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New TofErrJuulMJcrttXjer, nt Grand ttresrt,
ists. Iro., pp. st. ForaeUby PhllpkBolomon.
Tkbh1rHlhtntich feed forlhrMnf
"mil latlkaJtottlyUcc, It .-contains nutter
walesi It It InnwrUnt that every cltlren should
b nwfllar.wUik 'feeoindly, U It acompendof
cerUla vtari upon the lecttoutt controversies
.- tut have-taken 1dtMa'W' country, rodTai
inch fora-ai eonnalMit raantuJ for utctmw
and MtoiNrho hare occuton.'to refer .to, Usa
hUlory of ty q,uetIous t 'which It; i-tlatta.-
tailBBjyll.B..--nst m,WOWW "7 " I""'
, Worth M Ronth. at a .careful complla
ofltirliiiM'f toaWWrttoJoattiy
tlon ol
the nmMMWWUI thU-MnhUc;'
---- - r
It will 01, JU largest t.Me, The pursuit of
kaowlMf tir the many, obcouYenlence to
scholarly BieVi, are tot.nch' Increment, to, tha
clrcnlatlon of prlnUd matter, ere-tha paar
ilona of partlxaoshlp, .lie who wrttea for troth
alosa mnit ba contain, like Bacon, to tear hie
" work to afteMlaic.." lie who wonld'tiavo
hit book eU In 'Ha; own day and generation,
nut write j.fof party. e ntter here, but a
general trnln aa applicable now aa If wa were
writing; of tha timet of, Drydeu, or, Swift,, We
deilre to distinctly disavow tha belief that tha
author of able volum. commeneed'npon'hU
abject, or baa pursued the tafae, with any
partlun almi, The 'tone of bit book U inch
that we readily acquit him if that chare. ' To
Industry and ability he adda candor, j But, ner
trtbeleet, hla work l the fnlleatandeonipietett
arrnment In JnttlSratlon of tecrnlon that hat
fallen nnderoltf notice. ' '
If the Conatltntlon of tha United Statet It a
rampart between tba aereral Statee, to., which,
the Statea.ff acceded," than from" aeeeeetoa"
mijr be well argned the eonrerte: " tc ceetlon'."
Thli wrml tb be the aim of Dr.Towler'l txtok'.
Dot, In Judging ofttbe, Ooaetltntlon, It.le rer-.
itinij worm wnim io idok ai .lean onca io ina
C'ontiltntlon Iteelfj '1 ''
That lnttrdment'opcni with Ihete wordi i
" We, the noru or Tucllnno Statu, In
order to form a mora, perfect anion, itq-.ilooe-.
ntii and ixmautfe thla ronitltutlon for the
United Btatea of America." c .
It closes with theia, worda t
" The rallflcatlon of the conrestlon of nine
Stalra hll hi infflclcnt for ?he tcetablliliment
of thla ronalltnllan between the Slatct to rotl
fylng tbo aame,r it t ,
It aeema to na that It mnet ba plain to blm
who Intelligently examlqeaithe'Conitltntlon
we mean tba tett, of that Initrqroect, and not
the gloaeca or conttructlont pnt npon It at tha
time of Ita adoption t or etnee that lit framert
meant nnder, by, and thronch It, to eetablliha
nation of the people who Inhabited the thirteen
colonlea, which had Juit achlered Independence
of the Brltlih crown.
Vt thon, irnn, In nil at Itinu enlnnlA mn
I not without ability and of a certain ludaence.
that formed tba Conatltntlon, would carll at lit
prorlalona and lta phraift, and tf Itconraev Ita
ratlScatlon. No argument better acrred the
pnrpoaea of auch, than, that tha. Constitution
tended too strongly tnicenlrallaed power, to
"strong goTrnuneuti"'- and, accordingly ' to
what waa qntch feared In those days , monarchy.
lue worn foBiioww win ininajoriginat
draft of tba conttjtuuaBM,niiy.reporUd 1. 1
baati a woman b. "ewwwmia,,
arcby oratoraj ibairauntlrtof tfioto th Cowtli
ktutlon waa to run lu tha great straggle for rail-,
Hcatlon. I he wora was i notning ll irto sun
stance of nationality were left In the Constitu
tion. The Constitution waa "ordained and aatab-i
I shod" be the "neonle or tba Un led BUtea."
The Instrument Itself proTtdod that the people
should manifest their ordination and establish
ment of It through contentions In thoaoveral
States oouireulant-.fbnn delegate conven
tions Instead of a direct rota by the people;
The argnment of Bute tororelgnty, drrlred
from the assertion of tho eslstenceof theBtatet
before the Constitution. Il found, when exam
ined In the light ol history, to bo Tagne and
dclueiTC. i
Thirteen colonlea. which had nerer possessed
any aorerelgnty, ,but were depeudenelca of the
Britleb. crown, resist the assumptions of that
prown, coroome in arms, iorm a coniederauon,
win their lndenendence. When the war It
over, a war fought for popular and not for cor
porate or State rlghtt, they formed themselves
Into a power which, they denominated the
" Unltoa Btatea or America, " not ino uniitti
Now, where did "BUtes", get their ."State
rlghta" and "Bute soTerelgntyt" Clearly
not aa a heritage of their colonial condition.
Clearlr not from the war. for that was conduct
ed by the people of all the Stales, and na par
tlimlur State won anr, rlchti. or asertcd anr
ftsoclal claim, at Ita commencement or during
Ita prosecution.
lllolrfODSmuMOU Wlwf iruir mi iunrr,
xrept anch aa are necessary to the existence of
!. nation, all of whlchare asserted In that in
strument, with the people, the 'fountain or all
rkiwer. '
, "The enumeration In t)a Conatltntlon, of
pertain riguts snail not oe rontiruco to neuyor
disparage otners reimuiy, ny tue jiuopie,
jMm,lmui,. Art. IX. j
AmmJmtnlt, Art, X
mmJmtnt; Art. JJ., (f
" Tbo powera not delegated to the Unltoil 1
States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by It
to the States, are reserved to tha States rcspee-
.1 l . I. Ik. .unnl. If a.M.I....a"a.',' V.
IIVriT, IM W IU lavivi -(umm.B-.i,aB"i
' mate aovereigniy la eu rxjwwjucio invvu
lion, devised for no good tnlue Republic,- and
haa in It the seeds of death .to tba Conatltntlon
ml to national exlatence. The aathor of tha
fvolnmo before u bat fallhfully.and painfully
collected the roost pointoa oxpreesiona oi tit.
