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! a-tlw MM ttTtJse) ml aaoawtyt.
I uliiiUlMMkiiiMkriimamn-
Tht eicltetnent la Ik dtj couMM oa
the rraacricketrarf wmtn It on lb Increase.
Wild ui flfr"'"I rtunore JbOoi each ether
In rapid 'aueceetton, Uk th'wTf upon
troubled tea. v
Nor la the" excitement confined (o the na
tional metropollt. it Brrralle U ell ike great
cltlea of the loyal Btataa, aa! U rapidly extend
ing; to th towu and hamlet of the Interior.
It would, appear that thlt lait evidence of
treachery or Incompetency, la tome branch of
the military administration was all that wat
wanting to an the cup of national bltterneu
fall to the 0Teraowlat,tor that It la ao unmlt
takable and cooclaalre aa to addreets ltaclf
Irresistibly to the truderttaadlnf of all clattea.
Be that, however, aa ltttuaj, there can be no
doubt that the people of the lojal Btatea are
thoroughly aronaed and thoroughly alarmed,
and not a moment ahonld beloat In allaying the
popular excitement by aaaoanclng a aatlafao
tory change In the military admlnlatratlon.
All hlatory teachea tht danger of neglecting
or deaplalng inch unmUukablt algna of a rising
popular tempeaU f.
Tnx Mew fork 'Crpran comptalna that we
chased that paper among the sheets that
rtdnernl for the "On to Richmond" policy.
It aaya t
The Washington J!tpvlt,tan,ln classifying
the papers that clamored against It (the Jtt
lmUfrm) for adrlalng ho advance npon Rich
mond, pnta the Xrprtu among the clamorers.
The Editor la all wrong. The Krpw ap
proved and endorsed the Washington editor's
wisdom, and foresight, only used them to
show what Injustice had been done to McClel
Ian. The Republican waa one of the Terr few
RcDubllcan Journals instinctively to feel that
breakere were ahead, the way things were go-
log on. The Krprtu reu ii, ana tnrreiorr,
aided with the RepNait.
We glre our New Tork cotemporary the
benefit of thta dlaclalmer, and can only regret
that we hare done that paper a wrong In mis-
ronreWlng lta pnrpose. The jfrprvat la one of
the beat newspapers, If not the beat newspaper,
In the country) and though we differ In tola
from It In respect to lta politics, we are glad to
find that lta Tlewa npon this subject are colucl
dent with onr own.
We could see nothing but dlssstrr before us,
If our army attempted to adrance upon Rich
mnnd by the way of Frederlckaburg. After
walling at Falmonth for the enemy to fortify
the helghta around Fredericksburg, and know
ln', as we did, that Burnslde had less than
100,0(10 men. It seemed to na too much to be
heie that anybody conld order a forward move,
merit could precipitate thla fine army of brave
men Into thlepU, aa the Erpreu aptly styles It,
and we were, therefore, appalled when we knew
the morement waa to be made.
We were aa certain that disaster, defeat, and
slaughter would oTtrtake our army, when they
crossed the rlrer, aa we are now that It Is an
accomplished fart, and that from 3,000 to 4,000
of our brare men He In their gory graTee at
Let the responsibility rest where It belongs.
It la not on us. We did not adt tao It. On the
contrary, we opposed It to the best of our ahll
We reproduce below the article which drew
forth this dlaclalmer from the Erpreu. We are
glad that the Eijiren now defines Us position,
and we trust that other papers that denounced
ua while we stood single-handed and alone, try
ing to sum the pupular clamor of the " On to
Richmond' frenzy, will be Induced, now the
mischief Is done, to do us at least tardy Jus
tice. Had the whole press of the country, or eren
the press of New Tork and of Washington,
took ground with na against this Ill-timed
morement, then would not hare been, aa there
Is this day, mourning In hundreds of families
throughout the North, and tbe loyal cause would
hare been In an Infinitely better atate than It la
The following la our article of Friday last t
The New Tork Erpren, and other kindred
eueeia tuai aenouncea us witn sucn character
istic Tchemeuce. because we opposed the for
ward morement of our army upon Frederlcka
burg, on lta way to Richmond, now hare the
effrontery to turn round and denounce tbe
Government for doing the thing for which they
en loudly and so pertinaciously clamored.
Hiaroneof theee 'on to Richmond" advo
cates, who would not be quiet till the army
moved. He ears t
"Who niD thi tLAcanTlui Tho public
mind la deeply exercised over tbe Rappaban.
lite war,
wmttcTMa wntHcAnajt.
fitvilt generally known that the Republican
members of the Senate have recently held a
caucua with reference. It U bclleird, to the nl-
timnii reconstruction oiniapsuuiN j 7)
It waa understood iby the JaaemaVra consti
tuting thla caucua, that (li doings were to' re
main a profound aefret, aajflootto be divulged to
any person except the President of the United
States but aa In all such caeca, aomebody pro
bably aloped over.The ecJlQii.of. thla caucua,
or what transpired of lta doings, It la said, led
to the resignation of lr. Seward.
On Friday evening, a committee from this
caucua had an latervlew with the President and
an the members ,of th .Cabinet except Mr.
Seward. After thla interview, and en Saturday
morning, Mr. Chaaeaent 18 hte resignation to the
President of the United States. But up to this
hour these resignations hare not been accepted
by the President, or, If they have, It haa not
yet transpired to the public.
There la, of course, much speculation upon
thla subject of reconstruction, and It Is already
affirmed that the President haa, or will shortly,
tender the position of Secretary of Stale to Hon.
Wm. Pitt Fcasendcn. Hon. Mr. Grow,Speakcr
of the House of Reptceentallves, Is also talked
of pretty freely for a place In the Cabinet.
It la difficult now to predict precisely, what
la to be done or who are to be Invited to seats
tn the Cabinet.
We think It Is apparent that thla Senate cut
cu had reference primarily to the entire recon
struction of the Cabinet, but precisely how the
effort la to terminate, It la Impossible to cou.
Jecture. If we may believe the statements that
come to ua In the Northern and Western papers,
the people demand a change that shall lead lo
a more rigorous proeecntlon of the war.
.1 .-". -&. Stiff;",.
urori r.voir.v nur a exit
g'!' maxmnxaa
'. m h.a
FoaD'a. Miss Caroline RIchlngs, who, In
the two-fold chancier of a sweet and delight
foi BMgstreae fitd a graceful and gifted actress,
baa been gaUeallg anh high and nwUid Jan
mis fw siiTii sf 1 Lill in taw s!lll continues ber
.triumph s'thlamlafntiy,fa.irJonale place of
amnstruent, aehlevlew new hoWarB each me.'
deeding piece In which her part- la. Invariably
tne central and crowning leaiure,, ni aaw
Miss RIchlngs In the "Enchantress,". and went
fram the performance enchanted. , We saw her
In "U Fffledil Keglmfnt," In which aha found
Mill better field to display her charming poW.
era, and where her nnassnmlug eaptlTattonr, tao
less In the superb lady dress than Jn the cos
tnraa irTr-idtfr,-lbat rereala-freT- charming
figure In tantallilng perfection, moves all hearts
susceptible "to the beautiful, the true and the
good' and which we fancied did actually stir
several bachelor membera of Congress, whom
we noticed In the audience and who aecmed to
be In a mood to throw down at the fair Fn-
Chin!..' fra lieari. arlitch. njOTti.n h.il
hA.n nn.nesM.Aiii ittmwh 4 hefM um. f. It la not known to Gen. Burnalde'a ataflf that
clnatlng presence a score ofycara or ao before, ke haa tendered his resignation aa commander
The last of the acrlca of spectacular pieces, I of this army, aa stated In a Washington cor
which have thus far been produced in thla en-' rcspondence.
gagemrnt at this place, Is, we think, thus far, -1 "'ng l quiet along Ihe lines,
altogether the most brilliant and delightful. Although the atock or Ihe sutlers In thla com.
