
nied by an atfldat it from the party making It, to
the eflect that he Is an Iron founder, and that If his
bid Is accepted, the projectiles will be made at his
foundry naming It audits location and the right
Is reserved to reject an) or all bids if deemed un
satisfactory for an) cause
PrODOsala will be addressed to the unde filmed
at Washington City, and will be endorsed "Pro
posals lor Projectiles."
nov 25 tD 9 Brig Gen Chief Ordnance
Depot Qua BTtnMArrra's OrricL,
Corner IBth and U streets,
SCALED PROPOSALS will be receh ed at this
office until 1- rlday, December 6, 1802, at 13 o'clock
m . for delivering In the cltvof Waahlnrton. at
such point as the Depot Quartermaster may direct,
one minion ii,uuu,wwj leei 01 Lumvei di in ioi
lowlnsr kind and descrlntlon. vli 1
Set en hundred and fifty thousand (7fl0,uoo) feet 4-4
oroneiinncn wnne tine common uuinnis
Llahtv-three thousand three hundred and thirty
inree j,jjj ivev omuiiing, j it) , fourteen
irci IDI1K. llieaiiuvK
FlKhti-three thousand three hundred and thlrti
lour iEM,s.Mi leei scanning, s vy , sixieen leet
juuk, inruiiuvK j
Llirhti-tbree thousand three hundred and thlrti
three (83,833) feet Scantling, 3 by 4, eighteen
feet long, (Hemlock )
All the nbue described tote rood, merchantable
Lumber, sublect to the inspection ot an airent ai
--.. .T . .L-A.. . "
poinieu on ine iari ui ine uutcrnmriii
All the lumber to be delltered within twentv
das after signing the contract
Proposals from ditto) al parties will not bo con
sidered, aud an oath of allegiance to the United
states Uo ernment must accompany each proosl
tlon The ability or the bidder to fill Ihe contract,
should It be awarded to him, must be guarantied
by two responsible persons, whose signatures are
to be appended to the guarantee, and tatd guarantee
mati accompany m via
Ihe responsibility of the guarantors must be
jy ine ooiciai cenincaie oi ine ciem 01 ine
nearest District Court or of the United States Dis
trict Attnrnnt,
Bidders must I present in person when the bids
are opened, or the proposals will not be consid
ered Ihe full name and Post Office address of the bid
der must appear In the proposal
If a bid la made in the name of a firm, the naii.es
of all the parties must appear, or the bid will be
considered aa the Individual proposal of the pirtj
signing it
Bonds In the sum of R e thousand dollars, signed
by the contractor and both of hi guarantors, will
be required of the successful bidder iijwn signing
Ihe right to reject any or all bUU that mayle
deemed too bights reserved by Hut Depot Quarter-
Informal proposals will be rejected
Proposals must be addressed to Captain Edward
I. Harts, Assistant Quartermaster U 8 Army.
Washington, D t , and should l plainly marked
Proposals for Lumber "
tortnof Guaionlee
e(, of the count) of , and Mate of -
anj , r t he county of , and btale of , do
hereby guaranty that la able to fullil the con
tract, In accordance with the terms of his proposi
tion, and that, should his proposition be anepted,
he will at onte enter Into a contract In accordance
therewith , , , ,
ahould thv contract be awarded him, we are pre
pared to become his securities
(To this guarantee must be appended the official
ceruncaie nuoiriutuuuuru ;
't Quartermaster U. s A.
Cspt sod Ass'
tf MAST KKK MIXiaC, . T, I. O. O. P.
TVs ePcert and (members ef tms Lodge are re
QueatsA to veefon WEDNESDAY, at I o'stoek,
ed Mferylaad ayeaue. to attend the funeral of
P.a.imaMTuekerByorderr-4 .-rt.
P. M. Pi a won, Reo. fee. nov 20 2t
O- M AtOIflC There will be a special com
muaUatloa of.Waahlrtjton Centennial. Lodge, Ho,
!, to-night (TUESDAY), at 1 o'clockTto make ar
rangements for the funeral of our deceased brother,
William Tucker also at 1 o'clock on Wednesday
erenlng, to attend the funeral Officers and mem
bers are expected to attend All brothers In good
standing are'cordially Invited By order -or the
B3" Maaoule. A Special Communication of the
lUTW. Grand Lodre of ti and A. M of the nutria
of Columbia, wlllbe held on tthDHESDAY LVEh.
jau, tne scin instant, ai ?h o'cioca, at masonts
Hall, corner of D and Ninth streets.