.leading men wno nave lavorouwima laias uuv;
...... R "--""---- ---rjJ.k-j
inn it viJir,-r i i7 i. . ti I
ntniion iisc.i muii iruucvf- wuh mm um
nf It by it-one not always Jrlcndly to It.
rViMUiXDEU Pbi.blbb CiHE. The WaslilDir-
iod corrceponafoai 6t tbe New X Comtiurclai
jJriterwrHeof "the dooUton'Bf lhenaTaI
'ro ram I salon of Inquiry la Commander PreMe'a
Tba-romniUsInn, wMrli na rompoaoil of
dm! re I roo(e, ('ommodoru Uarlp, ami Llon-
nant -uomraauaer rueipi, auora careiiu et
ulnatlon Into tho runitinir uf tho blockade bv
bo Orlcto, aa narrated by Commander Proble,
uc rcportra mat mat ouircri-iiioa io penorui
is dalr. TliernccDmiuny thftli report hr t
.Hreful review of Ilia caao, alio w I on tho manner
h which a blot Lading vesicl aionld bring to a
itrange voe scl. Coniinander Preble did uot act
ii accordance with naval UPage. In walling Io
'hall" the nipnoaM Kngllah man of war, and
it flrlncr three shota across hla bowi . Instead of
Iilnj? At hi in when the first ahot waa unnoticed
i a s-igoai io ncove to. ivnua liammanucr
'r blc's own rcnorta ihow that he failed to wr
orm hU duty, he alio atatea that had ho known
be true character of the csret he could bare
mn her down." adraUtlnjr that he waa to
blame for not hs Ine en cert allied whether It waa
4 friend or roe until 11 waa too lite, and the
vessel slipped J'flftt him. ThU opinion of a
ojniiuiaiun i jt'vi:''ii MHvi7i um wui-
ma 1110 jnK-HCni ui 11,0 cwfcurj ui ma
lavy, ho make po parade of hU discipline,
rt kecpa the nautical defendin of our flag at
poaia, and ecoa ua. mej uu uinr nut,
La (icui-vL, at the point of drain, oponlng
rVetnai nud soelnt? nxoiunltatlon of three PhT
Hi dans who Were itandlng close by tils bedside"
i.utly eiualoiej, vuentiemcn. if yon ore uy
Sooni It ll all oTtr with mei" and In.tauUr
iplred. '
f t 3253tftVr--
' "Tn? P1 i1'" ff-'fiol '
VA Ltaaatt TM 0B-Tk Kewport RJ1.
correspondent- of .nb FrorManta iJovmai
Writes .HtiIs t " -.V i. .C.
Wa hart) lost eelof on old TandmarVt-tke
trbitty tree, wo calld,vt tlw upper partof tha
town, at the Junction of Farewell and Thame
atnetsv This tree, with the Und' on' Wblch.it
stood, waa glren by miUam Bead,' t 1T70. to
fcmrtnitte,,lo ba tat, apart for tha uaaoflha
Bout bf Liberty, and that tba same stand, aa a
mouiment of tha spirited and noble opposition
- ... .t. Bll I 1 . li,t.'lU.M.1?l(ia ttiA
UHM IU U9 DWUC Au u ""' ' "
wna Ol uoeny ra nawpon, noon uiauu, ou
hrnnrbmit the continent of North Amerloa. and
to Dtotseldered aa emblematical of public lib
erty," dec., Ac. I and also for a Tery singular
nae.Ul. r-aa aet forth datttftleW. trdta copy
of wilch J, taka Uata ntncta 'And , firth tr
'LJ ....!. !. rAaasfaa lal .aMiHtlavl tlrlal
tat smi forjiiwlicto Pm ,ifomlny, andi
rowwarr. aaan aoeiMira. sski vwiruTei
ka waaU enaUTd kat'falWiM it(a
jilaee, hnksreraprerantad by those Who consid
ered IS sajcruegsjua Id reiouTluiu mvw u7
ilncelhe rasnalajs were taken down by thaorder
Ol IUUC1IJ IBIIIVIIUU, muu'Jum.iiui. nuvu
most wa need lt.We hare so place on which to
"expose to public Ignominy the o (renders against
tha llbertlce of onr country."
Tw t Mn.wiHrTMlMfinv.ll lliAmaf .
log of the Royal Geographical Bdclcty, on Mon
day. A letter trom Ur. Livingstone waa reaa. .
.'? . ... L. ...r,.in C. .l .
It tutea mil at Jionni wkm mere were two
..ik 1.1.1. ... ..a.it.ni. w.riik. .nj ,i- I
llvaf HUlkU n B SAU.ltlulJ nmiiavu Bll'l m-,
strnctlre. There wat a party of tbosa people,
who. elated with continued tnecese. findlna-
thcy were before a small number of .about j
twenty, enmmoncea anootuig; taeir.poiaouea
arrows, when a retort to Vro-armi u necessa
ry. None, however, were struck 'by the fire
arms. Fortunately, none were hit by tha ar
rows, at they were handled by native Portu
guese tlaree. . On approaching Lake Myaata,
they found elephants and hippopotami,' which
were Tory tamct ana in inaiyiocaiuy,iney leu
In with a nnmher of natltet. who wished tbe
Enjrllihjtn sit In the sun while they remained
lUtno snauc, Thiswae not acceoea to, wuen
they rattleil their shields, and being frightened
tney rattleil meir tnieias, and neing iricntenea '
at the broductlon of a note-book, which thcr t
thought a pistol, theyipod away, ''ncference
waa made io a muck airooapneric-liita smoke,
which was cohibosed of InSecls. which' the na-
vn-aaal , t .aBaa. BaBL....aBW.Bka''-
Urea coUected and made Into a kind of cake, i m"t at the followlnf places from to i o'clock a. m.
tastlmr-lite roasted locusts, hut BShr. Allud!l.'??l0.T.PvV.'"'."'t.t,,.,h.l.,0' "
Ustlntr lite roasted locusts, hut Sthr. AUud
ingto tne, cotton uistricis, wuicn were most
H..11J,. .A.tl... M11. ll..l.t..,.J ..la...,.
jjruiiui. iifjjr.u. , n mi ...h ...a., am. aia,av.a,
the letter concluded with a notice of the most
extensive slave tramc, which wit carried on to
thewotlnard, ....
TutJ-.aoisTOlLWn4.rr TBI Would. Tbe i
l.H.U,.ll all ., .!,.. t. II.., C Tahlllln.
af .a -.! n 'i, j v. a, u. a .a . ... ui.l'a,
Frew dt Co,, on the Terr form, on Oil creek. It
flowed at the extraordinary rate oM.QOQ barrels
per day.Dut watiarterwarda aunimsnea very
tiialerlaflr hr the ooenlnir of a flowlnr welt on
the lot Immediately i adjoining. It haa been
gradually aiminitning, nnui it now runs nut
UOO barrels per dar. This, however, i at i tha
Weeent high prlco of crude oil, makea the well
atmon as vaiuapie aa-wnen, it nrst comtneucwi
flowing. An engraving of thla famous well can
be aeen In one of tha New York i Illustrated pal
pert. It Is admitted to hare been the moat pro
ductive well In the Venango region, and hence
the largest n,,tlie.world. Fittutitrg Gautu.
1st. Rnstlan emancipation It already begin-
;.,. SZ TZZtZ"" S5nmt of
i "'"''",. ""1r7", ""T,." ' ','
SHUUVaia a(a f viP nun ivneil Ju-aaaa AH
the government ' df BIhiblrsk, the number of
Schools rose, during tho tamo period, from 20
to 277j of pupils, from 37S to t.lf.'i In 1'odoIU,
from 300 to ifiS schools, and 14,59d to SO.000
pap";;- , J
Ikdictfd roa CfiNiPintCT. Tha (Irani!