" Satanclla, or the Power of Love," never """"d ! nearly evhanMM, and auppllra are
before placed on a stage In thla city, has now i mm neeiled, It Is not deemed Judicious by
been brought out here In a most elegant man-1 them to transport their goods by the overland
ner, and all who have music and thcloveof the rmur,
oeauurut in ttietr souls win not, we are sure,
iiaaouuanTKBS ahhv ur inm iuiu.i,
l,f I , HI , DeotmbernLiara.
rIt. Mr. ReM, of PennsylvaMa, on Mhalf of
ua ennstun commission, nae visnea taww
hrsdiTttartrra.'ininglng comforts and dellcaclea
for the sick, and a corps of volunteer nurses
for the wounded remaining In camp. All were
placed at the disposal of tht medical depart
ment and were highly appreciated by the medl
cal director.
' No new movements by the enemy bare been
obeerred since we evacuated the ermth aide. --
travi lfm nrqi'tnt u to niv i: rvior.NCP
OKllllIHl.UtAI.1V. "
Ractcxu. Many grave and serious charges
are made against the Republican party by Ihe
self styled conicrvatlvca and the Journals of
that Uk, that Ihe aboltttonWs and radicals have
brought the disasters upon our arms which
Ihe country has witnessed.
Every defeat which baa befallen ihe Union
forces has been straightway laid to Ihe radicals,
and It haa therefore been said that Ihe Republl
can party la not at to govern the eonntry on
this account.
A few aluhbom facta will abow the absurdity
of this censure. In the first place, tho men who
have had the most to do In the conduct of the
war hare never been radicals nor abolitionists)
but, on the contrary, down to the end of Mr.
Buchanan's administration, they have been nut
and out Breckinridge Democrats, (lens. Mc
Clellan, Halleck, and Burnslde belonged to ibis
wing of the Democratic party. Hon. K. M.
Stanton was a Breckinridge Democrat! an alsj
waa the Adjutaut Osnrral and Quarterraa'trr
We make no charges against these gentle
men In this connection. We do not say that
they have not done aa well aa any others would
have done In their places. But what man In his
senses haa ever believed that these gentlemen are
radtrala and abolitionists! Siiih an Idea Is
simply ridiculous. These men, under the Tree
Ident, have bad all tn do In the conduct of the
war. If they have failed, how la their failure
chargeable npon the radicals and tbe abolition.
Ists t And how does it prove that the Republi
can party cannot administer the Government 1
A truce to auch nonsense. Radical men and
alirlltionlsts have had nothing to Jo In the Im
mediate conduct of the war, and If blame la to
belaid at an) body's door It lanotsnrelrtothat
of the radical abolitionists.
neglect to signify, by tlielr prescnce.'lr In their
power to do so, their approbation of the enter
prlso which has placed such high omusemeut
and culture within their reach. Mr. l'etcrltkb
Ings, Mr Bailey, and Mr. Dunn were admira
ble In their parts, as they always are. Miss
Annie Graharne. as Leila, was excellent, ti Idle
Miss RIchlngs, In Ihe double part of Satanclla,
and Julian, waa beyond praise. Grace, that
tallsmanlccharm,soinetIincs called tho External
Boil of Beauty, sweet and enchanting aa tho
strains of her own melodious songs, presides
tn all her steps and utterance.. A more charm
ing woman never motrd In tho prcence of an i
Groier's. The, crowded condition of our
...i ...... r .1-1 i,- . I with ilatea to the lOilt instant, haa arrived.
'" " l'"" " "' BlS "' - I 0rrt.- h, h ln, ,-,.,. f...ln ,.,
ixe., Ac,., Ac,
kaisaa Cirr, Dee. SO. The fitnta Fe mall,
mtrable place of amusement, In the "last two
weeks, such notice as its excellent performances
have so richly merited. Week lfore last, the
delleblful alt-art plar. "The Romance or a
Poor Young Man," was brought mil with a
all persons arriving at Santa Fe shall repots
tiiemscircs 10 lite provost tuaranai. ctrangera
must cxhll.lt written anthnrltv under which
the) travel, and give aatlafactory evidence of
lueir loyalty 10 ine uoTernmrm.
Efforts are being lnade to nnlet Ihe Nat alo
Mai! lbl.-.a mJ
riove'mebta whrist 'cVo?
.Ba-xnniT, Dec. 30, UN.
Major MeTJoJrell, brother &Hik QajIWal.vras
Hhingptew 'or or
tieJCext iltneae
WlsWTaA.to hit
ting With 0. Mc
Dowell, In Ihe Virginia campaign, of which he
garea detailed account. In answer to an In
lerrogetory as ao whether, her had 'wUf'fcm
caaonto Impute treachery, lnMlelency(t)Mrant
courage to uen. McDbwell, ha replleoi that,
atanaing 01 f genera omcer, ne wonio. iranaiy
state the opinions he entertained, mistaken as
they might have been. With respect to, the first
charge, he liad no proof of bis (Gen. McD.'e)
having held unlawful communication with ,lhe
enemy. At to the second charge, ha bslleved
that Gen. McDowell had evinced Incompetency
as a corpai commander to support whlh he
cited several Inatancea. Ha did not believe
efficient measures had been taken 'by Gen.'Mc1
Dowell to prevent the Junction of Loagatrcct't
and Jackson forces. He thought the latter
mlgh( easily have kept possraalon of Thorough.
rare Gap.' a-
In the course bf the examination he referred
to a remark made by Gen. McD. to one 'of hit
(SlgrlV) sUfi officers, butGen.McD! objecting
to lit repetition on the ground of similar evl
dence bavlnir been ruled at Inadmissible on s
previous occasion, the court was clea'reJ, and
after a secret session of half an 'hour.wsi re
opened without having arrived at any decision.
Tke court dcslrinir Gen. Bisrel to state the na,
tore of the remari; the name of the nSlcer and
the occasion, be replied, that having tent Gen
McD. on a certain day for orders to march to
Manassas, that oolrer Informed the ald-de-ratnp
that " Gen. Slgel should fight his own corps."
The aid was Capt. Dahlgrrn.
Tbe court here decided that, If General McD.
objected to the further Interrogation of General
Slgel, tho other witness, Captain D., (who had
been prcient during the eiMnlna'tlon,) might
be called. General McD, raised no objection,
but auggcated the Impropriety of Captain Dakl.
g'ren remaining longer In the room, na ho was
to be examined on the same olnt. Captain D.
waa then requested to , retire, but to hold him.
self In readiness to appear when required. The
remainder of general Slgci'a testimony waa
substantially the tame aa the foregoing.