Punctual attendance is requested '
nov24-M,TuavW brsnd Secretary.
. T 18 O O X .
They purify, strengthen, and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an antidote to change of water and diet.
Ther overcome effects of dissipation and late
hours. ,
They strengthen the system and enliven tne mind
They prevent ralssmatleand lntermlttentfevsas.
They purify the breathaodacldltr of the stomach.
mey cure
They cure
n miMilii nrl Cnnitlnfttlon.
e Diarrhcea, Cholera, and Cholera Mor
Thevcure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head
They are the best Hitters la the world Ther
make the weak man strong, and are exhausted
nature's great restorer. They are made of pure
St. Croix Hum, the celebrated CallsayaBark, roots
and herbs, and are taken with the pteasureof a
beterage, without regard ta age or time of day.
Particularly recommended to delicate persons re
quiring a gentle stimulant Sold by all Grocers,
Druggfsts, Hotels, and Saloons. P. H. DRAKE It
CO , 202 Broadway, New York. se S5 a
" 'ti
r-ntctielore Hair DreThe Best In
the Worlds-Willlsm A. Batchelor's celebrated
Hair Dve nroduccs a color not to be distinguished
from naturet warranted not to Injure Hair In the
leasti remedies the ill-effects of bad dyes, and Invig
orates the Hair for We. GREY. RED. or RUSTY
HAIR Instantly turns a splendid Black or Brown.
leaving the hair soft and beautiful. Bold by all
BTherenulnetsstrnedWM A. BATCHELOR.
orithe four sides of each box.
Factory, No. 61 Barclay street, (Late 2U Broad
wayandl9Bond,)Newlork. my ly
aT" The Ureal Peunayivsmla floate The
quickest and safest route to the Northwest and
southwest Two through trains dally, and on on
Sunday. Soldiers' tickets at Government rates to
all the principal points In the North and West.
For tickets and further Information apply at the of
fice of the "Great Pennsylvania Route," northeast
corner Pennsylvania aenue and Sixth street, un
der National Hotel Ofllce open from 7 a m.tof
p. m jon Sundays 3 to 4 p. m.
aug 8 ly a Agent.
&3"Htecta.l Notice. On and after TuesdaV.
April 1, ises, the trains on the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad will commence runnlncdallr. (Sundara
excepted,) leaving this Station at 7 40 a;m, and
connecting at Washington Junction with Mall
Train for all parts or the west via wheeling or
Parkerabursr. Through tickets sold and bamasre
checked W. P. SMITH,
in, or Transportation uau k. n.
ap l-4tr
rr-VVtiton's Procrreasof Hla ercvCoDlea
ofthls work are for sale at the office of the National
Republican. PamDluet edition. So cents. Bound
edition, 73 cents.
ni'Exrr eab fix per cent, bonds
of the
(.Known at " Fiv Tumlta.")
The COUPON BONDS la rami of W, $100, ,600,
nd (1,000,
The REGISTERED BONDS la iumi of .00, ,100,
(Iiderrtt tommincing ct dot qf pwthau,)
JAY COOKE . CO., B.nk.n,
453 FifUtnth ttrcrt. ,
These Bond! .re the
C'urarisT Government SicrmTr
now In the market. ,
Inltrttt payaUi temt-annumUy
! equivalent, at preaent prlc. of coin, to
8 Peb Cekt. In currencyf
No. 510 Eleventh street weac,
Xear the corner of renntytiKinia avenue.
The public are hereby Informed, that all cases
requiring the sen Ices of a detective officer will be
DromDtlv and carefutlv attended to. Jree of
charge, upon application being made at the Po
nce tieauuuariers, io uiu cicvruiu piit wi.
under supervision of
Superintendent of Metropolitan Police,
not 84 2aw3m
9 A P F S.
Store, 78 south Fourth street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Orders receh ed by
Corner of Seventh and D streets,
Washington, D C.