Jury of Ohio county, Vs., Id session, at. Wheel
Inr, tve reported Indictments against a doien
or more of the coal diggers engaged in thelate
strike, charging tbcm with a violation of the
law against combinations and conspiracies.
Some of the striken behaved very badly, and
undertook to prevent others from going to
work. " '"
ITuvrnREi M.nsuaix'e Library, consisting
of fifteen Urge boxes of lair and mltcellancons
booVl, have been condemned t by .the. .United
States Court, at ColnmbuvOhlo.-rRnd .Offered
to bo sold at miction, f" "'
Dr. Holmes playfully limit's' lbs necrs'sltlrt'
oi uie in tnese war timet to "oreaa ana tne
nowspapcr." La
Cmu will furnish onmhlrd lots silk thlt
year, thau nsual, on account of the war there.
T T3iA S !
TEAS ! !
i t
CilOICK QOLOMQ THA, 80 cents per pound
Veryeholce do do at do.
t inrsi iiun)owusr uo ,i
ium uuuwaim uu ,tw MU.
ery choice Famllr Breakfast Tea, t per pound, I
All ofthe abote Teas are of better quality than
I can be had elsewhere at the same lirlee. as Ire-
jetiemj Tess direct from place of frowth.
Ihstejiiit recehed a smslltnvoloe of beautiful
Chinese Lscqucred Chess .Boards, Chess Mo,
trurvmul liner bsi.1 aa.ii.1ail Wi.,.,1 L.j , D.,..!..
deoJo 3t Corner landllevenlhslreet.
Orricc or, ri'jc Cities QVABTEaMASTra,
' Alii, ormr Pnrn-i,
Walhlneton. Sentember so. 18.1.
'"1, u rHj' ui iub tvioutno
the folio vr lor ar
alCiri) i
, 1,000 tons bent quality Timothy Haywseeurrly
baled, tho weight of eat,h bale to be
marked thereon.
2,000,000 bushel or Oats, of the beat qualltr. tn
atronf sneka, well aewed.
"7,0011 cords Oak and Hickory Hood. well tea-
' auned and of tha beat quality.
Fach bltl must be accompanied br the endorae
mant of two responsible persona that the ooulratts
If awarded will be MlMled, '
Ulds will be opened from time to time aa the ar
ticles mar be needed, and contracts will be awarded
for the quantities needed, te the lowest responsible,
bidder up to the time of opening.
1 he right la rrscn ed to accept all or anr part ol
any bid.
Proposals should be endorsed " Proposals for liar
or Oait," or " Wood," aa the oaae may be, aud en
close q separate em elopes.
Lieut. Col. and A. D. C, Chief Quartermaster.
sep2-tf '
December 10, tam.
SctiLcn PanpfAii. to be endoraed " Proposal
for Fresh hvef," will be rrceUed at this Arsenal,
until 10 a. m. of the 30th Inatant, for the supply of
Fresh Ucef for twelteinontha from the 1st afaoua
ry.isca The Beef to be of good and wholesome qualltr,
(necks and ahauks excluded,) In such quantities as
may from time to time be required, not exceeding
live times In eeh week, on auch dare as shall be
designated br the Acting Assistant Com ml nary of
Subsistence, The Ucef to be delivered at the Ar
senal. The contract will be awarded (sntjeet to the ap
proval of the CommUsary (iencral) to the lowest
reaponalble bidder, who will be required to euter
Into a bond wllh one solvent surety, to tha mm ol
InjO for the due performance of the contract.
... a.m . 4.. T. O. BRADFORD
dee 1-dtd nrtt IJeut. Ordnance, A. A. C, .
.1 MCHOO.IKR, li tons eepaelty, for sale or char
ter, on favorable terms luqulte Immrdlatelr of
t A If 111 IfttuuMLf a. net a4, f... aL V .1
Fourteenth street,
opposite wiuartia' botcl
w"rSln,I'ffJW"M1, .wJnmMT M rw,iAd
M io
"" aeootl W
d dlldw In ,rriiJi i aji!..i 'At rl
nt avi Yt Nl .l(iuo--) Mil VAt
ttaaaaaaaaiiii si Mi n in n1 , ..i ' '
. , ,- irrr
OAK UsUX ptOTSlttO tlbUIlK, Ha, Ui
.,Mrtvabreet.neat( rstreet.the Great Br
of rsshle J,w4er yodeas add thebrst tut aadmade'
uouuni ww nm d7s' wnr it am ninn
ea pradaaaajUnar'vrteet, (or ebeapnealand id
rablUlj elout aMdadefy'eoaapetltlonJrir
o'eijtbor tasttti, tans dews' abort, so long noted far
aehlat eletNaa) Ita taaa.aay house In tha city, la
aprtVata ejarartatbw,kakDiWIdcdita.ttt Hut
lur kb attUn wa tba beat made and cut foods
ha arer aa.wtand, if tha ctttsana of Washington
weTerpostdilai the foedt tha ray my store would
ba OTSrrua wtt, Att and (entleaua la want of
clothing, and 1 only wtah to hare you eall and sea
our beautiful aaaartnenU of ,elqthUf and 1 tbUk
tut of rltttlo foods will more hn pay youl
f atMiitMlagotMnglouse, Ho. o
strcej,'jaartj street, two 'doors, below
ImbJL i- I'-n til
ytkaawt Smith, but, Uattad of saiUag I
Leoustiaiwoaooraaaiow. .
t'lisVeaWiln wercftassrtalhe Ladles.
that I can please them'better'thaneier in boys'
Cl0tblng,as myllock excels anything I ever bad.
" ' " i.BAVCT. k. CO ,
Formerly at Odeon Hall,
' aortt-dtjaat "' Now at Oak ltsll.
AC A R D. tt li
Oak HAtLCLormita Roost.
Mr. Bruee. tormerlr at the Odeon Hall, has DOW
ppne new siore at iiofas Mveaia sireei, juis
hlnr amllh'a. wh.M h- h t!na-l,lnn nf Man
opened a new store at MMM sereatn. street, Just
'f TZS3ZIJ . . ,; "JJIT-V . . iV .1.. i.
n't' atotblBf at very low prices) he l desl-
roue ot having all his okl oustomers eatt on him. as
famy eaa ouy idwi i lower pricrs mm anj oin
store tn the etly.
"Bnuif.K .rt
,, iioiuicre,
No. 4fit fteveoth street, near F.