The court adjourned until thla innrnlug at 11
roinr-MxHTitL or Gkt. Portxr. This
Wpjilnjton, January 8T
memlfc 40I'tfMV bvTetatinaturilayal
comnllacrJy wtwgajfrdet, tw Ml, of itfT
monili m STWR -, -loPfe
-K v wft
W1U hold lis
KVfNINAMtaaaanainAUaYleaiataraiMwaaa; fHt
vnuadea seiavrs, esptaauy uiishs 01 new van..M
la wasaiatiaa, are coraienr wnm,-' j,e,.... ....-.
Per ordaa Eaeeutlve Comailttaei n.n.n 11 t .",'
1'WP-1 ...... J, , ,r, ,, tTbjlf M
" . ....
. -. - . .. 1 kii La a.Mvsuie.ai J- T j .
MJBSinJfitSJ!imjiijnaai-nS'iua'Ht'IM r Uia,llaMtra'CliHalwitrB4,t V
mmtT or I
on, January J
Smato-x GmitiL'a OrhFaT
Washington, Dec. M, m'
Stek 'and -wounded I Onlcera of'tM'Regnlar
Army n this t city will call on Surgeon J.Ki
Dimes, U. 8. Army, for professional attend.
ano: Office No. 286 n street.
Sick and wounded Officers or Volunteers In
thlt city will call on Surgeon M. Ciymcr, U. 8.
Volunteers, for profession attendance,. Office
205 rcnnijlvanw'ayrriue.'i ,1 ,
The above named Surgeons are specially as
fgued to thla'dutr. ' "
" j J6rrr Jt Burpi'"1
, i Acting Sargeon General,
" dccl8-dtr
powerful and Judicious cai, and continued 1 Indians. Their chlrCa hue made peaceful
.1 u.i ..!.. 1- t..... .. Promhee.
u.usmm.,T., "xmij, mil. rrpriiiinil', in ' - ..,,, ,i., n imn 1...n. .IH.I..1..
overllowlng and hlgblr rashlonable lionses. In ,,-;o gnn, are marching nn Santa Fe via Lna
tne rtc inai nss ju siimm, "iMintM') . I Angcl.ii and Fl Vas. The Texana are Mid to
8011," and "Our American Couln," have been t-under tho oniuuiand of Brig. Gen. Baylor.
uin.nj Kit"""") "i ir)ir,i .na um j lte ruuior, ncrwcTerf it witnoui ronnrmation.
moit unbounded success.
Tk. ..i....,.eiii.. t.,t.Ti 1. .. . 1. .1 .. i Piuveiuvi 11. OOTIim kmm. Hn.
.ui, .uiniiui diwi mhii huii'ii m iun tun , '- "- " "' "1- -" -- -. .
... .AV..-.I. n .11 .hn ultk. I.. i.- t. . I nora sallej this aftirnnon fop Panama, utlli
graceful, Htihed and we had almost aald per-' ,,llrtJr Ptswngers and MW.bW In trcoaiire, for
rt. In the genuine, gifted corameillenne. ot-1 Nl"r "orLi nd SlJJiW for England.
ponuniij loriiieinosionquaiineilgraiiucailon. "" ""' ...... r... .. .....uua.
In nil hep Ininer.nnsllnn. Tun n,l .l-nll..w 1,- . Tim Jo.nhtne lironrrl.f 1 l,nln .r v.u. .1IL.
come a feast. Her entire bearing and appear- from Japan for rcshlpmenl, v,j Panama, to court did not meet on Saturday,
ance, motion, pirasan. aua in every way lull cw ion.
or capilvatlons, admonish you at the outset to i The steamer Oregon haa arrived rrom Ma.
ghc wide berth to rarlau-l.oly, " and frame I zatlau, brluxiiie V.i,tkl(l In Irea.nre and eighty
your mind lo mirth and merriment, whlilt i sacks of sthernre fruin the various mines In
bars a thousand harms anl lengthins life." Bonora and Senalha, tbr the ptirpo.e of hating
We do not hesitate to far, that In her dellnca-1 It tested.
tlous. Miss Hough comblms more ruru excel-! ' ' '
lenclea with feu er faults than ue hue ol.sened OVH VICTonv 1M NORTH CAHOI.IrfA.
In any other aclrcsa In this city In the present ..... , , , , , , .
searon, excepting only Mlsa Caroline lllchlngr, ' 0'",, Dlap.tcU from M.J. Oen. roster.
who Is, perhaps, her equal In this particular. llMnoiii DtriKTMEiT ov North Caroiim,
Miss Hough Is elevated In ber aspirations, alrr- Kibtox, Doc. 14, 1SCJ.
tug to gather ber laurels from tbe culUtated Jfc;. On. mini, rama,l,ng Jrmyoflhi V.
and liest of her audiences. She uevtr degrades ( A., II mAIiyfon, D. C.i
"?"" "l "f .J." ; '.'.- '. " J '""r""S.0' (itsrmt i I have the honor to Inform von
that I left Newbcrn for this plant on the 1 lib.
, r I but that owing to tho bad roads aud consequent
.i r. delavs to train, Ac, I did not reach Southwest
rrom mis town, till the alter
i. Tlieeueniv wire posted there.
nrtiiicry uru lu iron, ana vigor.
I. j , Hospital Director',,
rou iwunndrov, oionorroWH-i-ip it.rxiv
.. : I ' rtRlAt
.The following It a correct Hat of all the hoe
pHals.'in te above cltlrf, with' their location,
ann sue surgeon in cnarge oi caeni .
, Ascension n, between Oth and 10th Streets.
J. C. Dorr. , i sr ..
Ascension Dr. Smith's Church, 0th between
G and 11 streets. J. C. Dorr.
Ascension Southern iChnrch, 8th between
II and I streets. J, C. Dorr. i
Armory Armory Bqnare,Tthst. D. W. Bliss.
Alexandria, 1st division Alexandria, J, R,
Bummers. . . ,
Alexandria, 2d division Alexandria. T. R.
Alexandria'. 3d division Alexandria. .Edwin
Renllnv. ' ' "
Carrcr-Htl. strj-hear, Col. Ci-t. A. JuJ
o ,,.r,
Cnsparls A sLjonth, cit,or Capitol. W.
R. Waters. ,
Cllirbnrne !ltt ti. Henry Bryant. ,
Columbian lith M., Col. Col. T. A. Crosh.
College Georgetown. J.M.Brown.
uraneo e m. napttsi vnttrin,riiiana J-su.
Inltsflin Church, Crh and D alii
Near Alexandria.
STTOTkneMUsaUSerAeearlalteaa S"
aaanal saeetlsur at Fouadrr Chureh.
n .M. J-1 . -... .....
.At Dr. VNDEIlLAND'l CHURCH. rour-aurU-. ..
half, near Pennsylvania avenue. ' '" "
" ON MO.tDAI r.VFMNO, t -
riMmhp Hu. at a n'.liutr.