Jan 11 ty
invoice bills bd8ikebs motes negotiated.
Protested Notes amd Deferbid Accounts
Bouoiitamd Collected.
Counsellor at Law.
US Nassau street, New Vork.
EfTen jears In State and united states courts.
Advice gratis. apis
J. for Neuralgia, she having cured me very soon.
M Johnson, Pension Office.
Cill and tee how manv resectable citizens have
been cured by my HAND MAGNETISM, of Paraly
sis, Gout, Rheumatism, Tumors, Bronchitis, Piles
In a week. Typhoid Fever In a few days, Luohor
rhcea or Whites Sure cure for Scrofula andCaa
Magnetic Plasters and Ointment
MRS. WREN, Physician.
oo SS1m 445 K st , bet 6th and 7th sts
I?OR HALK-One undivided Third Interest la
Glgsntle Illustrations ofthe War, now In successful
exhibition, and was exhibited over one hundred
nlghtsin Boston Any person desiring to travel,
can make a very profitable investment For fur
ther Information, address J. M. STAN Li Y, or call,
between 1 and 4 o'clock p. u. . at 40 Twelfth st ,
bO YOU KNOW IT 1 II) ou do not, call st
SMITH & UEALL'S, No. 301 Seventh stree,
near K at rcet , aud buy ) ourself a nice suit of Cloth
ing from them, as thiy sell cheap.
No. 301 Seventh street,
nov il dtdeel Near K street,
lng or
No. 861 Seventh street.
sep 86 am betweeu I fit W.
L an excellent supply of the first brands at POW
Ian avenue, adjoining Sank ot Washington.
nov w iw
X town li
1. A. ULALL&.CO.
No 301 Seventh street,
ie 25 Sm between i snd K.
nOOdox. llrriurtlcslh SenleJ Goods, consist lug of
J TUIIS, Jellies, lieaiSri,jjiuii-S4ri;i, a.
just recetrea sua lor " ' new .or insruei
1OR RK1VT Desirable furnished rooms, (with
' board,) iUsantI) located In Georgetown, nest
the city cars lo permanent tenant, terms mode
rate. Apply st 161 He it street, near High street,
Georgetown nov 10 tf
KOOMH TO LLT Four Furnished Rooms, with
or without Board, within Ave minutes' walk
of Pennsylvania aienue Inquire at No 49T
Maryland avenue oo so tf
'CimTCD'BtATES'OT'tflfKniCA: a"e
To all IrAom U nuty ronrern. i
Salutatory eildince baring been eshlblled
to me that Robebt 8chcihi Ubem'p-
pointed Vice Consul of Rnaala, for the port
or .New' York, State of Ncw Tork,j I do
hereby recogolu him u inch, ud decUfe him
free to exerclte and enjoy euch function., pow-
' . --i-ii it. j j. il.tn
Consols of the mot f.rored nation.. In the
. . ."" "I. iiiiiiih iN w mT,i ii u 1 i.l
United Butea. (
In teitt'mony whereof ihaiecaoied thescTei l
ten to be, mule p'len, and the ae.1 of
the United State, to be hereunto affiled.1
u . Olicn under my hand at the city of ''
Waihlngton, Ihe Slit day1 of Norember,
A. D. 1803, and of the Independence' Of i
the United State, of America, the 87th. '"
By the Prealdent i
William H. Bewabd, Secretary of Btatej '
Ub-Jh T t
TbaJlteAortMfMtcowwn.. y ,
Satlafectory erldenee hiTlngbecn exhibited
to me that Otto Pusenica ha. been ap
pointed Vice Con.nl of Rniala, for the port of i
Nev Orlean., Loulalana, I do hereby recognise : 1
him as .neb, and declare him .free to exercise)
and enjoy such Junction., power., sod. prtrl- j
leges, as .re allowed to the Vice Consols of the ,.j
most f.Tored nation., In the United States.
In testimony whereof, I lure caused these
letters to be nude patent, and the seal of
the United States to be hereunto affixed.
L. i. Glren under my hand at the city of
Washington, the 21st day of Norcmber,
A. D. 1662, snd of the Independence .of
1 the United States of America, the 87th. i
By the President
Wilxmh II, Siwabd, Secretary of State.