Call and aea Mr. Sciue, at bo; Wl In eath street
near F. ,
Mr. Bruce has a Fine fltock of clothing for Men
and Boys' wesr, at No. 461 seventh street, opposite
City roil Offlce. ,,
Mr.' Bruce Is the Man to pteue the Boys Id Cloth
Uf, at No. 4U k-vealh street. , lk m,
Lrsrytwdy knows that Mr. Bruoe can sell Boys'
Ctothlaf eheaeer than any one else. No. sei'sev
enth street, opposite city Post OflUe, ,
in picn anu uoyi t-ioinmf can ou jur. uruce, at
Oak Hall, ,
lau, No. W4 Seventh street, between K and F,
Mr. Bmee la the man to nleaie vou to lloirs' Clolh-
lor, at ok Hall, No. M seventh atieet, onioatte
Ctlr Post Offlce. se 24 Jm
' ' '
X The Assessors of the dllrerent Wards n 111
cember, tnclutU e. to correct and ref liter the names
of those omitted from the poll list t
, 1st Ward. John A. Rheem, 172 Pennsylvania a
entle, between nth and lath streets.
2d Ward. Thomae .Stewart, corner ttth and II
streets. '
ad Ward. Henry Curtis, corner of H and 13th
streets. ' r
lh.w.rA-''0,n" w- Burch.tth street between
M "0 II S11TCIS. . ...
tth Ward. B. F. Dyer, resldenee. Ten Bolldlnxs.
tth Ward. George Collard, at T. JJw. claik's t
flee, Vlrf Inla avenue, between tth and loth streets
, llh Vt ard. Peter Hepburn, No. M south F street,
between tth and tth afreets west.
de U-ltll
tod dothlera art cr, Inf up the treat advance
of slolhlng , but we are aellinf at a small adt aoce
on old prices. We hare a larf a atoek on hand, and
are aeUlng them olT to make more room, for we
harea very large stock of Clothing at ottr manufac
tory, and are now running olf our atock at, less
than whbleeale prteea to make room. Wahaveal
Brayt been Bf Ming' sgalnst high prices, and shall
continue taio fotr. IM,rTH li In the msrket all
the (lai Aata'svHVd to furnish our store with
a aupertor stock,' aad we cannot be undersold by
any one. We hare the means to sell cheap, and
are determined to do It at '
No. 301 Seventh street,
nor 3t-dtJ.nl Near X street.
NOTICKDllflVBKft, ta.ltPPB.ns,
BrnUa, Prtrat muA PnbUe Parties.
Th (tuherhr. nt the urrf nt request of .he Clt
Iteni of WMhlnfton n(. the Public ceaerallr, hi
now reiuBied hit outUe ftmllj builnen, a the
applying of
Sent to ny pnrt of tha Cttr at the Short fit Notice,
ami will bo luperlnteiuletl by the Subicrlbertn per
The proprietor woulul alao per leave to retalt.il
Mi Patroni of thla branch, that the late Store
and Saloon hai been chanf ed to a Gentlemen'! Ret-
lanrani. ine Laa.ee wno wui ntror-ftim with
their 1'atronace wilt And, on the Second l-loor.A
handaomelr furntihed ReeeDtlon Room. In which
Mn. Gavtikm will be happy to receive their or-
oeria lui.ranot ir in rrivaie uoor,
( novW eolm 203 Ife&ntylranla avenue.
Ai lutteeniaer ami propnetoror tnii wen-known
and loor-ei tabluhed Aeitaurant la haDov to Inform
i hla numeroui friend and patrona that he ba auc
saAaka'svl In mBtlrlna thit naajaaadtiBPir arranraimniita In
I the Reitaurant drnartment. which eaablea him to
comply wun ino urgent rrquraia oi ine cuuena or
Inaamuch aa ha haa DoaiBlctedthe refltttnf ofthe
upiier part ot the estahlUhment for the ac.uu.mo
rt ul in. cai.uiiaiimri
eeatleuien wUhlaa oi
OAHoq ui Kfuurutvn wibiiim
CNM'KV ASU .ll-ri.H., if..
armnirements hai e barn made to sir
the table
from the markets uf New York am
fdailtl wllh
ldllt.', riSll. VAITJttrKH OYSTERS,
and all the delicacies of the sesson.
, f A cnOlCV SeiCCIIOn Ol
ll'Jl'Cf, HQIOHV, aa4 HAVANA ClOAKS, If.,
from theold-estaMUheit house of A. DlnlngcrtvCo
f Acnoiceseiecllonor
fnnnnalt. Wlllaril'a.l wilt la fnunil pnn.lanlli. n.
Ihand. V, liAUTIL'R,' PaoraitToa,
I norM-eolm tat Pennsylvania at enue..
'Tirilo KAYS HOI Wa saythat our storela
ml .. r
the First ward may not ha e caused a torn
motion, but do say that we are running ott an Im
mense stock of Clothing at the Leading First Ward
Store, corner of Twentieth street and Pennsylvania
avenue, but who ever aaw a atore whrrea Rnillh
waa that did notdobustneaal and the maeo Is,
they always sell their goods too cheap. That Is
why they are always poor. (Who erer heard of a
Smith getting rich I I never did.)
We are determined to furoUh'aH the First Ward
with Good Clothing.
F very body had better come soon, and buy, aa our
nelgM-orii lu a similar bualneaa, say that we can
uot stand It more than ninety da) s longer aelllng
goods so cheap, but we hai e a tery large lot of
Clothing, Hats, Capa, Boota, and6hoea left, and
we are determined to run them olf at great bar
gains, at Headquarters or Clothing In the First
Ward, corner of Twentieth afreet and Pennsjha
nla a . enue and No. 4C0 Set enth street.
no 21-dlJanl SMITH k CO.
sTF.RFOScorra and stereographs,
Family audi lokct Dlblra,
vns Ysn hooks.
The large it and beat assortment, and at low
408 Se.ruth street, between U afd R.
ri ahv,
Fnoai March 4, 1 SCI, to NoriMSKa 13, 1869,
Vrlce, 91.95,
de is aw 244 Penn are.
aWBSBBBSVT BBBBVi 44ilfil.l-!l.irCIM0IV liti,ktJrft uil'aAlUlll SB rK
r vnsM-aar ' ran -v--- ,.-.. ...-.. - . -vxwbv Atm
iami,LiiK .aunwi lafci-ILa-.'iiB vll -m. j AM. iM
m I XMtTd. T.inTt..i JM JW.Jt'aUaBt': m--im J
Hal' TaT'fW rtaTnrl' ' lllral ' IllHflnl 1 .H ! ill
aasMalnMHr'W . IsaUiB U, IfcMj r ItT li
-iilitViv' rraTjEFi "y NjrtvyV'f , ? ,0r v
,K n II
1 1 a
il .ji.i. .. .. ' .1, ,!., i,
a.li.-r S ' ". A. 1 -
t , i fl .IT 'j , I.