-otltkets it ha had at t ha aMkreat taaolwtaret
and at wiiiams' iimci, rnee wceuii, ,,,,., ,
AeC 30 3t 4 !. s.t iOlTf.I
n-lmlthMnU-iTUrire.u Arourteollec-' , .
(urea will be siren by frof. I. risen, or Ceeade, .
on Ethnology. ' ', ,r ,
MoiKiay, Dee ti KiiDject-Tne urtereo luces.
iveanesniay, uee. 11,
'Friday, . (I.
UUH. . . . ..-
Monday, Dee. n. aubjeci Tbe iiiatorie aaa3i
Cnhtstorlo Races. , . . , . .. il n,
The lectures win eommenee at 8 omocx. ao- ,
,ujject The Maritime
ultet-rTie Orlitnof ClyUlta.
a i .(01.
I at-
mlttsnee free. The pualle are tavltedv
a . - t . - 't a .et n
Tl.v nnrirv. .tfrenvf heaTaad inrteorata.1
l r-.:t w...rirjLrr.T.i ' .
j lie j crB -mrnii.if m
They overcome
a beallay appetite. , ,,. ; I
antidote to cnanga or water and diet. ,.,...
me etrtcu ef JlMlivsrlorf and late' " ''
aii....-i...K t.f.;i.ii.r.?viii.'i -
tHTI ajaiTtaaittsH tiswai niriauiii awaaaw - -
?hey prevent mlaamaUoand latanollttat ftvass.dJ'1
heynurlfitliebreathandacldUyettliealomata. .
'They cure llyspesla and CbnatllHiflon. 4 " '
They sure dsrrhoa, Cholars.aad Cholera MoK f
"iey cure Lir'er Cemplatat ilai rlerrous Head- ' "s
aohe. q , l J -i
They are the best Bitters In the world. They ,- ,
make the weak man strung, and are exhausted '
aature'a great restorer. fTher are madenf,pura
It. Croix Hum, the celebrated Callsaya Bark, Voota
and kerbs; and art taken with Ike pleaaure of a
A. Wynkoop.
Crunch U
'- . ,, .
uamu, ex. ana par. pns,
Diucacim. One of tbe special delicacies or
modern times may lie accounted Speer's Kara
bucl Wine, uhlcb combines with rare purity
and nicety or fiavor, the gol qualities or port
and claret. It It neither luslplduor bitter, but
hltsthe happy moJIum most to lie desired In a
constant beverage or In a drink for the sick.
For Invalids It Is Invaluable by virtue of Its
tonic qualities, and particularly lit absolute
freedom from all adulterations. Actual trial
will show that the Sambucl Wine baa excellence
of lu own, unrivalled by any other wlue In the
market. .Ve Ferlrrr.
the coarse plaudits of " the groundlings." Her
speciality, perhaps, Is the " Yankee, c baracter,"
uub auo buiuih ill an uer ana. I licro 1
aneciaunn. nn iinnaiurni tu.. air. an, ,
lines no artldclal Uffness lu iu of Iier act i J,"
uit " mo tuur, uu ufarmrt: irom j,u ... a ijejy
viio I'luuiicniaio. t.iiu wuuiau, in inc uan. wuicn i
1i truihrtillv HMti Tn Imp nwen.nilA.i. . .. UUB """" t-iniVK uu riuinr uaut.,1 lurrcvueu
r.tr one -
' I found the enemy strongly posted at a dellle
nr Mr. Mm tetel,nlt irn i,.in m nii.n ..i . , throui:h a marsh bordrrliuT on a rrcek. 1 he
warmly stwkcn In praise, that It Is only oeeet-1 position , aaao well chosen that very little of
sarv hereto aar that we neicr aaw blm do tl. Our anmcr) enuiu imi hrougui in play. The
DililiTlo RrintKOt. It will be seen by an
advertisement, In another part of thlt paler,
that Mr. Murdock la to give readings, ibis eve
ning, In Doctor Sunderland's church, Ihe avails
of which will be appropriated to the fund In
aid of the Christmas dinner,
t Mr. Murdock will give quotations from
Dickens, Foe, Bolwer, Shakspeara, and T.
Bnchanan Reed.
ter than aa "Asa Trenchard," In "Onr
American Cousin," whuh was so superbly
played nn Friday and Saturday cienlngs.
Sell hell has one serious fault. Hu It loo mm h
In tbe htblt or departing rrom the test or his
part, and or luicstlng ctcn tbe dignity or his
t haructer with an air of ililkule. Iu this way
he utterly railed to realize the true tonciptlon
main attack therefore waa mado by the lnfon
try, assisted by a few guns pushed forward on
the road.
We uu ceedml, after lire hours' hard fighting.
In drawing the euemr from their position, we
rillowed them rapldli totherher. Tbebrldire
over the Ncuie at this time was prepared lor
, but wew
firing, and was fired In lite places.
of IW character be Mled In "Tli. Unman... nr SO clnan liehlud them that We sivid Ihe bridge,
a Poor Young Man," aud aa Captain Cuttle, iV.e. 'ne.n,J .rcJ.r,';"",'!1,rrlIp!l4t!f' .'.""
ln"Domljcyitliou," there waa something of "1'1"boro nd Plkestllle road. Their force
tho same fault. In Ihe part of "Asa Trench- " ",,ollt ,lx H'ousand men and tv. enly pieces
..,i ti i,ne.r l.e imihr.,1 n,i nni.i. .njlof artlllerv. The result Is. we bat e ukin
ir he will only let hit alms Kir applause he as I Klnstoii, 11 pieces of artillery, taken from 400
elevated as arc his rare i apabllltlea, be cannot I to 'M pmonert, and found a large amount of
fail or being one or the very foremost lu his quartermasters- ami commissaries' stores,
line npon the stage. ' ur lo" 1" no1 1 ruhably exceed more than
Weuave no more space, but cannot forbear -"",""r" "" ""',.
A Cit or Hljun PsvairarTios. The
New Bedford Mtrotry aayt I
A singular clrcnmstance. which occurretl
tome two j rare alnce, lias recently come to our
knowledge. Upon exhuming the body of Mrs.
Sarah Wood, wire or Arnold Wood, or West
port, thirteen years after burial, It waa found
that petrctaeiion uaa lakca piece. j.iao a
marble statue the deceased appeared, perfect lu
form aud feature, and retaining a natural and
life like expression. The dress and Inside cof
fin or pine wero also petrified aud wjilte aa
marble. The body was relald In tho crinuery
at Weetport. .
J. II. Wvthca,
Douglas Cor. I it. and N. J. are.
Dunbartdn Street-Georgetown. II. C. W.
Ebenenr Ith, netr Q st. west. E. Wa
tert. Feklngton lales'i houio. N. T. are. B. A.
Storroa .
Emory lj m. eatt or Ctpltol. Win. Clcn
drnlu. '
Eplphany-G.bet. T.th and Hlh sis. James
tlrvan. '
Kplphany Baptist Church, istli bet. G and
H.M. James lirjan.
Falrrax Seminary I mllet out Alexandria.
David P. Smith.
Flnley N. Y. ave . near Galea't farm. J.'
Harewood Tth street, Corcoran'a farm. T.
Island Hall Corner Virginia avenue and Ath
atreet. wm. Hayes.