O pfioial"." '
DiTAimnrT or Btik.h ! .. .
Waihlngton, January 25, lSSa.
The Secretary of State will hereafter recelre
member, of Congress on business on Saturdays,
commencing with Satnrd.y, the first of next
month. , t
Matob's Orricc,
H'uiSlisKon, Aswuifr 20, 196X, ,
Whilst another section of our country Is rsmloc
worn, and sister cities He prostrste from .Vila
dresdful to suffer and mournful to behold, results
of a blind and lawless reslstano. to oonstltutlon.1
authority and the majesty ot the lev, an alte.lnr
Providence has averted from us this curs, qf trea
son, end with an unreluctant hand vouchsafed In-
numerous evidences Of His KTsee
7or tbst manifestation and this beudlctlon It
bchooi es us to be thankful, and I therefore, and In
compliance with the following Joint resolution of
the City Councils, request my fellowcttlsens to Ab
stain from secular employment, and, assembling; in
their respective places of worship on Thursday,
37th instant, unite with reverent lore In grateful
expressions tp Almighty God. ',
Joist Resolution appointing. Day of Thanksr
' Wiiebeai It is becoming In . Chrlstlsn people a
return t hsnks to the Giver of all good for the mani
fold blessings He vouchssfes them aa a communltyi
and whereas It Is peculiarly appropriate that th.
city of WAshtngton should unite with her sister
cities In the obsen snoe of a day of publle thAnks
givtng And prAlaet '
Bt U Ihtnfm nsoftvd, te , Thst his Honor the
Msyor Is hereby requested to set apart by publle
proclamation Thursday, 37th November instant, as
a day of thanksgiving and prAlse to Almighty God
for t be mercies of the psst yesr, and of prnycr for
a restoration of peace and of fraternal feeling
throughout the Union, Inviting all cltliens to ad
stsln Irom their ususl sccuIat employments snd to
unite In a proper observsnee of the dsy.
Prttl&tnt of Board of Comnwn Council
frtiidmtetht Board of AUUmrn.
Approved, November 8, 1EMJ3.
no 33 3teod Mayor.
November itHh. 1802.
General Orders, No. 6.
Hereafter, the Long Bridge, over the Poto
mac, will only be used for Gorernment pur
poses. Neither private vehicles nor citizens on
horseback will be allowed to cross the Long
Bridge, but must go by the way of the Aque
duct Bridge.
By command of Major Gen. IIeinveluak.
nor 21 7 1 Assistant Adjutant General.
On and after the 13th Instant day of September,
passes will be required from all vessels, boats, fco ,
navigating the Potomac river. These will be Is
sued by the Commanding Officer of the Flotilla,
and may be obtained from the naval vessels sta
tioned at Alexandria, or at the mouth ofthe river,
Secretary of the Navy,
Navy DcrARTHEirr,
September 11,1603. sep 14
there among )ou that Is not In want of
somethlog in the way of Clothing; Furnishing
Goods, Hats, Caps. And the best place to get them
la at the most popular Clothing House of J. H.
SMITH & CO , No 400 Seventh street, where you
can find the greatest variety of Clothing and Furn
ishing Goods for Men and Boys wesr. We can
safely say that our stock of Clothing excels ani
thlng In thla market, and our reputation for selling
Good Goods Cheap Is tru butthe old maxim, that
"a nimble sixpence is better than slow shilling,1
Is the principle that has built up our immense
Our present stock of Clothing we otter at vtri low
prices, and we are all the time receiving new goods
from our manufacturing establishment, No. 40
West Baltimore street.
Do not fail to call at J, 11 SMITH U CO'S , No.
460 Seventh street, where you can by Clothing at
tremendous bargains.
J. 11 SMITH Jt CO ,
No. 400 Seventh street,
and corner Twentieth street and Pa. avenue.
nov 21 dtdeel
13 It A N K L I N . CO.,
1 0 P i I CI A N'S ,
(North side,) between Twelfth snd Thirteenth sts ,
Under the National Hotel.
In a crest vsrlety, and at the lowest prices, whole
sale or retell, nor s

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