QuAMTEiMAma'f Oirir.-,
f i
. ir.ALm PROPOSALS will be reoelred at thli
offloe until StunUyV the tTth dayof OeeeatVr, at
u o'eloek nv, foe furnUhlnc the Ooremment with
(,600) twenty-five unirel,Iloraeetp( tbe follow
IhgdMcrlptloAe.tii: . , .7
Tbr Cavalry, (lrMO) one .houaandl Are bund red
lloree,frora it) fifteen to (It) alxteen hand high
between fire and eight reari of agri or dark eolorit
well broken to the laddlei eotnpaetlr built, and
free from all defeote. j. ' 'l
t i ii- ARTILIaKaTa" f
'lor,Attinery,(t,000)one thevtand Ilotiee, from
(Ukl'kUteen and ooe-half to (IS) al&teea hand
high, between Ave and eight yeara of ret of dark
colore, free from all detoetawell brokai foliar
netit compactly built, and to weigh not lew than
l.lOOpoumlj. . - i ,j,
, Tbe full name and poai offlce atUreu ofthe bid
der muit appear In tha propoeal , 1 1 , ,
'' if a bid la made In tbe name of a firm, tLs natnei
of all the tiartlea muit amear. or the fali willbat
conaldered aa the Individual proposal of the party
ropoeala from tfft-Teyef jterftVi teat 1fU cmtid.
rrtv,and An oath of allegiance uuit accompany
,, Propoaala mutt -mecify clearly whether the bid U
for Cavalry or Artillery Horaee, and in ae nari matt
both be bid for on the same paper.
if any bidder wlthea to nropoie for ooth elaaaee,
he muit forward two distinct propotale one for
each elaai. comvltl .n tVttVf anil harlntr nn rfar.
encc to any other propo.aJ by the same party.
PronOiali muit be addreiaed to Col. II. II. Uiifk.
tt, Quartermaiter U. S. army. Washlngtoo, U. C,
and should be plain) marked " I'ropoasli for
The AMlltrer the bidder to till the eontraet,
should It be awarded to him, muat be guarantied by
two res pomlhle persona, whoaeklgnaturee must be
appended to the guarantee.
The responsibility ot the guarantors muat be
shown br the official certificate of the Clerk of the
nearest District Court or or the Vnlted states U.a
trlct Attorney. j '
Bidder must ba present In neraon when the bids
are opened, or their proposM will not be ounal.l
ered. Bonds equal In amount to one-half the sum to be
receded on the eontraet, signed by the contractor
and both ef his guarantors, will be required of the
successful bidder upon signing the contract.
As tho bond must accompany the contract, it Ul,
be neaesiary for bidden to have their boinlimen
with them, or to have beode signed In antlelpatlon
and ready to be produced wfrn the contract Is
Blanks for bonds can be procured upon applica
tion being made at this oBlce, either personallr, bt
letter, or by telegraph.
Iorm nf Guarantee.
We, .of tbe county of , and State of ,
and - oi the county of , and State of , do
hereby guaranty that - la able to fulnl a con
tract, In accordance with the terms of his proposi
tion, and that should his pro.Kwltlon 10 accepted,
he will at once enter into a contract In accordance
ffhould the contract bo awarded blm we are pre
pared to btftjome hla aecurltle...
(To thla guarantee muat be appended the oltuial
cert i Re i to above mentioned.)
All Horace contracted far u inter thla adierlUe
meut will be subjected to a rigid Inspection, and
those not couforinlng to the sped flea (ton a will be
No .Vrfi will be recelre.1.
Itie Jloraea must be delh ertsl In thla dt)', wllhln
tcnlr days from tbe date of the contract, aa-f no
e fir niton oi time will be granted on any pretext.
Payment to be made upon the completion uf the
contract, or en soon thereafter aa the Depot Quar
termaster shall be In fnnda.
Any Informality tn the bid, or non-con form a nee
with the terms oi this adiertlaement, wilt Insure
the rejection of the proposal.
The Horace will he awarded In lota of (200) two
hundred each, uuleaa the Lepot fluartenaaater
ahoulddeemlt for the Interest of the Co, eminent
to vary the number.
The Dritot Uuartermaater resen es tohlmaelf the
right to reject any or all b'.ds that he mi) itvu too
auitat t . .an i
Colonel and Depot Quarterni-iter.
dec 1J dltl
1X4 Ward Krerett'a lie ply Id au RuglUh
BV rOCTlCAJ. rvstp.
What hare we In America 1
We't e wonder great and Krandi
We hare the essence of the rarili,
The cream of every land.
Our mountains are magnificent,
txir rlt era are immense.
Aatl each man haa a kingly at) le,
H sot a klngi expenac.
Our shlj-s are known to nil the worldi
The farms ctnnot ba beatj
Our eltles, full of luxury.
Are famous for the neat.
We're orators and authors, too.
With Intellects or foroei
We'. e railroads acattered everywhere)
And one Professor Morse.
Our girls hat e beauty, wit, aud grace,
But. th
I IITJ TIT CIl-ariUiUIE, TTITCt, I. Oil rOlil
en, the oi-endraf thing we ha
U known aa great OAK HALL,
Where the fall and winter stock of Hrat-claaa t,loth
log la oow ready In tr abundance and greatebt
variety. All the new-st) le Ot rr coats, Sacks, Du.l
oess Coats, Peg-top Pants, Ac , selling at prices so
low that everybody will buy and be satisfied.
(Oak Hall,)
No. 4C4, S. en 1h atreet near F,
nov 21 dt jant Two doora below Smith'.
SFIALKD pnOPOSALSare Invited until the 23d
day of December, lt. for supjiljlng tbj L'nlted
statra Subsistence Department with ti.OuOl.ead of
Beef Cattle on the hoof.
The Cattle to bedeliiered at Washington, D. C,
and each animal to at eraro lyjou pounds gross. No
cattle admitted that welaTis less than l.uuu nnumlt
gross. If slfrrs, Jttags and Bulla not w anted.
Ihe drat detlt err to be uiada on op tthntti iIiaimIi
day of January, Itfel.oraa soon thereafter aa the
Goteromentmay direct, ft-o head of Cattle per
week will ba r quired to be delivered under this
Aboodwlthgood andaufllclrnt aecurltywlllbe
reoulred, Twenty percent, of the purchase money
will ha retained until the completion ofthe con
tract. Tropoaala from contractors who hare previously
failed to comply with their bide, from disloyal poi
sons, or where- the bidder Is not present to rta.ond
to hla bid, will not be considered.
The names of firms should bo state.) In full, with
the precise addreea of each member of the r.nn.
Payment to be m ado la certificates ot Indebted
nea.1, or such other fuuda as Government fcy hti e
for disbursement.
All bldato ba accompanied by twoguai-anteeaand
directed to Col. A. BttCKWlTH, A.U U, and C. S
U. 9. A , Washington, p. c, and eadorsed "Prono
aale for Beef tptttle." j
Form of ffuaroniasv
, We, , of Ui county Af.;iid State nf ,
do hereby guarantee thai --r la able to fulfil the
contract in acconUnee with. th terms of hU propo
sition, and that, should hispnnoslt,on be accept
ed, he wilt at once enter Into a contract In accor
dance therewith. iirt
Should the contract be awarded him, we are pre
pared to become hla aecurltle.1
(li. It guarantee muat be appended to each bid )
Ibe responsibility or the guarantors must be
ahownbytbett-fafeerllOcate of the clerk of the
nearest .District Court, or of the United Btatea Dis
trict Attorney,
decs J
IfojttUu Ca.u9 au being Curtd Dally, by Hand
Call and see the names of some of the first citizens
of Washington, who hai a been restored to health.