Judiciary Square E atreet, between ttb and
5th. Chas. Pago.
Kalnratna Slat street, near Boundary. R.
J, TJiomas,
Waive nr Oil. The nil from the wells In
Oil Creek, Pennsylvania, It Boated down to the
AUcgany rlter by means of artificial freshets,
the water being collected for this purpose In
ponds, from which it Is allowed to escape at
stated periods by opening sluices. In nearly
ei err freshet larcc quantities or nil are lost.
unavoidably, or through tho carelessneea or
itoaimcn. lueiresueia on iuesaay auarn
ilar of last uuk were anion? the most dls.
astroue that have yet occurred, the oil lost be
ing worth, at the lowest calculation, tlOO.OOO.'
beveraae, without retard toiare ortlmeor day.
Particularly reoommsaded to delicate persons re. .
qulrlne; a e-enlle stimulant. Bold uy all urooers,
Oruitjats, Hotels, ami aaloons. P. H DRAKi: fc ,.-
CO , m nroaawsr, new vara. " se aa--eia "
ss- Tlta rjfaii VeisusvlvBjsla! Ratita..TkV
Iulekest and safest route to the Northwest and
outhweet., , TwothroOKk trains dally, and one on
Sunday! aalllU!re, tUketa at Uoverameat rates to
all the prlaelpal polots In Ihe North and ttest. .
Fortteketsandrurtherlnformatlonapplyattheot. .
flee of the "t-reat Penns) Iranla Roufe." eortkeaat ' .
corner Peoasylvaala aienue and Rlath street, ua.
der Nstlonal Hotel. Offloe open frosa 1 at aa. to f
p.m lu.und.,.J.t.4p.. r 6 nortBn, .
tna-a-iy -leniji,
t-)lMrlal Hwtleer On and after Tuesday, '
April l ltd. tke trains on tke Baltimore and Ohio -, l"
Railroad wilt commence running dally, (Huadaya ., t
racepted,l Isat lag thlt Italian at 1 10 . m , and ,,
connecting at Washington Junction with Mall
Train for all parts ol the West via Wheeling or
ParkmUurg. Tkroughltlcksla sold aad burgage'
ehrcked.i W. P. SMITH, , .
il M. of Tr ansporfatlon n, ii o. R. R.
.ap.l-iltr.. ,
t-AVeston'e'progreseaf tlfaveryv Coptea
oitnlt work are for sale at Iheotnet of the National
RepuMlean. Pamphlet edition, ti eeats. Bound
Cklttlon.lo cents. ,. - r
It. J
I ineiiair lorma. iinhiiaaivr nua.
lnstaotly turns a splendid. Black or Drown,
H the hair soft and tieautlfnl.' sold by all
i.U, . I J l - - "
nock news, never more
, since
upon any one. disastrous day, and the Indig
nation la nearly universal, lien, uurnstde, it
now seems, put hit army, aa It were, Info (A
pit of a theatu, (tbe Frederlckaburg valley.)
aeAlle fAe enemu Mere, WfA rAeir artillery, In the
laiei, that H, on the hills encircling Frede
ricksburg. The boxes opened with shell, grape
and canister upon the pit, and then followed,
not battle, lut tUugtUer, Tho soldiers were
murdered, not, In tbe phrese of war, ' killed. '
They were led to slaughter, not to tight. The
great question Is tAo JU ill Burnslde f
'No,' we are told, emphatically No,' though
Burnslde Is seemingly responsible." A". 1'.
Tbe ZVym-s declares "that Hurn-LU UeyeJ
itrtct ordtrt.
Did not this iap,ent editor know at well be
fore Burnstde't army moved aa now, that he,
and tbey, were going Into thla ptl f or haa be
Jnst come to learn the geography or that conn
try I However tbe Government may be to
blame for this "itaugtJer," the clamorous newt
paper press who "AotmJrd" our brave armv
on, cannot escape by adopting the silly cry of
'stop thief."
We can say to tho slaughtered thousands,
"Shake not yonr gory locks at us. J Ye can
not say v we did It I"
Tux PunrMMaTinx to ni EnriiRCin. The
President Is reported to have said lo a commit
tee or distinguished gentlemen, whlih waited
upon him during the latter part or last week In
regard to tbe emancipation proclamation and
other matters, that he bad carefully considered
the matter before Issuing his proclamation, and
that having since litd no occasion to change
bit visas on the subject, there would be no
withdrawal, modification or postponement of
It tun believing the Interest of Ihe country
demanded Its enforcement.
CiMKRntRV. It will be teen bv their ndrer.
' tlseracnt thai the managers of the Canterbury
Hall open this week Odd Fellows' Hall with
their excellent company. Ladles will be ad
mitted, and tho entertalnnunl will be of a
i haructer lo pleare and gratify all without of
fending any,
meutlonluir the splendid manner In which Bar,
ion, In "Our American Cousin," filled the
part of " The Drunkard. " The hearty ap
plauae, which repeatedly greeted htm, was
richly merited. We must also mention the
name or another or tlla company, whose ex.
cellent artlng has often Impressed us that the
wat worthy ot netter pans man those In which
she sometimes is cati. miss tanny Ryan Ian
dignified, correct and rising actress, who, with
the study and devotion to her profession, com
mensurateu llh her endowments, will not fall
or gaining her a highly honorable position In
Uer tailing. Anil we mini nun a single line of
commendation oi ine orcnestru, which so in
Your obedient servant.
(Signed) J. G. FntTtR,
Major Genual Commanding.
Av Er3ir Manx x Friend. Ai certain no
bleman wat implicated In a conspiracy agasnst
Peter the Great. Tho proofs, however, not be
ing strong enough, Peter left him unmolested,
and even unconscious nr being suspected.
Home time afler the Czar had occasion to aend
a skillful and able pollution to a court where a
great service was to bt done, and he Imme.
dlutily fixed upon Ihe nobleman lu question.
Tux Son ButoiNn nts Own Ton". A Ro
man correspondent of tho Courier dee JhrcAes
states tlitt Ihe mausoleum which Plua IX. haa
ordered to be erected for himself In tho tburch
of Hta. Maria Mejore, at Rome, baa been com.
menced. Il la to be tn the eaine style as that
ofPlus V.UI.lu Bt., Peter's. Thirty thousand
crowns hat e been assigned for its construction,
but there It reason to bcllete It will cost muth
Wine imou Bonanru. Wine nf a srood
color and taste, something In fiavor like
Sherry, hot in liody and richness like old
Madeira, made Tram tbe torghum wat ex
hibited at the State fair Indiana, by Mr. Myers,
or SprlugrTa-ld, Ohio. It can be made and told
for five rents a gallon.
Ml. .Plensant Hth street, -near Boundary.
C. A. McCall.
Odd Fellows' Hall K St., near Navy Yard.
W. E. Waters.
Patent OBlce Oth street. A. Thompson.
Prcabyterlan Church Georgetown. B.Knlck
erltockir, '
Ryland Chapel D tlreet.-comcrlOth.Itland.
V. B. Ilnbbard.
Ryland Chapel Grace Church, D street, car
ner Mlu. V. U. nubbard. ,
Seminary Georgetown. Ltndon Welle.
Stone 14th street, near Boundary Tf Glen
nan. "
Bt. Ellxalicth Insane Asylum.Eatt'nBranch.
St. Aloyslns K street, between 1st and Zd.
T. B. Lashellt. '
Tr nlti C street, corner 3d. A. J. lunar.
Trinity Printing ofneo, corner JM atreet and
jmiiaua arcnue. a. i. naxiar,
Trinity Church Georgetown. M. F. Bowea,
Union Chapel 50th street, near Pennsylva
nia avenue. W. It. Butler.
Union Hotel Corner Bridge and Watting,
ton streets, Georgetown. Geo. W. Bllpp.
Quartermaster's lTth street. T
CfBatelielor'a Hair Dye TUe Bast 1st
the World -William A. Batchelor't celebrated
Hair l)ye produces a color not to be distinguished
from nature! warranted not to Injure Hair la tbe
least! remetiiesineiihcrreciaoinau ores, aemnve
orates the Hair for life. (1RF.Y, UKD.or RUtT
-IZF?'"- .-... ... .. . . -.... fm
Bj- 1 ne genuine is aiaavw nn, a. ua iknaMa,
ou ineiouraiuea oi eau uoa. i
Factory, No. Hi Barclay street, (Latent nroia
way andlt Bond,) New York.' , myn-ly ,
WANTS. ,?. T
it ,i s bJL ii, 1,, .
A OUNQ MAN to attend aac
(inter Balnon. AnDlv, lmmadlatelr at -Hie
Oyster saloon on New . ork avenue, one door tram
urn ii-
I.riiL TtsiitR Noixt. Tbe Ireasurr note
rate has bet n decided lu Cleveland, Ohio. The
grun liaekl are recognised and declared try the
conrt to bo a legal lender for alt debts.
Fifteenth street.
AuxAXoala. Va I Deo Ii, tat..
CAHPt.NTr.HS for the Uuarteraiaater'a D
partment at Alexandria, irglnla. AppUcetloaa
to be made to Nr. J. Dougherty, Supertntendent,at
this depot. a. B. VPRilUaON, "
detitt-lma- Captal A. Q. at , U. a. Army.
I , i i i
WANTED Fire Hundred good, sober, and
csprrlsncedTt AMSTLRA, fur the Uuartsr-,
master's Department In thta city. ,,
, ApplrtoC. H anow, General superintendent, at '
Ihlaimce. J. J' DANA, "
de It-lm Capt. and A. Q. M, V. s. Army..
WANTBD-Ladles and gentlemen to consult
La Vottlne, a descendant of Astrologlst to
Napoleon the Great, on all affairs of life, at 411,
) leventh street. Diseases eismlned and cured la
a few sittings ' dee
' uf rifiijt,
Tiiei mean to raise tall students out in Wis
consin. An exchange paper says t " Its Board
of Fdneallon bat resolved to erect a building
large enough to accommodate five hundred
The 1 itti r demurrul. and pleaded hta lileapael
itlon or the orchestra, which so Inta- Ir. noon which the Crar. tmllinir. and lapplnir '"? e'lomgu 10 accommoa
rlably Irradiates with dellgblihewholecvenliig him on the shoulder, nbserverl " My dear ""''" tnree stories uigu.
with Its admirable exquls le perrbnuunces. I it tounl, lio that Is lapuhleorplottlngagalnsthls "" " - - "TS. rr-2?,CTT
the elegant drummer shut on slightly the steam own sovereign cannot siirtlywant Ibo ability, lOll.'IMON e,!i.aiX.,H TltADE (ALB
win remain lo no oi uoin tne same eejainsr nis ftorcreign-s cue i r
We learn from lliorougbly reliable sources
that our army at Falmouth, both oOlccrs an 1
men, are In good spirits, and ready forthecou-
filet uhenetcr II shall come. In short, that It
Is In excellent fighting trim. The courage and
bravery of our men on the disastrous Held of
Fredericksburg, will, when known, challenge
tbe admiration or the world. These qualities
nf tho Union soldiers ar already spoken of
In high Urine or praise by the rebel generals,
Seminal Kiowles, the dramatic writer, Is
a.IUiiTflxai Is soon to lake the field, .,', ,,..,.,...
will be under the supervision or the Military
Got ernor or this Dlstilet.
Ir it tain that Gen. Sherman la o lead tho
expedition down the Mississippi, Instead nf
Gen. MeClernand.
Gxt. RoaxckANi la moving In Ibedlrrctlon or
the eneinyi and now we hear the cry that there
It great scarcity or provisions; to (hat there
miy be trouble on this account.
C. It. Yaitiun has been promoted to a
$1,100 clrikshlp In tho office or the Third Ail
dllor, In tbe Treasury depart lueut.
irom bis elbow, ulld uothlni! t
At at ai.l n-w nurl titr.aa1 JT I ta at DLtTaa mtt VI anfaaei tp Tl-iaa nmitvf ailia-ut t.-M n war K 11 an Wiaat el fll aa.l
M lty ucu, iai asaua s aaaa. araitaiv rut ( lit I tr , nr vmiut Biuuu iui ii ii !' 'i ii i u xrtla
Ci-sitnBinT. "Fieel'lor" seems to be the then accepie.1 tun cnmintssiou, ami snccet.lea t
chosen motto ..r this famous resort, the tu Ihe n)mott wlttoa of Peter.
a l.. 1 . It. li- " " I
toinagrinei..a,...ar..cu.o.1...ucriieurrpu ApHnPHEri Fn.riLlIl..-U.en Boual.arle
joirx,io.y d xaoik
Will sell Ihrouib
Messrs. W. I.. Walt J. Co.,
No 110 Pepnsyltanla avenue,
lallon or employing comlantly lutlulr estah was lint consul rnrllfi', heisbcdlo Jake Ihsl At their store,
llsliment me very oesi anisiea in incirunu lue UUoof emperor, but his brother Lucirn was VVFSDiY. DECK VJIKJt 2S. uml
nnHnl.Clffillll. TIl.V IM ItniT IjMI n,l In lull . !,.,!.. I.., I . ..!.... .In .1 . n I .... J. .. ...'
i..w,j ,......-. .. j . .... ....n ... H.,v . miihwpi ill iuc iiiujni, auu ui,-uui-u irn raj. , llAiJV IJ.f f St.
a place tor the perlormaucM corresponding to ,u with Napoleon, In ord.r, 1 r possible, to ooodseonatinedtothem.put uoeapressJi forthe
Ihe i baracter performers. Canterburv Hall Is to Beti r blm from his intention. With more lldel- UOM " flirTVade I coutlttini pa tlr of
laaniAi.in1altl rrmVltlnr1 a. till Atttf nn In Intmiit I t. .1 .... 1... a,.,t !,. nA...l ik.i 1.1. I '. '. .. '
z.:?izk.i,;ziz;zx.k i "i.'s;" r?"'"j ."'.'".'. 'V;..'"'. :.... r. "m,'' "vi" vr "..,.,irnj"'.
rij.., . I,.-" - -- -Mn.n.v.. . . . UUIUIIIUU KUW no itiuuua. iui aic, auiu
say that this places Is crowded to overflowing be, " masitr of France, and you desire to be
every nlghtby admiring crowd!) for everybody master of Europe ( down know what the re
knows that auch has baen the rase for more rult will bet Yon n 111 be yna.brd to pieces
than an uninterrupted year. me mi. watch." So saying, he Aung the
Gallettl, Peunoyer, uud Velarde continue I Wutrh with violence on the, fioor, and dashed II
their relun here with unabated and unlwundeil in frnvmenu. This prediction was uttered In
success. There are other fine dancers nn tho 1 1799 ana jgys te emperor had abdicated
stage In thlt city, but tbey alt pale before thlt tDe throne, and wat an exile ror lire,
nuappmarhable trio, of which Gallettl Is the ac
I ...... I.tr...l nn.n .
iwn Kua,- -i lliNDrto I'nr-liDirr AniiNiT me r.