Gout, Plies, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Sonny,
Nenous Complaints, and Female Weakaesses, ln-
arlably cured wMoul fait.
MRS, WRFN, 4tS K atreet,
between SUtk and Seventhatreela.
N. B The city cars pasa wltblu a 'square of tha
door. OOV37 im
i UQkblndr,
No. 87 It Pcii. Arc i Washinoton, D. C.
Bqoks bound la every style-Turkey, Morocco.
Ruula and Catf je T.
14) I I-
ill, ''. flU 4 Kilt "10 1
eilMt PlfatlJlW
,.itr.n. -,
K A-a in) -
s.,iJc e 's (,-:"' T "-"".,
tR.qttii1D COFFE1.8II
' I. .' -,
A Une Inroloe ot the abore arUclea are new
lelntrec.lred, aM for ssl.br' " '
, M B. J. BROWf!
H , Commission, Broker,,
- , Jfo, f, WasMBtioa Bulldlsr,
areata, street end reaa. arena..
Teis In Xpound pseki.
Test ,,iol 11,'tt, Itandtonouutboxes.
Canned Tdmaloe. In .ooisn boiet.
Canned re.ehu Ijjdoien boi'e.. , ,
Hck'tlnjioi.SSie . , i
Onm Drops la X posmd papers. -"rt
Cam Drops laepounil boxes
Raisins In boxes and H boses.
Pepper In 1 ounee papers and In I iron boxes.
F-ngll.h Mustard In V pound papers and cans.
Kn.ll.h. Mustsid n .V snd I cross boxss.
Fresereed Cherries In bottles.
n-s In 9tf pound drums snd 3 pound boxes
Lemon Syrup In bottles.
For ssle by
No. , WasMntion Bultdln;,
Saienth street and Fenn. areaue,
Waihlnxton, D. C.
ryo the opncKtts ov thk aiuiy.
Just arrll ed,bj direct Importation per steamer
Fulton, from Kurope, a rerjr Itn. and lar,e assort
men! of Marine, Opera, Field Classes, snd Tele,
scopes, wMch I will sell a rerr little abore the
cost In Paris. As to the qualities, there are none
superior tn be bad, harlot- been selected nurnoselr
for this market. Also, a larje'and well-assorted'
nocaoi upera uist.e.. Mlero.rocea i roIJ.illrrr.
fn.l steel Spectules and Fro Classes, suite,! to the
l.ht br the use of an Optometer. A considerable
number or certmeatea to be seen at inj omce, from
centlemenwhohaie been suited at my estsMlsli.
135 iYHutytrtinfa aeeriiie, 6efirrcn Four-and-a
.half and AnlA ifrafi.
My Retabtlshnient le up stairs.
aiaatt Jlllnl to tml. Tho trado mppllei,
Oct to-ly
(Ot after live years, at option of Ihe Government.)
In sums of v
In sums of
And piyable semi-annually
These Bonus arc the
now In 1ho market,
The Interest, at preaent price of coin, twin equiv
alent to S Pea Ccnt. In ciurrucy.
459 Fifteenth Html,
Dealers ik
goversmest uoxds.
treasury s0te
' certificates;
dec 10 If
T) II O l O H A O B
BiaEAU or YARita amp Doras,
Nay Department,
24th November, IStt.
ffFALED PROPOSALS, ontlorse.1 "Proitoeala for
buitdtuff house nt Naval Hoapltal, titw lork,"
will be recehed at thla offlce, uutll noon on tbe
23d day of Deottml-er, 1S&J, for furnishing all the
materfalsand norkmanahlp rciutredloODstruct
Ing a house tor Suraeon, on the Naval Hospital
Broimda nt Brooklyn, New York, accurdlneto plans
Niulapecliloallnni which arolotlgrd wllh the Civil
Ithiploeer, and mar bereenon application to him,
ht the Brooklyn Nat y aril which plans and spe
iltloAllonawirilie attached to aud form a, part of
tho coutract.
Ibrm oj Qtftr.
(Here date the .Q"cM
I, (here Inaert Ibe name or names eouiiMafjlnf the
Unit,) of (name tho tow a, In the Ktateof (eame the
Mate,) hereby oiler tu furnish under our mmU ert Ise-
ment dated (date nf x ertUement.) and .euhjext to
all the reoulrement.. of tho same, and of tbe nlana
audsiiCklAcitlona to whUhlt refers, all tf.te inate
rUli and workmanship necessary for the. construc
tion nml completion oftha house lor a biirteon at
Ihe Natal Hoapltal at Mew Y ork, according tu the
pltns and Bpctlflcattiiiu, for the sum of (ii ere write
tit-pled, 1 renuest the contract may be prepared and
scut to the Navy Aeent. at Iname the atfencv) for
siirnature and certit.cf.te. (Hero the ulddcr and
each member ofthe flrtri are to sl(,'n )
Form j OuaratUct.
The underslcned, (name of guarantor.) of (name
the town.) and Mate .t (name Ihe Rtate,). and (name
of second fuarantor, Ac ,) hereby undertake that
the abo. o named (nit me the bidder or bidders,) will,
If his (or their ..(Tt-ras aloebe accepted, enter
Into eontraet with, the United Statea, within fifteen
days after the datw of notice, throEh the post of
flee, of the acceptranceofhls (or tlirlr otter before
Itnessi (Signatures of truarantors )
Icertlf that Iheabo.e named (here name the
guarantors) am known tn metob good and rca
ponslblc guarau tors In this caae.
(Signature )
To be sfTnftd. by the district Judge, district attor
ney, collector, jiavy agent, or some persou know n
to the bureau bo be responsible,
luguari.. against offers being opened before the
time appoint eil. bidders are requoatfal to endorse on
theen.e'.ope, aboicthe address, and draw a line
under the endorsement, thus:
"i! of rntalt for burgton't Home for tfu Neey Yard at
Ktm Ybtk,'
To tlio Chief or the Bureau of YarsJsand DtKks,
Waahlaigton, D C. nov 2aV-lawlw
fa eoniaouenc. of lha Ioutd... of thai ivalsrlB
theCeneraf Hesenolr It will benece.iary, unless
sreeit economy of wster 1. practiced, for the Oov
eriuneiit soon to shut off the .upply to citizens en
tirely. AH persons are, therefore forbidden 10 use the
b) draot. en I'enn.ylvanla avenue, or on any atreet.
or aenuea under the care and auperia-lsnof the
Commlisloner of Public Ltulldlnf s,Tor watarlng the
streets or pavement,, or for any private purpose
And alt persons using tbe water are urgently so
licited tq be as economical tn Its us. as iiosatlil.
u u rsanLn,
:;ja jir
at jrA .r- t ..
YrmilmmtL Wirr
.m. m. i.tw ct., mi fjm. Mmm tatiav . mm m '" wJtv w -'i.aw'. -- i- ml
11 l it 1. 1 i ll i . ii;
sVi KaW Ll.mJp 1 I !..' ft'JI'Ml'li
ABtBBS' A aBBaHral WMW mmT JBbBBHU. BBa aaB I aaaBa ia.W.BV JaaL laaaJ
, irlWi ) iy i 7 rHT VT i.. ""tasr vy
au .. But. it:-, : tea n-- t "siitiVi .ii
M ar l.rr ?r 4r a'I ' I el ' - - i ,'ot
' 1 .i. -i ' i ' " . -
rur .klrr)e.llaat mrcoa T,l;ir.