"IManreaturel loudswear, .. . The Idea that tho Ennllsli are In 111
erouiul f
w xst on gw4 ftiitUorUj, that ft A..
p.tcb -ohoudcIds iLe rnIt.-natloQ oftieiretftry
bewtr.i wat not allowed to go oyer lb wire.
'IMiU it uev featnrof rrnaonblp In Ua appll
ration to t?iraphlf communtcatlom.
pat coiupUI-aav tmuhet tb haa now lnokm out (o Ma.lrM. Thn ilanghUr
1 or a coiicr tor iu inai prniaeucj wrb io po mar
1 Jin, ant thfilay hofbrctho rfid line Ihe Imtler
T rcinc niltnoin prUatci aaUcet went Into the village to Uy amne UMfaaarlca
from California tUow that Ua people oje push fr the hrcakfaft. but fauml It dciertwl. A
tair th PflMfli' rallrnail from that lerinlnna nf n nort hltl ffOUO abrnail that twelve f-tfcbltdrCD
th route, Fifty lollea will I Krudc-t wrly In weni to lip aarrlficed. und tho illlagrrfl had tied
11. .niintr .nil ntiarlv thica ii.Ill.r.ii orlnilr to Iha Itiitirlf. Afler a irreat deal of troublr.
hare brto anb(rlbeil lo Hi dock. Thro la a adult of the U.k tq Indntcd to ro
prOTliton in th Mil with h periuila th Caltfor- luru, hut not a Ingle ( 111.1 uaa tMU till the
liiana o uiuin liir runu uum utrjr 11110 me niuuiiii; hihuhh
Eaittrn cortmrathma. Tnder tbla proUlou, "
".ft "PC01 l.V. iV. .,I.d. ?.,t.!,,e ti"1 M0Lir IK Inisnw.-At a convention re-
mwriiriuH.pnuipiH w.uvii,. . . .. . ilno:, mmurn1i intfreailinr
U ine and Unuori, Id wood 10J gUit,
French ConlinU aoJ fuaeh EfirDcea.
Hat aaa and Domett lo Snrari. of tha brat lirtndi.
Jflllf $ o J Pretn ed t'ruita pf t,f ktod.
ar.DK 1 1 "" tTgruvM ri,KirB
Cafiupi and Saiiom,
OHte. Capnag, Anchovlet, Sardine, fcc.
Cnooolate. Cundtfa, Drop, but.
Layer lialiln ud ltt,
1)i1mI Apple. Peache and Frtioei.
iHiTrii riiKrt ouati AUa.iiitiniiap wa Wiiun iau1
.11 . b. fAA.I. . .A ...!. ... . (,.
nil in... iimnii .,, iir.n nun p, nn qusiiij, .
lected exyrmrt for our llollilay "Trade, and wlllbe
guaranteed to fie as represented
miBiuxtir. win ue rraui un iimi morniug oi sate,
JllllNSCiN fc NGL,
Ltd tVnni eltanla areniie.
N B Ttie auction sale will tm held In our store
next to Tenth street Ihe other store will 14 open
iur innate .aura aatiuaitoi. . n
d n
I Fall au,l Winter lUltftlNU, which we are
tiling at t fry low prlcea, at.
iTa. Br.u.L. row,
Ni. Ml Seienlhttieei,
sep la-lui belweep I tad K.
'at PKAASinvMa ArexVE.
(Narth side,) bftaeea Twelfth and Thlrtccnlh sts ,
fl..la. lha M.f Inn.l llnt.l.
Offer & tjit publlii far the ""
ApfvroaeiMBBj asoiiwaiy ,
their richly assorteJ stock of
QOLD SPEiJTAtJLKB and r.YK-ni,inora,
with genuine Drallltan Pehhle or Perlscople fates,
correctly aultea lor et cry sigui r- j
piioToaRinnr jnBi'w.v, caktes de isirr,
Ir. Ir. tr.
kl the lowe.t prUes an 13
ativpiunn Ml RlLVVlnttta their friends to
gltcthemia call at the corner of net roth and u
sire, ts, aud examine their stock of
btblss, Prayer Books, Hymn MooLi, Gsmes, Toy
hooks, aud lu.lt ls Books, In erer) l arlel) .
dec jo iir
WANTEUAt the New York Fmploymeat
Agency Office, No. tit Ninth street, near
rennsyirania arenur, t nJiLi.rii(.ii. nuiiv
aad Colored GIRLa,wllhgoodreferencea, as Cooks,
Chambermaids, Laundreaaci, Waitresses, Nurses,
anil Seamstresses Also, yoang Colored Mee, to
wall en tables In Prirate Families or Hotels. Alao
wanted, houses Immediately, with or without fur.
allure. Fmployerslnwanfofgoud help,wlll And
It tn their adi antage lo call. ........ t
may iw If N. H. MltUft.
WANTED ror a gentleman aad his wife, a
IlouMe Parlor, wllh arst-claaa furniture aad
board. Frits not so much a conderatloa. at a aire
The best city reference gtreff aad required. Ad
dress "Banker," at the City Post 0ta.ee.
. . . ., I .Ir' " ' .
1,iOH IlKNT AB AI,IJ-The ruynltutepfi
; i a nrsti.lass Boarding Ilouse, with Fourtsen
nnnln.. in ih Terr hest ornelchborhoods. In the
l uurlh ward, now lisrlng from fourteen to sixteen
hoarders t.attsfa-!oryreasou alien for aslllror
Far particulars, appi ai me Agency umce, osa,
Math slrett, near Psnnsylrsnla arcnue
decai tf N, II. UILLFR.
ROOMS TO LET Four Furnished Booms, with
or without Uoard,wlthtnuie minutes' walk
ol renas)!isnia arcnue, .inquire ai i-o. -.v.
Marylaua arcnue.
tL Ja rais tvnw
Fit! ilthed for the amenr and aa a warning and
who stirrer from Speniiatorrhaa. Nerrous Ueblllty,
lUKi .1 I". ui.
Premature Oetty, etc, supplying, at thi
time, Till NrANaOFH.KCUrtfe. Bye
"""I . ....tr aflaUlliffnilllV'ltl
W IllUlatajai.n
uy th rough
tu.loa.nR a I
iiatilsitj. mail' lii
otto tf
ra9BV "
The NiauTtxii. A letter from anofllcerof
the blockading ai,uatlrou. ut Barannah. gives
, the follow I uir report of the Nafcli villa. The
letter 1 from an officer who haa Iseen within
I half a utile of her, and la watching lur nlvht
and day i
I "J have een more than fifty different tr- Brigadier General .fartlndalu,
1 count of the rlel ateamer Naahrllle In that ,-
papers. Will ou please Inform Ihe pnbllo
that the N1it11I Ile la the Oreat Ogeechee
a?IIVBClU lv DfnflLin
I tinfliiB.cnnrtf arrlvedal.ainongtbcin were Johntt ,Nrt Xwi.antwii: trrrf, near mUaYJt.
ni 1 aiiftniurnt ot MllliMrv tnA Pumv nootlti.
ChtTront. FUet, l3tova, Stationery, and genii Ir.
Hivrm Army Oil, Run iill, uo Kull atock or
Wl.urnrlr . On), .cr.n. f.. .!. . ..I..,..
VM y strret,Juu.ltre Fenusilvaala aieaae.
UOV51- Im
l'Roro.tn ('ihnob ii iiik AHTtrixii or cla.slfjlnir Ihe dlllereiitiUallilni or cane into
War. A lioaldiif ntllccrt will unit III Wash- ,i,, i..i..,i...l l,l. .., .,,,..,. .. i,ni,,.
lugton In a short lime, and propose anieud- Jn, o,n,ctahi that the iusllty nf syrup
meutt or chanjea In lire rules or arllclet f uianufai lured IVoin Ihcae threoiuallllee latu
war, aud a code or reirnlallnns for the gorcm pfrr , tt.ial of any olher nHiri-d In Ihe mar.
mentor the uimlea In the Held, a authorized kll. UM u . Ini,rl)r f1r nllnluK puMmsrsi
bribe lawt aud usages of war. ribe luiurd n,ui .,fa h,uh oihmk.yi ..iu,,. rnri,.n.
, ii.u.Utsof frantlt Llelier, I I,. I) , Major f.en s otiO.iHjO) bate biciimanufai liindtn Ihohlale
. rralt Hltcbcoil.,Cudwalwfer, end HariMiff, and .i,,,!,,,. ,he iiust ytary and, lanly, ibat It U the
t TtrtaitlreCieneral NfarllndHlii. ?..!,.i, ...... 11... . n i...,k.
Iiiu.l ri'iiiu"ia ivy iiiui i uu ii,ib iiiipi.i in
JOW H Till 7I.MK TO BUI 1 our crSTH,
n AlflAHH I. WrtlFAIR. .M
nov Bt-dlmlf lk.lfohl, Klnys to , N. .
Street, between I and K streets, Is the Cheapest
Clothing Ilouse In town. Try them,
nov 11 illjaur
fjnner'i sllll ami energies.
sep W lu
I. A BFAI.Litl).
No. Slieer euUi street,
between fa It.
The rlrcKt speak of a canal Imat named
, 'r '" "i 'Vi i ,. Tt w?re Vi I, , .ur in I ' "" Van Jlurcii, loaded ulil. damaKe.l wheal.
""""" ..-... !. ueeu aasiguiHi lut m,tc, Hghied and a train of powder ready to, """'. "
i omtnand of the tccond ilWlalon of Oeu. Sum-1 blow her up on the approach of our gunlmals. "'VI'"0 l
tier's enrne. ire leaves iiwtav fr.r ii.. fl.1.1 e she la euccluallv blockaded and narrowly
1 la emaratlona , watched, and will probably never leave her
lis aperaiions. , tnchorw, s,n un3Pr tn ,r, ,n, hlt, of
Ilia CAnfi Atrufvt
llkoif llitnisimai Tl.tai iina..1 -I J l i '
1 1 ttat thta jaai trvnngiu itv ajvaae. i ati aii HVKII III
WasBlngton on Saturday erenlng, and haa
rooms at Wlllarda. He had an InterTlew at
bt U ar Offlce yesterday.
frequently loaded with damaged mm.
Tbct have ikallne sehoola In Brooklyn, X.
. uberu ladle and gentlemen Uarn the art t
uncxpoedto the gaze of ImpuJeut epectators.
BrE a woman In another column plekln
Bambuei (Irapea. for Speer'a Wine. It la an
'AnMr.il ami Egiippn.. The thlp Ool
touda. Capt. I'urlnfitou, wbUb clearM at Uos
ton, on Wednesday, for Uatavla, took out, aa
armanieut, six rannon two four-poimdoro,
two fix-pound era, and two nlpe-poundera be-
uuia a supply oi email arms.
L U IM B B It Y A Jt J)
South, of Peiuisyltasita, Aitaur,
ah aoent rou I'xocuaiiu
Bouuty Lands, Pensloat, Arrears
' of Pay, Fatra ray, ac
WAgHlNflTOIf. 11. C.
Will rite prompt aud enklcnt attention to the
t-roscutlon of Claims of el cry description , agalnil
the (iotrrnioeuttanii uiaae uoiiitrge uuirsa siu-
"atoili references and Hisrges for lervlces will he
aile satisfactory.
S3" Pensions sect red for solJlers wounded or dls
eased during the existing wart also, for the widows
anitortihans of soldiers who hsve died from wounds
or disease Incurred while lu the Uulted States ser
vice) also, Bounty Money for the htlrMu-law ol
l.ll... .I.a.u.1 iliirln the ext.tinC War.
.u.... .-"--.---.r--------------:. l-BirtB- -
tees uivmeu wim niuiaijiiii .," y.i.. .-
tUO Neveiitti street,
nrrosiTR odd rrtuiwi' bail,
I manufacture of the best material, and hare
constantly on hand, a large and rarlsd assort
nicnt of ,
Afillfarp ami Cithern' SiDJft.FH,
Patent Fied and Wator Buckets,
iliucera' iiaiersacaB,
OBlrcrtl tine Sword Delta,
licit '1 rlinnilnirs, aud
Field Olast Cases.
'P II UN K H .
DltEHH, and
Oitii nr AtLEUlitrr.. (lin. Ilntb r hat tiro.
..Imtr.t.l. .rilrtn tio.fl tn Im.nli.l. .n,l i,w n,a lilblled anv nno cutLrluir New Orleans before I
lu prrfetcnco to old Port V Ine. It Is worth a VMing t0 be rciulreJ to tubscrlbe to Ihe "" "a
trial, as It glyet great tttittaciloo. tr oath before pcrmlstlon to land u 111 be glyenj
1 our ClrAhlnr. Purnlilila noni1..Trtlnks.
and Caps, ""
no. sei esrt nin twee r,
Vstwteu I k K.
warding business,
The highest
prices paid for Land Warrants.
Attorney for Ctslmanis,
No. 410 seventh street,
Wellington, 1. C.
N B. rdltorsofpaperspubltihlngtbeaboieeard
will be entitled to my ten Ices to (he amount ol
snsirciiais.s. .......
dee ll-w
ItAnXESS, it.
it is p A I it l X,a ...
As I manufacture Trunks extensile!, end nccet
sarUyhate all kinds or Trunk Materlaf,! am better
prepared to repair Trunks, kc , thoroughly and
promptly.than any other establishment In the elty
" ' "t JAMLS . TOPHAM.

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