I i,m.M tiw aw.a edfVi i
WMIfi mU
l j;, 14 no
-.-, tsii:afllta)i
'iitr. 61 ,
(tlCU INtTITUTT,- i a.l - I
No. 01 K Siairr, NBA Tne Cibcix. a
TKRM9, per Quarter ot ten vec.s-o.uartr
vawiiniu . iv uaiti oi .uniis.ion I
ElementarrClaases la Knrllih. -
Advanced Classes In Kngilah Literature,
and Science Included - .
-Clementary Classes la Kncllsk, French, aad
Music , 13 00
Ad. ancexl Classes in English, French and "
Muale - i. t . i ., - nod
Extra chart; for Spanish, German. Italian, Latin,
and other Lanfuares. - -
Dr. ZAPPONK will rivm f.ttnMM. and nKf-arla
assist, whenever he can spare time from his neu
eal profession. ' "
o a MAS. A frAVAYVMZ, rnoclpaun
Miae HAiiaofu's.
151 West traiKT. ' ,f
I'lTbe duties of this Institution will be resumption
the 8th of September Clreular may be obtained
at the principal book-etores la WaaUlacton. of by
addreaalnr the principal,
auc 20-TTtm M. i. If A R ROVER,
(1 0 S I. I N M
(Formerly of New Tor,)
Has the Nemo and Fame ot befH one of
E3-Clre ns a trial, and Judge for youraelf.-v
Erer) thing- in the House Is ot the
Don't forget Ihe number,
lit. rennsyhsoiaarenue,
between Twelfth and Thirteenth street.,
mar to south side.
without metal plate ot clasps, by
U10 Broadway, New York) and KCO Penn. avenue,
between Twelfth and Thirteenth sts ,
Calls the attention of the public tu the follow lnr
advantacea of his Imnrorad t stemi
1st. The teeth of Ids manufacture will never cor
rode nor chance color by any adds, and are three
fourth Hchter than any other.
81. No teeth nor roots need ba extracted, aa the
J artificial ones can be Inserted orer them.
Sd. Tho ooia win ne maae inonenaire ana never
to acne. ,
itri. Noteariltorarrleeth are needed. aina?rmsntf.t
ones can be n-A-te Immediately, thereby prreervlna;
ine naiurai cxi-resiion oi me iace. wuicn, unuer
the old system. Is freouentlr dlaflctired.
6lh. This work haa cen fully tested, for over ftvc
yeara. by many of tho first chemists and physicians
of this and tha old country.
Dr. s. has also Invented a .white Indestructible
metal fllllnjr, with which the most sensitive teeth
ean be filled without ialn. and can build un a ner-
j feet sound tooth on any aids root a, which v. Ul last
tiirouffh i. lifetime.
lie rcrera to tne rnuowinf rentiemrn: Dr. v. not!
Dr. Doremua, Profeeaor of Chemlstryt Hon. A.
Mann, Juu.j lapt. tract ree, ioe President of the
I migration. Company of New York, Hon. Judre
Wa)ne,o.the Supreme Court, of WahloKtoa, D.
v., una inauimitu vi utitrrtt.
Call and examine for j ourselvea. nor ft era
or THE
The undersigned commenced, In the month
of December, 1SG0, the pnbllratlon, In thli city,
of n Meekly ncuapaper, called tbo National i?s.
It la prlutcj on a large sheet, twenty-seven
liy fr.rtj-tivo Inches, and la furulihed at tbe low
prkca stated, below.
It contains nil the original mailer of the
Dally Miffo'i"! It'pMlcan, with tho ereentlon
of local lit s not Interesting to country sub
scribers. It will glw full reports at the proceedings of
Congress, ani) of the other Departments ot tbe
National Government.
It contains all tho newt of Ihe day, tbrehrn
and domestic, utrVett, &c, Ac, aa well aa an
original correspondence from all parte of tbe
country. The tnlscellstteons department will
receive special attention, and, In all rcspectt,
tho effort will be made to establish the charac
ter of the .Vafioimt JttpuNtmn as a Family
Washington helot; now the central point of
the current military operations, great attention
will ho paid to furnishing the readers ofthe
Auffouat StjtulUean kIiU full, and especially
wllh aecm ate, accounts of tho progress of the
war for the Union.
In politics, lha paper I. Republican, sustain
ing tho Administration of Mr. Lincoln.
There la no other Republican paper In tho
District of Columbia, or In tlw vicinity of It,
and It la believed that recent evenns have opened
to such a paper an important aphtre of useful
effort. Ilia time haa come, when the aetua
administration of tho Government upon Repnb
llcan prlnelplca will explode the nilsreprMon
tatlons which have made those prlaclp.es a
dlstateful to the South.
But It Is not only here, and In lids vicinity,
that tho projectors of tho .Yattonal HrjiMUfii
hope to make It useful. Tb the whole country
they offer a Journal which will discuss national
politics from a national iland-polat, and which
will never be swerved from patriotic duty by
any overpowering pressure of local Interest.
One copy, ono year .... $3.00
Threu copies, ono year ... A.00
Fir. copies, one year .... 7.00
Ten copies, one) ear .... 1U.00
Twenty copies, one year ... HO.OO
One copy, slv months - - - .- 100
Three copies, six months ... l!.60
Five copies, six months ... U.OO
Ten copies, six months ... COO
Twenty copies, six months . 10.00
1") menta always In advance.
When a Club of subscribers haa been forward
ed, addltlona may be made to tt on the same
terms. It Is not necessary theft the subscribers
to a Club should receive their pj.pert at tho same
post office.
Money may bo forwarded by mall, at our risk.
Large amounts can bo remitted In Treasury
nolo, or drafts on Boston, New' York, Philadel
phia, or Baltimore smsller ami rants In gold, or
lu uotoa of solvent banks. Address
W. J. MUKTAtm A CO.,
Washington, D. C.
07-Thi D.tiT NiTtoiut. ntrt-nucn Is
published every mf ruing, (Sundl js excepted,)
at Ibe followlrg rateai
One copy, one yeer -
Five copies, on. yitar
One copy, six mouths a
Flv. copies, six months . .
Ono copy, three nyratbs
l WmU aTB I, ,fi.. -tl( .1 it
,1 J f. J I i t W .1 c. -
aa j '-" i lie;. 3
WwHw WMmit
.awriBi I lO-f - -
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Erery family, at this teaeoB, ahenld na. tb.
BAMBtlCI te-INC ft , u '
Celebrated In Europe for Ita medlotaal IsBd beawflWis (
clal qusllttea as a centla Stimulant, Tonle, Dtorette,
and sudonOe, hlsnly esteemed by emtneBt physt
etsns, used tn European and American Hospitals,
and br some of the Erst families' !f Europe and
.4 ta.m tea. auBa.. UH.l.tf . .MnSatltsi SI BB rt ft... I t aft Sl .
It uaisj Mu sjijuu. natwiua, aaaa aayav..B. miit vihihs
up the system, belnf entirely a pure wine of a tnoev
valuta uifi mm
It imparts a healthy action of tbe Glands and Kld-.
neys, and Urinary Orf an s, very beneficial in Dropsy
Gout, and Rheumatlo affa-etlone. - r'6p
SfEKR'S W1MS .tn- . k
Is not a mixture or ma&ufsetured artlflla.hut la.
pure, from tbe Jnlca of the Portugal .Umbucus
rraite. cultivated lmNftw Jersey, reeommaudad Xvf
Che mist a and Phralclana as poescaslns; medical pro
parties superior to any other Wlnrs tn ise, and an
excellent article for U weak, and debliltated per
sona ana ue seea ana inarm, improrina; ui pv
titc and beoefillnff ladles and children.
fTs.r .. It Vlll tint- lntnlrS.t Aft OthaU-WIBbbM. aa It
contains no mixture of spirits or other liquors, and
Is admired for Its rlcpeetUlar flavor, sod ourritlf
roperues, impanii-c a neaiuiy tonaj io m uif-m
ve orsjana, and a bloomlnf, soft, and healthy skin
and complexion.
A fear well fcaown natlemen and pbrslcls&s who
bate tried tie WInei
Gen.WlntleMSeett.V.SA. I Dr.WUKjn,llthsf.,N.V
Cor. Mor.iM, N-Y. state. I nr.Ward, Newark, K. J
DrJ ILChU' n. N.T.CIry. Or Do.hsrty,rtwuk
Dr. Parker. K.Y. City. I N.J. .
Ira DarnB.NlchoU.Nsw. I Dr. Marey. New York.
aik, H.l. I Dr. Felat, riulad't.
CVNone renutne without the ele-aatur. of "AL
FIM)D SPEtB, ra.sale, N. '," la orer the cork
each bottle.
ur sale by DruKXIsts and all flrstlass Dealers.
Trad, supplied In Baltimore by WM. 11. BROWN
A. SPEEIt, rroprleter,
VmxTABn rstsale. New Jeraey.
Orricx 205 Broadway. New York.
JOHN LA t'Or. Fails,
nov 3 ly Agent for France and Germany.
ftisT Tnv oon sew stock ok
tr Clothing from the rcopiet ciot&iur store, no
swi seveniu eireei, near t. iney
out-wear any
thin, ou can buy and they are sold so cheap a .
No- 4G0 Sercath street, near F.
I would advise alt to eomeandbuy their Clotbln.
at SMITH'S, No. too Seventh street.
IMouarewUoyou will eome toSMlTtTS, No
40 Seventh street, near '. opposite ttty Post Of
lice, to buy jour Clothing, Furnlihln, Goods
Trunk., Hats, and Caps.
Seventh street, Is the best place In town to buy
your Clothlnf, Furnlililnir Good., Trunks, Hats,
and Capa. 1. II. SMITH (c CO, Clothiers, 4e
Seventh street.
Call soon and see our new stock of Fall and Win.
ter Clothlnr, which we are selllnc at v ery low prl.
eea, at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHINU STOIIK, No. 410
seventh itreet, near Y,
Great attractions at No. 440 Serenth street. New
stork nrclothlos-'ti.t arrived, and .rllltir at ottr
u.ual low prices. J. H.SMITH t CO.,' Clothier.,
No. 41 Sev enth street, and corner Twentieth atreet
and rcun. avenue.
Great barc)ln. In Clothlur, FurnUhlne Goods.
Hats, Cati., Boot., and Shoes, on tbo eor&sr ot
Twentieth street snd Penn. avenue.
SMITH A CO , Clothiers, First ward. cor. Twee-
tlelh street and Penuslvanlaavanu,is theehsap.
eat place In town to buy your Fall and Winter
Call at the Flr.t Ward Clothliu .tor. and tet
your Fall and t Inter Clothln,, Hats, Csps, Boots
and shoes.
SMITH k, CO., Clothiers,
Cnr, Twentieth street and Penn. ar.
Twentieth. treat and Peuu.jlranla avenue.
Vou ean buy your Clothier, Hats, Caps, Coot
and Shoes cheap, corner of Twentieth street sod
Penn.) Ivsnla av enue.
sep at--3m
tuBttSa Hsv Ins Just completed our assort,
ment of Csnip Furniture wa would uow reepeeta
fully Invite the attention of Soldiers and sullera
Our assortment comprises In part th. following
tamp KOrala, v lit
Camp Chests for mess of from four to six, Camp
Tallies, Cainp stool., Camp Cot., Camp Mattresses,
with all other artlclea otcamp Furnltura calcula
ted to make a soldier cafufortable. AU of which
will be sold at Ihe very l7r-.tcah prloee at
au tt No. Btt Seventh street, corner XX
. .
C O 51 It T II I RON E V
Nowls the time to buyyour Fall Clothlnr, at No.
460 Seventh streeti where you csn find sll trie latest
stvle rooda. at Northern prices.
llo f ho I for Seventh street, No. 400. A lar(e In
vole, of Clotblni. st very low prices, No. too Sev
enth street, near F.
A new way to sav e Gold I Ruy ) ottr Ctotblos; at
No. 490 Seventh street, opposite Post Office, at 10
per cent, below the market price, In Treasury
Smith's, No. 460 Seventh street, 1. the eheape.t
bouaeln town to buy) our Clotbln,, Furnisblnx
Goods, Trunks, Hats, and Caps. sep so sm
Tirr.vTf rut six rex ctyr, to.vw
try TTSJt S T A T E 8
( A'-ioten at ' Flu Trtntiti.")
The COUrON BONDS In sums ot ttO, 100, W0,
and l,00o,
TheREGISTKRl'D BONDS lu sums of M, $100,
,600, at.ooo, and ts.ou),
(Inlrritt commencing at iatc tf pvrcAou,)
0B iUJ at na BT
JAY COOICJC at. CO, Uaukera,
453 -VlrenlA ifrrrf.
The.e Bonds are Ihe
CnnresT OOFrnsjusT SscvniTt
now In tbe market.
tnttrttt Baystaa irmf-aanHS'y
I. enulv.lent, at present prloe of coin, to
a Tch Cxitr. In currency.
novt tf
Do Vii V KNOW IT I II ou do not, call at
SMITH tt BEALL'S, No. 301 Seventh strset
near X street, and buy yourself ante, suit of Cloth
Ins from them, ss they sell cheep.
No. 30 1 Seventh street,
rov.l-dljsnl Near K street.
1.15 Vj new stock of Fsll and tt Inter ClotMoj", Gents J
7,60 FiTriUBtai.B; (Jwds, -nEAt1, fc co J
1.09 i5" m Clothiers, No, HI afTWtltt,tl , 1
Aif wiwc;i
allUat c'l
it T;-i3i
a BltaSl
Uttl v
ul ,tl!. Jl
oiliwjlr u. &
crslKiTt- .
fl gll IS . I
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